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~dhundlae aks~ part 216

Part 216


His fingers played with her bangles all the time. His lips proficiently continued his torture on her nipples. Woozy heat bloomed in her abdomen, raced through her pelvis. Each time he withdrew & shot forward again, her body tensed a bit more. Pressure built & squeezed until she writhed helplessly beneath him.

Well this was just beginning of their wedding night she knew.

And for the love birds it was just beginning of the long night.. Umm morning.. of love making. 

She had that beautiful smile adoring her lips as she watched her husband holding her close possessively. It was 5am. She had barely got to any sleep. But she was not tired. She was excited about her life. Excited about being with him.. This journey they are set out together. She slowly tried to slip out of his grip & invariably he pulled her back. It was almost like waking up a sleeping lion. He smiled dipping his face into her valley. She moaned… puchki mujhe ready hona hainUmm ..all she could hear before he drove her into their wild passion. 


She shied & went into the shower latter without disturbing him. She was blushing as she watched herself in his bathroom’s long mirror. She had red purple marks all over,  places she couldn’t even mention or meet her own eyes. Her fingers tenderly caressed the sore spots. She was happy, she was shy, she was blushing.. Her puchki was hers.. Her husband. All his antics.. Possessiveness.. His passion.. His anger.. Oh my.. She loved him.. Loved him more than she could ever think or say it in words. 


She changed into a red salwar kameez. She came out wiping her hair.. She saw him turning restlessly in his bed.. Looking for her. He was definitely very tired.. She could see that. Well the thought was short lived… he made that puppy pouting face, she can’t resist.. & She was in his arms. His fingers lazily moved tracing the edge of her jaw. Ever so lightly, he coaxed her chin up so he could look her in the eyes. Even with his drowsy eyes, he could tell her face was stained with blush, her eye shy, her mouth tender & pouting just like that giving into him. He pressed a gentle, closed-mouth kiss to her lips. 

Geet sighed, her eyes fluttered shut as she kissed him back. His mouth tasted faintly morning taste.. In contrast to her fresh & minty. The contrast was so raw & wanting. He ran his hands through her wet tousled hair and then skimmed down her neck. He continued down slipping the sleeves, marvelously opening the zipper with the other hand. 


He knew his way around her. He rocked her pelvis against his as he thrust upward slightly, letting her feel the force of his arousal. ” I like you like this” he said, his voice was low and droopy. She bit down on her bottom lip and closed her eyes. A slow smile spread across her features and her eyes fluttered open again. She was wanting him as much as he wanted her.  He placed one last nipping kiss against her tender pink lips and then abandoned them for new territory. Her  fingers twisted in the hair at the nape of his neck as he kissed his way down her throat, nuzzling his beard roughened skin against the satiny texture of her own creamy flesh.


He stopped at the site of his mark on her neck. Despite how gentle his intentions had been, the bite was deep..  Already, it was bruising a rich, dark array of colors, black, purple and yellow.  The knowledge should have bothered him, made him ashamed of his actions, but it didn’t.  The idea of her marked with his kisses excited him.  With a wicked smile, he thrust lightly against her as he licked slowly healing flesh, savoring dreams of a future he always dreamt of with his Mistimia.


It was around 10am Geet finally managed step out of their room. She was feeling so shy, to make it worse Nt was just waiting to pounce at her. Tara’s eyes naughtily wandered over her neck. Daadi joined in the teasing session with an umm um.

Geet blushed furiously. She didn’t know where to hide herself. 


Nt tried to behave like a co-sister – chalo chalo make breakfast for all of us

Daadi took the que & added in a strict tone – nakul will tell you what to make for all of us.

Geet was excited but not sure if she knew to cook all that. 

Both daadi & Tara burst out laughing.

Geet made a baby face.

Daadi smiled & kissed her forehead – tum shagun ke liyen kuch meeta bana dena. 

Nt teased – waisen bhi, koi itna late breakfast nahi karta

Daadi added naughtily – I was not expecting u to come out for couple of days

Geet ran into the kitchen 


Nt helped her with making dish.

Latter daadi got her dressed up for hawan..


Around noon the whole family was gathered at the hall. Geet had made the prasad. Nt was sitting next to Dev. Daadi & Yash sat near the holy fire. Geet folded her hand & offered her prayers. 

Yash whispered to geet – maan kanha hain?

Geet blinked – ji wo 

Daadi covered it up – he might be tired

Yash was never known to be patient – shaadi tho geet bhi huwai hain.. Lekin look at her she is not shying from her responsibility. 

Daadi immediately tried to pull everyone’s  attention back to hawan.


Maan was turning restlessly in the bed. He was hating waking up without his misti in his arms. He groaned bitterly. He tried to kick the spread & then the pillow. He again looked around, pulled the spread back up. Of Course the anger got the better of him. He screamed on top of his voice – Geet


She almost dropped the pooja thali that was in her hand 

She consciously looked around. Nt gave her a teasing smile. Daadi bit her cheek to control her laughter  infront of her son.

Yash was not happy with Maan bullying around Geet like that.

But he kept his cool infront of pandit ji.

Geet stood rooted not knowing how to react.

Maan was annoyed, he screamed again – GEET

It was possessive, desperate.. 

OMG geet was so shy now.. She had this mixed feeling in her stomach. Feeling of belonging. All this while it was them.. All his acts was in private.. Now it was infront of everyone. In open. She liked it.. But was feeling so shy too. 

Daadi nudged her to go & see 

Geet ran up the steps.. still had to walk gracefully take her steps, she couldn’t express her restlessness, her anxiety not sure what to expect. 

She very carefully opened the door, only to be pulled into a sensuous hug. Everything was so fast. The world spun, her feet were thrown off the ground & she felt her back being slammed hard on the bed. Either she was dizzy or her puchki was that eager. 

She was quite conscious with all the family gathered in the hall waiting for them. 

Maan muttered kissing her – how dare you ruin my morning. I so wanted to wake up in your arms.

geet made a big O

maan continued with his oh so pouting face – i always dreamed to your wet hair locks kissing me a good morning.

Geet – lekin maan subha tho.. 

he didn’t let her finish & just took her lips in his.

she knew where all this was heading to.. she was so overwhelmed with everything, being a wife, lover, daughter-in-law 

Geet – maan yeh kya kar rahen app?

Sab humara neeche wait kar rahen hain

Maan – lekin misti, yeh kya hain.. I 

She sweetly put her finger on his lips – abhi nahi


That was it… he snapped & went into the shower. 


He was so frustrated.. All he wanted was to wake up in her arms. Have few moments to share his feelingly. Talk to her. Just them.. Since the wedding they haven’t got a chance. He had so much of emotions in him. It was always her. He doesn’t even know since when he was in love with her. He can’t even think of any other girl. He wanted to explore that.. Feel those feelings.. There was so much to it… he shied as the cold water hit his hot & needy skin. It helped lash down his emotions. … oh God he loves her so much


Oops geet going for pug-phere


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~dhundale aks~ part 215

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Part 215
It won’t be wrong to say she looked the most gorgeous bride ever. & he truly felt proud walking in that equally matching elegance & charisma.
Then began the journey of their beautiful 7 promises. It was like gods them selves were blessing them from haven. The elders showered their love & blessings, while close frds filled their hearts with warmth of being cared for. It was beautiful.
Prachi couldn’t make it from US. Armaan was in his house, not able to get himself to attend the wedding. He knew it was impt for her. But he couldn’t just couldn’t.
They had the beautiful, playful & teasing grah pravesh. Maan was asked to carry Geet in. No one knew how willingly he did, but off course he had to put up his price & act against.
All the while his heart was cherishing holding her in his arms as his, he had it all & now to hold her as his wife infront of the whole family was a pride of his own. These small-small ceremonies & the happiness they brought in was unbelievable. He could feel himself drowning in love with her all over again. 
Daadi & NT took geet to do the pooja ceremony while Dev teased Maan all the way to their room.
It was latter in the evening Maan was all set for the night. His heart was jumping in joy. OMG.. his room.. he chuckled their room. It brought back the nights he had spend with her during college days. His mistimia… the bond they shared. It all felt like a dream. He was such a jerk to have not even once seen her face. Uff sachi.. he cursed himself. He went & changed his shervani & dearly looked at each souvenir he had unknowingly got from her & knowingly preserved them. He wanted to show her all today. He wanted to tell her all about how he was hers even before he knew who she was. Oh my.. he wanted to tell her .. then chuckled.. will he be able to hold himself back seeing her so beautifully dressed as his. His heart swelled with just the thought. Not that he was a big fan of traditional stuffs. But the black beads around her neck, the red sindoor that adored her forehead. He loved it all.
He went into the
shower & changed into white kurta pyjama. He could hear the ladies giggle & the chit chat outside. He smiled.. as he sunk in the sofa. He looked at the clock it was 11pm. He tried to be patient. He went into the study & paced restlessly. He looked at the clock couple of times.
Ok… 12pm..
ladies chit chatting had all calmed down by now. He consoled himself. Finally.. maybe couple of mins more.
It was 1am he lost all his cool by now. He irritatedly walked out, only to see the whole Mansion quite. He didn’t know whom to ask & what was he supposed to ask.. where is his wife on their SR. Dammit this Geet bhi na.
He resorted to check with Dev. He tried to seem as casual as possible. His steps froze at door of Dev & Nts. He could hear their romantic talks & mingling moans.


Maan sighed in frustration. Dammit it is supposed to be his SR not theirs. He had his signature puchki grumpy face. Thats how daadi saw him wondering around the mansion.
Daadi looked at her grandson in concern knowing exactly what is bothering him. she shook her head – Yash bhi na bus budha hogaya hain.. akal nahi aayen abhi taak
Maan made all kind of faces. Daadi patted his back lovingly. Aacha tum room main javo. I will send her. He looked at the watch it was pass 1:30am.. whats the point daadi I am sleepy now. He cribbed daadi hurried her steps to Yash’s room.
Yash looked so happy & excited. He took out Maan’s moms jewelery & pics. He had them all spread on the bed.  He was busy telling Geet all about her. He wanted Geet to wear them all. He even insisted on her wearing them every day.
Daadi rolled her eyes murmuring aisen tho hogaya bachon ka SR she looked at Geet who was sincerely listening to Yash.. yeh ladki bhi na.. uff!! atleast she should be think of her SR.. nahi..!! daadi cleared her throat as she walked in Yash smiled warmly – ma deko
yeh saren jewelry Geet pe kitne pyaren lag rahen hain
even daadi couldn’t take her eyes off her.
It reminded her of the days when Maan’s mom wore them.
It was 2am.. Pucki was fuming. Daadi was supposed to get Geet not join their board meeting. He got furious & smashed the door shut. He took the pillow over his head & hit the mattress in frustration.
daadi jumped with the thud & looked at Geet who suddenly seemed restless. The only person who was oblivious to all this was Yash. He didn’t even seem to realize it was his Son who was getting desperate to be with his newly wed wife, common after all it was their SR. Really!!! daadi wondered.
daadi looked at him wondering how to knock some sense into her son. Finally she tried to say beta its getting late, 2 baj gaya hain yash nodded his head  looking at the wall clock & then his talks continued for another 30 mins more.
By then geet began to look really tired with all heavy jewelry & day long ceremonies. More of the fear of facing her jwalamuki pucki right now was also eating her. Also there was butterflies in her stomach to be in the same room now as his wife. She was anxious little scared what not.
It was 2.45am finally when daadi managed to walk Geet to their room. Daadi was equally scared of Maans reaction right now.
Geet was all blushing as they reached the door only to turn into a big O after seeing the door locked from inside. Daadi shook her head. Geet pouted cutely looking at daadi.
Daadi – Maan muh dikayi dulhan ki hoti hain dulhe ki nahi open the door now Maan – I am sleeping he cribbed in irritated voice Geet innocently wondered really!! it was louder than self talk. Daadi giggled & Maan immediately opened the door & slammed himself back on the bed.
Daadi kissed geets forehead & went to her room. Geet locked the door & nervously looked at her pucki. Who was in no mood to have that lovely dovey SR.
she cutely said – puchki his heart missed a thousand beat but still pretended to be annoyed. Geet – puchki aaj wo she knotted her pallu – aaj tho naraz mat ho na he turned his face – kyun aaj kya hain? she blushed furiously – wo humarin SR hain na Maan – tho javoo manvo SR daadi aur dad ke saat she looked at with a big O
he was already all melted with her blushy & mushy looks, talks.. before he could play her more she was all annoyed. He tried to shove his head deep in the pillow when he heard her bangles tangling & then falling with a thud on the dresser.
He twisted his lips & wondered wat happened to her. By the sound of it he could make out she was removing them.. lekin wait he wanted to do all that. Dammit. He was supposed to be angry not her. Aab mujhe issen mana padega
he reached her in quick odd steps – yeh kya kar rahi ho? She turned away & continued to remove the remaining bangles Maan restlessly looked at the last left bangle – wait he made he wear the bangles yeh mujhe karna tha she couldn’t help blush & right now she was angry with him aap ne bhi tho shervani change ki
Maan – so wat do u expect? keep waiting for u in that heavy shervani she glared at him even more angered – mat karo she turned trying to remove the bangles he made her wear protesting.
He picked up her struggling body & tossed her onto the bed. She landed with a thump & rolled over just as he came down on top of her. A prickle of awareness ran down her spine, but before she could react, two very strong arms glided to her hands from side & trapped her arms to her either sides. A shock baked up her body as his heat bled into her skin. He slammed both her arms high over her head & held them as he stared down at her.
 Geet suno she turned her head away
Geet suno tho.. his breath fanned her lips mistimia she looked at his lips & then his eyes. Her eyes depicted anger, kind of mixed emotion she felt. Her undeniable vulnerability to his closeness & temper to his silly anger earlier.
His eyes kept her captive with so much love. There was only pure simple love. His longing took over .. puchki she whispered before he captured those lips into his. 
& she tried to be tempered controlling her self calling him Maan this time, that only made him rough in his action. Geet – chodiyen mujhe she said grinding her teeth He lowered his lips to her and took her. Hard.
She had seen his rough side but that was more of it was when he was sad not like this hard & over powered. This kind of gave her a different feel, arousing.
Their tongues tangled, wet, hot. His free hand yanked at her top. She pouted ever so cutely.. that is my wedding dress. He fumbled with all the pins & zips becoming impatient when he couldn’t get it off with one hand.
He rolled over & shimmed out of his pyjamas. His kurti & vest just followed the pile. He didn’t have the patient to deal with her wedding kurti.. he conveniently slide his long fingers to her slender leg upwards reaching her panties. he scooted down her legs but kept her knees on either side pushing the skirt upward. 
As his fingers undid the lacy material he leaned down & gently licked the lips. She sucked in her breath in anticipation.
He ducked out his head of the huge lehenga For a moment he held her there, prolonging the sensation having her so close.
She had closed her eyes balled her fist on the sides of the pillow.
Then he lowered himself until she sheathed him completely.
She gulped hard. 
He smirked entering her quicker than she imagined.
Maan – So where were we he teased she pouted ever so cutely.
He kissed her lips lovingly…  admired every inch of her drowned in her. He had not notice when she walked in that she was wearing his moms jewelry. Not the one she wore during the ceremony. A warm feel of owning filled his heart.
He undressed her slowly as their bottoms remained joined into a rhythm. His finger seemed more patient & skillful now. He dealt with every pin & jewelry with care. His lips followed his finger marking every inch of her as his. 
His fingers played with her bangles all the time. His lips proficiently continued his torture on her nipples. Woozy heat bloomed in her abdomen, raced through her pelvis. Each time he withdrew & shot forward again, her body tensed a bit more. Pressure built & squeezed until she writhed helplessly beneath him.
Well this was just beginning of their wedding night she knew.
puchki not happy with this marriage
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~dhundlae aks~ pt214

Part 214
Geet unknowingly accepted – mama yeh jhut bol rahen hain, main ne.. she bit her tongue & buried her head in her moms arms rano felt so embarrassed at the situation. Thai ji came from behind & pulled maans cheek.. chalo KM main sab pershan ho rahen honge Maan quickly placed a peck on Geets flushed cheek infront of everyone & walked away leaving sharam se pani pani Geet behind.  
Back in KM every one was busy with the preparation & now with big welcoming ceremony as Rano had already called & informed. He had this grand welcome. Daadi did pull his ears to have eloped straight to Handa Hawali. Yash couldn’t say anything, after all Maan had gone to meet his princess. If she was happy he didn’t want anything more.
Next couple of days just zoomed pass with all the preparation. While puchki was busy troubling his mistimia with odd demands over the phone. He would call up at odd times & expect her to talk naughty, especially when she is surrounded with mama & thai ji. All she could say would be..umm..umm & puchki would immediately get angry (jhoota wala), which she would think seriously & go crazy manofying him.
Something she couldn’t understand was.. he was not that same always naak pe gussa wala puchki any more.
To think of it from his POV, he could never get mad at his mistimia.. actually never.. only the conflict of geet & mistimia just confused him.. & he would lose it earlier..but since he learned how crazy he is abt her & how his life just revolves around her & only her, anger was long forgotten.
It was their mehendi ceremony today & Maan was super excited he was going to meet her. For him.. meeting would never stop in just meeting.. (ahem..ahem). They would find their ways to get close..closer.
Geet was dressed in a gorgeous green dress & Maan in his stylish similar shade sherwani. His heart skipped a million beats seeing her decent down the steps. Her cheeks flaring just knowing his gaze was all on her. She pitied her lashes that couldn’t dare to look up to his alluring eyes. Finally when they did she couldn’t fail to read the passion & demand. She instantly looked down blushing at the same time wondering has he lost it. How were they to get any where near to what is going on his mind. 
She smiled biting her lower lip. She instantly heard him whisper close to her don’t do that mistimia I may just not care every one is here.
A shiver runs down her spine just feeling him so close. He slips is arms around her waist possessively & walks her to the royal style ‘dewan’ made especially for them,  infront of every one making the ladies blush & whisper teasingly.
He sat & chose & changed the whole design they had planned. He was so particular what he wanted on her palm, it was so different for the ladies to have the groom instructing like that. Thai ji teased – beta ji u can’t be seeing the design Maan wondered – why thai ji? Thai ji – u will have to search ur name in her palm in the SR Maan NO WAYS , I am not wasting my time on that on our SR he spoke ever so seriously making the ladies giggle & leaving his mistimia all red.
thai ji dipped her head giggling sweetly in geets ears – yeh tho, tum se bhi bada beshram hain geet couldn’t look any where but at her feet that curled into the hem of her beautiful lehenga.
Latter as the sangeet began every one was busy in singing & dancing. It was really fun filled environment with music blasting aloud. Maan whispered in her ears – mistimia I need something to drink geet looked around for a waiter not finding one, she went into the kitchen thai ji asked if she needed anything, geet causally refused & went in to get some drink for her puchki.
the moment she stepped in, he held her from waist & tucked her closer.. she held her arms away not wanting to spoil her mehendi & at the same time not knowing how to fight him, & fight the urge to hold him.
Geet – puchki chodo na mujhe Maan – umm.. his lips already finding his favorite spot on her shoulder.. softly placing kisses soon becoming passionate. She turned to face him in his arms, puchki.. her voice died as he took her lips into a longing kiss. I missed u so much he spoke in the kiss I missed u too she whined closing her eyes his fingers slipped under her kurti caressing the softness of her skin. His kisses intensified as he reached her swell over the laced bra. She hugged him crossing her arms making sure mehendi didn’t get spoiled.
They parted hearing thai ji’s voice. He kissed her yet again just before thai ji caught them thai ji gave that smile geet immediately said – inhe pyas lagi thi thai ji looked at her smudged lips stick naughtily – I can see that Maan made ever so innocent face sipping the glass.
He had spend the whole of ceremony troubling her. For his advantage she couldn’t use her decorated hands to fight, (as if she waned to).
Next day morning was haldi ceremony. Maan managed to sneak into her room offcourse with Nt’s help. After all the emotional blackmail how he had helped dev during their wedding.
Geet was still sleeping peacefully. He pinned her hands up softly & began kissing her all over softly. She smiled in her sleep .. puchki humari shaadi hogaye..? it all seemed like a dream to her umm.. he smiled sliding down to her curves his passion taking over he was supposed to only put haldi on her & go back.. but she looked so irresistible dammit he nipped her exposed bit making her moan she was dazed still unware of this sneaking bit. She fought to hold him, while her hand was still pinned above her head, in sheer urge to hold him, her eyes opened
how was she still in her room if they were already married.. ek min.. when did they get married.. ek min what is he doing in her room puchki she screamed softly still struggling to let go umm he continued taking her curve between his teeth aah… puchki aap yanha kya kar rahen ho? She tried to struggle out his grip tumhari mehendi he reminded she pushed him little harder than she expected to,
pulling the sheet closer sook gayee hain why did u lie humari shaadi hogayee I didn’t he said reminding her lekin.. she bit her tongue seeing him, get angry & turning his back,  to leave the way he came in. aap yanha she spoke meekly haldi lagne aayen tha lekin aap tho yeh sab nahi manthe tum tho manthi ho her eyes filled up. She could have never expected him to do all this. She knew he didn’t believe in all this, still he was here for her. She hugged him from behind he stiffened & turned to face her in a jerk yeh sab rasame tumhe band sakti hain, mujhe nahi tum humesha se meri thi, I don’t need all this to believe that. She tried to caress his cheek making a sorry face. He held her hand & placed it over his heart. Tum humesha se yanha ho merin dil ke paas she rested her cheek over his chest… just over her name I am sorry he jerked her holding her arms – don’t u dare ever push me away she kissed his flaring nose – u came for me he pouted angrily she tiptoed & kissed his frowning brows – haldi lagane ke liyen he crossed his arms like a angry little boy looking away she smiled sweetly pecked his lips he pouted cutely pecked again – I love u soft peck.. he smiled – I love u more & a peck that drew their lips closer. His tongue just slid exploring her yet again. He could never stop their.. his hands reached right in tucking her closer. She chewed his lower up giving in. they had to step away hearing Nt.
He panted resting his head on hers.. how am I going to wait she bit her lower lip blushing he growled having to leave.
The wedding hall was decorated with yellow & orange gande flowers. Geet smiled seeing the decoration reminded of each morning she woke up to those lovely flower. Only her puchki make it so romantic. By now every one had known that bit of their love story when Maan insisted on gande ka phool instead of expensive orchids or even roses. 
It won’t be wrong to say she looked the most gorgeous bride ever. & he truly felt proud walking in that equally matching elegance & charisma. Then began the journey of their beautiful 7 promises. It was like gods them selves her blessing them from haven. The elders showered their love & blessings, while close frds filled their hearts with warmth of being cared for. It was beautiful.
Prachi couldn’t make it from US. Armaan was in his house, not able to get himself to attend the wedding. He knew it was impt for her. But he couldn’t just couldn’t.
Raj made it for the haldi & didn’t leave a chance to tease Maan.
Precap only puchki could fight on his SR thanks for the lovely comments & likes love muskan

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Dhundlae aks

Part 213
He smiled cutely.. with naughtiness taking over as he got the desired approval from all waisen prachi bhi aaj kal suti nahi phen thi.. he pouted ever so cutely for which Geet made a big O face & Rano cutely patted his cheek.. chal badmash now knowing how damad had been causal with his relations until now.
Maan made a sudden serious face mama aap jaldi se mujhe Geet dedo nahi tho main ussen kidnap karlonga.. before he could finish his sentence he felt a tug in his ears.. he squealed in pain & looked at his dad angrily glaring down at him. Maan straightened himself slowly sliding next to Geet who was all blushing & very emotional. Yash crossed his hand & spoke in a threatening voice yah shaadi ek sharath pe hi ho sakti hain Geet became nervous while Maan cribbed cutely into her ears.. mujh se jada tho nihen jaldi hain! Aur aisen baav khaa rahen hain… huh His misty could just melt listening to his cute cute cribbing & antics today. OMG.. he is more than everything she ever dreamt off. How sweetly he confessed his feelings..she chuckled as he cutely continued his cribbing sliding behind her as Yash continued with his condition Geet shaadi ke baad tumharen saat US nahi jayengi! everyone gasped & looked at Yash Maan made a bigger cribbing face. Dev even tried to calm Yash, for which he got a stern look from his dad. Maan only made a mumbling complain to his misty & didn’t bother to reply to his dad.
Darji tried to divert the attention towards other wedding aspects than getting their damad scolded on his engagement.
He had already plans of being here with them & nun seem to know about his plans. Geet felt an overwhelming feel in her heart knowing him more closely than anyone else. Her lashes felt a burning sensation & invariably she leaned closer to him. He took a deep breath & rested his chin on her shoulders cutely. They looked so cute together, Daadi stepped forward to caress their cheeks lovingly  endeavoring the moment. 
Nt excitedly announced, “lets complete the chunri phenane ki rasam” Maan & Geet were made to sit together while Nt gave the chuni to Daadi. Daadi ‘ tum hi phena do Nt smiled & put the duppata around her blushing frd. She excitedly hugged & kissed geet. Next Daadi came to bless them. She brought a khandani har for Geet.. Nt adjusted geets dupatta & chains when daadi’s eye went on Maan’s fav chain of his mom, as if it belonged there. She looked at her grandson & shook her head. Daadi ‘ shagun tho Maan phelen hi de chukain hain thats when everyone noticed the chain in her neck as Daadi pulled it out. Yash looked at her dearly & probably was convinced Maan could do something right too.
While the elders were discussing the following ceremonies puchki sneaked into her room almost dragging her with him. Not that she would have refused but she was conscious. He plonked his head on her lap threading his fingers with hers, rocking her with the havoc he was creating turning in her lap. She looked at him lovingly aap ne Yash sir ko nahi bataya ki aap KI join kar rahen hain he nibbled the back of her palm, not caring to answer her.
She shied aap humesha aisen karten ho, kabhi kuch nahi katen, sab ko paresan karten ho he turned & hugged her around the waist main aisen hi hoon she placed a kiss on his head jaanthi hoon pata nahi phir bhi aap se she shied & kissed him again this time hiding herself in him confessing her consuming emotion.
Everything was planned mehendi, haldi & wedding. While every one was preparing for the day. Maan had to fly back to US to serve his notice period with his company. It was a mutual agreement to discontinue. They were not happy with him traveling to India without notice & Maan was not that worried abt joining KI now. May be he saw the scope or he felt his family business needed him or was it to be with his family or should I say the believe she had in him.
The love birds couldn’t meet much especially when dhulha decides to come back only a week before the ceremonies. Actually can’t blame him, Yash couldn’t wait to have his little princess in KM. Yash actually suggested to have a quick wedding even before Maan traveled, but then that was really silly he himself realized, giving a breather of month & half.
No stone was unturned to grace the most talked abt event of the era. Handa’s & Khurana’s!!! that was the buzz.
Finally it was day for Maan to return. He didn’t tell any one when exactly he was returning. He gave a tentative date the reason was simple he had to go to HP first meet up with his misty who was super angry with him for not accompanying her for any of the wedding shopping. When ever she called him either he was too sleepy or too naughty.
He took Rano’s blessing as she opened the door & straight went to geets room. It took some time for Rano to realize she could actually stop him.
He straight away went & hugged her madly, she gave in to his passion before showing her anger.
Well it was too late he had already melted her heart coming straight into her arms aab misty gusa karen tho kaisen.
Rano hesitantly knocked geets room door both straighten themselves. Rano ‘ beta aisen shaadi se phelen milna teehk nahi hota Maan made a complaining face & went near Rano mama Maan ‘ mama main kya karta Geet mujhe se nazar ho gayen thi rano looked at her daughter, who was now trembling with her words, knotting her duppata.., caught in his arms & now him openly talking to her mom, nahi mama aisen baat nahi hain Maan ‘ nahi mama, isne mujhe kissy bhi nahi di Geet unknowingly accepted ‘ mama yeh jhut bol rahen hain, main ne.. she bit her tongue & buried her head in her moms arms rano felt so embarrassed at the situation. Thai ji came from behind & pulled maans cheek.. chalo KM main sab pershan ho rahen honge Maan quickly placed a peck on Geets flushed cheek infront of everyone & walked away leaving sharam se pani pani Geet behind.
Precap puchkimia wedding!!!
the next part will be a brush through of the elaborate wedding kitne saren wedding parts hogyen hain kitne saren FF’s main.. could get into the next step of their journey thanks for the lovely comments & likes love

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Dhundlae aks

Part 212
Maan stood mum when Yash dragged him out of the Hawali after pleading sorry to every one. Maan was already all time low with his guilt from earlier conversation with Geet in her room & now again one of his silly zid has led to lose him everything he ever desired. It was all so easy & simple for him until now. He got everything in his life without much fight. Though he made it a fight. He was a topper with his hard work still he wanted to fight his way out in outer IT world. He had his love right with him all the while but he did every thing to hurt her, ruin it, push her away even though they were bond by the most strongest relation of love & marriage. Still he did nothing to keep it safe. 
He sadly looked back only to feel himself slipping away when her eyes pierced his. Barely slits now as they peered down into his soul pleading. He could feel his existence convulse as she stared at him with her painfully broken hazels. He felt his already sinking heart under the immense weight of her grief. His steps froze as Yash continued to drag him out the Hawali’s huge doors that led to the main hall. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her plead.
He stood their not responding to the tug on his arm, just like that forgetting everything that he had ever known. He probably heard a frustrating groan from his dad and a disappointedly turning away, holding that pallu against her lips to muffle her cry. The pale painful expression on her face was the last thing he ever wanted to see & in that moment he just snapped his hand off his dads hard grip firmly yet respectfully.
Yash opened his mouth to say something was instantly silenced by Maans  raised hand as he spoke. Nahi hain Geet bilkul bhi prachi jaisen. Geets leg froze at the steps. Rano & other family members looked at Maan keenly. Probably Yash wanted to kill him already.
Suit nahi pehen thi, nahi lethi pallu sar pe,
gussen tho isken nak pe rahta hain
Geet glared at him in disbelieve, ziddi tho itni hain ki iska zid ke samne kisi ki nahi chalthi pata nahi aapne aap ko kya samjthi hain, mano puri duniya isken kadmo main ho he walked slowly & sat on his knees in front of  Rano. Phir bhi na isen jane, na ise phechane mujhe itna bechan karti hian.
Uski low line jeans ho yah uski cricket ki deewangi.
Everyone smiled at Geet. She snorted her nose with tears pouring her eyes. Rano looked at him at awe. Mujhe tho iski us dhundlae se aks se ne bhi nahi choda aunty.
Shayad issliyen kyun ki.. yeh wo sab itni aasni se karti hain jo main shayad sirf chata ra jatha hoon.. chahen wo duniya ko apni jooten ke nok main rahkna ho, yah fir dad ki dil main jagah banana. He took rano’s hand in his pulled her closer Geet blushed & stood behind thai ji as Maan looked at her & then at rano meri pasand tho apki wo aks hain jo aapne se jayada apno ki khusi chathi hain apno ke khushi ke samne aur kuch nahi soch thi
he rested his head on the back of Rano’s hand, jo khusi khusi apne mama-papa ki har baat manjayegi aur main zid karon tho meren baat bhi nahi taal gi every body was stunned with the truth, lekin ek pal bhi khus nahi rahegi iss ehsaas se ki uski mama ko lagtha hain uska puchki Geet gasped & hid her cherry red face behind thai ji Maan corrected himself uska Maan is not right for her. Rano disbelievingly asked him caressing his head puttur u really love Geet? She looked stunned at her husband & then at Maan  Kab se? Every one looked at him curiously mujhe nahi pata aunty, every one was little taken a back with his response shayad humesa se  every shied in relief & yash smiled at his son finally doing something sensible
main tho yah bhi jantha tha ki yeh Geet hain
everyone looked at Geet .. she made a innocent face like she didn’t know wat is talking abt. Haan mujhe lagtha tha ki suit phen ke, simple simple dihkne wali ladki hi meri pasand hain aur sab ki bhi
& she just proved me wrong proved my thought as well as my own understanding of my feelings wrong issen mujhe se jayda mujhe pe yekin hian, she believes in me more than even I believe in myself. Isken issen yekin mujhe majbor kar diya ki main apni sari haden par kardon he looked more than confidently into Rano’s eyes
main tho yeh bhi nahi pata main Geet se kitna pyar karta hoon mera pas labz hi nahi hain Rano smiled cupping his face labz bhi kam padjayengen.. tumhari aanken kafi hain.
He smiled cutely.. with naughtiness taking over as he got the desired approval from all waisen aunty aap ko pata hain prachi bhi aaj kal suti nahi phen thi.. he pouted ever so cutely for which Geet made a big O face & Rano cutely patted his cheek.. chal badmash now knowing how damad had been causal with his relations until now.
Precap Yash’s condition for marriageLOL thanks for the lovely comments & likes
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-dhundlae aks part 211-


Dhundlae aks

Part 211
He didn’t know whether he deserved any of her trust.. it takes a lot in a relation to be so true.. so loyal. Suddenly all his casual acts, funny talks, carelessness.. began to clutch him in a server pain deep with -in, emerging with a thought that shook his belief on himself.
He silently went & sat at the far end corner of the coach aloof. He couldn’t fathom the sudden realization of their relationship. It was much deeper than he thought or even felt. The respect he had for her just doubled in all means will not be wrong to say multiplied. Thats when he saw her decending down the steps blushing like a bride, a new side of mistimia. That veil on her head.. her cheeks turning redder.. if that was possible. The smile she had because of happiness & her very nave shy.. a smiled teased his lips just with here mere presence. He felt so heavy in his heart… wondering he could give her wat she deserves. 
He saw his dad so proud & happy seeing her. He delight fully got up to welcome her with his blessing & sweet kiss on her forehead. Thai ji asked her to take blessings from Daadi & other elder people. Maan smiled inward seeing Daadi not very into all this blessing stuffs.
Then Nt made Geet to sit next to Maan in the couch. He could see how nervous she was. She had not dared to look up or at him & his eyes was fixed on her. He could clearly hear her heart thudding in excitement, like given a chance she would jump & swirl around holding him at the same time she was highly conscious of family. He chuckled with in at her cuteness.
The family began to talk abt the wedding, & every time they said their name together her cheeks turned cutely deep shad of red. When they finally got the rings for them to exchange, she bit her lips sweetly .. oh my.. Maan could just remember how sweet they would have felt.
She looked at him cutely.. her eyes were twinkling with happiness dancing in them & a layer of tear not able to fathom the same. Daadi gave Maan the ring & thai ji gave her the ring. Maan was so lost in mistimia he didn’t even know how easily he took her beautiful hand in his & slipped the ring in it. All he could see was her face becoming brighter & brighter. He felt her warm touch on his hand & cold metal slipping into his rt hands ring finger. Every min his heart was slipping away like for the first time when she smiled in total excitement & looked at him questioning with a glint of naughtiness. Then don’t know wat happened her smile vanished & tears began to pour holding her same left hand close to her heart.
Maan was startled with the sudden kiosk around. It took him few secs to understand wat was happening. He saw rano ma getting blasted from darji. Darji � rano puttar aap aisen kaisen bol sakti hain mohinder geets dad � rano I had told u every thing earlier & why r u saying all this like this. Wat happened to u rano set her pallo & dipped her head answering to geets dad � aapne sab kaha tha yeh nahi kaha thi ladka Maan hain thai ji pulled her a side � rano, dehkna bache kitne kush hain darji was clearly not approving his bahu’s behavior & pleading sorry to Daadi & yash. It was very unsual of Handa’s female to speak up like this. But Rano was determent & strong. It was for her daughters happiness & before every one could pounce at rano, yash let her speak.
Rano took a deep breath & looked around. Darji had turned his face away in disappointment. She looked at Mohinder seeking permission & he knew there was no point stopping her. He just sighed.
Rano sweetly caressed  Maan’s face, mujhe aap se koi sikayat nahi hain beta. Aap tho aapne papaji ke kahne pe yanhe aayen honge. Yash stiffened a bit with those words for he knew it was true. Rano � I am really happy to see even today such kids exist. Maan lifted his brows unsure to feel happy or sad abt it after she clearly disapproving their relation. rano continued � I would have been very happy to have Maan as our son-in-law had I not known how much he loves Prachi. It was like a bomb shell dropped on every ones head. Geet closed her eyes..tears flowing non-stop. She knows her mom had seen & heard all the stories of Maan & prachi from her during college days & geets one sided love for him.  There was a pin drop silence in the whole Handa Haweli.
Yash glared at Maan with questions darting straight into him. Maan could feel it even with his head down.
Rano persuaded Maan � beta ji, u might be scared to tell ur papaji, lekin aisen tho theen theen zindagiyan barbad hojayen gi. Praachi ne tho apna engagement bhi break kar diya aapke liyen & moved to NYC now. Daadi looked at Maan in disbelieve & he shook his head in denial & dipped his head ..not understanding how was he going to fix all this. He felt the whole world suddenly coming to an halt. He felt devastated seeing those hazels in misery.
Brij could definitely not see his princess sister crying like that. Brij tried to interrupt � mama ji all that could be past, college thing.. if he is here today means he wants to move on & I am sure he is matured enough to know wat is right for him.
he had always felt maan as trustful & mature in making right decision at right time, may it be in Mumbai incident or the recent incident in delhi.
Something yash was not sure .. “matured enough…” rano fought back exactly my point � Geet is not anything like prachi & all the while some where Maan would expect her to be like her. Arren Geet ko tho suit phena bhi pasand nahi. Darji � phen lagi na wo suit shaadi ke baad rano shook her head wondering how to explain.. suit is just one thing.. rather tip of the ice berg.. – haan main janthi hoon Geet ko, wo phehen bhi lagi suit, lekin darji sirf suit ke baat nahi hain, Geet wo hain hi nahi jo Maan chahen. aur wo kab taak prachi ki jaisen banthi rahegi Mohinder � aakir tum chati kya ho rano � main chati hoon ki Geet jis se bhi shaadi karen wo us ladken ki pasand ho. Uski dusri pasand nahi. & that hit the final nail.
Maans head had dipped in shame to have been the soul reason for all this misunderstanding & so much of pain to everyone & the person whom he cared the most.
Yash got the complete picture & he had only doubt to be cleared, he looked at Maan & asked Geet  .. is prachi ur best friend Geet & Maan the best frds boy friend u told me abt? Geet trembled with her word.. & that was enough for yash to lose it completely. He raised his hand to slap Maan when Dev intervened, looking thoughtfully around. Yash took a deep breath & stepped away.
Tum janthe bhi ho, tum dono ke wajah se Geet kitne pareshan rahi hai. I clearly remember her getting disturbed trying to sort u both. Now I know why u were in so much of a hurry to get back to NYC. Yash spat in shear rage
Both rano & yash spoke togather � sorry yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti
Maan stood mum when yash dragged him out of the hawali after pleading sorry to every one.
Crywonder if her puchki could fix itCry
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-dhundlae aks pt 210-

Broken Heart


Dhundlae aks

Part 210
Geet immediately turned her back & crossed her hands… nahi Maan’s usual snapping anger.. really he retorted in his typical style Geet grinned.. wo kabhi vaccant tha hi nahi.. she sweetly chuckled & kissed his lips
well that was just a que to puchki.. he began to adore her features with his kisses. His lips reached her earlobe & he instantly asked where is ur ear rings she immediately checked.. oh.. main bhol gayen.. ek min let me see she turned to her dresser & searched for the matching pair. Her eyes accidentally fell on the blue single ear ring. She instantly stiffened. That night at party night came back in her mind. She had totally forgotten abt it. It was more than 4-5yrs of that incident. With life, with puchki..  she had forgotten all that incident. Puchki was still busy playing with her earlobes.. he didn’t fail to notice her sudden withdrawal.  
Geet dipped her head & moved a step away from him, reaching out for the ear ring on the dresser. The whole night played back in her eyes.. the shameless act of hugging some stranger, she was drunk & she .. to her agony she had not told anything abt that incident to her puchki. Not that she didn’t want to tell him, actually she had genuinely forgotten all abt it. She knows he is madly possessive & this fact of some one touching her so intimately.. that too a total stranger was very scaring. Will he believe her if she said .. it stopped with a hug. He knows very well how she losses her senses after drinking.  Will he accept it was just .. just wat!!! a sudden fear ran down her spine how will she explain to him she doesn’t even know who he was.. she tried hard to remember.. mr stranger… her as mrs stranger she gulped her saliva Maan straightened himself looking at her aks on the mirror. Her features had lost all the shades & she looked miserable all of a sudden kya huwa misti Maan tried to comfort her her lips trembled.. pu.. pu.. puchki wo wo Geet was never a weak person. Her love always made her completely different. But today she couldn’t be weak. She has to tell me, wat if he over reacts.. wat like always jumps into conclusion.. she clutched her fist crushing the earring in her hand.. so painfully. She took a deep breath.. puchki u remember my accident kaun sa wala.. he tried to mock but her serious glare.. wiped his grin the one I broke my leg umm he hugged her.. how can forget.. it gave me my misti.. he kissed her more dearly wo actually she became weak she turned into his arms & broke down. .. the previous night I had been to disc.. got drunk & met some stranger.. we were just fooling around.. we drove to some place.. her heart was sinking while uttering every word wanha wanha she sobbed.. kuch nahi huwa tha I promise puchki .. I promise.. she spoke between the hick ups we just hugged.. I have never done anything like that before.. she hid her head in his chest guilt was eating her up totally shame of accepting was worst Maan couldn’t make out anything.. he was getting vulnerable seeing her in that state. He just held her in his arms. Not wanting her to cry any more.. never again actually. Sachi puchki it was just something weird feeling that that night wo Mr. stranger hum.. she choked
It took him a while to understand wat she was trying to say. Only when he saw the part of the ear ring he did. He closed his eyes painfully. He could totally understand.. since he felt the same guilt that night hugging a total stranger in that passion. But today the feel that filled him was overwhelming.. since he knew it was her.. his misti.. it was inevitable, they were meant to be close.
His silence only feared her.. she cupped his face shaking.. puchki u trust me na he sighed & broke his silence instantly to sooth her haan baby.. more than even myself..
with one hand she cutely pinched her throat ever so cutely.. kasam se puchki we just hugged I know he said smiling with a sweet memory of that night. Shooo.. shoo.. mistimia.. I know.. u could never .. I know that.. he kissed her
I do.. I do.. she was still not convinced she tried to explain him puchki I know it was wrong..I never had any feelings like it was with for u, lekin there was some thing strong attraction, pull.. 
beyond u.. he completed I know but puchki we instantly broke out of the hug.. he could sense a similar sadness.. restlessness in her voice. I left from there immediately .. I didn’t know where to.. I was.. I don’t know wat happened.. I called armaan.. she was speaking all in one go.. Maan tried to stop her, comfort her.. tell her it was him.. it was their first hug.. & how they were destined to be one.. but Geet didn’t let him.. she continued to pour her pain, her guilt.  I ran like crazy.. & was hit by armaan’s car. Maan’s heart froze.. remembering that screeching loud sound that night how raj told him to check wat it was oh mistimia.. I am so sorry .. I am so sorry.. I .. I .. he closed his eyes painfully.. not able to complete his sentence. Dam.. she had an accident that night.. dam wat did I do.. I just left her to fetch for herself that night. The whole incident seemed so wrong.. so dangerous now. Before he could get over his own realization, they heard thai ji’s voice. Geet composed herself & looked at puchki again, he was not blaming her. She smiled weakly. Geet felt so relived. She kissed his cheeks wiping her tears & ran to open the door.  Maan turned his back to the door & straightened himself.
Thai ji teased Geet.. & giggled mujhe tho phelen se hi pata tha Geet bit her lower lips. Nt came in .. challen thai ji  – ek min.. duppatta tho phen lo 
Maan went out lost.. he was totally shaken. He remembered how much pain mistimia was in after the accident & he was the soul reason of that mess. He got drunk & randomly got close to some girl. They just clicked.. & he drove out of the disc with her. Wat was he even thinking, then.. he was drunk.
How true she wanted to be this relation. She didn’t want to hide even this tiny truth him. & here he was not having the guts to accept to her it was him.
He smiled weakly as he saw Daadi & Dev giggling saying something. He didn’t know whether he deserved any of this.. it takes a lot in a relation to be so true.. so loyal. Suddenly all his casual acts, funny talks, carelessness.. began to clutch him in a server pain deep with -in, emerging with a thought that shook his belief on himself.
Broken Heart twist Broken Heart
yash raised his hand to slap Maan
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