~pari part – 26 ~

Part 26

Maan looks at her blankly, unsure what to say or do. He had this deep need to undo what he said little while ago and this seemed perfect. Geet didn’t know what to say either. He could have given into her. But instead he slipped the ring into her finger. just like that.


Daadi left the lovebird alone to share the moment.


Maan tried to ease the air by saying – I think you forgot to breathe for a whole minute.
she sighed and stared at the gorgeous ring on her finger. And somehow, she tried to remind herself that it all was a sham. Her eyes filled up. Which she made no attempt to hide.

Maan – It will break their hearts if my family find out we aren’t for real
She fluttered her lashes – they don’t have to find out
maan sighed in relief seeing her ease up – Yeah, but we’ll have to invent the breakup story of the century.

Geet smiled sadly at him – Don’t worry, it can be all my fault. U can blame it all on me. U don’t break their hearts
Maan nodded unsure – let me know anytime you can’t pretend to be my perfect fiance anymore.

And somehow that thought pinched his heart more than he thought it would.

When geet came down the steps Rano noticed the ring on her finger and so did Priya and chachi ji. Rano just hoped it was not any pretense this time and her heart cried out for her daughter when she saw the reminisce of the tears, which was beautifully hidden behind her sparkling smiling eyes.

Rano instantly searched for the cause for the tears… she was so mad at Maan at that moment and even more angry at her daughter. But her anger vanished with the reassuring look from geet. And a pat from her husband. I trust my daughter.

That’s when they looked at Maan, who looked equally lost and disturbed like their daughter. He came down and bowed his head in front of Rano. Man of few words.. Yes he was indeed.

Geet had told them everything about her and Maan and how much she loved him. It scared them initially. But the kind of person she was they had to just let it to her way. They did learn from Geet, how truthful Maan is to his relationships. They just hopped he could move on accept Geet.


Geet took them around the city. She showed them her office. She happily went shopping with daadi – Priya, Rano and chachi ji while the men waited at bar. She really seemed happy. Family time indeed.


They all had planned to meet at the restaurant for dinner. As usual ladies took their own sweet time. As geet walked into the upscale restaurant, maan reached to her. Just then a handsome 6ft 1 tall guy walked towards her with a pleasant smile.  Geet nodded at Maan excusing herself, & hugged the guy pleasantly. Maan gulped the odd feeling he felt. He stared at the guy. He looked well built, like some filmstar. He was definitely wearing expensive suit, watch definitely some branded glasses. He knew this guy was her types. The insecurity just set right in..and he felt so annoyed because.. Because he was insecure.. He looked away, just then she laced her fingers with his & pulled him closer..

Geet – I want you to meet Aryanwe went to school together in Harvard

Umm he nodded ..  making a note smart too.
Geet – this is Maan my fiance


The statement raised brows including Maan’s. It took him a moment to recover. He extended his hand to Aryan, who still looked dumbfounded.
When Maan extended his hand, Aryan’s eyes drifted off directly to Geets fingers to see if she wore the ring.
Aryan – wow, I am honored to finally meet the man who could get the attention of Ms Focused.

Maan smiled warmly

Geet – Focused my foot.. He got me all floored the minute I saw him, she laughed pulling Maan closer, and that was the truth. She was indeed in love with Maan at first sight.
Frankly that was the truth


Aryan – so when is the big day?

Maan reluctantly – we haven’t set the date yet

Aryan – better hold on to her buddy, its difficult to hold onto her attention. 
Then he turned to congratulate Geet. And how much fun it was in college and all that stuffs, Maan was just getting restless with all that.


The moment he left. Maan teased her – old fling .. boyfriend,

don’t know why he was so irritated. And the thought she was such tease when she first met him, plus that Aryan. He had no control on himself. He just turned away so that she couldn’t see the frown on his face and started walking towards their table. It took Geet few seconds to catch up to him.

Geet controlled her smile – Oh okay, so we’re playing the part of jealous fiancee now

Maan snapped – I am not Jealous

She muffled her laughter and placed peck on his cheek. Maan tried to pull away .. she whispered softly – Aryan is just a friend from college. Nothing more.

She looked into his eyes.. Lets just say he is not my type

Maan looked at ease, as they reached where parents were waiting for them to place their order.

Just before sitting maan whispered in her ear – You didn’t have to explain that to me. I wasn’t jealous!

Geet shook her head – You can fake an engagement, but you can’t fake jealousy.

Maan turned his face.


Just to clear the air he said – If not Aryan, I don’t know what you would like anymore

She smiled – I don’t know lately I seem to like this guy with stubble, and temper tho ekdam naahk pe rehta hain

Maan wondered if she was mocking him because he showed a hint of jealousy!
He glared at her – well too bad there are very few of them

he snapped at her & continued to place the order.

She slid close to him – actually there is only one

He almost skipped a beat. He took a sip of the wine to wash off the blush that had began to touch his cheek.  

She chuckled again

Maan murmured  – stop it Geet

Geet innocently asked – stop what jaan

Maan was so cutely flushed with her taking full advantage of the situation and teasing him – embarrassing me Geet

He could clearly hear her chuckle & then felt her hand lacing with his under the table. She tucked him closer – I love when u blush jaan

Maan cleared his throat – I shouldn’t be showing this much emotion for you. 
Geet smiled yet again teasingly sliding closer to him in the round table they sat with their family – let it be my award for job well done

He looked down at her and saw that glint in her eyes. He couldn’t resist to tease her back – who said it is was job well done

She stole a glance at their parents – I am pretty sure they are convinced .. if not she just pulled their laced hand above the table & placed a peck on the back of his hand.

He was caught off guard. Their entire family happily looked at them. Chachi ji and Priya exchanged a little giggle.

His heart melted, he felt he forgot to breath. Her lips were soft and the electricity that passed down his spine made him relive every damn moment he spent thoroughly kissing them. It was just a peck on his hand .. and he was so turned on!!

She stared at him as if she was contented that he had enough hue on his cheek, her lips curved into a cute naughty smile. She pulled their hands closer to her.  

Damn! He looked away from her not sure if he was all aroused or mad at her for publicly kissing..correction pecking his hand.

He turned to daadi who was staring at him lovingly. Her eyes were almost wet, as if she was so happy to see him being kissed publicly.

Before he could react.. Geet got up and went around to daadi. She gave a reassuring hug to her. Even she knew nothing was hidden from those experienced eyes. Daadi patted her cheeks lovingly.

All Maan could do was stare at her. How well she understood everyone! He wondered if she really was this deep a person. He sighed.. Why did she had to be “The Geet Handa


He was sure she heard him. He didn’t try to hide it either. He meant what he said. No matter how wonderful Geet was as a friend, he was really scared she would be complicated as a love. Damn did he just put Geet and love in one sentence..He shook the thoughts away. He was not ready for a relationship just yet. And when he was… he wanted more than a woman who wanted to share her bed with him. He wanted a girl who would give him, her heart and soul and put him in the center of her world.. like he did!!! He wondered why the life is so unfair.

Rest of the dinner was less eventful with them stealing glances and geet not leaving his hand under the table.

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Recalling Aryan’s strong, sharp features and hot looks, she found herself suddenly thinking about a chocolate brown eyed Greek God, with rare, enchanting sparkling eyes.. His scent. He was very much different from Aryan. And yet… she found herself more drawn to him.
Damn! this accident induced hormones have got her bad.


She didn’t like the way she kept thinking about him.. Maan.. she took a deep breath. This whole feel made her uncomfortable. She has never been so attracted to a guy like this. Maybe this memory loss is probably for good she thought. This would give her second chance to fix her life.

Oh God .. this guy.. He was nothing less than a Greek God!!

She felt she was so distracted because of him. She had this strange desire burning within just with mere thought of him. She had to focus on getting her life back on track.

She randomly called her friend.
Couple of hours later, Aryan met her at a diner in the city. She didn’t even remember when they met last. But definitely he could distract her from all that wild thoughts about Maan.

Moreover she has invested in his business. What was she even thinking.

He was still the same old, handsome, and classy Aryan she remembered from college.
Aryan – So, how’s…he started and then trailed off, unsure of whether he should continue. She could only guess what he was about to say.
Geet – If you mention Maan, I’m going to walk out now

Geet wondered does anybody in her life not know Maan?
he laughed

Aryan – You don’t remember him.. I mean  Your fiance.

Geet almost got up to leave – I just said let’s not talk about him

He immediately now put on his flattering face.. She was used to ..

Aryan – Okay, so what do you want to talk about?

This is exactly what she hated about him. So unreal.. She thought.  Girls probably find all this flattering and interesting.. She scanned him .. trying to feel anything… she felt disgusted even looking at him that way. Why didn’t she feel even a slight spark for this man. He is handsome too. But she didn’t know why she just didn’t feel her nerves jumping for him. Maybe that was the reason why they never became a couple. He could be a safe choice for her, but he just does not excite her. Unlike Maan, who heats up her skin with just the mere mention of his name.


Geet a voice suddenly said behind her that caused her heart to jump and her breathing to stop.
That voice… for a moment, she thought she remembered something. So familiar, it almost felt like… home.
she turned around and found Maan staring at her. He looked over at Aryan who seemed to have frozen in his seat.

She stood up and faced him. His eyes were looking at her with wild curiosity, as if he was asking for an explanation for something. Oh right! She had made excuses about not feeling well enough to see him. And here she was… hanging with another man.

They say eyes could speak volumes.. Yah that was it.. His eyes.. Had so much to say. Geet loved dwelling into them. Oh man .. this guy looked hot even when he was mad. Wait how did she know he was mad.. Or why should she even care..

She snapped back – What?
For a few seconds, he looked away, trying to compose himself. And then he took a deep breath.

Oh babaji.. He looked so handsome. Probably that’s why she fell for him. Just looking at him made her want to do things with him… want him to touch her in way no one ever did. Kiss those lips .. just go wild.. Do all those things.. She has seen or read in A rated ..

Maan – I went to your house. You… weren’t… ready to see me.

His voice was laced with so much sadness.


She sighed.. Like someone just broke her out her bubble. She wanted him to give up on her. She definitely didn’t enjoy hurting him over and over again. She was raised to be a nice girl.. To be kind. She had never hurt anyone intentionally physically or emotionally. And making this Greek God beautiful .. Maan Singh Khurana hurt.. Good goddess that would be sin. She wanted to do so many other things with him.. There goes her hormones again..

She controlled her thoughts.. She didn’t want him to take all this humiliation every single day.


At some point it felt, it would be so easy to not resist these desire for him.. Just be in the flow and let him shower all his love. One corner she wanted to feel what it would be to be his girl, feel all that feelings.. And she knows he wouldn’t think once before …

But then that won’t be right. She doesn’t want to give him any false hopes either. She doesn’t  trust him. And she doesn’t want anything to do with him until she figure out what he did to make her do all the crazy things she did for the past year, knowing that she was too cautious, too guarded, and too careful. How did he pierce through her shield?
She took a deep breath. He has to face the truth. Even if she put it a little more bluntly for him.

Geet – Mr Khurana when will you get it?

She looked at him curtly – I will never be ready to see you.

She could see anger flare in those handsome eyes. And damn! She actually found it hot. This Greek god of hers .. was so hot.. Like lava.. She was mesmerized with the layers he presented… making it irresistible to her. Her thoughts again wondered on how wonderful it would be to uncover those layers.. Just for her


Then he just held her arms.. Stepping closer..

Maan – you can’t see me but you can’t see me

He had those mixed emotions in his eyes. Was it jealousy she couldn’t say.. And how his nose flared..oh my my.

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It was more than 2 months and Geet was returning home.

Raji – You could keep staying here Maan

Maan sighed – No, it’s okay. I know she’s still not ready to see me.

Raji – where would you stay?

Maan – I could stay in a hotel.

Raji – nahi maan.. That’s not fair on you

Maan smiled warmly – main khush hoon Raji.. Geet is physically healing. I would have been the happiest man on earth if only her memories hadn’t gotten messed up… if only she could remember even a second of our time together.

He went silent for sometime then… asked thoughtfully – Do you think I could see her again?


Raji nodded – Wo kitni bhi koshish karen she has to face the reality. Wo humseha tum se yun baagthe tho nahi rah sakti.. I don’t understand that, actually

Then she smiled sadly – meri stupid sister can’t believe she could actually fall in love. You confuse her. And she doesn’t know what to do with you.


Maan thought to himself ..Oh, this Geet Handa knew what to do with him.. She wants to get rid of him so fast that she was even willing to pay him. But he didn’t tell anybody that. He knew Geet didn’t mean it. If she were herself, she would never say those words at all.


Latter in the day. He went down to speak to Rano.


Rano – Maan beta yeh kya haal bana rakha hain. Main ne nakul ko kaha hain Geet ko kahen Nechen aane ke liyen


Rano is been trying her best to take care of Maan. He has not been eating well. Infact they have not seen him have his meals for last 2 months. Probably some fruits or some coffee. Nothing else.


Nakul came down. He didn’t know how to convey the message Geet gave him. He gave Maan an apologetic smile, which confirmed his earlier suspicion that Geet didn’t want to see him on purpose.

Maan nodded at him slightly.

Rano must have sensed this, too. And he knew she felt sorry for him.

Just then Mr Handa came – Well, since my daughter is unable to see you, I think you have some free time on your hands, right?

Maan nodded not making his heart break evident

Mr Handa – challo beta let’s play golf

He didn’t know how to say no. Everyone has been trying to cheer him up.

He just wanted a break himself. He relaxed and joined Mr Handa.


Four hours of golfing definitely was wonderful. Mohinder spoke everything about business to family. When they headed back he hugged Mohinder – thank you for loving my daughter patiently. Hope baba ji always give you the strength to fight for both of you.

He felt so warm, strong yet vulnerable suddenly.
Mohinder – I’m so sorry, Maan.

When he looked at him, his eyes were welling up with tears. He hugged Maan again –  I know that my daughter chose the right man. I know how much she loves you. But she is always been like this. Thinking that every guy she finds is just after her money. I know that when she gets better, you will be the first person she will look for. If she only remembers that the reason why you two didn’t happen quickly is because you didn’t want her to be rich, that you were more thrilled with her when she was some model

Maan felt choked with emotions – I don’t know how to make her find her way back to me. And I’m so scared that everyday, I lose her more and more.

Mohinder – Just wait beta. She’s still the same girl. Somewhere in that stubborn mind of her, is the girl who lives and dies for you.

He pulled out of the hug and squeezed his hand.

Maan – Thank you.. And I hope you are right.

Mohinder – She is my daughter. I know she will find a way back to you.


Geet POV

Four months since the accident, and she was slowly returning to her old shape. Her wounds have healed. Minor broken bones and stitches… nothing she cannot recover from. She felt much better. Her hair has grown a bit now. Better than fully bald.. She thought.

Just one thing was not clear.. Her memory. There was still that something that kept one year of her life from her consciousness.
One year. .. she shied..  how significant could that year be? she read year-end reports from her businesses and she felt she was fine. She has spend time finding about the news around the world. She felt her life was falling back in place. No hassles.

She felt normal. She felt like nothing happened at all. She still had the people she loves around her. Jiji, jiju the little ones. Mama – papa..Everything is fine. Normal.

It’s only when they bring up his name that things start to feel hazy. It felt like when she looked back, a huge portion of her life is covered in some thick black smoke. Something probably is there. But she don’t know what it is. And he seemingly like a big part of that missing piece of the puzzle.
Who was he? How did she find him? How did she fall in love with him?

Everybody who has ever been close to her told her that she was head over heels in love with him. But how could she be? She doesn’t know him. She doesn’t remember him. How could she love somebody that she barely knew? How could she fall in love with somebody she met a year ago? It’s just so… unlike her!

Raji – Are you okay, Geet?

She was staring at something far through her balcony, doing her favorite pastime since the accident… thinking. she shrugged.


Raji – Maan was here yesterday. Tu millen ussen?
Nahi jiji she replied curtly.

Geet – I told the Nakul to tell him that I am faking a brain trauma, and thus I could not come down to see her.

Raji held her from arms and shook her – tu pagal hain kya Geet. Why are you purposely hurting Maan?

Geet said sarcastically – I doubt that he was hurt. Remember, he’s a rock!

She had to admit she admired his spirit. He doesn’t give up. He kept coming back to west coast, flying from New York to San Diego every week, coming to Handa Mansion, asking to see her. And every time, he goes away with the same results. He ends up speaking to either Mama or her dad, but never did she come down to see him.

Raji shied – Geet main jaanthi hoon tu aisen hi thi. You just didn’t care much about guys. You looked at them the same way. After your money, gold-diggers. You were too guarded! But Maan is…

Geet got irritated – just shut up, jiji.  You’re supposed to be on my side. I don’t want to hear about Maan! If I hear any one of you tell me again how in love I was with him, I swear, I will kill myself

Raji – but you are just being stupid now
Geet – I can’t love somebody I do not know, Ms Genius! That’s just the way I am. I will not fall for a guy that easily. He must have… I don’t know… given me a love potion or something. I am telling you. That guy is no different from the rest. He is with me because he wants my money. He is already manipulated me… and you.
Raji dropped her hands  and stared at her for a long while. Then she sighed – Geet, when that brain of yours remembers everything, I want you to repeat this conversation over and over in your head and you will realize just how much I wanted to slap you right now. In fact, I believe when you do get better, the first thing you would want to do is kill yourself..


Raji just gave up and walked away.

Great! Even her jiji was taking Maan’s side. What is it about him? What makes him so special that all the people close to her are practically worshipping the ground he walks on?
Ugh! she didn’t want to know. She specifically asked jiji, jiju, mama and papa not to tell her about Maan. She didn’t want any more pressure of remembering him. It’s bad enough that he changed her life a lot in the past months. She knew he’s leading her on.. With all his charm and Greek God look. she didn’t want to meet him.. and get effected.

Geet had never dated anyone. She has gone out for a casual coffee or may be some drink. But never on a formal date. She never had time for such things. Yes did catch up with her college friends like Aryan.. Yet again he was chipku types .. but to think of it.. he had a personality.. At least that’s what was the talk in college. He is smart, and came from a prominent family she thought. He didn’t need her for money.. or something. His family was very well do.


Recalling Aryan’s strong, sharp features and hot looks, she found herself suddenly thinking about a chocolate brown eyed Greek God, with rare, enchanting sparkling eyes.. His scent. He was very much different from Aryan. And yet… she found herself more drawn to him.
Damn! this accident induced hormones have got her bad.

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He tried to say something.. But then his heart just shattered just with the thought.
What was she saying? Was she breaking up with him? Without her knowing him and everything that happened to them in the last year? That’s so not fair.
Geet – What did you really want, Mr Khurana? Is it the money? How much?

Maan – What? asked back, totally appalled.

Geet – Come on, Mr Charmer. It’s only the two of us in here. And I noticed that you have won over my mother, my sister, and my best friend. I want you to stay away from them, too. Could we stop all pretenses now and let’s just go our separate ways and pretend nothing happened? I am willing to compensate you for your trouble.


His eyes widened. He could swear, if Geet didn’t already have a brain injury, he was going to inflict one on her right now.. Only thing holding him was not to raise his hands on a women. He was seething with anger. How dare she? What does she think of him?

Maan – I don’t believe this

He spoke pushing his hair behind

Geet – I know, right? Me too! She rolled her eyes sarcastically.
He stared back at her helplessly. He couldn’t believe his misty could say all this.

She stared back at him. Her eyes narrowed and for sure Maan saw a glint of emotion there. Then her expression turned cold again.

Geet – Please don’t make it difficult, Mr Khurana. I don’t want it to get any uglier

Maan was still trying to understand this woman infront of him.  He bit back his seething rage. How could this Geet be so mean?
Geet – Let’s not beat around the bush. You probably came from a typical Indian family. I was told you were some Architect. I think you are ambitious. Well, maybe it’s a good thing that I lost a year of my memory, because I have time to undo what you are about to do to me.

That was it.. Maan lost it totally .. he didn’t want to raise his voice .. he just begged silently misty please don’t say all this.


She stood there watching him. He knew that she was only trying to be mean to him to shove him away. He could see a glimmer of emotion in her eyes, but she was fighting it. One way he felt so much love and concern and in other way he felt so insulted and raged. He knew only his misty could make him feel all this at the same time.

Geet – I stay away from guys like you.

Before she could insult their love futher

Maan rorared – chup ek dam chup.

She didn’t even flinch she stared back at him with equal intensity.

Maan – Mana ki tumhe kuch yaad nahi. Mana u can’t relate to me. Guys like me! What do you think about me? Itna kuch pata kiya tumne .. yeh nahi pata kiya what business I have in India. It won’t be very difficult just google Khurana’s. If money was all I wanted I could stayed back in India taken care of my family business. We can buy out Handa’s in no time.


Geet shrugged like she didn’t care – I don’t know you well enough to judge you. But the last thing I want is to end up with a mercenary playboy who is only using me to gain access to my bank accounts


The word “Mercenary playboy” echoed in his head. Is this what she was like before they met.


Maan –  tum mujhe mercenary playboy kah rahi ho.. He threatened

Geet – Awaz neeche Mr Khurana.  I didn’t say that you are. I don’t know you well enough to judge you. I’m just saying that I’m trying to stay away from men who only wanted me for what I am worth.

Maan had to grit is teeth and ball his fists to keep himself from swinging his hand at her.


Maan – Shayad yeh sahi waqat nahi yeh sab baat karne ka. I’ll see you some other time


He turned away from her. When he looked back, he found that her eyes were looking at him. She was totally checking him out. Finally, she looked at his face.

Geet – Well, for what it’s worth, I understand why I would have been attracted to you. But I still don’t think you could trick me into marriage…she paused.. or love.


He was so angry, hurt, and insulted, he didn’t bother to retort back. He turned away from her and bumped into Raji who was just getting inside the room.

She stared up at him and saw disappointment laced with anger he was trying to hold back.

Her expression softened and she reached out to touch his arms.
Raji – aap teehk hain na Maan

Maan – I’ll be fine, Raji. aab lagata hain mujhe myausi ki aadat daal lene chaiyen

Then he just turned to leave the room. He could hear Raji lash at geet.


He was so upset when he got back to Handa mansion. Geet seems like a total stranger to him now. He never knew she could be this harsh, this mean.

When he met her, she was a dream. She was a sweet girl who he thought only existed in fairy tales. This Geet also seemed so unreal… but in a terrible way like some witch from the same fairy tale.

God, she was worse than Nt. Nt the reason why he vowed he would never date an ambitious girl. He didn’t want sex or money come in between them. He wanted just simple love. Was it too much to ask.

It took him months to stop fighting what he felt for Geet. She was so persistent, so sincere, so desperate. She did everything to make him believe her, trust in her. And now… she was an example of the very reason why he didn’t want to fall for her in the first place.

He really thought his situation was so stupidly ironically hilarious. He could actually roll on the floor laughing if he was not too busy bawling his eyes out.

That night he slept he walked into her room. He softly traced her dresses.. He tugged one of her pillow. And as he lay down on her bed, he silently cried his heart out. He prayed for about the millionth time that this was just a bad dream that he would soon wake up from.

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Maybe it’s a good thing that she lost her memory. Because this way she could undo this foolishness without the complications of the so-called undying-love she apparently had for him.



He went to the hospital every single day. But he never got a chance to see his misty. The doctors didn’t encourage it until all the tests were done and they were sure about the gravity of her memory loss.
Raji – You should go back to Nyc. We will keep you posted, when she is ready to see you.

Maan refused and said he wanted to be here next to her. He felt maybe if she saw him… it would trigger some memories to come back.

Tim – We have to do this slowly, Maan

Raji sounded defeated – Only time can help Geet now.

He understood from others talks, sight of him was unsettling to his misty and it didn’t help her recovery to be emotionally aggravated. But he couldn’t help himself.


Just like the second day, when she was sound asleep, he went to her room. Tears welled up in his eyes as he saw her still in bandages.

He was so happy that she made it. He couldn’t thank god enough. Even though she didn’t remember him. His Misty was alive.

He leaned forward and rested his head on her hand. His tears just poured out. He wanted to feel her warmth. He wanted to feel her love again. But he probably had to wait some more. He knew deep inside that mind of her were her memories of him. And she would fight for her way back to him.
He took a deep breath staring at her peaceful, beautiful face. Geet.. his pari.. His rock. He will now have to be strong for their love. And he will wait for her, no matter how much it hurts.


Maan whispered – I love you misty

Then he leaned forward and kissed her forehead gently, still careful not to wake her up. Come back to me, misty.. He spoke as he kissed her.

He felt her fingers flinch a little. His heart pounded inside his chest in anticipation.


He knew she was not ready for him yet. And he didn’t want to make things worse than they already were. So, slowly he backed down from the bed and tiptoed his way out of her room. He leaned on her door and banged his hand in frustration.

That’s how Rano saw him.

She tried to smile guilt written all over her face.

Rano – Did she see you?

Maan just looked down defeated.
Rano lovingly patted his cheek – sab teehk ho jayega beta. Ussen thoda waqt dedo. Phir pagli tum se door nahi rah payegi


In spite of all their advice, he still went to the hospital every single day hoping to steal a glimpse of her. Once in a while, when he knew she was sound asleep, he would go to her room.

He would whisper I love you misty as he would kiss her goodnight before. He went back to Handa Mansion and cried his heart out in some dark corner.


A month had passed before she finally asked for him when he was waiting in his usual spot.

Nurse – are you Maan?
He was alone in the room. He nodded unsure.

Nurse – Miss Handa would like to see you.

Maan ran crazily to her room. His heart filled with lots of hope. He just hoped she remembered him.

He had to hold his breath to look composed. Geet was sitting on the bed. She looked little better now. Blue marks had faded few bandages were off. Her stitches look like they were starting to heal now.

His heart was thudding when he inched close to the foot of her bed. The nurse left them alone.

Geet stared at him for a long time. Like she was studying him. His heart pounded in his chest with all that mixed emotions, and he realized that he probably wasn’t breathing properly.
When he looked into her eyes, he couldn’t see the usual emotion she used to have whenever she looked at him. Her expression was void of love and tenderness. He couldn’t hold himself..

Maan – how are you misty?

He went closer to her .. does it hurt a lot?

She inched back as a reflect action. And put her hand up in a cold demeanor. Maan had to press his fist tight to hold himself. After long pause she took a deep breath – well, at least you are handsome.

It definitely didn’t sound gentle. He couldn’t recognize the exact emotion in her voice. She sounded like she was angry, but she was also a little relieved.

Geet – You say you’re my fiance?

Maan nodded softly
She smiled sarcastically – You lack conviction when you say that. It makes it harder for me to believe it.

Maan was took a deep breath again and then repeated – yes misty we are engaged


Geet – How long have we been together?

He sighed unsure how to explain all what they have been through in the last year – I don’t know how to explain this. Unofficially, we’ve been together for about a year. But officially, it was a lot shorter than that.


How was he to tell her officially they have been together only 2 days and she has forgotten all about it.


Maan – We’ve been together for less than a week before your accident… officially.

Geet raised her brow – Officially?

Maan nodded – We’ve been pretending to be engaged for about year now.

Geet looked alarmed – Pretending?
Maan nodded – It’s a long story.

Geet spoke with all arrogance – I’m sure! .. As you can see, I can’t remember all the stupid things I did this year. So please… feel free to enlighten me!
Maan – Stupid?

That felt like a slap on his face. Did she think having him, as a finance, was stupid?

He could never control his temper.. His anger just raised

Geet – Yes. Why would I pretend to be somebody’s fiancé? Do I look like I couldn’t get a guy to marry me for real?

Maan almost said – with this attitude for sure
Geet glared at him – what

Maan composed himself – misty baat tho suno

Geet – Just tell me Mr Khurana, why would I pretend to be your fiancé?
Maan sighed – Because I asked you to. My ex-fiancé cheated on me with my brother and I attended their wedding with you. You helped me out, so I could save my pride and my dignity in front my family.

Geet was totally confused now – Why would I do that?

Maan – Because… because you said you liked me. And that was your way to get to know me
Geet spoke blatantly – You mean I agreed to play along with your charade so I could get your business
Maan eyes widened – No, Geet. You would never do that. It was never about the business for you. You’re… for real. You really cared about me.

Geet – Geet Handa couldn’t care about anyone on such a short notice, Mr. I wonder what you did before that
Maan tried to remind her how they met .. yaad hain tumne kaha tha.. U felt this warm feeling when we met for the first time.
She stared at him. And then she laughed so hard it started to insult him. She shook her head.

Geet – Clearly, Mr Khurana, you are mistaken. That does not sound like me at all.

She got of the bed and stood close to him

His heart pounded in his chest as she approached him. She came really close so that she could take his warm fragrance. She looked into his eyes. Then he saw a glimmer of emotion there, some sort of recognition. But it was so short he thought he must have imagined it.

He couldn’t breathe. She was standing too close. And it killed him to know that this was the same woman he loves, his misty… and yet she was so different and because of that, he couldn’t get through her at all.

Her hand their on will. It raised to caress his cheek

Geet – men do blush

Maan dipped his head, remembering every time she teased him saying that
She pulled her hand away. he was not sure what he just saw in her eyes .. was it shame.


Geet lashed out bitterly – The person you are telling me about now does not sound like me at all.

He closed his eyes in disbelief. Then he took a deep breath and reminded himself that it was not her fault there was a stupid thing in her brain that veiled her memories of him.

Maan – Geet, I know this is too much to handle for now.

Maan realized Tim was right to keep him away from her for the past month.

Maan – misty ..Let’s… take this slow.
Geet laughed irritated – Well, you should have told me that a year ago. Apparently, last year I did everything in super-fast mode. If you really know me, Mr Khurana, you know I don’t fall for a guy that fast. I am not rash. More importantly, I am not gullible.

Maan nodded – I know that Misty
Geet – So can you just tell me what you want from me and we can end this charade now? My life is already complicated as it is.

Maan – misty..

He tried to say something.. But then his heart just shattered just with the thought.

What was she saying? Was she breaking up with him? Without her knowing him and everything that happened to them in the last year? That’s so not fair.
Geet – What did you really want, Mr Khurana? Is it the money? How much?

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She has never felt like that before. Weak vulnerable and yet, it seemed like she was the strongest she could ever be. Different, and yet, complete. Lost and yet, there was nowhere else she wanted to be.

She was brought back to reality when he heard the door open. She saw her mom come in with a look she couldn’t understand.


She took a deep breath and that scent from the dream guy still lingered. She closed her eyes for a moment, and for a while, she thought she remembered that scent. It seems familiar to her. But she can’t remember why. What does that scent remind her of? Or maybe she should ask, .. ask who?
Mom – Maan was here. We had told him to stay away for a while, but he just couldn’t help himself.

Her mom looked helpless.

Geet tried to understand her mom’s expression. Her mom has been always caring and giving. She spent all her time for her daughters. Geet very well knew how her mom is still a hard core punjabi girl from heart. How her mom is a perfect blend of rich and classy Handa and yet loves her pind. Her mom is very good with hiding her care and love in that shouting of hers. Like right now she seemed raging in anger but she is fighting her tears seeing her princess in such condition.

Rano – did you see him

Geet shook her head
Rano sighed  – good

Geet was glad finally someone who was on her side.

Geet – aacha kiya mama aap logen ussen humesha ke liyen mujh se dor kar diya

Rano eyes were filled with anger – humesha?

Rano then immediately got control on herself – nahi puttar aap mujhe galat samjhe gayen. Hum chathen ki wo aap se door rahen aapke liyen nahi..

She looked at geet little disappointed – Maan puttar ke liyen.  

Geet stared at her mom seriously confused. She had thought her mom always cared about her daughters first. Even though her dad always treated them like boys but her mom was always very protective. Especially she cared about them not getting hurt by such scams. How much Rano is been involved in their life. Every friend they had. Rano would make an effort to befriend with his/her family.

Rano – jub se aap hosh main aayen ho, aap usken dil dukha rahen ho. Yeh aap ko kya hogeyn hain geet. Aap itne kroor tho nahi the. Aur hum yeh sab chup chap nahi dehk sakten. Isslieyen its better he stays away untill.. Rano sighed .. you are you again.
Geet was shocked.. Great so now Maan has charmed even her mom. What is about this Guy.

Geet got annoyed – mama aap be matlab baat bada rahen hain. Aap kush nahi aapki beti teehk hain.

Rano now felt horrible  and hugged her immediately – nahi beta aisen koi baat nahi. Hum bahut khush hain.
Geet hugged her dearly – aur main bhi bahut khush hoon

Rano – nahi beta. Aap khush nahi hain

Rano looked so lost – khush tho aap aacident din walen subha the jab aapne hume subha subha phone kar ke parata ke recipe puchi the.  

She smiled bitterly at the memory – aapki awaz main aajeeb se chahek thi.

Rano cajoled her daughter.. That’s khushi.. beta
Rano – uss din pheli baar humne laga

She swallowed back a sob -..  ki humne aapko palne main koi galti nahi ki. Aap kitne khush the beta. Aap ko Nyc aur Sandiego ke time difference ka bhi kayal nahi tha. you called me so early in the morning.  You were so happy making desi style breakfast.

Geet listened to her shock. The person she described wasn’t her at all. What did she drink that day?

Geet – maine pee hovi thi kya? Aur yeh nakul kanha tha. Ussne phir se chuti mar lee.
Rano smiled with her tears – chal badmash.. You were in love. And you told me that you wanted to make desi style breakfast for him. And you said you wish you could do that every day.

Geet was still baffled – mama aisen kaisen hosakta hain. Aap janthe mujhe kitna kaam hota hain. Main khud breakfast karlo badi baat hain. Doesn’t all that sound little crazy to you. Aaj kal to normal working ladies bhi breakfast nahi banathi.. Main tho..

Rano spoke with sparkling eyes – Yes, you were crazy, geet. You were crazy in love with Maan puttar.

Geet felt overwhelming sadness fill her all of a sudden. She couldn’t understand it. But at that moment, she felt miserable. As if she remembered feeling all the things that Mama said, but even before she try to grasp on to that feeling, it was gone. And for that she suddenly felt angry. She didn’t know why. She didn’t  even know who she was mad at.


Geet – mama please.. Aap mujhe aaklen chod dijiyen.

She spoke bitterly turning away from her mom.
She heard her mom take a deep sigh of frustration. And then she headed towards the door and closed it behind her.

There was no doubt in her mind that she wanted Maan. She could feel desire reel through her at the mention of his name. But at the same time, she can’t remember feeling all the things that her mom sister and jiju were saying to her. She can’t feel the love they desperately wanted her to feel. The want she felt for him is physical. May be just a physical attraction thanks to his looks. Being herself she can differentiate mere physical attraction and love.

And the jis deewani ki mama baat kar rahi thi.. Thats just can’t be her. Did she become a whole different person because of him? she liked being herself.. The Geet Handa. She was happy being herself. She is contented with her life. She doesn’t need to change for some guy. Moreover, she didn’t need to be weak because of him.
For years, she have been careful not to fall in love. Love means weakness. And she can’t bear the thought of being weak… not even for one second. She can’t bear to have another person have full control of her life, or her emotions. She had built a Goddamn shield to keep feeling emotions that would lead to her fall someday. The thought of love itself scared the hell out of her.

She couldn’t relate to the girl her family kept describing as her. That was not her. That pagli is an idiot! She sounded like she’s ready to give up everything she worked hard for, her wealth and her life, and hand it to this guy.

Geet composed herself there was only one person she would have wished for if ever she would fall in love at all. A man who would love her even if she wasn’t Geet Handa. Someone who wants her even if she didn’t have all that money or fame. But reality check! Handa family was too popular. Geet Handa always rang a bell thanks to media. She probably is one of the most eligible girl in the city, even in the country. She is easily recognizable and wanted. Wanted meant.. Wanted all that money that came being a Handa.


No. It’s impossible to find a guy who would really like her for who she was. A guy like that doesn’t exist. Reality she didn’t even think she would ever get married.


Maybe it’s a good thing that she lost her memory. Because this way she could undo this foolishness without the complications of the so-called undying-love she apparently had for him.

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They won’t work on me anymore.
jiji gave her a shocked look.

It looked at like jiji would just slap the hell out of her.. But jiji has never raised her hand.. Forget hand not even her voice .. or said anything to her. Even when she lost her temper on jiju. But then why her jiji had to ball her fists. But Jiju held her firmly by the waist.
Then she spoke bitterly there is a good chance you will recover from this memory loss. And assure you .. you would regret it if you go down this path.

She spoke confidently  – Remember I am Geet Handa ..I’ll take full responsibility for all my actions. I have lived all my life without a man and I am happy. Why would I regret it if I wake up from this, and Maan is gone? Life goes on as usual.
She was surprised  to see tears spilled from jiji’s eyes. Damn! What has Maan done to her jiji? She stood by her always strong willed. Why is she crying for a that Guy they didn’t even know? A guy who doesn’t even look like he was brought up in the west. He probably spent his entire life in India. A guy who definitely has a hidden agenda underneath his charm and Greek God looks. Jiji stood up from the bedside and headed for the door. She gave her one angry look and then she slammed the door behind her.

She looked at Tim. He was a good businessman and her best friend. He looked like he was trying his best to understand her, but underneath that calm face of his, She knew he was also raging mad.

She reassured him – I won’t regret this. You know me.

Tim smiled bitterly – That’s the problem, Geet. I know you too well. And I know that when you do wake up from all this mess, you would wish you never survived this accident at all.
Then he stood up and left without another word.

Great! she sunk on her bed. Now it’s her against everybody. What has that guy done to everybody in her life?


She couldn’t stop herself drawn back to his mesmerizing eyes, definitely they were unique and mysterious. Suddenly, she wanted to stand an inch away from him, just so she could tell how they sparkled like that. It’s something about that electric thing.. That was absorbing and enchanting. And how he has managed to enchant each and everyone around her beyond her understanding. But she intend to change that she was determined. Regardless of whether Jiju was right or not. Regardless of who will be the casualty in the end.


She heard the sound of cute laughter in her ears. She reached out for him and enveloped him in her arms. He down up at her, his chocolate eyes were enchanting her. Wow! So eyes do glitter. And this guy in her arms was beyond handsome.
He wrapped his arms around her neck to squeeze her to him for a passionate kiss. She completely drowned. She lost herself in him. Her heart felt like it was bursting with emotions. Emotions she felt only for the first time in her life.
I love you misty, he whispered she turned into a puddle
She took a deep breath and took in his warm familiar scent. I love you too jaan. She wanted to say, but when she opened her mouth, no words came out.
Then she saw sadness in his eyes. His soul was visible in them. He was sad. And she felt an unfamiliar feeling inside her like she wanted to comfort him and make everything right again, so he could smile that handsome warm smile for her again. She felt like she wanted to kill anybody who would put that sadness in those almond eyes. He doesn’t deserve to be sad.

She heard him whisper Come back to me, misty.

And she felt her heart shatter at that very instant. She wanted to pull him into a hug. That he should wait for her. All she wanted to do was be in his arms, want those almonds eyes to pear into her soul, unwrap her desire.. Make her feel alive again.

But when she reached out, there was only darkness. He was gone. But his warm scent lingered in her arms. His memory faded into darkness. And all of a sudden, she feel empty and broken.
She opened her eyes. Light streamed from the window making her uncomfortable. And she realized that it was just a dream. She dreamt of a guy. Who was he, she wasn’t sure. She couldn’t remember his face, only his sparkling almond eyes and the memory of his warm scent still lingered with her. She remembered how she felt when he held her. It was like she belonged there. She has never felt like that before. Weak vulnerable and yet, it seemed like she was the strongest she could ever be. Different, and yet, complete. Lost and yet, there was nowhere else she wanted to be.

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Geet’s POV continued …


She could bet he wouldn’t dare to show his face again to her or to her family. Since his bluff is been caught. Probably he will try to sneak away, because if her dad realized he was lying .. oh yah that would be ugly with lot of cops invovled. He would make sure that scam would never see a sunlight ever again.


How pathetic. He was in deed handsome. And just the mere thought of him had all that hormones driving her crazy yet again. Seriously something might have hit her real hard she thought. This bloody scoundrel has got so close to her family and all she could think was how handsome he was .. how enchanting his almond shaped chocolate eyes sparkled. How damn kissable his lips were. All this thoughts were totally prohibited in her dictionary. She was brought up in a convent school under strict nuns. She had been very disciplined all this years without letting any such thoughts even cross by her mind.


She heard Drs say something about memory to Tim and Raji. She couldn’t care less.

Enough was enough.. The moment she was able to stand up on her legs she will be out of this place in no time.

She was so lost in her thoughts she didn’t even notice Tim and Raji walk out. When the door opened again, she watched the people coming in one by one. She scanned their faces, hoping to see him again. But just as she suspected, he was gone. He escaped.. Ran away.

Did he really leave.. Why that thought made a strange lump in her throat and her heart felt like its been twisted. God damnit .. she just couldn’t understand this strange feeling. Why did she feel like this. All because she didn’t see him again? She felt disappointed. She was surprised with her own interest in that Greek God!!. No man has ever got her attention for this long and so intense.


Mama and papa were saying something about everything will be fine and jiji said something about some therapies. Geet wondered why everyone made such a fuss when she was all fine now. Yah it does hurt a bit in her head and her wrist seemed immobile for now. Mama kissed her forehead and left. Papa ji was so strong. She felt much better just looking at his reassuring smile.

Jiji and jiju stayed after mama-papa left

Tim – I.. I mean.. He looked at raji.. We thought it would be better.. If you met Maan latter.

She stared back at them for little longer.. Not because she didn’t know what to say but hearing his name again made all that urges zoom pass again in her veins. She needed some time to compose herself.. Get that control freak Geet Handa mode back in

She had a straight face when she asked – Where is he?

Raji – wo.. She pointed back..

Tim immediately said home

She didn’t miss either of the response.. Home.. my home she thought.. Handa Mansion.. Damnit.. When was a guy allowed to stay in her Mansion.. Well who the hell was this guy

Geet asked in full attitude – Who is he?
Tim – he is .. your fiance Geet.

Jiju took a deep breath – but with your amnesia, unfortunately, you wouldn’t remember him
The word Amnesia. The word registered first time to her today..
Geet – What

Tim looked at her confused – Weren’t you listening to the doctor, Geet?

She threw one of her attitude – I thought that’s what family is for!
Tim – damnit Geet. You have lost part of your memory girl!

If she was feeling all that hot waves for that Greek God.. now she felt as if someone just soaked her in attic..

One year. She lost a year of her memory. She took a deep breath and stared at jiji and jiju again.
Geet – One year
They both nodded with that relief and sadness look on their face.

The practical and shrewd person she was .. her business mind figured shouldn’t matter a lot. She could read about the current events on Google. She would ask for month per month reports on her businesses or even weekly.. and she should would get everything back on track. She could check all her bank accounts to make sure she has not been reckless with her money over the last year.
Geet – It shouldn’t matter, right? After all, nothing much could happen to me in a span of one year. Right?


Immediately she called for her assistant at that hour.. This guy with spectacles appeared.. he looked like, he would piss in his pants any moment now. She almost thought of firing him right away. But he seemed to have the figures and all details in his finger tip. He didn’t even look once into the notepad he brought with him apparently that was for her.

She asked about the fashion event on her new line of clothes in NYC.. Apparently, she now had both the line of clothes operating perfectly well.

This shaky guy supposed to be her assistant but now managing her San Diego branch. Why would she allow that she thought. She had no clue!!

She couldn’t believe she invested in this architectural venture that just opened about 8-9 months ago and is now actually doing well.. Now that was new.  And a shocker.. She was contemplating on branching it out in San Diego. Maan was heading this venture.

She recently invested in Aryan’s business.. Why would she do that.. She had avoided him all through the college and any other time.. That guy couldn’t stop throwing himself at her. She dismissed Adi.

Now all that figures, number and information her head hurt. She pressed her eyes shut. It was like looking at her life in full fast forward. Except that it doesn’t feel like her life at all. She didn’t seem to remember any of this. And somethings didn’t seem right at all. Like why the hell would she trust this Adhi guy to handle her business?

She is such a control freak particularly with her ventures. And why would she invest in things she has absolutely no experience, knowledge, or interest in… like real estate. What was this idea of building a perfect home… who has time .. even if they did no one could decorate your house for you. It has to be you. Bloody this interior decoration stuff was so overrated crap.

Did that Maan make her do all these things? How could he convince her to put up a business for him? How did he make her… weak? Vulnerable? How did she let him manipulate her?
Raji – Geet .. Maan is your..
Geet was so frustrated right now with herself – stop it jiji .. I don’t want to hear it

Raji muffled – But you have to! You’re in love with him sweety..

She looked at her haughty. Her eyes shooting fire .. no sign of emotions, eyebrows raised This posture was something everyone in her family was familiar with. Cold her.

Geet – In love??
Geet didn’t believe she could ever love anyone. She couldn’t relate to that feeling especially when she saw jiji and jiju. All that things, feelings meant nothing to her. How much ever she was happy for them. But she personally felt that feeling was non existence in her dictionary. She got her zeal from her business deals and the great heights she reached in her life. She didn’t have time for such stupid emotions.

And now to love this Guy she doesn’t know or hasn’t known for a long time.


No ways..


She has made sure of that. For years, she has mastered the art of dodging these charms. Eventually it would be all about her money.. The Handa’s wealth.

For love two people need to be like jiji- jiju.. Friends.. They knew each other forever now. Probably jiji knows jiju even before she was born.

Raji again tried – Geet, Maan is the man you have been…

Geet – Save it jiji

She shook her head – I don’t want to hear about it. Whatever he has done, it wasn’t good. I know now I’ve made stupid decisions in the past year. I don’t want to hear how I’ve been so vulnerable enough to fall for his charms. Just spare me the details about Maan. I don’t want to hear them.

Raji couldn’t hold herself back .. she didn’t want her little princess to be this idiotic cold blooded businesswomen mode ever again

Raji – he’s hurting! He was so miserable. He thought you wouldn’t… she couldn’t even use those words for her baby sister.

Geet laughed out sarcastically  – Well, he shouldn’t have been worried that I was in a coma. He should be scared now that I’m awake.

She had that determined look that scared Tim and Raji

Raji bit back her fear – What are you going to do?

Geet for starters – I will fix my life. I will undo whatever stupid things I’ve done in the past. And I don’t care who gets hurt in between. It’s time to put a stop to this manipulator.

What worried everyone was Maan. They knew he was very sensitive and it took Geet forever to get him to take that leap of trust. They have seen her being miserable trying to win him. It was such a struggle for the souls in love. They didn’t want Geet to scare him away just when he has put his past behind.

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