~pari part – 26 ~

Part 26

Maan looks at her blankly, unsure what to say or do. He had this deep need to undo what he said little while ago and this seemed perfect. Geet didn’t know what to say either. He could have given into her. But instead he slipped the ring into her finger. just like that.


Daadi left the lovebird alone to share the moment.


Maan tried to ease the air by saying – I think you forgot to breathe for a whole minute.
she sighed and stared at the gorgeous ring on her finger. And somehow, she tried to remind herself that it all was a sham. Her eyes filled up. Which she made no attempt to hide.

Maan – It will break their hearts if my family find out we aren’t for real
She fluttered her lashes – they don’t have to find out
maan sighed in relief seeing her ease up – Yeah, but we’ll have to invent the breakup story of the century.

Geet smiled sadly at him – Don’t worry, it can be all my fault. U can blame it all on me. U don’t break their hearts
Maan nodded unsure – let me know anytime you can’t pretend to be my perfect fiance anymore.

And somehow that thought pinched his heart more than he thought it would.

When geet came down the steps Rano noticed the ring on her finger and so did Priya and chachi ji. Rano just hoped it was not any pretense this time and her heart cried out for her daughter when she saw the reminisce of the tears, which was beautifully hidden behind her sparkling smiling eyes.

Rano instantly searched for the cause for the tears… she was so mad at Maan at that moment and even more angry at her daughter. But her anger vanished with the reassuring look from geet. And a pat from her husband. I trust my daughter.

That’s when they looked at Maan, who looked equally lost and disturbed like their daughter. He came down and bowed his head in front of Rano. Man of few words.. Yes he was indeed.

Geet had told them everything about her and Maan and how much she loved him. It scared them initially. But the kind of person she was they had to just let it to her way. They did learn from Geet, how truthful Maan is to his relationships. They just hopped he could move on accept Geet.


Geet took them around the city. She showed them her office. She happily went shopping with daadi – Priya, Rano and chachi ji while the men waited at bar. She really seemed happy. Family time indeed.


They all had planned to meet at the restaurant for dinner. As usual ladies took their own sweet time. As geet walked into the upscale restaurant, maan reached to her. Just then a handsome 6ft 1 tall guy walked towards her with a pleasant smile.  Geet nodded at Maan excusing herself, & hugged the guy pleasantly. Maan gulped the odd feeling he felt. He stared at the guy. He looked well built, like some filmstar. He was definitely wearing expensive suit, watch definitely some branded glasses. He knew this guy was her types. The insecurity just set right in..and he felt so annoyed because.. Because he was insecure.. He looked away, just then she laced her fingers with his & pulled him closer..

Geet – I want you to meet Aryanwe went to school together in Harvard

Umm he nodded ..  making a note smart too.
Geet – this is Maan my fiance


The statement raised brows including Maan’s. It took him a moment to recover. He extended his hand to Aryan, who still looked dumbfounded.
When Maan extended his hand, Aryan’s eyes drifted off directly to Geets fingers to see if she wore the ring.
Aryan – wow, I am honored to finally meet the man who could get the attention of Ms Focused.

Maan smiled warmly

Geet – Focused my foot.. He got me all floored the minute I saw him, she laughed pulling Maan closer, and that was the truth. She was indeed in love with Maan at first sight.
Frankly that was the truth


Aryan – so when is the big day?

Maan reluctantly – we haven’t set the date yet

Aryan – better hold on to her buddy, its difficult to hold onto her attention. 
Then he turned to congratulate Geet. And how much fun it was in college and all that stuffs, Maan was just getting restless with all that.


The moment he left. Maan teased her – old fling .. boyfriend,

don’t know why he was so irritated. And the thought she was such tease when she first met him, plus that Aryan. He had no control on himself. He just turned away so that she couldn’t see the frown on his face and started walking towards their table. It took Geet few seconds to catch up to him.

Geet controlled her smile – Oh okay, so we’re playing the part of jealous fiancee now

Maan snapped – I am not Jealous

She muffled her laughter and placed peck on his cheek. Maan tried to pull away .. she whispered softly – Aryan is just a friend from college. Nothing more.

She looked into his eyes.. Lets just say he is not my type

Maan looked at ease, as they reached where parents were waiting for them to place their order.

Just before sitting maan whispered in her ear – You didn’t have to explain that to me. I wasn’t jealous!

Geet shook her head – You can fake an engagement, but you can’t fake jealousy.

Maan turned his face.


Just to clear the air he said – If not Aryan, I don’t know what you would like anymore

She smiled – I don’t know lately I seem to like this guy with stubble, and temper tho ekdam naahk pe rehta hain

Maan wondered if she was mocking him because he showed a hint of jealousy!
He glared at her – well too bad there are very few of them

he snapped at her & continued to place the order.

She slid close to him – actually there is only one

He almost skipped a beat. He took a sip of the wine to wash off the blush that had began to touch his cheek.  

She chuckled again

Maan murmured  – stop it Geet

Geet innocently asked – stop what jaan

Maan was so cutely flushed with her taking full advantage of the situation and teasing him – embarrassing me Geet

He could clearly hear her chuckle & then felt her hand lacing with his under the table. She tucked him closer – I love when u blush jaan

Maan cleared his throat – I shouldn’t be showing this much emotion for you. 
Geet smiled yet again teasingly sliding closer to him in the round table they sat with their family – let it be my award for job well done

He looked down at her and saw that glint in her eyes. He couldn’t resist to tease her back – who said it is was job well done

She stole a glance at their parents – I am pretty sure they are convinced .. if not she just pulled their laced hand above the table & placed a peck on the back of his hand.

He was caught off guard. Their entire family happily looked at them. Chachi ji and Priya exchanged a little giggle.

His heart melted, he felt he forgot to breath. Her lips were soft and the electricity that passed down his spine made him relive every damn moment he spent thoroughly kissing them. It was just a peck on his hand .. and he was so turned on!!

She stared at him as if she was contented that he had enough hue on his cheek, her lips curved into a cute naughty smile. She pulled their hands closer to her.  

Damn! He looked away from her not sure if he was all aroused or mad at her for publicly kissing..correction pecking his hand.

He turned to daadi who was staring at him lovingly. Her eyes were almost wet, as if she was so happy to see him being kissed publicly.

Before he could react.. Geet got up and went around to daadi. She gave a reassuring hug to her. Even she knew nothing was hidden from those experienced eyes. Daadi patted her cheeks lovingly.

All Maan could do was stare at her. How well she understood everyone! He wondered if she really was this deep a person. He sighed.. Why did she had to be “The Geet Handa


He was sure she heard him. He didn’t try to hide it either. He meant what he said. No matter how wonderful Geet was as a friend, he was really scared she would be complicated as a love. Damn did he just put Geet and love in one sentence..He shook the thoughts away. He was not ready for a relationship just yet. And when he was… he wanted more than a woman who wanted to share her bed with him. He wanted a girl who would give him, her heart and soul and put him in the center of her world.. like he did!!! He wondered why the life is so unfair.

Rest of the dinner was less eventful with them stealing glances and geet not leaving his hand under the table.

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Part 64


Tomorrow, things would be different for between them. Tomorrow, he will not hurt because of her anymore. And for the first time in months, she felt the lightness in her chest.

He hugged her tightly. And just like that she tucked closer. She fell asleep with his skin keeping her warm, and his scent intoxicating her.


When she woke up, her arms immediately reached out for him, to cuddle in his chest and hug him, as if it was second nature for her to do that. But all she felt was the cold sheet and the empty space he left.

She opened her eyes and found him gone. She felt a deep sense of loss like someone just pulled her soul out. Far worse than when the doctor told her, she lost a year of her memories.


She didn’t know how long she lied on the bed, just staring at the ceiling, trying to get the image of Maan, as well as his scent and the feel of his skin, out of her head.

What’s worse, she was trying her damn best not to feel this… black hole inside her chest. This was new to her. she didn’t know why she felt like this, but damn! She hated it.

She wondered if Maan felt like this now. Maybe even worse. And she wonder how he hasn’t brought himself to hate her yet. She would definitely hate herself if she made herself feel like this.


She stood up from the bed and put on a PJs. She stared at the bed they laid in last night. Images of the passion they shared flashed through her mind. She remembered his scent again, his warmth, the way he screamed her name and some time misty..

She lazily walked to the kitchen. She found that he had taken his box with all his belongings. Then his check was on top of the table, along with house keys and a note.

She felt a stab of pain in her heart again. Something she cannot name wanting her to cry. she actually cried in deep pain.


He had returned her money in full. The whole nine yards. And that made her feel sad again, as if she just severed another connection with him. Now more than ever, she felt that pulling the investment was a bad idea. It was the wrong decision. Jiji was right. she would regret what she did.

He didn’t even take the compensation pay that was stated in that contract. It was not a small amount. People would sell themselves for that money. She would have to pay him.. If he went to court.

Instead, she remembered how he cupped her face and pressed a kiss on her forehead, and told her that he already owes her for helping him get back up on his feet, and that was enough for him.

She made herself a cup of tea and sat on the deck.

He saw the guitar and read the note..

Don’t ever stop playing..

Love Maan.

Tears just kept pouring from her eyes.

She remembered how he looked last night, playing the guitar, trying to sing the song. His presence filled her senses.

She just couldn’t get him out of her mind!

Damit she was not like this usually. But then how many men has she been with… nun

She doesn’t even feel a bit of guilty to their togetherness.. Instead she is feeling miserable that he left.

She has never felt like this. Lost… yearning… confused.


Just when she promised herself that she would treat him differently starting this morning, he was gone.
She had promised herself, she would forever turn off the ‘jangli billi mode’ as he would like to put it. Thinking about that word brought a smile to her face again. He had a sense of humor in spite of what she put him through.
She stared at the couch they sat together playing guitar, in front of her. She thought about everything that happened the previous night again. Every single detail was vivid in her memory. The guy… his scent… the touch of his skin… the sound of his moans… Damn! she needed a cold shower again!
After showering and changing into a simple dress, she opened the safe that she kept in the house, just curious what she would find inside. After all, she lost one year’s worth of her memories. She didn’t remember the password. Good this little safe had fingerprint identification as a backup. The safe opened just with a press of her thumb.


She found some documents. Contracts and investment details. Some earrings, necklace.. Two jewelry cases. One she recognized and one she didn’t. She found the copy of the contract, she signed with Maan’s company. He was right, she signed it, flawlessly. The strokes of the signature didn’t show signs that she had a gun to her head or she was high on something. She even signed with little hearts around it. Like it was close to her heart.. She remembered drawing such hearts only when she made cards for her jiji or mama.

Then she reached to the box that looked like box to a ring. Her heart hammered in her chest as she opened it. Why did she have a ring?

It was empty. But it looked like some old ring case. The case itself looked very lawish and traditional. She brought her fingers to it. A flash came through her head.


“I walked into a mall to shop for my jiji & jiju the little ones. I accidentally bumped into some mad angered guy. His scent filled my senses and to my greatest shock, he hugged me and cried in my arms trust me didn’t make it obvious, He probably didn’t even look up to see who I was. It was the first time in my life I felt needed. Not for my money… but for the warmth, comfort, and protection I could provide.

When I looked up at him, I saw a handsome, but torn and broken soul. When I walked into the shop, I couldn’t get him out of mind. It was like wo merin saanon main bus gayen the. I couldn’t do my shopping. I ran out of the mall and started looking for him. I spend the whole day looking for him. I had never felt such a loss in my life. The thought I would never see him again tore me. “


She took a deep breath. It’s was not her imagination. That was her first memory of Maan coming back to her, bringing with it unfamiliar emotions she could not understand.

She stared at the ring box again. Somehow, she remembered the guy who hired her to pose as his fake girlfriend and she had given the ring to her, end of the night. He wanted to get back at his ex-fiancé. He wasn’t just in it to get even. He was going for the kill.


She can’t believe his ex slept with Maan’s own brother. What a loser she was! And her heart went out to Maan. He was so trusting; he didn’t realize what she was upto all the time. He planned his wedding according to his ex.. Her dream wedding.


Then where was the ring. Did she return it to him. Then why was the box with her. She immediately looked into the other box, in which she usually kept her tabiz. She immediately reached to her empty neck. Her mind went back to last night, when she had seen it in around his neck when she was cuddled up into him. Did she give her tabzi to him. Did she??


“she took it from his hand & slipped around his neck. Issen apne se dur nahi karna she said placing peck on his cheek.”


She squeezed the skin between her eyes, trying not to get overwhelmed by the memories that were slowly flooding through her.
She realized she was really wrong about him. Like what her mama and jiji were saying to her. She was very wrong about Maan. She had immediately assumed he was some gold digger.

Damn! She had called him so many things…


He must have wanted to knock her in the head when she said all that. Well, she wanted to whack herself in the head now that these pieces of her memories of him are slowly coming back to her.

She tried to think harder, trying to see if some more memories have been unlocked. When there was nothing, she checked the safe again. Searching for more clues that will help her get closer to waking up from this nightmare.
She found some pictures in the safe too. She thought jiji send them.. Because she is the one who prints photo’s. Jiji was crazy she would print a book every month. Warna aaj kal prints kaun nikal tha hain.
One picture was of her with Maan, Jiji, and Tim. He was holding her in his arms and they were both laughing. She looked at herself in the picture. She looked… really happy.
She flipped the picture over and there was a caption at the back.
Keep dreaming! she looked at it closely. It was her handwriting again with those little pink hearts Why would she write something like that?


She took a deep breath. Maybe he’s not the one who needed something from her, like what she accused him of. She was the one who wanted him in her life. Like what jiji was saying to her. He didn’t want anything. He only wanted her.
Shit! What did she do?
And even though she only have fragments of her memories back, she cannot help feeling remorse for what she did to Maan. She treated him like shit. She insulted him more than once. She wanted him to give up on her.
Even now, when her mind is telling her to stay away, her heart feels like it’s breaking into a million pieces. There was something missing in her life, and she felt like dying. She didn’t know that she needed him… until last night.

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Part 63


Geet felt she was dreaming for sure because she hasn’t felt like this before. It was like she was in a trance, and she didn’t ever want to wake up. She felt the surge of emotions sweep through her in tides that she could not control. She gave up fighting. She gave in.

She crushed him into his arms and he kissed her the way she was never kissed before, touched her the way she was never been touched before.

She knew, she shouldn’t let her guard down. But there was something about this man that drown her in, and undid her.


The second he walked into the apartment, his scent captured her senses. If she closed her eyes, she could swear that she knew that scent well. She could feel it in her veins. But when she look at him, she couldn’t place him.

She listened to his voice and she could almost say it was familiar. But she didn’t remember a thing. She still didn’t remember him.


Maan Singh Khurana confuses her in many ways. Maybe that is why she was not ready for him yet. Everything was in place.

She felt, she was ok, she was stable even after losing whole one year of her memory. But when he is around, he confused her, he threw her out of balance.
Like… her mind tells her one thing, but something else inside her is fighting for him. She felt torn within. When he touched her a while ago, she felt her nerves jump. His feel on her felt was so comfortably familiar. But she didn’t know him. And she couldn’t trust what she didn’t know.


The song he played haunted her. Yes she has heard this song. It was in her playlist. She has heard it many times. But when she heard him play the song.. Her fingers seemed to know the tune. Her heart hummed it along. The urge was so strong that she had to shift her posture to compose herself. When he stopped.. It was so easy for her to continue. The confession… like she has been longing to say this to him. When she cupped his face.. Oh she wanted to tell him .. he was her everything. It was all so confusing. He understood so well.. That she didn’t mean it.. It broke her within.. That he actually knew her so well.


It was so easy to melt into his arms. She felt she tasted salt on his lips and she knew he couldn’t stop crying anymore. And she just wanted to do anything or everything to make him feel better.

Every inch of her wanted to feel him.


He so easily carried her to the bed. She probably warned herself, she had to be careful, but she just didn’t care anymore. She gave in to her desires. God, she wanted him with every fiber of her soul. She had never felt like this before. She had never felt so attracted to any guy like this. It made her abandon sense and reason.

They had sex. No, this was not sex. This was not just lust. This was something else. Something she could not place.

And definitely she couldn’t get enough of him. It was like she had been longing for a long time and now she found her peace. His touches, his kisses.. The way he said her name.. His moans.. It all felt like a drug to her and she craved more every time. Like she was addicted, her want was beyond her.

The whole love making was like feeling lost for a very long time, and then finally finding her way back home. It was comforting, satisfying, exciting, confusing, and scary all at once. And she didn’t want it to ever end.

It felt like the first time for her, and yet she also felt like she have done this a dozen times before.
And when they were done, he gathered her in his arms and held her tightly, breathing in the scent of her, she buried herself in his chest, understanding for the first time in months, what her sister, her parents, and Tim have been telling her since she woke up at the hospital.
“She was head over heels in love with this man.”


He kissed her head softly. After the kiss, neither of them said a word. He stood up and turned on the lamp. For the first time, she saw him fully naked. She swallowed. She realized as well that for the first time, she was naked in from of a man. Was she!! Yet it all felt so natural. He went to the closet. When he returned he was holding a spread in his hand.


She was uncertain of what’s going to happen next. She felt little embarrassed. Like he understood and pulled her closer holding her hand. He kissed her again, passionately, driving her insane, her hand automatically wrapped around him and kissed him back.


Then he pulled off the spread they made love in, which she noticed .. she knew what it was. She was still vaguely expecting it to be stained with her blood, but it was not. She took a deep breath, so she indeed was not a virgin. He threw the new set of spread over the bed and then laid down on it. He pulled her to him. She rested her head on his chest again. She heard him quiet breathing in the darkness and all she could do was smile to herself. She shied and kissed his bare chest and held him against her tightly.


Her consciousness does not remember him. She doesn’t recall when she seen him. But his scent was all too familiar, the feel of being in his arms felt like something she wanted to be in everyday.

She doesn’t remember him, yet. But she knew she is going to. And even if she doesn’t, how can she forget this night? The feel of being in his arms, the magic of this lovemaking will haunt her dreams, even her waking hours.. She blushed furiously.

Tomorrow, things would be different for between them. Tomorrow, he will not hurt because of her anymore. And for the first time in months, she felt the lightness in her chest. He hugged her tightly. And just like that she tucked closer. She fell asleep with his skin keeping her warm, and his scent intoxicating her.

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Part 62

She looked at the clock. It was seven o’clock. Maan will be home soon. Some unfamiliar feeling crept through her. Her heart pounded in her chest and her pulse was hammering like crazy.
What the hell is wrong with her? Was she excited.



So many thoughts, memories.. Found memories came back breaking his heart. This apartment was special for him. He had her in mind when he had first decided to buy this apartment. His pari.. The promise she wanted him to keep.. To rise above all the odds and then seek for her. Her words echoed in his head over and over. He felt choked with emotions.


He punched the elevator hard enough to hurt his knuckles. He punched it couple more times to vent out his emotions.. Okay, Maan. Better burst out now than later. Better here than in front of her.

He didn’t want show her how affected he was. No matter how much he begged, it’s not helping her. He didn’t give up on her yet. But he knew that putting pressure on her would only make her run away more. She did tell him that she was always cautious about guys. Now, she doesn’t know him. So he would fall into the general category of men who just might like Geet Handa for money and not for who she is inside.

It took him a while to notice that the elevator had stopped in their floor already.

He took a couple of short breaths and then he rang the bell.

She opened the door. The familiarity of the house .. dammit he was there this morning hoping she was here.. Well she was.. But not to be with him.

Just seeing her, he wanted to break down. He wanted pull her into a bone breaking hug. The apartment reminded him of the things that he used to have and the dreams that came shattering to the ground. Never mind the place. But his misty in front of him… she was the one thing he wasn’t ready to let go of.

She looked the same. God, she even smelled the same! But she was not the same pari who rescued him months ago.
How she couldn’t wait to walk into the door to kiss him. How many times he had carried her in his arms from the elevator into the room almost making out on the way.

How many nights he had spent here hoping, always praying that one day, she would walk into that door and crush into him and tell him that everything was back to the way it was. That she remembers him. And that she loves him the same way.

But now, she was back in NYC their apartment. The first thing she did was pull the investment on the business. And now, she was kicking him out of their apartment. Now he began to feel … she is never coming back.

Geet spoke as politely as she could – Come in

He just nodded and stepped inside the house.

Geet – aap.. I mean .. tum..wo .. kuch lenge


he looked into her eyes, trying to assess whether she meant it. She was usually rude and brutal towards him. He didn’t understand why she was making an effort to be nice to him now. Unless the drink she was offering him was poisoned. But even if it was, what had he got to lose, anyway? He would have happily taken it.

He composed himself – umm

She opened her fridge. She stared at it for a while, obviously still lost and his heart just broke for her. If only, she would allow him to help her find her way back…he sighed

Maan – left corner, liquor cabinet main hain whisky on the rocks.

She closed the fridge and opened the liquor cabinet. She took out the drink and looked for the glasses.

Maan – right cabinet first shelf.

She smiled when she found it – You seem to know your way around the house

He stared at her, trying to decipher if that comment was a trap that would be followed by another insult if he fell for it.
But he was surprised to see that she had a twinkle in her eye. For the first time in months, he saw an improvement in her. Before, she looked like a walking time bomb ready to explode anytime, jungli bell ready to pounce at him, bottling up her anger and her confusion. Her pride prevented her from admitting that she felt lost, confused, and not in control. And all her frustration was directed on him directly.
Maan – I lived here long enough to .. he trailed off, he didn’t want to tell her it was his place, yet.

She poured him a drink and stepped closer to him. His heart pounded in his chest. She stood so close they were almost touching.

She looked up at him, searching his face. He looked away, then he stepped back, putting some distance between them. He probably needed that whole bottle to put up with this closeness.
When he looked at her again, she was biting her cheeks inside, doubtless she was trying her best not to laugh or even smile.
She handed him the drink.

Geet – Would you like to join me on the deck? Wanha view aacha hain!

Maan raised his brow – Seriously? What happened to “never gonna be ready to see me”?

Geet looked lost – I don’t know.. Maybe I am just bored.
He just shook his head. He knew back in his head .. Geet Handa can’t be bored.. She had something else cooking in her head, he didn’t want to say that loud
Maan – only if you turn off the jungli billi mode off
Geet looked back at him – “jungli billi mode”

She laughed and shaking her head. He knew that smile was real. She stared at him and saw that he wasn’t laughing at all.

Geet – Seriously? Main jungli billi dihk thi hoon

Ok ok.. She cutely pinched her throat and sweared – “jungli billi mode off” bus!!!

She went to get her drink

Maan – your vodka is in the fridge

They sat in the deck in silence. The sun was setting.. Bringing back so many memories for him.
Then she asked – hum kitne din phele milen
It was all so difficult for Maan to talk about. Those beautiful memories killed him as he recalled them. But if this was a way Geet to remember him in her life, then he could endure the pain.

Maan – About a year and half ago… before your accident
Geet – And we only got together officially a couple of days before my accident?
Maan – umm

Geet – phir wo 1.5 years hum kya the?
Maan searched her eyes – friends. Tum meri sabsi aachi wali friend thi..

He couldn’t stop that smile and tears that touched his eyes.

Geet was quiet again

Then after some time she asked again – hume itne din kyun laagen.. I mean ..to be together
Maan – merin wajah se

She looked trying to make sense

Maan – main tayar nahi tha. I was broken he looked at her

And you fixed me.. Phir mujhe pata chala ki tum kaun ho
Geet – kya matlab?

Maan took a deep breath – jab hum milen the, I thought you were some model. And we became very close. I could tell you anything and everything. You agreed to help pose as my girlfriend at my ex-fiance’s and brothers wedding. You filled every vacuum in me. You saved my face and my pride in front of my family. Aur phir

Geet – aur phir

Maan – you made me to promise you..

Geet – what promise?

Maan – that I would be better, that I would believe in love again. I would fix myself. And I would find you when I was ready. Aur main .. a tear formed in his eyes

I was excited to look for you again, actually. But I found out that you were not just a mere model. You lied to me. I found out who you really were. And I didn’t want you anymore.

Geet looked puzzled – but why?
Maan – Because… I didn’t want that fancy ambitious women. I wanted someone with whom I could come home to. I left Khurana Construction for that reason. I didn’t want all that fancy world where media, money dictated the terms of your life. I didn’t want another heartbreak because money.  Aur tumne bahut koshish ki .. did all you could to change my mind.

She stared back at him.

He saw an emotion crossing her face. Guilt? Shame? he didn’t know. She took a gulp of her drink and turned away from him. She fell silent for a while. Maan didn’t know if she remembered a thing and if he was making sense to her.

Maan took out the check from his pocket. She stared at the amount.
Maan – tumhe koi compensation dene ki zarurath nahi. I will always owe you for helping me get up on my feet and start this dream.

He softly cupped the side of her face and cuddling it softy. He leaned down and pecked her head.

She closed her eyes for a moment. Then she stared at him. Her eyes were wildly confused. Her face was filled with a dark emotion he could not decipher. Immediately, he pulled away, afraid that he would trigger something in her that would further ruin the stained image of him in her head.

Geet – I am.. She started then she trailed off. She took a deep breath.


Geet – what are you planning to do now? Aur aapki company?

He looked at the sun at distance it was almost set.

Maan – I will still run it. I have to make a few adjustments. But I know I can do it. This is what I do best. I cannot shut down. I’ve gotten this far. There are couples out there depending on me to make their home’s dream come true. I won’t let them down.

There was silence again. He missed misty and him. They were two people who wouldn’t run out of things to talk about. Right now it was not that moment. He had to be careful. Jungli billi.. May wake up any time.

Her eyes fell on the guitar

Geet – u play guitar?

That brought back so many emotions in him. Wasn’t it just few months back, they were right here playing.. Rather she was teaching him or rather making out on pretext..

Maan – yeh tumhari hain

Geet got all defensive – what rubbish, I don’t play guitar

Maan stared back at her. She looked away. He took the guitar..


Nahi jeena tere baaju
Nahi jeena, nahi jeena
Nahi jeena tere baaju
Nahi jeena, nahi jeena

He tried to play the tune.. .humming the words.. Yes that came out way more intense than he remembered. He meant it.. he couldn’t live without her. His pain was poured into it. He saw her shifting in her feet. Like some kind of restlessness was setting in.


Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee


She turned to look at him. Her eyes had emotions probably even she didn’t know.

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

He shook his head denying her understanding. She turned her head in frustration.

Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri

Every moment played back in his mind. That girl in red heel inviting troubles..in the bar. To the beauty herself in simple salwar suit. How she stood by him every moment. Their love making the first time.. And all the time..

Mere dil ne chun laiyaa ne
Tere dil diyaan raahan
Tu jo mere naal tu rehta
Turpe meriyaan saaha
Jeena mera.. hoye
Hun hai tera, ki main karaan
Tu kar aitbaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
Main tenu samjhawan kee
Na tere bina lagda jee

The pain in her voice when she sang this song for him at his house in India
Did she feel this miserable..may be worse. She sounded so broken.. His voice choked just like her .. probably he messed up the chords.. He pulled the hand away from the strings and swing the guitar away.. Closing his eyes not able to bear the pain.

She slid between him and the guitar… and continued singing, playing the right tune, closing her eyes from her memory.


Ve changa nahion keeta beeba
Ve changa nahion keeta beeba
Dil mera tod ke


He just snuggled closer, hugging from behind.. Taking in every bit of her. While she played the tune. It felt exactly the way it always felt.. just right. Having her in his arms and she lost in playing the tune.

Ve bada pachhtaiyaan akhaan
Ve bada pachhtaiyaan akhaan
Naal tere jod ke

He realized what he did.. And stepped away looking here and there pushing his hair behind.  Like in trance she turned slipping her right hand to cup his face. Her eyes holding him captive.

Tenu chadd ke kitthe jawan
Tu mera parchhanvaa


Her eyes searched his face ..

Tere mukhde vich hi main taan
Rab nu apne pawaan

Is this what she meant to sing that day… her love confession in front of everyone.. And she couldn’t. He had never heard her sing the ending of the song.. They probably sang until first or max second para.. Oh good lord.. How much did she had to go through… how much love she has in her. No way was he giving up on her.


Meri duaa.. haaye
Sajda tera kardi sadaa

She closed her eyes unsure why she felt so much..pain within her.. She just wasn’t take it anymore. she had so much in her .. she didn’t know what those emotions were.
Tu sun iqraar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri

She bit her lips realizing what she just sang.. Her eyes instantly denied herself.. She tried to convince she didn’t mean to give him any hopes..

Off course he knows her better.. He has seen it all. Her love, her passion.. Her longing.. And there was nun when she sang it this time.. Probably she was singing purely from her muscle memory, probably amusing herself..

He just rested his head on hers letting her know.. He understands


Main tainu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

Yes he does.. A lone tear escaped his eyes..

Geet – maan..

He heard her say something and without warning, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. That broke every bit of his control. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her to his chest and then he leaned down, crushing his lips to hers. Lips met in one passionate, head spinning kiss. He wasn’t gentle, he was demanding. He was longing to feel her. Feel the warmth. He has been longing for her love, her tenderness, her care. He wanted a piece of the women he had been aching for too many nights. It was painful to be so close and not feel anything. All his emotions engulfed his rationality. He kept kissing her, one hand went to the small of her back and the other caressed her nape.


She felt like all of the veins in her body are alive with thrill and emotions. She matched his kisses yet she was shy and amused at the ease at which her body reacted to his touch. Everything felt new yet so familiar.  He carried her to the bed, their lips never left each other. He began kissing her neck where all sorts of sensation shot up from her spine to every part of her body. She let out a moan of pleasure. She could now feel the mattress behind her. He was still nuzzling her neck. He came on top of her pinning  her between the soft bed and his hard body. She had completely lost her senses. All she could think about are his arms and his kisses. When she put her hands against his chest, she felt his skin, smooth, hard.. Masculine.

Maan – I feel lost without you misty

He whispered against her lips

She was completely lost. She wasn’t thinking. All she could think was this Greek God, Maan whose arms made her feel wanted, his kisses sending shivers down her spine. She didn’t know when she lost her clothes. All she knew was that she was pushed up further into the bed and then he fell on top of her again. She felt shocked realizing her own skin touching his. She felt intoxicated, drugged. She didn’t even know that this was possible. Yet it all felt so familiar.


She experienced emotions she didn’t know she was capable of. She didn’t know that a man’s touch would feel like this.. Could send her sanity flying out of the window. Make her feel a sense of wanting, a sense of urgency that she could hardly control. This was all first time.. And yet she felt she belonged in here.


She felt she was caged all her life. Like she has been hiding herself, never allowed her to feel anything beyond normal. And at this moment she felt free.. And wanting, and thirsts.. Hungers. She wanted to feel more.. And just then she felt him at her entrance. She nodded, excitement shooting from part of her body. And slowly she felt him. She took a deep breath. There was no turning back from here.. she took a deep breath yet again.. she expected it to pain.. She was all set to squirm.. But her body seemed to know way better around him than she thought.. A tear escaped her eyes.. She was not sure why.. Was she ashamed of herself.. Was she guilty that it happened.. Or .. she could think further.. She felt him kissing her passionately.. Soon the there was familiar spark which felt new, shooting from everywhere. She let out a scream of pleasure that she thought hasn’t experienced before. Bliss she never even knew existed. She shivered. He caught her mouth and swallowed her screams in his passionate kisses. His thrusts became more harder and faster, until she felt him pull himself out of her and he buried his face in the thick of her hair.. And she felt his body rock.


When it was over he searched her eyes deeply.. Kissing away her tears. Hesitant to kiss her lips.. She met him half way not wanting to lose the wonderful moment she was in.

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Sasha was a good friend indeed. She knew Maan as charismatic, magnetic, electric and everybody admired him. When he walked in every girl’s head turned, everyone stood up to talk to him. She always felt he became torn between being a good person he was and missing out on all of the opportunities that life could offer a man as magnificent as him. And in that way, she understood him and admired him more. She has been with different guys but Maan was someone she respected.


Sasha stared at Maan for a while, completely apologetic, but Maan could also see that she was not taking anymore bullshit from Geet Handa. She had seen him suffer more than enough. She reached out and squeezed his arm. She gently rubbed his arms to comfort him.  She looked at him reassuringly. He nodded as she gave him a warm smile. He knew Sasha was a strong women and always stood by him as a true friend. She didn’t express much, but he could see now she really cared for him.

Geet – You said you two are friends?

Geet spoke rudely watching them.


Maan watched her fighting strange emotions.

Sasha spoke still looking at Maan – best friends

Sasha could be intimidating. Her eyes spoke volumes. She was trying her best to soothe him. And assure him everything will be fine

Geet scowled – oh really?? So would you please get your hands off him?!


Maan and Sasha stared at her in disbelief. They didn’t expect it, but she looked so angry with Sasha… for touching him? The same friendly way that she always does.

Sasha dropped her hand – Excuse me, Ms Handa?

Geet was so perplexed she probably just realized what she just did, she turned her away from them and looked outside the window


Geet took her phone and made a call to her lawyer – get the documents ready. Minimize my losses. Pay them and close the account. I want out.

She poke coldly.

She disconnected the call and walked away without even looking at him again.


He held her wrist as she crossed him. She didn’t turn back. She stiffened. Sasha left them alone.

Geet – mujhe chodyen maan

He carefully tugged her closer, she tried to jerk her wrist free. He grabbed it harder. She felt so emotional right now. Why did she feel that burning feel when Sasha touched him. Why did she want him to hold her, tell her, he was only hers. Why did she want to be in his arms. But this was business. She never allowed personal feelings to interfere with business. Unfortunately his grip on her wrist and the slight tug bound her like shackles, causing her body to react in way infuriating to her self discipline.

Maan – why are you running away from me?

He pulled her into him. With one hand he stilled her and another he grabbed her hands and pinning them to her chest. For a brief weak moment she was stunned by how perfectly she fit against his body.


Maan – Why are you running away from us? Kyun khud se bhaag rahi ho?


She snapped herself out, bewildered, and coloring furiously. She was not ready to answer him. She couldn’t. She just left without saying a word to him.


Sasha came in as Maan smashed his hands on the wall.

Sasha winced seeing him like this – Are you okay?

He screamed leave me alone. Sasha reached out and hugged him.

Sasha – Damn it, Maan! How many more of these are we going to face? When are you going to give up on that girl? You deserve better than this.

Maan – I can’t give up, Sasha. I love her.

Sasha – I know. But she doesn’t even remember you.

Maan broke down – She… she made me promise to always remember that she loves me. I will not break that promise. I will not give up. I will wait.


Sasha sighed and then she pulled away from him – What do we do now that she wants to pull out the investment?

Maan composed himself – how much do we have to pay her?

He quickly pulled the bank statement and Sasha got the other relevant numbers

Sasha looked at the numbers – we have already returned about 50% of Geet’s investment.

Maan did his bit of calculation – lets buy it off her

Sasha – you think we can do that

Maan – I can sell the apartment if required. We have projects lined up for next couple of months. We can’t disappoint our clients. We cannot shutdown. Just because my life is in jeopardy didn’t mean I would let down the clients who put their faith in me. Maan Singh Khurana aapne clients ko nirash nahi karega


Sasha gave the exact figure needed to buy out. Sasha gave a meaningful look. The money that they currently had was just not enough to pay her, even after he pulls out all his savings.

Sasha squeezed his hand- I can give it from my savings Maan.

Maan – nahi sasha wo teehk nahi hoga

Sasha – I know you really want this Maan.

Maan – I won’t be able to give it back any soon Sasha

Sasha – let it be Maan. Aur tab taak tumahri jangli billi fiance ko hosh aagaya tho she chuckled with tears brimming in her eyes, I’m sure she’ll be begging to put back her investment here.

Maan had to hold himself back. Four months he had been waiting for Geet to regain her memory. Nothing was happening. He was getting weaker and weaker every day.

Maan – Are you really going to do it for me?

Sasha nodded – this is very much my business too Maan. I have put all my hard work into it.

Maan felt so grateful to her. He reached out to hug sasha. She had always been there, during the times he needed someone the most. And now, it seemed that she was all he had for the second time in his life.



Geet told the driver to take her to the apartment. She called raji just because she felt so miserable at this moment. She told raji that she took the investment out from Maan’s business

Raji – tu pagal hain kya geet? Why do you have to be so harsh? Tum jan thi bhi ho, how it would affect his business. He will be jobless Geet. And that was exactly the reason why you invested in his in the first place! You didn’t want him to be jobless. You wanted to help him, but he wanted no help from you! So you devised a way to trick him into accepting your offer…”

Tim eyed her .. She trailed off, realizing that she said too much.
Geet – Thanks!

Geet was so irritated. She had specifically told her not to tell her anything about her past with Maan until she was ready to hear it.

Raji greeted her teeth – cancel it right now Geet

Geet sighed – why do you like this guy so much
Ragi – Because he is a good person. He is wonderful inside and out. And because he is a hundred times good for you. And…

Geet yelled – Stop jiji just stop.I don’t want to hear about him again.

Raji’s voice softened – Geet please, that business is everything to Maan. He worked so hard to put it up. It’s doing well. You didn’t need the money! What were you thinking?

Geet was confused herself – I just… I don’t know.

In truth, she really didn’t know why she wanted to take the money out. She just didn’t want anything to do with him. She wanted no connection with him.
When she went to his office, she saw his work and how good he is. The phone was ringing with inquiries. It’s all seemed like good venture. And he is probably the best in town or at least become one now. But then she had this confusion maybe he used her to get to his dreams.


But now, when jiji said to her, she tricked him into accepting her investment, she was not sure about what she did anymore. And now she was scared that when she wake up from all this, she will regret her decision.

Raji pleaded – please geet aisen mat karo. She almost broke down in tears I cannot believe you would hurt him like this

Geet sighed – It’s too late jiji. His associate called.


The thought of chipku Sasha .. her blood boiled thinking how tenderly she touched Maan, as if he belonged to her.


Her heart betrayed her yet again.. But he’s mine. At least that’s what everybody told her she argued. And even if she didn’t remember this, somehow she didn’t like the way she touched Maan. They may be friends, but still .. that was not acceptable to her. She didn’t understand, but an ugly, unfamiliar feeling swept through her, she couldn’t resist telling the girl not to touch him.
Raji – Sasha!!

Geet rolled her eyes – I guess that’s her name. She said Maan is buying the business. He will continue to run the business and will return my investment to me.

Raji and Tim both breathed  wow.

Geet could hear the admiration in their voice.

Tim took the phone  – He is really good if he saved enough to buy the business
Geet spoke softly –  think he is. I saw his work put up on the display. But it’s too complicated for me, jiju. I want to remember Maan… in my own time. I cannot go by what you guys tell me about him. I will not put my guard down for nothing
Raji got furious she snatched the phone and yelled at her – what guard are you talking about Geet. all this pagal panti you keep doing. I feel like smacking your head with your stupid guard so that you wake up from this memory loss.

Geet laughed hearing her jiji fume. She was never good at it. – aagr ussen mari yaad dash waapis aajathi tho I would do it myself jiji. Chal main rahk thi hoon

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He finished his gym.. And headed back to his miserable loneliness. The Geet Handa  who loved him for the past few months was gone. As fast as she told him that she would love him forever and after that, she was gone. Geet… his rock, his pari, ..the woman who went to hell and back for him. With that thought he hummed that song she taught him .. his fingers trembling on the strings of the guitar.. Looking up at the sky and shouting..WHY?? And tears kept coming. He had tried hard not shed tears and be strong. But moments like this made him weak.


His friends wanted him to move on. But he knows he would wait for her forever. Even if that meant lifetime.

Maan walked into his cabin .. flaring the typical aura as he walked in to the office in style. Simply a captivating person nodding at the receptionist, staff members and Sasha. The way he walked in with confidence, the way he smiled was captivating despite the personal trauma he was fighting. Everything about him was so perfect. Maan was the guy who was a born leader, even if he had no idea what he was doing. Because he was so confident, people follow. True charismatics appear to believe their own lies and show zero self-doubt. Maan was literally embodiment of charisma.


Maan – Call Mr Johnson about the evening meeting.. He ordered Sasha as he opened his cabin and found a slim tall figure standing by his window.
Then his heart hammered in his chest when he realized who it was.
He wanted to run to her and squeeze her into a breathtaking hug, thinking that she would just melt in his arms, like she always did in the past. But he knew he would face humiliation this time. Then he got that usual flicker of hope that she remembered even a fraction of their time together. Or she somehow felt their connection. Or she was even willing to work on it until she finally heals. He knew their last meeting didn’t end that well in California. Was she still mad about the whole sex thing. Or did she come to him because somehow, she regained some memories back.. All these questions lingered
Maan – Geet

he said it ever so softly. .. so much of love, hope
She turned around and looked at him.

Geet – So this is what you did with my money?

Anger flared inside him again. Patience was not him. This Geet was such a jungli billi mode always.  She doesn’t miss a chance to insult him. If he had met her like this, he would not have fallen in love with her. But then, before his misty went away, she sort of warned him about this. He remembered what she said to him before she got into that stupid accident.
Always remember that I love you. I’ll always be that girl who would do anything to make you happy. I want you to know, that even before I met you, you were the person I needed, the perfect soul mate I have been looking for.

Maybe this was what she meant. The old Geet Handa didn’t have much faith in people, especially men. And maybe he did change her. Maybe he had a positive effect on her life, too. Exactly the way she had on him. He didn’t want to give up on her. When she never gave up on him, on them. She patiently waited for him to come around, to realize that she was the one for him all along. And he must have broken her heart over and over too. But she never showed him signs of giving up. She stood strong. His pari.


It took a lot of heart and love to be this strong. He wondered how she was so strong then. Probably he should do the same. He would wait until she finally finds her way back to him. No matter how much she hurt him or shut him down, he knew this wasn’t her. He knew this Geet Handa was just guarding her emotions from something she didn’t understand, something she didn’t know. But once she regained her memories of him, she would come back.

Geet – I don’t see why I would be interested in these. I don’t believe in someone else decorating my house. I would rather do it myself

Maan knew that about her. She was particular about her house. She wanted only certain things in certain places. He took a deep breath – I know. But you believed in me

She looked at him for a moment. He looked so handsome. Seeing him in office was totally different from all the previous encounters they had. His charisma was engulfing.

The way he held his head high and looked back at her. He didn’t back down. Then finally, as if she couldn’t take it anymore, she looked away.

Geet – I’m sorry, Mr Khurana, this is… not… working out for me

She said in an almost broken voice, as if she too, was not sure of what she was doing.
Maan retorted – what??

She turned her back on him – Call your lawyer. Let’s try to do this as easy as possible. I’m pulling out my investment here.

Maan – lekin Geet..

He pushed his hair in disbelieve. What was he going to do about it. His business mind did all the calculations. He was thinking all the possibilities, accounting for all the deals in hand and the projects he has committed to. He couldn’t believe this was happening! He cannot believe Geet could be this harsh. He will be ruined if she shuts his business down.

Sasha probably sensed something.. she came. Her eyes scanned the situation. She looked at Maan who appeared to be tensed and then at Geet.

Sasha – Good Morning Ms Handa

She was at most professional – I guess you also don’t remember me.

Geet looked little puzzled.

Sasha – I am the working partner here.

Geet – Good thing you are here. I have no idea what went through my mind when I decided to invest in this. But now, I’d like to undo what I did.

Sasha spoke under her breath – Great! If only you can un-do my friend, too

Geet – excuse me

Sasha – Never mind, Just so you know Ms Handa, you’re going to have to compensate Mr Khurana a lot for that. The contract states that you are to pay two year’s worth of companies salary should you decide to pull the plug on us.
Geet was shocked – two years

She was not sure why would she sign a contract that would be so ridiculous.
Maan was confused – Sasha.. That’s not true. Why would it be like that?

Sasha – I checked the contract Maan.

Geet – why would I agree to something like that
Geet called the bank and her lawyers. The answer she got was shocking to herself

Bank manager – you told me you genuinely cared for him

Sasha rolled her eyes – silly us, we believed you

Bank manager – I’ll send you a copy of the contract Ms Handa

Geet looked at Maan for a second – I don’t know him well enough to care this much

Her voice was confused and soft. Like she was not sure about anything anymore.

Maan could read her restlessness. He didn’t want to say do anything to worry her further. He tried his best to handle the situation wisely.


Sasha was a good friend indeed. She knew Maan as charismatic, magnetic, electric and everybody admired him. When he walked in every girl’s head turned, everyone stood up to talk to him. She always felt he became torn between being a good person he was and missing out on all of the opportunities that life could offer a man as magnificent as him. And in that way, she understood him and admired him more. She has been with different guys but Maan was someone she respected.

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Geet – Because I don’t trust you. How the hell you made me fall in love with you, I do not know. How you made me put my money on your business, I am also not sure. I can’t still believe we had sex. And I stay away from guys like you.
Maan stiffened – Guys like me? What do you think I am?
She shrugged just leave Maan.

Maan – I am not leaving you like this Geet. I am here to stay. Tum chaho yah na chaho. We didn’t commit to each other just like that. Agar uss accident main mujhe kuch ho jata..

Before he could complete her hand covered his mouth. She had no idea why she did that. She fluttered her lashes

Geet – Just Shut up

She stared at him for a long while and she could see his eyes fill with contentment..a bleam of hope. Hope she didn’t want to give him. She didn’t want him to feel anything for her. She didn’t want to hurt him either. Well, guess this proves what a stupid person she is been. She didn’t know Maan, and yet she kept on hurting him over and over. Even though, every time she hurt him, something inside her is also killing her. But until she gets her memories back, she would never understand why.

She realized things didn’t seem to be in her control anymore.

Why would she do or say something like that. Dr interrupted them and took her for some tests. Saving her from the embarrassment of her own act.

She had no clue why she had some part of heart getting excited about the test and very disappointed when it was negative. When she came back with the result. She was sad. She didn’t know why. Just until few mins back she was ready to fight she is a virgin and now she was feeling so devastated that she is not pregnant. She had no clue what she wanted from life anymore. To be a virgin or be pregnant!!


Maan read her expression, he assumed she is sad because the result is positive. His heart fluttered a bit in happiness but felt choked seeing her so heart broken.

Maan – don’t worry misty, we can get through this together. He cupped her face dearly, searching her eyes.. I know tumhe kuch yaad nahi. But trust me yeh humara baby humara pyar hain

Oh her heart just melted .. tears poured on their own. She didn’t know how to tell him she was not pregnant. She felt like she failed him. She felt incapable. Damit why the hell was she feeling all this.

Geet – I am not

Yes she did see his heart shatter in that fraction of second. It was there just for that mini second. But that killed her million times more. And instantly his eyes were covered with worry and concern.

Maan – phir tum paresan kyun ho?

Geet – I don’t know. She pushed his hands away from herself. She squeezed her head between her hands.. Her acts, her feelings, her emotions made no sense. She screamed

Geet – I don’t know .. I don’t know I just don’t know..

U know what I do know… I don’t want you anywhere near me. Just leave me alone.

Dr eyed Maan, not to stress her. He nodded

Maan half heartedly left back to NYC.


Her mind was busy deciphering her feelings. Something inside her wanted to make her punch herself. There was a hole in her chest that she could not explain.
After Maan left she decide to cab back to Mansion
She felt like a truck had hit her. And all because she saw Maan disappointed because of her. The feel of his skin against her, his embrace is all felt too familiar.
She still don’t know what he did to make her fall for him. It seems like a lot of her previous decisions revolved around him. She has even agreed to make Adi manager of her business here in California so it could give her more time away from the business. She wouldn’t normally do that. She would usually want to be hands-on. But she gave Adi full control of her own business except for Nyc, which she wanted to handle herself.
And she guess she knows why. Maan is in NYC. Of course! It gives her a reason to be where he is. So she didn’t give up her business in the city. She probably even used that as an excuse to see him. Stupid! When did she become stupid for a guy?

Thinking about Maan’s handsome face and that greek godly structure, she thought maybe… it’s time for her to visit NYC.



He finished his gym.. And headed back to his miserable loneliness. The Geet Handa  who loved him for the past few months was gone. As fast as she told him that she would love him forever and after that, she was gone. Geet… his rock, his pari, ..the woman who went to hell and back for him. With that thought he hummed that song she taught him .. his fingers trembling on the strings of the guitar.. Looking up at the sky and shouting..WHY?? And tears kept coming. He had tried hard not shed tears and be strong. But moments like this made him weak.


His friends wanted him to move on. But he knows he would wait for her forever. Even if that meant lifetime.

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Then he just held her arms.. Stepping closer..

Maan – you can’t see me but you can see me

He had those mixed emotions in his eyes. Was it jealousy she couldn’t say.. And how his nose flared..oh my my.


He couldn’t help himself. He had been holding back a lot. He had been trying to understand her situation. He is been travelling from NYC every weekend just to see her once. Talk to her. They have lived without seeing each other for months in past, but that was different. They had just began their life together and this accident has taken her so far away. Everyday seemed like a punishment for him. And now to see her with Aryan just pushed him off the edge. He couldn’t control his rage, his sensibility, his reasoning everything just failed him.



Geet was in a different paradox herself.

His stepping so close.. His familiar scent.. Weird feeling.. All that overwhelmed her. Her head started to spin.. It was all dark and before she knew everything disappeared

and just before nothing.. she had this feeling she was where she belonged. Maan held her in his arms. He scooped her and rushed her to the hospital.


She felt her head still spin.. she blinked her eyes couple of time, she heard him yell at the doctor. She was finding it difficult to focus. She recollected the event from the evening. Oh Maan.. she had to push him away.

She heard the doctor ask Maan some routine questions

Dr – what happened

He seemed genuinely hassled.

Geet cleared her throat and took over – probably I am just tired Dr

How was she to explain, the hormonal extravaganza this particular person puts her through

Maan instantly hugged her – yeh kya haal bana rahka hain

She stiffened and tried  to put a distance

Maan got annoyed – bahut hogayin tumhari man-mani. Tum kuch yaad nahi. Doesn’t change the reality between us.

Geet – Mr Khurana please stop it

It was drs turn to clear her throat

Maan sighed and stood next to her

Dr – your blood pressure is normal.. Umm. what did you have earlier today, anything particularly different.. Umm

Geet shook her head in denial

Dr – when did you have your periods last?

Geet was so embarrassed. She didn’t expect dr to ask anything like this infront of Maan

Maan looked nothing but concerned. He was looking at her with utmost sincerity, waiting for her answer.

Dr looked at both of them – when did you unprotected sex last?

Geet almost jumped out of her skin – what rubbish!

Maan answered pretty much the same time – day before the accident

Geet looked at him in shock. She requested the dr to leave them alone

Maan got worried seeing her so restless.
Geet had lost all her sanity right now. She can’t believe this guy could say something like this. Ok she has this hots for him. But sex.. That was something she could never imagine

Geet – Mr Khurana. Just stop. What is wrong with you?

Maan calmed himself – Geet tum bate ke baat karo. U r still weak

She held his collar – how dare you say we had sex. I am a virgin and I don’t believe in sex before marriage. Not even if we were engaged

He looked at her in disbelieve, unsure how to explain their togetherness. He closed his eyes. Was she a virgin when they had sex in Delhi the first time. And all he cared about after that night was himself. He never once understood how important/special it could have been for her. Did she also wanted to wait until marriage. He pushed his hair behind.

Maan – its not easy for me either Geet

Geet held her mouth .. tears brimming. She can’t believe she could actually lose her virginity to someone. She thought she believed in the serenity of the whole marriage system. She didn’t recognise this person she had become in this past one year.

She immediately looked for the dr – I have to get checked up. Make sure ..she didn’t even want to think on those lines

Her words from that morning played back. mujhe koi problem nahi hain. Honestly I would be the happiest woman not that I’m not already.” And suddenly, remembering her say those words to him so tenderly made him miserable. He bit back his tears.

Maan – what if we are?

Geet – we are what?

Maan composed himself – what if we are pregnant

She looked at him in utter shock.. Invariable her hand rested on her belly

Geet – even if we did.. Why would it be unprotected

Maan closed his eyes.
She shrugged – I’m sure, I would have used pills. I doubt,  I am pregnant. But just in case, I want to be sure. And then we will talk about you staying out of my life so I can start fresh. As you can see, I lost a year of my life. That’s a lot to catch up on.

Maan got really frustrated – Why… why would you want to get rid of me?

Geet – Because I don’t trust you. How the hell you made me fall in love with you, I do not know. How you made me put my money on your business, I am also not sure. I can’t still believe we had sex. And I stay away from guys like you.
Maan stiffened – Guys like me? What do you think I am?
She shrugged just leave Maan.

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