guroor last pt


Guroor hai kitna usse apni Mohabbat par..
Jhalla woh thaira andha Anpad;

Gul-e-Mohabbat woh hi jo Suraj ki Tapish main khil jaaye…
Zaat-e-Mohabbat woh hi jo Suroor main Guroor ko fanaa kar jaaye.

Zindagi ki raah main uski baghbaein gulshan bechaaya
woh toh Jhalli thairi akeli tanhaa;

Chubtey hue Intezar main uske
kya suna hai kissi ne ke chubtey bhi hain makhmal-i- kaante?

Dikhayi diye na kabhi kissi ko uske gham
Ab kehta hai Woh ke humesha se they bas sirf tum aur hum.

Apnoun se parayi hui woh,
tere suroor main deewani thi woh,
Shouhrat ki aagaz main woh pali-badi hui
Shohoor na tha tujhe ke bas usko bebasi aur tanhayi ki khalish thi.

Tu ne usko apni Shaan samjha..
Usne tujhko apna Maan samjha

Tu ne daulat ki bas beejh boye
Usne apni khoyi Mohabbat ke Geet roye…

Guroor hai kitna usse apni Mohabbat par..


Shayad pyaar ki inteha hii dono ke liye Tanhai bann gayi..
Jii tu rahe the vo ek dusre ke liye hai hii..
Bas raasto nai dhoka de diya..
Ishq nai kab kiskio abaad kiya hai…
Jab bhi kiya hai bas barbbad kiya hai !!!!

Just then they heard Geet screaming at the nurse while Rano tried convincing her that Maan is not in the room & he won’t see her like this. Geet refused to believe it. Or let’s say didn’t want to. She didn’t want her Maan to leave her like this.

He could never. She knows deep down how much Maan loves her. It was just that in a weak moment she made a mistake of indulging in drugs. If she missed him, of course he missed her too. He too suffered as much she did. He didn’t have the excuse of loneliness. Damn it he didn’t have time even to breathe.

He stood rooted. Everyone seemed helpless at this moment. By now Dev had found out what was going. Tears flooded his eyes when he explained it all to Maan. He hated to be the carrier of this news. There was no reaction from Maan. The realization sunk in deep& deeper. He fluttered his lashes stopping the tears that burned his eyes. He walked back into the room against everyone’s protest.

When did he ever listen to anyone when it came to them? He always did what he felt was right. If his decisions were wrong in past, he might as well pay for it. More than anything he will fix it.

He pushed open the door. She screamed yet again assuming that it was the nurse. Her voice got trapped in her throat when she saw it was Maan. She tried to hide herself but couldn’t help to fall for the depth of plea in his eyes. He cupped her face; she tried to look away.

Jaan ..

She looked away, “wo main”

He pulled her closer wanting her to look into his eyes

She so didn’t want to see anything but love in those eyes

He insisted, pulling her still closer. Her eyes welled when they met his. She was amazed to see only love. He didn’t flinch. He didn’t look away. He looked at her like he admired her. He nodded

Tears poured from his eyes

He slowly kissed her forehead .. I love you

& kissed her eyes one after the other..

& took her lips softly.. I love you a lot jaan. Please don’t leave me. I can’t live without you!

She cried more with his every word.

Lekin main.. main.. wo..

She hid herself in his arms “nahi main ..”

He crushed her in his arms. Realizing how petite she had become. He could feel her bones everywhere. His heart refused to take any more. He still just held on to her; holding her, reassuring her. He was there, he will be there.

He didn’t let any of it affect him. He scooped her in his arms & laid her on the bed. No one said anything. None approved his closeness to her. As if he wanted anyone’s permission! Even the doctor looked away.

It was a tough fight to get the doctor to tell him anything. But he was persistent. He learned how deeply she was into it. How difficult it was going to be, the whole process of healing. She had to be in rehab; which he didn’t want but had no choice. She had to flush the drug out of her system. It was a painful process to see her suffer. He cried at his failure. He didn’t have the guts to look back into mama-papa’s face ever.

He failed..

They failed..

Their love failed.

It was always easy to go against parents wish & be together but not always will you be happy.

That day when he had walked out of that fancy restaurant holding Geet’s hand, he had promised himself to give her all the happiness. Never will he let her cry like that night. He had hated Papaji for making her cry to an extent that her eyes were swollen. He had wondered for days how could a father let his own daughter cry like that & hell what has he done to her? He has made her life worse. His guroor was broken.. his confidence shattered.

He did everything he could. He didn’t fight to get her back from Handas. The first week in rehab was painful. Maan & Rano stayed with her there in the rehab. They got her back home from rehab.

Its 2 months now Geet was fully out of drugs. It was a torturous 2 months.

Handas had seen a different Maan in these months. He never spoke anything to anyone. He came early in the morning before going to office. He woke her & had breakfast & coffee with her. He went through her plan of the day. Promised her a lunch date & did take her out. He tried his best to come back early home that was not earlier than 6 sometimes 7. He made dinner, fooled around, took her for movies. The routine was set. He would leave after she dozed off.

In between she had a couple of attacks. He left everything & was there by her side. After 2 months passed the doctor was really impressed with Geet’s recovery. It was time to slowly take her off any medication.

Geet reluctantly asked the doctor how the baby was.

Doctor looked at Maan.

He nodded & let her explain.

The doctor explained that she was never pregnant to start with. Geet looked at Maan not able to understand.

Dr – tum bahut week thi, that’s why you missed your dates.

Geet was a bit taken aback. Why had no one told her about it?

Maan just walked out

The doctor reassured her, it was for her betterment that they kept it from her.

Later at Khurana Mansion, Pooja asked Maan why he was not getting Geet back home.

Maan didn’t say anything.

Next day morning Maan woke up only to be held down by a soft pair of arms around his waist. He turned around in delight to see his jaan cuddle into him. He drank in the beauty silently. They had no clue when their lips sought themselves & lost in passion. It was not long before their barriers were shed & they were one again.

He panted & tears flooded his eyes for the first time in several months. He cried burying his face in her hair. He hit the bed in his helplessness. He wrapped the robe around himself & walked towards the long window. He stood facing away from her. His eyes were focused at something far away.

She wrapped the sheet around herself & hugged him from behind.

Naraz ho mujh se

He leaned back – haan

Sorry she said holding her tears

He snapped at once – you broke my guroor Geet

She dipped her head

You broke me.. you know, tum hi mera guroor ho.

All this was just for you.

I know, Geet cried silently

Maan – maana ki main… I lost myself in work, tum tho mujhe rok sakti thi

I could have never denied you.

Geet it would have been easy for me to lose to that model in the hotel that day. I was drunk & she literally threw herself at me & trust me, I was at an all time low missing you. But I could only think of u.

& I know for matter of fact that you will forgive me even then. We were not bound by all those things.

Geet went silent.

Maan – we decided to come together for our love

My happiness is you. you know that. I was showering you with gifts because I didn’t know how to be there for you when I had so much on my plate

I know you understand.. I know you understood. I know it was just an unfortunate thing happened

She nodded silently for everything

All you had to do was come to me, tell me

Maybe I am busy, maybe I am losing some damn business but jaan nothing is more important than us

yeah I may react at that time differently

she left out a little laugh

he kissed her at once how will I take care of you jaan?

I am so scared

He confessed openly. He could manage a damn empire but was not sure if he could take care of her.

& He felt the same guroor may be even more proud after a year during a Diwali celebration when he saw Papaji.

How Papajis eyes were seeing Geet & the little doll in her arms. How Papaji lovingly took the baby in his hands. How happy they all seemed. He felt blessed, he could be the one who made them all laugh, smile …

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Dev slowly came in, not sure if he had the right to speak – sab teehk tho hain na?

Maan just broke down – I don’t know. I don’t know anything. They are not letting me meet her.

Dev panicked
Maan was having mixed emotions churning within him.

To add to his irritation, continuous calls or meetings or some papers urgently needed his signature.

He murmured, “Geet very well knows I don’t have time for any of this. What’s wrong with her? Sab kuch tho kiya maine ussi ke liyen.
This whole thing!

He kicked the side center table & threw the files away

Dev spoke in sheer disappointment – If this is what she wanted, why would she leave her parents & come with you in the first place?
His tone was of pain and sadness; pointing to a direction Maan had never seen.

he had no clue how he managed that night with so much work load & the continuous ace to speak to his jaan just once.

Maan crazily drove to the hospital when he found out from one of the servants that Geet was in the hospital.

This morning Dev had taken Maan to Handa haveli. He didn’t know what to think any more. He rushed into the hospital after checking where Geet was.

The whole Handa family was sitting outside the ward.

Before they could stop him, he barged into the ward. His steps fumbled at her sight. Mohinder tried to stop him, Rano panicked worrying about Geet’s reaction.

Geet immediately got up – wo main.. main

She was elated to see him & then feared it the most.

Lot of thoughts went past her mind, did he see her like this, does he know about her addiction, does he know she is pregnant & she has put the baby in danger with herself.

Damn it! How was she looking without makeup?

Oh no..

she pulled out the drips mercilessly.

She ran into the washroom mumbling, “I will change & come”
It took some moments for him the sight to sink.

He anticipated a lot of options; even may be that her mom his sick.

All the while his heart feared what if she is the one but he didn’t want to consider that option at all.

Couple of minutes had passed & he was still staring blankly at her. He could have never flinched at her sight. To be honest he did & he was damn sure she caught him.

His jaan.. he took in a deep breath to stop himself from collapsing at the sight.

Doctors rushed past him; nurse requested him to step out.
The doctor panicked – Mr. Handa, yeh aacha nahi huwa. Another nervous breakdown is not what she can sustain now.

Rano slapped Maan at once.

He just stood mum taking her lashes one after the other.

He didn’t know how to ask, whom to ask.
Maan – kya huwa?

He heard Geet crying refusing to come out of the wash room – nahi main aisen unke samne
she pushed the nurse away – nahi nahi unhe aacha nahi lage ga
mujhe ready hona hain
I can’t go out like this
tum unhe kaho mein abhi aathi hoon

Maan closed his eyes as tears poured out.

He was still not able to understand what happened to his jaan.

She was all fine until … his heart felt heavy.

He was thrown out of the ward as the nurse & doctor struggled to bring her out.

He could hear all the commotion.

He looked around at the faces; they seemed to recognize him & he vaguely could put names to them from his Geet’s description of each one of them. Each one of them loathed him.

He sucked in a deep breath of rage & turned angered to Mr. Handa – What did u do my Geet. What the hell did u do in last 2 days?

This time it was the doctor who answered – this definitely didn’t happen in last 2 days

It was the Handa family’s doctor. She happened to be the one who attended Rano in her delivery. Geet was like her baby too. She had been struggling herself to come in terms with Geet’s condition. She had got the best psychiatrist to attend to her.

Just then they heard Geet screaming at the nurse while Rano tried to convince her that Maan is not in the room & he won’t see her like this.

Geet refused to believe. Or say that she didn’t want to.

She didn’t want her Maan to leave her like this. He could never. She knows deep down how much Maan loves her.

It was just that weak moment when she made a mistake of indulging in drugs.

If she missed him, of course he missed her too.

He too suffered as much she did. He didn’t have the excuse of loneliness.

Damn it! He didn’t have time even to breath.

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Next Morning Khurana Mansion

Maan paced restlessly in the room waiting for Geet. He had shouted at all the maids asking where Geet was. Even Pooja didn’t know where Geet was.

There was a sudden panic in the house.
Maan – so many of you are in the house & don’t know where Geet went
“koi uska khayal nahi rakh sakta kya?”, he lashed out his anger on his mom

It was not that Pooja had not seen Geet losing weight or skipping meals at home. She had assumed Geet attended so many parties probably she ate there.
Pooja tried to explain – Maan uska koi kitty hoga. Waise bhi wo ghar pe kabhi khana rahthi. khabhi khanne pur bhi nahi aati
Maan was taken aback. He very well knows Geet loves homemade food, especially Maa ke haat khana tho ussen bahut pasand hain.

Adi had already reminded him couple of times since morning about the meeting with foreign delegates. Maan left in haste to office. Nothing seemed right.

Later in the day he received divorce papers.

He roared in frustration. He threw everything that was in front of him. The only person who could do this was her Dad. He just marched into his office.

The secretary told him he couldn’t meet him now.

He cared a damn & walked into the cabin. There was no one in the cabin. Maan gave the staff members a deadly glare.
Sectary – sir, I was just trying to tell you. Mohindar sir didn’t come to office today.

He didn’t wait for her complete.

He told the driver to take him to Handa Haveli. The whole haveli was painfully calm. The servants welcomed him with a painful look. Like they were not happy with him. He could not relate it to hate but it was something else.

This was the first time Maan was entering her house. He knew she was from Handas, he knew about their bank balances & shares & the money they made but had never seen how magnificent & posh their life style was.

The haveli felt so much like home even though right now he owned the most expensive mansion in the city. The place looked so rich with love & warmth. The servants were more like family members. Probably they would have seen Geet since she was born. Every corner of the house was done tastefully by the people who lived there.

The servant offered him water. He politely refused & asked for Mr. Handa.
Servant – sahab is gone out
Maan took a deep breath – Geet kanha hain?
servants eyes welled up – baby bhi unke saat hi gayi hain

Maan was walking out not knowing what to do next when he saw Mr Handa walking with few family members.
Maan looked straight into his eyes – Geet kanha hain?
He didn’t call him papaji nor did he want to address him as Mr. Handa

Mohinder eyes were cold. He was shrewd business man. He very well knew how to hide his emotions. Right now he wanted to beat the hell out of this boy who claimed to love his daughter but all he had given her was pain.

Mohinder – tum bolo Maan, Geet kahna hain?
His voice was weak & for a moment he let out his pain. Definitely the girl who came to his door step last night was nowhere like the Geet he remembered she was.
Mohinder – Last I remembered, she walked out with you

Maan threw the divorce paper at him – don’t play games with me. Meri Geet aisse nahi kar sakti
Mohinder laughed – tumhari Geet!
Maan – I don’t even want to talk to you. Mujhe Geet se milna hain.
Mohinder roared – kabhi nahi! You can never meet her. I will not let you meet her.
The lawyer held Mr. Handa back – you can see the papers have been signed by Geet.

Maan held the lawyer by collar – no paper can stop me from meeting my jaan
wo mujh se khafa ho sakti hain, mujh se juda nahi
jaanta hoon naraaz hain, lekin main ussen mana loonga.
Bus aap log humarin beech mat aaiye!

By then Geet’s tau ji called the security & told him to send Maan out.
Maan – If this is how u want to deal it.. so be it. I will get the cops. Let me see how will you stop me then.

Maan would have just reached the door when he heard mohinder plead – it’s already quiet messed up. Don’t make it worse.

Maan had not heard someone speak in such a torn out tone. His determination shook as he walked back to his car. He loosened his tie as he walked into the mansion. Adi came with a few files that needed his signature.

Maan looked blank when he signed the papers. Adi looked at his face & knew something was wrong. He had heard from the servants that Geet was not at home since morning & that he had been to handa haveli.
Adi stammered & asked – siiir, Geet ma’am theek hai na?
Maan looked at him confused – umm!!
Maan looked at him confused – why did u ask that?
Adi stammered again – I thought maam is not been keeping well or something, that’s why you look disturbed
Maan looked away
adi – waisen bhi maam kuch mahino se apna khayaal nahi rakh thi
Maan wondered what was he talking about.

He just asked casually – why did you say that?
Adi blurted out how Geet has changed her wardrobe size over past months.

That came as a blow to Maan. How come he never noticed it? Yes he did feel she has lost some weight. But so much! It was like someone has slipped the floor underneath his legs. What if his jaan was not keeping well?

He checked with Pooja & Dev if they knew anything about her health. It all seemed so ironical. He didn’t know about his own wife’s health. Maan was checking into Geet’s stuff to look for any reports or anything.
Dev slowly came in, not sure if he had the right to speak – sab theek tho hai na?
Maan just broke down – I don’t know
I don’t know anything. They are not letting me meet her.

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It was just one of the party when one of her friend offered her. Initially it was just fun. Then it began to feel nice. She enjoyed it. She didn’t know how the time just flew. The waiting that felt never ending seemed cool & now she was an addict. She did try her best to get out of it. But situations push her right back into it.

Now with money constraints she began to sell the expensive sets one by one. Her addiction had reached a peak. She realized it when her nose didn’t stop bleeding that night. Her dress size had probably dropped again. She was at the verge of having a nervous breakdown when she missed her date. No that can’t be even possible.

She was at an all time low. She had taken an overdose & the outcome was all on her. She didn’t know what she was supposed to do. She some how managed to get the needle that day. She knew nothing made her feel better. She had sold even the set that Maan presented her on their 5th anniversary. She tied the lace around her waist & restlessly injected the needle. The feeling that kicked in was mind blowing. She was in 7th haven. For first 10 mins she just sat there blankly staring at the wall. That was pure bliss. But soon the effect faded & she needed more & more.

She had lost it. She was trembling. Her fingers were shaking when Maan came & hugged her from behind. He turned her around. For a minute.. he felt he touched something that was so fragile. He shrugged the thought.

Maan – I love u so much
I managed to crack that deal
let’s have a party tomorrow. Please tum sab plan kar lena. Wo, don’t forget to invite t bajajs
she snapped – & the tatas.. & the.. birlas.. but not HANDAS right
Maan – jaan
geet – kyun Maan?
How is it fair to me? You have your mom with you & I don’t?
Why can’t you accept my parents like I do yours, inspite of wat they have said to me
Maan spoke without thinking – no I can’t
geet – even I can’t any more

Maan was not sure what she meant
Her inner frustration was something totally different. She was scared & horrified with her deteriorating health & the fear of what if she was carrying. Even worse than that was that she wanted her shot right now & she didn’t have any money. She held her stomach that ached suddenly with a horrible pain. She pushed him away with no strength.

She trembled down the steps
Maan called her but she just zoomed down the steps.
He banged his hand against the door. They never fought all this years. Most of the time he raised his voice she would just leave it. Today he didn’t know how to handle when she spoke back.
Was he supposed to keep quite like she used to always.
What just happened?
He was dying the whole day to be with her & when she snapped like this he just lost it.
What did he just say out in his guroor?

She just walked out of the Mansion at that hour. It was raining crazily. She told the driver to drop her to handa haveli. Even he was taken aback. Never in last so many years she went there.

She stood out at the gate of haveli contemplating whether to go in or not. She was soaked wet when one of the maids in the house saw her like that. She screamed in horror, maam, saab, geet baby

Rano & mohinder came down horrified still in their night suits. Geet just collapsed in their arms.
The sight infront of them could have made any parent want to kill Maan. Their princess, their only daughter; she was nothing but skin hanging loosely on a skeleton. No cheeks, they probably couldn’t even recognize her in that shape.
Mohinder just scooped her in his hand & rushed her to the hospital.
Geet cried in their arms.. papa help.. mera bacha
save my kid papa please
Maan mujhe kabhi maaf nahi karenge
please papa

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She had a quick shower & changed into her night dress.

She applied plenty of make up to hide her sucked in cheeks, the horrible dark patches around her eyes.
Geet worriedly came out looking for Maan – Maan, we didn’t use any protection
Maan pulled her in his arms – I didn’t want to
He was already excited & wanted her all over again. He had no clue how he was staying away from her all these years.

She looked everywhere but him
He slowly pulled her chin up – don’t you want?
She knew exactly what he meant.
She snapped irritated. She didn’t want to ruin this perfect night but she was not ready. No way can she a have baby with so much drugs in her system.

She panicked. One of the side effects of the drug is the drastic reactions & anxiety.
Damn it she can’t even spend a day without her pills.

She was a damn sick addict.

She was far from becoming anything, forget a family.
Geet – no no no
Maan softly caressed her cheek
She pulled away irritated – no Maan no. She changed the spread that was stained & lay down
Maan wanted to give her time. He just hugged her closer.

For him her happiness meant the world. He wanted to give her everything she ever wanted & more.

Her comfort, her smile, his world revolved around her.

From every success he only bought something for her. Even his business was on her name.

He won’t be wrong in saying she led the path to his fortune. He worked hard & earned all this only to give her all she deserved.

His day started seeing her cuddled up like a ball inside the spread & ended when he walked in late night still on call sometimes; but his eyes never missed to cherish her. How many times he just wanted to wake her up & make love to her, like now. He slowly caressed her forehead.

A lone tear escaped his eyes; he didn’t meant the wait to be so long. How he wished he could just be with her in her arms. It felt so perfect & just then he saw his phone buzzing again with messages. He cursed under his breath & checked the mails. It didn’t take him longer to immerse into them completely.

It was just an amazing moment they shared that night but it was just that night. Maan wanted to desperately spend time with her; even promised her holidays. He couldn’t get time off. All this made Geet a very week person.

Maan couldn’t stop himself from dreaming to rush into her arms every day. He tried so much to finish his work early, wind up things faster. He even tried his best to at least make a call to her. Only then he began to realize there have been days when he has not spoken a word to her. It felt like burden to his soul; just the thought of it feared him to death.

Geet was a person full of life. She belonged to a huge family, lots of friends & relatives. They used to spend festivals & birthdays with lots of fun. There was never any tension or anything that kept them all from coming together & celebrate. Of course her Dad was a busy business man but family came first for him. Her Dad made it a point to be around for at least 3 or 5 meals together in a week.

There were differences among family members but nothing was so bad that it could hurt the cordial environment during celebrations. As time passed Geet felt really left out. Now in this Mansion she felt pathetic.

It was just one of the parties where one of her friend offered her. Initially it was just fun. Then it began to feel nice. She enjoyed it. She didn’t know how the time just flew. The waiting that felt never ending seemed cool & now she was an addict. She did try her best to get out of it. But situation pushes her right back into it.

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Her appetite had gone for a toss. She never had a meal at home after Pooja had come to the mansion. She attended parties like crazy. At the most, she nibbled something here & there.

She checked her schedule & stepped out. Dev tried to stop her. Before she understood anything, the whole media pounced on her. She was nervous. She hoped no one knew her little secret.

Media reporters seemed to link Maan with something. That was all she could understand.
How ever high she was, she could never stand a word against her Maan.
She calmly looked at them & told the guards to let them in.
Dev – I don’t think it’s a good idea, bro bhi yanha nahi hain.
She ignored it all.

Reports gossiped a bit as they walked into the huge mansion. Geet sat down comfortably. She looked nothing less than Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana; arrogant & confident.

Reporters shamelessly accused Maan of having relations with some model. They also showed her pics of him walking into a hotel room with that model.

Geet laughed. She laughed out hysterically.
Her reaction was shocking to everyone witnessing her. Even to Maan who walked in worriedly.

He had been trying to reach her on the phone since that argument of theirs over her expenses. He had no clue she was almost lying dead in her washroom. No one knew & the busy life they had no one cared too. Maan had to travel, so he didn’t even get a chance to talk it out & all this gossip was just making it worse.
He was shit scared of her reaction. He didn’t know how she will take it.

He was stunned to see her laugh like it. Almost like a lunatic.

She laughed so much tears burned her lids. She smiled again when the reporter tried to probe her reaction.
She had not noticed Maan yet.

She stood up – how do I look?
She gave a small turn flaunting her sexy curves.
Reporters looked uncomfortably at each other
Maan gritted his teeth
Geet – don’t I look nice
“hot”, she offered
& then she glared at them straight – Maan doesn’t have time for any of this
a reporter laughed a little – maybe that’s what you think
geet didn’t even flinch – first he doesn’t have time for all that
second if he had time he rather be with me than any b*t*h
Maan hugged her at once – shh… jaan
geet – what the hell is wrong with these people?
Maan told the guards to take care of the people.
Geet was losing it totally – Maan
she searched his eyes

She was panting. Her face changed. It became all red, her nose flared
Maan’s eyes bored into her as he scooped her in his arms to their room.

He couldn’t believe he let things reach this level.


he looked miserably at her. She was fighting with the world for him.
He slowly put her down – jaan wo main, I don’t know how
she slowly placed a finger on his lips – shhh..
Maan – Geet I ..
she just kissed him

he closed his eyes. Her lips claimed him longingly. There was no complaint about this incident or anxiety over this media buzz. It was just her inner turmoil to be with him.

And then it happened. They moved closer where lips met in one passionate head-spinning kiss. She was not gentle anymore. Maan was drawn into his side of her.

They heard a knock at the door & for the first time Maan didn’t care. He pinned her between the door & his hard body. They kept kissing. She had no clue when he locked the door & carried her to bed.

She suddenly felt all the veins in her body were alive with thrill & emotions. He was nuzzling her neck when she pushed him on the bed & fell on top of him. He instantly pinned her down coming over her. She giggled losing her senses. All she could think about right now was her Maan.
I love you, she whispered
I love you so much, he said deepening the kisses as his knee nudged her thighs. She took a deep breath. She was ready, more than ready. She had waited all these years. She was yearning.
Maan – open your eyes jaan, he said wanting to lose himself in those hazels.
To his utter shock they were blood red. They were already too far into it for him to hold himself back now..
You okay? he asked as she closed her eyes & a squirm escaped her lips as she felt a tearing pain. Her arms tightened around him.
Oh jaan .. You okay? He was not sure what was bothering him more at this moment; the red color of her eyes or the pain of their first love making. It was supposed to be the most beautiful moment.
He wanted to make it special. Well nothing happened as they planned in their life, neither did this moment.

He tried to be gentle & careful. Both were not sure if it was the right way, but yeah they definitely longed for it & loved it. She kissed away his worries, soon drowning him into the pool of passion.

His phone kept ringing. No one cared. Madness did take it’s toll over them.
She didn’t know when she dozed off in his arms.

His arms.

That was like a dream in itself. It was little past midnight when she heard him panic.
Geet geet
He was softly patting her cheek.
She chuckled & looked at him – blood
she blushed furiously – wo first time hain na
nahi jaan, your nose.
Geet gulped hard, but pretended to be calm – nahi kuch nahi. It’s just anxiety.
She wrapped the towel around herself & walked straight into the shower, leaving Maan worried.

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Nowadays Adi had began to call & inform her Maan’s schedule. Like she cared any more.

As time passed there was some one who noticed the sadness in those eyes. That longing. It was strange he actually did & geet felt embarrassed. She tried her best to hide it. It had become more than often she caught him look at her & read those hazels.

If that was not enough her saas had began to question her expenses.
Well the only expenses she made was to buy her pills & they cost her a lot & that kind of figure no one noticed until now. Her expenses were never questioned.

Maan was getting late for his trip when pooja stopped him to discuss the finances.
Geet looked at them dazed. She had taken that extra shot to handle the situation.
Pooja – I can’t just understand. what is her expense?
itni bhi kya kharchen hain iss ke?

Geet openly ogled Maan
she doesn’t even remember when she got to watch him like this, so close for so long. She sighed & continued staring, not even hearing a word of what her saas was scolding her.

Was it the effect of her drugs that she had become so bold & shameless in her own terms.

Suddenly she felt Maan’s lips moving with no volume. She smiled & looked at him cutely
Maan questioned again, irritated – tum ma ko bata do na kya expenses hain
she cutely nodded like an innocent kid

at that moment he just wanted to carry her to their room & have her, until she screamed his name.
Like she understood.. she blushed – phir karhten kyun nahi?
she pouted ever so cutely. He leaned closer to kiss her lips, but was conscious with his mom & every one around.

Pooja began with her non stop ranting on how shameless Geet had become.
Geet only smiled .. the fake smile that drew off the twinkle that was just there a second before. Maan felt like he was suddenly hit by a rock wall.

Geet didn’t bother to stand & hear the non stop ranting. She just picked her expensive hand bag on the way to the exit.

Pooja lost it completely & yelled at Maan.

He stood there shocked himself. Then felt something was drastically wrong & followed geet in quick long steps. He stopped her with questions.

She did realize, this time her timing of the smile was wrong.
All she could say was – kya mera haaq nahi aapke paisen pe?
Maan scanned her eyes worried – nahi jaan I didn’t mean that
geet snapped at once – lekin kya Maan?
Aab mujhe aapne ek ek expenses ka hisaab dena padega
yeh lo.. she opened her purse & threw all her credit cards and change at him.

She ditched the idea of going out & ran straight back into her room. Her head was spinning. The extra dose began to hit her hard. She held her head & just collapsed in the wash room. It was late in the evening or next day she had no clue.
She got up hearing lot of commotion outside.

She held her head & got up. She washed her face.. damn she looked horrible. Dark circles around her red swollen eyes. She immediately applied a lot more make up.
Dev immediately turned off the tv as he saw her coming down the steps. Geet looked at them trying to look composed. She was confused if she had something on her face. She pulled out the little mirror in her purse & checked herself.
Ok, she looked fine. Then looked down at her dress. She did look a lot thinner. Umm.

Probably she needed a wardrobe change. She called Adi & told him to order her next size lower.
He murmured – mam u have come down by 3 size, if I am not wrong.
Geet didn’t even hear that. She changed herself into a figure hugging dress. Checked her make up again.

Her appetite had gone for a toss. She never had a meal at home after pooja had come to the mansion. She attended parties like crazy. At the max, she nibbled something here & there.

She checked her schedule & stepped out. Dev tried to stop her. Before she understood anything, the whole media pounced on her. She was nervous. She hoped no one knew her little secret.

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