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~pari~ part 24


It was past afternoon when he woke up.. feeling her under him. He had tucked her closer. His head rested on her chest. He could hear the slow rhythmic heart beat of hers. He slowly raised not wanting to disturb her. But she smiled feeling the brush of his stubble along her neck.
Good morning she smiled.. kissing his forehead
good morning he took her lips
she loved that smile & happiness on his face.
I so want to wake up every morning seeing that face she said rubbing herself against the length of his body.

She looked hopefully into his eyes
he gave a weak smile wanting her to under stand
she hugged him.. I know u need some time.
He chuckled driving her into an exotic session of love making.

Rest of the trip was fun filled.

After dropping Maan to the apartment Geet kissed him again
I need to travel she spoke with little sadness in her tone
Maan smiled I totally, its ur business.
Geet hugged him again I will miss u
he sighed
she softly said thanks for the best weekend ever.
He took her lips passionately pleasure was all mine.

As she promised just for this weekend.

She walked few steps.. you have my number call me. .. when u need me..for any thing..or she paused
may be just for a chat
she took a deep breath it would be really nice to have you calling me for a change
Maan gave that smirk.. I will keep that in mind.

And just like that she was gone. Yes he felt empty. Lonely yet again. He was used to this coldness. But then she came along & he was alive. He hoped beyond hope this never ended but it did. He spend every night thinking about her. He woke up dreaming abt her. There was not a single time when his heart forgot to beat just with the mention of her. Her face, her smile… it was hard to believe she was some Geet Handa CEO of Handa empire when she was with him.

It had been a week since they had come back from their trip. Geet had traveled to West coast. Her company was based there. All the main operations, most of her work actually.

Maan was back fully focused on his work. He had managed to get good ventures. It had started giving him promising future.

Sasha tossed a champion bottle
Maan looked up from his file
sasha – time to celebrate buddy
dehk na sab teehk ho raha hain, business.. tumhara personal business she winked
Maan shook his head & put the bottle away
sasha – common Maan
we have come long way from all those days.. itna tho banta hain
Maan – nahi sasha, not until we have that loan on her head
sasha made a wat ever face
Maan – I cant celebrate until, I make profits for our investors
I want them to feel they made the right choice.
Sasha – off course they did
look at the accounts, we have payed double of what we had promised already
Maan – thats not enough sasha
sasha – u really r impossible.

Who ever said what ever he was determined. He had to reach his dream & he worked hard for it.
He had just finished his work, when his mom walked in with his dad.
Maan got up immediately – mama-papa aap yanha?
Priya pushed aside the file – bahut hogaya kaam sab, chalo humren saat
Maan – ji kanha?
Priya – u didn’t even come with us to Canada . Chacha ji has some work so we are going to California.
Tum chal rahe ho bus.

After much insistence from dad & mom, Maan had to give up. It was just a small weekend trip so he packed a small bag & headed towards the airport.
The moment he saw the ladies gossiping he knew something was up. He looked at chachu who was contemplating on saying something. Maan was bit confused.
He looked at his dad. Who was straight forward person.
He shook his head. Nothing son we were wondering if we could meet up with geet & her family.

Geet .. geet
oh no geet

he not once realized California meant Geet. Oh no..
Maan bete jaldi kuch sochu warna bahut problem ho jayegi

Maan paused – mama aisen achanak hum kuch nahi plan kar sakten
daadi gave a suspicious look
Maan sighed – I mean daadi she is busy na
immediately chachi spoke – what? She is too busy to see u? Is that what u mean Maan?
He knew all this was leading no where.
He shook his head – no.. not that. I mean she was here last week na.
Daadi ‘s stern voice did it – then what is it Maan?
Maan – its nothing worry abt daadi
he couldn’t lie to her.
Daadi – u want to marry her right?
He couldn’t deny that
daadi felt relaxed
priya – what is it Maan?
Maan – just that we decided he give it some time. We will get married when the right time comes. Which is definitely not today
chachi – then what r u waiting for?
Aisen waiting waiting game.. her voice trailed off after getting a stern look from daadi.
Chacha – just call her

Maan again tried to avoid it by saying may be she is traveling or some business meet. Well he couldn’t do much with all the pairs staring at him to make that call
he just hoped she was some were in London or Germany
geet spoke cheerily – Am I dreaming
oh my god!!!
just pinch me some
its real .. u called she giggled
Maan couldn’t help but smile at her antics.. – hi
he walked away from the onlookers to a corner.

Geet – hey jaan is every thing alright?
Maan – guess what? we are coming to California
her response was bit paused – Oh!
u mean .. u guys r coming to me.. Geet Handa.. ur fiancee
Maan – how do u know?
Geet – very simple
ur conscious smile & awkward hi
Maan smiled – yah we r just boarding the flight daadi, chacha, chachi mom & dad
geet – so I am ur girl friend again?
Maan grit his teeth.. he didn’t want to play this game not any more.
Maan – arent u traveling?
geet -NO
Maan – sorry it was all last minute we understand u have all that meetings

he nodded trying to look genuine to the ladies. All seem to feel hopeful & then sad hearing over his conversation

Maan – ok cool just let me know good places to visit so that I could take them
geet – how about I take u guys personally to all the places

Maan was getting irritated. Though he tried to smile sweetly infront of others. All he wanted was pretend to talk to her & tell them she was not available. But geet was bent upon taking them on a personaly guided tour. What the hell!!!

Maan – oh thats sad we will miss u.. he spoke in spite of her offer
wish we could meet up
Maan made a sad face
geet didn’t say anything. he almost thought she cut the call.. or call dropped.
Maan whispered – r u still there?
She just hummed – hmm
Maan could feel the silence in her tone. He felt stupid to have called her like that.
He sighed – I will call u later.
He paused feeling odd – like a chat
he just hopped she understood. He didn’t want to use her, he meant calling for real
when she still didn’t say anything
he softly said I miss u
he just hopped she didn’t hear that.
But he meant it. Dammit its almost been a week. Not that he didn’t want to call her. He had been looking at her number every single day but just never got himself to dial. Well she also didn’t call either.
She took in a deep breath – do u mean that?
Maan breath became uneven with the nervousness that question set in. His heart rate suddenly was sky rocketing. He didn’t know how to answer her. But he knew she deserved to know the truth. Yes
his voice was not even audible to himself.
He smiled weekly looking at the ladies who were now smiling. Daadi could clearly see her grandson blush.
Geet still didn’t say anything. Maan took a deep breath – ok bye. Need to go. They r making announcement. He cut the call. Geet didn’t say word.

He was irritated, frustrated, annoyed raged. Worst of all embarrassed. Well all that had to wait.. now he was to spin a story to the curious pairs of eyes. He slipped his phone in the pocket & made a sorry face. Maan – nahi mama she is traveling.
He looked genuinely disappointed it didn’t raise any alarms.

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