Her appetite had gone for a toss. She never had a meal at home after Pooja had come to the mansion. She attended parties like crazy. At the most, she nibbled something here & there.

She checked her schedule & stepped out. Dev tried to stop her. Before she understood anything, the whole media pounced on her. She was nervous. She hoped no one knew her little secret.

Media reporters seemed to link Maan with something. That was all she could understand.
How ever high she was, she could never stand a word against her Maan.
She calmly looked at them & told the guards to let them in.
Dev – I don’t think it’s a good idea, bro bhi yanha nahi hain.
She ignored it all.

Reports gossiped a bit as they walked into the huge mansion. Geet sat down comfortably. She looked nothing less than Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana; arrogant & confident.

Reporters shamelessly accused Maan of having relations with some model. They also showed her pics of him walking into a hotel room with that model.

Geet laughed. She laughed out hysterically.
Her reaction was shocking to everyone witnessing her. Even to Maan who walked in worriedly.

He had been trying to reach her on the phone since that argument of theirs over her expenses. He had no clue she was almost lying dead in her washroom. No one knew & the busy life they had no one cared too. Maan had to travel, so he didn’t even get a chance to talk it out & all this gossip was just making it worse.
He was shit scared of her reaction. He didn’t know how she will take it.

He was stunned to see her laugh like it. Almost like a lunatic.

She laughed so much tears burned her lids. She smiled again when the reporter tried to probe her reaction.
She had not noticed Maan yet.

She stood up – how do I look?
She gave a small turn flaunting her sexy curves.
Reporters looked uncomfortably at each other
Maan gritted his teeth
Geet – don’t I look nice
“hot”, she offered
& then she glared at them straight – Maan doesn’t have time for any of this
a reporter laughed a little – maybe that’s what you think
geet didn’t even flinch – first he doesn’t have time for all that
second if he had time he rather be with me than any b*t*h
Maan hugged her at once – shh… jaan
geet – what the hell is wrong with these people?
Maan told the guards to take care of the people.
Geet was losing it totally – Maan
she searched his eyes

She was panting. Her face changed. It became all red, her nose flared
Maan’s eyes bored into her as he scooped her in his arms to their room.

He couldn’t believe he let things reach this level.


he looked miserably at her. She was fighting with the world for him.
He slowly put her down – jaan wo main, I don’t know how
she slowly placed a finger on his lips – shhh..
Maan – Geet I ..
she just kissed him

he closed his eyes. Her lips claimed him longingly. There was no complaint about this incident or anxiety over this media buzz. It was just her inner turmoil to be with him.

And then it happened. They moved closer where lips met in one passionate head-spinning kiss. She was not gentle anymore. Maan was drawn into his side of her.

They heard a knock at the door & for the first time Maan didn’t care. He pinned her between the door & his hard body. They kept kissing. She had no clue when he locked the door & carried her to bed.

She suddenly felt all the veins in her body were alive with thrill & emotions. He was nuzzling her neck when she pushed him on the bed & fell on top of him. He instantly pinned her down coming over her. She giggled losing her senses. All she could think about right now was her Maan.
I love you, she whispered
I love you so much, he said deepening the kisses as his knee nudged her thighs. She took a deep breath. She was ready, more than ready. She had waited all these years. She was yearning.
Maan – open your eyes jaan, he said wanting to lose himself in those hazels.
To his utter shock they were blood red. They were already too far into it for him to hold himself back now..
You okay? he asked as she closed her eyes & a squirm escaped her lips as she felt a tearing pain. Her arms tightened around him.
Oh jaan .. You okay? He was not sure what was bothering him more at this moment; the red color of her eyes or the pain of their first love making. It was supposed to be the most beautiful moment.
He wanted to make it special. Well nothing happened as they planned in their life, neither did this moment.

He tried to be gentle & careful. Both were not sure if it was the right way, but yeah they definitely longed for it & loved it. She kissed away his worries, soon drowning him into the pool of passion.

His phone kept ringing. No one cared. Madness did take it’s toll over them.
She didn’t know when she dozed off in his arms.

His arms.

That was like a dream in itself. It was little past midnight when she heard him panic.
Geet geet
He was softly patting her cheek.
She chuckled & looked at him – blood
she blushed furiously – wo first time hain na
nahi jaan, your nose.
Geet gulped hard, but pretended to be calm – nahi kuch nahi. It’s just anxiety.
She wrapped the towel around herself & walked straight into the shower, leaving Maan worried.

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Nowadays Adi had began to call & inform her Maan’s schedule. Like she cared any more.

As time passed there was some one who noticed the sadness in those eyes. That longing. It was strange he actually did & geet felt embarrassed. She tried her best to hide it. It had become more than often she caught him look at her & read those hazels.

If that was not enough her saas had began to question her expenses.
Well the only expenses she made was to buy her pills & they cost her a lot & that kind of figure no one noticed until now. Her expenses were never questioned.

Maan was getting late for his trip when pooja stopped him to discuss the finances.
Geet looked at them dazed. She had taken that extra shot to handle the situation.
Pooja – I can’t just understand. what is her expense?
itni bhi kya kharchen hain iss ke?

Geet openly ogled Maan
she doesn’t even remember when she got to watch him like this, so close for so long. She sighed & continued staring, not even hearing a word of what her saas was scolding her.

Was it the effect of her drugs that she had become so bold & shameless in her own terms.

Suddenly she felt Maan’s lips moving with no volume. She smiled & looked at him cutely
Maan questioned again, irritated – tum ma ko bata do na kya expenses hain
she cutely nodded like an innocent kid

at that moment he just wanted to carry her to their room & have her, until she screamed his name.
Like she understood.. she blushed – phir karhten kyun nahi?
she pouted ever so cutely. He leaned closer to kiss her lips, but was conscious with his mom & every one around.

Pooja began with her non stop ranting on how shameless Geet had become.
Geet only smiled .. the fake smile that drew off the twinkle that was just there a second before. Maan felt like he was suddenly hit by a rock wall.

Geet didn’t bother to stand & hear the non stop ranting. She just picked her expensive hand bag on the way to the exit.

Pooja lost it completely & yelled at Maan.

He stood there shocked himself. Then felt something was drastically wrong & followed geet in quick long steps. He stopped her with questions.

She did realize, this time her timing of the smile was wrong.
All she could say was – kya mera haaq nahi aapke paisen pe?
Maan scanned her eyes worried – nahi jaan I didn’t mean that
geet snapped at once – lekin kya Maan?
Aab mujhe aapne ek ek expenses ka hisaab dena padega
yeh lo.. she opened her purse & threw all her credit cards and change at him.

She ditched the idea of going out & ran straight back into her room. Her head was spinning. The extra dose began to hit her hard. She held her head & just collapsed in the wash room. It was late in the evening or next day she had no clue.
She got up hearing lot of commotion outside.

She held her head & got up. She washed her face.. damn she looked horrible. Dark circles around her red swollen eyes. She immediately applied a lot more make up.
Dev immediately turned off the tv as he saw her coming down the steps. Geet looked at them trying to look composed. She was confused if she had something on her face. She pulled out the little mirror in her purse & checked herself.
Ok, she looked fine. Then looked down at her dress. She did look a lot thinner. Umm.

Probably she needed a wardrobe change. She called Adi & told him to order her next size lower.
He murmured – mam u have come down by 3 size, if I am not wrong.
Geet didn’t even hear that. She changed herself into a figure hugging dress. Checked her make up again.

Her appetite had gone for a toss. She never had a meal at home after pooja had come to the mansion. She attended parties like crazy. At the max, she nibbled something here & there.

She checked her schedule & stepped out. Dev tried to stop her. Before she understood anything, the whole media pounced on her. She was nervous. She hoped no one knew her little secret.

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5th anniversary celebration.

It was special. Maan had told her to make all the arrangements. His company was now among the biggies. It was big, really big. She heard him speak to his mom & call them over. Geet excitedly invited her parents too.

Now she regretted it. All of it!!

Finally when it was their day of celebration, he stood with his ma, brother dev, anni. He had proudly announced it was his family that stood by him to reach these heights. Not that she wanted to defy that. She would have felt wanted had he held her in his side while saying this.

She was in some far corner attending to guests. Her parents were in one corner watching all this. She still smiled weakly plastering that fake smile she had mastered over couple of years now to show she was happy.

They say parents could see through u.. & they did.

Maan refused to speak to her parents.

Later at night she was pacing angrily to give him a piece of her mind.

Maan was excited & a bit tipsy when he walked in.
geet roared – how dare u?
Maan was a bit taken aback
geet – how dare u treat my parents like that?
Maan snapped in irritation – come on geet u know how they treated me
geet pushed him away – wat abt ur ma. didn’t they treat me badly?
Maan smashed the glass night table stand – ma ke khilaf ek laaz nahi geet
she was petrified with his reaction. This is not wat she meant. All she meant was. They are elders & we need them. Like he needed his ma to be part of his success today, even she needed her parents to be part of it.

She stepped back & he left the room.

And so here she was left alone again, in front of this drug!! Contemplating whether to take it & float above this misery or suffer. Frankly it did made her feel nice. Easy to put up with reality.

6 months passed & she was doomed. She remained totally high all the time. Make up was on full y to plaster that perfect look of Mrs Maan Singh Khurana.

Not that she hated ma or dev or even anni for that matter but their presence now in the house irritated her. it felt like there was no place where she could be at peace.

Maan was too proud to let go & she didn’t know wat more she was supposed to give in. for a couple of weeks he was traveling. That made it worse for her. It was like all of a sudden she was trapped with sorrow.

Suddenly pooja was interfering in the house matters. No matter how much geet tried to put the past behind, all the taunts during the initial time were fresh in her mind now. Especially when Maan didn’t agree to her parents past with him. She had long forgotten all that. Now this having it all & nothing was eating her up.

She couldn’t face her parents after what happened that night. Her mom tried to check on her daughter but geet couldn’t get herself to talk to her. Unwillingly & now miserably she had become an addict.

As days passed a new drama of Pooja running the house & wanting the house key became important. Geet had no clue what was happening.
Maan snapped yet again – if ma wants the keys, just give it to her. How long will u hold grudges?
Geet smiled at his words & gave the keys to mama.

It took a moment for Maan to read those eyes. They looked blank, void of any emotions. Not even tears, forget anger.

Later at night she came & coolly changed into her night dress. She desperately needed her drugs to keep her head straight. She sneaked back into the wash room avoiding his questioning eyes & sat on the commode. She all the while knew wat she was doing is wrong. But she had crossed that line of sanity long back. It was not her will any more. She needed it in her system more than she needed to breath.
She found it funny. no one, just no one knew about it. It made it easy for her to cope with reality.

Reality that she left every thing for this one person.. & he has no time for her. He doesn’t respect her parents. He has become more proud of himself than he was. She just couldn’t relate to him any more. The more she thought about it the more pathetic she felt about herself.

Maan was not born in a very high class family, so it was normal for him have the drive to reach higher the moment he reaches new heights. The more projects he got; he immediately wanted to achieve the next level. He already had too much on his plate & he had her by his side. She took care of his parties his social circle his friends..

When she descended down the steps wearing those expensive jewels, exclusive collections.. his heart swelled in pride. Yes she was his, only his. She had become his pride. He would adore her with all his wealth still felt it wouldn’t meet her beauty, her charm. Truly she was his guroor. Then his eyes scanned the incompleteness… that void in those hazels. Then a call would come and he was distracted.

He was proud, proud of his achievement & didn’t shy out of his responsibilities amidst of all this he forgot a simple thing, happiness. Not just his .. hers too. It all became materialistic. It all started with missing simple dinners to missing out on a phone call. He replaced it all with heavy gifts.

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Part 4

Both of them just sat silently, embraced in their own pool of thoughts. Then spoke up together.
she looked into his eyes sweetly letting him speak
he felt so relaxed & smiled naughtily – its our SR
she looked at him making a big O face, as he reached towards her side of the bed with that glint she could kill for.

he lovingly hugged her & placed a peck on her forehead – I am sorry, it is not exactly the way you would have wanted it all to be
she peacefully rested her head on his chest feeling contented.
A feeling that bothered them just a little while ago, the feeling of uncertainty just vanished into thin air.

He made so many promises that night.
He was proud she was his. He knew he will have to build a new world for her.
All she wanted was that will in him. That love that drove him to do that.


She turn restlessly in her bed. Her eyes was trying to avoid looking at that white powder line on the glassed bed side table. It was supposed to be just a puff that night to avoid that feeling of loneliness. It has been a month & she can’t feel better when she is sober. Her hand itched to reach it. Come on, she was more than all this. It was their 5th anniversary.

Maan had kept all his promises. It took them a little longer than a year to reach to this level. & on that day he was so happy. But when he had come back home to share that news about his project’s success, he heard his mom scold her again for something. They were both like pillars to each other. She had picked a job immediately at her friend’s company to ease the financial crunch then. But still his mom never approved. Even didn’t let them be close .. she would drop into the room in the middle of the night.

She remembered how embarrassing it was on their so called SR.. she actually just walked in brief moment after knocking on the door on the pretext of using the wash room. Geet had to hide under the spread & always feared to undress ever after in that room. Maan did get a lot frustrated trying to say it was just an isolated incident but then it kept happening to an extent that they actually never ventured into it. Sadly after that his business drove him to insanity.

Even after having this whole mansion to themselves now, alas he didn’t have the time. Initially, her job kept her busy but now he didn’t even want her to work any more. She laid blankly looking at the glass table, at that white line wondering whether just to take a puff & forget this pain. This pain of having everything & still nothing.

His assistant Adi walked in knocking at the door. Geet straightened herself wiping off the drug from the table.
Adi immediately walked across the room and opened the curtains after greeting her.
He ordered the maids to get some juice for Maan. She understood that probably Maan was downstairs. It was strange, how her mom knew dad was in the house even without any such hints. She shied at her thoughts.. feeling miserable yet
again.. mom – dad…

She ran into the wash room to touch up the make up & put on that perfect look.
Maan hated to see her otherwise
wait hated.

She paused .. no he didn’t like it like that
the moment she came out.. she bumped into him.

He smiled lovingly pushing her strands behind
thud.. her heart was beating crazily .. oh she missed this so much, just this. He leaned down to reach her lips. She blushed furiously feeling shy & reluctant

Maan knew it was the fear that Adi may just walk in.
He quickly reached the door to lock it to grab his beloved wife into a tight hug & wish her on their 5th anniversary when the maid walked in with juices.
He looked away in frustration, so did Geet.

She kind of got used to this now.

First it was her Saas & now it was this luxury.

She would give every thing to go back to that one bedroom room flat they shared with his friends. They both had so much of fun then. His business had just picked up. He was busy like hell then too but he would come back home. She chuckled. In that room he would at least doze off in her lap.

At least she could hold him in his embrace without worrying about crushing his shirt. He would give her that head spinning kiss every now & then. It was like dating all over again. Then came the business opportunities. The drive in him to get more & more & more.

Just then she felt something cold touch her neck.. she could hear the maid gasp & cheer for her.
Adi laughed with his signature stammer..
She looked at the mirror. Her Maan. He lovingly pulled her hair away & tied the necklace. Softly kissing her shoulder.
Happy anniversary sweetheart he kissed her softly
She thanked him
She rested her head in his chest where she always felt complete. She hugged him closer.. before she could cherish the moment, there was calls & after the calls, meetings. So many things lined up.

She plastered that smile she was used to giving him now days; very successfully faking her ache. She causally placed the diamond studded necklace in the dresser, among all the other jewels he had gifted her. She knew how important it was for him. He is been trying hard to replace that pendant they lost. Even he knows nothing of this could match its worth.

She was drawn back to the memory of sharing her pendant in a thin gold chain, the only jewel she wore when she got married to him, with Anni. The drama that followed was heart breaking. That was the first time Maan shouted at her too.

Even now she wondered why would Anni sell the pendant. To their ill luck, it came in hands of the jeweler who knew her dad. It was not just a pendant, it was her grandmom’s pendant & she had given it to Geet when she was born. Geet remembered wearing it through out her life. Even now when her hand reaches to her neck to trace it, her heart wells up.

Mr handa got the best chance to rub it in on Maan’s face. He met him in the office
Handa – if you needed money you should have asked
Maan was a bit taken a back
Handa – you have no rights to sell our family pendant.
I knew this is what will happen one day. From day one your eyes were on our property.
Maan clenched his fist & all that anger poured on Geet in the evening. Poor girl didn’t even know what had happened.
It was pooja who told Maan that anni had worn the pendant to college today. Rest is past.
He still feels sorry for that & wants to buy her best of everything.

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Dev & anni arranged the master bedroom for Maan & geet. Not very fancy just got the newest sheets & little flowers here & there.
Maan didn’t utter a word to Geet. He was really disturbed.

Anni reluctantly gave one of her causal night dress to Geet to change.
Latter at night Maan sat at the corner of the bed thinking deeply. His gaze went to Geet as she uncomfortably came out adjusting the nighty.

She had never worn a dress like this before. Geets mom had been so particular with the cloths her daughter wore. The fabric of each of her dress was carefully chosen & designed by best of the designers.

Maan kept looking at her the discomfort on her face, her fathers each word. He failed, he failed in all means. He had not thought once before taking such a big step. He didn’t regret marrying her but he regretted everything that followed. He never wanted his love to face any discomfort. His mother was right. His act has proved him wrong.

Both of them just sat silently embraced in their own pool of thoughts. Then spoke up together.
she looked into his eyes sweetly letting him speak
he felt so relaxed & smiled naughtily – its our SR
she looked at him making a bog O face, as he reached towards her side the bed with that glint she could kill for.
he lovingly hugged her & placed a peck on her forehead – I am sorry, it is not exactly the way u would have wanted it all to be
she peacefully rested her head on his chest feeling contented.

A feeling that bothered them little while ago, the feeling of uncertainty just vanished in thin air.
He made so many promises that night.
He was proud she was his. He knew he will have to build a new world for her.
All she wanted was that will in him, that love that drove him to do that.

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~guroor~ pt2


Their talks didn’t go as smooth as expected. Mr Handa insulted Maan beyond limits.
Though he was not using any strong words nor was he creating a scene but he clearly stated where the difference in class & status. The luxury Geet was used to. The royal family she hailed from. No ways Maan or his family going to match upto. That was it he couldn’t have taken a word against his family. He lost his temper & held Geets hand at once. He dragged her out telling her to break all the ties she had with her family. She tried to calm him.. but he gave her no choice but to chose between him & her family.
Mr Handa looked at his daughter, warned her. All he said was one thing – I don’t thing he is right for u Geet.
His head fell defeated. He was not scared of the badnami that would follow. He was much strong headed than that. He was worried, worried for his only child in hands of this man with so much of pride.

Maan drew the bike straight to the temple & got married. She followed him quietly. Couple of hours had passed since they were married. She was still sitting quietly beside him on the temple foot steps. He didn’t persuade her too. He knew it was all way too much for her. She loved her family crazily. Her mom, dad, her thai & thau, her cousins brij & raji. Her darji ..unlike his they were a joined family. The whole family lived under one roof. It was like a festival every day. Thats what he had understood from all the talks he had with her.

He lovingly cupped her face – tum naraz ho mujhe se
he was calm after all that sudden rush of temperament earlier. He forgot all about his job or his family. All he cared was geet. He had to take her home with him, she was his responsibility. He couldn’t have taken her without marrying her. He couldn’t have left her anywhere.
She looked down innocently & shook her head.
He lovingly wiped the tears & kissed her forehead.

Fresh stream of tears just began to flood as the thought of her mama, dad ..raji.. brij veeji.. all the relation she left behind. She knew..she could never see them ever. Nor could she face them after what she did. She hid herself in his embrace & cried her heart out.

It was latter in the evening when Maan walked in with Geet.
Pooja had been worried all day not hearing anything from Maan. She stood stunt looking at them like this. They had know Maan liked some one since his college days, but never had seen her. They didn’t know much until last night. & even then Maan was pretty focused on his career first & then anything else. Now seeing them married all of sudden it was a big shock to all of them.

Pooja didn’t spare a glance & walked straight into the bedroom. She was disappointed with her sons behavior today.
Maan followed her telling geet to wait near the door.

Geet was bit anxious. She had very high regards for Maans mom Pooja. She had heard all about her from Maan for last 4yrs. Even when his dad died she had been strong & taken care of every one in the family. She had balanced out every ones responsibility & worked hard to give good & secured future to each one of the children. Pooja ma had taken care of Daadi ma like her own mother over all these ears, especially after his dad had passed away.

Geet looked forward to be daughter-in-law. But her outright rejection scared her. She stood in one corner scanning the huge living room that led to 4 doors. 3 bedrooms & one kitchen.

Anni & daadi shared a room. Maan & dev in one. & the master bedroom was his parents. The whole place probably size of her guest room. She was not worried about the size all she wanted was a little space in their heart. She held almost dried garland close to herself hearing the heated up conversation between Pooja ma & Maan.

Maan was very polite but ma was really losing it. Maan was trying very hard to calm ma down.
Pooja – maine tumhe kaha tha na, hum sab saat chalten hain
Maan – lekin ma
Pooja – aisen kisi ki beti ko bhaga ke lana
Maan – nahi ma, we got married in the temple & we didn’t run or anything. We walked out infront of Mr.Handa
Pooja – u r not even settled, where will she stay? What will u feed her?
Maans head dipped in shame. He never expected ma to ask that question. Not that this question didn’t strike to him. But he was confident, they could manage.
Pooja – sab merin galti hain. Maine hi tumhe MBA finish karne ki chut di. Had I told u to take up the house responsibility then, yeh sab nahi hota. Parivar ko sambalte sambalte tumhe kuch samjh aa jathi. U would have thought 100 times before taking such a step.
Just then Dev came charging in – ma

bhai.. he hugged Maan & congratulated him instantly. Dev exactly knew who was Geets dad. He had found out everything about Mr Mohinder Handa. Handas were one of the most reputed & royal family in the world actually. He knew his bhai was like a diamond. Very sharp & intelligent. He had done great with his studies since childhood. Dev had been just a passer. It never came as a rivalry between them. Maan always helped him & their mom too understood each kid & worked with them accordingly. She never forced dev to peruse professional courses, her expectation with him was limited but nun the less she wanted him to settle well in his life. She was very proud when Dev got his first salary, probably much more than Maan’s topping MBA.

Dev – Ma jo hogaya so hogaya. Aab ye sab bolne ka kya faida
pooja – aab kya yeh aur iski biwi will live out of ur salary
Maan was really hurt.
Dev held pooja’s hand – ma aisen kyun bol rahi ho. Dehkna bhai ka business start hojayega na phir tho sab teehk ho jayega
Pooja – I have been hearing that for a year now.
Dev – ma aaj to kitna special day hain bhai aur bhabhi ke liyen
aur aap ho ki aisen moo bana rahe ho. Bhabhi ko kaisen lagen ga? What will she think of our family?
Pooja snapped – what right does she have to judge us?
Dev signaled Maan to go out & be with Geet.

After Maan left Dev tried to explain Pooja all about Geet & her family. Pooja never thought in those lines but past two year has made her bitter. Sudden turn of events rubbed her totally on the wrong side.

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~GUROOR~ maaneet ss

Just another small fiction.. shall post in short parts.. thanks a lot for all the love to my other works



(like pride in hindi)




Maan had already tried 4 of his only decent formal shirts since morning but nun was making him feel the way he was supposed to feel. He removed his tie & threw it in the ground in frustration.

Pooja his mom came from behind & caressed his back lovingly.

Pooja – beta itna kyun paresan ho raha hain Maan shied & looked at her pooja – abhi bhi der nahi huin hain, if u want hum sab chalten hain formally unse milne Maan hugged her lovingly. She never failed to give the support he always wanted. His mom, his daadi, his bro Dev & his princess anni. Always the right words at the right time.


Even though they belonged to a middle class family there were happy & contented.  His dad was a respectable bank officer. After his death, they had offered the job to the family. Maan was in 2nd yr MBA then & Dev had just completed his graduation. Seeing Maans interest in his studies his mom had suggested Dev to take up the offer.



Dev had been very supportive & taking care of his family since. Now its been 2yrs Maan had very successfully completed his studies even had good offers in his hand but he always wanted to do something of his own. Even then his family supported him. Its been a year he has been working on his business. Dev had openly told him to ask for any loan from the bank & he will personally work on getting it approved.



But things got little complicated yesterday when he was dropping love of his life back from her office yesterday. Her dad caught them in the bike at the signal. Not that he was scared but he didn’t want all this now. Not when he is not settled. He didn’t have an option when Geet had spend the whole night crying over the phone. She had pleaded him to speak to her dad just once.



He was supposed to meet her dad in some up class restaurant. He was not sure what to say but one thing was clear Geet was his life & he would do anything for her.



Pooja tucked his collar neatly & looked at him lovingly. Kissi ke nazar na lagen merin beta ko. Maan took her blessing & rushed out. Dev came in rushing just then & handed him few thousand rupees. Maan – itne pasien kyun dev? Dev – bro I had found out that place is really expensive. It won’t look good if u don’t have money pooja heard them curiously Maan – but thats the truth na Dev. I don’t have anything right now dev – thats why main itne subha subha bank se draw karke aaya. Merian ATM main tho itna withdrawl limit bhi nahi hain Maan looked at this little brother in respect but refused to take any. Maan – I don’t want to show them any wrong picture here. Agar hoten tho bhi tumhe bolo Dev hum kya itne pasien hotel main udda denge.


He very confidently drove to the hotel. What more does a man wants in his life, a loving family, his jaan & the desire to excel. He parked his bike at the parking area & walked in without bothering the looks he was getting from the hotel staff.

He directly went into the restaurant area where he was supposed to meet Mr Mohinder Handa. He looked confidently into the peering pair of eyes. Geet sat their timidly.


Maans eyes softened instantly seeing her. His heart cried out seeing her eyes all red screaming out her plight last night which was not unknown to him. His fingers clinched in anger at the person who had lead all that happen.


Geet got little worried seeing Maan like that. She knew it would have been nothing less that ‘clash of Titans’ Both of them with strong personalities & a temperament to match.




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