~pari part – 26 ~

Part 26

Maan looks at her blankly, unsure what to say or do. He had this deep need to undo what he said little while ago and this seemed perfect. Geet didn’t know what to say either. He could have given into her. But instead he slipped the ring into her finger. just like that.


Daadi left the lovebird alone to share the moment.


Maan tried to ease the air by saying – I think you forgot to breathe for a whole minute.
she sighed and stared at the gorgeous ring on her finger. And somehow, she tried to remind herself that it all was a sham. Her eyes filled up. Which she made no attempt to hide.

Maan – It will break their hearts if my family find out we aren’t for real
She fluttered her lashes – they don’t have to find out
maan sighed in relief seeing her ease up – Yeah, but we’ll have to invent the breakup story of the century.

Geet smiled sadly at him – Don’t worry, it can be all my fault. U can blame it all on me. U don’t break their hearts
Maan nodded unsure – let me know anytime you can’t pretend to be my perfect fiance anymore.

And somehow that thought pinched his heart more than he thought it would.

When geet came down the steps Rano noticed the ring on her finger and so did Priya and chachi ji. Rano just hoped it was not any pretense this time and her heart cried out for her daughter when she saw the reminisce of the tears, which was beautifully hidden behind her sparkling smiling eyes.

Rano instantly searched for the cause for the tears… she was so mad at Maan at that moment and even more angry at her daughter. But her anger vanished with the reassuring look from geet. And a pat from her husband. I trust my daughter.

That’s when they looked at Maan, who looked equally lost and disturbed like their daughter. He came down and bowed his head in front of Rano. Man of few words.. Yes he was indeed.

Geet had told them everything about her and Maan and how much she loved him. It scared them initially. But the kind of person she was they had to just let it to her way. They did learn from Geet, how truthful Maan is to his relationships. They just hopped he could move on accept Geet.


Geet took them around the city. She showed them her office. She happily went shopping with daadi – Priya, Rano and chachi ji while the men waited at bar. She really seemed happy. Family time indeed.


They all had planned to meet at the restaurant for dinner. As usual ladies took their own sweet time. As geet walked into the upscale restaurant, maan reached to her. Just then a handsome 6ft 1 tall guy walked towards her with a pleasant smile.  Geet nodded at Maan excusing herself, & hugged the guy pleasantly. Maan gulped the odd feeling he felt. He stared at the guy. He looked well built, like some filmstar. He was definitely wearing expensive suit, watch definitely some branded glasses. He knew this guy was her types. The insecurity just set right in..and he felt so annoyed because.. Because he was insecure.. He looked away, just then she laced her fingers with his & pulled him closer..

Geet – I want you to meet Aryanwe went to school together in Harvard

Umm he nodded ..  making a note smart too.
Geet – this is Maan my fiance


The statement raised brows including Maan’s. It took him a moment to recover. He extended his hand to Aryan, who still looked dumbfounded.
When Maan extended his hand, Aryan’s eyes drifted off directly to Geets fingers to see if she wore the ring.
Aryan – wow, I am honored to finally meet the man who could get the attention of Ms Focused.

Maan smiled warmly

Geet – Focused my foot.. He got me all floored the minute I saw him, she laughed pulling Maan closer, and that was the truth. She was indeed in love with Maan at first sight.
Frankly that was the truth


Aryan – so when is the big day?

Maan reluctantly – we haven’t set the date yet

Aryan – better hold on to her buddy, its difficult to hold onto her attention. 
Then he turned to congratulate Geet. And how much fun it was in college and all that stuffs, Maan was just getting restless with all that.


The moment he left. Maan teased her – old fling .. boyfriend,

don’t know why he was so irritated. And the thought she was such tease when she first met him, plus that Aryan. He had no control on himself. He just turned away so that she couldn’t see the frown on his face and started walking towards their table. It took Geet few seconds to catch up to him.

Geet controlled her smile – Oh okay, so we’re playing the part of jealous fiancee now

Maan snapped – I am not Jealous

She muffled her laughter and placed peck on his cheek. Maan tried to pull away .. she whispered softly – Aryan is just a friend from college. Nothing more.

She looked into his eyes.. Lets just say he is not my type

Maan looked at ease, as they reached where parents were waiting for them to place their order.

Just before sitting maan whispered in her ear – You didn’t have to explain that to me. I wasn’t jealous!

Geet shook her head – You can fake an engagement, but you can’t fake jealousy.

Maan turned his face.


Just to clear the air he said – If not Aryan, I don’t know what you would like anymore

She smiled – I don’t know lately I seem to like this guy with stubble, and temper tho ekdam naahk pe rehta hain

Maan wondered if she was mocking him because he showed a hint of jealousy!
He glared at her – well too bad there are very few of them

he snapped at her & continued to place the order.

She slid close to him – actually there is only one

He almost skipped a beat. He took a sip of the wine to wash off the blush that had began to touch his cheek.  

She chuckled again

Maan murmured  – stop it Geet

Geet innocently asked – stop what jaan

Maan was so cutely flushed with her taking full advantage of the situation and teasing him – embarrassing me Geet

He could clearly hear her chuckle & then felt her hand lacing with his under the table. She tucked him closer – I love when u blush jaan

Maan cleared his throat – I shouldn’t be showing this much emotion for you. 
Geet smiled yet again teasingly sliding closer to him in the round table they sat with their family – let it be my award for job well done

He looked down at her and saw that glint in her eyes. He couldn’t resist to tease her back – who said it is was job well done

She stole a glance at their parents – I am pretty sure they are convinced .. if not she just pulled their laced hand above the table & placed a peck on the back of his hand.

He was caught off guard. Their entire family happily looked at them. Chachi ji and Priya exchanged a little giggle.

His heart melted, he felt he forgot to breath. Her lips were soft and the electricity that passed down his spine made him relive every damn moment he spent thoroughly kissing them. It was just a peck on his hand .. and he was so turned on!!

She stared at him as if she was contented that he had enough hue on his cheek, her lips curved into a cute naughty smile. She pulled their hands closer to her.  

Damn! He looked away from her not sure if he was all aroused or mad at her for publicly kissing..correction pecking his hand.

He turned to daadi who was staring at him lovingly. Her eyes were almost wet, as if she was so happy to see him being kissed publicly.

Before he could react.. Geet got up and went around to daadi. She gave a reassuring hug to her. Even she knew nothing was hidden from those experienced eyes. Daadi patted her cheeks lovingly.

All Maan could do was stare at her. How well she understood everyone! He wondered if she really was this deep a person. He sighed.. Why did she had to be “The Geet Handa


He was sure she heard him. He didn’t try to hide it either. He meant what he said. No matter how wonderful Geet was as a friend, he was really scared she would be complicated as a love. Damn did he just put Geet and love in one sentence..He shook the thoughts away. He was not ready for a relationship just yet. And when he was… he wanted more than a woman who wanted to share her bed with him. He wanted a girl who would give him, her heart and soul and put him in the center of her world.. like he did!!! He wondered why the life is so unfair.

Rest of the dinner was less eventful with them stealing glances and geet not leaving his hand under the table.

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~pari 42~

Just… trust me, take a chance on me. And I will do my best to make the relation work.


Maan smiled wholeheartedly – I am happy, Geet. mai kush hoon, tumaren saath iss jooten relationship main. I can’t even imagine what would it be like if we do it for real?
Geet took his lips in a demanding kiss  – 100 guna better.. Mera wada hain

Maan – Don’t make any promises you can’t keep, he warned her. Maine wadon ko tote huin dehka hain

Geet kissed him yet again and spoke seriously – I know. I’m not making any promises I can’t keep. Geet Handa don’t make promises she can’t keep. I promise if you take a risk with me, it will be a 100 times better..

He stared down at her twinkling eyes. The truth was he wanted to be with her as much as she wanted to be with him. He may be scared, but he wanted her more than anything in the world. She was right. It doesn’t matter whether or not he was ready for a relationship with her. Sometimes, the only thing that mattered was the way they felt… what they wanted. After all the pains he had been through with Nt, maybe he really did deserve a life with an angel like Geet. Maybe Daadi was right. He had to feel the pain of a broken engagement with Nt because she wasn’t the one meant for him. Someone better was.


Finally, Maan smiled at Geet. Then his lips claimed hers. She savored that kiss, as if she’d been dying to kissed by him for days.

He took a deep breath – I love you, Geet Handa. More than I’ve ever loved anybody. You… are my life. I will take care of you, I will be there for you. I love you! I love you! I love you.

Then he leaned his forehead against hers – I went out on a date just to prove to myself that I was ready… but when I was there with that girl, all I could think about was that something was wrong, like I was cheating. When I saw you, I felt so guilty and so stupid. I couldn’t even let her hold me then … I could not fall for any other girl or date anyone else. That is why I came to your office that night.

She blushed like a bride. She could hardly believe her ears.
When she finally found her voice – I love you too jaan.

He smiled, a genuinely happy smile. Then he leaned forward and kissed her very thoroughly. He kissed her with all his heart, all his soul. He kissed her like he couldn’t believe he was kissing her for the very first time in his life, like he didn’t want to let her go ever again.
When he pulled away he smiled at her

Geet giggled – It’s good when you kiss me like that and know that you weren’t doing it for the show… or that kiss didn’t have to be over soon enough.

Her eyes seemed to have so many layers to it
Maan knew exactly what she meant. That kiss felt like… unlocking all the chains he built around his heart. Then the intensity of his love for her swept through  in waves he could barely contain.

She tiptoed and kissed him again. He kissed her back as hungrily as she did. Then he leaned his forehead to hers and took a deep breath. When he pulled away, he picked her up on her feet and carried her in his arms, to his apartment.
Geet giggled – What are you doing?
He smiled at her – Taking you home
He carried her through the elevator and the corridors. When they reached the door, he fished his pocket for the keys.. and carried her inside his house.
Maan – Welcome home misty. To our fairyland .

He looked just as sincere as he was boyish. This was the Maan she missed. The real Maan. He took her to his bedroom and laid her down on the bed. He took off his jacket and kicked off his shoes. She laughed when he leaned down towards her with a mischievous smile on his face.
Geet – Hey, what happened to “no sex before marriage policy”
Maan – what policy?

The thought did come in his mind, but he has been through that road before. What was the point of holding back with Geet when they have already shared many nights of passion, and his body craved her’s helplessly

Geet narrowed her eyes – are you sure?

He smiled at her and then he kissed her hungrily. She kissed him back, letting that familiar desire for him envelope her completely. He undressed her, kissing every bit of skin he exposed. She kissed him as hungrily as he kissed her. He looked in her eyes dark with desire. Without taking his eyes off her, he claimed her, finally making them one. She let out a loud moan. Then he leaned his forehead against her and sucked in a deep breath. Geet couldn’t hold herself back – I love you, Jaan. You have no idea how much.

Panting, he leaned forward and kissed her back, saying – I  love you too, Geet. Maybe just as much as you love me.


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~Pari – 41~


Oh she looked so angry, frustrated, and broken all at the same time. She shook her head in disbelief and then turned to walk away.

Maan knew he should say something, or this moment would pass and he would regret it forever. He held her hand and spoke with so much emotions in his voice
Maan – I want to be with you.. Only… you

She turned back and crushed right into his arms buried her face in his chest.
His hands were cold.. He was so scared to let his heart believe it was for real.

Maan – but I am so scared Geet.

Geet drew a deep sigh of relief – Oh my god jaan ..
The embrace he missed so much.
Maan – u know Geet, what I have gone through in past. I know we are from different world. I am scared this relation won’t last. I don’t want to lose you in my life. And I don’t want to get hurt anymore.

Geet cupped his face – Why would I hurt you jaan? Mujhe zada koi nahi jaantha ..what you have gone through

Maan looked at her confused – why me Geet?

I am such a damaged piece. I have so much of emotional thing going on.. Why me. I have nothing to give you.

Geet – I already have everything. You’re the only thing I want jaan.

Maan – I have very small small dreams. I quit this glamours world. I don’t know if your family would like me pulling u to such world of mine.

She smiled and hugged him tighter.
Geet – On the contrary, you’re exactly what my family would wish for me. Waisen bhi I didn’t want to marry any rich successful guy I wanted a man who would love me even if I was poor.

Then she pulled away from him so she could look into his eyes. And that’s you, jaan

There was still so much of questions – you may want me now Geet, but for how long?

She tiptoed and kissed his lips – How about saath janmo ke liyen?

Maan – how can you be so sure geet.

She giggled and kissed him again. She snuggled into a hug let me tell you a story that should clear your mind. When I was a teenager I grew up seeing jiji & jiju. They were so much in crazy love. There was no money, no religion or color or anything that mattered between them. I had everything in my life. I was always focused with my studies and carrier. Ever since I was young, I wasn’t into dating guys forget guys not even close friend… I grew up thinking these guys only wanted my money. I wanted to find one like Jiju, who loved Jiji for who she really is. Not because she was an heir to a huge inheritance. But when it came to love… I wanted someone who would love me for me. Geet not Geet Handa. And in this day and age, it is difficult to find someone like that. Who would like you for who you are inside?  I hated guys who threw themselves at me. Trust me I have a reputation of repelling guys.

One day, I walked into a mall to shop for my jiji & jiju & the little ones. I accidentally bumped into some mad angered guy. His scent filled my senses and to my greatest shock, he hugged me and cried in my arms trust me didn’t make it obvious. He probably didn’t even look up to see who I was. It was the first time in my life I felt needed. Not for my money… but for the warmth, comfort, and protection I could provide.

When I looked up at him, I saw a handsome, but torn and broken soul. When I walked into the shop, I couldn’t get him out of mind. It was like wo merin saanon main bus gayen the. I couldn’t do my shopping. I ran out of the mall and started looking for him. I spend the whole day looking for him. I had never felt such a loss in my life. The thought I would never see him again tore me.


And then one night, when I came for a business meeting in the bar, I saw him again, sitting in the bar, trying hard not to look miserable. I knew I had to meet him, but I wasn’t used to talking to guys, or trying to start a conversation with one… so I took off my jacket, and pretended to take a shot. I just hoped he noticed me. Oh he was so possessive when he walked to cover me. I was blown away seeing him being so concerned the way I looked. I could see he just leaned over to cover my dress that was slipping up.  


When he told me his story and told me he needed help, I just couldn’t resist. It was the easiest way for me to see him again. Main tho sirf ussen jaan na chathi thi. At that point, it didn’t matter what I was doing. All I knew was that I wanted to get to know him better and I’d like to see him again, so I agreed to help him. I saw his spirit and his will to survive through his pain and humiliation, and I admired him even more. And for the first time in my life, I felt like someone liked me for me… it didn’t matter if I was poor. Uss raat mujhe laga mano sari khusyian mil gayin. For once, a person enjoyed my company without knowing who I really was.

Aur wo  investment, I did it partly because I saw the potential in it. Another part .. she bit her lips..he waited curiously to know .. Another part wanted me to give him a fresh start. Because the sooner he gets over his past, the faster he would start a fresh… would come looking for me as he promised. But sooner or later, he had to find out who I really was. And he didn’t like me anymore… didn’t like me as much as he liked the model he met in the bar.

And somehow, no matter what I did, the issue of my being Handa got in the way. To make things worse, I went crazier and crazier about him every day. Believe me, I never hated being Geet Handa in my entire life. But I did. Because I wanted him more.

He listened carefully to her story. He couldn’t help hugging her closer in his arms.

That trip with jiju and jiji was my way to let him know who I really was. I thought I would be able to win him. But this guy can be pretty stubborn sometimes. He was all bent up in his beliefs that no one could change his mind. But I put up with it. I was willing to wait for as long as it took because ever since I was a teenager, I was hoping to find a man who would love me for who I am inside. And I know that the fact that I’m Geet Handa prevented him from taking a chance on me.

She pulled away from him so she could look into his eyes. He stared down at her. It seemed like he could see Geet’s soul in those almonds… like she was baring it all for him.
Every time we pretend we’re together, that was the only time I could freely express what I really feel for you, Jaan. I express how much I wanted to take care of you. How much I wanted you to hold me in your arms, and she shied make love to me. Whenever I was your fiancé, I could picture how life would be like when we’re truly together… aur main jaan thi hoon it would be perfect.


When we stopped, I had to pretend I don’t feel anything for you, I held back every bit of my emotion. For a while now, it seemed that whenever I pretend to be your fiancé, that’s when reality starts for us… when we go back to being just… friends… aur wo merin liyen muskil tha..  


She took a deep breath and leaned forward to kiss his heart  – You were so convinced that you don’t belong in my world… but you don’t realize that I belong to you! Na jane kab se jaan. Aap phone karthen ho..  I answer in one ring. Anything you want, doesn’t matter what time or where I am… I pull it off for you. You yourself asked me why I did all that for you

Maan – I thought you were just helping out some poor desperate soul

Geet – I am not that good a person jaan. I can be very selfish. I did it because I am crazy about you jaan .. Oh god jaan I am so crazy about you

He hugged her dearly – You said I was having a relationship with you…

Geet – It felt that way to me. We’re on the phone all the time. Your house has all my stuffs. When I come to NyC I live at your place. You didn’t notice?
Maan – wo tho main ne .. he had no words to describe his action
she shook her head – I wanted you to realize that it didn’t have to be complicated. I wanted you to get used to a life with me… and I was hoping you’d find it comforting… that you could handle it… that I was far from the rich business woman you have seen in your life. So when you’re finally ready to admit to yourself  that you’re ready for a relationship, I would be the first on your list… regardless of whether I was Geet Handa or not.

He closed his eyes taking in her feel. The feel he missed. He realized yes they have been together. She did live with him when she visited NYC.

She took a deep breath – I cannot help who I am, jaan. I cannot change who I am. I will always be Geet Handa. But I want you in my life. I want you more than I’ve wanted anything in my life! I’m willing to wait for as long as it takes. I’m even willing to honor your “no sex before marriage” policy, if that’s what it takes, and I will do it better than Nt ever did. I’ll fly back to NYC for you as often as you want. Just… trust me, take a chance on me. And I will do my best to make the relation work.

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~pari 40~

He turned his back on her and headed towards his front door. He knew he could himself back anymore.

then he heard her say – merin aur Aryan ke bech koch nahi hain

Maan instantly turned around to look at her – What?
she took a deep breath and took a step closer to him – jab aap uss din merin office aayen the, it was just a formal handshake and hug after signing the deal. Nothing happened between us. He wanted me to invest in his business venture, and as I told you I was looking to expand into something different from my business so I did.

When Maan finally met her eyes he could see some hope.

Geet – you know I don’t like guys like Aryan

Maan took a breath absorbing everything she just spoke – It’s actually none of my business. Why are you telling me this?

Geet – Because I want to know why you came to my office that night

She looked up at him with so much hope in her eyes and he couldn’t deny.

Geet – the truth Maan. I think I atleast deserve that

The intensity of her look and her voice almost scared him and made him want to run away

Maan – I wanted to get my answers.. I mean.. He cleared his throat .. I wanted to know what we are… what we could be…

Geet gritted her teeth – but you went out on a date

He surely could sense his tigress annoyed.

Geet – wo sab kya tha maan. Were you opening yourself up to a possibility of a relationship

Maan’s shoulders shrugged – I don’t know Geet. It was all big mess. I went out with my friends and then .. he just sighed I guess I just wanted to prove to myself that… I was single.

Geet spoke agitatedly – You weren’t single, Maan

He looked down at her in shock. She held his collar in anger

Geet – we are in a relation for months.. You were in a relationship… with me.

Her voice and words made his mind go blank.

Geet shook him – You were just too stubborn to admit it, Maan .. and I put up with it! I waited! Until you’d finally be ready to admit it to yourself

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It wasn’t all fake for Geet. It was easy enough for her to treat him like her jaan, to answer to his whims… because for her it was all real.
Then her expression softened as her hand slipped around his waist  – And I would never touch Aryan in any other way …Because I would never cheat on you, Jaan


Her soft ragged breath soothed his soul. Yet he was more confused now than few moments ago. Now, more than ever, he did not know what they were anymore. There was a thin line between pretending and reality. She took a deep breath and stepped out of the hug.

Geet – Maybe it’s time we finally settle the score. Here. Now

Maan looked down at her perplexed.

Geet – Are you ready to have a relationship, Maan?

She asked seriously
He took a deep breath and nodded. Because, honestly, he thought he was.
Geet – Are you ready to be with me?
She asked him the question he wanted to ask her. He knew the answer to that question now more than ever. In spite of all his fears, all his insecurities, all his uncertainties, he knew what he wanted now. It may be a dream, but he wanted it. She may be a person living in a fairyland but he knew what he wanted. And he knew in his heart, that he had to fight for it. Because Geet was really worth it.


But when he looked down at her cold expression he couldn’t voice himself.
Geet – Do you even want to be with me? She rephrased her question seeing mum.

Maan still couldn’t answer.
Oh she looked so angry, frustrated, and broken all at the same time. She shook her head in disbelief and then turned to walk away.

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~Pari Part – 39~


Maan sat back on his seat fuming by the second. How could Geet make a private conversation with his daadi? What did she tell her? Why was his daadi asking her to keep her word?


Maan was extremely quiet throughout the flight thinking about him and geet. He decided he will call his parents to tell them that it was all over between him and geet. He will have to break this fake engagement. It won’t help if Geet continued have these secret talks with his daadi. Daadi was one person who could see through all the lies.. And don’t know what did Geet tell his daadi now.

He already knew and admitted to himself that he was in love with her. He looked at her sleeping on his shoulder in the flight. His heart melted into a puddle.. how he wish…

He wanted this engagement to be over and done with so he could begin another journey into the healing process. It may feel worse this time around, but he has been here before and he survived it.

He convinced himself.. He got over Nt, he would get over Geet too.

Moreover he can’t blame Geet if she hugs Aryan or if she sees a future with him. She is absolutely free to do whatever she wants with her life. She actually held up her own life in lieu of the big favors he asked of her.

He realized he was so bent on thinking that they could never be one, and meanwhile he didn’t even notice what was happening to him… that he was falling in love with her for real.

He looked at her face.. She looked so peaceful in his arms. He was stealing moments of heaven with her thinking that they only happened in dreams, that he forgot the fact that you cannot cheat your heart and his heart didn’t know it was just a game… his heart thought that they were for real… that he could have her for him as his ‘pari’

Had he figured this out before, he would probably have tried to confront his feelings and see if he could try existing in her world… even though he was scared. Now that Aryan had officially entered the picture, it reminded him that if he really did love Geet, he should let her be happy… with one who’s fit to be the husband of a business person like her, a person from her own world  and can raise future league of their types. One whom Handa’s would easily accept. That’s Aryan. She deserved Aryan. For all the good things that she was, she deserved to have a perfect life, free of complications of geography or status in life.


Thinking all that.. His hands still had a will of their own. They tucked her closer. She slipped right into his arms. His heart missed couple of beats. When the flight began to descend.. his heart sank in the fear of losing his heaven.. She woke with the announcements.

The drive to his home was so full of emotional tension. He knew he couldn’t force Geet to tell him what daadi was mentioning, but he could always ask daadi once he breaks the news of their break up.


Maan composed himself – Thank you, Geet


She was looking at some far away spot. Her expression cross. She didn’t say anything.

Maan – thanks for everything. For everything. Humesha se you have done more than what you had to. It was… a great ‘fake’ relationship. He tried to put it across lightly

His voice choked – But you know… it has to end some time.
She shied – Yes. It has to end.

He clenched his fist. He didn’t know it would hurt so much. He knew it had to end, but he had  to clench his fist from smashing anything on his way right now. Hearing it from Geet it broke his heart million times more.

He tried to put a brave face in front of her.

Maan –  I don’t want to cause problems between you and… Aryan. I know he won’t be happy about this, even if you tell him that you were just doing me a favor


She didn’t say anything. She continued to stare at some point aimlessly. After a full minute of silence, she stepped out of the car. She came around to his side of the door.

His heart was beating wildly.
This is it! This is probably the last time he will see her. The last time that she will exist significantly in his life.
He got out of the car and they headed towards his door.
Maan turned to her and smiled. He knew that smile on his face looked horrible. He was trying his best not to cry, not to yell, not hug her crazily, not to pour out his feelings. He missed her like crazy already.


With so much in his mind he couldn’t just walk away.. He couldn’t thank her enough..he turned and held both her hands..

Geet it almost came out as a whisper. Thanks again for everything and.. And. thanks for pretending to be my fiance for more than year now. He squeezed her hand.. You are really a wonderful person. And.. and.. You’re everything a man could ever ask for. He’s a very lucky man.

And he raised her hands to his lips.

She didn’t say anything. She just stared up at me with that grave expression. He stared back at her and he knew she could see all the emotions in his eyes. His eyes probably had formed a thin layer of film.

He turned his back on her and headed towards his front door. He knew he couldn’t himself back anymore.

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~pari part 38~

As they walked back to the house, Geet suddenly took his hand and intertwined their fingers. He stared at her and raised a brow.
She smiled – You’re still engaged to me here, remember?
Maan nodded – But keep a safe distance. I know what it’s been like to be cheated on, and I don’t want the same pain for any other man… even though we’re just pretending, Aryan doesn’t know that, and he may not understand.
Geet’s face tightened, but she didn’t say anything.
His heart felt heavier. It felt more torn than it was this morning. It was as if she was confirming what he feared… he had lost his chance… he had lost her.

Before they reached the family
Maan – thank you geet. This will be the last time. Once I get back to US. I shall call them and let then know. Don’t worry I will not blame you. I will say I wanted to stay single and date around
Geet stopped on her track and asked bitterly – do you?
Maan raised his brow – do I what?
Geet – want to date around?
He laughed… to cover up the pain that he felt inside… and to hide the truth behind the lie that he was about to say – It’s been a while, hasn’t it? 
He turned away because he couldn’t bear to lie to her anymore. He joined his family to greet Geet’s parents.

He tried to laugh, dance and chat with as many of his relatives as he could. He was avoiding Geet. He didn’t know what to say to her. More than anything, he didn’t want to feel anymore pain.

All he wanted to do was date her for real. Have her in his life.


Rano instantly knew looking at her daughter.

Maan took her blessing. Rano and Mohinder hugged them dearly.

Rano pulled Geet inside – beta aakir kab taak? Yeh kaisen zid hain tumhari

Geet –maa aisen kuch nahi hain, aur Maan koi zid nahi, mera pyar hain

Rano – I just don’t want you to get hurt Geet

Geet – he needs some more time mama

Mohinder came in and patted geets cheek – don’t worry so much Rano.. she knows what she is doing

Rano got little irritated – yeh koi business deal nahi hain. I can’t see her heart broken

Geet – I trust my love mama

Rano – what about him Geet

Geet – he loves me a lot probably more than I love him

Rano – how can you say that

Geet – I know it

Rano – even if he does, u really want to marry a person like him who can’t make up his mind if he loves you?

Geet snapped – MAMA

Rano – common geet I am your mama, I want a person for you, who will stand up for you. Who will be there for you for the rest of his life. Not someone, who needs so much time to even open to his own feelings

Geet – he will mama. He just wants to come term with his feelings.. Which actually I feel he already is

Mohinder – phir kya problem hain

Geet – kuch nahi dad, wo uss din

Mohinder laughed – u mean Aryan ke saat

Rano got annoyed now – Geet beta he can’t get insecure about all your business deals. Aisen tho every business deal you have he will break up with you

Geet – nahi mama, he won’t. Its just we are not there yet

Mohinder – But Geet he is a possessive man. Consider yourself warned

Geet smiled – I know that from day one dad.

Rano – main kya bol rahi hoon aur aap kya bol rahen ho

Just then Priya walked in – kya baat chal rahi hain ma beti main

Rano was pissed off and excused herself.


Priya sensed the tension and discussed with thai ji and daadi. Thai ji came with the idea that probably Geets parents are not liking this informal relation. They being orthodox types, probably are expecting some formal announcement from the groom’s side. Thai ji then discussed with Maan’s dad and chacha ji.


So just before the family photo shoot. Priya asked Rano if they could do a Roka ceremony since all of them were there. Maan almost choked on what he was eating. Geet looked at him helplessly.

Rano sensed the tension between Maan & Geet.


Rano was already very irritated with Maan not speaking up, and the pretense was going way beyond it was supposed to – aap ke baar Maan se puch lijyen

Geet looked at her mom. She knew this was not the time to put him on the spot.

She looked at her dad to help

Mohinder spoke up – Rano ka matlab hain, wo humne Maan ko bola hain ki, Handa’s ke yanha Roka bahut bada hota hain. Aur waisen bhi Roka tho humren yanha hona chahiyen.

Geet smiled weakly knowing how uncomfortable his dad was right now.


Even if Maan had a slight hope there was nothing between her and Aryan. It was all cleared. Even her parents didn’t want this pretense to take that far. He knew he lost all his chances with his pari

The topic somehow got dissolved.  The evening wore on. He hadn’t spoken another word to Geet again. He managed to evade her. They didn’t even dance a song.
It was time to go. Most of his relatives had gone home. He said his goodbyes to his parents. When he looked at Dev and Nt, he had a wistful smile on his face. He knew he couldn’t stay mad at them forever. It was pointless. They didn’t matter anymore. He patted the baby’s cheek & wished them luck. Nt took a deep breath and it seemed to him like she was on the verge of crying. Dev was like a stone unsure what he was feeling.


He felt Geet stand behind him. He finally turned around to face her. The look on her face was somber and cold, like she was bottling up all her anger, sadness, and frustration until she is in the clear to let hell break loose.

Geet – You can’t avoid me forever

Maan – I wasn’t…

But what’s the point of denying the obvious? He thought
She just shook her head disappointed.


Maan – meri flight aaj hi ki hain. Tum sab se bye karlo. It will be the last you’ll see of them.
She didn’t say anything. She just walked with him to where his family was. She took blessings from his father and mother. Her parents also shook hands with his parents.


She told her parents to carry on.


On their way to the car, his daadi called out to geet, – I will hold on to your word, Geet
Geet smiled – ji daadi


When they climbed into her car, Maan glared at Geet – What was that?
Geet – Nothing.. She instructed the driver to take them to the airport

Maan – You have to tell me
Geet – No, I don’t
Maan – Why not
Geet – 
because it’s just between daadi and me

Maan sat back on his seat fuming by the second. How could Geet make a private conversation with his daadi? What did she tell her? Why was his daadi asking her to keep her word?

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~pari part – 37~


He went to terrace.
Now… they approaching the end of this pretense, he knew it was the right thing to do. But somehow, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. It felt like the most difficult thing he ever had to do in his life. He couldn’t tell his parents that they were over because then it would mean he was really letting her go. And God knows he didn’t want to! Because even though she was the epitome of the lifestyle he wanted stay away from. But he knew that she was also the epitome of the woman he hoped to be his “pari

He thought about past.. But he couldn’t find any grudge in his heart toward Nt or dev as saw them in the garden. He didn’t care anymore.


Then.. he felt this vacuum mear thought of it. When it’s over, that will be it. Geet will be out of his life. How can he bring himself to let her go… to wake up from the dream? To admit that she belongs to someone like Aryan after all. And all he had were a few moments of borrowed.
Just then, he felt that he was no longer alone. He felt Geet’s presence behind him. Tears still kept rolling down her cheeks. He wanted so much to lose himself in her arms. To hold her, touch her and tell her that…he loves her… even though she was just a dream. Even though it was time to wake up now. Even though he was scared… of having a relationship… especially with a girl like her. Even though she had Aryan now…Could he blame her?
How many times did he turn her down? He never gave her a chance. How long did he make her wait? For nothing!

He should have taken a chance when she begged him to. And now… he was too late. He closed his eyes, and with anger taking over him on himself.
Just then, as if she couldn’t take it anymore, he felt Geet’s hand on his shoulder, forcing him to turn around and then she crushed into his arms. She buried her face on his shoulder and cried quietly.
She didn’t really belong to him and yet, this was heaven, having her in his arms. He felt he could be anything if she was beside him. But now he knew he lost all his chances.

She didn’t say word. She kept him warm from inside, safe, and comforted. After a while she seemed calm. Still they stood locked in their arms.

Geet composed herself – You don’t have to break this off to your family yet if you can’t.
Maan roared – You’ve made it impossible for me, You made it all so difficult
Geet stood calm – I told you I would, It wasn’t going to be easy.
Maan stepped away – But why? Why Geet? Why now?
She sighed – because I wanted you to be sure about what you’re doing first before you tell your family. 
he knew he was not sure of anything

Geet – Maan… I didn’t mean to lie to you about the investment. I really was looking for something to invest. Something totally different. U know real estate is indeed a great thing. I knew you were looking for an investor. It presented a great opportunity for me, so I took it. I didn’t want to tell you yet because when I made the deal with Manager, you didn’t know who I really was. I couldn’t tell you, but I was planning to.
Maan – when?
she took a deep breath – Every day, I wanted to tell you. It was hard to lie to you every single day. And I… every time I tried… I just chickened out. Main dar gayen thi
Maan – So what do you want me to do with your business now?
Geet sounded more professional – Keep doing it. Wo uthna hi mera hain jithna ki aapka. Your contract with Manager has always been that you’re a partner. I’m just an investor Maan. You own all the hard work.
Maan – so you want me to be your business partner now
Geet sighed – you already are. I want it to stay that way.

Maan turned his back thinking negative.. .. “a mere business partner… but what could he expect? Her telling him that what they had during the past months was real?
Maan said in a stern voice – I’ll think about it,.. After a long pause about the fake… engagement… it’s not fair to you if we keep doing this, Geet. We both need to keep up with reality… and main tumhare aur Aryan ke beech nahi aa sakta. It’s not fair. Tum ne waisen bhi meri bahut help ki hain. 

Geet came around and looked up at him.
Geet – Aryan aur main..
But they were disturbed by Maan’s cousins. Maan looked at them little lost.

Cousins – wo Priya aunty aap ko bula rahi hain.. Geet didi ki mama-papa aagyen hain
Maan looked at her in utter shock.
Maan – we need to go.

Geet sighed – we better get going

Maan was disappointed. He wanted to know what she had to say about Aryan. As much as the truth would hurt, he knew he would rather hear it from her straight. He knew he had no right to be angry or jealous anyway. And besides, he went out on a date with Pari in the hopes of moving on. Geet definitely deserved to do the same. In fact, she deserved it more than he did. She was the one who was doing him a favor. He was the one with the heartache to get over and a face to save.

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~pari part – 36~


He knew he should have spoken. he knew he should have ended it there. But instead, he stood there quietly, tears brimming in his eyes.
His father smiled at him.

Dad – better work on that handsome gand son, who can take over Khuran’s & Handa’s

He teased maan
Maan smiled weakly. He didn’t know what to say, but he knew what not to say. He knew that he just didn’t have the heart to tell him that the only grandchild his parents would have is the one from Nt and Dev.

The day seemed rather longer than it was. He spent the afternoon talking to Chacha ji and dad and other male relatives. Geet was playing and giggling with the younger group of girls. He sat in the far end of the garden watching girls putting together some steps and dance for the anniversary party. She looked like a teenage girl, surrounded with friends playfully changing the tones and lyrics of the songs and then laughing along. She looked like he was genuinely enjoying herself. From where he sat, she looked like the playful Geet once again. The Geet that he missed. She looked so far from the cold, calculative tycoon who drove with him here.
Daadi – she looks like she belongs there

He stared up to daadi. She caressed his cheeks .. jaa ke ussen bhol kyun nahi deta

The tear that he was holding back since morning almost poured out. But he smiled it off.
Daadi said quietly – I’m glad that you are happy, Maan

He looked at Geet again. She was holding a guitar now and was playing it. And then she started singing. The kids and girls around her listened intently. He couldn’t stop himself. She was good.
Her voice was sincere and mesmerizing. She sang soulfully. He couldn’t help being drawn to her voice. Who was she.. He didn’t know she could sing. Yes heard her hum.. When she cooked for them in his apartment.

He knew this song..

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
Jaan meri, jaan meri

As she sang, with head bowed down and her eyes closed, he couldn’t help feeling all sorts of mixed emotions. He felt as if there was something inside her that hurts and she’s pouring it all out in a song

Mere dil ne chun laiyaa ne
Tere dil diyaan raahan
Mere dil ne chun laiyaa ne
Tere dil diyaan raahan
Tu jo mere naal tu rehta
Turpe meriyaan saaha

It felt like she meant every word. Don’t know why he felt she was in this deep pain

Jeena mera.. hoye
Hun hai tera, ki main karaan
Tu kar aitbaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera


And she looked up and finally met his eyes. The look she gave him was so intense. He couldn’t bear the weight of it. It was as if she was making a plea… to him. He lost his breath. If only she meant that… if only he didn’t find her in Aryans embrace.

Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
Jaan meri, jaan meri


he looked away from her and turned to daadi who was watching him carefully. Then she slowly smiled

Daadi – I know you, Maan. Sometimes, even better than you know yourself.

She took a deep breath again – don’t do it for anyone. Not for me. But for yourself.

Then she looked at Geet and then back at him
Daadi – You should recognize a good thing when it’s in front of you. She genuinely loves you. More than you love her. I can tell that you’ve been avoiding each other all day. If something’s wrong, try to work it out. She is good for you, Maan.  aur hum aapko khush dehkna chate hain beta. Geet will make you happy. Don’t underestimate the intensity of your feelings for her. You love her… probably more than you loved Nt.

He was still speechless. He just didn’t know what to say to daadi. Honestly, daadi was spot on.

He looked at Geet again. She was strumming the last notes of her song. Looking down.. Like she meant everything.


Daadi – Do you know that Nt never cried whenever you and Nt ever had a fight? Nor did u look so affected.

He stared at her. Was she right? He could hardly remember what it was like with Nt now.
Daadi – You didn’t care as much. Nt was your friend, and the relationship was comfortable and easy. But relationships don’t have to be easy all the time, Maan. What’s more important is that it’s… passionate, exciting, as much as it is comforting. The perfect thing is that you should marry your best friend, who you have the hots for… not some girl who’s just practically your roommate.

Daadi patted his cheek Geet is perfect for you in all aspects. If you thought your relationship with Nt was… sensible… what you have with Geet is… “magic

Daadi walked towards geet. When she left, he felt all sorts of emotions run over me. Guilt, because he had cheated everyone by letting them think that he was okay. Confusion, because even though he was set to break his fake engagement to Geet, his heart felt heavier than it did when he broke up with Nt.
When Geet came into his life, she picked him up from whatever hole he was in. She was the glue that put him back together. She knew his business was his passion, so she invested in it and banked on his talents. Maybe she did it as a businesswoman. But she helped him up. Without telling him what she was doing.


She became a constant thing in his life. Time breezed through without him noticing that slowly, he was becoming his old self again, maybe even better and Geet was becoming the pillar of his strength. She could be so persistent, he couldn’t shake her off. In bed, they were like a dormant volcano exploding. They shared a passion that sometimes seemed uncontainable, and yet they had this bond that seemed so comforting.
He looked back at her.. Her eyes that were shielded by her lashes seemed to hide more than her sight


Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee


Ve changa nahi o keeta beeba
Ve changa nahi o keeta beeba
Dil mera tod ke
Ve bada pachtaiyaan akhaan
Ve bada pachtaiyaan akhaan
Naal tere jod ke


She couldn’t complete it.. She choked.. He couldn’t bear it any more.. He just left from there.