Hours had passed in senseless love making session. After they were exhausted, they cuddled in the dark. They spoke of all kind of things. Mainly knowing abt each other.

Probably he had dossed off.. she was still on her phones & laptop busy with her work. When he woke up she came with a mug hot coffee.
Maan – did u sleep at all?
She kissed his lips – I am in mid of some take over jaan.
Its really getting messy.
Maan was not used to this side of her.. workaholic. & he thought it was him who had no clue of the world except his business.

Maan being Maan he couldn’t stop himself poking his nose. He didn’t want to but this was something he was best at. She offcourse had the best of degrees, but Maan had the experience from Khuranas & the one here in US.

It took him some time some to get in details while she rushed out attending some call. He could hear her tone very different from wat he was used to. he didn’t disturb her & carried on with his shower. When he came out Geet had already prepared nice hot breakfast for him.
Maan – u didn’t have to
geet took his lips in a demanding kiss – I wanted to jaan
he felt so lost with this person. A min before she was like some business person & now in his arms she was just his. Like nothing else mattered.

Maan – we throwing a party for sams wedding
geet – really, thats why every one is here
Maan rolled his eyes knowing wat she meant, when she said everyone
geet – so I get my GF.. job back
Maan sighed – no I was planning to tell them the truth
geet looked at him, deprived of any emotions.
Maan – I didn’t want to lie to my parents like this
after few mins of silence; she came around & sat on his lap. She cupped his face sweetly – wat ever u wish jaan
Maan looked at her confused.. wondering.. that all she had to say!! R they done. Probably this is how real geet handa is!!

she looked little reluctant – so I will see u in the evening here for dinner. I will cook ur fav pasta
Maan – nahi wo main
her eyes again looked oddly silent. It was easy for anyone to miss it. Even him.. not when she sat in his lap, just inches away. Her lashes fluttered like holding herself strong.
Maan – why don’t u join us for dinner
suddenly there was sparkle in her eyes.
Oh he could anything million of times over & again. Just for that sparkle. He nodded thinking over it – we have the family dinner with raghav’s parents & our family.
She bit her lips – will u be fine with that
he couldn’t resist the open invitation. He kissed her lips thoroughly – no I don’t mind it

she panted blushing furiously – so I am ur girl friend now
it was maans turn to blush.

After finished his break fast, he bit her good bye & he rushed to his office . He had lots to windup before he went to the dinner. He couldn’t stop himself think abt geet the whole day.

Yes he liked her a lot. But did she like him too in the real sense. She definitely could find any dam person first for her the beautiful person she is, second oh dam she is sexy & to top it she has the money that could buy just any one.

He didn’t want to be just a time pass for her. It was easy to fall for her but wat if she losses interest in him. He was just not sure of anything. He couldn’t take her words for it because, she had lied to him in past. She did let him believe she was with him for that money.

He got fed up with all this thoughts & decided to play safe. Keep his heart in watch.

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~pari~pt 17

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Stopping with just one kiss with her, was next to not breathing. She gave in like she belonged there. Her legs were jelly as his hands possessively mold her. They parted after ever lasting kiss. He rested his head on hers fighting with himself to stop. His fingers pushed her strands & slipped to reach her scalp. Her hand found their way under his shirt creating an havoc in him. It took every inch of his strength to stop himself.

He sighed kissing her nose, & then placing soft pecks on her lips that still quivered under him.
Maan – we should stop
he said trying to pull her hands that were comfortably tucked under his shirt..

she looked at him with her droopy eyes. Oh he loved to see her like this .. all mussy mussy with his touch. Her checks were flushed, she looked so dazed.

Before they could talk her phone buzzed.
Geet shook her head & looked at the caller – umm
she answered in mono syllables.
Geet – Maan we need to get out of here she stated
they stepped out of the main building, only to see a crowd of cameras awaiting them. Her body gaurds immediately covered them & safely moved them to her car.

She made a innocent face looking at Maan who was used to all this in India. He hated all that. Media following every where. It was like ur under scrutiny of everything u speak or do.. dammit even the cloths u wear.. Maan gave the address of his apartment to the driver.

Once they were in the apartment geet was mesmerized
Geet – this place is really beautiful Maan
we should get lamp for this corner
& a vase for this side .. & she was already busy exploring the place.
Maan – u really like the place.
he asked reluctantly. He knew she belonged to a very big family. Then to her finding this place nice.. he was not sure. For matter of fact even Nt won’t approve for this place.

She coolly discarded her coat & heels in the living room. She gasped at the view from bedroom. Oh Maan she hugged him, the view is so freaking awesome.

He couldn’t have stopped himself having her so close.. dammit every night he had wanted to be with her in this same dam room in the same dam bed, & she was here!!

Soon their shirt were all gone. & latter last bit of cloths joined the pile. She had very strong personality but in his arms she was timid. It was he who lead their closeness. She followed him very naively & passionately.
He had a very vague memory of their closeness. Every step was exploration, new, exciting & enchanting all at the same time.

She looked at him in amaze how strong he was inside out. His tight grip around her that swooned in a kind of bliss. His mouth torturing her by moving over her throat softly placing wet kisses with his lips. She felt dizzy with his beard softly slipping down to her curves, brushing & pushing.

She pulled him back into a maddening kiss..
he panted.. wait wait ek min geet
I don’t have any protection
geet kissed him passionately – we didn’t use it last time either she spoke between the breaths.. her lips not leaving his
oh god she was going to kill him
he had to get it straight before they did anything.. oh hell how was he to stop himself
geet – wat is it jaan she asked sincerely
Maan – wat is this geet
geet looked at him innocently – wat?
Maan – we both know where is this heading
wat is this. U & me
geet – U & me??
she looked at him yearning.. like she missed a beat or 2
Maan – I don’t know
geet took a deep breath hugged him – but I know, I want u for real
Maan – u know that is so not true
she snuggled closer kissing his neck, provoking him further
he pinned her once & came on top of her.
Dammit I need u too
she giggled – as u wish jaan
Maan – I am not used to any flings & I don’t want to get hurt again.
Geet looked at him thinking something
Maan – I don’t even know u well enough, I don’t want be on ur list of boys, wanting a piece of u
geet leaned closer – u have me in full she bit him in his ears
Maan – geet he pressed her down,
I don’t know u at all
geet – we can start with being friends
Maan scanned her top to bottom.. friends!!!
they were both undressed. It won’t even take a sec before they would in the heave & she was talking abt being friends
really!! he looked at her
geet – wat do u want Maan she asked unsure
he leaned closer I want u geet

said that he could have stopped, but he never could, not with her, not with her moaning his name under him. Not when she was hot & wet wanting him for real.

He didn’t understand exactly wat was coming his way. He didn’t ask for all this. Least of all, he never dream of Geet Handa to be in his life & want him.

He gave in to his this.. wat ever this was.. he drugged her with kisses. He touched her, claimed her in every possible way. Until her mind was blank except Maan .. jaan in her moans

Hours had passed in senseless love making session. After they were exhausted, they cuddled in the dark. They spoke of all kind of things. Mainly knowing abt each other.

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The weekend was busy preparing the families visit & stay. It was mid afternoon when sasha collected the locket from the jeweler & placed it on his table. Since then he has been starring blankly at it. All the memories of their together played back in his mind. He felt so miserable with out her. Not a single day had passed without thinking abt her of waking up with the dreams of their passionate moment. He wanted to be her prince charming.

All he wanted was feel that warmth just once. He held the locket & kissed it. Just wanted to hope beyond all hopes his geet was not some Geet Handa. She was his sweet pari. But all the news articles & magazines said a different story.

he looked up hearing the cabin door open
Nt – admit it Maan, u still love me
she had that typical smile o her face
Maan can’t believe she had the cheek to walk into his office. Dammit how can he even love her. That thought itself sucked.
She sexily came around – nice office. I see u have done good for urself
Maan clutched the locket in his hand. It suddenly made him calm. He slipped it inside his court pocket.
Nt – I know that geet & ur relation was just a fake to ruin my wedding day
Maan – just get the hell out of here
he screamed
Nt – u could have given me one dam chance Maan, I even asked u forgiveness.
Look at urself.. ur all alone now
Maan just kept quiet
nt – geet is definitely not ur type.

Maan was dam irritated, he took the files & threw the dam file on the wall squeezing the person between himself & the wall yet again. & instantly hugged her. He didn’t want to open his eyes. He wanted to just live in that moment little longer. oh.. he missed her so much. He wasn’t ready to open his eyes yet.. wat if disappears.

Nt gave a pissed of look. Geet stood like tight slapped reply. If she looked tender loving, caring then.. right now she looked epitome of class in her formal attire. High heals to match, tight formal skirts with shirts & blazer hell she looked hot even then.
geet – u always on the other side aren’t u
nt – wat do u know abt him
geet smiled – well I know more than any girl would have ever known him
Maan knew exactly wat she was hinting at.
Before nt could say anything geet – congrats I heard its boy.
She clung to Maan as he dragged her out of the building. When they reached to a little private place. Realization was sinking in. ok .. he was supposed to be angry at her. She was still holding him close in her arms.
He just stepped aside.
Geet – I heard u were looking for me jaan
she had that naughty glint her eyes
also heard that u wanted to personally kick me
Maan could never say all that to her. He still hoped she would never hear all this. He sighed.
Geet pouted cutely
Maan – u lied to me geet
u of all the people fooled me
there was definitely so much pain in his voice
geet instantly cupped his face – I could never do that Maan
he pushed her hand away – no u told me all lies
geet – no Maan, every thing I told back home in India abt me was all true.
Maan felt defeated – no geet u just let me believe that u were some person from fashion industry desperate for some quick buck.
he could clearly see the sparkle in her eyes – its partly true
Maan – partly. Look at u.. I don’t know even know wats ur real name is
geet smile widely – I am Geet Handa, CEO of Handa fashion houses, Handa designers basically the whole Handa’s.
Mana – how old r u?
Geet blushed – 26
he just pulled her in a warm hug. Thanks for every thing u did for me
Maan – but why did u have to help me. I mean that deal & all. Definitely it was not for the money!
geet looked at him with that sparkling eyes – frankly I don’t know Maan. Even now sometimes I ask the question to myself
Maan – u don’t know?? how can u not know? It was the worst time of my life
geet – but it was the best 10days of my life jaan. I loved every bit of it.
Maan – & this he took the locket out of his pocket
geet – I just wanted to give u something that was special to me
she did look disappointed he was not wearing it
he couldn’t see her like that, he immediately tried to justify – it actually broke. Aaj hi jeweler ne diya
she took it from his hand & slipped around his neck. Issen apne se dur nahi karna
she said placing peck on his cheek.

Oh she missed it so much.. as their breath mingled.. he just leaned closer & took the lips in. she melted in a puddle. His arms crushed her into him. I missed u so much he said
he could see a tear escape her eyes.

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Little bit of tension raised in Khurana family with sudden registered marriage of Sam & raghav.

Raghav was a year younger to her. It was bit a situation. Not that Maan had any thing but it was little difficult to disgust. His best friend with his sister that too older one.

But Maan had to manage the whole thing with his parents & raghav’s parents. Everything some how came to smooth sail with an reception party. Maan, sasha & vicky planned it all for next week. Maans parents & raghav will be joining them for that.

It was just another wonderfully exhausting day at office & then arranging the reception party

Maan went to his gym after all that. He was working out when his locket snapped. He got little tensed & went back home immediately. He didn’t like he feel that it gave him. He almost treasured it like his life depended on it. It was giving him the strength she always was.

He couldn’t sleep the whole night. Next morning he requested sahsa to take him to jeweler to fix the chain.
Sasha – this may be indication u need stop wearing it.
It is so girly
Maan – I will get a longer chain may be that will look better
sasha took him to some indian owned jewelry shop she knew
sasha – Maan this is patel uncle, I buy all my jewels from him
Maan pulled her aside – yaar I don’t think it is real gold or something.
Sahsa – haan but u can get a gold ki chain na, uncle can put it in the chain & give it u
she looked at Mr Patel the store owner – uncle ji yeh Maan hain, inka yeh locket thoda teehk kardijiyen, aur koi aachi se chain bhi dihka di jiyen
Maan looked so tensed & worried
Mr patel looked at the locket – beta yeh tho khara sona hain
Maan looked at sasha. Maan never cared the money value of it. The locket meant lot more than all that to him.
sasha’s eyes popped out
mr patel – beta this some tabiz
he looks closely issme tho diamonds bhi lagen hain. It will cost u a lot to fix it.
Maan looked at it in disbelieve.
Why would geet give him such a expensive locket.
Mr patel – yeh tho khandhani lagtha hain
ek min let me check it. He looked more closely & read the name – thabhi tho..
Maan looked sasha to Mr patel
sasha – wat it is uncle
Mr patel – this belongs to Handas
Maan – thats impossible.
Mr patel pointed the at the carving on the back side of the locket.
Maan looked closely. He clenched his jaw in anger.
Sasha – so she was Geet Handa
Maan felt so cheated. They placed the order to fix the locket & went out.
Maan – I thought she said the lie & fooled everyone for me. But actually I am the one getting fooled here.
he still couldn’t believe all this
She might be having such a fun time at my cost.
Sasha – why did she agree to for this whole think at the first place.
Maan cared a dam. He knew he was cheated all over again.

He took out his phone & dialed her number. It came switched off. He found out her branch office in Newyork & went in directly.
Maan – I want to meet Geet
he still was not able to belive.. his geet was the same Geet Handa
the receptionist was bit taken a back – u mean Ms Geet Handa
Maan was frustrated now. Were they even talking of the same person.
Receptionist – called the manager
Manager adi – yes sir
maan – I want to meet Geet
adi – she is out of country. She will be back next week.
do u have an appointment with her.
no one would have addressed her by her first name. it was bit strange to every one
Maan just nodded
Adi – is there message u want me to pass it to her
Maan was super irritated – yeh .. we had a deal & there is some problem with it now
Adi – u r
Maan – Maan Singh Khurana, tell her I am going personally kick her. He was infuriated right now.
Receptionist chuckled a bit & adi looked around

Maan couldn’t believe wat was happening. He was so looking forward to meeting her once every thing was stable with his business. He had done very well with his business in India. Khurana’s name no one could touch back home. But he had this dream to build it all in US too. He could have easily transferred fund from KC in India but after wat dev spoke that day he didn’t want touch that money.

By gods grace he was doing grt with his business & managed to buy himself this apartment too. He was all set to meet his geet. He wanted her to see him in a better state. The real him!! not that sulking self. Then hoped she could like him. They could probably.. he sighed.
Geet Handa seems so alien to him. Forget liking he cant even imagine all that. His heart suddenly felt a n unknown pinch.

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Couple of months had passed since he had returned from India. He was glad he didn’t think much about Nt & dev now days. He was getting ready for the office while wearing the shirt his eyes fell on the locket geet had put in his neck..
“promise me to emerge strong
& u will never stop chasing ur dreams
& once u have done.. u will find me. Without any pretending, not for any deal just start all over again. ”
her words played in his mind. He had promised her to be strong. & chase his dream. Yes his dream firm .. he was working hard to put his company back in shape. He tried not to transfer funds from India for last 2 months. It was not easy especially with all the damages he had done in his sulking mod was hitting them back. But he was not to lose hope. He was positive & knew it for sure he can do well.

Today was impt since he had to meet the bank for some loan purposes. He had been trying for loan since last few weeks but none of the bank was willing to invest in the venture. This is the only bank that has shown him some interest.

He checked the tie & put the locket inside, caressing it over slowly. The third promise to find her to, he shied. He took the phone & scrolled down to her name. Looked at it for very long time & then decided otherwise.

He was still leaving with Sam with his financial instability.

Sam was happy for Maan. She was glad he was not in sulking mod anymore & he was really working hard to crack new deals.
She was taken back seeing him little dull today caressing the locket
sam – don’t tell me u still have that locket
Maan – I made a promise to her sam, it is the symbol that.
sam – that girl freaks me
Maan was defensive mode instantly – wat urs problem sam, uss bechari ne tho mujhe se kuch pasien bhi nahi liyen
sam – exactly, I don’t know wat was her interior motive, she returned daadi’s ring & the money in that envelope.
Maan was blank – she would have spend so much on those cloths & jewels
sam – I don’t trust this person who could so out rightly lie looking into every ones eyes.
Maan – she did that for me sam
sam – that doesn’t make her any nice person. She still sounds creepy to me.
Maan didn’t want to get there again. He just left for the meeting checking himself in the mirror.

Sasha came to pick him up. They reached the meeting on time. Maan did the whole presentation. The board took some time to decide.
Manager – I am sorry bank can’t take such big risk
Maan was confident they could work it out some way. He just remained positive. He was confident & strong now.
He patted sasha’s back – don’t worry yaar we will manage it
just then one of the manager suggested – we have some private investors who will be interested
Maan shook their hands in a positive note. After so many days of hard work they finally got some ray of hope.

Within couple of weeks they got all the funds they needed from this private investor. All the dealing were done through the third party. The investor was not interested in what they are doing with the money neither did he want any say in that. All they wanted is profit by the end of the year. The contract was drafted & terms were pretty straight forward.

Six months had passed. Maan had managed to move to a samll apartment in Newyork. His passion & dedication was marked in every project he touched.

He caught up with sasha, vicky & raghav like old times. They had their chit-chat their drink & usual session.
Raghav – did u meet up with that girl susan
Maan smiled – nahi yaar
vicky – common u r single now
single now don’t know why Maan couldn’t get himself to feel that. Not that he thought of Nt every time they spoke abt it, it was geet that came in his mind.
Sasha – common Maan that girl has called so many times
Maan – nahi I am not interested I just want to concentrate on my buisness
sasha – wo tho bahut aacha chal raha hain na
Maan – nahi yaar we still have to show profit to that investor.
I can’t think abt anything until I am done with that.
Vicky – I am sure he is giving us all excuses. Tujhe tho wo geet hi sambal sakti hain
every one laughed. Even Maan did.
That was true. She had that magical wand in her hand.
Raghav – did u speak to her after that
Maan – nahi yaar
vicky – can’t believe she didn’t take any money unless u paid her some other way
vicky laughed giving a wink

Maan was lost, he had not told them abt the night he spend with geet. Probably thats why she returned the money he thought. He so wished things didn’t end this way between them. He would have loved to catch up with her.

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he spun her & danced as the music changed to a softer number
Maan suddenly became little stiff, she looked at him
Maan shied – did I make a mistake letting her go
she did ask for a second chance
geet – she didn’t deserve one jaan
Maan – why does it hurt so much
she rested her head on his chest – it will take some time to heal
Maan hugged her closer. He could surely hear sadness in her voice when she said some time.
They ditched the hall reception & went to the bar. They had drinks & danced crazily.


His head felt heavy trying to open his lashes. A smile crept lips oh my!! geet really has a beautiful body, he could feel himself hard just getting the images of her full br***t.. the pink buds. He smiled at his own thoughts. Thank god for once in months he was not waking up dreaming about Nt & dev.

Wait how does he know, how geet looked dammit.. no… he squeezed his eyes shut recollecting last night incident waggly. They kissed crazily walking into the room. As they were getting passionate, geet shied saying something like they should stop.. he was no where to stop. Like he was drugged.

He closed his eyes tightly .. did she cry.. did I force her
dam no.. he turned to other side & was shocked to see her watch him with so much admiration.
Geet – Good morning jaan she pecked his lips
Maan – no dammit
geet – I know it hurts, u had little too much yesterday jaan
she spoke holding the spread close to herself
Maan – stop it geet.. just stop it
we are alone. U don’t have to act any more.
Her expression turned painfully
Maan – wat did I do.. he held his head in frustration
wat did I do
she just held the spread close to her & kept quite letting him speak
Maan – this was not supposed to happen. I never meant all this when I said to act as my GF
she was still quiet
Maan – I know I forced myself. I remember waggly u stopping me & I was being demanding. I know u gave in because u didn’t want to hurt me.
shit he groaned
geet – its ok Maan she tried to calm him
Maan – its not ok geet
3yrs of relation with Nt we never got close, because I wanted it all be after marriage
& look wat I did. Pounced at u the very night.
Wat was the point of all that. I could have just given in to her then & nothing would have ever gone wrong. only thing that was lacking in our relation was sex. I lost myself to u in wat fit of lust.
she softly caressed his cheeks – I feel proud of it
she was sincere to every word she spoke, he could see that
suddenly he was paranoid – how was I?
She blushed inspite of the pain in her heart
Maan – I didn’t have a protection
r u on pills?
Oh god tum chavo tho hum abhi shaadi kar sakten hain
he said wrapping himself in the towel
geet – relax Maan.
Maan – wat if u get pregnant
geet – there is something called after pills
Maan – ok.. he sighed
I am sorry..
he was so disturbed he had no clue wat he was saying to her
Maan – but I am serious if u want we could get married, yah but why would u want to marry me
he just crushed his face in his palm
geet – I don’t want to marry because we had sex
she said coldly looking away

Perfect now she doesn’t even want look at me.. Maan thought. He hated to see her like this. He so wanted everything to be the way it was before sex. Maan u need to get ur head straight. He cursed himself & went into the wash room.

The shower only reminded of the passion they shared last night. He had love bites all over. Dam did he say something wrong. Why did she look so cold suddenly. He shouldn’t have lost himself. He cursed himself again & again. He came out & changed into the spare cloths that were in the cupboard.

Geet didn’t look at him when he came out to the room. She had just gathered her cloths & went in.

Maan couldn’t bare to see this drift between them. He simply kept the cheque for remaining 50lks on the dresser & left.

Latter in the evening they took blessings from everyone & headed to the airport.

The flight journey was painfully silent. That smile that reached her eyes was gone. The naughtiness, flirting was all gone. But again it was all part of the deal. So now everything is over then she doesn’t have pretend any more. He also didn’t know wat to expect anymore.

Before bidding a good bye she tiptoed & kissed his cheek – don’t forget ur 2 promises she said giving him an envelope.

He nodded since he couldn’t find words anymore. he will not forget any of them.. even the third one he promised silently.
the thought he won’t be able to see her again. He won’t be able to hold her again just killed him.

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SORRY GOOF UP.. last update.. it was maans parents(Mr & Mrs Khurana)
geets parents r not in the picture yet

Latter on daadi called him aside & gave him the ring that belonged to khuranas badi bahu.
Daadi – phena do ussen
Maan reluctantly took the ring he was not sure if it was ok. He was not confident to go so far with the act. He didn’t have the option & after seeing that burn in Nts eyes he couldn’t stop himself.

Yes Nt was jealous. She did love Maan. He was sincere. Little to perfect to find. She can’t believe she made the mistake of sleeping with dev. He actually charmed her into it. After the pregnancy she didn’t know wat else to do. She had even tried to seek his forgiveness but he refused to even talk to her. That ring her heart burned.. she had heard all about it from priya & Maan in past but never got to see it. Daadi never gave it. Though she was supposed to be the badi bahu back then.. still daadi never took out. Now the ease with which daadi nudged Maan to give to geet, her eyes welled.

Dev held her arm bitterly – wat r u doing?
R u regretting the marriage already
he was super pissed right now. First Maan looked so happy with this girl supposedly his girl friend .. dam this girl is hot he thought & then everyone in the family suddenly seem to not function with out her. Even his wife is looking at Maan standing in the alter with him. How bad can it get?


Well it was time for the kill..
geet knelled down unexpectedly & took his hand in hers. He looked at her in utter shock. She sweetly winked. A grin spread instantly on his face. He couldn’t believe wat she was doing. Every one was looking at them.

They were at the far end of the hall little secluded. But soon people just turned curious to look at the act.
Geet had to make it special & as sincere as it could be. She took a deep breath
Mr Maans Singh Khurana ur the most handsome man I have ever met. Ur strong inside out she smiled
he shook his head in disbelieve but her voice was genuine he didn’t want to dampen her spirits.

This girl had some zeal he thought.

Geet she said softly making sure no one heard her – I am not saying because u paid to me say this
he chuckled
geet – when I see ur deep eyes, she blushed I just feel my soul losing into it, ur that pure & consuming
by now Maan slowly pulled her up into his embrace. He was feeling this knelling down over the top.
She leaned on his chest – can u promise me something
she slowly pulled away just to meet his eyes expectantly. He couldn’t deny
he looked at her lovingly & nodded
promise me to emerge strong
& u will never stop chasing ur dreams
& once u have done.. u will find me. Without any pretending, not for any deal just start all over again.
He nodded with a smile
& the whole crowd cheered for them.

He leaned closer as her hands went around her neck & then came around his
this a little something to remind u of the promise.
U promise? she asked in a whisper
Maan placed a kiss nodding.. I promise to emerge stronger, promise to chase my dreams & once I have put everything behind I promise to come look for u

the crowd cheered for them.
They didn’t know wat she said.. but it all seemed like a proposal to them.

Maan smiled & slipped the ring in her finger. She jumped & kissed him shamelessly infont of every one instantly hid herself in his arms.

Soon the 7 pheras started & every one was looking at the other direction.. still gossiping over the romantic proposal.
After the ceremony was completed every one wished the couples.
Geet held his arm – time to keep up ur promise
Maan slipped his hand around geets waist & walked upto the alter to wish the newly weds.

Maan – congrats
dev – congrats to u too
nt smiled weekly
dev was super irritated – so she is Geet Handa ur girl friend
geet took over sliding her hand around Maans waist & leaning her head on his arms – his fiancee now
nt – so he finally said yes
geet giggled – I would wait for life time for this
nt – oh he is good with waiting things

Maan knew wat she meant. His idea to wait for sex is wat she hinting. He had told geet everything not the sex bit. Well she didn’t have to know that.
Geet – I thing it was worth the wait, she spoke so dreamily ogling at Maan.
Dev had enough of all this he wanted to put him down
dev – so I heard u transferred funds again this month to the US branch
geet smartly cut in & spoke to maan – darling don’t u realize couple of 1000$ means a lot when u convert in Indian rupees.
Maan had to bite his cheek to stop himself laughing, after seeing devs pissed off face.
Dev – wat now u will be taking money from her
geet laughed – shaadi ke baad waisen bhi he has to run the business
Maan was not liking the way things were turning out. He just smiled
geet adeed – actually double congrats
do u know its boy or a girl yet
dev Nt & Maan all were shocked.

the reality .. oh that’s why they hurried the whole wedding thing. he can’t believe it.

Maan just pulled geet from there to the dance floor.& pushed her & turned her harshly in his embrace
geet – do u always have to be so harsh in embracing me
she said ever so sweetly pouting against his chest
he instantly softened his grip. Then tried to recollect .. he has never been like this
Maan – always??
he raised his brows
geet smiled – this is not the first time ur doing this
Maan looked at her confused.
Geet – Uss din mall main
he recollected the whole fiasco. oh dam her scent that instantly filled his senses & before he knew was crushed onto his chest. that feel …dam.. wow it was her – no wonder u looked familiar
she let out a chuckle
he was so embarrassed – I had just got a call from ma. She wanted to me to come for the wedding.
Geet – well that turned out well
Maan chuckled pulling her into the dance steps
geet – u know she was looking at u all the while
Maan – really!!
geet – I am sure she was regretting her decision to let go of u
he spun her & danced as the music changed to a softer number

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