Pyar Ka Ehsaas
Part 1
I have changed my script… little bit…
Daadi ma and Geets family are freinds..no past of geet…Daadi maa comes to visit hosiyarpur…to meet geets family..
daadi maa has a very private talk with Darji..saying how she is very upset about maan
and his not coming out of his past..she is looking for girl for him again.. who can really
take care of him and family…darji and daadi maa talk for quite a while …
Brij over hears their talk and tells darji that we could get Geet married to Maan..
but darji says..u don’t know…and stops!!!!
the whole family is excited about the wedding.. Geet is not at all intrested..
she goes and speaks to dadi ma.. and says I am just 18..I have not even completed my studies..
dadi ma.. wonders..thinks for a while.. this girl will be able to face maan and his temperment..
if she can stand up against the whole family and tells me wat she wants…
Daadi..promises that she will let her complte her studies after marriage..geet is still not very sure about all this geet has just entered college..she was very intested in making a simple carrier …she had not even thought about guys..as such..
she did fascinate..but all girly friends talks only..

daadi maa..tells darji..that when maan comes to know about it…he will surely not agree..
i am trying to get him here first…one of the sweet little pranks of daadi maa… I am not feeling well
maan rushes to geets havali…
every body tells geet see..maan is here… she is least intrested..
daadi ma in the bedroom..Maan walks in with concern.. seeing her on the bed..really gets worried
looking at her he knew wat she was upto…
geet is forced to interupt them with lassi…maan says no thanks.. does’nt even look at her..
Daadi maa – maan this is geet..
Maan – continues excuse me.. i have to take this call..now..
daadi maa – maan maan..
geet stands there wondering wat to do.. she is feeling odd about the situation b/w maan and daadi..
this is was the first time..maan and geet where undersame roof.. but they have’nt even seen each other..geet gives the lassi to daadi maa..and leaves the room..
latter in the evening..daadi..walks to maan and says..u have to agree to this..
hum aap ki man marzi nahi chalne denge!!! maan gets very angry and yells at daadi ma..don’t u know I hate girls.. geet was just entering the room with a glass of milk for daadi ma.. she really gets scared and drops it down..Maan turns..and snaps!!
they are good for nothing but breaking things!!
this was the first time..maan actually saw a glims of Geet..scared..litterly ..sahme sahme se .with her hand cluctching her dupatta
and looking down..maan could not see her face…does’t even care to..
geet runs away!!!
Daadi – Maan why is it always about u?? off late u don’t seem to think about any one else..
Maan – wat do u mean
Daadi – wat about us, wat about krishna??
Maan – is spechless..does’t say word more
next day they have the wedding cermony..
Geet crying about the fact she has to leave her family and studies..she was just not prepared for all this
Maan totally not intrsted.. just very furious…
maan and geet walk towards each other..
jay mala..
Maan just bows his head.. does’nt even resist.. the whole gathering starts saying..geet..maan abhi se aap ka gulaam bangaya..
geet is suprised..shies a bit..this is the first time she felt some thing..somthing she never knew ..ther was stange tickle in her stomach
she wanted to see his face…while putting the mala..his face got covred with mala in his hand which was approaching her neck..
she had to bow..down..she cried to have a glims of him..

they both are taken to the mundap..all the while maan was burning with anger.. she could feel his restlessness..but was not sure ..wat was that whole thing about!!!
immediatly after the cermony..maan says he needs to leave..
brij tries to stop him.. tum ase kaise ja sakte hoo
maans face fuming ..darji holds brij back..
Maan – aap log doosri gaadi mein ajana.. i have to visit a site on my way..
Daadi – maan ur insulting us!!
Maan – i have had enough of all this..and just rushes away..
Daadi – left alone to face the gathering
geet holds the dupatta along with the knot of his part of dupatta..which slipped away as maan walked away..she picks up the dupataa..and holds it close to her
daadi ma..was impressed..with geets gesture..
geet and daadi drive to delhi in a car!!!
bidaai song and crying!! geet is very upset and alone..
Maan and Geet unusal SR
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please let me know if to continue!!
Part 2

Daadi ma and geet on their way to delhi..
geet is very upset and weeping..
daadi ma..tries to explain her that maan is not bad at heart.. he is just short tempered..
geet just nodes…
Mid way they stop by for lunch.. daadi ma notices that geet is very uncomfartable with all that
she is wear..
daadi ma – please change if you want to..
geet – just jumps up to the option and changes into her suit..

their drive continues..its almost evening..
they reach the mansion..every one is suprised to see geet dressd simple not in her wedding dress..
Daadi maa – invites in geet in with full grand cermony

they both walk into the house..geet is still not able to accept the volume of the house and place
daadi introduces her to Naintara and Dev.. NT says hi..dev just smiles at her..like a brat devar
then daadi shows her the house.. Geet is wondering all the while where is Maan’s room??
daadi kind of reading her question.. no no..
ur room is not here.. Geet shies..looks down..
I mean Maan lives in the out house..so untill he decides to come here..mmmm!!
it will be better u stay with him there..u could probably talk him into coming back to the mansion!!!
Geet – mein!!! her eyes pops out..with fear!!
dev smile and says babhi ji ..aab bro ko sirf aap hi sambal sakte hain..
woo kyu ki aap se bro nein shaadi ki..hain na..then he givs a smile to NT..
juru ka gulam types..

daadi says let me show u ur place..when they walk out.. there is a small boy running towards them runns and hugs daadi!! he is panting!! to catch some breath!!! geet gives him a glass of water..daadi looks at geet ..and says.. this is Krishna..darji ji kaha hoga tumse!!!
Geet looked confused!!! krishna is busy looking at geet, (krishna is very sensitive kid)and loves geets plats.. starts playing a with her dupatta..touching her..getting the feel of her..kind of connects to her..geet still being a child at heart..really playfull nature..amuses him..with small actions daadi feels little let down!! by darji….Geet could see that ..
daadi- this ismaans son!
geet-just can’t belive wat she heard.. she just hugs krishna !! close to her..
she was still not sure of any thing.. every thing looked so unclear..
geet does’t say word.. really not sure of wat is happeneing with her life
daadi takes her to the outhouse…shows her around…all the while krishna is just clinging on to her ….daadi takes her to krishna’s room..
he starts playing with his toys..

geet is still not recovred from the whole thing!!!
disbelive that her family did’t tell her anything about Maan
finally daadi takes her to Maans room…she says this is ur room..she looks around..
there is a huge picture his wife.. she looks so beautifull and angelic..geet can’t stop looking at her
she looks at the pic and looks at daadi ma with question written all over her face..
daadi-she is priya..maans life.. they where in love in college..but things where not so smooth between them..u know maans temprment
then krishna was born..things started getting worse.. they split.. but maan still can’t get over all that its been six yrs now
i was wanting maan to get a life so that they can be happy..it is not him ..Krishna too..
krishna really needs a mother and maan need a life..
he is the best father..really done a great job alone..but can’t fit in mothers shoe..right..

daadi decides to leave geet alone in the room..
geet looks around!! she can feel priya’s presnce evry where..she opens the cupbard just to see how..maan has left all her things
exactly the same way she left.. Geet really out of place..
she can see a pair of earings on the dressing table.. looks like some one has just removed it..
priyas dupatta was lying is the study..she was totally amused…that how much Maan loves her even after 6yrs
she starts feeling suffocated in the room..she opens the door to balcony to see her self standing next to a glass table there was a glass with a lipstick mark on it!!!
like someone has just had water from that glass and left there!!

Geet really finds it difficult to take all that ..and runs into krishnas room..
Krishna – maa mera saat kheloo na..
Geet – did’nt know wat to say
they started playing..for a while..then thy set out for dinner..
krishna really takes care of her..geet kind a reciprocates to his sweetness..

daadi ma – sorry geet, maan just called to say that he is returning late
geet – actually feels comfortable…without his presense

daadi a gets the bedroom decorated.. and tells geet to dress up!!
NT comes to help geet in dressing up…she advices keep it simple..it will be easy!!and winks
geet is feeling scared..she is just not prepared for all this..
the whole room is decorated with simple white flowers..
geet is wearing a white saree..with a simple pearl set..
krishna had gone to sleep..early..Nt and daadi waitd for a while and left geet alone…
suddenly she hears krishna crying… she sees him and comforts him..takes him in her lap and comforts him..its about 1 am ..geet is standing near the balcony..
she really does’nt know wat to expect ??? she is bit excited the look of the bed really tickles
her thought…in the mid of all this she suddenly hears maan talking over the phone and walking into the room he is on a call..really fogotten of wat happened in hossiyarpur..
he starts losening his tie and walks into th study..picks up some file..
removes his waist coat..geet is silently watching all this from the balcony..
he just hangs up th call and removes his shirt..
Maan goes to the dressing table and looks at himself.. and removes his vest…
Geet start feeling really uncomfartable…really not sure wat to say or feel
suddenly maan notices the change in his room …decoration.. flowers..and

his face changes..he looks around and spots a person standing in white saree..
not enough light to see her face..
Maan walks closer to her..



Geet back to college
part 3 – http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1441542&TPN=3
Part 3
geet heart starts beating faster..and faster..!!! there was a cold breezs flowing across..she is feeling shy, scared, she was feeling too shy to look up and face his bare wide chest..what she confounded was the almost irresistible temptation..
maan eyes was filled with anger..he almost pressed her againt him…and there was silence…it was breezy out there..maan bare chest was just right warmth for geet..
but she was so scared to even open her eyes or mind to even feel any thing!!!
Maan – whom do u thing u are??? wat are u doing in my room?? wat have u done to my room..
maan trying hard to get a eye contact..but can barely see her face…her hair was covering her features..
Maan tried to get hold of her…while she just got scared and sat on the chair..with her head down
Geet – ji mein..ji…mein…woh!!! mein..
Maan – ek sentences to tum se teehke se bola jata nahien hain.. tum aise jeeti kasi ho?
Geet tears roll down her eyes..
Maan turns his back at her…says.. don’t ever step into my life..

tum meri zindagi ka hisa benein ke koshish bhi mat karna…
never ever show me your face again
Geet – haiyo raba mein kanha jayogi?
Maan – shouts ..tumhe kahin jano ko nahin kaha mein ne.. tum yaha rehsakte ho..lakein make sure u presence is not felt!!!
Geet – aap itne zore se mat boliya ..krishna utjayaga..
Maan walks near the bed and sees that krishna is sleeping there..peacefull in mid of all flowers..
Maan was amused ..how he was here …but just kissed his forehead and walked out to the study…seeing krishna..
maan was fine..and his temperment was all gone..
geet sleeps next to krishna..
next day geet wakes up with krishna wiating next to her ..saying mom..I am hungry…mom uttoo..
she gets up..half sleep walks to the kitchen …
Maan is ready having his breakfast!!! she could feel him around.. just before entering!!! she just stops..
Geet – krishna..chalo phele ready hote hain then I will make some nice halwa for u…
they both turn and go back to krishna’s room..start getting ready..
maan walks to krishnas room to say bye..
geet sees him coming and rushes to the bathroom.. she just avoiding to face him..after wat happened last night..
Maans checks krishnas timetable.. checks his bag..checks his homework..
geet just admires how maan is getting into each and every detail related to krish.
then he calls for the servant and tells her to drop him to school since he will be travelling
Geet-babji..travelling..yek kaha jah rehain???
krish and maan share a very cute little exchange of words..
and krish demands maan a list of things to get when he coming back..
as maan leaves …daadi ma enters..
daadi asks geet..where is maan gone so early…
geet does’nt seem to know…
daadi walks into their room..looking at bed all being disturbed..she assumes that things are normal b/w them
Daadi and geet drop krish to school..and daadi helps geet admision in a college to finish her studies!! daadi also helps geet in getting indenpdent..
gets her an account, phone, car, also helps her with basic things in the city …
so much happening in her life..she almost forgets that she married!!

Geet requests daadi if she can dress up simple to college since she does’nt want to be Mrs Geet ..among all her friends.. daadi agrees but requested to wear the ring at least!!
Maan is been quite busy travelling…
Geet kept herself very busy with her college and krish at home..
life is smooth..they don’t seem to bump into each other..geet delibrately avoids any confrontation with him!! her bond with krish really becomes strong!! they are more like partners in crime..always upto some mischief
its been like 2 years now.. geet completes her graduation..
geet is very happy since she did well and got into a very good business school in delhi..
daadi always stands by her..since she has not changed a bit…
maan does’nt realize geet exsisted in his life…geet had slowly taken over every thing related to krish .. Geet started her business studies!!!
now that was very tuff.. and demanding… she was finding it difficult to keep up to the competition and the new lifestyle..she had met up with friends who were full of life and did’t know anything about her..small things started bothering her..going out with friends, partying.. she never wanted to get involved with friends since she needed her time with krish!! she avoided them.. but it was difficult..leading to complication and misunderstanding..

Maan wins young entrepreneur award!!
part 4 – http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1441542&TPN=4
geet really very upset and stressed goes to daadi ma..
daadi- geet wat happened.. maan ne kuch kaha kya
geet- yeh le..aab woh kya khenge(to herself)
daadi-kya , kya baat hain ??
geet- nahi daadi..woh..
then she explains about her friends smriti,kavya and pooja..and their partying, combined studies plan…etc..she says i am not able to balance.. i am finding it very difficlut..
Daadi-pauses for a while..and says did u speak to maan?? does he have any problem
Geet-unhe kya problem ho sakthi hain??
daadi-then why are so worried??
plan ur day ..after college with krish!! then after he sleeps if ur free
join ur friends..provided maan is fine with that!! any way u have ur driver..so you are safe
geet-har baat mein maan kahan se bechmein aajathe hain??? why will he ever have a problem with me?
geet is very happy and feels better!!
Next day seem to be very important for Maan..
he is won the award!! geet while she was coming back home… sees a lot of crowd at the mansion she wonders wat??? she quickly walks into the outhouse and closes the door
geet is with krish studying… geets phone rings..daadi was calling her to join the party
she refuses.. she says both of them have homework to do!!
geet has never attended a single party since they have got married..
she preffered avoiding media!! she was not sure how comfortable maan will be with her presence
daadi- its been a big day for maan.. u must atleast congratulate him..
geet-woh mein..ghar mein to wish kar donghi..
maan-comes to his room..changes..watching some news
geet is wondering wat to do… she tells krish to wish him…
krish goes in to maans room..geet walks in slowly..this was first time after their SR in last 2 1/2yrs that they are standing so close..maan sees krish and starts talking to him about his school and tells him that he is planning to arrange a good boarding school for him after he finishes 8th
Geet gets wild and walks out the room…
Maan wonders wat was that???
geet was all very disturbed with maan idea of putting krish in boarding school
krish understands geets mode and tells her we have like a year for all that now..
so don’t think so much about it…we will be fine!! and winks at her..
next day in college..geet friends are all having business magazine ..with Maans photo on it
all her friends just drooling over maan and start sayig all about him..
Kavya – he is the most eligable bachelor
smriti-no no he is married and has a kid too..I think his name is K Karthik
smriti-yah yah krishna
Pooja-no way he is divorced!!! so technically he is still single and ready to mingle!!
Geet-no no …but he is married!!
Kavya, smriti and pooja-geeeeet shut up!!! we don’t have a problem..why are u so worried??
Pooja shows one of his photos where he is looking really HOT!!!

and she goes how i wish i was there with him!! right there!!!
Geet-looks at the pic.. stops for a while and turns her face..
this was the first she realzied she was married to the MAAN SINGH KHURANA!!
she knew Maan was successful..but never had a clue how big a name he was…in real world
Geet could not concentrate in class.. every one had that magazine..
after college…!!!
smriti-pointed out..u know girls my sister was priya’s classmate
Pooja-u mean priya khurana???
smriti-yes the priya !!!
Geet was very intresred..wantd to know whole thing about Maan and priya!!
they all went to smriti’s house..this was the first time geet did’t rush
back home after college..she was very keen on joining them..
smriti – Maan and priya where like mad for each other..showed her the college
snaps of her sister with maan and priya
Geet – dekhne se hi lagtha hain!!
they caught up with smriti’s sister..
she told them.. the whole love saga of priya and Maan..
they clicked at first look on first day of college..Maan was very possessive, passionate,
Obsessed about her.. how the whole college used to drool over him..and he would not give a
second look to any one else..
Geet-wat happened why did they break up??
smriti’s sister-priya wanted her free space, she was not ready for the marriage yet,
then krishna..was also quite unexpected..priya wanted to continue with her research
maan was not agaisnt but you know such things create drifts..finally priya decided to leave..
geet- where is priya di now?
smriti’s sister-she is london working for a research company
geet – is she married?
smriti’s sister – no no..
geet – could u please give me her number please
kavya, pooja, smriti- geet wait why do u need all that now!!!!
Geet – nahi, woh! woh! mujhe aise , just wanted to talk to her….
geet took her number!!!
geet comes back home all lost in Maans thought.. she has never thought about him so much
since their marriage..
that night
Geet actually waits for maan to return..she was so desperate to have one look of him..
it was 2am.. maan walked in straight to his room without noticing Geet who was waiting for his one glims…
Maan gets up early..like 5.30 am..
geet keeps multiple alarm to get up that early
some how she manages to gets up at 6.00am..she runs to his room.. he was not there.. she asks the maid
aaj maan jaldi nikal gaye kya??
maid explains this is his workout time..so either will be in the pool or gym
geet slowly looks down at the pool.. from her rooms balcony..
she sees maan swiming .. she could not take her eyes off his body..

she was just watching how the water flashed over is abs..every time he took a stroke she was breathless…she was admiring every inch of his bare body!!!
suddenly maan rose out of the water!!! Geet was standing with her jaws open!!
Maan grabbed a towel and dried him..geet was still looking at the water droplet that was

flowing from his hair touching his nose, and then chin, then slowly falling ..
Geet was so lost in her thoughts..she could not hear krish calling out..
maa balcony ka curtain bant karo..mere ankhen main light paad raha hain!!!
she says umm.. Maan just turns up to see some one standing there and looking at him
he looks back with his strange amused look?? geet still does’nt seem to move….
maan starts walking closer..to the house…krish pulls her hand in and says maa abhi to sirf
7.00 bhaje hain!! why are you up so early…
Geet realizes that she is been watching Maan for an hr now..
then she tells krish chalo get up now.. it is 7.00
they go out the gyming and get ready
Geet just supervises the breakfast..
joins krish in the room…
Maan comes to the room.. geet can feel him near the door..she rushes to the washroom..
but today..she could not control herself she wanted see him.. she slowly peeps through the door..
Maan kisses krish on his forehead and walks away!! geet just comes and kisses krish on the same place krish was suprised wat is wrong with mom today??
in college again the topic of discussion was MAAN SINGH KHURANA
today the case study given to them was on Khurana Empire..
Geet was so disorientd all she could do was look at Maan’s pic
professor notices geet lost asks her a question
geet – maan woh mein maan..no sorry maam I was saying!!
the whole class starts laughing at her…
geet say sorry and walks out of the class..
she is not able to understand wat is happening to her..why should i think of him all day
she tells the driver to take her to tajmahal!! driver is all shockd??
she calls daadi and tells her that.. she is going out and tells her to take care of krish for today
for her luck or bad luck..it was full moon day..and tajmahal was just glowing
she stood there looking at the beautifull..sight and things…
woh to mujh se pyar nahi karthe.. phir yeh mujhe kya hora ha… kyu mein uunhe mein itna interest lein rahi hoon..our relation ship definitly doesn’t have any future… he loves priya di
more over i don’t actually love him..it is just attraction..all this hipe about MAAN SINGH KHURANA
i guess it is playng on me.. let me just relax i will be fine
she closes her eyes all she can see is him in that swiming costume coming out dripping in water
she gets frustrated and starts running back to car…
she does’nt realize and bumps into Maan and he just catches her from her waist nearly falling

she was like inches away from the ground..Maan slowly lifts her..she is looking deep into his eyes.. full moon light falling on geets face..and Maan for the first time sees her…
they both keep on starring at each other,,Maan is not able to stop looking at her..he wonders why are those eyes so deep..why am i able to see myself in them…now both of them are standing straight.. maan still has his hand on Geet waist..maan could feel geets heart beat..
geet suddenly snaps back.. and says..its a dream its dream!!! just a dream!!!
she says i have gone mad!!! Maan is standing there and wodering wat exactly happened!!
GEET calls priya
part 5 – http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1441542&TPN=7
maan still has his hand on Geet waist..maan could feel geets heart beat..
geet suddenly snaps back.. and says..its a dram its dream!!! just a dream!!!
she says i have gone mad!! Maan is standing there and wodering wat exactly happened!!

Maan – suno..suno..excuse me..hello!!!
Geet was already too far to hear him..
driver chaloo ghar chalthe hain…
driver – maam sir nahi ayenga…??
Geet was all shocked to realize that maan was actually there..
she got really scared and told the driver to leave…
geet suprised and start mummering..babaji woh yahen kyu aaya hogein..
unhe kaise pata ki main yanha hoo!! aaj yeh sab mera saat kyu ho raha tha…
suddenly drivers say..maam, saab to yanhaa aksar aate hain..
geet – realizes that she was too loud..
and talks to hersels…tu bhi na kya kya sochene laagjathi hai..woh mere liya nahi aaya the..
maan has never felt like this for any one else .. he wonders who it was??
he gets angry at himself for geeting lost like this..he drives furiously back home..
starts looking at priya’s pic..he was glaring at priya’s pic..he was looking at her face, hair,
when he looks at her eyes..
he starts thinking about geets eyes..he feels guilty that he is thinking about some one other
than priya.. suddenly there is a slight breez..and he can feel geet presence in the room..
he gets amused how is he feeling her here..he pushes his hair backwards…and looks really worried..geet watching all this thinks Maan is angry about wat happened tonight..she walks slowly to her room hugs krish and closes her eyes..
Maan can feel that she was there he turns..but there was no one……he gets furious..in anger he punches the mirror and breaks the it…he hurts himself..he walk to the study sits on the chair and closes his eyes..
Geet in her room is not able to sleep. she decides to confront him.. she slowly walks into maans room
geet-jada se jada kya kehenge..do batehen suna denge…babaji please help me!!
geet looks around ..can’t find him..she turns back and was about to leave…and her eye falls on the mirror scatterd in the floor..she walks upto the mirror to have a closer look all she could see was her image on all the broken pieces of the mirror, tear roles down her eyes when she sees the blood on the floor ..she follows the blood drops which leads her to the study..she notices his hand was bleeding..she grabs the first aid, cleans his hand and ties a bandage on them..she could see the pain in his closed eyes
she could stand there and watch him the whole night..she grabs a bedspread and covers him..
he holds her hand , geet gets tickled..and bends down..to sit next to him slowly
Maan – please don’t leave me please…aaj maat jaavoo…i can’t stay away from u
i love u..i really do love u..
geet feels really amused and reluctant..
Maan continues..please don’t leave..please priya !!!
geet is shocked… she waits for him to be comfartable..and pulls her hand awaya..
As if all her restlessness had come to an end she knew wat she had to do..
she goes to her room..picks up phone and calls priya
Priya – hellow..
Geet – hellow priya di??
Priya – hi!! who is this??
Geet – di wow mein, mein geet…and she pauses
Priya could feel the warmth in her voice..but was not sure whom she is talking to..
priya – hi geet, i am really not sure !!umm..do we know each other
Geet – hain bhi nahi bhi!!!
geet was just not sure how to go about explaining her anything..without knowing
anything about her feeling!!
Geet – di aap skype me aa sakthe ho kya?? i want to show u some thing
priya – but i am not sure?? who u are??
Geet – di please ..my id is geethanda..
and cuts the call ..Geet quickly turns on the comp..she quickly logs into skype and waiting for her..
priya actually calls her…geet takes a long breath and answeres the call..
Priya – hi geet..
looking at geet who is so nervous..
priya – i am sorry but still not able to recollect ur face
Geet – nahi di..wow..mujhe aap ko
priya – u look really nervous..kya baat hain..r u ok
geet turns the camera to krish..who was sleeping on the bed..
priya looks at krish..she cannot believe wat she was seeing ..something told her that
was krishna!! tears start rolling down her eyes..there was silence.. geet waited for priya to feel better..
Priya – hi geet..thanxs thanxs a lot..so tum krish ki mom ho right?
Geet was speechless.. she all the while knew that priya was very elegant, beautifull, smart, nice lady….but did’nt know that she was so understanding!!
geet – ji..is’nt he cute..
Priya – apne baap pe gaya hai..
there was silence again!!!!
priya – u know when i last saw him he was just 1 year.. and few months
geet – now he is 10
priya adds 10yrs and 3 months and 5 days!!
geet knew how much she loved them..
geet started explaining to priya.. how much Maan misses her.. how much he is still
in love with her..how he has not disturbed anything in the room since she has left..
geet goes on non-stop
Priya – how long have u been married geet?
Geet – ji wow ..2 1/2 yrs..lakein hamare bhiche aise kuch nahi hain jasi aap sooch rahin hain
Priya – looks into hers eyes and says.. I can see that..
geet – di aap ek bar please please come home..na
priya cuts the topic and says.. bahut raat hogayi hogi na India mein..
aab go and sleep..we shall chat tomorrow…
they decide on a time to chat!!
geet was very happy and went to sleep
Maan wakes up.. to see him self on the chair.. he wonders who put the spread on him..
then wonders who cleaned up and his wound bandage!!
Maan u are lossing it again.. focus..he goes to the gym..he was dripping wet in sweat..while boxing the pad..he was still trying to think about the bandage..he holds the pad..and again geets eyes start haunting him!!!
Geet was actually standing infront of him…
College presentation on Khurana Empire
Maan u are lossing it again.. focus..he goes to the gym..while boxing the pad..he was still trying
to think about the bandage..he holds the pad..and again geets eyes start haunting him!!!
Geet was actually standing
Part 6

he looks at her …starts walking towards her..geet gets scared and starts moving back
both of them sharing that intense look..Maans eyes ..are just going to burn her..
she looks down and before she realizes he is holding her both arms..so hard that it starts
paining…her eyes are filled up..Maan pulls her close..kyu har pal mera samne aajathi ho?
and closes his eyes and hits the same hand on the wall again..
Geet just runs out of the room..by the time maan recovers from his pain and opens his eyes..
he cannot see any sign of geet in the room…Geet goes to the room and starts crying..
maan get ready and goes to office… he is lost in the office…sasha Maan are u ok?
Maan – yah!!! kyu?? mujhe kya huva hai..??
maan thinks ..why is it that I am thinking about this girl!! wat is it!! I have seen her like once!!
i don’t even know her.. may not even see her again in my whole life..then!!!
why she is bothering me..so much…something..within tells him..eyes
her eyes..yah!! it is her eyes the way they were looking at me!! i could read them.. then he snaps back..
there was some business trip coming up..and maan just plans to travel to keep himself occupied
sasha plans the schedule..the trip with him..
maan is too ignorant to even notice her plans…
geet – yeh la main to unhe priya di ki bare mein khen gayi thi…
nahi aabhi nahi kahoongi… I will give him a suprise..
tub tak mujhe unse dur hi rahana chahiya.. lakin yah mujhse itne nafrat kyu karathe hain
we can be well wishers..atleast …if not friends!!???
woh toh meri taraf dekhna bhi nahi chate!!! mana main priya di jitne hasen nahi
pur itne boore bhi to nahin hoon!!! ki woh meri taraf dekhthe he naraz ho jayein..
jhado ji..mein nahi baat karonghi.. aab tho priya di hi aa khe inse bhaat kareghi…
geet and krish leave together..in their car
College they have been asked to prepare a complete presentation on the case study which was given earlier Khurana Empire..
geet – yeh!! yahein bhi aa gaya..
the whole day pooja, smriti, kavya and geet spend on doing a research on Khurana’s
for Geet it was more of …realizing wat exactly Maan is..how he manages so many business and how he has been growing continusely..how professional and dedicated he is!!! the more she researchs about it.. the more she gets involved…….its been like couple of weeks working on this project..she does’nt seem to stop every one knew she was very dedicated but this way to personal!!!she could not ignore small piece of information..
finally it was the presentation day!!!
their team was the best…every one was impressed by their work.. the way she spoke..(every one knew geet as a very shy person when comes to presentation)
every time she said Maan Singh Khurana.. people could see that she was proud !!!
hence the winning team was to represent the college in a inter college presentation comptetion..

it was a party time…they decided to celebrate at smtiti’s place..
at the party they had few of smriti’s sisters friends as well

there was this guy full of life and the girls were instantly getting attracted to him!!!!
Dr.Armaan..off course… he was like the dream guy
smriti, kavya, pooja and geet get introduced to Armaan
Armaan congratulates them!!! and says…
Armaan – agaar tum nahi hote tho..yeh raat nahi hoti…
all of them goo..woww
Geet snaps back– ise raat ke chakar mein hum nein kitne raatey ankho mein kati..
and starts laughing!!
armaan realizes that sentence was deep!!
Armaan and geet just click…
after chit chatting for a while..Armaan tells geet on a serious note could u please help me
prepare a business proposal plan for my new hospital venture…
she gives her mail ID and says doc. just mail me ur plan I shall try..
Armaan – oye oye!!!
geet said bye and was about to leave.. armaan walked her out ..
Armaan – shall i drop u geet
Geet – no thanxs ..meri gadi hain..
Armaan was impressed to see a black long car just comes in..she says good bye and leaves
after reaching home geet realizes that Maan is travelling..
She catches up with priya and this time makes krish to speak to her..
krish was so happy to see priya.. and geet told him to call her mom
krish says…but…then he smiled and called her priya mom!!!
Geet was quite busy with her semister exams followed by krish’s exam..finally it was summer holidays
she really enjoyed her holidays with krish..they used to catch with movies and vedio games
treckking, picknick.. long drives…
geet tried a lot to ask priya to join them for their holidays…she always refused..
geet and priya had developed great understanding…both of them never crossed their limits
it was 1 am she was about to close her comp…she saw a last ping from Armaan
she instantly said doc??? how come ??
Armaan – saw u online
Geet – wat is happening to ur hospital???
Armaan – still on paper
Geet – mmh!!
Armaan – can we meet for coffee tomorrow need to discuss something
Geet – ok..6 pm
Armaan ok..my number is xxxxxxxxxx just in case
as she closes the computer.. she hears maan walking up the stairs…
he looked stressed… looked like..he was just wanting some rest…she really understood him better now!! as she knew his volume of work…she was about to sleep ..when she noticed some moment in his room.. she gussed that he was working!!! she went to the kitchen and made him a nice hot cup of coffee..she was so tempted to give him the coffee herself.. but she stoped!! she calls the maid and ask her to serve it instead
Maan was delighted.. that was just perfect…
geet seem to know involuntarly wat Maan needs at any point of time..

feel of restlessness.. the big bad day!!!
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geet seem to know involuntarly wat Maan needs at any point of time..
Part 7
Geet wakes up early and starts with the day…
geet and krish are in the gym..Maan walks in…geet gets concious..but Maan dose’nt notice her..he was busy texting..tells krishna get ready we need to leave today to shimla for your addmission…Geet eyes filled up with tears and anger…Krish does’nt say anything
Geet runs to daadi maa..and starts crying…dev and NT also come down wondering wat

happened…geet tells daadi ma about Maan taking Krish away
Daadi says wat is wrong with Maan…Daadi- tumne kouch kaha nahi
Geet – woh kisi ki suntha kaha hain?
Daadi – ise baar uski man maani nahi chale ghi
daadi goes to Maans room
Nt and dev try to console geet … she does’nt seem to stop..
daadi – maan hum krishna ko kahin nahi lejane denghe…
Maan – daadi ma aap yeh sab kya keh rahein hain…
daadi – why are u doing this
u wanted this child..priya was not even prepared for all this..still u insisted on having krishna..
u promised to take care of him..geet and u are doing so good with krishna…
Maan does’nt seem to have notice that ‘GEET’ there…
Maan – nahi daadi plz..it is for his good… I have been travelling all the while
so i feel that it will be better if he gets some good education.. I just wanted that 8th, 9th and 10th foundation is made strong..i have made up my mind please don’t interfare..
daadi – use bechari ka roh roh ke haal behal horaha hain.. wat will she do?
Maan was not sure whom she was referring to.. may be krishna’s caretaker…then he says
thats not a problem we can think about some thing new to keep her busy!!!
Daadi gets it all wrong..she wonders if maan is planning for another baby??? and gets all excited!! and walks away
geet – daadi woh mangaya kya?
Daadi – nahin beta..u know him..but she looked all happy
geet – maan bhi na..tedhamedhe hain..daadi ko bhi apne rang me rang diya!!!
she is continusly crying while krish is just getting ready..she tries to call priya.. but is was too late in london…she could not speak to her as well!!!
geet – decides she will go and speak directly to maan..before she could gather enough courage to speak to him..she walks into his room…
Maan goes to Krishna and says jaldi chaloo we are getting late..
Geet runs behind krish and tells… tum sare questions ka wrong answere de dena ok..then they will fail u..
maan and krish leaves.. geet goes to college
she was very upset every one was wondering wat happned..
smriti – BTW girls some one here has a date with Dr. Armaan
Geet was too lost in her thoughts to even respond
Pooja & kavya – wat really !!!
Geet snaps back and says – smriti tell him I am not meeting him today
smriti – kudh hi kah do..
geet looks up to see armaan standing there
Geet – doc sorry yaar !!! aaj coffee ka mood nahi hain
Armaan – ok wat about a drive
geet – nahi..seriouly just not in a mood
Armaan – trusth me u will feel better
geet wanted to stop thinking about krish going away
Armaan opens the car door for her…
geet – nahi meri car hain na!!!
Armaan – geet we are going for a drive!!!!
geet asks the driver to follow…
they keep on driving like for an hr..geet does’nt say a word..nor does armaan say anything
suddenly armaan stops the car!!! geet asks wat happened..armaan says..come come with me..
armaan opens the door and offers his hand but geet very suttlely avoids it…they walk towards a canal ..it was really plesant…they sat there with their legs just touching the running water…open sky..and it was pitch dark …geet was still not saying anything..armaan knew she was disturbed..
he just shared the silence with her and gave her the feeling I am there with u..every time she looked at him..he seemed calm and quite there was no questions asked ….they sat there for like 2hrs not saying a word…armaan could not stop glancing at her innocent face every now and then…geet actually felt better.. because he was comforting her without actually asking her anything…
geet – thanxs doc..actually feeling better…mujhe chalna chahiya..i better get going
geet calls the driver…sits in her car and says bye
armaan gets back to his car..he was about to start his car and he gets a call…
geet – doc.. I owe u a coffee..
armaan – tomorrow at 6
geet – at 6 then!!!

geet gets back home and was desperately waiting for maan and krish
its 10pm they have not come back.. she starts getting worried..
she calls daadi and asks … daadi tells her that they are staying back in simala
admission procedures are taking time…geet was alone at home..first time ever she was alone..
she sleeps in the hall..her schedule was all disturbed..no gym..no dinner, no breakfast,
she was rushing to college..she looked lost…in the college she bumps into pooja
pooja – don’t tell me u stayed back with armaan yesterday…and winks
geet – wat is wrong with u guys..
look at u.geet..just see.u are totally gone!!! geet just cuts off..
she started to hate them, their presence, their talks..it was totaly not wat she wanted..to hear.
geet was just waiting to meet armaan.. she just wanted to get away from there..
armaan comes to pick her up from college…
she says..doc can u take me that place again…
they have exactly the same evening again…
but today it was not pitch dark..there was a very slight moonlight..like the first day after no moonday
geet – says thanxs doc..and leaves..
armaan does’nt say word..he walks back to his car..
armaan thought geet may call… but she did’nt
geet comes back to home to see daadi in her room..
wat happened daadi..??
daadi – tumhare maan se baat hui??
geet – nahin.. why wat happened
daadi – kuch nahin.. woh krish ka admission ho gaya hain.. maan has asked to send his luggage
geet was broken..she felt as if she was sinking!!!!
geet – walks to the washroom and locks herself up…
daadi adds maan will be travelling to mumbai…

pre cap

Maan sasha scandal

daadi adds maan will be travelling to mumbai…
Part 8
next day in college..geet was avoiding her friends and their questions…
she noticed that they were not talking about armaan today..
she felt better.. but to her missery they were all talking about MAAN
Geet – wat award did he get now??
pooja – sasha!!!
geet – wat was that??
kavya – showed her pick of maan walking with sasha ..
geet – big deal..they may be working togather..
smriti – nahi yaar Maan khabhi kisi ladki ke sat nahi jaata hain
geet – (biwi ke saath hi nahi jata to..mummers)babaji yeh sab kya ho raha..priya di ko pata chelega tho kya hoga???
inhe bhi seh sab kya suchtha hain..itne bhi seda nahi hain..jitne dikthe hain!!!
pooja – rubs it in by saying I guess they stayd in the same hotel yaar..
Geet – same hotel different rooms..
kavya – u know these big hotels have common doors at times
geet had enough of all this.. she just gets back home..to see complete media covering khurana masion…………..geet tells the driver to take her to the canal..
she just sits there the whole night!! wondering wat is happening to her life
every thing was all fine untill …krish left…it was 2 am she was still sitting there…
she had switched off her phone..
Maan comes home ..he feels a vaccum in the house..like the sole was missing
he thought may be krishna…
he was really tired..wanted a coffee..before he could catch up with some files
he ordered the maid to get a coffee..he sipped the coffee and puked..oops..wat is this??
coffee kisne banyai hai…ji mene..phir itne kharab kyu hain???
he just throws the cup and goes to sleep..
Maan wakes up he was all stressed …nothing seem to be the same..his morning juice, his breakfast….every thing seemed different..
daadi comes to talk to maan about the sasha’s news..he says i am busy today..and rushes out…
daadi looking for geet ..she just walk-in from the front door..
geet does not notice daadi.. she just walks into her room and falls flat on the bed
daadi understood that it was b/w maan and geet and she should not interfear..
Geet wakes up in the evening with krish’s call…they both chat for a while..
krish tells her about is room, friends, new place..how much he is missing her..
after the call she realizes that this was the first time she missed her classes!!
geet was not bothered…she just got up told the driver to take her to that canal again!!!
she started spending most of her time sittig there alone just thinking nothing
she was blank…days passed..geet was missing her classes..
it was a month now..geet did’nt talk to any one…
the whole day she waited for that one call from krish!!..daadi noticed this change in her..
geet was not going to college.. she went looking for her ..she was not there…
daadi got really worried..she called smriti..said..hum geet ke daadi bole rahen hain..
smriti – immidiately says.. daadi wat happened to geet its been 1 month since she came to college
she is not answereing her calls and humra inter college competition bhi to hain…15days main..
is every thing fine…daadi gets really worried now..
she calls geets driver and asks where is geet…
daadi sees geet sitting there …all alone..blank…dark circles..she looked mad
daadi – geet geet…she does’nt say anything!!!
daadi takes geet home..calls a family doctor…
she suggests that geet is very disturbed about something!!!
so she is just running away from her life… i am scarred if she continues like this she will go insane and advices some medication…
daadi gets furious at maan..tries to call Maan ..sasha picks up the call and says he is busy
daadi takes her to the mansion.. and tells geet to stay in her room..
next day daadi takes her to college…her friends start asking her wat happened to her..
pooja – maan ka news sunkar tu kyu itna worry kathi hain
kavya – yaar he is just our topic of presentation
Smriti – we are not even sure wat was there in paper was correct..
pooja – still yaar ur just over reacting…..relax…
smriti – geet please we have to prepare for the competition…geet says mmmhh
BTW armaan was asking for you…
Geet – oh! i totally forgot his coffee…
Geet calls armaan and decides to go out…
geet and armaan meet up at the coffee shop…they discuss about armaan’s hospital project..
armaan gives her all the paper work.. while leaving.. armaan adds.. tum hasthe huva jada aachi laagthi hoo
geet says thanxs and leaves…
daadi comes to the outhouse and tells geet tum yaha nahin rahogi..u come and stay with me..
geet – daadi i am fine here… daadi forces her to have tablets…puts her to sleep..
geet is kind of recovering from her depression.. daadi really watching her closely..
geet works very hard for the competion in the college and at home for armaan’s project..
every thing was perfectly fine..and smooth..
geet is dressed in smart white salwar khameez…..
its the intercollege competition…today

Judge – Maan Singh Khurana

geet is dressed in smart in a white salwar khameez..
its the intercollege competition…today

Part 9
Maan dressed in Black suit.. not really formal though..he had his first three buttons open on his shirt…..Geet was not aware of maan being the judge…
the entire college was waiting to have a glims of Maan Singh Khurana
he steps out of the car..girls just start drooling over him..
Geet and her friends were in the seminar hall checking the last few mins update..
pooja gets a mms- she just faints..
kavya & smriti are like wat happened!! she shows the pic taken by her friend
they say wat the Fish..!!!!no way.!!. they go like check out his bare chest man!! wow!!
geet not aware of wat they are talking about!!!!
they seem to take little longer than usual..drooling epsi..geet snatches the phone and sees the mms…it was Maan in black suit.. stepping out of the car..his wide chest was really HOT in there.. she gets pissed off… where do u get all this crap from!!!
Pooja- aparantly this crap is the Judge
geet just drops down..maan is the judge…
she looks at the pic again..she wonders wat is maan wearing…why is he not buttuned up

properly.. when he knows he is coming to a college
wify gets seriously angry this time…she walks straight into the principle room …she was really fuming …looks around for maan cannot find him.. she turns back..to bump right into him…
she loses her balance and maan holds her waist …and pulls her up..she lands on his bare chest..she was panting so furiously maan could actually feel every blow of breadth on his chest.. geets eyes were closed all the while..
maan was tickled with every touch of hers..as she opened her eyes..maan could feel them opening slowly..they moved back..
they had that eye contact…maans eyes twinkled with joy to have found her.. but geets eyes were fuming…maan wondered why so much of anger ??? maan was still holding her waist.. he slowly let go and moved back…

geet moved forward..maan was shocked..he tried to move back..but still wondered wat was geet upto.. geet eyes were fuming….her fumingly questioning eyes..maan was trying to read the question..he just realizesd
she was really close to him now…before he could say any thing..geet buttons the shirt.. and tucks his shirts colar and leaves..maan stood totally mesmerized …
this was just on demand..shall continue the presentation latter
maan stood totally mesmerized …
part 10
Maan touches his buttuns and smiles..before he could realize or start thinking wat happened
principal walks in and start introducing him to the other staff member..
the professor incharge of the event..explains him the procedure of the event and wat are the criterias for the prsentation..she hands over the scoring sheet with all the names of the participants
Geet is still very angry with maan and walks back to the seminar hall..
pooja – are u ok..
smriti – yaar wat happened ..we have never seen reacting like this
geet snaps back – haad hogayi yaar!! suddenly pauses ..yaar geet too ne yeh kya kiya..
Maan Singh Khurana ko!!! then says chadoo ..
every one started walking into the hall and starts to settle down..
finally there was a silence and spot light on Maan as he walks into the room..
Pooja – wow yaar he looks so hot!!! more hotter than the pic
Geet immediatly turns her to check on his shirts… she smiles to see his buttuns closed
kavya – yaar lakein MMs mein too uskhi shirt ke buttun !!
geet – stares at her…kavya just stops there
smriti – yaar see sasha bhi Maan ke saath hai
geet – checks out sasha..and starts knoting her dupatta and..says..Kutti, kammini,xxxxxxxx,xxxx,
takes a long breath and pushes her dupatta down…
Maans eye was looking for some one..
sasha – maan are u ok.. u want some thing..
maan – umm!! nahi i am fine
there was a welcome speech by the principal..and says as a token of appreciation we would like to..pooja is brings a gift to maan takes it with a smile and turns back and gives to sasha to keep it aside then geet comes with a Bouquet..maans seeing her on the stage..in that light, he just looks at her eyes his eyes where looking into hers..they both share that brief eye lock moment ..and maan sees that she was still angry at something, his hands slowly checks if his buttun were closed…Geet hands him the Bouquet, maan holds her hand with flowers, he sees no sighn of resistance, he smiles and turns to give the flowers to sasha, he immidetly notices geets eyebrows narrowing and the anger fuming in her.. he stops…keeps the flower with him…
sasha who had her hand mid of air to catch the flower..looks shocked with maans behaviour
the seminar was about to start…maan was requested to be seated at the judges place…
sasha also tagged along with maan..he was so least bothered ..he had the flowers all the while in his hand he kept the flower next to him on the chair..sasha came to sit…maan asked her to sit on the other side..
all the colleges gave their presentation.. Maan was very impressed with their presentation
and was a tuff judge..his question sessions with each team was very intimidating..
being the host team.. geets team was last to present…
Maan was quite tired and looked up for the team to finish it fast..
sasha could see maan was restless..she held is hand asked if he wanted to take a break
just then geet walks on to the stage…maan looked totally refreshed.. he was looking at geets
every moment, the way she walked up with her laptop, connected it to the projector,
the way she moved her hair back while she bend down to connect the projector, her dupatta slided down, maan just looked away while she put it back, he could not take his eye off her..
after she settled on the stage..geet looked at Maan..she noticed that sasha’s hands were on his
she looked at that and glanced back at him, Maan did’nt notice it untill then, he just realized that sashas ..hand was on his……he pulled his hand and looked into geets eyes ..as if he said..no no it is not wat u think!! geet turned her face in anger..Maans eye were carving for another eye lock…
geet ignored his desparate eyes…they started the presentation.. maan did’nt hear a word he was just looking at geet, her gestures, the way she said Maan Singh Khurana with a shy this time,
Sasha tried to distract Maan by paasing some irrelavent remarks…,maan did’nt notice sasha..
geet concluded and finally could not avoid looking at Maans eyes…and said any questions Maan Singh Khurana?
Maan kept on looking at her, started asking questions, his questions were really intimidating..
the whole gatherng was worried…but geet was not!!!she could know every thing about Khuranas
they both continued the eye lock..and the question answere session was ever lasting
maan was asking questions and geet was spontenously answereing…they did’nt seem to know wat they were doing
but it was shock to the whole college.. Maan did’nt stop asking questions and geet was looking right back into his eyes and answereing….sasha had to hold maan to stop him,
their eye lock was broken..geet snaped again at maans eyes as she saw sasha holding him
maan moved away from sasha, looking with a sorry in his eye, geets eyes refused to pardom him,

off course the winning team was geets… it was quite clear with that question answere session..
dinner with armaan
off course the winning team was geets… it was quite clear with that question answere session..
The staff and maan take some time in discussing the result. Maan tries to catch glims of geet
while she was removing her stuff from the stage..maan hears smriti calling her GEET
Maan..wispers geet..and smiles…geet suddeny looks at Maan, as if she heard him…
maan gets concious…and turns his face …with cute naughty smile..
geet – inhe kya hogaya? wase bhi mujhe inke baate kanha samjh aayai hain jo aaj samajh aayagi?
Results was announced and geets team won the award..
maan was really happy to see geet smiling with her trophy..
Maan was feeling really light that day.. he wondered wat was that made him feel so light and relaxed
Staff and pricipal requested maan to personally congratulate the winning team..
geet, pooja, smriti and kavya were called to the pricipals room..
before even the knock at the door maan knew she was around..he just looked up and took a deep breath…..then there was knock sir may i come in…
pooja, smriti and kavya where taking a pride in shaking hands with Maan Singh Khurana
He spoke to each one of them separately and apperiated each one of them
he turned to geet looked at her..they had that brief eye lock.. he was about to say geet!!! tring tring!! geets phone rings… she was about to cut the call but notices it is krish’s call
she looks at Maan and says KRISH??
she says excuse me !!! I have to answere this call..
Maan gets pissed off!!! How could some one walk out on him!! he is Maan Singh Khurana!
he feels really insulted…principal aplogizes on her behalf..Maan leaves at once from there…
when she comes back..the staff and principal really get angry at her… she wondered why
they gave her heavy dose on professionalism….she was upset and walked to catch up with
her friends..they too were annoyed at her…
Geet- wat happeneed??
smriti – why did have to take that call??
pooja – could’nt u just ignore it..
kavya – maan did’nt like when u walked out..it was so ambarssing for all of us!!
Geet – wonders..babaji maan ko to main ne kha tha ki krish ka phone hain..phir woh kyu naraz hain? sachi unhe bus mujh per naraz hone ki wajah chahia…nahi nahi aaj kal to wajha ke bina hi
shuru hojathe hain..
Maan bhi na..aaj inke wajha se sab loog mujhe he gusaa kar reha hain..
no body seem to notice how much hard work i had put in all this???
kise ne kya nahi notice kiya???? says armaan
Geet – hai doc.. kuch nahin..
armaan – so congrats … lets go for dinner girls…lets celebrate..
they all decide to go to disc and then dine out..
they plan to meet at 8.00pm
geet comes back to mansion tells every thing to daadi..about the presentation, trophy
and their plan for dinner..
daadi – where are u planning to go
geet – ji woh ..disc ja rehain hain & then dinner
daadi – wat r u wearing?
Nt just walks in & says…please don’t wear ur salwar kameez
geet – daadi dekho na..
Nt drags her to her room..tells her to pick some thing from there
geet – didi it just a casual party so I will wear geans and that top..
at the entrance of the hotel..maan is on a call…sees a long black car..typical his types..
he is looks away..there is a sight breez flowing forcing him to look there..
amused to see geet getting of the car..involunterly he checks is buttuns…
maan walks towards her… geet has not noticed maan..as she was busy texting on the phone..
they are like couple of step away..
armaan says…hai geet!! she looks up..to say hai..and her eye meets maans
her legs frooze!! armaan gives a warm hug and says..geans cute..lagrahi ho
geet was still looking at maans eyes…maan snaped a glance
geet knew maan was not approving that hug… she held her hands back…armaan dragged her
into the disc….maan pretended to be on a call..
geet – babaji aaj mera din hi tehk nahi hain..subha college main ab yahen bhi.. main to gayi
every one hits the dance floor..just dancing on random music, more of jumping around and having fun!!
armaan has never seen geet so happy ever since they have met..
he asks her for a dance..when the music changes…to a soft number..
all of them pushes geet ..and tells her not to be a spoilt sport..
geet reluctantly stands up..and extends her hand to …when she looks at the entrance to notice
maan looking at her…she pulls her hand back & drinks water..
armaan goes down on his kneews..just to push her further…
Maan turns his head away.. geet really gets tensed…and say i am hungry…
they all walk to the dinner table…
Maan stops eating suddenly…he knows she has just walked in…maan heart beats faster and faster as he know she is about to pass him..as she passes ..he grabs a glass of water and gulps it down
geet chooses to sit next to the long glass window since it had a good view..
geet and maan were sitting facing each other on different tables..
geet still not realized all that…while glancing through the menu she notices those eyes..
geet- woye geet kitna acha view hain??? hogaya tera dinner…yeh to mera hi dinner bana ke kha jayange
they keep on looking at each other..every now and then, making sure no one is noticing
it was more like their dinner togather!!!maan could not stop glancing her hair, eyes, ..suddenly he notices little curry on the left corner of her lips…geet catches maans eyes looking at her lips..she really gets consious..maan still looks at her, she takes her napkin and wipes her lips(as if she knew wat was he saying).. maan smiles..
Geet – yeh smile bhi karthe hain…
Maan working out!!!!!!!!!!!
please give me inputs on any particular thing if u r looking for shall try to include
the pace of the story is slowing down..thanxs to spicy scenes but i guess that should be fine by u guys…
Geet – yeh smile bhi karthe hain…
Part 12
Geet comes back home..she is restless..she is blushing..she snesks into maans room..
she looks around try to feel his presence, she touches his towel..she sees the vest..which he wears
while working out…she takes it and holds it very close to her..she could actually smell him…
it was intoxicating…she goes to her room and sleeps holding the vest..
maan walks into his room..he felt as if geet was there..just few mins ago..he freshens up..
he wipes himself with the same towel.. he felt as if geet just touched his face..with her soft hands..he could feel the soft strokes calming him..he smiles and goes to sleep…
geet started breathing faster and faster..she feels a tickling touch on her neck..she can smell him..
she is breathing faster and turns around and feels her lips just burned
as she turned and landed on his chest…geet jumps up and find herself dreaming
and his smell all over her is intoxicating…she looks at his vest!!!
she looks at the clock it was 6 am
she looked for water..could not find it…so she walks to the kicthen..
she was still breathing faster..while crossing the gym..she gets floored..to see
maan..practicing his martial art..he was topless..sweating
she kept on admiring his strong legs kicking.. the curves of his biceps every time
he pushed a punch in air..maan turned to the other side facing his back to her..
she felt a shy..to look at his bare broad shoulders…she kept walking towards him…
looking at those sweaty perfect back..
she hugged him from back…her hands slidded from his strong waist towards his broad chest..
slidding over those aabs..one after the other..her cheek touched his back..
she dropped the empty glass in her hand ran to the kitchen….
she took a bottle of water and ran out to the garden
she finished the whole bottle and was still thirsty and panting…
maan turned to see the broken glass.. he wonders wat happened..he calls for the maid and asks
her to clean it up…maan gets ready to go to office..geet was still in a shock..
ek baar maan ne tumhe dekh kar smile kya kiya you have gone mad!!
don’t you know he is Maan Singh Khurana…she pulls the spread and sleeps again
maan left to office..daadi comes looking for geet.. she was shocked to see geet still sleeping
daadi – wat happened geet
geet – nahi daadi mera sur ghoom raha hai
daadi – kya hua? restlessness bhi hai kya
geet – babaji how did she know all that
before geet could say anything daadi calls the doctor!!daadi gets really excited thinking geet is expecting!!
when the doctor arrives..daadi was all excited and tells dr.anjali (family friend) i think she is pregnant
Geet – nahi nahi..woh wala restlessness nahi!! babaji..yeh sab kya ho raha hai
dr.anjali – that will let u know..when did u have ur last pXXXX date?
geet – total confused
dr.anjali – checks her BP..it was high
geet – woh to high hi hoga na!!!pur please..meri baat to suniya..
dr.anjali – writes some test..
daadi comes in..is every thing fine na?
dr.anjali – nahi iska BP high hai
daadi – maan pura din gussa main rehta hain..uska kuch to asar hoga..
geet – nahi daadi ..its not like that
daadi – don’t defend him now
geet – defend..aur main woh bhi maan ko??(mummers)
dr.anjali – i can’t say any thing until i see the reports..but please take care..
if she is pregnant then high BP is not good for the child
daadi gets very worried..and starts taking care of her like a baby..
the whole day..Nt and daadi are making sure she is not stressed ..
geet starts feeling odd.. she does’nt like daadi getting so excited
geet calls dr.anjali and tells her to tell daadi that she is not pregnant
dr.anjali – how can u be so sure?
geet – i am pritty sure..aap please daadi ko relax karne ko kahiya
dr.anjali – says ok..she could feel there is something wrong!!
dr.anjali speaks to daadi and says reports are all normal ..geet is not pregnant
daadi gets disappointed..anjali adds..I think maan and geet should spend more time togather…

beehgi beeghi rethe armaan and geet
All of u have a big question if maan has forgotten about his wedding
not exactly..but nothing has happened around him to remind him either…
he preffers to involve himself in work…rather think of his family, house..etc..emotions
no dil related stuff..only thing that moves him is krishna and daadi..but he never realized that
krishna was happy beacause he had geet around him…more over..geet also avoided him
since she was scared of maan’s temperment and she was not preparaed for a relationship then..
Part 13
geet was very disturbed seeing daadi and her expectation..
next day in the college geet saw pooja crying
geet – wat happened?
kavya – she had fight with her guy..aur kya
pooja – nahi yaar he is seeing some one else..
geet – relax yaar..may be they are just friends
pooja – u don’t lie about it..when ur friends…
geet – try speaking to him yaar.. he will understand…
smriti – every one is not lucky like u to have…and she stops
geet – babaji..how do they know about Maan..(mummers)
kavya – yah!! u r so lucky geet
geet – shies (that was simple..i thought they will get more dramatic about it)
smriti – so when r u getting engaged
Geet – yah!..and snaps back but we are marri…and stops
wait a min wat r u guys talking about
Kavya – ARMAAN… tumhara armaan
geet – wait. wait a min..
smriti – nahi nahi doc…!!!
they all start laughing
geet – shouts..stop it !!stop it !! now..
doc. is just a wonderfull friend.. there is nothing between us
how can i think of a guy? she says…
pooja – why? why can’t u?
kavya – don’t tell me u think of girls
pooja – grosss!!! yuk!!! how could u
geet – nahi..main kise aur ..and stops..
how can i think of anyone i ! i ! i mean i have to complete my MBA
get settled with a job..and..settle ..priya di and maan (she mummers)
Smriti – tu kya bol rahi hai..
kavya – wat wrong in loving someone? u can still continue ur studying
probably get married after couple of years
geet – married???
Smriti – kyu tuje shadi nahi karni hai kya??
kavya – yah!! all that stuff..huby huby, type karvachaat, SR,
pooja – waking him up with wet hair!!
geet adds..nokh-jokh!!!
smriti – insab kayliya tum ka shaadi to karni padhagi
geet – shaadi?? main kasi shaadi kar sakthi hoon???meri to..unse…and stops
she thinks about the wedding cermony, the karvachaat she keeps every year for him,
how she gets sleepless if he working late night…all that just made realize …
she never realized untill then that THE Maan Singh khurana was her husband
it hit her hard… she just cut the topic and said she needs to leave
she tells the driver to take her to the canal…she goes and sits there..
she was getting confused about her feelings.. she was not sure wat was all this..
Maan never meant any thing to her.. but still her life revolved around him..
they never spoke to each other…but she only lived for him…how his tears effected her
how she is trying her best to get priya back in his life..just to see him happy
suddenly a car stops by..armaan steps out..
geet runs to him and says…thanxs for coming thanxs thanxs thanxs…
tumhe kasi paata ki main yanha hoo!!!
armaan – kya baat hai..is every thing fine..smriti said u were upset
geet pulls his hand..and draggs him to the their favroiut spot.. where they sit..dipping their legs
in that stream of water…
armaan suprised at geet touching him..he just looks at her hand and then looks up at her..
they are sitting there..silence..spoke for them..armaan is speechless and geet is lost in maan
it starts pouring..armaan runs to the car…geet is still sitting there..
armaan comes towards her and says.. geet u will fall ill
geet did’nt realze untill then it was raining!!
she is got tears in her eyes..
armaan – kya baat hain..
geet – aise kyu hota hain ki
armaan – geet kya hota hai????
geet – why do we think of a person all the time when we know there is nothing
armaan knows wat she was trying to say..but was not sure..he kept quite..
since this was the first time she was saying something
geet – why some ones being happy means more than ur happiness
why just seeing his one glance refreshes u
why even the silence means a 100 nahi 1000 words
why seeing him restless i get restless
when he gets angry i just hate myself
woh nahi soothe hain to meri neid puri nahin hoti
kyu mujhe har pal har jagha unki ka khayal aata hain
armaan – u r in love dear!!!
geet – nahi main unse pyar nahi kar sakthi!
armaan – nahi kar sakthi??? tum use pyar karthi hoo..
geet – nahi armaan, nahi..u don’t understand…he loves some one else
pyar to woh kar the hain..kisi aur se….
main to sirf unko unka pyar se milane chati hoon..
i don’t know wat is love..
i don’t even know wat i feel is love??..personal experince nahi hain na..
wipes her tears and says..nahin yaar..
mujhe shayad unke pyar se pyar hogaya hain..i mean..they say love is in air..
armaan and geet standing in the rain fully drenched..armaan always liked her..but her innocence today just made him felt different today!!
geet – mujhe thand lagrahi hain
armaan – lets go and have some coffee.
geet – itne raat ko..which coffee shop will be open
armaan – armaan’s coffee shop
geet – wat???
armaan – lets go to my place…i shall make some nice cup of coffee.for u.
they reach armaan’s place..
armaan – wipe ur hair..thund lagjaygi..and gives her a towel
geet – thanxs.. wipes her self..says..u know armaan..kavya, smriti and pooja
thought we are going around…
armaan – even i thought so
geet – wat!!!???
armaan – ager yeh mr.lover tumhare zindgai mein nahin hota to???
geet – to sayad main ..main nahi hoti!!!
armaan – wat was that..he said!!!
geet – tum nahin samjh pavogay..armaan..itne confusion.to mujhe samjhna bhi nahi hain
armaan – ur coffee is ready..
geet – thanxs..not bad..aachi hain..geet sat on the chair near the dinning table
armaan comes close to geet ..holds her hand and sits on the floor..on his knees..
geet – why don’t u sit on the chair?
armaan smiles and says..i really really like you.. you are very special to me
geet – thanks.. u are also very special to me…too..
armaan says i really don’t want to spoil our relationship because of any stupid feelings..
wasi bhi u have to finish my hospital wala propasal..and he sits on the opposite chair..
geet smiles..finishes her coffee and leaves..
armaan – woye woye..and falls flat on the couch..
geet felt nice with armaans warmth..she has never been comfronted
by men who are so caring and calm…
after reaching home..she looks at her wedding pics…looks at her mangalsutr, her saarees,
sindoor, ..she feels like wearing them…
her phone rings, it was krish..calling her to chat with priya…
she keeps every thing inside..chats with them…after the call..she goes into maans room
to keep his vest back…
geet is still under medication for depression… she is better than those days but after her
realization with maan she started getting little reserved…
daadi maa wonders how to get geet and maan spend more time..

geet joining maan’s office
daadi maa wonders how to get geet and maan spend more time..
Part 14
Geet is worried and goes to meet daadi
daadi – wat happened?
geet – all my friends have got their intership finalizes..mera nahi huwa hain
daadi – why wat happened to ur interview with tata gp?
geet – nahi that is in mumbai..i willl have to stay in mumbai..
daadi – no ways..nahi nahi..mera matlab hai..let me see
i shall talk to u about this tomorrow
daadi sees this as the best option to get geet and maan spend more time togather…
she gives a letter to geet and says give it to adi..he will do the needfull
geet walks into Khurana’s office..unaware that it is the place where maan sits..
she knew it is part of khurana’s but was not expecting to be his office..
she meets up with adi..he tells her that all the interns are to join next week..
geet out of curiosity asks wat is the profile all about..
he says there are 5 trainee opennings and MK will decide who will do wat..
there are 2 in marketing, 1 in PR, 1 in accounts and 1 in research depts
adi introduces her to pinky, they just get clicked
sasha bumps into geet, before geet could say anything, sasha shouts at adi..who is this?
she is the new trainee here.. how can she be the trainee she never had an interview with MK
Adi – daadi has strongly recommended her..
sasha – wat ever
geet – got pissed off looking at her.. babaji aab isk ko jhal na pada ga..
geet says bye to pinky and adi and leaves..
Maan comes out .. to get a file from adi..he felt strange.. he could get those feel of geet!!
maan takes the file and says..really maan u have lost it..woh to college main hogi..
Monday..geet all set to go to office..
she meets up with other 4 trainees and they seem to be supper excited about working here
and giggling around ..geet still not sure about wat was happening..
there was sudden silence..DD is coming DD is coming..
geet asks pinky yeh DD wat is DD..she says Dhak Dhak!!
office main sab MK ko DD kehtain hain… bhaut HOT hain na..and winks at her..
all the trainees are called into MK’s cabin,
Maan was sitting with their CVs ..as they walk in..Maan heart skips a beat..he knew she was there
he looks up, but does’nt see her..he shakes his head and says maan concentrate..
Geet walks in..and stands behind rest of them..all of them where crowding around maan ..including sasha….geet still not sure wat is she heading towards..
silence breaks..geets heart starts beating faster.. she knew that was maan’s voice..
geet – MK..babji Maan Khurana?? why why me? mummers
Maan was looking down and assisging them departments..as they got their dept they thanked maan and left..now he has geets Cv in his hand.. before noticing it is geet..he says..we shortlisted only 4 who has included this one
sasha – adi who else..MK
adi-sir woh Ms. Savitri Devi ne recommend kiya hain
Maan says i don’t take recommendation she has to prove her capabilities..
and throws her CV and he looks up to see it was geet …maan pops up from his seat and stands there grounded….geet really feels insulted and her eyes fills up..
Maan – don’t even think about it..tumara rona dhona..ghar main chodhoo..yanha yeh sab nahi chalega..
geet – how do i prove my capabilities? looks back at him..into his eyes..
maan – give her the written test..
adi – sir abhi? preparation ke liya time..may be tomorrow?
Maan – abhi..
Geet – I will take the test now..
adhi brings the paper and geet sits in front of maan and takes the test..
offcourse any question on Khurana empire was a cake walk for geet..
Maan keeps drooling over her while she is taking her test…she hands over the paper to adhi..
adhi – she has got all correct!! even the last one..which most of the other trainee got wrong
maan – umm..ok…give her the 5th trainee position to her..and walks out
adhi – congrats geet.. u will be MD’s trainee research advisor..
geet – great .. but wat do I have to do?
adhi – u will have to analyize all the clients MK deals with and make a advisory report..
u will have to attend all the client meetings with MK..and study then in detail..
geet – babaji yeh!! ek minute mera saat nahi rehsakte..how will he stand me the whole day!!
geet woh tu mujhe kacha kha jayange
adhi – geet, MK is having a meeting with Mr.Sharma..u will have to attend that..
geet gets really scared and walks into the conference room…
she opens the door and bumps into maan..geet can feel the tickle in her spine
with the touch of his hand ..Maan is lost in her eyes..
he could feel that irresistabe pull of her perfume..maan walks closer..towards her..
geet narrows her eye and wonders where is heading to … he comes closer..geet can now feel
his heart beating in tune with hers…geet finds it impossible to break out of that proximity..
maan hits the door in anger walks out..geet stands totaly lost and tensed..
Messed up meeting
geet stands totaly lost and tensed..

Part 15
the clients walks in the conference room..
maan walks after some time.. they have a brief talk over the contract and
geet takes down the notes, maan keeps looking at geet every now and then
she looks really lost in the work..maan smiles..and contines discussing with the client
Mr.sharma – ok mr.khurana we shall..meet at dinner and sighn the deal..and they leave
Geet – maan
Maan – stares at her! she wonders why..
geet – maan woh!
maan – kuch bholigi khi ..maan maan karthi rahogi??
geet – nahi woh!
maan – wat geet
geet – i just wanted to confirm if it was same Mr. sharma who deals with tata gp?
maan – yes..why wat happened..
geet – then i feel that we should include these terms as well in the deal..
maan – how can we change the contract at the last moment..
geet – nahi maan ! and she starts explaing..
every time she says maan…he feels so nice…he can just stand there for ever..
and listen to her..
maan – says make the final changes and get it to the dinner..
geet – dinner
maan – at 8.00
sasha does’nt like that geet is going out with maan for dinner…
so she decides to tag along with maan
geet meets up with daadi and NT to tell about the office and how much work
she has done, ..about the client and dinner..daadi and NT look at each other & smile
Nt says ..ok today u will ware wat i suggest ok..
she makes her wear a elagant looking dress..simple and could depict royalty,,
while selecting the jewellry..daadi comes over & says..geet u should demand maan to
get u some jewels..
geet – baat karenghe tab na..(mummers)
daadi – it been more than 3 1/2 ys now..he has not even got u a single new jewellry
geet – phool tak nahi diya..jewellry thenghe ..daadi aap bhi na..and smiles
daadi gets worried and says- is every thing fine between u both..
geet – nahi daadi humare beech kuch nahin hain..i mean..every thing is fine
daadi – is he coming to pick u?
geet – that is expecting way too much from Maan singh khurana
NT & daadi – starts laughing
geet reaches early..7.30pm..
and the client also turns up early.. they happen to meet up with geet and start discussing
geet tries to call..but sasha puts maans phone on silent mode
client says could u please say sorry to mr khurana..
geet tries to stop them but ..they leave..
Maan reaches the venue.. he is stunned to see geet how elgant she looked in those simple
attire..with a thin line of diamonds glittering around her neck..confidence was just
oozing out of her…maan walks towards geet..
geet says hellow maan..he was speechless..glaring at her..she shies and starts blushing
sasha was shocked to see geet looking so prity
geet was about to tell maan about the clients visit..Mr & Mrs. Capoor walk in
and start talking to maan..
Mr Capoor – hellow mr. & mrs khurana..
maan was shockd to hear them address maan & geet like that..he stands closer to her
maan tried to correcting them.. but it all seemed so nice..
mrs capoor gives a creepy look to sasha and wispers to geet..mrs khurana..yah wohi ladki hain na geet smiles and says media u know..maan was so impressed that she so suttly handled that..it all seemed so nice.. that she was Mrs Maan Singh Khurana..
maans gets call from the client..which was not clear.. all he could hear was they waited and told geet..airport
maan gets furious and waits for mr & mrs chopra to leave..
holds geets arm and turns her around..that hurts..maan she says..her eyes were filed up
maan pins her against the wall..there was no space between them..geet was getting hurt with
maan pressing her arms….
why did’t u tell me about the client? geet is looking into his eyes
u have all the time gigglig and talking to others..whom u don’t even know!! geets eyes looked shocked ???
u have come here for the deal..not to flash ur self as my wife?..geets eyes were looking hurt..
and a tear rolled down her cheeks
geet – main aap ko kehna wal thi..
maan – kab dinner ke baad…
geets phone rings..geet says excuse me..
maan shouts at her..geet snaps back and says..don’t shout..krish ka call hain..
maan was shocked at those words..how could someone say that to him..
maan just walks out of the hotel…..cancel her contract tomorrow sasha..he yells
after the call she realzes maan had left..
geet goes back home ..wondering..maan bhi na puri baat bhina jane naraz hojathe hain..and her
hand was still hurting…it waas all red..turning blue

geet fired from the job
geet goes back home ..wondering..maan bhi na puri baat bhina jane naraz hojathe hain..
Part 16
maan leaves early to office..
geet looks for him..asks the maid…shab jaldi chalengai kya?
geet – itna bhi kya gussa?
geet rushes to office..looking for maan…she pushes open conference room door..
geet – aap yanha hai..ek min..she goes out makes a call and then walks in …
maan – wat..!!! geet!! yah kya tarekha hain?
geet – walks inside..towards him..
mana ki aap kal ki baat kay liya naraz hain..
mana meri galthi nahi thi..
she is still walking close to maan..maan has not moved from his place
he is just wondering wat is she saying..geet is really close to maan now
maan can feel her breath..and he is falling into her eyes..
geet says – yah kya baat hain..aap khna ka gussa khna nikalathe hain..?
maan wonders if she talking about firing her..
geet – aache chalo..sorry..abh to kuch kha loo..
khal bhi dinner kyia bina chalegayetha..
then she asks breakfast kiya? with her eyes questioning..at such close approxcimity..
his head just turned left and right saying a no..nahi na..geet says
she holds his hand drags him to the couch and makes him sit..
maan shouts GEET…
there is a knock at the door.. she tells boy to keep the food on the table next
to couch.. maan is standing furious..after the boy leaves
geet sits on her knees..on the floor..and pulls maan down
opens the food and serves it on the plate..
geet tells maan to have his breakfast properly..nahin to u will get head ache..
maan is speechless..and not sure wat to do or say..he starts eating..quitely
sasha walks in..suprised to see the sight of maan eating and geet sitting next to him
sasha – Mk geet ka termination letter. aap ka sign chaiya tha
maan gets worried..how will geet react to that..he just closes his eyes..and thinks,,
sasha ko bhi abhi yeh kehna tha..?
geet gets up in anger..knotting her dupatta..walks to sasha snatches the letter..
and looks at maan..he could make out she wanted sasha to leave..
maan – ok..aur kuch kaam tha??
sasha – nahi MK and leaves
geet keeps the letter on the table..maan was about to take the letter..she stares and says
finish ur food first..after he is through ..geet and maan get up togather..they
keep looking at each other..geet slowly moves her thump to tip of his lips
to wipe off the crumbs..maan holds her hand..
geet – nahi nahi..woh!! crumbs ..
maan comes back to senses.. wondering wat was he doing all this while..
he get very angry..snaps his hand back..
takes the letter and signs and gives to her…
geet – pur maan …meri koi galthi nahi thi..
maan – every thing is wrong..now because of u..i will lose the deal..
the phone rings..maan picks his call..
Mr. sharma – I am realy very sorry maan
maan – no actually..(geet knowing it is Mr.sharma’s call shuts maans mouth with her hand)
maan feels those soft fingers on his lips..and looks at geet..
geet – nodes her head and her eyes convey him to pretend as if he knows wat happened..
maan just follows her eyes..
Mr.sharma – actually i had a sudden trip lined up so..had to rush..luckely geet was there
early..so we discussed with her..she updated us with the new terms..
we even tried calling you..
maan – umm..(since geet fingers were closing his mouth)
Mr.Sharma – we are ok with new terms 9a & 9b..and we have added c from our side..
so we where waiting for ur response
geet lets go his mouth..and quickly shows the file with highlighting those parts..
maan is looking at her..and still feeling those warmth on his lips..
geets eyes tell him to look at the highlighted part.. he snaps out and
then he looks at part 9c..
Maan – ummh..yes mr. sharma we are ok with it..thanxs
after the call maan looks at geet..she was arranging the files..
she turns and about to leave..maan holds her hand..
geet looks at him innocently..
maan – woh woh.. I am ..muth jaaoo please..
geet – ji ..
Maan – nahin woh! i am sorry about last night..
geet is shocked to see maan saying sorry..ji ji teek hain..main jaaoo..
maan – ummh
geet – main jaaoo…
maan – geet jaaoo..kya bar bar pooch rahi ho
geet – aap mera haat chodengi to jaaooghi na..
maan just leaves her hand turns around..
geet smiles and walks out…

maan and geet dinner at mansion..
maan just leaves her hand turns around..
geet smiles and walks out…

Part 17
daadi maa has called few guests over for dinner..
Maan walks in..he was lost in his call..he does’nt bother meeting the guests..
just walks into the dinning hall
daadi – maan
Maan – ji daadi
daadi – how is geet coping with work?
Maan – ummhh..tehk hain..he is still lost texting..
daadi – maan where is geet?..woh abhi takh nahin aaye?
maan – daadi how am I supposed to know?
daadi – u both work at the same place.. right
Maan – i am not sure daadi…is she joining us for dinner?
daadi gets angry at maan..she makes a call to geet
daadi- beta where are u? every body is hear..
geet – ji woh..meri gadhi kharab ho gayi hain..taxi bhi nahi milrahi hain
daadi – ok don’t worry i will send maan,
geet – nahi..main manage karloonghi..but daadi insists..
daadi tells maan to go & pick up geet..
Maan wonders why should he go..but does’nt creat a scene infront of the guests..
it strats pouring outside…maan all worked up..at the thought of picking her up
but was kind of excited..
when he reaches near her car..he parks behind her car
he was looking for her ..could not find her..her even tried calling but she was
not answereing the call..suddenly notices her playing in the rain
she has her hand streched out and turning, jumping,
maan could’nt stop smiling at her ..slowly he starts noticing her dress which was
soaking wet..he finds it difficult to look away..he looks at her neckline and
how the dress is sticking to her curves..he walks out of the car and starts walking
towards her..he pulls her hand and she gets really scared and turns back
geet – aap?
maan realizes he was in the rain.. which he could never approve of …
maan drags her to the car & pushes her inside
maan drives the car to the mansion..there was a silence in the car
geet starts feeling cold..and her teeth starts shivering..maan looks at those lips
those lips were wet and shivering..he finds it difficult to concentrate on the road..
he stops near the mansion..geet says..i won’t be able to walk in front of guest like this
I shall change & join u guys..
Maan drives to the outhouse..and says..you could change here..
maan opens the car door and rushes inside his room to divert his mind from geets wet looks
he was still imagining those shivering lips, her curves,
he was not sure wat he was doing, he just grabed a towel & a dress from priya’s cupbard
he walks down looking for geet..
he looks around…she was not seen in the hall, near the car..
he was wondering where did she go? he hears a noice from krishna’s room
he walks up to the room..the door was partially closed..he slowly walks in
maan was mesmerized to look at geet..
geet was drying her hair…maan kept on walking towards her..she removed her
duppatta and threw it aside..it well on maans face..she was about to remove her kurti
but got stuck with the knot at the neck..she tries to open the knot..
maan is feeling her duppata ..he can smell her on them..just slidding his face..
continus walking towards her..he notices her struggling with the knot..
he is right behind her now..geet gets scared and starts breathing faster..
maan just touches her hand while trying to open the knot
she quickly snaps her hand down and turns around..her wet hair hit around maans face..
geet tries to remove her hair from his face..but feeling the proximity just stops..
and turns around…like giving permession to untie the knot..
he slowly moves her hair..from the knot and was glaring at those white heavnly skin
she can feel his breath gasping on her neck..maan opens the knot and slowly
pushes the sleevs down and bends towards her bare shoulder..
geet gets realy nervous and moves in front..maan holds her shoulder ..
geet was not sure wat she was feeling..excited, scared, cold, HOT
maan realizes wat he was upto..he lets go of her and turns around
tum yahe dress phenlo..we shall go ..daadi is waiting
geet feels odd ..wat happened to him..
why did he do all that and why is he angry now??
she quickly changes and walks down
maan was sitting down..remembering the feel of her skin when he untied the knot..
sight of her bare shoulders
he opens his eyes to see geet standing in priya’s dress..that hits him hard..
he could never let anyone touch them..and there she is wearing them
maan was not comfatable looking at those dress..it reminded him of all
the lovely time he had with priya.. he was really disturbed ..

Geets suggestions annoying maan
this part was included on special outhouse scene request..could not do much since
maan is still not aware of their marriage right

the lovely time he had with priya.. he was really disturbed ..
Part 18
Maan & geet walk in togather..into the dinning room..most of them have had their dinner and are
sitting in the main hall..NT & dev are chatting with them..
maan was looking stern..geet was feeling really mushy!!! and was looking very shy..and quite
that was the first time ever they have walked in togather…
daadi was quite happy with her efforts..of getting them togather..
maan sits in his usual place and geet goes and sits next to daadi..
maan dos’nt even look at geet…daadi arranges to serve them food and insists that they enjoy it
suddenly geets phone rings..
geet looks at and has big smile..daadi krish!
takes the phone and runs out…maan does’nt like her walking out on daadi like this..and looks at daadi……………daadi smiles and says – hogaya!!! aab yah dinner nahi karyeghi…
maan you finish yur dinner..
maan – par daadi!! geet??
daadi – don’t worry about her…wat ever u do..u cannot get her out of that call now..
maan finishes his dinner..and leaves..
while walking towards outhouse..he notices geet still talking over the phone
her gestures, how she puts her hand on her waist, plays with her dupatta, points her finger..
she was talking as the person was right infront of her..
maan wonders whom she talking too…
next day in office..maan was working on a new magazine launch..
he calls for a meeting .. with creative heads and wanted to discuss the launch
maan can feel geet is about to walk in..he delebrately looks at the other side
she comes and sits next to him..she looked calm & compossed which was annoying him
maan could smell her & feel her…he tried his best not to look at her..
maan starts addressing the meeting
Maan – as we discussed earlier about this new magazine of ours..i am really wanting it to
be a sucess, Khurana’s are first time getting into this field so I want is to come with a bang!!
i am hear to discuss the few topics we will launch with the issue..
creative head 1 – MK since we are targetting this magazine at the age group 25- 30yrs
we should have real spiced up topics
creative asst – I feel we should have celebrity gossips
creative head 2 – we should include articles on senstive issues, personal to them,
may be making it advisory type
Maan – ummh..not clear ..could u explain please…maan was looking at geet..she was making notes..
creative head 2 – i had this plan of giving an open forum on Mantra of sucessful Marriage!!!
maan was little uncomfatable about the topic..but did’nt say anything
creative asst 2 – most of the readers would love to read this type os stuffs, how to see if ur relationship is going smooth..is ur husband having an affair, thats quite common so we will have this
Mantra of sucessful Marriage!!! and answere will be SXX…!!
geet gasphs..she was definitely, wanting to get out of that place..
maan could see her getting restless..
Sasha – that will be intresting only healthy XXX healthy married life!!
maan looked pritty cool with the idea..but noticed that geet was not convinced with that idea
discussion was becoming hotter.. every one statred talking how only XXX is impt in married life
it is the only key mantra.. other wise marriage is a failure..how many times . a week .etc..
geet totally disapproved of it and was shown her face.. Maan noties that disapproval
and snaps at geet is there any thing u want to add..
geet – no..
maan – wat are u disapproving of
geet – nothing..that really does’nt matter
Maan – we are here for a discussion not see u getting restless..u have so much of a problem please leave
geet – just don’t think XXX (pauses !!she feels so odd to say that infront of him)
i really don’t think it is the only key mantra
maan – wat understanding will u have about all that??
geet – maybe nothing!!! but..maan just snaps at her..
Maan -if u don’t know about it why do u open ur mouth on that??
that really hit geet very hard..she felt it..she thought maan is meaning about their relationship
maan – i guess wat sasha says is really true only healthy XXX healthy married life
geet turns at maan in real anger and says..healthy XXX can give u only healthy babies not healthy married life….
maans ego was hit hard!! he could read in her eyes wat she was pointing at..
he glares back at her and moves really close ..and wat exactly are u trying to say
geet – i was just saying my view
maan – no ..it was not it!!
maan hits the table hard and asks every one to leave..
geet was leaving..maan shouts – humari baat puri nahi huyi hain
maan walks towards geet ..she is getting scared ..she knew wat she said has hurt him
he pushes her against the wall..holding her arms..she start getting really scared..
her eyes get filled up..maan hits the wall with one hand and rests on geet..
while the other hand is still holding her arm..
maan is resting on geet..there is no space between them..maans broad shoulder was pushing her face…his chin was resting on her neck..geet felt a dropof tears on her neck..
she hugs him.. tightly and says sorry..she could feel him breathing furiously…
her tears start flowing..she could actually feel his pain..they stay still..untill geet feels
maans temper..seem to come down..he does’nt hug back..she slowly let go..and says
maan main to sirf yah kehna chathi thi ki..it is not just XXX which is only impt
we need to really need to understand & accept the other person
most of the time either we understand or we accept but we don’t do both thats why the relationship fails….maan seem to understand wat she was saying
we need to tell the generation.. that the real mantra is to select a partner whom u understand and
also accept them for wat they are ..not try to change them after marriage!!! off course XXx is also
important and winks at him and walks out…maan smiles at her…

night at office!!!
off course sXx is also
important and winks at him and walks out…maan smils at her…
Part 19
maan is little disturbed over wat geet said and wat happened between then
he wonders wat is happening to him..
it was 10pm..maan just finished his work..was about to leave his cabin
he notices geet was still working in her cabin..
maan is looks how she has the pen in her hand ticking left & right
suddenly she stops & starts making notes and again starts ticking..the pen..
he looks at her putting the pen in her mouth..he was not able stop looking at those
lovely lips..he remembered how it looked the other day drenched in the rain..
then he notices she was feeling some discomfart in her hand..she took her left hand & rubbed
the right arm..all this while she her eyes was stuck to the files..
maan notices a blue mark on her right arm..he realizes it was he who has caused that
he really feels sorry..he thinks he has no right to hurt any one like this..
then he notices that she was eating cut apples from her box..
he keeps watching how she eats a piece while reading..she bring a piece close to her lips
& then takes it back as she got intrested in reading something..
her hands were looking for more pieces and there were non in the box..
but still she is not taking her eyes off the files & computer
he walks into her cabin..geet did’nt notice maan was right next to her..
maan – geet tum yanha kya kar rahi ho?
geet get scared with that sudden question & maan standing right there?
she jumps up & falls back on the seat..which lost balance..maan grabs the chair..
and pulls it back ..geets eyes were closed & she was grabing maans arm tightly..
takes a long breath…and then starts breathing fast
maan – geet ..geeeet..
geet still not recovered from the feel of fall..has her eyes closed tightly..
maan – geet are u ok..
and he is lost looking at that innocent scared face..she opens her eyes slowly into his eyes..
geet – sorry ..wow main darr gayi thi.. ji aap ko kuch kaam tha?
maan – tum itne late office main kya kar rahi ho? ghar nahin jana hain kya?
geet – ji aap bhi to yahen hain..tu main ghar jake kya karoon ghi?
maan – kya?
geet – nahin mera matlab hain..actually mujhe kuch kaam tha..
maan – its 10.30pm now… tum ghar challoo..kal aakher kaam finish karlena..
u might bhi hungry too..
geet – nahin woh , I will not be coming tomorrow …so i have to finsih this tonight
maan – how can u not come tomorrow?
geet – ji?
maan – i mean ..who gave u permission..
geet – woh!! i have to go to college tomorrow..
maan – ok..wat are u doing thats taking so long today? show me?
geet – ji woh!! you had 4 client meetings..today..i have completed studying 2 clients details…2 more are left
maan – ok I will help u ..but lets go have dinner first..
geet – ji?
maan – dinner..u are hungry right?
geet – nahin I am ok..i will go home and have…dinner ban gaya hoga!!
maan – mujhe bhook laghrahi hain..challen?
geet – ji ..ok..
maan – khaana fridge mein rakhne sa kal bhi kha sakthe hain
geet – aap fridge mein rakha khaana khata todi hain…!!!
maan – wat! wat did u say?
geet – kuch nahin
they sit in the car..maan asks her where do u want to go?
geet – lets take some sandwichs or burger..if we go to a restuarant it may get late..
lets pack it & have it in the car
they reach to the nearest fastfood joint..maan asks her wat she wants…he says u be here I will get it
geet – babaji aaj inhe yah kya hogaya hain..ine sweet sweet bhaat kar rahenn hain..
itne sweetness se to mujhe diabetes hojaya ga…
maan comes back and they start having their dinner in the car..
geet starts talking about the doubts she has about the 3rd client and
tells him wat she was reading about them..maan is lost looking at her..
he notices some sauce on her cheeks..he slowly moves closer to her cheeks..
she was still going non-stop about the client..maan is really close to her cheek now
he kisses her cheeks with his lips and bites the sauce..away..
maan snaps back.. realizing wat he was dreaming..he looks at her cheek the sauce was still there..he moves his hand towards her cheek..she realizes wat he was moving towards..
she quickly rubs it with the tissue..
maan – lets go if u are through..
geet – hmm..
maan while driving.. wonders wat was he thinking about geet..why is he thinking about her like this..
yeh ladkhi mujhe paagal kar degi!!
they reach office..they go to her cabin..
maan starts explaining her about the clients & gives brief notes..and guides her how to study the
clients faster..it was 3am.. maan says I guess u are more or less done..
its too late now lets go home..
geet – i have to go to college also..!!
they take the lift and start going down…
there was a bang sound ..the lights go off…and the lift is tuck in between the floors..
Maan & geet in the lift ..no light..it was really getting HOT in there..
there was a bang sound ..the lights go off…and the lift is stuck in between the floors..
Part 20
geet gets scared and goes closer to maan..she can barely see..anything..
she wispers..maan..
maan – ummmhh
geet – mujhe bhaut darr lagh raha hain..
maan is feeling really tickled by her touch …moves ahead..she follows
him clinging on to him..maan shouts at her & says..geet mera haat chodhoo, pulls away
& he switches on his phone..there was enough light now.. geet did’nt say anything..
her eyes were filled .. she just sat down..pulled out her phone and tried making a call..
but there was no reception..maan tried calling from his phone as well..
geet mummering to her self..mujhe kal college jaana hain..aur main yanha lift main..
babaji..ab kya hoga..if i don’t reach college on time , my assintment will be rejected
she goes on..Maan gets angry and shouts at her again.. Shut up will u
maan – its all beacuse of u, we are stuck here..
geet – wat did i do now
maan yells – u wanted to finish with work..
geet snaps – u wanted to have dinner
maan snaps back – thats was because I saw u (looking for apples in that empty box)..he stops
I was just trying to help u..
geet – lakin…
maan – chup..ek dam chup..
he has his finger on top of her lips..she looks at him innocently..serioulsly worried
maan could feel those soft lips..those lips felt as soft as a feather..they have that brief
eye lock.. maan says ok..let me see if I can do something..he tries calling the watch man
try banging the lift..tries pressing the emergency buttons, nothing seem to work
he turns back & says we will have wait untill someone comes & open..
she removes her dupatta..maan yeh kya kar rahi ho! and looks away
turns back to see geet has laid it down like a breadspread & she is sitting all cuddled up
geet – why don’t u sit down..
maan – mmhh and sits on the other corner..avoiding any view of her bare neck..
geet was dosing off..maan was feeling little hot..he removed his coat & tie & opened few buttuns..
then looked at geet..she was fast a sleep..he could sit their & admire her the whole night
he noticed she was very uncomfartable..sliding against the lift wall..
maan streched his legs and hands
before he could notice geet comfartably came and kept her head on his lap..
he was all ticklish by the touch of her.. she was turning around on his lap as if it was a pillow..
every time she turned maan skipped a breath.. he was not able to look at her & not able avoid her aswell….now it was becoming really difficult for maan to take her closeness..
she just turns towards him..and her hand hugs him around his waist..she is softly breath in & out,..
maan can feel the warmth of her breadth just above his belt through his shirt..
maan is hyperventilating. tries a lot not to look at her…he takes a long breath and looks down at geet..her hair was falling on her cheeks..distrubing her..making him even more restless..
he slowly moves the hair behind her ears…slowly feeling every strand of her hair and those soft pink ears..it was all so perfect..he felt…
maan falls a sleep watching her..
its 8 am.. & lift man checks the lift & it opens to the floor where all
the staff members were waiting to get in..sasha gets really furious at the sight !!
maan has his head resting on geet & geet cuddled upinto maan’s lap..
adi – sir !
maan wakes up..seeing the whole crowd looking at them..he tries to wake geet..
but she was still rolling around on his lap..
he asks the staff to move away..he covers geet with his coat..and tries to wake her up..
she slowly opens her eye to notice maan waking her up..
babaji aaj mera din paka kharab jaane wala hain!!
maan – geet enough of dreaming now get up!! ur not in ur bed..this is my leg ur sleeping on..
geet – thabhi to..itna gale ma dard horaha hain..
maan picks the duppata from the floor..
maan – gets really angry..& shouts at her..wear ur dupatta now!!! ki woh bhi mujhe pehnana hain?
she wears her dupatta..and gives his coat back..
maan – u have ur car ?
geet – ji
maan – don’t get late to college now ok!!
geet – hmm!!
geet walks away ..
dev comes into the office..bro is every thing fine? i just saw this MMS..was of geet & maan cuddled up
maan just explains wat happened..
maan gets really angry about this talk in the office & MMs
dev says..geet will get really upset if she sees all this..why can’t people mind their own business
maan – ummh and walks away..
geet speaking to her friends about maan & DD effect!!
dev says..geet will get really upset if she sees all this..why can’t people mind their own business
maan – ummh and walks away..
Part 21
maan goes to his cabin..dev follows..
dev – bro..woh geet !!
maan – do u have any thing else to say…other than geet
dev – ji ? bro
maan gets angry & says..please manage the meeting untill afternoon i go home freshen up & get back.. dev – but bro..maan stares at him..dev does’nt say anything
maan reaches home.. maan is getting ready in his room..he is thinking about geet..dinner with her in car sauce in her cheeks..how she was rolling in his lap..he shies a smile..and says jhali hai..
geet is getting ready in her room..she was thinking about how he was helping her with the client details and getting angry when lift got stuck and how he got angry about duppatta
she smiled..and said sach much DD hain..Dusht Dhanav!!
geet catchs up with her friends in college ..
all of them were very excited to talk about the Maan!! they had list of questions and details …
their questions starts non-stop
pooja – did u talk to him?
geet – yes
kavya – did u go to his cabin?
geet – yes
pooja – does he smile?
geet – once!!!she wonders!!
smriri – wat does he eat?
geet – sandwich, paneer, chicken,
pooja – does he have any girl friend..other than sasha?
geet – no..no girl friend.
kavya – wat perfume he wears
geet – armani..she shies
pooja – did u get close to him?
geet – yes!!
pooja, kavya, smriti..wat?? and start staring at her
geet – nahi nahi!!! i mean i am his client advisor..so have to really attend all his client meeting
pooja faints!!! OMG..ur so lucky..
kavya – does he flirt with female staffs..u know..
geet – defending.. nahi maan is too busy with his work..he does’nt give a second look to any one…
pooja – i don’t think he has seen me yet!!
geet – its not like that…he is different.. he is too invovled in his work…
pooja – men are men!!! ok..if he is not noticing it means ..it is not HOT enough for him…
smriti – right he is the Maan Singh Khurana…
kavya – he will have some very high standards..
now that hits hard on geet..hain babaji..woh to maan hain..HOT hain, irresistable hain, she snaps geet!
mera saat dinner kar liya, meri help kardi
tu it does’nt mean he will even think of me other wise…waise bhi..wat can I do..he still loves
priya di..bus jaldi se di aakar unhe sambhal lain ..
aur thode din main inke pas rahoonghi tu..main paagal hi hojaongi!
maan in office is attending the meeting on the magazine launch..
the creatives again start discussing about marriage mantra!!
maan remembers wat geet said…he suggested them to work on the point!!
sasha is shocked..and says but MK
Maan leaves..the confernece room..while crossing geets cabin..he imagines how she was playing with the pen last night, how she held him tight when she was about to fall..
her thought haunted him the whole day ..
he walks in the house..geet was sitting in the sofa & studing..she again had the pen in her hand
he kept watching how she played with the pen while she was lost reading the book..
maan thought..he is imagining things & walks to his room..
geet notices maan walking pass to his room..
she thinks about wat her friends said today..”if he is not noticing it means ..it is not HOT enough for him” hai hai babaji..mujhe notice bhi nahin kiya!!!
she takes her books & goes to her room…
she starts chating with priya..
priya could notice that geet was disturbed & not being herself..
priya – kya baat hain?
geet – kuch nahin
priya – tell me please…now we are friends..
geet very innocently tells ..every thing to priya..that maan does’nt like her a bit
how he can’t stand her presence..how her friends drools over Maan..every one calls him DD in office
priya – DD?
geet – Dhak dhak!!
priya – starts laughing…looks like he has’nt lost his charm yet!!!
geet – di aap bhi!!
priya – ok sorry & starts laughing again..
geet – di main nahin baat karoongi…
priya – ok ..ok..sorry…
geet – di aap jaldi se aakar unhe sambal loo…varna main paagal ho jaavonghi…
i am not able to handle it now..every thing seems to fall apart..please di..
aap jaldi se vapas aajaoo na…and starts crying…
priya – stop crying now..
she changes the topic and asks her about office
geet tells her about the dinner…and how maan helped her..
priya knew maan definitly does’nt hate her..he would never go out with any one for dinner
like this…and helping some one is total No NO!! giving notes!! no ways..
priya smiles…
geet – ur laughing..and maan is making mad every day…
priya – its going to be 4 yrs since u guys are married…and u don’t understand maan at all
geet – i don’t want to know him…the more i go near him..the more i get confused..
wasi bhi how can i understand him?..he does’nt talk to me at all!!!
i don’t think he even remembers that we are married…
main hii karvachaut ka varth rakh thi hoon..woh to nahin rekh the na!!!
i remember ..smriti telling me how he kept karvachaut for u..
all u know he might be still keeping the varath for u..
priya snaps geet enough..is enough…try to understand it is past..u r his present
geet – which does’nt exsist in his real world…
di he loves to live in his past..priya really gets worried & disturbed..
geet sees the MMS
di he loves to live in his past..priya really gets worried & disturbed..
Part 22
geets up with a heavy head..she walks to the kitchen to get a coffee..
she peeps into the gym..to check on maan..he was not there…
she walks into the kitchen stopped at the door when she saw those broad bare back
drenched in sweat…the curves were so prominent as he has just finished his workout
he was looking for his juice..geets heavy head felt heavier…as she could not stop imagining..
she turned and rested on the wall …she was trying to breath normally..
maan was yelling at the maid for his juice..and just walked pass her..she could
smell him so strongly..she just sat down to feel better
geet – oye geet tu seriously despo ki tharah behave kar rahi hain..
inhe bhi subha subha mujhe darshan diya bhina chain nahi aata..
babaji wasi bhi meri kya galathi hainn..mana ki main unke liya hot nahin hoon…lakin woh to sab ko hot laghthe hain..any one will look despo after seeing him like that…
and his bare body is like my morning coffee…now!!!
OH babaji please mujhe bachavoo…
she prepares his juice & brealfast …& goes to sleep again..
daadi comes in to see geet she was stil sleeping ..
daadi – wat are u doing in this room?
geet – i am sleeping
daadi – geet ! geet it is 10am u r late to office..
geet – morning coffee ka over dose hogaya…
daadi – geeeeet…ur late to offce..maan will
geet she gets up in a min…runs to washroom, gets ready & tells daadi..i have to leave
daadi – i see ur not taking ur medicines properly…
geet – i will discuss that latter nahi to DD mujhe khaa jayaga!!!
daadi smiles..
geet reaches office late..maan has already asked for her twice to sasha..
as geet walks into the main office sasha starts picking on her …she ignores..it..
the other trainees start avoiding her & start accusing her ..
they say that she is trying hard to hit on maan to get her way out in the company
geet laughs..babaji..ghar main na try karon..mera dimaaag kharab joo us soothe hoye sher kai
moo main haat daloon…
trainee – because of her all the trainees are looked down…geet was still not sure…
wat was playing on their mind but she ignored it all..
sasha plays a prank..sends a file with their snaps..
geet jumps out of her seat when she sees them..maan notices her & wonders wat she upto…geet really angry and walks to sasha,
sasha – lo aagayi..future mrs khuarna..aacha try tha
geet slaps sasha infront of the whole staff members..maan wonders wat is happening & walks out to see sasha is turned all red & geet raising her hand again
and says..this slap is a lesson to each one of u…dare not mess with me
maan – geet wat are u doing…this office..tumahara ghar nahin
u r just a trainee here and u cannot treat sasha like this..
say sorry to her now!!!!
she just walks into his cabin totally ignoring wat he said..every one is shocked !!!
maan – geet geeeet…and walks behind her into the cabin
geet – do u even know wat she did!!!
maan – wat ever she said u should not treat her like this
geet – throws the file on maans face..
maan gets really angry at her for throwing the file at him..like that…
and shouts at her…wat do u thing of urself? how dare u behave like this?
just because I started talking to u ..spend some time with u..and
u start throwing attitude at me!!! and at my staff..
geet – sasha ki baadhi phikar hain aap ko..
maan – tum jaanthi bhi ho woh khaun hai?
thats it geet totaly losses it..
geet – i don’t know & i don’t want to know wat she means to u..
maan – geet u r getting it all wrong
geet – no…i am getting every thing right only now..
she starts crying furiously
maan shouts at her chup ek dam chup..stop crying..and holds her face in his hand..she is still weeping..wipes her tears with his thumb..they were really close..geet please listen to me..
geet – stares back at him and pushes his hand away and moves back..
tumhare inhi sab harkathoon ke wajah se …and stops!!
maan – wat geet ? wat
geet – ek ummeed thi mujhe!!!that probably we could be atleast ..
but u don’t care about any one but sasha!!
I should’nt have taken up this project ..maine daadi ko kaha bhi tha
how could u let this happen..she points at the snaps
kuch sharam hain bhi yah nahi!!! u and sasha may be used to all this but why are u dragging me in all this….maan now notices the snaps on the floor..he just closes his eyes in disgust..
the photo was from the MMS..geet’s back was quite revealled..the photo was edited to look cheap
geet – when they were clicking snap wat were u doing..just possing around
maan does’nt say anything
geet – its my mistake that I trusthed u…
babaji wat will I tell di now!!! maan & sasha chi chi!!!tears are rolling down her cheeks
maan stands totally suprised about her words nothing seem to make sense to him…
all he knew was she is really upset & mad at him..
geet – u stay with ur sasha
she slams the door & walks away..maan goes behind her..she walks into the lift..
maan follows her in…she looks at him and says.. I really don’t trust u & lift combination…
the lift door was about to close …she just rushes out of the lift..
maan tries to stop her ..she snaps her hand and walks away..
to the car park…
car accident
maan tries to stop her ..she snaps her hand and walks away..

Part 23
maan keeps stocking her through the steps..
geet is running & jumping the steps..& shouting at maan..u stay with ur sasha..
waise bhi why should I bother..whom am I any way..
she slips & was about to fall.. maan catches her hand..both of them were panting..
maan looks at her eyes ..it was filled with agony & tears..he tries to walk towards
her and try to pull her closer and says…geet, please atleast listen to me..
geet pulls her hand back..and contiues walking down the steps..maan follows and says
geet please stop..slow down..u will fall..& hurt ur self
geet turns back glares at maan & says..how does it matter to u??..she rushes
to the car park…she looks for her driver..he was not there..
she was standing near her car trying to call her driver..
she sees maan running to her..geet geet please aapni bachkani harkaten band karo..
she looks inside the car..sees the key & just starts the car..& zooms away
maan nearly hits the car & say geet stop..
the driver comes running..Maam, maam..he screams..
driver – shab..maam is driving the car ….!!!he looked really worried
Maan – i can see that..why are you telling me
driver – shab, maam ko ghadhi chalna nahi aata
maan – wat!! why did u leave the keys in there!!!
Oh god..get my car…& asks his driver to follow in another car..
maan drives looking for her…she finally spots her..& tries to tell her to stop..
maan – geet please stop the car..
geet – nahi main nahin stop karonghe
maan – shouts..stop the car now..
geet – ignores..
they almost miss a truck coming from front..geet is little tensed..
maan – please geet I promise I will not say thing to you..please please stop the car..
geet looks at him..but ..where is the break..???
maan is totally shocked… center wala padel..please pull over now..
she hits the break…so hard..the car comes to a stand still..all of a sudden
maans stops his car in front & comes running to the car..he opens the car door
geet falls out..she was unconcious..maan gets worried..he lifts her in his arms &
put her on the back seat of his car
he tells the driver to take care of the cars and situation….
he rushes to the nearest hospital..maan was panicking..he was not sure wat happened to her
when the doctors were examing geet ..maan was walking up & down
he was screaming at the nurses & doctors to know wat was happening
dr.anjali walks out hearing him…
dr anjali – wat happened maan?
maan – aunty woh woh!! geet..
dr.anjali gives him water & says..relax maan doctors are examing her ..just gives them some time
maan walks away..at the corridor he tells himself
maan – its all my mistake..i should’nt have shouted at her with .. I did’nt give her chance to explain..
wat will I do something happens to her..
dr.anjali – she is fine don’t have to worry..u can see her now
maan walks into the room..she was still unconcious..
maan sits next to her holding her hand..dr.anjali decides to leave them alone
maan – kya karthi rahthi ho tum..tumhe aaj kuch hojatha too..
he sits there the whole night holding her right hand and doses off ..
resting his cheeks on their hold
next day maan gets up to see geet..glaring at him..indicating to let go her hand
maan gets up..& goes to the wash room to gets freshen up..
maan – how are you feeling..? morning doctor..walks in then
dr.kiran – she is perfectly fine..nothing to worry..
maan looked really reliefed..
maan – wat happened to her…i hope she did’nt get any internal injury
geet was all suprised at maan !! babaji aab inhe kya hogaya?
dr.kiran – nothing..I guess she was over stressed..& her BP really shot up..
actually Mr.Khurana u should be carefull..it is not safe if ur planning for a baby soon
maan – wat? and looks at geet
geet – yeah kya keh rahi hain?
maan – woh to mujhe bhi samjh nahin aa raha hain
geet – well explain her..why are u starring at me..
maan tries to explain the doctor..
dr.kiran – no Mr.Khurana..it is seriouly not safe..to concieve with such stressed frame of mind
u will have to really take care..& also make sure she is taking her medicins
maan tried to tell the doctor …you are getting it all wrong..we are not…marr..dr.kiran’s pager rings..she says.. sorry….I shall talk latter… there is an emergency..i need to rush!!!
geet glares at maan
geet – wat did u tell them?
maan – wat?
geet – wat did u tell them?? i am sure u did’nt tell them about the accident!! and sasha?and…
maan sat on the bed..maan pushes her against pillow..
geet was sitting on the bed & her legs were streched..maan has both is hand holding her arms..
they both are looking at each other..maan gets lost in those scared eyes which are questioning him
he moves even closer..geet can feel his breath touching her lips..
she slowly moves her eyes down while croching her legs..and her body seemed so vulnerable to him..his breath falling on her was driving her insane..she slowly looked at his lips & and at his eyes..
which again looked lost..both of them where lost at the closeness..maan moved forward to close that distance..the nurse walks in & says..ok ..you can have the romance in the house..
u can take her home..she is fine..
maan pulls back brushing his lips on hers…maan walks out of the room..in shock..
geet feels her lips with her fingers..she could still feel that touch of brush which burned her within..
nurse – ur husband really loves u
geet shies..
nurse – last night..pura hospital ko sar me utta rakhta !!he was so worried for u??
geet – woh aise hee hain..hamesha gussa main…
nurse – nahin..but..last night he did’nt move from ur side..he was holding ur hand sittig right there..
geet did’nt know why would maan do something like that!!??
maan & geet wondering how to face eachother..
geet did’nt know why would maan do something like that!!??
part 24
maan walks to the lift and goes till the roof top..
he breaths in the fresh air for couple of mins and closes his eyes
all he could see and feel was those lips..her eyes questioning him?
he hit his leg in stress on the side wall..
why why did i do that…how could i even think of geet like that
wat is wrong with me..at the rage of my temper I really do’nt know wat I am doing..
yeh ladki mujhe paagal kar rahi hain..
daadi walks into hospital to meet geet..she was really worried and wondering wat happened?
daadi – geet wat happened?? yeh kya halat bana rakha hain..
geet – daadi i am ok..
daadi – niether did u nor did maan inform me about it..
woh to Dr. anjali called and i came to know..
geet – nahi daadi..doctor said I could go home
daadi – where is maan?
geet – ji woh!!(she was not sure if he was still around)
maan walks in..geet looks at him..they have their brief eye contact..maan looks away..
daadi – aaj hum uskho nahin chodege!!
geet is still looking at maans eyes and slowly moves her eye down to his lips..
she notices her lipstick mark on his lips..
it was like a very faded pink trace just scraped on that slight brush they had..
she feels really shy and becomes stiff..maan figuers out the restlessness in her..
he looks at her questioning with his eyes..geet holds her lip & then looks at his lips
she slowly wipes her lips with her fingers..maan takes his hanky & wipes his lips and looks away
daadi has not noticed maan yet..
daadi – geeeet..where is maan?
geet – ji woh ! she looks at him again
daadi – turns back to look at him..and starts shouting at maan
this is not expected out of Mr. Maan Singh Khurana
is’nt she ur resposiblity ..why did’nt u inform me ..wat happened to her?
she was in hospital the whole night..alone
maan gets angry & leaves the place
daadi – u cannot walk out on me like this..maaan stop!!
geet – daadi woh!! maan was here with the whole night
daadi – wat? he was with you in the hospital…the whole night!!!she was suprised
geet shied & smiled..and went under the blanket…daadi takes geet to the mansion & says u be here
for couple of days..geet was very restless she wanted to see him…be around him
something was kiiling her within…she was not realising wat was it!!!
why is she longing to see him..she closes her eyes and opens to see that maan was standing right there….telling her to eat the medicine..she was very happy to see him infornt of her…her eyes twinkled with joy!! she took the medicine & ate it..she kept on starring at him & smiled..
she heard him call geet ..she kept on smilling and said .ummh.maan..
Nt held her and said hum maan nahi hain..and started laughing..
geet felt embarresed & went to sleep..
next day..geet wanted to go back to outhouse..she was wondering how to tell that to daadi
she was desperatly wanting to see maan…all she could think of was him..
she goes to the breakfast table…she looked lost..
Nt, dev & daadi was wondering wat happened to her..they said good morning…
geet – wat so grt about this morning..mera to morning coffee bhi miss hogaya!
daadi – nahin beta i will order ur morning coffee now..
geet – nahin..woh nahin..maan wala coffee..& she stops..
Nt smiles & winks at her..after the breakfast geet walked into the kitchen
she decides to make some ladoo for daadi & then she will convience her ..
she puts the pan on the gas and adds some flour..she keeps stirring
dreaming about maan..his touch..his eyes, those lips, his hand which held her the whole night
daadi & NT walks in..geet did’nt even notice
daadi – geet kya kar rahi ho..u have been here for couple of hrs now
geet – daadi i am making ladoo for u..dekhona..it is taking so long to fry the flour..
Nt – geet ..
geet – ummm…
Nt – agar aap gas on karengha to shayad ladoo jaladi banjayaga…
geet – oohh!!! tabhi it is taking so long..daadi & nt smile at her
Nt – daadi aap isko outhouse bejhedo nahi to yah pura din..yanha aise hi ladoo banathe raheghi!!
daadi – starts laughing..
geet – nahin nahin aise koi baat nahin hain..
daadi – ok..make the ladoo i shall eat it in the evening with u..and walks out of the kitchen..
geet – nahin…woh!!main..babaji yeh sab kya ho raha hain..and makes a kid like face
daadi comes back & says ..ladoo outhouse main jaa kar banalena!!!
geet runs out in a min…
geet reaches the outhouse climbs through those steps..bang opens his rooms door..
she realzied he was not there..she sat on his bed..she could sit there the whole day feeling him turning
on the folds of the bedspread..after a while she decides to take a walk around the room..
she opened his cupbaord..touched his dresses..kissed his coat..then she smiled & hid her face in them she walked to the wall where she saw maans photo..she takes them in her hand & says..dhust dhanav..brings it close to her lips..she looks at those deep eyes…kisses them & hugs the photo
tightly & closes her eyes..she had her head bend back ward..she slowly opens her eyes..
her eyes fall on the big beautifull eyes of the picture on the wall..
she snaps back..geet tu yeh sab kya soch rahi thi…
she wipes the photo with dupatta & keeps it back..there was tears in her eyes..
she did’nt know why was she so hurt…
babaj mujhe maan is dor rehna hoga !!!nahin to mahin sach moch pagal hojaoongi..
if I keep on thinking all this how will I face him..
her phone rings ..she looks at the phone & gets scared..
geet – hellow
hi..maan here..
geet – ji
there was a pause..maan wanted to ask her how she was.? he did’nt know wat to say..he kept quite
geet was wondering inhe kabse bolne main takleef honelaagi? chaloo main hi bool dathi hoon
geet – ji woh!! I am fine
she could feel the relief in his breath..he still did’nt say anything
geet – ok !!had my breakfast & medicins too
maan smiled
geet – kuch aur kaam tha?
maan – i have a meeting with Mr.chopra tomorrow at 11.00am better be there
geet – lakin maine office!!maan cuts her..don’t be late..
maan shouts at geet..again
geet – lakin maine office!!maan cuts her..don’t be late.
Part 25
geet walks into the office..she was scared & embarrassed at wat people will have in their
mind after that fired up conversation with Sasha & Maan..the other day
she walks into her cabin..she was having too many things running her mind
she was really lost & not sure of why is all this happening to her..
she was wanting to stop thinking about Maan
she gets a call from krish..that just made her feel so much better..she walked out
to the office garden and started talking to him..
krish – mama i saw this girl in the class
geet was shocked..but could not say anything..since he was too young for all that
krish – mama woh mujhe bhaut cute lagthi hain..I just feel like being with her
talking to her..see her smile..
geet – smiled..(mama & baby in the same boat)
krish – mama is it love?
geet – ummh? I am not sure sweet heart ..u barely know her…
krish – mama the way i look at her..my friends thing that I love her..
geet – nahi baby..i thing u should just relax..& I guess if u talk to her
and become her friend u will know wat is it u feel for her..
krish – mama .. how do i talk to her..the momement I see her i go speechless..
geet – ur Maan Singh Khurana’s son..u should not find it difficult to talk!!
krish – mama please don’t start again
geet – actually maan will be able to tell u better..
krish – mama..no way u are going to tell all this to dad
geet..yehla..i can’t tell him wat I feel..how on earth can I tell him about urs..
krish – wat?? wat did u say..
geet – nothing..
krish – ok..I have to go..I am getting late to class..please think of a solution..
geet – nahin..how will I?
krish – bye..shall call u..at lunch..better have a plan ready..otherwise i am going to go mad!!
i need to talk the girl today..plz
geet – ok bye..
geet was all worried..she totally forget about all her stress..all she could think
now was krish..she was walking up & down in the garden
Maan gets off from his car & sees her walking up & down
she looked very tensed..maan knew she was not supposed to take tensions..
he got worried..he walk up to her..she was mummering..
coffee, nahin..they are too young for all that
notes!!yah thats cool..but then wat??
maan was right behind her..she turns back & walks into him..
he was standing like a wall..her forehead bumped into his broad wide chest..his perfume smell
just swept her into another land..she knew without looking up that it was him..
he could feel her heartbeat slowly racing high..he slowly lifts his hands and very softly
holds her arms..his hold was with atmost care..not to hurt her this time..
she clucthes in his arms..his touch ran tinkle down her spine..she was still looking down
maan moved closer..geet did’t seem to resist..he softly moves his right hand to her chin..
and lifts her face..she was still looking down..
maan – wat happened? why are u lookinh so worried
geet – ji woh!! kris.. she stops.. nahin nothing..
his closeness was intoxicating she just snapped away
maan gets annoyed – u don’t want to tell me its ok..maan walks away to the lift
geet – no no its not like that..geet follows him in..
maan was angry & looking away..geet was clucthing her dupatta & was wondering wat and how
to tell him..suddenly the lift gets stuck..again
they both glare at each other..he could notice uncertanity in her eyes..
maan turns around & says don’t worry..it will be fine..
geet moves to the other corner..his closeness was killing her..she was feeling suffocated
with her own urge to be in his arms..his perfume smell was pulling her closer..
she did’nt want to feel all that..she wanted to desperatly stay away from him..
she was breathing faster & her heart beat was so loud..
maan was little taken a back with her being so indifferent today..
the restlessness in her was disturbing maan..there was silence in the lift which spoke about
their restlessness within..finally lift started moving..& stopped into the office floor..
she rushed out..and maan walked to his cabin..
maan kept on looking at geet every now & then through the blind fold..
she still looked confused & thinking deeply…
it was 11.00am maan walks into the conference room..Mr.chopra arrived..
geet joined them..maan noticed geet was still not being her self..
the meeting started..geet was writing down options.. that could work out..for krish..
she looks at the clock it was 12..noon..she started panicking..
she knew krish would call in 30mins & wat will she tell him..
she kept on looking at the clock every min…that passed..
maan noticed her looking at the clock..it was pritty obvious and he was wondering
why is she being so rude infront of the clients..after the clients left
maan hits on the table & shouts at geet..
wat are you doing..wat is it bothering u so much?
geet – nothing & walks away..maan blocks her way …
geet – it is 12 already & i have’nt even thouht of any thing..just leave me alone
maan – geeeet..wat are u talking about? tumhare problem kya hai
maan did’nt move..he was blocking her way..she turned back in a snap & bang the notepad
on the table..meri problem aap ho…sab aap ki wajh se hi ho raha hai
right..you send him there..that is why he saw that girl..& now all this
maan could not understand anything..
maan – geet..wat happened..whom did I send and where?
geet tried to move forward & felt something pulled her duppatta..
geet – mera duppatta chodoo..
maan – kya..?..he looks down to notice..her dupatta was stuck to his shirt…
maan helps geet to solve krishs call!!!
maan – kya..?..he looks down to notice..her dupatta was stuck to his shirt…
Part 26
geet – mera dupatta chodoo maan …she shouts..
maan – take out ur self I am not ur servant!!! snaps back..
geet turns around & slowly walks towards him..maan looked away..
she streched her hand & touched his buttuns..there was spark he felt running down his
stomach..she hesistated & turned back..both of them breathing hard..
geet was standing with back almost resting on his chest and maans chin was
almost on her shoulder..she could feel his breath falling on her neck..
she rests her head backward almost wanting more of his closeness..her phone rings..
she looks at the number..
geet – hi doc..thanxs for calling..& she was panting…
maan was right behind her …so close that he could actually hear wat the other person
on the phone was saying..
armaan – are u ok!!! why are u panting…
geet – nahi nothing..(she tried moving away from maan)
maan was keen to know whom she was talking to..but pretended not listening..
he moved along with her..trying to remove the duppata
geet – thanxs ur such a savier..I was in so much of trouble ..thanxs u called
maan was annoyed..wondering..wat made her say that?
armaan – is everything fine..?
geet – nahi yaar..main bhaut problem main hoon..
armaan – is there any thing I can do
geet – nahin.!!! actually u can!
maan was now getting very intrested in her conversation..geet lost in her thoughts
kept on walking around talking to armaan…maan was struggling to get that duppata out
he decided to walk behind any way…
armaan – wat is the problem? Is it about ur MR.Lover??
maan was little shocked Mr.lover?..geet noticed maan ..she moved ahead
geet – nahin..it is about Jr.Mr.Lover
maan & armaan both are confused.now
armaan – wat? Jr. Mr lover..wat?..ur not making sense…
geet – ok forget about all that..here is a situation…
armaan – ummh!!(geet goes & sits on the couch..maan sits next to her..
geet has not noticed him…..maan is trying to get away..since all her talks made no sense
duppata was still stuck..and maan tried removing it..but he was lost how she aws talking, her curles that kept bothering her..)
geet – I have a baby friend..
armaan – tum khud baby ho.. & u have a baby friend
maan smiles..geet looks at him & stares..he turns his face away..
geet – please I don’t have time for all this…please listen to me na..
armaan – ok..
geet – ok this boy..admires a girl…
armaan – ok..so
geet – he is not sure wat he feels for her..so I said u guys can be friends then know
each other better & then decide..moreover they are yooung!!
(geet turns & looks at maan he shows thumps up..geet shies)
armaan – grt ..so wat is the problem
geet – nahin..he is not able to open his mouth infront of her..
so howw should they ..like start talking..
armaan – ask her for date
geet – no ways..(maan too says no..moving his head)
armaan – give her flowers..like white or yellow
geet – nahin..yaar..(maan he does’nt have show he is intrested in the first meeting..
geet looks at him & nodes her head)
maan – talk about a topic that will interest her..when she is standing with common friends
geet – perfect!!!! hugs maan ..tightly and says..thank you thank you..so much
even maan gets excited & hugs her back..after..a while..geet could feel him all around her
and maan felt her warmth ..both their hearts are beating faster..with no one wanting to
depart..their body was just urging to be bond togather..maan slowly rubbed
his face on her neck feeling those curles tickling his body..geet closed her eyes &
went even closer..her hand moved upward..maan lips were finding there way behind her ears..
and geet hears armaan’s voice..in the phone…hellow geet!! r u there
maan pulls back..& geet says..sorry & walks away..& she tells armaan that she will call back..
her duappata falls down..while she moved away from maan..she stood there froozen
maan removes the duppatta from his shirt..slowly walks towards geet
geet was standing with loooking down..& one hand covering her bare neck
maan comes and stands right behind her..
he could feel her blood racing through her vains..with his closeness..
geet stands there closing her eyes..
maan puts the duppatta on her slowly geet gasps a bearth..
geets phone ring she opens her eyes to notice..maan had left..
maan & geet land issue
geets phone ring she opens her eyes to notice..maan had left..
Part 27
it was krish’s call..she speaks to him & explains how to talk to his friend
they have a long conversation over it…
maan comes back to his cabin..& gets restless about the hug & how he has started
feeling for geet…he decides to keep distance to avoid such overflow of emotions..
he was embarrassed & his ego was not letting hime accept he is falling for geet
Maan gets a call from Munshi ji..regarding the construction work..
Maan – why there is so much of delay in the work..
Munshi ji – ji woh!! there is one land which is between all our other properties
we cannot start the work unless we accuire that land..
Maan – so wat is the problem ..pay them wat they want & get the land
call me only when u have all the details in place(Maan was very angry & restless)
Munshi ji – ji sahab
geet notices him getting so angry through the blind fold & wonders what is bothering him..
Maan catches her looking at him & glares at her..she gets scared & pretends to work..
Munshi ji calls again
Maan – better be a good news..
Munshi ji – sahab..that land belongs Sukhdev Lal Handa..I spoke to him & he said that
the land he has gifted his grandaughter Geet and she can only decide on that now..
geet word calms maan down!!!
Maan – umm!! speak to her & get the land today..I cannot wait ..that construction
work is been stopped for so long…
Munshi ji – but sir she is not here..she is in delhi..
Maan – give me her address & number..
Munshi ji – address I did’nt get..but her number is…xxxxx
Maan – umm! he writes down the number..
maan feeds in his phone & calls her..geet looks at the number & looks at Maan through the
blind fold..she cuts the call & walks to his cabin..she knew something was bothering him..
Maan gets annoyed & says..Maan Singh Khurana ka call cut kiya!!!
Geet – maan aap mujhe kyu call kar reha hain?
Maan – oh! this is ur number..
geet – ummm..aap ko kuch kaam tha?
maan – woh tumhari hosiyarpur wali zamin ka bare main
geet – umm..
maan – where are the papers of the land
geet – woh to! daarji ne aap ko..nahi nahi ..aap to chalegaya tha..
maan – wat wat are u saying
geet – mera pas hain..shayad!!
maan – give it to me
geet – it is in the house..i think
he shows her the plan of the construction model..and explains to geet that the her land
is in the middle & he cannot continue unless he gets that land..
geet seemed least interested..and said..do wat ever u want..I will give u the papers tomorrow
maan was suprised ..and said..it can really fetch u good money..
geet – thats ur problem..u handle all that..I am not interested…
any way it is urs now…
maan was delighted ..geet smiles & leaves..
geet had long day in office & then catching with krish at night about his first ever talk with his
new found friend….
next day..
lawyer calls maan & explains that the land has to be registerd on his name to avoid
futher delays..maan assured that can be done…
Lawyer – u will have to come to amritsar to get it registered..
maan – i will work that out..
maan calls geet…
geet – ji..
maan – where are the papers?
geet – wat papers?
maan – land papers geeeet….
geet – Oh teri.. I totally forgot about it..
maan – how can u forget…i told u how important that paper was for me
if u have any problem..u could have informed me yesterday..
geet – nahin..woh! main!
maan – chup geet..ek dam chup!!! wat u think u can make be dance at ur beck & call..
i asked for ur land & ur showing so much of attitude..
geet – nahin aise koi baat nahin hain..I will defintly bring it tomorrow..
maan – no need …i don’t want ur land …keep it all with u…
and get out from here..now..
geet – holds her ears & say I am very very very..sorry
maan – just leave …geeeeet just leave
geet – maan plz maan i am very sorry, I will surely get it tomorrow..
maan – walks out & says..i don’t want ur land…
geet gets worried..oh! looks like it was quite important..i just forgot..
how could u stupid …he never talks to u..
never asks anything…& first time he did ..& u actually forgot..
maan was very annoyed & was very disturbed the whole day..
lawyer called again in the evening..maan shouted at him said
just forget the whole dam thing…it is not going to work..
geet was just entering the cabin..got scared & frooze there..
maan glared at her & told the lawyer I don’t want any deal..just cancel the whole dam thing
lawyer – sir but..we have to get the registration tomorrow..otherwise..investors will create an issue
maan gets angry & cuts the call..
geet just runs away from there..
geet returns home & looks for the papers..
she finds them & waits for maan..
it was 8pm..maan walks in a bad mode & goes to work out..
he starts to practice his martial arts..
geet walks into the room..she looks at maan he was very angry..
maan was sweating …his bare body was seducing every nerve of her body
his punches in air was so strong she could feel the anger in them
maan could sense her presence…he was even more wild..
he was’nt sure if it was her or he imagining her…
he turns towards her in full thrust..punching a punch in air slidding close to her
neck..geet could feel his hand..the air blown was just scared & tickled her

maan – wat are u doing here?
geet – I got the papers..
maan turns around & kicks in air..and says..I told u I don’t want ur land
geet moves behind him and says..yeh loo papers..
this is urs now..u can do wat ever u want…she was standing right behind him
passing the papers in front…her hand slide pass his bare waist..which was drenched in sweat..
she could feel the heat passing down her spine with that slide…
maan turned back without realizing her proxomity & they lose balance & fall on the ground..
maan just holds her waist & turns her around to land first on the ground..
geet falls on maan ..her one hand was on his broad shoulder and other was on his waist
geet closed her eyes..& her lips hit his bare chest as they land on the floor..
maan hugged her tight she could barely breath..
all she could feel was maans bare body drenched in sweat..
his perfume & sweat toagther was intoxicating..
her lips were still pressing down on his chest & she was now breathing on him
maan could feel every moment of her on him…her lips still burning in his desire
and her eyes lids slowly fluttering was just making it impossible for him let go…

maan & geet ride to amritsar!!!
her eyes lids slowly fluttering was just making it impossible for him to think let go…
Part 28
geet tries to get up..but her hand was stuck under maan’s bare waist..
her attempt to move it just kicked the urge in maan ..he pushed her roughly on the floor
and came on top of her..she was shocked, tickled ..she gasped & held her breath waiting for
his next most awaited move..but he held her hands & bend slowly towards her…his fingers
slowly crossed hers..with their hands slightly up on either sides…she did’nt resist..
but was too scared to grasp it back..a drop of sweat fell from his forehead on here neck..
she gasped..maan moved closer..she could feel his lips warmth just close to hers…
she shied…his hold on her hand hardened…she was still not holding back..
maan hold started to hurt her…she slowly opened her eyes into his furious glance…
his eyes could just burn her…she cuddled up her legs..and innocently looked at maan
maan fired up eyes soften when he sees tears building up in hers..
he let go her fingers slowly she quickly got up & settled her duppata & walked out..
she stood near the steps & remembered her friends saying..if he is not noticed..means..
u are not HOT enough for him….she sat down & started to cry…she did’nt know
wat was crying for…

Maan just recieved a call from the lawyer telling him that tommorrow is the dead line
for the registration…he quickly changes and grabs the paper.. & walks out..
he notices her sitting on the step..she pulls her up and says..we need to go to
amritsar now…
Maan – do u have any problem
geet kept quite..
we have to complete the registration..tomorrow
he just guides her in the car & starts driving..
she kept looking outside the window and tears did’nt stop …she did’nt speak a word
to maan…after a drive of couple of hrs she dosed off…
Maan was getting tired of driving it was like 2.00am..
maan stopped the car…decided to take rest & then continue…
he kept on looking for a good lodge to spend the night…finally arrived a hotel..
he booked for 2 rooms..walks back to the car ..geet was still sleeping..
he looked at face that had the tears trace..he slowly wiped her face with his fingers..
she got up in shock..
geet – are we there?
maan – no I am really tired so we can sleep here..
geet was too sleepy & her head was hurting…with those heavy eyes..
she just walked behind him…maan entered his room..she just walked in behind him
maan held her from her shoulder & said..
maan – this is my room ..here this is ur keys u can go to ur room..it is the next door
geet takes the keys & walks inside her room..
the feel of the room was not good…she comes running back to maans room & says
geet – I am not sleeping in that room alone..i am scared…plz…
maan – are u mad? sharam namkhi koi chez hai bhi yah nahin
geet – plz maan don’t over react…I just said to share the room not the bed!!
maan got angry ..pulled her from her hands & pushed her outside
geet was very scared, she tried to sleep..there was a knock at the door..
she thought it was maan..she opened the door to see two strangers..
she got really scared..& slammed the door & locked it she looked for her phone..
realized she did’nt have it..those guys pushed open the door & forced themslves in..
geet started screaming for help…all she could think was Maan…
she tried dogging them & rushed out to bang maan’s door..she banged the door &
called out for maan, just them one of the guys held her from back, closed her mouth &
lifted her from her waist & got her inside the room..& throw her on the bed..
the other guy quickly locked the door from inside..
geet took the lamp & electricuted one of the guy..
the other guys just over powered her & then pinned her on the floor..
he pulled her duppata & started ripping her dress..there was knock at the door
she screemed maan…he held her mouth..suffocating her..
maan just pushes open to see geet lying on the floor & this guy
chocking her to keep quite..maans eyes meets hers..
he could feel the pain…and knocks the guys out..
one punch & he was down on the floor..
he looks back for geet but she was not in the floor..
he starts looking for her..she was hiding behind the bed..
maan walks towards her..she gets very scared…and cuddles in..
maan slowly touches her..she pushes his hand away…don’t touch me..
maan – its ok..ur ok now..
geet – no i am not ok..don’t come near me..
maan – removes his shirt & covers her..
geet – tears start falling..down her face..
maan notices bruces all over hand & print of slap on her face..
maan just hold her close to his chest & says..I am really sorry..i am really really very sorry
geet just hugs him ..& says….please don’t ever leave me like this…
he slowly moves the curls away from her face & kisses her forehead and says I promise…

geet avoiding maan

dear friends
thanxs for accepting the ff
i am really greatfull to each one of u…
before i continue..just wanted to add ..
1) maan knowing his wify surely due…I know it is taking time…but i promise..
will try to make it dramatic..
2)abt the fight scene in the last part..was to lead a track for upcoming parts..
3)yes blooper..accepted..did’nt not clearly mention about those stangers ..stockig them..
had it in mind..but kind of got carried away!!!
he slowly moves the curls away from her face & kisses her forhead and says I promise…
Part 29
geet faints in his arms..maan calls for the doctor & police..
maan gives the statement to police & requests them to take geets the next day
doctor called for maan while she was checking geet..
doctor – does she have history of BP..?
Maan – not actually but she did faint last week..because of high BP..
doctor – ok !! nothing to worry Mr Khurana ur wife is absoulty fine..
i have done the dressing..may be after couple of days u could get another dressing..
but i don’t think that will be required….
could u just turn her around need to give her injection..
maan did’nt know how to react…he slowly turned her around holding her shoulder
maan was looking away…doctor noticed maan being uncomfartable…she smiled
doctor – newly married?
maan – no no….actually
doctor – its done..just be carefull with her BP..really not safe…why is she so stressed..
at this young age…
doctor leaves ..maan locks up the door..and feels bad that all this was because him..
geet cries in between & gets up..maan comes close to her & says don’t worry u are fine now
she hugs him and sleeps on his shoulder..maan just sits next to her ..for a while and starts to
slip off the bed…he then streches his leg in the spread..geet just cuddles into him..
maan lies next to her lending his shoulder…and unknowingly they both hug each other feeling
the warmth never left before..
it was 6.00 am..geet moved in pain..the effect of injection was fading..
maan opened his eyes..he realized geets chin was resting on his shoulder…
and her hand was holding him in a hug..maan could not move…
maan – geet are u alright..
geet – nahi…it is really paining me..
maan – wait i will give u the painkiller..
geet – ummh!!!
geet – please do na…it is really hurting..
maan did’nt know how to get up…she was totally cuddled into him…
maan – woh! woh!..
geet – aap ko kab se bole me takleef hone laagi & looks at him…
she realizes her position…she gets up in a snap..hurting every brusce of hers..
maan – smabal ke geet…
geet starts crying in pain..maan gets up & gives he medicine & water..
maan – if ur ok..we can go out & have some thing to eat..empty stomach medcine will not work..
geet freshens up & say lets go othewise it will be late for your registration..
maan in angry tone..-i did’nt mean that..
wa have lots of things before that …we need to go to police station.. as well
geet – police station..why?
maan – they have to take ur statement about last nights incident..
geet gets really scared afte being reminded of that episode..
on the way maan stops at the first available shop & picks a dress for her
they go to a cafe she quickly changes & then they have their breakfast
geet was quite and looked scared…maan knew it was the incident that bothered her
he kept quite
they reach the police station..
inspector – thanxs for getting Geet here Mr.Khurana..
he was taking down all the details from geet…& she was not comfortable narrating it
their specific questions were bothering her..she kept on looking at maan every now & then..
maan seemed concerned but could really say anything..
maan – is there any thing else?
inspector – yah! could u tell me ur office address…and number please
and u said Geet is ur employee right?
maan – no no she is just a trainee in our company?
that really hit her hard..why did’nt he tell them that I am his wife?
does he hate me so much? wat did i ever do wrong to him?
or is he asshamed to call me his wife???
wat will the inspector think of me…that being a trainee travelling with Boss &
putting up in that stupid hotel???
all this thoughts started bother her…she quitely sat in the car..
they reached the registrar’s office..she just signed the paper..quitly
and walked out…maan said ur rich now..
she said so are u!!!!
maan knew she was disturbed..so he tried to make her feel light he said
maan – wat if I don’t pay u for the land now
geet – I told u it is ur land
maan thinks she is so innocent & how she trusths him blindly..
maan – don’t worry I was just joking!!!
on the way back they stop at the golden temple..
geet just goes inside the temple & prays to ..babaji..yeh aapne mujhe khana fasa diya..
I really don’t understand wat is happening with me..
My family did’nt tell me any thing about Maan & got me married to him..i accepted it as faith..
Maan does’nt tell me any thing either..he does’nt even acknowldge the fact that I am his wife
he loves priya…i even accepted that as faith …aap please babaji inhe inkhe pyar se mila do..
I don’t want to come in between them..
they drive back to delhi…geet does’nt talk a word to him…
her silence was killing him…
maan getting annoyed with her silence

hey drive back to delhi…geet does’nt talk a word to him…
her silence was killing him…
Part 30
They stop at dhaba for dinner..
geet had her eyes closed
maan – geet..come lets have some thing..I am very hungry
geet – i am not hungry
maan – geet u did’nt have ur lunch as well..
geet – ummh!!! her eyes were still cosed
maan – geet have some thing..lassi atleast..
geet – nahi ..plz..u have wat ever u want…just leave me alone
maan – ok..then i am also not having..
he sits back in the car & starts driving
geet did’nt seem to buge niether did she open her eyes..
maan was getting restless..& impatient..he just wanted to reach home
her silence was hurting him..making him feel guilty..
daadi called up in between & enquired where geet was ..
maan – daadi she is with me ..we had come for land registration
we are on our way back…
daadi – ok…can I speak to her..
maan gave the phone to geet ..
daadi – geet krish was trying to reach u…
geet – oh daadi i forgot my phone at home..tell him I shall call him after getting there..
daadi – how long it will take dear..& wat about dinner?
geet – I think it will take an hr more…mera dinner hogaya hain..Maan will have dinner..
maan stops the car..
geet gives the phone to maan..& closes her eyes again..
maan walks out of the car..opens her side of the door & lifts her out
pulling her from her arm..
maan – wat happened? u did’nt have ur lunch, ur dinner ..!!!
geet still does’nt say anything..she was really very hurt & not sure of anything herself
maan now moved closer..turned her to face him..she was not looking at him..
maan shouted geeeeeeeet…
geet – ummh!!!
maan – look at me..
geet – she looks at him into those eyes..
maan – please aise chup nahi raho…I said i am sorry…
geet – was still looking at him with those questions running in her head
maan could always read her eyes..but today they had a tail of its own…which he could not relate to
he tried to get closer & pressed her arms further..
she was still staring at him ..(u hate me so much..why did’nt u tell them I am ur wife?
.. she just looked questioning)
maan felt his fingers were feeling wet..he immideitly losen the grip..to realize that
his grip was so hard that she actually started to bleed through the bandage
she still did’nt take her glaze off him..maan screamed in pain..he said.sorry
why did’nt u tell me I am hurting u??
geet – I thought u knew it all the time!!!
maan – if i knew it why will I hurt u?
geet – may be because you hate me!!may be because u just enjoy seeing me in pain
maan – geeeet..how could u even say that?
geet – i want to go home..
maan was very hurt…he just started the car ..every time he looked at her
she had her eyes closed..her hand was bleeding very badly
maan could not stand the sight of it….he stopped aside..took out his hanky
and tied it on her hand..she did’nt react at all..that killed him within
they reached the mansion..
maan walked in…geet said i will go home..
i can’t go infront of daadi like this she will get worried
maan – shall i drop u…
geet walked away…
before maan could stop her daadi came out & asked wat happend?
maan – nothing ..
daadi – where is geet?
maan – she was tired so went home..
geet was very upset she walked into her room & changed..she could not think much..
she saw the number of missed calls from krish..
she called him back..
geet – hi baby..
krish – mama where were u the whole day?
geet – sorry dear I was not carrying my phone
krish – mama i missed u so much..u know na..i can’t sleep untill i hear ur voice..
geet – ok ..baba..yeh loo..aab jheloo mujhe…
they keep chatting for a while

maan has his dinner & walks back to his room..
maan was very keen to know if geet reached home safely..
he tried calling her…her phone was engaged..
he has no idea how many times he would have tried..he got frustrated & slammed the phone on the table….
maan – pata nahin dinner kaya bhi hain yah nahin..medicine bhi car main chod diya
why should I care about her…(maan was restless..walking up & down in his room)
oh god her hand was bleeding so badly..(he closes his eyes in pain)
she really does’nt take care of herself..(he turns around & removes his shirt)
kuch kaho too..she will snap back…(throws his shirt on the chair)
ufff ise ladki main kya karoo…(pushes his hair back)

maan realizes his feeling for geet…
he tried calling her…her phone was engaged..’
he has no idea how many times he woul have tried..he got frustrated & slammed the phone on the table….maan – pata nahin dinner kiya bhi hain yah nahin..medicine bhi car main chod diya
why should I care about her…..oh god her hand was bleeding so badly..(he closes his eyes in pain)
she really does’nt take care of herself..(he turns around & removes his shirt)
kuch kaho too..she will snap back…(throws his shirt on the chair)
ufff ise ladki main kya karoo…(pushes his hair back)

Part 31
geet finshes the call & goes to sleep..
maan was very disturbed and all he could think was about geet..
Saari Raat Karvatein Badalte Badalte kati..
it was 5.00 am he still could not sleep peacfully..he decided to
swim…his bare body went into the cold water…took a deep breath complete
a full length..he pulled his wet hair behind with both his bare wet hands
he closes his eyes & he could see the sight of geet in that moon light in his arms
(the very first time they met near taj mahal)…
he swam from one side to the other..& the sight of geet when she buttuned his shirt
flashed infront of him..his arms were cutting through the water and splashing water
on his bare back..the thought of wipping her lips at the dinner table comes to his mind
maan gets out of the water…he was dripping wet ..he sat on the side with his hands
resting on the sides.. he takes the towel & puts it around his neck..
he wipes his head with his left hand & wonders why is he thinking about her..
geet wakes up in pain and rubs her hand ..she goes out in the balcony to see maan was swiming so early in the morning..she wonders why is he in the water at this hour..she rushes to the kitchen
and takes out his juice..& tells the maid not to add ice..
maan was lost while getting ready..he walks to the kitchen
has his breakfast & all the while he was remebering geet..
her hand was still paining and bleeding…she decided to take off..she writes a
leave letter & tells the driver to hand it over to the HR dept..
she walks in & bumps into maan..
Maan looks totally mesmerized …she noticed his tie was not put properly..
geet – ji woh! tie..& pointed at the tie
maan was still looking at her..
geet – maan aapki tie.. maan was not sure if it was geet or he was imagining her..
geet moves forward & puts his tie properly & tucks the collar ..and leaves
maans phone rings & he snaps out of his thoughts & checks his tie..
maan – main sach moch paagal hogaya hoon..tie to teehk hi hain..
he reaches office and was looking for geet..
he kept on looking from the blind fold..his restless was just at the peak..
he calls geet..
maan – it is 11.00am & the clients have come where are u?
geet – ji woh! i am on leave today
maan shouts on top of his voice – are u not supposed to inform any one..
how can of just stay back at home & wait for the MD to call to inform him
that ur not coming..
geet – lekin main ne..
maan – learn to be professional geet..
& cuts the call…maan closes his eyes..u did’nt even ask how she is feeling?
wat is wrong with u maan?..wat happened to her..? oh god i hope she is fine!!
geet aab maine kya kiya..why is he so angry at me..
adi comes in & calls maan to join for the meeting..
maan notices adi carrying a dictaphone…
maan – wat is this?
adi – sir geet said she is not coming in today …so she requested if I could record
the meeting for her…
maan – did she call u ?
adi – yes sir she called in the morning & she has also send a leave letter to HR dept
maan – why did’nt u tell me earlier..then he just walks away
maan thought of calling her ..then he decides to go to her house..
he looks into to his computer to get her address under employee information..
he spots her name…he was about to look at the address adi walks in & says
adi – sir client are waiting for u..
maan – ok lets go..
geet at home just decides to sleep the whole day…
geet talks to priya in the evening & tells her about the whole amritsar visit
priya tries to pacify her..but geet was very upset…& disturbed
geet – di I don’t want to go to office any more
priya – but don’t u need ur internship certificate
geet – umm!!but I don’t even want to see his face again..
priya – ok ..don’t talk to him..just do ur work properly
geet – u know he called up today & shouted at me..did’nt even ask how am I feeling
aaj subha bhi..I put his tie properly..there also he did’nt talk to me
or ask me how am I feeling…
priya – dear wat is bothering u? he shouted at u or he did’nt ask how are u feeling?
geet – di aap mujhe conduse kar rahe ho..
priya was speechless..did’nt know wat to tell geet to console her..
she heself was not sure why maan was being so indifferent
all she could say was …geet please calm down..just complete ur internship first
u just have one more month right!!!
geet – umm!!
next day geet was listening to the recorded conversation of the meeting & taking down the points
maan walks in & pulls her hand & drags her outside the office….

maan decides to avoid geet…
hi friends
there were some doubts..i thought i will answere them here
1) maan & geet are married , live togather in the outhouse
2) maan does’nt know geet has his wife..he does’nt know geet lives with him
3) nothing has happened yet to remind him that him that he was married again…
I hope it anweres most of ur doubts…

maan walks in & pulls her hand & drags her outside the office….
Part 32
geet – wat are u doing maan? every body is watching us
maan – I don’t care
geet – wat will they think?
maan – let them think wat ever they want…
geet snaps back her hand says..enough maan …humesha aap ki manmari nahi chaleghi
maan – who will stop me? you?
drags her & pushes her inside the car..he takes the keys from the driver &
starts driving..
geet – where are we going?
maan – hospital…
geet – why?
maan – just look at ur hand..the bandage is soaking in blood
tum ko to koi phikar nahi hain…to mujhe to khayal rakna hoga..& he stops..
and he thinks why am I doing this?
they reach the hospital..it was dr.kiran in duty..
Maan thinks oh! no..she will again assume things…
dr kiran – so how are u guys? wat can I do for u today?
maan shows her the prescription from the other doctor & says
maan – we probably need another dressing
dr kiran checks her wound & says..did something hit u again on that wound
geet looks at maan …haan woh actually door main lag gaya tha
maan looks away..
dr.kiran – is it still paining..
geet – yah!! yesterday the whole day i was not abe to use this hand & swelling bhi hain
maan looks in concern…
dr.kiran – are u taking the medicines
maan replies – NO she is not been taking the medicines..
dr.kiran(notices their cold war & smiles) – ok I will give u another injection
it will reduce the pain & swelling..where did u have the first injection
geet – woh!!!she was just trying to remember…
maan – left hip..
geet stares at maan..she was embaressed & did’nt know where to look
maan was also kind of cornered..he just walked out…
dr.kiran – ur husband really loves u..
geet – sune me aacha lagtha hain..
dr.kiran gets the injection..geet starts crying…no no plz don’t
I am very scared of injections..
dr.kiran – I will put it very slowly..u won’t even realize
geet – nahin please & starts screaming …& moving every time dr. got the needle close to her
dr.kiran walks out & calls maan
dr.kiran – please u need to hold her…she is not letting us put the injection
maan – main..nahin woh!!
maan walks in sees & geet was lying on the bed..& looking around if the needle was any where near her….maan – geet please let them put the injection
geet – nahin mujhe bhuat dard hoga..
maan – u won’t even know..
geet – please mujhe yanha se lajaoo..
maan – geet it will reduce ur pain in the hand
geet – right..any way u love to see me in pain..that is why got me here..
dr.kiran winks at maan
maan moves closer to geet and says chup..ekdam chup..& keeps his finger on her lips..
dr. just pierces the injection..
geet holds maans hand and presses it really tight & tears start rolling down her eyes..
dr..leaves the room…
maan – geet ..ur hurting me now..
geet – injection is paining…& makes a baby like face
maan wipes her tears & says chaloo..I shall get u an ice-cream..
geet – i don’t eat ice-creams..
maan – wat??? who on earth does’nt like ice-creams
geet – i did’nt say I don’t like..I said I don’t eat..
maan checks her out..& says u don’t have to lose weight!!!
geet – very funny…actually I can’t eat ..I get sinus..phir mera ko head ache hojaya ga
maan – abhi khaloo..I shall press ur head…latter..abhi please get up lets go..
geet – u go out first I need to put up my…& she stops
maan walks out looking away..
they drive out of the hospital..
geet keeps thinking..babaji..main jitna inhe se dor rehna chathi hoon..kuch na kuch
hame samne leaata hain..& she kept looking out ..
maan stopped the car at the ice-cream palour & said chaloo..
geet – are u serious…?
maan – chaloo..hurry up ..I have meeting too..cannot be taking care of u the whole day
geet yeh loo babaji..ek to khayal raktha hain phir jatathe hain…
maan – order wat ever u want..(maan was busy texting)
geet – orders a chocolate scoop for herself & a chotchocolate sundae for maan
maan wonders how she knows all about him..he does’nt even remember when he actually sat &
had an ice-cream last…
geet takes a spoon of ice-cream about to pop-in & looks at maan..they have that cute little eye-lock
geet – ..u r incharge of my head ache right and winks at maan..
maan does’nt take her seriously..& says yah yah!! sure..
they both enjoy the ice-cream..before even finishing the ice cream she starts sneezing aachee!aachee!
her nose turns pink & her eyes starts watering..
maan panics..wat happened geet..are u ok..?
geet – I am definitly not ok..you just love seeing me in pain..
maan – wat did I do now?
geet – phele injection & now u tempted me to have ice-cream..my head is acheing aacheee!
maan rushes her to the car..
maan makes her lye down in the back seat…puts her head in his lap..she tells him to
take out the balm from her bag..he quickly pulls it out
& applies it on her forehead & asks her to close her eyes & take a nap..
his touch was magical..she was lost in & slept off..
maan slowly comes out of the car..& wonders wat is he been doing since morning on a working day
-he has actually cancelled two meetings
-taken an trainee to hospital..pretending to be her husband
-convencing her to take an injection
-having ice-cream with her & now pressing her head..wat is wrong with me
I have changed since the time I have met geet…and bangs his hand on the car……
he gets a call from krishna..
krishna – dad maa is not picking the call? where is she?
maan was not able to hear properly since he was standing out..
maan – wat? daadi maa is not picking the call..I will tell her to call u..
is there any problem krishna? maan gets worried
krishna(was wanting to talk abt is new friend so decides not tell much to dad) – no no ..I will call latter
Maan thinks about krishna..about his own life and says I don’t have any place for such feelings in my life……..I really need to stay away from her..i am just getting carried away by her…
Maan singh Khurana back in form
I really need to stay away from her..i am just getting carried away by her…
Part 33
iske bachkani harkatoo ko dehk kar main bhi..bachkani harkati kar raha hoon
this is not happeneing..I really need stay away from her
Maan drives the car to the office & stops with a sudden break ..
geet gets up in a shock..
geet – wat happened
maan – if u want u can go home..
geet – no I am ok
maan just walks out leaving the key to driver
maan gets a new project proposal file and he spends the whole day reading it
geet was busy working on the clients study & preparaing their details..
couple of weeks were peacefull ..geet stayed away from maan delibrately
maan was quite happy not bumping into geet..as his emotion were not teased..
maan did show concern once about her hand but she said she was fine
they did have their eye-locks every now & then..
new project propsal meeting was scheduled with investors..
maan was discussing the project with the staff before actually meeting the clients
geet walked in..maan could not stop noticing..his heart skipped a beat..
but he remained composed..geet sat way from maan
to avoid any further problem..
the proposal copy was given to each one of them
Maan – this is an excellent proposal..I am really looking at this venture for Khurana
constructions..I don’t want any stone unturned to make it a success..
the propsal is very well drafted..all we have to do is closely work the the
proposee & get the blue prints ready to pull in the investors..
wat do u feel adi
geet looks at the proposal ..
geet – I feel we should not take this proposal
maan shouts at her – I did’nt even ask ? u are just a trainee? just stick to ur profile
geet – I am trainee research advisor!!! so it is just a advisory view..snaps back
maan – how can u talk about the client with out even reading the proposal
geet – but I …maan does’nt listen to her
maan – get out..just get out of my sight now!!
maan continues with the meeting..
maan advices adi to use dictaphone to record all the meetings & give to geet
also informs her that she need not attend any meetings..
geet feels bad but does’nt mind as it just makes it easier to stay away from him..
its been a week since maan & geet have actually met
but there is not been a single day maan has not thought about her
or dreamt about her..or felt her presence ..it was killing him from inside..
every time he looks at the blind fold he just goes & closes it..to avoid the flow
of emotions pilling up in him..
geet is been sending her advisory reports on a regular basis..
maan eagerly waits every day to read her report
maan goes through them & just prefers not commenting..
her report on the new proposal remained negative..that was bothering maan a lot
it was important for him..It was his childhood friends project and he wanted
to do it desperatly ..
Maan was really confused …maan calls his friend
maan – hi buddy…
buddy – hi maan..wats up?
maan – nahi yaar! i am little confused..
buddy – Maan Singh khurana & confused?
Maan – nahi yaar..actually my research advisory is giving a negative on this proposal
every thing seems to be fine but..
buddy – yaar maan keep personal & professional relationship separate..ok
I mean nothing is going to change between us…u do it or not do it..
Maan – just give couple of days..lets keep the investors meeting on tuesday
buddy – nahi keep it on wednesday..tuesday I would want to speak to ur advisory..
maan – thanxs for understanding!!!
after the call maan is really disturbed about why geet is still bothering him so much
why is not seeing her making his life miserable..it was 10.00pm
maan walks into the lift..maan sees geet walking towards the lift..
he remembered that he saw her last was last friday in the conference room..
it was like 1 week,(i.e..170 odd hers/ 10080 mins/604800secs) since he has actually seen her
her face, those curls, her eyes, pink petal like lips, he stood blessed..
every step she walked towards him..his heart jumped in joy..his heart was beating faster & faster
he did’nt want to miss a sec of her presence..he looked as if he could just absorb her into him
she walks in & she noticed maan…just before the lift closed she jumped out..
maan was shocked ..the door closed again…he was taken a back..he stopped the lift &
came out looking for geet..he heard a scream at the stair case..
he ran to see..geet had tripped & fallen down..
maan – why did u take the steps..(checks her ankel..she screams in pain..)
geet – I did’nt want to bother u? (she tries to stand but her leg hurts)
maan – why will I be bothered by u? (maan just lifts her in his arms)
geet – right ..thats why u avoid me (she puts her hand around him for support..maan could feels her
perfume soothing his soul..he just takes a long breath)
maan – i am not avoiding u..(they are walking down the steps..and maan is just looking at her)
geet – i know u are avoiding me thats why I just did’nt want to disturb u with my presence
(geet turned her face..her hair was tickling maans emotions..)
maan – why do u think that you will be so important that I actually will notice ur presence..
geet – ummm!!! very valid point!!(maan was lost in looking at her..he was so much longing for her look
and here she is in his arms innocently smiling & arguing..)
maan & geet in a flight…
maan – why do u think that you will be so important that I actually will notice ur presence..
geet – actually very valid point!!(maan was lost in looking at her)
part 34
maan lost in her eyes..says since the time u have come into my life..every thing seems to have
changed…hamesha apni manmarzi karthi hoo..aur mujh se bhi karathi hoo..
geet – aab maine kya kiya…I have always tried not to bother u…
maan – bother me…u don’t know how much..and he snaps out of his thoughts..
he puts her inside her car & tells the driver..maam ko doctor ke paas leyjana
and he closes the car door..
geet after meeting the doctor goes to meet daadi maa..it was really late
daadi maa – wat happened dear?
geet – kuch nahi daadi..just twisted my leg..
daadi – u are landing up with something or other every now & then
geet – nahi daadi..woh! I was getting down the steps..
daadi – I need to keep some pooja for all of you
geet – but daadi I am fine now..doctor have put this crape bandage..
maan gets back home & gets a call from Mr.Sharma..
maan – hellow Mr.sharma..is every thing fine..I mean u are calling in so late
mr.sharma – sorry to bother u mr. khurana
Maan – thats perfectly fine..is there any thing about the deal
Mr. sharma – actually we are having a brand launch party tomorrow in Mumbai
and followed by the conference on monday, I would want u to join us..
Maan – sure I will be there
Mr. sharma – It will be great if geet could also join us..actually I would want her
to do the presentation on monday as she is spontaneous..
Maan – he pauses for a while & says ok..!!
Mr.Sharma – thanxs for agreeing in such short notice..
Maan calls geet..she looks at the phone & is shocked
daadi – kise ka phone hain?
geet – ji woh!! Maan ka..
daadi – smiles..umm!! tell him ur staying one night away from him..
geet blushes & says..nahi..he might be wanting to know about the doctor’s visit..
geet – ji..
maan – woh kal.(.and stops he is wondering how will she react!!)
geet – my leg fine..doctor has said nothing to worry..
maan – I did’nt call for that(then he closes his eyes..oops)
geet – umm!!(her voice becomes low)
maan – I am going to mumbai tomorrow for mr.sharma’s brand launch party..
geet – umm..(yeh mujhe kyu bole rahain hain)
maan – Mr.Sharma wants u to join me for the meeting..
geet – umm..
maan – tomorrow night is the dinner & monday is the conference..he wants u to
do the presentation..on monday..
geet – umm!!!
maan – meet u at the airport at 2pm tomorrow..
geet – ok..
maan cuts the call..& feels bad for being so rude..geets voice going low..
really made him feel guilty..he kept on thinking about it..
why did I have to be so mean …
daadi – wat happened geet? why are u looking upset
geet – nothing daadi, he is going to mumbai tomorrow & the clients wanted me to join him
daadi – thats nice..finally navab sahab main kuch akal to aayee
geet – nahi daadi ..I am not sure ..whether I should go..or not
daadi – just shut up..tomorrow I will help u pack ur stuff
NT will help u select the dress for party ok..
geet – hugged her good night & slept with her..
next day geet was waiting for maan at the airport..
maan walked in with media people & other staffs crowding him..
his eyes were looking for her..pata nahin aayghi bhi yah nahin
she knew this is not a good time to bother him..infront of media..
she waited for the people to dispose & started walking towards him
maan was getting restless…he called her
maan – geet where the hell are u?
geet – hamesha ki tarah aap ke piche…
maan turns around to see her..his heart was filled with peace & all his restlessness
had just settled ..he took a long breath & looked at her
she had a small back bag for her laptop
& a two suitacases..(one small & one big)
maan – 2 suitcases??? geet we not going for 10 days..
geet – maan ek aap ka hain…(snaps back)
maan just took the small one from her..
geet – big one is urs..(& turns her face)
maan – ok ok…chaloo..or u want to stand here & pose..he turned around & started moving
towards the ticketing..geet walked next to him..they went through the security check &
were waiting at the lobby..before boarding the flight…
they both were sitting next to each other …maan was getting restless every time her duppata
touched him..geet gets a call from pooja who is in mumbai for internship
geet – poo.. I will be there in the evening today.
pooja – wat time will u meet me today
geet – today??(she looks at maan ..he narrows his eyebrows)no no not today
pooja – tomorrow…?? yaar kal too sunday hain na
geet – sunday? (she again looks at maan with those questioning eyes..maan nodes)
ok..tomorrow then..ok give me ur address
she tries to write …was not able to write..
she holds the phone bending her neck & rests the paper on maans back..
maan skipped a beat with her touch on his back..he never saw it coming
every time she started to write maan..moved…geet pat on his back..
moved closer to his ears & wisphered plz itna mat hillona..
while she wisphered..those words..her breath touched his ears & neck
that ran a current through him…he just turned his neck and
his lips brushed into hers…maan looked into those shocked eyes
she droped the phone in shock..she just held her lips in shock
she could feel them still burning in that touch..
her heart was beating faster & faster..
maan picked up the phone & gave it to her..
took the paper & pen from her & said address bollo..
geet – ji
maan – address bollo..(insisting tone!!)
geet kept on staring at him…& said address bollo..in the phone
pooja gave the address..geet just repeated it & maan wrote it down..while geet was lost in that burn that just played in back of her mind..
maan & geet sharing the room
pooja gave the address & maan wrote it down..while geet was lost in that burn that
just played in back of her mind..
Part 35
maan gives her the paper & she keeps it inside..
she was quite & feeling little unconfortable..did’nt want wild
thoughts bother her…they boarded the flight..she sits near the window & maan at
the aisle side..it was her first flight trip ever..there was nervousness setting in
she was not quite sure ..there was so much of emotions..running in her..
maans proximity, his lips which just brushed her soft & undiscovered lips
the uncertanity of the unknown feelings which she had burried under her bubbly &
fun loving attitude towards life..but all seem to busrt out at once..
& above all the flight on the run way..as the flight is speeding ..she feels
tickled in her stomach & scared …she slowly slips her fingers in between his…
maan shocked at first with her touch & then looks at her..
how slowly her fingers entangled with his….her restlessness was all felt in
those fingers..every finger had a tail of its own..maan just moved his other hand on that &
pat it slowly..she was breathing hard as the flight took off & ..settled as the
flight was mid air..those fingers..relaxed but did’nt leave the grip..they felt home…
airhostess came offering drinks..
airhostess – sir any drinks for u
Maan – gin please..
geet babaji chichi sarab & looked at maan..(very softly)
maan & airhostess..gave a smirk to geet..
geet was hurt.. she was not sure wat was hurting her ..maan’s smirk
or the hostess’s part…(she mummered..time to be Mrs Maan Khurana with some attitude)
she sits up with out letting those hand..slip away..
airhostess – maam any drink for u
geet – could u make me a bellini please, with dash of lemon she added
maan looks at her in shock..
airhostess(was taken a back as well) – sure maam I shall …she goes to the bar & gets her drink..
she gets a tall glass of peach coloured drink..
geet grecefully takes the glass & takes a sip & keeps it a side
maan is lost in that delicate yet elgant lady..
she does’nt stop ammusing him with her acts every now & then..
geet looks outside the window for a while.. then she slowly pulled her fingers out..maan felt..it & did’nt react.. but the withdrawel was hurting him…she opened the seat belt & got up
maan – do u need anything
geet – no..actually..need
maan understood & moved his leg back
geet slidded through…maan could feel her whole body almost rubbing his face..
he turned & her hair..touched passed his face..setting in the restlessness..in him
geet walked to into the washroom & splashed water to her face…babaji
Mrs.Maan khurana ki chakkar main mera sur chakra ra hain..
she knew bellini was a too much for her to handle thats why she stopped with two sips
she walked back..maan stood out this time..he was lost in her wet curls tangling along her face
as she walked passed him..his heart skipped a beat..
it was a very short flight..just an hr or so..
the captain had announced the decend..the airhostess came to take the glasses
she looked at the glass..& tried to be mean..
airhostess – did u like the drink maam
geet – sure..& returned the glass..almost 3/4th full
airhostess looked at the glass & tried to give that wicked smile but
geet just put her hand around maans arm & said..too much of champagne cockatail
and Maan are dangerous combination..maan was embarressed & started to blush..
he looked away..& pulled his arm out…after the airhostess left..
geet knew she went overboard..but it was the drink & airhostess attitude that was
pushing her into it…she mummered to herself..
as the flight was decending..geet started to feel scared..she wanted to hold him
but did not..knowing his mode..she tried looking out of the window..
pulled out a magazine..,she was not liking the feeling…
maan just slowly slipped his fingers into hers..geet just grabed them tight & clucthed his
arm with other hand. maan held her hand & looked at her face..her eyes were closed
& nose & cheek were pink..he noticed her ears were turning pink..in pain..
as the flight stopped..geet slowly let go maans arm. their fingers were still entangled
maan took his other had & moved her wet curls behind & slowly rubbed her ears
she shied in pain & passion..his touch was teasing her senses..
she held his hand near her ears & closed her eyes..and wisphered I am fine..
maan was relieved..he pulled his hand away from her face & moved back
geet lossen her fingers & gradually pulled it out..they got out of the flight &
took a cab to the hotel…non of them spoke a word
as they reached the hotel….maan finished the formalities of checking in..
geet waited along side..he took their rooms keys & walked to the room
as maan entered his room..geet followed him into the room…
maan gave her the keys & said ur room is..& he paused
she looked really scared & hurt..she was over emotional thanxs to the sips of bellini
maan – its ok u can stay here..waise bhi there are two different beds..
geet smiled & walked in..& went flat on the bed..
geet goes missing!!!
maan – its ok u can stay here..waise bhi there are two different beds..
geet smiled & walked in..& went flat on the bed..
Part – 36
maan settled their luggage & noticed geet was actually sleeping
he slowly removed her sandels from her beautiful while legs..as
he touched them she shied ..he put the spread on her & tucked it around her
& said pagli hain…
it was 7pm..maan went in for a shower..
geet got up with a heavy head..she looked at the time ..she was tensed
she made a coffee for herself & quickly pulled out her clothes for the evening
she walked into the bathroom & maan was coming out
wearing a white towel & wiping his head..geet moves back looking at maan..
she mummers..bellini ne to meri band bajha di..& maan ko bhi yeh kya sooji
maan noticed her restlessness..he moved closer & says wat??
geet just turns her head for a no..
maan – the party is at 8.00pm ..get ready fast..in a stern voice
geet stood mesmerizsed at those fresh look..& the colognes smell from
his body …all she knew was that they were close..so close that she could
feel his heart beat on her lips..barely an inch away from his bare broad chest
…he turned & smiled ..that sudden movement brought the rest of the world
into focus for geet…she walked into the washroom..which was drenched with
maan’s smell all around..it took her 15mins to get back to normal ..
she stood under the shower for some time & wiped herself..
she calmed herself & changed into a white dress for the party…
it was plain self designed white dress..of knee length & was hugging through her
curves..it simply made her look gorgeous..
when she walked out..maan looked all hussel busseled..
he was wearing a black pant..not buttuned his shirt & was looking for
something in the suitcase..he had pulled out all his things & was pritty furious..
geet – maan u are not ready yet..
maan – how can I get ready?(he shouted at her & was walked around pulling his hair behind)
maan walked to the mirror..& hit his hand on the dressing table..& looked up
he saw geet in that white dress which was devine & she looked so perfectly
elgant..he stood there looking at her through the mirror..
geet walked to his suitcase & picked the cufflings which was kept in the side pocket
geet walked close to maan..& kept the cufflings on the table..
maan – umm!!! (turned his gaze to other side & put the cuffings on.. )
geet closed his buttons..she got the coat & held it behind his hand so that he
could wear it…after he wore ..she slowly pressed it on either side of his shoulder..
and tucked the collar on top of the coat..maan trying to tuck in his shirt..
geet looked away …smirked
she took her coffee & walked to mirror..
she kept the coffee down & combed her hair..she kept it simple make up &
no accessories..maan came & stood behind her…geets eyes questioned him through the mirror
he slowly moved his hands upwards slidding along the length of her arms to the neck &
slowly moved her curly hair from back..geet was breathless..her heart was beating as if
she is on marathon …he locked the hook of her dress..
she took a long breath with his touch..he slided his right hand beside her waist
she tucked in her stomach & stopped breathing..
maan took her coffee from the table & walked off saying..nice coffee..
they walked in the party ..maan had his right hand just behind her waist line
like a support..as they started moving around..maan had all the people around him
geet cought up & clients ..kept heself busy..
maan met up with one of old close friend shilpa..
she was his bestfriends ex-girl and a very close friend of priya too..
after the dinner geet decided to leave..she went to the room & changed to her night salwar suit
geet was chatting with krish & priya..
after a while maan walked in with shilpa..geet quikly logged out & closed her laptop
shilpa was little drunk..
shilpa – who is this?
maan – she is..& paused
geet – actually no one…she picked up her purse & walked out..

maan worried looking for geet
maan – she is..& paused(& looked at geet)
geet – actually no one…she picked up her purse & walked out..
Part 37
shilpa sat & spoke to maan for couple of hrs..about their college days
& priya…maan did’nt realize that he was actually not listening
he is missing a talk on PRIYA!!! he was more bothered about where geet is at that
hour…it was 3 am..when shilpa finally left to her room..
maan picked his phone & tried calling geet..but her phone was switched off
maan – great !!! where on earth will I serach her now..
she & troubles are like made for each other…
he checks at the cafe, by the pool, lobby ..
geet had taken a cab & caught up with pooja..
it was like 2 months since they met..so they had lots to talk & discuss
pooja had rented a flat for those two months..
so they decided to have some pyjama party
she made some cocktails..geet said nahin yaar aaj nahin
please..already had bellini in the flight..thats bothering me
pooja – wow!!!! she had hers & told her all about her project
new friends in the city..her plans about job…
pooja could not stop & had to ask about Maan Singh Khurana
& when geet told that she was here on a business trip with him
she literally fainted..pooja started with her..obession about Maan
pooja – geet have u seen his shoulders …wow..they are so sexy
geet rememberd slidding her hands on them..
pooja – have u seen his sharp nose..
geet – yah!! humesha uppar..ghamandhi..
pooja – nahin yaar..they are so HOT!! I just feel like bitting them
geet – aacha?
pooja – have seen those chest..(she pulled out the MMS) they are so yummy
geet closed her eyes & the sight of maan coming out of the washroom flashed
in her mind..she gasped some air & her lips went dry..
pooja – look at his lips in this pic yaar..they are so pink..I mean
have u seen any guys lips pink..I think he does’nt smoke!!
geet looked at the lips & all she could be reminded of was brush which
burned her nervous…
pooja – have u seen his back!!! OOPs just check it out man..
they are worth a million dollar..
geet – actually never noticed yaar…wat !! wat did u say…
pooja opens her mouth..& geet just says enough…enough for today
u stuff my head with so much of x-ratedness.. I won’t be able to face him tomorrow..
they both lie down on the bed..geet closes her eyes & maan’s bare chest flashes in
front of her…she just pulls the spread & prays to babaji..please..mujhe bachoo.
maan goes to the reception & enquires if Geet had left any message
he had created so much of fuss about finding geet..
the hotel duty & security manager..came down found out details on geet
manager – maam had taken the cab from outside, & we checked in security camera..
that she told the cab fellow to take her to linking road
maan recollected the address he wrote for her in the afternoon
he requested the manager to get him a cab..
it was 4.00am..maan rang the bell
pooja opened the door & looked at maan ..& said geet mujhe chad gayi hain & fainted..
maan walked in screeming geet..geeeeeeeet
she was sleeping comfartably..maan just sat next to her & his heart felt relaxed..
geet – pooja please stop talking about Maan..see I am hearing his voice
in my dream..pooja waise dream awaaz suntha hain kya?
maan – geeet geeeeeeeeet
she gets up & looks at him..she slowly tries to touch his nose..he moves back
geet – pooja..I told u not to talk about Maan..see I am dreaming about him now!!
pooja pats her on her cheeks & says..sach moch Maan hain
pooja stood behind him & was giggling checking him out!!!
geet pulls his hand and walks out…
maan – are u out of ur mind? do u know anythng about this city?
u just left with out saying anything..why is ur phone switched off?
i know u got angry ..but she is not wat u think she is…and he stops
geet – my phone does’nt have roaming thats why it is switched off
i was not angry…
I thought u needed to talk to her..and
I know she is shilpa gupta ur best friends ex-girl
& I trusth u …
maan – but that day u got so angry abt sasha
geet – woh to main gussa main thi…
maan – please hotel chaloo I am very tired
geet – ek min I will say bye to pooja..
maan – main bhi bool doon
geet – nahin!!!I mean its ok..she is high today..tum kal mil lena..actually kal bhi nahin
maan – wat!!!
Maan goes shopping with geet
geet – ek min I will say bye to pooja..
maan – main bhi bool doon
geet – nahin!!!I mean its ok..she is high today..tum kal mil lena..actually kal bhi nahin
maan – wat!!!
part – 38
they come back to the room..maan changes into his tracks & vest
geet was sitting with a coffee..cuddled up in the bed
maan – sona nahin hain kya? why are u having coffee now
geet – sona ka aur coffee ka kya connection??
maan – if u don’t know there is cafine in coffee that will keep u awake
geet – very informative!!! I know that..but I sleep very well after drinking coffee..
maan – seriously bhagvaan nain bhi ek hi piece banya hoga..aur usko mera pas hi bejna tha
geet – aab jheloo mujhe
maan slips into his bed & turns the other side
geet – suno
maan – ummm!!!
geet – could u please wake me up little early…
maan – I am not ur sevant
geet – please please..maine alarm rakha hain..but ….
maan – it is already 5.00am how early do u want to get up now
geet – 12.00pm
maan – sach main single piece ho tum
geet – nahin maan mujh kal bhaut kaam kain..
maan – please let me sleep otherwise I won’t wake u up
and there was silence in the room..
maan turns around to see geet was fast a sleep..maan gets up & smells the coffee??
he kept on admiring her face & involenterly he moved those curls which always came on his way while staring at her ..the touch of her skin..urged him to feel more of it..he just stroked down ward with back of his fingers..she smiled with his touch and cuddled in..he tuck the spread around her..and very slowly Maan knew he should step back from the temptation of her ,
but the urge to feel the soft skin of geet against his lips was too strong.
He slowly closed the distance between them, touching her forehead in a feather-light caress
that should have been enough but somehow wasn’t. He lifted his head, and registering
the flare of attraction in her, touched down again firmer this time..
and at snap pulled himself back & into his bed..
geet gets up at 2.00pm…shouting at her alarmh clock & walks to see maan working
on the laptop
geet – maine aap ko kaha tha na..mujhe kaam hain! why did’nt u wake me up?
maan – I tried ? but did’nt get up
geet – well u did’nt try enough
she makes herself a coffee & takes her laptop & start working
it was 6pm.. & geet was still on it..
maan had gone for lunch & some client meeting..he came back & saw geet was
still working on it..she had had 3 cups of coffee since afternoon
maan – geet geeet
geet – ji
maan – geet tum kya kar rahi ho..u have not had lunch..not freshen up nothing
geet – ji bas ek min
maan – geet wat is this show me..
the room phone rings..geet rushes to the phone & says maan woh mera call hain
maan just leaves her alone to take the call
geet – hi baby I have completed the whole presentation
krish – thanxs mom
geet – sorry dear it got late..u check it & let me know if I need to include any thing
krish – I was having so less time..thats why I told u to prepare the presentation
geet – thats ok..u gave the content, u did the reseach I have just made the slides
I don’t think thats wrong…u do well tomorrow ok..
she freshens up & was all waiting for maan..as maan comes in
geet – maan mujhe shopping karna hain
maan – ok go ..
geet – aap bhi challo na..main lost hogayi too
maan – nautanki hau tum
they go into a mall..she had her list in place..
maan was suprised how fast she shopped..he was just busy with his mails & sms
she picked up some thing of everyone
daadi, krish, NT, dev, maan
maan looked at her every now then..she would look at him
lift hes eyebrows..questioning..& maan looks away..
she got stuck when she was picking for priya..
she called maan & said to select a saree for a most beautifull person he has ever seen
he closes his eyes & he could only imagine geet
maan – please do’nt invovle me in all this (with a stirn voice)
geet pulled him in & insisted..
he just picked a pink saree & said this will be grt on you..I am this is good
geet – maan mera shopping hogaya..challain
maan – that was fast
geet – …actually mera paise khatam hogaya..
maan – thanxs god!!!!geet kuch khaloo u have not had any thing since morning
geet – no wonder my stomach is paining
while they were waiting for dinner..
maan – looks at her shopping bags & says..u had planned to buy
the whole city for urself..aur kuch lena hain
geet – nahin..nahin…I have not brought anything for myself…
waise bhi mujhe kise cheeze ki kami nahin hain..these are gifts for everyone
maan – & that saree..
geet – that is for some one specail..umm..very special..
maan – u did’nt buy anything for urself..???
geet – yummy I am so starving
they finish the dinner & go to the room..
geet pulls out a small gift & says this for u
maan – how dare you? wat is all this?
geet – ji
maan – apne hadme raho geet..
geet – ji
maan – stay away from me..I don’t like all this
he takes his gym kit & walks out..
geet walks out..on maan..
maan – stay away from me..I don’t like all this
he takes his gym kit & walks out..
part 39
while working out all maan could think was geet…
aapne feelings ko chupane ke chakarme usko..kya kuch nahin kah diya maine..
i was so mean..why do I lose my control infront of her..
why do I feel myself drowning in those luminous eyes of hers every time I met them?
What is it about her that made me react in such a way? i don’t remember feeling
anything like this level of attraction in all the years. But then he realized
geet was everything priya was not. total opposite…then wat is it about her
he just wanted to see geet..he rushes back to the room
he looks around but she was not there..aab khana chali gayi
maan takes another shirt to change
he walks to the mirror & removes his vest which was soaking in sweat
he takes the towel wipes himself ..he bare body looked perfectly carved..
he saw geet coming out from the washroom in the mirror
she was in her bathrobe…& her hair were wet teasing her cheeks..she walked to open her suitcase maan could’nt take his eyes off her..she looked so fresh and tender & soft…
like a budding flower and the waterdrooplets were like dewdrops..they were just adding to her beauty she pulled her dress & closed the suitcase in anger & her finger got hurt
maan rushed to her & held hand from back & said geet sambaal ke..
he met her eyes..she was so vulnerable..his bare wide chest touched her from back
his closeness had made her heart beat faster & faster..there was an incredible,
irresistable attraction..bonding them…he could hear his own blood racing through
his veins..his hand moved to the side of her face and very slowly moved back those wet hair..she closed her eyes and felt those fingers
she got up clutching her dress in her hand..& walked ahead
maan got up slowly & held her from her shoulder & pulled her back pressing her arms..his hand could tell how desperately he wanted her close to him..
she could not resist..she just gave in walked backward..
maan slowly drew his finger along her throat ..his other hand gripped the belt
of her robe & tugged it free…as he slipped the robe down her arms, it was
his breath that touched her bare skin..she moaned..
his lips was feathering kisses over her jaw, along the curve of her throat
all the way down her collar bone ..to her arms..at the same time his fingers traced patterns,
tempting on her bare neck..she closed her eyes ..he turned her holding her from her waist
embraced her in his is arms…passionately kissed her on her neck & then on her shoulder
maan felt her whole body jolt in reaction as he deepened the kiss
her skin shivering with anticipation as his free hand moved from top of her neck
to the bare spine pushig her robe..her spine losing its wary stiffness as she melted
further into his embrace. she was still clucting the clothes in her hands tighter since
his passion was urging pain & plessure …maan just pushed her
violently & banged his hand on the bed..geet got scared..
maan – just leave geet..mere samne se chale javoo
geet stood their ..not sure what exactly happened..stil not able to get out of his
touch & the feel..it was all hurting her burning her..melting her
maan – just leave geet…(shouts in real anger)
geet pulls on the robe which was losely hanging walks into the washroom &
changes and comes out after some time..
maan – kyu bar bar mere samne aajathi hoo ..i have told u to stay away from me…
geet – wat I did do..jo bhi kiya..aap ne kiya..(she starts weeping)
maan – mana I got carried away..wat happened to u??could’nt u stop me??
geet – main aap ko kaise ???
maan – or thats wat u were always wanting??
geet does’nt say a word..
maan – chup mat rahoo..u have to reply ..since the time u have come into my life..
geet picks up her luggage
maan – yeh kaya kar rahi ho tum?
geet walks out
maan pulls her hand..& looks into her eyes..
maan – answere me damit!!!why does ur eyes always stand questioning me??
her eyes were in pain & fury..& wondering why he did all that
maan – meri baat puri nahin huyi hain
geet – aab baat karne layak kuch nahi bacha maan
maan – geet geeet meri baat sunoo
she walks out…maan knew he was wrong..but did’nt mind her leaving…thought that was
better for both of them..maan breaks the glass top of the table
and hurts himself….it was bleeding…he did’nt feel anything..
next day maan was walking towards the confernece room…he knew geet won’t be there
he did’nt know wat to tell the client..
as the conference started..the lights were switched off…the projectors were on..
Maan stood up & geet joined him the dice..she gave the presentation..with all her grace &
spontanity..maan stood looking at her eyes which were red crying the whole night
he noticed her dupptta was spread & put covering her neck..not her usual way..
as it slided he noticed red/blue marks surfacing in her neck & shoulder..he closed his
eyes in pain & shame…he was not sure wat made him to lose himself…
he knew it was not her fault at all…it was very difficult for him to stand
under one roof as her..he just walked out of the room & joined after she completed the
why geet turned down the project…
he just walked out of the room & joined after she completed the
Part 40
Geet was stepping out as maan walked in & she glanced at his hand with the bandage..
maan noticed how the anger in her eyes changed to pain..when she looked at those
bloodstains..Maans guilt killed him further…again a question in her eyes..
wat have done to ur self? She almost went to hold that hand to have a close look
but decided otherwise..they just walk pass..
maan had to attend to the clients & geet took the next flight to delhi
she met up with daadi & NT..gave them all the gifts
daadi noticed the marks on her neck..but was not able to connect it to the pain
in her eyes..geet looked withdrawn..she avoided much discussion
about the trip & said I am tried..need to sleep..
geet was hurt ..very hurt..inspite of all that pain with in her..
wat was bothering her most was his hand …she knew..he does’nt realize wat is he doing
when he is anger..!!! she never wanted to be the reason for his pain..
she knew how much pain he is been suffering being alone…no one to share his feelings
atleast I have daadi, priya, friends..Maan to aapna dil ka haal kissi ko nahi
kah pathe..she lies on the bed with another sleepless night
every time she closes her eyes..his hand soaked in red bandage flashes..
maan reaches very late..& he was very disturbed..his conference was a success
but he looked lost in all the way…he just droped dead on the bed
next day
Maan called geet to his cabin..maan stood facing the wall
as she walked in …he was feeling quite odd & guilty..
maan – i am ..woh!! did’nt mean..(he was restless & impatient..his words were not
able express his feelings)
there was sudden current passing from his palm ..down his spine
with her soft & caress touch…he would have almost fell down to plead guilty but snaps back
maan – yeh kya kar rahi hoo..(pulling his hand away)
she pulled it back removed the old bandage & dressed it .
maan – leave my hand alone.and turned & met her eyes which were filled
choot mujhe laaghi hain roo tum rahi hoo
geet turns to leave…she did’nt speak a word..
maan – woh!! new project proposal’s proposee wanted to talk to u
regarding ur negative view.. geet turns to look at maan..(she was suprised that maan considered her suggestion) maans friend walks in…
Maan – hi buddy…this is geet my reseach advisory…who feels
we should not be doing this project
geet turns to meet armaans eyes.. they hugged…geet got little emotional..since
armaan is the only person she shared her feelings regarding maan
armaan – agar mujhe malloom hota..u miss me so much..that I get such warm hug
I would have planned all this earlier..
(maan stood rooted..& avoided to look at them)
geet pats his back & tears rolls down her cheeks..(maan felt a pinch in his heart)
armaan cups her face in his hand & hey ..are yaar I was just joking
(maan just moved behind his chair & hit his same hand on it)
armman – are u ok..u look totally worn out..kya baat hain geet
maan was little uncomfartable & wondered wat would be her reply
geet – nahin nothing actually…
armaan – so u were missing me thats why & winked
geet frowned at armaan
armaan – ok ok I know tume to aapne MR.lover ke pyar se pyar hain right!!!
maan looked at geet …wat was that.. geet was little embarressed..
armaan looked at maan & said yaar sorry…me & geet are always like this
maan – umm!!! & so u don’t have time for a hug for ur best friend!!
they have a small hugging session..& then
armaan – yaar if geet has said NO..then I guess it is NO
Maan – why do u think so?(Maan was totally shocked)
armaan – no body know this project better than geet
maan was burning from inside at their closeness
armaan – actually yeh project proposal which u admired so much..is drafted by geet
so she actually knows better than u & me
maan remembered the day when he shouted at her in the meeting..without letting her talk
armaan puts his hand around geet & says..
armaan – BTW maam aap meri band kyu bajaarahi hain? why u don’t want maan to work on this..
even maan was keen to know why?
geet – armaan this is a very personal & emotional to u…& Maan & emotions don’t work togather
(she said that with a taunt)(maan glazed a look at her in anger)
armaan smiles and says..maan yaar she really seems to know u ..
armaan – nahin geet he is not always been like this..
Maan interrupts..I guess we are here to discuss about the hospital project not me!!
armaan – can I take ur geet for a coffee ..I can discuss their with her
(ur geet hit maan really hard..)
maan – umm!!! why should I mind
armaan – actually even if u ..I don’t care..& winks at geet
geet notices some thing different in maans eyes..she was not sure wat was that!!
every sec passed maans heart was pounding to know more about their relation
he was not able to take their proximity…he realized they were good friends
but..he still did’nt, could not approve it..it was hurting him..
every time..armaan put his hand around geet..& how she was comfartable
with him..pinched him…maan was fighting with himself…
Geet & Armaan walk in…armaan had his hand resting on her waist
maan looked at those hands & looked at geet..she moved forward a bit avoiding any further conflicts..
geet – I have work & was about to leave
Maan – I have’nt finished yet
armaan – its ok yaar..we have discussed it ..I understood her concern..
I guess its better I look at some other construction company..
geet stood seeking maan’s premission..he looked at her & looked away..she understood & left..
latter on the day..maan walked into geets cabin..
maan – i was very keen on helping armaan..he is my childhood friend
it is close to my heart..I wanted to be part of his dream project
geet was first time hearing maan getting emotional on professional front
geet – aap kaabhi kuch kahthe nahin hain..how would I know?
maan – I always thought u knew me better
geet – nahin woh!!
maan – I still don’t understand why u did’t want us to do the project
geet – ji woh!! armaan is very emotional
maan – if some one dose’nt express emotions..does’nt mean he is not emotional
(maan looks into her eyes)
geet – nahin mera matlab woh nahin tha..
maan – phir kya matlab tha tumhara?(geet looks away)
geet – the propsal will have lots of last min changes & updates
it will dealy the construction process & we don’t have an architect
on board who will can be creatively spontaneous & adaptable to his
changing demands.
maan – u really seem to know him pritty well(that came like a taunt)
geet felt it..but preffered to ignoring….
Maan defintly Jealous..with a capital J
maan – u really seem to know him pritty well(that came like a taunt)
geet felt it..but preffered ignoring….
part 41
next day maan was working out in his gym
he was running on his trid mill…his abs were perfectly curved & toned..his strong arms were pushing faster & faster the air to & forth..the sweat was flowing from his forehead..down his sharp jawline his face was stiff & cold..the thought of armaan & geet hugging, armaan cupping
her face…holding her from waist..all this was hitting him
every time the thought flashed he just increased the speed..
he did’nt know wat is bothering him…& why was it bothering him
so much..he did’nt want geet in his life..then why armaan & her
togatherness haunted him so much..
he stopped at once & stood panting very furiously…he stood there
wondering …then he decided wat ever it be between them he is not
going to let geet effect his life..anymore..he just pulled out the
bandage that she had tied & got ready ..
in the office geet had called armaan & said that she is fine with maan
doing the project..armaan came to meet maan
armaan – goodmorning maan
maan – hi buddy..(maan was not expecting him)
armaan – actually geet called & said she was ok with u doing this project
(geet called..maan was stuck with that..part..he avoided thinking abt it)
maan – umm!! ok as u please
armaan – ok I have called the investors meeting today as scheduled
hope ur ok..
(waise bhi aaj kal mera zindaghi main jo bhi horaha hain geet ka marzi
se hota hain..& frowns..maan mummers to himself)
armaan – maan yaar are u ok…
maan – yah I am fine..I have hire a new architect for ur project
armaan – yaar main meeting tuk free hoon..so I will catch up with geet..bye
maan – uumm!!
maan watches armaan going & meeting up geet ..
he looked at geet she was delighted too…maan noticed
they were chatting & laughing…
maan closed the blind fold & closed his eyes…I am not going
to let this happen..to me..she is no one…
armaan – geet wat is happening to ur Mr.Lover
(she was little withdrawn but pretended to work)
geet – nothing yaar sab kuch…she paused(maans lips feathering
her neck flashed in her mind)..Its been the same ..
armaan – geet are u fine..
geet – tears rolled down her eyes…
armaan – geet I have not seen u so emotional before..
are u sure woh Mr.lover is not using u..
geet – snaps back…wat rubbish..please don’t talk about things
when u don’t know..
armaan – immediately holds her hand (maan just crossed then..his heart felt pinched by the sight) please I am sorry..I was just trying to help
Investors had come & maan came to call armaan..
maan – I guess the investors are here
armaan – lets go geet
geet looked at maan for approval..(his eyes where not talking to her )
geet – nahin armaan..it won’t be fine
armaan – geet u have drafted the project it will be good if u be there
please I am sure maan won’t mind..right maan
maan – wat ever..& left to conference roon
they walked into the conference room.. armaan pulled geet & made her sit next to him..
maan was vey restless & getting irritated..
geet noticed maan getting irritated..his response to the investors
was not his usual way..he was lossing it..he even disapproved with armaan once..after the meeting was over..armaan left with investor discussing further details
geet – maan aap yeh kya kar rahain hain
maan – why wat happened?
geet – why are doing this? u said u wanted to do it for armaan ur friend
and now ur…
maan – u are very concerned about him?
geet – why won’t I be? I dragged him back into all this..
I knew it u can never get emotional with ur profession
that is why I had refused it at the first place…
nothing matters to u more than ur profit…
maan clucthes her arms & pushes her against the wall..
maan – shut up..just shut up..
(he was almost touching hers lips ..they could feel their breath on each other
they were reminded of the that intense movement they shared..how his lips feathered
her neck, that passionate hug & their hearts skipped a beat)
she closed her eye & pushed him away..
geet – mujhe to aap chup karo doge..but.u will lose ur friend in the bargain
& walks out
maan pulls her back with a jerk..she almost falls back on him..
he says in pain…its all because of u…
geet – wow..now every thing comes back to me great..ever since I have joined the office..
I have tried my best not to bother u…..but wat ever I do..it never seem to please u…
any way u don’t have to really worry about me…friday is my last day here…
u won’t have to put up with me after that in office..
maan was hurt..he snaps back
– so u can easily join armaan full time now…(he knew he spoke too much)
geet pulled away her hand & left the place hurt
geet & armaan misunderstanding
maan was hurt..he snaps back
– so u can easily join armaan full time now…(he knew he spoke too much)
geet left the place hurt
part 42
next day armaan walks in with bouquet of red roses..
armaan – hi maan..where is geet..mujhe use yah bouquet dena hain
maan – main tujhe use ka PA lagtha hoon
armaan – yaar why are u getting angry..I just wanted to say thanxs to her..
the investors agreed & ur are helping me..its all because of her..
armaan walks into her room & gives her the bouquet
she was little disturbed the
she looks at flowers & throws them in the dust bin & shouts
geet – how dare u…this is my office..wat will people think of us..
agreed we are good friends..don’t u think this was little too much
to get red roses..for a friend..please armaan..I did’t expect this from u..
maan watched geets reaction..he knew she was reacting like this
because of him…
armaan was taken a back…he just felt really hurt..
he walks out of the office to the car park
maan runs behind armaan ..calling him armaan
and flows him to his car..
maan – yaar sorry about all that
armaan – nahin ..its ok..I know it is something else bothering her
she is really dear to me..after shilpa left..I never felt so comfartable
with any one else
maan – so …do u love her?
armaan – nahin yaar!! not actually..she is very understanding..
mujhe kuch kahna nahi padtha aur sab samjh jathi hain…
we can be togather for ever & not get bored…we share a warm relation
maan – that is love armaan
armaan – are u mad…wow toh kise Mr.lover ke chakar main padi hain
maan – wat Mr. lover??
armaan – actuall I am also not sure…I feel that she loves this guy…who loves some one else
but she refuses to believe that she loves him..pagal hain
maan – who is this guy? have u met him?(maan gets protective about her)
armaan – she is pritty vague about her personal life..
I some how feel that Mr.lover is using her..
maan – nahin yaar she might be just saying all that to cover her feelings
armaan – no no I am sure this guys exsist..
u know wat is the irony…she helping this guy meet up with his girl
its more than year & half now..but even now I clearly remember wat she said
that day!!! I can never forget her words…he quoted
“geet – why some ones being happy means more than ur happiness
why just seeing his one glance refreshes u
why even the silence means a 100 words
why seeing him restless i get restless
when he gets angry i just hate myself
woh nahi soothe hain to meri neid puri nahin hoti
kyu mujhe har pal har jagha unki ka khayal aata hain
armaan – u r in love dear!!!
geet – nahi main unse pyar nahi kar sakthi!
armaan – nahi kar sakthi??? tum use pyar karthi hoo..
geet – nahi armaan, nahi..u don’t understand…he loves some one else
pyar to woh kar the hain..kisi aur se….
main to sirf unko unka pyar se milane chati hoon..
i don’t know wat is love..
i don’t even know wat i feel is love??..personal experince nahi hain
wipes her tears and says..nahin yaar..
mujhe shayad unke pyar se pyar hogaya hain..i mean..they say love is in air..”
seriously yaar “unke pyar se pyar hogaya hain”
maan was disturbed ..he was not sure..he thought for a while & said
maan – if u feel this Mr.lover is no good then we should help her out
of that mess right
armaan – don’t even mention about it to her..she will kill u first & me second
maan – wat do u mean
armaan – she can’t stand a word against this guy …she is really senstive
wat bothers me more is off late she is very disturbed..
maan – may be some thing else is bothering her
armaan – maan I know her…if she is not complaining it is him…who is bothering her
other wise majal hain kisi ki…she will kill u talking..
bahaut pyari hain yaar…
maan – bhooli bhi..& smiles
armaan – jo bhi use shaadhi karega bhaut lucky hoga…
maan – tu kyu nahin karlatha?
armaan – thats not a bad idea actually…(maan did’nt expect that!!)
maan – wat about shilpa?
armaan – wat about her?
maan – don’t u love her any more?
armaan – i can never stop loving shilpa…
maan – then..u love geet now??
armaan – nahi yaar but geet will really make a nice life partner
maan – but u said u don’t love her
armaan – pyaar shaadhi ke baat karlunga..
maan – waise bhi kaoi ollo tha patta pati hoga…jo itne pyari patni se pyar nahin karega..
armaan hugs maan..something was bothering maan..from deep within
armaan – yaar main use propose kaise karoonga yaar?
aaj ke baad to woh super no bol deghi…phele tho mera acha kasa chance tha..
could’nt u give me this idea yesterday…I was chatting the whole day with her

armaan proposes geet
armaan – yaar main use propose kaise karoonga yaar?
aaj ke baad to woh super no bol deghi…phele tho mera acha kasa chance tha..
could’nt u give me this idea yesterday…I was chatting the whole day with her
Part 43
maan comes back to his cabin..& notices geet had closed the blinds
maan walked up to her cabin she was not there..
geet was in HR dept. completing her formalities..since tomorrow
was her last day in office..she had to get intership letter &
also details on drafting her final report..
maan waited to speak to her but latter he got held up with his meeting..
after reaching home..maan was just recollecting wat
armaan said about her…maan was not able to comprehend ..
it did’nt make sense to him..”unke pyar se pyar hogaya hain”
he was very restless & disturbed when armaan called
armaan – yaar I was wondering how should I propose to her?
please maan help karna..
maan was in no mode for all this..armaan insisted
maan – ok give her some flowers, say sorry, take her out for dinner, dance
then see her mood & probably…slip a ring..
armaan – wow yaar not bad..seriously ur a romantic..hmmm!!
ok bye..main sab arrange karke call kartha hoon..
maan – yah take care..good night!!
maan was not liking this..he was very upset..but thought..that would be
the best thing out..
next day..armaan catches maan outside the office
armaan – could u please give this flowers on my behalf
I am little nervous..
maan – how can I?
armaan just leaves the flowers with him & leaves
maan tells pinky to give it to geet..
pinky goes & gives the flowers to geet & says maan sir ne diya hain
it was a beautiful bouquet of white flowers..
& there was a note saying
“Koi… Ghalti Ghustakhi Waghera Ho Gai Ho Tu … Plz . . . .
Maafi Maangna chaata hoon ..agar aap ka mood aaj Ache hain tu!!
so pick u at 7pm for dinner from office..”
geet looks at the flowers & almost faints with the thought that
maan has actually send this for her & with this note..
she looks at maan through the blinds..& waited for him to look
at her..she waited & waited..he seemed busy with his work..
she was wondering..wat stuck maan that he actually wanted to spend time with her
her thoughts had no limit..she was suprised, tickled, excited, desperately waiting
for the clock to stick 7…she was in her own world..handed over all
the required documents & files as..this was the last day..
she submitted her last report on the client..checked the clock it was just 1.00pm
see went to the canteen to pick her lunch..
she was in an awsome mood..smiling laughing at a drop of pen..
every thing seemed so perfect..she walked into the ladies room..& questioned
herself-.why was she be so happy?
finally things are settling between us
-wat are u expecting geet?
-are u sure?
pata nahin..
-pata nahin yah mana nahin chathi?
kya mana? aise koi baath nahin hain..
-u are falling for maan..
No No..actually we were not talking..first time he is actually initiated
-don’t get carried away geet..there is nothing possible between both of u
aaj nahi to kal he will get back to priya..then why are u encouraging all this..
how can I refuse him..?
-mujhe to lagtha hain u are just enjoying all this
nahin ..woh!! main..
-see i told u…hold on geet..don’t let ur emotions ..make it difficult
for both u latter..
to ab main kya karu?
geet wipes her tears & spends rest of the day expecting the unexpected
armaan calls & maan & requests him to get geet to the venue..as he is
stuck with an emergency operation..
maan did’nt get a chance to refuse..maan reaches geet’s cabin at 7.15pm
maan – challen
geet – ji..
they sit in the car..
both looked composed with their exploding emotions..
maan stopped at the ventue..they got off the car..he walked her to the
hall which was beautifully decorated with redroses..dim lights
they walked in & silence followed..she stood close to maan..
there was something telling her to hold on to him..she never felt this urge
to do something like that before.. there was no evident reason why she should
be scared…maan was suprised how she was so disturbed …maan tried to
let go..but she inisited to hold on…her heart was beating in fear..
maans heart was beating in pain..& could some how easily connect to her restlessness
maan offered her water…she drank it in one go..
armaan walks in..geet looked at maan with suprise…
armaan – thanxs maan for getting her here
geet looked at maan…maan looked away..
maan – sure buddy..ok I shall get going
maan turned ..geet held on to his hand..slowly slipping down to his fingers
..her eyes were filled up..her fingers entangled into his..
armaan had a ring in his hand…& winked at geet
wat say?? will u marry me?
maan closed his eyes in pain & geet held his hand tighter…
geet said ..oops!!! with tears dripping.. she slowly pulls her left hand up…
Maan shattered!!
thanxs friend for all ur responses…

maan closed his eyes in pain & geet held his hand tighter…
geet said ..oops!!!with tears dripping..
Part 44
she slowly pulls her left hand up…& places it between armaan & her
(maan pulls away his hand walks out…)
with the palm facing her…she points at the ring on her hand
with her thumb & says…looks like I already have one..with a very
heavy voice…armaan understoods every unsaid word there…
geet rushes out behind maan
maan opens the car… geet closes the car & stands infornt of him
maan – move out of my way
geet – I was never on ur way maan
maan he tries to push her away…
geet – maan I am not done yet…she yells back..
(that was the first time she ever raised her voice)
maan – I have nothing to do with u..leave me alone(trying avoid looking at her)
geet – I know!!!
maan – then wat is all this
geet looks into his eyes..her hands were pulling his shirt & coat
from his chest..
geet – mana ki aap hamer rishte ko nahi manthe
mana ki hamare beech koi ehsaas ki gunjash nahin hai
mana ki aap ke liya main kuch bhi nahin hoon
mana ki hamre beech kuch nahi hain! na tha !na hoga!
phir bhi how could u maan…??
how could u?
maan – think wat ever u want..I don’t want to get into all this
geet – jaanthi hoon aap mujh se nafraat karthe hoo
she pulls him closer & says itni nafaraat??? (his eyes meet hers..)
why maan why do u hate me so much??? (he almost melted into those eyes & said nahin)
maan – haan I hate hate u from bottom of my heart(his voice breaks..)
he just leaves from there…
armaan sees geet breaking down…he just holds her..
maan hi tumhara Mr.lover haina..she breaks down compltely into tears..
armaan – I am sorry geet..I really did’nt want to hurt u
geet – I am sorry about all this..I did’nt know how to tell u
armaan – u don’t have to explain any thing to me…
come lets go for a coffee
geet – nahin aaj nahin..
geet goes to daadis room & hugs her..& says can I sleep with u today..
daadi – sure beta..
Maan comes back to his room..geets questions keep haunting him
itni nafraat?? he remebered every beautiful time he spend with her..
-how her eyes always finds their answeres looking into his eyes
-how she shies with his touch & closeness
-how she never complained about his rudeness, mistakes, anger, passion
maan says..how can I ever hate u GEET?
every thing around seem to remind him of geet..his room no longer belonged to
him..niether did it have traces of priya..all he could see was geet
all he could feel was geets presence in the room every were..he could feel
her exoctic seductig scent in the air…that touches passes his every senses
maan felt suffocated in there
maan takes his stuffs & pushes off for camping for few days
geet gets going with her exam preparation..and helping daadi with
the rennovation work in the mansion..
geet spoke to priya once & told her about armaan proposing
& how broken she was..after that she sounded little worn out
and every time they spoke geet insisted that she comes back
priya avoided..as much as she could..
geet completed her exams..& was getting restless & lonely
reh reh kar use bas yahi khayal atha…
khabhi maan se shikayat hai
khabhi kudh se gila hai
samajh main yeah nahin aatha mujhe key
tumay khona he ya pana
nahin humko khabar key kahan hum jarahe hein
kahan manzail hain aapni kahan humko hai jana…
daadi noticed this change in geet for last 3 months..
initially she assumed it to be due to exams..but now it was alarming
after the rennovation work was completed daadi keeps pooja
for geet & for the house…
Maan over worked himself ..to avoid geets thought…
but there was not a single sec passed with out her thought..
he was ammused how he kept on thinking about her
..with out evenseeing her for last 3 months.
he still remebered how it left to touch her hand, her hair..wet hair
her bare back..her neck, her face..his lips went dry with the thought
how he could feel the pain in her eyes even today with the thought
the last time he met them….his eyes would moist..
how he read her client reports every single day
he did’nt let any one use that cabin..ever since she left..
every day he typed her number & deleted it…
har pal har taraf..sirf geet he geet basthi hai
dur reh kar bhi..usi ki fariyad kartha hai
aapni tanhai se uski baat kartha hain..
har ghari har phal usiko yaad kartha hain…
all this had just made maan..more reserved, more rude & extremely short tempered
forget talking..standing infront of him was impossible

maan meeting geet after 3 months..
all this had just made maan..more reserved, more rude & extremely short tempered
forget talking..standing infront of him was impossible
Part 45
daadi had arranged for the pooja..the whole house was decorated
the functions…pooja followed by party was spread over two days
geet walks in & touches daadis legs
daadi – geet happy anniversary beta..(gives her gift)
geet – thanxs daadi..
daadi – where is maan beta?
geet – ji woh (babaji how am I supposed to know?) aathe he honghee
daadi please aap stress mat lijeya..aap ka sugar bahut high horaha hai
daai – ok..tell me when maan is here..aur yeh kya ur not even ready yet!
the door bell rang..the servants were busy with other work..geet ran to open the door
shouting..aarahi hoon baba..
she opens the door & stands rooted ..shutting her mouth with her hand
maan fumingly walks in..how long does it take to answere the door
he walks in few steps & stops..his heart knew that was geet..he could not
stop turning back & looking at her..
she wore a red saree..the red colour added to her glow..
his senses stopped responding..he walked towards her…
she was scared…she moved back almost tripped back at the steps
maan held her from waist…that touch was magical and electrifying…he touched her bare
waist..his fingers were so comfartable & at peace..as if they were just longing for this…
his heart was beating faster & faster as he slowly pulled her upwards..to help her stand …
her eyes were closed in fear and her hand holding on to his arms..she opens her eyes..slowly to meet his
he was lost in her & did’nt let go..he was so glad to see her after 90 days..
each day has been a year long..every min that passed by had killed him hundred times..
he could’nt have been happier, delighted, contended
geet – maan..maan main teek hoon
maan – umm!!!
he then lifted her saree pallu & said saree?? with a smirk
geet – ji woh..daadi ma insisted ..next two days only saree..
pooja & function ke liya
he just walked to meet daadi..
daadi – maan hum kuch nahin janthe please be here next two days
humne aapka kamra teek karadiya hain
maan – please daadi don’t start all that..(he tried changing the topic)
I heard ur sugar is again gone very high
wat is this daadi?
daadi – get ready fast u will have to sit for the pooja
maan – why do I have to sit?
daadi – beta u & dev have to sit with ur wifes..Ghrah shanthi ki pooja

maan was dumb stuck..reminded about his wedding..Maan conventietly had forgotten
he was married again to some girl from village..
he did’nt even know he was commited untill then..we walked out..trying to recollect
who his wife was…he wagely remembered her face in the so called SR..when he shouted at her
then remembered glims of her sleeping cuddled up with krishna
her walking out of the room when he decide to put krishna in hostel..
he was trying very hard to figure out how she looked ..he could not..
he knew she stayed away from him because he told her..to..he respected her
& also felt nice that she is been taking care of krishna..but the thought
of forgetting the marriage bothered him..he thought he owes her an appolgy ..
he was glad she never bothered him…
maan walked into his room..he saw geet getting ready ..
he walked towards her lossing his senses again..
then stopped as he realized he was married
& he least he could do for his wife is be loyal….
he looked away & shouted at geet…wat r u doing in my room
geet – ji woh daadi ne..(she was struggling with the hock of a black chain)
I am leaving..bus yah hock laga do..
maan doesn’t realizes he was actually helping her with the mangalsuthra..he looks away
& puts it on…she rushes out..saying aap ka dress bed pe rakha hain
the touch of her skin takes him high reminded him of the passionate kiss..
he closes his eye in disgust & anguish
maan is struggling hard to fight with
himself …he gets ready..and goes to get daadi for the pooja
as he enters he sees from back geet feeding some sweet to daadi..
he gets very angry (he was not sure wat was this whole anger about..
seeing geet again..or knowing he is married or the fact that he just
can’t stop loving geet..all these emotions took a stool on his temper)
& pulls her hand turns it back ward..really hard..
standing right behind her…
maan – don’t u know daadi’s sugar is high..wat are u doing
geet moans..maan mera haat dard hora hain..
daadi – maan leave her..
maan – daadi aap beeche main mut pathiya..I know u will support her
maan could feel her crying in pain..he just let her go…
daadi – aaj ke din bhi ruladiya bichari ko??
geet just leaves the room..
daadi – maan ur really taking her for granted off late
maan – daadi please..ur sugar level is so high
daadi – she knows better than u..this is a special sweet she made for me
with sugarfree so that I could also enjoy sweet today..

maan was disgusted with his act..he was not sure why he was losing his
temper on her..why it that he could just express all his feelings to geet

Maan meets Mrs Maan singh khurana
maan walks out to look for geet..
the guests had started coming
Part 46
Dev & NT wish maan happy anniversary
maan was confused..he just noded..
he did’nt know wat was happeneing to him…he should be looking
for his wife..& here is looking for geet..yah ladki jab bhi mera
samne aathi hain …I keep on doing mistakes…
the pandit had started the pooja..and he called for maan & dev
dev & NT climbed up to sit on one side &
and as maan climbed up..her feet matched along his…
they sat down…maan heart knew who she was & felt so comfatable..but his brain was still
wanting to reassure wat his heart felt..he looked at her face..
uska masoom pak chehra, ankoon main ek nasha…jise main kudrat bastha hain
use ki palke..uff ..he smiled…jaise usme oons ke bonde chamkthi hain..
hoten pe wafa hai…mathe pe woh chand si bindya,
hai Sharm-o-hayya ke pardon mein lapate hue
sar se paanw tak bas shaadgi mein samaayi hai
he noticed the black chain which he just helped her with was
mangalsutra ..she looked at him their eyes met..again she had a question wat happened
he just noded no..& looked away with a smile..
through out the pooja maan looked at her every now & them
all of sudden his heart & soul felt peace..
all the incidents that happened between them looked so unusally true..
he realized all the incidents where he did’nt keep upto her as her husband
& how she always stood there like a strong pillar..beside him as his wife..
that night when he really broke her heart..with armaan..he knew ..she was really hurt
pooja was completed & they took daadi’s blessings..
daadi – happy anniversary beta & kissed them both
maan looked at her & was about to say happy anniversay
there was a loud noise of car horn..geet ran out leaving the garland in daadi’s hand…
maan tried stopping her..
daadi – aab woh nahin rukhe ghi…maan
maan was suprised whom was she running for
(he was ammused that he really does’nt know geet at all..& still in love with her so madly)
maan could’nt believe his eyes..geet was hugging & cuddling krishna & walking in
they both were lost in each other..
krishna – hai dad, hai daadi..
maan – hai krishna..how was ur exams..
krishna – it was fine..dad
maa mujhe bhook laaghi hain…( before he complete that)… geet was standing right behind him
with his plate..maan kept on admiring his new found wife, sons mother..his soul mate
geet – krish dehko na main tumhara fav paneer banya hain
maan laughed at himself..realizing that all the time geet said krish ..it was actually
krishna..@ principals office.., conferance hall, dinner table
geet & krish looked at maan in suprise..
they never get to see him smile that often..here he is laughing..
geet continued feeding krish & they had so much to talk maan definitly could’nt
stand a chance there..suddenly krish noticed geets hand..(which had a blue mark)
krish – wat happened maa..
geet – door main lagya tha..(maan shuts his eye reminded about twisting her hand)
krish – (eyes were moist in conern)maa aap kuch medicine kyu nahin lagthe
u always do this..
maan knew he had to really make it upto her…maan was trying to find geet alone..
when she went to the kitchen he followed..
maan – geet suno
geet – umm!!aap kuch chaiya kya
maan – actually
geet – janthi hoon..daadi ma ka sweet ko lekar aap gussa hoo
i know ..maan promise i made it with sugar free
maan – nahi woh! baat nahin hain
geet – now wat did I do?
maan – geeeeeet please let me talk(he raises his voice)
geet gets scared – don’t shout mujhe dar laghtha hain..aacha suno..
maine phirse kuch gadbad kiya hain kya?(maan was clucting his fist..)
geet says actually I am very happy today…so I won’t mind..tum mujhe dand loo..
maan smiles
maan – ok why are u so happy today
geet – krish is back, its our 4th wedding anniversary &..she stops
maan – aacha suno mera annivesary gift kanha hain..
geet hai hai babaji how does he know about the gift?
maan – I am waiting ..
geet – I will give u in the evening..ok..let me go krish will be waiting
maan ise paagal ladkhi ka main kay karoo
how will i ever make her understand..maan pulls her hand as she leaves &
comes close to her..
maan – aacha sunoo
geet – umm!!
maan – tum ko kya gift chahiya
geet – kuch nahin ..mera pas sab kuch hain..and she leaves..saying
waise bhi hamara biche aise koi rishtha to nahin hain ..!!!

priya is back in maan’s life..
maan – tum ko kya gift chahiya
geet – kuch nahin ..mera pas sab kuch hain..and she leaves..saying
waise bhi hamara aise koi rishtha to nahin hain ..
Part 47

those words went nailing his heart..he knew wat ever he does now she won’t believe him
maan stood there looking at her…how could’nt he notice her presence in the house
the more he thought about it..the more he felt the urge to be around her
the whole afternoon..he kept stocking her..
geet was helping krish settle his luggage & making him ready for the evening
geet walks into their room in mansion …maan quickly comes in & locks the door..
geet turns in shock & notice maan….she was relaxed seeing him
she pulled out her dress & was leaving..maan blocked her way
she looked at him in suprise(there was so much passion in his eyes she could’nt relate to)
maan – mujhe tumse kuch baat karne hain
geet – abhi nahin..
maan – abhi..(he still kept moving closer)
geet – maan sare guest aagyan hain..
maan – mane kaha na …abhi.to abhi.(he was very close..they could actuallly feel each other )
geet was little unconfartable with his closeness..she tried dojjing him
maan put his hand around her neck..rested his head on her forehead
his breath was falling on her eyes…& hers were falling on his neck
tickling his senses..geet moved back & snaped plesae maan..I have to get ready..
geet was suprised as one rugged arm went around her bare skinny soft waist
his warm, intense breath fanned over her neck..She was self-conscious in the shadow of his
glance, the saree was adding to her insecurities
maan felt her softness under his embrace. Did she know how beautiful, how alluring and
innocent she appeared? geet wondered..he should not be touching her,
but he seemed powerless against her. Geet suddenly desired to fire his soft emotions;
she felt much safer when he was angry with her.
maan aap yah kya kar rahen hain? please mujhe jane do..she pulled herself out
& she left..saying aap ka shirt iron ho raha hain..nakul will get it soon..
maan realized his mistake..he remembered their intense momement in the hotel..
he knew after all that she may not allow him to come close to her…he was so
helpless & desperate to feel her ..every hidden desire in him was getting life
and making it impossible for him to control himself..he splashed some water on his face..
maan gets ready & comes down…guest had started coming in
maans eyes were skiming through the crowd ..looking for geet
she wore a beautiful black saree …& looked sparkling…with those diamond set
maan was magnetically attracted & walked towards her..slowly wispered into her ears
maan – geet suno..
geet – abhi nai..mujhe aapko gift dena hain ..challo
she held him from his arms & tragged him towards the door..he helplessly followed
maan – geeeet please mujhe tum se bhut kuch kehna hai
there were guests walking in..every time maan tried to say a word some body would
come & he would have to greet them…
geet stood next to him greeting the guest & excited..he was getting restless..
maan tried pulling geet away from there…she just jumped at the next guest & hugged her tight
with a smile said..aap ka gift..maan..(he was barely listening)
maan just glanced at the lady in pink saree & smiled
& pulled geet aside please I need to talk to u
geet wispered into his ears
geet – are u mad…? phele unse baat karlo
maan – mujhe tumse baat karna hain aabhi…
geet looks at her & looks at maan being indifferent..geet shouts at maan..
geet – itna gussa teehk nahin hain maan..ek to priya di is come all the way to
meet u & showing her attitude
maan looked back..to notice..the lady he glanced & did’nt notice was priya
priya stood their smiling at maan arguing with geet
maan was shocked he could’nt believe his eyes..
he pulled geet & walked out and pushed her against the wall..& turned away
geet – maan wat is wrong with u..aap ko itna gussa kyu aa raha hain?
maan – wat is all this geet..why are u doing this to me..(his voice was spitting anger & pain)
geet – mujhe to aapke baat samjhe nahin aathi
maan – aur mujhe tumari..
geet – maan please aap ek bar unse milloo..(maan turns back & punches the wall behind her)
she could feel the heat & impact of the punch which just missed her..
maan – just leave geet..ise phele ki I lose my temper just leave me alone..
geet walking away mumemers..kuch kho to gussa, na karo gussa..I don’t know why he hates me so much..& she bumps into priya was still standing near the door
geet – di maine aap ko kaha tha na..He hates me..I don’t know why he hates me so much
kitna bhi kar lo inke liya kam hi hain..
priya hugs geet..
krishna came running & said hi priya mom
geet left them alone & attended the other guest…
geet was looking for maan..every where..she tried calling him ..he did’t answere the call…
maan went to his room in outhouse looked at priya’s pic wondering wat was happening..
slowly he could notice her reflection merging into the picture ..he did’t turn back
maan – aab kyun aai ho?
priya – aan padha !!
maan – kise kai liya..krishna key liye ..jise ko tum rota bilhatha chodkar gayi thi
priya – nahi tumahre liya
maan – mera liya?
priya – 2 saal se mera dimag karabh kar rakha geet ne…every day every single day
please come back …maan loves u..he needs u…how u still have my picture here
my earrings..my dupatta, my glass..my lipstick mark on them…
u love me ..how much u miss me ..making it difficult for me …
she had tears rolling down her cheeks..& her voice weakening
maan just turned & hugged her ….geet walked in..looked at them hugging.. smiled
& slowly closed the door & walked out..

priya pulling maans leg..

maan just turned & hugged her ….geet walked in..looked at them smiled
& slowly closed the door & walked out..
part 48
maan sees geet closing the door & walking away..he runs behind
pulls her arm & she turns in jerk into his embrace
their eyes meet…geet looked calm & composed(there was no jealousy
no posessivenes, no fear)..maan was restless
maan – tum jaise soch rahi ho waise kuch nahi hain
geet – maine to kuch nahin kaha..
maan – tum khabhi bhi kuch kyu nahin…
geet keeps her finger on his lips..main idhar hi hoon
aur mujhe abhi kuch nahi socna…aap please ja kar di ko mana loo…
suno..jada gussa mat karna
and she leaves…maan was suprised how geet could let him go…
maan walks in to his room..quite..lost & defeated
priya – bahut pyaar karthe ho na use..
he nodes his head with a yes
priya – keh kyun nahin detha..
maan – woh mera yakin nahin kareghi…
priya – well Maan Singh Khurana manlo u have lost ur charm
maan – wat rubhish
priya – woh to main thi…is liya mangayi…
maan – if u don’t know office main sab log mujhe DD khetha hain Dhak Dhak
priya – janthi hoon…geet na khaha tha..
maan – she told u all that..
priya – but wat is this point she calls u DD too
maan – really
priya – yah!! Dhust Dhanav
maan – wat? she called me that..sach much pagali hain
priya – bahut pyari bhi..aur tumse bahut pyaar bhi karthi hain
maan – did she tell u that…??
priya – nahin
maan – then how can u assume..dekha nahin..how she just left me ..
u don’t know anything…
priya – maan ..plz..us ne yah bhi to nahin khaha tha ki tum use pyar karthe hoo
laken mujhe paata hain..yeh saree tum ne select ki thi na
maan – yah!! but it was …
priya – I know it was for her…mera liye hoti tu… u would have picked blue…
u always loved to see me in blue..itna to tumhe janthi hoon…
maan hugs priya & says I really missed u…
priya – missed u too..
they both sit down resting their back on each other..looking opposite side..
maan – actualy I did’nt even know she is my wife untill today
priya – tabhi tu..u did’nt tell the cops in amritsar..OH god MAAN how could u
maan – she told u about all that
priya – wait.. wait…u did’nt know she is ur wife untill today..so u were falling
for a trainee in office …not bad Maan…(winked at him)
maan – nahin use bhi phele..I saw …her at tajmahall..she looked beautifull..
her eyes where full of passion
priya -that passion was all for u maan…thats the day she decided to speak me first time
maan – thats why she said ‘unke pyar se pyar hogaya hain'(maan closes his eyes in pain)
priya – pushing armaan into her life was bad…idea…
maan – yah I know
priya – wait wait..u were jealous..
maan – nahin nahin nothing like that
priya – no way u were definitly jealous thats why u did all that…
(she hit him on his arm) stupid u know how much she cried after that
u r really mean..how on earth are u going to explain all this to her..
seriously maan u lost ur charm
Imagine u could not woh..ur own wife..sachi u need to start working on
ur looks..
maan – aise nahin hain..
priya – rehna do maan…sochoo..if u were applealing enough..atleast once she would
have expressed herself..or thought about not getting me here..
(she moved her thumb downward & laughed loud)
maan – hash lo..tum bhi hash lo mujh pur…
priya – keh do jakar use ..ise phela ki wo kuch aur na samjh le..
use ..uske pyaar ka ehsaas diloo maan…jaise ..she pauses
maan – tumhe patta hain..
priya – umm!!
maan – she once told me that…”it is not just sex which is impt in a marriage
we need to really understand & accept the other person” now i know why she
said all that…
priya – thanxs maan
maan – for wat…
priya – getting geet in krish’s life..trust me..maan u both are made for each other
but I would still rate u & me the best…and u & geet
maan – me & geet???
priya – heavnly..

geet calling papji for money ..

maan – me & geet???
priya – heavnly..

part 49

after priya left maan went lookin for geet..he was not sure which was her room
he looked around the whole outhouse..& thought may be she lives with daadi..
it was too late to disturb any one in the mansion..he was very restless..
desperately wanted to talk to her tell her how he felt for her all this while..
there was so much within him …exploding.. emotions..
he almost gave up..wanted this night to end fast so that he can spend the
whole day with her tomorrow..just him & his love.. his wife…
he went into krish’s room to say goodnight..
there his eyes saw the peacefull sight of his life…his most possesed two souls
calmly sleeping all cuddled up..he kissed krishna & slowly moved his lips to
touch her forehead..he moved the curls which were sliding & hidding his view
his lips feathered a kiss…he had never felt anything like this before..
his heart filled up with love & wamrth..just wanted to hug her with all his love…
just slipped into the spread next to krish..
this was first time ever krish was sleeping with/between his parents..
maan rested his hand over geet which was resting on krish..
maan could’nt belive his eyes..he wanted to capture ever moment of his togatherness
maan had a real peacefull sleep after so many days, years actually..
he got up looking for geet..she was not around..
maan – geet khana ho tum,,mumered in sleep…
krish – dad mom is gone to meet daadi..daadi had called her..
maan walks upto krish & kisses him..what r u doing
krish – just sending some mails dad..
maan gets ready & rushes to daadi’s room
daadi & geet were having a hot argument..maan stopped at the door step
geet – daadi aise koi baat nahin hai
daadi – phir priya kyu aai thi yanha
geet – maine unko bulaya tha
daadi – i am sure there is something wrong between u & maan
geet – nahin daadi..please stop worrying..ur just spoiling ur health
daadi – if every thing is fine between u both then..did he give u any gift
geet – (she paused for a while & said)wat this daadi..diya na..he gave me a..a
lovely kundhan set..(daadi looked happy..so geet cont.)
u know wat it matches with ur saree u gave me…rani color..
daadi – show me now
geet – ji woh! I am planning to wear that tonight at the party with ur saree
after I dress up I will come & show it to u..
daadi – I will be waiting
geet walked out..mumering..kundhan bolene ki kya zarurath thi..woh bhi rani colour
geet wah!! kya imagination hain..
maan follows her listening to all her blabereing & smiling
geet – krish ..move I need to check some thing
krish stands behind her..& maan stands behind him..(both curiously wondering wat geet is upto)
geet checks her account balance..Rs 55,000/-(yeh la..ise me tho kuch nahi hoga)
she hits her head & starts walking up & down…
krish – kya huwa mom
geet – nothing baby…wat is ur plan krish untill evening
krish – mom i need to meet up with few old friends..we are going for a movie
geet – ok
krish gets ready & leaves..maan was still pretending to be working..hanged around her
geet calls her father..they have little talk… hi & hellow then..
geet – papaji..woh!!
papaji- wat beta
geet – mujhe kuch paise chahiya(maan heard that & felt really hurt)
papaji – how much do u need
geet – i need it now..could u plz deposit 3lks in my account..
papaji – is every thing fine beta..
geet – haan papaji..plz jaldi se deposit kardo na..
she cuts the call & turns to see maan standing infront of her
she trembled & smiled at maan..
she picks her purse & walks out
maan – khani jaa rahi ho?
geet – ji..jewelry shopping
maan – challo main tumhe drop kardeth hoon.
geet – kyu aap ko bhi jewelry lani hain?
maan glared at her..she knew ..that was not wat he expected
geet – its ok..my driver is there..
maan starts the car & waits outside..geet joins him
she looked tensed & worried..maan was hurt ..this was Mrs Maan Singh Khurana
worrying for pitty money ..his whole empire belonged to her & only her…
& she is so tensed & stressed she just needed to tell him & he would bring
the moon to her doorsteps…he suddenly felt like a poor & helpless man..
as they reach the jeweller..maan walks in with her..she started looking for the set..
she looked for kundan sets
they were all very highly prised..she looked at the one which suited he budget
& selected few..maan rejected all of them..maan picked a set..and slowly
kept it on her neck..nahin phika hain…
he picked another one & again slowly came behind her & slided this one..geet was getting tickled
every time maan touched her neck & how he looked at her in the mirror..
every time he looked at her..she shied like a new bride..
geet – maan yeh kya kar rehan hain aap..
maan – I did’nt like any of them..they all looking dull infront of u..
geet was not expecting any thing like that from maan…her heart nearly missed a beat
but she preffered thinking it as an out come of his meeting with priya last night…
geet settles on one of the set & tells the shopkeeper to bill it
maan gives his purse to her & says
maan – card se pay kar loo..i will be waiting out
geet was shocked at how maan handed over his purse to her…(she loved it but was not sure!!)
geet – nahin main aap se ..pasie kaise le sakthi hoon?
that won’t be right..
maan(yelling) – don’t create a scene here now
geet – scene aap create kar rahe ho..u don’t have to do all this
I can manage..please leave..
maan – damit tum mari koi baat kyu nahin sunthi hoo
geet – pays for the set .. & walks into another shop
maan – where are u going now..?
geet – I have an order to pick up..
she comes back & sits in the car..
maan – hogaya challen
geet – this is why I did’nt want to come with u…
maan – nahin I am sorry..I just got a call from office..need to rush
have a small metting with a client..
geet – ok u carry on..I will call the driver..
maan – nahin ..u don’t have to leave..if u can wait..in the office for few mins
we could go togather..plz
geet – ok..I don’t mind waiting…
maan – geet next time if u need any thing like..like anything at all..u can ask me
geet – how can I ask u?
maan – why? why can’t u ask me..
geet – nahin actually I feel it won’t be right..
maan – stops the car.. & glares at her..are’nt we supposed to be married?
geet – mana ki we are married..but we don’t share the relation of husband & wife..
I feel i should’nt be even living in ur house..but..
probably have to wait untill things sought out between u both..see I picked
this ring for di…
maan – why did u do this
geet – how can u propose di with out a ring?
maan – who told u that I am going to propose her?
geet – maan mujhe aap ki baathe na aaj kal bilkul samjh nahin aathi..
maan starts the car..& wonders how is going to tell her that he loves her..
the more he tries to get close to her ..the more she talks about moving away..

office staff mocking geet
maan starts the car..& wonders how is going to tell her that he loves her..
the more he tries to get close to her ..the more she talks about moving away..
part 50
geet & maan walks in togather ..
the office staff glared at geet since she had evident symbols of being
married..mangalsuthr & sindoor..they walked into maans cabin..
Ms.rathode & adi walk-ins after a while..geet sat in the couch reading a magazine..
geet prefered not to interfear..
maan showed the business proposal to Ms. rathode
& explained about the plan..geet could not stop listening as the project was on
her land…Ms.rathode objected the view of keeping the decor close to nature
geet was getting little apprehensive..she got up & decided to leave
maan – is there anything u want to add geet
geet – no ..
Ms.Rathode – who is she any way to suggest any thing on this
maan – she owned that land
Ms. Rathode – anybody could own a land in a village..does’nt mean
they could stand infront of me & throw suggestions..
maan – ur right any one could own a land in a village..
but geet owns Maan Singh Khurana..& I am sure no one could do that!!!…
(geet was shocked suprised this was first time he ever acknolwdged their
relation…she kept quite & walked out)..
Ms. Rathode was pritty much done with the answere…
maan rushed out looking for geet..
geet met up with pinky at the canteen..pinky informed her about
staff talking about maan & her..geet realized that she was wearing
the mangalsuthr & sindoor..
one of the trainee who sucessfully joined Khurana’s after complting her
intership…shouted at geet..because of u now people
will be suspecting my capablities & intentions..geet ingnored her to avoid any arguement &
tried walking away..she pulled her hand & continued insulting geet
trainee – so how easy was all that
geet – its been 4 years of marriage still wondering ..how easy was all that?
the entire staff members were shocked hearing they were married for 4 yrs
geet – yah!! even after being Mrs Maan Singh Khurana..I had to give a written test
been treated exactly as u or other trainee were treated..
right I am still thinking how easy was all that!!!
I guess Maan has never treated me specially in office.. he knows how
to respect his office decor..& I request u to live upto his expectations..
the entire gathering felt assamed of their behaviour..
maan stood hearing all that..& wondered how on earth she took everything
so positively..and never complains..maan walks upto her & says challen
they reached home & krish was waiting for geet …
geet – how was the movie?
krish – it was such a bore…(maan knew he had nothing much to do between them..he
went to the gym)
geet – I told u don’t go for that movie..
krish – Mom but how much u drooled over hrithik after seeing that movie
geet – yah!! really krish …he looked hot
krish – no ways mom …
geet – have u seen his six packs..they are really awesome..especially
that scene where they are on the boat..wow!!!
krish – yak!! grosh mom..hrithik looked old with wrinkles around his eyes
(krish noticed geet getting offended he rubbed it in)
geet – just shut up ok..& started hitting him..playfully
krish kept running around & said mom …dad has better six pack & looks
hotter..geet really did’nt pay much attention there..& said
no way hritik looks super hot & runs behind him..
krish runs to the gym & hides behind maan..
geet i am not going to spare u today..come out now
krish – daddy dekho na..mom is hitting me
maan – why wat happened (geet trying to catch krish & krish held maan in front
geet putting her hand around maan & trying to hold krish)
krish – daddy..mom says ..hrithik has better six packs than u..
geet was embarressed & let go krish’s hand that she caught..
krish ran away locking the door behind…
maan walked closer to geet..with his sweaty bare body..his abs, six packs
could be more prominent..she was dumb stuck & rooted looking down..
maan almost closed the distance between them & asked
maan – umm..so hrithik is hotter(in a stirn voice)
geet – gasped her saliva
maan – he has better six pack than me(angry tone)
geet – nahi..
maan – so I am hotter?
geet – nahi..mera matlab woh!
maan – so I am not hot?
geet started breathng hard & maan could hear her heart thuding..
maan – how would u know…unless
geet – ji? & looked at him in suprise
maan took her hand slowly rested it on his abs..
she jolted with the touch..maan guided her hand upward..
soon her hand found their way up feeling each & every bends & curves
the sweat was adding to the muscular feel..she slowly felt every ab..
her chest was evidently moving up & down..as her fingers..palm were
freely moving in the forbidden tritory..she only could dream of..this
her hand moved all the way up to his shoulder…then his adams apple
maan was lost in her touch..there was so much of passion & lust
in her every move..she moved up to his firm jaw line..and crossed her
thumb over his lips..maan stood totally surrended to her intentions..
she moved closer to those lips..maan could not stay a min away from her desiring lips
Geet sighed with pleasure as Maan’s lips commandeered hers in an explosive
kiss that sent tremors of reaction to every part of her body. Her spine tingled
as maan thrust through the soft barrier of her lips with his searching tongue..
the action so erotically charged… geet could feel her body prepare itself with the silk of desire.
Her breasts were aching for his touch, the nXXXXX tight against her saree,
her legs feeling as if the bones had turned to liquid…
She pressed herself closer… wanting more of his touch,
her need for him something she couldn’t explain. She wasn’t this type of person exploding with
desire… she had never led go her emotions..but something about today made her feel things
she had never felt before-instant combustible desire. She felt it inside and out,
the thrumming pulse of need that craved assuagement from him and him only…
Maan’s mouth left hers to kiss along the skin of her neck, his tongue tasting the smoothness of her collarbone before going lower…maan pulled her saree aside, his mouth burning to taste her bare body below he pushed aside the sleeves & opened the strings..geet moaned in pleassure..
geet snatched in a prickly breath as maan’s mouth closed over her breast…she pulled herself
out & cried in pain & shame….she was not sure what she wanted was her right..
geet ran into the shower & stood under the water..maan tried to pull her back ..
was suprised to see shame & guilt in her eyes..
a passionate dance .
geet ran into the shower & stood under the water..maan tried to pull her back ..
was suprised to see shame & guilt in her eyes..
part 51
maan waited for her to come out..he could hear her cry & weep
it was killing him..he tried knocking the door but she did’nt respond..
geet stood there thinking about wat she just felt..she was so guilty
she wondered how could she ever initiate all that..how much she avoided
even thinking about maan..where this desire came from…wat was all this
rush of act of lust..She washed every part of the body that felt his touch
maan just opened the door forcefully & walked in..geet was drenched in her saree..
she was hatting herself..maan just hugged her tight & said..
maan – geet u are my wife dear..its ok..
geet – no its not ok..leave me..chodoo mujhe..
maan did’nt let go of her…she struggled really hard.. his hands were comfating her..one supported her head and the other slowly pat her back..stroking ..
maan held her tight & said..geet please calm down..
she kept on struggling..untill She fell week & helpless..
maan lifted her & took her to the room..took a towel & wiped her..he slowly moved her wet curls and cupped her face…wiped her tears with his thumb
she pulled the towel from him & wiped herself..her tears were falling..continuously..
geet – said I am sorry..main..woh!! I did’nt mean
and started to cry again…
maan closed her lips with his index finger & said please kuch math kaho..
geet felt the touch of his hand on her lips & felt the heat again running through her spine..
she ran out of his room…& smashed the door behind..she changed ..&
dried her hair & started getting ready for the party
maan pulled his hair backaward in pain & wondered why geet is not letting
him tell her how much he loves her…
maan got ready & went to the party..he sat with daadi enquiring about her health
Krish led geet into a large room dominated by a magnificent chandelier suspended from
the middle of the high ceiling. Maan, daadi & other guest were already there..
Maan was lifting a drink to his lips but as his eyes rested on geet, the glass slipped from his hand,
landed on the floor and shattered.
daadi – wat is wrong with u maan?
maan did’nt respond..daadi followed his view to notice geet
krish – hi daadi..& hugged her
But geet heard nothing as Maan’s dark eyes collided with her own.
The way he was looking at her, it was unidentifiable she was gripped with an uneasy feeling..
as if she suddenly belonged to him, geet shook her head slightly.. then looked away from him,
finding her thoughts ridiculous.. She didn’t belong to him, he was in love priya for heaven’s sake
babaji yeh mujhe kya ho raha hain…Maan was lost in geet’s beauty that was booming with that darkest shade of pink.. she was flawless, beautiful, fragile lady..the lady of his life. Her unsurpassed beauty had stunned him so greatly that he had dropped the glass…he smiled away..Her eyes had met his, did she read my thoughts, my open desire for her…
Everyone finally resettled and geet had to force her eyes from Maan’s direction.
every time she glanced at him, he was peering at her and she felt self-conscious under his speculative gaze ..Maan was still engrossed in his own thoughts and his lingering glance was becoming a bit of an
embarrassment to geet, especially as his glance had not gone unnoticed by daadi maa.
maan’s gaze deepened and the room suddenly grew silent. Geet had a distinct feeling that Maan was
walking closer to her..she turned & tried to walk away..he pulled her to the dance floor
Khurbhan huwa…guys..please relive this wonderfull moment..with this angle..
she tried to walk away with tears in her eyes…he pulled her back & moved close to her.

his hand made his way through her bare waist & then on top of the part with saree..
pulled her back..(she tucked her stomach in & moved back breathing faster & faster .)
she was lost in that touch…he held her hand & moved along the music..
his body was directing, controling her from tip to toe..
she could stop looking into those eyes..filled with passion & love

she slowly let go of his hand from her waist..
that really hurt maan…he walked away in anger…

maan & geet fight..

she slowly let go of his hand from her waist..
that really hurt maan…he walked away in anger…
Part 52
maan walked into his room & removed his shirt & vest ..& throws it away
geet rushed in yelling..
geet – maan wat is all this…(pulled is hand & turned him around)
maan – just leave me alone
geet – aap chate kya hoo..
maan – main tumhe chatha hoon..samjhi tum main tumhe chatha huin
(pushed against the rim of the bed..she gasped her breath)
geet turned her back..her voice weekened
geet – wat is all this..we are married for over 4 years now
every single day u just made me realize how much u loved di
& how much u disliked my mear presences..& when di is back
u suddenly fall in love with me!! it really does’nt make sense
maan – main kya karo tum ko mujhpe yakin ho!! (he moves towards her)
geet – mera pass mat anna tum..
maan violently hugged her from behind and said..geet I really love u..
his voice trailed off as his lips crushed her back, his hands capturing her slim waist,
hugging her closer to him…(she protested with a very low voice..maan mujhe chodho)
he pulled out the strings of her blouse while his lips feathered her neck..
Maan twisted her around, jerking her to him..she protested weekly..
he cupped her face into his hand & closed the distance between the their lips
his hand freed her from her blouse & slowly kissed her along the chin..lower to the
neck line… He slid the strap aside.. his mouth burning to taste the curve of her
breast he had exposed. He cupped the gentle weight of her breast in his hand,
his thumb passing back and forth over them, his body growing taut with need.
She was so soft and warm yet so cold with fear..and tempting, her body seeming to come to life under
the touch of his hands and mouth.But her fear stopping her within..
he pinned her on the bed & his left hand made their way to the skirt..& pulled the strings
He wanted to explore her in detail, to taste her sexy saltiness, to feel her convulsing
around him as he violently filled her with his life force.
as she said maan chodhoo mujhe..his mouth came back to hers, subjecting it to a passionate
onslaught that left her totally breathless. She quivered in his arms as he deepened the kiss,
his unshaven jaw rasping against the softness of her face…his fingers entangled hers..
holding her down..reminding her whose is command..
forcing himself through her..she moaned in pain & pleasure..tears rolled down her eyes
as he gave in more of his passion filled with anger side…both where breathless & sweaty..
maan kissed her tears & kissed her again in passion & said it again with all
his love…Geet I love u ..I can’t stay with out u…& lied next to her..panting
she tried to put herself back togather & she just collapsed..while she pulled
the spread around her naked body & walked away..she noticed ..
stains on the spread & on her she looked at maan..he knew she was embaressed, scared & shy…
& did’nt know how to react ..maan walked upto her…closed her teary face in his hand and
said …its ok…she fainted into his arms
he quikly dressed up & changed her..& rushed her to the hospital..
it was definitly an odd situation..for his luck it was Dr.Kiran on night duty..
he could have asked for anything better…(he remembered how all the time she assumed things
but she was understanding)
Dr. attended to her..& suggested ..nothing to worry…she is stressed..
dr.Kiran – thoda jada hogaya..(and winkd).u can take her home..once she is concious
maan waited for geet to wake up…
geet got up & shocked to see herself in the hospital..she checked if she was
dressed …she looked at maan..he was very tensed & walking up & down
in the room…she got up & tried to walk out..could take the pain…
maan rushed to her..& said don’t get up…I will help u..
geet – mujhe abhi ghar jana hain
maan – geet u need to rest (she pulls away & tries to walk & she could
really feel fluid oozing out)
geet – why did u get me hear
maan – u fainted..I got worried..I tried splashing water ..& ..
geet – since when did u care about me..u did’nt care about me before forcing me
maan – i did’nt force u …(stirn voice)
geet – u did
maan – i was just expressing my love
geet – really !!!!!Why is it always about u…
“stay away from me…don’t talk to me…don’t interefer in my life
because u love some one else…when I try to live with all that”
from no where u discover that u love me not her..
insab main mein khana hoon….
u love me…but I don’t love u…
maan – nahin geet..I love u since the first time I saw u at tajmahal
geet – see u go again..knock..knock..we were married for 2yrs..before that maan
so actually the first time u saw me was in my house..then our wedding
then our so called SR..where u gave me the verdict of not bothering u
maan – u r getting it all wrong
geet – no u r wrong..its all ur false ego..stopping u from getting back to di
maan – geeeet chup..ek dam chup…tumhe jo sochna hain soch loo…
I love u….damit..
Priya moving into maan’s room
maan – geeeet just shut up…tumhe jo sochna hain soch loo…
I love u….damit..
Part 53
geet – u don’t love me…u can’t love me..
maan lifts geet & puts her in the car…geet looks away from maan..
after reaching home..maan lifts & takes her to his room
geet – mujhe mera room main jana hain
maan just takes her to his bed & slowly puts her down..
the bed was still flavouring the emotions they shared little while ago
maan – chup ek dam chup..ek aur labz nahin..(he tucks the spread around her..& kisses
her forehead she turns away)
maan changed into his shorts & vest..geet was restless & turning & jolting
thinking about the night in her sleep ..maan came close to her & lied down..
she cuddled into his chest & hugged him tight…
maan got up early ..& just lied next to her watching her..
he wondered how innocent she was, how beautiful, cute,yet so passionate..deep within…
geet opens her eyes to meet his…
she saw him & cuddled upto him again & said I had a bad dream..
maan – how are u feeling now..(he slowly moved her curls..& kissed
her forehead) geet was not sure wat exactly was going on..she was cuddled up next to maan
& he is kissing her ..reminded her of last night..
before she could react maan was all over her..his legs had crossed over ..
he was on top of her..he pulled out his vest & kissed her paasionately
on her neck, making his way to lower..
geet – maan stop it..
maan – umm! (continued kissing along the jaw line)
geet – please maan stop it..she was breathing harder …harder
maan looked at her lips..they looked so demanding after the long gap of the
night..he took them into his..while his hand freely discovered the scerets..
geet snapped & tried to push him away ..with her palms touching his bare chest
which slowly embraced him…geet wisphered maan mujhe choddo na please
maan lied on top of her..still inhaling her exotic scent from her neck
line..he played along her curls & said..
maan – aacha suno..(he wanted geet to move into his room & wondered how to
convince her)
geet – mujhe jana hain
maan – I was thinking..krishna is 12..now..so don’t u think he needs a
separate room..
geet – (immdiately looks intrested)haan main bhi notice kiya hain..he needs some space
phir main khana jaavoo ghi..?
maan – mansion main..
geet – nahin daadi ko aacha nahin laaghe ga
maan – u can share this room(he looks at her for her reaction)
geet – nahin nahin..how can I do that..
maan – then where will u go?
geet -(looked confused) haan..main guest room main shift kar lathi hoon
maan hits head & lies on the bed..ise pagal ladki ka main kya karoon
geet gets up & rushes out..maan pulls her back
geet – maan bahut ho gaya chodoo mujhe
maan – nahin chodonga..kaun rokhga mujhe..(he mockigly stirns his voice)
geet – main..& snapps out her hand..
geet goes to krish’s room & starts packing…
calls the maid & tells them to shift her luggage to the guest room
geet goes for shower..& thinks about the night before..& feels..odd that was not at all supposed to happen…she thinks that she really
needs to stay away from maan…she feels she is coming between priya & him

geet goes to priya’s hotel room & packs her bag & drags her to the outhouse
she tells the maid to set her luggage in maan’s room..
maan had gone to office..he comes back & notices priya sleeping on his bed
maan – geeeeeeeeeet..geeet…(he comes out shouting to her room)
geet – (she drops the glass in hand starts to tremble)..ji
maan – priya mera room kya kar rahin hain?
geet – woh!… kyu..maine kaha unko waha rahe na ka liya..
main nahin keh sakthi kya?
maan – tum kuch bhi kar sakthi ho..tumhara hi ghar hain..lakin why room,,
geet – stop being so tuff maan…now she is here…let me see how will u hide ur love for her..
maan – tumarhe samne kisi ki chalthi hain kya…
maan stiffs his jaws & turns his fist & walks out of her room
geet & krish..doing homework

geet – woh! kyu..maine kaha unko waha rahe na ka liya..
maan bits his teeth & turns his fist & walks out of her room

Part 54
he goes to his room & packs his bag..& comes to geets room
geet – yeh kya kar rahe ho aap?
maan – yeh mera ghar hain..I can stay where ever I want
geet – aap mere saath nahin rahe sakthe..
maan – kaun karogha? tum?
geet – main..main..woh!! kuch nahin she turns her face
maan arranges his things..& pushes her clothes little aside
maan – mera toiletries pass karna
geet – nahin karonghi..
maan – geeet!!
she gets scared & helps him..she takes the toiletries & walks in the bathroom
she careless hands over the razor & cuts her finger..
she snaps her hand in pain..& starts shaking it up & down
maan pulls her hand & has a close look at it..it was bleeding
maan puts the finger in his mouth & started sucking the finger…
his action was so pleasurable..she stood mesmerised ..looking at him
maan looked at geet…& met her eyes..narrowed his eye brows & asked
if she was ok..she was lost in his touch & his mouth sucking her finger .
maan smiled & kissed each of her fingers
slowly moved to her palm ..moved up to her arms..she snapped when he bit her ears..
geet – aap ko bus bahana chahiya..
maan – kyu..?
geet – leave me..
maan – pehle batavo bahana kyu chahia
geet – woh! aap ..mujhe kaam hain..
maan – raat ke 10 bajae?
geet – bus hain..I have to go..
she pushes maan & runs out
maan – jaldi anna…
geet – nahin..
it was 2am maan wondered where geet was..
he looked for her around & noticed lights were on in krish’s room
he peeped in..could’nt find geet..but krish was writing some thing
maan – wat are u doing at 2am krishna?
both geet & krish jumped up..
geet was lying down on the floor with her stomach down & legs folded backward
krish – dad we are doing my hoilday home work..
geet – bahut kaam hain aap disturb mat karoo
maan – holiday is just started..u can do it over 2 months..
sab kuch aaj hi karna hain kya?
geet – nahin..we usually finish the HW in first 10days
maan – why?
krish – so that we can go on a vaccation…
geet – aab javoo na..humhe bahut kaam hain
maan – HW krishna ka hain tum kya kar rahi ho?(maan lies down next to her facing up)
geet – main check kar rahi hoon
maan – mujhe kaun check karega(he wispered)
geet shies & looks away..
geet – di ko bolo..she will be able to help u with that..
maan gets angry & walks away..he falls a sleep waiting for her
geet walks into the room at 4am..she slowly pulls the spread &
lies down on the otherside of the bed..maan moves closer to her
geet – aap soya nahin
maan – nahin..I was waiting for u..tumhare bina neid nahin aathi
geet – sleep now
maan – uumm!!!
he just hugged her from behind & kissed on her neck
& his hand wandered naughtly around her chest..geet smacked his hand
he kissed her again slept hugging her..geet was not sure about her feelings yet
but she was really helpless when maan demands firmly..
Geet confused..
he kissed her again slept hugging her..geet was not sure about her feelings yet
but she was really helpless when maan demands firmly..
part 55
geet woke up to see maan looking at her…lying next to her..his head was resting on his firm arms..his biceps were pritty evidently seen as he was weraing his vest….(that was her usuall seductive coffee view very day..for which she used to stand hidding dehind the curtains of the gym..now the coffee seem to come looking for her..every now & then..she shied with her thought..)
maan – goodmorning sweetheart..and kissed her on her eyes one after the other
she was too tired to protest ..by now she knew protesting with Maan was like
asking for more..she got up & maan pulled her back into the bed
she almost fell on his chest..
maan – where are u going?
geet – ji mujhe shopping keliya jana hai krish ke saath
maan – no u are not going any where..
geet – kaan rokaga mujhe?
maan turns her down on to the bed in a jerk &
maan – tumhe rookhne ki himath koyai aur kar saktha hain?
she tried to move her legs..he entangled his leg on top of hers &
held her hand firmly down…maan fanned her face very slowy with his breath..
she could feel his lips..almost touching her she closed her eyes in anticipation
his breath moved towards her jawline ..feathering her shoulder curves
close to her neck & behind her ears..he slowly let go her hands & moved his lips
lower he pulled his leg from her & moved further down..she arched her back & cuddled
her legs…geet weekly says mujhe chodoo na maan
maan – kissed her forehead & said maine tumhe nahin pakada hai geet
geet was embarressed & pink…covered her face in the pillow
maan went in for shower….he came out in the towel & started getting ready
geet was still covering her face in the pillow..
maan went close to her & sprinkled the water by shaking his hair
she got up in a double shock..one water & second maan himself..
wet ..erotically seducing smell of the after shave..those water drops were teasing her
thoughts…she had enough of all this since morning..she pulled his
towel & walked away…maan was shocked at her act..he did’nt see that
coming he smiled & changed …geet had her bath & was getting ready..
maan came & stood behind her..watching her..she was feeling concious..
she kept stealing glances every now & then..after she was ready..
her eyes met his dark peering eyes..he came close & said..some thing is missing..
he slowly lifted the black chain & slided in her neck..moved her plat with is hand..
his fingers ..where running currents down her spine..he
tied the mangalsuthra & he bent forward to pick the red box..she could
smell his exotic musclaline smell..as he slided back..
he put the sindoor on her forehead..geet was mesmerised…her eyes
filled up ..she looked away..maan ..came behind & opened her platted hair..
& pulled the curls behind her ears..and said now that is perfect…& kissed her head
at the breakfast table..maan, krish & priya were sitting..
geet was in the kitchen..she was not used to being infront of Maan..
& now it was even more difficult…she told the maid to serve
while she prepared…maans eyes were looking for her..
priya – maan did u tell her
maan – I did..she is not believing me
priya mocked & kept smiling
priya – tum se to kuch nahin hoga..shall I talk to her
maan – nahin..I know my wife better…main mana loanga use..
maan walked into the kitchen and noticed geet had tied her hair back into a plat..
he slowly stood behind her & opened her plats again & kissed her cheeks & said bye
geet turned ..maan smiled & left to office..
geet, krish & priya went shopping..
maan calls geet
maan – kya kar rahi ho
geet – aap ko miss kar rahe hoon
maan – really!!!
geet – shopping karne aayi hoon..obvisouly i am shoping
maan – i liked ur first answere better..
geet – kuch kaam tha aap ko?
maan – nahin
geet – then why did u call?
maan – because I was missing u…
geet cuts the call as she felt she was drowning in his words…
geet was getting scared & restless..she was not clear of anything
every thing seemed confusing..her feeling for maan..maans feeling for her
maan & priya..geets phone rings..
daadi – geet we are having a dinner with some close relatives & friends..
be here at 7.00pm …
geet – ji daadi
daadi – inform maan ..I have been calling..uska number busy tha..
geet – ji..
geet babaji..main kaise unhe call kar sakthi hoon..
she tells krish to call maan & tell about the dinner at 7
krish – dad ..mom wanted to tell about the dinner
maan – give the phone to mom
(geet wispers nahin tell him i am not here..)
krish – dad wants to talk to u mom
geet – ji
maan – khaho..
geet – ji woh..daadi asked to join her for dinner at 7
maan – umm
geet – bye
maan does’nt reply..geet waits..she waits for few mins
geet – gussa ho kya
maan – huumm!
geet – sorry..
maan – sorry is kam nahin chalegha
geet – phir..
maan – say u miss me…
geet – I
maan – u..
geet – miss
maan – umm
geet – u…….not & cuts the call
maan – geet ki bachi..tujhe to main…& smiles ..
Dinner gets disturbing..
geet – I miss u…….not & cuts the call
maan – geet ki bachi..tujhe to main…& smiles ..
part 56
geet walks in with priya & krish for the dinner
close family friends and relatives around..
every one was shocked to see priya..few of them spoke well
and enquired about wat she was doing & how are things
Mrs.kapoor taunted why was she here after so many years
maan just walked in at that time..he glared at geet
daadi tried to cover up telling about krishna and his holidays
Mrs.Kapoor(openly asked) – so why are here priya
priya was little embarressed
geet looked at maan gettig angry ..still he was not saying anything..
she stood up & said
geet – ji ..woh I requested her to come over
Mrs.kapoor – geet beta u don’t know about her..
she left maan & krishna ..when they needed her the most
now she will ruin ur relationship too
geet(shouted at krish) – go inside at once
as krish left geet looked at Mrs.kapoor..wat do u know about Maan & priya
mrs.kapoor – better than u atleast..I have seen them fight like cats & dogs
Geet – exactly…u have seen them fight & i have seen them love…
there was a perfect silence..geet continued
Priya left because she did’nt want this day to day..nok jhok
spoil & ruin their love…she could’nt see love of her life hating her
(maans eyes met priyas ..both of their eyes were moist)
it was too much for an 18yr old girl to take..child, studies,
her lover boy suddenly become her husband/father..
Mrs.kapoor- nok-jhok to sab jagha hoti hain..is kai liya koi ghar
nahi chot tha..
geet – lekin sab ki aapni aapni samtha hothi hain sahnai ki
mrs.kapoor – how could she leave her child behind
geet – u noticed she left her child ..sad u could not see why
(maan looked at geet wondering..)
priya di knew maan could’nt have taken her separation itself..
how will he ever stay away from krish…
she left krish for maan ..how selfless was that..
how difficut it would have been for her…to leave her own child
(priya broke down..maan held her & hugged her)
woh bhi to ek maa hain..she carried krish for 9 months
went through all that pain…of bearing a child..
u could not see the pain …to stay away from maan..who is not just her husband..but the guy
whom she fell in love with..the guy how completes her..
why can’t she come back to her family…who are u or me
to talk in between its their life..if they want to be togather
no one can come between..the person who should have any problem should
be me..when I don’t have any problem why are u all interfereing..
I will not let any one come in between(her voice was firm like a warning)
I guess i am done with the dinner
geet says sorry to daadi & walks to the outhouse..
daadi walks to priya & says
daadi – beta I am really very sorry..I was too concerned about maan & krishna
did’nt realize ur pain..
priya nodes her head..
priya goes to see krish..maan followed but stood near the door..krish was weeping..
priya – krish..sorry about all that
krish – aap yanha kyu aaya ho?
(priya was taken a back)
krish – are u going to ruin maa’s life? (maan gets angry & shouts at krishna)
maan – krishna say sorry to ur mom
krish – yah meri mom nahin hain(he snaps back)
maan raises his hand to slap krishna..geets holds his hand
geet – maan yeh kya kar rahin aap (maan has never seen geet so angry..he bangs the wall instead)
sab ka dimag ek saath karab hogaya hain kya..
krish say sorry to priya mom now
krish – I am sorry priya mom
geet – maan plz leave us alone
maan & priya walk out…
geet – sorry baby..I should’nt have shouted at u..
woh! aunty kher chodo..
I will take u for an ice-cream
krish – maa why did priya mom leave me & go (priya & maan were rooted at the door)
woh mujhse pyar nahin karthi na
geet – nahi woh tumse bahut pyar karthi hain…
krish – then why did she leave me
geet(took a long breath & said) – dear when u were born mom was very young,
she was finding it difficult to manage u & dad’s temper
(maan smiled with tears in eyes) so ur mom & dad had lots of fights
every day…on every thing..so their love was getting lost some where
they both were not able to give u the best wat u deserve…
so priya mom decided to leave ..so that..they don’t fight & hate each other
rather love each other staying away..Is’nt it better to love than to hate..
krish – hmm!!
geet – just imagine..u had dad, daadi
krish added u
geet – (smiled)..but mom was all alone…& u are being so mean to her
krsih – sorry maa..I am really sorry..
krish ran to priya & hugged maan & priya..
geet eyes were filled up with joy…& delight..
Jealousy plan 1
krish ran to priya & hugged maan & priya..
geet’s eyes were fill up with joy…& delight..
Part 57

Geet leaves them alone & goes to her room..& sleeps peacefully..
maan & priya have a small discussion over their past
maan – I am really sorry..main upne eham..main ..did’nt think of ur pain..
priya – its ok…main 10 saal se tumhe jo nahin kha paai
geet ne tumhe kitne aasan sabhdhoo main kha diya..
maan – umm!! pata nahi mujhe se judi har baat ko aasni se samjh
lethi hain…
priya – aur tum ho ki us ki koi baat nahin samjhthe
maan – samjne de tab na…har baat pe manmarzi
aur uska gussa…
priya – gussa aur geet..wats wrong with u?
maan – are tumhe pata nahin hain…gussa to uske naak pe rehatha hain
ek bar uske college gaya tha mere buttons open the…u know how I
used have it college…(priya I used to hate it)
she walked in & just closed the buttons & glared at me..
priya – don’t tell me..
maan – oh god sasha & flowers incident was even worse
she gave me the flowers on the stage..when I turned to give it to sasha..
the way she looked at me..OMG …trust me..meri to himat hi nahin hui..
pata nahin kya kar de
priya burst out laughing..all the while u did’nt know she was ur wife
maan – uske ankhee khe dhathi hain sab kuch ..lakin woh kuch nahin kah thi
priya – just stop this hide & seek..business…maan I have an idea
maan – wat?
priya – why don’t we try to make her feel Jealous..
maan – nahin ..No ways
priya – darr gaye kya?
maan – nahin yaar..its not that..actually I don’t want to hurt her..in any way
waise bhi..I have hurt her enough for life time..
main aise kuch soch bhi nahi sakta jise use taqlif ho…
priya – phir tum bhate raho aise he..devdas bankar..don’t u want her to
say that she loves u
maan – nahin..
priya – wat?
maan – mera matlab haan..lekhin aise nahin..
waise bhi..I know she loves me..I can see that in her eyes..
my love is not dependent on her saying I love u..
mera pyar uske haan ka mutaaz nahi
probably even before she knew she loves me..I knew she did..
woh use ki pyaar ki kashish hi to hain..jo mujhe mera na chate hua bhi
use ke pass le jathi rahi hain..
aaj nahi to kal ..she will read it in my eyes..then she won’t be able to
stop herself..they way I am not able to…stop myself
priya – great..u keep on waiting like this & soon she will announce our engagement
maan – woh aise kuch nahi kareghi jo mujhe hurt kare…
waise bhi she can never feel jealous of u
priya – why do u think so…agar woh tumahre dil mein meri jagah le sakthi hai
to she will definitly feel jealous of me..
maan(looks into priya’s eyes) – mera dil main tumhari jagah koi nahi le saktha..
(priya lost in those words) yeh woh bhi jaanthi hain…ise liya shayad use ne kabhi
woh jagah lene ki koshish nahin ki…aur pata nahi kab.. kaise..use ne aapni
kudh ki jagah bana li…(they break out of their eye lock)aab yeh dil sirf use
ke liya dhadktha hain…woh door ho kar bhi..hamesha mera dil ke paas rehta hai.
Dil ke paas ho kar bhi..Kyon pata nahin use ka intezaar rehta hai..
her pyar se pyare lagte woh mujhe..Maine phir se pyar seekha bhi to sirf uske liye
maan & priya..part with a good night hug…
maan sees geet sleeping peacefully..his heart was filld up with bottled emotions
he slips into the spread beside her & hugs her
she turns into his embrace in sleep..she rests her head on his chest above his heart..
she could feel it being heavy in her sleep..her hands reaches..slowly to his eyes & wipes
his tears..maan kisses those fingers..& hugs her tightly..never to let go..
next day morning geet wakes up maan was not around..she was not sure..if maan
did actually sleep with her last night or she was dreaming..she shakes
her head & goes to the kitchen & gets his juice ready..she comes out to see
he was in the pool with priya..
maan – priya..please don’t do any thing..I don’t want geet to get hurt
priya – just wait & watch..
when they come out of the pool..priya sits close to maan..both of them wet & HOT
maan – stop it..priya..& holds hes hand & then turns away..
the nakul serves the juice..maan has juice & asks nakul for some ice..
nakul comes back & says maam ne mana kiya hain
priya – see told u she will get jealous
maan(gets angry) – nakul ice lekar aaoo..abhi
maan worries if geet actually felt bad..& his frustration was pilling
nakul gets the ice …geet rushes & says…maine mana kiya tha na..
maan was suprised at geet behaving like..this
maan – I just asked for an extra ice..tum itna gussa kyu ho rahi ho..
geet – no ice for u maan..
maan shakes his head..& drinks the juice with ice
geet – maina kaha na nahin ufff!!..& she walks out..angerly
priya smiles at maan..& says..see it is working..
maan holds his head in stress & sever sudden pain..& notices geet aggressively
walking towards him..& he closes his eyes..wondering wat she going to say..or think
geet – maina kaha tha na..ice mat daloo..
aab hogaya na sur main dard..
she gives him the medicine & applies the balm on his forehead
mumering to priya..di yeh kisi ki baat nahi sunthe..
inko swiming ka baat dandha pina se sur me dard ho jatha hain
but nahin..kuch bolo tu ..gussa..ghurna suroo..
maan just enjoys her mumering & for some reason the pain to seemed soothing
looks at priya & winks
geet – aap ko hasi aarahi hain..
maan – nahi woh!!
geet – no more juice for u…dry ur hair properly..(she takes the towel & wipes)
maan kisses geets hand..she pulls it back & walks away..
maan tells priya with a winning smile – I told u…
some more Jealousy stunts ..
she pulls it back & walks away..
maan tells priya with a winning smile – I told u…
part 58
maan walks into the bedroom…
geet – aap ka sur dard kaise hain
maan – abhi bhi hain(pretending)
geet gets worried & makes him lie down on the bed..
she quickly grabs the balm..& sits next to his head..
maan slides his head in her lap ..geet applies the balm..
geet – how are u feeling..
maan cuddles into her lap…kissing her stomach..while his
hand making its way up under the dress..& says much better now..
geet snaps out of the bed & says..aap ko mazak sujraha hain
i was so worried for u..maan kisses her cheek & gets ready..
priya knocks the door..geet wonders & looks at maan..he was
looking into some files…priya comes in…
geet – aap ko knock karne kya zarroorat hain..
maan gets pissed off with wat geet said.. & turns his face..
priya – I was planning if we all could go for shopping
and then dine out today..
geet – that will be great
priya ignores her answere & walks to maan ..wat say..
maan looks at geet (who looked confused)..maan sanps..I am getting late
for office..
maan – geet mera breakfast laga do…
geet walks out…to the kitchen
priya – tum sach main paagal hoo maan!! that was such an good plan..
maan – priya please ..yah sab kuch jada ho raha hain
I don’t like all this…geet is fine..she will take time to understand
my love..but I am sure she will..doing all this will only misleading her…
maan goes to the kitchen..he looked into geets eyes..they seemed angry
maan – kya hua geet?(he hugs her holding from waist)
geet – aap ne di ko kyu mana kiya?(she shied looking down)
maan – aacha kya chathi ho tum..(he placed his fingers below her chin
& slowly lifting her face..to meet her eyes)
geet – aap bhi chaloo na..
maan – theek hain..get ready..then
geet gets excited & hugs him & kisses on his cheek..& runs to her room
maan touches his cheek & smiles..sach much pagali hain..
priya wore a lovely saree & looked like a perfect elgant lady
geet walked out in a pair of 3/4th lenth jeans & t-shirt..another kidoo..
all set to play with krish the whole day!!! maan looks at geet & krish
involved & complementing each other..he could’nt be happier..
as they walked to the car..priya..went to sit in front..maan glared at her
geet – di aap aghe bethoo..mujhe krish ke saath bethna hain
she jumps in with krish..pushing him..
geet & krish wispering..& fightig over a sms
geet – mujhe dikhao.
krish – mom please let me read it first..
geet – mujhe dekhna hain…
krish – mom nahin..let me atleast read it..
geet – main dad ko boloon doonghi
krish – loo..har baat pe dad ko bich main lane ki kya zarroth hain
geet – “Sweetness can be defined without honey.
Fragnance can be defined without Rose.
But, friendship can’t be defined without YOU.”
says it loud wah wah & starts laughing
maan – wat happened..kis baath pur wah wahy ho harhi hain
geet – nahin kuch nahin..krish is following his fathers suggestions pritty well
she smiles at krish & says friendship can’t be defined with out you!!!
umm!!! wah mera Jr.Mr.Lover..bilkul sahi ja rahe ho..(krish is blushing pink..)
babaji lakin mera Mr.lover kya hoga??? use main bhi thodhi samjh dal do na..
as they reach the mall..geet & krish step out immidiately..
geet – aap loog shopping kar lo main aur krish fun zone ja rahe hain
maan – geet rukhoo ..ek min…
geet – ji..
maan – holds her haand & says..I came here for u ..aur tum..
geet comes close to maan and slowly puts the ring in maans pocket & says
– be good..mooka milthe he..give her the ring…
maan gets angry & turns his face ..geet runs to catch up with krish
Maan shouts at priya..yeh looo…pehn loo ring..
I told u…uska dimgha ulta chaltha hain…ise aacha to main office chala jatha..
priya – seriously yaar..she is impossible..
maan – do ur shopping I will be at the coffee shop..shall work on my laptop
priya – umm..
after some time geet calls maan
maan – kya hai!!(he snaps)
geet – ji kuch nahin & cuts the call
maan calls back…
maan – aacha ..kya hua bolo?
geet – nahin woh!! humko..woh!!
maan – where are u..
geet – 5th floor..fun zone…
maan – wait we are coming there..
maan comes with priya…geet notices the ring in priyas hand & looks at maan
maan – nahin main ne nahin….(& closes his eyes in pain..)
geet looked happy but it did bother her a bit..maan noticed that ..in her eyes
maan looked deep into those eyes which would tell him every thing..deep in her heart
which she is unawarre of..there was sudden jolt in her eye..as if some one
just stabbed her heart…she did’nt react for a while..she knew it coming..
rather wanted it ..to happen
but probably did’nt know it could hurt her..or even bother her widest of thoughts..
the change in her eyes hurt him more than..it was bothering her..she probably did’nt
even realzie it yet..but maan was hatting the thought that it was all because of him..
he hatted himself for being part of all this..maan tried to distract her..
maan – why did u call geet..
geet – ji woh! mujhe..(words did’nt flow..her heart was filld & confused)
maan – kya baath hain geet..he tried to compose her
krish – dad hamare sare paise khatam hogaya.. please card refill kara do.
geet – han woh! card refil..she blabbered..
maan – umm..

maan really hurt!!
krish – dad hamare sare paise khatam hogaya.. please card refill kara do.
maan – umm.
part 59
maan gave money to krish ..looked at geet with concern..she walked along with krish
maan pulled her back..& lifted his eyebrows & asked wat happened
she smiled & turned her head for a no…she noticed..his hold changing..
he had slipped his fingers entangling hers…and pulled her closer..
it was so comfarting..she wondered why…she was not sure why she was
disturbed at the first place & why his hold made her feel warm…
maans fingers..were resting comfartably..like they belonged their..
pooja, kavya & smriti walked in..& noticed geet
they ran to geet..geet pulled her hand away from maan
maan looked at her suprised & hurt…pooja hugged geet…
pooja – hi dear..after such a long time
smriti & kavya joined the hug..
geet really felt nice..it was much wanted distraction..at that point for her
pooja – haiiii… maan..u remember u came to my house that night..
in mumbai..
maan – yah offcourse ..(looked at geet..she looked uncomfartable..maan
knew wat he was seeing in her eyes was not jealousy now..)
pooja – yaar geet aaj kal tu sirf maan ke sath hi dikhthi hain
geet looked away in embaressment..maan was seeing geet turning cold
towards him..that really irrated, bothered him..
smriti – geet yeh priya di hain na..?
kavya – not bad..so u guys are togather now…told maan & priya
geet – di woh actually..aap ka contact detail smriti ke sister na diya tha!!
krish walks in..
kavya – so he is karthik..
geet – krishna…
kavya – yah ..right ..krishna..
pooja – u guys make a wondeful pair..(geet looked away)
smriti – sweet family..
pooja – geet humare saath chalna..we are planning for a girls day & night out..
kavya – waise bhi..tujhe kabab mein hadhi todhi ban hain..
geet looks at maan ..his eyes were hurt..he looked away
geet – di main javoo..please..
priya – lakin
geet – please they are my best friends..we are meeting after quite some time
you guys carry on..waise bhi aab mera kya kaam..
geet tells krish…be good
pooja – chalna yaar
geet leaves….
maans eye filled up…& he hits the table in anger..
priya – maan just relax …I never seen u get so emotional
maan – why was she so indifferent …I some time feel ..I really don’t know
this girl…she is a total stranger to me!!
I don’t know wat she likes, dislikes,friends, nothing at all..
geet walks back..to maan tlooking into his eyes..reading his concern
geet – woh!! they don’t know I am married..
maan looked away….
geet – maan mujhe !woh!! & she paused
maan hands over his purse to her..& walks out..(he wanted to be with her..but didn’t know wat to do)
pooja comes & pulls geet away..
priya touches maans shoulder
maan – she exactly knew wat bothered me…
priya – how could she tell them u r her husband?
maan – why can’t she?
priya – u were never there for her..then..
maan – but i am there now
geet – but she is still not sure..
maan – I am going to office..I shall send the car for u guys..
priya – maan..suno thoo..
maan tried calling geet but her phone was unreachable…
maan comes home early looking for geet..she was not around..he waited the whole evening ..maan could’nt sleep..he was restless..& disturbed with geets reaction..with the space between them..he was doing all he could do to get closer & things were drifting apart..
geet came back at 10 & was with krish ever since…
maan was sitting with his laptop on the bed
she comes back at 3am to the room..
geet – gives his purse (maan does’nt say anything)
wow disc main reception nahi tha..(maan looks disinterested)
ok..how was ur lunch with di?(maan continues to work not bothering to reply)
she picks up night dress & walks into the washroom & changes & comes back
she closes his laptop..aap ka lunch kaisa tha
he bites his teeth with a grin..keeps the laptop aside & closes the light &
pulls the spread to cover himself..geet slips inside the spread on the other end..
there was complete darkness & silence..she takes a long breath in &
slowly touches his leg with the tip of her toe..maan felt the soft tender
touch & was tickled..but he pulls back his leg…she again touches his
legs very softly..rubbing it slightly higher
maan turns back..& hugs her from back..tum mujhe aise tempt karo ghi
aur phir u will say I am forcing u!!! she starts breathing harder & deeper..
nahin main to sirf..aap ko mana rahi..& her voice fades as
his hands slide into her salwar pulling the strings & further deep in her
his lips biting her ears..she moans as his hand finds their way deep in her..
he unzips her kurtee & turns her towards him…& replaces his fingers with his..hard & hot..
she wanted to protest but his head lowered, their lips met and kissed her..
passionate, hot and demanding.. soulful and yearning..Sweet and tender.
Without volition, she found her lips parting… their tongues tangled and
geet in the masculine taste of him. ..making her feel so very alive….
his fingers entangled her fingers not letting
them express their reaction..he was moving softer ..to ease her & not the
aggressive self..she was reluctantly moving towards the same goal..
just driving him more passionate..soaring ever higher & deeper..
untill they finally reach the climax..maan kisses geet and says love u ..
I really do..don’t ever leave me & go
maan twisting geets hand..questioning her
ust driving him more passionate..soaring ever higher & deeper..
untill they finally..maan kisses geet and says love u ..I really do..
please don’t ever leave me..
Part 60
geet closes her eyes..to capture every moment deep into her..
geet woke up wraped up in his arms..she looks at him..
he was peacefully sleeping…she was so confused with their growing
intimacy..every thing looked so unreal…she was just loving
every moment with him..but wondered if they were real!
wondered if they have a future at all..the more she thought about it
it all seemed more confusing..she takes a long breath & cuddles in his
arms..she wakes up after a while..seeing maan getting ready..
she wraps the spread around & walks to the shower..while having the shower
geet – babaji..yeh sab kya ho raha hain…mujhe kuch samjh nahin aatha
di ne tho ring bhi phenli..phir..yeh kyu mera saath..
sab meri galthi hain..na main unko pair se chu thi..na yeh sab hotha
main to sirf unko mana rahi thi na..
main karne kuch jathi hoon ..hoo kuch aur jatha hain..
aakhir hain to wo..mard hi na…mujhe hi unse door rehna hoga
maan – geeeeeeeet geeeeet..meri shirt kahan hain
(maan shouting from the room)
geet – (yehlo..aaj kal to meri nahne pe bhi manai hain) ji aa rahi hoon
she peeps out of the door..kaun si shirt ??
maan looks at her & gets lost at her wet look…she looks..angelicly
wet..the water droplets..were playing wild on his thoughts..
the smooth cramy soap still remained on her neck..
maan gaze meshed with hers in the light wet mosit atmosphere, holding her
captive for endless seconds as the silence pulsed with erotic
promise around them he walked towards her….geet walked back holding
on to her towel..the only cotton covering her..she looked sexier than ever
before..her bare wet thigh..her hand clucthed to the towel..her eyes
reading his intentions..& shying away..
he ripped off his pants & pulled away her towel & closed the distance between them..
he pushed her under the shower & slowly turned it on..
the water was cold..& his arms were so warm and strong! too warm
she leaned her head back resting it onto his bare warm chest..
wondering where is all this leading..
maans hand slipped from behind tickling her senses & moved towards her
soft unsupported *****…geet held his hand..
geet – maan
maan – umm!
geet – yeah aap mera saath kya kar rahe hoo?
maan – kyu mujhe haq nahin hain(kissing her neck)
geet – nahi mera matlab woh nahin tha
maan – tumhe aacha nahin lagtha..(licked and sucking
the water flowing over her shoulder)
geet – nahin
maan – (pulls her closer, tighter & harder)nahin!!!
geet – (shies) aap meri baat nahin samjh rahe
maan – mujhe kuch nahi samjh na..aur tum bhi itna..
soochna choto..(pulls her curls behind)
geet – lekin..
maan closes her lips with his & kisses her passionatly..
geets hand embrace his hard body..freely moving on the wet sharp
hard muscles…he slowly lifted her & took her to the bed..
she closed her arms around his neck..he moved her wet curls away ..
fully intending to make love to her all over again..she gave in..
It was clear geet needed affection and intimacy in her life,
every bit as much as he did. And there was nothing that made two
people feel more alive than coming together the way they just had,
with passion and speed and a recklessness, heretofore unknown, to both.
maan kissed her & said I love u..passionately
geet – aap bhaut bure hoo
maan – kyu?
geet – aaj kal mujhe sona nahi dethe..
maan – thats not my mistake..tum puri puri raat krishna ka HW karthi ho
geet – aur aap checking karethe hoo(she shies)
maan hugs her tight & kisses her head..
they changed & came for breakfast
krish & priya were already waiting for them..maan sat on the chair
& geet went into the kitchen ..
priya & krish were discussing..
priya – but u were so shy in talking to girls right
(maan becomes curious about their conversation)
krish – yah!!
priya – then how did u guys become friends..(geet walks in with a parta
& keeps it on maans plate..she was about to leave..when she heard krish)
krish – that was simple ..I just spoke about a topic that interested her..
when she was standing with common friends..& then we just started talking
priya – that was cool..move
krish – pulled up his collar
maan pulled geet back & lifted his eyebrows..geet ran to the kitchen
maan followed her…
maan – to us din krishna ki liya..suggestion pooch rahi thi..
geet – aap kya bol rahen hain mujhe nahin mallom
maan turns her hand behind..& pulls her closer..
maan – tumhe nahin mallom main kya bol raha hoon
geet she looks down..scared..cornered
geet – nahin..lekin..maine aap se thodhi poocha tha?
maan – tum Maan Singh Khurana se aap ne hi beta ko ladhki
patane khe lessons dilwarahi hoo?(his voice was stirn)
geet – aap ki galthi hain..na aap use waha bechthe..na yeh sab
maan turns her hand harder..geeet
geet – maan mera hath dard horaha hain..
maan immidiately lets go…
maan – waise ladkhi pat gayi?
geet – Maan Singh Khurana ka idea tha..
maan smiled..I hope nothing to worry..
geet – nahi baba they are just good friends..
maan cuddles her & kisses her neck…
geet – aap ka breakfast thanda ho raha hain..
maan – iseliya to use kaa rahoon(bites her neck)
geet – (aa..she moans & snaps)aab jaavoo
maan – yeh breakfast to jaldhi thanda ho jatha hain..(maan frawns & leaves)
daadi worried for geet..
geet – (aa..she moans & snaps)aab jaavoo
maan – yeh breakfast to jaldhi thanda ho jatha hain..(maan frawns & leaves)
part 61
maan left to office ..priya & krish were busy playing
geet goes to meet daadi
daadi – aavoo betoo mera paas
geet hugs her & sits next to her…
daadi – kya baat hain aap bhaut khush lag rahen hain
geet – woh..maan..she paused & blushed
daadi – so tell me..wat is the good news
geet – daadi..maan ne di ko ring phenadiya..
daadi gets worried – kya matlab?
geet – I think soon di may decide to come back
to maans life..
daadi – wat are u saying?
geet – their differences are sorted now..
daadi doesn’t say anything…
she gets confused at geets innocense..or ignorance
or foolishness..daadi wanted to speak to maan about it
& clear it out…
daadi calls maan
daadi – mujhe aap se baath karne hain
maan – ji daadi
daadi – mujhe priya aur aapke bare main baath kani hain
maan – mujhe kuch nahi kehna hain..
daadi – maan aap aise baath ko nahi taal sakthe
maan – I am busy will talk latter
daadi gets really worried for geet..

mean while priya & krish plan for a movie..
geet comes back to the outhouse..
she catches up with her kavya, pooja & smriti on a conference call..
smriti – hi guys..my wedding is fixed..
pooja – holly cow!! when how, where
kavya – with whom..
geet – congrats yaar..
smriti – Ranbhir khurana..
pooja – don’t tell me..Maan khurana ka cousin hain kya
geet – haan..unke uncle ka beta hain (babaji..yeh kya ho raha hain)
kavya – geet yaar..u seem to know every thing about Maan off late
pooja – off late nahin yaar hamesha se..
smriti – yah guys..guess wat Maan will be coming for my wedding too!!
geet – then I am not coming
pooja, smriti & kavya – wat???
geet was getting cornered..she avoids the topic..&
the door bell rings…geet opens the door..while
pooja – nahi geet you have to tell..us
why did maan came looking for u to my place at 4am
kavya & smriti – he did?
geet..geeeet…she was shocked to see maan at the door..
she stood mesmerised looking at him..
maan – geet darwaze se hatoo..mujhe kuch file lina hain
geet stood lost looking at him..maan slowly held her from
her shoulder & jerked…geeeet…
she snapped back from her trans..& moved aside
pooja – geet woh..maan ki awaz thi na..
geet – nahi ..i will speak to u guys latter..
geet was suprised to see maan back so soon..not even lunch time yet..
maan went to the study & picked up some files & started working
geet slowly peeps into see he was quite involved..
geet makes a coffee & places it in the table..
geet – coffee
maan – umm!!(maan sips the coffee..looking into the files)
geet – aap lunch karke ?
maan – umm!!
geet was so excited & thrilled..she never felt so nice seeing him
around..geet wondered why is she feeling so happy..
she went into the kitchen & makes a lavish italian lunch
Ravioli Quattro Formaggi, Pollo Toscano and Tiramisu(that takes a while to set)
so she started with Tiramisu first & left it in the fridge..
it took her couple of hrs to complete her work..
laid the table & went into the study..maan seemed really busy..
she turned back to leave
maan – kuch kaam tha geet..
geet – ji woh lunch..
maan – umm..abhi nahi..latter
geet turned back & wondered why was she feeling bad..
she knew he was busy..she went to the dining table & waited..
after an hr..she servred the food in the plate &
went to the study..maan still looked busy..
she slowly went close to him…& started feeding him..
maan did’nt resist at all..infact he relished every bite..
she could see that in his face..even though his eyes was lost
in those files & documents..she wiped his mouth with the napkin
& gave him water..& was leaving
maan – mera dessert kanha hain
geet – ji abhi laayi
maan smiled
geet fed him the tiramisu..& left..
maan – geeeeeet geeet
geet ran from the kitchen wondering wat happened..
geet – ji kya hua?
maan – mera dessert kanha hain?
geet mummers..yehllo..file main dekhthe..dekhthe khayenga tho
yaad bhi nahi rehtha hain kya?
geet – ji aap ne abhi to khaya tha..
Maan – are u sure..(There was a noticeably naughty gleam in
his eye as he said that)
geet – yeh to mujhe bhi confuse kar rahen hain..
teehk hain main aur lai aathi hoon
& walks to get some more..maan pulls her hand & she falls into his lap
geet swallowing hard to clear her throat..as if all she wanted to do was fall
in his arms and stay there, safe … and sound..Her hair was matted against his
chest..he kissed her lips…his lips were tasting tiramisu..
his tongues entwined in a dance of passion, exploring the inside of her mouth
geet sat motionless, enraptured by the erotic feel…
maan slowly let go her lips ..& looked at her eyes..they were closed
& still lost in the taste of his lips…he smiled & kissed her again
more passionately & ..said
maan – geet tum aise mujhe dekho ghi to kaam kaise karoonga..
geet struggles to stand up & walk away..
maan – lunch was exotic…I am planning to come home for lunch
every day…
geet shied & walked away..

maan & priya hug & geet watches confused….
maan – lunch was exotic…I am planning to come home for lunch
every day…
geet shied & walked away..
Part 62
maan contiued to work & geet caught up with krish & priya
geet, priya & krish were having dinner..
maan joins them..geet gets up & helps him with dinner
she walks into the kitchen..maans presence really made her nervous
& restless…her heart would beat faster ..geet became even more shy
with her body reacting to maans presence so evidently..
she blushed as he looked at her…maan could notice her lost in him
maan kept on calling her asking for spoon then soup then water then salt
geet ..was getting nervous walking to him..serving him..
his mere presence around her was tickling her senses..
his muscline seductive smell would just pull her to him..making
it difficut to move away..she knew if she stood any where close
to him..she would do some thing drastically stupid…or just start glaring at him..
maan was enjoying her restlessness..how she stood serving water
when he actually asked soup..priya smiled & tried to distract krish
krish – maa yeh aap kya kar rehaho..dad na soup maga tha
pani nahi…
geet – nahi main..soup lake aathi hoon
krish – maa soup udehar table main hain..kitchen main nahin..
geet gets fed up & walks into the kitchen
krish – maa mera dessert kahna hain..
geet brings the tiramisu for krish…
maan – looks at geet..mera dessert kahna hain..& looks at her lips
she quickly looks away.. cluctching her dupatta & goes to the kitchen..
maan..quickly sneaks in behind her..& wispers in her ears..
mera dessert!!!geet jumps up..& drops the glass down..
krish comes in ..maan stands holding geets waist..
geet tells maan..krish aa..raha hain..please mujhe choto..
maan – kyun..?? uske maa ko hi pakdha hain..
kisi aur ko nahin..i am sure he won’t mind
krish(smiles) – maa ice cream party karne challen..please..
maan – challo..atleast mujhe dessert to millega..tunhare maa
to mujhe kuch nahi dethi..subha breakfast nahi diya..aur abhi dessert
geet – keh do lunch bhi nahi diya..use kyun choda !!!
maan kisses her cheeks & says..lunch to diya tha na..
he had a devilish grin on his face.
geet stood realzising wat maan actually meant…
geet hops in with krish..behind..& they start playing on a vedio game
maan keeps glancing at geet through the rare view mirror
they reach the cafe…geet & krish run in togather..
priya – maan..aapne pyar ke rang me rang diya use!!!
maan smiles
priya – i am really happy for u guys..I have a conference come up
need to leave …meri ticket ek din baad ki hain..
maan – thanxs for every thing..miss u yaar..
priya & maan have warm hug…geet watches them from the cafe..
geets was happy & felt that atleast they are not fighting any more
but just wondered wat next…the thought just rushed through her nervous..fearing..uncertainty
geet & krish get their ice creams..geet sits in the couch
krish was sitting in the opposite couch..
geet was about to have a bite..maan holds her hand & puts the spoon
in his mouth…
maan – yum!!!& takes the ice cream away from geet
& cuddles in next to her in the couch..geet wondered wat was happening..
little while ago he was hugging priya..& now he is being so warm towards her
(babaji..yeh chathe kya hain..yeh daag picture ke bare mein to nahin soch rahen..
chi chi..babaji..maan bhi naa..itne sidhain nahin hain..)
he calls the waiter & orders a coffee..for geet..
geet makes a baby like face…looking at the ice cream
priya – yeh kya kar rehe ho..khana do use..
maan – nahi..puri raat phir mujhe iskha sur dabhna padega …kudh bhi soyai ghi aur mujhe bhe sonahi deghi….isko sinus hai
geet looked at maan totally impressed
geet likes that maan actually remembered that …she felt so
touched..she looked at maan & was lost at his caring yet
teasing nature…maans eye met hers..he lifted his eyebrows &
asked wat ..she shaked her head for a no..& looked away..
maan put his hand around her..& rubbed her arms…
the waiter brought geets coffee..maan asked the waiter to pack his ice cream..
priya – why wat happened
maan – nahin ..I am too full now shall have it latter..
after they reach home..
geet goes to krish’s room & they were almost finshing their
maan caught up with his work..
geet walks in latter at night..maan was still working
maan – geet
geet – ji
maan – mera dessert leker aana…
geet – walks in confused & in anticpation…walks closer to maan..ji..kya
maan waits for her to come real close & naughtly says…mera dessert..
geet comes still closer…her heart was beating faster..like she was
in a marthon..her senses were working & reacting faster than ever before..
maan – woh!! ice cream jo cafe se lekar aya the..
geet snaps back..realizing wat she was anticipating..she really felt odd
& embaressed to have thought ….dhust dhanav

Maan enjoying his ice cream…
geet comes still closer…
maan – woh!! ice cream jo cafe lekar aya the..
part 63
geet snaps back..realizing wat she was anticipating
maan mocks at her..wat did u expect..
geet – kuch nahi..& cluctches her dupatta..
geet mummeres..ice-cream..seda seda ice-cream nahi bole sakthe the
..dessert..bole ke mujhe confuse kar the hain..
aur geet tujhe kya ho gaya hain…tu kya soch ne lagi..
she keeps the ice cream on the table & leaves
maan – geet dekho naa..ice cream teehk nahi hain
geet – kya hua..
as she bents down to check ..maan pops the ice cream into her
kurthi…she jumps up with chillness ..
she snaps her dupatta & says maan yeh kya kiya aapne..
maan – rukoo..let me help u clean the mess..
maan slowly bends forward & starts licking the ice cream from her neck..
his tongue..traces overs her bulged curves.. while his hands..
slowly opens her zip..puling it down…
geet – yeh kya kar rehaho..
maan – chup bilkul chup..ice cream..khane do mujhe..
geet moans..maaaan..his lips move to the other side of her curve
and his hands pulls her sleevs down..geet closes her eyes..& froze..
as the chillness of ice cream was burning with his touch ..
he sucked and bit on them making his mark. he kept kissing her wildly
along the ice cream..was dripping. She looked beautiful yet innocent.
All he wanted to do was lavish her and please her. he was dying
to have her body again… he couldn’t wait any longer. But still
he kept his pace slow and sensual, making sure to savor the moment.
maan let loose… his hands went wild over her body. he placed them
on her hips and pulled her even closer to him..This was a lot to take
in between him kissing her neck and geet looking hotter with the cream
still flowing further down..their sensation was overload. he undressed her
as they fell to the bed, then he moved his hands around her waist, teasing her
skin..barely touching it..it gave her goosebumps ..he managed to get a nice
slow and sexy pace going. .as her body grew used to him.. he was able to
speed up but not much…she still looked uncertain & scared..he pulled her
hips closer & tight as his body completely stiffened..& lied on her exhausted..
kissed her yet again & wispered those magical words into her ears..
which always touched her soul..she smiled & hugged him…
geet got up after a while..
maan – kanha jaa rahi ho..
geet – pura ice cream..sticky sticky ho raha hain
maan – kanha..dikhavoo…& starts licking her all over again
geet – maan choto na mujhe…
maan – main to tumhari help kar raha tha…
geet – nahi chahiya aap ka help…sab janthi hoon main..
maan – mujhe to chahiya na…
geet – choto mujhe…
maan – aacha promosie main tumko kuch nahin karonga..I will lick the ice cream only..
geet – nahin..nahin..
maan clucthes her hand..holds them pinned on the sides &
his tongue..only licks the ice cream..starting from her waist..
her hands protestig..to his grip..&
she lies tickled …as he slowly traces through the valley..only touching with
his tip..the left overs of ice cream…geet starts..breathing restlesly..
as he moves towards her neck..her hands stop protesting..
maan leaves her hand …geet slides..her hand into his hair..
& back..holding him closer..
maan – maine kuch nahi kiya..
geet shies..ice cream khatam?
maan nahi & passionatly kisses her lips..intending to
make love all over again…

next day after maan had left to office..
geet gets a call from smriti…pooja & kavya also join in conference
smriti – guys the wedding is fixed ..60 days to go..& u guys have to be here
with me please ..please I am really nervous..
pooja – yaar don’t worry we will be there a week in advance..
kavya – so how is this guy..?
smtiti – really nice..quite friendly
I am able to share my views freely with him
he is open towards my suggestions..
kavya – that is really nice..wat else do u need yaar!
pooja – is he hot?
smriti – maan ka cousine hain & starts laughing
they realize geet has’nt spoken a word..
(geet was lost in thinking about maan..share my views..can’t even open my mouth
infront of him…my suggestions..he will never accepts.. how ever good they are..
friendly..& maan..no ways..hamesha gussa karthe hain..mujhe kuch kahne nahi dethe)
smriti – yaar geet are u there..
geet snaps back from her thoughts..
geet – yah I am there..&
they make an elborate plan of shopping & girls night out
geet still sounded little lost..all the while..
pooja, smriti & kavya..wondered wat was bothering her..
geet avoids the topic..

priya & krish hand been hanging out together..
since priya was leaving the..next day..
geet went to the study & noticed maan working there..
she kept on looking at him..wondering if she was imagining him
babaji..yeh mujhe kya ho raha hain..yeh to office gaya the na..
phir..yanha??? nahi..main such moch pagal ho rahi hoon..
she hits her head & looks again ..maan was not there..
geet goes to the kitchen & makes a cup of coffee…
she was about to sip it..maan comes & takes it..
& kisses her lips..geet closes her eyes..
geet snaps back when hot coffee actually burns her lip
geet sits down holding her head…
maan walks in..
maan – geet
geet – shooo..go..away..mujhe tang karna band karo
maan – geeeet ..tum mjhe..Maan singh Khurana ko jane khe rahi ho
geet – bites her dupatta..& looks confused at maan..
trying to make out if he is actually there or is she still
in her imaginary world…
maan – geet..geeeet
geet – ji!!aap?
maan – lunch??
geet keeps a plate infront of maan..(geet is totally lost)
then places uncooked rice & vegitable..
maan – yeh lunch hain?(maan totally shocked)
geet – haan..yeh..rice , yeh sabzi..Oh!! daal banraha hain..pointing at th gas
maan looks at the gas..she was pointing at..
it was off..
maan – tum gas off kar ke khana bana thi ho
geet – ji
maan – tumhe ho kya gaya hain(strin voice)
geet – ji mujhe ..wow..main gas on karna bhol gayi thi…
she starts crying with over flow of her own emotions…& confusion
maan – acha chodo..we will go out for lunch..

the lunch ….
she starts crying with over flow of her own emotions…& confusion
maan – acha chodo..we will go out for lunch..
part 64
geet – nahi main..lunch bana doonghi..give some time..
maan – its ok we can dine out..
geet – nahi..na ..it is almost done..just need to cook them..(she looked really firm about that)
maan – main kuch help karoon
geet – nahi..(she shouts..she could’nt have worked with him being around)
maan – teehk hain..chila kyu rahi hoo..
geet – nahi..main khe rahi thi..aap ko kaam hoga..
maan sits on the kitchen slab with his hand resting on either sides
maan – nahi..abhi main free hoon..my next meeting is only at 3pm..
geet starts working ..avoiding looking at maan..
she puts the rice on the gas..cuts the vegi..
maan comes around & start eating the carrot as she was cutting it..
geet – bhook laaghi hain..(looks at his face)
maan – hmm!!(nodes his head)
geet – sorry sorry..main jaldi karthi hoon..
mean while u eat this..she makes a plate of salad for him..
maan takes the plate & sits on the slab again..
geet quickly prepares the chicken curry..& puts pot on the gas..
maan – krishna kanha hain?
geet – woh di ke saath shopping keliya gaya hain..
maan – to hum..ghar main..(looks at geet naughtly..
like a lion who is about to attack its prey)
understanding his intentions..says..nahin..maan ..
her heart is beating like an adolescent on her first date and
her knees are weakening…he lifts her takes her to their room…
kicks the room door with his legs & puts her on the bed
geet – maan rice gas main rehka hain..
maan – bane do…(moves closer..removing his shirt)
geet – woh! chicken…
maan – kacha thodi khana hain…let it get cooked..
geet – ji sab…as he leans to her, the look in his eyes washes the last trail
of hope away and she realize there is no return…
he pushes her to the pillow and finally kiss her..
his hands are everywhere, first touching and squeezing her back as he lift
her slightly and then one hand is cupping her breast whilst the other one
opens the plat out of her hair releasing it in waves the smell of her shampoo
and perfume suddenly surrounding them…their mouths were glued to each other,
their tongues rekindling his fire, exploring her and getting reacquainted…
his hands and mouth seem to know their way around her…
Oh God geet you’re tight..maan whisper as he fill every void within her..
he slowly and teasingly pull out of her and pound hard back in again…
he does that several times making her squirm for more, and driving her
insane with lust… her mouth is dry now as she gasp..his thrust becomes aggressive
& he pulls her hair..he bends over her enveloping her with his body, holding her tight
by her waist, as he slowly pull himself back…Maan lay her carefully down and
slide beside her…his hand is pushing a lock of hair out of her face, geet looked
like a mess but his eyes say the contrary… he kisses the tip of her nose.. and
pull her close….& says mujhe bhuat bhook laghi hain…
geet – aap change kar loo main kana le aathi hoon..
maan – umm!!
geet pulls up her salwar & quickly slides into her dress..
while she was adjusting her dupatta..maan pulls her duppata
maan – geet
geet – ji..
maan – I love u..
geet pulls her duppata away & goes to kitchen..
babaji..kana jal na gaya hoo..
she was putting it on the plate maan comes from behind &
his hand slowly..slides into her waist & pull her closer
geet – kana kha loo..
maan kisses her on her neck & sits on the chair..
he was about to eat & his phone rings…
geet – uff ..phone ko bhi abhi bajnatha..
maan opens his laptop..while on the call & starts working..
he completes the call & still was working on the laptop..
geet closes his laptop & says..khana ka loo..
maan(shouts) – geet wat are u doing..I am working on an
impt part..aapni bachkani harkathe band karo…
geet gets scared..& moves back..
maan opens the laptop which took a while..spoiling his flow of work..& starts working again..
geet – babaji..yeh kab gussa karthe hain kab nahi mujhe to kuch samjh
hi nahi aata…
she waits for a while…& feeds him..scared & wondering wat he may say..
he takes a bite..without hesitation..
maan – phele nahi khila sakthi thi…laptop band karne ki kya zarrort thi..?
& continues to work..while geet fed him..& ..geet wonders..
(yeh gussa hain ki..nahi??..mujhe to kuch samjh nahi aata)
maan leaves for the meeting & geet decides to sleep for a while..
in the evening..priya tells geet that she is leaving tomorrow
geet – lekin di..
priya – meri kuch conference hain..I have to rush
geet did’nt know how to ask..about her future plans with maan
or wat is going on..neither can she ask maan..maan’s acts are all hinting otherwise..
geet called daadi
geet – di kal ja rahin hain
daadi – thats very good
geet – daadi..!! how can u say that..
daadi(daadi mummers ..woh ja rahi hain ise khush hona chaiya..aur yeh hain ki..
uska flight cancel karne main laaghi hai..kya karoonge main is pagal ladkhi ka)
aacha geet I will speak to her…
daadi calls maan
daadi – is priya leaving tomorrow?
maan – umm!
daadi – so wat have u guys decided..
maan – wat are u talking about..
daadi – geet told me ..ki tum ne priya ko ring phenaya hain
maan – geet ne kaha hain na.. use se poocho..
he gets angry & cuts the call..
maan angry with geet…
maan – geet ne kaha hain na.. use se poocho..
he gets angry & cuts the call..
part 65
maan comes back really late from office..
geet – aap ne dinner kiya?
maan ignores her & walks into the washroom to change
geet waits for him to come out…as he comes out..
geet – aap laptop ko lekhar abhi bhi gussa hoo?
maan gets pissed off ..& hits the beds rim..
geet – aap itna naraz kyu ho rahe ho..sorry (she holds her ear)
maan – tum ne daadi se kya kaha?(stirn tone)
geet – ji wo..priya di..jaa rahi..aap ka kya ..
maan stares at her
geet gets scared..maan holds her from the arms firmly..mera kya geet?
geet was trembling ..maan looked into her eyes..spitting fire
maan – can’t u just leave me & priya alone..
geet looks in his eyes..confused..wondereing
maan realizses wat he just said..& tries correct himself
but geet does’nt let him say a word..
geet – ab yeh kaha hain to..mujhe kya karna hain yeh bhi ke do..
snapping back..
maan – geet tum mujhe galat samjh rahi ho..
maan tries to calm her..he losens his grip
geet – teehk hain..aap hi mujhe samjha do…
mujhe waise bhi aaj kaal aapki harkathe kuch samjh nahi aathi..
maan getting even more frustrated & angry..
maan – tumhe meri harkathe samjh nahi aathi?
geet – nahi..mujhe kuch nahi samjh aatha..aap kya karthe hoo
kyun karthe hoo..kab gussa hota ho..kyun gussa hota hoo
mujhe kuch samjh nahin atta..aap ke dil main kya hain..
maan – tumhe nahi mallom meri dil main kya hain..
he looks deep into her eyes..geet looks away..
geet – nahi..
maan leaves her arms..& walks out…
geet waits & waits ..& falls a sleep in the couch..
maan comes in latter..looks around for geet..admires her sleep
uncomfartably on the couch..he slowly walks towards her..moves her curls..
& wispers..tumhe aab bhi nahi…mallom mera dil main kya hain…lifts her & lays her
on the bed..tucks the spread around her..geet cries in her sleep..
maan please mujhe chotkar mat javoo..& hold his hand..
he kisses her hand & says..tumhe chotkar jaa bhi nahi paavoonga..
he sleeps next to her…cuddled up
geet gets up with a heavy head..& looks for maan..
maan was already in the breakfast table..priya was looking into some messages
geet rushes to the kitchen…
daadi joins priya, maan & geet for breakfast…
daadi – priya & maan wat have u decided
maan – daadi kis ke bare main
daadi – about ur future?
geet stood rooted in the kitchen..
maan – daadi aap yeh sab kya keh rahin hain..
daadi – I see u wearing the ring priya..so I guess u guys are planning
to be togather..umm!!!
maan – daadi aise kuch nahin hain
daadi – maan aap kuch nahin boliya..please..
waise bhi jab bolna hota hain aap kuch nahi bolthe
so priya when are u coming back from london after ur conference
priya – nahin mera aise kuch plan nahi hain..
daadi – ok well plan all that & let me know..
maan gets angry & walks out..
krish – hi daadi..
daadi – how are ur holidays going?
krish – my home work is completed …main aur maa dargling jaa rahen hain
daadi – thats great..when are u guys leaving..
krish – tonight..we have so many things lined up..
sunrise, ice skating, trecking..its a 20day trip
daadi – maan nahi aarahe..
krish – dad se pucha tha..ticket lethe waqt …but he said he is busy..
daadi – have u done with ur packing
krish – ji daadi..
daadi – I will come to drop u guys to the airport..
geet tried calling maan before leaving but he was too disturbed to answere
her call..daadi drops them to the airport..
daadi – geet are u sure of wat u are doing?
geet – pata nahi daadi..I just want maan to be happy
daadi – bless u beta..

geet missing maan…
geet – pata nahi daadi..I just want maan to be happy
daadi – bless u beta..
part 66
maan comes back home,,calls out for geet…geeeet …geeeeeet…
priya – she is gone..(those words were like thoudand arrows hitting him)
maan – wat?..how can she leave me & go (he broke down)
priya – nahin..she is gone for a holiday with krish..i thought u knew about it
maan breath normally..yeh ladkhi..samjthe kya hain..apne aap ko..jab dekho aapni man marzi karthi hain
she is taking me for granted…aab woh janthi hain
ki main use se pyar katha hoon ..thats why she is taking me for a ride…
priya – maan u r over reacting now..
maan – just leave me alone
priya – I always did that…left u alone..
any way I am leaving tonight..to london.. have a early morning flight
to catch..
maan – jaavoo sab jaavoo mujhe chodh ke..
geet & krish reached dargling..it was really cold & wonderfull weather
geet tried calling maan but he did’nt answere any of her calls
krish & geet spend most of the day outdoor..enjoying the tour..with the other
group members..geet was not able to enjoy as much..it felt like vaccum..within her
she was not able to stay a min without talking to maan..
she tried calling him..maans ignorance was eating geet..
she was not able to think straight…she was not sure..
wat was all that..him teling her I love u..so many times &
expressing himself every possible way..& now when she wants him the most he is not even
responding to her..geet was not able to take stress…she wondered..
wat was it..so deep within her..their trip was almost going to end..
geet remained very tired & stressed out..she felt maans presence in every
min..it was like she could smell him..with in her..
she looks at anything..she could relate it to maan..
she ran catching..up to her illusion..& fainted..was rushed to the
room..she relaxed for some time..krish started to worry..
krish – maa..shall we go to the doctor
geet – no baby..I am just stressed..
she hugged krish & said..any way we are getting back tomorrow
geet realized that..she could be pregnant thats why she feeling
so exhausted & highly emotional..it was too early to confirm
anything..but something within told her she is…
she was delighted & wanted to share it with maan first…
as they reached delhi..she looked out for maan..he was in a conference..
she was very happy & could not contol her happiness..
she went in for a blood test & it confirmed it..
it was just 45days..then..geet shied, smiled, laughed
and hugged krish ..told him..he was expecting…
krish – wow mom..so I get baby sister
geet – but why sister
krish – nahi mujhe baby sister hi chaiya..& i will name her khushi
krish ki khushi!!!humari khushi
geet – that is so cute..krish don’t tell any one now..ok..plz
krish – waise bhi yeh meri hain..& kisses geets tummy
geet could’nt wait to tell maan
geet walked into their room…looked around..things looked different
maans things were not around…it was not there…geet enquired with the maid
geet – shab ka saman kahan hain
maid – unke kamre main
(that did bother her a bit..but she was so happy ..she ignored it)
geet told the maid to move her things to his room
she arranged her things in his room & kept looking at maan’s pic
geet picked his shirt & cuddled with it…wrapped it around herself
she could feel his wamth ..how long she stood their speaking
and complaning to maan’s photo..there was still no end to it..
she touched her tummy..
geet – khushi..tumhari daddy ka main kya karoon..
dekhoo na..abhi tak nahin aaye..
nahin..nahin..gussa nahin hain..woh to busy hain

maan ignorig geet..
geet – khushi..tumhari daddy ka main kya karoon..
dekhoo na..abhi tak nahin aaye..
nahin..nahin..gussa nahin hain..woh to busy hain

part 67
maan walks in at 2am..geet was sleeping on the bed..
he saw her & was delighted…he loved that sh actually shifte to his room..she smiled & saw her smile even while sleeping he kissed her..changed his dress & slept next to her..
maan got up & went to the gym..
geet got up & looked for maan…
she went to the gym..maan was working out..
she stood their looking at him…he was perfectly carved..musculine
sweaty..his every move was so erotic..& driving her wild..she was not
sure..it was her thoughts or her senses have become extra hyper due to
change in hormone levels..due to pregnancy…
she was drawn towards him…she hugged him from back…passionately
maan snapped back – yeh kya kar rahi ho..
geet did’nt expect that coming..after..20 long days of wait..
her heart fell & shattered..her eyes filled up..
she mumeremed..nahi woh..main..she was breathing very hard ..
she could barely say a word..maan did’nt realzise how rude he was to her
this was the first time ever geet had made a move towards him &
he just snapped her..shut her..crushed all the feelings she harboured
geet ran to kitchen ..
geet – teek hi to hain…nothing is changed between us..
how could I just go & hug him like this..
tears roll down her cheeks..she was not able to stay away from him..
& she knew she had to..thats way it been ever since they were married..
how could few intimate moments change maan…or was it just a moment
which meant nothing to him…she was confused..& totally heart broken..
maan gets ready & leaves to office..
geet was restless..but she spend the day..with krish & planning things
for khushi ..they went shopping …krish kept on picking
girls stuff for the baby..geet was very happy ..they arranged the stuffs in
the guest room..krish got every thing in pink & pulled out a long chart for
writing notes fot khushi …
krish – maa i am going to write a note every day for khushi here
geet – i will also write..something..every day..
krish – why are u keeping khushi’s things in this room
won’t she stay with u in ur room
geet – we are just keep it here now..we shall move it the bedroom
when she comes..
krish – umm
geet – when I go for delivery..u can arrange it in my room then..
krish arranges the soft toys inside the cradle.. I will do a better job then..
maan had a rough day.. & was still quite angry with geet
he came late..geet was still waiting..for maan..
geet smiled at maan..but he ignored her..
geet stood there wanting to tell him about their baby
but his indifferent attitude was scaring her…
maan – kuch kaam hain..
geet – nahi
maan – why are u standing on my head(he spat)
geet turns to leave..with tears..& stops
geet – maan woh..hamri..khushi..woh.. main..
maan – geet just stop it..jab yaad ajaye kya bolena..hain..phir bolena
I am really too tired for ur natak now..
geet was not able to take maan’s indifferent behaviour..
she felt ..those moments did’nt mean any thing to him..
but why after so many years he had to do some thing like that.
was it just act of lust..she feared…all that has made it even more
difficult for her..geet thought..I could live my whole life..with his
hatredness..but after seeing so much of passion & love..
this hatredness in his eyes is killing me…
woh..mujh se kyu naraz hain..aab maine kya kiya..
woh kya hamri khushi se bhi nafrat kareghe…
she goes to the guest room..& pulls out the chart…
khushi..paapa love u…???
then she cuts ??? & writes..loves u…!!!
maan leaving for a business trip
this hatredness in his eyes is killing her…
woh..mujh se kyu naraz hain..aab maine kya kiya..
part 68
its been a couple of week since geet came back from dargling & maan
has totally ignored her..staying up late was not advisable for her health
& baby’s health..so she could not wait late for him…
maan had a trip to london..daadi, dev & NT were also travelling with him
he left to the office..& told the maid to send the luggage to the airport
with daadi..geet was shocked …he is travelling & did’nt even bother telling her..
but this is wat he is been always doing ..woh..kabhi mujhse bolke
thodhi jathe..hain..her heart really wept
maan could not leave with out seeing geet..he told daadi to carry on
& he shall join them…he came home
maan came in…she broke down in tears..(maans heart acked & did’nt
want to hurt her further..so kept quite)
geet – maan aap mera saath aise kyu kar rahe hain
aap mujhe chod kar jaa rahen hain..
maan – chup bilkul chup (keeps his fingers on her lips)
geet – aap mujh se baath kyu nahi karthe?(she looks down)
maan – there is nothing to talk(maan turns away)
geet – aap mujhe se naraz kyu hain?
mujhe aap se khushi ke bare main…
maan snaps back…u talk to me only when u want to..u always do wat pleases u..
u just left me alone & went away for so many days..u are taking me for
granted & trying make me dance like a puppet in ur hand…
his words were hurting geet..she was not sure ..wat made him say all that…
geet – katputli..aur aap..nahin maan..aap ne mujhe
katputli bana ke rakha hain…jab man chaha pyar kiya
jab man chaha saja ke rak diya..
agar galthi se mujhme koi feeling aagayi to
main kya karoo..kahan jaavoo? kise kanhoo..aap to kahni nahi hote
maan – yah!! u always had this issue of me forcing u….
geet – aap meri baat samjhthe kyu nahin..
mujhe aap se ladna nahin hain…
maan – aur tum kya kar rahi ho
geet – maan..I a sorry..I will talk to u latter..
this discussion is leading no where..
maan – no finish ur discussion now..damit
geet – rehna do maan ..main kuch kenahi pavoongi..
maan – tumhare pass kehna kaliya kuch ho to keho gi na..
geet hugs maan ..maan tries to push her away..she sits on the bed weeping, broken,
defeated, & says
geet – mera man aap ke bina bahut becahin hojatha hain(her hand traing over her neck & clucthing her dupatta) phele aap se door rahpathi thi….pata nahi aabh mujhse door nahi raha jata
phele aap ko dekh kar kush hojathi thi….lekin..aab aap ko mahsoos
karne ko dil tarstha hain
aapke ankho main jo maine aapne liya dekha..mujhe pata nahin woh kaya tha
lakin..mujhe sirf wohi dekhna hain….aap ka gussa nahi saha jatha..
maan – phir kyun gayi thi muje chodh ke….(sits next to her)
mujhe ek bar bhi kaha nahi..(cups her face in his hand)
bina mila bina khahe chali gayai(complaning looking deep into those eyes)
geet – mujhe aap se kuch kehna hain…
maan closes her lips with his…perfect silence…she held him close to her
as if she feared lossing him…maan kissed her passionately every where..
A feeling of light-headedness suddenly assailed her and she was finding
difficulty breathing. geet eyes widened as he drew her closer to him,
their faces mere inches away. She could feel his warm breath sweep
over her face as he admitted, I am sorry..I was being mean..geet moved
foward & closed the distance this time..not letting her man ever feel
let down of his act…maan was swept away with her kiss..
Being the away for so many days frustration, passion & had just made
him more violent, he quickly stopped when he knew he had brought her to insanity..
he did’nt want any thing to hurt her…he pushed her onto the bed. she could feel
herself getting wet…already…pregnancy was really making her hormones
work extra…maan kissed her bulging curves & smiled & looked at her questioning..
she knew wat was he intending..pregnancy had just made them bigger over by a size
geet shied..that he actually noticed…he lay on top of her..she could feel each
of his muscles through her dress. geet could not resist her hands and wrapped
them around his tight fit body. His lips pressed hard against hers while his hands
sneaked up the inseam of her dress. geets back arch and she let out a little moan.
maan helped her with her cloths & closed the distance
Both of them started to get a little breathless while their hands wandered the other body.
When maan went down on her he owned her. He gave her everything she ever wanted
all that she longed for ..he longed for..
krish leaving to simla
both of them started to get a little breathless while their hands wandered the other body.
When maan went down on her as he owned her. He gave her everything she ever wanted
all that she longed for ..he longed for..
Part 69
maan kissed her & said..aab to mujhe jaane do..
maan – i need to rush i am getting late..mera flight ka time ho raha hain..
geet – ji..
there was very distinct feeling in them..they did’nt want to let go…
the feeling was very weired..& scarey..
geet – i have something very important to tell u ..
(maan was getting ready..)
maan – umm..kaho
geet – ji main..aap..nahi.humare.khushi..
maan – geet please abhi nahi…i am really getting late..
geet – u never have time for me maan..she soabed..(mummered)
geet felt she really needed to talk to him..she felt if she does’nt tell him now..she may never be able to say…maan was in too much of hurry to read her eyes..he kissed her..i love u..sweethart.. bye & rushed out..geet smiled sadly..she wanted to tell him how happy she was…
she wanted to share their khushi…not able to express herself was
difficult to bare…she felt ..with so much to be happiness around .. she was still
not happy…she realized wat maan meant to her…she realized wat this bechani was..she wondered how every thing in her life revolved around him..she is not even able to enjoy the best moments of any womens life because maan is not in them..she felt as if
a peice of her is missing from her…she looked and looked but never found untill..
for in this world all she seeked ..is that special peice that makes her complete
but when she realized …wat she was seeking.. she could see him going …not
sharing..not listening to her…she cried, she smiled & realizing how much she loved him..

next day maan called from london..
maan – geet ..i have booked krish’s ticket for simla..
he will have to leave tomorrow
geet – lakin..can he not continue here with us?(her voice was sinking)
maan – yah ..i was thinking about that..after his 10th..may be
we will get him back..ok(maan could sense geets voice changing)
geet – ji..(she could barely reply..with tears in her eyes)
maan – ok then..he paused(maan could fee her tears rolling down)
geet kya baath hain
geet – wow..when re u coming back..(she pretends to be fine)
maan – 2 more days..dear(kal raath ke flight hain)
geet – mm..
maan – miss u ..(maan was expecting her to say something….)
geet – umm..(but..he was bit disappointed..)
maan – bye..
geet – bye..
maan met up with his clients & latter stopped by a gift shop..
he picked a diamond bracelet for geet..he could closed his eyes & imagine
how beautifuly they would glow up with her touch…he could’nt stop thinking about her …
if she loves me..why does’nt she say it…
why is she so shy…warna to..talwar lekar uthar jathi hain ladne kaliya
lekin pyar ka izhar nahi karthi…uske har baat pe mujhe uska dil ka haal
dikh tha hain…uske ankhein to har pal mujhe donthe rahthi hain
mano mujh main samnae ko tarsthi hoon…uska sharmana…(he smiles)
ab to uske bina kanhi man bhi nahi lagtha..
ab yeh do rathe kasie rahoo..uff…sadiyoo se lagthi hain..
kab kaho ghi..mujh se. geet ..of god..why do I love her so very much…

geet & krish spend the whole day shopping for khushi & krish
geet picks a soft toy for krishs friend..
geet – yeh tumhari friend ke liya
krish – wow maa.. i am sure she will like it..
he picks up another soft teddy for khushi & says this is for my khushi
they reach home ..geet does the packing for krish & he was arranging
khushi’s stuffs..& he writes a note …miss u little angle..
geet was not very happy with krish leaving..
she was really upset & disturbed..she was feeling lonely..already..
she slept with krish..holding him close to her heart..
next day..
both of them were very emotional..
krish spend most of the time playing with geets tummy..& talking
to khushi…geet was trying to put up a brave face..trying not to sulck
geet cooked krish’s fav lunch..packed some snack for him to munch in hostel
it was 4pm..krish’s filght was at 6..they both hugged & cried..
krish kissed khushi..lot many times..& kept on saying..
how lucky she was..being with mummy…
geet & krish went to the airport..
geet got a call from maan..
maan – we are boarding the flight now..
will be there tomorrow morning…has krish left
geet – no..no..we are at the airport
maan – give it to krish
krish – hi dad..
maan – all the best do well..have a safe trip
krish – u too..bye..umma umma
maan – love u…bye..
maan cuts the call…
suddenly there was a car off the road cutting through the
divider onto the platform ..the car almost hit a person standing
next to them..geet held on to krish & pulled him back…the car went on
to the other side of the path & hit a car..just missing them by inches..
geet hugged krish tightly..not letting him away from her…breathing really hard
& scared ..she feared ..geet looked ..checked krish..every where..he fell down
in pool of blood…geet realized she managed to pull him from the hit of car..
but the glasses that flew away from the impact of cars accident just hit & spilt
his stomach..geet rushed him to the nearest hospital..
geet tried calling maan..his phone was not reachable..
geet called priya & told her to be hear at once…
geet called armaan & pleeded him to help her…
as they reached the hospital..krish was immidiately taken to the OT
geet walked up & down infront of the OT ..armaan just reached the hospital
armaan – geet
geet – mera bacha armaan…(broke down)
armaan – just relax…tell me wat happened
geet – hum..airport..car accident..she narrates the whole thing
armaan – let me check with the doctors..I am sure there is nothing to worry
u saved him from the main impact..I am sure it may be just
some small bruces..maan kidhar hain
geet – he is in the flight..
armaan – does he know about it..
geet – nahi..he spoke to us before boarding the flight..just a sec before
the accident..main maan ko kya kahoon ghi…
armaan – maine kaha ne krish will be fine..
geet – nahi main maan ko kya javab doonghi..how will i explain all this to him..
krsih to meri responsibilty thi na…how could I let this happen
armaan – stop blamming ur self…there is nothing u could have done about it
geet – main maan kya kahoongi
geet faints…
maan blamming geet
recap-armaan – stop blamming ur self…there is nothing u could have done about it
geet – main maan kya kahoongi
geet faints…
part 70
doctors check geet & tell armaan that she is expecting & should not be taking
so much of stress..she is really week..
geet wakes up worried about krish..she pulls out her drips & goes to the OT
armaan – geet yeh tum kya kar rahi ho..
geet – mujhe krish ke pass jana hain..
armaan – doctors are still operating on him..
it is not safe for ur baby…u just calm dowm..
geet sits in the bench outside the OT ..& calms down & has water..
mujhe krish se milna hain..babaji..krish ko kuch nahi hona chahiya
the surgons walk out..of the OT..& calls geet…
surgeon – the glass has damaged krishna’s kidneys..
we need to really get a transplant done..asap
geet – do wat ever it takes..
surgeon – u don’t understand we need a donor..
geet – can’t we find one
surgeon – we don’t have time..any family member or friend can donate..
geet – well i am there..maan is there..priya is there..
surgeon – thats great..we will check whose ever tissues match..we will proceed
u guys can please get the test done fast…we really need to
hurry up…
geet – ok…start with mine..maan & priya are on their way
surgeon – we don’t have time..how long will they take to reach here
geet – tomorrow morning
surgeon – we can’t wait that long..
geet – u please check if I could…donate
after the priliminary round of tests…
surgeon – every thing seems to be fine..but..we cannnot operate on u
ur expecting…even though it is too early..
geet..takes a long breath…its ok doctor..i know about it..
surgeon – are sure about this..
geet – I have never been so sure
armaan – geet please think again..even I could ..doctor plz check if I could..
I willing to donate…
surgeon – but armaan u have just recovered from ur accident..it won’t be
safe to operate on u..
geet – wat options do I have…
surgeon – nothing actually as of now…
geet – so please don’t delay it any further..
can I meet krish before going in for the surgery..
surgeon – sure..
geet holds krishs hand ..mama won’t let anything to happen to u..
she kisses him..be brave ..ok..
armaan hold geets hand…are u sure …
geet – definit…
armaan was shocked..she did’nt cry..did’nt fear..she was happy for krish
armaan tries calling maan & priya..leaves them message ..
after the operation..geet was brought out..maan walks in…
still not sure of wat has happened..he rushed into geets room..
he brakes down looking at geet..in that state…& holds her hand
geet could feel his warmth & opened her eyes in relief..
maan – kya hua geet..geet tum kuch bolthi kyun nahi..geeeeet
surgeon – ur wife is fine Mr.Khurana..sorry could not safe ur child..
we did warn her ..operating won’t be safe…but I guess
that was the only option..
maan leaves geets hand when he heard doctor say..’could not safe ur child’
thousand thoughts ran into his mind..he was not able to standup..his heart
acked & he was shocked..lost..his frustration had no limit..
geet – maan..(she called out in pain..)
maan – geet how could u let this happen
mana ki tum ne hamre rishthe ko kabhi nahi ..he paused
lekin krishna ke saath tum aise..(it was too much for maan to handle
he walks out with tears & disbelieve in his eyes)
his words brought her down…crashed her to the floor and stomped on her only hope…
let her down, turned its back and walked away to leave her lay on the cold hard
pool of sorrow to sulck alone.
geet was shattered with maan just said…how could he say something like that.
she realzied maan thought krish!! she got up from the bed..she was wanting maan
more than ever..she could’nt have seen him that state..
nurse – aap kahna jaa rahi hain..
geet pulls out the drips..blood tube..& walks to maan..
her body gave way..she could not stand…she tripped..she held on to
her waist..as it was hurting & bleeding..
nurse – maam aap ka stich kul jayaga..please ..ruk jaya ..
geet – leave me alone..chodo mujhe..
mujhe maan ke pass jana hain…
nurse – maam please
but the pain in her heart was hurting more than anything else..she could’nt take maan
saying those words to her.something else was killing her more than that was seeing maan in that pain…
pain of losing krishna..she just wanted to tell him krish was fine..
as she dragged her self to the corridor..she saw priya running into
maan & asking for krishna..pulling his collar and questioning him..
priya – krishna kidhar hain maan
maan hugged her & cried..words did’nt flow..he could tell those words..
priya – nahi…yeh nahi hosakta..geet said every thing will be fine..
priya stepped back in shock &
priya’s eyes met geets eyes…who was standing almost worn out & falling apart..
on the other end of the corridor..resting against the door
priya’s eyes could read geets…she wiped her tears & smiled
priya – nahi..maan krishna teehk hai
maan looked at her strangely..
priya – dehko geet ke ankhoo main krishna ko kona a gam nahi hain..
I am sure..krishna is fine(she looked at geet questioning..expecting a yes)
maan – woh krishna ki maa nahin..
priya – nahi maan..ek bar main yeh man loonghi ki main krishna ki maa nahi
lakin geet use bhi badkar hain…
priya walks to geet..tumara krisha kahna hain geet
geet – ICU 2..(she cried..)
maan turns & looks at geet…her eyes were waiting for his one trusthful look.. & she collapsed

priya shouting at maan
ok most awaited twist…hope u like it..please do reply
maan turns & looks at geet…her eyes were waiting for maans eyes & she collapsed
Part 71
armaan rushed geet to the ICU..her pulses were going low
there was excessive bleeding …doctors were rushing to check her..
maan & priya went to see krish in ICU 2..
surgeon – he is stable now..transplant was sucessful..
krishna – dad ..maa aur khushi teehk hain na…
maan(was not sure wat krishna just said) – all are fine..his voice just sunk in..
how are u feeling now..?(maan knew he has said some thing to geet which is totally irrevocable..)
priya – khushi?? kuan hain..
krishna(bites his tongue..)- wow mera aur mum ka secret hain..
priya panics..she feared..sensed some thing ..her hands went cold..
she kissed krish & went out ..
priya went & spoke to armaan wanting to know wat exactly happened..
armaan was rushing with nurses & arranging for blood & other formalities
armaan was tensed looking at geet condition…
priya – armaan ek minute…wat happened?
armaan – nahi priya..every thing was fine ..she went through all this
so bravely..I don’t know wat happened she..is sinking now..
priya – wat are you saying armaan… u r not making sense at all…
armaan – narrates the accident how geet saved krish..the glass hit..
rushing to hospital..need of a donar..geet steping in with out thinking
about her pregnancy..
priya was speechless..as if she was fearing this..& turned to see maan..
who was doomed…maan could’nt believe
wat he just heard..geet was pregnant..she lost our baby…operation..donating to krishna
he closes his eye in pain & stood there in pain & shock..self hatredness..
he felt as if he was slowly slipping in a deep dark pit, he felt as if it was end of his life..
armaan – maan …geet is sinking…I am not sure wat happened..
something really seem to have disturbed her confidence…
first she her aborstion ..second..donated an organ..thrid..she got up
from the bed…& her stiches are oozing blood…
wat are u guys doing..man..u guys make no sense to me..defying all medical ethics
priya – that is Maan Singh Khurana for u…armaan ur bestfriend..’pairing u with his wife’
I left krishna for him & he blammed me for that..
& history repeats itself….geet has lost her child now..
but his MAAN…would have killed her hundred times..by saying some thing
rediculous to her..bechari aapne bechai ko kona ka gam bhi nahi share kar payai kisi se..
kare to kise se kare..tum to kabhi uskha gam hi samjh nahi payai..
kya beeti hogi uske dil pe..kabhi socha hain maan??
tumhe aapne bare main soochne se fursat mile to kisi ke bare main sochogaye na..
nurse – dr.armaan u need to see this..
armaan rushes to geet…
surgeon – Mr.Khurana..i guess it is case of excess blood loss..we probably have to operate on
her to stop internal bleeding..
maan does’nt respond…he frooze..he was not able comphrehend anything…
priya – dr do wat ever it takes..please
priya shakes maan..he walks to see geet…she was pale…he notices her waist soaked in blood
he remembers..the last time they were togather..how she was so excited to tell about khushi
and he did’nt let her speak…he remembered the every time they were closer..how much
trusted & faith she had in him…how she let him express his feelings without questioning
his intentions…
they asked maan to sign the papers…his fingers jiterred..he wondered how could geet sign
these papers for khushi….maan cluchted the paper & throw it away..
armaan – it just a formality..please yaar..they may not be able to proceed otherwise..
maan scribles his sign..& smahes the pen..
daadi, NT & dev comes in..priya explains them the whole scenario..
daadi – aab kitne aur dukh sahi gahi yeh ladkhi…
(maan look at daadi)pata nahi kya soch kar maine ine dono ki shayadhi karayi..
main kitni matlabhi hogayi thi..I just thought about Maan & krishna..my family
nurse comes out & says..krish is looking for his mom..
priya walks few steps & stops
priya – maan..krish aapni maa ko bhula raha hain..I don’t have the guts to tell
him about geet…tum hi javoo
maan stood rooted..
daadi walked into to see krish…she hugged & kissed him..
maan stood near the door..watched.
krish – daadi! …maa kanha hai..woh mujhse mili nahi aayai
daadi – she was here the whole night ..so we have send her home to rest
krish – nahi daadi..maa mujhe aise choad kar ja hi nahi sakti..
(maan wondered how krishs innocent heart could know geet better than him)
maan – she did’nt want to go I forced her to..
krish – aap ne kaha hoga to..how can she refuse..
(he mummers)
krish crying for geet
maan – she did’nt want to go I forced her to..
krish – aap ne kaha hoga to..how can she refuse..
(he mummers)
part 72
after a while daadi NT & dev left to the mansion..
priya & maan stayed back..
surgeon came out of the OT & we have done wat best we could..
can’t say any thing untill evening..we will have to wait untill she regains
her conciusness..
maan – can i see her
surgeon – yah sure ..one at a time please..
maan slowly walks inside..his heart hurt..hurt like it would just pour out..
he held her hand…it was cold & lifeless…the feeling was so horrifying..
he remembered every time he kissed those hand..how lively & responsive
they used to be to his touch…his tears rolled down..please geet..
mujhe maaf kardo..he said & walked out..he went to the corridor &
cried ..cried out loud..geeeeeeeet….he fell on his knees
pulled his hair back & tears were rolling dow his eyes..priya touched his shoulder
priya – tum aise toot javoo ge to ..krish ko kun sambale ga..
armaan gets a coffee for them..maan refuses to drink it..& walks away
latter in the evening..maan & priya sitting next to krish
krish – maa abhi bhi nahi aayi(he started to cry)
maan – she was here all afternoon..ur were sleeping
krish – nahi.aap joot bol rahe ho..aap unse meri phone main baat karoo
maan pulls out the phone fumbling..pretends to call..
maan – i think she is sleeping..no response..
krish – dad mera phone se karo..she will never miss my call
& hands over his phone
(maan remembered every instance when geet had answered krish’s call..infront of him
pricipal’s office, conference room, dinner..how she never could avoid krishs call)
maan took his phone & dialed the number..& said..i think she is very tired
krish – maa ne mera call miss kardiya..he satrted to cry out loud
jab se khushi aayi hain maa badal gayi hain..
HAAN KRISH…ISE LIYA MAINE Doctors se kaha ki mjhe khushi nahi chahiya..
mujhe to aapne krish ke saath he rehna hain..geet walks in pretending to be fine..
she looked pale & could hardly walk..
she hugged him tight & said maine aapna bhi yanha bed book kar liya…& winks..
(maan & priya at first was relifed to see geet fine & then
were shocked to see geet..smiling & pretending to be fine..& cold)
krish – maa khushi..
geet – yaar woh..khushi mujh kuch raaz nahi aayi…(maans heart bleeded hearing those words)
woh..mujhe kuch aise rishtoo main jood rahin thi..(he knew wat she meant)
which did’nt mean any thing to any one..(maan closed his eyes in pain..)
emotional kar rahi thi mujhe..senti types…
nurse suggested geet to lie down on the bed …geet tried getting on to the bed
she felt the pain..of stiches getting pulled..maan lifted her & placed her
on the bed…he was so scared ..his eye lids were opening & closing ..fearing to
to look into those eyes…but could’nt avoid..and their eyes met…
they did’nt complain..her eyes was blank..like they never met…
maan was shocked..those eyes could speak volumes to him…
but there was nothing at all..this was verse than he ever expected..
he was ready to take all her anger..tears..shouting..scolding..complains..pain
but there was nothig of that sought…she had drawn herself far far away..
from him…further than he could ever reach …maan looked away..with mosit eyes
maan pulled the spread & tucked it around her..& he slowly kissed her forehead..
a tear rolled down his eyes…geet was cold to his touch…maan could’nt take
that ..he walked out ..& remembered how she used to cuddle up..or shied when he kissed
her forehead..closing her eyes..uske ankhee hi to thee uske dil ka aaeena..
maine ne aaj unhe bhi koo diya..umhe na use koi gam tha..na koi dard..na koi shikayat..na koi gila..
tha to ek anjaana ..ajnabi sa ..ehsaas..anjaan hain hum tum, ager anjaan hain hameri ankhen
maan could not relate to them…how much he wanted to be in them…
its been a week now in the hospital and maan has not moved a inch away from krish & geet
every time maan saw geet..he wondered..jaane kya hai dil ke andar jo chupke se toot raha hai,
kyun uska haath jaise hathon se chooth raha hai.. ankhon mein ashkon ka samandar nahi..
lagta hai jaise koi patta shaakhon se toot raha hai’ ashkon ko Meri aankhon mein rehne
ki aadat si ho gayi hai ab toh jaise zindaghi hi mujh se rooth rahi hai”he wiped his eyes..
geet went & sat on krishs bed & they were playing chess..
krish was lossing the game..maan walks in..
krish – dad see i am losing..meri help karo na..
maan – that will not be right
krish – dad please..mom bolo na dad ko meri help karen
geet looks at maan….maan joins the game…
krish – hamari rani ..raja kuch nahi kar pa rahi hain..
maan looks at geet..
she moves her pond & says check mate..
geet – khabhi khabhi jo raja, rani nahi samjh pathe ..chote pyade samjha dethe hain..
nurse tells geet to rest for some time…
armaan comes to meet geet & krish
geet – hi doc..
(they have a warm hug..maan coud see the warmth in her eyes..he looks away)
armaan – how are u feeling geet
geet – great..i just won a game & winks to krish..(krish turns his face)
armaan – so jr..how are u?
krish – doing good uncle..
armaan calls maan out & says we need to talk..
armaan – yaar i am very worried about geet
maan – why wat happened?..doctors said her stiches drying now..
we could take them home tomorrow..
armaan – nahi yaar..I spoke to the Psychiatric as well…
she said geet is suffereing from masked depression
maan gets worried..why is that..wat is that ???
armaan – did u notice she did’nt cry over khushi..that is not normal
maan – probably to put a brave face with krish..
armaan – atleast could cry to u…maan did’nt know how to explain that to him..
maan worried for geet & breaking down
armaan – did u notice she did’nt cry over khushi..that is not normal
maan – probably to put a brave face with krish..

part 73
armaan – u don’t get it ..I want u to speak to the doctor ur self..
they meet the Psychiatric..
she explains maan..that geet is really hurt deep in but she is not opening up
she herself not accepting that she is hurt…& not letting us treat her as well
i tried speaking to her..she says she is fine…has she beem depressed before?
maan – no i don’t think so..she is quite lively..
armaan interrupts..nahi ..she was ..this was like a year ago..I remember she used to spend
the whole night alone sitting at the canal..(maan was shocked..how come I don’t seem
to know anything about her..his guilt piles up)
Psychiatric – was she under any medication..?
maan was totally unaware…i will need to check..(he calls daadi..& daadi explains him
wat happened after krish left to simla)maan was taken a back…he realized wat krish
always meant to her..
maan explained the same to doctor..
Psychiatric – then I guess she is just pretending to be fine..for krish..
see all this good..but
maan – but wat doctor
Psychiatric – the problem would be ..when she may to be able to pretend any more..
she may break down..may complicate things..but i really don’t understand
wat is bothering her so much…because if she is so attached to krish then
abortion ..she should be able to handle it..
armaan – yes doctor..she was pritty confident when she walked in for the surgery..
she was very confident and happy
Psychiatric – then wat happened..
armaan – not sure..
maan knew wat it was ..he knew it was not even khushi that bothered geet..
it was him..his words..his disbelive in her at that point..he realized how much he
could effect her..he knew deep within..if he him..then its only his love
that could make her feel better…& get her out of all this
Psychiatric – medication could help but..she does’nt agree that she needs them..
maan – is it a problem?
Psychiatric – there are small visible behavioural changes in her…which could
become drastic latter …
maan – wat are u suggesting..
Psychiatric – she needs to be kept busy..out of all this thought..
could think of a baby soon…but
maan – but wat doctor..is there any complications
Psychiatric – it won’t be advisable..with her health condition now..she is too week
may be after .. couple of months..otherwise there is nothing to worry
maan nodes ..& leaves..
while walking back to the room…
maan could not stop hating himself..kyun geet kyun mujhse itna pyar kathi hoo
main tumhari pyar ke kabil nahi…kabhi tumhe samjh hi nahi paya..
hamesha hoton pe hasee dekh li ,lekin dil ke ander nahi dekha..nahi samjha
tumhare kashma kash so..tumhari unkahi ..unsuni ehsaas ko..

nurse serves the dinner…..both geet & krish looking at each other..
sitting on the bed with the stand parting them..
krish – maa mujhe yeh nahi kaana..bahut pheeka hain..
geet(also makes a long face) – yah..lakin dehko I am also having it..
krish – refuses to eat
maan – let me see…he takes both their plates puts the food in one plate
he arranges the vegitable.. & rice..builts a story arround them…
he makes small balls..out of the rice..& tells this a misle & getting launched
he narrates the story & feeds krish & geet..
& has from the same plate…geet stops his hand..while he was taking a bite
maan looks at her eyes in love & concern..geet looks away & says
geet – aap kyun yeh kaa rahe hain..daadi ne aap ke liya dinner beja hain
maan puts the bite in his mouth & says..I like this more..
he completes the story & finshes the food with them..
maan gets the napkin & wipes krish ..tucks him in the spread..
hands over a napkin..to geet..
geet cleans her mouth..maan sees some crums near her lower lip..
he moves his hand to wipe it ..geet instictively draws back her face..
maan eyes gets moist stopping his hand mid way & pulling it back
he turns away his face & pretends to go to
wash room…he washes his face (he thinks of the dinner night when..geet was with her friends..
& maan could just look at her & she would shy & cleaned her lips..)
he came back to see geet was trying to get on to her bed…..he runs & holds her from slipping..
his fingers touches her waist…on the stiches..
geet does’nt react..she just bites her lips in pain..& tear roll
down her eye in pain..maan wonders wat happened..after..
settling her on the bed..he notices his hand getting wet with the blood
coming out of the stiches ..he snaps his hand in pain & ..
looks at geet…
maan – tum kuch kah thi kyun nahi(he shouts in pain)…
is it paining..he looks in concern
geet pulls her spread & says..main teehk hoon..
maan – nahi dehkoo bahut khoon beh raha hain..(maans eyes starts
watering looking at her bleed)he starts to fumble & was about to ring
the bell to call the nurse..geet cups his face ..wipes his tears
she looks into his eyes..concerned & says..
main teehk hoon maan…aap ko meri chinta karne ki zarrort nahi..
maan – kaise na karoo..umm..kaise na karoo..& hugs her…& starts crying like a baby…
he just let go all his emotions..that was pilled up in him..since the time
they had lost their khushi…geet did’nt hug back..he did’nt care…he did’nt even expect
he just hugged her..close..did’nt want to let go of her..ever..
tujheme dekhne Ke Lea tarasta hoon…teri chahat ke lea tadapta hoon
Kyun Chali Jaa rahe ho mujhse door….tere bina roz roz mar raha hoon
he lied hugging her..his hand wanted to feel her..her hair..her touch, her face..her pain..his body wanted to feel her.absorb her into him…every part of her..feel the belongingness..feel her just her ..he weeped partially..the whole night…
maan seeing khushi’s room…
he just hugged her..close..did’nt want to let go of her…
he lied hugging her ..weeping partially..the whole night…
Part 74
maan wakes up & slowly draws his hand away from geet ..
making sure not to disturb her..
maan goes to the wash room & freshens up..
nurse walks in with their morning medicins & injection for geet
maan saw geet was sleeping peacfully
maan requests the nurse to avoid the injection for now..
nurse smiles & leaves..
maan checks with the doctor..& sees if it was ok to take them home
surgeon – every thing his fine..& seems perfectly normal..
krish can get back to school in 15days
geet needs adequate rest & care..she is really week
maan – it is been 2 weeks..her stich still bleeds is it ok
surgeon – no ..actually she is not being care full..
we have stiched twices on the same place..
so thats why it is taking longer…
I am sure she will be fine in a week or so..with her stiches
maan – when do we have to come for final check up..
surgeon – krish can come once before resuming his school & geet may have
to come for dressing & removing her stiches..
maan thanxs the doctor & goes to the room & packs their bags..
priya & daadi come in…& helps geet get ready..
maan completes the discharge formarlities..& waits for them..
geet was finding it diificult to walk untill car..
maan slowly lifts her..geet puts her hand around his neck in a embrace
maan looks into her eyes..checking if she was comfaratable..
she looked stressed & cold with his touch..
maan slides her inside the car..keeps a pillow behind her back..
asked if she was ok…geet noded
when they reached home..daadi & priya took krish to his room
maan lifted geet & walked in…he was taking her to the guest room..
maan – I thought we will stay here…tumhe steps chatne me mushilkil hoogi
geet jumps out of maans hand climbs up the steps & runs to their room
maan runs behind her trying to stop her..
maan – geet please don’t run..main tumhe ..sambal ka geet …geeet
geet goes into the room & sits panting on the bed..
maan – geet yeh tum kya kar rahi hoo..
he immdiately..slides her dress & checks if she hurt herself..
geet snaps back her dress & says main teehk hoon..
maan – please geet tum aise mat karo..agar tumhe yanha rehana hain to ..its ok
but please don’t jump around like this..
tumhara stich abhi puri tahrah se sukha nahi hain…
geet does’nt reply..slides into the spread & sleeps..
maan wondered why she behaved so indifferent…
maan went to check on krish..gave him medicine & kissed him good night..
he came back..geet was sleeping…he slidded next to her & dossed off
after a while..maan..got up …& was shocked not to find geet..around
he turned around & looked for geet…
he checked in washroom, he checked in kitchen, krish’s room..he could find her any where…
maan was getting worried & tensed..he ran his hand on his hair..pulling them back
kanha ja sakthi hain itne raat main…kanhi canal to chali gayee..itne raat ko
kuch bhi kar sakthi woh!! kanha gayee ho tum geet..
as he goes to the door..he notices the light-on in the guest room..
maan sees geet putting away some things…into a big plastic…
maan enters geet tum yanha kya kar rahi ho?
geet turns around in shock & says..nahi nahi..i was just clearing few unwanted stuffs
(she looked worried & tensed)
maan -itne raat ko..
mujhe keh dethi..i would have helped u
geet(clucthing her dupata)- nahi nahi..i am done lets go..
she pulls maan away..from their…maan knew geet did’nt want him to be there
for some strange reason…he just obliged…he lifted her ..geet held him..
maan – geet agar kuch chahiya to mujhe kehna..(tucks the spread..)
geet – goodnight…
maan felt a light touch on his cheeks…soft ..tender …delicate…
he tried feeling her..she ran away..he tried running behind her..
she ran & hid behind geet..he said..khushi..come to papa..she peeked from behind..
she said no..& hid again..she puts his hand around geet & tries to catch..
she was not there..he got up scared & panting..maan looked at geet..
she was sleeping peacefully..he looked for water..went to kitchen..had water
while giong back to the room..he looked at the guest room..he wondered ..why was geet
not letting him come in there..since morning…wat was she clearing..wat was it bothering her
so much since morning..he pulled the plastic bag & emptyed it..he was shattered his tears rolled down..
he fell down on the floor…slidded his hand over them..
on the stuffs..that lied on the floor…it was not just toys..not just mittens..
not just sweaters..not just cushions…not just caps..tiny tiny all in pink colour…
it was her dream..her life..her happiness..their love
he could he see the love in each & every stuffs geet had collected for khushi
maan saw a torn chart..he put them togather…and read the notes ..geet & krish
had written for khushi..then he reads the part..where geet wrote
“khushi..paapa loves u…???
then she has cuts ??? & writes..loves u…!!!”
maan hugs the chart & says offcourse papa loves u..loves u more than his life..
& kisses the paper…
maan smashing the glass in frustration..
maan hugs the chart & says offcourse papa loves u..loves u more than his life..
& kisses the paper…
part 75
he hugs the paper & starts crying..he could feel how geet would have
been doing all this alone ..always..& he was never there with her
he hated himself..he hated thought of neglecting geet when she needed him the most
he threw the lamp & broke it…his hands start bleeding..
he remebered how geet hugged him in the gym..& he snaped her..
he could’t take that in his self ego..he did’nt even realise that geet had
hugged him for the first time..how he ruiened his own budding relationship
he remembered how geet did’nt want to fight..she was wanting him to understand
that their relationship was moving a step further &
he sabotaged every thing in their relation..maan pushed away the things on the
dressing table & went to punch the mirror with his bleeding hand..
geet came & held it..maan looked at her eyes…he feared to see hatredness..
but was suprised to see pain..& concern for him..
geet – aap ko yanha nahi aana chahiya tha..(she looked away)
yeh kaya chezse phela ke rakhi hain..(her eyes were restless)
she ruthlessLY bins the stuffs..& tears the chart..she was ruthless & angry
maan – holds her hand ..yeh kya kar rahi ho geet..tum mera gussa in pe kyo inkal rahi hoo
geet – nahi main aap pe gussa nahi hoon…mujhe naphart hain in sab cheeze so se
maan – kyun geet ..yeh to tumne.khus(he paused)
geet – nafrat hain mujhe..in sab se nafarat hainn..
(she really looked annoyed & aggitated)
maan – geet…(he was scared to see her so ruthless)
geet – mujhe har woh cheeze se nafart hain jo aap ko pareshaan kare..
(that was real pain & anger in her eyes..turning into hatredness
like she was obsessed)
maan – lekin..(he was speechless and worried)
geet – dekho na..main karne kuch jathi hoon kuch aur ha jaata hain
(her voice turned softer & melo..in pain..)
maan cups her face in his hand..geet looks away..she notices his hand bleed
maan sees how her eyes started watering looking at his hand bleed..
she ran to get the first aid..she made him sit on the bed &
she cleaned the wound & tied a bandage
geet – yeh kya karthe rahethe ho aap…maine aap ko mana kiya tha na yanha aane se
maan – kyu..kyu geet tumne mujhe yanha aane se kyu mana kar rahe the..
geet – wow main..(geet looks away..)
maan – main kya geet..abh to kha do jo tumhare dil main hain
geet – nahi ..mujhe pata tha aap pareshaan ho javoo ghe..(maan wondered how does she
so selflessly loves him & can’t see him in pain even after wat he has said..
maans guilt killed him…)
maan hugged her from the waist…she was standing next to the bed
he rested his head close to her heart…he could feel her heart beat heavy &
stressed..she could feel his tears wetting her dress..her heart..geet ran her fingers
on his hair.. pushing his hair behind…that touch made him feel..so nice & relieved..
she rested her chin on his head..& held him closer..reassuring him..
geet – aap ne dinner kiya?
maan turned his head for a no..hugging her..
geet – chaloo main kuch bana dethi hoon
maan – nahi..(tighted his grip) mujhe chhod kar mat jaavoo
geet – aap bhi chaloo..
maan gave a faded smile & followed her to the kitchen
geet was heating up the dinner…
maan – tum baheto I will do it..please don’t stress ur self
geet – nahi mujhe karna do….
maan pulls the plate from her hand & hurts his wounds
geet – aap kabhi bhi meri baath nahi suntha…
stares at maan..their eyes meet..maan looks into her eyes..&
he could’nt stoping falling in love with her all over again…
geet looked away & served the food…her looking away was not usual..
maan noticed that..her eyes did’nt shy away..but they avoided his..
before maan could try eating with his wounded hands..geet pulled the plate
& fed him…she helped him with water..maan was admiring geet
& wondered how and why she is holding back so much of her pain deep within her..
as they went to the room..geet was finding difficult to climb the steps..
maan took her into his arms..& laid her on the bed..
he tucked the spread & cuddled up next to her…
next day
maan got up & was looking for geet…
he went to the kitchen..she was preparaing breakfast
maan – geet yeh tum kya kar rahi ho..?
geet – aap uth gaya..(she continued working)
maan – geeeet tum yanha kya kar rahi ho(strin voice)
geet – ji main nashtha ready kar rahi thi..
maan – doctor ne tumhe rest karne ko kaha hain..
geet – nahi I am fine now….
maan – u r not fine
geet(snapped back) – maine kaha na I am fine..just let me do my work
maan was taken a back with her rudeness…he let her do wat she wanted to..
he went to the gym & worked out..
while practising his kicks & punches..
maan could’nt stop thinking about geet..snapping him..
her being abnormally normal…he trusthed a punch in the air..
sweating & panting..maan was reminded about how she did’nt react to his touch
his hug..his kiss..& how she is pretending yet to be fine…
maan fell..on the floor stressed..pulled his sweaty hair back
maan – why geet tum mujhe se itna door kyun ja rahi hoo..
jitna mai tumhare kareeb aana chatha hoon..tum uthna hi door ja rahi hoo..
tum pas nahi aathi thi ..samjh gaya tha ki tum sharmathi hoo..
aise door javoo ghi to main kaise sambhal aapne aap ko…
geet taking care of krish
tum pas nahi aathi thi ..samjh gaya tha ki tum sharmathi hoo..
aise door javoo ghi to main kaise sambhaloo ga aapne aap ko…
part 76
geet please mujhe ek bar maffi magne to do…
kehne do mujhe…jo mera dil main hain…
tumhari ankhee aise dehkthi hain mujhe..jaise mujh sa koi
vastha nahi rakhna chathi ho…geet mujhe aapne se door math karoo..
please geet..mera itne kareeb ho kar bhi tum mujhse kitne door hoo..
maan gets ready & comes for breakfast…
nakul serves the breakfast..
maan – geet kanha hain
nakul – ji woh to..krish baba ke kamre main hain..
maan takes his plate & goes to krishs room
geet was feeding krish..he stands next to her & feeds her..
geet turns in suprise…
geet – aap..? main baad main kaa loonghi..
aap kaa lijiya..
maan – he still continues to feed her…(she takes a bite)
geet – aap ko office ke late ho raha hoga
maan – nahi..main aaj office nahi jaa raha..ghar se kaam kar rahoon hain
geet looked away..she felt spicy..maan quickly passed her water..
she sipped & looked at maan..wondering why is he doing all this
maan could read that in her eyes…he did’nt bother explaining..
after they finished maan called nakul & asked him to clear the plates..
maan spend the day working & geet was busy with krish and priya
maan walked every now & then to check if geet was not stressing her self
after lunch..maan made sure geet had her medicines..
he did’nt have check on krish at all..geet was already doing
a great job..saying or doing anything would just hurt geet further
geet was geting over involved with krish..
she was getting particular about..wat he ate..when he selpt
his medication..at night ..she would get up & check on him..
every hr..her obsession was taking a toll on her health ..
maan tried talking to her about taking it easy…
she would snap back..
it was a week since they had been back from hospital
maan – geet ready hojavoo ..hume hospital jana hain
geet – kyun ..krish to teehk hain aab..
did he complain of any pain..wat happened
she rushd to krishs room…maan held her back..
maan – geet..tumhari dressing karena keliya jana hain..
geet – lekhin krish?
maan – he is fine..
geet – mujhe nahi jana..
maan – please tumhara dressing karana hain..
geet – krish akela reh jaya ga..use kuch chaihya to..
nahi nahi main nahi javoogi
maan – daadi aur NT hain na..priya bhi aana wali hain
geet – nahi main nahi javoo gi
maan – geet please zidd math karoo
geet walks away..maan pulls her back & tum chalrhi hoo..
he just lifts her & puts her in the car…
she protest & start smackig him..very girlishly..chodo ..chodo mujhe..
mujhe nahi jana..mujhe..aapke saath kanhi nahi jana..
maan held her hands..& tried controling her…geet snapped back
maan looked into her eyes..she looked away..with tears..mujhe nahi jana
maan takes a long breath..acha..suno..we will quickly finish the doctors visit &
take krish for an ice cream…
geet – mujhe nahi jana..
maan – krish ka liya..please..
geet looks down..nothing much to say
maan helps her with the seat belt & they drive to the hospital..
geet kept calling krish every 5mins checking if he was fine..
maan stopped the car…geet please just relax..we have not even reached
hospital..& u have called krish 5 times..
geet – ab aap ko mera krish ko call kar ne pe bhi aitraaz hain
maan – geet ..tum mujhe galat samjh rahi ho..
geet – galath !!nahi maan…main to aap ko kabhi samjh hi nahi paayii
maan kept quite..he knew wat geet meant…those words were deeper than
wat they seemed…maan started the car & geet kept looking out of the
window..as they reach the hospital..maan takes her to the doctor ..
they check the wound & do the dressing..maan stood close to her..
she held on to him…really hard as they were applying the medicine..
nurse – hogaya..I guess one more dressing may be required after a week
maan – thanxs..(nurse leaves)
geet was still clucthing him ..maan slowly pulls her curls behind her ears..
maan – abhi bhi dard horaha hai…she leaves his hand..
her nails left marks on his wrist..he did’nt even notice..
when they reached home..geet rushes to check on krish..
geet hugged him & kissed him..
krish – I am fine mom…
geet – nahi..I was just worried(krish smiled)
krish – mom i got call from my teachers..they asked me when I could get back
to school
geet looked at maan..he was scared to reply..
maan – umm!! next monday..
geet walked out..& stood in the garden..maan ran behind her
maan – geet ..
geet went & sat on the bench
maan – woh!! I spoke to the doctor..they said he is fine
he could reasume from monday..
geet did’nt say a word
maan – next year I will get him back..promise
geet leaves …maan stops her by pulling her dupatta..
she looks back…maan was holding on to it..she stood there
he walked closer to her…
maan – tum chathe ho to we shall go to drop him…
she snaps her dupatta from his hand & leaves..
priya leaving …
maan – tum chathe ho to we shall go to drop him…
she snaps her dupatta from his hand & leaves..
part 77
maan did’nt know wat pleased her anymore..nothing seem to make her happy or sad
only thing she tressured the most was krish & he will be leaving next week
geets silence was killing maan…he knew she had to break down or..this distance
will spoil their relationship further…
priya was leaving to london…priya came to geets room..
priya – I am leaving back today
geet looked at maan..& then looked at priya
maan did’nt know how to explain any thing to her..questioning looks!!
geet – di aap ko jane ki zaroort nahi hain…
& she leaves out of the room…priya holds her hand & pulls her back..
priya – nahi geet aaj nahi…
i can’t forget you in my life since you presented me the most memorable moments
that I could only dreamt off..thanxs dear..
on ur 4th anniversary night u left maan to me..
i understood the compassion in your eyes..
u gave us so many days togather..but all we needed was couple of hours
kuch lamho ki khamoshi thi…kuch paloo ka gila..
& then we spoke for an hr or so & he spoke only about you in those one hr
unke sabdoo main ek hi naam gunjtha tha..geet geet aur sirf geet
i realized how well you have merged in his life…
kis hadh tak sama gayii ho uske dil main..zindagi main..
jab hame aapni jaan se pyaari koi cheese ko khona ka dar lagtha hai..to hum
use lekar aur bhi possessive hogathe hain…kyun ki hume darr rehatha hain
koi use tehz na phuncha de…koi aur uska utna khaiyal nahi rakhega..
jitna hum rekhsakthe hain..
but we will be at peace if we realize that they are in more safer hands than us..
main us sukun ke saath yanha se jaa rahi hoon..
geet – but di u love maan..(maan looks at geet in pain)
priya – hain bahut pyar kathi hoon..Maan se..
aagle janam main bhi pyar karna chathi hoon…har janam main..karna chathi hoon
lakin priya benkar nahi..geet benkar…maan ki geet benkar..un main samana chahthi hoon
geet looked at her ring..& looked confused
priya – yeh ring maan ne nahi de mujhe…maine tumhari tarf phena le..
jis tarah tumhare ring main..maan likha hain..
aur maan ke ring main geet….maine aapne ring me maan aur geet likhwa liya hain…
priya hugs geet & leaves..
geet looks at maan…he stood speechless..looking at geet..
geet eyes still looked away..maan did’nt want to justify his act or words..
it would only confuse her more..
geet went to krishs room…
she helped him pack his stuff & also collect the notes
for the days he had missed classes..
when she came back..and saw maan sleeping..she changed & lied down on her side
maan – geet (maan turned towards geet)
geet – ji…(she turned the other side..facing her back to him)
maan – tum mujh se kabhi kuch kyun nahi kahthi..
geet – ji..
maan – tum mujhse naraz ho?
geet – main kaise..aap se naraz ho sakthi hoon..
maan turns her towards him…his hand holds her shoulder…other hand pushes her curls
geet looked confused & disturbed with his touch..
maan pulls his hand away from the curls..
maan – please geet…tum mujhe jitna gussa karna hain karloo
jitna bura bhala kehna hain kah loo..
lekhin please mujh se aise door muth javoo..
geet i am really sorry ..please geet mujhe maaf kardo
main tum se door nahi rah saktha…please tum mujhe jo bhi saja dena hai dedo
tum jo bhi kaho ghi main karoonga
please geet…please..aise chup math raho..
geet closes maans mouth with her hand…
main aap pe gussa nahi ho sakthi maan…(she pulls her hand back feeling his breath)
maan – kyun geet..itna paraya kardiya mujhe..
geet – nahi maan…main aap ko aapne se alaag nahi kar sakhthi..(she looks into his eyes restlessly)
maan – phir kyun nahi kuch bolthi mujhe..
geet – kaise kuch kehdo aap ko…
maan – kyun geet (maan holds her from her arms in pain..oozing out of his every word)
geet – aap se jada mujhe takleef hogi..
maan – kyun geet..kyun mujhe se itna pyaar karthi ho..
geet – pata nahi maan…(she cuddles into his arms)
jab se aap ko jana hai…sirf aap se pyaar hi kiya hain..
kabhi aap se, khabhi aap ke ehsaas se, khabhi aap ke pyar se
bhut koshish ki aapne aap ko rokhne ki..
lekhi rokh nahi paayai..
maan – phir mujh se itne door kyun jaa rahi ho..
geets tears roll down from her eyes..(maan could feel her tears touching, wetting his chest)
pata nahi kyun..lakin main aap se door nahi jana chathi…(maan kissed her forehead..)
mujhe apne se door math jane do…please..& she cries…
he knew geet was drifting away because of her insecurity…she is still very hurt deep within..but her love for him..is not letting her express her pain..her love is just so pure & sacred..he knew the
ermerging distance between them will kill her more than it would hurt him…he knew he has
to make her fall in love with him all over again…forgetting..all the bitterness he has
given her again & again..over the years..and he will do any thing for that..he held close..
maan – main tumhe kanhi nahi jane dongha…tum sirf meri ho..sirf meri..samjhi tum..sirf meri..

planning a trip togather…
geets tears roll down from her eyes..(maan could feel her tears touching, wetting his chest)
pata nahi kyun..lakin main aap se door nahi jana chathi…
maan kissed her forehead..& they slept in each others arms..cuddled up..
part 78
Maan got up early & looked at geet for a while..adored her innocent smile..& could feel
the pain beneath them as well….he kissed her & went to the gym…
when he came back ..geet was getting ready…maan glanced at her through the mirror
she gave a faded smile & continued to dress up…
she did’nt glance at him..the way she used to….she did’nt shy the way she used to
maan took a long breath & walked close to her…
maan – some thing is missing..
geet – kuch nahi..every thing is fine..(geet turned to leave)
maan pulled her back..hamesha kyu bhool jathi ho..
he softly puts the mangasuthra around her neck & sindoor on her forehead & looks at her admiringly…
geet – bhool thi nahi hoon…
maan – mujhe aacha laagtha hain..(geet looks at him narrowing his eyebrow..ji..)
mera matlab hain..tum inme aur bhi sundar lagthi hoo..
geet – aap tyar hojayai ..main nashtha laagthi hoon…
maan gets ready & goes to the breakfast table..picks up his plate & goes to krish’s room
geet was feeding him…
geet – aap aaj bhi ghar se kaam kar rahe ho?(maan loved that geet actually asked)
maan – nahi ..I have some meetings.lined up…(he just did’nt want to go..but)
is it ok..?(he looks at her expecting a no….she did’nt respond)
maan shared his breakfast with geet & left for office..
geet & krish plan for a movie..after the movie…they get back home at 4pm..
geet tells krish to sleep for a while…u feel better in the evening..
krish changes & sleeps..
geet goes to change..in her room..
she locks the door & pulls out her dupatta & throws it on the bed…
it fell on maans face..maan slowly pulls the duppata away from his face …
before he could say anything..geet started to change..she gets off her dress
she was in just her slips..maan was breathless..& tried looking down..could not stop
looking at her bare thighs and fair angelic slender legs…they looked so heavenly
geet walked to the cupbard & picked her change..his glaze traced her..she went infront of the mirror
she saw maan looking at her..she got scared…she covered herself with her hands..
one hand covering the bares shoulder & other across her legs..
maan walked towards her…she was cold & frozen…as maan came closer…geet was
getting even more disturbed…she looked away..maan turned her towards him…he pulled away her hand covering her shoulder (she was so reluctant wondering his next move was..) & he slipped her hand into the kurthi…he lifted the other hand covering her legs & slipped it in as well..
he pulled it down her head..covering her fully…he could feel that her body was not
frozen any more…he bend on his knees looking down & held the salwar for her…
she slipped in it & turned to tie it..
maan – sambal ke geet..stich main laag jayaga..
he picked the duppatta ..spread it & covered her…& kissed her forehead..
geet – aap ne lunch kiya (catching up for breath..)
maan – nahi..I was waiting for u..
geet – aacha main lunch lagathi hoon
they went to the kitchen..
she served him the food & was walking away..maan pulled her hand
geet – ji..
maan – tum na lunch kiya?
geet – bahar kuch munch kiya tha krish ke saath..
maan takes a bite & says..geet dekho na namak nahi hain
& asks her to taste it..she has a bite…
geet – namak to teehk hi hain
maan – aacha ..let me see..again does the same thing..
geet understands & walks away…pulls her back & makes her sit on his lap..
maan – please mera saath kavoo na..
geet – ji..(she gets up..)
maan – nahi yanhee behtoo..mera paas..
as they were having the lunch..
geet – krish kab school ja raha hain?
maan – monday he has to resume
geet – woh!!
maan – kya baath hain geet(he lifts her chin)
geet – nahi..woh..tuesday nahi jaa saktha?
maan – teehk hain…but why not monday
geet – he wanted to celebrate ur birthday…all of us togather
maan looks into her eyes..he could’nt say anything..
maan – aacha suno..we will go to simla tomrrow..
be there untill tuesday..do wat ever celebration u want.
complete weekend is urs ..friday–monday
geet looked shocked?..maan kissed her lips & said teehk hain
geet held her lips..& got up at once..ji
maan – suno
geet – hmm!!
maan – loved the lunch..and the …
geet cluctches her dupatta & walks out…
she tells krish about the plan & krish runs to maan
krish – dad how are we going..when are we going
(he was really very excited..it was first time they are going out as a family..
that really meant something to him..)
maan – we leave on friday morning..by car..350kms..hain…I guess 6-7hrs drive max
krish kissed maan & maan showed his cheek to geet ..like asking for a kiss..
geet looked down..& moved closer…she closed her eyes…she was reluctant.
(did’nt want to create a scene infront of krish…so she)
maan could sense her reluctanants .. he turned to look at her…she kissed his lips instead
her eyes were closed..she opened them in shock…maan blinked his eyes in suprise &
held back his hands up ..(like.. hands up…don’t blame me)geet looked at krish & maan..
krish smiled and winked at maan..geet walks out…
drive to simla..
her eyes were closed..she opened them in shock…maan blinked his eyes in suprise &
held back his hands up ..(like.. hands up…don’t blame me)geet looked at krish & maan..
krish smiled and winked at maan..geet walks out…
part 79
In the evening maan took both geet & krish to the hospital for their final check up
doctors gave a postive feed back..also removed geets stiches..
maan – geet tumhe kuch poochna hain pooch loo
geet – nahi..(she looked away)
maan – doctor as the stiches are drying do we need any oinment
(geet looked at maan ..wat was he trying to say)
doctor – nahi nothing as such
maan – no i mean..if it is itching(geet was shocked..& pulled his hand)
doctor looked at geet & smiled & wrote the priscription
maan thanked the doctor..& picked up the medicines..
geet – aapne doctors se itching ke bare main kyu poocha
maan – tum to pooch thi nahi hoo..to mujhe poochna pada
geet – lekin..mujhe kuch itching nahi hain(she snapped)
maan – teehk hain..just incase…(maan did’nt want to corner her)
geet – just incase wat?
maan – nahi mera matlab hain..shimla main dry weather hua to.. u may need it
I am not saying u need it now
geet – ok..lekin why did’nt u say that to the doctor..
maan smiled & walked to the car..he knew he won’t be able to convince her
when they reached home..geet took the medicines & went to her room
she stood infront of the mirror & looked at the wound..
she tried to apply the oinment..but every time she went near it..she got scared
& pulled her fingers back…
geet – geet..kuch nahi hoga..abhi to dry bhi hogaya hain..
pain nahi hoga main kah rahi hoon na…(she tries again & gets scared)
she suddenly feels tickled…she looks down..maan was sitting on his knees
and appling the oniment on the red mark..which was red due to irritation & was
blowing slowly..to sooth it..she closed her eyes…
maan – dard ho raha hain
geet – nahi..(breathing hardly)aacha..(she paused..)
she pulled her dress down & walked away..
geet – woh main aise he oinment laga hai thi
maan – maine to kuch nahi kaha..
geet – teekh hain..main packing kar lethi hoon..
she tried pulling the suitcase from the top of the cupboard..
maan – geet sambal ke..
they both fall on the floor..& suitcase lands on maans head…
maan – hogaya..ki aur bhi kuch karna tumhe…
geet makes a baby like face..checking his head..
he pushes her hand away..chodo mujhe..geet gets up looking away..
maan pulls her back into the embrace..
maan – aise kanha ja rahi hoo..
geet – aap ne hi to kaha ..”chodo mujh”
maan – main jo bhi kahonga tum karoonghi
geet – umm!! (she rested her head on his chest near his heart..)
maan hugs her ..aachu chaloo main tumhari help karde tha hoon..
geet picks her cloths & gives to maan..he arranges them in the suitcase..
then she picked his clothes…she exactly knew wat he needed…
maan recollected the incident in mumbai..when she knew where the cuffling were
he realized she actually did his packing..all the time..
maan was looking lost..geet looked at him & asked wat happened he snapped back &
maan – nahi kuch nahi…I was thinking krish ka packing kar lethe hain
geet – krish ki packing ho gayi hain..
maan smiled..he knew she would have taken care of that
next day they leave early…..to avoid traffice while getting out of
delhi…geet went on to sit with krish ..maan stared at her…she looked away
just before leaving she poped in front seat..slidding between the front seats..
maan smiled & saw her dupatta on the gear ..he held on to her dupatta all the while..
krish stood between the seats & kept on talking to them..
after a while & krish & geet fell a sleep…
after driving for couple of hrs maan stopped the car near a resturant for breakfast
he got out & streched him self…krish got up & woke geet..
krish – maa ..dad kanha hain..
geet painicked..
maan – i am here..he stood near her window…
she rolled down the window…
geet – where are we
maan – Panipat..I thought we could have something here
geet – no ways.. mujhe yanha se nahi khana…kala amb!!! chi chi babaji..
maan – kya kya? kala aam
geet – aap ko nahi mallom…
maan & krish looked confused
geet – It is said that blood of the dead soldiers of battle of Panipat was mixed with the soil
and the fruit of a mango tree became black in color and that is why”
Kala Amb,” meaning “Black Mango”…
maan – lekin uska aur humare breakfast kya connection..
geet – maine kaha na nahi to nahi..
maan – next big city will be..Kurukshetra..& we will have to go little out of way
geet – Kurukshetra…wow..I want to see Brahma Sarovar there..
maan & krish looked at each other..Brahma Sarovar..
geet – tumhe nahi mallom..Brahma Sarovar is believed to be the cradle of civilisation..
krish – maa yaar please history geagraphy ki class lena band karoo..
maan looked at geet she was not going to listen..they continued the drive..
after reaching Kurukshetra…maan & krish were least intrested in Brahma Sarovar…
they went to the resturant.. geet ordered for krish & maan..
maan – aur tumhare liya…
geet – mujhe kuch nahi chahiya…
maan – ok after breakfast we will go that cradle of civilisation..bus
geet – meri liya ek plate aloo ka parta, laasi aur ek plate garam garam jilabhi…
maan looked in shock…hogaya ?
krish – dad yeh maa ka sirf starter hain…& laughed..
geet stared at krish ..he held his ears..& bit his tongue..& said sorry
geet – dad ke samne tumhare bhaut pank inkal rahe hain
maan looked away & smiled..looking at their chemistry..
birthday planning
krish – dad yeh maa ka sirf starter hain…& laughed..
geet stared at krish ..he held his ears..& bit his tongue..
geet – dad ke samne tumhare bhaut pank inkal rahe hain
maan looked away & smiled..looking at their chemistry..
part 80
after the breakfast maan drove to Brahma Sarovar ..it was beautifull water tank..
really huge in size..geet stood their admiring..the volume..
maan – tumhe yanha kya dekhna tha..(he asked wondering)
geet – nahi maan aap ko yanha..Gita Jayanti celebrations ke samya aana chaiya..
it is such a beautifull and breath-taking sight ..
during that time there will be ‘deep daan’ and ‘aarti’..it is so beautifull…
maan – umm!! (looks at her eyes..they were delighted…he said yah beautifull)
geet – ji?
maan – challen…
geet – umm!!
as they drive along..
krish – dad which is next big city..
maan – I think that will be ambala
geet – oldest and the largest airforce base in india..(maan & krish look at geet…)
aab maine kya kah diya babaji…
krish lies down..geet wakes him & asks him to take his medicine
he has the medicine & the lies down again…geet looked worried & concerned
maan – kya hua geet..?
geet – pata nahi hostel main teehk se aapna khayal rakega ki nahi..
maan – rakh lega…Maan Singh Khurana ka beta hain
geet – aap nahi samjhthe..deekho..he se so young…
hamesha aapni medicines lene bhool jata hain
maan – tum bhi to aapni medicine nahi lethi hoo..
(maan passes her medicine..she has tablets & cuddles up in the seat)
geet – lekin mera saath to aap..(& she paused)
maan was very happy to feel those unsaid words..
they reached shimala after 2pm…maan looked into the cottage..&
finshed with the formalities..& went to the room
geet – mera room ka key kanha hain(she taunted..)
maan turned her hand & held it…aacha?
geet – mera matlab hai mera aur krish ka room..(he tighten his grip)
maan mujhe dard ho raha hain…
maan leaves her hand & says sorry…main to mazak kar raha tha..
geet – aap ka to mazak bhi mujhe dard detha hain..
maan looked into her eyes…he did’nt mean to..yet again..he has hurt her..
krish came in maa i am very hungry…
geet – we will order something..from room service
krish – we will go to the resturant…
(krish was getting little cranking & stubborn)
geet – maine kaha na order karthe hain…
krish makes a face & sits in the couch
geet orders the food & also a big portion of ice-cream for krish
maan – why did u insist on ordering..if he wanted we could have gone out..dehko use..
geet – kuch nahi huva use..bhava kaha raha hain..
use bhook laghi hain…he will be fine after having his lunch
geet served the food on plate & went to krish
geet – oye hero ..kana kalo..
krish – mujhe nahi khana
geet – nahi baba..dad might be tired driving all the way..
thats why..avoided going out..let him rest now..
dinner main dad ki band bagaenyge(maan was amused how well she managed both the
boys so well..she exactly knows wat they need & when)
in the evening they go out for shopping…
geet & krish planned for the party..krish wanted to invite his friends over
on monday evening…geet – nahi..I don’t think dad will be comfartable with that
krish – dad main aapne friends ko invite karloon
maan – umm!!!
geet – maan ??
maan – kya hua??
geet – he wants to invite his friends for bday party…
maan – so?
geet – are u sure..(babaji..abhi to haan keh dengi..baat main kaun sa jwalmuhki fata ga pata nahi)
maan – geeeeeet..kudh se baat karna band karo..
they finsih dinner & come to the room…
there was a slight nip in the weather…geet was having water..
krish – maa ..it is getting cold here..aap itna pani mat piyoo
geet – haan na…
maan wondered wat was in geet drinking water & weather..
maan & krish where cuddled up in the bed inside the quilt..geet changed & came in
next to krish…
krish – maa don’t touch me..(pulling his leg away)
geet – please please …mujhe bhaut thand lag rahe hain(cuddling close to him)
krish – no ways mom ur legs are freeking cold
maan – wat are guys fighting on(stirn voice)(both of them stop)
(geet slowly slips her feet in between krishs leg)
krish – dad dehko na mom ko..her feets are really cold..
& she is cuddling it in between my legs..she always does that..
maan touches her legs with his..
maan – ur feets are really cold..sweety(geet turns away..& moves to the other corner of the bed)
geet – i don’t want to sleep with u both..koi mujh se pyar nahi kartha…
ek to mujhe thand lag rahi hai..aur mujhe cuddle up bhi nahi karne detha..
geet suddenly felt warm in her feet..she looked..maan sat near her legs & pulled out one
feet at a time from the spread & slipped it into a socks which he warmed it for her on the heater…
maan – aur kanhi thand lag rahi hain..
krish – dad..mom ko bhaut thand lagthi hain…
get her cap, glouse & sweater…
maan – I thought she likes cold weather..more over it is not that cold here..it is just pleasent
krish – she loves cold weather but can’t bare it…first time delhi ki thand main she actually
fainted..& we had to rush her to the hospital
maan – wat? where was I ?
krish – aap..aap??..maa ..where was dad
geet – business trip …& rolled her eyes
maan slipped into the spread next to her & hugged her..she felt so warm & nice
she slipped her hand around his waist..he reacted with a jolt…her hand where really cold …after few mins..he could feel her hand, face & body were becoming warmer with his body..she dossed of in a min…in his arms..
krish – wow..that was cool dad…she does’nt fall a sleep so esaily in winters…
maan – i guess she is fine now..with me around..
krish smiled..aap ko hamesha maa ke saath rehna chahiya..unhe kuch na kuch problem to rehtha hi hain..

mid night bday celebration
krish – wow..that was cool dad…she does’nt fall a sleep so esaily in winters…
maan – i guess she is fine now..

part 81
it was past mid night…geet went to the wash room…
stood there for a while & came back..she came back..cuddled up with maan again..
she did that again…she was very restless & saw maan getting disturbed
so she went & slept next to krish this time..
she again went to the wash room & stood there looking at the cumoard
krish – mom please..maine aap ko kaha tha pani nahi pina
abb so javoo…
maan(wispers) – wat happened
krish – she needs to take a leak..
maan – so …why can’t she?
krish – cumoard will be cold..so she won’t sit on that..
maan – wat?
krish – u don’t know I had to tell daadi to get a heater fixed in the bathroom..
and I leave it swtiched on the whole night just to keep the cumoard warm for
her just in case the princess wants to take a leak…at night..
maan luaghed …
geet – yah I can hear all that..you guys are laughing over my plight…
maan walks inside the wash room..looks at geet standing there looking at the cumoard
& holding her waist…maan sits on the cumoard..
geet – yeah kya kar rahe ho…(she turns & closes her face)
maan sits there for a while…
maan – geet…geeeeet
geet – umm!!
maan – u can sit now…abhi it will be warm..
he gets up..geet quickly removes her pants & sits there…without realizing maan was still
there..maan smiles at her innosence..geet stops…
aap kya dehk rahe ho…javoo yanhse…
maan – nahi javoo to..(he crossed his arms & stood there staring at her)
geet – please javoo na..mujhe bahut jorse aarahi hain…(makes a baby face & pleeds)
maan lies down next to krish & wonders..he really does’nt know any thing about her..
the more he know her ..the more he falls in love with her…
geet comes back..& makes her way crawling between them & cuddles up into maan…
geet – meri jagah hain…
maan – aja mera bacha…& holds her close..
they spend the whole week end seeing around & shopping & arranging for the party
it was sunday evening..geet & krish had their dinner early & pretended to go off to sleep
maan made geet wear the socks & cuddled her up…he began to work..
geet – u r on a holiday…right?
maan – nahi kuch impt mails hain
geet & krish were waiting for him to sleep…after a while maan finished his work & slept..
geet arranged the cake & candles..krish sneaked in..ballons & flowers…decorated the room…
it was 12…krish wispered something in her ears..she smiled
krish – u wake him
geet – nahi baba u wake him
krish – mom please ..dehko candle sab off ho jayago..
geet – yeh idea hi teehk nahi ta…challoo soo jatha hain
kal cake cut karlenghe…
krish – mom!!!!
a ballon bursts & maan wakes up in shock..both geet & krish to pretend to sleep
maan looks around ..pulls the spread off them…
krish & geet – happy birthday to u (scared & nervous)
maan starts laughing..really loud…thanxs dear..why did’nt u wake me..
krish – maine kaha tha na
geet – right
she gives the knife to maan..they blow the candle togather…
& he holds her hand while cutting the cake…they gave the first bite to
krish & maan gives a bite to geet…& she takes a piece gives him a bite &
puts it in his cheeks…
maan – geeeeet….(she gets scared)
maan brings his cheeks close to hers & wipes it on her cheek..his unshaved beared
caress through her soft & delicate rosey skin…they have a small fight over the cake..
& smash to on each other & go to the wash room to wash their faces..
when they come back…krish gives a gift to maan
krish – happy birthday dad…(this is from me & mom)
maan opens it ..it was a wrist watch..maan kissed him & said thanxs
krish – dad aur mom ka gift..
maan looked confused…geet tries to avoid the conversation…& looked away
maan picks up the bracelet from the suitcase & gives to krish..give it to her
krish – happy birthday mom…
maan could believe that ..he was so delighted..& looked at geet…she noded..she knew he did’nt know untill then..she smiled & wore the bracelet..thanxs…
after krish slept…maan walked out to the garden…& stood there looking at the night falling into the darkness and chill wind blowing ..
geet – yeh bracelet kab lee?(maan smiled)
maan – wow london main
geet – phir mujhe phela kyun nahi dee
maan – tum ne bhi to meri ek gift itne saalo se muje nahi di
geet(confused)- kaun se gift
maan – wohi jo kudha ne khas mera janam din pe mera liya bheji thi
geet – aap ki baathe na mujhe samjh hi nahi aathi
maan – tum geet…tum hi to ho jise khuda ne bhi sirf mera liya banaya tha..
tum kyun nahi mile mujh se phele… kyu mujhe apne se door rakha itne saal
maan hugged her tight & says tum sirf meri hoo…sirf meri
geet was lost in his words…she looked in his eyes…maan kissed her eyes & said
happy birth day geet..thanxs same to u..& she smiled..
rain rain rain….!!!
maan – tum geet…tum hi to ho jise khuda ne bhi sirf mera liya banaya tha..
tum kyu nahi mile mujh se phele… kyu mujhe apne se door rakha itne saal
geet was lost in his words…she looked in his eyes…maan kissed her eyes & said
happy birth day geet..thanxs same to u..& she smiled..
part 82
maan got up early & arranged for breakfast ..
got a rose for geet…when she opened her eyes..maan kissed her
& said happy birthday princess..& gave her coffee..
krish – dad …mom coffee nahi pasand karthi..
geet – nahi its nice..I like it..(she sipped)
maan – I have been always getting coffee for u..
geet – nahi.. seriously loved it thanxs(maan pagali ho tum)
he went out for a jog & came back got ready..when he came back he noticed
geet & krish were little dirturbed mood
geet was getting cranky & annoyed..lossing her temper every now & then
maan(wispers to krish) – kya hua?
krish – I am leaving tonight na..isliya..mood thoda khrab hain
maan – yeh thoda karab hain???
krish – jada main..we cannot stand here..dad..things will be flying outside the window..
geet stares at krish…
maan definitly did’nt want to be in her bad books today…
he did exactly wat she said…even that was annoying her…
by afternoon she was little better…
maan had arranged for lunch….he booked the best resturant in the town &
got the interior done with flowers & ordered special menu …
maan & krish reached the venue first..
krish – wow dad really wonderful..(he checks the menu)
too good fantastic!! but dad
maan – but …why..wat happened?? is there anything missing
krish – aap ne sab non-veg order kiya hain?
maan – why…(krish pulls his ears close to his mouth )
kris – mom Vegitarian hain…
maan – wat??? lekin wow to cook!!!
krish – woh cook karthi hain kyun ki aap aur main kaathe hain..
she does’nt like the taste..woo to soya chunks bhi nahi pasand karthi…
maan – thanxs god there is mushrooms..
krish – no no..mushrooms to unhe dikhana bhi nahi..
maan – kyun? woh to vegitarian hain
krish – she hates mushrooms..woh use frog ka ghar kehthi hain…
maan sat down holding his stomach..he could’nt stop laughing..frog ka ghar!!!
geet walked in…saw maan sitting in the floor…
maan got up at once..still controlling his smile..krish sat innocently on
the chair..looking away..geet looked suspeciously at them
geet – kya hua?
maan – kuch nahi…lets order..
geet – lehkin..yeh sab..
maan – tum yeh rehne do…we are ordering..
he calls the waiter & orders for few veg dishes
mean while geet serves them & then she sees mushrooms..chi chi babaji frog ka ghar
maan laughs & stops..looks at geet..she stared at him…&.. then at krish
geet – tum loog mera mazak uttarahe ho?
maan – nahi geet..aise koi baath nahi hain..
geet – mujhe nahi kahana tumhare saath..
maan – please sweet heart..gussa mat karoo..
krish – maa please…
geet – tum log khaloo..waise bhi ..aap ne mera liya to kuch order bhi nahi kiya tha
main to bin bulaii mehmaan hoon…
maan – geeeeeeeeeet..(shouts)
geet(fumbles & snaps back) – aap mujhe daraoo mat..
krish – dad kuch karoo warna challijayghi..
maan – kya karoon..iska gussa to saathve asmaan pe hain..
geet ..geet sunoo..
geet – mujhe nahi suna
maan – krish aaj hostel chala jayaga..phir tum yeh lunch miss karooghi..
krish kai liya to ..please(krish makes a baby like face)
geet runs out & breaks down crying..
maan – sweetheart..please (lifts her chin..holds his ears with both the hands & says sorry)
I arranged all just this for u…tumhe aach nahi laga..
geet – nahi..
maan – acha ji & hugs her…(she hits him on the chest..)aaa geet..deehre
geet – itne bhi zoor nahi mara maine…
maan – main to tumhare liya chilla raha tha…mera dil main tum rahthi hoona..
geet looks at him & smiles..& hits again..yet slower…
they have lunch ….maan & krish ..still smile every now & then looking at mushrums..
latter in the party..all krish’s friends had come..
geet came looking for maan..
geet – challiya sab aagaya..cake cut karna hain
maan – kitna cake cut karvooghi tum…
geet stared at him…ok..ok..maan said
maan was taken a back to see so many kids playing & loud music
maan held geets hand tightly…
geet – babaji ab yah jawalmukhi fataga!!!
maan – i am just cutting the cake & leaving…
geet smiles..krish makes them ware a birthday hat..
they cut the cake…maan thanxed every one..& goes to the room
as he goes to the room…pulls the hat & smashes it on the floor
he pulls his tie & throws it away walking up & down..geet stood next to
the door scared ..& wondering..wat next is he going to smash..
he walks to her & she closes her eyes..he hugged her tight….
with all his anger…she was chocking could not breath…hugs her until
his restlessness settles…geet could barely breath..she stood shocked..
maan let go of her.. breathing normal..& pulled his hair back..
maan – pata nahi tumhari baat kyu nahi suntha hoon
geet – ji?
maan – tumne mana kiya tha na mujhe
geet smiled..!!
maan – phir bhi…it was all so …uff!!
geet smile again..maan – stop laughing at me..
geet takes the cap & keeps it on his head…itne bura nahi lagthe
maan – geeeet!!!!(geet leaves & enjoys the party with krish)
after the party..all the kids leave to school geet & maan
go to drop krish..geet put a brave face untill krish walked into the hostel
then broke into maans shoulder cring…maan could’nt take her tears..it really
hurt him more than he expected it to hurt…geet remained silent on their drive back
it started to pour..on the way…maan carefully drove..on the hilly, slippery roads
when the reached the cottage…geet got wet while walking in…
she went on in the garden to feel the rain…maan got the towel & stood mesmerised
looking at his angel…she looked beautifull…her dress was completly drenched &
sticking on to her..the wet dress was making her look even more desirable..
there was so much emotion, passion, longing…the night..the raindrops were alluring his desire..

he looked away..she streched out her hands & turned around..

she looked happy..

her happiness was his wish..all he wanted ..maan walked closer..sensual flirtatious thoughts
excitement rised as he felt her closer and closer.. he saw the rain
gently gliding through her face..his face and down..soaking their soul..raindrops
were like lyrics of passion on his skin ..the cool breeze blowed her scent into his senses
making it even more difficult to hold back..geets wet sparkling white skin sparked the
pilot light of his eyes ..the touch striked the match that light the fire in him..
he closed the distance between their lips..raindrops kept falling upon lips as he kissed
and drank every raindrop that fell upon her body ..there closeness reminded her of khushi
geet moved back & held and cluchted her stomach in pain for the first time ..&
ran into the room…maan looked at her & understood she was thinking about khushi..
he sat down pulling his hair behind with both his hand…he sat there untill the rain stopped….
he went in saw geet sleeping with tears trails on her face..
that added to his selfhatredness & anger…
maan getting drunk
he sat there untill the rain stopped….
he went in saw geet sleeping with tears trails on her face..
that added to his anger…
part 83
why do I always land up doing things that hurt her…
why can’t I control myself my feelings when she is around….
(he walks across the room in rage..)

I just explode..with my emotions..
he clutches his fist..was about to punch on the glass..then looked at her.. poor soul..
I should take it slowly with her not running her into pool of confused emotions..
I want her to be sure this time..trust me more..more than ever..
he looks her tears again..all this makes him stressed and wild at himself..
he makes a drink for himself..he gulps a glass & makes one more..he finish’s that &

get one more & bangs the glass on the table..geet gets up with the noice..
maan keeps his finger in his lips …shhhh…shh..princess is sleeping..quite
geet walks to maan ..maan hides the glass behind..
geet – aap ne gile kapde kyu pane hain..?
maan – wow main..
geet – challo change kar loo..
maan – tum so javoo..I will change…
geet gets the towel..& tells him to wipe..his head..
maan – umm!! main baad main kar loonga..(he looks away)
geet – abhi..& stood there
maan sat on the couch…geet wipes his hair…her touch runs current through him..making
it impossible to hold back..maan pulls the towel
maan – geet tum javoo main karloonga(geet notices maan fumbling)
geet turns to leave & notices the glass…
she sits on the opposite couch & holds her head in disgust…
geet – aap ne sharab piye hain?
maan – nahi..(and his head noded yes)
maan comes sits down on the floor next to her…holds his ears
maan – sorry…
geet – abhi to aap se baat karna bhi bekar hain..
she takes the towel & wipes his head…
maan – wow bahar main ..beh..(geet keeps her fingers on his lips..)
geet – iske bare main kal baat karenghe..(maan starts kissing her fingers that was on his lips)
geet pulls back..maan !!!…he makes a baby like face..
she wipes him & unbuttons his shirt reluctantly..maan looks at her…
she slides the shirt off his shoulder & he falls on her lap..
she wipes his back & and his neck…she looks away..while wiping his bare chest
geet gets up & walks away…maan slips his hand in her waist…from behind
& hugs her..rests his chin on her shoulder…
geet – kya chahia..aap ko
maan hugs her..& his tears starts wetting her shoulder..
she turns back into his arms…(worried )
geet – kya hua maan ..
maan – tum mujhe pyar nahi karthi …kabhi bhi nahi karthi..(makes a baby face)
humesha mujhe se door door jaathi hoo..mujhe kabhi aapne paas nahi aane dethi
geet cups his face & kisses his eyes..& his tears..his hold tightens in her waist..
& his hand wander in her back…& clucthed her hair very softly…pulled it back
in a jerk..with out hurting her…he looked at her..she looked down…(yet again)
maan came close to her lips..looked at her & felt her breath on his lips
geet closed her eyes …maan softly kissed her & turned away and left her..geet could feel the his
restlessness & stress his eyes had so much love & passion..& how much he
wanted her desperately..geet held him back..maan looked in suprise..she slowly
embraced him in her arms..and rested her head in his chest…
(he knew ..she was giving in for him)
maan lifted her and laid on the bed & slowly traced his hands around her…he bend forward &

closed the distance between their lips…tears rolled down..both their eyes…as they kissed..
theit unsaid pain..unspoken pain..their khushi…was all they could think of..
maan very gradually undressed her & slowly laid on her..there was nothing between them..

geet held on to the pillow with her hands..maan held her hand ..her bangles broke..he moved
very softly..his every touch was so tender..so delicate..as if she was a soft feather..
like a rose bud..like a dewdrop…she gave in every thing he wanted…
Slowing down between the sheets was deepening the emotional & psychological bond ..
it meant living that every moment..instead of rushing through it..they had their longest
ever lasting moment togather…geet closed her eyes as they reached their climax fianally
togather…maan released her hand & did’nt let go..he slidded next to her exhausted..laid
looking into her eyes..which only spoke of him…he traced his hand around her waist
trailing down her slender ******..she cuddled into his arms..
his fingers slowly stroked her spine from nape of her neck untill the tail tip..
she moaned in his embrace…he pulled her curls behind her ears..
maan – geet mai tumhare bina nahi jee saktha..
geet – shh!!! aab so jaavoo..& kisses his chest..

geet angry and maan pleeding guilty
maan – geet mai tumhare bina nahi jee saktha..
geet – shh!!! aab so jaavoo..& kisses his chest..
part 84
maan woke up really late..with heavy head…
he looked around..& held is head in stress…he wondered wat happened..
mujhe kuch yaad kyun nahi hain..I hope maine geet saath kuch…
he looks around the bed & his eyes fell the broken bangels on the bed….he crushes them & closes his
eyes in disgust..how on earth..will I explain..my act..yeh kya kiya maine..waise hi woh mujhe galath
samjhe this hai…aab to aur galath samjhe ghi…why did I have to drink…
geet – exactly..(placed a glass of lime juice ..& walks away)
maan rushes to her…(realizes he was undressed…geet turns awaya)
maan pulls the spread around him..
maan – geet please…
geet – aap aise harkathe kyun karthe ho…
(geet smashes the bottles in the bin..one after the other..in anger)
maan – meri baath suno geet…
geet – mujhe aap ki hoi baath nahi suni..
maan – woh maine jada pee lee thi
geet – kyu pee?
maan – woh main…gussa main tha
geet – yeh aacha…galthi kare aap..gussa aap ka…
aap se to baath kana behkar hain
maan – please geet..gussa math karo…I am sorry..maine galthi…nashe me
geet – nashe main kya maan.??
maan – nahi geet main hosh main nahi tha
geet – aap hosh main kab hota ho???hamesha gussa main hota ho…
yeh aacha hain…kuch kehdo.. to .. sarab peele na..
maan – geet
geet – kyun pee aap ne sarab? kyun mujhe itna thang kathe hoo
maan – sorry geet main tum khabhi nahi tang karoonga..woh main
hosh main nahi tha…
geet – maine khabhi bhi aap ko sarab pithe houa nahi dekha..
aur bhi kuch hai jo mujhe nahi patha..to aaj hi baata do…like..drugs wagera wagera
yeh rooz rooz ka natak nahi chaelnga
maan – geet tum gussa kis baat pe ho…
geet – yehlo main tab se chilla chilla ke thak gayi
aur yeh pooch rahen hain..main gussa kis baath pe hoon
maan realizses she was angry about drinking…
he smiles & hugs her & says..sorry..promise kabhi nahi peeonga
geet – aap ko mazak lag raha (she had tears in her eyes)
maan – nahi geet..
geet – phir aap has kyun rahen ho..
maan – main tumhe kaise samjhvoo..
geet – hain udaaloo mera mazak…(she says that in pain)
waise bhi aap ko mujhe takleef main dekhna bhaut aacha laghta hain
maan cups her face…& said geet look at me…
main has nahi raha hoon..I am glad that ur angry about my drinking.. not about..
geet – not about ???? wat???
maan – looks down…mujhe laaga..maine kaal raath tumhe
geet closes his mouth..& nahi maan…aise koi baath nahi thi…
jo bhi huva woh!! humari marzi huwa..u did’nt …she paused..
maan hugged her in relief..geet snaps out & says
geet – iska matlab yah nahi ki I forgive u for drinking…
maan – aacha uske liya mujhe kya karna hoga?
geet – mujhe aap se baath nahi kani..
maan – woh ..main dehktha hoon kab thak nahi karooghi….
he kisses her cheeks & goes for shower…
geet – main bhaut gussa hoon..(babaji inko to mera gusaa se kuch phark hi nahi patha)
maan while having his shower…thinks about all the lovely moments with her in past..

water flowing from his head down soaking him wet…the water was cold…
sparkling & awekening his senses..he was glad they actually were togather
last night…but he was not happy..that it had to be this way…

he knew geet will give in…any time if he insisted..but thats not wat he wanted…
she knows how he feels exactly & will never let down his emotions..run wild..
or deprive him ..that is something..she involunterly takes care off..her scared love for
him…always lets him..get away with wat ever he does…

he smiled & rubbed his
abs..he turns around resting his hand on the wall & water sliding through his
back…wetting his bare broad shoulders down..his..back..down..his legs..

maan singh Khurana u are supposed to win her…& here she always…wins u..
high time u sweep her off her feet..than getting swept away always…
he looks at the mirror ..& splashes the aftershave & wipes himself with
the towel…maan walks out in white towel..geet sat on the bed with his laptop..
maan was getting ready & geet ignored him…
maan – geet ..wat do u want today..(she did’nt respond)
maan – shall we go out for lunch (she turned other side)
aacha lets order lunch?
koi mall challen?…temple…?GEEEEET(she funbles)
geet – don’t shout..mujhe daar lagtha hain..
waise bhi main aap se gussa hoon..isliya aap mujh pe chilla nahi sakthe..
maan takes the suitcase..packs the stuffs..(geet – yeh kya kar rahe ho?)
lifts her & puts her inside the car…(geet – maan chodo mujhe…chodo..)
he puts her seat belt & starts the car..(geet turns her face away & looks out)
Drive to ???????..
maan takes the suitcase..packs the stuffs..(geet – yeh kya kar rahe ho?)
lifts her & puts her inside the car…(geet – maan chodo mujhe…chodo..)
he puts her seat belt & starts the car..(geet turns her face away & looks out)
part 85
as they drive on..geet was getting curious to know where they were heading to..
she did’nt want to ask…she looked around & noticed they were on NH 22
she was so angry at him…but the silence between them was killing..she looked at him
he did’nt respond..she tried moving her bangels..then pulled her curls behind..
maan ignorned & smiled..knowing how much she was trying to get his attention..
they have been driving for couple of hours now..the view out side was spectaculus…
beautifully dotted with oak trees, there were orchards loaded in red apples looked just
amazing..it was naturally beautiful landscape…the climate was salubrious ..the nature
looked so pure & virgin…geet admired the beauty & cuddled up as the temp was setting down..
maan switched on the heater in the car & passed her a shwal..
geet switched off the heater & threw the shwal…maan stopped the car..
maan – aab kya hua geet…(she turned away her face)
maan – aach baba ..we are in Narkanda!!! altitude about 8000ft..
I was here last time on a business trip..thought u will like it..
geet – it so beautifull…she hugged him..this place so close to nature..
I love it hear..kitne thand hai yanha
maan feels that was easy…..he puts the shawl around her & switches on the heater..
they check into a hotel..they order some thing to eat & lie down…
facing the cieling..maan slowly moves his hand looking for hers & holds it..

they sleep early that night…late at night..geet starts feeling really cold..
maan senses her restlessness & covers her with the blanket…she cuddles up into him
& rests her head in his arms they wake up late…not sure if it was the weather or the
closeness..they just did’nt want to let go…maan opened his eyes saw her sleeping
comfartably..he selpt again..geet turned after a while..saw him sleeping peacfully ..
she again cuddled up closer..there was so much of tiredness …that it was 12noon..geet & maan
rolled around..their stomach seem to feel hungry..their body still did’nt want
to let go …maan pushed the curls away from her face..she smiled with her eyes closed..
maan – geet
geet – umm
maan – mujhe bhook lag rahi hain
geet – muje bhi
maan – uttoo na..
geet – nahi..mujhe nahi uttna..
maan finally got up & got ready..geet got up after maan was ready..
she dragged herself to the washroom & got ready..
maan stood behind her in the mirrior & helped her with mangalsuthra & sindoor
& held her from the waist & kissed her on the neck..she smiled..maan
was so happy to see that smile in her face…
after breakfast/actually lunch…maan suggested to explore the place..
they walked..arround admiring the natural landscape & their budding relationship
maan – geet tum hosiyarpurr se hona..
geet – umm..
maan – tumhare darji ko main aache se jantha hoon..
aur kaun kaun hain..
geet – aap to sab se mile the shaadhi main..(he pulls her aside holding her arms)
maan – geet mujhe tumse kuch kehna hain..(puts a sorry face)
geet – ji
maan – mujhe kuch teehk se yaad nahi hain..
geet – umm!! shaadhi ke baad to aap ek dam chalai gayathe..
brij veerji bhaut gussa hogaya the..wow to darji ne sambal liya tha..warna
use din to
maan – to kay geet
geet – aap brij veerji ko jaanthe nahi hain…unhe har baath par mar-peet karne ke aadath hain
maan – really tumhe laagtha hain he could have hit me..
geet – she smiled..naughtly
as they walked ..their hands met..& entangled..they did’t even realize that..
maan – aacha tumhare mummy ..papa..wait wait..tumhari ma..bahut sundar hain na
geet – aap ko kaise mallom
maan – tumhe dehkar andaaza laga raha hoon..I am sure she will be much prittier
geet – shied…& tried move away..maan pulled her back..thats when they realzed their
hands were entangled..
maan – aacha aur tumhare papaji?
geet – meri papaji..mera sab se fav hain..woh muje sabse jayada pyar karthe hain
when I was born he was the only person who was happy ..
maan – why ?
geet – every one else wanted a boy…
maan – they did’nt know u were born for Maan Singh Khurana..then
he hugged her…& rubbed her arms…
maan – aur khun khn hain..
geet – agle bar aap ghar challoge to main aap ko sab se..(she pauses)
maan(lifts her chin) – we will definitly plan a trip..
geet – aap mujhe se aise baath math kariya(she moves away)
maan – kaise baatha geet..(she walks ahead & sits on a rock)
geet – 4 saal se na aap ne mujhse khabhi kuch kaha na suna
mujhe aab iske adath se hogayi hain…
maan – kis ke adaath geet
geet – aap se kuch umeed nahi rakhne ke..phir aap aise baathey kar ke mujhe joothi umeed
dilare hain..Its ok..I understand u won’t have time once we get back…
I know u ..& I am fine with it…aap ko meri chinta karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hain..
maan – nahi geet aise baath nahi hain (he puts is hand around her shoulder)
geet – phir kya baat hain maan..? (very softly) aap kehna chathe ho ki..aap ko 4 saal se mujh se kuch lagva nahi tha..aab aachnak aap itne pyaar karne laage ho…..
mujhe kuch samjh nahi aata…(she rests her head on his shoulder)
maan was speechless..
Maan not able to explain himsself
geet – phir kya baat hain maan..? (very softly) aap kehna chathe ho ki..aap ko 4 saal se mujh se kuch lagva nahi tha..aab aachnak aap itne pyaar karne laage ho…..
mujhe kuch samjh nahi aata…(she rests her head on his shoulder)
maan was speechless..
part 86
maan did’nt know how to tell her that he did’nt know about their wedding & her..
he was too scared about her reaction..maan just kept ..looking into her eyes
he did’nt want ..to lose this closeness between them..he thought of giving it some time
geet – meri shaksiyat ko jo pehchaan di aapne wo kya byaan karoon..(she was lost in his eyes)
aap se hi dil mera haara hai to main kya karoon..(she shies)
main khush hoon ki aap khush hoo…mera yeh haale dil main kise bayan karoon..
maan – mujhe ..geet sirf mujh se…tumhare hale dil mera dil se anjaan nahi hain.
geet – phir aap aise baathe kyun karthe hoo..kyun joothi umeed jagathe hoo?
maan – Maan Singh Khurna khabhi aapne baath se mukra tha nahi
geet shuts his mouth…
maan – mujhe kehna do geet..yeh dooriyan mitane kyun nahi dethi
geet – kuch baathe kahe..aur kuch unkahe aachi laagthi hain…
they walk back to the car…maan was just wondering how to tell her..how much he loves her
not from now..but ever since he actually met her..saw her..at tajmahal
they drive back..to the hotel…
geet – u have a apple farm some where here na..
maan – yah!!! we have..(he insisted)
geet – maine kabhi apple farm nahi dehka
maan – tumhara hi hain jab chahe dekhloo..if u want we can visit the farm tomorrow..
geet – wow!!! I am really excited..
it was late afternoon..around 4pm
when the reach the room..it was getting colder…maan orders tea for her & coffee for himself
she folded her legs & sat on the sofa…
maan poured the tea in the cup & gave to her..she held the cup with both hands & kept enjoying
the hot tea…he sat opposite to her & sipped his coffee..he looked at her every now & then..
she finished her tea & looked at him..their eyes met..she was lost in those eyes..
maan came close to her & sat next to her..rested his head in her lap…
streched his legs & laid down…she softly pulled his hair behind ..she kept stroking
his hair for a while..& she noticed maan was sleeping peacfully in her lap..
she kept looking at his face…she was very happy to have him so close..she treassured every
moment of their closeness..she could’nt stop looking at him..those beautifull eyes..
his face..lips..his nose…she went on admiring him…the more she looked at him..the more
she wanted to…after some time she streched her legs & kept on the table..she moved the hair
that just moved onto his forehead…he turned towards her & cuddled into her …
his hands wraped around her waist & his face was rubbing ..breathing into her her stomach..
geet tucked her stomach in..his breath was tickling her..she tried adjusting her dress
slowly ..she did’nt want to disturb him..she has never seen him taking a nap at this hour
of the day..that too so peacefully it was 8pm…now & geet could barely feel any thing in her leg….
her leg started to become numb…it felt softer..they also made her feel ‘tingly’ as
if ants are crawling in her legs and feet …as maan made any moment..
maan she wisphered…umm geet he replied..
wow mera pair..numb hogaya hain…
maan – ummm..he slept again…
geet – maan utto na please i am feeling ticklish..now because numbness
maan – umm..love u..sweet heart & hugs her..
geet – dekho na mere leg ko kya ho gaya..
maan jumped up & said- dikhavoo…& went to pull down her pants..
she snaped & tried to get up..the numbness caused difficulty in standing she fell back…maan held her..
maan – kya hua..
geet – my legs…(he lifted her legs ..she felt the tingly sensation..)
maan – don’t worry poor blood circulation se hota hain..u have been sitting for a while like this..
(he helped he strech her legs..& kept them on his lap)
geet – all because of u..
maan – aur jo tum..puri puri raat meri goodhi main soyee thi..uska kya?
geet – kab?
maan – lift main…
geet(blushed) – u could have asked me to get up..
maan – how could I ..u looked so beautiful…I could’nt stop admiring u…
geet – wat rabuish..u admired me..no ways…
u shouted at me.. I still remember..u said..”geet enough of dreaming now get up!! ur not in ur bed..this is my leg ur sleeping on..”
maan – if i was angry ..why would i not wake u up…
geet – sachi…
maan – muchi…& kissed her legs
geet pulled her legs back..maan smiled checked the time..
maan – geet can i take u for a date?
geet(wondered) – wat?
maan – our offical first dinner date..alone u & me…please..don’t refuse ..
geet – waise bhi Maan Singh Khurana ko koi dinner ka liya to mana nahi kar saktha..
maan (tum kuch bhi kar sakthi hoo..mummers)
dinner date …
maan – our offical first dinner date..alone u & me…please..don’t refuse ..
geet – waise bhi Maan Singh Khurana ko koi dinner ka liya to mana nahi kar saktha..
part 87
maan checked out for the best possible place around from the reception
they suggested .. New Himalaya Dhaba..maan wondered ..first dinner date woh bhi dhaba?
he went back to room..saw geet was dressed in a pink suit…he loved pink colour on her
he just stood at the door admiring…he could’nt take his eyes off her..
he came closer & said..u look beautifull in pink..
geet – u like pink na…thats why u picked pink saree that day
maan (he hugged her) – yah I love pink..but on u..
geet – phir woh saree…
maan – maine tumhare liya pasand ki thi..
geet – then why did’nt u tell me..then..
maan – wohi to story main twist hain
geet – wat?
maan – kuch nahi (how on earth am I ever going to explain her that)
geet – aap ne kuch kaha..
maan (she reads my mind too!!!) – nahi baba..
aacha suno..there are not much resturants here
the best place here I believe is some New Himalaya Dhaba..are u ok..with that
geet – wow dhaba..Maan Singhe Khurana ka perfect..first dinner date..she winks at him..
maan – u r making fun of me now…
geet – I was just pulling ur leg..on a serious note ..do u really want to go to a dabha?
maan – mujhe kya problem ho sakthi hain…
geet – nahi maan ..it is not conventional resturant types..its a open atmosphere..
maan – challen..(with a stirn voice)
as they reach the dabha..he was taken a back..(wah kya baath hain..maan getting ur love
for first date woh bhi yanh..seriously..why can’t I do things for her..in Maan Khurnan Style)
geet made herself comfartable..maan was still uncomfartable..he looked into her eyes..
all his disconfart just disappeared..he felt home ….her sparkling eyes..was all he could see
geet ordered food for both of them..while they were waiting for food
maan – tum to dabha main bahut bar aya hogi
geet – haan..hosiyarpur main papaji lekhkar jathe the..aur..(she pauses)
maan – aur kya geet bathvaoo na
geet – main aur raji..aapne friends ke saath chup chupke jathe the..
maan – chup chup ke kyun?
geet – brij veerji..ne tu danghe thod dena hain…
maan – yaar tumhar brij veer ji se milna hoga..
geet – aap rehna hi do…
maan – tumhe abhi bhi lagatha hain..he can get his way with Maan Singh Khurana?(stirn voice)
geet – maine to kuch nahi kaha..
geet rubs her arms in cold…
maan – where is ur shawl..
geet – ji car main
maan – aacha rukoo I will get it for u..(maan goes to the car & gets the shawl)
mean while there was a group of gundas..who passed comments & dirty looks at geet…
geet ignored it all.. clutched her dupatta & looked for maan…
their comments where becoming dirty & intimidating..her eyes was restless..wondered where maan was..suddenly a hand fell on her shoulder.., she turned in shock..& was relifed to see maan
geet – khana challe gaya aap?..shawl lane main itne dare laghthi hain kya?
maine aap se kha mujhe tand laag rahi hain?
maan – kya hua geet..main tumhare paas 10mins ke liya nahi tha aur tum itna pareshan kyun ho rahi ho (he looked around..suspeciouly)
geet – kuch nahi ..I was missing u(maan was not convinced with her answere)

waiter got the food..maan noticed geet was fine with his presence
they finished their dinner & where about to leave when one of the gundas said
gundas – wohi teri wali jaa rahi hain
maan pulled punch straight on his face & he fell flat on the ground..blocked the blind jab from the
other gunda & countered a punch cross to left cheek…others where little scared & tried to attack wildly..he blocked them with his elbows & body shot..one kick & their ribs were broken
geet stood scrared & terrified…she called the police immidiately…
police came & took. their statement ..
maan – they were misbehaving with my wife..(his eyes was still filled with blood ..red with anger)
inspector – Mrs khurana ..u will have to come to the station & give statement
so wat did they say to u?(with a smirk he asked)
Maan held the inspector with his collar & said…dare not talk to my wife like that..
u have more witness here ask them..(geet pulled maan back)
inspector – Mr.Khurana aap had main rahiya..you may be a big shot..but u cannot take the law
in ur hands..u can’t get away holding a cops collar
geet – haad main to aap nahi hain inspector
u have no right to ask me to come to police station at this hr..with out the presence of a lady
cop…get ur facts right first ..then ponit ur finger at my husband..
inspector(just left them alone)- went & took the statement from other guests & they confirmed & repeated the comments they passed in maans absence..

maan clucted his fist & tighten his jaws..he pulled geet from there & walked out..

maan drove the car really fast to the hotel & geet kept quite..
maan dragged her into the room…she snapped her hand & shouted
geet – wat do u think of ur self…superman ho? koi picture ke hero ho?
maan – tumhare problem kya hain?
geet – tum..tumhara gussa? why did u have to pick up a fight?
maan – koi Maan Singh khurana ki wife ko kuch kahega..u don’t expect me to stand & listen to all that
geet – right don’t listen..just leave from there
wat was the point of all that violence
maan – geeet(he was getting angry now)
geet – why do have to do all this for me…?
maan – why did’nt u tell me? why don’t u ever tell me anything..
geet – wat do u expect maan..
maan – atleast tell me if something bothers u …
geet – did u even try thinking why I am not able to tell u anything..
maan – because u don’t want..
geet – fine..(she leaves to change)
maan pulls her back.. i cannot stand anyone being mean to u..
geet – right ..ur the person always been mean to me..
u never wanted me in ur life at the first place..& then all of a sudden u pick up fights
with every other person because of me…
maan – tum baat ko khana se khan le jay rahi ho geet…
geet – phir aap ko mar pet karne ke kya zarort thi…
aghar kuch ho jata tho? main kitna dar gayi thi..
she sat on the edge of the bed..maan reached over and covered her small, delicate fumbling hand with his. Look. sweetheart I was out of my mind.. Geet stiffened and withdrew her palm. “Clearly.”
maan – geet..see I am fine..now..u don’t have to worry about me…I can take care of myself
geet – now u have a problem with me worrying about u ?…
maan – nahi..I have problem..that u don’t trusth me…
u don’t trust me with anything…not u..not ur feelings..nothing at all
geet – u have never given me a chance to expect anything from u maan..then how do I trust u with any thing?
visit to apple farm..
u don’t trusth me with anything…not u..not ur feelings..nothing at all
geet – u have never given me a chance to expect anything from u maan..then how do I trusth u with any thing?
part 88
maan – geet tum gussa kise baath pe hoo?
geet – aab yeh bhi mujhe baatna padega?
she pulls her hand away & goes to change…
maan – teehk hain…he changes & lies down
geet came & slipped in to the blanket…geet rolled closed to maan..
but did’nt touch him..she was so tempted to put her cold feet on him..but was
too angry to do anything like that…maan moved away & got up..
geet felt very bad itna gussa…& pulled the blanket & covered herself.
after a while she felt a feather touch on her feat..she got up to see
maan was slipping in the warm socks …she hugged him…tight
maan – gussa hoon..iska matlab yeh nahi ki pyar nahi kartha…
geet – main darr gayi thi..(her tears roll down & wets maans bare chest)
maan – sorry..geet..
lekin mera samne koi tumhare basethi kare main bardash nahi kar saktha..nahi karunga
geet feathers a kiss on his bare shoulder..he hugs her in relief…
hugs her & make her laid the the bed..she rested her head on his arms ..
maan – waise tumne use inspector ki boolthi band kardi thi..
geet – Maan Singh Khurana ki biwi hoon..
maan – tu bus mera pass aja meri Mrs Maan singh khurana..(pulls her closer)
it was past mid night ..geet got up & looked at maan..he was fast a sleep
she rolled restlessly & got up & sat again..& looked at maan …
maan(with his eyes closed) – geet
she immidiately laid down…
maan – wash room jana hain…
geet – umm…
maan – kehthi kyun nahi mujhe se(walks to the washroom)
geet – u were sleeping…(maan sits & waits for a while)
maan – u can wake me ..when ever u want…
geet makes a baby face…
maan – yeh lo hogaya..teehk hain
geet – umm
maan goes back to the bed…geet comes latter & pulls his arms out & sleeps on that..
maan – i love u lot..
geet smiled with her eyes closed…
next day morning both of them drive to the apple farm
both of them were dressed in jeans ..geet wore a t-shirt that hugged her body
making her curves more promnent..& desirable…
the t- shirt fell just above her waist line..leaving the skin around the waist visible when she turned
or lifted her arms..maan could’nt stop catching that sight every now & then..
they reached the farm the sunlight scatters the morning mist that was sheltering the trees from
the horizon..geet was delighted to see juicy red apples lounging in the trees,
moist with dawn and there are thousands of them…she could’nt stop herself…getting lost..
maan had to closely follow her..fruitful, edible decor…her toes were numb with grassy pleasure
as geet approached and noticed the sweet caramel bark ..the branches above are swaying,
ever so gently but there is a slight wind blowing..touchng her cheeks..(maan smiled looking at
the curls..playing & tickling on her cheeks)
as her innocent hand reaches up and tries to pluck the temptation itself from the tree..she could’nt maan involuntarily..held her from the waist & lifted her..his manly hand held her from..the soft delicate waist…his fingers..caressed softly on her bare..skin..which was expossed when she pulled her hand out to reach the temptation..she felt a jolt with his touch..
she plucked the delicous looking apple & looked down at maan..he was lost looking at her so happy
geet – maan ..
maan – umm (he kept admiring her)
geet – mujhe neeche uttariyi na..
maan – umm..(geet feeling liitle concious with those loving & desiring eyes)
geet – maaan!!!(maan snapped out his trans & looked away)
he slowly brought her down..& his face rubbed against her bullged parts..sending currents
down their spines..geet got down..quickly pulled her shirt down & maan turned his sight away..
geet wipped the apple on her jeans & took a bite…then offered it to maan
maan was so tempted to bite her fruity..juicy looking lips instead..he slowly bend forward
& bit her lips & his tongue stroking her lips apart to search for the apple she was chewing
she gasped & stood lost in his arms..Maan pulled back from her after a breathless moment or two, his eyes still dark with desire as they held hers…
maan – apple is really sweet..he smiled..
geet stood speechless..with the total captivating soft..yet hard.. warm & tender touch of his lips
her looks were more alluring..& he kissed again & his hands moved freely ..snaking on her back
her hand made its way to his hair & back..she was actually holding him…
that hold was driving him crazy …
maan crebing about the apple farming
maan – tum mujhe aise dekh the rahoghi ..to main tumhe hi kaa javoonga
geet broke out of the spell of the kiss..& looked down walked along…
part 89
their privacy was intruded by some verbal argument noice coming from a distance..
geet pulled back & hid her face in embaressement…in is chest
as they notice the voice was getting too rude …they tried moving towards the noice
geet pulled him back ..slipped her hand in his pocket..maan jumped
maan – yeh kya kar rahi ho..
geet – nahi woh!!
maan – kya hua..
geet – mujhe hanky chahiya..
maan – lelo (smiled naughtly)
geet – do na please..
maan – tum to waise bhi le hi rahai thi..
geet(she crosses her arms & turns)
maan – aacha baba yeh lo..
she took the hanky & wipped his lips..their eyes met & they stood admiring each other
maan pulled her curls behind her ears..rubbed her lower lips with his thumb..to clear
the lipstick that was smerged..they could probably stand their the whole life..feeling
each other..geet was little silent & did’nt talk much after the kiss..maan realized that..
& maan tried to ease her by putting his hand around her as they walked togather to the noice
as they walked further..the noice was becoming louder & disturbing…
they reached the office & noticed that..the labours were having a heated argument with
the farms manager(Mr.Dheeraj Sood)..
Mr. Sood – we cannot just rise ur wages every season
labours – we cannot work like this
Mr.Sood – I cannot do much..mera haat bande hain..
labours – then call the owner..he cannot sit in delhi & take discions
maan – Mr.Sood wat is all this argument
the whole crowd was taken a back..
Mr.Sood – kuch nahi Mr. Khurana..yeh to inka rooz ka natak hain
labour(realzing that it was Maan)- pleeded to maan
lady workers tried to hold on to geets legs..geet flet really bad & disturbed
maan was cold & asked Mr.Sood to handle it…
geet consoled the ladies..let me see wat best we can do..& she reassured them
as they sat in the car..geet still looked worried & concerned..
maan – I was not very happy with this whole deal
geet – umm (still not registering wat maan was saying)
maan – apple farming is so seasonal…the whole year we need wait &
it is not the traditional way for working..the labour during the season are also quite expensive
geet – ji..
maan – tum sun rahe ho …
geet – she snaps out & repeats wat he said…’the labour during the season are also quite expensive’
maan – so I was thinking of selling this business..I am getting a good deal as well..
geet – nahi nahi..don’t do that(she looked very intrested in the conversation suddenly)
maan – actually I even finalized the terms..
geet – nahi don’t do that…
maan – do u have a better idea
geet – actually why don’t u try cherry cultivation..
maan – wat?
geet – cherry cultivation!!!!
maan – yanha main apple ki baath kar raha hoon aur tum cherry ki baath kar rahi ho!
geet – nahi mera matlab hain…cherry cultivation as supplementary crop
without compromising on the apple produce.
maan – umm!!..go on I am listening..
geet – the season for cherries falls much before the apple blossoms..so
this could be additional source of income moreover..marketing will
not be difficult..as it comes in off season when we have no fruits here.
it could help resolve labour problem..since u will be able to engage them
more than earlier..
maan – wow that is brilliant idea..let me see how feasible that would be…
they walked back to the office & maan worked out the possibilities…with Mr.sood
he immdiately discussed with other managers ..geet waited ..for a while &
then went back to the car..she pulled out maan’s laptop & started chatting with her friends
Maan was busy with Mr. Sood..
Mr.Sood – sir that is really a great plan
maan – you could mail the requirements to Adi..he will be able to take care of that
maan made some calls to Adi & marketing dept..Maan did’nt realize he was on all this for more than 3hrs
geet caught up with smriti ..she was telling her the dates for mehndi, haldi, family dinner, reception
& wedding…
smriti – geet yaar when r u coming..we have started shopping already..
geet – I will call u, when I am back …
smriti – u know wat ..some body coming to see kavya tomorrow
geet – really!!
smriti – yah!! he is an NRI
geet – woh..that good for her…
smriti – he is based in California I guess..really smart types…we chatted with him
geet – that not fair…u all left me & chatted with him
smriti – yaar …don’t blame us..u made this sudden trip to Shimla..wat can we do..
you said ur going for 3 days & its going to be a week now..
koi mil gaya kya
geet(smiles)- nahi nahi..I will come & explain..
maan realizes the time ..& looks for geet…
wah maan…u came with geet & don’t even know where she is…sahi jaa rahe hoo beta..
is tarah se to..u can never impress her…ulta aur gussa ho rahi hogi..oh god..where
is she now…she might be sitting some where with a big face…
he looked around the farm & office…also asked the people around..
he became really worried an tensed for her…
geets reaction..for making her wait little over 3hrs
is tarah se to..u can never impress her…ulta aur gussa ho rahi hogi..oh god..where
is she now…she might be sitting some where with a big face…
he looked around the farm & office…also asked the people around..
he became really worried for her…
part 90
maan came to the car & banged his hand on the car roof…in frustration..
geet – kya hua? bhook laagh rahi hain to car ko kyun mar rahe hoo..(pulls her head out of the car)
bhicahar kab se dhoop main khada hain aap ke liya(rubs the car..making a pitty face)
maan(smiled at her) – I am sorry
geet – mujhe nahi car ko bholo
maan – tum yanha kya kar rahi ho
geet – u were busy so I caught up with my friends online..
maan came in & started the car..after driving a small distance
maan – sorry to have kept u waiting
geet – babaji aab yeh mujhe kyu sorry keh rahe hain???(cribing)
maan stops the car & holds her from her arms in concern
maan – I am saying sorry & why are u cribing to babaji..
wat is ur problem..I said sorry..wat do u want me to do
geet – yeh lo babaji..inhe bhook laaghi hai to..mujhe kyun kaa rahe hain..
maan – GEEEEET…geet
stop talking to ur babaji…& anwsere me
geet – abhi aap ko mera babaji se baat karne se bhi problem hain…
maan calms himself…
maan – nahi mera matlab hain..abhi bhi naraz hoo…
geet – yeh lo..gussa aap kar rahi hoo
kabhi car pe..khabhi mujhe pe..& u are saying I am angry..
she touches his forehead & checks if he was ok..
maan – yeh kya kar rahi ho?
geet – nahi..I was just checking if u were ok..
aap ko kyun laaga ki main gussa hoon?(she smile)
maan – I kept u waiting for 3hrs…he paused
geet(laughed) – u know I have waited like..35000 odd hrs…for u..
& u are bothered about these 3hrs..she continued laughing..
maan realized wat she meant…he left her arms & bend his head down
maan – geet …
geet continued laughing
maan – actually I did’nt know we were married untill our 4th anniversary
geet laughed louder…aap mazak kar rahe ho na..
maan – nahi geet…I really did’nt know…(she stopped laughing..tears rolled down her eyes)
geet stepped out of the car & sat down…she folded legs & clutched them with her hands &
rested her head on her knees..maan came out rushing & sat next to her ..& put his around her..
she pushed his hand away with her shoulders
maan – geet plaese..meri puri baath sunoo
geet – just leave me alone..(she snapped back)
maan again tried to console her..geet yelled back..don’t even try maan..
geet – I don’t expect anything from u does’nt mean that..u could take our marriage for granted
maan – geet mujhe ek baar aapni baat kehne do..
geet – kya kehna chahthe ho aap..all of sudden lightening stuck & u realized that I am ur wife..
I always accepted all ur behaviour, anger, rudeness…now this is rediculous..
just yesterday ..u said…u were admiring me in the lift…
matlab ..woh sab joot tha..leking kyun maan..
maan – nahi geet kuch bhi joot nahi tha
geet – jab humari shaadhi aap ko yaad nahi thi..to humara har rishta natha ..har ehsaas aap
ke liya kya maina raktha hain…
waise bhi..why am I even expecting anything from u at the first place
she starts crying loud..
maan – geet please tum aise roovaa muth na..please..geet
geet – na aap ko.. ise se khabhi farak pata hain na pata ga…
maan – tum aachi se jaan thi ho..mujhe farak pata hain
geet – nahi main nahi jaan thi..aur aab jaana bhi nahi chathi..
maan cups her face in his hand…tum jaanthi ho..
meri aankhoo main dekhoo geet..(maan had tears in his eyes)
geet – nahi dkhna mujhe..aap ke ankhe mujh se joot bolthi hain
maan – tumhe dekhna hoga..(he tightens his grip)
geet looks into those eyes
geet – nahi dekhna..muh..(she was lost in those eyes)
maan rests his forehead on hers & says tumhe dekhna patage geet…
geet saw everything in those fleeting seconds while maans lips poised over hers.
Saw his rage and his pain and his piercing desire. Without thinking, she touched his face.
Stop it Maan – she whispered. ..yeh teehk nahi hain.. Maan closed his eyes as if her fingers hurt him. He opened his eyes to see geet turn bright red. not a little girlish flush, but a deep, painful red that burned on her chest and chin and forehead… she mumered a protest..
maan – kya geet..mera tumhare paas ana..mera tumse door na jaa pana
har pal har ghadi tum jo mera dil mai ..dimagme rahthi ho..
phir kya teehk hain…
geet – aap humesha aise karthe hoo…jab mujhe lagtha hain ki ..every thing is fine between us and u prove me wrong immidiately..she broke down..aap kyun asie karthe hoo..
kyun mera dil thoodathe ho..how do u expect me to bare all this..
maan – I love u geet….
geet lifted her chin and tossed her hair back from her face in a gesture he knew as defensive…
She felt him move closer, and a moment later a touch lit on her spine, just above the tip of her t-shirt…two fingers that brushed over a single bone of her back..,he pulled closer..bend forward..
moved the curls & looked into those eyes…until now, he had not seen how deep her pain went behind those rigid walls that kept him out… kept the world out and he feared if he tried to breach them in order to free her, the resulting emotions might destroy her..destroy their budding love…
this was the first time maan could actually get ever so close to her inner pain…he was glad he did reach there..but could’nt bare it…he did’nt know that would hurt him so much..as it did hurt her..
he hugged her tight…never to let go…she tried to protest weakly..
maan – I will do wat ever it takes to be with u…mana maine aaj taak jo bhi kiya woh galat tha lekin aab main aur kuch galat nahi karna chatha..please geet mujhe chodoke mat jaavoo..
wat say Geet mana jayegi???
maan – I will do wat ever it takes to be with u…mana maine aaj taak jo bhi kiya woh galat tha
lekin aab main aur kuch galat nahi karna chatha..please geet mujhe chodoke mat jaavoo..
part 91
geet – main aap se gussa hoon..she wispered..(resting he face in his chest)
maan – jitna gussa karna hain kar loo…main tumhe mana loonga..(he smiled..holding her closer)
geet – aap haso math..mai sach much gussa hoon..(she turned her face..resting on other side)
maan – teehk hain tum gussa hoo..lekin tum mujh se baath to karoghina..(he just hoped he she said yes)
geet – hmmm!!! iska matlab yeh nahi ..ki main gussa nahi hoon..
maan(was really relieved) – jo kaho ghi karoonga..bus..
geet – bus nahi..boohk laghi hain..
maan wiped her tears..& helped her to stand up..
he opened the door for her..maan drove the car..glancing at her every now & then
she ignored him…as they walked into the resturant..geet excused herself to the washroom
she splashed water on her face & recollected wat ever he said…
babaji..yeh mera saath aap kya kar rahe ho…unhe to humhari shaadhi bhi yaad nahi
aise kabhi hootha hain kya? koi aapni shaadhi bhool tha hain kya?
Maan Singh khurana hain kuch bhi kar saktha hain..lekhin main aab kya karoo?
main to inse door bhi nahi rah sakthi..jaanthe hain na..is liya mujhe hurt karthe hain
agar inhe humari shaadi nahi yaad thi..too..mumbai main woo sab kya tha..
mujhe to kuch samjh nahi aa raha..inke baath mujh kab samjh aayai hain??
she washes her face & comes out..composed..geet just forget every thing..
aapne dimaag ko jayada joor mat de
maan looked at geet..as she walked out..her eyes were already red..
maan ordered the food for them..they had their lunch & went back to the room
while changing
maan – aabhi bhi gussa hoo (he removed his shirt)
geet – hmm!! main aap se baat karthi hoon..kyun ki main ..she paused
maan turned & looked at geet ..she was changing..facing her back to him
maan walked closer ..he stood right behind her ..his bare chest caresed her bare back…
kyun ki ..kya geet he wispered into her ears..his hot breath fell on her neck..& shoulder
she turned into his embrace..his body was tighten feeling the touch
of her curved, bulged softer now & getting hard.. parts on his chest..he held her..his hand snaked her bare back & again wispered into her ears..tum mujh se baath karthi hoo kyun ki..
geet(husky voice)- aap se baath kiya bina nahi rah sakthi ..iska matlab yeh nahi ki
meri koi feelings nahi..I am really hurt..but I don’t want hurt myself
further by staying away from u
maan – mujhe to tumhara gussa bhi pyaara laghtha hain..
& he passionately kisses her every where..she cries passionatley..moans with his
every bite & touch..there was so much of love maan had to shed …
she could barely comprehend it..she was drenched ..soaked in the pool of
love & insanity…her knees wanted to wobble, her pulse knocked in her ears..
maan lifted her in his arms..she put her hand around his neck ..lost in his eyes
he slowly laid her on the bed..& pulled her curls behind..she turned her face..
maan – kya hua geet (he wispered)
geet – main abhi bhi gussa hoon (she hid her face on the pillow)
maan – aacha main tumhe kuch nahi karoon ga(he smiled)
geet – umm
maans laid down next to her…and slowly slipped his hands from her waist
pulling her closer..she put her hands on his..he caressed her neck with his nose
slowly bit her hears with his lips..she cuddled in closer..both wearing almost the
similar colour jeans..their legs were entangled could barely make the differences
the bare body was sealed togather…melting into eachother..
geet – maan
maan – umm
geet – main aap ke bina nahi rah sakthi …she cried in pain
maan – jaantha hoon..
geet – isliya hamesha mera dil thodathe hoo..(she wacks his hand. 2-3times…& her tears roll down)
maan slowly truned her towards himself & kissed her tears…
maan – jan ke kuch bhi nahi kiya main ne..tum to meri jaan hoo..
i could never think of hurting u..she looked into his eyes..his eyes were like dark sky.. turning
dense cloudy…his hands, so warm and strong, moved over her body in a lazyly, arousing dance…
She moaned, and he kissed her, the deepest, longest, most sensual kiss she had ever known
she cried passionatly while kissing & maan could feel she was crying out her pain..
It went on and on.. she pressed herself closer to him and realized that he was already within her.
there was that perfect, full sensation of joining…her eyes drooped closed… his kiss deepened
even more..impossible was that a kiss already so deep could continue to intensify…but it did…
and they were moving together, sighing together, on the wide deep blue bed in the middle of a warm
emotional pool…maan promised her not to ever hurt her again..knowingly or unknowingly…
geet – I don’t trusth u any more…
maan – I know..but I know u will let me win ur trusth.
geet hugs him & sleeps in his arms…after geet dosed off..maan thanked his stars…
Kaise mujhe tu mil gayi,
Kismat pe aaye naa yaakeen,
Utar aayi jheel mein jaise chand utarta hai kabhi,
Haule haule dheere se,
Gunguni dhoop ki tarah se taranum mein tum,
Choo ke mujhe guzari hu yu,
Dekhu tumhe ya mein sunu,
Tum ho sukoon, tum ho junoon,
Kyu pehle naa aayi tum?
Kaise mujhe tu mil gayi,
Kismat pe aaye naa yaakeen,
Mein to yeh sochta tha ki aaj kal,
Upar wale ko fursat nahi,
Phir bhi tumhe bana ke woh,
Meri nazar mein chadh gaya,
Rutbe mein woh aur badh gaya..
Badle raaste jharne aur nadi,
Badli deep ki timtim,
Chedhe zindagi dhun koi nayee,
Badli barkha ki rimjhim,
Badlengi rituyein adaa,
Par mein rahungi sada,
Ussi tarah teri bahon mein baahein daalke,
Har lamha, har pal..
Zindagi sitar ho gayi,
Rimjhim malhaar ho gayi,
Mujhe aata nahi kismat pe apni yakeen,
Kaise mujhko mili tum..

he could not belive how innocent she was…she was angry yet..she was so close to him
he was happy that all their misunderstandings were kind of cleared but..he did’nt
know how to make up for those 4 years..& wipe the sorrows from her life..
maan wooing geet..
maan – I know..but I know u will let me win ur trusth.
geet hugs him & sleeps in his arms…after geet dosed off..maan thanked his stars…
he could not belive how innocent she was…she was angry yet..she was so close to him
he was happy that all their misunderstandings were kind of cleared but..he did’nt
know how to make up for those 4 years..
part 92
maan wakes up & early…admires her for a while…kisses her & she smiles in her sleep
he wispers..I love u..he could see the smile lighting up..
he went for his jog…geet got up after a while to see..a cup of hot tea
& a long stemed rose…it had a note..she smiled & read it…
“Thanxs geet.. ke tum meri zindaghi main aayee”…joota she wispered..
she hugged the rose & slept little longer..suddenly she felt a sweaty warm neck touching her..
ears..caresing her cheek..joot nahi such..& kissed her..
picked her up & took her to the shower..
geet – yeh kya kar rahe ho…
& slowly turned on the water..making sure it was warm…he changed & joined in…
she turned & shied..maan gave her cute bath & wiped her …wraped her in white towel
she looked white goddess..he looked at her & stood rooted..snapped out of his thougths
made her sit on the bed..digged into her suitcase
geet – kya chahiya aap ko..
maan continued looking for her dress…he pulled out a lovely red dress..matching bangles
bindi..she was about step down..
maan – ek jagah behti nahi rah sakthi..
she made a baby face…with that towel wrapped she looked even cuter..
maan got the dress..& tried dressing her up…
geet – yeh kya kar rahe ho…
maan – chup..bilkul chup..(his wet looks in that white towel..was so seductive..she could’nt say a word)
geet – lekin maan..
maan – mmmm..
geet – wow..
maan – wow kya geet…
geet – koi sirf suit phena tha hain kya?(she snapped)
maan – kya matlab?
geet – pointed..with her eyes…(maan smiled & picked her basic garments & tried to make her wear) he turned the straps around twice & he was still not sure which way it was…he was little nervous tried not to show it..but geet had known..and she laughed, that soft, teasing laugh of hers…she slowly guided his hands..its my first time his voice gruffed..he shied..blushed..
geet kissed his pink cheeks …& turned ..maan dressed her up & got the ….
the bindi..then put on the bangels..on each hands..they looked so briliant ..deep red..richness..
adding to her beauty..he kissed her forehead ..she could smell his fresh cologne all over herself..
he got ready & said challen..
geet – kanha?..
maan – tum challo ..thats a suprise..
he takes her to the hattu devi temple…as they climed the temple..geet kept looking at maan..
inhe kya suji..mandir agaya aaj…such much babaji..inke dimag main kya chaltha hain..muje kabhi samjh nahi aata maan puts her pallu on her covering her head & puts a garland around her neck..geet was shocked…
pandit ji – beti aab aap inehka gale main varmala daliya..(she was suprised..)
geet just followed looking in his eyes…she remembered the first time..
she was trying to catch a glance of his looks…while putting the mala…
maan very religiously followed all the instruction from the pandit ji..geet was lost in him..she snapped out when pandit ji asked her to walk in front..she realized that she had taken six phera’s again..& this time she actually looked only at maan…& after the last phera..pandit ji..
handed over the mangalsuter & sindoor…maan tied the mangalsutar & then put the sindoor with the coin when the sindoor fell on her nose she blushed & looked down like a new bride..
maan could’nt stop himeself falling headover heel all over again..at her gestuers…
they took the blessings..at the temple & maan carried her to the car…he helped her with garland & duppata they drove to hattu peak…It was late morning and after a steep few km drive on a dirt road which was a slush of sharp rocks and mud reached the summit of the hill. It was all clouded and there was a mild drizzle. But then suddenly the rain stopped and as the clouds began to part they had the first view of the snow laden peaks. And after a few more minutes began the almost magical interplay of colors with the sun emerging out from the clouds
and reflections from the snow covered mountains. Now that was a rare occasion when you see different shades every few seconds..yellow ..orange..white.. as the sun was directly on top of the mountains.
maan – bhook laaghi hain
geet was feeling too shy to answere..
maan – aacha challo…
geet (she looked around) – yenha?
maan – umm!!
he unpacked the basket…he had arranged while she was a sleep in the morning..
he pulled out the spread & got the food packs that he picked from the cafe..also pulled out flask..
he opened the door & made her sit next to him…they shared their brunch ..& while sipping the tea..maan lied on her lap…she looked at him..slipped her hand on his hair & shied..
she looked arournd like nature was also conspiring with him..natural spread of flowers on the floor & dew drops settled on then…looked so perfect..
maan – kya hua
geet – aap bhi na kya kya karthe hoo
maan – aab maine kya kiya?
geet bend down & kissed his forehead…kuch nahi…
the whole of afternoon they were their admiring the natural beauty…& their innocent love
romantic night at the peak!!!
geet – aap bhi na kya kya karthe hoo
maan – aab maine kya kiya?
geet bend down & kissed he forehead…kuch nahi…
he whole of afternoon they were their admiring the natural beauty…
part 93
as the sun was setting maan got up & took her hand in his..
this is a really beautifull sight he said..and walked her to the tip..they steped on the carpet
of the colourful flowers..the sun was folding into the mountains & the sky was changing
colours every sec yet again..but darker shades this time…colours they could never see again..
so intense & romantic..maan put the shawl around her & hugged her from behind…
geet was very quite & slient..
maan – I wanted to relive every moment with u …
geet held his hand & rested her head on his shoulders…
maan opened her plat (geet hesistated..) ..& the wind blew it across her face…
filling the air with her armona…maan took in the scent ..& kissed her neck..
they walked back to the spread & they had some sandwiches & fruits..from the basket
her hair kept falling across her cheeks teasing her & him…
maan packed the basket & went to the car…it was completly dark..
the only light was from the starts & the bright moon at the sky…geet sat cuddled up
maan pulled a blanket from the car & came close to geet…he covered her with the blanket
& lied down next to her..suggesting her to lie down..she was concious with the open place
maan insisted she reluctantly laid down..maan pulled his phone out &
played a song…on the speaker mode…
(held her hand)
Ek Din Aap Yoon Humko Mil Jayenge Phool Hi Phool Raahon Mein Khil Jayenge
Maine Socha Na Tha
Ek Din Zindagi Itni Hogi Haseen Jhoomega Aasmaan Gaayegi Ye Zameen
Maine Socha Na Tha
(he bend on to her & pulled her curls away & met her eyes)
Dil Ki Daali Pe Kaliyaan Si Khilne Lagin Jab Nigaahein Nigaahon Se Milne Lagin
(he irresistabily bend forward & closed the distance between their lips..she closed her eyes)
Ek Din Is Tarah Hosh Kho Jayenge Paas Aaye To Madhosh Ho Jayenge Maine Socha Na Tha
(she looked beatiful in that moon light..maan just drank that beauty & lied next to her
resting on his elbow..)
Ek Din Aap Yoon Humko Mil Jayenge Phool Hi Phool Raahon Mein Khil
Jayenge Maine Socha Na Tha
(maan rested his head on the spread both of them now lieing on the carpet of
flowers looking at the dark sky & stars)
Jagamagati Hui Jaagti Raat Hai Raat Hai Ya Sitaaron Ki Barsaat Hai
Ek Din Dil Ki Raahon Mein Apne Liye Jal Uthenge Mohabbat Ke Itne Diye
Maine Socha Na Tha
Ek Din Zindagi Itni Hogi Haseen Jhoomega Aasmaan Gaayegi Ye Zameen
Maine Socha Na Tha
Ek Din Aap Yoon Humko Mil Jayenge Phool Hi Phool Raahon Mein Khil Jayenge
Maine Socha Na Tha Maine Socha Na Tha Maine Socha Na Tha .
there was complete silence as the song faded into the darkness..
tears rolled town geets eyes…maan could actually feel that. he looked at her & kissed her tears..
maan – kya huaa geet..
geet – thanxs…u really made me feel special..lekin..
maan – lekin..kya
geet – u don’t have to go out of ur way to do any thing for me
waise hi main pagaloo ki tarah aap se …pyar ..she paused
maan kissed her lips…
maan – jantha hoon tum mujhe kise had ..rather..koi had nahi hain tumhare pyar ki.. i just wanted to make our last day memorable..& pleasent..
geet – why do u feel other days were not memorable..pleasent..
maan – nahi ..
geet rests her head on his chest…maan closes her hand around her..
geet – i treassure every sec spend with u…
mujhe aap ke saath bhaut aacha laagth hain..
chahiya woh aap ka gussa ho yah pyar..I like the whole package
Maan Singh Khurana..(touches his nose with hers..)
maan – challen..
geet – nahi..& cuddles into him…
maan – tumhe taandh lagjaygi
geet – umm(makes a baby sound..& face)
maan flods the blanket & geet helps him with the spreads..
they sit in the car & were about to leave…
maan suddnely went out as if he forgot some thing
geet wondered wat it was..
geet – kuch bool gaya the kya..
maan – nahi..
geet – then why did u rush out..like that..
maan – I went to pick this…(shows a small rock…white..husy sand coloured)
geet – yeh kya hain?
maan – in rememberence of our togatherness here…(puts it in the dash board)
geet – smiled..babaji inha kya hogaya hain..yeh aise harkathe kyun kar rahen hain
maan looks up…- babaji ise bata do mujhe inse pyar ho gaya hain..
she looks at him…his eyes..were never so much in love..care..romantic..naughty
they drive back to the hotel..geet was lost thinking how wonderfull & perfect
the whole day was..she glanced at him every now & then..their visit to the temple
how sincere he was with the wedding cermony..their dive to the peak..
brunch..sunset..the song he played for her..how his eyes meant those words..it all felt like a dream..

she dosed off in the car..when they reached the hotel..maan slowly lifted her &
laid her on the bed..she did’nt let him go..
maan – ek min..
geet – umm

maan – let me get ur socks…
he tucked her in the spread & helped her with the socks..
he changed & cuddled up next to her..maan was very happy to have her..
he felt he was the most happiest ..richest …person….on the earth
he did’nt want anything more than her…she completed him…in all means..
there was no room for anything but love and love for her
their drive back…
he felt he was the most happiest ..richest …person….on the earth
he did’nt want anything more than her…she completed him…in all means..
there was no room for anything but love and love for her
part 94
the room was bright & glowing with sunlight..geet tried lifting her head
maans was almost on top of her..his cheek rested on her bulgged parts and
an arm across her waist. She looked down at his head, his dark black..shining
hair…scattred and she smiled feeling him so close…she wanted to touch him
but did’nt want to disturb..but the temptation was too strong..so she ran her
fingers around his hair very softly..pushing them behind..maan lifted his head
and opened his sleepy eyes..he smiled. & she smiled looking at him..
she traced her fingers on his bare chest lazyly..
geet – u did’nt go for ur jog today
maan(hugged her)- na..(she kissed his forehead)
geet – I will order ur coffee..(she tries to get up)
maan pulls her back & into the bed..& crosses his leg over her
maan – mujhe aur sona hain..tumhare saath…
she smiles & cuddles in with him..they slept little longer..
they got up lazyly ….it was little latter than 11…
geet got up first & had her shower..maan watched her closely while she
was drying her hair infront of the mirror..he got up & stood behind her
he moved her hair & tied her suits thread at the back..she bend down to put the
sindoor..maan took it from her & put it looking at her admiringly..he slides his
hand on her waist..& looks at her in the mirror..she glazed at him ..
maan – jaantha hoon…ek din main I cannot undo wat ever I have spoiled
over 4 years…but I promise I will win ur trusth…
thanxs for letting me do that…
geet – she nodes looking down..
maan – u r talking to me…because u don’t want to
hurt ur self further.. I will not forget that u r still hurt deep within..
I will surely make it up to u…(presses a meaningfull kiss in her shoulder)
geet turns back into his embrace & hugs him…phir se mera dil to nahi thoodo ge na?
(her tears kissed his heart..)
maan – kabhi nahi..(his voice was heavy & his eyes were moist)
they have had their lunch & started their journey back to delhi..
as they crossed shimla..maan noticed geet urging to say something..but still holding
herself back..
maan – geet kuch chahiya kya?
geet – nahi woh main soch rahi thi ki..hum ..she paused
maan – krish se milna hain
geet – haan..(she took a long breath..as if she had stop breathing..moving away from shimla)
maan – school they are little strict about parents visiting like this
geet did’nt seem to buy that…
they went to the school..they met up with the principal…
principal – hai geet..(maan wondered how they knew each other so well)
hellow Mr. Khurana
Geet – hellow maam & maan – hellow maam
principal – ur son is doing very well geet..we all in the school are ammused by is
efforts…& how well he is prepared for his next term..
geet smiled & maan looked pleased..
principal called the pion & called for krish
meanwhile she ordered coffee for maan & tea for geet…(maan was dumb stuck)
principal – geet that play u suggested is really shapping out fine
it will be great if u could take some time out & visit our
reharsals..the final show is some time in oct
geet – sure maam..
principal – the work sheet u developed for 8th std has really helped
improve our results..it will be great if u could do that
for 9th & 10th as well
geet – I have started to work on 9th….10th..(she paused)
principal – I am sure 10th u won’t do it untill krish reaches 10th
geet – no no maam..nothing like that…I will definitly work on that part
maan just looked at geet & then principal he had no clue wat was going on…
krish – may I come in maam
principal – come in …
krish looked really handsome in his uniform..Jr.Khurana
geet hugged him & kissed him..they went out & caught up
geet – teddy diya use?(krish stared at geet)
maan – kise?
geet – aap hum maa-beta ke bich me mat boliya..please
maan – geeeeet(his jaw muscles stiffen)
geet & krish ignored maan & had their cute little discussion(maan rolled his eyes)
maan – agar maa-beta ka romance hogaya ho to ..kya maine beta se baat kar saktha hoon
geet – nahi ek min..rukoo
are u having ur food on time..do u need anything..
maan – how are u feeling krishna?
krish – doing good..every thing is fine..having my food, don’t worry..main teehk hoon
why are u getting so worried?
they kissed him ..geet could not control her tears as he walked away..
maan – ise liya main tumhe yanha nahi laana chahtha tha..(he wiped her tears)
as they were walking towards the car..
principal – geeeeeet!!(they turned back)
geet a small request could u please meet our staff members..
since u are already here..it will just take few mins
geet looked at maan..
maan – yah sure why not..
principal escorted them to staff room..she introduced her to the few teachers..
& others she seem to know them pritty well..
geet(wispered to maan) – yeh sab krish ke teachers hain..few taught him in 8th will also
be taking his classes in 9th…
every one appriciated geets initiative on the work sheets
maan had nothig to say but to admire another side of his undiscovered wify..
drive back…..
geet(wispered to maan) – yeh sab krish ke teachers hain..few taught him in 8th will also
be taking his classes in 9th…
every one appriciated geets initiative on the work sheets
maan had nothing to say but to admire another side of his undiscovered wify..
part 95
as they were about to leave..
principal – all the parents should show similar interest in their kids..
I am sure then no kid will feel bad going to a hostel..
I am glad geet even though krsih is in hostel..u check all his work every day
now days parents don’t have time to talk to their childern on a daily basis..
thanxs for ur time Mr.Khurana..
they sat in the car ..& maan looked at geet she still looked upset about leaving krish

he tried to make her feel lighter..changed the topic..
maan – poochna padega kya? khud nahi bologhi???
geet – nahi woh..main
maan hugs her & cuddles her …woh sab kya tha..play..work sheet..checking his work???
geet – aap yanha se chaliya main bathathi hoon
maan starts the car..
geet – actually krish was finding it difficult to concentrate & practice his stuffs
ghar main to I used to be with him…
so I hired a software guy to make a webpage which had question answere things..
maine kuch nahi kiya..I just desinged roughly..& that guy did a great job
objective types hain…the more u practice..the more u know ur subject..
maan – umm
geet – krish could practice it when ever he wants & I could check it when i am free ..
how many times he has logged in & wat he has answered correctly ..
questions were based on the topics that are covered in the class every day
so I used to cordinate with his teachers..they liked my idea..& implemented ..
maan – yaar tumhe aise ideas aathe kanha se…
geet – maa hoon..na ise liya aajthe hain…aap kya hain..bichari ko hostel main dal diya
result aacha nahi hoga to phir mujhe hi gussa karo ge..
maan looked at her ..he always knew he was blessed to have her…he thanxed god again & again
he kissed her hand..
maan – aur woo play ???
geet – woo to kuch nahi..she laughed herself…
maan – baathvoo na..(challo hassi too)
geet – actually really silly idea tha..they loved it..
maan – aacha..
geet – they were thinking about the usual ..shakespear stuff..
I told them to makes a masala typical hindi movies type with..songs, action & melodrama
with all music to potray the scenes and situation all pre-recorded….not much dialogues..
kids will also enjoy & won’t be stressed memeorissing the dialogues..
maan – u actually suggested that to the principal(with his eyebrows lifted)..tum bolene
se phele soch thi ho bhi yah nahi?
geet – maaaan
maan – nahi nahi..
geet – ise liya I did’nt want to tell u…see u r making fun of me now..(geet looked away in anger)
maan – nahi aise baat nahi hain..(maan smiled….)
its been 4hrs since they left shimla..they stoped near a cafe..
geet was still grumphy…maan tried to make her smile but she did’nt..
they went into the cafe…maan excused himself to the washroom..
geet – yeh loo..babaji..mujhe yanh bitha kar khud washroom chalegaya..
itna deer lagtha hain kya…
waiter – ur order maam
geet – orders herself a tea & coffee for maan
maan – and a dark chocalte cake please (geet turns her face)
geet ..geeeeet..maine to aise he kah diya tha
geet – kya..?
maan – kuch nahi…(aab kise baat ke liya naraz hain..iska kuch pata nahi chaltha..he mumeres)
geet looks at him from corner of her eyes…
waiter gets the drinks & cake..
maan takes the spoon tastes the cake..geet looks at him..she looks at his lips
dipped in choclate & his tongue licking it ..she looked way & sipped her tea
he cuts another portion & got the spoon close to geet..
maan – it is really yummy..she opens her mouth & he feeds her
geet looks at him..maans eyes were tasting her lips..tracing her every small moment
geet wiped her lips & saw maan was still admiring her..&
sipped her tea & looked away..maan smiled at her
they sat in the car..& were about to leave..looked at her..strangley..
moved his hand pointing at her lips…she wipped it on the left side with her thumb
maan nodded a no she wipped at the right side..maan smiled & looked away..
she got angry & pulled the sun visor…the moment she opened it there was a shower of
red rose petals on her..it slidded through her head..touching her cheeks..fell on her lap
& there stuck a note..she pulled the note & looked at maan he smiled looking away..

as she read it in her mind…maan repeated it loud..
“Phool Khilkar Udaas Hai,
Samandar Ko Aaj Paani Ki Pyaas Hai,
Ek Baar Aap Muskura Do Sanam,
Kyonki Khuda Ko Duniya Ki,
Sabse “Khubsoorat” Hansi Ki Talaash Hai.”
muskura do na please…geet takes the petals from her lap & throws at him..
maan – geet geet..yeh kya kar rahe ho..& holds he hands
she smiles ..maan moves closer…she breathes faster..she could hear her heart
zooming up..he released one of her hand & pressed the her seat..to lay her horizontal
the seat went down slidding down & he bend along..on her..and moved to her side of the seat
she could feel his heart thuding near her heart..she looked away..he left her other hand
& moved the petals that settled on her hair..one at a time..every touch was running
current through her..he picked each petal & kissed them..& caresed her cheeks with his
geet – yeh kay kar rahe ho (she wispered)
maan – umm
geet – aap in petals ko kyu kiss kar rahe ho?
maan – i am just feeling their touch which just touched u…
geet – maaaan…she put her hands around his waist..& pulled him closer
he slipped from his elbow & rested on her..she reacted in a jolt..
her hands snaked into his hair & back..& she passiontely kissed his neck..
maan maoned..geet & that lit the fire in him..he kissed back…they kissed eachother
& pulled back..maan looked into her eyes took the lips into his..
she could taste the choclate cake..she smiled..her tongue played along for a while
tasting each other…in passion
home sweet home..
~pyar ka ehsaas season 2~
thanxs for all ur support & love..please do cooment & let me know if it is getting too long..

they kissed eachother & pulled back..maan looked into her eyes took the lips into his..
she could taste the choclate cake..she smiled..her tongue played along for a while
tasting each other…in passion
part 96
maan rested his head on her forehead & caught his breath..that burned her cheeks & face
he got up pressing a kiss on her forehead..he helped her to sit up & her duptta fell off
maan helped her with & kissed passionately just above bulged portions one after the other
his touch was making her want more & more..she arched her back…maan gave in more
geet pushed her head back & held his head closing into her ..
geet – maan …
maan – umm..(he hugged her)
geet – challen..
maan – umm..jana hain kya
geet – challo na..
maan unwillingly gets up & makes a baby face at geet..
she smiles & looks away..setting her duppata…
maan starts the car ..they drive back…they got stuck while entering delhi in the traffic
maan noticed geet was getting restless & tired..she streched herself couple of times..
also pulled down the seat..her back seemed to hurt..
geet called home & instructed the maid to prepare dinner
they reached home at around 10..geet draged herself to the room..
& droped flat on the bed…maan went to the room…
maan – geet khana ka loo
geet – mujhe nahi khana..
maan – aacha change to kar lo..
geet – nahi..& her voice faded..
maan went into the washroom..lit some candles & made a bubble bath
he came out in a towel..& slowly begin to undress her..
she rolled around the bed..while he did that..she had a weak smile..still not resisting
maan smiled..he opened her plats..lifted her & took her to the bath tub..
geet – kya kar rahe ho..(hugged him)
he opened the door with his legs & slipped her inside the bath..
she cuddled up & selpt in the warm water..side ways..
maan removed his towel & stepped in..gave her a small massage in her back & neck
she turned & realized where she was…mid of beautifully romanticly brightened yet dim ..lit with candles..moist with stream & pleasent aroma..soothig the senses
warm bubble water..and head resting on maans arms..& he had his head bend backward
one hand supporting her & other streched on the rim
on the rim & his eyes were closed..her legs were in between his
she got up & kissed his chin..he smiled with his eyes closed..she hid her face in his
chest..love u sleeping beauty he said..they sat their for little longer
maan got out & wipped himself & got a warm towel to wrap her up..geet went to change
the room was filled with his colgen smell..she filled in her self lost in his every touch
maan dressed & went to the kitchen..geet wore her night dress & was drying her hair
maan walked in with a bowl of soup of her & for him..she looked at him from the mirror
he was in his black tracks & vest..wet exoctic look..& caring drenching through every
act of his..she could’nt take her eyes off him…maan kept the tray next to the bed..
came close to geet..took the towel from her & wipped her hair..his touch was magical
& soothing..his finger tips..rubbing behind her ears & around her head ..running between
her hair… geet closed her eyes..& gave in helplessly..
maan – hogaya..challo soup pee loo
geet opened her droophy eyes..& looked at him..(like she was too sleepy to even sit)
maan – thooda sa pee loo..please..
she sat on the bed & maan fed her ..she had few spoons & cuddled into his lap
geet – aur nahi peena..
maan took a napkin & wipped her lips..she weakly smiled..asking for a kiss
he softly pressed a kiss on her lips..she chuckled in comfartably…he finsihed his soup
& caught with his mails..while geet was rolling in his lap…(he was reminded of the
lift night..& smiled..)
next day maan got up..looking for geet…he rubbed around the spread ..could’nt find her
he got ready for the gym..& when he entered the gym he saw geet was on the treadmil..
she was dressed in her pink tracks..hair tied up..& sleevless hugging t-shirt..sweating
looked she was on it for few mins…she started to speed up & gradually..
maan – geet..geet..geet slow down
she did’nt respond…
maan – went infront of her…geeeeeet…he shouted..
geet pulled out her ear plugs..& stoped abruptly..panting..ji..ji
maan calmed himself
geet – ji..u need some thing? (she looked concerned)
maan – geet slow down.. ur not allowed any rigours excerise for 3 months..
he sets the speed..& says..ise main walk kar loo..
geet – ji..& smiled..& continued put her ear plugs on..
maan was working out..practicing his boxing on the punch pad..she could’nt workout any more
maan noticed her getting restless..& enjoyed her plight..
he blessed her sight by removing his vest after practicing for a while..
she avoided looking at him & geet concentrate..warna treadmill se gir jayaghi(mumers to herself)
took a long breath & continued..rather tried walking..she tripped & stopped the tread mill
maan rushed to her…
maan – tum teehk hoo
her eyes where closed..she slowly opened to meet the sight of his sweaty abs..
maan – tum teehk hoo..geeet
she was still looking at his bare broad body..& feeding in his muscline smell..
maan smiled & hugged her ..& she passionatly snaked her hands on his bare back..
maan – geet tum aise karo ghi to..phir main work out kaise karonga
geet snaps back & runs away feeling shy..
maan – geet ..suno to..(iska main kya karoon)
geet wat r u doing..woh kya sochengai…tujh main sharam varm hain bhi yah nahi(mumers)
geet got ready & checked with the breakfast & his juice…
maan joined her on the breakfast table..he was on a call..
geet served him…& sat next to him..after the call he was busy texting..
geet picked the plate & fed him…he smiled & continued his work…
he went into the study to check for a file..geet walked behind him with the plate
maan sipped his coffee & wipped his mouth with her dupatta…rushed out still on a call
geet went to the kitchen & washed her hand..
maan – geet geeet..(maan walked in)
geet – kuch bhol gaya the kya?
maan – umm!!! kissed her & wispered u looked hot in the gym..& rushed out again..
geet stood turning pink…..
smriti planning lunch
geet – kuch bhol gaya the kya
maan – umm!!! kissed her & wispered u looked hot in the gym..& rushed out again..
geet stood turning pink…..
part 97
geet was still standing at the door untill she heard her phone ring..
geet – hai smriti ..

smriti – yaar we all are meeting up for lunch & then planning for some shopping
mera lehnga select karna hai
geet – wow..have u decided on the colour..
smriti – nahi yaar..ranbhir suggested pink..but I don’t like pink
geet – then wat colour do u want?
smriti – yaar some shade of red..
geet – yah!! wedding main red hi aacha laagtha hain
smriti – iseliya tujhe bhula bhula ke thak gayai..please aa kar help kar na
geet – sure yaar..when do u want me to come
smriti – we will meet at the gurgoan mall at 12 have our lunch & then
check few jewels there & then go to chandini chowk ki kinari bazaar..
geet – yaar lunch not possible…I will be free only after 3pm…
smriti – yaar u have not even picked up a job..I wonder wat keeps u so busy
u know kavya & pooja have taken off today..kal janmashtami ki chuti hai
so we will have 2 whole days..aur to hai ki..
geet – mile ke batha thi hoon..
smriti – are u sure u don’t want to have lunch with us..
geet – nahi yaar..lunch I can’t commit..
(geet thinks again..agar yeh lunch ke liya aagaye to..nahi nahi..I better wait)
nahi smriti I won’t be able to come for lunch…but yah! I will be there by 3-3.30pm
geet gets busy making lunch & arranges the table..
it was just 12 noon..smriti calls again
geet – hi smriti
pooja – pooja bhol rahi hoon..
geet – hai
pooja – yaar we are having a blast..kab aa rahi hain
geet – I will be there by 3.30pm I guess..
kavya – please geet jaldhi aana…I have lots to tell u
geet – hi kavya ..congrats yaar..heard about that NRI..guy
kavya – tu jaldhi aa na yaar we will talk about all that
geet – smriti kanha hain..
pooja – busy hain…ok ok ..we will talk to u latter..
smriti introduces pooja & kavya to ranbhir…
ranbhir – hai ..nice meeting u guys…
smriti u said three of ur friends right..
smriti – yah!! but woh busy hain..
pooja – hai jiju!! finally we get to meet..Mr. Khurana
ranbhir(blushed) – pleasure is all mine
kavya – glad u could make it
ranbhir – I could’nt have said no to smriti
smriti smiled
pooja – oye oye..jora ka gulam already
ranbhir – hum to inke gulam inhe dehkar hogaya the..
kavya – not bad jiju..
they order lunch & settle down..ranbhir & smriti sat togather
pooja & Kavya sit on the opposite side..
kavya – so jiju wat do u expect from ur future wife
ranbhir – nothing in specific..just want her to jell well with my family
pooja – don’t u think there is too much of age difference between u both..
ranbhir – no no..I thought we are just perfect..(he smiled at smriti)
my bhiaya & bhabhi ..I guess unmhe to aur bhi age difference hain
they make a wonderfull couple..
kavya – smiriti was little scared about how she is going to manage all this family responsibilty..
she is still so young..
ranbhir – I guess she will do a great job!!
my bhabhi was just 18 when she got married to bhiaya…
pooja – aapki bhabhi padi likhi bhi hain yah nahi..
(that was rubbing the wrong side)
ranbhir – offcourse she is (strin voice)!!I just admire her so much…she completed her studies after
her marriage ..did well too..I just want u to be like her…
she really knows how to balance her friends & family..kid..husband..in-laws..every thing ..very well
smriti – aapne khabhi bhabhi se milaya nahi…
ranbhir – yeh !!!actually there was small accident..during our engaement..thats why they never came
for any of the functions
smriti – why wat happened…I hope every thing is fine..
ranbhir – now every thing is fine….yah!! family dinner ..main to bhabhi will definitly be there
not sure about bro..will let u know..
pooja & kavya..it will be really nice if u guys could also join us for the dinner
kavya – wo..I mean it is family dinner na…
ranbhir – we r family now…I know how close u guys are…
pooja – I am wanting to meet this bhabhi of urs..(smriti says pooja to keep quite)
ranbhir – tell ur other friend too…if u want I will speak to her
smriti – nahi nahi I will call her..
smriti calls geet…
geet – hi…
smriti – hi yaar I wanted to invite u for the family dinner..
geet – umm!!
maan walks in talking in the phone…geet was delighted to see him..
geet – ji aap aagayai..
smriti – kya bhol rahi hain to…
geet – kuch nahi I will call u latter…
smriti – sun to..
geet – bye bye…
she follows maan…he goes to the study & picks up a file..starts working on it

geet waits for few mins..maan looks at her…she looked confused..
not sure if he came for lunch or some file…it was already 2.30pm
she stood their expecting him to say some thing..she waited for few more mins.
she turned to leave..maan pulled her close & wispered close to her ears
while on phone
maan – i am really hungry..this call does’nt seem to end any sooner(he made a baby face)
geet caressed his face..challo..
maan getting angry & geet ka shart!!!
she follows maan…he goes to the study & picks up a file..starts working on it
geet waits for few mins..maan looks at her…she looked confused..
not sure if he came for lunch or some file…it was already 2.30pm
maan while on phone told geet he was very hungry & this call does’nt seem to end
any sooner..making faces..
part 98
they walked to the kitchen…geet served the food in their plates..
maan stared at her ..asking why 2 different plates..
she smiled & kept aside the other plate…she kept feeding him..
maan fed her..while on the call…maan bites slowly her finger & starts
sucking it..geet tries pull away..maan holds her back..& pretends not to
make noice..as he is on an impt call…she looks into his eyes..telling him
to leave..he refused to..she pleeded..he smiled..
their eye conversation broke..when geets phone rang..
she rushed out…pulling her hand away..
geet – hi pooja..I will call u back..(she was panting)
pooja – tu kar kya rahi hain..& why are u panting like this
geet – kuch nahi..I will call u ..
pooja – r u sure ur not doing any thing!!(pooja asked naughtyly)
geet – bye….
geet straightens herself & walks into the kitchen..maan was not there..
geet – dehku..teehk se khana bhi nahi khaya..challoo kheer de aathi hoon
she looks for him in the study..
geet – aap ne khana teehk se nahi khaya..yeh to kha li jiya..
maan – tum nahi khilaoo ghi..
geet – ji..
geets phone rings again…
geet – hi (maan pulls her into his lap)
smrithi – we are looking at jewelry now ..tu kab aa rahi hain
geet – main woh..(maan is tracing his face on her neck..collar bone & moving further down)

smithi – geet geet
geet – I will call …her voice weekens & cuts the call

maan she moans..love u he wispers..
they passionately kiss each other & geets phone rings again…
maan cuts the call & continues to kiss her….phone rings again
maan snaps back…yeh lo..tum phel lay baath kar loo phir..kiss karenghe..
geet turns her face & throws her phone in anger..on the table

the call gets answered in speaker mode
smrithi – yaar geet u said u can’t come for lunch..(maan closes his eyes..oH no!!)
but shopping u promised we all are waiting for u…how long will u take..
geet cuts the call & walks out..maan follows her..stops her by streching his hand in front
she turns & tries to walk away..
maan – tum mera intzaar kar rahi thi
geet noded her head & looked away
maan – but i did’nt say I will be coming phir bhi..
geet looked at him…which meant ..then wat are u doing here
maan – tum mera liya lunch ke liya bhi nahi gayai..
geet turned away
maan – aur maine ..sorry..(bows his head) please ..tum mujh se rooto muth na
she walks away
maan holds his ears
geet looked at him..ek shart pe..mujhe wo ..meri ..wo..she looks at his lips(she shies)
maan passionatly kissed her..again & again…
maan – sach much tumhare gussa pe bhi pyaar aatha hain..
tum aise shart rakhoghi to main aur tumhe gussa dilaaonga
geet – kyun(hugging him)
maan – taakhi main tumhe aise manvoo..
geet – umm!!(baby cry)
maan(kisses her head) – u should have carried on with the lunch
she pulls back – aap ko mera saath lunch nahi karne ka bhana chahiya?
maan – mera matlab yeh nahi tha
geet – phir kya matlab tha maan?
maan – I mean they are ur friends..u may not get this time with them every day
geet – do I get this time with u every day Maan?
he kept quite..
geet – u work like 16-18hrs a day..I am not complaining..
but yah..agar aap lunch ke liya time nikal pathe hoo mujhe aacha lagtha hain
even if I get this time with u every day..I still would want to be with u every
single meal….(maan cups her face & wipes her tears)
maan – i will try to spend more time with u
geet – rehna do…
maan – nahi geet I will definitly try
geet – aap ne keh diya mujhe aacha laaga..
maan – geeeet..why don’t u trust me..(turns her towards himself)
geet – phir aap aise baathe kyun karthe ho?
maan – kaise baathe?
geet – maan ..it took me 3 whole months just to read about ur whole empire..(she looks into his eyes)
maan – wat..???(he smiled with a suprise in his eyes)
geet – just reading about ur work takes that long then ..I could barely be able comprehend the
volume of ur work in words..
maan – wat do I tell u geet…u really know every thing about me …
intna pyaar kyu karthi ho mujhe se
geet – kya karon I have to compensate the one place where u lack right..??
maan – u still feel that I lack..
she did’nt reply..her silence killed him hundred times inside..he knew it will take some time
for geet to sink & realize his feelings..
geets phone rings again…
maan – kanha mile ne wala ho tum loog?
geet – gurgaon mall..
maan – tell them u will be there in 45 mins..I will drop u..
geet – mujhe nahi jana..

maan – sorry kaha na mane..please..
geet cuts the call – khaha na muje nahi jana
maan – do phone mujhe do..(he snatches the phone from her)..I will speak to them

geet – no ..u will not call them? (she stares spitting fire from her eyes)
maan – ok..(takes a long breath)I am not calling..U call them & tell we will be there in 45mins
geet calls smriti
smriti – yaar geet..tu phone kyu cut kar rahi hain
geet – nahi sorry. yaar..main bathroom main thi(maan smiles)
smriti – are u coming or not?(maan telling 45 mins in action)
geet – we will be there in 45mins
smriti – we?
geet – I mean I will be there in 45mins..
smriti – ok ..see u then bye..
maan challo get ready fast..I will finish my mailes
maan getting angry yet again..& geet getting her way out
she follows maan…he goes to the study & picks up a file..starts working on it
geet waits for few mins..maan looks at her…she looked confused..
not sure if he came for lunch or some file…it was already 2.30pm
maan while on phone told geet he was very hungry & this call does’nt seem to end
any sooner..making faces..
geet – I mean I will be there in 45mins..
smriti – ok ..see u then bye..
maan challo get ready fast..I will finish my mailes
part 99
maan finished his mails & waited for geet in the hall
maan sat on the sofa laying his arms along the sofa’s carved back..
maan stared at geet as she walked down those steps..dressed in her casual
blue top & a jeans..it was funny maan would never have guessed she’d ever
have so much of a chest, but the cloth of her top clung to the ripe slopes
with uncomfortable accuracy… maan tried looking away..instead he kept staring
at her…he noticed how her gazed fluttered over him..he smiled naughty..
she shied..maan let the silence strech..wondering how much she could hold
back… his looks made her uncomfortable, she shifted to look down,
but maan didn’t stop looking at her, at that smooth profile, the full lips
that had given and taken so much pleasure, the tendrils of hair on her shoulders.
he drank in the details with a thirst, the spell she had always cast over him
ever since he first saw her has not mellowed with closeness..has only increased…
geet clucthed her purse & slowly said..challen
maan – umm!!!(still lost in her ..pushed those curls behind)
geets heart was thuding in anticpation..geet straighten her self..
geet – challen ..
maan – kanha?
geet(his eyes was full of desire..geet could’nt meet them) – ji wo..
maan – u r looking beautifull & pressed a kiss on her lips
she blushed..

maan – challen..
geet – umm..

At the mall..smriti had selected the jewelry design..
ranbhir gets a call from office …
smriti – is every thing fine?
ranbhir – not actually..some thing impt have come up..need to rush
sorry won’t be able to meet ur friend..appoligse to her from on my behalf
pooja & kavya – thanxs a lot for the lovely lunch…
ranbhir – pleasure is all mine…
please do join us for the family dinner…
pooja & kavya assured him & left them alone
smriti – I wish u could meet her…she will be here any time..
ranbhir – do u want me to wait
smriti – no no its ok..u please carry on…
ranbhir hugged her good bye & left

on there way to the mall
maan – wat are ur plans
geet – smriti wanted to select few jewelry & then select her wedding dress
maan – wat time do u want me to pick u up(they just reached the mall and parked the car)
geet – nahi main driver ko kah doonghi..
maan – tumhara driver hain na tumhare service main phir kyun kise aur ko bulaooghi
geet – nahi..woh..actually their eyes met for a long, long moment,
(maan moved closer..not able to resist the thirst any more..took her lips into his
kissed her like a teenager daring in a parking lot..after few lost moment..geet pulled out)
geet – yeh kya kar rahe ho?
maan – aapni biwi ko pyar kar raha hoon..
geet – ghar main kar na..abhi mujhe jane do
maan – umm!!(kisses her again)
geet very embaressed ..blushing gets out..maan comes out & pulls her hand
geet – maan ..parking area hain..
maan – kuch nahi kar raha hoon..tumahara purse denai aaya tha
aacha yeh lo mera card rakh lo…do u want any cash?
geet – nahi ..I am fine
maan – when do u want me to pick u?
geet – nahi..actually we are going to chandhini chowk from here
maan – no ways..(he snaps) tum chandini chowk nahi javoo ghi
geet – why?
maan – it is a crowded place..& it is not safe
geet – maan ..I am not going alone..we are 4 of us..
maan – geet no ways are u not going..there..now thats final
geet moves closer..playing with his shirt buttons..please jaane do na
maan(voice becomes softer) – geet please u r not going there..it is not safe..
she slips her hand around his waist..& caress his cheeks..I want to go..making a baby face
maan looking at her really concerned..
ranbhir – hi bro ..wat a pleasent suprise
maan – hi ranbhir
ranbhir – hi bhabhi..how are u feeling now?
geet – I am fine (straightens herself)
ranbhir – looks like bro is really taking care of u
maan looks away..geet pulls her hand away from his cheeks
rabhir – bro aap aur mall?
maan – I came to drop geet
ranbhir – not bad bhabhi..Mr.Maan Khurana ko aapna driver bana diya(geet shies & looks down)
maan – teri shaadi ke baad poochunga kya kya banaya tujhe?
ranbhir – abhi to philal shopping kara raha hoon
geet – aacha hain abhi se practise kar lo …
maan looks at her..
ranbhir – I will catch u at the family dinner need to rush now..
geet – aacha main bhi chalti hoon..
maan pulls geet from her waist..tum chandni chowk nahi ja rahi..samjhi tum
call me when u are done..I will pick u from here..she looks down
she walks few steps away & shouts..main chandini chowk ja rahi hoon…
driver ko behjdena..& runs away..
maan – geet ..geeeeet…
part 100 dhamaka the twist!!!!
geet – aacha main chalti hoon..
maan pulls geet from her waist..tum chandni chok nahi ja rahi..samjhi tum
call me when u are done..I will pick u from here..
she walks few steps away & shouts..main chandini chok ja rahi hoon…
driver ko behjdena..& runs away..

part 100
maan – yeh meri koi baat kyun nahi sunthi..maan drives to his office
& calls the driver to pick geet from chandini chowk
geet meets up with smriti, kavya & pooja
geet – i need to tell u all something impt
pooja – we don’t want to talk to you
smriti – ranbhir waited all this while for u…
geet – main use..kavya intrupted geet yaar wat is this college ke baad u don’t spend
time with us..
pooja – koi boy friend ka chakar hain kya..ki Maan Khurana mil gaya tha?
geet – can I say something..
smriti – no no…we don’t have time..we have to go to chandini chowk now..
on their way..smriti shows her the jewelry design that she selected
also showed the lehnga parttern wat she wanted
kavya told her about the guys who came to see her..geet was little disturbed
Maan reached office & continued with his work..he had some meetings lined up
it was 7pm…maan came back to his cabin…he noticed some restlessness in the
office ..he called adi
maan – wat happened
adi – sir there is been few blasts in crowded areas of delhi inculding chandini chowk
maan heart sunk..he switched on the tv & saw the news..
he tried calling geet her phone was not reachable…maan panicked
he called her driver..
maan – tum ne geet ko pick kiya
driver – nahi sir
maan – I told u to pick her
driver – I spoke to her at 4pm..she asked me to come to chandini chowk at 7pm
lekin main yanha traffic main phasa hoon..not able reach there
maan – slammed his phone & rushed to the spot..
on the way he called IG & got special searching team arranged..
he reached the place the sight was unbareable pool of blood..people injured & burned..
the whole place was in a mess..maan could’nt stand the sight..there was flush spread
on the road people crying in pain & grief..maan tried looking around for geet
the cops caught up with him & got the details of geet
cop – wat was she wearing
maan – blue top & dark blue jeans(his eyes was moist already)
cop – she is alone
maan – no she is with 3 other friends..they came for some wedding dress..lehenga..
(geets voice was echoing in his ears)
mean while another cop..sir us taraf ek lehnga shop main kuch lash mili hain
matches quite to his discription(maan held the cop from his collar his eyes
filled in pain & anger)
cop – sir aap please over react muth kariya..u will have to calm down
& co-operate with us..
maan – nahi she is fine..its not her…
half heartedly he went to the spot..the shopkeeper had small injuries..
cop – did any group of 4 girls vist u today..
shopkeeper – yes ..they were shopping for one of them ..then there was this
sudden blast..I had gone in to pick up the colour they asked..
so I survived & when I came back I saw them all lieing in the pool
of fresh blood & flesh..
maan sat down in disbelief…his phone rang…
krish – dad maa kanha hain..unka phone kyun nai lag raha hain..
maan(his voice fumbled) – i will call u back..geet..(maan cut the call)
maan pulled out geets photo from his purse & asked if she was among the 4 ladies
who were there…
shopkeeper – suit main jo ladkhi thi..she did’nt look like her
others were wearing jeans..I am not sure…
maan urged the cops to look at those bodies…
cops guided him to the hospital those bodies were taken to ..
on the way to the hospital..he remembered the last time he saw her..
the way she turned away..tum meri baath kyun nahi sunthi geet..
maine tunhe mana kiya tha na…sab meri galthi hain..mujhe use jana hi nahi dena
chahiya tha..I should’nt have let her go at the first place..
oh god use kuch nahi hona chahiya…it should not be her..
maan reaches the hospital..
cops take him to the doctor who attended those girls
doctor – sorry non of those girls survived..
they were at the center of the impact…very badly burnt
doctor asked to check the body at the morgue..
maan did’nt have the strength to walk till there..he dragged himself
there was a distinct odd smell..the place was cold & too many bodies..lieing around
attended opened each body & showed it to maan..he could take the pressure..every time
he hoped it was not her..the bodise were sadly disfigrued & could barely make out any thing
nothing could relate him to the bodise..confused & hopefully he left the place when he
noticed a similar bracelt in one of the bodies..he broke down & cried…
he could’nt believe wat he just saw..all his hope just shuttered down..
geeeeet he cried & cried out loud…
tum mujhe chod kar nahi ja sathi geet…he holds the rim of the strecher..
cops had to pull him out ..of the morgue..he wanted to hold her & touch her all over but attended suggested not to..sinc the body was really damaged already…
doctor – Mr.Khurana..we will do the final bid of postmorten & confirm it to u..
is there any specific..
maan could’nt answere..he walked away..he turned immidiately & said…
kidney..yah..she does’nt have her right kidney..she donated to krishna & he cried ..
doctor – we will confirm the details & u can claim the body tomorrow morning..
maan goes & sits on the bench…
inspector – Sir ..u please go home & take care of things there
we shall co-ordinate it from here…
maan walks to the car..& there was a sudden down pour..he removed his
coat & threw it inside the car..his phone kept ringing he did’nt answere..
he walked & hit the car roof & walked & walked…the rain soaked him wet..
the only thing that was running in his mind was geet…
he was shattered ..defeated ..yet again by fate..
new beginning..new ehsaas!!
maan walks to the car..& there was a sudden down pour..he removed his
coat & threw it inside the car..his phone kept ringing he did’nt answere..
he walked hit the car roof & walked & walked…the rain soaked him wet..
the only thing that was running in his mind was geet…
he was shattered ..defeated ..yet again by fate..
part 101
he knew he loved geet..but did’nt know wat she could do to him..
this thought of life without geet was eating him..he hated himself..
he hated that he could not make her trust him..she had never told
those 3 words..he never felt the need of it ..untill now..when he felt
he would never be able to hear them from her…when she was with him
for all those 4 yrs..next to him…he ignored her..he only gave her sorrows
he always thought he could make it up to her…but at this moment
he realized how important were those 35000hrs in his life..how she selflessly
did everything in love..yet never expected anything from him..how she gave in
to every wish..every desire of his..she never complained..
how she merged into his life..inseparably..how she did every thing for
him..his happiness..she lived every min indulging only into him & his love
Hum chahkar bhi tumhe pa na sake
Par tumne na chahkar bhi hume pa liya
Hum chahkar bhi tumhe khushiya na de sake
Par tum na chahkar bhi hume khushiya de gaye
Hum chahkar bhi pyaar nibha na sake
Par tum na chahkar bhi pyaar nibha gaye’
how her love forced him to fall for her ..how her love gave life to his
feelingless meaningless life..he realized they were inseparable…he realized maan is geet & geet is maan..aur geet nahi to maan nahi..
it was 11pm maan walked into the out house..strangely the door was locked
he rested his head on the door…did’nt want to walk in..did’nt want to
feel the house without her..the slight sigh of his..& she opened the door
he stood there, his hair dripping, his face wet as much as his eyes the white
cotton shirt stuck to his chest and arms, transparent against his skin,
and his eyes burned as he stared at her when she opened the door smiling…
Without a word, he came in, put his cold hands on her face and kissed her…
geet made a soft… cry ..maan..
his mouth carried the flavor of rain and a decade of
yearning, and geet reached for him wondering his yearning was about
she tried understanding ..as she met the raging & paining
kiss..those lips, the tongue that plunged into her mouth.
geet caught his upper arms, and felt the tenseness of muscles beneath wet cotton..
maan backed her against the wall and pressed his body into hers..
kissing her face, her chin, her throat, her mouth again… feeling every inch of
her ..checking if she was fine..feeling his life..living is life..again..
the sound of rain, the smell of hot earth, came in through the open door, and with
it a wind bearing raindrops that sprayed over her face and her hair… his clothes
were wet, but they warmed as he pressed into her, warmed with the heat of
her flesh.. geet arched into him, put her arms around him, pulled him closer,
maan did’nt want to even think about wat happened..wat he thought was true..
was just all a missunderstanding..the thought bought a jolt in him..
he was not sure ..he was reassuring himself..feeling her more & more
all the incidents just flashed infront of him..all at once, maan shattered.
his weeping was no longer a soft, silent thing, but great gulping sobs that
ripped through his hard chest and throat… the fine trembling in his fingers
and wrists turned to bone-cracking shivers that rocked his limbs and his spine…
as if geet knew, as if she understood, she only gathered him into her,
wrapped her delicate arms around him and enfolded him completely,
she bend her face against his wet chest while he buried his head into her neck and wept. twice maan tried to raise his head, tried to find some way to pull himself back under control, and twice she simply held him more lightly, stroking his back, his hair, his face close against her neck..he wept as if he were grieving, wept in a way he had not since he was a small child…
geet – kya hua maan..
maan – shh!!! kuch nahi kaho..mujhe bus tunhare paas rahene do..
safe in the circle of her embrace, maan simply rested, listening to her heart and her breath, feeling the life in her..smelling the scent of her skin…he closed his eyes and let go of a shuddering breath…he didn’t know how long it was till he finally stirred… he thought he might have fallen into a stupefied doze, lying against her that way. ..
geet raised her head..
geet – aap ko thand lag jayaghi..maan
maans eyes..those deep.. bottomless, beautiful eyes, were liquid..drenched.. nahi he whispered, and moved the hair from her face.
maan – tum kanha chali gayi thi…tumhara phone bhi unreachable tha
tum chandini chowk se kab aayai
geet – aap ne mana kiya tha ..to main kaise jathi..
maan hugged her tight..phir kyun meri har baath ko kat thi ho..
geet – aap baathe aise karthi ho to main kya karo..
pata theeno ne mujhe kitna sunaaya..
maan – sorry (stroked her hair)
geet – then I justed suggested them a better place…more innovative
(geet sounded excited tring to explain)
maan – umm(he could do any thing to see her by him)
geet – smriti had the design so I told her to get it done from my aunt in HP
they do really great intricate & delicate work
(she picked the towel & wiped him… maan held on to her..)
we went to the silk emporium to selected the material & we have decided on tomato red colour…she continued
maan could’nt have had enough of her…he kept admiring her..as if he has seen her for the first time in his entire life..hearing to her voice again & again was his only wish…
geet – why don’t u change ..i will make coffee for u
maan pulled her back..and cried geet mujhe chodkar math jaavoo..
geet cupped his face …kya huva aap ko..aap itne pershan kyun hain..
maan – tum mujhe chod kar math javoo..bus mera paas raho..yanha…
geet – aap change to kar loo..
maan – mujhe kuch nahi karna..mujhe sirf tumhe dehkna hain ..tumhe mahesus karna hain
har pal ..har lamha..
smriti calls geet
smriti calls geet
next part 102 – http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1477277&TPN=42
hope u all like it..thaxs for all ur replies & posts…ok GEET is safe & sound as most rather every one wanted ..even me… ..but the idea behind the Dhamaka was to get maan realize wat there relationship actually meant for him…so our munda will work hard to get geet say those words now
maan – mujhe kuch nahi karna..mujhe sirf tumhe dehkna hain ..tumhe mahesus karna hain
har pal ..har lamha..
part 102
maans phone kept ringing…
geet – maan aap ka phone
maan – rehna do..
geet – aap mujhe dararahe ho..kya huva hain?
sab kuch teehk hain na?
maan realized she was getting worried seeing him like this..he composed himself
maan – I was missing u sweetheart..(his tears rolled down..he looked away)
geet – main to ghar main hi thi..
maan – tumhara phone bhi nahi laag raha..tha..so ..
geet – not sure..I have been trying to call my friends too..it said some network problem
geets phone rang..she got worried..she never gets calls this late..but she was not sure
how maan would react she spoke on phone now.. she ignored the call..
maan – tum baat karlo main change kar le tha hoon..
maan pushed his hair in relief & he answered his phone call it was from the hospital
doctor – it is a good news the body is not Mrs. Khuranas
maan – thanxs for ur help..she is fine
maan called the IG & informed him..she was fine..
how many times he had to himself..she is fine..she fine..she is with me..next to me.
he just wanted to say that again & again & again.
geet saw the call was from smriti…
geet – hi smriti..
smiti’s father – nahi beta hum smriti ke papa bole rahe hain
geet – namaste uncle ji
uncle – namaste beta..thanxs beta…thanxs a lot
geet – ji its alright(she thought it was all about the lehenga)
uncle – god bless u..thanx GOD u guys did’nt go to Chandini Chowk today
geet – ji(she wonderd wat was all that)
uncle – smriti ne khaha ki tumhare wajah se aaj ..they cancelled their trip to chandini chowk
thanxs beta ..agar tum nahi hoti to…(his voice was heavy..he gave the phone to smriti)
geet – yeh aap kya keh rahe hain
smriti – thanxs geet..
geet – kya huwa?
smriti – tumhe news nahi dehka?
there was a major explosion in chandini chowk today..55 people died & many injured
geet was shocked & said bye in faded voice..
she ran to maan & hugged him from back..
she looked really shaken & moved..
geet – aap chandini chowk gaye the ?
maan turned & cried into her..sorry maan..she cried ..
she knew wat he would have faced in those few hrs..his eyes said it all when he walked in
she tried to make him feel light..
geet – aap ko laga ki main..
maan – geeeeeet(he closed her mouth with his hands)
geet – aap ko laga ki itne jaldi aap ka picha chod doongi
maan was too emotional to say anything..he looked aaway..she kissed the end of his nose & got his dinner
after the dinner..maan went into the study ..
maan got a impt mail & got held up….
geet came & stood at the door..she peeped in twice urging to say some thing & walked away
maan looking into his laptop..dressed in his vest & tracks…
maan – geet kuch kaam tha
geet – ji woh
maan – umm..
geet – kal janamashtami hain
maan – umm
geet – I wanted u to fast..(she closed her mouth as if she spoke too much)
maan – ok (he continued working)
geet – nahi..woh!! I usually fast for krish..but ..after his accident I thought ..we both should
maan – geet maine khaha teekh hain…tell me wat to do tomorrow(he was still looking at his laptop) u don’t have to explain anything..I am fine with fasting..
geet babaji..yeh to man gayai..she still stood at the door wondereing
maan – kuch aur bhi kehna hain?
geet – nahi..
maan – phir yanha kyun khadi hoo?
geet – main aap ke ghar main kanhi bhi kade nahi ho sakthi kya?
maan – nahi geet mera matlab yeh nahi tha?(he looked at her)
geet – kya matlab tha?(she turned clutching her duppata)
maan – tum aise kadi raho ghi to main kaam kais karoonga(rolled his eyes..knowing wat she wanted)
geet – kyun maine to kuch bhi nahi khaha (moving her head..shaking those ears)
maan walked to her..tum kabhi kuch nahi kah thi..
lekin tumhare yeh jhumke(he kisses her ears..geet turns her face in shy)..he slides her kurthi..

bendind down ..his breath touching her neck line & over her bulged portions ..further down
tumhari yeh kamar ke boonde..kisses her waist she tucks in her tummy…he bends further down
tumhare yeh payal..kisses her ankel she lifts that leg & closes her eyes..yeh mujhe se tumhari dil ka hal
keh dethi hain.. geet main..wo main..she pulls her leg away & goes to the bedroom
and lies on the bed hiding her face ..maan..wispers geet..tickling her senses
geet – aap ja ke kaam kar loo
maan – lekin tumhare jhumke to kuch aur he kehrahe hain..
& caress his cheeks & bites her ears..she removes her jhumka..
geet – yeh loo..inse pyar karloo..mujhe sona hain..
maan – mujhe bhi sona hain..& cuddles next to her..
geet – ummm..
maan – waise yeh tumhara ghar hain..mera nahi..
she turns into his embrace & sleeps like a baby..maan was very compossed
contented with his love in his arms, satisfied just to see her smile, pleasured
treasured her his life..alive..
maan walks into the hospital..& sees the doctor..
the doctor takes him to the morgue..there was a cold & damp feel..
maan wakes up panting looking for geet..he searched for her every where..
he pushed his hair..behind & got worried…he went to the gym, washroom
guestroom, krish’s room…his heart started beating again when he saw her
in the kitchen..he hugged her…kanha challi jathi ho tum..he cried ..
geet – bura sapna dehka kya?
maan – umm!! (burring his face in her neck)
geet – main teehk hoon..aap ko pareshan karne ka liya
maan – tumhe jitna pareshan karna hain kar loo…bus humesha mera samne yun hi rehna
geet – Oh!! to main aap ko pareshan karthi hoon
maan – nahi ..nahi..bilkul nahi..
geet – phir aap abhi kya kah rahe the..
maan – mera matlab hain
geet(faking anger looking from corner of her eyes) – phir kya matlab hain
maan – tum jo bhi karthi ho..bus karthi raho..mujhe tumhari har ada pasand hain
(cuddled her)
geet(smiled) – aacha jaldi se ready ho javoo ..mandir jaana hain..
maan kisses her cheeks & goes to the washroom..
he gets ready & comes down geet was waiting with puja thal..
they drive to the krishna temple..maan prayed for her well being & also
thanked god to have given her to him ..again & again…
he realized how much he has been careless with her..her feelings..
they sat at the mandir steps
geet – we will have to come again at 11.30pm today
maan – why so late
geet – fast is till 12..midnight..birth time of lord krishna..
will u be able fast untill then
maan – ur questioning Maan Singh Khurana?
geet – nahi nahi…I am just concerned
maan – ur questioning Maan Singh Khurana?
geet – nahi nahi…I am just concerned
part 103
maan – will u be fine?
geet – main pichle 4 saal se kar rahi hoon…I am used to it now..
maan – mujhe bhi adaat ho jayaghi..(he smiles)
geet – it will be nice if u could come early
maan lifts his eye brows..suggesting..ur pushing ur luck…
geet – nahi I was just worried u may get tired (she rests her head on side of his arms)
maan – don’t worry I will be fine..
maan droped geet home & went to the office..
first thing he arranged for 2 bodygaurds for geet..he called security agency
he was quite specific & particular..he insisted on interviwing them personally
now he wondered how is going to conveince geet to take them along
she would never agree..he wondered..just then geet called
geet – main geet bolo rahi hoon
maan – pata hain bolo ..geet
geet – woo..
maan – sab teehk hain na
geet – nahi..nahi mera matlab hain..haan ..sab teehk hain
I have send some fruits & milk with nakul aap please kaa lena
maan – umm
geet cuts the call..
she gets restless & worried..waits for little while
she called again
geet – ji wo
maan – ummm
geet – aap ne kaa liya
maan – geet nakul has not even reached office yet..
& u have already called me twice..
geet – does it take so long to reach ur office
I am sure he is gone some where else…main aaj uske chooti karthi hoon
maan – geet ..relax..he might be on his way..
geet – nahi ..u don’t indersatand…& gets more worried now..
maan – geet…geet..
geet – aap ko bhoog laaghi hain na..ise liya aap gussa bhi ho rahe ho..(she starts weeping)
maan – nahi geet I am fine..I just had my coffee..
geet – wat? why did u have coffee?
maan – aab kya huwa geet
geet – empty stomach coffee peeyo ge tho acidity ho jayaghi..
babaji ..is nakul ko aaj me paka job se nikalunghi
maan – geet…geet ..nakul is here…
geet – thanx u babaji. aap paka kaa lena…& keeps the phone
maan smiles..& continues with his work..nakul stands there…
maan – rakhoo aur jaavoo
nakul – aap phehle kaa lijiya …
maan – wanha rak do & leave
nakul – nahi shaab ..geet maam ne kaha hai ki I have to wait untill u finish
maan – I said u leave..now..
nakul continues to stand there as if he has not heard him
maan – Nakul(he shouts)..
nakul just stood there
maan – yeh geet bhi na…aacha train kar ke bechthi hain..
maan had few of them & moved on with his work…
nakul still stood there..
maan – aab kya hain?
nakul – pura finish karna hain
maan – nakul..just leave now…or I will fire u…
nakul – aap ko jo karna hain aap kar lijiya…
if u don’t finish it ..I will any way get fired…
geet calls again
maan – aab kya hain?
geet – babaji he is still angry…I am sure he has not had his fruits…
kya karoon main inka?
maan – geeeeet..
geet – aap aise kyun karthe hain…why can’t u have ur fruits in time..
jab dehko aapni man marzi..
geet continues to shout little longer…(maan waited for her to complete)
maan – geet maine fruits khaa liya..
geet – phir phele kyun nahi bola?
maan – tum kuch bolne do tab na…
geet – so every thing is my mistake now
maan – maine aise to nahi kaha..
geet – ek to main itne pareshan hoon aur aap hain ki..
maan – geet..I am fine..with fasting..please don’t worry about me
geet – ok so I can’t even worry about u now?
maan – what is wrong with u today…have u had ur fruits..
nakul – geet maam ka to nirjal vrat hain na..
maan looked at nakul..& noded..
geet – main rakthi hoon..& cuts the call
maan got worried about geets nirjal vrat..she has not yet recovered fully
it was not adviceable..but offcourse he knew ..he could’nt do much if she has
made up her mind …
smriti’s family invited geet over to thank her personally..
smriti’s mom – it will be nice if u could join for lunch
geet – nahi aaj mera vrat hain..but I will come & meet u all
smriti – when are u coming
geet – i will be there at 3.30pm..
smriti – wat is this with ur timings..we really don’t understand
geet – no I am just held up..
smriti – ok listen kavya & pooja will be joining us for lunch
ranbhir personally wanted to thanx u..but he will not be able to come today
geet – don’t be so formal yaar..shall see u at 3.30 then
maan got held up in the meeting..it was 3.30pm when maan finshed his meetings
he closed his eyes in disgust..he knew she would have waited..
he felt he should have atleast called her & told her he is not coming
he also knew that would upset her further..he decided to do rest of the work
from home..he reached home..at around 4pm…without her the house felt lifeless to him..
maan – nakul ..where is geet?
nakul – she is gone out..
maan went to the study & continued working from home
geet reached smriti’s place..it was a big gathering..
pooja & kavya’s parents had joined them ..
all of them were really thankfull to geet..
finally four of them went to smriti’s room & started their chit chat
smriti – guys..u won’t belive wat happned yesterday..
pooja – wat..happened tell us fast
kavya – why are u building up so much of suspense
smriti – ranbhir kissed me
pooja – where? smriti gave a wicked smile
geet gulped some water & looked away..she could say much it was her deewar
they were talking about..smriti went describing her first kiss…
he actually got worried hearing about the blast & came looking for me..
the moment he saw me..he hugged me tight…there was this perfect silence for few mins..
I could barely breath..his strong hands were around me every where..
I did’nt know how to respond..I was too scared & nervous..
this was the first time we actually hugged..& stood so close..actually we were one..
then his hug slowly turned wild..he passionately kissed me..taking my lips
into his..I struggled to breath..he broke apart to catch our breath & kissed again..
this time his tongue exploring my mouth & we stood kissing for I don’t know how long..
pooja & kavya..where looking at her with their mouth open
& geet was little embarressed..she wondered how is she even going to face ranbhir again
geet – bus kar yaar…let it be..we got the scene
pooja – yaar tujhe..sanyasani bana hain to ban ..humara maza kyun kharab kar rahi hain
kavya – smriti ..please continue..
geet – stood up..ok ..I am leaving now..
smriti – ok ok..I will show u the dress I am planning to wear for the dinner..
pooja passed a dirty look to geet,..
geet ignored her looks..
smriti – I am wearing this sari..I just hope the blouse gets stiched in time
geet – u have almost 3 weeks for the family dinner right.. I am sure it will be done by then
kavya – guys ..I want u all to meet Ajay before I finally say yes to him
I am really getting confused about him
pooja – why wat happened..
kavya – I need time to discuss all that..can we meet up some time this weekend
geet – yah sure..
pooja – wat yah sure…U never have time for us…pata nahi kiske chakar main padi hain
geet – nahi woh main..Maa..smriti’s mother interupts..
beta why don’t u guys have some coffee..
all of them move to the hall..geet excuses herself ..tells smriti she needs to arrange for
evening pooja..she says bye to every one & leaves

geet crying ..
beta why don’t u guys have some coffee..
all of them move to the hall..geet excuses herself ..tells smriti she needs to arrange for
evening pooja..she says bye to every one & leaves

part 104
it was 6pm ..maan was wondereing where geet was..he called her phone
maan – where are u geet
geet – humesha ki tarah aap ke peecha maan..
maan turned ..their eyes met…their gaze were locked..his hand
reached for her waist & pulled her closer..
maan – tum hamesha mujhe kyun chood kar chali jathi ho?
she was lost looking into his eyes which had become deeper since last night
& his touch was adding to his emotions..
geet eyes seem to weaken & close..maan held her arms
geet – I am feeling dizzy
maan – why did u have to do nirjal vrat
she did’nt reply..& probably he knew the answere too..
maan took her to the bed room & made her lie on the bed..
he sat next to her & continued to work…
she got up at 11pm…
geet – why did’nt u wake me up..we had to go to the temple
maan(looked concerned) – how are u feeling now..
geet – mujhe mandir jaana hain..
maan – but u are quite weak
geet – we are going now…
maan – aacha ..let me change
they changed & reached the temple..they sat through the bhajan
aarthi ..geet sat next to the ladies..& maan stood across..near the pillar
there was also a complete narration of lord krishna’s birth
and his childhood ..it was past midnight..the narration was stopped
to be continue after celebrating krishna’s arrival…
The cradle containing the divine infant’s idol is rocked, conch is blown..
maan & geet togather rocked the cradle..maan looked at geet..she looked
pale & weak..strangely she looked sad…maan got concernd
Devotees sing Krishna arti, some people read out 108 names of lord krishna
They get totally immersed in the name and praise of Gopala…
then they continued with the narration…they came to the part of
yashodha & krishna..yashodha’s love ..motherhood..
geet became restless..maan suggested if she wanted they could go home
geet silently accepted..she was quite & looked disturbed..
maan kept glancing at her..silently..he knew wat bothered her..did’nt
want to say a word..that could break the ice…
as they reached the house..geet walked in first..maan parked the car
& rushed to the room..she was not their..he knew where she was..
he closed his eyes in pain & ran to the guest room..
he could’nt see her breaking down..this is wat he wanted..
he wanted her to come out of her hidden sorrows..but seeing her

breaking down was a heart aching ..she sat there next to the craddle
the craddle that she brought for khushi..she moved her hand on the empty
craddle & then her fingers clutched the spread..she took a long deep

breath in & turned to meet his eyes..her eyes were moist..so was his
she did’nt have to voice a word..he understood all she wanted to say
maan mera bachaa…she cried ..maan hugged her..he cried along..I am sorry he cried
mera bachaa ..mujhe mera bachaa dedo..she cried..her body
was now shaking & breaking into his arms ..her knee buckled..& she fell
down..pulling his shirt..almost tearing it ..maan moved down along with her
everything will be fine geet…he said softly
geet continued to cry louder..maan kissed her tears..first the left & then right cheeks
his fingers went behind her ears & cluctching her hair…but very softly
meri baath suno geet..he moved closer to her..
his face covered hers & said..khushi humare paas aayghi..
tumhari paas he kissed her ..I promise..

geet hugged him & sobbed …maan let her cry…he just sat their..holding
her safely in his arms..stroking her hair & back.. comfarting her..she probably
cried the whole night he said nothing, only slid his long, slim hand beneath her hair,
around her neck, and kissed her again.. heat and restraint mixed in his touch,
in the firm way he held her..as he kissed her, in that way that he had,
so intensely meant every word that he spoke..it made her feel supple and strong,
she sat down closer, then leaned back, pulling him with her, so their
arms and hands would be free, so they could touch each other, feel each other
maan slowly lifted her & took her to their room..
geet – nahi aap kuch kaa loo(in a weak voice)
maan took her to the kitchen instead..made her drink some water first..
he served the dinner in the plate & fed her..
geet – mera man nahi hain..& cried again
maan wiped her tears & mera bhi man nahi hain..
geet took a small portion & fed him he turned his head..geet
took her other hand & pulled his hand & guided him to feed her..
then maan opened his mouth too…they had their meal feeling lighter
at heart yet heavy in their eyes..
they went to their room..geet was restless & turning in her sleep..
maan tried comfarting her..every time she turned..
this is was the first time they ever spoke about khushi…
that had taken him ..moved him really close to her walled heart..
he realized how much she holds back her feelings & pain..this out busrt
was much needed but maan was touched deeply by her emotions..how much
she feels lonely & insecured he realized..
geet job hunting
he realized how much she holds back her feelings & pain..this out busrt
was much needed but maan was touched deeply by her emotions..how much
she feels lonely & insecured he realized..
part 105
geet got up feeling a slight pain in her head..maan immidiately
softly stroked her head..& massaged it…geet put a brave face..
geet – i am fine..
maan kissed her & went to the pool
maan completed few laps pulled up his wet body resting on the side of wall
of the pool..sipped his juice..without ice..he knew..she insisted..
he turned to the splash in the water..he wondered who it was..he tried
to get a clear view..he looked at the person who was swimming towards him..
he saw a sky blue swim suit..merging with the blue colur of the water
he saw white skinny arms cutting through the water elagantly..
the strokes were beautiful & graceful..softly delicately
slowly moving closer & closer..he probably knew who it was..his eyes
had new sparks..umm..smirked..he blushed & felt little nervous..strangely
she emerged out like a white goddess infront of him…smiled..
suggesting to swim a lap togather..as they swam through the water just
talking and looking at each other maan was surprised at the feelings he had
the perfect companion in every turn of his life…she completed every little
space ..how she placed herself suttlely into his life..merging into him..
not changing anything but everything seemed different & beautifuly perfect..
maan – where did u learn swimming?
geet – krish taught me
maan – looks like my son is a good swimmer..akhir beta kis ka hain
geet – MERA!!..she had a winning smile…
geet stopped at the waters edge and maan looked at her face as trusting and happy
as he gently and lightly kissed her lips so soft and so tender..his excitement was
starting to show…she shied & they completed another lap..& another lap..
they stood at the shallow end…they stood there, breathing hard from the swim
and the apprehension of what they were about to do…it was a perfect morning..
sky was clear..and sunlight just starting to come in..they looked at each other
and smiled, geet looked no longer afraid of the memories…she looked happy..
as they looked soulfully into each others eyes… her heart skipped a beat and
her stomach fluttered…
he looked deep in her eyes and she in his as he placed his lips so tenderly over hers,
she closed her eyes and soaked up his passion that flowed through his lips…
as his hands touched hers it tingled and teased as he ran them so tenderly over
her arms to her shoulders as he slipped her swim suit straps off them and down to her hips.
geet – koi aa jaye ga..
his lips touched hers ever so lightly, gently caressing a desire so full of passion with
each movement of his mouth over hers that sent her head in a spin…she could’nt say word further..she looked up at him shyly & nervously..he wrapped the towel around her understanding
her shyness..she felt him hardening firmly against her and she smiled a warm and
happy smile, knowing that she had caused his manhood to harden as it did…
he embraced her into him..& led her to the washroom…they showered & got ready..
after maan left to office..geet got held up with krish’s work &
checked with lunch..after she complted her work she decided to catch with kavya
geet called kavya on skype..regarding the weekend plan
kavya connected the call with pooja too..
geet – hi guys…
pooja – yaar geet it is impt..u have to reply to the Bajajs regarding their
offer..they are still waiting for ur response & because of that ..they
are not considering any one else..
kavya – i guess it is the same with Infosys & reliance..
geet – I have not made up my mind about job yet..
pooja – wat is wrong with u??
kavya – u will have to decide soon yaar…
pooja – as far as I knew u had to join them in sept
geet – I am very confused..
kavya – smriti is also going work to after her wedding..
pooja – if a family guy like ranbhir won’t mind his wife working
then wat is ur problem ..i am sure ur would be won’t mind
geet – nahi bajaj is based out in mumbai…I can’t go there
infosys is very demanding & requires travelling…same case with reliance
pooja – wat do u mean..? if u want to grow..u will have to work hard
geet – nahi yaar ..u don’t understand..
kavya – wat is it geet..u did so well with ur studies & interviews we
all thought u will be the first to grab a job & shine out
pooja – yah ..I always thought u will do well with ur career..
its been almost 2 months now & u have not settled with a job
geet – nahi I was busy
kavya – busy doing wat geet…
geet – yah I need to talk that also with u all..there is so many things
happening I am really confused..actually never even had time to check their offers
pooja – NO WAYS..u have not even checked the offers till now..
HOLLY CRAP..just go & check it now & call back
geet – nahi abhi nahi..lunch..time..she paused
kavya – yaar tu pata nahi kay karthi rahthi hain..
pooja – just check ur mail now..
geet – ok..
she cuts the call & checks the mails goes through the offer letters
all of them were the best offers but did’nt seem to impress her much
she heard him come in ..she closed the comp & pulled her dupatta on..
geet smiled at him..but maan could read something below those smile..
not sure wat was that..he smiled back trying to look deep into those eyes
the spell she always had on him..would just pull him to indulge into
her arms & her touch..he hugged her & kissed her passionately..
geet smiled as if that is wat she longed for all the while..
maan knowing geet job hunt ….
the spell she always had on him..would just pull him to indulge into
her arms & her touch..he hugged her & kissed her passionately..
geet smiled as if that is wat she longed for all the while..
part 106
he buried his hands in her hair, holding her head still.. his fingers flexed
against her scalp, sending tingling sensations down her spine,,
maans mouth angled over hers.. searing her with hot.. fast kisses…
he devoured her.. destructively… sucking her bottom lip.. nibbling on her top…
he touched his tongue to the corners of her mouth, then swept..across the closed seam..
the line where two layers were held togather, urging her to part for him..
they were forced to brake apart with the ring of his phone..
geet cleared her throat & voiced weakly
geet – i will get ur lunch
maan – umm..(answereing the call)
maan finishes the call & goes to his study..calls for geet …geeeeeeeeeet
geet – ji..
maan – i have left my laptop in the office..get me ur laptop
geet – ji..
she gives him the laptop & walks out…
maan – pwd kya hain..I am sure it will be Maan Khurana(he smiled proudly)
geet – smiled & walked away..
maan tried to maankhurana..did’nt work
he tried maansinghkhurana..did’nt work
he tried maanskhurana still did’nt work
maan – geeeeeeet..geeeeeeeet
geet – ji
maan – pwd kya hain?
geet – maan khurana (maan smiled)
maan – I tried ..its not working..how do u spell it
geet – m-a-a-n-k-h-u-r-a-n-a..she spelled out
maan – I tried that…still not working
geet(smiles) – ur missing the attitude in maankhurana
maan – What???
geet – try maankhurana with an attitude
maan – geet pheheliyun main baath karna banth karo…
geet – maan khurana all in caps….
she touches end of his nose & smiles & goes to the kitchen
maan types MAANKHURANA..he smiles at her thought of maan khurana with an attitude..
kya karoo main ise pagal ladki ka…

this was the first time maan ever logged in her laptop…it openned with a backdrop of his
smiling face..he wondered were did she captured those pics from..
there was a dedicated folder on krishna’s school work..he explored in detail & wondered
how much she is been working on his studies..
meanwhile there was a message from pooja…did u check the offer letters..
that caught is attention..he just checked the minimzed pages..that led him to the offer
letters from Bajajs, infosys & relience..
he checked the details
Bajaj’s – Asst Marketing manger..
location – Mumbai
salary – 15lks per annum
Infosys – International client research manager
location – bangalore
salary – 18lks per annum
reliance – accounts & media incharge
location – delhi
salary – 16 lks per annum
maan was impressed at the offers & tried to get more details..
checked all the mails were dated 2 months earlier & she has almost missed the dead lines
pooja messaged again – geet decide fast..why are u stopping urself
these are like a dream job offer…I am sure ur future huby will not stop u from working
maan did’nt like that future hubby part..he closed the laptop & went to the kitchen
stood at the doorstep of the kitchen..she looked happy & she was arranging the food on the table..
he tried looking beyond that..she looked confused..Is she not picking the job because of me..
he worried..thousands of questions played in his mind..why did’nt she tell me about
all this..if she wanted to work..she could join Khurana’s..its her own business..
why is she not ?? wat is it stopping her…?
geet – aap wanha kyun khade hain..
maan walks in & sits on the chair..lost in his thoughts
geet – kya baat hain..is there anything bothering u
maan breaks out of his thoughts..nahi I am fine
still wondering wat she wants to do..why is she still not comfartable
talking to him..about her job or wat she wants to do..
she still not able to share her feelings was worring him..
maan – while I was on ur laptop..pooja messaged..on skype
geet – umm..
maan – she is the same person whom we met in mumbai right?
geet – yah…she really drools at u
maan(smiled)..when are u telling them about our marriage
geet did’nt expect that question…there was little of concern in his tone..she felt that
she fumbled..ji wow..
maan – kya baat hain..tum unhe keh kyu nahi dethi..
geet cluctches her duppata & gets away up from the chair..

geet – i tried ..every time some thing happens & i am not able to say
i am so scared how they will all react…there are the only friends
I have..i don’t want to do anything that would lead to any misunderstanding
maan – do u want me to talk to them..
nahi she said promptly..
maan smiled..seeing that hint of jealous insecurty in his wife’s eyes..
he enjoyed that sight ..he could just love her again..for that innocent
feared face of hers..
maan walked to the washbasin to wash his hands ..geet gave the napkin &
rested her head on his arms..mujhe pata nahi woh loog kaise react karenghe
mujhe dar lagtha hain..
maan – don’t worry main hoon na..& stroked her arms..comfarting her..
maan getting angry about not deciding on her career
maan walked to the washbasin to wash his hands ..geet gave the napkin &
rested her head on his arms..mujhe pata nahi kya hoga
maan – don’t worry main hoon na..
part 107
maan sat on the couch in the hall..he noticed geet still looked confused
maan – is there any thing bothering u
geet – nahi woh..nothing actually
maan was getting angry that she was still holding back..
maan – wat r u planning to do next
geet – nothing much..I am feeling lazy today..so I may sleep for some time
maan(ise pagal ladkhi ka main kya karoon)
maan – I mean ur career..(in a stirn voice)
she looked at him..she was little uncomfartable sharing her thoughts
did’nt know how will he react..
maan read that uncertainty..it hurt him..he moved closer & made her sit
next to him..caressed her cheeks with back on his fingers caringly..
kya baat hain geet..u still don’t trust me
geet – nahi..I am not sure..
maan – tumhe laagtha hain I won’t let u work
geet – nahi ..nahi ..offcourse u won’t stop me I know that..even if u ..I know
it would be for my good only…
maan was delighted she thought that way..he breath out a relief
maan – phir kya baat hain..
geet – nahi actually ..she paused
maan – I saw the offer letters..pritty impressive package they have offered
geet(with an attitude) – I am Mrs Maan Singh Khurana..don’t forget..
maan wondered why she said that…
geet(continued in an attitude) – I don’t think package would bother me..I definitly don’t
need their salary for anything..anything at all..
maan smiled..
maan – phir meri biwi ko kya chahiya..
geet – aap..
maan – main to tumhara hi hoon..& kissed her..
maan – do u want to go through the offer letters with me..
probably I could help u decide..
geet – nahi..I have decided..
maan – which one
geet – none of them..
maan – geet ..
geet – mujhe wo sab nahi karna
maan – why are u not taking ur career seriously(he was getting angry now)
geet turns her face..- mujhe aap se baath hi nahi karna..meri baath aap kabhi samjthe nahi
maan calms himself down..geet nahi..u are really good with ur work
I have personally seen that..I just don’t want u to hold ur self back from any good oppurtunity
geet gets angry ..wat good oppurtunity
bajaj’s..main disadvantage it is in Mumbai
Infosys ..in bangalore
maan – wat about relaince..woh to delhi main hain na..
geet – nahi..mujhe yeh sab nahi karna..
maan – wat is the problem with relaince..
geet – nahi thats not wat I want to do maan..
aap samjhe the kyun nahi
maan – wat do u want to do..sit at home & call me 100 times & then wait for me even when I am not coming
(maan closed his eyes in pain ..he knew he spoke too much)
YES she replied with tears in her eyes..
maan – mera matlab woh nahi tha..
geet – lekin mera matlab to wohi hain..
maan – kya?
geet – I never wanted a high flying job..
maan – then
geet – I want some thing that is not very stressfull..not demanding not much of my commitment..
maan – but any job will require ur commitment na..sweetheart
geet – thats my problem..I can’t commit myself..
maan – tum kab se commitment se door bhaag ne laaghi…
geet – jab se aap meri zindaghi……(she paused)
maan – why? I have seen u did a great job as a trainee
geet – that was only for 3months..so it was ok..aur aap bhi the na
maan – i am sure u will be able to do well
geet – nahi maan..please try to understand
maan – ok make me understand..(he sounded sincere this time)
geet – ji woo.if there is something at personal front that requires my attention..
then I just can’t concentrate professionally
maan – matlab
geet – suppose i have an meeting which is like dam impt in office.. & krish calls then..
then I will choose to speak to krish..rather than concentrate on my meeting..
& latter I feel worn out between both the situations..
maan – I have actually seen that..(he remembered how she kept on looking at the clock in
front of the clients)
geet – mujhe se yeh sab nahi hoga
maan – so wat do u want to do
geet – I want to do some thing light & less demanding
maan – why don’t u join me..
geet – hugged him..(aur kitna join karoon..she said naughtly)
maan(smiled) – nahi seriously…
geet – nahi I am not sure if I want to do that..
maan – I would want u to think over it..
geet – umm
maan leaves to office..on his way..he gets a call from geet..
geet – waise I have never called untill yesterday…
maan – geet..I am sorry..I did’nt mean to hurt u..
geet – yesterday was the first time I actually called u..wo bhi .. because u were fasting..
maan – mujhe pata hain geet..I understand..
geet – I was just making point clear..I am not that nagging types..
I prefer having my space & giving u urs..she cuts the call
she sounded withdrawn…maan just tried to recollect & realized actually she never calls him
at all..& yesterday was first time she actually did..he felt miserable at wat he has gone
& done..told her..& wondered will she ever call him again…
abhi to uske man ke halki se jhalak dihk rahi thi aur maine..phir use..
maan tu ne yah kya kar diya..
geet rejected all the offers with an appolgy letter & thanked them for the offer..
geet finally picks a job
geet rejected all the offers with an appolgy letter & thanked them for the offer..
part 108
she called pooja & planned to meet up with them..during the weekend..
also told her that she does’nt like any of the offers..
maan walked in little latter than 1am..
geet arranged for dinner..& went to call maan
he was on a call…geet usually doesn’t bother too much
about his calls..but she could not ignore..maan getting uncomfartable
on the call..with the person…he was talking to…
after he finished the call…she looked at him…
their eyes spoke …her eyes did’nt question but looked concerned
his eyes..wanted to avoid the topic itself..her lips..just followed
his eyes instruction….smiled at him..& avoided the whole topic
the smile just made him feel lighter…she was delighted…
geet – lets have dinner
maan – no I have had my dinner..
geet smiled & went to the kitchen..she sensed some thing was wrong
but did’nt want to bother him at 1am..
maan was glad that geet did’nt question him too much on the call
there was this understanding with geet..she never pushed him into any thing..
it was him who get drawn into her & deeper & deeper..she was always in control
with her emotions…feelings..
when geet came back maan was sleeping already..he had not even changed..

he really looked tired..she helped him..lossen his belt..she smiled & looked away
moved closer up & removed his tie..his breath was tickling her ..she
opened the buttons of the vest coat..she was not sure whether to open the shirt
she had be really slow…did’nt want to bother him…she slipped the
pillow properly..so that he could be in a comfartable position..
as she tried moving away..he pulled her back…tum khanha ja rahi ho

tumhare bina mujhe neid kaise aayaghi…he cuddled into her & slept ..
she smiled & hugged him..

next day maan left early to office without having his breakfast..
geet packed his breakfast & went to the office…it was quite early
she wondered why maan had to be in office so early..
geet to pinky – maan kanha hain?
pinky – conference room main hain
geet went to his cabin & waited..he came after couple of hrs..
maan walked in straight without noticing..geet…
but something was pleasnt he felt..his cabin was carrying her scent
he was still on a call & some mails on the laptop
geet took out the sandwichs & waited for him to finish the call..
the call went on for another 1/2hr…the moment he finished the call
she placed the sandwich near his mouth..he took a bite & kissed her hand
maan – tum kab aayee
geet – 9 am
maan looked at the clock it was nearing 12…
maan – nakul ke haat bijvadethi..
geet – phir mujhe call karna padtha…phir aap ko laagtha ki
I don’t have anything better to do…
maan – tum aise kyun karthi hoo
geet – aap ne kal dinner bhi nahi kaaya tha..then u missed ur breakfast today..
i was just worried..
maan – I told u I had my dinner outside…
geet – jhoot…
maan – excuse me..(in a stirn voice)
geet turns & leaves…he pulls her back..tumhe kyun laga ki main jhoot kehraha hoon
javaab do geet..

geet – probably because..u don’t have to tell me ..I understand
maan – woo..main kal
geet cups his face..let it be…aap ne kaa liya..I am done..
mujhe aur kuch nahi jaan na..her eyes had so much of trust & love he felt
out of this world…he hugged her …feeling lighter at heart..
they snapped out from their never ending hug with ringing sound of his phone..
maan went to take the call..she kissed him good bye while he was on the call..
maan smiled back
geet went back home & looked for a job…
she finally shortlisted few consulting jobs…
she prepared for the interview..
it was a busy week for both of them…
geet finally cracked a job with a media house
geet went to the interview to PM Media House..she prepared herself for the interview
studying about the company …the MD..MR.Punj did’nt seem to have a good reputation
of working with females…It was a known fact that he dislikes girls &
considers them incompetitent..geet was reluctant but the role was quite her type
Geet walked in for the interview…people were suprised to see a female
on Mr. Punj’s floor..geet was not sure why was there so much of buzz about her being there
when geet walked into his cabin…(babaji sab teek karna..she mumered)
Arjun stared at her..with fury..geet was calm & quite & confident

Arjun checked her CV & said so Miss Handa (geet remembered that she forgetten to change her CV to Mrs Khurana) she corrected Mrs. Geet Khurana
Arjun – ok…Mrs Geet..why do u think u suit this job
Geet – I read the the profile is to understand the client requirement & co-ordinate with
the in-house team
Arjun – yah!!..go on
Geet – I have worked as client research advisory with Khurana’s during my training period
these are the reports I prepared during my project ..(she handed over her project report)
she paused waited or him to look into them..
Arjun took few mins & looked back at her…geet continued
geet – I feel I am comfartable understanding clients requirement and communicating to the
creative team..I am not a very creative person..but i can understand creative point of views
Arjun – u understand it is not a full time job..it is more of a consultanting type
geet – I won’t be able to take up full time job either
Arjun – why
geet – family commitments
Arjun – umm…like
geet – my son is in 9th..std..so his studies is my prioirty and my husband
is quite a busy person himself..we barely get time togather..so me taking up a
full time job ..I feel may disturb our lifestyle..
Arjun lifted his eyebrow..checked her age & looked confused
but he did’nt want to get too much into her personal life..
he was very impressed with her attitiude towards her family
(he himself had a disturbed childhood so probably he just admired her dedication towards
her family) he was quite taken by her blunt refusal on taking extra commitments
and she was very clear in wat she wanted to do…
after the final HR round geet got through the job
Arjun had really turned flexible towards her from the day one..everyone was taken a back..

she just had to deal with the specific clients & co-ordinate their reqirement
she had opted to work from home..she only had to go to office if her particular
client was arround..Arjun wanted her to take addtional accounts
but she was very clear that she did’nt want to overload herself..
she could take few that she could handle from home..at her own pace
geet tried telling maan about her new job but he was quite busy
she preffered not to bother him…with her job..during those small..tiny miny
confrontations they made at the breakfast table, in the gym..while cuddling up
at night…afternoon lunch was totally forgotten..but she always waited..
she arranged her meetings accordingly..
weekend maan was still busy..geet was not complaining type..
so she preffered occupying her self with other things..she continued with her plan
of hanging out with friends
geet being stocked..
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1) those who know Arjun Punj…yes KMH…I wanted a sado boss..but offcourse he is sweet with Geet..can’t help…it….those who have seen KMH…will know why Arjun would respect Geet.. .
2) lot of u feel that I am dragging the friends knowing her as Mrs.Khurana..little too much…
sorry…I did’nt mean to ..but the flow is such…I have planned it after a sequence of twists…
we have few coming in soon…so bare with me untill then …
3) office romance popular demand….it will be muskan stlye
please do comment…thanxs a lot for all ur support so far…just love u all
so she preffered occupying her self with other things..she continued with her plan
of hanging out with friends
part 109
geet decides she has to tell them today about maan
they meet up in the gurgoan mall…
she gets off from her car & notices a guy..just when he looks away
she became concious..& walked towards her friends
geet – hi guys I have some thing very impt to tell u
kavya – wait wait..I have been wanting u guys to meet ajay
i have called him little latter..
pooja – why latter?
kavya – I need to brief u first na..
geet & smriti smiles
kavya – guys I am little confused about all this..he seems to a nice guy..he has said yes too..
smriti – then wat is the problem
kavya – he is in US for last 5yrs..he did his college there & then picked up a job
so I feel wat if he had a girl friend or any relationship!!
geet – that is his past ..why should that bother u?
pooja – wat rubbish..she has whole right to know that
smriti – yah she should know if she is the first girl in his life or not
geet – I agree she has a right to know..but only if he wants to share then
why do u want to know some thing which he does’nt want to share?
kavya – yaar geet tu pagal hain kya?
geet – nahi yaar..u said he seems to be nice guy..so if he is nice then why will hide anything
even if he does..then assume it is not that significant
pooja – yaar tu kab se itne samjhdaar baangayee
smriti – seriously that was profound…geet smiled
pooja – waise ek baat se pata chal saktha hain
kavya – kaise?
pooja – if ur the first girl or only girl in his life then he will really get wild with his emotions
like our ranbhir jiju..
geet thought how maan gets really passionate every time they are togather..she blushed
pooja – we are taking about them why are u blushing..
geet snaps out..nahi kuch nahi..
kavya gets a call ..ok guys looks like he is hear..pooja tum aapna moo band rakhna..
he was tall well built..really knew how to dress…
he wore a tight fitted deep blue shirt ..contrasting to his
fair skin..his first 2 buttons where open showing his shaved bare chest
his hair was groomed well with gel and pulled back..he smelled very muscline..the pair of
jeans was hugging to his legs showing even the perfect curves of his
thighs & cuff mucsles..he was dressed to kill..
pooja wispered ..kavya tuna haan nahi kiya na..aacha hain..math karna..main
haan kar dethi hoon..
kavya – koi iska moo band karo yaar
ajay – hai kavya..let me guess..this is pooja, smriti & u are geet right..
pooja – absoultly..(kavya kicks her)
geet – hai ajay nice meeting u
ajay – same here
smriti – so do u like it here
ajay – I love it here..nothing like being at home
pooja – how come u decided on arrange marriage?(kavya passed a dirty look to pooja)
ajay – actually never got a chance to fall in love..untill now..he replied flirtisly
kavya – I beg ur pardon..
ajay – just joking (he reassured kavya)
pooja – I like him..he is nice
geet – wat do u do?
ajay – I am s/w guy
geet – wat platform do u work on..
ajay – i am working on AI
geet – artifical Intelligence thats really intresting..
smriti – yah..so all that talking computer tuffs
geet smriti & ajay where too engrossed in the technical specifactions..
pooja was drooling all over ajay..
kavya cleared her throat..all of them suddenly became silent..& looked
at kavya to say some thing…she took a long breath & said..
Yes I want to marry u…he just hugged her passsionatly & kissed her right infront of them…
geet & smriti turned their back & pooja stood rooted..
smriti wacked pooja & pulled her out from there…
smriti – yaar pooja sudhar ja ..u really need focus on one guy
pooja – nahi yaar I was just kidding …but nothing to beat geets Maan Singh Khurana
oh man he is HOT…I saw him this close…& he sat on my bed too…
wow..yaar geet tu kitni lucky hain na…
geet was dumb stuck…she almost wanted to kill her..
smriti – why is geet lucky??
pooja – she worked with Maan for 3 MONTHS
smrit – then probably I am luckier… maan is my Vedi Veer ji offically
pooja – wat is that?
geet – older brother in law
smriti – looks like they are little too busy..I need to leave..
use bye keh dena..
geet – umm
pooja – yaar tera aur Maan ka kya scene hain
geet – woh ..I wanted to tell u guys..lekin..
pooja – lekin kya geet? ek min..yaar main tub se notice kar rahi hi hoon that
guy is watching us..he walked in when u came & since then he is been around..
& now he is come here too..
geet turns to look at him..& looked away..yaar I saw him when I got out of my car
they both get scared & walk to more crowded area
the mall was not that busy at that hour..geet stopped to call maan…
she dialed his number..& looked up..she was alone..pooja had continued walking
geet turned back the guy was approaching closer..geet droped her phone in fear
& ran..maan answered the call & kept saying hellow…geet…he could’nt hear her speak..
he got worried..geet ran down the steps & looked back the guy was picking her phone
she got even more scared..& ran down to the next floor..
geet angry at maan
he got worried..geet ran down the steps & looked back the guy was picking her phone
she got even more scared..& ran to the next floor..
part 110
she looked for pooja..she was no where to be seen
geet looked around..there was no one..she took the lift to get to parking
she entered the lift & pressed the parking floor..
when the door was about to close..that guy came right infront & streched his
hand …geet was very scared to react…just when the door was about to close
she ran out & rushed through the steps..she trembled twice but missed a step..
jumped leaped few steps & landed on his chest…he held her in his arms
wow..woh mujhe…she hid her face into him..watching that guys coming closer
that guy still came closer..she hugged him harder scared & but still knowing
nothing could happen when she is in his embrace..she was cold catching up …
for her breath..the guy came still closer & streched his hands towards them
guy – sir maam ka phone
maan – umm
geet – aap ise jaanthe hain..(she glancedv at him)
maan looked away…the guy moved little away & stood facing his back to them
maan – geet wo tumhara body gaurd hain..aur tum use hi se darr ke bhaag rahi hoo
main kya karo tumhara..
geet did’nt speak a word..she was still terrified with wat ever happened
geet called pooja & enquired if she was fine..
pooja – tu kanha chali gayee thi..kab se tumhara phone try kar rahi hoon
where are u now
geet – i am fine..I stopped to make a call & lost u..
how are u going home..do u want me to drop u
pooja – nahi yaar I am at the taxi stand..all well with me..
I was just waiting to speak to u..shall call u tomorrow
geet – umm
she sat in the car….maan try holding her hand she pulled back..
they reached home..
maan – geet geet meri baat sunoo…
geet – aap aapne aap ko samjthe kya hain..
aap ne mera peechi jaasos chodain huain hain
maan – geet wow jaasos nahi hain..tumhara body gaurd hain
geet – u did’nt even feel that I should know about it
maan – I wanted to ..lekin tum meri baat nahi sunthi
mujhe tum se jagda nahi karna tha..
geet – woh so now u feel that I fight with u
maan – geet geet meri baat sunoo
he pulls her into him..damit mujhe timhari chinta reh thi hain
half of the time u don’t pick ur calls..
geet – aisa nahi hain
maan – aisa hi hain..main tumhare bina jee nahi sakta..
mera bas chale to tumhe aapne se ek min ke liya bhi door na karoon
hugs her tight
geet – mujhe nahi pasand yeh body gaurd sab
maan – I will tell him to maintain more distance..
geet – nahi
maan – u won’t know he is around..
geet – yah like today..even pooja noticed him
it will be so embarrising if I tell her he is my body gaurd
maan – I will tell him to be carefull
geet – mujhe body gaurd nahi chahiya
maan – tum mano yah na mano..he will be with u..
geet pulls out & walks away…
they have their dinner
geet does’nt even look at him..
maan tries to say anything ..she walks away..
maan – mera gussa khana pe kyun nikal rahi hoo
please khana kaa loo..I promise..I won’t say anything
geet nibbles few bite & goes to the room..maan knew she was still
very unhappy about the whole episode..
maan went the room saw geet had changed into her night dress..maan came closer
and & she ignored him & continued platting her hair…
he tied a blind fold on her eyes..she resisted…
geet – yeh kya kar rahe ho…
it will be fun trust me..he wispered in her ears..
geet – main aap se gussa hoon
he kissed his cheeks jaantha hoon…she turned away..
he lifted her & took her down the steps…she could feel..him
climbing down the steps..
geet – kanha jaa rahe ho?
maan did’nt reply…she felt a jerk when maan kicked open the main door
she tried openning her blind fold…
maan – u don’t trust me…
she stopped…she felt the chill wind blowing..the smell of flowers indicated
they were in the garden..it was silent…darkness was adding to the feel ..
he left her down & moved back…Awe winds, the moon Wrapped in a dismal blanket of clouds, a
dreadful cool breeze grazes her face, as she spread her hand to catch him..he moved away..she could feel his heart beat in the perfect silence..of the dark night..she could easily move towards him….he smiled & tried to slip away.again.she realized ..wat he was upto…
your essence embraces my silence I hear your footsteps in my heart..maan she laughed..
she involuntarily played along…umm!! he turned on the garden sprinkler..
she was taken a back..she tried moving away…but it was too late…
it was spraying water all around wetting her..drenching her…
since they were in the middle of the garden..they could’nt escape getting fully soaked
paani ki boondhe aise unke bandan ko chu rahi thi..jaise woh ek dosare ko
chu rahe hoon..unke honton se lagtha ..girtha pani..jaise unke honton mile rahe hoon..
ek aajb se kashma kash thi ..
geet – maaaan..thats not fair..
every thing is fair in love & war he wispered in her ears ..his warm breath in that chill
water was just so perfectly teasing her senses..she turned to catch him he moved away…
geet – to main kya samjhu..pyar yah takraar
he pulled out the band & opened her hair lose…the air was filled with her smell
he said husky voice..tumse main sirf pyar hi kar sakta hoon..caresing the nape of her neck..
he could’nt resist the temptation to pause to take it in..it was so seductive..but just moved before she could reach him….she streched her hands & turned briskly in respose to his wisper..
geet – phir hamesha mujhe pareshan kyun karthe hoo..
he came close & pulled her duppata which was soaking in her scent…
are u sure main tumhe pareshan kartha hoon..in that romantic muscline voice he said
she drew in a deep breath, inhaling his eroticly seducing perfume..
the sound of the water sprinkler on the grass blocked the sound of
his foot steps but she could feel the individual breath every time me came close to her
almost caresing her ..sending jolts down her spine..seducing her..making it diificult to hold back
..hold away from him..she turned again facing him without her duppatta..drenched &
he stood mesmeried looking at her…he put the duppata around his neck…taking in her scent
his gaze was drawn at her..the way she filled her dress..
he tried looking away..but he could’nt…stop staring at the tight front curves
geet shied & crossed her hands covering her bare neck…she probably knew..him blind folded..
maan walked towards her…she turned away…as if she knew..
he was walking towards her with so much of desire in his eyes..
she could feel her back warming up with the heat from his eyes
he wrapped the duppatta from behind…she felt a spark ignite her veins
maans warm hand across her neck & waist…geet turned & hugged him…& said caught u…
maan – as always..he smiled..like his defeat did’nt matter anything infront of her smile..
office office…
well well well..floor is set for the weekend…lets see..wat next…hope u all like it
please do comment
geet turned & hugged him…& said caught u…
as always..he smiled..like his defeat did’nt matter anything infront of her smile..
part 111
he opened her blinds to meet her eyes..she slowly flickered couple of time & then opened to meet his..she had that naughty winning smile ..his gaze slipped over her, heating her chilled
body and sending electric bolts zooming through her blood… when their eyes met again,
he smiled slowly…she shied this time..the smile had made him look teasingly dangerous
she watched the muscles bunch in his arms… his shirt was already soaked and clinging
to his back and chest…sprinkler fell on her face and dripped off the nose..she looked away
..when maan said ghar challen..she turned to move along when the slippery grass & wet
mud gave way..& she lost her balance..a warm, strong hand gripped her arm..
you ok geet..maan asked..she looked up at him… her dark hair was in the way which he set lose
he slowly moved it off of her face..she stared at him, dumbfounded..water rolled off his
face and onto his chest..drops slipped down into the open V of his shirt… the shirt
clung to him, hugging his wet skin, outlining his muscles, geet swallowed hard…
where his fingers touched her, she felt individual jolts, as if she is been hooked up
to an electric current…her curves swelled inside her damp kurthi…
maan – geeeet..she snapped out..
geet – ji..
maan – tum teehk ho..
geet – ji..ji ..main teek hoon…(she almost forgot that she was supposed to be angry with him)
they went to the room & geet could’nt take her eyes of him..
she kept staring at him with so much of desire..maan could actually feel the intensity
she shook her head ..looked at his dress…which was all wet
geet – I will get you some coffee..
aap change kar loo..(went to pull out towel)
maan cut her a glance, wiggling his eyebrows…if you wanted me naked, all you had to do was say so… I will do anything to please you..he started openning the buttons and removed his shirt..unzipped the jeans and moved closer to her..geet ran away closing her face with her hand..he pulled her back..she was breathing hard.. he could hear her heart thud louder & louder..he turned to meet her gaze she had her hands closing her face..mujhe dekhoo na geet he said softly..she shook her head for a no..still hiding her face..he came closer..his body was warm..mujhe sharam aa rahi hain..she trembled..
he moved her hands down away from her face..she almost stopped breathing..& closed her eyes tighter & bend her head..mujh se sharma rahi ho geet..he lifted her chin..to meet her eyes..
dehko na mujhe..he said again & her face turned pink maan kissed her cheeks…geet ran away
& stood near the steps for catching her breath..& went to the kitchen..it took her forever
to make that coffee..her hand was shivering she was not able to take her thoughts fade from his
wet looks…maan smiled kya karoon main aapne pagli ka..& changed into
his tracks & vest..dried his hair..
when she back with his coffee..she noticed he was not smiling..there was some thing bothering him she kept the coffee & went & changed..she saw his phone ring again & again..in vibration
she noticed few missed calls & also noticed the person calling
before she could pick the phone …maan took the phone
and answered the call…& walked away to the study…
geet waited for maan…she rolled over couple of times (babaji. yeh aise kyun karthe hain…aab dehkoo mujhe neind nahi aarahi hain..aur woo study main busy hain..aise koi kartha hain kya…geet..tu bhi kya kya expect karne laaghi hain unse..)…& fell a sleep..
when maan came back..& saw geet..sleeping..felt sorry for not keeping up to her desires..
she never complains..nor does she ask..so it becomes even more important for him to understand & take care of her feelings…which he failed at always…
geet got up early & was working out in gym…she looked at the clock couple
of times..maan did’nt join her..she walked out wondering wat happened..
maan just walked in..she was delighted…
geet – aap ka juice laathi hoon..(her voice was in high spirits)
maan just loves to see her happy & full of life…his day was made..perfect begining
she walked in with the juice & just hangged around their little longer admiring him
geet got ready & went to the kitchen ..maan joined in after few mins…it was 9.00am
grabbed an apple wipped it on her duppatta
geet – breakfast nahi karna
maan – I am getting late..kisses her cheek & leaves..
geet quickly grabs her laptop & drafts a mail…& gets busy with her usual routine
Maan reaches his office & checks his mails…to his suprise his first mail was from geet
he checks the time..9.05 am..on the mail he smiled & could stop loveing her again…
it was simple..it just read…MISS U ALREADY…
maan replies.. I DON’T MISS U ATALL..!!! (9.10am)
he carried on with his meeting & checked other mails..
geet replies with a (smily)…maan expected her to get angry..for his suprise she smiled..(9.30am)
maan – u r not angry….(10.05am)

geet was busy krish’s school work..she checked his work & was opened her mail after a while
she smiled looking at his mail & replied
why should I be?? (10.40am)
and carried on with krish’s new work sheet..

maan came back after the clients visit & read his mails..he replied
because I said I DON’T MISS U ATALL…(11.00am)

he went to the conference to discuss about Mr.Chopra’s project..& kept looking for geets reply on his blackberry..
geet completed krish’s work sheet & was about to mail krish..she noticed maan’s mail
she promptly replied…
geet send a smily again..& added a note I am glad u don’t miss me ATALL!!!(11.20am)

maan promptly checked his mail & was little restless now…did’nt reply
he felt bad that his not missing her did’nt bother her..
geet waited for maan’s reply then
she mailed again – itna gussa kyun ho rahe ho??? (12.00pm)

she went on to make lunch
maan loved to see her mail again..& that she knew his mode
he asked- how do u know??? (12.01pm)

geet tried checking her mail from her phone…
and replied – smiled again (12.15 pm)

maan was fed up with her smilies..
bhaut hasi aarahi hain??? ok I MISS U !!(12.20pm)
geet finished her work & saw his mail & laughed out loud..and replied
U cannot miss me…(12.45pm)

maan was about to finish the conference…completes the meeting & on the way to his room
types – wat do u mean??? why can’t I miss u???(12.50pm)
he was disturbed why geet said that…he kept checking the mails..

she does’nt reply…

he was in his cabin..on his laptop…he really missed her…her replies..
I am missing U now seriously (1pm)
how can that be????(1.01pm) she wispers in his ears…
he was excited & delighted to see her…
maan – wat are u doing here
geet – thought of taking u for a lunch date…since u said u miss me!!
maan – actually have some meetings lined up (he did’nt want to turn her down)
geet – so u don’t miss me???
she pretend to be annoyed & walks towards the blinds…
maan – geet I am really sorry…I know I have been little busy since last week
(geet slowly closes the blinds..but still pretends to be angry)
geet – so u don’t miss me!!!
maan – please sweet heart try to understand..I have a meeting in…geet kisses his lips
& sits on his lap…maan realized she actually closed the blinds..& the door was bolted

geet – I know u have a meeting in 15mins…(looked into his eyes)
so lets have her lunch date here…

she pulls lunch box she packed…maan smiled…
they shared their lunch..while geet was comfartably sitting in his lap..
geet – aap aaj kal aapna khayal nahi rakthe
maan – tum jo ho…uske liya…
maan twisting geets hand..yet again!!!!
geet – aap aaj kal aapna khayal nahi rakthe
maan – tum jo ho…uske liya…
part 112
geet – mujhe aap se job ke bare main kuch kahna hain…
maan – umm
his lips moves over her cheeks..caresing lower to her jaw line
geet – suniyai na…
further down to her neck…maan wispers…kahoo na
geet – ji woo..their gaze locks..his hands finds their way around her
& maan bites her lower lips & touches her upper lips with tip of his nose
geet hands move behind him..snaking its way up his hair..
love u a lot he says & passionately kisses her again..
he lifts her & makes her lie on the couch..his kisses were turning wild

moving lower & lower..into her valley..geet holds his hair & moans maaaan
she barely could voice it..aap ka meeting hain

mujhe nahi jaana…he replies.. beginning to undress her..
geet – maaaaan…office hain..
maan – shh…ek to tum mera paas aathi hoo..aur phir mujh pyar bhi nahi karnedethi
geet – teek hai aab se paas nahi aaoonghi…
maan – tumhe door jane doongha to paas nahi aaoonghi na..presses closer into her
geet – maan chodoo mujhe..aap ka office hain..ghar nahi
maan pulls out unwillingly
geet – chod diya she says..disheartened ..questioning???
maan looks at her naughtly..she fixes her dress qucikly & get up..
geet turned to tell her about job maan was already looking into his mails..
she smiled & left..maan looking into his laptop says..job ke bare main raat ko batana..
geet – ji..
geet goes home & prepares for the meeting she has in the evening..at PM Media house
maan messages…just finished my meeting…(2.30pm)
geet – stepping out now (2.45pm)
maan – have another meeting at 4.00pm (3.06pm)
geet – then??(3.07pm)
maan – next meeting 6pm(3.08pm)
geet does’nt reply
geet reaches PM media house..
Arjun – this is your first client meeting..are u nervous..
geet – no..actually I am excited..
Arjun – good…client will be here by 4.00pm..
today is just the briefing round they will tell us about their requirents
and formal introduction…from our side
geet – I can do the formal introduction
Arjun – that will great…let me know if u need any help
geet – thanxs
she discusses with the creative team just to know a brief of thier feel & prepares for the
it was 4.00pm..geet gets a call from Arjun ..
Arjun – they are here…
geet opens the conference room door & steps in..
& quickly runs out..(babaji..yeh kya kar rahe hoo aap…mera first client
inhe hi banana tha..pata nahi kun sa jawala mukhi phata ga)
maan could feel her ..he said geet & lifted his eyebrows..without looking back
a hand cares his..wat did u say..my wife..he said..I thought ur wifes name was priya..
no..he looked lost…he was not sure ..if it was geet & he just not over..with the
afternoon lunch..he smiled…& takes his phone & send a mail to geet…i can still smell u(4.05pm)
pari – u look nice smiling..sir..(he pulled his hand away)
Arjun – hellow Mr.Khurana (they shake hands)
Pari promptly says hi to Arjun..he bluntly ignores her..& says..wat ever..
Maan noticed his rudeness..but he knew Arjun always hated girls..
so getting pari along was a bad idea
maan still could feel geet around ..he looked around ..
geet noticed his restless..she was loving it…
geet replies – are u sure it is not the person sitting next to u(4.06pm)
maan saw the mail & moved little away..from pari
she send the pion with coffee..
maan sipped the coffee & knew it was made by her..
maan – i am going crazy?? (4.10pm)
geet mails again – is it me or the coffee???(4.11pm)
he excused himself & rushed out the pantry..
geet stood there mummering..main unke samne kaise jaavoo…
kabhi kisi ki baat sunthe todhi na hain…aaj hi mera court marshal kardenghe
maan – tumhara aapne aap se baat karna hogaya ho to mujh se bhi baat kar loo
..he stood there with his arms crossed over his chest..
geet smiled..- main woo aap ko…
maan moved closer kya..he spat..in anger..geet turned her face..
mujhe aap se baat nahi karni..she tried running away
he turned her arms..& said..tum yanha kya kar rahi ho?
geet – u said u miss me…
maan – geeeeet
geet – Mr.Khurana yeh aap ka bedroom nahi hain..
maan – aacha..!! he turns it harder..
maine pucha tum yanha kya kar rahi ho..
geet – maan mera haat dard kar raha hain…he leaves her & still keeps her
locked in his gaze..
Arjun – geet mera presentation wala CD kanha hain…
(they move little apart & maan slips his hand in his pocket)
Oh! Mr. Khurana..u might be knowing her..she did her project with u guys
thats why I wanted Ms.Geet…(he pauses confused with her sir name)
Ms. Geet Handa he says…to handle ur project(he comes closer to geet
resting his hand behind her protectively ..seeing maan being so close to her..Arjun
knew maan’s temper…maan looks at his hands geet moves closer to maan)
maan glares at geet…(geet first tries to explain then plays along..ignoring his looks)
Geet – sir the CD is in ur laptop bag..
Arjun – thanxs..
after arjun leaves..maan walks still closer ..to geet..tries to walk away..maan traps
her between his hands…
Maan – woh tumhe Geet Handa kyun kah raha tha?
Geet – pari na bhi to aap ki wife ka naam priya kaha..(lifting her eyebrow)
maan – Geeeeet…
she breaks out his hand & walks away…
maan – pari has just joined instead of Sasha..
geet – main ne to kuch nahi poocha…
some more office romance
maan – pari has just joined instead of Sasha..
geet – main ne to kuch nahi poocha…
part 113
maan – tum kabhi kuch nahi poochthi? maan comes closer to her
geet – ise liya uska faida utha the ho? she turns away
maan – geet tumhe patha hain aise kuch nahi hain..
geet was having fun troubling maan..she smiled inwards
geet – mujhe to kabhi kuch pata hi nahi challen dethe aap…(that was deeper)
maan calms himself..tumne yanh job kabse join kiya (maan was not liking this
sudden distance between them..he wanted to be part of everything atleast after
he took the oaths again)

geet – kyun aap ke jaasos ne nahi bathaya aap ko?
maan – GEEEEET he is ur body gaurd not ur spy…
geet – wat ever..she walks away…
maan – (wat ever..he mummers)main kuch pooch raha hoon tumse?
geet – its been a week now..
maan – mujhe bathna bhi zaroori nahi samjha?(his voice had pain)

geet – aap ke paas time knaha meri baathoo ke liya…(complaining..tone..maan actually liked
that she complained..) maan kept quite…he knew he was little too preoccupied over
the week & geet did try telling him in the afternoon too..
geet walks to the conference room…maan joins in after few mins
Arjun settled & smiled at geet…maan sat in the middle facing the screen
Pari – spoke about their magazine & the column on sucess behind marriage
as understanding & accepting the companion..& said that will be the main theme
geet looked at maan wondering that he actually had included her suggestion
maan looked away…geet mummered aab to laagtha hain inke liya bus *** wohi sab kooch
hain…bus suggestion include karne se kya hota hain..use samjh bhi to ana chahiya..looking up
maan heard that..& his eyes was turning red..in fury…
geet ignored him…
pari explained the design they were expecting on the cover..also handed over the
pics they wanted to work on..
Arjun looked at the details & handed over to geet..he wispered few points to her
maan could’nt stand the sight of Arjun actually being warm towards geet
Arjun snubbed pari every time she tried saying a point…
Maan took over & explained ..geet smiled at maan..at him being protective
about pari…maan noticed that..his eyes tried explaining it is just
proffessional..geet lifted her eyebrows…who knows!!!
maan voiced out..tum aise kaise soch sakhthi ho…
Arjun – kaun kaise soch raha hain Mr. Khurana?
maan was dumbstuck…he looked at geet..complaining eyes..(phasa diya na mujhe)
geet – sir we discussed this outside ..& I was suggesting
a darker shade…for intensity of the companionship..
& he suggested…brighter shade to depicit positivity..
maan continued..yah..I meant tum darker side…I mean darker shade kaise soch sakthi hoo?
geet smiled looking away..
pari wondered wat was wrong with maan..he never fumbles..
maan gets a call..he excuses himself…
when comes back..he notices geet standing next to Arjun & discussing ..
geet sensed his anger..she moved away & took the print and came next to maan…
geet wispers..aap ka hi kaam kar rahi hoon..maan turns his face..
kitna gussa karthe hoo?
geet looks for perfect moment..avoiding pari & arjuns eyes..
bends close to maan pretending to explain …kisses his cheeks..
& turns away like nothing happened..maan pulls her hand & makes her sit
next to him..
geet – maan mera haat chodoo..what will they think
maan – meri biwi ka haat pakada hain…let them think wat ever they want..
Arjun was still looking into his laptop..& pari was typing the changes..
geet – maan chodona please..
he puts up his cheeks asking for another one..
geet – ghar main..
maan – teehk hain..haath bhi ghar jaa kar chodonga..
geet says very softly ..suniya…maan turns mesmerized in those words
geets presses a kiss on his lips this time & pulls away her hand..
maan was socked he could’nt have asked for more….geet stood up cluctching her duppata…
suddenly geet looked at maan & became restless..she looked at arjun & pari
& then looked at maan’s cheeks & lips..he had a slight lipstick mark..
maan carefully took the hanky & wipped his cheeks ..& then lips..
looked at geet..their eyes met & she was lost in how much he has started to understand her
maan got a call regarding Mr. Chopra’s final design…he asked pari to handle the call
meanwhile..Arjun was adding points to geets presentation
Arjun – let the body be same just add these line
geet – yes sir(maan looked at her)
Arjun – also mention the layout limitation we usaually face
geet – ji sir (maan continued looking at her)
Arjun – don’t forget the dead line & time frames
geet – ok sir
Arjun walked out to meet the creative team
maan & geet were alone in the room
maan – tum usko sir kyun bolthi rahthi hoo
geet – maan ..woo mera boss hain…
maan – mera ko khabhi sir nahi khaha ?? main bhi to tumhara boss tha?
geet – aap bhoolen honghi ki humari shaadhi hui thi..main to nahi bhooli thina
phir main kyun aap ko sir kahthi…
maan – tum se baath kar ke koi jeet sakha hain ?
geet – phir koshish kyun karthe hoo
maan – tum aapne boss kab batha rahi ho?
geet – kya?
maan – humare bare main?
geet – aap kab batha rahe ho pari ko?
maan – geeeet
pari walks in..maan looks away..

Arjun – geet shall we start the presentation..
geet starts the presentation..maan was lost looking at her..
maan admired her eyes ..every time she moved her hair..that teased her..
he smiled a little..geet shied looking at maan smiling…
geet moved along & tried to explain…she pointed at files kept in
front & suggested to look into it..maan was too lost to open the file
geet tried to point at the file with her eyes..maan was still..drooling over
his wife…it was becoming little embarssing since pari was noticing that…
geet went close to maan & droped the file down..

maan snapped out & bend to lift the file…geet bend along with him..
geet wispered yeh kya kar rahe hain aap….
maan – main kya karoon..tum samne aathi hoo to mujhe patha nahi kya hoja tha hain..
geet opens the file..& points …maan looks at her..& takes in her forever seducing scent.
geet got to a point where Arjun was to take over
she looked at him.. Arjun continued the accounts part..maan continued
looking at geet..she avoided meeting his gaze..she knew if she sees him..
she won’t be able to hold back..her gaze..she looked at him for brief moment & their
eyes stuck..
Arjun – wat do u feel Mr. Khurana
geet was standing behind arjun. maan could not take his eyes off her..
Arjun moves over..so wat do u think Mr.Khurana?
maan was too lost to answere…he looks at Pari..
maan – so wat do u think Pari…
geet moves away from arjun to meet maans eyes..he was looking at pari..
pari – I feel it is great..
maan – fine..(clearing his throat)
Arjun – u both seem to have a great understanding
geet passed a glance to maan..
pari shied..
maan was restless..looking at geet..
maan feeling sad…

geet passed a glance to maan…(she knew maan would get bothered)
pari shied.. maan was restless..looking at geet..
part 114
after the meeting geet shook hands with pari & maan
maan did’nt leave her hand…she pulled back (maan kept looking into her eyes)
geet – we shall work with the creative team & get back to u with the first proof..
maan – umm
geet gave a warm formal smile & left the room..maan & pari spoke with Arjun for
little longer..maans eyes was looking for geet..
maan mailed her..where are u??(5.05pm)
geet did’nt reply..
geet finished her work & walked out of PM media…he pulled her hand & dragged her to car

geet – aap office nahi gaye..u have a meeting at 6pm right?
maan – I was waiting for u
geet – mera gadi bhi hain…aur jaasos bhi…
maan rolled his eyes..he had given up explaining that he was her body gaurd
maan – main tumhe mile bhina kaise chale jatha..
she smiled..
maan – ise smile ke intzaar me kada tha…
maan instructed his driver to follow in her car..
geet – kyun…?
maan – main aapne biwi ke saath coffee peena chatha hoon..
geet had a widder smile & sat in the car…
they drew to a drive in coffee shop…he placed their order
& turned to her..
maan – geet are u fine with this job?
geet – yah I love it..
maan looked worried
geet – aap ko kyun laga ki main khush nahi?
maan – nahi..Arjun is genrally very rude with females
geet – smiled..
maan – but he seems to be fine with u…infact I have never seen him speak to any other
(geet could see a tinch of jeaslous in that concerned eyes..she loved it..)
female so nicely…apna jadoo ..use sadoo boss bhi chalaa diya
geet – aap se jada to sadoo nahi hain..(she smirked)
maan – SADOO…
geet closed her mouth with her hands..
maan moved closer..sadoo…umm!! & bit her lips…

geet pulls back…aap ko ghar ke bhar hi romance soojh tha hain..
maan – tum kaho to ghar main chal kar romance kar lethe hain
geet hides her face in his chest..he pats her head & places a kiss .

waiter gets their order..geet pulls apart & straighten herself..
while sipping the coffee..
maan – geet I am really sorry..
geet looks at him innocently
maan – nahi I have been little busy since the time we have come back from shimla
geet – little (she smiled) ..I am not complaining…lets not talk about it..
maan – nahi mujhe kehna hain..
(he holds her capitive in his looks…)
geet i want to be with u ..want to be part of ur life..
jis tarah tum mera zindaghi main shamil ho…main bhi tumhare zindaghi main
shamil hona chaha tha hoon…tumhare har pal main..tumhare har ehsaas main..
geet – mushqil hain (she shies)
maan – aise kyun kah rahi ho…(maan was heart broken)
geet – because u don’t have time for anything…
maan cups her face..but u know that I am there for u always….umm!!
geet – umm!!!..(blinks softly her eyes once)
there some where..(she pauses..& says..)
where I can never reach!!!
(she had pain in those words) she immdeitely smiles & hides those feelings…
aab chaloo aap ko late ho raha hoga…
maan looks down..he knew he has let her down again…
hurt her again..& this time it was reflecting …so deep & intense..he was not able to
bare it…this is why he did’nt want to get close to her at the first place…
he remembered all the time in those two years..how much he struggled to hold himself back…
but she just came closer & closer & closer & he never realized how he just lost
himself completly to her…he looked really disturbed and withdrawn
geet glared up at him, loving the way the evening stubble shadowed the lines of his jaw,
causing him to look even more forbidding…
geet – Why do you have to make everything so difficult..??
let it be…the way it is…why do u rise hopes..& then make it difficult for u
& impossible for me…maine to aap se kabhi kuch nahi manga..
maan – kyun geet ..kabhi kyun kuch nahi mangthi…
geet – main mangoo aur aap de na paavoo to…
maan – to…
geet – mujhese jada aap ko duhk hoga…(her eyes was moist)
before she could spell a word, maan raised his hands to her head and slid his fingers
through the silky dark strands… gently he tilter her head toward him..he moved across
towards her ..he lowered his head until his mouth was almost touching hers…
their breaths mingled…kyun mujhe se itna pyar karthi hoo..
geet – pata nahi..yah ehsaas kya hain aur kyun hain…lekin mujhe aab is ehsaas se daar laagne laaga hain..she moves closer touching his lips…he takes them in & they have a heart queching kiss…they pull apart & finish their drink..
geet kisses him goodbye & moves to her car…
maan was not happy to let her go…but had to…
maan – why can’t I miss u???
geet kisses him goodbye & moves to her car…
maan was not happy to let her go…but had to…
part 115
maan came home at 11.30pm..
geet was chatting with pooja..she hangs up & gives a warm hug to maan
she does’nt ask him for dinner she ..walks up the kitchen & has her dinner
maan was suprised…
he changes & joins her in the kitchen…she was having her dinner…
maan sits next to her…she passes his coffee…
maan – you did’nt ask me to join u for dinner..(he sipped his coffee)
geet – i thought u had..thats why I made coffee for u
maan – then why did’nt u have untill now..
geet – I did’nt know untill u walked in..
maan just looked at her..wondering how she just looks through him…
his body is like a transperent glass to her ..she could glance at him & know
wat he wants..
maan – u don’t wait for me..like this..
geet – umm!!(totally not registering wat he said..maan smiled)
after her dinner..maan takes his coffee & goes to his study
geet goes to the bedroom & waits for him…
when he slips in the spread..geet hugs him from behind..slowly slipping
his fingers ..little reluctant & concious..yet shy
maan – u did’nt sleep..(he caressed her hand)
geet – I wanted to ask u some thing..
maan tunred to see her…she looked reluctant..
geet – ji woo..(she rested her head on his chest)
maan – boolo geet
geet – pooja’s parents are going out of station..
maan – umm (he was playing with her hair..stroking..rolling over his finger)
geet – they requested me to stay back with her
maan – tum mujhe chod kar kanhi nahi jaa rahi hoo..samjhi tum..
he pinned her down on the bed maans eyes traveled over her from her head down
to her toes, and back up to her face… geet could barely hold his narrowed black gaze
she could feel his intense look sweep over her like a fire suddenly out of control..
creating a burning sensation..clearing her throat nervously..main kanhi nahi jaa rahi..
geet saw maan’s expression change, his eyes turning smoky, darker color… she felt
his fingers tighten over hers.. as he lifted his hand and slid it around her slender
neck to draw her in, she was caught off guard ..her lashes automatically closed as
she placed her hand on his shoulder and arched her back..
she lost herself in the splendor of maans mouth.. the warmth of his ragged breaths
the hunger in his touch.. and the power of his need for her… geets fingers dug
rapidly into his shoulder as he kissed her.. maan was at once flattered
the masculinity and the male tenderness he shed on her…the roughened quality
of his fingers against her cheek only heightened her … maan stroked her
skin like she was some priceless gift, and it brought a rush of tears to her eyes…
in fear & pleasure…maan realized he scared her..he slowly laid on his back..
maan looked at her ..saw the color of her cheeks deepen and realized
she was blushing… her lashes were down and he couldn’t read her eyes…
geet laid humbly on him, her hands embraced him, her head to one side to avoid his eyes…
geet – main aap ko chod kar kanhi nahi jaa rahi..
maan kissed her head..
maan – phir aise baathe kyun karthe hoo..
geet – sorry
maan – why don’t u ask her to stay with us
geet – nahi(she cried..maan smiled)
maan – aacha suno
geet – umm!!
maan – tum ne message main kyun lika ki..I can’t miss u
geet rested her head on his shoulder and sighed..her fingers trailed across his chest,
then she tucked them under her chin and closed her eyes..I am never going to let u miss me she said quietly. ..no matter what…I will be always there where ever..when ever u want me..need me..her voice trailed off as she fell asleep… maan lay on his back and stared up at the ceiling…
he could hear the regular sound of her breathing… maan realized ..how true she was..
it had been a busy week for both of them..maan was really held up with his work &
geet tried every little thing to keep up to his busy schedule…but things were
just getting hard on them…but geet always found her way out to meet up with him
while she worked hard with her new job..
geet gets a call from pooja in conference with smriti & kavya
pooja – I hate u..tu friendship ke naam pe dhubha hain
geet – lekin
smriti – how could u hide it from us
geet – meri baat to suno
kavya – I thought we will be the first to know it
geet – please let me explain
pooja – yaar geet hamari doosti main kya kami rah gayi thi
smriti – I really hate u…
kavya – never call u again
geet becomes quite..babaji.inhe kaise pata chala?? yeh log kitna gussa ho rahain hain how
will I explain them now..
pooja – geet ..geet are u there
geet – umm..yaar I am sorry
pooja – how could u do this
geet – I was about to tell u about maa
pooja – when ???? after dating Arjun Punj…
geet – yeh loo tumlog job ke baat kar rahe ho..(she starts laughing)
smriti – u r laughing & she cuts the call
geet – nahi nahi..meri baat to sono
kavya – geet u really disappointed me..
geet – nahi kavya ..please meri baath to sono
kavya – we are really angry & she hangs up
geet – pooja..yaar
pooja – yaar tujhe sare HOTY’s ke saath kaise job mil jaatha hain
phele Maan aur aab Arjun Punj
geet – I wanted to meet up & share it with u all..yaar kuch kar na..
pooja – smriti & kavya are really mad at u
geet mummers…job ke liya aise react kar rahen hain..Maan ke bare main..babaji
kuch karo na…
pooja – tu kya bol rahi hain..mujhe kuch samjh nahi aaraha…
geet – pooja bata na main unhe kaise manovoo..
pooja – phele tu mujhe mana..phir unko…
geet – poo please yaar…kuch kar na..tu to sab samajhthi hain na..
pooja – tu mujhe Arjun se milaye ghi to..
geet – teehk hain (geet says promptly)
pooja – aacha let me plan something & then call you
geet disturbed & maan making a difference…
geet – teehk hain (geet says promptly)
pooja – aacha let me plan something & then call you
part 116
it was the second meeting with Khuranas..
maan & pari walked in..to the conference room
Arjun – hellow Mr. khurana..
Maan – hellow (he noded & his eyes were looking for geet)
geet walks in with the proofs & other details..his excitment was building
his heart started to race..pumping more blood to add up to the sensation..
he felt as if he has not seen for ages..she smiled at his tracing looks..
she tried to be more professional..knowing it was just not possible
with his eyes following her every small gestures..
geet showed the proof to them..& explined it..
pari – this shade is still not wat we wanted..
geet looked at him…
maan – this is perfect (she smiled)
pari – but dreamy ..I mean Maan this not wat we decided
geet lifted her eyebrows at dreamy..maan cleared his throat
maan – this is perfect ..I love it..(he still kept looking at geet)
pari – Maan we are trying to potray a different emotions..here…unlike our
comptetitor..u told me.
pari took the proof & moved close to maan..her hand caresed maans cheeks
geet looked away & excused her to leave the room ..she walked straight into the door..
maan rushed to geet and said..sambal ke geet..

geet looked at maan…he knew she was not happy…maan eyes were worried & hurt
he never wanted to see pain in those eyes…least because of jealousy…

Arjun – are u fine.. (maan slips is hand away)
arjun gets her glass of water & checks her forehead..
geet moves back & says I am fine..
geet went out ..she was not comfatable ..she went to her cabin & sat on her chair
babaji inhe sab ke wajah se main inke office nahi jaana chathi..
aur aap inko kyun yanha behj rahe hoo….she tries to relax..
geet yeh sab hota rahta hain..woh hain he aise …I should ignore all this…relax geet…
geet its ok…take a long breath …every thing will be fine..(mernurs to herself)
she folds her leg leans back on her chair…
pooja calls..
pooja – yaar geet bad news..hain
geet – why wat happened
pooja – they are just not listening..bhut senti ho rahain hain
geet – aacha teehk hain..let me thing of some thing..
pooja – dehk I tried..so don’t forget..my meeting with Arjun…
geet – umm
geet babaji yeh saab kya ho raha hain…
main inko maan ke bare main kaise batavoonghi..
first I will have to sort this job part …
she rests her head on the chair & closes her eyes
maan stood behind her & messages her neck…with the touch she knew it was him..
she just gave in..& enjoyed every bit of it…
his hands..slowly pressed back of her neck & then moved outwards to the shoulders..
she moved forward & bend her head towards the table…maan moved his hand messaging down her neck..to her back..down her spine..she moved back resting her head back ward arching herself..maan bend down & kisses her..forehead..
she smiles..& jumps up in shock…
geet – aap yeh kya kar rahe ho? yeh mera office hain..
maan – are u ok? u look really tired..
geet – nahi I am fine..
maan – kya hua geet..(he moves her curls behind)
she hugged him..mujhe kuch aacha nahi laag raha
maan – ghar challen
geet – meeting hain na..
maan – cancel kar de thain hain…?
geet – nahi..that won’t be professional..aap chaloo I will join u guys..
maan – are u sure
she noded & maan left..
they continued the discussion..
pari – we are having the launch party in the disc…
Arjun – why disc?
pari – the target audeince …will be mostly in such places..& then
we do have subsequent plans..we want to make it a style statement
maan & geet were busy glancing each other
geet – DISC!!
maan – actually our investors insisted
pari – hands over the invite to geet & Arjun
maan – we could have the huge laminate of this proof..
as the back drop & few hand out..pari may be able to give the content
Arjun – umm!!
after they left..maan went to the car & messaged..I am waiting…
geet finished her work & joined him ..
geet – hum kanha jaa rahe hain…
maan – ghar
geet smiled..
maan stops the car turns to meet her eyes..aacha kya huvaa..why are u so disturbed
geet – I had some misunderstandig with my friends
maan – umm
geet – they are angry with me
maan – why?
geet – they came to know about my job through some one else..
maan – umm!!
geet – pooja tried speaking to them..but..they are getting too senti about the whole thing
maan – why don’t u spend some time with them..talk to them..& explain
I am sure they will understand
geet – yah !!! I think i really need to talk to them now
maan – is there any thing else bothering u…sweetheart
geet hugs him tight…kya baat hain..maan said stroking her hair
woh..job ko lehkar itna naraz ho rahen hain…
I can’t even imagine how they will react when I tell them about our wedding
maan – don’t worry ..every thing will be fine…
maan – aacha let me drop u home..(starts the car)
geet could u please pass me the CD from the dash board
geet opens the dash board & finds a big choclate bar..
she really gets delighted & kisses him…on his cheeks
maan – tum accident karvaoo ghi…
geet opens the choclate & sees a note in that..
she narrowed her eyebrow..maan dekhiya na.. is main note hain
maan smiles…geet realizes ..he has actually placed it..
it was a red coloured heart shapped paper..& it read..

The best thing about ME is YOU
geet – thanxs…(she felt special…)
she shared the chocolate with him..
maan could read her eyes she was happy..thats wat he wanted…
he droped her home & moved onto his meetings..

party time !!!!

maan could read her eyes she was happy..thats wat he wanted…
he droped her home & moved onto his meetings..
part 117
geet calls pooja..
poo I have have something for u..
pooja – kya??
geet – saturday ko Maan ke magazine a launch hain..& PM media is doing the
designing for their magazine..so I have an extra invite to the disc..
pooja – wow…thats perfect..Maan Khurana & Arjun Punj under one roof…
u just made my day
geet – but u have to do some thing for me..
pooja – I know…u will never do anything without reason
geet – pooo
pooja – aacha bool
geet – plan a party at ur place ..call smriti & kavya..don’t tell them I am coming
pooja – tu mujhe jootha kilane ke plan main hain
geet – invite !!!
pooja – teehk hain teehk hain …aaj hi plan karthi hoon
geet caught up with krish & his school work..she got a call from his principal
regarding the play….as followed up with worksheet
next day geet went to the mansion..
daadi – where have u been? how is ur new job?
geet – every thing is fine daadi
daadi – I thought u will be joining our family business
geet – nahi I am not comfartable with that
NT – daadi ..phir vedi veerji ghar hi nahi aayengai..
daadi – very true..now atleast he comes back home because of her
geet blushes..

it was 2pm..maan comes home…picks up the files & goes to the study
he looks for geet..& then remembers she has joined office..
maan opens his laptop & continues with his work..
geet sneaks in ..comes close to his ears & wispers
geet – little birdy said u r missing me!! how can that be!!
maan smiled..tumhara office nahi hain
geet – I don’t go to office every day…
maan was suprised..then
geet – I work from home…only have to attend client meetings..rest of the time
I am hear..attending my hubby!!!
maan – u don’t have a client meeting today
geet – I only take a single client at a time…
& as I checked last…Mr. Khurana is not meeting us today
maan – wat if he decides to meet mrs khurana…and nibbles her ears..
moving her curls….
geet – at ur service …
maan – yeh aacha kaam hain
geet – hain na!!!
maan understood wat she meant by least commitment..and was really happy that
she found exactly wat she wanted…
geet – shall I get ur lunch here
maan – please sweetheart..bhuat kaam hain
geet went down & got his lunch..
maan – i have meeting at 6pm..untill then I will be working from home
geet – umm!(feeding him)
maan – with launch this weekend..kaam ka pressure bhaut hain
geet looks into the files…he was working on & still continues to feed him
maan – tum kyun nahi khaa rahi? (guides her hand to feed her)
she smiles..
after they finish the lunch..maan was held up with his work..
geet gets a call from pooja
pooja – yaar…pyjama party at my place 8pm sharp..
geet – I can’t stay back…
pooja – I know…tere liya 8-12pm
geet – ok ok..see u at 8 then
geet comes back to see maan was on a call…
geet looks into maans files & continues to work…she completed the basic things…
which otherwise would have eaten his time…arranged his mails..checked the final copy of the
hand outs..invite list…reminder list…
maan came back ..bend down next to her & noticed wat she was doing..
his breath caresed through her neck…she could’nt type a letter..her hand were shaking
she blushed..maan kissed her neck & wispered …tum mujhe kyun nahi join karthi..
tum sara kaam karna..aur main tumhe aise hi dehktha rahoongha…

geet cuddled into a hug…phir main aap ko kab dekhoonghi…?? tum mujhe kanha dekhthi hoo!!
geet – ummmmm cried ..(she realized wat was he hinting to)
maan – thanxs…
geet – yeh to koi bhi kar saktha hain..
maan – nahi…sirf tum kar sakthi ho..
geet – don’t flatter me…
maan – nahi geet..dehko..this is wat my assistant would do…this is her stlye of working
& this is wat u have done..& this is wat I have done…(pointing at the mails & listing)
geet tries to understand
maan – u do it exactly the way I do it…because ur doing it for me…(geet kisses him)
geet – coffee???
maan – umm!!
geet gets the coffee for him & continues with her work..maan leaves at six
geet was getting nervous to face her friends
geet reaches pooja’s place..smriti & kavya were already there…
smriti – why is she here?
geet – yaar I am really sorry..
kavya – we were the ones behind ur life asking u to pick up a job & u did’nt even bother
telling us…
geet – nahi..I wanted to personally meet u guys & tell u..
smriti – when geet..u never have time for us..
geet – aise nahi hain…
kavya – u know u behave as if ur married having children & running a big house
geet gluped her saliva..
smriti – pooja…yeh tera ghar hain…u can invite whom ever u want..
I am leaving
pooja – yaar relax..picture dehkthe hain na…
I have managed to get a real nice adult movie
kavya – really…
smriti – are u sure…
pooja – I thought u guys need some exposure before the wedding night!!!
geet was totally embarressed..
geet – ok I will leave then
smriti – geet yaar ..its ok…we love u…& hugs her kavya & pooja join the hug
kavya – yaar next time don’t do like this…please..it really hurts..
geet – sorry..holds her ears..
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smriti – geet yaar ..its ok…we love u…& hug her kavya & pooja join the hug
kavya – yaar next time don’t do like this…please..it really hurts..
geet – sorry..holds her ears..
part 118
they all move to pooja’s room & cuddle up in the bed..
pooja plays the movie..all of them were excited & thrilled ..
geet was feeling shy…as the story moved on…pooja could not stop commenting
on the guy & his naked looks..smriti & kavya where getting nervous &
anxious…about their near future…
geet left the room at once…
pooja – geet yaar kya kar rahi hain
geet – nahi I am fine..mujhe nahi dehkna..
pooja – yaar iska kya hoga?
smriti & kavya were too lost to respond..
geet went & sat in the drawing room…she picked a magazine to read…
she just kept turning the pages…& there was an article on Maan Singh Khurana
with his pic…she could’nt stop thinking about their intimate moments..
maan passionately kissing her..trailing her bare waist..& uff his desires eyes
she closed the magazine & tried look away..she could feel herself getting
wamer & wet…she went to the washroom & walked into the pooja’s room
closed her eyes…took a deep breath & said…
there was no noice..perfect silence..she slowly openned her one eye to
see their reaction..& then opened the next one..pooja had chips in her
hand & her mouth was wide open..her eyes was literally poping out..
geet – poo poo..
smriti & kavya kanha hain..
pooja does’nt respond..geet rushes out to look for them..
smriti was in pooja’s parents room talking to ranbir
& kavya was in the guest room talking to ajay
geet comes back to the pooja’s room & stands in the balcony
pooja – tu pagal hain kya???(shouting at her)
geet keeps mum
pooja – how can u marry him? atleast u should have asked my suggestion
geet – but u always admired him
pooja – I am sure ..he would have talked u into it..
oh geet..why are u so innocent
geet – aisa kuch nahi hain
pooja – don’t do this to ur self..u deserve some one better
geet – I thought u always said he is the best…
pooja – agar main kise ko bhi best bolonghi tu use shaadhi karleghi kya?
geet – nahi ..woo
pooja – u crazy..maan is like a fantansy ..real main how can u marry a guy
who has a son..who is 10..itna attitude..temperment
geet – krish is going to be 11 now
pooja – tu serious hain kya?
I always knew there was something fishy I should have warned u..
pooja hugs her…geet yaar ek baar to bola hota…pyar ke chakar main
kanha ja kar phas gayi tu
geet – it was an arrange marriage…its been 4 yrs now
pooja faints..thud!!!!
geet gets some water & sprinkles..poo poo..yaar itna melodrama mat karna.. please
all the while in college u were married…
why did’nt u tell us anything about it…
geet – phir tum loog meri itne aachey friends nahi banthe
pooja – nahi geet main paka banthe..how could a lose a chance of being saali to Maan Singh Khurana
geet cleares her throat
pooja – ok..mrs maan singh khurana (geet blushes)
geet – yaar main smriti aur kavya ko kaise batvoonghi..
pooja – ek min..so ranbhir..tera
geet – devar hain
pooja – ur the bhabhai he went ga ga about…she laughed loud
tu to gayi…smriti will kill u…
geet – yaar to kuch kar na..please..
pooja – sorry..ise bar main kuch nahi kar sakthi..
geet – where are they…
pooja – picture deehk kain..they are having phone S** with their respective…
would be’s
geet – wat is phone s**
pooja – teri shaadhi hogayi hain na?..suhag raat nahi howa kya??
geet – Poooo!!!(geet was red)
pooja – then ask ur hubby
geet – main unse kaise pooch sakthi hoon
pooja – are u sure u guys really married..i mean real real sence
geet – tu aise kyun bol rahi hain
pooja – phir pooch..
geet – teehk hai main ghar jaakhe pooch loonghi
pooja – nahi aabhi mera samne pooch
geet – nahi..I can’t call him now..he will be busy..
pooja – raat key 11.30 he is busy..not with u..then with whom???
geet – pooja yaar please stop it..
geets phone rings..she looks at the number & cuts the call
pooja – kise ka phone hain..
geet – kisi ka nahi…
pooja snatches the phone & sees it was maans call..
geet snatches the phone & cuts the call again..
maan really gets worried & tries again & again..
pooja keeps teashing geet…& geet keeps cutting the call
pooja – nahi tu abhi poocha ghi
geet (shouts)- main unse ghar jaake pooch loonghi & turns around
maan stood there with his hand crossed in front of his chest
geet closed her mouth
pooja initially was mesmerised looking at maan in her bedroom balcony
she blinked her eyes twice & then pinched herself
& then she moves close to geet..pooch na..
maan – kya poochna hain tumhe geet..
geet – woo..phone..phone phone..(clutching her duppata)
maan – tum phone ..3 bar bhool chuki hoo
pooja smiled..naughtly..maan saw geet turning pink & red..
geet – mujhe kuch nahi poocha na..
maan – phir tum aapna phone kyun cut kar rahi thi bar bar..I got so worried
pooja – how romantic..u came looking for her because she was cutting the call
geet – tu chup kar poo..tujhe se main baath main baath karoonghi..
aap pipe chat kar aya ho??(questioning maan)
maan – aur kaise atha?
pooja looked down..jiju u actually climbed that pipe..I am impressed..
maan smiled at her..geet glanced at poo & then maan
pooja – yaar tu aab pooch hi daal ..I can’t wait ..
maan – kya pooch na tumhe?
they hear a moment at the door..pooja asks geet & maan to hide behind the curtains
maan – hum chup kyun rahen hain
geet – aap yanha kyun aaye (he cups her face)
maan – I was worried..for u..(geet looks into those eyes & gets lost..or was it she was missing
his closeness..she blinked her eye lashes once & moved closer to his lips)
pooja cleares her throat they snap out..
pooja – tum loog nikloo..I will tell them u were getting late..
I have locked their room doors..u can use the main door to leave
while in the car..pooja calls..again..poocha??
geet – kaha na pooch loonghi..
maan smiles at her innocence..
geet changes & quickly slips inside the spread..avoiding his questions..
maan slips next to her on the other side & calls her on her phone..
geet looks at the number & answeres the call(inhe bhi kya kya sooj tha hain)
maan – wat are u wearing
geet – night dress..(maan aap kya saval kar rahe ho)
maan – GEET
geet – teehk hain (all confused)..my pink night suit
maan – zip wala(in a husy voice he replies)
geet – ji (she gets concious..turns around & looks..maan was facing the other side
she turns back & lies down..wondering..)
maan – tumhare baal mujhe kula aache laagthe hain
geet – umm!(she opens her plats lost in his voice)
maan – i get lost in the exotic scent of urs..
geet cuddles up breathing heavier..
maan slowly slips his hand & pull her closer…into him
moves her hair from her neck & wispers..this is..phone s**
she cuts the call & covers her face with the spread..
party time!!!
moves her hair from her neck & wispers..this is..phone s**
she cuts the call & covers her face with the spread..
part 119
next day pooja calls up…poocha?
geet blushed..not bad geet ..not bad at all
pooja – yaar wat do I wear for the launch party
geet – kuch bhi phenle..u will look nice
pooja – nahi yaar I meeting Arjun as the young talent of the year
Arohi Sharma…yaada..because of him I could not participate in that
competition..last year…but this year I have won it ..
geet – woh sab chood na..sir aise nahi hain..he is really nice
pooja – but I am not going to spare him..
geet – wear salwar…
pooja – wat???? disc main…
geet – I think Arjun will like that
pooja – I am not going there to impress him..
geet – teri marzi..
pooja – umm!!! let me see

it was saturday night..the launch night..
geet arranged for all the displays & hand outs..
she coordinated with pari for the arrangement & checked & rechecked every small bit
Arjun – great work geet…I will manage from here..
geet – thanxs sir
arjun – if there is anything I will call u…I think we are pritty much done here
at the launch party ..the decor was set beautiful lighting & guests were given the hand outs
Maan – Welcome Mr. Punj
arjun – nice decor Mr. Khurana
maan – thanxs for coming..& smiled..restless..& looking around
maan kept looking for geet
pari checked up all the arrangements & met up with Arjun & Maan
pari – Mr. Arjun ..where is geet? we need her hear…when is geet coming
Arjun – I am sorry Mr.Khurana she won’t be coming
pari – how can she do that..at the last min
maan stared at pari…
Arjun – no no…she was never supposed to come…
maan – why?
Arjun – she does’nt attend any business parties..she is not comfartable
maan was little taken a back..he remembered how she attended Mr. Sharma’s parties with him
in mumbai and here..
pooja walks in & meets up with maan
maan – hi pooja
pooja – hi jiju..call me arohi sharma infort of that sadoo(she wispers to maan)
maan smiled..why wat happened…
pooja – thats my screen name…last year because of him I could not participate in the competition
arjun intrupts their talk
Maan clears his throat…meet Ms Arohi Sharma
Arjun – winner of the young talent this year ..right
arohi – hi..aap??(looks at maan extending her hand to arjun)
Arjun – I am Arjun Punj
they have that brief eye lock…(pooja mumers to herself..tu use badla lane aayaee hain
aise deehk aaghi to..tujhe pyar hojayaga…look away..pooja..)
Arjun – kuch kaha tumne
arohi – nahi….arjun – good
maan leaves them alone & calls geet

maan – why are u not coming..it is such an important day for me..
geet – I can’t come there now..it won’t look nice
maan – tum disc jaathi to hoo..friends ke saath…
then why are u doing this to me…I thought u will be here..
geet – aap kab se disc jaane laaghe…
maan – I want u here…
geet – maan plz..aise zid na karo..
maan – u are leaving me alone with all this girls…
geet smiles – enjoy yourself…
maan cuts the call..
the dark shade of the cover was looking wonderfull in the dim light of the disc..
it just added upto the feel …there was lots of prasises & the magazine got
good accepatance …maan thanked media & Arjun
Arjun – actually geet deserves it all
maan – sab kuch to uska hi idea hain…
Arjun – sorry!!
maan excuses himself…and kept looking at the entrance
pari – r u waiting for some one
maan – yah !! my wife..(he looks at the door)
pari – shall I get u a drink?(lagtha hain he really misses his x-wife..how dreamy..mumuers)
maan – umm!!!(he just did’nt want to be seen around her especially when geet walks in)
pari mixses few hard drinks to lighten his mood…

maan gets high on the drink..
he calls geet again – tum kanha hoo?
geet – maan ??? maan?
maan gets carried away & dances with pari & others

maan felt geet was around ..he kept looking for her…
arohi aka pooja..totally flat on Arjun..but tries very hard to put up an attitude…
Arjun – arohi..I am really sorry
arohi(wondered wat was wrong with him) – actually u may not know this..
but last year u could not participate because of me..I really felt bad after
I saw ur talent this year..I am really happy u won it ..
arohi was speechless…
next was a soft music..maan sat next to the bar expecting geet…
u said u will never let me miss u…phir tum kyun nahi aayee
arjun asked arohi for a dance..she just could’nt refuse him..

arohi almost got carried away with the dance…

the launch was really successful & they get a great media coverage and response
after the party was over..most have the guest had left..
maan sat there waiting for geet …intaha hogai intazar ki…
geet – bewafa hum nahi ..phir wajah kya hoi intazar ki
maan – tum kanha thi geet..I was waiting for u…
geet – ghar challen..
maan – ek min geet ..tum party main kyun nahi aayee
geet – we will talk about it tomorrow & she walks away..
maan – nahi mujhe aabhi baat karna hain
geet crosses her hand over in front and gives him a stirn look..
maan – don’t look at me like that…I may just kiss u hear …
tum gussa main aur bhi pyari laagthi hoo
geet drags him home…
she helps him change & makes him lie down…
maan – tum party main kyun nahi aayee?? I was feeling so lonely..
geet – shhh…sleep now..
he cuddled up next to her & slept…
geet really angry..
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geet – shhh…sleep now..
he cuddled up next to her & slept…
part 120
next day morning…maan got up with a heavy head,..
geet kept a lemon juice..with a bang & walked away…she was fuming
maan ran behind her..
geet – juice piya…
he went back had the juice & came back..pee liya
maan – geet meri baat suno..maine sarab nahi pee thi..
woh pari ne kuch drinks mix kardiya tha shayad!!
geet – ur a small kid…she fed u drink & u did’nt know
maan – nahi geet please really I did’nt know
geet reads the headlines – Maan Singh Khurana..most eligible bachelor with pari now
she throws a paper on his face (maan snaps back & stares at geet)

geet takes another paper – Maan Singh Khurana …already taken???(sasha or pari!!)
she throws the paper on him (geet stop it..)

takes another paper – Maan Singh Khurana …smooth steps!!!
she throws that..picks few more & throws on his face…

wat is all this??
since when are u bachelor…wat is all this??
as far as I know…aap ne mera saath 7 nahin 14 phere liyen!!
maan – agar tum party main aathi to yah sab nahi hota…(he made a baby face)
geet – how can I come to the party…
Arjun knows I don’t attend parties..if I attend one clients party then he would
expect me to attend other clints parties as well…I don’t want to set any
false expectations…
maan – tum mera saath to aa sakth thi na…
geet – kis ehsiyat se???
maan – you are my wife damit!!!
geet – oh really…how many of them out there know that I am ur wife..
forget that how many of them know u r married at the first place..
I don’t want to walk into a bunch of fools & be a laughing stock…
I know how embarrising it would be for u ..
maan – why do u think it will be embarrising for me..
geet – because thats the way u made me feel all this years…
maan – geet ..sweet heart aise kuch nahi hain
i am not embarrised about us
geet – man leejiya..aap ne humre rishthe ko kabhi woh naam diya hi nahi
maan – GEEEET (really annoyed)
geet – don’t shout at me!!
I have told u earlier..& I am telling u again..please
just let it be the way it is..don’t complicate things..
I have never expected anything from u…so don’t push me into situations
maans phone rings …& he sees the number & closes his eyes in anger
geet snatches the phone & smashes it on to the floor
(maan looks at the phone & rubs his forehead)
geet – why don’t u ask that ultha patti Sasha to stop calling..
maan was shocked that geet knew about sasha is caling him…
maan – geet ..geet meri baath sono tho..mera aur sasha ke beech aisa
geet – thats between u & sasha..I have never bothered..just keep me
out of all this..
maan – tum mujhe itna hi samjh payee ho geet
geet – thang aagayee hoon aap ko samjh samjh kar
geet walks away..without leting him say a word..
maan looks at the papers..& sees the pics…the pics were really odd..close pics of him & pari
& some pics with other girls..any wife would get affended..maan crushes the paper
he was shocked with the insecurties that has been building in her…she was right he never made an attempt to tell any one that they were married…not even pari…
geet goes to pooja’s place …
pooja – thanxs thanxs a lot….party was wonderful & hugs geet
geet gives a weak smile..
pooja – arjun utna bhi sadoo nahi hain…
geet still does’nt say anything…
pooja notices geet was disturbed…geet kya baath hain…
geet – kuch nahi..
pooja – tu kal party main kyun nahi aayee?
geet – paper main jo deehka kafi nahi hain
pooja – nahi yaar..u know the media people…I was there..pari hi maan se chipak
rahi thi…he was all the while looking for u..& kept waiting for u
geet – u don’t have anything better to talk about…
pooja – aacha chall main tere liya breakfast banathi hoon..
geet – mujhe nahi khana..
maan walks in..
maan – pooja please mera liya kuch bana do…mujhe bhaut bhook lagh rahi hain
subha se biwi ka gussa kha raha hoon
(maan puts his hand around geet..she pushes her shoulder at once)
pooja smiles..- ji jiju..
geet walks away to another room..
pooja – jiju bhaut gussa main hain…
maan – mera phone bhi todh diya..
maan follolws her to the room..she stood facing the balcony
he slipped his hand around her waist…sorry sweetheart….
geet – don’t sorry me…just leave me alone..(she pulls out of his grip)
maan again pulls her closer..chodo mujhe maan…
maan starts kissing her on her neck..maaan…she maons..
he trails a kisses to her ears..moving over to her jaw line…slowly taking in her lower lip
geet pulls back..chodo mujhe…u cannot always get ur way out like this..
maan – tumhe dehk kar mujhe aur kuch soojtha bhi nahi hain
he plunged his hands into her hair, holding her immobile… he kissed her, he was violent
searching her mouth, biting her lips…he watched her gasps of pleasure and surprise and waited
for her to push him away in anger…she did’nt..she was turning on instead..maan smiled at her
& kissed her again passionately… pooja knocks the door…they break apart..geet straightens herself..& moves away from maan..realzing she was angry with him…
pooja – geet really yaar..it was not his mistake..
maan makes a baby face nodding his head..
pooja – yaar woh pari aur doosri ladkiyan jiju ke peechai padhi thi
geet – just leave me alone …please..
geet still angry
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pooja – yaar woh pari aur doosri ladkiyan jiju ke peechai padhi thi
geet – just leave me alone …please..
part 121
they spend the rest of the day at poojas place…
maan cooked lunch for them

pooja – yaar tu bhaut lucky hain…maan is really sweet
geet – tu meri friend hain yah maan ki
pooja – teri friend hoon..lekin
geet – lekin kya
pooja – maan ki saali hoon na..
geet smiles
maan – finally..(hasi to phasi)..kisses her cheeks
geet wispers yeh kya kar rahein aap
pooja pretends to eat the pasta..
pooja – jiju..pasta has come out really well..
geet does’nt say much…
maan & geet reach home little latter in the evening…
geet goes to the room & changes…
maan was in the hall..watching TV
geet sits in the sofa on the right side ..she clutches her duppatta & sits there
maan still looking at the TV..says..I know u are still angry with me..
tum pooja ka samne kuch nahi kahna chahathi thi..I understand…
maan notices her still restless…
maan – aur kuch bhi khena hain…(he switches of the tv)
geet – woo…I know it is nun of my business..but
maan – geet…wat are u saying…
geet – I think u should bar sasha’s calls..
maan starts laughing
geet passes him a glance..
maan – do u know who she is?
geet – I know…she is ur
maan – GEEEET
geet – ur munshiji’s daughter…
maan – so u know..then wats the problem (he lifts his leg & rests on the table in front
& streches his hand behind)
geet – I am not very happy about the whole thing..
maan – just relax I know wat I am doing…
geet – I don’t think!!!
geet leaves ..disturbed
geet goes to the room…yeh loo…I am not happy about the whole thing..
where did that come from geet…& why should it matter to him..if I am happy or not
as if he will listen to me…why did u even think that he will understand ur point of view..
bus unki suno..unki karo…jaise mera to koi vajoot hi nahi hain..
bus unka saya ban kar rah gayee hoon…na kuch soch ne ki izadat hain na kuch
mehsoos karne ki…geet just relax..why are u spoiling ur relationship thinking
all this…just let it be…babaji sab teehk karna..please…
geet did’nt talk to maan for few days..totally unlike her..
maan tried to make it up to her..in his own ways..but she really did’nt seem to buge
this time..maan wondered why is she being so indifferent when she actualy knew…
the whole truth..maan was still being patient …
wednesday night…its been like 4 whole days now…since they actually were terms..
maan was getting impatient now..
maan – geet …tum aise kyun kar rahe ho..
geet(cold shoulder) – kaise?
maan – tum itna gussa kyun ho rahe hoon…I said sorry na…
geet – ais kuch nahi hain..
maan hugged her..please itna gussa mat karo..he nibbled her ears..& kissed under them..his hands moved snaking her hair & he passionately moved his lips tracing kisses along side her jaw line to her meet hers.. geet pushed him back..that actually hurt him…
geet – gussa to sirf aap ho sakthe hoo ..mujhe iske izadat todhi hain
maan – GEEET
geet – yeh loo…hogayee gussa…aab kaun gussa kar raha hain..
maan tried to calm himself…geet suno too I am trying to work things between us
geet – why are u trying…when u don’t care about it..
u don’t have to pretend infront of me..
his phone rings….
geet – see…u hav’nt still bared her calls..
continue…she walks out leaving him to answere the call…
maan leaves the phone & comes behind her…
geet – why ..why are u not answereing her call today???
maan – plaese tum jaanthi hoo..I am doing every thing for munshiji…
geet – yah right talking to his daughter at midnight…I am sure she still does’nt
know we are married…
maan – humari shaadhi aur use baath karne ka kya connection hain…
geet – ur not that innocent maan…(she walks away)
maan – wat ???(maan gets angry & pulls her back turning her hand )
I am just helping her get a new job…after leaving khurana’s like that
she is finding it difficult to get a new job…wat ever it be she has got talent

geet – i have seen her talent
maan – tum khena kya chathi hoo (still holding on to her wrist)
her hand was hurting & her eyes filled up…maan releases her hand
geet(snaps back) – can’t u see she likes u..
maan – no there is nothing like that…she is just needing my help with her job
geet – or u just don’t want to see…
maan – GEEEET
geet – or u r just enjoying all this…
maan – chup ek dam chup..ek sabd aur nahi…
the more I am trying to explain..the more u are accusing me…
stop behaving like a typical insecured wife…
geet – right..I almost forget that I am talking to a person who forgot our wedding itself
maan – GEET just stop it right there…u r crossing ur limits…(he takes a long breath)
tum mujhe gussa kyun dila rahi hoo…
geet – I don’t want to talk to u..any more…
maan – fine….main bhi tang aagaya hoon tumhe samjha samjha ke…
they turn their back & leave…this was the first time..geet ever fought over anything..
nohk-jhok was fine..but never something so serious…
geet goes inside the bath room & cries..babaji .why can’t he just listen to me for once..
I know there is nothing between them..even then ..why can’t he see that..it is effecting our relation
why can’t he avoid her for me once…itna bhi nahi kar sakthe woh mera liya
next day geet got up late..she was looking for maan..he was not around..
she just checked her calender & her appointments…
all of a sudden she realized…
she tried calling maan…he did’t answere the call..
it just made her more curious & anxious…he is never there when I want him..
she cried & she told the driver take her to his office…
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she tried calling maan…he did’t answere the call..
it just made her more curious & anxious…he is never there when I want him..
she cried & she told the driver take her to his office…
part 122
geet barged into the conference hall..aap phone kyun nahi utta rahe
adi laughed in his style & pari was little suprised..wondered wat was geet doing here..

maan – ek min geet
thats it for now..we shall discuss the rest tomorrow..
after every one leaves..
maan – kyan huwa geet
geet – aap mera phone kyun nahi utta rahe hoon
maan – u barged into the conference room to ask this..
well I thought u did’nt want to talk to me..
geet – u r never there for me ..when I need u the most
maan – thats why u could just walk in here ..when u r so angry with me..
geet – thats because I wanted to tell u…(she pauses clutching her duppatta)
maan – kya huwa geet..
geet – ji..woo
maan – boolo geet
geet – I think …
maan – I don’t have the whole day for ur thoughts..
geet starts crying…u never have time for us..maan was probably
knowing wat geet was hinting..he rushed to her ..cuped her face..
geet – i think I am pregnant..(she blushed..shied..)
maan – how can that be…?
maans reaction was scaring geet..he looked disturbed..not welcoming
geet – kya matlab
maan – we have never been togather since..
geet could’nt believe wat he just said
geet – wat do u mean(she spoke in fury)
maan – I was careful because doctor asked me to be..so I was
geet – jo bhi karthe hoo aap hi karthe hoo..

maan – lekin..
geet – shimla main birthday ke din(maan rubbed his forehad in stress & pain
like he regreted…) maan moved forward & hugged her
geet – its been 42days now
maan – nahi geet it is only 40 days
geet – how would u know..(she closed her mouth)
maan – who else would know…
geet lekin…
maan – it could be because ur are annemic..
geet – yeh dekho na…she pointed at her curved portions being more promnent…
maan – mujhe tum deekhna kanha dethi ho…itne din se to tum mujhse gussa main ho
maan moved closed & said dekhava na…she covered herself with the duppata..
turned & closed her face…

maan – aach challo we will meet the doctor..
geet – umm!! (she shied & blushed)
maan was very scared at geets happiness…maan started the car..
maan – geet u understand ..u cannot be pregnant right
geet – kyun..
maan – we will have to wait atleast for 3months before u compltely recover
and u have not been really taking care of urself..
geet – mujhe nahi pata…(she was not taking him seriously)
maan – yaar tumhare saath bhaut mushkil hain
geet – main ne kya kiya..
maan – tumhare pass aane se phele tum pregnant hojathi hoo!!!
she closed her face ..aab yeh bhi meri galthi hain
maan – nahi meri galthi hain…
they meet up with Dr.kiran..
she welcomes them with a warm smile..so wat brings the romantic couple here…
geet shies…
they both speak up togather
geet – I think I am pregnant maan – her periods is delayed
dr.kiran looked at both of them…she smiles..how many days ..
again they spoke togather
geet – 42days maan – 40days
dr.kiran smiled & lookedaway
maan looked at geet..main baath karloon..
maan – its been 40days now…she went through organ donation & abortion
she had major blood loss during all that..so we are just worried
dr. kiran – I could just give her a medicine..which could take care of the delay in periods
maan – umm
geet – lekin…(maan stares at her)
geet goes out..
dr.kiran – u realize this could lead to abortion if she is pregnant
maan – the surgeon who operated on her said that..she is too weak to concieve now
dr.kiran – u should have been careful..then
maan kept quite
dr.kiran – u realize this may lead to emotional stress in her
do u want to check if she is pregnant
maan – I will do anything to keep the baby..as far as it is safe for her
dr.kiran – I shall do the basic tests..& see if she is fine..to concieve
maan – please don’t tell her any thing..please
dr.kiran – ok…
maan goes out to see geet..she was sitting there in the bench…
maan – kuch test karne hain..chaloo
geet – mujhe kuch nahi karna
maan – geet sweetheart please..
geet – nahi nahi nahi
maan lifts her & takes her to the lab…makes her sit on the bed..
when the nurse gets the needle..she makes a baby face & looks at maan…
he tries to distract her..but she still breaks down..as if she is been operated on..
the nurse really gets scrared looking at geet crying so much ..
maan hugs her …& says..ok I will get u an ice cream…& then massage ur head…
they smile ..thinking about the last time she had her injection..here..

he maid geet wait in the car..& came out to speak to the dr
dr.kran – pregnancy is confirmed (maan was delighted)
but she is extremely anemic…her hemoglobin count is way too low
maan – is it safe for her to continue(he sounded hopeful)
dr.kiran – sorry not at all safe for her..(his hopes were shattered.)infact I wonder why u
have been neglecting her health u could continue with the medicine..
she may get her periods but
maan – but wat doc?
dr.kiran – that will still lower her hemoglobin level..please be extremely careful
any emergency just admit her immediately..
maan thanxed the doc & walked to the car..
he was very worried & scared to tell anything to geet…
his hands shivred to buy that medicine…he knew geet will hate him for doing this
he putup a fake smile when he saw geet…
geet smiled back..she looked excited about the ice-cream..
muskan confused?????
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his hands shivred to buy that medicine…he knew geet will hate him for doing this
he putup a fake smile when he saw geet…
geet smiled back..she looked excited about the ice-cream..
part 123
they went to the ice-cream palour..
geet ordered his choclate sundae & said..I feel like having the same today..
geet looked extremly happy they were togather after so many days..
maan was very tensed & nervous..his heart acked the thought of making her eat
that medicine…he feared every moment ..he knew how much she wanted that baby…
geet – maan aap kha kyun nahi rahe?
maan – umm!!(he just took a spoon)
geet was eating too fast..maan stopped her hand..tumhara sur dard hoga
geet – aap ho na…dabane ke liya..
geet started sneezing..geet bus karoo..aur mat khavoo..look at u..ur nose is
all red already…just one last bite…she made the baby face
they went to the car..geet started complaining of her head ache..
he massaged her head & kissed her …he could’nt control his tears…
geet – dard mujhe ho raha hain aur aansoo aapke nikal rahehain??
maan – geet u trust me na…
geet – bilkul nahi (her words were indifferent)
maan – please geet for once say that u trust me…
geet – aaj ke baad kabhi nahi…& starts laughing
mazak kar rahi hoon…off course I trust u…
maan started the car…geet tried to cuddle up..but her head seem to hurt..
after dinner maan gave the medicine to geet…
geet looked at the medicine & then looked at him…that look killed him hundred times
she ate the medicines…as she swalloed the medicine…his eyes closed in pain..
he turned away…u r turning away as if u have commited a crime..she said..
he continued to walk away…
geet – suniya..
maan – umm..(facing his back)
geet – agar main pregnant hoon..to..yeh medicine khane se kya hoga?(her question was
innocent like her) he turns towards her & holds he arms firmly..
maan – tum pregnant nahi hoo..samjhi tum…we were togather just once…
every thing is fine..I spoke to the doc..she said u are way too anemic
geet – nahi I am just asking ?? why are u getting so angry
maan calms himself..nahi main gussa nahi hoon…I am just worried about
ur health…u have to stop stressing ur self..
geet – mujhe sona hain…(she looked withdrawn..)
maan was tensed fearing about losing her trust again…he prefered not telling her
about the whole thing…he definitly could’nt have explained a word to her…
she would’nt have wanted to understand either…
next day maan did’nt let her work out..adviced her to rest & eat well
he tucked her with the spread & said don’t stress ur self
maan met up with daadi & told her about their visit to the doc
daadi was heart broken & she got worried…
daadi – usko kuch mat khena..woo toot jayaghi
khushi ke baad abhi maine uske ankhoo main umeed dehki hain
maan – daadi I am really very scared
daadi – why
maan – if she comes to know..then she will hate me
I don’t want to lose her..main uske bina nahi jee saktha
daadi – don’t worry..sab teehk hojayagha
maan hugged daadi & stood rooted to see geet at the door step…
she stared at him in disbelieve…her eyes were blank..no emotion..she held her stomach &
walked away maan ran behind her…geet geet meri baat suno..
she did’nt say a word..she kept quite..maan kept his hand infront of her & stopped her
she stood..num..shocked…
maan – doc..said it is not safe for u..I can’t see anything happening to u
I love u ..I really love u plaese geet ..kuch to bolo
geet looked into his eyes…she gave a weak smile & walked away…
maan did’nt know wat that smile meant..daadi came to explain to her
daadi – beta abhi tum bhaut weak ho isliya maan ne..
she kept quite…after daadi completed …she just left..
maan broke down in daadi’s arms..
maan – daadi she is never going to trust me again…
daadi – nahi beta..woh samjhdar hain..just give her some time she will be fine..
maan got wild at himself & rushed to the gym…
sab meri galthi hain..mujhe use din sharab pina hi nahi chahiya tha
he goes to punch on the glass dare u hurt urself..she shouts….maan runs into her arms
yeh aacha hain…kuch bhi hota hain aapna aap ko choot lagathe rahethe ho..
so that I have to come & take care of u…
he hugs her & says geet I am sorry ..
she does’nt hug back …she just turns & goes to the bedroom..
maan follows her into the room..
she cuddles up & lies down..maan lies down next to her..
she could feel her back getting wet with his tears..
strangely she did’nt cry but she was definitly angry with maan

next day daadi comes to meet geet
daadi – beta how are u feeling now
geet – I am fine..
daadi – today is the family dinner at uncle’s place..be ready by 8
geet – nahi daadi I don’t want to go there…
Nt & dev also come to meet geet..NT hugs her & enquires about her health
she gives a weak smile..they request her join but she refuses again..
maan walks in..
daadi – maan ..geet is not willing to join us for the dinner
NT – vedi veerji…aap geet ko khiya na
dev – bro I guess she will only listen to u..& smiles
daadi – maan I think it will be good change for her
maan looks at geet..sab keh rahen hain to challoo na
geet – lekin
maan looks at others & then looks at geet..she bents her head for a yes
family dinner!!!!
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ok finally the family dinner…it was delayed because of the baby part..I wanted it to come after the baby part…ok now all ur chapals are welcomed …..
muskan not confused any more….
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maan looks at geet..sab keh rahen hain to challoo na
geet – lekin
maan looks at others & then looks at geet..she bents her head for a yes
part 124
maan got ready & tried talking to her but she was not responding at all

at the dinner..pooja, kavya & smriti were talking
pooja was wonderig why geet did’nt meet up with them yesterday as planned??
ranbhir said hai to pooja & kavya and thanxed them for coming
ranbhir introduced smriti to every one in the family
smriti – ranbhir ..woo bhabhi nahi aayee?
ranbhir – woh!! Maan bhaiya..aathe hi hoongee
smriti wondered maan was divorced..when did he get married again??
ranbhir – its been 4yrs now…
smriti (mumered how come geet did’nt know that)
ranbhir – u know bhabhi.. bhi shayad tumhare college ki hain..
I am sure u would know her
smriti – may be..I may recognize her if I meet her..
smriti went & told kavya & pooja..that maan is married & his wife is from our college
can u believe that…how come we don’t know..
pooja finished her drink & pretended not to react..
at the outhouse..
geet came out wearing a red saree..maan stood mesmerized looking at her..
saree always made her look gorgeous..her beauty always had a spell on him
but the red colour of the saree which complemented her angery cheeks..
still making her look modest & bashful..it was the most common style of wearing
a saree..but she looked so beautifull…his eyes just traced her saree warapping
about the waist..cover the midriff and run over to the shoulder..her beauty
truly became unparallel in that sari..maan could’nt take his gaze off her..
as she checked her pallo & looked at him..maan was still looking at her
she ignored him..he moved closer..she looked down…his hand traced ..her bare waist
& embraced her & pulled her closer..he kissed her passionately..on her neck line
he took in the seducing fragrent..of hers..which always had that magical effect on him..
his lips..traced upwards..moving to her lips..his one hand cradled her head, making it
quite impossible to twist away.. and the other hand snaked the bare back
and his lips..soft and warm.. only pressed enough to stifle protest… geet was totally
helpless..then his tongue slipped through to touch against her lips. geet tried to protest
and found it against her teeth.. tickling against the inside of her upper lip..
a quiver of something passed through her…shaking her ..
she moved back by a sensation of dizziness…she held her head & did’nt say anything..she pulled her palloo around..but anger was evident..he held her from her waist not letting her move away…

maan – did u get ur periods..doc said..u will feel weak
do u want to go the hospital..
geet – no I am fine..just feeling little tired
maan tried explaining to geet..she walked away..
maan was still inclined to stare and with something of a disapproving frown in it…
geet preferred ignoring..
maan – geet tumne mangalsuthra nahi pehna..
geet – mujhe nahi phena
maan took the sindoor & put it on..please geet mujh se rootho mat na..
she has’nt spoken to him a word about the baby since yesterday..her silence was scaring him
they drove down to the dinner venue..geet was really scared & clutching her saree ..
when they entred the hall..geet tried moving away from maan
she was concious..this was the first time in a family gathering they have walked in togather
with maan embracing her..his right hand around her back resting on her right shoulder softly
the last time he walked in front & she just followed him..
but today it was different..it seemed he was so incharge of her…like he owned her..like
he was proud of her..like she meant the world to him..like he never bothered others
looking at them..she was so lost in his arms..she actually forgot where they were heading to
maan could feel that she was comfartable..
as they moved forward ..ranbhir’s parents welcomed them..
they shared a warm hug..& took them to ranbhir
maan again moved his hand on to her shoulder..like he never wanted her away from him
his hand coming back again to her shoulder was so heart warming to her..she really
liked how maan was not parting from her..daadi maa, NT & dev joined them
daadi – ur looking very prity geet..
she smiled & looked down..daadi moved her hair back..and said..are beta..gale main
kuch nahi paina..geet – ji woo..
maan – maina mana kar diya tha..I love her naive look..
daadi maa smiled..geet blushed..
maan – waise bhi is ke gale ke liya meri bhahen hain na..
daadi patted their cheeks & said bless u both..
kisi ke nazar na laaghe tumhe..
dev – finally bro u have come out with bhabhi..warna tho..she used to always
feel concious answering every ones questions about where u were..
maan looked at geet..aab ise kanhi akela chodhna ka irrada nahi hain mera..
& his hands where firmer on her shoulder..
they all moved on to meet the would be bride & the bride groom..
ranbhir turned to see maan & geet..he hugged them…geet was scared
& wanted to run away..maan realized geet getting restless..he looked at her
smriti kavya & pooja where standing next to ranbhir looking taking to ranbhir’s mom
ranbhir called smriti..she turned & smiled
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wanted to run away..maan realized geet getting restless..he looked at her
smriti kavya & pooja where standing next to ranbhir looking taking to ranbhir’s mom
ranbhir called smriti..

part 125
smriti turned & smiled..kavya & pooja also turned..
soon their smile faded..into a frown..looking at geet dressed in red saree
sindoor & maan holding her ..
ranbhir introduced – yeh maan bhaiya aur geet bhabhi..
smriti & kavya looked at geet…she looked at them..
their eyes were filled with fury & disbelieve..geet eyes pleeded guilty
ranbhir – bhabhi has done her MBA from ur college..u might be knowing her
smriti looked at geet in anger and said – NO I don’t know her at all
she looked away & said..there are so many in our college ..its not necessary
that we know each one of them…she turned &…pretended to meet other guests
pooja wispered to geet – tum kal unse mil ne waali thi na kya huwa
geet looked at maan..her eyes were mosit…
maan realized why she was apprehensive about coming to the dinner
maan told pooja..that she was not well..thats why she could’nt meet them
pooja – jiju..yeh loog bhaut gusse main hain
smriti pulled pooja..tu chal rahi hain kya..tera kya kaam hain yanha
geet – u carry on..othewise they will get angry with u too..

geet weeped and went into one of the rooms…maan followed in
maan put his hand around geet..she snapped her shoulder..
all this year u never attended a single party with me..why today?
why did u have to put ur hand around me…
they are the only friends I had ..now they too hate me…
maan still put his hand around her..she snapped shoulder again

geet – jab deehko aapni man marazi karthe hoo..maine kaha tha mujhe yanha nahi aana
maan hugged her & said tum ek bar to kehthi tumhe kyun nahi aana tha
geet – use se kya farak padtha
aap phir bhi wohi karthe ho jo aap ko aacha lagtha hain
kisi ki dil ki aap ko kya fikar
maan – mujhe kisi ke dil se kya lena dena…(geet looks at him in shock)
mujhe to sirf tumhari fikar hain..sirf tumhare dil ke..jo ki mera pass hain
geet – don’t try to fool me with ur talks now…I have lost my only friends because of u
she pulls out his embrace & walks out..
maan calls pooja & plans to talk to smriti & kavya
maan meets up with them & explains that..she did’nt tell any one about their wedding
because they were waiting for her to finish her studies..otherwise it would have given
her too much of a media attention..he adds..it was him who requested her not to
tell any one..she wanted to tell them but he had taken a promise from her ..thats why she did’nt
he winked to pooja..she looked away..(sahi ja rahe ho jiju)…its all my mistake
if u want I will hold my ears & says sorry…
smriti & kavya – nahi nahi jiju..we understand
pooja – jiju..inhe bhi pata liya..
smriti & kavya came out looking for geet…but she was not around..
they went back to maan & said looks like geet had left..
maan called on her phone..she did’nt answere the call..
he rushed to the house…he shouted geet geeeeeet…
he went into the room..
maan – why did u leave from their
geet – I am fed up…with all this
maan moves closer geet I have spoken to smriti & kavya..
geet intrupts.. i am fed with u
she turns & leaves..maan notices she had her suitcase with her..
maan – geet tum kanha ja rahe hoo…
geet – I need break from all this…
maan eyes filled up & heart missed a beat
geet – I am going to shimla..wo krishna’s principal wanted me to see the play
maan – I will take u
geet – I said i need a break from all this…mainly from u…
maan – main tumhare bina nahi rah paavoonga
geet – why is it always about u
maan – tum mujh se alagh to nahi ho..
geet – aab lagtha hain ki shayad hoon..yah..phir aacha hain ki alag rahoon
maan – tum nahi rah pavooghi
geet – nahi rah pavoonghi to aajoovnghi
maan hugs her from back & says..why are u hurting u self
geet – i don’t want to stay & hurt u..
maan – u can never hurt me..
geet – but u can…
his phone rings ..geet smirked…
maan answeres the call & says…don’t u ever call on this number…and cuts the call(shouts really loud) sasha was shocked & hurt…when maan turns back ..she was gone…
geet in shimla
as promised yet another update…thanxs a lot for all the responses…finally my geet is reacting…all this twist was about getting that one wrong reaction..that could actually be justified hamesha maan hi galthi karega kya…geet ka kya!!! big thanxs to priya for making this pick with sindoor…she made like 10 pics..I kept saying..sindoor bada hain..then chota hai then..finnally…thanxs priya aka loveangle_4ever …THANXS PRIYA
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maan answeres the call & says…don’t u ever call on this number…and cuts the call(shouts really loud) sasha was shocked & hurt…when turns back ..she was gone…
part 126
maan rushed out to see geet..
she told the driver to take her to the airport…
maan tries to call geet but her phone was switched off…maan called the driver…
maan – bhadur geet maam saab knaha hain
bhadur – I just droped her to the airport

maan rushed to the airport….
geet managed to get the night flight to shmila…
maan reached the airport & enquired about the flights to shimla..
he checked if geet was in any of them..he was heart broken to realize that she actually
checked into the flight…he rushed through the security checking
then came back & noticing it was too late..he walked back like the whole
world did’nt exsist for him…his soul was like torn apart..with the thought that she
left him alone…this was second time happening to him..some one he loved just left him..
he could not take the pain….it was unbearable…
least he expected was geet would do anything so drastic…to walk away from him
she wants a break from him..how could she say or do anything like that…
it was her love & passion which got them togather..then why is she giving up on the realtion
he went out of the airport & drove away…he could ony think about the nice time they had..
how complete she made him feel..how he could’nt not think of a min with out her..
he stopped & cried out loud….why is she doing this…why is she leaving me…
have’nt we lost enough already…kis baath ki narazghi hai..kyun ..aakhir kyun muje tanaha chod diya u said u will never leave me alone..u will never let me miss u ..then
why are u doing this..
geet sat in the flight..& thought why did he have to show her all this dreams…
when she had learned to live without any dreams & expectations..why did he ever have
to come so close that moving away kills her .. she always loved him..then why did
he have to add expectations to her love…was’nt every thing perfect without him
being so loving & then hurting her…why did he raised her expectation..but still not
do anything to understand her feelings…kyun kyun mera dil main umeed jagayee..
kyun mujhe sapne deekhaya…kyun har mod pe mera dil thoda…why can’t he see any thing beyond himself..why is it always about him…itna kudgraz koi kaise ho saktha hain
kaise yeh pyar hain inka.. jo sirf dard he detha hain..sirf aasoon detha hain..
kyun mera bharoosa thoda..kyun mujhe nahi bataya dr.kiran ke report main kya tha
kyun mujhe wo medicine khilaya..kyun meri khushi phir se mujh se cheena chaha…
unhe to pata ta na..khushi meri zindanghi hain..phir unho nain aise kyun kiya..

geet reached shimla & checked into the hotel..she wept the whole night ..
maan reached home..it was dark…like hollow…loneli he felt
loneliness was like a cry in his chest that nobody would listen to
loneliness was like a drop of tear held in his eyes,
loneliness was his love against his own principles
loneliness was a picture of her in his memory, when he needed to concentrate on his work
loneliness is an empty room in this house..their house…
loneliness was that breakfast withour her
loneliness was denial of her warmth, when he most needed it
loneliness was everything that reminds him of her before his eyes
maan closed his eyes in pain….
loneliness was painful..loneliness can be overwhelming at times.. so overwhelming in fact
that lonely he felt like he was about to burst.. there was a feeling of despair, not knowing
how much more of this painful loneliness he could take, feeling as if he was going to break
apart at any minute…he wanted to lock him self..away in cold, frozen place where he did’nt
have to feel anything…anything at all…

ok that was the sad part!!! muskan crying tooo…thanxs a lot for all the posts…& comments…thanxs to the missmanal123 for creating that VM…I just saw it & could’nt resist
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apart at any minute…he wanted to lock him self..away in cold, frozen place where he did’nt
have to feel anything…anything at all…

part 127

in the morning ..she just thought about the series of incidences & felt silly..
all this problem is coming up because she was building up expectations..
things were far too easy & less hurting when she did’nt expect anything from
him…she realized ..how his mere one look used to bring happiness in her…& now
he is there for her….every min & every sec…then why can’t be happy with wat I have…why am I asking for more…4 saal 4 saal..tak unke har ek baath ko samjhthi rahi..phir..
aab kyun nahi samjh paathi..ki main samjhna hi nahi chahathi …
main unse door kaise ho sakthi hoon…she looks around..how she actually
brought two tickets she looked at them hit it on her head & kept smiling..
she wondered why she booked the same room where they stayed last time..
geet yeh tujhe kya horaha hain..itna gussa..teehk nahi hain…
she kissed his pics & said sorry…main kuch jadha hi gusaa hogayee na….
aap ke saath rehne ka kuch to aasar hoga na..kitna gussa karthe ho aap…
she wipes her tears & kisses his pic…cuddles his pics..don’t know how many times she kissed his pics…she was happy & dossed off…hugging his snap..
maan missed her the whole day..kept calling her on her cell..
he called to the hotel & tried getting connected…but she did’nt pick up th call
he thought she was still very angry with him…he send her some flowers with a note
Bas ek pal mai he bat khatm kar dali..
zindagi jo pori thi woh addhori kar dali..
par kaise tumhe Samjhayeee
Yun zindagi se apno ko chorra nahi karthe
when the person came to deliver the flowres..she was fast a sleep…
geet wakes up in the afternoon..she thinks about their time togather..
she tries to relive every moment..she really feels sorry…she wanted to meet him
at once…she decides to finish her work here & then get back to delhi at once..
she books her returns tickets..the first avilable ticket was for sunday early morning 5.00am
next day..ek raat aur unse door…unho nai teehk hi kaha tha..main unse door nahi rah paavoonghi
she cursed herself to have come away like this…
latter in the afternoon she went to krish’s school..
she met up with krish & principal..she sat through the play & added her views
she even gave a CD which she got it recorded with the songs in sequence for the play
maan was running out of options..to reach geet…it was past mid night
he finally sat down & drafted a mail to her..she read the mail & kissed his pic
& shied…she could’nt wait to get back…she tried calling him…but his number was
switched off..that was strange…she became restless..if she could..she would have
just flashed to delhi…but at times things are out of there reach!!!..thats destiny!!!!
next day geet catches the flight & reaches delhi..she stops at the temple.. to pray for him
she felt that sudden need to take blessings..probably because she knew she was wrong..
she has never been wrong in their relationship..but this is was the first time some thing
like this happened..she felt weak & tired & pale.the people around her gave her some water
& fruits to eat.. suggested her to stay back & rest for few mins…she called maan..
but his phone was switched off again…
where is maan????
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she felt weak & tired & pale.the people around her gave her some
& fruits to eat.. suggested her to stay back & rest for few mins…she called maan..
but his phone was switched off…
part 128
it was nearing 12 noon
she got scared & rushed home…as she entered the house there was huge media crowd gathering
outside the khurana mansion…there was a kind of restlessness in geet..
she sneaked into the outhouse looking for maan avoiding the media..!!

the feel of the house was not the same..there was something missing ..
like the walls..the curtains..the sofa’s..the plants..the floor..
carpets..every thing was crying out loud..to her..like they were complaining to
her..like all of them were upset…disturbed..like some thing..happened..
liked something has ran overthem..like somebody really hurt them behind her..
she just touched every thing..slowly..the feel was very alarming..like her feel
did’nt sooth them any more..it was giving a feel that her touch could’nt undo the damage…
she walked into her room..their room..it was a sad plight..her things on the dressing
table were scattered around..that did’nt seem normal..
maan could’nt get so angry at her..or was he!!
her bed..it looked all sabotaged..there was blood stains…
she did’nt touch anything….it did’nt feel hers..it did’nt feel right
it was all so cold…num…she could hear them screaming in pain to her
somthing she was not able to understand…there were so many questions..running in her mind
wat happened…who did wat to her house..why are they all crying..
every thing..every little thing seemed to be hurt…
babaji please saab teehk karna…kya huwa yanha…meri galthi ki itni baadhi sajha mat do
unhe kuch nahi hona chahiya…she feared ..she feared wat maan could do to himself
when he is angry..she ran to the gym..did’nt look like..
he is been there since the last time she saw him there…
she was not able to make out wat was happening..to her aashiyana..jaise
kisi ke nazar he laag gayee ho..

she looked for her servants…no one was around…
she checked the kitchen…evethig was in the same place as she left but
every thing seem to cry out loud…in pain in distress…
she looked around for maan..she called him again & again…his phone was swtiched off again
she knew maan never keeps his phone switched off for so long..
daadi tried calling geet…she answered in one ring..
geet – daadi maan kanha hain..
daadi – woo…
geet – boliya na…main unka phone bhi try kar rahi hoon…nahi laagh raha hain
daadi – tum kanha hoo?
geet – ji main outhouse main
daadi – tum udhar hi raho…bhara mat aana..I will come there
geet – lekin daadi woh kanha hain?
daadi cuts the call…
geet gets really tensed..& walks around the hall cluctching her duppatta..
daadi & NT comes in & closes the door…immediatley..
geet – daadi ..baathayee na maan kanha hain..
mera ghar ka yeh halath kisne kiya hain..
mera dil dooba ja raha hain…
daadi saw geet looking really weak & pale..told her to sit down & relax
daadi tells NT to get something for her to drink
NT got her some juice…geet pushed at away…maan kanha hain?
daadi takes the juice & says..ise peeloo…u will feel better
she halfheartedly had few sips…
daadi – tum mujhe pehle yeh baathvoo…where did u guys go from uncle’s place on friday night
did u guys have a fight over any thing..
bhadhur said he droped u to the airport…
geet got scared & sat down..nahi ..aise to kuch naaahi..tha..
her heart was sinking..she feared some thing was drastically wrong..
media people now started coming towards the out house..
she quickly swtiched on the TV & saw…
she changed the channels..to the live news channel..she could’nt believe
wat she read..& then flashed…then a whole part on it..
she looked at daadi..
geet – lekin??
daadi hugged her & tried to console her….she was in shock & did’nt know
how to react…tears rolled down her eyes…but she did not quiver..
daadi – NT..take her to the room…before media..ponces on her with questions..
NT takes her to the room & closes the room….
still wondering where is maan????
thanxs for all the love & support. ..I am really greatfull to u guys..for motivating me..
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daadi – NT..take her to the room…before media..ponces on her with questions..
NT takes her to the room & closes the room….
part – 129
she walked in shock..anger..fury agony…pulled the curtains & tore them apart…
she lookd at the bed & pulled the spread & threw it on the floor…
GEET was disgusted with wat she saw..she could’nt take that sight…
she broke ever thing down…lamps..smashed up the mirror,..spilt opened the curtains..
smashed the flower vase on the wall ..tearing things up & wrecking the whole room..
she went crazy..she hated every sight of her room…her bed..her dressing table..
she was devastated..nothing was untouched..
she ran down to the kitchen & brought a can of kerosine & match box..she
spill the kerosine all around the bed..& emptied the whole can on the bed…
she lit a stick & threw it on the linen soaked in spirit..it caught fire instantly
flaming up the whole place..she did’nt move.. she stood there glaring at her room
burning down..she did’nt blink.neither did she get suffocated with the fumes..
she looked at the fire..but the fire in her eyes looked more intense & dangerous..
NT came running looking at the flames..she tried pulling her out of the room
but geet glared back at her in disapproval..NT had never seen this side of her…
probably geet herself did’nt know she could ever get so annoyed..distressed..
so tempered I thing it was not her temper..it was her LOVE…her passion..
her possessiveness..her obsession..her MAAN…her life…only that ever mattered to her
every thing seem shatterring down just because she was not hear ..just because he was alone
just because of her stupid over reaction…which is totally unlike her..
she was angry at self..at Maan …at every thing around her…
Nt left at once & called daadi..how was outside…handling the media…
daadi excused herself from them & rushed to geets room…
daadi – yeh kya kar rahi ho tum
geet did’nt say anything..she just bend her head down..she could’nt have said
and done to disrespect her..she preffered keeping quite…
daadi commanded her to come out at once
daadi – hume aap se yeh umeed nahi thi…maan wanha kuch nahi bhol raha
aur tum yanha kuch nahi bhol rahe ho..kya hogaya hain tum dono ko
geet still did’nt say anything…
daadi – humne sab ki bus tum hi ek ummeed thi…aur tum aise react kar rahe ho
please tell us wat u know?
geet was still quite…she was looking down..knotting her duppata
daadi – wat is all this kab se chal raha hain?
geet looked away
daadi – did u know about all this ?
geet still did’nt know how to answere any of her questions…
daadi – GEET!! agar tumhe kuch pata hain to bolo beta
geet – mujhe unse milna hain (her voice was spitting fire)
daadi – woh kisi se nahi milna chahtha..hum bhi gaya the..
but he refused to meet us..he has’nt spoken a word to any one
tum dono aise chup rahoghe to….it is really not helping
geet – mujhe unse milna hain abhi
she leaves at once..it was a 40min drive…she was furious..
restless & annoyed…disgusted…not happy with the mess her life was in
through out the drive she kept on deeply….she knew she loved him..
but she could’nt believe that she could react so adversly too…this was totaly not her reaction
car stopped..she got down..media was covering the entrance to get to know one
news of Maan Singh Khurana..she could actually walk pass through them ..
they did’nt know her as Mrs Maan Singh Khurana…she introduced herself..
the person said..he is not willing to talk to any one
geet – woh mujh mana nahi kar paayengee…
it was dark..cold & dim..the place was giving a horriable feel ..
the person went to seek Maan’s permission..
before he could say anything…
maan shouted..mujhe kisi se baaat…he paused..he knew ..without turning..
that it was her …his heart was delighted..his eyes filled up with joy..moist..
he could’nt believe she actually was here to see him…
wanted to turn to look at her…he did..their glaze met..her eyes was on fire…
if looks could burn u..then that was it…there was no complaints in that eyes
it was pure anger..probably a bit of pain..guess more of pain…
geets eyes did’nt mosit,…it was infact turning red…it was unlike her ..totally
not wet…after seeing his moist eyes she still was spitting fire..
he could’nt stand that anger in her eyes…he actually looked down..(like hiding his face)
she came closer & gave a tight slap on his right cheeks
maan – GGGEEEET(he snapped back)
she shock her hand in pain..maan immediately held hand
she pulled back..held is collar…mana kiya thana maine..
maan – lekin
geet riased her hand..asking him to stop right there…
geet – aap ise baat pe kehna ka haaq koo chuke hoo…
aab jo kehna hain main kehoonghi..aur jo karna hain woh bhi sirf main karoonghe..
geet turned & left…
maan broke down & sat on the bed…
geet meets the lawyer and makes few calls….she was really cold & num
World meeting Mrs Maan Singh Khurana
thanxs for all ur resposes…I am really really greatfull to all of u…for motivating me..
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geet turned & left…
maan broke down & sat on the bed…
geet meets the lawyer and makes few calls….she was really cold & num
part 130
geet reached home..did’nt speak to anyone…daadi had shifted her luggage
to the mansion…still geet walks back to the outhouse…
she went into the room…which was burned..& nothing but ashes…like her anger
geet sits down..in the corner & cluctches her knees with her hand…
the incidents flash back in her mind
– their fight on friday night
– her leaving to shimla
– her missing him in shimla…on whole of saturday..his mail
– her coming backing to delhi on sunday morning
– the news Maan Singh Khurana arrested !!!
– flashes of Pics of sasha & maan On their bed…
– complete news on sasha demanding him to marry her also accusing Maan of molestating her
– geet burning up the house
– seeing maan behind the bars
– slapping him…
– calling the lawyer to fight his case…
tears rolled down her eyes…washing away her anger…there was no anger any more..
only thing now that was in her eyes was maan….
it was monday morning….
the court was unusally crowded media persons were not letting savitri devi,
NT & dev walk in..they had their questions
reporter1 – why maan is refusing to marrying her?
dev – No comments
reporter2 – how could he molestate a gril in this century..
dev – No commets
reporter3 – savitri devi ji..aap to khud ladies welfare assosiaction ki secratary hain
then wat do u have to say about to ur grand son’s act
savitri devi – let the court decide
reporter4 – is maan singh khurana already married..?
there body gaurds manage to push the media away & guide them through the steps
suddenly the media rushed to the police jeep just arrived…
maan walked out..cops escorted him…the media rushed to him..
rep 1 – wat do u have to say about sasha’s alligation
rep 2 – after all this why are u refusing to marry her?
maan does’nt say anything
police manages to get him through into the court…
the judge walks into the court..every one stands up…
maan was waiting..daadi stared at maan in disbelief..
there was another set of case hearing after that had completed …it was Maan Vs Sasha
dev walked to maan
dev – woo..bro lawyer has not turned up yet
maan – how is geet? (he was least bothered about the lawyer)
dev – ji woh jab se aayee hain..kisi se baath nahi ki
maan took a long breath…he did’nt know wat was going on in her mind
sasha’s lawyer – Mr. Singh
Maan ‘s lawyer – Mr. sameer kulkarni..
they called upon for maan’s case
Mr. Singh – my lord it is clear open & shut case..my client miss. Sasha is been molestated
by Mr. Maan Singh Khurana.. he is been having an affair with her for more that 2 yrs
now..but when she insisted on moving forward into a marriage he refused & molestated her on saturday night..these are the pics & maan was arrested from his out house
at 11.00am on sunday morning…& there were blood stains on his bed &
this are the medical reports of the injury she suffered…after all this my client is
only demanding him to marry her..not asking any almony or compensation
Judge – who is ur defence lawyer Mr. maan singh khurana
Maan – he keeps quite..looking down
Mr. singh – he has been quite like this since the whole incident mylord..
Jude – do u want to say anything in ur defence Mr. Khurana
maan was still quite..he was thinking how will geet take all this
Jude – Mr.Khurana..ur silence will treated as the condem of court
maan was still only thinking about geet…
Judge – Mr. Khurana ..why are refusing to marry her?
maan was still quite
Judge – Mr.Khurana why are u not saying anything
sameer – because he in shock mylord..(sameer walks in with geet)
I am Mr.Sameer Kulkarni defence lawyer..he hands over the papers to the judge
Judge – proceed (maan was still did’nt seem to know wat was happening…only thing that
played in his mind was geet!!! the anger in her eyes !!)
sameer – as my collegue truly said it is indeed an open & shut case
everyone looks at him in suprise..even the judge was taken a back
sameer – Mr Maan Singh Khurana is not able to say anything because he is in state of shock
Judge – wat shock
Sameer – Mr Maan Singh Khurana was not in town since friday night..
he was with his wife Geet Maan Singh Khurana in Shimla
(maan looked up in shock at his lawyer & then looked behind him…he saw her elgantly dressed in a pink saree with sindoor & mangalsuter she looked at him & winked ..his eyes filled up in joy he smiled & looked down trying to make a serious face)
daadi was shocked too…every one was shocked…
Sameer – they were in Shimla to meet their son Krishna Khurana..& they came back
only on Sunday morning..these are the copy of flight tickets & we have the
Krishna’s school principal here with us..we also have the receptionist from
the hotel where they stayed..I got late in getting my witnesses.
Mr.singh wispered to sasha..wat is all this…
sasha he is not married it is known fact..& he was definitly not in shimla..its all rubbish
sasha stared at geet …
geet was too lost looking at maan
Judge – call the witnesses
Pincipal was called first
Sameer – maam when did u meet mr khurana last
principal – saturday afternoon in my school he had come with his wife Mrs. Geet Khurana
sameer – any questions…
Mr. singh – why did he come to ur school? did u guys have parents teacher meeting? why did he come?
principal – NO NO..actually Mrs Khurana was helping us with our annual play..so Mr Khurana
just accompanying his wife..like always…
(maan just smiled & noded his head wondering wat his wife was upto)
Mr.singh – till when they were there in ur school
principal – 5.00pm
Mr.singh – my lord he could have taken the night flight & come back to Delhi
Judge makes his notes
maan & geet were busy admiring each other..lost in there own world..
like their eyes don’t need lips to talk…
next witness please
guy from hotel reception desk
Sameer – when did Mr.& Mrs Maan Singh Khurana checked in to ur hotel
guy – it was late night sir…from the records the time is 12.30pm friday night
sameer – when did they check out
guy – sunday early morning 4.00am..they had to catch the early morning flight to delhi
Mr.singh – are u sure Mr.Khurana was with Geet
(maan glares at singh for addressing her as geet)
sameer – I object my lord..he is disrespecting Mrs.Geet Khurana..I insist he addresses her as
Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana
Judge – objection sustained
Mr.Singh – I have a point there my lord…I shall come to that latter..
Mr.Singh contiuse to the guy
Mr.Singh – are u sure Mr.Khurana left on sunday morning with Mrs.Geet Maan khurana
guy – yes ..he cleared the bills with his credit cheques..he just handed over the copy
infact there where lots of calls for them from Delhi ..but they did’nt want to be disturbed
this is the logs of all the calls from delhi to their room
maan was totally shocked with all the proceedings..geet was calm & quite
sameer – my next witness in Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana
maan was not very happy about her getting questioned..he looked disturbed
she reassured..him..looking confident
sameer – when did u leave to the shimla & when did u guys come back?
Geet – we left on friday night & came back on Sunday morning
Mr.singh – Mrs.Geet Maan Singh Khurana or should I call u Ms.Geet Handa
sameer – I object my lord..he disrespecting my clients wife
Mr.Singh – thats the point my lord ..she is not his wife..I can prove that..
(maan closes his eyes in disgust)
Geet being questioned about their wedding!!!
I hope it made sense….and is upto ur expectations…I was so scared …writing this part…just wanted it to be perfect….maan did’nt do any thing yaar…how could he….humara Hero hain … why do u all keep forgetting me love MAAN big time!!! so no ways his character will fail…. please do comment & press like button any way
on simzzzzcool/simran’s advice!!!!MAAN’S reaction to the situation…on the lighter side

sameer – I object my lord..he disrespecting my clients wife
Mr.Singh – thats the point my lord ..she is not his wife..I can prove that..
(maan closes his eyes in disgust)
part 131
Judge – objection overruled
Mr.singh – how long have u been married to Mr.Khurana
Geet – 4 yrs 5months now
Mr. Singh – how come no body knows u as Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana
Geet – I did’nt want media attention thats why we maintained a low profile
is it necessary that we have to tell the whole world that we are married
when we had a proper arranged marriage in the temple with our parents blessings..
infront of our family & friends …these are the pics..
MR.Singh was dumb stuck..he goes back to sasha and clarifies
Mr. Singh – how was ur relation with ur husband (Maan almost got out to punch him
right there the police men held him back..)
Judge – order order..
Sameer – he asking intimidating question…
judge – wat are u hinting
Mr.singh – I am trying to say..that they never had a good realtion..thats why
Mr Khurana was intrested in sasha..
(sasha had that a witchy smile & maan could’nt take this any more)
geet was all prepared for this..she looked calm & composed
Judge – objection overruled
Mr.Singh – yes how ur relationship with Mr.Khurana…
Geet – wat do I say..I have been pregnant twice already in 4 yrs..so I guess it is ROCKING!!
maan was shocked at her bold answere…

sameer – I guess it is clear now..my lord
Mr.Singh – where were u when Mr.Khurana was getting arrested..?
geet – I was in the temple…on our way back from the airport maan droped me at the temple
when I reached home..I was shocked…
Sameer – I have the pandit for witness as well here
pandit was called to the witness box
sameer – was this lady there in ur temple yesterday?
pandit – yes sir
sameer – wat time
pandit – between 10 & 12
Mr.singh – how many people come to the temple every day
padit – not sure..quite of them
mr.singh – do u remember every one’s face
pandit – no ..how can I ?
mr.singh – then how do u know for sure she was there
pandit – actually she fainted & all of us got worried & helped her with friuts & some water..
we had to force her to rest ..she looked really pale..thats why I remember her …
(maan got worried about her fainting…he remembered wat Doc had told him about admiting
her to the hospital in case of any complication…)
Mr.Singh – I would like to question Mrs.Geet Maan Singh Khurana again
(maan cluctched his Fist)
Mr.Singh – do u know Ms.sasha
Geet – yes
Mr.singh – how do u know her
geet – I met her in Maan’s office
Mr.Singh – before that have’nt u heard about Maan’s relationship with her
published in paper..wat was ur reaction to all that
sameer – question is leading my lord
Judge – make ur point clear Mr.Singh
Mr.singh – hav’nt u heard about Mr.Khurana & Sasha’s affair before
Geet – My husband is too HOT & rich to resist..most of the girls drool over him..
why should I bother.. when I have him all for myself.. (she looked at maan for that
brief moment..that was the first time ever geet had accepted that ..maans heart just
missed a beat her words meant more than it seemed..like she was actually accepting
those three words hidden in that sentence …he wanted to hold her… hug her )
Mr. Singh – then why did u slap her infront of the office staff?
geet – she had made a file of our tampered snaps
Mr.singh – wat was mr Khurana’s reaction
geet – maan removed her from the job
Mr.singh – NO..Mrs Khurana..Mr. Khurana actually stopped u from slapping her
Geet – maan keeps his professional & personal relation separate…
in his office I was just a trainee at that time..& sasha was a senior employee
thats why he stoped me..but when he realized wat she has done..he removed
her from the job..
Mr.singh – wat do u have to say about these pics
she looked at the pic & looked at maan (her eyes did’nt ask any thing..probably
anwsered his question-‘I trust u’..)
geet – my lord..the case is about my husband molestated her on saturday night..
in our bedroom…not about this picture or if he had a relationship with her…so I think it is irrelavant
she threw back the snaps at the lawyer..
Sameer – My lord..Ms.sasha claims..that she was at Khurana Mansion on saturday night..that is
possible she was there plotting the whole scene…
Sasha – thats not true..I was with Maan…she screemed!
judge – order order…
Mr.Singh advices sasha to keep quite…
finally called Ms.Sasha to the witness box
Mr.Singh – can u tell wat exactly happened once again
with all tears in her eyes…sasha – we had our dinner & then we had our moment togather
& then …then we had our normal discussions..then I asked him when we could get married
he got angry & slapped me & started being really rude..i left & informed the police
about the whole incident ..she pretended to break down!!
(geet looked at maan …he was shocked ..to hear those words from sasha…)
sameer – wat did u have for dinner
sasha – umm!!..woo ..woo..pasta..maan likes italian food she added
sameer – where did u have ? I meant hotel or where?
sasha – I had my dinner with Maan at his place
sameer – then
sasha – we moved to the bedroom
sameer – I mean who cleared the kitchen
sasha – ji ??? (she thought for a moment)…no one
sameer – because when police arrested Mr. Khurana..there was no used plates or pans
Mr.Singh – Mr.Khurana would have cleared the evidence
Sameer – why should he clear only the plates not the bed spreads and other things????
My lord if Mr. Khurana had to clear the evidences idealy he should have cleared
the room first…
Sameer – can I call the police officer who made the arrest
officers comes in…
sameer – officer wat was Mr. Khurana doing when u went to arrest him
officer – he looked little lost & probably just washed his face & opened the door
sameer – was expecting u?
officer – no
sameer – did he protest while making the arrest
officer – no
sameer – wat was his reaction
officer – he was shocked & did’nt say anything
sameer – thanxs…thats all my lord…
now….let me tell u actually wat had happened ….
Mr. Khurana had just reached his place after dropping his wife…washed his face & changed…
he was shocked & confused looking at his room..before he could react or understand anything
officer was already at the door step…thats all my lord…my client is innocent & Ms.Sasha
is just sabotageing his reputation..
Mr.singh was running out of options…
judge made his notes & gave his judgemnt!!!
Judge – this court releases Mr.Maan Singh Khurana from all the alligation of molestation
as accused by Ms.Sasha..as it is been proved Mr.Khurana was with his wife in Shimla
if u want u could file a case against sasha for sabotageing ur reputation…
geet almost jumped ..in joy but contolled herself & looked at maan their eyes where
craving to be left alone…
daadi says sorry to maan..
daadi – humme ek pal ke liya laaga ki humare parvershi main koi kami thi
maan hugs daadi & moves towards geet..
the sameer comes & shakes his hands & winks at maan..
dev congrats maan ..geet thanxs the principal & the reception guy for supporting them
maan was about to reach near geet…sasha..tum case to jeet gayee..ho geet
lekin is photo ke sachayee ko nahi badal sakthi…
maan raised his hands to slap her ..geet stared at him..he stopped his hand mid air
geet – kya sachayee…she looks at the snap real closely…
maan was shirtless & sasha resting her head on his bare chest..why did u waste time
clicking snaps..had it been me I would have not wasted a min..in that position…
& slapped her right there…I thought u learned ur lesson that day..probably u did’nt…
sasha – yeh thapad tumhe mehnga padega!!
geet – even if u offer ur self naked infront of him….still he won’t look at u..
sameer could u pay her …& slaps her again..pay for this one too..
maan holds her …& hugs her..like he has’nt seen for ages…he cups her face & asks
maan – yeh sab kya tha
geet – uske nehle pe mera dhela!! & smiles naghtly
he closes the distance between their lips….she pulls down her head burring in his chest &
shies..sab loog hain…aap ko ghar ke bhar hi romance soojh tha hain
maan – tum khaho to ghar challen
she was blushing …umm!!!
media..questions maan & geet!!!!
thanxs a lot for all ur support & replies…. I felt geet did’nt have to prove that she was married because it was a proper wedding they had & close family circle any way knew about it!!! but sasha did’nt know that …
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funny vedio suggested by faby after all this court scene..maan would say!!!…again made by gurleen

geet – aap ko ghar ke bhar hi romance soojh tha hain
maan – tum kha ho to ghar challen
part 132
maan lifts her & walks out..the media runs towards them with their questions..
maan & geet were lost looking at each other..
geet gets concious with the media covering them..she hints him..to leave her down
he looked too lost in her..to respond..or let her down
rep1 – why did’nt u tell any one about ur marriage?
rep2 – were u concious because she was from a small town?
they just ignored all that rubbish & walked down the steps lost in each other
but too many to ignore
rep3 – Mr.khurana was it a love marriage or arrange
Maan (looking into her eyes) – love marriage for me & arrange marriage for her
(geet realized he is talking about their two weddings..she smiled)
rep1 – how did u fall in love with her?
maan – I fell in love with her the first time I saw her …I can never forget that night
(geet looked confused now)
rep2 – where did u see her
maan – poonam ki chandini raat aur uski chandini mera bhahoon main thi..tajmahal bhi sharma gaya tha shayad uske khoobsurthi kam jo laghrahi thi…
(geet shied & burried her head in him)
rep1 – so when did u say those golden three words
maan smiled..actually it took me 2yrs to say that
geet was suprised..& kept looking at him
rep3 – Mrs Khurana when did u say that..did u accept him immdiately yah tadapayah
geet kept looking at maan..he told her to answere that…
she broke out of the look
rep 3 repeated her question.- Mrs Khurana when did u say that..did u accept him immdiately yah tadapayah
geet – actually I never said those three words..
every one was shocked…
rep 2- so u don’t love him
geet looked into his eyes
I could never say those three words because.. (even maan was curious)
she paused ..probably because ..I am still falling in Love with him
maan called the guards to take care of the media…
rep4- will u be filling a case on ms.sasha
rep1 – wat about those pics…
rep 3- when did u guys …
maan made her sit the car & drove..there was perfect silence between them..
she did’nt say a word..neither did he….he drove to tajmahal…she realized seeing the boards & looked at him…they looked at each other & started laughing…..
maan – how did u manage all that…me in shimla???
geet – kuch aap ka pyar aur kuch mera pagal pan
maan – kya matlab???
geet – I read ur mail on saturday night…which read…
“if u were here u would have known just wanted to tell u how was my day
6.30am – looked for u..missed u(kash tum meri bahoon main hoti)
7.00am – juice…yuck..it was too cold..missed u again(tum hoti to juice would have been perfect)
7.05am – having a head ache…missing u again(tum hoti to mera sur dabathi)
8.00am – breakfast ..sucks(tum hoti to garama gram parathe..wow)
8.30am – went back to the bed…slept the whole day…actually did’nt miss u..strange na..
sapnoo main tum meri saath thi
so just decided continue sleeping..did’nt answere any call…I don’t want to talk to any
one but u..tried calling u..aise koi gussa hota hain kya?
11.30am – ordered flowers for u…
still u did’nt call…I am sleeping again…sapnoo main to saath ho…missing u ..
8.00pm – sweet heart..jaldhi aajavoo..aab to neind bhi nahi aarhi…sapnoo main kaise milloon
11.00pm- just had milk…pata nahi..feeling strangely sleepy…miss u…”
so it was evident from ur mail that no one except sasha knew that ur in delhi
infact aap ka mail mil the hi..I tried calling u…but aap ka phone switched off aa rahaa tha..
I was actually worried since then..
maan – phir..
geet – principal & that guy just lied for me..
maan – tumhe ek pal ke liya bhi nahi laga…ki
geet she cuts him…nahi…
maan – phir kal itna gussa main kyun thi..(he rubbed his cheeks)
geet – mujhe haaq nahi ?
maan – woh haaq sirf tumhe hain
geet (tears rolled down her eyes) – mujhe se bardhash nahi huwa aap ko udhar deehkar
maan – sorry…I should have just believed u…
geet (she wiped her tears…still moist it was)
I don’t know why..but I brought two tickets while going & coming…
used ur card to pay every thing…checked into the same hotel same room ..
booked the room on ur name…strange na..yeh pagal pan hi to hain..
maan – nahi …maan stopped the car..
sun was almost setting…he walked with her to the tajmahal…
maan – tum humesha aapne pyar ko pagal pan kyun keh thi hoo?
woh tumhare pyar hai geet…she looked at him..like she could’nt hold back any more
phir kha kyun nahi dethi…it was poonam ki raat..she looked exactly the way she
looked 2 1/2yrs ago…the passion in her eyes..had deepened since then..& now he knew she is
his wife…now he knew he loves her more than any thing else…he knew that feeling which kept
pulling them closer & closer was nothing but their love…
maan – tum bhilkul aise hi deehk rahi thi mujhe use din bhi…
tumhari aankhoone useee din mujhe se keh diya tha…jo tum..aaj tak
nahi kah payee….geet woh ehsaas jo us din tumhare dil se mera dil ne meshsoos
kiya tha…woh geet wispers pyar ka ehsaas tha…I love u …& hugged him
hugged him like she never did before…like she never felt before…
maan – ghar challen
geet – umm!! (she was glowing like a new bride)

geet sat in the car..maan came in closed his door & leaned towards geet
geet, I assure you that I have these feelings for you…..not since few months but…
they have been with me since the day you walked into my life here this very place and I’ll be damned if anything takes you from me! his gaze deepened and the night suddenly grew darker & quiter… geet had a distinct feeling that maan was going to kiss her and there was nothing she could do about it, and she wasn’t sure that she wanted to do anything about it.. his head moved to meet her lips and she closed her eyes, her long thick lashes fanning seductively against her
flushed cheeks..maan was delightedly shocked that she was returning his kiss with equal fervor..
as if it was everything she had expected…they could go on for ever..
finally much awaited SR & yet another tiny miny twist yet again
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flushed cheeks..maan was delightedly shocked that she was returning his kiss with equal fervor..
as if it was everything geet had expected…they could go on for ever..
part 133
ehsaas jo unke dil main tha..ankho main tha…aaj uskoo sabd mail gaya…
to usko roop mil gaya aaj use kabool kar liya….pyar..umm!! pyar ka ehsaas!!!
it is so easy at times to just fall in love..but that much more difficult to
live it…. they lived the ehsaas..
they reached home..Khurana Mansion & geet was so shy to walk into the the room with him
new room…new place..she blushed like a new bride..maan knew how exactly she felt..
he locked the door behind ..geet started breathing faster..her heart was beating faster
than ever…her body was like longing for that very touch of his..
maan walked into the bathroom & said wat are u ..dreaming..geet felt odd about her
anticiaption & took a long breath…she pulled out her night dress & changed ..&
slipped into the bed…she turned to the other side..closed her eyes tightly &
held her breath …as maan walked in his shorts & vest maan swichted off the light &
said good night..geet mumers to herself..waise to pura pura din mujhe thang karthe
hain..aur..before she became aware of his presence behind her, he cupped the back of her
neck, his thumb caressing her just under her left ear. ..aur kya geet? he felt her pulse
leap, saw a smile burst across her face as she turned to look back over her shoulder.
geet shied..
maan – bolona..aur kya..?
geet – kuch nahin…maan slowly turns her around & says..
aur…kya geet…she was swept into his arms, the tenderness of his touch softening
her heart, melting her in his arms. geet only embraced him closer, tighter, longing,
depending, wishing he would stay with her forever, feeling the warmth of his body
reach hers…geet took a deep breath, feeling his lips touch the nape of her neck..
he pulled out every bit of cotton..on his way..his eyes glanced through her in passion
he just admired every single curve ..he could burn her just looking ..geet closed her
face with her hand..maan wispered abhi bhi sharm aarahi hain!! .. moving his hands
to her back, then calmly pulling her into the warmth of his shoulder and tenderly kissing
her cheek…he held her in his arms for a moment, her cheek against his, then he softly
kissed the nape of her neck again as she arched into him, relaxing in his arms.
maans hands moved further down to bring her flesh alive with his touch. ..
his hands against her velvety flesh, covering her unsupported curved portions…
geet gasped when he moulded her curved parts with his warm hands, her body pressing upwards to intensify the sensation of his hands on her soft, delicate skin..which was soar stranngely maan wispered kya huwa..ji woo ..kuch nahi …are u sure its ok..if I..she noded for a yes he slowly pressed the **** with his thumb and fingers carefully not to hurt her, convulsing
them into tight..kissing her throat softly… as he kissed her lips, she answered with more response than she had ever shown… that was a yes, she wanted him…she reached out and touched him, feeling his body hardening at her touch…his hands were confident… their movements were writing a story in a mystic font…then to her stomach, his hands glided her effortlessly, as if she was a sheet of glass and his hands were pieces of silk cloth polishing her, making her shine, her vivid moaning making her see-through… she had never expressed such this feeling of safeness, yet so exposed. all the ingredients for the perfect wedding night were there, except it was not .. probobaly the nth time!!but it all felt so right…she could actually picture him inside her..she felt comfortable, warm, safe and it showed when she took a little initiative…for the very first time ever..innocently ..shy scared not sure..she strummed his stomach, her fingers hurdling each ripple to the end, stopping at his shorts line…wondering to go further..
his hands guided hers..to help him undress…& his lips his mouth never leaving her flesh…
his skill at multi-tasking had her on fire… his breathing heated her neck, leaving a
semi-sheer sheet of sweat… she couldn’t take it… she had to scream..she did..
she screamed his name…maan..like never before..it just added to his passion..
he closed the only distance..he was deep in..she was warm, passionate, wild & wanted more
he gave in more..his movements intensified…he commanded her body and demanded
obedience as he shot her to the heaven…slammed down on her body, his reactions
were uncontrolled… he held her closer during the flood…& said it again..I love u
she kissed him & said love u too…he slowly slide side ways & cuddled
in next to her…she kissed his beautifull chest & grabbed his strong hands around her..
feeling safe and loved…
next day..geet woke up first..slowly raps her self in the spread & walks ..
maan pulls her back into the bed & passionately kisses her ..
she shies & hides her face into his embrace..maan slowly wispers aur kya geet
she shakes her head..is that a yes maan asks…they go all over again rehearsing
the act of passion..maan kisses her & lies panting…they could be rehearsing the whole day..
geet rested her head on his chest making a patterns on his musculine perfect curves
geet – mujhe aap se kuch kehna hain..
maan – umm!!
geet – woo..main..main..
maan – kay huwa geet (hugs her tight)
geet – main pregnant hoon burries her head in his chest
maan – don’t u think it is too early for that..humne to kal hee..(snaking her back)
geet – maine us din woh medicine spit kar diya tha
maan – wat? (pulled her away in shock to meet her eyes)
geet – I don’t need any test to tell me if I am pregnant..
maan – geet…
geet – agar aapki khushi ko papa ka chocolate sundae khane ka man kiya use se main samjh gaye thi
maan – mera bacha…he hugs her…I am sorry…….so u did’nt trust me!!!
geet – not with my kids..with me yes!!!
maan – challoo …
geet – kanha?
maan – doctor ke paas….
geet – kyun?
maan – tum to meri baat nahi manoghi…mujhe hi tumhari baat rahknai padthi hain..
geet cuddles into him & says..woo..woo..AUR ke baad
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~pyar ka ehsaas season 2~
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Hi dear friends this is the 6th new thread of my FF Pyar ka ehsaas Maan and Geet

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Maan & geet are married for over 4 years now…
Maan has’nt seen his wife until there 4th wedding anniversary
It was an arranged marriage…both where not intrested
Maan – has is past …ex-wife..priya & a son krishna who is 12 now
Geet – wanted to study further…which she did with daadi’s help after wedding..
she continued her studies & took care of krishna
Story takes a turn as maan stays away from his wife…geet prefers…avoiding him to
maintain peace in the relationship…Maan falls for his wife..without knowing she is his wife..
finally maan realizes his love for geet & then also realizse that she is his wife…
but geet tries to get priya back in Maan’s life…& how maan tries to win over his wife..
who has no clue how he has been falling in love with her secertly..
geet loves him unconditionally..unaware of his feelings..!!!
finally their ehsaas in their hearts beat togather to be truely pyar ka ehsaas….

pyar ka ehsaas season 2 on readers demand!!!

Hi dear friends this is the 6th new thread of my FF Pyar ka ehsaas Maan and Geet

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Maan & geet are married for over 4 years now…
Maan has’nt seen his wife until there 4th wedding anniversary
It was an arranged marriage…both where not intrested
Maan – has is past …ex-wife..priya & a son krishna who is 12 now
Geet – wanted to study further…which she did with daadi’s help after wedding..
she continued her studies & took care of krishna
Story takes a turn as maan stays away from his wife…geet prefers…avoiding him to
maintain peace in the relationship…Maan falls for his wife..without knowing she is his wife..
finally maan realizes his love for geet & then also realizse that she is his wife…
but geet tries to get priya back in Maan’s life…& how maan tries to win over his wife..
who has no clue how he has been falling in love with her secertly..
geet loves him unconditionally..unaware of his feelings..!!!
finally their ehsaas in their hearts beat togather to be truely pyar ka ehsaas….

pyar ka ehsaas season 2 on readers demand!!!
maan – tum to mera baat nahi manoghi…mujhe hi tumhari baat rahknai padthi hain…
geet cuddles into him & says..woo..woo..AUR ke baad
part 134
maan & geet go to meet the doctor…
maan – doctor we want to keep the baby
dr.kiran – but maan it won’t be safe for geet
maan – is there any thing we can do about it…she won’t let me abort
the baby…she did’nt have the medicine too
dr.kiran – now it is too late for medicine too…
geet smiled….maan pressed her hand..she was on top of the world
dr.kiran – we would have to operate on her…but we cannot do that either
since she is very weak
maan gets really worried & tensed
dr.kiran – u could start with these medication & put her on complete bed rest
maan – sure
dr.kiran – please Mr.Khurana we really need to work on improving her hemo level
maan – umm!!
maan thanxs the doctor & takes geet to the car…
maan was very angry & tensed…
geet – kya huwa
maan – why don’t u ever listen to me? (in stirn voice)
geet – aab maine kya kiya?
maan breaks down hugging her…agar tumhe kuch huwa to main aapne aap ko
khabhi maaf nahi kar paavoo gha…
geet – kuch nahi hoga..trust me!!
maan – do I have an option…
geet – umm!!
maan – kya
geet – aap sasha se phone baath kar sakthe hoo(teasingly)
maan – GEET!!!
maan turns his face & starts the car…and drives in anger
after driving a while
geet – stop stop stop!!!
maan stops the car…at once
maan – kya huwa??
geet – khushi ko papa wala sundae khana hain
maan – nahi…
geet makes a baby face…please
maan – nahi …khushi ko bol do..mama ko icream suit nahi kartha…
to use bhi ice cream nahi milegha
geet – papa does’nt love khushi!!!
maan – papa loves khushi …but loves mama more…
geet hugs him..one spoon please…I will share it with u…meri khushi ke liya
maan – tum hamesha aapni baath manva lethi hoo…
maan gets the sundae & gives it to her…she eats a bite & then gives back to him…
maan – aur nahi khana….
geet – I am already having a head ache…
maan presses her head & kisses her….mana kiya tha na…kyun aise karthi hoo
geet – khushi ka dil kaise thodthi…
maan – sab ka khayal rehatha hain..except urs!!
geet – aap ho na mera khayal rekhna ka liya…aap ko bhi to busy rekhna padtha hain
nahi to..u will again start answereing stupid calls
maan – will u stop taunting me on that!!!
geet – UMMM…nahi…!!!
they reach home & maan takes her inside
daadi – wat did the doctor say?
maan – abhi we cannot do with medicine…it is to late for that…& she is to weak
for an abortion…adviced her complete bedrest…
daadi – take her to the room I will get her some juice…
maan made her lie on the bed…tucked the spread & kissed her..
she pulled him back & kissed him passionately…
her lips opened and her tongue reached out gently.. questing for his..
he began to kiss her in earnest…he looked into her eyes..
then paused for a long moment, and then melted into her, his body molding to her
their lips opened, and their tongues met, cautiously, tenderly…
daadi knocked the door…maan pulled away unwillingly & opened the door
daadi made her drink the juice
maan was getting restless..geet smiled understanding his restlessness
daadi – maan aap aaj office nahi jaa rahe?
maan – nahi..I mean latter
daadi – geet ko jada thang math karna…
maan – ji..(geet blushed & looked away)
as soon as daadi left maan closed the door & pulled out his shirt
and pounced onto her..geet giggled and buried her face in the curve of his neck…
his scent was a mixture of perspiration and some cologne she could relate to…
she licked him.. he tasted of fire… he reached behind her back.. quickly unhooking her bra,
when he pulled the straps off her soft shoulder.. kissing each inch of her revealed. skin..
sheer cups fell away, baring to his view… he was instantly drawn his lips to them…
he licked them.. and sucked them softly.. alternating from right to left…
as they stiffened slightly.. he sucked harder..eliciting a moan from her throat
Maan kissed his way back up her throat, and softly nibbled on her bottom lip
he undrssed her completely & closed the distance between them..he looked up into her
eyes as he leaned in closer..the happiness was all he could wish for…
he clamped his lips firmly around her, increasing his pace her hands held him tightly..
breathing harder..he looked up into her face just in time to see her eyes flutter open.
love u she said quietly, still struggling to breathe evenly…he kissed her passionately
and said love u a lot…main tumhare bina nahi ji pavoonga…
geet – office nahin jaana aap ko
maan – nahin..(cuddles into her)
maans phone rings..
geet – maan aap ka phone..
maan – off kar do..
geet – maan uttoo …office se phone hain..
maan half heartedly picks the call..it was adi reminding him of the meeting
maan tells adi to cancel all the meetings for the day
maan hugs her back & kisses her..the phone rings again
maan gets angry & picks up the call
maan – YES
adi – sir wanted to remind u about ur trip to bangalore tomorrow
maan – umm!! he cuts the call..
geet(cups his face in her hand) – kya hua..
maan – mujhe kal bangalore jana hain..
bangalore trip!!!
me again!!!! hope live upto ur expectations….please stop me…when it gets boring!!!!
will try to maintain the pace!!!like 1-2updates

geet(cups his face in her hand) – kya hua..
maan – mujhe kal bangalore jana hain..
part 135
geet – aacha hain!!
maan lifting his eye brows???
geet – aap mujhe honey moon pe kabhi nahi lee kar nahi gayee !!..& she buries her head in his chest!!
maan smiled & was delighted that coming from her..
maan – lekin tumhe bedrest ke liya bola hain
geet – umm!!! main bhi challoon ghi..aap ke saat
maan – aacha baba ..let me check with the doctor

maan calls the doctor
Dr.kiran – Mr.khurana is every thing fine with geet?
maan – oh!! yes…
kiran – then how can I help u?
maan – can she travel to bangalore tomorrow..
kiran – thats not a problem…just avoid stressing her ..not too much walking
or sitting for long hrs..
maan – thanxs ..
kiran – don’t miss her medicines..
maan – sure..& thanxs a lot…& cut the call
maan kissed her & said ..its ok..u can travel she said
he slipped in the spread & hugged her..tum itna asanee se meri problems
kaise solve karthi ho ..hamesha..
geet – pata nahi…main tu sirf aap ke saat rehana chathi hoon
maan – hamesha rahna..
geet – that is probably wat I need more than u!!
maan – mera bacha..
geet slept for a while & got up ..she looked at maan he was sleeping peacefully
she pulled on his shirt that was lieing next to her …wore it & went to the wash room
she splashed water on to her face & looked up…maan smiled looking at her…
she closed her eyes as maan was totally naked standing behind her…
maan narrowed his eye brows…& lifted her chin to meet her eyes…
she was pink probably turning red..in shy…maan took her hand away from
her face & guided it to slip around his waist she still had her eyes closed
maan – geet
geet – umm!!
maan – mujhe dehko na!!!
geet – nahi..mujhe sharam aathi hain & turn around to leave
maan – teehk hain…give my shirt & leave
geet – ji..she held on to the shirt…
maan – haan..meri shirt !!
he slips his hands inside the shirt & sneaks freely to the curved portions..
geet – mujhe jaane do na..
maan – meri shirt…
she turns into his embrace..& looks upto meet his eyes..
maan – tum itna sharmathi kyun hoo?
geet she hugs him…khushi ko bhook laaghi hain
maan pats her tummy ..challoo lunch karthe hain
they get ready ..maan stands beside her & opens her plats again
& ties the mangalsutar & puts the sindoor…she shies..as she always did
they walked down the steps
daadi – stop right there!!
maan – ji??
daadi – geet ko bedrest kaha hain na..why are u making her climb the steps
maan lifts her & gets her down…
daadi – thats better..
maan makes her sit on the chair
daadi – maan hume koi bhi laaparvai nahi chahia…I will never forgive u..aap bhuat
manmani kar chuke hain…enough is enough…make sure u take good care of geet…
maan – ji
geet wispers..bangalore trip ke bare main daadi ko boliya na..
maan – umm!!
geet – boliya na
daadi – wat are u guys upto now?
maan – ji daadi woo..we are going to bangalore tomorrow
daadi – wat is this maan?
maan – nahi humne doctor se baat karlee hain..she said its ok
daadi – please don’t get carried away in ur job….don’t forget she is with u
maan – i will be careful daadi
daadi looked worried…
geet – daadi don’t worry I will be fine
daadi – maan ko to kaam ke aaghe kuch aur dehktha hi nahi hain..
maan – daadi ..I will take care of her…don’t worry..
daadi – geet please finish the whole thing…abhi aap ko fruits bhi kana hain
geet – ji..
they finish the lunch maan takes her to the room
daadi – beta agar aap kuch chahiya to nakul keh dena…
geet – ji daadi
geet calls nakul…
maan – kya chahiya tumhe..?
geet – nahi woo packing karne thi na..
maan – I will do that..u just sit quitely on the bed
geet gets a call from her office…
Arjun – geet woo..Mr.Khurana ki launch file nahi mil rahi hain
geet – ji woo mera paas hain
arjun – could u send it across
geet – yah I will send it right away..
arjun – thanxs…
maan – main tumhare liya chutti lekar ghar mein beta hoon..aur tum ho ki kaam mein laghi hoo
geet – nahi woo…yeh file bechvaani thi.
maan – kun si..woo mera bag mein hain…
he brings the bag & gives to her…she picks the file & gives to the driver…
maan – ek kaam karoo sari files bechvaa doo..pata nahi us sado ko phir kun se file
ki zarorat pad jaya…
geet – yeh aap kya kar rahe hain
maan – chup ek dum chup..
geet sits with a long face…
maan – tum yeh job chod do…
geet gives a confused look
maan – khushi ke liya..
geet – jab khushi aayeghi tab ki tab deehk loonghi
maan – nahi jokes apart…u need complete rest..so I think u should take it easy…
geet – don’t worry if I find it stressful I will leave it…
meri liya khushi se badhkar kuch nahi hain…
unoffical or should I say offical muskan confused honey moon!!!???
thanxs for all ur post & welcoming me with the season 2..thanxs a zillion
please please do let me know how u like the new season…please do comment
geet – don’t worry if I find it stressful I will leave it…
meri liya khushi se badhkar kuch nahi hain…
part 136
maan – main bhi nahi
geet – umm!! umm!!!
maan – mujhe mera javab mil gaya …
next day they take the early morning flight to bangalore
geet was little nervous..she slips her fingers slowly into maans while the flight was on the
run way…maan helps her with the seat belt & puts his hand across her..& pats her
air hostess – any drink for u sir
maan looks at geet & says no we are fine…& smiles…
maan – ek baath batavoo..that day in the flight why did u ordered bellini
geet – woo..
maan – u just had few sips I noticed
geet – u did!!
maan – kaise nahi kartha..meri jaan jo tum busthi hain..
geet – i did’nt like that airhostess..aur aap bhi to kitne rude the
maan – wat did u say…wait wait..let me get that…
too much of champagne cockatail and maan are bad combination.
I was shocked!!! totally flushed!!
geet – mujhe chad gayee the…
maan – kya?? ek sip me…
geet – umm!!
maan – phir kyun order kiya?
geet – Mrs Maan Singh Khurana ka attitude jo dikhana tha..usko..
aap bhi to mujhe ignore kar rahe the…
he hugged & kissed her…sorry mera bacha
geet – agar us din bhi aap mera saath aise hote to…
maan cuts her…challoo chodo…& kisses her hand
geet – how are u placed today?
maan – let me see…he checks the appointments & shows her schedule
geet – laagtha hain mujhe honey moon ekela hi mana na padegha
maan – don’t say that…main hoon na…
waise bhi yeh to din ka schedule hain..we still have the whole night fo us…
and kisses her on her cheeks…& then kisses her hand ..nibbling her fingers..
wheather in bangalore was perfectly romantic..raining …there was slight nip in the temperature
they checked into to the taj hotel on the residency road..in the heart of the city…
maan selected the hotel ..so that they don’t have to travel too long for any of the major
malls or resturants…airport to the hotel was quite a drive…
geet was already getting uncomfartable…maan made her lie down on his lap…
when they reached hotel..maan carried her to the room…he had booked a honey moon suit
room was beautfully decorated with fragrance of love & essance of romance…
she cuddled into his embraced & smiled..
he made her lie on the bed & helped her change…he settled the luggage
ordered for the breakfast…he gave her a slight massage & kissed her
passionately ..he moved her curls & traced her jaw line…looked at her..
u look beautifull ..she blushed..he leaned in and kissed her again geet lost her breath
for a moment when she regained herself, she pressed into Maan and kissed him back hard.
they broke out of the long kiss and stared at each other… u will be fine na..maan looked
worried…I will be ..aap ho na mera saath…umm!!
the waiter knocks to serve the breakfast
geet straighten duppata & serves him the breakfast ..maan shares it with her & gives her medicines…
maan – I have arranged for a car if u want to go out any where
lunch can’t promise..(he looked down in guilty)
geet – i didn’t come with u to make u feel guilty…waise bhi kisine raathe mera naam ki hain
maan – waise to..usene aapne har saans tumhare naam ki hain
geet – sachi
maan – muchi..kisses her & leaves to clients office
geet rests for a while & gets on with krish’s work & catches up with Arjun
pooja calls…
pooja – yaar tu kanha hain?
geet – bangalore mein
pooja – wanha kya kar rahee hain?
geet – honey moon(bites her lips)
pooja – UMM!! romance is in air & all!!
geet – nahi yaar Maan had some work here
pooja – how unromantic
geet – tunhe yeh bolne ke liya phone kiya tha
pooja – nahi ..yaar Arjun is asked me for a date
geet – kya bol rahi hain? yeh kab howa?
pooja – just now…I am offically dead & calling from Heaven!!!
geet – when are u guys meeting
pooja – friday night
geet – wow I am so happy for u
pooja – I am getting scared
geet – tu aur scared???
pooja – its also happening so fast & suddenly really don’t know
geet – arjun sir bhut aache hain..mujhe to unki chinta ho rahi hain
pooja – tu meri friend yah dushman
geet laughed out loud
pooja – did u speak to kavya or smriti
geet – nahi ..actually after the family dinner
pooja – why..jiju ne to sab sought kar diya tha
geet – kya?
pooja – u don’t know?
geet – khabhi kuch jathathe thodi hain
pooja – he spoke to smriti & kavya & almost said sorry
can u belive it Maan Singh Khurana saying sorry to us
geet had tears in her eyes..
pooja – he really cares for u
geet – umm!!
after finishing the call…
she orders her lunch & picks his photo from her purse…
I don’t seem to stop falling in love with u Mr.Maan Singh Khurana
maan walks in …& hugs her from behind ..and kisses her shoulder
maan – sachi
geet – muchi…geet turns to see him…
maan – tum roo kyun rahi hoo?
geet – nahi woo..
she hugs him tightly..speechless…
maan – wat is my khushi doing?
geet – missing papa
maan kisses her tummy …so papa is here…
geet serves the lunch in the plate & sits on his lap…
she feeds him & they share the lunch
geet – aap ki to meeting thi na
maan – i pushed it by an hr
geet – thanxs…kisses his cheeks…
after they finish lunch …geet keeps the plate & go to wash her hand
maan naughtly looks at her…mera ko dessert nahi diya
geet – ek min..laa rahi hoon…
maan hits head ….kya karoon main is pagali ka..
when she comes out …maan pulls her to the bed…tumhe aabhi bhi nahi pata
mera dessert kay hain…
geet – tiramishu na..main ne wohi order kiya hain
he pinns her on the bed & bites her lips…aah..geet moans
geet waiting for dinner!!!
geet – tiramishu na..main ne wohi order kiya hain
he pinns her on the bed & bites her lips…aah..geet moans
part 137
geet makes a baby face..
maan pulls her duppata away & kisses her wildly his hands open her plats &
gets lost in her scent she nibbles his ears & her hands moves under his shirt
geet – do u have to realy go
maan – tum khahoo to nahi jaavoongha
geet – umm!! makes a cry
maan kisses her forehead & tucks her in the spread
maan – u rest for some time..agar shaam ko shopping jaana hain to
call the car & mera card tumhare purse main hi hain
geet – ji..
maan says love u & kisses her …& leaves…
geet pulls the spread on & sleeps untill evening
she explores the place & does some shopping in the evening
it was 8pm.. geet got ready for dinner..waited untill 9pm….
halfheartedly ordered her dinner …it was 9.30pm
maan was still not around…she had her dinner & changed into her night dress
she caught up with krish & they had their chit chat on khushi
it was past mid night…geet lit the candles in the room & arranged the table
with flowers..maan came & said sorry sorry…
geet hugged him with a big smile
maan – mera khushi kya kar rahi hain
geet – woo papa ka dinner main wait kar karke soo gayee.
maan saw the table & candles…& shouted tumne dinner nahi kiya abhi tak?
u r pregnant how can u be so careless..
geet – do u think I will make my baby strave
maan looked at her confused…she takes his hand & makes him touch her tummy
geet – khushi ne khana kha liya..aur abhi soo rahi hain
maan – woo table main ..I am sorry i thought u hav’nt had dinner
geet – yeh sab!!! I thought dinner nahi to kya huwa we could have fruits togather
she pushes him on the bed & sits on his stomch…
keeps the plate of mixed fruits cut in long fingers on his chest…
she feeds him an apple & bends down to bite the other half into her lips
maan moves the plate & kisses her and turns her around to come over her
tum aise fruits kilavoo ghi to main kya kar sakta hoon
he reached his arms around her and unzipped her dress. he slid the sleeves off her shoulders.
then took her curves into his hands as the dress slid .. she pulled her dress off ..
as he undressed and let his clothes fall next to hers. maan bent over her and
slowly slid himself into her..u ok – he asked her as he gently pushed her head down,
wrapped his arms underneath her, grabbing her shoulders and pushing himself harder
and deeper into her…Yessss’ she said as they orgasmed togather..
maan laid his head on her shoulder kissing her and she gently rubbed his back…
he lied next to her & smiled..& moved her curls…u becoming pritier every day..
woo aap ka pyar hain..she shied..he pulled her to him and kissed her long and hard.
maan feeds her the fruits..
maan – thanxs for coming with me
geet – mera aap ke bina kanhi man hi nahi laagtha
maan – tum yanha bore to nahi ho rahi na?
geet – let me think!!!
maan closes her lips & go all over again making love..
next day maan goes to the gym & come back..geet was still sleeping
maan orders the breafast & gets ready
it was a rainy day…typical bangalore during this time of the year…
geet cuddled up tighter & slept…
maan got ready & woke her up for breakfast ..she pulled him in the spread…
it was realy difficult to resist…she was irresistably sexy under that spread
oops!!! only the spread…maan hugged her passionatly & geets hand wrap around him
she slides her hand to his pants & begin to undresses him…with her eyes closed
maan – mera dress hone ka baat hi tumhe yeh sab sooj tha hain
geet – umm!! main kya karoon aap aise aur bhi tempting laagthe hoo
maan – aacha!! & moves his head down to her neck to kiss and lightly nibble
into it.he reachs down and lift her into him, crushing his body into hers in a giant bear hug.
“Love you” she hears him say… she looks into his eyes, his flushed face and sweating brow…
“That was just morning I have the whole busy day ahead .”she impishly laugh.
he squeeze her tighter still, turning him on again at because of her girlish giggle…
they could spend their whole day in the bed making love untill maan gets a call
from pari reminding him of the meeting
geet – pari bhi aayee hain
maan – umm!!
geet – lucky her
maan – kyun?
geet – she actually gets to spend more time with u on our honey moon
maan kisses her do u really think so?
love u says geet…maan was delighted ..his eyes was contended to see no complains
in them…that was the perfect start of a busy day…he just loved every min of it

it was indeed a busy day…he could not make it for lunch nor for dinner
geet could’nt go out because of the rain
she spend the time chatting with krish
krish – mama my pooja holidays are starting next week end
geet – i have planned lots of movies to watch with u…
then we will go shopping for khushi, then we have a wedding coming up too
krish – mama I am coming only for 10days
geet – i know ..I wish we had more time…I really miss u
krish – when are u guys coming back from bangalore
geet – saturday I guess
krish – mama they have given us lots of HW this time
geet – yah I was seeing that…kuch jayada hi hain
but don’t worry we will manage
rain rain rain!!!
krish – mama they have given us lots of HW this time
geet – yah I was seeing that…kuch jayada hi hain
but don’t worry we will manage
part 138
geet – next week is ur unit test rights
krish – yah..
geet – u need to work nore on history & hindi
krish – history is a mistry for me
geet – read like a story
krish – yah boring story
geet – krish please i am seeing that ur not concentrating on history at all
krish – umm
geet – aacha I will read it to u …like a story ok..
krish – ok..
geet – i will prepare & start with it tomorrow
krish – umm!!
geet – wat happened? why are u sounding so dull
krish – nahi kuch nahi..
geet – are u sure
krish – yah I am just tired
geet – aacha sleep now…good night
krish – good night
geet checked the history lessons online & prepared the notes..
she had her dinner & started working on the lessons again
she dossed off with her laptop..
maan came in & saw her sleeping…he took the laptop & kept it aside
he lifted her & took her out to their private garden ..
geet – yeh kya kar rahe ho? with her eyes closed
maan – raat tumhare naam kar raha hoon & kissed her…it was pouring out side
she got up in a shock with touch of rain drops wetting her …& hugged him tighter..
he turned around with her in his arms laughing & made her stand down in the wet grass…
she looked up at the dark wet sky ..stars & spread her hands…she always had this love
for rain…maan stood their admiring her..geet smiled & walked to him…
they just walked down the garden path in the rain..their hands intertwine as
they walk along the garden path..fat droplets of rain exploding on them, soaking through
their clothes and leaving nothing to the imagination.. eyes meet… lips touch.
her fingers grasp, then stumble to unbutton..fingers searching, tongues touching,
bodies arching and then the thunder rolls lightning strikes as their universes collide…
her body shakes and shivers, and steam rises from the warm, wet ground she laid upon…
he kissed her temple and held her closer…they were their under the sky wet & muddy
waiting for the rain to probably wash them…they got partly dressed &
maan carried her inside…they had their shower & cleaned up themselves
maan got drssed & sat on the bed with his lap top
geet cuddled up next to him…
maan – wat happened why are u looking so worried..moving her wet locks
geet – krish is having his exams from next week
maan smiles – uska exam hain..tum kyun tension le rahi ho?
geet – nahi he looked worried about some thing
maan – uska girl friend ke saath kuch fight hogaya hoga
geet – wat rubbish!!!
maan smiled again geet gets up & moves his laptop
geet – do u really thing so
maan cups her face…I was just guessing
geet – why did’nt I think of that
maan – tumhe mera bare main soch ne se fursaath mile to na!!
she hugs maan & kisses his chest..dehkoo na aapne padiya pe dyan nahi de raha hain
maan – aur karo uske help
geet – idea to aap ka hi tha
maan – aacha…mera idea tha..& starts tickling her…
she starts laughing & turning restlessly…catching for her breath….
main itni pareshan hoon aur has rahein hain..
maan – umm!! don’t worry he will be fine Maan Singh Khurana ka beta hain
geet – shayad isliya aab aur bhi chinta ho rahi hain
that was it…maan pinned her down on the bed & kissed her violently
geet – mujhe chodo..main mazak kar rahi thi
maan – main mazak nahi kar raha….
geet – please chodo na
maan – phele kaho
geet – kya
maan – kis ka idea tha use help karne ka
geet – woo ..woo..aap ka !!!& maan bites into her neck & fight along making
another passionate night…
geet wakes up early & start working on the history notes
maan hugs her & turns to sleep again
maan – kya kar rahi hoo?
geet – krish ko hitory main kuch help chahiya tha..
maan kisses her stomach
geet – yeh kya kar reha ho..
maan – main khushi ko pyar kar raha hoon..tum aapna kaam karoo
geet – lekin mujhe..gudgudi ho rahi hain
maan – I don’t care..he continues to kiss her..
maan she maons..& arches her back..maan moves up to her the valley moving away the
laptop …her flushed skin made her eyes look bigger she met his gaze with an unfocused stare
With one quick jerk, he pulled her dress down her arms..he took her right in there,
plunging deep inside over and over again until they were both shaken and exhausted..
geet kissed him..& moved his hair saying those magical words..maan returned in
same intensity…she rested her cheek on his chest
geet – how are u placed today?
maan – don’t even ask
geet kisses him
maan – kuch kaam tha?
geet – nahi .. I was just asking
maan goes to the gym & geet orders the breakfast for them
another busy day at work…geet catches up with pooja
pooja was nervous & excited about her date with Arjun
geet – hi pooja ..I am getting excited for u
pooja – I don’t understand..what should wear?
geet – keep it simple ..arjun sir would like that
pooja – geet ..yaar arjun ko dehkar meri bolthi band ho jathi hain
he should think that I am already fallen for him
geet starts laughing..but thats the truth right
pooja – lekin!!
geet – lekin wakin kuch nahi..just be urself
pooja – umm!!
Party time!!! will geet make it??? twist again!!!
geet – lekin wakin kuch nahi..just be urself
pooja – umm!!
part 139
geet had her lunch & texted maan in a naughty mood
wat r u wearing 1.30pm
maan smiled at the text and replied
i thought u saw me in the morning!!!!1.45pm
geet – how unromantic…1.46pm
maan understood wat geet was upto…he smiled
maan – ok..wat r u wearing? 1.49pm
geet – same suit that u undressed in one quick jerk today morning ..1.50pm
maan – geet i am sitting infront of my clients..discussing the take over
tum aise sms karoge to… how will concentrate…2.00pm
geet – btw i way thinking how did u manage to undress in a jerk??2.01pm
maan – don’t think so much…did u have ur lunch?… 2.15pm
geet – just finished..2.16pm
maan – good girl 2.45pm
geet – mera dessert aacha nahi hain
i am still thinking…2.45pm
2.50pm..maan bit her ears & hugged her from back..khaha na itna socha mat karo
geet was shocked..aap..tries to move to the bed..he pulls her back..umm
wat were u asking..how do u manage to ..& opens her kurthi in a jerk yet again
& she shies into his embrace..I thought u r busy..umm! can’t u see I am busy
he spent a few seconds looking at her shieing, her lips, as always,
looked eminently kissable…he brushed the back of a finger down the silky soft
skin on the side of her neck, carrying the light caress out along the line of
her collarbone. Maan felt the tremor go through her, and he sucked in another
long breath unbearably tempting the scent of her and he covered her mouth with his
he kissed her harder, deeper, pushing his tongue inside, tasting the
slippery sweetness there..umm!! mera dessert to aacha hain..mera bhi…she tipped
her head further back..maan moved in & pulled her closer..moving in a rthym
taking her to insanity..they reached their climax & laid cuddled up & slept
for a while..love u she wispered in his ears…he kissed her back in passion &
said i can’t think of my life without u…
geet gets a call from Arjun..aab kya chahiya is sadoo ko
geet – hi arjun sir (maan wisperes tum use sir kaise bolsakthi ho
geet closes his mouth…he nibbles her fingers..she pulls it back)
Arjun – tum bangalore main ho na
geet – ji sir
Arjun – I have a very impt client party tonight could u please attend it on my behalf
our bangalore manager will get in touch with u & give u the details
geet – lekin sir I don’t attend
Arjun – cuts her..nahi actually I have..he was little concious
geet – yah ! know
Arjun – please…
geet – ok!! only for arohi
Arjun smiled & thanxed her
maan was still playing with her fingers lying on her lap
she stroked his hair & kissed his forehead..
maan – yeh sadoo tumse bhut kaam karatha hain
mujhe bilkul aacha nahi laagtha
geet – aacha aur aap jo puri puri raat..
maan closes her lips & pins her down..tum sirf meri ho..samjhi
it was 5pm maan leaves for a conference
geet called krish
geet – hi krish
krish – hi mama
geet – did u fight with ur friend or some thing
krish kept quite
geet – wat happened?
krish – nothing
geet – mama ko nahi batayega
krish – nahi mama..woo..she is not talking to me now a days
geet – why?
krish – woo school main sab loog bathe karthe hain
geet – u guys r just good friends then why are u bothered about others
krish – I said that to her
geet – ok tell her this…school days are the only time when u can spend
so much time togather..wasting ur time fighting ..is really a waste
enjoy every moment of togatherness..
krish – umm!!
geet – cheerup now…
krish – I will talk to her & come
geet – leking tumhare history lessons
krish – raat main
geet uff unhe pata chale ghe to ..maan kisses her..maine kha tha na
geet – aap ma-beti ki chup ki baate su rahe the
maan – aise ma- beeti ki kartho the hain to mujhe nazar to rahkni
padhighi na
geet – umm!! makes a baby face
maan – actually came to pick my change of dress
geet – koi party hain kya?
maan – haan..abhi conference & then some party
geet smiled
the manger from the PM media gave the invite to geet also gave the details about
the client..Arjun followd up with Geet & the clients…to make it easy for geet

geet got dressed for the party
maan reached the venue..the client Mr. Murthy welcomed maan & pari
Mr.Murthy – thanxs for joining us Mr.Khurana
media clicked some pics of maan , pari & Mr.Murthy
pari stayed close to maan..
Mr. Murthy explained the media about Mr.Maan Singh khurana taking over their IT unit
after all the media limelight..Mr.Murthy introduced Maan to their bussiness associates
Mr.Murthy – our media partners are yet to join..
Maan – umm!!! (least intrested he was)
maan texts geet..party is boring..7.30pm
geet replies – smiles…so wat r u doing 7.31pm
pari – dreamy do u want to have a drink
maan – umm(lost in texting geet)
maan replies- missing u..7.32pm
geet – u don’t seem to learn from ur mistakes…7.35pm
maan replied – u are talking to Maan Singh Khurnana don’t forget..7.36pm
geet – I am having doubts on ur intention now..7.38pm
maan – why wat happened??? 7.40pm
geet does’nt reply
maan – wat happened??? 8.00pm
Mr.murthy – our media partners are here.. she was just hear..
ok give a min..he looks around
maan – umm (still looking for her text)
maan walks to the bar corner..&
texts again – missing u ..tum aise baathe kyun karthi hoo? 8.05pm
pari gives him a drink..he takes the drink & sips..looking into his phone
geet slips her hand from behind & takes the drink away from him…
maan smiles & turns to hug her…she looked gorgious..their eyes were lost for that moment..maan rarely gets to see this side of his wife…probably the last time she was dressed so differently was in Mumbai!!! the memories brought a smile on his face…
maan – love u..tum yanha kya kar rahi ho?
geet – aap pe nazar rahk rahi thi
maan smiled
pari – hellow maam

geet noded elegantly
she slipped her hand around maan & gave an intimiditating look to pari
maan – i have to meet some media parter & then we can leave
geet – smiled

party + pooja’s date!!!
maan – i have to meet some media parter & then we can leave
geet – smiled
part 140
as they moved on to meet business assosciates Mr.Murthy saw them
he was little confused looking at them togather so close
Mr.Murthy – glad u guys met ..she is Geet Handa our media partner
Maan interuppted – Geet Maan Singh Khurana in attitude..and firmed his grip around her
Mr.murthy – Oh!! hellow maam
geet smiled & rested her head on Maan..
media pounced at them with their questions
maan proudly flaunted her around..

Geet was acutely uncomfortable in front of the media
latter they moved on to table with pari, Mr.Murthy and 2 other
business associate, Mr. murthy continued with his busines talks
Geet tried to relax, but her knee bumped his under the table,
and she jerked back as if she had been burned.. maan smiled
geet folded her hands in front of her and her elbow nudged his…
maan looked away teasingly
Geet felt his gaze flickering over her neck, her arms, her breasts..
She focused on the discussion that arose between Mr.Murthy and other
business associate and she joined them with an odd comment..maan was enjoying her
discomfart..before she could say anything further he asked her for
a dance on the soft music that played..she blushed & rose
& their eyes met..
He held out his hand and led geet onto the dance floor, pausing for one
moment as they faced each other… when did we dance last
geet shied …he remembered Kurban huwa ..the day he confessed his love
to her..their first night togather…he reached out for her and she felt little
tickled as his hand lit upon her waist, and hers fell on his shoulder..it was
devine & so romantic..But then he drew her into a tight embrace that seemly
threatening, typical possesive Maan Singh Khurana she knew…she gave in lost
in him she had to concentrate on following his lead. He danced as elegantly as he
moved with a simple easy grace. It was impossible to remain unarosed especially
with one of his palm burning against her waist and another against her hand.
he smelled so exoctic & seductive…she took in the scent almost trembling
maan still pulled her infinitesmally closer..she could feel his chest pressing her
breast now…she could feel him aroused…she tucked in her belly feeling him…
maan still continued to dance gracefully ..geet lost in his charismatic sophistication
wispered i could never stop falling in love with u Maan Singh Khurana…she kissed him…
Maan smiled & continued to dance..slowly..making sure it was not stressfull yet
passionate & seductive
In Delhi
pooja/arohi reached the hotel walked in scared & tensed wondering Arjun’s reaction
arjun – hi
arohi smiled..
there was a perfect silence for few mins between them
then both spoke togather..woo
then looked away…
aap boliya..tum bolo..again said it togather
ok u say..said it gain
& started laughing….
arohi – u look nice smiling
arjun blushed
arohi – actually I was very angry with u
arjun – why
arohi – because of last years competition..lekin
arjun – lekin
arohi – after meeting u in the launch I am not…
arjun – I am glad u still came out with me
arohi shied
arjun – can we be friends
arohi – umm!!
they spend talking about their likes & dislikes
arohi – I think I have a crush on u..& closes her eyes
arjun – me too
they had that intense eye lock for probably indefinite minutes
they finish their dinner & take a walk back…
they just walked togather…like their silence was doing all the talking…
both did’nt know wat to say next …they reached arohi’s house..

they stood reluctantly wondering how to say goodbye…they kept looking
into each other for a long min..arjun caresed her chin & she shied & looked into his eyes passionately..anticipating …..finally they just turned & did’nt say a word just left
In Bangalore
geet & maan reached the hotel..maan was drooling over his love
he slipped his hand around her waist & turned to face him & kissed her passionatly
arjun called then..maan pulled her phone & switched it off
geet – yeh kya kar rahe ho?
maan – tumhe pyar
geet – chodu ….mera phone off mat karoo
maan – tum party main us sadoo ke liya aayee thi..meri liya nahi
geet – nahi!! na main aap ke liya aayee thi na arjun sir ke liya
maan kissing her..phir
geet – pooja ke liya
maan looked at her wondering
geet – actually pooja & arjun had a date today..
maan smiled…I pitty pooja
geet – Arjun sir itne bure nahi hain
maan – aacha…bits her cuved portion…
aaha..she moans…maan…sambal ke…it is really becoming soar off late
geet – mera phone on kariya na
maan – tumhe aabhi us sado se baat karna hain..in stirn voice
geet – nahi baba..krish will be calling …
maan’s phone rings
krish – papa mama khanha hain?
unka phone off kyun hain? she said she will be talking to me at night?
main kab se try kar raha hoon?
maan holds his head & gives the phone to geet….she smiles
geet – woo mera phone main battery low thi
maan wispers use poocho..did he speak to her? geet says NO
krish – mera history lesson
geet – ok lets start with chapter 2 on world war 1…she explains the whole chapter
maan goes to change & lies next to her..geet was on the call for little longer
explaining him in detail
krish – mama mujhe neind aarahi hain
geet – i have mailed u the points..I want u to know them all when I call
u in the evening tomorrow
krish – umm..good night
geet – goodnight sweetheart
geet changes & slips in next to maan
maan pulls her closer..tum ne us se poocha kyun nahi
geet – he was sounding fine..so I am sure every thing is fine now…
thats wat matter to me…
papa & khushi!!!
maan pulls her closer..tum ne us se poocha kyun nahi
geet – he was sounding fine..so I am sure every thing is fine now…
thats wat matter to me…
part – 141
maan – tum itni pyari kyun hoo?
geet – isi ka fayada utta the hoo aap
maan – maine kay kiya..hugs her ..resting his head on her chest
geet – u were going to have that drink again
maan – its all ur mistake…
geet – wat do u mean (puts her hand around him)
maan – i was lost in texting u..mera dyan nahi tha
waise bhi tum ho na mera khayal rahkne keliya
geet – jada bathen math banavoo..they cuddle up & sleep
geet get up at 4.00am …with a call from pooja…
geet takes the phone & goes to the garden
geet – wat happened
pooja – kuch howa hota tho phone thodhi karthi?
geet – uff!!! i was so worried when I saw ur call
pooja – actually i blurted that I have a crush on him
geet laughed
pooja – shut-up
geet – ok then
pooja – he said…
geet – wat??
pooja – he also has a crush
geet – thats cool..so wat is the problem now
pooja – after that we did’nt speak a word !!! good night bhi nahi bola…!!!
geet – u could have said..
pooja – i was so concious
geet – he would have also felt the same way na..
pooja – lekin..
geet – lekin kya…(maan comes from back & puts a shawl on her & hugs her
geet rests her head on his shoulder)
pooja – he is a guy na..he could atleast..say something
geet – dear guys ..girls kuch nahi funda hota..main ek ladhke ko
jaanthi hoon..jise ne aapne dil ki baath khane main 2 saal lagadiya..
(maan hugs her tighter…geet smiles)
pooja – I can’t wait for 2 yrs now
geet – wait to karna padhegha darling
pooja – how will I wait…phichale 5 khandhe se soone ki khoshish
kar rahi hoon..nahi so pari…2 saal kaise..no ways
geet – just relax & sleep now…kal baath karenghe
pooja half heartdly cuts the call
geet turns to see him…
maan – i love u…she looked deep in his eyes and placed her lips so tenderly over his,
he closed his eyes and soaked up her passion that flowed through her lips.
their lips kissed with such a passion her hand found his manhood and made him moan with desire. they both walked slowly to the edge of the bed kissing and fondling each other
together they sank into the deep red spread their lips lingering over each other,
in an awesomely deep passion. geet gently rolled him onto his back and straddled his back
and moved in…maan closed his eyes to feel her warmth deep inside…they moved gradually
and they surrendered themselves to each other completely as they reached their peak..
they slept in each others arms letting their warmth of their love envelope them..
geet woke up feeling tickled at her stomach..she did’nt get up..she just heard maans voice
maan was talking to khushi..
maan – mera bacha kya kar raha hain
papa ko miss kartha hain bhi yah nahi..tum jaldi se mera pas aa jaavoo
hugs her & kiss her stomach..geet controls her laughter
maan – aacha tumhe bhi papa wala ice cream aacha lagtha hain…
I will take u to have even better ice cream today…thats my another fav flavour!!..
geet – that is if papa does’nt have any meetings
maan – tum chup chup ki hum baap-beti ki baathe sun hari thi
geet – aur aap kya joota vaadhe kar rahethe
maan – Maan Singh Khurana aapni princesses ke liya sare appointments cancel kardegha
geet – beti se itna pyar …aur hum maa-beta pura pura saal aap ka wait karthe
rahethe hain ek holiday ke liya
maan smiles & kisses the stomach again
maan – actually there is my fav ic-cream palour right next to the hotel…
corner house….I love the death by choclate sundae there…it is really wonderfull
geet smiled – tabhi..koi appointment cancel nahi ho raha hain..smajhi tum..khushi
maan – tum meri beti ko mera khilaf mat karo…
they get ready & have their breakfast…maan works from the room on his laptop
geet catches up with Arjun & gives the update on the party
arjun – hi geet..Mr.Murthy was so delighted to meet u..
more than that he was delighted to know u r Mrs.Khurana
really thanxs u made it
geet – its ok..
arjun – so ur second client will also be Mr.Khurana ..
geet smiled
after finishing the call..geet sits on maan’s lap
maan – kya huwa
geet – aap promsie karthe ho..aur khushi mujhe pareshan karthi hain
maan closes his laptop at once & says challoo
geet – I am jealous now…
maan kisses her forehead…
geet – u love khushi more than me…
maan – woo too nahi hoo saktha…tum main to meri jaan basthi hain
they reach the palour & maan orders for a death by chocholte
they share the ice cream..it was rich vanilla scoops on a thick layer of chocalte cake
soaked in hot chocolate sauce & full of nuts on top ..real sine!!!!
maan – did u like it
geet – umm
maan – i am not asking u & looks at her tummy
geet smiles & shies
geet – khushi ko bhut bhut aacha laagha
maan – saachi
geet – muchi
while on their way back…maan puts his hand around her
geet – do u have any meeting today
maan – yah!! actually now have some site visits & latter in the afternoon have
a very important conference with board directors of the IT company
maan drops geet back in the hotel & leaves for the conference
another twist & back to delhi!!!
maan – yah!! actually now have some site visits & latter in the afternoon have
a very important conference with board directors of the IT company
maan drops geet back in the hotel & leaves for the conference
part 142
geet slept for some time & decided to visit the near by malls
she went to the Mall which was quite close to the hotel
she picked up gifts for every one
geet really had a great time in the mall..it was not very crowded
there were lots of young mothers with kids…she was having a great time
looking at all the kids …the shops were good, the food court had far more
variety but she felt insecure in that circular shaped mall especially on the
elevators…she called maan …
maan – darling conference is just starting shall call u in an hr
geet was little disappointed
she decided to go back to the hotel…
she came down & suddenly she saw a boy landed on the floor in front of her
the people surronded the place & tried to rush the boy to the hospital
geet saw the eyes of the mother who was on the 4th floor trying to rush
down hussled bussled…there was definit a panic around …
security came in & cleared the place…police was called in
geet was speechless & shocked…she stood their like a statue for few mins
her body gaurd rushed to her
body gaurd – maam!!! maam!!
she did’nt respond
body gaurd called maan & informed him
geet stood their looking at the spot..blank ..panicked..
body gaurd tried to move her away from the crowd
maan rushed to the spot ..it took him 30mins or so
geet was still motionless..speechless
maan – geet geet!!! he shook her
she fainted in his arms..maan lifted her & rushed her to the nearest hospital
doctor – wat happened
body gaurd explained wat she witnessed
maan – doctor she is 2 months preganant…
doctor – asked him to wait out
she completed the basic check up & suggested few scans
doctor – can’t say anything now…just need to wait for the reports
could u also get the copy of older reports
maan – sure
maan asked the body gaurd to get the reports from the room
maan cursed himself for not taking that call that time….
wish would have spoken to her at that time…she would have not witnessed all this
he realized that she never calls him..& if she did..then it must be something
bothering her…why am I not there when she needs me the most!!!
he just pushed his hair back & sat down on the bed..waiting next to geet
doctor came back with the reports
maan – Is geet fine?
doctor – hain bhi nahi bhi
maan – sorry..
doctor – actually reports are all fine…
maan – how is the baby?
doctor – baby is doing good even hemoglobin is better than the older reports
but geet is
maan – wat happened doctor (maan was panicking now)
doctor – nahi uske man main dar betgaya hain shayad
she is under shock..I guess she should’nt have wittnessed such an incident
maan – wat do u suggest doctor
doctor – change of place will be great..try to keep her happy & not think about this
incident..she really seems to have taken it to heart..not good for her pregnancy
maan – is there any medication required
doctor – no no she is fine…she is under very mild seductive ..may sleep little longer
maan – thanxs doctor
maan collected all the reports & goes back to geet ..she was still unconcious
maan arranged for a private chopper & they fly back to delhi
maan reached home & made geet lie on the bed…
daadi – u promised me that u will take care of her
maan was quite & looked down
geet wakes up & screams woo bacha!!
maan – geet clam down …calm down sab teehk hain
geet – nahi maan woo bacha mera samne…
maan pushes her hair back & cups her face – geet please relax karo…
geet breaks into his arms..& starts crying
maan – geet khushi ke bare main soochu …hamari khushi ..tum aise roovoghi to
uska kya hoga
geet falls unconcious again
maan calls the doctor
daadi – kya halat banadiya bechari ka
maan shows all the reports & explains the incident to Dr.kiran
she checks geet & the reports
dr.kiran – nothing to worry…she is getting very anxious as ususal..
she smiles.. I guess u know wat to do…
maan remembered all the time in past when geet has gone unconcious & some how
landed up with dr.kiran
dr.kiran – just try keeping her happy, she is just got too scared…
when is krishna coming ?
maan – next week-end
dr.kiran – her hemoglobin has all seemed to have improved..we are progressing well
with her pregnancy..just hope this does’nt create any complication
maan – umm!!
NT & dev visit maan…
NT – Veerji ..why don’t u take her out for few days
maan – umm!!
dev – yes bro..that will be nice
daadi – she should agree for that..knowing her I am sure ..she will go & spend her
whole night at the canal!!! aloof
maan – don’t worry daadi I will not let that happen
daadi, NT & dev leaves seeing geet still a sleep
maan sits next to her & cares her head.. he notices geet getting concious
he immiditaly pretends to talking to khushi
maan – mera bacha papa ko miss kar rahatha…kisses her tummy
geet – leking papa ke pass time nahi hota khabhi bhi mama ke liya
maan hugs her closer …tears roll down from her eyes..
geet still scared!!!
thanxs for all the replies & likes…hope u like this part…was delaying it because had to change it to make it a less intense twist!!! did’nt want to torture after wat is happening on the serial
geet – leking papa ke pass time nahi hota khabhi bhi mama ke liya
maan hugs her closer …tears roll down from her eyes..
part – 143
maan wiped her tears…geet plz khushi ke liya aapne aap ko samballo
geet – maan woo bacha kaise hain
maan – sab teehk hain
geet sighed sighn of relief
geet – aap ka conference
maan – woo sab choodho tum..tum se badhkar kuch bhi nahi
geet – main yah khushi
maan hugged her tighter dono
the whole night geet was restless rolling next to maan…
every time maan patted her & his warm touch was enough to calm her down
maan got up rubbing on her side of the bed..got up at once
to find it cold ..he looked around she was not be seen
maan shouted GEET GEET!!!
was delighted to hear her ji!! main kitchen main hoon
he came & hugged her & kissed her neck
geet – aap ko office nahi jana?
maan umm!!! nahi mujhe honeymoon karna hain
geet wacked his hand & chodo mujhe
nahi & before she could feel further her feet was off the floor in mid air
he lifted her & was taking her to the room
daadi held his ears..
daadi – chodho use
maan – pur daadi
daadi – pur wur kuch nahi
geet – mujhe neech uthareeya na..plz
maan half heartedly let her down, she goes to the breakfast table with daadi
maan frowns & goes to get ready
geet comes up..& maan comes out in is towel after his shower

geet hugs him from behind & says – woo daadi thi isliya

maan snaps away..looks at the mirror & combs his hair
geet comes infront & starts kissing his bare chest licking the water
maan – yeh kya kar rahi ho (almost losing it to her touch)
geet – main woo
maan breathing harder…woo kya
geet – main honeymoon & her cheek turns pink

maan – aacha…& they move to the bed & clossing their distances
maan could spend the whole day on the bed with her..
nakul knocks the door
geet – chodo mujhe
maan – umm!! & hugs her back
geet let me change na please
she changes & maan slips into his shorts
geet opens the door
nakul – maam woo aapke friends aayee hain
geet wondered & went down
she was going down..& daadi shouted at maan…
daadi – wat is this maan?
maan – aab maine kya kiya?
daadi – why she running up & down the steps like this
maan lifts her & takes her down just in his shorts
pooja’s jaws just droped open
smriti closed her eyes & looked away
geet gave a stirn look to maan & asking him to leave
kavya cleared her throat
kavya – hi geet & hugged her
maan rolled his eyes & left to the room
pooja – hi jiju
maan stood on top resting his hand on the railing
maan – hi arohi !! how was ur date with that sado?
geet turned asking him to get in now with her eyes
smriti – so bhabhi ji how are u?
geet hugged her & said sorry yaar
they gave her the big teddy & flowers they brought for her
geet – wow this teddy is so cute
NT arranges drinks for all of them & gets some sweets
pooja – NT yaar sweets se humara kuch nahi hoga, hum too lunch khaa ke jayeenghe
NT smiled – veerj ji na khaha tha..
geet wondered maan ne kha ha tha?
smriti – jiju has invited us over to spend time with u
he said we are having lunch & going out in the evening
daadi gets her medicine & checks if she had fever..don’t stress ur self
geet – umm!!
daadi – kuch chahiya to khedena
geet – ji daadi
daadi meets up with pooja, kavya & smriti
daadi – did she give u the good news..
all of them looked confused
daadi – waise we don’t tell any one untill it is the 4thmonth & up but tum loogo ke saath chaltha hain
they still looked confused..geet blushed & looked down
daadi – u all are soon becoming masi’s again
pooja – yaar to pregnant hain ..yeh kab huwa?
smriti – congrats & kavya fed her a sweet & said love u
pooja – aab samjhe main aaya tu simla main kya kar rahi thi
geet waked her, daadi smiled & left them alone
suddenly all of them become extra carefull with every moment of geet
smriti – yeh teddy mujhe de..it may be heavy
kavya – yaar to bait na
pooja touches her stomach – yaar teera peet deehk kar laagh tha to nahi hain
NT – abhi sirf 2 1/2 months huwa hain na..it will show only after 4-5months
pooja kisses the stomach & says hai I am pooja masi…nahi u can call me poo
they make geet sit on the sofa & all of them sit around her kneeling
kissing her stomach & taking turns in talking to khushi
geet looked up at maan who stood their crossing his hand over his chest & admiring
her happiness offcourse after changing!!!
smriti – so wat do u want baby girl or baby boy
maan – I am sure it is a baby girl walking down the steps
pooja – we already have a jr jiju, we need a nani pari now
maan – bhikul aapne mama ki tarah!!!
all of them hug geet from stomach
kavya – when is karthik coming
smriti – krishna stupid!!!
kavya – Yah sorry!!!
smriti – will he be there for the wedding?
geet – yah yah he will be definitly there for the wedding
maan left to the study
geet – main abhi aathi hoon
NT – kuch chahiya tumhe
geet – NT can u be with them I will just come
geet takes maan’s breakfast & goes to the study
maan – why did u bother, u could have asked nakul to get it
geet – phir dessert !!
maan pulled her into his lap & kissed her
geet – thanxs
maan – tum khush hona!!
geet – umm
all of them discuss about wat to wear for smriti’s wedding
pooja – I have seen a nice lehengha in the mall
we will check that when we visit the mall latter
geet gets restless, smriti pinches pooja
kavya – aacha geet wat are u planning to wear
geet – main woo she fumbels
pooja – geet yaar arjun wedding main aayeega ka kya?
geet still looked scared
their visit to the mall!!!
pooja – geet yaar arjun wedding main aayeega ka kya?
geet still looked scared
part – 144
NT went & informed maan
NT – veerji, pooja mentioned about mall
maan rubbed his forehead
NT – geet is getting scared now
maan – tum challoo, I will see to it
Nt leaves to the kitchen & takes care of the luch
maan shouts from his study GEET!! GEET!!
geet – ji
she walked in to the study restlessly
maan – are u taking care of the IT project too
geet – ji
wondering wat happened
maan – when is the next meeting scheduled?
geet – I think next week
maan – where is the initial write up
geet – aap itna gussa kyun ho rahe ho?
maan – my whole take over depends on the media plan that u guys will provide
geet – yah I know that
maan – but still u guys have not yet send the write up!!
geet – lekin!!
maan – kya lekin
geet – Mr. Khurana aaj Sunday hain..& i don’t work on sundays
I will answere ur questions on Monday snaps & turns to leave
maan pulls her back ..but Mrs Khurana u can answere ur hubby
geet – only hubby wala questions..looking lost into his eyes

maan kissing her neck – could u be specific
geet – chodo mujhe..struggles to leave from his strong arms around her
maan – aacha challoo lets have lunch
they walk to the hall & maan looks at all of them
maan – shall we
pooja – I am famished
kavya – when are u not?
geet helps them serving the lunch
NT – please sit down I am hear to take care of them
daadi – hain beta, please tum behtjavoo
maan pulls her to sit next to him
pooja noticed that & giggled..geet was feeling so embaressed
daadi served the food to geet
every one suggested her to eat this & that
NT – geet don’t miss out palak it is really impt
Smriti – i heard carrots are good too
kavya – u should have 5 portions of fruits I believe
geets plate was quite full..she looked at maan confused
maan – challoo challoo finish every thing..be a good girl
she stamped maan..he cried out oouch!!
daadi – kya huwa
geet – mirchi laaghi hogi
maan nodded his head..pooja giggled again
pooja caressed geets leg slowly..geet looked at maan
pooja caresed it again..geet looked at maan he was busy having his lunch
pooja did it yet again..geet stamped maans foot harder..maan jumped up literaly
pooja sat down holding her stomach..laughing loud
geet felt guilty & looked at maan & held one ear…
maan ignored her..they finished the lunch & moved to the hall
NT served the desserts
while having the dessert geet looked at maan
maan still looked away..she slipped in next to him in the couch
and wispered – my dessert is not sweet enough
maan got up at once & went to the kitchen got some sugar in a bowl
maan – yeh loo
every one looked shocked
maan – she said the dessert is not sweet enough so I got her some sugar
daadi – tum bhi na maan!!!
NT – preganancy main khabhi khabhi aise hota hain..
pooja – really NT
every one was amused & were busy discussing
geet made a baby face & looked at maan
maan – one condition
geet – wat
maan – ur coming out with all of us now
geet – ok!!
maan smiled – go get ready now

they all reached the mall geet held on to maan as they walked in
she looked really scared & stressed
Arjun, ranbhir & Ajay joined them
all of them was suprised & thanxed Maan
geet smiled looking at maan..that was really so sweet
Arjun – hellow Mr.Khurana
Maan – call me maan
arjun – umm!!
arjun & arohi looked really shy..
maan wispered to arohi – now u can start from where u left that day & winked
arohi – thanxs jiju
ranbhir – wow bro that was really a great plan!!!
shaadi ke liya bus 1 week haina..so ghar main …they won’t let us meet
this was a great plan
Ajay – we spoke over the phone Mr. Khuaran…I am Ajay
thanxs its really nice catching up with u all
they all move to the food court maan put his hand around geet holding her closer
geet sat with maan, kavya with ajay, smriti with ranbhir & arohi/pooja with arjun
kavya & smriti introduced themself to arjun
kavya – hi arjun, I am kavya poojas friend
arjun confused with pooja
geet – arohi is her screen name
arjun – umm!
smriti – so ur poo’s dreamy!!!
arjun blushed
arohi – aise kuch nahi hain..we are just friends
all of them laughed loud
they ordered some thing to drinks and settled down
geet still looked around & looked around at the kids who ever running around
maan wispered – woo baby kitna cute haina pointing at a toddler
geet turned to look at him
maan – deehko deehko..how he his making his mom run
geet smiled
maan – us janaab ko to deehkoo..points at younger boy teenager may be
geet – kis ko
maan – that blue t-shirt
geet – woo
maan – I am sure he is come for a date here aapna school bunk karke
geet – how can u say school bunk karke..he is not even carrying any school bag
maan – look at his shoes..
geet – oh no!!!
then girl comes along & catches up with that boy
maan – geet uski girl friend aagayee
geet – mr.khurana not bad!! maan gayee aap ko
maan – geet see that person on the escalator with his daughter
geet – umm!!
they saw a father clutch his three year old daughter close to his chest and get on the escalator.
He was a bit hesitant, they could make out it was probably his first time on a escalator and he
was very protective about his child. As he got on he looked at his daughter and they both
laughed with glee and relief..maan & geet smiled too looking at them…
maan – thats what malls are supposed to be places which make us bond better with our families
and friends, places where we come to have a good time ..umm!!
geet – umm!! rested her head on his arms!!
and wispered love u
maan rests his hand on her stomach – me too..
krish’s exam!! ki geet’s exam!!
geet – umm!! rested her head on his arms!!
and wispered love u
maan rests his hand on her stomach – me too..
part – 145
they come back home in the evening
geet looks really tired…
daadi – MAAN!!!
maan – ji daadi
daadi – why is she looking so tired?
geet – i am fine daadi
daadi – look at ur feet its all swollen so much
maan looks in concern. he picks his phone to call doctor
daadi rolls her eyes – har baat ke liya doctor ko call
maan looks at daadi confused
NT gets a tub of warm water with salt & makes geet soak her leg
daadi gets her some juice – you are not having enough liquid beta
geet – i feel like going to the loo more often now a days
NT – thats normal
geet – lekin
daadi – it will be even worse in the trisemister
maan giggles… daadi waks him
geet makes a baby face
dev comes to meet maan to discuss the Mr.Chopras project
maan & dev leave to the study
geet sits in the hall with her laptop talking to krish
krish – mom I have practiced all the sums
geet – formulas yaad kiya
krish – mama u have asked that 3 times already
geet – have u checked the 4th problem again
krish – mom u have reminded me
geet – kiya
krish – ho gaya mama
geet – what about the trignometry part
krish – MOM
NT comes to call her for dinner
geet – give me few mins
continues with krish
geet – formulas yaad kiya
krish – mom not again
geet – kuch bhool na mut
krish – umm
geet – aacha wo 15th waa question ek bar revise karlena
krish – umm!!
geet – also the definitions
krish – umm!!
geet looks up to see maan standing with his arms crossed with a stirn look

geet – ok I will have dinner & call u
maan – u are making my khushi starve
geet – khushi knows uske bhaiya ka exam hain
dev – bhabhi krish ka exam hain yah aap ka…laughs
NT – actually even geet can give the exam tomorrow..
dev – I am sure she will top it!!!
all of them laugh at geets plight
after the dinner geet sitting & streching her legs into the spread & agian calls krish
geet – formulas yaad hain na
krish – MOM
geet – dinner kiya?
krish – umm
geet – ok I just remembered did u check problem no# 7
did u cross check the answeres
krish – kiya mom
maan sneaks in from behind kissing her back
she waks him lovingly..he cuddles up next to her
krish – mama meri khushi kya kar rahi hain
geet touches her stomach…maan careses her stomach too
geet – she is sleeping now
krish – tell her I am missing her
geet – khushi..bhaiya missing u
krish – wat did she say?
geet – she said….she is missing u too & all the best for ur exam
krish – love u
geet – aacha suno..sona se phele phir se ek bar q#7, q#15
she starts all over again….maan pulls her phone away
maan – good night baby…
krish – thanxs dad!!! disconnects the call
geet – mera phone do mujhe..kuch aur bhi….maans lips closes hers…she pulls back
lekin…maan relax, his voice whispered into her as he got beside her,
placing his strong hand on her shoulder in a protective manner and pushing
her back gently, lie back.
let krish sleep for some time he said, the calm seductiveness in his voice making
her feel slightly more at ease but she still felt a certain amount of apprehension.
he needs to rest right and now don’t wake him untill morning,
as his hands now started, softly massaging her shoulders.
lekin …he never allowed her to finish, his full lips covering hers in a warm,
wet kiss, his tongue roving in her as it sought her tongue.
his hands strayed around undressing her to drive her to even greater pleasure as
he manically pulled into her until collapsing onto her chest sobbing…
they lies cuddled up ..as maan falls a sleep
geet pulls her phone agin & make a call to krish
maan pulls it away & pulls her inside the spread..u don’t give up do u
kissing her & embracing her closer
geet wakes up at 4 am & tries to call krish!!
krish did’nt answere the call
geet walked up & down the room
maan woke hearing geet’s disturbed mumering
maan stopped her…holding her shoulders
geet – deehkiya na 4 beja raha hain, abhi tak nahi utta
maan – u made him study till late, let him sleep now
he pulls her back to the bed
geet snaps back – this is wat u did at night, abhi nahi!!!
I have to help him revise
maan – mera bhi revision kara do making a baby face
geet – kuch revision nahi…go sleep now!!
aacha maan lifts her & takes to the bed!!! pinning her hand on either side
nahi umm!! kisses her… nahi umm!!! kissing on the other side
revising their act of passion

latter in the morning maan gets ready & leaves to office
maan came back & hugged her & kissed her forehead – don’t worryn he will be fine
geet – pata nahi paper kaise hoga
dev – bro!! bhabhi will be here walking up & down for next 3hrs
daadi – geet sit down…don’t stress ur self so much
gives a stirn look to maan…asking him to ease her out
maan wispers – tum aapni beta ke chakkar mein meri beti ko pareshan kar rahi ho
geet goes & sits on the couch still looking worried
maan rubbs his forehead..uff geet tumhare saat bhut mushkil hain
geet – ek to main itna tension main hoon aur mujhe hi suna rahe hoo
& starts wepping mainly out of anxiety
dev, Nt and daadi start waking maan infront of geet
daadi – how dare u
dev – bro that is not fair
NT – veedi veerji aaj aap ke kher nahi
maan falls at geets lap hugging her – mujhe bachoo please!!
all of them come close to her – don’t worry krish will be fine
geet finally smiles hugs them
maan – can I go to office now..please!!!
geet smiles & kisses his nose
Nt, dev & daadi predend not to see
exams & shopping
maan – can I go to office now..please!!!
geet smiles & kisses his nose
Nt, dev & daadi predend not to see
part – 146
geet spend the rest of the week panicking, studing with krish
finally it was thursday….geet was very tensed & walking up & down
in the room…maan walks in & geet does’nt even notice
maan hugs her
maan – why are u so stressed today
geet – tomorrow is his last exam
maan – thats great right..he will be with u tomorrow evening
geet – thats the problem
maan – how come thats a problem for u..I should be saying that
geet – he is not studing, he is very excited about his trip..& shopping and all
maan kissing her neck line – wat exam does he have tomorrow
geet feeling ticklish – english
maan bites her further down – thats cool he will it manage easily
challo humtum english picture karte hain ..
geet – aap ko to bus…waise aap kyun kah rahe the ki you should
be having problem
maan undressing her – jab krish hota hain.. tum mera checking nahi karti
geet – aisa nahi hain
maan lifts her lies her on the bed – phir kaisa hain
geet – woh main..maan pinned againt the bed her voice fadded as he
took her lips into his. she was enjoying his kisses, they were soft and
tender and he placed them all over her neck and down her shoulder.
The feel of her hands all over his body was just as exciting for geet.
he had ran his hand up her thigh and behind her & pulled her in, she moaned in pleasure
they seemed to know each others pace quite well…sinking in passionately
their climax was so wild it took over their whole body.
they grabbed held of each other with all their might it went on and on.
& both laid breathless cuddled up…maan kissed her & they said it togather
smiling….love u….
after few mins…maan pulled her..tumhe aaj smriti ghar jaana tha na
geet – umm!! late hogayee…
maan – abhi challoo I will take u
geet – nahi nahi..its all ladies stuff, some jewelly & sarees guys are coming
& some dinner..after that blast they did’nt want us to go their..aap kya karoghe?
maan – tumhare offical driver hoon…get ready I will drop u
geet kissses him….aacha I will get ready
she was taking little longer than usual..maan changes into his jeans & shirt
he checks her medicins … maan knocks the door
geet – I will be out in few mins
maan goes out & wonders what was it… she walks out looking very pritty
dressed in red & white saree…maan kept looking at her eyes…
she walked to him blushing & smiled & caresed his cheeks
geet – aise kya deehk rahe hoo
& turns her back…feeling very shy
maan pulls her back turning from the shoulder

maan – mujh se kya chupa rahi ho
geet – ji ..she fumbled
he cuped her face – tum na kahoo tumhari aankhee sab kah dethi hain
lifts her & makes her sit in the car
maan calls smriti
smriti – hi jiju
maan – we will be late
smriti – ji.. no probs
maan – thanxs see u in an hr

geet – hum kanha ja rahen hain
maan – aapne aankhoo se poochoo..
geet – lekin
maan parks the car outside the hospital
they meet up with dr.kirti
dr.kirti – is every thing alright?
maan – she is been stressed over the week, krish ke exams the
now I think she is feeling very weak and tired
geet looked at him shocked
dr.kirti – is she been having her medicins on time
maan – umm!!
dr.kirti – any dizzyness
maan – aaj for the first time…geet looked at him amused
dr.kirti – let me do some test & see
she quickly checks her hemoglobine level & BP
while they waited geet kissed his cheeks how do u do this
maan – what
geet – make me fall for u again & again
maan takes her hand in his & pats a kiss on top of it
maan – tum itni choti choti baaton pe pat jati ho main kya karon
geet – umm!! makes a baby face
maan – lekin main tumhe se nazar hoon
geet – kyun..resting her head on his arms
maan – mujhe kaha kyun nahi…
geet – I did’nt want to worry u
maan – this gets me even more worried
geet – ok sorry holds her ears
maan – deehko meri khushi ko jada pareshan mat karoo
geet – umm!! bhut pyar aa raha hain aapne beti pe
maan – kyun na hoo meri nunhi shyazadi hain
geet – where was all this love when u were making me eat
that medicine that day…maan closes her mouth…tum jaanthi hoo
maine aise kyun kiya tha..with guilt in his eyes
rests his hand on her stomach & takes a long breath
maan – tum hamesha meri galtiyoon ko sambalti ho
geet rests her hand on his
maan – thats why they probably say better half
geet smiles
nurse – Mr.Khurana aapko doo ko dr ne bolaya hain
maan – umm
dr.kirti – reports are all normal, actually great improvement
maan – then dizzness?
dr.kirti – I think that is normal pregnancy stuff
maan & geet both sighed in relief
dr.kirti smiled – itni phikar karti hoo to phir stress kyun lethi ho?
maan – please ask her that… she does’nt seem to listen to us
geet pinched maans lap
dr.kirti – just make sure she sleeps for few hrs in the afternoon
maan – umm!!
they went to the car & maan still rubbed his lap making a baby face
geet – aacha baba sorry & kissed his lap
maan wanha nahi todha uppar
geet yanha moving little up & kissed
maan todha aur uppar naughtyly enjoying her kisses
geet yanha & looked at him …he was almost aroused
she shied & buried her head in his lap
maan pulled her up & kissed her passionately making her lie on the seat
geet – u are really naughty
maan – kiss tum mujhe karti hoo aapni marzi se aur main naughty
geet – javoo nahi karti
maan – karoo na please
geet – nahi nahi nahi…
maan – are u sure…coming really close pulling her pallo
geet – nahi ..maan aap chodiya mujhe…
maan still slidding it further…she closes her face.. karoon ghi baba
karoon ghi..aab mujhe chodoo
maan smiles & sets her pallo & kisses her forehead
maan starts the car she pats a kiss on his cheeks..love u
they reach smriti’s house
maan – when do want me to pick u up
geet – 1 hr
maan – umm…
geet kisses him from through the window says bye
maan – suno
geet – umm
maan – khali haat jaavoghi kya?
geet – oh!! main bhool hi gayee
maan pulled a gift pack & flowers from behind & gives to her
geet – yeh kab liya
maan – office main arrange kar liya tha
geet – aap ko yaad tha
maan – tum ko krish ke exam ke alawa aaj kal kuch yaad hi nahi rahta
geet – nahi aisa nahi hain
maan – maan loo geet tum krish ke aage kuch nahi sochthi
geet looks down
maan – mujhe bhi nahi
geet comes closer & rests her head on his
geet – shayad haan..kyunki humare rishte ko humse phele usne aapna aaya tha
maan – tumhe late ho raha hain..
geet – bye
geet walks in looking for smriti
she gives the gift to her & hugs her
smriti mom – double congrats
geet looked confused
smriti wispered u wedding & preganancy
geet shied
smriti’s mom – so you are from guys side now
beta please take care of her, we are really worried
geet smiled
smriti dragged her to the place where the guy was showing the sarees
pooja & kavya were also there…they hugged her & made her sit on the couch
they had arranged for her with side pillows
pooja – I have selected this one…she shows a rani colour
kavya – me this one…shows a green colour
smriti – main kaun sa loon…I am confused..yeh wala yah this one
geet – don’t take red..u wore that for dinner right
smriti – thats what ranbhir said
pooja – which one are u taking geet
kavya picks one..try this one
pooja nahi nahi this one…
smriti I like the kavya wala better…
geet looks confused & checks few more
her phone rings…
maan – take the pink one I love it
geet – aap ko kaise pata
she looks around & sees up..he stood upstairs resting his arms next to the pillar

krish coming home
maan – take the pink one I love it
geet – aap ko kaise pata
she looks around he stood upstairs resting his next to the pillar
part – 147
geet blushed and look down
pooja & smriti asked what happened
geet – nahi kuch nahi, I will take the pink one
pooja – geet yaar tune zindhagi main bhi kabhi itne jaldi decide nahi kiya… aaj kya huwa
geet – nahi mujhe yahi pasand hain
pooja looks around – are ur sure jiju is not hiding some where in srk style & helping you
geet – nahi..she fumbles kahana mujhe yahi pasand hain
maan hides behind the pillars
smriti gets geets dinner served in a plate & gives it to geet
pooja – have this paneer ur fav
kavya – do u have any food cravings
geet smiled
smriti – bolna
geet – woh
pooja – bolna itna kyun sharmarahi hain
geet – i feel like have mama ke haat ki bani pickles aur
kavya – aur
geet – actually I feel like having chocalate ice-creams
pooja – u like strawberry flavour na
geet – maan ko choclate flavour pasand hain na
smriti – so don’t tell me..u r taste buds have changed to his liking now
geet nodes her head…making a baby face
pooja – that is so romantic…mujhe bhi pregnant hona hain
smriti’s mom..holds her ears..pehle shaadi karle
pooja – haan aunty shaadi ke baat
geet – aapne boss ko bollon
pooja – main hi bol doonghi
smriti, kavya & geet – abhi bool..humare samne
pooja – nahi baad main
kavya pulls her phone & dials his number – chal bool
pooja cuts the call – pagal ho kya
arjun calls back…
pooja oh fish!!! wat will i say now
kavya – bool de tujhe pregnant ho na hain
pooja answeres the call
arjun – why did u call & then cut it…sab teehk hain na?
pooja – umm
smriti – bool de
arjun – kya boolna hain
pooja – kuch nahi Bye!!!
cuts the call
smriti’s mom serves geet some home made pickle – maine banaya hain
hope this will help with craving, aur bhi kuch khana ka man hain to bolna
geet – ji
she keeps looking for maan every now & then & smiles
after she finishes the dinner looks for him…maan calls again
geet – ji
maan – ghadi main wait kar raha hoon
geet – umm
geet kisses them good bye & comes out
geet – aap yanha kya kar rahe the
maan – aapni biwi ko nihar raha tha…geet – aap bhi na
they reach home & geet was checking herself in the mirror
maan walked in & was shocked to see geet standing only in her salwar
she see him & pulls her kurti & covers her front
maan slides his hands around her waist & stands behind her
kya huwa..? kya deehk rahi ho
geet – deehk ko na I have not put on at all
maan – dikawa na…& pulls her kurti away
geet snaps his hand & turns into his embrace..aap meri koi baat nahi sunthe
maan – tum teehk se khana nahi khaati isliya it is not showing yet
geet – aise nahi hain, main teehk se kaathi hoon
maan carese around her stomach & kisses her stomach
maan lifts her chin & sees she was actually worried
maan – geet I have read it on the net…it will show only after 4months or so
geet still looked not convinced – jhoot
he pulls out his laptop & opens the bookmarked link on pregnancy
he reads out the link to her
geet – when did u read all this
maan – when ever I get time & kissed her
geet – sachi
maan – muchi
next day geet was up early & quite busy in the kitchen
maan – meri shirt kanha hain
geet shouts from kitchen – bed pe rakhi hain
maan gets ready & comes down..daadi serves him the breakfast
maan kept looking around, expecting geet to come out
NT – veerji aap jise ka wait kar rahen hain….woh shaam ke
4 baje se pehle kitchen se nahi nikal ghi
daadi smiled
dev – bro please don’t mind…bhabhi will be little busy for next 10 days
maan cleared his throat & looked away
daadi – aaj krish aa raha hain na..subha se uske fav dish bane ne main lagi hain
maan says bye to daadi & leaves…
he goes upto the door & turns expecting her to atleast say a bye..
gets fed up & goes to the kitchen turns her into his arms
maan – subha se mujhe milli bhi nahi ho tum
geet – aap ready ho gayee
maan hits his head
geet – u had ur breakfast?
maan – i am leaving now & turns to leave
geet hugs from behind – woh main tooda busy thi
maan – krish ke aane se pehle yah hal hain, woh aajayegha to
tum mujhe bhool hi jaavooghi
geet – umm!! makes a baby face
maan turns & kisses her
geet – love u …he smiles love u too…bye
krish reaches at around 6pm…
geet hugs him & kisses him ..missed u
krsih – missed u too…& kisses her tummy..missed her too
geet – english ka exams kaise tha
krish – mama!!!!
geet – ok ok….
they jot out their plan for the next ten days
maan comes in & hugs krish
maan – how was ur exam?
krish – fine dad
maan – how much can I expect
geet – 90%
krish – nahi mama 92%
geet – nahi tumhara woh history main last question galat hain
krish – nahi mama I am sure
they start rechecking the question papers maan totally out of place
maan goes to change & comes down for dinner
geet serves krish & keeps looking at him
maan clears his throat to catch her attention
geet was still busy feeding krish, maan kept waiting…for a while…
daadi – with krish around if u plan to wait for geet…
I am sure u will not get your dinner tonight
daadi serves him the dinner, dev & NT giggles at maan’s plight
maan actually admired them… how much he loves to see them togather
his whole family togather & the love between geet & krish was way beyound he
could ask for…

after the dinner geet & krish leave to krish’s new room
in the mansion…they took out the home work & started to sort it out
geet was on the bed & krish on the study table
maan came & cuddled next to geet…
geet wispered – yeh kya kar rahe ho
maan – krish …how long will u take for completing ur home work
geet – kyun?
maan – main aapne beta se baad kar raha hoon
krish – dad, I guess 4 days
geet – nahi 5 days
maan – ok lets say 6 days…
geet – umm
krish comes & rests on geets lap
maan – if u finish it soon then I was planning for a holiday
krish – wow..kanha?
geet – is weekend shaadhi bhi hain
krish – mama, papa next weekend ki baat kar rahe hain
maan – samjhi
krish – kanha ja rahe hain
maan – HP
geet looks at him in suprise
krish hugs maan & kisses him…wow I always wanted to go there
krish – mama then u will show me where u used to play with raji masi & chintoo
I also want to have those chat & jalbi’s..hum aapke kethe main camping bhi karenghe
maan – camping I can promise…rest ask ur mama
geet looked at maan with teary eyes
krish – mama aap bhi na, sachi senti types ho
maan & krish hug geet & cuddle up next to her
mehendi !!!
geet looked at maan & tears rolled from her eyes
krish – mama aap bhi na, sachi senti types ho
maan & krish hug geet & cuddle up next to her
part – 148

next day geet got up early kissed krish & maan, maan cuddled up & slept with krish
geet smiled looking at them
geet came out in her robe wipping her wet hair..
she opend the cupbaord to pick her clothes… maan walked to the fresh room
giving her a smile… she shied & noded & continued to select her dress
maan came back & hugged her behind
geet – yeh kya kar rahe ho
maan feeling her wet hair from behind & kissing her – umm…
geet – chodo na mujhe
maan – ek tum sharma ke mujhe aapne pas bolathi ho, aur phir chodne ko kahthi ho
she turns to meet his eyes… dehko door bhi open hain
maan closes the door & rushed back to her. one sec he was near the door, the next
he was on her and they were on the bed. she could barely say anything, she just felt
his body against hers, felt his mouth on her skin, his hands holding her shoulders
then moving firmly out to her hands. he was on her, his mouth and hands everywhere
she kissed what ever part of him came near her lips. his hands pulled off the robe
and his hot wet mouth cluctched onto her curved parts she moaned in ecstasy.
his long fingers moved down the side of her, his thumb toying with her navel while
his lips and tongue played with her cuvred parts. her fingers buried into his hair
they moved in to there passion deep closer not be separated
when the final moment came, geet almost screamed could barely be heard as he covered
her mouth with his…they lied closed ..
geet – chodo na mujhe
maan – nahi and burried his head into her wet hair…kissing passionately
tum mera pas nahi athi aaj kal
geet – aise nahi hain
maan pins her on the bed & fanning her neck – phir kaise hain
geet – chodo na mujhe krish ke liya breakfast banana hain
maan – aur mera breakfast ka kya
geet – woh bhi banadoonghi he tightens her wrist..abhi bhi nahi mallom
mera breakfast…biting her ears…
geet – hogaya na aap ka breafast abhi chodo
maan – abhi dessert baaki hain & starts all over again
krish – mama mama…mujhe bhook lagi hain
geet – chodiya mujhe…& rushes to change cribbing… maine kaha tha na
main late hojavoonghi
krish – mama mama …
geet – ek min aarahi hoon
maan – tum maa beti ke chakar main uff & goes to the wash room
geet quickly opens the door & rushes to the kitchen
maan – stop right there..in a stirn voice
geet stood rooted
maan – yeh kya kar rahi ho tum & lifted her down the steps
ek to tumhe steps pe chalna nahi hain uppar se ur running down the steps
u really don’t take care of urself
krish giggles
geet feeling embarrased of maan lifting her infront of krish
krish – mama mujhe parate khana hain
geet – do min
maan – aur mujhe…
geet shies looks down
krish – mama khushi kab aayeeghi
geet – 6 1/2 months more
krish – mera final exams ke baad wow!!
while geet was cooking krish started to talk to khushi & maan joined in
geet got tickled with maans touch
krish – khushi tum jaldi se aajavoo.. we shall have lots of fun
maan – sachi main to bhut bore ho rahan hoon , come soon
krish pulls out a chocalte to eat
maan also opens a chocalate …
geet – subha subha chocolate, pehle breakfast…
krish – mama just one
maan also makes a baby face – just one
geet – maan aap bhi… nahi to nahi…finsih your breakfast
both of them half heartedly keep the chocolate
geet goes to get the breakfast…both of them immdiately finish their chocolate
geet gets serves them the parata
both of them make her sit & feed her
after they finsih the breakfast..
geet – if you want u can have the chocolate now
maan & krish look at each other & smile
geet – why are u smiling
maan nodes his head for a no & krish too…
geet pulls their ears – aap logo ne chocolate kha liya na
so bad…u guys don’t listen to me now days
krish hugs her – mama, papa ne pehle khaya tha
geet stares at maan
maan – mama ka chamcha
geet – aur aap kya ho?
maan – biwi ka ghulam
geet smiles
latter in the evening they get ready for the mehendi
geet wears a green dress, NT helps her dress up & make her wear the jewels
NT – geet u r looking like a bride yourself, tumhe deehk ke veerji ko
phir se shaadi karne ka khayal na aajayee…she puts a kala tika behind her ears
geet blushes & comes down with her
daadi – NT aap iske saat hi rahne, kitni pyari lag rahi hain
kisi ki naraz na lage
dev – uski liya to bro hain na

maan walks in speaking in the phone & just stands there looking at geet
he could’nt take his eyes off her…his stare was becoming embarrassing
for geet …since every one was noticing him espically daadi
daadi cleared her throat… NT & dev giggled
maan still stood rooted looking at geet
geet was uncomfartable – ji main krish ko deehk ki aati hoon
she ran in to krishs room…
geet – krish where are u
krish – mama ek min…I am in the loo
geet picked up his cloths that was spread on the bed & kept aside
maan came & lay on the bed watching her
geet kept folding the cloths…avoiding to look at his alluring eyes
geet – aise mat deehk kiya mujhe looking down
maan – aab mera deehkna bhi manayee hain
geet – aap pehle aise deehkte ho phir…she pauses & turns her back to him
maan hugs her from back – aur phir…kissing her neck…
geet leaned back resting her head in the crook of his shoulder giving in to
his passion…maan turned & kissed her forehead bhut pyari lag rahi ho
krish – mama mera duppatta teehk kardo
geet pulls it around & sets it
maan – mera bhi duppata teehk kardo
krish – papa aap mama ko bhut pareshan karte ho. yeh teehk nahi hain
aap to bade ho na…aapna duppatta khud teehk kar lo
maan narrowed his eyebrows & shot a look to geet
geet ignored…maan went infront of the mirror & checked his duppata
krish ran to daadi to show her his dress
geet came & helped maan… he snapped & turned away
she again tried ..maan snapped again….tears rolls down her eyes
maan – main to mazak kar raha tha…cupping her face
she sets the duppata & makes a baby face
maan holds his ears & says sorry… she pulls his hand down & smiles
NT, dev, daadi, krish, maan & geet reach for the mehndi function
NT & geet go & meet smriti…pooja & kavya – geet tu kitni pyari lag rahi hain
smriti – aise lag raha hain teri mehndi hain
NT – veeji do isse chod hi nahi rahe they…unse chura ke layeen hain hum
pooja – aapni mehndi main to isse bhi pyari lag rahi hogi na
geet kept quite, NT realised geet was feeling bad
Nt – humare veerji ko geet se shaadi ki itna jaldi thi ki na mangni ki, na mehndi
seeda shaadi kiya aur aapna banaliya
pooja – how romantic…jiju is really dreamy
maan comes from behind – meri baaten chal rahen hain
geet wispers – aap yanha se jaayee
maan – nahi
krish – mama mera duppata aap pakdo..bar bar gir raha hain
pooja – hain handsome
krish – hi pooja aunty
kavya & smriti laughed pooja aunty
pooja – thats not fair.. don’t call me aunty
krish – sexy aunty kahoon to challen ga
geet clears her throat & stare at krish
pooja – thats perfect
geet wispers to maan – yeh sab kya sikate rahethe ho aap meri beta ko
maan – tum kuch sikhane kanha dethi ho
geet – maan!!
smriti’s mom all boys please go out…
krish – main to mama ke saat reh sakta hoon
pooja – challege
smriti’s mom – nahi ..go out
pooja – nahi aunty he is so cute
geet tells maan to take him
krish – papa khud nahi jana chate, mujhe kaise lekar jayenge
geet in low voice – enough..dono subha se bhut pareshan kar rahe ho mujhe
challo bahra javoo
maan & krsih meet up with ajay, ranbhir & arjun
arjun – Maan singh Khurana ko bhi bhar kar diya
maan – thats not possible right & claps hand with krish
all the ladies sit around to put the mehndi
geet spreads her hand for putting mehndi…
maan watched her through the curtain & admired…
how could she feel his presence was adorable she restlessly looked around

maan hid behind the curtains…geet thought it might be just what she felt
her design was completed … she admired her hand with his name on it
maan smiled looking at her blush… geet looked restless
she wanted to drink her juice…but her mehndi ..she could’nt lift the bottle
she looked around every one was busy & had mehndi on their
she got up & went to go to the kitchen…maan gave her juice
aap udhar hi they na drinking the juice
maan innocently – kidhar
she snapped her hair which fell on her cheeks & tried to set it with the back of her hand
maan moved her hair with his fingers
geet shied & ran back to the hall
pooja called arjun
arjun – yah
pooja – main kaun sa design lagvaoon
arjun – please mehndi mat lagana
pooja – kyun..pulling her hand away
arjun – mujhe mehndi ki smell pasand nahi
pooja makes a face – lekin..ok bye
pooja disheartedly sits wanting to put mehndi
smriti – pooja tu mehndi nahi laga rahi
pooja – nahi woh
kavya – kya huwa tuje..waise to sab se pehle hoti hain mehendi ke liya
pooja – woh arjun
geet – mera boss ko mehndi pasand nahi hain shayad
pooja cries & goes to the room

arjun slowly comes in & sits next to her & applies mehndi in her hand
she looks at the mehndi & shies

pooja looks at him in suprise – lekin aap ko to
arjun – tumhe to pasand hain na
she hugs him in excitment…now confused how to break out of the hug
arjun – tumhe to pasand hain na
she hugs him in excitment…now confused how to break out of the hug
part -149
her hand sneaked his back passing currents with every touch of hers
arjun burried his head in her neck feeling smell
pooja moved closer & their hug was no more a warm one
they realized it togather & wondered how to move pull back
her shieness was evident with her reluctance.
arjun cleared his throat & moved back
pooja was pink & embarrassed ..she ran to the hall looking behind & bumped
krish…he winked & said mehindi aachahi hain
they both walked togather to the hall…
maan kept admiring is wife hiding behind the pillar
geet was stealing looks from maan every now & then ..
maan called her to the room she noded for a no
maan pleaded… geet blushed & looked down
geet sneaked into the room – kya hain
maan – mujhe tumhari mehendi deehkni hain
geet shied & showed her hand …maan held her hand & took in the smell
her scent with mehendi was mesmerising…he pulled her closer & hugged her
she broke out of the hug & tried running out ..he held her plat & pulled her back
geet – aahh..maan..yeh kya kar rahe ho
maan – tum mera pas hi raho
geet – jane do na…neech abhi sangeet start hone wala hain
he pulled her closer & kissed her ears slipping his hand around her waist – hona do
she turned into face him holding her hand out not to spoil her mehendi
aap hamesha aise karte ho
maan – kaise
geet – umm and kissed his tip of his nose
they walked down to the hall & she stood next to the pillar
maan hid behind next to her holding her waist & kissing her arms

swati’s mom catches maan & asks him to leave..geet shies & sit in the couch
maan turns on the music with DJ & gathers all the ladies & dances
looking at geet , moving along the music, turning around her

Maahi Ve Maahi Ve That’s The Way Maahi Ve
Tere Maathe Jhumar Damke
Tere Kannno Baali Chamke Hai Re
Maahi Ve
lifts her hand & pating the bangels
Tere Haatho Kangana Khanke
Tere Pairo Payal Chance Hai Re
Maahi Ve
geet feeling shie & rests her head in him he lifts her chin
Naino Se Bole Rabba Rabba
Mann Mein Dole Rabba Rabba
Amrut Ghole Rabba Rabba
Tu Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
arjun sings looking at pooja

That’s The Way Maahi Ve
O Tere Aankhen Kali Kali
Tera Gora Gora Mukhdha Hai Re
Maahi Ve
Tere Rangat Jaise Sona
Tu Chaand Ka Tukda Hai Re Maahi Ve
Tere Gaal Gulabi Rabba Rabba
Chal Sharabi Rabba Rabba
Dil Ki Kharabi Rabba Rabba
Tu Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
smriti & kavya dance around turning turns
Barse Rangini Kaliyan Hai Mehki Bhini Bhini
Baje Mann Mein Halke Halke Shehnaiya Re
Jitne Hai Tare Aanchal Mein Aa Gaya Sare
ajay & ranvir join next to kavya & smriti
Dil Ne Jaise Hi Li Angadayee Re
Tu Jo Aayee Sajhke Mehndi Rajke
Chal Bajke Oh Soniye
Dil Kit No Ka Khaye Dhajke Oh Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
smitis’mom sings for smriti
Chanhda Meri Chanda Tujhe Kaise Mein Yeh Samjhaoon
Mujhe Lagti Hai Tu Kitni Pyaari Re
Khusiyan Jitni Hai Sab Jitni Hai Sab Dhoondh Ke Laoon
Teri Doli Ke Sang Kar Do Sari Re
Tu Jo Aayee Sajhke Mehndi Rajke
Chal Bajke Oh Soniye
Dil Kit No Ka Khaye Dhajke Oh Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
all of them dance around…
maan dances standing next to geet sliding his shoulder against his
Krish stand on the other side & does the same moves
Tere Maathe Jhumar Damke
Tere Kannno Baali Chamke Hai Re
Maahi Ve
Tere Haatho Kangana Khanke
Tere Pairo Payal Chance Hai Re
Maahi Ve
Naino Se Bole Rabba Rabba
Mann Mein Dole Rabba Rabba
Amrut Ghole Rabba Rabba
Tu Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve Jind Maahi Ve Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
maan & krish huged geet & kissed her cheeks togather on either when the song finishes. geet feels embarassed & burries her head in maans arms
after the function they all come back home
krish sits in the hall playing a video game with dev
geet calls NT to help her change since she had mehendi
NT pulled out her hand – oops I won’t be able to help u
I think u need to ask veerji
geet looked down & went to maans study, he was busy looking into some files
she stood at the door & wiggled her bangles
maan – umm
she wiggled it again
maan smiled & looked at her she showed her hand & then looked down
maan – tum challo main aata hoon
she walked in & he came in & locked the door behind
he cupped her face & admired her for a while
her heart raised beating he removed mang tika & kissed her forehead
he removed her earrings and kissed her ears… pulls out the duppata
& opens her plats & burries his head in her neck…
his hand embraces her & opens the hook of her kurti & unzips her top

she quivers moving closer. his hands snake her bare back kissing the nape
of her neck. he slips in her night suit kissing stormily her exposed skin
she responds with a moan & kissing him back passionately..he cups her face again
& looks into her eyes…u looks tired. did u have ur medicin .umm she noded
he lifted her & made her lie on the bed tucking spread mujhe krish ka HW…he kisses
her lips..aaj nahi u really look tired. he sits next to her untill she slips into
deep sleep.

maan slowly moves to krishs room & looks into his HW
helps him with the his work.
geet wakes up missing maans warmth around her. she walks to krish room
to see them sleeping on the books. Krish cuddled up next to maan. he had the book
on resting on him… she tied up her hair & slowly moved the books &
arranged them on the table. she pulled the spread & tucked it on them
maan pulled her closer, she smiled…how do u manage his HW kitna zada hain
she smiled…aacha so javoo I will wake u up latter. umm & turns to sleep longer
geet in hospital
CREDIT OF VM goes to missmanal123
maan pulled her closer, she smiled…how do u manage his HW kitna zada hain
she smiled…aacha so javoo I will wake u up latter. umm & turns to sleep longer
part – 150

geet & NT prepared breakfast. geet looked pale and tired
daadi got worried & asked her to lie down
Daadi asked Nt – did she have her breakfast
Nt – ji
daadi – kya hua, itni weak lag rahe hain
they called the doctor & woke maan
maan sat next to her touching her forehead
maan – kya hua tumhe
geet was not responding
daadi – so rahi hain shayad
dr kriti checked her while maan walked restlessly
dr kriti – call the ambulance immidiately she is sinking
daadi – she was fine in the morning
dr kriti – I told this pregnanacy is not safe of her
they rushed her the hospital, maan sat with her in the ambulance holding her hand
NT & Dev stayed back with krish, daadi followed in her car
maan rubbed her hand & kept kissing her – geet please utto na
they rushed her into the ICU & put her on ventilator
maan could let go of her, dr kriti – please Mr.khurana aapne aap ko sambaliya
daadi held him back
maan walked restlessly untill the whole test was completed
dr kriti – she is unconscious now
maan – why all of a sudden, she was all well even in the morning
dr kriti – I warned u earlier about it, it is not that simple in her medical condition
I just hope she does’nt slip into comma
maan – how is the baby?
dr kriti – baby is perfectly fine even the groW*H is normal, but if she does’nt
regain conciouness
maan – nahi I am sure she will be fine
he walks into the ICU & shakes her – geet utto, just get up now, bahut hogayee tumhari
manmarze, u don’t care about me & now u are not caring about khushi
geet – aise nahi hain
maan hugs her & cries phir kyun mujhe itna pareshan karti ho
dr kriti almost cried & turned away to wipe her tears & came after few mins to check her
daadi came in touched her forehead – how are u feeling
geet noded her head
dr kriti gets all the reports takes a long breath – there is not enough regular blood supply
I think it is due to past surgery.
maan begin to worry, geet seemed calm
dr kriti – u will have to lie down on turning to left side as far as possible, it improve the
blood circulation, also please increase the water intake, look at leg & hands itna
swelling teehk nahi hain, told u before no tension no stress & complete rest
geet – mujhe smriti ki shaadi main jaana hain.. making a baby face
dr kriti rolled her eyes
maan said a stirn NO
daadi – zaroor sabki nazar lag gayee hogi kal, kanhi nahi jaana tumhe
u just take care of yourself. kisses her forehead
geet rested for a while & maan sat on her left side to make sure that she turned
left to see him. krish came to meet her in the evening kissed her & then her stomach
geet – tumne maths ka algebra wala sums kiya
maan kept his fingers on her lips – chup bilkul chup, I am seeing into that
geet – iska chemisty ke tables bhi karvadena
maan closed his eyes – geet no stress remember!!
geet – this not stress
krish – mama maine sub kuch kar liya hain, don’t worry
geet – koi problem to nahi
krish – koi problem hain to I will tell u
geet was relieved
dr kriti – came for the check up & said u can take her home now
but please if there is any thing get her hospitalized
maan – umm
NT came in with a change of dress for her & helped her wear a red saree
maan smiled & opened her plat & brushed her hair
he drove her to the wedding just for the cermony & got her back home
he lifted her back to the room

geet – I love u resting her head on his shoulder
maan – love u too, dare u leave me
geet smiled
couple of days & geet was feeling better. geet was hyper
maan wondered what happnened she went shopping with krish & NT
maan kept telling her to calm down, she was not listening
maan pinned her to the bed – tumhe phir se hospital jana hain kya
geet looked away
maan – itna kyun excited ho rahi ho
geet mumered – kal karva chaut hain
maan – no way u are fasting
geet – I know what to do & what not to
maan in stirn voice – GEET
she frees her hand & turns her face
maan lies next to her – please tumhara fasting khushi ke liya teehk nahi hoga
geet – mujhe pata hain
maan – phir kyun zid kar rahi ho
geet – zid main kar rahi hoon ki aap
maan – please meri baat mano na
she hugged him & slept
maan – tum meri koi baat kyun nahi sunti ho
geet – I am sleeping
next day geet went out to the hall at 4.00am, NT & dev were their
geet took her sargi.
dev fed NT like always. geet looked at them & admired
she turned to see maan standing with his hand crossed over his chest
she looked away. he pulled the bowl from her & fed her
with a strin look in his face. likes he was disapproving of wat she did
she hugged him ..maan walked away…she felt bad & went back to sleep
in the morning maan did’nt join her for breakfast & left to office
geet kept her fast with milk & fruits
in the afternoon kavya, smriti & pooja joined to read the khata
daadi arranged every thing at home to avoid her from stressing
krish – sexy aunty u also fasting
pooja blushed
krish ate a ice cream & teased her
pooja – krish stop it
krish – its really yummy
pooja – aacha kaun sa flavour hain
krish – belgium dark choclate
pooja – ok I am not fasting..mujhe ek bite dena
kavya – POOJA
pooja rolled her eyes
daadi made sure that geet was not walking around or stressing her self
NT kept track of her fruits & milk
latter in the evening ranbhir, ajay & arjun joined them.
geet was waiting for maan & kept looking at the door
evening pooja had started

maan came just when she completed looking at the moon
he gave her the water, she turned her face – mujhe nahi pina,
aap mujhse naraz kyun ho
maan – nahi main naraz nahi hoon
geet – phir breakfast kyun nahi kia mera saat
maan – how could I
geet looked into his eyes in disbelief – why do u always do this to me
maan mades her drink the water – aab maine kya kiya

he took the pooja thali from her & looked at the moon through the sieve & then looked
at her & took her aarthi kissed her forehead..
maan – mujhe bhi pani peelo do please varna main faint hojavonga
geet made him drink the water & they shared the sweet
maan looked around – krish kanha hain
geet – he is gone for a movie

pooja – so sweet jiju, u actually fasted for her
arjun was little taken a back
pooja looked at arjun – seeko kuch jiju se
arjun in his attitude – why should I
pooja – how unromantic
arjun – wat ever, I am like this
pooja turns her face in anger
arjun to maan – yaar terako bhi fast karna zaroori tha
maan & geet smiled
arjun – arrey yaar aab isko kaise manvoon
geet – use ek kiss dedo manjayegi
arjun feels very shy & goes near her & closes his eyes to place a kiss on her cheek
she turns to shout & he kisses on her lips
she stood their rooted, arjun slips his hand in the pocket & looks away
all of them move down to leave them alone
pooja pink in embaressement & anger – how dare u
arjun – how dare what
their arguement continues
shahi dinner was arranged in the dinning table
daadi – pooja kanha hain
maan – use time lagega
kavya, smriti & geet giggled
daadi – geet u r ok na beta, & checks her forehead
geet noded
all of them left after after dinner, daadi gifted them sarees, bangles & jewels
geet was restless again in her room
maan came from his study – use picture dehkne ki permission kisne di
geet looked down – ji maine
maan – what time the movie get over
geet – 12.15pm
maan – abhi 12.30 hua hain, tumhare tension lena se he will not come
earlier. agar tumhe itni tension hain to use picture jaane kyun dethi ho
geet – woh main
maan kisses her stomach – kabhi humara bhi dyan rakh liya karo
she hugs him – mujhe chinta ho rahi hain
maan – I spoke to him, he is on his way. will be here in 45mins
tab tak hum …she blushes & bends to take in his lips, her hand move into his hair
his hands softly undress her & lie her on the bed. his head burried in her hair
moving slowly not to excert her. he could feel the longing in her like she missed him
the whole day, her touch on his back felt complaining. her lips cried every time they touched him they reached the climax
lost in their togatherness. maan – sorry she kissed him & spoke in love u
and tears rolled down her eyes.. he kisssed them & lie next to her. holding
her close & protected.

trip to HP
maan – sorry she kissed him & spoke in love u
and tears rolled down her eyes.. he kisssed them & lie next to her. holding
her close & protected.
part – 151
1pm geet – suniya na
maan – umm
geet – suniya to
maan holds her closer – janta hoon…krish na
geet – umm
maan – I think he just getting off the car now
geet – are u sure
maan – dress pehen lo abhi door knock karega
she burries her head in his chest ..she hears the knock at the door
they change & open the door
geet – picture kaise thi
krish – mama it was too good
geet – mujhe bhi deehkani hain & looks at maan
maan pulls the spread & pretends to sleep
krish – mama aapne fast break kiya
geet – umm
krish – poo aunty fast rakha kya?
geet smiled yah she did
geet – challo change kar lo
krish changes, geet gives milk.
she comes to the room – so gaya
geet – umm
maan – ab tum bhi so jaavoo
next day when maan comes back from office, notices geet running up & down
packing stuffs. he lifts her from behind & makes her sit on the bed
geet – maan
maan – chup chaap beti raho, he pulls out his tie & vest coat
hmm bolo kya karna hain
geet – aap abhi to aayen hain
maan – tum bolo
he does the packing for both of them & then helps krish
maan – aacha suno jaldi se ready ho gavoo we are going shopping
geet – aab kya lena hain
maan – tum bine koi sawal kia mera baat nahi maan sakti
she makes a baby face & gets ready
maan watches her making face & crumbling
when she was combing her hair, he hugs her from the waist
maan – gussa main kitani pyari lagti ho
geet turns & hits his chest – batavona kya lena ja rahen hain
resting her cheecks on his chest now
maan – tum aise pocho gi to mujhe bolna hi padega
geet nodes her head
maan – I thought we should pick up gifts for every one at home
geet – wow that is so nice… I know NT ka bday bhi aaraha hain
maan – sachi na geet tum haad karti ho
geet – aab maine kya kiya
maan – main is ghar ki nahi, HP wala ghar ki baat kar rahata
she looks at him with mosit eyes feeling overwhelmed
maan – isliya main nahi bolna chata tha… hamesha ro deti ho
geet smiles with a teary eyes & kisses his nose leaning tiptoe
u know smoething ..umm…i love u
he takes her lips into a warm embrace of his. her tongue playing
along his exploding into emotions.

they reach the mall. and maan just follows her.
she was knew what to buy where to buy, he just followed her
looking into his phone & texting
geet – which one should i pic..this or that
maan – umm
geet look at him busy texting
she picks up a yellow shirt – how about this one for u
maan – ok
geet – try it na
maan takes the shirt & puts it on, calls geet to from the trial room
geet – bahar aayee na
he ignorantly comes out..she least expected that..
every one looked at him, she dragged him inside
& opened his shirt at once, yeh kya kar rahi ho
geet – aap yeh pehen kar bahar aagayee
maan – biwi ka hukum tha
geet – every one was looking at u
maan – so what
geet – aise koi karta hain kya
maan – phir tumhare saat changing room flirt karne ko mauka nahi milta na
pushing her hair behind giving a naughty look
geet – I am going out, aap change karlo
he pulls her back & thats not fair, moving closer
she closes her eyes & closing her fist… maan moves back
crosses his hand over his bare chest keeps admiring her
she slowly opens her eyes to see him stand in the corner
she moved close to him & placed kisses on his shoulders & neck
nibbling into his ear lobe wispering… aise mat deehkiya mujhe
maan kisses her forehead & changes into his shirt
maan – sab ke liya gift liya
geet – umm
maan – aur mere liya
geet – main hoon na..aapki gift
maan – yeh baad raat ko yaad rakna
geet bites her lips wondering she just said
next day maan, geet & krish come all dressed to the hall
daadi, dev & NT make a face & stand
geet feels bad – agar aap kaho to hum nahi jayenge
daadi – teehk hain mat jaavoo
geet looked at daadi & then maan
maan moved his shoulder…not my mistake u asked for it types
NT – challoo, nakul inka samaan ander rako
geet turns around halfheartedly
dev – waise bhabhi hum soch rahe the ki,
NT – hum bhi aap ke saat challen
geet hugs daadi – thanx u
maan winks at her
geet – aapko pata tha
maan smiled
they reach HP in the afternoon, there was big welcome arranged for them
rano took arthi fo geet & maan
krish – nani aur mera
rano smiled – tumhara bhi & kissed him
it was the first time she came home in last 4yrs
she felt so nice & warm
raji hugged her & turned her around
thai ji – dheera dheera aise haal main aise sab nahi karte
chito – kaise haal main didi?
geet blushed, rano – to jaldi se mama ban ne wala hain
maan could rejoice enough to see her lost in them
he felt so guilty for keeping her away from her life
she probably looked heavenly smiling, giggling & talking endlessly
daadi & darji spoke
daadi couldnot thanxs him enough to have agreed for their wedding
geet introduced maan, dev & Nt to all her family members
geet showed him her room
maan – I am sorry
she hugged him not letting him complete
geet – inse door nahi jati to aap ke pas kaise ati

tears rolls down maans eyes
geet teasingly – bahut senti ho aap

trip to HP continued
geet – inse door nahi jati to aap ke pas kaise ati
tears rolls down maans eyes
geet teasingly – bahut senti ho aap
part – 152
geet kissed his tears tilting on tiptoe, their arms formed an embrace
to tressure that moment.
maan – sumo
geet – umm
maan – tumhe mera gift yaad hain na
geet predenting – kaun sa
maan – teehk hain he turns his face
geet ignores him & goes out giggling and bumps on brij
brij in stirn voice – oye dyan se chal, tu maa bane wali hain
geet looks down – ji, veer ji
geet goes to in the kitchen & hugs rano
thai ji – teehk se khana wana khati hain yah nai, kitni kamzor lag rahi hain
daadi – bikul nahi khati, pareshan kar rakha hain hum sab ko
NT – kabhi vegitable chod dena hain, to kabhi fruits
rano pats her cheeks – aise nahi karte beta, aab to tujhe aapna zayada khayal
rakhna chahiya
geet makes a baby face
rano – mainne tumhare liya bahut sare pickles banaya hain
maan beta ka phone aaya tha monday ko, he said ki u wanted them
geet – unhone khud phone kiya tha, she felt touched, kaise meri choti si choti baat
ka dyan rakte hain

daarji – roti shoti khani hain ki nahi
rano – ji darji abhi lagathe hain
they have their lunch, maan seemed angry
geet tried talking him to but he refused to listen, he looked at some one or talked
to some one else.
maan went to the room, pulled the spread & slept
geet came in & kissed him while he was a sleep – kitna gussa karte ho
aap roote roote bahut pyare lagte ho, aapko manana mujhe aata hain
geet, rano, chinto took krish to show her fav spots in HP
she took him to the fields & their secret hide outs
then they went to the chat wala & had chat
NT & dev joined them their. they went to the near by mela
krish was excited to get on the rides, all of them sat on the rides
geet waited alone for them. some just snatched her chain making her lose
her balance & fall. maan held her from waist. she hugged him tight out of fear
maan shouted – why are you sitting here alone
she could not speak out of fear
he checked her neck, it had a slight bruce – is it paining
geet – aap yanha
maan left her and looked away – I came to see the land
geet smiled – deehk liya
maan – kya
geet – land
maan slipping his hand in the pocket – umm
he walks away she follows him
maan – tum kanha aarahi ho
geet – aapke saat
maan – koi zaroorat nahi hain
geet – phir mujhe kuch hogaya ..he closes her mouth bahut bolti ho tum, challo
maan sits in the jeep she tries to climb & finds it difficult
maan rolls his eyes, lifts her & makes her sit
geet – so sweet
maan gives a strin look
geet giggles inwardly

geet – yeh Ms.Raiska rathode wala project hain na
maan – umm
geet – kab taakk complete hoga
maan – 6 months more
geet – roko roko roko
maan stops at once – kya huwa
geet – mujhe garam garam jilebee khani hain
maan gets the jilebee & gives it to her & then they drive on
geet – roko roko roko
maan looks at her
geet – mujhe aam pana khana hain
he gives a stirn look & gets it for her & they move on near the fields
geet – roko roko roko
maan stops the car turns to look at her …she covers his lips with hers
maan – yeh kya kar rahe ho, koi aaja…she again took his lips in
yanha koi nahi aata.. & continues kissing him. her lips pressed hard against his
tasting every flavor of his tongue. it felt exhilarating as she finally
parted catching for breath resting on his chest
maan smiled – agar mujhe mallom hota ki tum yanha aakar itni romantic
hojavoghi, to main pehli hi tumhe yanha le aata
she burried her head in feeling shy
he kissed her neck – tum aapna khayal nahi rakti ho
geet – uskeliya to aap ho na
maan – lekin she keeps her finger on his lips
aap mera liya wanha aaye the na, maan looked away
geet – sab janti hoon main banavti gussa aapka
maan – main sach main gussa hoon
geet smiled – aap mujhe se gussa ho hi nahi sakte pehle bhi nahi karpate the
aab to pakede bhi jate ho
maan turned & smiled – challen
geet mockingly – land deehkne ?
maan changed the gear & drove to the hawali
when they were getting off the car, brij just came out
brij in strin voice – shawl nahi le sakti thi,u will catch a cold
he puts his a shawl around her…& notices the bruce on her neck
shouts – how did this happen
maan goes to explain geet him holds back
geet – kuch nahi veerji chain keech gayee thi
he gives a stirn look & walks away
maan – yeh hamesha hi aise rehate hain yah
geet – veerji ka gussa to aapne deehka nahi hain
maan – tumne mujhe roka kyun
geet – khama khaan baat bad jaathi
latter in the evening every one was sitting & talking in the hall
brij barges in – GEET GEET
geet – ji veerji
brij – yeh chot kaise laghi tumhe
maan tries to explain
brij – aap to kuch na hi boleyia to aacha hain
maan gives a strin look to brij, then looks at geet
she was looking so scared..maan kept quite
brij – aapke samne geet ke gale se koi chain legaya aur aap chup chap deehkte rahen
geet – veerji aise nahi hain
maan leaves from there
brij takes his talwar & rushes out – I am not going to spare those guys
maan, brij action!!!!

maan leaves from there
brij takes his talwar & rushes out – I am not going to spare those guys
part – 153
maan goes to the room & looks into his lap top
geet knew maan was upset & did’nt say thing for her
rano told geet to call maan for dinner
she came into the room & studied his mood, he did’nt respond
she waggled her bangles he continued typing, she then moved her legs slowly
he still continued typying, bfore she could say any thing h closed his laptop in anger
she got scared & ran away from there, he opened the lap top & continued working
geet requested raji to call maan
raji – jiju dinner khana challen
maan – umm
he came & sat on with darji, dev, daadi ma & papaji
geet served him trying to see if he was still angry
krish came running chasing chinto & bumped into geet
she fell on maan, he was about to shout at krish, she held him back
nodding her head, clucting his collar tightly
he got even more wild & snapped her hand from his collar & looked away
after dinner brij had still not returned & darji was getting tensed
they called his friends & not heard any thing yet
maan ignored all that discussion & went into the room
it was past mid night & no news of brij, evey one seemed worried at home now
rano – beta tu jake so ja
geet – kekin veerji
rano – woh darji dehk lenge, teri health ke liya teehk nahi hoga
geet half heartedly went inside the room & looked at maan
he was still working on his laptop, she stood there for few mins
& wondered unhe kaise kahoon, naraz bhi hain
he closed the laptop & walked out of the room
geet – itna naraz hogaya mujhse
maan went to the guest house picked his gun & went to look for
brij, on the way he made a call to dev to meet him near the fields
they searched around the places & finally found him tied up in a tree
maan openned him
maan – tum teehk ho?
brij – tum?
maan – are u alright?
brij – nodded in pain…they had really beaten him up
maan, dev & brij were about to leave when few gundas attacked them from behind
maan & dev fought them all & kicked their but. mean while one of them tried to
fight on with injured brij with talwar, maan held the talwar with his bare
hand just above brij’s neck. brij was shocked beyound words
maan & dev got rid of all the gundas & drove brij safely to the hawali
every one ran to the door seeing maan & brij in blood
raji goes to call geet
maan – nahi raji geet mat uttana woh mujhe aise dehkgi to pareshan ho jayeghi
geet – aap paas nahi hote to geet waise bhi pareshan hoti hain

comes running to him with tears in her eyes & hugs him kisses him infront of every one

dev cleares his throat. she feels embarrassed & burries her head in his chest
darji calls the doctor to attend to brij & maan
maan – I am fine & goes inside
geet comes with a first aid kit & haldi wala dood
maan ignores her & goes to the wash room & has a shower cleans his wounds & comes out
geet pulls his hand & kisses his hand with moist eyes
maan shouts – tum rona band karo, I can’t bare to see tears in your eyes
she hugs him & I love u
maan – janta hoon
geet – mujhe se naraz ho
maan – tumne hi kaha tha main tumse naraz nahi ho sakta
geet – I am sorry
maan – why are u saying sorry, pagli
geet – mujhe bahut bura lag raha hain, meri wajah se
maan – now u r hurting me by saying all this
geet – aap ne mera liya he bends down & closes her lips with his, taking in her pain
and filling it with his love. he slips his hand into her hair & cradling her head
she arches in to get closer that she if she could get more closer than she was.
maan pulls out of catching for his breath – mera gift
she smiles & nodes
he lifts & screems in pain, tears roll down her eyes,
maan kiss her eyes one after the other, aise kyun karti ho
she kiss his hand again – bahut dard ho raha hain
maan undressing her – abhi nahi
he opens her pat & burries his face taking in her scent. he kissed her passionately
and drew her in very softly with his arm around her waist. she felt immeresed in his
strength and gentleness of his arms, they moved in a passionatic rythm & she instinctively,
encircled his waist with her legs. He could feel them tighten around him.
the moment just stopped & exploded carrying them into a world of their
passion. she hugged him & kissed him again …I don’t seem to stop falling in
love with u Maan Singh Khurana
maan – sachi
geet – muchi
as there breathing begins to be normal, she rests her head on his chest
maan holds her close – tumne mujhe krish ko tant ne se kyun roka
geet – sab ke samne use bura lagta, waise bhi aap use se utna gussa nahi the, he hugs her & they sleep cuddled up maan resting his hand on her tummy
next day maan took geet, dev, NT & krish for camping in the jungle
they set up a tent & did fishing during the day time
at night they had a campfire & grilled the fish
maan had carried packed for geet
middle of the night geet woke up & dragged maan out
maan looked at her sleeply she made him sit in the inflatable boat
he cuddled up & dossed off. she started rowing it
maan was too sleepy to realize what she was upto.
after struggling for an hour & reaching in betwwen the water.
she sensually started kissing him,
maan smiled – geet krish tumhare pass so raha hain
she continues to play around him & opening his shirt
maan pulls her closer – i am definitly making a trip to HP every month
still not realizing where they were, she rests her head on his chest & wispers
deehko na woh chand bhi mera chand se sharma raha hain
maan slowly opened his eyes she softly kissed him on his lips first &
then she licked his lips with her wet warm tongue invading further
maan was lost looking at the deep dark sky & the twinkling stars
witnessing their togatherness & wamth of her body resting on him
they lied down looking at the stars holding close.
maan – i loved it, it is so beautiful to be hear with u
geet blushed
khushi khushi!!!!!
they lied down looking at the stars holding close.
maan – i loved it, it is so beautiful to be hear with u
geet blushed
part – 154
next day brij met up with maan
brij hugged him & smiled, maan maintained a stirn look
geet pleeded to give in making a baby face, maan smiled & relaxed
brij – sorry
maan patted his back
they came back to delhi & krish went back to shimla.
maan made it a point to carry all the pickles she wanted from mama ji
it was 3 months since they were back from HP & geet stood infront of the
mirror & looked at her tummy. maan walked in & exactly knew what she was upto
maan – haan baba baad ho gaya hain
geet – kal se nahi nada dheko
maan – dehkavo
she pulled her kurti down rahne do. main jaanthi hoon aapka dehkna sab
maan – nahi nahi seriously
before even maan could reach her, she started laughing & jumping
maan – maine to tumhe kuch nahi kiya
geet held his hand & kept it on her stomach dehko mujhe kick kar rahe hain
maan waited endlessly – nahi kiya
geet – mujhe to kiya tha ….u missed it.
maan – thats not fair, main kab se wait kar raha hoon
geet – aise todhi hota hain
maan did’nt let her go any where, he sat next to her caressing her stomach
talking to khushi & calling her to kick. geet giggled at his plight
geet – Ms. khurana seem to already show her attitude
maan – akhir papa ki beti hain & she kicked maan was so thrilled
every time maan said that she kicked, he was so delighted & excited
maan called daadi & told her to say that…
daadi – papa ki beti hain & she kicked again
maan was just too excited, he called dev & them NT
every time they said papa ki beti hain khushi kicked
geet yehlo babaji waise he inka naak uppar rahta hain abhi to neech hi nahi aayega
it was 12pm geet was sleeping cuddled up next to maan & he was checking some files
he closes his files & pulls her kurti up & wispers – papa ki beti hain
khushi kicked again
geet – sona dona, kitne bar mujhe aape beti se mar khilavo ghe
maan – one last time please
geet pulled kurti down – nahi
maan unzipped her kurti – please and nibbled her ears intending to make love
geet – subha se pareshan kar raka hain aapne mujhe
that really did’nt seem to stop him. lovingly, passionately moved in setting the
pace, holding her in his arms. her jhota resistance and his passionate dominance was
making it more pleasurable to them. leading them togather to the climax. he looked
into her eyes in the shades of moonlight & said those magical words which
used to make her glow even more. as the slipped into each othrs arms he again
wispered naughtly papa ki beti & geet closed his mouth while khushi kicked again.
geet was now 7th month carrying. & they had arranged for a guadh bharai ki rasam
maan & daadi had made a very bid arrangement for the cermony. it was an elobrate cermony
the whole mansion was decorated with heavy lightings & flowers.
geets whole family had come over to be part of it. krish was around.
geets friends there. but pooja was not around. geet tried calling her but she was
not reachable. maan kept showing every one how khushi kicked every time they said
papa ki beti. every one made her wear the bangles & maan kissed her hand & slipped a kada in

krish – isse main kya hain, yeh to kick karti hain, aap mujhe kaho, mama ka beta i will
kiss you.
geet hugged & kissed krish teasing maan
maan hugged her tummy – tum ma-beta s to baat karna bekar hain
geet – raho aapni beti ki saat
maan – umm!! making a baby face.
geet – kiya na mujhe itna din pareshan, aab aap kuch nahi kar sakte, mera
beta hain mera saat
krish – mama ka beta…muuah
maan – mama ka papa
geet smiled hugging them
after the initial bet of cermony of every one gifting geet & wispering sweet blessing in her
ears for the baby. they made her sit little free to relax. every one was over protective
and careful about her health. dr. kriti also came for the function.
dr. – don’t worry checked all ur reports, every thing seem to be perfect.
I am really excited as the dates are nearing she smiled
geet face sparkled in joy
geet looked for arjun & asked him what happened to pooja/arohi
arjun – pata nahi kal se try kar raho hoo, phone hi nahi utta rahi
geet reluctantly – did u guys fight
arjun cleared his throat – no
geet – let me speak to her father
she called on the landline arohi’s father answered the call
geet – uncle ji main geet
father – congrats beta, sorry humlog nahi aa paayee, actually arohi ko dehkane
ladkewale aachanak hi aagaye
geet – ladhke wale
father – mera ek bhaut hi purna student hain karan, tumne naam suna hi hoga
he is a famous music director
geet – lekin uncle ji woh to
father – I will talk to u latter beta, we have lots to decide on kal hi shaadi hain
tum ho sake to aana, mata ki mandir main
geet sat down shattered, maan rushed to her
arjun – kya huwa
maan rubbing her hand – geet !! geet
geet – woh woh
maan hugged her & made her drink water
geet – arohi kisi karan se shaadi kar rahi hain
arjun was mad he left at once from there
maan tried consoling her. she looked worried & tensed
kavya & smriti came to her & explaining her
geet – woh arjun sir ke saat aise kaise kar sakti hain
kavya – nahi woh uske papaji keliya kar rahi hogi
smriti – he has some health problem
geet – phir usne arjun ke saat pyar kyun kiya
geet looked really depressed
dr.kirti – abhi maine kaha sab kuch teehk hain aur tum aapna health karab kar rahi ho
geet – nahi I am
dr.kirti told maan with eye moment

maan took her to the bed room & made her lie down
maan got angry seeing her take so much tension – tumhari problem kya hain
geet – how can arohi do some thing like that
maan – like what?
geet – woh arjun sir se pyar karti thi
maan – lekin woh aapne pariwar ko kaise chot sakti hain
geet – phir aise logo ko pyar nahi karna chahiya
maan – pyar plan karke thodi hota hain, woh to bus hojata hain
geet – aap hi batavo aap apne pyar ko chod dete pariwar ke liya
maan – mera liya mera pariwar hi sabse pehle aata hain & hugged her
aur agar woh mera sacha pyar hain to woh mera saat degana mera pariwar keliya
geet – umm & hugged him still feeling sad for arjun
maan – tumne bhi to mujh jaise dhust dhanav se aapne pariwar ke kehne pe shaadi ki thi, phir
tum arohi ki baad kyun nahi samjh pa rahi
geet – main kisi pyar nahi karti thi
maan – karti to
geet – main aapne pyar ke liya har rishte nate jhood sakti hoon, mera liya pyar
se badkar kuch nahi, mera liya aapne pyar ka saat hi sabse zada maine rakata hain
maan probably knew that…she was ready to leave him for him
shayad jantha hoon & hugged her closer.
arohi ki shaadi????
geet – main aapne pyar ke liya har rishte nate jhood sakti hoon, mera liya pyar
se badkar kuch nahi, mera liya aapne pyar ka saat hi sabse zada maine rakata hain
maan probably knew that…she was ready to leave him for him
shayad jantha hoon & hugged her closer.
part – 155
next day geet was sitting with a long face.
maan – kya chathi ho tum
geet – kuch nahi & went away making a face
maan lifts her & makes her sit in the car. they drive to the devi maa’s mandir
geet – yeh aap kya kar rahe ho
maan – chup chap beti raho
he stops the car near the mandir & rushes to the mundup
pooja’s father welcomed maan & introduced him to karan
maan looked at pooja’s father & then looked at karan – I am really sorry to say this
but I just wanted to tell u, pooja really loves some one else
but not able to tell u guys. I don’t know why
pooja’s father was shocked
karan to pooja – tum kisi aur se pyar karti ho?
she kept quite
pooja’s father – pooja ur happiness is most important to me
she hugged him & cried
father – why did’nt u tell me before
pooja – I did’nt want to hurt u
father hugged maan & thanked him, maan dragged pooja & went to the car
geet – what are u doing maan aur yeh yanha kya kar rahi hain
maan drives the car to arjun’s office
pooja hugs maan – best jiju in the world
geet looks at them angryly – koi mujhe bhi batayega kya ho raha hain
pooja tells every thing to geet
geet looked maan smiled
they reached arjuns office, 5th floor no girls zoon
arjun in one of the worst moods, yelling at every one for no reason.
pooja/arohi walks towards him. he ignores her. she was dressed in brides dress
he was quite angry at her. she walked still closer
arjun to the staff – meri media planning ki files kanha hain
pretending no see her
she was a foot away from him, was about to move away
arohi went down on her knees – will u marry me
he went down on his knees nodding & hugged her kissing her madly
geet rested her head on maans arms & hugged him side ways looking at them
maan – happy
geet – love u kissed his arms
maan kissed her head – love u too, tum upset mat hoya karo
arjun – geet nahi please aise baton keliya upset hojana
maan – how dare u
arjun – warna mera kya hota holding arohi close to him
maan – don’t forget my IT ptoject ka naya add
arjun naughtly – honey moon ke baad
maan – then deal cancel
arjun looks at geet
maan moves her away – don’t even look at my wife, she is on maternity leave
arohi making a baby face – jiju
maan – ok only for u & winks at her
maan & geet reach home
geet – thanxs
maan – tumhare liya maine kuch nahi kiya
geet looks at him wondering then why he did that
maan – tumhari chare pe jo yeh muskurahat hain na, yeh meri life line

she shied & went in..maan pulled her hand back, she tried breaking free
meera cleared her throat
maan left at once
meera – Maan & romancing not bad
maan – wow meera , what its been like 5years, but glad u came
meera hugged him – yanha…5 years now
geet went in feeling shy & stood hidding behind daadi
meera & maan came in
maan – daadi u know meera is become a big interior designer now
daadi – bless u beta
meera – aise kuch nahi hain
maan – thanxs for accepting the offer
meera – thanxs for the offer I must say
daadi – what offer
maan – she is joining our London office
geet with her eyes asks him kaun hain
meera – GEET right
geet snapped looking away from maan
meera – kitni pyari ho tum
maan smiled
meera – main aaki pati ki best friend hoon
geet came in front – really
meera noded
meera – when are u due
maan – 2 months
meera – so sweet
she starts touching her stomach
maan – isse tum kaho papa ki beti she will kick
meera – papa ki beti
she felt the kick
meera – she actualy kicked
krish came back from his friends place
meera – OMG krish is so grown up now
krish – hi meera aunty & hugs her
they all settle down after lunch. in th hall
daadi – where are u staying meera
meera – I have put up in the guest house daadi
maan – why don’t u stay with us
meera – it is just for a day, main kal london ja rahi hoon
daadi – what is this, u have come after 5yrs & woh bhi ek din keliya
meera – woh bhi nahi aathi, agar maan insist nahi karta tho
maan smiled, geet rested her head on his arms, he put his hand around
her & made her comfartable
krish – meera aunty, why don’t u stay with us, ek din ki baat hain
we can also have our ice cream party at night
geet moved away from maan with the thought of ice cream, maan smiled naughtly winking at her
she noded for a NO..maan made a pleeding face…
meera looked at their chemistry & smiled
geet told nakul to get meera’s belongings from the guest house.
maan lifted & took geet to the room
meera & krish went to his room. they had so much to catch up.
geet – mujhe to kabhi nahi bataya, aapne Best friend ke baremain
maan making her lie on the bed – mainne to tumhe kabhi kuch nahi bataya, tum hi mujhse judi
har baat se aapne aap jud jati thi
geet turning to left side – aacha ji, changing topic
maan tucks the spread around her – nahi, why should I change topic, I was just telling the truth.
maan kissing the baby now
geet – dehklo khushi, aapke papa ke zindaghi main pata nahi aur kitne raaz hain
maan pins her down nibbling her ears & softly kissing her neck – jealous mmm!!!
geet nodes umm
maan takes her lips into his & hugs her closer – jitne bhi raaz hain,
sab tumpe aake katam ho jate hain.
geet – umm
maan – love u a lot..
offcourse the obvious Ice cream
maan takes her lips into his & hugs her closer – jitne bhi raaz hain,
sab tumpe aake katam ho jate hain.
geet – umm
maan – love u a lot.
part – 156
in the evening meera, krish, geet & maan go for the ice-cream treat
after their dinner. maan kept running behind geet making pleeds for
an ic-cream, & she pretended not to notice, trying to talk with
krish who was busy chating with meera. maan gets irrated & looks away
geet ignores his anger. she knew she could’nt do much to him infront of
meera & krish.
they finish their ice-cream & maan just left his half way & waited for them
in near the car. geet tells the waiter to pack it. they drew back silently
not looking at geet. geet was busy talking with meera & krish, pretending
not to notice, that was agitating him more. they reached home. maan just went
to his study. geet silently went to krish’s room & made him sleep
went to guest room & checked if meera was fine.
she took maan’s ice-cream & went to the study. she locked the door behind
he ignored the door.
geet seducingly – ice-cream
maan snapps back – mujhe nahi khani
geet sits on his lap – mujhe khani hain
he pretends to look into the laptop. she takes a spoon full of ice-cream and
seducingly licks it dripping it all around herself. he looks away as his heart was ponding like it will just jump out of his chest. avoiding to follow the ice-cream falling down her chin to her neck down to the cleevage. but he does, then looks away. she takes another spoon & spills on his neck
he jolted in response. he was already arrossed the moment he saw her walking towards him, but he was too angry to give in. now this ice-cream just burned his skin, he maoned as she urged to lick him he turned his neck she closes his laptop & pushes it away. he closed his eyes
& looked up. she slowly bend towards his neck & licked the ice-cream with tip
of her pink tongue. his hand slipped behind her, she smiled naughtly. a victorious
one. she slowly opened his buttons & traced the ice-cream & all the way untill his
waist. he pulled her hair back in a jerk & licked the ice-cream that dripped
along her neckline to her cleevage. pulling out the kurti & lifting her to the couch
he showered her with kisses all over & he snapped of his cloths & took her in
very carefully. they reached their climax & went on again & again with more ice-cream
she sat cuddled up in between his legs & licked & kissed his arms that embraced
her. she had her back resting on him, he placed soft kisses along her neck
he slowly caresses her stomach. intending to make love all over again.
next day maan & meera leave to office.
maan – it would have been nice had u spend some time in this office
meera – nahi woh teehk nahi hoga, u know I don’t want to be here.
maan rolled his eyes.
meera finishes her documentation
work & collects the project reports of London office & comes home early
geet was with krish looking into his school work.
meera walks in – knock knock..busy ho
geet – nahi nahi..please come in
meera – actually meri aaj raat ki flight hain
geet – when will you come next
daadi – good question
meera – daadi
daadi – tum shaadi karlo
meera gets little uncomfartable
daadi – main aur geet tumhare liya ladhka dohnte hain
meera – nahi daadi, mujhe abhi shaadi nahi karni
& leaves from there
geet – inha kya huwa
daadi – shaadi ki baat karo tho humesha aise he avoid karti hain
geet – she may be loving some one
daadi – aise hota to mujhe zaroor bata thi
geet smiled
after couple of weeks geet meets up with her friends in the mall
pooja had just come back from her honeymoon & still in that mood
smriti – finally kavya ki shaadi ka date bhi fix hogaya
geet hugged kavya – congrats
kavya shied
pooja – to bachelour party mera ghar main
smriti – that will be great
geet – kab aur what time
pooja – tere liya kya hum sab ke liya bhi 6-10pm hi hain
smriti – we also need to attend our hubby
geet – nahi mera matlab woh nahi tha
pooja – really
kavya – seriouly geet jiju will be their at 9.00pm itself I am sure
geet – nahi aise nahi hain
smriti – jada bholi mat ban
maan walks in – mera bare main baat horahi hain
all of them start laughing, geet really feels concious. before maan settles in
geet – challen making a face
maan looked at pooja & wispered what happened, she smiled
the went & sat in the car she had a long face.
maan – kya huwa, naraz kyun ho?
geet – u were supposed to pick me at 8pm right
maan noded
geet – phir aap 7pm kyun aaye?
maan – I missed u sweetheart, tumhare bina ghar kaatne ko daudta hain
very sincerly he said that, she hugged him & cried at what she just said.
maan – kisi ne kuch kaha
she sniffed her nose ..he wipped her tears & kissed her – sorry, agle bar se 8pm aavonga
geet immediately – nahi 7pm hi aana, mujhe aacha lagta hain
& hugged me lovingly.

khushi coming!!!
maan – kisi ne kuch kaha
she sniffed her nose ..he wipped her tears & kissed her – sorry, agle bar se 8pm aavonga
geet immediately – nahi 7pm hi aana, mujhe aacha lagta hain
part – 157
geet was really excited dancing running around greeting friends & family
pooja & smriti also seemed equally excited. it was kavya’s wedding
all of them went into bride’s room & gave a big bug to her. she
was the last one in the group to be married. definitly was a big day
for all of them. they walked out helping her with the heavy lengha &
her dupatta. kavya was really nervous & concious as she sat next to ajay on the
the mattap. geet stood behind her, she could see the nervousness vanishing
as ajay slipped his fingers around her under her duppatta. she smiled
maan softly slipped his around her waist she rested her head on his arms
maan felt contended to see her so happy. ajay & kavya rised for the pheras.
sfter the whole cermony they took the blessings. geet felt the contraction
& held maan’s hand really tight. he lifted at once & took her to the car.
dev drew the car, geet laid on maans lap, daadi sat in the front seat.
daadi – jab itna stress kar rahi thi shaadi main tabhi mujhe laga tha
maan caressing her hair backward, she cried & creamed in pain

The waiting space at the hospital outside the labor room was painted a cheerful shade. chairs
lined the area. A TV blared from one corner. On a table sat a collection of parenting magazines.
NT & daadi smiled as they watched dev and maan pace the floor. Maan was as unreadable as ever, although they could feel the tension in the set of his shoulders and the line of his mouth.
dev didn’t bother to hide his feelings. Dev looked pale as if it was he who was going to deliver.
daadi mocked – bhabhi ke liya itna pareshan ho raha hain, NT ke delivery main to yah paka faint hojayaga
dev felt embarressed so was NT.
maan came to daadi hearing geets scream – sab teehk ho ga na daadi
daadi patted his arms – don’t worry sab teehk hoga
He gave her an absent smile, then continued his path across the room and back
Nt – veer ji coffee
maan nodded for a NO still pacing
NT brought coffee for dev & daadi
smriti, ranbhir, pooja & arjun walked from the glass double door which parted the hallway
pooja – any news
maan shook his head still pacing with a strin look
maan went to daadi again – do really think she is ok, I mean itna deer thodi lagta hain
usse kuch howa to nahi..he couls’nt even say those words he just mumered
daadi rolled her eyes & smiled at her grandson finally showing emotions
daadi – tum overreact mat karo, sab teehk hojayaga
dev looked really nervous, NT sat next to him & encircled her hand around him
he hugged her back – sab teehk ho jayaga na, I am really worried, bhaabhi ko kuch ho
gaya to bro won’t be able to take it he wispered
NT – kuch nahi hoga geet ko
maan was almost at the verge of lossing it when they hear the baby cry
maan hugged daadi & tears rolled down his eyes.
pooja & smriti had a glow in their face it was very different.
nurse came & called for the father..
maan rushed towards her
nurse – its a baby ..before she could finish
maan – how is geet & baby
nurse smiled at him – both are fine
maan sighed a relief – can see them
nurse nodded – let me see if the baby is cleaned up
maan was happy & could not stop smiling.
nurse – don’t you want to know if it is a boy or a girl
maan – I know she is my khushi
nurse – yes indeed she is papa ki khushi
nurse diappeared into a back room. Seconds later she called maan in,
maan walked in excitment & longing to see geet not sure how much he was happy to see her
sitting on the bed with a tiny child nestled in her arms. she the pink blanket away
from the baby’s face. maans eyes was glued onto her the little girl, so small and red-faced,
opened her big eyes and blinked fuzzily. Her mouth was the shape of a tiny rosebud.
Even with her blotchy skin and wisps of light black hair, she was beautiful.
geet – kitni pyari hain na
maan was quite, he coulnot answere. she glanced at him.
he was staring at khushi like it was his life she holding in her arms.
she moved her arms to hand the baby to him, he very softly sat next to her, not sure whether
to accept the offer, he was so scared & so desparte to hold her. geet extended her
one hand & pulled it closer to khushi, that was the first ehsaas of their love, he smiled
with mosit eyes, instead of taking the baby in his arms he took geet in his arms
maan – I love u, I love u a lot for giving me all the happiness all my ehsaas back in my life

Dev restlessly pacing outside the hosiptals labor room
geet & daadi smiling at him
the glass door opens & maan walks in with 3 yr baby khushi sipping her juice & spilling it more on him, krish keeps passing the wipes to maan.
maan – any news
dev nodded for a no nervously – bro sab teehk hoga na?
maan very confidently – don’t very every thing will be fine
daadi wispered to geet – khushi ki time pe maan ka halat dehkne layak tha
geet – sachi
daadi – iska halat to dev se bhi karab tha, every 10mins he would come & ask me
geet teehk hogi na
geet smiled & looked at maan patting khushi on his shoulder who all most dossed off
and krish resting his back on maan & playing on his vedio game
maan lifted his eye brows geet nodded for a No
both of them wondered what they had done to deserve such happiness
geet mumered I can never stop falling in love with you. maan smiled like he heard what she said
NT delivered a baby girl.
smriti was also expecting soon
pooja did get pregnant & had twins & struggling with them
kavya was settled in US still not sure about a baby yet…Meera married Vicky

thanxs a lot for reading my pyar ka ehsaas story please do leave comments 

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