Maan ~ Maan Singh Khurana, MD Khurana constructions
26yr old bussiness tycon, sucessful famous rich..ok..same as our serial
Geet ~ 1st yr MBA student in a business school in delhi..so she is 21yrs kind of
daughter of a rich influentional bureaucrat
tom boy..no girl friends wats so ever, her life revolves around her three best buddies
dr. armaan, prem and Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat

Dr. Armaan – offcourse u all know him..DMG 1st season ok..like a intern her school mate

Prem – from KZK…her class mate in MBA
Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat – off course the famous left right left wala..her school mate

-truly magical-

Black long sleek Mercedes-Benxz drivers in a white dress opens the door for
Maan Singh Khurana, his body gaurds join him in the other car that followed
Maan opened his lap-top checked his mail answereing some calls in his blachberry
suddenly his car stops with a jerk
Maan – what happened? (in stirn voice)
driver scared & nervous – some girl jumped infront of the car
maan – sort it out & looked back in to his lap-top
she ran & opened the side door of the car & hopped in
his body gaurds rushed to pull her out..before they could
her body gurads stopped them..there was a certain tension between the body gaurds
maan turned left to meet her eyes..it was magical..
curly hair unkept & tied up with a clip..worn jeans, lose fitted top, dirty sneakers &
side bag ..she pleeded please I am getting late for my exam
please please please please…
maan kept looking at her lost as if he has never seen anything so beautiful, so angelic
geet waved her hand infront of his eyes..please just drop me untill next signal
I will manage from there my gurads won’t let me take an auto..please please please
closing her eyes & then slowly opened open to see his reaction
maan looked away & told the driver to drive to her college
driver – told the body guards to move back & said every thing is fine
Ever felt a smile crossing across your face when a face breezes by you!!
The world seems more beautiful, the weather always perfect and your dream girl 
the most wonderful person on this planet. It can happen to anybody at any place,
on any day & it was the day in their life!!! At first you fall in love or get attracted
to the physical being of a person. After all that’s all one sees when it’s the case of
love at first sight. Something catches your attention, like her smile, the enchanting eyes..
her pleeding lips then the nature conspires to bring them closer…like the sudden bump in
the car & she fell on him!!!very difficult to feel a bump in a luxcury car like this one
unless the nature was truely conspiring!!!

maan tried his level best to keep his eyes off her…it was like an instant attaraction
he felt for her…like love at first sight!! he had never felt anything like this before
he probably never had time for anything in his life except his business…
geet could’nt stop thanking him – ur an angel!!! I have my exams..aur my
stupid car had to broken down she points at a silver BMW convertable rare to
be seen on Indian roads actually my mistake…I did’nt give it for service
after that accident!!today is really a tough paper..economics…
I don’t know how people study that subject
& why do they study at all..kitna dry subject hain..pata nahi kya hoga?
I am supposed to prepare for this one question in the moring outside the hall…
look at me !!! oh god save me!!! wat do u think sab teehk hojayaga na?
maan does’nt reply..pretends to look into his laptop
geet continues..itna negative vibration mat de yaar waise mujhe tension horahi hain
maan almost smiled & but maintained a stirn look.
she probably did’nt stop for next 20mins…car stopped infront of the college gate
she extended her hand & said thanxs..sir nahi too formal, uncle..nahi itna old nahi lagtha
ok Mr..nahi that is too rude..ok thanxs mr.Amitabachan , I am Geet
maan does’nt move..she shakes her hand arre yaar I am getting late!!!
maan brings his hand in front …she pulls her hand back & winks…caught u mr.bachan
& disapperas into the college crowd
maan smiles looking at his hand in mid air…
driver – khanha jana hain sir
maan was too lost did’nt reply
Maan Singh Khurana definitly in Love with a perfect stranger not so perfect..he knows
she is GEET..studying in this business School!!
he see stars in the morning! No, he has’nt banged his head but
feeling the compulsion of love. His life almost stoped and all he could think
was her. he don’t seem to get anything done and every moment since then
her face seems to come in front of him.
He started missing her like he haven’t seen her in ages,
when actually he just said goodbye…did’nt even say that properly!!

She seemed flawless. he overlooked all her faults and weaknesses…
her dress, messed up hair do ..well darling love at first sight!!!

he could’nt stop smiling when she was around. for first time ever Maan singh Khurana
was all happy and joyful from heart. But as soon as she left, his world collapses
in front of him. he actually felt sad..

Maan Singh Khurana is definitly not a compromising person but he changed his
route completely to drop her to the college.. strangely he was more flexible and a
wonderfully understanding person..oops not Maan singh Khurana!!!

it all felt so very filmy at first but it actually happened Love at first sight!!! to him
Perhaps the most romantic thing that happened to Maan losing his heart in a
fraction of a second..he always knew Love is a very strong emotion, beyond human control.
but today he felt it & was blessed..he knew he was lucky..he wanted to embrace it
but off course Maan Singh Khurana ka EGO!!!

geet was far from all this feel ..she is lost in her own world of friends, studies
exams…cool fundu life!!!

geet runs to the college & bumps into prem
prem – geet yaar relax
geet – chalna late ho raha hain
prem – paper start huwai bus 15mins huwa
geet – phir tu yanha kya kar raha hain
prem – off course tera wait kar raha hoon
waise bhi mujhe tujh se sab teepna hain
geet rolled her eyes & tragged him in
geet – sorry sir
prem passed a dirty look to the examiner & sat beside her
prem – sssh!! ssh!!
geet – kya hai
prem – extra pen hain kya
geet – bina pen ki hi aagaya tu..yeh lain
aab please mujhe tang mat karna
2hrs passed
prem – geet ..yaar yeh wala answere galath laagh raha hain
geet – kaun sa
prem – 5th wala
geet – checks oh!! thanxs yaar

after the come out
prem – main nahi hota to tera kya hota
geet rolls her eyes – challen armaan will be waiting
when they walk out ..her body gaurds follow
prem – yaar inka kuch karthi kyun nahi tu
sachi yeh mujhe se pit jayenghe ek din
geet – papa ke wajhse yaar inhe jaale rahi hoon
prem – BMW khanha yaar?
geet – ooye teri I forget!!
she runs to the body gaurd – wat happened to the car
guard – its been taken care of maam
geet – thanxs
prem – phir se accident!!!
geet – nahi yaar can u believe meri car break down hogayee
prem – kya bol rahi hain
armaan – so tomorrow’s headlines…GEET HANDA ki gadi beech rasthe main break down!!!
armaan & prem hit there hand in high five
geet – very funny!!!

they hop into armaan’s scorpio & drive to armaan’s flat
geet – armaan khaane ke liya kuch hain kya?
prem – lo suru hogaya iska demand
armaan – geet serioulsy yaar tu itna khayeghi to moti hogayeghi
geet – to
armaan – tujh se shaadhi kaun karegha
prem – thats not a problem Ms.Handa daughter of THE HANDA’s koi bhi shaadhi karleegha
geet – maine kha mujhe boohk laaghi hain
aur tum loog mujhe sunarahe hoo..teehk hain main hi bana leethi hoon
prem – mera liya bhi bana deena
armaan – mera liya bhi
geet makes bread omelet for all of them & comes out
armaan makes her favorite milk shake

they sit on the couch & have their bread omelet
geet – yaar koi picture laagha na
armaan – kaun se
prem – salt
geet – nahi inception laagha
prem – chalthi to iski hi hain
while watching the movie
prem – yaar abhi yeh kis ke dream main hain
geet – yeh second dream sequence hain
prem – yaar kitna dream dehkathe hain…
armaan – yaar please chup karo dono

after they finish the movie..prem doses off on geets lap &
she cuddles up on armaan…
armaan switches off the Tv & rests his back on the cushion
geet slowly pulls out his dairy & reads it…
asmani rang ho,
pyaar ki boond ho,
roshni ho,
dhoop ho,
chahaton ki goonj ho
armaan – mera dairy wapas kar
geet – aanchal mein hain dhanak chandni,
haaton mein woh chaand hai,
gairon se bhi hai wasta
apno mein pehchan hai,
armaan tries to pull the dairy away
prem hold him back..please continue…
geet – tu zindagi
mera izhaar hai..
pyaar hi pyar hai,
yaaron ki yaar hai,
tu zindagi ……
armaan – give my dairy at once
prem sits on him & holds his hand back..geet runs away & reads
tujhse main kya kahoon
tu hi mera sukoon,
sang tere rahoon,
tu zindagi!!!!!
prem leaves his hand – yaar last I checked u were doctor right
phir to shayar kab se ban gaya?
armaan pulls the dairy back & says…kisi ka personal dairy nahi patna chahiya
geet – teri dairy main tu pad sakthi hoon na!!!
armaan rests his head on her…tujhe kuch kah bhi nahi saktha
yaar really love that girl, kuch karna!!
prem – yaar yeh geet hain koi ladhki nahi..yeh kuch nahi kar sakthi
geet offended – wat do u mean main ladhki nahi ?
prem – sorry tounge of slip!!
geet looked confused
armaan – iska matlab hain slip of tounge
geet – last time prem ko jab ladkhi patani thi to kisne help kiya tha
she stood tapping her foot
armaan – yaar isliya to tujhe se help mang raha hoon
gurumaiya kuch mantra bathovo
geet – let me think!!!lekin yaar she is totally opposite to u
pata nahi tum dono kya karooghe..I am sure u will always be fighting
armaan – yaar tere charan khana hain!!
armaan bends down..geet jumps up on the couch..& says jeeta rahoo & smiles
armaan – seriously when ever we meet we land up fighting
prem blowing his finger nails says – thats actually beginig of love sign
geet – prem tu kab se pyar ke bathe karne lagha????
prem – tera chakar main itne SRK, Karan johar ke picture deehka hai
I can easliy predict their love story
armaan ditches geet & moves to prem..geet looks at armaan in anger
prem – u will have to woo her & woo her parents & then woo her again
to get married to u… simple
armaan was disgusted!!
geet – relax main hoon na
armaan – tum loog sale dosti ke naam pe dabha hoo!!
geet puts her hand around armaan & says chill yaar..
armaan snaps her hand!!!
prem – yaar abhi to phir se angry young man ..Mr.Amitabachan mat banna
geet starts laughing loud…armaan fumes at her
geet holds her stomach nahi nahi..tujhe pe nahi
I met Mr.Bachan today..tum logo ko batana hi bhool gayee
prem – kya bol rahi hain??
my car broke down & u know my gaurds won’t let me take an auto
so I was strated in the road..finally jumped infront of this car..
mast black merc thi…I hopped into his back seat..he looked at me
jaise ki main koi pari hoon…
prem – correction..jaise ki to koi specimen ho
geet – lekin uski aankhee to pari hi bol rahi thi
armaan – giggled pari aur tu…teehk hain continue!!
prem – nahi yaar chasma nahi pana hoga!!
geet – main nahi bolthi!!!
armaan – sorry prem – main bhi sorry
geet – his gaurds tried to pull me away
prem – tere gaurds kya churi phenkar bathe the!!..unki to!!
geet – prem tu chup kar let me continue
armaan closes his mouth..tu bool
geet – umm!! off course my guards held them back..
i pleeded him to drop me to the next signal
can u believe he droped me to the college
armaan – sach main chasma nahi pehna hoga
prem laughed & held his stomcah
geet gets angry & leaves  she comes back to take her bag..
armaan pulls her back & holds his ears…prem goes dow his knees & holds his ears
geet smiles & hugs them back…I have to leave koi stupid party attend karna hain
prem – we are supposed to be going to the disc tonight!!
geet – let me see..papa ka order hain yaar ..have to attend
armaan – sneak out of the party na like always
prem – waise bhi high profile party main kuch nahi pata chaltha
geet – ok let me see!!! same disc na!! I will try to be there by 11pm
prem – 12 bhi challega aana zaroor
had to say something about maan….so thought!!! all he felt after seeing geet

geet walked in tieing up her hair & straighting her top
papa – geet idar aavoo
geet – ji papa
papa – yeh kya haal bana rakha hain
geet – papa yeh hi aaj ka kal ka style hain
papa – how was ur exam today
geet – teehk tha..pata hain I was going to make a silly mistake
prem ne teehk kiya
papa – ok ..how did he do?
geet – mera copy kiya tha aacha hi hoga
he pats her softly – aacha get ready we are getting late for the party
geet – mera jaana zaroori hain kya?
papa gives a stirn look – wear a saree ok
geet – oh no!!
papa – NO oh no…oh yes
geet smiles – yeh kya party hain
papa – Mr. Maan Singh khurana ki honour main party hain..he is really
indeed an intresting and very sucessfull business man
geet rolls her eyes
at the party venue
geet walks in between her parents wearing a white saree her hair open
to one side!! the party hall was extravagant..beautifull lightings
huge hall with a royal look oozing out of each corner
geet walked in looking into her phone..texting prem

maan felt that slight breez that tickled his thoughts in the morning
he looked around restlessly & wondered wat it was
he spotted her across the room dressed like his dream princesses, charming
the whole gathering was actually admiring her angelic beauty in that saree
geet felt little concious maan actually noticed that..she pulled her saree around &
looked for a familiar face..her gaze skimmed through the crowd passing him..& then
returning back to him he noticed that..he moved away ..from the gaze..& stood near
the railing aloof from the rest of the crowd, trying to hold himself from thinking about her
their eyes did meet for that brief momemt..it send stupendous meaning into his heart,
and in effervescence he flew into his dream land ,losing yet again all awareness of self,
allure by uncertain clue of assurance,
here she was, stranger yet made an acquantance in his heart,
she peeped from the side of his right hand
geet – hi Mr.bachan
maan pretended not to recognize her
geet – aap sach main chasma phenthe hain kya?
maan – WHAT??
geet – nahi u gave me a lift in the morning remember..Geet!!
does he have to be reminded !! he has been thinking about her the whole day
he smiled at his plight
geet – yeh party kitni boring hain na
maan kept quite maintaing a stirn look
geet – kisi Maan Singh..something ki party hain
maan corrected – Maan Singh Khurana
geet – wat ever!!
can I use ur phone please mera phone main reception nahi hain
maan – yeh restricted area hain
geet – so
maan – all phone networks will not work
geet – aapka kaam karegha
maan – haan
geet – thanxs she takes his phone & makes a call to Prem..maan stood helplessly
geet – hi main  bol rahi hoon
prem – yeh kis ka phone hain? number bhi nahi display ho raha
geet – woo..Mr.bachan ka..bola thana subha mujhe drop kiya tha
maan wondered she actually spoke about him to her friends
prem – woo tujhe khanha milgaya
geet – party main
prem – tera phone ko kya huwa
geet – some Maan some ristricted area pata nahi kanha hoon
I don’t know how will I come out?? have u guys reached
prem – we are here & partying
geet – already..mera bina
maan stood there crossing his hand over his chest
he looked at her & wondered like she was a real mistry
the more he saw her the more he wanted to know her the more wanted to be with her
geet gave back the phone & tried to jump from the railing..
maan pulled her back..
maan – wat are u doing
geet – I am sneaking out of here
maan – this place has central alarm system..u brech one side every one would know
geet – wat the Fish!!
maans eyes poped to her slang
geet – wat about that place
maan – there may be guards today
geet – aare yaar yeh to haad hi hogayee…
if i don’t leave now..papa mujhe Maan ,,wat ever ke chakar main
idar betahdenghe
maan – where do u want to go
geet – disc & gives the address
maan – I will tell my driver to drop u
geet – how do u think we will get out of this place
maan – points at the main door
geet – very funny
maan – wat so funny about it? (in stirn voice)
geet – koi poochey to
maan – no body will question u when ur with me
geet – papa mummy poochenghe to
maan – tell them ur going on a drive with Maan Singh Khurana
geet – Mr.bachan yaar tu to bhut hi smart hain
bus ek problem
maan – wat
geet – agar woo Maan ..kya hain
maan – Maan singh Khurana (rolled his eyes)
geet – right right..woo dusht dhanav unke pass huwa to
maan – nahi hosaktha
geet walked along with him & was shocked at the respect & the way people
moved away for makig way for him…
his driver got the car geet turned to leave maan stood their watching her
geet came back – waise party to boring hain if u want to join me
maan looked reluctant
geet held his hand & said aap bhi kya yaad rakhoga..Geet Handa is inviting u to join her
maan takes the keys from the driver & drives the car
geet slips back to the back seat..maan – wat are u doing
geet – don’t see here
maan looked from corner of eyes
geet – oye bola na mat deehkoo
she pulled off her saree maan ignored..then she removed her blouse
maan braked all of sudden & geet fell in front sliding between
the front seats maan held her from her bare waist and back
her eyes was closed & hands cluctching the top close just covering her curves
& maan just looked at her closed eyes open slowly fluttering to open
she opened her eyes in shock into maans alluring eyes..maan looked away
her touch..their first intimate touch..maan was blown away!! soft and tender
he probably never felt anything so delicate..his heart just stopped beating

maan – wat are u doing?
geet tried sitting up & fell again..as his watch stuck & snapped her bra
maan closed his eyes & bit his lips..geet tried freeing his watch was in vein
infact the top that was covering infront was slipping away
geet shouted – ur just enjoying this closing ur eyes…help karo mujhe
maan looked at her in amuze
maan – ek min and helped her to sit up with his watch still entangled with her strap
he was so reluctant to even look at her bare back & here he was supposed to
touch it..he closed his eyes & tried to focus
geet – jab mat deehko bola tha tho u were peeping..& now uff..u guys are impossible!!
maan – mujhe se nahi hoga & truned away looking infront his hand again snapped the strap
..making that sound so sensioucs..tickling maans thought
geet – atleast remove ur watch na yaar
maan opened his watch & slidded his hand out..caressing her bare back
geet – jaldi karoo mujhe gudgudi ho rahi hain
maan pulled his hand & looked away
geet – aab nahi dehkna plz
as geet hid behind the seat maan opened the door & waited outside & slammed the door
maan rubbed his fore head main yanha kya kar rahoon & kicked the tyre
she slips in a top after removing his watch from her straps & comes in front wearing
a jeans that she wore under the saree
geet knocked his side of window & said main ready hoon challen
maan came to her side & pulled her out lifting her from arms & said
take a cab from here & slamms the door giving her a stirn look & leaves
maan walks in anger & slams the door of his side & starts the car
she jumps in front of the car and pretends to fall down.. maan comes out in anger
she runs to the rear tyre & removes air making it flat… before
maan could reach her, maan holds her back she goes to the other tyre
maan – yeh kya kar rahee ho tum..geet stop it
geet – mujhe yanha chod ke aap kaise jaa sakthe hain
maan – stop it stop it!!! ok ok !! i will drop u
geet pats the dust away from her hand & says thats better
maan removes his coat & throws it inside…he opens his shirt buttons
geet – drop karne ko kha tha strip tease nahi
maan stared at her & stopped at the 4th button of his black shirt
geet – tum ladhkoon ko expose karne ka bhana chahia
maan – expose kane ke bare main tum kuch na hi bolo to aacha hain
geet was little taken a back thinking about her changing in the car
maan pulled his sleevs & opens the dicky to removes the spare tyre
geet picks the screw jack
maan – its ok I will manage
geet – kyun aap ko lagtha hain I can’t help
I can change the car wheel in less than 10mins
maan gave up & let her help ..she placed the screw jack & turned it to
lift the car..maan unscrewed the nuts & placed the other tyer
geet – u should be thankfull to me that I did’nt flat ur front tyers
maan glared at her
geet – front wheel main u would have had to fix the brake pads too,
while replacing wheel
maan lifted his eyebrows & said – thanxs!!! how thoughtfull of u
geet – thats better..lekin has kehthe to aacha hota!!!
geet rolled the flat wheel to the dicky she found it difficult to lift it
maan helped her..she wiped her face with those dirty hand & messed up
her cheeks..maan gave his hanky to wipe her face.
geet – u actually carry hanky..that is so sweet
maan wondered wat was so sweet about carrying a hanky !!she wiped her hand & gave it back
geet – well it is not white any more…waise I could have cleaned it & given it back
but they say kisi ka hanky rakhne say fight hota hain
he pointed at her cheeks..she narrowed her eyebrows with his hand moving
close to her face. she pulled back
maan turned away – tumhare cheeks main grease laga hain
geet sat in the car & turned the rear mirror to wipe her cheeks
geet – aab challen
maan – tum car kyun change kar rahee thi?
geet – u definitly don’t expect me to wear a saree to the disc
maan – u could have changed in the changing room
geet – Geet ke koi reputation hain…kisine Geet ko saree main deehk liya to
no ways!!! I have always changed in the car
..she tied up her hair with a clip & wiped her lips stick looking into the rare view
mirror..turning it again to her side maan corrected the mirror yet again
geet turned it again to pull out her earings & left over make up
geet – agar prem ne mujhe aise dehk liya to mujhe chidha chidha ke mar dalegha
maan smiles under his closed lips …still maintaining a stirn look

maan turned the ignition of the car & suddenly cops car stops them from behind
geet – oye teri!!
maan – kya huwa?
geet – cops
maan – mera paas license hain
geet – nahi woo baath nai hain..please challoo yanha se…if they see me here…meri band baghejayeeghi yeh loog papa ko bol denghe!!! i should’nt have come with u at the first place
maan steps out & speaks to the cops, suddenly media persons pounce at him
maan calms every one down & sorts the situation
cop – licence please
maan shows the licence in attitude
cop reads his name loud – Maan Singh Khurana!! why have u stopped the car hear..
looking at his shirt open & unkeptand giving a sheepish smile
maan – we had a flat tyre
cop tried to peep into the car..maan stopped him by extending his hand
& gave a stirn look..friend hain
cop – teehk hain teehk hain..jaldhi ghadi yanha se inkaliya
maan – umm!!
walked back to the car wondering why he was here at the first place!!
geet – u paid them oh wat? unware of wat exactly happened
maan maintained a stirn look
geet – tum itne bhi seedhe nahi ho jithne dihkathe hoo
maan preffered not to answere her
geet – lekin itna shoor kyun tha?
waise thanxs for not letting the cop see me
maan still maintained a stirn look driving to the disc
geet – waise aap utne bhi Mr.bachan bachan nahi ho
maan – tum mujhe Mr.bachan kyun bulathi rahethi hoo
geet – angry young man jo laagthe hoo..naam to suna hoga haan!! she imitates amitabh!!
maan smiles
geet takes her black blackberry & clicks a pic
maan – wat are u doing
kodak momement!!! MR.bachan smiling!!!& shows him the pic
geet – agar yeh pic maine media mein doonghi to mujhe iske aache khase pasie milenghe
maan – tum saach main pagal hoo
geet – aur tum kya hoo? maha pagal!!
maan – GEET!!!
geet – itna attitude mat dikhawa mujhe..main aapke girl friend nahi hoon
maan looks into her eyes agar hoti to attitude dikha saktha hoon?
geet – fir to haaq bantha hain na..she promptly replies
maan – to banjavoo meri girl friend..that was so random
geet – so u need me to to be ur girl friend so that u can show me ur attitude
wah wah !! mr bachan sirf tum hi aise kisi ladhki ko propose kar sakthe hoo
please saach main aise kisi ko propose mat karna..joothe mardeghi
maan – hum aisi ghustaaki sirf aapke saath kar saakthe hain..
aur kisi ko kuch bolne ki hume fursat khanha 

she was almost lost in those words & looks…muskan felt kois bhi ko jaya is baath pe…woo bhi if it is coming from Maan singh Khurana!!! but yeh to GEET hain…
geet – don’t u think yeh sab kuch jayadha horaha hain
maan – kya sab?? making an innocent face
geet – are u really so innocent or u trying to fool me
maan – wat is the point fooling u ?
geet – wat do u mean?
maan – wats the point fooling a persong who is already a fool
geet rolls her eyes & looks away
geet calls prem – i am reaching in
she looks at maan …maan – 30mins
geet – 30mins & cuts the call
she makes another call to armaan – yaar tu ne ridhima ko invite kiya ?
& starts laughing..closes the receiver & tells maan armaan ki love intrest hain
he is so scared to tell her…& giggles
armaan – to kise se baath kar rahe hain
geet – Mr. bachan se
she went on explainig how she met him again in the party
maan was ammused by how much she can talk!!
they reach the disc, she opens the door to run out & hugs prem
geet – don’t even ask me how i reached here?
prem – ok..i will not ask!!
armaan laughs & hugs geet
armaan – where is that Mr. bachan of urs
geet – oye teri
she turns to get him, she reachs out to see he had already left
geet mumers yeh kya baath hain hain..bye bhi nahi bola
prem – u would have shooed him away with ur non stop chattering..I am sure
geet – no ..every thing was fine
armaan – thats the problem dear…wat seems fine to u ..is actually not fine by
most of the guys
geet – nahi yaar he was shy types
armaan – even more reasons to run away from u
geet makes a baby face
they drag inside to disc…
prem was busy drinking, armaan & geet danced for a while
they came back & ordered for a drink
geet – mango juice
prem – tequila 
armaan – coke
geet – wat happened to u armaan why are u not drinking?
any way I will be driving back right!!!
armaan – no..I am fine
prem – don’t u get it!!
geet – wat?
prem – ridhima!!!
geet puts her hand around armaan wat happened?
armaan – she thinks i like to put her in trouble
why will i want some thing like that
geet – did u guys fight again
armaan – i scared her in the morgue
geet – wat!!!? are u nuts??
armaan – lekin yaar i was just kidding
geet – woo to dur gayee hogi na!! sab meri tarah todhi hotehain
armaan – & she ran to chase me & bumped into dr.kirti
geet – woo khadoos
armaan – itni bhi buri nahi hain
geet rolled her eyes
armaan – but she blasted ridhima
geet – ise rate main tu us se aapni dil ki baath khabhi nahi kha payeegha
armaan hung his head down
prem – one more taqilla please
geet – enough bhut hogaya, this is ur 10th drink
prem – 12th
geet – when did u have the other 2
prem -when u guys where dancing
geet – challoo bhut hogaya
armaan & geet littreally lifted prem & took him to the car
they droped geet first…she sneaks inside her room
rano comes in – change to kar liya hota jhali..kissed her forehead
she smiled & slept back
geet got up at 5.30am hearing some alarm sound
geet – shoo..shoo..mera room main alarm
she puts pillow on her ears & sleeps again…
MAAN practicing his thi chi..
dressed in his black pants & bare top
muscles perfectly shaped & promtly seen
he could not stop thinking about her….
her smile, her pleeding lips, her mr.bachan!!
he punched few times & moved his hair back!!
her angelic look in the sari!! he kicked & washed his face
her bare back flashed in front of his eyes..he washed his face again

beep beep beep it was getting on to her nervous now..she looked around..
nothing seemed to make the noice she checked her phone, tv, clock..beep beep beep
again she followed the noice..it was coming from her purse lying in the couch
she opened it to realise it was maan’s watch
she tried switching it off!!! it did’nt seem to stop
geet called prem – kya hua turning away from the girl he was with
geet – I am not able to switch this watch
prem – why do u buy things that u can’t handle
geet – mera nahi hain
prem – phir bye I am sleeping call me after 10hrs
nahi nahi don’t call me at all
geet – PREM!!!
prem – geet yaar please sone deena yaar!!!
geet – aacha mujhe Mr.bachan phone number dena
prem – how do u expect me to know that now
geet – woo..I called u from that number last night
prem – ek min
he scrolls down to anwered calls list
prem – it is coming as pvt number
beep beep beep..the watch rings again..geet shoves the watch under the pillow
geet – mujhe nahi pata..next 5mins I want u to find that number!!!
prem – YES BOSS
geet tries to go back to sleep
prem calls her back
geet – better be the number
prem – yaar this Mr.bachan is a VVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIPPPPPPP
geet – kyun kya hua
prem – number is really special
geet – number milla yah nahi???
prem – PREM is koi kaam nahi hoo… aise khabhi ho sakta hain kya?
geet – give me the number
prem – XXX-111-1111
geet – thats really cool..aacha thanxs…I will not call u ever bye
prem – thanxs!!!
geet calls maan!!!!
maan saw phone with her name flashing!!! how diificult would it be for
Maan Singh Khurana to get a number..he closed his eyes & did’nt pick the call
geet mumers..meri neind udda ke chain se soo raha hain
she calls again..maan cuts the call & pushes his hair back
geet mumers ..call cut kardiya..Geet Handa ka call cut kiya
she calls again!!! maan cuts the call again & tries to continue working out
geet mumers ..woh yah!! he may not know it is my call
beep beep beep ..the watch goes again
geet calls back..ok this is the last time….nahi to I will flush this watch in the bathroom
maan – GEET itni subha subha kyun phone kar rahi hoo?
maan closes his eyes on wat he just said….
geet – so u knew it was me calling & still u were not lifting the call
maan was speechless
geet – aap ka waqt hi tum sa gaya hoga kaal raat se!!!
maan wondered how she knew wat he was going through!!
geet smiled – aap ki ghadi jo mera pass hain!!
maan shied out a relief – oh u were talking about my watch
geet – wat did u think?
beep beep beep the watch goes again
geet – please how to u stop this dam alarm!!!
maan smiled – u see the silver small button on the left side
geet – umm!!..I tried that
maan – press & hold that for 30secs
geet – holds…1, 2,………30 the sound becomes louder & then stops
finally!!! thanxs thanxs thanxs so much!!! u really made my day..actually night..pata nahi!!
pulls the spread on her head
geet turns on one side with the phone under the spread
maan – tumhe mera number khanha se mila?
geet – jhanha se aap ko mera number mila!!
maan rolled his eyes
maan – tum kisi baath ka sidha sidha javab kyun nahi de sakti
geet – aap baath hi aise karthe ho..she cuddles up in her pillow
resting the phone between her cheek & pillow
maan – tumne mujh se chit chat karne kaliya subha subha phone liya hain
geet – nahi romance karne ke liya!!!! snaps back
maan – GEET
geet – definitly not!!!!..waise bhi how can I chit chat with u?
maan – why?
geet – mujhe self talk karne ka koi shauk nahi hain
maan – wat selftalk?
geet – chit-chat with u will be like talking to myself
maan – nahi aise baath nahi hain
geet – oh really!! samjho hum chit-chat karte bhi hain to kya hoga
maan – kya hoga
geet – pura samya main he baath karthi rahoonghi…aap sirf umm!! hmm!!
maan smiled
geet – waise why did u save my number
maan – woo ..woo
geet – I know, aapne watch ke bare main pata karne ke liya hi na
aur kya baat ho sakthi hain. actually it was left in my purse last night
maan – kyun main tumse baath karne ke liya bhi tumhara number save kar sakta hoon!!
geet – joke of the century…starts laughing
maan – nahi seriously
geet – fir aap kahoo gha aap ko mujhe se love at first sight hogaya
maan – haan
geet – yaar subha subha to bundle math maro na!! kuch to sharam karo
maan – tum se kaise sharam, tumhare saat hi to aise baath kar sakte hain
geet – stop flirting nahi to main abhi call cut kardonghe
maan – nahi nahi!! aise math karna
geet – thats better..wat ever u doing
maan – tumhare bare main sooch raha tha
geet – BYE
maan – ok ok !! I was working out
geet – seriously!!! thats why alram & all
maan – umm!!
geet – work out hogaya?
maan – umm!!
geet – tabhi main soochu itna sweaty sweaty smell khanha se aarahi hain?
maan sniffed himself & then rubbed his head
geet laughed holding her stomach!!
maan – GEET!!!
she continues laughing u smelled ur self right!!! 
maan – GEET!!! stop it ..stop laughing now
maan – stop it now nahi to I am cutting the call
geet – teehk hain nahi has thi bus
again starts laughing u actually smelled urself he he he
maan – OK BYE
geet – nahi nahi I am seriously not laughing..she giggles very softly
maan actually smiled
maan walks to the wash room & puts the phone on speaker
geet – Mr.bachan …itna bhi sweaty nahi ho ki u have to have ur shower
u wiped with that towel na..ur ok..now..seriously..& giggles
maan looks around – tum ko phone main sab kuch dihk tha hain kya
geet – General knowledge dear!!
maan – is main GK ..could u explain…maan continues with his shower
geet – all guys are the same..after completeing the work out
will throw the vest..wipe with towell check out in the mirror
shower, fir shave, fir cologne splash karo ghe
waise tum kaun sa use karthe ho…wait wait I know ur perfume
she sniffs her hand ..bends to smell her neck around her waist..umm yah
Davidoff Hot Water & I am sure u use the same after shave
maan – how are u so sure? maan finishes his showers & applies the foarm on his face
waiting for her answere
geet – itna perfume pota huwa tha aapne mera uppar se aab bhi Davidoff Hot Water ki smell
aa rahi thi…I am sure some body in the disc would have thought I have
this fasination for men perfume
maan – how can u smell of my perfume
geet – are yaar I fell on u & ur watch the stuck on my back…
maan cuts him self!!thinking of her bare back!!
geet – did u hurt ur self..uff!!!jaldi se detol laagavoo abhi…
maan takes the detol…in the cotton was about to apply
geet – aise nahi..phela wash the foam from the cut
maan rolls his eyes
geet – wash kiya?
maan – umm!!
geet – aab deehre se ..uuuffff ufffff…slowly slowly..she was blowing
maan – tum yeh kya kar rahi ho?
geet – phook rahi hoon
maan – phone se
geet – teehk hain teehk hain I was just concerned
making faces ..dard to nahi ho raha
maan bins the cotton & turned to leave
geet – Mr.bachan don’t u have to shave the other side..batho batho main aap to
bhul hi gaya na
maan turns to look at the mirror..
geet – socho main no hoon to aap ka kya hoga?
maan – umm!!slidding his blade on the other firm cheeks
geet – be carefull this time ..
maan – umm!!
geet – hogaya?
maan – ek min…
she rolled on to the other side
maan – aab bolo hogaya..he wipes his face & applies the after shave
geet – aacha aap ne stubble kyun rakhi hain
maan – kyun tumhe aachi nahi lagthi..walks to the room in towel
geet – nahi aise baath nahi I was just asking
maan – seriously u don’t like it
geet – how does that matter any way
maan – wat if I say it matters..pulls out the towel to change
geet – then I really can’t say much..because I have not seen u without ..
she delebrately pauses…
maan pulls on his towel back
geet giggles..phone main waise bhi kuch nahi dihktha hain
maan – GEET..
geet – aachaa baba I was just joking
maan – so u were saying about my stubble..smiles & continues changing
geet – nahi i was saying!! I have not seen u without stubble so can’t really say
waise most of the girls like cleaned shaved men
maan – i don’t care about them..as far as u don’t mind its fine by me
geet smiles – aap baaz nahi aavooghe
maan opens his ward robe
geet – kaun se shirt phen rahe ho?
maan – white!!
geet – aaj saturday hai
maan – so?
geet – why so formal
maan – office ja raha hoon college nahi
geet – fir bhi..he keeps it back
maan picks another one
geet – woh nahi..pick up the black
maan – waist coat ka colour bhi bata do
geet – kyun rooz main hi bata thi hoon kya
maan – seriously tum pagal hoo
geet – ok ok!!! wear the dark red types
maan – umm!!maan changes his dress
geet – wat time do u have to reach office
maan – 9.00 am
geet – fir aap itni jaldhi kyun ready ho rahe ho?
maan – wat do u think the time is?
geet – 6.30am
maan – well GOODMORNING DEAR meri ghadi main time check karo 8.00am horaha hain
geet – u mean we are on this call for 2hrs
maan – actually 1hrs 45mins..tumne 6.15am phone kiya tha
geet – kitna bathe banathe hoo aap uff!! meri puri subha ki neied kharab kardhi
maan – right!!!
geet – BYE mujhe college ke liya late horaha hain

maan – wat time is ur college
geet – 8.30am…  rushes to kitchen..
geet to rano – mama mera doodh kanha hain?
rano – table main !!!
she sips the milk
maan – geet brush to karliya hota
geet – brush karne se doodh ka taste kharabh hojayegha
maan smiles
she runs to the loo..turns on the shower & puts the phone on speaker
maan – u won’t be able to make it on time!!!
geet – kitne ki bet?
maan – jo tum maango
geet – soch loo..GEET HANDA se bet laagarahe hoo!!!
maan thinks main bhi Maan Singh Khurana hoon
maan – agar main jeet to?
geet – jo aap maango
maan – soch lo..kanhi tumhara dil na mangloo
geet – yaar hari to dil kya jaan bhi haazir hain!!
aab jaada dialoge nahi!!
maan walks down to the hall & hugs daadi…kisses her cheek
geet – kise kiss kar rahe ho?
maan – aapne girl friend ko.. daadi pats him..
geet – oooh!! daadi!!! yah nani !!! so sweet…
maan – i seriously start believe that u can see through the phone
geet – u know I call my nani sexy nani…
maan laughs loud …daadi serves him breakfast really glad to see him smile
actually laugh
geet rushes out & pulls on her jeans & top..takes her bag &
grabs a toast & rushes out
papa – geet tum kal party se khnaha gayee thi
geet wispers to maan mein to gayee..aab kya bollon
rano – ji wo jaldhi ghar aakar so gayee thi
maan wispers teri mama to sweet hain..
geet wispers mama kis ki hain…BTW why are u wispering
maan clears his throat
papa – did u see the paper… he reads the headlines loud…Maan Singh Khurana’s
car parked at the delhi highway when there was a party going on in his honur
in the city … cops found him with his girl friend
maan coughed & grabed the paper from daadi … to see the head line
geet wispered u knew about it right
maan – knew wat ..stepping into is car
geet wispers ki wo..maan..wat ever aapni girl friend ke saat drive pe gaya hain
maan – geet suno aise kuch nahi hain
geet wispers & u wanted me to tell dad that I went on a drive with him
papa shouted..tum meri baat sun rahi ho ki nahi
geet – ji papa
papa – I really had great respect for that man chi!! disgusting!!..
use mil kar to aise nahi laga tha..Savitri devi will be so ashamed him
maan rubbed his forehead
papa – geet I am getting u a new body guard on Monday
geet – nahi papa u changed them last week only
Capt brij – order is an order!!
geet – bhaiya kuch bolona papa ko
geet wispers to maan – veerji…maan – umm!!
brij – kis se baath kar rahi ho…
geet – kisi se nahi…she hides the ear plug behind the hair…aacha main late ho rahi hoon
she grabs her keys & hops in her silver BMW
geet – yaar is maan..singh..wat ever..ki na ..I am sure to kill him
maan mumers aur kitna maro ghi mujhe
geet – tumhe nahi us dhust dhanav ko..she puts her phone for charging
maan – aab Maan Singh Khurana  ne  kya kiya
geet – aap paper nahi padthe kya..he was caught with his girl friend
such a cheepoo, aur papa ne uska gussa mujhe pe nikal diya
maan – us bichari ki ghadi kharab hogayee hoghi
geet – aap bhi na..sab ko aapne tarah seedha samjhthe hoo
sab aap ki tarah nahi hote..uff kya hoga aap ka
maan – tum hona mera saat
geet – ok u win!! its 8.40am I am late!!! thanxs that stupid, idiot, doggy
maan – bus karoo geet aur kitna kosso ghi
geet – see I would have made it on time…papa ke lecutre ke karan mein late hogayee
arre ? maan – kya hua?
geet – nahi prem khanhi dihk nahi raha…
maan – he would have gone to the class
geet – meri bina exam hall mein nahi jata..class kyun jayeegha
oye teri!! maan – aab kya hua?
geet – aap ki chakar main I forget to wake him up..aacha hold karoo
she puts him on hold & makes a call to prem
geet – uttoo!!! 1st lecture miss hogaya
prem – teehk hain na!! kal ka 1st lecture attend karlenghe
geet – in college in next 30mins
prem – nahi yaar please!!
geet – 29mins
prem – ok ok!!!

mean while maan walks into his office
perfect silence..every one on red alret
sasha – good hellow MK
maan nodes his head & puts the call on mute
maan turns & adi kidhar hain
adi rushes & bumps into him
adi – sooorryy siiirr
maan calls his secretary pari
maan – HODs ka saat metting in next 15mins
pari – sure MK
geet resumes the call..aacha suno..hellow?? hellow
maan – umm!! bolo
sasha wonders whom is he talking to & walked out
geet – merako laga cut kardiya
maan – meri itnai himat..ki Geet Handa call cut karoon
geet – subha to kiya tha na
maan kept quite
pari – HODs have come for the meetings..
maan – umm!!! he takes the files & walks to the conference room
geet – kya kar rahe hoo
maan – cricket khel raha hoon
geet – score kya hua?
maan – GEET!!.. office main hoon to kaam hi karoon ga na
geet – kya mallom..secertary ki saat romance bhi kar sakte hoo
maan – tumhare hote kise aur ke saat main romance kaise kar sakta hoon
geet – very funny..jaada romance mera matlab hain jaada baatein mat karo kaam maro
maan – meeting ke liya hi jaa rahoon
he walks into the conference room & puts her call on mute
geet – yaar main to bore hojavonghe…
prem ko aane main abhi deer hain
waise u know u are lucky for me…mera kal ka exam aacha gaya tha
maan smiles – umm!! & puts her on mute again
HOD, adi & sasha shocked to see maan smile
geet – disturnb kar rahi hoon kya?
meeting ke baad call karoon
maan wispers – nahi its ok!! puts her on mute again
looking into the plan of the new construction site & get lost in the
meeting…geet goes to the canteen & has her sandwich
prem – hi geet & hugs her taking her sandwich
how come u did’nt call me today?
geet – main khud late utthe thi..bit her lips
prem – i am having a sever head ache..streches his lands & legs
mukthi places a tight slap on prems cheeks..as his leg almost got
her tripped… red green blue dots!! thats all prem could see
mukthi walks away in attitude..prem rubbs his cheeks looking at her leave


prem pulls mukti back almost falling on him
prem – I know how to give back this slap…spitts fire..moves almost closing the distance
between their lips…mukti struggles get out of his grip
his breath burning her, geet pulls him back
the whole crowd in the canteen gather around them..geet blocks their view
snatching phones of the guys who tried clicking the snaps
mukti runs out feeling embaressed
geet smashes every ones phone on the floor
few try to protest…her guards stop them
geet – yeh kya karne ja rahe tum?
prem – how dare she slap me?
geet – that does’nt mean u … woo waise ladkhi nahi hain
all u know she won’t even come to college now!!
prem – woo bhut attitude wali hain, she will definitly come
geet – u better apologize to her
prem – no ways!!
she pulls out her phone from charging & they go to the class
prem – wat lecture
geet – eco ka hain..next two periods
prem – grt I can sleep longer

maan completes the meeting & walks out..10.15am
pari – sir Mr. chopra is trying on the second line. he said he is being tring ur cell,
it is coming busy
maan – umm!! put him through
after the brief call with Mr.Chopra maan realizes geets call was still on mute
maan – geet!! wonderig if she was still there
geet wispers – umm!! boliye class main hoon…setting her ear plugs
maan smiles – tumne abhi tak call cut nahi kiya?
geet wispers – aap ne bhi to nahi kiya!!!
prem lifts his sleepy head ..kya huwa..geet pats him..u continue sleeping!!
prem – umm!! doses off again
geet wispers – aap ka meeting khatam ho gaya?
maan – umm!!! just finished
geet – umm!!
maan – eco ka class hain kya?
geet wispers – ur ears r really sharp
maan – common yaar  micro-environment is the foundation of economics,
any one can say that
geet wispers – well I did’nt know untill now
bell rings…………
pari gets maans coffee
pari – sir coffee
maan nodes
geet – secertary..umm!! kaise hain
maan – kya matlab?
geet – deehkne main kaise hain dodo!!!
maan – GEET!!
geet wakes up prem!!! utt na break hain..
prem – sona de..
geet – u don’t want to have any thing
prem – yaar waise mar kake beta hoon
geet – teehk hain …
maan – break kab tak hain..
geet – 30mins
maan – wat time do u finish ur college?
geet – kyun date per le kar jaa rahe ho?
maan – chodo rahene do!!!
geet – 3.00pm
maan – umm!! looking into some filies
geet – wat time do u finish ur work
maan – kyun date per le kar jaa rahe ho?
geet – mera dialogue, waise mera itne bhi bure din nahi aayee ki aap
ko date ke liya poochu
maan – kyun? gets offended
geet – aare yaar senti mat ho..aise kah rahi thi
maan – umm!! low voice
geet – aacha teehk hain… I will go with u
maan – umm!!
geet – kaha na challon ghi abhi kyun itna low sound kar rahe ho
maan – kuch nahi
geet – yaar aap mujhe pareshan kar rahe ho
maan – umm!! looking into his comp now
geet – mujhe class ke liya jaana hain
maan – jaavoo!!! mainne kab roka!!
geet – BYE!!! disconnects the call..bye bhi nahi bola makes a baby face
maan gets held up with his meetings
geet gets restless…but then get involved with her classes

lunch break
prem orders lunch for geet & self
armaan joins them
armaan – how was ur day
prem just bends his head down
geet – isko tapad piti!!
armaan – kya bat kar rahi hain… aaj sab ko treat meri taraf se
prem – teri to!! & starts boxing armaan
geet stands up on the table…common armaan u can do it..yes!!!
starts whistling..they pull out when their lunch was served on the table
armaan & prem hold hands & get up dusting their jeans panting
geet – arre armaan yaar us bet ka kya hua?
prem – kaun se bet
geet – iski aur ridiz ki bet laaghi thi… on some patient
there was a female who had some bruises… he suggested to call the police
as he suspected dowry issue but she said some blood disorder
armaan – she won…
geet – yeh!! yeh!!!
prem – so wat is the bet?
geet – armaan uska waiter banegha
prem – ok treat from my side now!!! laughing loud
geet – tu waiter bana???
armaan – umm!!!
prem – wait wait THE ARMAAN MALIK waiter…not bad at all!!!
kya scene raha hoga!!

(pulled out the scene from DMG 2nd episode)
they get back to classes & armaan back to sanjeevani
after the college… geet notices mukti in the corner & guys teasing her
about the morning episode
geet holds prems ears deehko udar those guys are troubling her beacuse of u
kal tuk unki nazar nahi utt thi thi us ke samne..see now
prem – aaooch!!! leave me!! she deserves it
geet – no
prem – challna
geet stood their
prem – wat do u want me to do
geet – say sorry!! now
prem – no ways!!! I am going home bye
geet – BYE i am not going to talk to u!!!
takes her car keys opens it with remote & leaves..her guards follow her in theirs

geet gets a call from raaji
geet – hi babes
raaji – didi I am in big trouble, plz jaldi aavoo
geet – kya howa? where are u?
raaji – didi I am at the mall…
geet rushes the place panting in 30mins beating all the traffic rules
geet – kya huwa ?
raaji held two suits & asked kaun sa loon?
geet waks on her head is ke liya mujhe bhagaya? I got so worried
yeh dono nahi…jeans la
raaji – nahi nahi ..mujhe suit hi chahiya
geet rolled her eyes take this one
raaji kisses her thanxs di
geet – do u have ur driver ki main drop karoo?
raaji – nahi di I am fine…waise bhi mujhe yaha se maths tution keliya jana hain
geet – cool then bye!!!
geet looks around & sees a cuffling set which looked quite similar design she stood their & looked at it for a while

she stood their & looked at it for a while
it was a metalic silver colured with a small square some wat round, diamond at the left top corner
she itched to buy it & wondered wat it matched with
then it flashed the watch….oh!! yah bachan ki watch ko match kareghi
she picked the cufflings & paid for it got it gift wrapped!!
she picked her phone to call him…
geet – hi..maine
maan interrupts – will call u back, in mid of something
geet mumers abhi bhi naraz hain kya
geet calls prem
prem – I thought u won’t call me
geet – wow mujhe is number ka location pata karke bata
prem – number bol
geet – XXX-111-1111
prem – yeh to Mr.bechan ka number hain na
geet – umm!!
prem – tujhe us se kya kaam?
geet – itna sawal kyun kar raha hain
prem – I was just asking
geet – umm!!!
prem – give me 5mins..waise I said sorry to mukti
geet – really so sweet
prem – address lik
geet – she feeds in the address into her GPRS

she places her GPRS in front of the car & follows it
offcourse GPRS in India bad idea…she stops her car in frustration
calls her body gaurd..mujhe is address pe jana hain
he drives her to the Khurana Constructions

GEET HANDA walking into Maan Khurana’s office !!!
with her body guard following her in Maan khurana stlye and attitde
every one looked at her in astonished
at reception…pinky – how can I help u maam?
geet – yaar mujhe Mr. bachan se milna hain
pinky eating her sandwich – ji..bachan?
pinky thinks for a while – u mean humare DD..
geet mumered yaar yah to perfect hain..to bachan ka naam DD hain..chi chi…bachan hi teehk hain
pinky points at his cabin – lekin maam without appointment aap DD se nahi mil sakti
geet – Geet Handa ne aaj taak appointment nahi liya!! samjhi
pinky – lekin maam…
pinky to adi – yeh to sir ki tarah hi roop jadthi hain
sasha stops her streching her hand
geet turns her hand in one twist & holds it back
geet – Geet Handa ka rasta rokne se phele ek bar socha lena
adi & pinky giggles & bend their head down

geet barges into his cabin complaining with the cuffling pack in her hand
geet – itna koi gussa hota hain kya
maan looks at her shocked, speechless..& kept looking at her
sahsa rushes in – MK..i told her to stay out
maan snaps out of his trans.. – its ok sasha
geet gives a dirty look to sasha
maan – bheetoo
geet – umm makes a face ..crossing her hand on the table looking away
maan coud’nt stop smiling looking at her act
maan – pani pee loo
geet – no thanxs tapping her foot
maan – kya huwa ?
geet – woh main & looks at sasha standing there & looking at them
aap inhe salary aap ko goorne ki dethe hoo?
maan – GEET!!
geet shoots a glance to him
maan clears his throat & asks every on to leave them alone

geet – aap itna bura kyun man gaya… main ne to aise hi khaha tha na
maan – nahi mainne bura nahi mana
geet – phir mera phone kyun kata
maan – I was in a meeting with a client, aur kata nahi tha I told u i will call u back
geet – phir subha bye kyun nahi bola
maan – us time pe main todha bura laga..lekin
geet – lekin
maan – aab nahi
geet – uss time aap ka dil dhukhane ke liya – gift..slides the shiny gift wraped box
actually use time dena chahiya…lekin class tha na..isliya late hogaya…
maan – thanxs & keeps it aside
geet – how rude… dehk ke batvoo aacha hain ke nahi
maan opens the pack geet closely watches him
maan smiled… geet – aachi hain na
maan – umm!! thanxs
geet – dosti main NO thanxs No sorry
maan – lekin humne dosti kab ki
geet – challoo aab karlethe hain
stands up walking to his side of the table..extends her hand.friends..
maan moves his hand forward geet moves it away brushing her hair &
says caught u again Mr. bachan & gives a warm hug …mazak tha..
maan was seeing stars…first she walking into his office his cabin,
giving him a gift, then a hug…he had no clue wat was going on!!!

she pulls him & drags him out his cabin challoo
the whole office staff looked at them as she dragged him to the lift….
tasha – sasha
sasha – umm
tasha – maam…yeh MK ki girl friend hain kya?
sasha – no ways…some aamir baap ki bighati beti hoghi
in the lift
maan – khanha challena hain
geet – date pe
maan gasped
geet – aise kyun deehk rahe ho?
maan noded his head saying nothing & stood in the corner looking at her

geet went to her car…maan pulled her back…she tunred to look at him
mahi moment…maan looking into her eyes..geet wondering  ….her guards moved in…maan stared at them ….she said its ok to the gaurds
geet – kya huwa
maan – meri ghadhi main chalthe hain
geet – umm!!
she gives her keys to the guards

while driving out
geet – koi coffee shop chalthe hain… u like coffee right
maan – tumhe kaise pata
geet – mujhe sab pata hain
maan rolls his eyes
geet – uff bachan ..itna footage muth khaya kar
subha tumhare secrtary in coffee hi serve kiya tha na..so I guessed

they drive to taj palace hotels coffee house
geet starts laughing kya huwa…
we decided to go to a coffee shop
maan – so
geet – u know the coffee shop here is called the tea lounge!!
maan – u want to go some where else
geet – nahi yaar I was cracking a joke…
waise I like there Viennese Style coffee house it is really cool..idhar hi chalthe hain

geet sits in the couch crossing her legs pulling her curly hair back
light falls on her long earings that reflected the light to her cheeks
making her look prettier…
maan sits on the opposite sofa… he leaned back into the sofa cushions
laying his arms along the sofa’s carved back & crossing his leg over the other
so it was Maan Singh Khurana on a date but not a date with his love
who is not his girl friend yet… wondering how she amused him
maan – so tell me
geet – tell u wat?
maan – all about ur self
geet – oyee Hellow, sach much ka date nahi hain!!!
maan – phir main kya samjhu
geet – seriously don’t get it all wrong OK!!!
maan – wat are saying
geet – this is not that boy friend girl friend wala date
maan smiled
geet – this is just like
maan lifting his eyebrows – like
geet – like a casual coffee with Geet Handa
so date wale batein mat karo
maan – I don’t have any experience on the date stuffs
so I am not sure, wat is this ‘date wale batein’
geet relaxed & fell on the cushions
geet – aap bhi na
maan – main bhi kya geet
geet – sach main bhut seedha ho
they place their orders
geet – chocolate milk shake with double scoops of ice-cream
maan – cappuccino

maan – do u want to have any thing else
geet – not now…
maan to the waiter – that will be all
geet – wat are ur hobbies
maan – horse ridding, playing golf, reading
geet – reading!!! wat do u read
maan – more on economics
geet – just forget it!!!
maan smiles knowing her hatredness to economics
geet – aap ke family kaun kaun hain
maan – daadi
geet – aap ki girl friend right
maan sighed
geet – then
maan – my 2 younger brothers
geet – unke naam kya hain ?
maan – dev & viky
geet – so wat have u studied
maan – done my MBA
geet – aur graduation
maan – civil engg
geet – thats cool
waiter got their drinks
geet – kitni sugar
maan – 1 spoon
geet added sugar stirred it & gave it to him
maan – thanxs
geet sips her drink & looks at him aap humesha single words main hi baten karte ho?
maan – SORRY?
geet – I am trying to talk to u for last 1hr & ur just answereing my questions
mujhe lag raha hain main aap ka interview le rahein hoon
maan –  ok so wat do u want me to say
geet – forget it this whole idea of coming with u was bad
jaldi aapa drink katam karte hain aur chalten hain
she indulges in her drink… after few mins of silence
geet – where do u do ur horse ridding?
maan – we have a farm house
geet – really, u mean horse wala farm house
maan – wat is this horse wala farm house
geet – farm house to humara bhi hain lekin horse nahi hain
maan – yah!! horse wala farm house
geet – mujhe kab le jarahe ho?
maan – kahan?
geet – horse ridding ke liye
maan – jab tum kaho
geet – we should plan that
maan -umm
geet – hum theeno kabhi bhi nikal jate hain
maan – theeno?
geet – main, prem aur armaan
maan – umm
geet – they are my best friends chaddy buddy types!!
maan cleared his throat
geet – mera matlab hain we know each other since class 5
schooling saath – saath…Prem ke saath to college bhi hogaya
maan narrows his eyes brows at prem
geet – use ne aap ka number track kiya..aur location bhi
maan – umm!!
geet – actually we are 4 of us, lekin raj yahan nahi hai
jab woh aata hain chuti pe… OMG we really have a blast
maan smiles
geet – aap ke friends
maan – meri to ek hi friend hain
geet – girl hain..she gets curious & moves in front …
so sweet kuan hain, like a class mate or something
maan – nahi
geet – bol bhi do sharmoo mat
maan – tum
geet eyes poped
maan – tum hi ho meri friend
geet – bachan phir se flirt kar rahe ho
maan – nahi geet seriously
geet – so sweet, lekin aapke college friends yah school main
maan – there were few lekin nun were so close
geet – umm!!!
they sip their drinks in silence again
geet – aacha tum bore nahi hote, without any friends
maan – I don’t have time to get bored
geet – I can’t think of a minute without them
maan – waise I can’t even think of a minute without my friend now
geet – Mr.bechan u don’t give up…do u
maan thinks…Maan singh Khurana & giving up…smirks
maan – BTW why did u get that cufflings
geet – kaha na it was a gift… I felt bad that I hurt u, unintentional tha
maan – tum sach main pagal ho
geet – nahi not for this time…actually I was being thoughtful
maan – right!!! the way u were thoughful while flating tyers
geet – hud hogayee yaar !!!
maan – ok !!
geet turns her face
maan – main mazak kar raha tha…geet looked from corner of her eyes
maan – GEET!!! kaha na mazak kar raha tha in a stirn voice
geet – aap mana rahe ho yah koi ehsaan kar rahe ho?
maan – mujhe yeh sab nahi aata
geet smiles
maan – why did u say that u where being thoughtful?
geet – woh!! I picked it because it matched ur watch
maan – yah i noticed that it will go very well with my watch
geet – jab woh watch ke saat pehno ghe to aacha laghe gha
maan – thats when u give my watch back
geet – oye teri forgot about it totally  oh!! no
maan – umm!!
geet – alarm…makes a baby face
aap ne to meri neind hi utta di hain
maan – aur tum ne meri neind
geet gets up to leave… maan pulls her back in a jerk turning her hand
geet – yeh kya kar rahe ho
maan – tum kuch bhi bol sakti ho, main wohi kahta hoon to kyun root thi ho?
geet – chodo na duhk raha hain
maan turns it harder…looking away… ok u win…aab to chodo…
please bhut duhk raha hain
geets face was turning red in stress.. maan turned & feeling the heat he left her at once
geet pushes him on the sofa & starts waking him resting her knee on his lap..pinning him
down geet – mera haat muda…yeh lo..yeh bhi lo
maan – stop it geet
geet continues waking on his arms..left then right & then left again

maan – stop it geet
geet continues waking on his arms..left then right & then left again
geet – how dare u
maan hold her hand & pulled her..making her lose her balance & falling
on him. her leg slips between his & hands cluctched into his hands
her cheeks carasses his as she struggles to let go
she struggles to let go lieing on him still trying to wak him with
her wrist in his tight grip… maan tightens his grip
she strives harder to wak him stamping his legs
maan crosses his leg over hers closing her under his control
maan – geet relax tumhara bed room nahi hai
lossens the grip and moving his leg away
geet – snapping back aap ka bhi bed room nahi hain
trying to get up & falling back on him again
maan – ek min
geet snaps him & tries to get up & sits on the rim of his sofa
with her leg resting on the floor panting caressing her hand
maan pulls her wrist in concern & says sorry
geet smiles – its ok & sits on her couch sipping her drink
maan probably just keeps falling for that smile of hers always
geet – shall I order another coffee…this might be cold now
maan – umm
geet looks for the waiter & places an order for another cappuccino
maan – u don’t want to have anything
geet – I hav’nt still finished my drink
she turned her hand from the wrist in circular motion
maan – is it still hurting in concern he asks
nahi bhut maza aa raha hain she bites back
maan looks away
geet – I really pitty ur wife
maan – why?
geet – u really don’t know how to handle girls
aise to woh aapko shaadi se phele hi chod deghi
maan – tum ho na
geet narrowed her eye brows
maan – mera matlab hain u can explain her about me… after all ur my friend
geet – great aap ke wife ko main explain karti rahoon ghi to mera hubby
kaun samjayaege
maan – main hoon na
geet – no ways … u know nothing about me
maan – itna to kah hi sakta hoon… use kabhi car ke tyer badalne main
problem nahi hoghi, where ever he is u will always reach him
aur galti se bhi bina bye bole phone na rakhe
geet – woh kyun
maan – tum pareshan hojathi ho
geet – teehk hain.. shaadhi se pheley aap ki pass bhej doonghi tution keliya
maan smiled
waiter served his coffee…geet added 1 spoon of sugar stirred it & gave him
geet – what are u doing tomorrow
maan – phir se date pe le jaarahi hoo?
geet rolled her eyes
maan – let me check
he pulls out his phone & checkd the schedule & get involved in the mail he just
recieved… geet pulls out her phone & starts chatting with prem on face book
prem – where are you
geet – coffee with bachan
prem – badi dosti horahi hain
geet – ha ha
prem – koi fayda nahi, yeh bhi do din mein bhaag jayega
geet – nothing like that… actually subha I hurt him u know me!!
prem – I don’t know why do I know u at all?
geet – because u don’t have an option.. 🙂
prem – how is this bachan? i mean dihkta kaise hain
geet – yaar kaha na aise kuch nahi hain
prem – phir tu use ke saat kya kar rahi hain
geet – just a friend
prem – sorry not possible
armaan joins in – yaar tera saat dosti not possible
geet – kyun
prem & armaan – wrong question
geet – woh aisa nahi hain..seedha seedha type
prem – guys always pretend like that, but i wonder woh tere saat kyun pretend kar raha hain
geet – the way u do 🙂
armaan – how do u know he is seedh seedha
geet – trust me I know !!! don’t ask me how
prem & armaan – ok boss!!
geet – all u know we may not even meet after this coffee
it is just a casual thingy
she typed that & looked at him… don’t know why
maan looked at her … give me a min
geet – umm!!!

armaan – BTW coffee at 10pm???
geet checks the time & jumps up
maan – kya hua
geet – we have been here since 5pm
maan – umm
geet – i am getting late bye
maan – challo main tumhe drop kardeta hoon
geet – nahi i am fine meri gadi hain
geet calls for the bill
waiter gives the bill to maan
geet – let me pay… nahi to phir mera saat date pe challene se darro ghe
maan places his card – to phir se date pe chal rahi ho mere saat?
geet was cornered…off course
maan – should i consider that as a date date..ki woh bhi aise hi
geet – BYE!!!
she ran out to her car & called raji
geet – tapmaan kaisa hain
raji wispers – temperature really high
geet – oh!! gosh main phir late hogayee
papa – kis ka phone hain
raji – class mate ka hain kuch doubt pooch rahi thi
raji wispers – bye & cuts the call

geet babaji mujhe bhi is bachan ke saat time kuch hosh hi nahi rahtha
geet pings prem – me late blamming u
prem – not me…again yaar is bar to armaan ka naam le le
armaan – no body will believe
geet – ok bye

geet walks in like nothing happened
papa ji – 10.30pm where were u?
geet – prem ka assisment complete karwa rahi thi
papa ji looks at the gaurds they keep quite
papaji – I am changing them on Monday!!!
rano – kahna ka le puttar
geet – ji mama..bhut bhook laghi hain
papaji – aur sur pe chatavoo, pata nahi shaadi ke baad iska kya hoga
brij – iska kya hoga.. jo hona hain us ke pati hoga
every one starts laughing
geet makes a baby face & hugs rano
rano – husoo mat meri ladoo pur… kisi kismat wale ko hi itna soni kudi milighi
chitoo – bhut aachi kismat hona zaroory hain
geet was suprised
chitoo – itni kuch jhelne ke liya aachi kismat nahi hogi to
geet goes into her room getting angry at every one

maan reaches home lost & smiling
daadi – us se phir mile kya?
maan – umm!!!
daadi – hume kab mille rahe ho
maan – daadi phele main to teehk se mil loon
daadi – use aapna naam bataya?
maan nodes for a no
daadi – abhi bhi Mr. bachan
maan nodes for a yes
maan showed her the cufflings
daadi – she brought for u
maan – pagli hain
daadi – kyun
maan – use laga ke main naraz hoon is liya yeh le aayee
daadi – OH NO!!! rejected
maan – kyun daadi..looks worried
daadi – bechari kitni gift le ghi..tum to pura samya naraz rahethe hoo
maan – aisa nahi hain
daadi – then tell me when did u laugh last?
maan – woh….
dev – 2 years ago
maan waks his head…daadi ka chamcha

maan goes  to his room changes into his tracks & vest..cuddles up
into the spread… he was so restless…thinking about her
he turned around couple of times & settled into a dream
it was geet, geet & geet….

Mere Khayalon Ki Malika  Mere Khayalon Ki Malika
Chaaron Taraf Teri Chhaiyyan Re Thaam Le Aa Ke Bainyya
Chaaron Taraf Teri Chhaiyyan Re

Aayi, Phoolon Ke Ras Mein Naha Ke Layi, Bheeni Si Khushboo Chura Ke
Teri Aankhon Mein Hai, Halka Sa Nasha Tera Roop Meri, Nazron Mein Basa
Mere Khayalon Ki Malika …

Jadoo, Chhaya Hai Tera Jadoo Kaabu, Dil Pe Nahin Hai Kaabu
Sapnon Ki Pari, Itna To Bata Rehti Hai Kahan, Tera Naam Hai Kya
Mere Khayalon Ki Malika …

it was way passed midnight…may be 3am
maans phone rang… he looks at the name & smiled
cuddles up the spread and says bolo
geet – mere hi sapna deehk rahethe na
maan – yeh pooch ne keliya phone kiya tumne?
geet – mujhe neind nahi aarahi..maine armaan aur prem ko bhi
phone kiya..sab so rahe hain..aap kya kar rahe ho?
maan – raat ke 3 bheji log kya karte hain? yarning
geet – waise to bhut kuch karsakte hain.. giggles
maan smiles – tum subha ke 5.30 bejhe se utthi ho
phir tumhe neind kyun nahi aa rahi?
geet – nahi main so gayi thi…
maan – phir
geet – mujhe darawna sapna aaya aur meri neind toot gayee
maan – aab kya karne ka iraada hain
geet – walk pe challen?
maan – challo?
geet – r u serious?
maan – R U serious
geet – nahi mazak kar rahi thi
maan pulled the spread & turned to the other side – phir
geet – main bore horahi hoon
maan – why don’t u revise micro-environment aaj class jo karvaya tha
geet – aacha aaj micro-environment karvaya tha? kab kaun se class mein
maan – forget it
geet – umm!!!
maan – TV mein picture deehk loo
geet – mood nahi hain
maan – net main chat kar loo
geet – woo bhi kiya..sab sone chale gaya
maan – umm!! dosses off
geet – soo rahe ho
maan – ummm!!!
geet – phir mujhe se baat kaun karegha?
maan – tum bolti raho..main sote sote sunta hoon
geet – waise hi aap kuch nahi bolte…sote sote to kuch bhi nahi bologe
maan – umm!!
geet – BYE
maan – nahi baba, tum bolo na main sun raha hoon
geet – main joke suvoon
maan – umm!!!
geet – she narrates a whole ant & elephant joke
maan slept off
geet – BACHAN!!!
maan snaps up – oops
geet – aap ne joke nahi suna na
maan – suna na..aacha tha
geet – javo main nahi bolti
maan – phir main kaise soonga
geet – kyun main koi loori sunarahi hoon
maan – kuch aise hi samjh loo
geet – aap to neiend main bhi flirt karna nahi chodthe
maan – not bad na?
she keeps quite or some time..
maan – GEET GEET!!
geet – check kar rahi thi
maan – ho gaya tumhara checking
geet – aacha suno I will ask u a question…
maan – umm!!
geet – what is long thin and red in colour?
maan – kuch bhi ho sakta hain!!!
geet – bolo bolo bolo
maan – how long?
geet – don’t think non-veg types ok…
maan – aab yeh non-veg kya hain
geet – kuch nahi…
maan – how long?
geet – really long
maan – pata nahi..he was too sleepy to think
geet – RED THREAD starts laughing loud
maan hits his head…hogaya!!!
geet – aacha aacha…challo tell me this one
what is long, thin & black in colour
geet – nahi silly…shadow of that red thread and starts laughing louder
maan gives up & enough of it now
geet – nahi nahi ek min..last one
maan – shoot
geet – what is long, thin & white in colour
maan – white thread tum manoghi nahi
geet – umm
maan – white shadow hota nahi hain..phir kya hain bolo
geet – u lose!!!
maan – I have already lost myself to u…what more do u want!!!
geet ignores that – ghost of the red thread & starts laughing again
maan – lekin
geet – lekin kya
maan – woh red thread mara kab?
geet – bachan u have lost it..seriously!!!
maan – i told u earlier
geet – pata hain monday ko papaji is getting me a new body gaurd
maan – BTW..i heard that in the morning..how does it matter
geet – bachan seriouly aap bhut seedha hoo
maan smiles again
geet – it is so difficult to pataofy these guys u know
maan – WHAT?
geet – matlab..like today I was late , right
maan – umm!!
geet – I told papaji I was with prem helping him with his assigment
maan – then
geet – these gaurds will also agree with me, infront of papaji
maan – but thats not correct
geet – bachan main aap ke wajah se late huwi thi
maan – tum sach bhi bol sakti thi
geet – kya bolti main bachan ke saat coffee pina gayee thi
maan – haan
geet – papa ko to laghe ga ki aap mere BF
maan – nahi hoon kya
geet – BACHAN
maan – arre har baat ka ulta matlab kyun soochti hoo..boy hoon..abhi friend bhi hoon
to howa na BF…simple
geet – papa ko yeh sab kaun samjhayega
maan – main samjavoon
geet – nahi …i am not even allowed to talk to strangers
maan – lekin main stranger to nahi hoon
geet – meri liya nahi hoo..papa ke liya to ho
maan – waise to u can never make new friends
geet – nahi I can…but papa has a list of my friends & people I meet
he keeps updating it & giving it to the gurads…then only they are allowed
to talk to me or come near me!!
maan – itni security kyun
geet – HANDA’s….
maan – umm!!
geet – this is nothing bachan.. is jada security to Maan Singh…she struggles
maan offers..Maan singh Khurana in attitude
geet – han wohi…papa kehte hain ki he has the highest security level
maan – u even breech that so easily…he said that in low voice
geet – what are u saying
maan – nothing
geet – zara socho to itni zayada security uff
maan mumers kya sochon..maine hi to set kiya..hain..
yeh ladhki mujhe hi aapne hi kilaf kar deghi!!!
beep beep beep his watch rings…challoo challoo uttoo..aap ke gym ka time hogaya
maan – tumne sona kab diya jo mujhe utta rahi hoo
geet – thats not fair
maan – every thing is fair in love & war
geet – aap kaun se war ke baat kar rahe hain
maan – tum war samjh loo main pyar samjh loon gha
geet – I really give up!!!
maan – so is that a yes
geet – yes for wat
maan – yes for accepting
geet – accepting wat
maan – accepting to be my GF
geet – woh to main hoon na!!
maan was shocked
geet – u only said na..girl hoon friend bhi hoon…to hui na aap ki GF
maan – aacha GF ji are u in for a game
geet was reluctant – ji
maan – game..as in sports!! will u join me for golf today
geet – mujhe golf khelna nahi atta
maan – so see u at 11…
geet – where ?
maan – delhi golf club
geet was little not sure
maan – do u want me to pick u up
geet – nahi I will be fine..would u mind if my friends join
maan – kyun mujhse akle milne main dar lagra ha hain?
geet – nahi baba..aise kuch nahi hain
maan – phir
geet – usually we all go out togather thats why
maan – its cool by me…he sounded little uncomfartable….very little…
geet – are u sure
maan – umm!!
geet – challo aap work out karo main soothi hoon
maan – no ways !!! meri neind utta ke tum kaise so sakti ho
geet – lekin u have to work out now right
maan – umm!!
geet – phir mujhse kaise baat karooghe
maan – jaise abhi kar rahoon…
punching a thrust in air…
geet – u started ur workout  already!!!
maan – umm!!!
geet – thats cool ..she starts yarning
maan – tum soo rahi hoo
geet – umm!!!pulls the spread on
maan smiles … sweet dreams..bye
geet – umm….

geet sleeps off pulling the sheet over her head
her phone rings… she puts in the silent & sleeps agian
at 12pm raaji pushes her off the bed..
raaji – didi aap ka phone me 100 miss calls hain
kya kar hare hoo, prem aur armaan ne to landline main bhi 10 bar
phone kar diya, uttoo na 12 bajrahen hain
geet gets up at once & checks her phone 100 missed calls
she scrolls up …5 missed calls from maan…she closes her eyes
she calls back immediately….no response..
geet – raaji is number pe try karte rahena..I will get ready
she rushes to the loo has a shower & slips into her jeans
geet – uttaya kya
nahi di..to try karte rahe, lekin yeh kaun hain
geet snatches the phone & says – aake batati hon
aabhi mujhe kanhi jana hain
geet hops into her silver BMW & drives to Delhi golf club…her body gaurds followed
aaj to mujhe kaa jayega..uff …lekin main usse itna kyun dar rahi hoon
nahi nahi I commited that I will meet him at 11am..one hr late
mere standards ke liya to jaldi hain…lekin
wat is this yaar..kya sochega mera bare main
relax geet sorry boldena
she parks the car & rushes to the reception
Mr.Bachan kanha milenge…
receptionist – sorry
geet mumers aab uska naam yah – DD kanha milenge
receptionist she checks the list of people yanha koi DD nahi hain
she pulls the records & starts reading the names
receptionist – you cannot do this & calls the gaurds
geet shot glance at her & continued…
Mr. Sharma
Mr. Maan Singh Khurana… yeh yanha kya kar raha hain
tabhi mera saat sab bura bura ho raha hain….how much I hate this guy now
she looks further
Mr. Malhotra
Mr. Arjun Prakash
Mr. David thomas
the guards requests her to give the recod back
she snatches the book & says I am looking for some one wait
her gaurds stop them she gets annoyed at her helplessness & tears the book & throws it away
receptionist – i request u to leave
geet creats a scene..I am not leaving without meeting Mr.bachan screaming on
top of her voice…maan notices her & walks towards her
receptionist – maam u r disturbing our guests
geet – I am not leaving without meeting mr.bachan, get that straight
ek to woh phone bhi nahi utta rahe hain…aur tum mujhe aapna yeh stupid attitude
dikharahe hoo
receptionist – if u don’t leave now I will call the police
geet – call the army if u want I am not leaving without meeting Mr.bachan
maan smiles… at her act
receptionist picks the phone to call police
maan cuts the call – its ok woh mere saat hain
geet – sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
maan walks to the field…her gaurds wait near the car
geet follows..main so gayi thi aapne mujhe raat bhar sone nahi diya tha na
maan stares at her…teehk hain maine hi phone kiya tha
lekin aap to mujhe sone kaha sakte the maan shots another stirn look
teehk hai kaha tha …lekin main soee to nahi na finally
maan wearing the gloves and looks away
geet – itna naraz kyun ho rahe ho main to sirf 1hr late hoon
maan looks at the watch
geet – new watch…aachi hain
maan pulls his hand away
geet – 1 hr se thoda jada
maan – haan 1hr se 1hr jaada
geet – teehk hain 2hrs late hoon
maan looks into the stand selecting the club
geet – sorry kaha na
maan picks a club …looks at it & keeps it back
geet – please itna gussa mat karo
he lifts a cub & swings it in the air…geet bends down getting scared
geet – maroo ghe kya?
maan puts the club down & takes another one
geet – us se hi mar lena tha…
maan swings it again… he picks the ball & places it
he focuses on the flag & then swings his club..looks at geet & takes his shoot
geet claps ….very nice shot…
maan ignores & walks to the ball…geet follows him
geet – mane to aap ke shot ko bhi aacha kha diya..aab to gussa mat karo
they reach the ball…it was quite walk & geet kept
saying sorry sorry sorry..holding her ears
maan saw his ball was very close to the hole
he tried aiming …geet – bachan kaha na sorry
maan changes the club again & dose’nt look at her at all
he swings the club softly twice & was about to hit..
geet took the ball & turned away
maan – GEET …damit u just spoiled the whole game
maan makes a mark roughly where he assumeed the ball was
and placed another ball…geet took that one too
maan – give me the ball now
geet turned her back…placed another ball she took that one too
maan shoved the club in the stand & walked to geet
she moved away…. maan put his around her waist & held her hand
she waked her hand & tried to move ahead…maan put the other hand &
took her into his arms from back..ball chodo in stirn voice
from back of her ears he said…phele mujhe se kaho ki naraz nahi hoo
maan pulls the ball she snaps her hand & tries to run out
maan pulls her in his arms in a jerk..don’t even try that
u will hurt urself… maine sorry kaha na..phir itna naraz kyun ho
maan still tries to take the ball ..she pulls her hand away..tring to bend
out of his arms & fall infront….maan bends along & they roll over
the field…over each other…almost hug almost maan on top of her
then she on top of maan & again….finally they stop
maan holds her from rolling further…& lies next to her resting on his elbow
geet struggles to catch herself & clings on to him
she was in a mess..with grass all over her face & her curly hair
maan removed the grass from her hair looking at closed & scared eyes
them removed it from her forehead…then from her neck…moved further down
geet slowly flutered opened her eyes & looked at maan
maan stopped at once & lie on the grass looking at the sky
geet sat on maans stomach pinning his hands with her knees…& pulled his collar
tum aapne aap ko samjhthe kaya ho..kaha na sorry
maan was enjoying his plight actually did’nt want to say anything
maan smiled & looked away…
geet – uff finally smile to kiya & left his collar
main kab se aap ko mana rahi hoon..itna koi gussa karta hain kya
maan – u were 2 hrs late
geet – so do I have to manaofy u for 4 hrs
maan – atleast 1hr
geet aacha & starts hitting his chest still sitting on his stomach

geet waking him for few minutes & rested her head on his shoulder
geet – aap mujhe bhut pareshan karte hoo
catching for her breath…maan felt tickled with her breath falling
close to his neck… he tried to controling himself & turned away his
head…then he snapped suddenly geet utto mere uppar se
he rubbed his forehead & closed his eyes stood facing his back to her
geet pulled her t-shirt down & walked to him…peeped from side of his hand
geet – abhi bhi naraz ho
maan jumped back like her touch could melt him down
geet – sorry kaha ne maine
maan – nahi baba naraz nahi hoon bus
geet – bus nahi car….maan rolled his eyes
geet smiled & they walk back to the car
maan – lunch khane challen
geet – mujhe bhut bhoog laghi hain
maan – what do u want to have
geet – khana
maan rolled his eyes again
geet – aacha Indian
maan – challoo
they reach the car & the driver keeps the kit in the dicky
maan takes the keys from the driver
geet sat in the car & checked the CDs he had
geet – waise bechan u look good in t-shirts
maan blushed
geet moves her hand to his hair..maan moved back
maan – kya kar rahi hoo, let me drive
geet – grass laga huwa hain
she pulled it out
she played a CD & said u have good collection
maan – thanxs
they reach the resturant & maan gives the keys for valet
geet – oh fish i forgot to call armaan & prem
aap challoo main aathi hoon

geet calls prem
prem – good morning
geet – nahi yaar sorry bhut gadbad hogayi thi
prem – raat bhar soyee nahi hogi aur kya
geet smiled
prem – kanha hain
geet – I have come out for lunch will call u latter
prem – umm
geet – armaan tere saat hain kya
prem – nahi uski koi duty hain
geet – aacha teehk hain I will call him then…bye

geet calls armaan
armaan – kanha thi too…kab se try kar raha hoon
geet – woh bhara aayee hoon lunch pe
armaan – aacha sun.. meri ridz ke saat duty hain
geet – kya baat kar raha hain
armaan – kuch idea de na
geet -bus don’t play any prank on her now
armaan was quite
geet – OMG…what did u do
armaan – i just kept texting on her pager…
geet -like false emergency call types
armaan – umm!!!
geet – u r dead today….
armaan – aab main kya karoo
geet – jute kaa… main lunch khane jaarahi hoon, will call u latter
armaan – u r really mean
geet – thanxs

geet goes in & looks for him
she looked around he sat in a couch looking into the menu
geet – sorry i had call them, aapke chaker me unhe phone hi nahi kiya
maan – do u want to order any drink
geet – double large Scotch on the rocks
maan eyes poped …he tried to look normal & calls the waiter…
maan – one beer & sc…geet holds his hand & nodes her head for a no
maan wonders… geet – one mango juice
waiter takes the order & leaves
geet – bachan yaar mazak kar rahi & pats his hand..resting on his
aap ka chehra deehkne layak tha
maan – i don’t mind if u want to drink
geet – offcourse u mind….aap ke chehre pe lika
maan clears his throat – nahi I really don’t mind
waiter serves the drinks
geet pulls his beer…u don’t mind…are u sure
maan looks away  yah pritty sure
she starts gulping down…maan pulls it back geet yeh kya kar rahi hoo
her eyes turned red… kyun u said u don’t mind aab kya huwa?
she felt pukish..she held her mouth & ran to the wash room
maan waited out feeling guilty
she held her stomach & came out after vomiting for 30mins
geet – u do mind right!!!
maan – haan baba I do mind, what have you done to yourself
geet – kuch nahi empty stomach piya na isiliya
maan – is it like the first time???
geet – umm!!!
maan – I thought ur used to drinking
geet – never judge the book by its cover
she fainted in his arms
maan lifted her & put her in his car & wondered what to do
he took her to the out house & made her lie on the bed
maan walked restlessly waiting for her to wake up…
it was more than 2hrs & she was still unconcious..he knew it was the effect
of the drink but was still getting really worried
geet got up with a heavy head…. maan gave her lemon juice
she had ..main kahna hoon & started laughing
maan – kyun has rahi hoon…I have been so worried for last 2hrs
geet – nahi bachan…typical filmy dialogue tha..main kanha hoon
& starts laughig again
maan smiles – tum sach main pagal hoo
geet – aur aap maha pagal…
maan rolls his eyes
geet – aur nahi to kya pehle hi kah diya hota mat piya I do mind …nahi piti na
maan – kis haq se kahta
geet – arrey abhi to main aapki offical GF hoon pura haq bantha hain
maan kept looking at her for a while
geet – bachan mujhe boohk laghi hain & holds her stomach
I will go home now
maan – let me see if there is anything in the kitchen
geet – umm
they walk to the kitchen…
geet – bachan main idher kaise aayee
maan looked at her confused
geet – aap uttey ke layee…
maan smiled
geet – seriously u lifted me from the car to the room she looks down those steps
& to the bed….she presses his biceps..strong ho yaar
maan checks milk hain fruits hain chellen ga
geet – umm!!
she drinks the milk
geet – bachan yeh kiska ghar hain?
maan – mera
geet – aur kitchen main kuch bhi nahi..khate kya hoo?
maan – yeh outhouse..yanha koi nahi rahtha
geet moves back gives a strin look – aap mujhe yanha kyun layee?
maan – jaise tum soch rahi ho waise kuch nahi hain
geet – aap itne bhi seedhe nahi ho jitne dihkte hoo
maan – GEET
geet – ek to mujhe sharab pila ke aapne outhouse lekar aayee aur pata nahi
kya kya kiya hoga…chi chi babaji..yeh kya hogaye mere saat
maan  & holds her from her arms…how dare u think of me like that
pressing her arms really hard…staring in anger…tears rolls down her eyes
geet – bachan main mazak kar rahi thi
his grip hardens further…in anger… geet hugs him…sach main mazak kar rahi
thi..jaanti hoon aap aise kuch nahi karoghe…aap mujhe yanha la aayee taakhi koi
galat na samjhe mere bare main…his hand relaxed & rested on her back
their hug seemed little deeper now…maan snaked her back
geet – aap ko nahi lagta ki aap GF – BF wali baat ko kuch zayada hi serious
le rahe hoo…maan moves back & turns away…
maan – I am sorry, mera matlab woh nahi tha

geet smiles…its ok..I understand, main chalti hoon late ho raha hain
she rushes out …looks back..bachan aap blush karte huwa aache lagte ho..bye
maan was embarrassed
geet reaches home
geet – mama bhut boohk lagi hain
rano gets her the lunch & feeds her
geet kisses her
raji – didi subha aap kis ko phone kar rahi thi
geet – bachan ko
raji – woh kaun hain
geet – friend hain
raji – pehle to kabhi naam nahi suna
geet – nahi yaar friday ko mila tha
rano – 2 din main itni dosti hogayee
geet – mama waise kuch nahi hain….bhut seedha sadha…sata savitra types
aapke type ka..u know decent types
chinto – phir woh aap ke saat kya kar raha hain
geet – kyun mera dost nahi ho sakta kya
every one was quite
geet – rukoo main aap ki baat karti hoon
geet calls maan
maan – bollo
geet – aap mere dost ho na
maan – is ke liya phone kiya
geet – nahi woh meri mama nahi manti ki aap mera dost ho
challo aap bolo mama ko ki mera dost ho
maan – nahi nahi meri baat suno geet…in wane she gave the phone to rano
both maan & rano in unconfartable situation
rano – namaste beta
maan – namaste aunty ji
geet wispers – hain na bikul decent decent types
rano – aap kaun se college main ho?
geet wispers nahi college main nahi hain kuch business hain
rano – I am sorry wat do u do?
maan – Khurana Constrctions ka naam suna hoga aap ne, main uska MD hoon
rano – aachi baat hain, come home some time
maan – ji
geet wispers hogayee taslee…phone chodo… mujh khana kilavoo
she snatches the phone – bachan thanxs bye ..waise kya kar rahe ho?
maan – tumhe yaad kar raha tha
geet – abhi main ne mama se aap ke bare main itna itna aacha bol rahi thi chi chi
bachan …very bad
maan – kya kya bola
geet – nahi bolti…mama sun loo maine jo bhi bolata bachan ke bare main
sab galat tha
rano laughs & leaves her alone…chintoo & raji leaves with her
maan – kyun meri reputation karab kar rahi ho
geet – phir flirt karna band karo
maan – tum samne hoti ho to pata nahi mujhe kya hojata hain
geet – BYE
maan – aacha baba gussa mat karo
geet – bachan mera sur bhut duk raha hain
maan – close ur eyes & sleep u will feel better
geet – sab aap ki wajah se, pata hain kitne dard ho raha hain
maan – sorry ..really sorry
geet was enjoying this – umm!!!
maan – abh bi dard ho rah hain
geet – umm!!
maan – u r making me feel so bad…
geet giggled
maan – GEET
geet smiled – masti kar rahi thi…lekin sach main dard ho raha hain ..
aap manate huwa cute lagte ho
maan mumered Maan Singh Khurana & cute..yuck!!!
geet – aur manavona… aapki practise ho jayeeghi
maan – practise???
geet – biwi ko to manana hi petaga
maan – woh sab tumhare department hain
geet – yeh aacha hain… gussa karo aap manvoon main
maan – aab GF ho itna to karna hi patega
geet – sach main I pitty ur wife
maan – but I don’t pitty ur husband
geet – how sweet… u might be the second person saying that in the whole world
maan – aise kyun
geet – sab ko lagta hain ki, no one can manage to live with me under the same roof
maan – i would kill to be with u
geet ignored that – sab ko lag tha hain i am impossible
maan – sab ko galat lagta hain
geet – i am flattered now…kya chahiya mang loo
baad main mat kahna nahi muka diya
maan – tum
geet – on a serious note ..main bikul bhi aapke type nahi
maan – meri type kya hain
geet – meri choti behan, armaan ki ridz…woh hoti haina salwar kameez saree types
maan smiled – lekin tum bhi to sari phen thi ho
geet – no ways …
maan – u looked really nice in that white saree
geet – saree main to sabhi ladkiyan aachi lagthi hain
maan – pari to sirf tum lag rahi thi
geet – bachan maan loo main aapki type ki bikul bhi nahi hoon
maan – mujhe to lagta hain ki tum meri liya hi bani hoo
geet – galat lagta hain
maan – main galat ho hi nahi sakta
geet – then prove me wrong
maan – i will!!!
geet – aacha suno
maan – umm
geet – mujhe neind aarahi hai…
maan – good night
geet – umm dosses off
next day she turns with the sound of the watch beeping
she mumers…aarey yaar kanha raka maine…
maan – bed ki neechi
geet – thanxs & switches it off …bachan aap
maan – good morning
geet – soyai nahi
maan – tum sone do tab na
geet – lekin main to soo gayee thi
maan – meri neiend utta ki
geet – call nahi cut kiya…yarning
maan – tumne bhi to nahi cut kiya
geet smiled…abhi cut kar rahi hoon…bye
maan – umm
geet – aacha sunno
maan – umm
geet – kya kar rahe ho
maan – do u really want me to answere that
geet – ok mujhe yaad karne ke alawa kya kar rehe the
maan – gym main hoon
geet – sachi …aap bilkul sata savitra type hoo…
pulls the spread & keeps the phone on charging
maan – wat is sata savitra?
geet – sati savitri ka male version
maan starts laughing…geet records it in her phone..
geet – good night
maan – sweet dreams

7.30am geet wakes up has her milk & calls maan
maan – utt gayee
geet – umm!!
maan – had u milk
geet – umm!!
maan – i am sure u will make it on time to college today
geet – yah
maan – prem ko uttaya?
geet – oye teri..thanxs hold karo
she puts maan on hold & calls prem
prem – itni subha subha kay chahiya tujhe
geet – 45mins college
prem – aaj sunday hain
geet – aaj monday hain
prem – phir sunday kanha gaya?
geet – gaya nahi aayega…6 din ke baat…
prem – then call me after 6 days
geet – PREM!!!
prem – teehk hain..chilla mat
geet – bye

resumes the call with maan
maan dressed up walking to breakfast table
geet dressed goes to kitchen
papaji discussing with brij – Maan singh Khurana has again got this award..
brij – he is really very enterprising business man
papaji – itne kam umar itni badi achievement, compentable
brij – their company is doing some work for defense services too
geet – bachan …yah maan ..u know
maan – aab kya kiya maine
geet – tum nahi yaar Maan woh…kya tha uska naam
maan offers Maan Singh Khurana
geet – han han wohi..usko koi award mila hain it seems
maan – han best businessman of the year ka ward mila
geet – usko kaise mil sakta hain
maan – kyun
geet – aap bhi business karte hoo
maan mumers wat is she getting to
geet – mere ko lagta hain ..zaroor usne judge committe ko bribe kiya hoga
u know some people have this attitude
maan – GEET !!… he is hard working I know him personally
geet – usse kya hota hain, character bhi to aacha hona chahiye
maan – kisi ne mujh se kal hi kaha tha..don’t judge the book by the cover
geet – aap usko itna defend kyun karte rahete hoo, I don’t like it
maan mumers..yehloo aab main khud ko bhi defend nahi kar sakta
maan – tum chathi kya hoo
geet – mujhe woh pasand nahi hain bus aur aap usko support nahi karoghe
maan – lekin kyun… as far I see from ur point of view u haven’t meant him
geet – mujhe milna bhi nahi hain
maan – chodo use…hum humari baat karthe hain
geet – I still don’t like that guy
maan – ok… leave him alone
geet says bye & leaves to college
papaji – ek min beta I want u to meet Prithvi…our chief of security
geet – hi..smiles
prithvi nodes
geet wispers to maan – he is really HOT…
maan – GEET
papaji – he wants to give u some briefing
geet – ji
prithvi – I have rewamped the security system , u won’t have any of my mens
following u any more. it will be only me
geet wispers to maan – yeh to perfect hain
maan smiles
maan says bye to daadi & sits in his car
geet wispers – yeh mera saat college aayega to sari ladkiyan meri peeche pad jayenghi
maan – u like him so much
papaji – i have given him the updated list
geet – ji, main javoon

geet hops into her car prithvi follows in his bike
geet – bachan kya bike hain
maan – u really seemed to be impressed by him
geet – bachan impressed nahi ..I am falling for him
maan clears throat – don’t talk to me like that
geet – kyun aap mere friend ho
maan – correction BF hoon…
geet – Jeaslous types umm
maan – not actually but yah I am not comfartable talking all this
geet checking him in the rare view – I am defently dead!!! wat biceps wow
maan – main call cut kar raha hoon
geet looks away – teehk hain nahi deehk rahi

maan – if u keep checking him on rare view I am sure u will
again hit some one on the road today…
cccccrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeechhhhhhh breaking sound
maan – are u fine..Geet?? geet???
geet – main teehk hoon..I am fine..
maan – where r u right now
geet – don’t panic…actually some stupid guys, they usually create trouble
aaj body gaurds wali car nahi deehki to they are just troubling
maan gets wild and put her call on hold makes another call
maan – some guys are creating trouble
xyz – umm
maan – i will be there in few mins
xyz – umm
maan tells the driver to turn the car towards her
maan resumed the cal
geet – kya huwa
maan – drive slowly
geet – don’t worry bachan
those guys on the bike again cross over & geet braked hard again
maan – u stop the car but don’t open ur door or window
geet – relax bachan
maan – do as I say
geet – bachan u r overreacting
the guys on the bike again almost run into her car…
she stops in a jerk…
maan – lock ur doors
geet – they are parking the bikes around me
maan – don’t worry prithvi is there right?
geet – actually there are 5, nahi, 6, nahi 9 guys, how will prithvi manage
maan – don’t worry, just bend down
the guys start crowding around the car & wooing
prithvi slides his bike in between them & get off in style
geet – wow kya stlye main entry mari hain
maan smiles
prithvi – just back off…& let her go
1 of the guy – tu iska body gaurd hain kya?
another one – nahi majnoo lagtha hain..and raises his hand to break the cars window
prithvi holds his wrist & turns it in a jerk, guy falls dowm with a broken wrist
geet – bachan haat tood diya…geet starts panicking
then starts a major action sequence between prithvi & 8 others
prithvi manages to kick 5 of them away
one of them pick a knife & slits prithvi’s arms
other two overpower him, geet steps out of the car…
maan – don’t u dare step out the car
geet pulls the ear plugs out & takes a stick to hit the guy from back
how was about to stab prithvi…the guy turns with the knife to geet
geet hits him with the stick… nothing seem to happen
she hits really hard & tried to move back
he pushes her dowm & tries to force a kiss on her lips
she kicks & punches making him bleed but still he comes really close to her face….
a hand comes between their faces… the hand lifts him by his face & then in mid air
lifting him by his neck throws him away…
maan turns to geet holding her by arms…tum teehk ho na, geet
geet – bachan not bad yaar … tere bhi biceps aachey hain
maan – i asked u not to step out of the car
geet – they were about to stab him
maan – he would have managed, he might be trained for all that
geet – i was worried
prithvi – i am ur body gaurd I am responsible for u
geet – body gaurds insaam nahi hote, unhe choot nahi lag sakti
i cannot just sit back & watch him bleed because of me
maan checks prithvi’s wound…
prithvi – i am fine
maan – I will drop her, please go the doctor now
geet – u can take off for few days if u want
prithvi – I will call the guards to get ur car & join u in the college
geet – papa ko mat bolna he will get worried
prithvi – I will have to report it any way
geet makes a face & turns. she locks the car after taking her belongings
and gives the keys to prithvi
maan makes her sit in the car, he comes in from the other side
and looks at her a for a while, geet looks at him lifting her eye brows
kya huwa? maan – tum teehk ho na?
geet – umm.. aap yanha kaise
maan – sirf tumhi mujhe tond sakti hoo? main nahi..he starts the car & changes
the gear…moves on
geet – mera liya yanha aayee the
maan -nahi mujhe prithvi ki chinta ho rahi thi
geet – gay types umm!!
maan – GEET !!
geet – actually thanxs
maan stops the car geet looks at him…maan looks deeply at her
tumhe thanxs kehni ki zaroort nahi… tumhe kuch ho jata to …he stops
and looks away
geet – to??? peeping close to him..bolo to?
maan changes the gear & moves on – to meri biwi ko kaun manayega
geet – how mean
maan smirks and drops her in the college…
maan waits for her body gaurds to arrive…tells them to stay close
geet – bye
maan – sunno
geet – umm
maan – aapna khayal rakna
geet – pata hain … aap ke biwi ko tution deneke baad hi maroo..
maan closes her mouth… aaj keh diya dobar aise mat kehna
geet was taken a back… aap itna serious kyun ho rahe ho
maan moves his hand away & turns his head
geet smiles aacha baba nahi kahongi… ab jane do mujhe, bye
she meets up with prem
prem – woh kaun tha
geet – wohi to bachan hain, chal mila thi hoon
prem – woh to chala gaya
geet sees him reversing – teehk hain kal mila toonghi
prem – is he going to drop u every day?
geet – woh kyun mujhe drop karegha
prem – phir yeh sab kya hain?
geet – aarey u won’t believe what happened today
geet narrates the whole incident
prem gets really annoyed – tune mujhe phone kyun nahi kiya
tu teehk hain na…he calls his gang & drags her to the car
calls armaan & tells him
prem barges into those guys college & bashes up their bikes
those guys were sitting in a group near the canteen…
prem – aab himaat hain to haat laga ke dikha..pushes geet infront of them
armaan – itni himaat inme kanha
they bash up the 8 of them & parcel them to sanjeevni along with the one
who was already getting treated for his broken wrist
geet hold them from ears…& pushes them in the car
aab is case ko papa se kaun bachayega
they drive to armaan’s flat..geet cleans their wounds & applies medicine
geet – kya zaroorat thi unse ladne ki, sab kuch sort out ho gaya tha
armaan – no one messes up with u..
prem – do u get that
geet – OK…relax…aaj subha se log mujh pe itna possessive kyun ho
rahen hain
armaan & prem pin her on the floor – aur kaun possessive ho raha hain
geet gets intimidated – koi nahi…
they spend the whole day watching movie & playing video games
rano calls geet
geet – ji mama
rano – aaj karva chuat ki shopping karni hain, jaldi aana
geet – ji mama

geet pushes armaan from her lap & rushes to leave
prem – pulls her back
geet – late ho rahi hoon
prem – mera pillow
geet slips pillow under his head & says bye
armaan comes down…& gives a confused look
geet – kya huwa
armaan – woh mujhe
geet – kya baat hain
armman – i want to know about karav chaut
geet – kyun?
armaan – main bhi ridz ke liye
geet hugged him so sweet….
she tells him how to keep the fast
geet – come home in the morning we will have the
breakfast togather…be there at 4.00am ok
armaan – umm

geet takes rano for shopping
they first get glass bangles….then go to pick up
other beauty stuffs…geet gets bored while rano was picking sindoor, kaajal, lipstick
she called maan
maan – umm
geet – kya kar rahe ho
maan – tumhare liya shopping kar raha hoon
geet – seriously kya ker rahe ho
maan – I had come for some jewellry shops openning cermony
geet – umm
maan – tum kya kar rahi ho
geet – mama ke saat shopping, kal karvachaut hain na
maan – aab to tumhare liya gift lena hi padega
geet – kyun
maan – aab tum merliya fasting karooghi to mujhe bhi gift to dena padega na
geet – BTW I am not fasting for u
maan – fasting to kar rahi ho na
geet – woh to har saal karthi hoon
maan – is saal main tumhara BF main hoon
geet – to
maan – to mere liya huwa na
geet – don’t confuse me
maan – aacha sunno
geet – umm
maan – red wali sari leena
geet – kyun
maan – mujhe pasand hain
geet – nahi main blue longi mujhe blue hi pasand hain
maan – tumhari marzi
geet – aur meri marazi blue hain
maan – umm
rano – challo saree’s deehk the hain
geet – ji mama
they go to the saree’s shop, the guy pulls out sarees all different colours
geet – mama woh blue wali deehkana
maan – teehk hi hain
geet – very funny
maan looks out at the jewellry section
shopkeeper – would u like to see some thing
maan nodes his head for a yes
geet – aap ko pata hain armaan ridz ke liya varath rakh raha hain
maan – very good
geet – kya very good…aap to nahi rakho ge aapni biwi ke liya
maan – biwi kehegi to shayad rak bhi doon
geet – keh kar rakh ne main kya maza…maza to tab hain jab aap khud se karo
maan – lekin main aise nahi hoon.. . tumhe kuch chahiya to tumhe
mujhe se kehna hoga…
geet – main kyun kahoon ghi
maan – aabhi to tum hi ho meri
geet ignores it all togather

rano keeps some saree on her … mama wohi teehk hain
rano – u have too many of blues…lets try some thing else
maan smiled
geet – bhut khush mat hoiya
rano picks a very heavy red saree…
geet – mama yeh bhut heavy aur red bhi hain main yeh nahi pehenoge
no ways am I going to wear all this
rano select few others… geet rejects all of them…
she finally fell for a saree that the mannequin was wearing …actually loved
thin straped blouse that came along…she inisited to get a similar one
maan – tum woh blouse ke wajah se saree le rahi ho
geet – main aise hi hoon
maan – sach main pagal ho
geet – mujhe yeh nahi samjh aata ke main aap se baat kyun karti hoon
maan – simple… because I am ur BF
geet – hogaya
maan – nahi.. I have just started… u will have to put up with this
through out your life
geet – no ways…
maan – thats not fair
geet – every thing is fair in love & war
maan – so u agree it is love
geet – NO
maan – u just said it…
geet – kahne ki baat thi to kahdi
maan – maane ki baat thi to maine maanli
geet – aap baat ko guma fira ke wonhi le aate ho
maan – tum bhi to humesha tal jathi hoo
geet – bachan really becoming bold now days!!!
maan – i was always
geet – pehle to umm aur mmm ke alawa kuch bolte nahi the aur abb….uff
maan – tumhare saat ka kuch to asar hoga
geet – aab sab meri galti hain
maan – maine aise to nahi kaha
geet – aap se to baat karna hi bekar hain
maan keeps quite
geet – kya huwa
geet – HELLOW???? r u there …
geet – naraz hogaya kya?
geet – deehko aise mat karo.. please
geet – lekin aap naraz kyun ho…she tries recollect wat she said
geet – bachan please…
geet – bachan what is wrong with u yaar…har baat pe naraz ho jate ho
geet – ok I take back my words…aap se baat karna beckar nahi hain..bus
geet – please bachan
geet – please…starts weeping & cuts the call
mujhe nahi baat karni unse…humesha naraz hojate hain
he makes it all so unpleasnt always. I don’t know why i keep calling him
maan calls back… she does’nt pick the call and switches off her phone

they reach home & raji was waiting to put mehendi
raji- I will put mehendi for u &  mama
geet was in a real bad mood, still gives a weak smile & sits through
rano – kya huwa tujhe, saree wale shop se tera mood karab hain
geet – kuch nahi…just leave me alone
chinto – raji di tu iske haat main mehendi mat laaga
geet – chinto tu mujhe se mar kayega..mera mood bhut karab hain
raji puts mehendi for rano & then moves to put on geets hand
raji – is saal kis ka naam likoon…
srk yah tom cruise???
chinto – aaj kal didi ka fav hero Maan Singh Khurana hain wohi lik do
geet – kuch bhi likde leking Maan..whatever mat likhna
geet kept wondering about her call with maan… she did’nt like this tension
raji – di hogaya…deehkoo…she did’nt bother to look
geet gave smile & walked away..chinto & raji giggled at her back
latter at night she saw her hand & came screeming down
geet – mama deehko raji ne mera dono haat main yeh kya lik diya
she washes her hand immidiately & waks both chinto & raji
papaji – raat ke 10 beje kya shoor ho raha hain
go sleep now
geet – papa ji deehko na raji ne meri puri mehendi karab kar di
raji really gets scared
papaji pats geet .. its ok tum kal phir se lagva lena
rano – deehko to kitna gada rang chad gaya hain
raji – didi ur hubby will really love u a lot… starts giggling again
geet gets pissed off & goes to her room

next day 4.00am… armaan & geet have pheni & fruits
rano – challo have milk now
geet – nahi mama please…
armaan – doodh nahi aunty
rano – pura finish karo
both of them make faces & finish it
geet sleeps on the bed & armaan cuddles up on the couch
at 8.00 am rano – don’t u guys have to go to college
armaan freshens up & leaves
geet – mama aaj main kanhi nahi jaa rahi & sleeps off
rano – college nahi jana kya
geet – nahi mama..aaj man nahi hain.. please
rano was shocked as she never misses her college, rano touches her forehead
geet snaps ..her hand.. mujhe sona do
geet wakes up at 12.00pm gets ready & goes down
rano was arranging for the pooja… geet helped her with the decoration
rano – kya baat hain beta itna upset kyun hain
geet – woh bachan naraz hain… mujhe aacha nahi lagta
rano – kyun naraz hain
geet – pata nahi mama… woh hamesha hi naraz ho jate hain
main sorry bolti hoon phir bhi nahi mante, mujhe nahi baat karni unse
rano – he is not like armaan & prem, toda serious type ka lagta hain
geet – toda nahi bhut serious types hain, humesha gussa karta rahta hain
mano gussa uski naak ka permanent resident ho
rano – tumbhi to kitna gussa karti ho
geet – lekin unki tarah bematlab nahi
rano – aacha bematlab nahi!!!
geet – ummm!! & turns her face
rano – aacha jaldi se ready ho javoo.. sab ladies will be hear any moment
geet – ji mama
geet switches on her phone..& her phone rings
maan – finally
geet was happy to see his call at the moment she swtiched it on
maan – kitna naraz hoti ho tum
geet – aap se kam
maan – yah… pechali 22hrs se tumhe 1000 se jada call kar chuka hoon
geet was pleased – really!!!how come?
maan – dosti ki hain to nibhana padegana, waise bhi kisi ko mera manana aacha lagta hain
geet – umm!!!
maan – tum college kyun nahi gayee
geet – mera man nahi tha, wait aap kaise pata
maan – mujhe sab pata hain
geet – aacha mujhe ready hona hain pooja ke liya…bye
maan – umm, aacha suno…
geet – umm
maan – agli bar gussa ho to phone off mat karna please
geet smiles
geet wears the saree & comes down …sits through the pooja
ladies where sitting around & singing & having fun
few even suggested grooms for geet, she was getting restless…
armaan called her
geet – u are real saviour
armaan – kyun kya huwa?
geet – kya boring party hain
armaan – chand nikal gaya, aab kya karna hain
geet – yanha to chand nahi nikla..she goes out & looks around
armaan – i am standing on sanjeevani’s roof ..bilkul clear view hain
geet – cool I will come & break the fast there.
armaan –  ridz is here…I will talk to u latter ..
geet – umm

geet tells rano..mama…main sanjeevni main fast break kar rahi hoon
wanha chand dihk raha hain…
rano – take ur thal & go
geet – umm!!!

geet drives her silver BMW & rushes to sanjaveeni…prithvi follows in the bike
he over takes & goes ahead in a turn…geets car breaks down in mid of no where
she gets off the car & kicks the car…she looks around there was not even a
single sole….she takes her phone to call…no reception
she was thirsty & famished… she looked at the thal.. checked if the moon was visible
not even a slightest of sight…she gets really worked up
she tried asking for lift.. non of the cars stopped…finally jumped infront of
a car & actually fainted… maan rushed & lifted her in his arms, looking lost into her wearing his choice of colour..looking like his soul mate..angel..truly devine
made her sit on her cars bonnet…she slides down…he rests her little
up…& looks for water…gets the water from her thal & splashes on her face
she slowly opens her eyes & looks at him & sees the moon’s clear view
behind him…& them his face covers it she could’nt beileve what she was seeing…he makes her drink water, she drinks the water looking at him confused fluttering her eye lashes &  screems yah kya kiya ….
maan – tum kya kar rahi thi
geet – aap ne mera fast kyun break kiya
maan – tumko meri ghadhi milti hain kya koodne ke liya?
and the argument continues….
geet – aap ne mera varat kyun toda??
maan – aur kya karta,  u were fainting, I did’nt know what to do
geet – aise koi karta hain kya
maan – tum itna naraz kyun ho rahi ho
geet – jab se aap se fight howa hain kuch bhi teehk nahi ho raha
maan smiled inwardly but loved her innocence, how she accepted it
maan – kya huwa
geet pulled her leg up & cuddled on the bonnet – meri mehendi karab hogayi,
I shouted at mama, college bhi nahi gayee & then chand bhi nahi aaya, phir
now u broke my fast like this
maan – what happened to ur mehendi
geet – deehko na raji ne kya lekha hain..she held both her hand in front of him
maan eyes poped…MAAN SINGH KHURANA…written across right hand to left
maan could never think his name could feel so beautifull
he held her hand & probably just kept looking at it for few mins
geet – main ek bar ke liya aap ka naam likwa leti …but yuck!!!maan chi chi
babaji…yeh kya hogaya mera saat…pata hain I washed my hand within few hours
phir bhi yah naam kitna gada chada hain deehkoo, waise aap ka naam kya hain?
maan – Maan Singh Khurana
geet – bhut maza aaraha haina mujhe pareshan karne main
maan – seriously mera naam Maan Singh Khurana hain
geet – yah !! and I am queen elizabeth
maan – suno to
geet – rahne do…tum mere liya bachan hi teehk ho
maan sat next to her on the bonnet resting their back on the wind shiled
& looking at the moon.. geet rested her head on his arms…maan stiffened
a bit with her closeness and touch…
geet – aap na itna naraz mat hoya karo, deehko na mera saat kya kya hogaya
maan slipped a flawless blue diamond ring the most expensive precious jewel of
its kind ever sold, the gem, which is 6.04 carats and sparkles with an unusual
blue hue into her left hands ring finger…
geet -yeh kya hain… she looked at it…curiosly feeling the touch of the ring
maan – tumhara gift
geet – lekin koi aise ring pehna tha hain kya
maan – koi aise vrat bhi to nahi rakta
geet – maine aap ke liya nahi raka tha
maan teasingly – Maan Singh Khurana ke liya to raka na
geet starts waking him pushing him off the car
maan – are’nt u hungry
geet – actually I am famished
maan – challo
geet calls armaan
armaan – chand dihka
geet – umm
armaan – where are u?
geet – i am going with bachan for dinner, do u want to join?
armaan – nahi  carry on…mani ridz ke saat dinner kar raha hoon
geet – ok enjoy
geet gets a call from prithvi & inquires where she was
geet – meri car break down hogayee thi, I am the resturant now
prithvi – I will arrange some one to fetch the car, I will be
in the resturant in few mins
geet – umm
maan & geet walk into an resturant like a couple …
geet in her red saree looking nothing less than a princesses & maan most
eligible bachelor..oops not bachelor any more offcourse gathering lots of
media attention.. geet was not sure about the media was for her or for him
maan called his guards to buzz them & booked the whole resturant for them
geet – bachan pura city main aap ko yehi resturant mila ?
maan – kyun kya huwa
geet – dehko na koi bhi nahi hain
maan smiled at her ignorance
maan – aacha hain na
geet – kya kaahk aacha hain..it is so desserted
maan – I like it this way
geet gives up & gives a second look at the ring in the light now glowing blue
geet – bachan it is really nice… wat gem is it..sipping her water
maan looking into the menu – blue diamond
geet gulps the water – yeh to bhut expensive hoga
maan looks into her eyes then looks at her finger – actually priceless now
geet tries to take it out…actually it won’t be nice
maan – tumhare size ka hain..u won’t be able to take out easily
geet struggling …u just slipped it in now…why can’t I take it out
maan smirked…keep trying
maan gives the menu card to place the order
geet still trying to remove the ring…
maan – aacha khana khane ke baat nikal lena.. yehlo order karo
geet places the order & asking him wat he likes
waiter offers the drink menu
maan – no thanxs…promptly
geet smiled
maan – what are u planning to major in
geet – not sure, papa was suggesting finance
maan – no no go for marketing or HR that will suit you the best
geet – actually I want to join Indian army or civil services like bro & dad
maan – umm..intresting
geet – I have just applied let me see
maan – umm
geet – bachan aap hamesha itna serious kyun rehate ho
maan – what do u expect me do
geet – be more cheerfull
maan – tum jo nahi rahti pura samya mera saat
geet – I was just wondering ???
maan – what
geet – aapne abhi tak flirt karna shooru nahi kiya
maan – so u like my flirting
geet – bechan please don’t start it all over again
I am in no mode to fight with you..waise hi mera din bhut bura bita hain
geet serves him the dishes & passes the rotis
geet – salad
maan – umm.. just tomatoes & cucumbar
geet – onion nahi!!! what is wrong with you
maan – mujhe nahi khana baba
geet – don’t worry I have titbits
maan gets concious
geet – tum ladkhe bhi na kitna show off karte ho
maan – aise nahi hain
geet – don’t tell me aap ghar main onions nahi khate
maan clears his throat – nahi
geet – ha ha..joke
maan – nahi kata seriously
geet keeps few in his plate – just enjoy…
mujhe yeh reserved reserved enjoy karna aacha nahi lagta
maan just smiled…
after they finished the dinner while waiting for the cheque
geet – ice cream khana challen woh meri taraf se…
maan – what do u keep on saying meri treat- tumhari treat
geet – i prefer it that way, coffee bhi aapne hi pay kiya tha
maan – yah sab tum aapne dosre friends ke saat karo…meri saat nahi
maan gets a call & walks out…he gives his purse to her before leaving
geet looks at him amused…she was feeling odd to open his purse
she reluctantly opens & clears the cheque, does’nt fail to notice the pics he carried..
grand mom & three brothers…she smiled
maan stood behind..yeh meri daadi hain pointing at the pic
this is dev & this is viky… geet – nice pic ..lekin
maan – lekin kya
geet – aapki girl friend ka pic
maan gives a stirn look…then smiles & pulls out her handbag
geet – give my handbag now…chodo…
he diggs in..OMG..kaise rakti ho…
geet feels embarrased – bachan please leave it …please
he takes her purse & gives her the handbag..he searches & takes her pic
& gives back her purse..geet turns her face
maan puts the pic next to daadi’s pic – yeh loo.. hogaya meri GF ka pic
geet puts her purse back in the handbag…& turns her face
aap se to baat karna maan lifts his eyebrows…she pauses & looks away
maan smiles – naraz kyun hoti ho
geet – aise kisi ledki ka handbag nahi kholte
maan – maine KISI ledki ka handbag nahi khola hain
geet rolls her eyes
maan – come I will drop you home
geet – umm!!
geet was getting in maans car
prithvi – maam aap ki dosri car papa ne bejvayee hain
geet nodes

geet – thanxs bachan u just saved my day, actually u spoiled it
so u better make it
maan smiled
geet hugged him good bye
maan wispered in her ears… looking really nice in red
geet blushed sighed – u really don’t give up & pulled away from the hug
she hops in her car & the driver drives her back

geet calls prem
prem – wow am I blessed
geet – PREM
prem – u missed college today…u know GEET HANDA missed college
I mean yaar mujhe to batathi kanha thi
geet – ghar main thi… mood nahi tha
prem – we could have gone out
geet – nahi I was really pissed
prem – I have never seen u getting upset about any thing like this
phone swticted off, no college…any thing serious
geet – not actually, aise hi I was in a faul mood over a fight
prem – are u sure?
geet – yah I am pritty sure…
prem – kal college
geet – umm!!!
prem – wake me up
geet – good night

she reaches home… papaji – what happened to your car
geet – break down hogayee thi
papaji – atleast call karna tha
geet – nahi papa friend milaya tha, he helped me
rano – did u have ur dinner
geet -ji mama
rano – chand deehkne ke baad hi vrat thoda na
geet – ji mama
rano – kaise chera utra gayee hain sleep well now
geet nodes her head & went to the room

next day 5.25am geet wakes up …turning around restlessly…
aabhi bajega uska alarm & calls bachan
maan – how come so early?
geet yarning – i was waiting for ur watch to beep
maan smiled
geet – can u believe I am getting up so early uff without an alarm
maan smiled again
geet – gym main ho
maan – umm practicising his kicks & punches
geet yarning again – how can any one work out at this hour
the watch beeps…she swtiches it off
geet – I am going to sleep
maan – sweet dreams
geet dosses off

8.00am maan calls geet
geet – kya hain…snapps
maan moves the reciver away
maan – tum college ke liya late ho rahi ho in stirn tone
geet sleeping again – abhi to humare baat huwi thi
maan – that was 2 1/2hrs back
geet – abhi time kya horaha hain
maan – 8.00am
geet – kya karte ho pehle nahi utta sakte the, u know I get up at 7.30am
maan – u did’nt ask me to wake u up
geet – phir phone kyun kiya
maan – it was 8, usually u call at 7.30 so I was just wondering what happened
geet – could’nt you wonder this little earlier, agar main college ke liya late huwi na
deehkna, aacha rukoo let me call prem
she puts his call on hold & wakes prem up
maan goes to his break fast table
daadi – u gave her the ring
maan smiled
daadi – how sweet , to main Mr. Handa se baat challvon
maan – nahi daadi abhi nahi
daadi – now what are you waiting for
maan – daadi !!!
daadi – NO no ways…you just gave her the ring without proposing
geet resumed the call
geet – what proposing???
maan chocked nahi kuch nahi
geet – batavoona what proposing
maan – proposing nahi..proposal project
geet – mujhe to lagha I heard proposing
daadi giggles
maan clears his throat requesting daadi to be quite
geet – aap kuch chupa rahe ho, are u planning to propose some one
maan kisses daadi bye & sits in the car – kiya to hain tumko
geet – see you are changing the topic now
maan – I am not
geet – forget it you don’t want to say to chodo
geet reaches the college & waits for prem
mukti comes & meet her
geet – hi mukti
mukti – hi geet, actually hum log women association ke taraf se morcha nikal rahe hain
would u like to join us
geet – what will I do
mukti – tum aavoo ghi to aur bhi students join karenghe
geet wispers to maan – javoon kya?
maan – javoo just be careful..sighing some papers & looking into blue prints
geet to mukti – classes??
mukti – mass bunking kar rahe hain
geet – what is this all about
mukti – actually a member of our association was molestated and the cops did’nt
handle her case judicially thats why we are going to take a rally
geet  reluctantly joins them…prem also joins in the rally
geet – prem women rally
prem – line mar raha hoon.so many girls..u know sympathy types..they may feel kitna cute hain
geet rolls her eyes
rally continues & creates a huge traffic jam & an ambulance gets stuck in the mist
geet gets hyper & disperse the rally & making way for the ambulance
maan -geet kya kar rahe ho tum
geet – ek min
prithvi – maam its not safe here bhut traffic hain
geet shouts at the cops & tells them to clear the traffic
cop – u have created all this rally & traffic jam, now u r blaming us
geet snapps back & askes them to do their duty
media start covering & bad mouthing the rally & blaming them for the mess
geet messes up with the media & tells them to stop wasting time on pitty matters
maan – tum kar kya rahe ho, wanha itna shoor kyun hain
geet shouting on top of her voice to clear the way for ambulance..prithvi try to hold her back
she pulls out the gun from the cop & shoots in air every one moves back
maan stands up in his pushing his chair back- what is this gun shoot.

geet..geet answere me now
geet stands up on the roof a car – clear the traffic now  she shouts
prem climbs up the ambulance – geet woh gun mujhe dede warne police tuje arrest karleghi
maan rushing out arranging for lawyer – geet calm down, just relax..
don’t fire any more  bullets please, i will be there now
ambluance made its way through & the cops arrested geet
geet  quitely follows
prem tries to interfear but cops hold him back
prithvi informs handas
outside the police station media creating a big scene out of it
media questioning the women associations integrity & a press meet is arranged
to question the women association head Savitri devi!!
maan reached with his lawyer media wondering Maan Singh Khurana
was doing here..they pounced at him with questions…his body gaurds kept them
away… Maan  walks in to see geet was standing in a corner crossing her hand &
looking down… geet hugs hims  trembling in fear…her hands were cold & shaky
she was shocked with what she did …lawyer finished the paper work easily…
Maan handed her a bottle of water & went inside to sign the papers.
as a guarantor. ..he turned to see Mr. Handa walking in with his lawyer

Mr. Handa – thanxs Mr.khurana… handa’s lawyer – they have completed the formalities
maan noded his head
Mr. Handa – I am sorry about all this mess ..
maan & papaji walking out talking to each other…
geet – papaji yeh mera friend hain ..
papaji looks shocked & then realized his daugter has the whole world in her
friends list..but Maan Singh Khurana he was taken a back
maan clears his throat & puts his hand in the pocket
papaji – thanxs for taking your time out
geet was impressed with her papa talking nicely to maan
geet wispers to maan – bachan aapne aapna jaado papa pe bhi chala diya
maan moves little away to avoid media attention or complication
geet – bachan itna kyun sharama rahe ho?? waise to bhut GF GF kehte ho, aab kya huwa
papa ji ke samne bolti bant & giggles
rep1 – what do u want to say about ur daughters act
rep2 – ameer baap ki beti hain to kuch bhi kar sakti hain
papaji – no comments
guards shoo them away… Maan takes his leave & moves to his car
papaji – tumhe unhe insab main involve karne kya zaroorat thi
geet – kise bachan ko
papaji rolled his eyes
geet – papaji, maine kuch nahi kaha tha, woh main unse phone main baat kar rahi thi
tabhi yah sab huwa, aur woh apne aap se aagayee meri help karne
papaji – are u mad, its impossible to get him on phone
geet – aise to nahi hain …prem & mukti gives her big hug
mukti – yaar really very sorry, meri wajha se yah sab
geet – nahi yaar just relax, aab sab teehk hain
mukti still looked very disturbed
geet – what happened
mukti – woh savitri devi hain na
geet – kaun savitri devi?
mukti – humari women association ki head
geet – umm
mukti – now media is blaming them for all this & troubling her
she is having a press meet & sab log unko resign karne ko kah rahen hain
geet – papaji aap challo main inke saat aathi hoo
papaji – no more tamasha
geet smiled

geet – mukti mujhe press meet main le chal
mukti – nahi yaar woh teehk nahi hoga
prem – don’t ever say no to geet handa, u never know kanha se gun shot hoga
geet waked prem – mukti please yaar

they drive to khuarana mansion
reporter 1 – this rally was with ur permission
savitri Devi – ji hain
rep2 –  how can ur association be so careless, kisi jaan ja sakti thi
savitri Devi – actually ..before she could complete
rep3 – kyan aap in sab ki responsibilty leti hain
savitri Devi – it was a peaceful rally…the reporters not letting her talk
rep1 – are u going to resign
geet barges in – why should she resign, galti meri hain, inki nahi
savitri Devi wispers to her assisatant – yeh kaun hain
assist – the girl who fired the bullet
savitri Devi she gave stare to her..scanned her top to bottom…torn jeans,
curly hair tied up with a clip, muddy sneakers & funcky t-shirt
geet was facing the media did’nt notice savitri Devi – I am the person to be blamed
maine bullet challyee the, it was a peacefully rally…agar aap logo ko
problem hain to mujhe se honi chahian…inhe kyun pareshan kar rahen hain
she need not be blamed for all this
savitri Devi tells her assist – ask her to be quite
geet – don’t u dare trouble her, just buzz off
assist asks her to be quite
rep 1 – savitri Devi what will u do to undo this
geet – don’t u get that stratight
savitri Devi – geet aap chup rahiyaa
geet turns to see her, she feels bad that she is scolding her when she was actually
trying to support her…she felt bad
rep2 – who is responsible for all this
savitri Devi – traffic police is responsible for all this,geet was shocked we had given a written request for this rally 2 weeks in advance, so it is their responsiblity to arrange for proper flow of traffic… they should have made adequate arrangement to take care of the traffi flow
we kept our rally latter in the day so that there is not much traffic at that hr
but still if they can’t manage & an ambulance gets stuck in the mist what do u expect
a responsible citizen to do, just keep watching, risk that persons life in the amblunace
rep 1- so u support geet
savitri Devi – what she did may be wrong but her intentions were not wrong
geet kept looking at her with her jaws droped open…
geet wispered to mukti maine inha hanhi dehka hain
rep 2 – what if the bullet whould have hit some one
savitri Devi – lagi to nahi na…
geet giggles..savitri Devi passed a glance to her
geet – oye yeh to bachan ki daadi hain..bilkul uski tarah ghoor this hain
rep 4 – so u are blaming all on the traffic police now
savitri Devi – yes , agar woh log aapna kaam teehk se karte to yeh sab nahi hota
thanxs no more questions
daadi walks to the study..geet goes behind her
daadi looks back in anger
geet with a big smile hugged her – aap bachan ki daadi ho na
daadi was shocked at her grandsons choice..
daadi cleared her throat & scanned her again top to bottom & took a long deep breat in
geet – main Geet Handa
daadi mumered oh no humari badi bahu
geet – daadi yeh prem hain mera bestest of friend & puts her hand around him
this is mukti humri college ki leader
geet – daadi aap photo se bhi jada sexy lagti ho
daadi cleared her throat
daadi offered her some tea
geet – nahi daadi main tea coffee nahi pethi
daadi smiled at her
geet – aap bilkul bachan ki tarah smile karti hain, actually maine aap ko jab deehka
mujhe laga ki maine aap ko kanhi deehka hain..
daadi – but we hav’nt met before
geet – wohi to, phir aapne jab gussa main deehka tab mujhe yaad aaye ki aap bachan ki daadi ho, woh bhi bilkul aap ki tarah ghoorthe hain
daadi looked away…
geet – actually maine aap ki photo deehki thi unki purse main
daadi – purse main!!!..
geet – jab hum dinner keliya gaye the kal raat ko
daadi – dinner???
daadi looked at her & now noticed the ring in her hand
daadi – waise aap ko aise fire nahi karna chahiya tha
geet – sorry daadi, actually mujhe woh ambulance ki chinta ho rahi thi aur maine
daadi – I can understand, but be careful next time
geet – ji daadi
daadi wondered maan business sambhale ga ki ise sambale ga
daadi – did police trouble u or something
geet – nahi daadi, mera wanha pounchane se pehle hi bachan ne meri bail kardi
daadi smiled inwardly …waise to inka pass kisi chiz ke liya time nahi hota
acha hain, business ke alawa bhi he is taking intrest in some thing

mukti, geet & prem go back to college
geet hyper excited after meeting daadi
geet – daadi ki kya personality hain, how was she answereing the press
mukti – umm
prem resting his chin on his hand & yarning
geet – tumne dehka the saree she was wearing wow…simply superb
I mean how she was carrying herself
mukti – yah very nice saree
geet – did u notice the pearl set ..OMG totally matching
mukti – I think they were rare pink salt water pearls
geet – wow…she supported me. she said my intentions were good
geet holds prem & swings around kitni modern hain… prem snaps out of his bored look
prem – wow
mukti admired them togather

geet reaches home in the evening at around 6pm
rano – subha se puri duniya phone kar chuki hain tumhare bare main pochne ke liya
geet stood guilty
rano – u are going over board now, I support u of every thing does’nt mean that
tum apna aise tamsha banvooghi, papa ki kya izaat rahe jayeeghee
geet – meri koi galti nahi hain..savitri devi ne bhi mana hain
rano – woh kaun hain
geet – womens assosication ki head, pata hain woh bachan ki daadi bhi hain
rano – jisi meri us dine baat hui thi
geet – hmm..hugging rano & kissing her
rano snapping her – why did you have to do all that

geet – lekin mama
rano – itni badnami hogayee hain, kaun karega tumse shaadi
geet – jisi karna hoga kar lega
rano – GEET!!! rano gets really angry
geet snaps & takes her purse & leaves
she calls prem ..he was not answering, she calls armaan
geet – hi in a low voice
armaan – kya baat hain
geet – mera mood…armaan’s pager buzzs
armaan – yaar geet  will talk to you latter, koi emergency hain
she gets upset & dives endlessly & reaches maans office
pinky gave a big smile..geet was too upset to notice
barges in his cabin & sits in the couch
sasha & tasha kept looking
tasha – sasha
sasha – umm
tasha – sorry maam, woh yanha phir se
sasha twists her hand & looks at her
maan was on a call looks at her & realizes she was in a bad mood
maan – give me few mins
geet makes a face & sits
maans call went on for 30mins
geet temper just reached her peak
she cut his call & shouted – I am waiting for you for last 1hr & ur on that stupid call
maan – 30 mins
geet spat in anger – WHAT
maan – tumhare aayee huwa 30min huwa hain
geet – u can keep track of time, but not my mood, can’t you see I am upset
maan – geet that was an important call, he goes back to call the person
geet she takes the phone throws it on the floor
maan shots stirn look – get out of my office now
geet looks at him with a teary eyes & leaves…maan closes his eyes thinking what he said

he rushes behind her – geet suno, geet meri baat suno
geet rushes out crying & wiping her tears
geet – I will never ever talk to you
maan pulls her hand – i am sorry mera matlab woh nahi tha
geet – chodo mujhe. How dare you touch me snaps her hand
they reach the parking she opens the car & sits in
maan gets in from the other side
geet – leave my car at once
maan – meri baat to suno to
prithvi – is there any problem
maan looks at her..geet wipes her tears – no its ok
prithvi follows in his bike
geet drives her car really fast breaking all the signal & missing almost an accident
maan – geet relax..I am sorry please just slow down
she raises the speed further
maan – geet please slow down yeh kya kar rahi ho
maan shouted – STOP IT
when there was a car overtaking & geet missed to notice
maan pulled the hand break & the car skidded & turned around
maan turned the stearing into the skid to avoid the car from going out of control
& kept looking at her in anger…. she was looking so upset
car finally stopped after making few cirlces in the dark wide strech of road
maan – tum teehk ho
geet snaps- why are u asking now
maan closes his eyes trying to control his temper
maan opens the door & comes to her side of the door, move let me drive
geet – meri car hain
maan – MOVE I SAID
geet slides to other side, he drives little further & parks the car in side
maan – tum itna upset kyun ho
geet – how does it matter to u she takes out his phone ..yeh lo phone main baat karo
maan – if I say it matters
geet – i won’t believe you
maan – what should I do to make you believe
geet – I don’t know
maan – mainne kaha na sorry please… now tell me why are so upset
geet – mujhe nahi batna aap ko, u asked me to get out of your office
maan – woh tumne phone ..I did’nt mean it
geet – like the way u don’t mean any thing u say
that was deep & direct looking into his eyes… maan was not expecting that
maan – geet aise nahi hain…I got angry ..I was on an very important call
and then u threw the phone down
geet turned looking outside
maan turned her face…geet snapped his hand – i know u don’t care about me
he pulled her hand in a jerk – kahana I care about u
geet – why should you any way
maan – because I ..he stops clears his throat because ur my GF
geet – GF bolte ho mante nahi
maan – manta bhi hoon
holding her hand softly now
geet – thats why u asked to get out of your office, I will never ever come to your office
maan – mainne kahana gussa main tha
geet still upset & turns her face
maan – tumne mujhe bataya nahi ki tum upset kyun thi
geet – mama na danta subha wali baat ke liya
maan – umm!!
geet – umm?? thats all u have to say about it
maan – nahi mera matalab hain..thats really sad..Maan singh khurana running out of words
to manaovofy his sweetheart..oops misti
geet – kahana u don’t care about me…aap se aachi to aap ki daadi hain
maan shocked – daadi!!!
geet – unho ne to mujhe support kiya
maan – tum daadi se kab mili
geet – press meet main
maan confused – kaun sa press meet
geet – u really don’t care about any one na
maan – yah thats why I was there in the police station to bail you out
geet – ok thats just once
maan – aur tumhara fight with those gundas
geet – another one & turns her face
maan – aur us din…geet closes his mouth…bus ..aapne ehsaan mat ginavoo mujhe
maan musmerized with her touch on his lips…
maan musmerized with her touch on his lips…
maans lips parted to kiss her soft & tender palm…he held back turned away. he was really uncomfartable. geet was not sure of his discomfart she looked at him & took her hand back
geet – aap waise to bhut baatein bante ho lekin, but u really do’nt care
maan looked out & opened the window …fresh air blow from her side to his
filling the car with her scent…maan closed his eyes & took in the scent
geet – I don’t like you. you don’t deserve my friendship
you are very rude, selfish, selfcentered & evil
maan snapped out – GEET
geet – deehka kaise baat karte ho…chi chi babaji..
maan looks up confused
geet – pata hain no one dares to talk to me the way you do
maan turns her to face him – geet meri baat suno
geet – mujhe aap ki baat nahi suni, aap bhut hi nakchade ho
maan shakes her – geet I am sorry
geet – mujhe nahi chahiya aap ka sorry, koi aapne Gf ke saat aise behave karta hain
jab deehko gussa karte rahte ho, ek to main itna upset hoon aur aapne
mujhe get out kaha
maan – maine gussa main kah diya tha
geet – i will never talk to you, kabhi phone nahi karongi, kabhi millon ghi bhi nahi
maan – sorry kaha na
geet – lekin koi aise kah sakta hain aapne her lips crushes into his chest as he
hugs her. She hits on his chest…aap bhut rude ho. he holds her tighter mar tum mujhe rahe ho
aur main rude hoon. She bites his chest really hard in anger. maan smiles and keeps quite
she looks up at him scared & wondering his reaction. He bends his head – hogaya ki aur
bhi gussa uttarna bhaki hain she looks away…I am sorry really ..I mean it..
I did’nt want to hurt you he said. Her hands that rested on his chest slipped to embrace him.
she felt comfartable and calmer. sorry she said
maan – maine suna nahi
geet – kuch nahi & pushes him away
maan smiles & started the car
maan – tumhari mama tumhe lekar pareshan hogayee hongi isliya kuch kaha hoga
geet – mama kabhi bhi kuch nahi kathi
maan – its ok mama hi to hain…mama logo ka to haq ban tha hain
geet still looked worried
her phone rang
geet – i missed missed missed missed you so much
rajveer – missed u too
geet – how do u know I wanted to talk to u
rajveer – tum dil se yaad karoo I will be at ur service
geet – thanxs..u just made my day, pata hain mama na danta
maan smiled
rajveer – firing wali baat ko lake
geet – umm
rajveer – aunty ko tum janti ho
geet – phir bhi
rajveer – I need to tell aunty, next time se geet aise kare ghi to
mujhe dant de…akhir tumhe gun challana maine hi to sikaya hain
so I am the person to be blamed
geet – aise nahi hain
maan kept looking at her change in mood & happiness
rajveer – tum teehk ho na
geet – haan main teehk hoon
rajveer – yah bachan ke saat kya scene hain
geet – kuch nahi
rajveer – does’nt sound all that simple
geet looks at maan….maan was looking at the road
geet – kyun
rajveer – nahi mujhe laga
geet – when are you coming
rajveer – not sure
geet – jaldiana I am really missing u a lot
rajveer – me too
geet – waise u remember ur promise right
rajveer – umm
geet – bye
rajveer – bye
geet was much better now, maan was happy to see her cheerful self
geet – raj ka phone tha
maan smiled
geet – he is my bestest of friends, he is a darling
maan – dinner? turns the car to the resturant
geet – umm
maan – Chinese
geet nodes..busy texting
maan – tum raj ke bare main kah rahi thi
geet – hmm!! geet was lost texting
they reach the resturant & she was still texting
maan gives her the menu card
maan – order karo
geet looks partially in the phone & at the menu
maan – GEET
geet – umm
maan snatches the menu card & places the order
mid way through the dinner geet realizes maan was not saying any thing
geet – kya huwa
maan – kuch nahi
geet – phir aap kuch bol kyun nahi rahe
maan keeps quite
geet – aab maine kya kiya
maan continues to eat
geet – aap phone ko lekar naraz ho, maine kaha na rajveer ka tha
maan still does’nt say anything
geet – arrey yaar if u r angry bolkar naraz ho na
she pushes the fork in the plate & crosses her hand over her chest looking away
maan – don’t create a scene hear now
geet – main scene create kar rahi hoon
maan – GEET
geet – aap mujhe se baat nahi kar rahe ho aur main scene create kar rahe hoon
aap ko mera raj se baat karna aacha nahi laga to main kya kar sakti hoon
maan – why will I have problem with u talking to anyone
geet – phir aap ka mode off kyun huwa aachanak
maan rools his eyes – i was asking u to place the order right
geet – umm
maan – tumne kiya?
geet – nahi !! woh main .. I was texting
maan – pichale 30mins se tum text kar rahe ho
geet – oh!!!sorry
maan – meri saat ho to atleast mujhse baat to kar he sakti ho
geet felt guilty & looked down making a sorry face
maan – waise tumhe kyun laga ki main raj ko lekar insecure feel karoonga?
geet – jaise aap naraz huwa to mujhe laga
maan smiled – mujhe tumhe lekar koi insecurity nahi hain, na hi hogi
geet – yeh kaise ho sakta hain, mera sare x-crushes ko mera saat wohi problem hian
maan – then they did’nt know u well enough
geet – as if u know me
maan – kuch kuch
geet smiled
maan – waise bhi main tumhara crush thodi hoon
geet naroowed her eyebrows
maan – BF hoon
geet rolled her eyes
maan – waise tumhare kitne crushes rah chuke hain
geet – I thought u just said u are not insecured
maan – I am just curious
geet – let me see….vivek, rakesh, sha..
maan – teehk hain teehk hain..lambi list lagti hain..phir kabhi discuss karlenge
geet smiled
after their dinner maan drives her back to her place in her BMW
with his car following him & prithvi on his bike
the security opens the door for geet & maan
geet – come in, mama se bhi mila doongi
maan – its late now some time latter
geet – mama won’t mind
maan – I do mind, some time latter
geet  – are u sure? maan – noded
geets drivers parked her car, his driver got his car in front
maan turned to sit in his car..geet softly held his shoulder from back
he turned to see her, she looked down & cluctching her fingers
maan – what happened
geet – woh …
maan – its ok, I know tum upset thi
geet – thanxs for understanding, I am really sor..his fingers stopped her
she fluttered her eyes and looked at him amazed probably it felt differently warm
maan – tumhara to haq banta hain, rubbing his chest were she bit
geet smiled & hugged & said good night
she went in & kissed rano & said sorry mama
rano smiled – now go say sorry to papa
geet – ji
geet went & stood out side papaji’s study
papaji was getting restless on some office matter, she waited for him to finish it
papaji – its been 3days now
assist – sir we are trying for an appointment
papaji – the whole project is getting delayed because of this one meeting
assist – but sir I spoken to his secertary, she said he is held up for next few weeks
geet comes in biting her apple – kaun hain jo mere papa ko itna pareshan kar raha hain
and sat next to him cuddled up in the sofa
papaji smiles at her – are u ok
geet – ji papa, sorry about it
papaji kisses her fore head – be carefull & control ur temper
geet – ji she streches her legs & rests her back on him
papaji – thats all for today, just make sure u get Maan Singh Khurana’s appointment
atleast by next week
assist – yes sir, good night sir
papaji noded
papaji – tum unhe kaise janti ho? how come he came for bailing u?
geet – kise? bachan ko
papaji – umm
geet mumered lift ke bare main bollongi to naraz ho jayenge
geet cleared her throat – usdin party mili thi
papaji – umm
rano walks in – come lets have dinner

after dinner geet catches up with prem & armaan on a conference call
prem – raj ne aur kya kaha
geet – u guys don’t care for me at all
armaan – yah right!!!
prem – arrey yaar main aapne new Gf ke saat tha isliya phone nahi uttaya tha
geet – see raj called up even from him impt mission
armaan – come on we all know him
prem – tere liya woh kuch bhi kar lega
geet – main bhi us ke liya kuch bhi kar sakti hoon, tum logo ke liya bhi
prem – thats better
armaan – weekend ka kya plan hain
prem – farm house challen
geet – bachan ke farm house chalte hain
armaan – wanha kyun
geet – he has horse & all
prem – woh..that will be fun
geet – teehk hain I will call him & tell him
armaan – i will try to get ridz
geet – umm
prem – nahi yaar, then you will not get time for us
geet strats giggling
armaan – forget it I am not coming
geet – please yaar don’t start fighting now
prem – ok ok.no problem .but no ridz ok
armaan – bye
geet – prem yaar why do u always do this
prem – I love to see him like this, he is totally lost it
geet – nahi yaar he seriously love her
prem – Oh really
geet – jab tujhe hoga to pata challega
prem – tujha bada exprenice hain
geet – PREM
prem – baat to aise karti hain jaise ur in love, ek BF to tere tiktha nahi
3 din main tera break-up hojatha hain
geet – meri kya galthi hain
prem – nahi teri galti nahi hain, wohi teri demands pura nahi kar pate
geet – I am not that demanding
prem – yah right!! jis tarika se tu aapne BF’s go handle karti hain na
u can never have a love marriage, phir karlena kisi ambani’s yah khurana’s shaadi
geet – nahi yaar mujhe love marriage he karna hain
prem – ur last Bf ko tune ek din main baga diya tha
geet – he was trying to take advantage
prem – aapne GF se kiss expect karna advantage lena nahi hota
geet – mujhe bhi to lagna chahiya na
prem – aur tujhe kab lagega, shaadi karke do bachon ke baad
geet – pata nahi, actually nun of them deserved me
prem – geet seriously just grow up now
geet – u grow up har do din main ladki badalta rahta hain
prem – atleast I have GF aur armaan ke saat ridz hain, naval ball main don’t expect us
to dance with u
geet – naval ball ke liya abhi 1 month hain I will manage to find one
prem – & dump 2
geet – bye
prem – don’t forget to talk to bachan for the farm house
geet – umm

5.30a she calls maan
maan – bolo
geet – good morning
maan smiled – maska kya baat hain
geet – actually I was talking to prem & armaan last night & we decided to go to
ur farm house for the week end, wanted to know if its ok with u
maan – ok
geet – so sweet, when should we pick u up
maan – why should u pick me up
geet – then u will come in ur car, aise kaise ho sakta hain that will not be fun
maan – u did’nt ask me to come
geet – arre aapke farm house ja rahen hain to aapke saat hi jayenga na
maan keeps quite
geet – ok!! I will ask u now, challo na
maan – waise bhi tumhe to mana nahi kar sakta
geet – phir itna natak kyun karte ho
maan – GEET
geet – ok ok subha subha gussa mat karna, mera pura din karab ho jayega
maan smiled
geet – I just love this smile of yours
maan – aacha so jaavoo I will wake u up at 7.30am
geet – umm..good night
maan continues with his work out

7.30am geet – umm
maan – utto…
geet – sona dona please
maan – college ke liya late ho ra hain
geet – please 5mins more
maan continues to change & combs his hair
maan – 5 mins up,  aab utto
geet – 5mins more please
maan – tumhe kya hogaya hain aaj
geet – pata nahi I am feeling very lazy today
maan – get up now & don’t forget to call prem
geet yarning – umm
she gets up lazily & has her shower looks at the time & strats rushing out
maan – relax ur fine
geet – aap pehle nahi utta sakte the, phir mera first lecture miss ho jayega
maan – drive slowly
geet – umm!! hopping into her car & putting her phone on the charger
maan kisses daadi
geet – meri taraf se bhi daadi ko ek kiss
maan kisses daadi again
daadi gives a strange look..maan wispers – uski taraf se
daadi – usko bhi meri taraf se kisses his cheeks
maan – DAADI
geet – kya huwa
daadi screams – geet ko dedena..maan closes the phones receiver
geet – kya diya daadi ne meri liya
maan – kuch nahi
geet – maine to suna daadi ne kaha use dedena
maan walks to car – maine kaha na kuch nahi
geet – bachan this is really bad, aap humare beech nahi aa sakte
aab daadi ne diya hain to u better give to me
uff bechara maan!!!! yeh to gaya

maan sat in the car getting mixd feelings…scared, nervous tensed..Maan Singh Khurana
geet – bachan…are u there
maan – umm
geet – daadi na kya diya
maan – kuch nahi
geet – this is not fair
maan – woh sab chodo
geet – nahi pehle batavoo
maan – geet plz,
geet – I will not talk to u ..BYE
maan – geet ..geet!!geet!!
geet no respond…but she did’nt cut the call
maan reaches office & geet meets up with Prem in college
maan – geet suno to…no respond
prem – hi dear
geet – hi & hugs him
prem – mukti gave this for u
geet – thanxs
prem – kya hogay tujhe, mere ko thanxs kha rahi hain
geet – nahi u gave the notes na
prem – mukti asked me to give u thats why I gave..humare beech thanxs
kanha se aayaa
geet – nahi yaar aaj kal log kisi ki diyee hui cheez teehk se dusre tak nahi
maan knew she was taunting him – geet don’t taunt me
geet ignored him
geet went to the class
pari – sir ur bookings are done
maan – umm
geet gets curious
pari – ur flight to mumbai is at 4pm
maan – umm
geet keeps quite getting restless
geet mumering he is going some where..mujhe kaha bhi nahi
aab jo daadi ne diya woh to mujhe nahi mili ga…aaj subha to bada plan kar rahe the
farm house…and now he going some where..sachi main babaji
bachan is really tede mete
maan – geet .. geet ..aacha suno mujhe meeting ke liya jana hain
will talk to u latter..still no respond
maan puts her call on mute
geet mumers..main bhi nahi baat karonghi… dena nahi hain to atleast he can tell
me what it is…
after the call prem – tera dyan kanha tha aaj class main
geet – kyun?
prem – u looked lost
geet – aise nahi hain..
maan – bol do meri bare main soch rahi thi
geet clears her throat
maan smiled
prem – lunch
geet – umm
mukti – hi guys I need some help with posters
prem – main hoon na
geet rolled her eyes
prem winked to geet – help karke aata hoon
geet goes to the canteen
maan – ur having ur lunch alone
geet noded but did’nt say anything
maan – challo kuch to respond kiya
geet narrowed her eyebrows
maan – u nodded I am saying about that
geet mumers how does he know
maan – kaha tha na kuch kuch samjh ne laga hoon
geet smiled
maan – wow smile…
geet turned & looked around
maan – aapne dil main deehko
geet mumers stop flirting
maan – how can I?
geet mumers tab se main chup hoon aur yeh meri sari baat samjh kaise rahe hain
maan – kaha na kuch kuch samjhne laga hoon tumhe
geet closes her eyes…bhut hogaya..main call cut kar rahi hoon
maan – suno to
geet – nahi suna mujhe
maan – I am going out of station
geet – i am not listening
maan – phir kaho gi ki kaha nahi
geet mumers how does he know
maan – pocho gi nahi kanha ja raha hoon aur kab avonga
geet keeps quite..though she was so desperate to ask
maan – GEET
geet makes a face
maan calms down – geet u going to miss me
geet turns her face & mumers no ways
maan – then don’t tell me..still quite
maan – geet enough subha se jagda kar rahi ho..still quite
maan – I am going to count 3 if you don’t say any thing I will cut the call
geet – 1, 2, 3, ..bye..& cuts the call
maan – ok fine geet handa..bye!!!
geet mumers oh fish yeh maine kya kar diya..woh to maha gussa hajayega
she calls back…he does’nt pick the call…
calls again…
geet goes back to the class & keeps trying his number..
1pm still maan not picking the call…geet tribly tensed
3pm still not picking the call…
prem – kya baat hain
geet – woh bachan aur mera fight hogaya
prem – tell me some thing new
geet – nahi yaar meri galti hain
prem suprised that geet handa actually accepting her mistake
prem – call him & say sorry
geet turns her lips
prem – oh not picking the call, ok why don’t u go & meet him
geet – actually he is going out of station
prem – oops
geet makes a face & sits down – uski flight 4 baje ki hain
prem – even if u leave now u won’t make it on time
geet looks really disturbed
prem – checks the net ..where is he going
geet – mumbai i think
prem changes the sim in his phone & calls airlines – there is a bomb in the
mumbai flight
geet – what are u doing
prem cuts the call – what are u waiting for go…
geet hugs prem & rushes to the airport

maan completes the security check
geet reaches the airport …buys a ticket
clears the security check & sees him sitting in the VIP lounge checking his laptop
slowly goes & sits next to him
geet – sorry mujhe call cut nahi karna chahiya tha
maan shocked shocked beyound words still maintains a stirn look
geet – please aise gussa karke mat jaavoo
maan picks up his laptop & gets up
geet – fight is delayed
maan looked at her suspiciously
geet wispered – prem ne phone kar ke kaha ki tumhare fight main bomb hain.
so bomb squard & all will take atleast 2hrs more
maan sits down giving up
geet – please na itna gussa mat karo
maan opens his laptop & looking into the mails
geet keeps peeping in between the screen & him
maan pushes her head away…
geet – sorry kaha na
they announced the fight departure after an hr
maan takes closes his laptop & coat & walks to the flight
geet follows – main aapko kab se mana rahi hoon
aabhi to aap ka flight bhi departure hone wala hain please na
maan ignores & hands over the ticket to the airhostess
geet shows her ticket & follows
they walk through final security gate to the fight
geet – deehko main aapko fight tak drop karne bhi aagayee
maan walks in the flight
geet takes a long breath & walks in the flight..she requests the airhostess
to let her sit next to him
she sits next to him
maan – are u seriously planning to travel with me to mumbai
geet – do I have an option…aap itna gussa karte ho
pata nahi kab aavoghe…tab tak mera kya hoga
maan smiled at her random act of delaying the flight, buying the ticket
sitting next to him in the flight & still just trying to make it up with him
maan smiled
geet – uff finally hugs him…aacha bye..have a safe flight..jaldi aana
just before she breaks out the of hug maan kisses her cheeks softly feeling her tender skin..she was rooted to the seat..feeling his lips which was warm & delicate…it was electrifying
daadi ne dena ko kaha tha

she slowly pulled out of the hug not breaking eye contact…airhostess closing the door
she looked at him lost for few mins…the flight was in motion with announcement on wearing
the seat belt…she touched her checks still looking at him
she got up still looking at him …her eyes were dark & piercing..but seemed blank
she hit her head on the baggage part above the seat…she still had her
one hand on her cheeks & other now on the head rubbing still looking at him
she tried walking out turning away..still not wanting to break the eye contact
airhostess – maam please be seated..she did’nt seem to register
plane was now on the run way
the catching up speed of the flight & her emotions it was crazy, she could not 
ignore the thrill of excitement that rippled through her with his touch
she was pink and lost. maan watched her closely he could read those eyes
he probably knew how exactly she felt since he was feeling it himself
the kiss was just perfect combination of sweetness & romantance & gentleness!!!
it was magically sensitive adding to their closeness. she was touchy-feely types
he knew but could feel that very closely now, how she was so lost with his
soft pat on her cheeks, as if she lost all her senses, more than that brief
moment it was the state in which they found themself like on a new plane of pleasure.
geet could actually feel how compassionate & caring he was. she could feel how much
he really cared about her feelings…she turned without realzing the flight was taking off
she lost balance & trembling down on the aisle.
maan held her from falling down the aisle and she fell in his arms hugging him
closing her eyes tight it was like the butterflies in your stomach hurtling
down a rollercoaster. It is the single strangest feeling she ever had
a combination of shock, fear and immense euphoria.
maan – geet …geet …shook her & made her sit in the seat
plane was steady in the mid air now..after few mins of silence
maan clearled his throat
geet – I am sorry
maan – GF yaar tum to mujhe manane ke chakar main fas gayee
geet – I just hope I get the next flight back ..nahi to papaji ne meri tang thodni hain
maan – I don’t think that will be a problem
geet – aap kab wapas aarhe ho
maan – kal
geet – pehle nahi bolsakte the
maan smiled
geet – sachi aap ki is smile ne mujhe kisi din marvana hain
maan – kya zaroorat thi tumhe meri peche aane ki? aise koi karta hain kya
geet – kisi aur ka to mujhe nahi pata, lekin Geet Handa to kuch bhi kar sakti hain
maan – sachi main pagli ho tum
geet – aur aap challaak lomadi
maan – GEET
geet – challaak hi nahi cunning bhi
maan gives a strin look
geet – aur nahi to kya, kitna pareshan kar raka hain mujhe
maan – why do u get so disturbed with what I say
geet – pata nahi..very innocently
maan – mujhe pata hain
geet narrowed her eyebrows – no forget it I know another flirtish comment of urs
why are u going to mumbai
maan – business meet hain
geet – kab hain
maan – kal hain
geet – cool phir aap beach lekar jana aaj
maan – are u crazy, u have to be back in delhi
geet – raat ki flight leloongi, please na…waise bhi I am in this flight beacuse of you
maan – tumhe kabhi mana kiya hain jo aab karoonga
geet smiled – I am so excited..beach without gaurds…OYE TERI
maan – kya huwa
geet – prithvi..he might be waiting for me outside the airport
main use kya kahonghi
maan – tell him you are in some friends place
geet – aapni car parking main chod kar
maan – say u went in ur friends car
geet – not bad bachan ur really challak lomadi
they reach the mumbai airport
geet goes to the booking counter looks for the late night flight
maan picks her ticket & they drive to the hotel
maan – I have some work in the hotel, tum tab taak freshen up hojana
geet – umm
they check in to the hotel & maan leaves to meet the client
geet calls prithvi & tells him to take the car home
then calls prem
prem – patch up hogaya
geet – thanxs
prem – kanha hain
geet – mumbai
prem – are u mad
geet – I could not get off the flight
prem – tu flight main kya kar rahi thi
geet kept quite
prem – aab kya
geet – mama
prem – teehk hain..bali ka bakra
geet – umm!!!
prem – please aaj raat ko aajana
geet – umm
prem – warna teri papaji mere ghar puri police force behje denge
geet – raat ke flight hain
prem – ok..bye ..take care

geet rests on the bed & watches TV & dosses off waiting for her bachan
not realizing it is Maan Singh Khurana….when it is work..time just flies for him
maan comes back quite late 9pm.. he looks at her sleeping
and smiles.. walks up to her & lies down next to her resting his
head on his elbow.. just silently watching her …his hand move to
move the locks that teased her cheeks.
geet with her eyes closed – aap nahi lagta ki aap kuch jada hi
fayada utta rahen hain
maan snapps up & sits – i thought u were sleeping
geet – so
maan – so
geet – so what where you doing lieing next to me
maan – tumhe deehk raha ta
geet – are u sure Mr.Bachan..aapke irrade neek the
maan – tum samne ho to irrade neek kaise ho sakte hain
she picks up the pillow & starts waking him..flirt karne ke liya ek dam ready ho
aur mujhe jo beech lejana ke plan tha uska kya
maan – meeting thodhi lambi keech gayee
geet – very bad bachan u spoiled my plan…abhi we won’t be able to go to the beach
I hate u for this & turns her face around
he looks at her for a while says challen, geet makes a real upset face & sits in the car
maan drives her to a private beach at night 10pm
they park the car & she runs to the beach getting really excited
she folds up the jeans & dips her legs maan walks close to the shore & stood watching her ….
she walks towards him – mujhe aapni shirt do
maan eyes poped out…
geet – shirt do na please
maan – GEET
geet – yeh tuff looks shirt uttar ke dena
he did’nt react she went on to pull his shirt out
maan held her hands – ek min, deta hoon…her eyes where stuck to the water
she was least bothered about what was going around her
maan reluctantly gave her the shirt wondering what was she upto.
she snatched the shirt & went into the car

she changed into his shirt in a fraction a sec & next maan saw was her in
his shirt…ok!!! only his shirt which fell just above her knees. exposing her
thin and slender legs. he was dumb stuck & tried to look away. it was cold wind
hitting his body that was now covered only with his black vest. wonder why he was
feeling so hot almost sweating. she dragged him & ran into the water. they walked
untill the water was till their waist level. every time there was a big wave she
screamed & screamed out in excitment. maan did’nt have much room to react. he was
just trying to control himself from doing something stupid.
geet – aap bhi mera saat shout karo na, warna to GEET GEET karte raheta ho
maan looked away. she held him & walked deeper
maan – it is deep there
geet – daar gaya kya
maan dragged her to the place where the water was untill his neck littereally
drowning her – aab kaun daar raha hain
geet – mujhe nahi daar lagta..standing on tiptoe
maan drags her a step further she lost balance & lost her grip on his wrist
he got restless not feeling her around
maan – geet ..geet
he pushed his hair behind & swam around
she hopped on to his back & sat on him crossing her leg around his waist
while both immeresed in water untill neck level and wispered in his ears
geet – aab kaun daar raha hain
maan – GEET HANDA & dips her back ward..she does’nt buge..clings on to him
they roll over & finally he manges to stand steady…he loved the way
she made him playful…OOPS Maan singh khurana playfull. how his wild thoughts were
lost in her mischievous act & she was clinging on to him & he was trying
to dip her. they played along probably inexhaustible and finally crashed at the shore
lieing down holding hands & looking up at the sky
geet – lets play a game
maan – umm
geet – I will select a star & u have to guess which one i am selecting
maan – ok pick one
geet – nahi aap start karo
maan – ok
geet spotted some the wage & said that one
maan rested on his elbows kept looking at her…drenched in his luckly black
shirt, wraped up in mud & now lost in the stars
geet – bolo na teehk hai ki nahi
maan – umm
geet – aab meri bari
maan – umm
geet – bolo…still looking at the stars
maan – umm
geet – kya umm..batvoo
maan – umm
geet looks at him & meets his eyes that sparkled in the darkness
they kept looking at each other for few mins may be longer
his hand moved her hair behind & cleared the mud on her face
she looked at him wondering, what was he upto

maan – challen
geet – umm. I am really hungry
maan – we will have some thing on the way
they get in the car & she slips behind – deehkna mat
maan smiled and closed his eyes
geet while changing – sudhar gaya ho bachan
maan with his closed eyes – I don’t want to lose my watch again
geet – what do u mean lose your watch!!
maan – u have still not returned my watch
geet – ghar jake first thing I will return ur watch
maan – arrey baba mazak kar raha tha
geet – ha ha …very funny she comes in the front seat
u can open ur eyes now, ur shirt is gone sorry
maan – let it be
geet – lets go to this road side walas & have pav bhaji
maan – road side wala, NO WAYS
geet – please do’t talk like Maan..kya hain uska naam
maan mumered if I won’t talk like myself what I am supposed sound like
maan cleared his throat – how do u know how I ..I mean how he talks
geet – guess mar rahi thi…
maan mumers guess marne ke liya bhi main hi mila ise
maan – when u don’t like him why do u talk about him..
geet – kya matlab
maan – I mean u always sight his examples
geet – nahi bachan…actually yeh deehko na..shows her hand with his name written ….
how do u expect me to forget him.. din main ek bar to uska naam mera samne aahi jata hain
maan mumers challo aacha hain aise na sahi to waise sahi
they stop near a pav bhaji vendor & have hot pav bhajis
geet looks at the time – yanha se airport kitna door hain
maan – not sure
geet – meri flight 45min main hain
maan – I guess we will be able to make it
geet – challo jaldi
it was night very less traffic..they reached on time
geet rushed to the time schedule & saw the flight was cancelled
geet – babaji yeh kya kiya aapne..meri flight hi cancel kara di
papaji se mujhe marvana hain kya. aab mera kya hoga
geet called prem & checked the scene with her place
prem – tu kanha hain don’t tell me tune flight miss kar de
geet – actually meri flight cancel hogayi
prem – yaar tere saat hi yeh sab kyun hota hain
geet – woh meri babaji ke saat setting hain
prem – tera to bad luck hi karab hain
geet – aab main kya karoon
prem – kuch bhi kar & be home in next 3hrs…
geet – 3hrs???
prem – I told we are watching a movies & I will be droping u back
geet – mama man gayee
prem – nahi…maine manaya
armaan shouts from behind – correction..maine manaya tha
geet – thanxs lekin koi fayad nahi..I may not be able reach
next flight is in the morning    cuts the call..babaji yah kya kar rahe ho..looking up
maan – GF lagta hain tumhare babaji chate hain ki tum raat mera saat bitavoo
maan – GF lagta hain tumhare babaji chate hain ki tum raat mera saat bitavoo
geet ignores him & restlessly checks the other means of reaching delhi
she checked the by road, train , next flight every thing seemed impossible
she looked at her mobile time was 11.30pm, she rubbed her forehead
maan had never seen her like this – geet
geet – umm
maan – take the morning flight na
geet – u don’t understand
maan – call ur parents & tell them
geet – woh teehk nahi hoga
maan – thats the best possible solution
geet – stop dreaming, I am not spending the night with you
maan holds her by her arms & looks at her in anger
geet – bachan u r hurting me
maan holds her tighter bringing her closer to him, she gets intimidated
geet – relax yaar, you don’t get it do u?
maan still maintaing his grip & keeping her captive
geet – prem & armaan has said that I am with them, now if I call & say I am
hear with you, papa mama toda gussa honge lekin prem aur armaan ka to
pura reputation karab hojayega, I can’t let that happen
maan lossens his grip but still keeping capative of his eyes, his eyes spitting
his anger & hurt.
geet struggles – bachan please sab deehk rahe hain
she snaps her and leaves. maan catches her wrist and drags her to his car
making few calls from his phone…
geet – mujhe chodiya aap, mujhe aap sa jagada nahi karna hain
maan pushes her inside the car & drives to the run way
geet – seriously u have lost it
maan ignores her
geet – ur car can’t fly why are u even trying
maan drives to the private jet take off area and opens the door for her
drags into the flight that was waiting for them
she kept looking at him struggling to let go… ignoring KHURANA’S written on the flght
pilot – good evening sir
maan nodes his head, geet calms down avoiding to create scene infront of them
geet mumered vest pahen kar pure airport main mujhe keench raha hain
abhi idhar, yeh log sab mera bare main kya sochenghe, aapna nahi to kamse kam mera
reputation ka to khayal karna tha

he throws her on the couch
geet – u did’nt have to do this
maan shot a glance
geet – it would have cost u a fortune
maan – nothing is more important than my self respect and walked out
geet now realized he was hurt about what she spoke
geet closed her eyes ran down the steps
maan – what is wrong with you
geet – i did’nt mean like that
maan – like what
geet – nahi woh, spending night wali baat…
maan looked away
geet – aap galat samjh rahen ho,  just said with out thinking
she looked down feeling really guilty
maan walked her to the flight & made her sit
she held his hand & made him sit next to her
pilot – sir can we leave
maan – umm
geet – I don’t think of you like that, I really do respect u
& rested her head on his arms, main mazak karti hoon lekin I know
maan lifts her chin – what do u know
geet – u r not like those other guys with cheap intentions
that was direct maan cleared his throat & sat next to her crossing his legs
maan mockingly – how can u be so sure
geet smiled – actually I am not sure, lekin aap aise flirt karo teehk lagta hain
serious serious aacha nahi lagta
maan smiled & looked away
geet – BF ji aap ke is smile ne mujhe delhi is mumbai aur abhi aap ko mumbai se delhi
ke chakar lagva diya, itna gussa kyun karte ho
airhostess – good evening sir
maan – umm
airhostess tries to be overfriendly catching an eyeful up his muscle exposed in his vest
geet looked at her & found it odd. she pulled him closer wraping her hand around his.
airhostess gave an glance to her & took their order and walked away
geet looked for something
maan – what do you want
she saw a pillow & then found a spread under that…
she covered it over him… maan – mujhe tand nahi lag rahi hain
geet snapped – garmi lag rahi hain..remove this also, pulling up his vest
taaki she can have a better view
maan understood her discomfart & pulled the spread around & increased the a/c
geet – kyun abhi tand lag rahi hain
airhostess came with a coffee for maan & milk shake for geet
geet followed her eyes & checked if he was covered properly
put her hand around him under the spread
maan sipped his coffee – aapna milk shake peelo
geet – I don’t like her, I don’t like the way she looks at you
so I won’t have this drink
maan took the drink & held it for her – aachi hain, seriously
geet turned her face – nahi nahi nahi
maan finsihed his coffee & the airhostess cleared the table picking up her full glass
maan realized he was in for a big trouble with his possesive sweetheart..OOps misthi
his hot looks & her possesiveness very bad combination
she cuddled up clinging on to his hand & dossed off

they reached delhi but were still waiting for landing
maan went to the wash room & changed into his spare shirt from his wadrobe
while coming out the airhostess walked pass him brushing his hand slightly
geet got up just then & noticed that
maan caught her getting upset about it & turning her face
geet in anger – wanha kya kar rahe the
maan – change kar raha tha
geet – I can see that
maan was loving her being so possesive about him
geet – meri aankh kya lagi u started flirting with airhostess
chi chi babaji, ini koi standard hain bhi nahi
maan ignored her
geet – yeh sab nahi chalega & looks outside the window
maan – kya huwa baba, aab to maine shirt bhi phen liya hain na
geet – yeh aap ki shirt
maan – mera plane hain, to mera hi shirt hoga na
geet wondered – aap ka plane hain?
maan – umm
geet – phir aap kya ho ambani yah khurana’s
maan – Maan singh Khurana in attitude
geet – thanxs I believe u, ha ha … nahi batana hain to mat bolo
maan mumers aarey yaar yeh to had hogayee
while getting off the plane geet moved to the side where the airhostess was
maan put his hand around her, they get out of the jet & a merzcedes waited for them
he made her sit in that  & drove her home
it was 1.00am she made it well in time
she hugged him & kissed his cheeks slowly and wispered thanxs and I don’t hate u now
she pulled away slowly from the hug & turned to leave
maan pulled her back in a jerk making her fall on him & holding her
close from her shoulders… kya matlab
geet – ji she looked confused
maan – u don’t hate me now ka kya matlab
geet – woh maine hotel main kaha tha na, uske liya
maan moved her closer – so it means…u like me
she pulled his cheeks offcourse i like u,  I really like u a lot
u are such a darling, aab main javoon
maan shocked – umm!!
still trying to get over what she said. he knew what she meant & how she meant
but those words meant so much to him. he could’nt stop falling for her
the way she made him feel was so special so different
every thing about her was adorable, her never ending calls, her nohk-jhok
like the way she goes out of the way to get that one smile back on his face,
oops her possessiveness… he did !!he truly magicaly was in love
he loved the feeling of just being around her. listening to her, being playful
with her. the best part of all this was she hated Maan Singh Khurana..he smiled
but he liked that too….he knew Maan Singh Khurana …can get any thing he wants
but winning her heart as him, just him was magical.
geet reached home
rano – picture kaise thi
geet – aachi thi
raji – kuanse picture thi
geet – kal baat kare , I am really tired now..& hugs them
geet took a shower, the water reminded her of the fun they had in the beach she smiled
she changed into her night dress..satin shorts & floral lace pink satin top
laid back on her bed cuddling the pillow, she was so happy & delighted.
she was reminded of the kiss he gave in the plane. she shied and hid her face
in the spread. how stupid of me…bekar hi unhe pareshan kiya.. he was avoiding
& i went on & on..I should have just understood daadi would have returned my kiss
how dumb…geet tu bhi na pagal hain
suddenly she became worried, kanhi woh meri kiss ka koi galat matlab to nahi
nikalenge. na..he is not like that, waise bhi jab maine unke kiss ka koi
galat matlab nahi samjha to woh kyun aise sochenge, hope not..and dosses off
maan – sona dona waise bhi raat bhar u did’nt let me sleep
geet – hai hai babaji aab maine kya kiya? aap aise kyun bhol rahen ho
maan with his eyes closed – I reached hotel only 3am after droping u
geet confused – hotel? where are u
maan – Geet subha subha kaise sawal kar rahi ho?
geet – aap hotel main kyun rah rahe ho
maan yarning – mumbai main mera ghar nahi hain
geet – aap mumbai challe gaye, mujhe kaha bhi nahi
maan – kahta to tum mera saat aati kya?
geet – aayee to thi na
maan smiled with his eyes closed
geet – aacha u sleep I will talk to u latter
maan – umm

geet met up with prem in the college
prem – jai ho!!!
geet rolled her eyes
prem – arrey yaar tera aur bachan ka kya scene hain
geet – kuch nahi
prem – phir tu uske saat mumbai kyun gayee
geet – all big confusion, pata hain we had great fun in mumbai
went to the beach & can u believe he droped me back in his private jet
prem – sach much ka Amitab Bachan hain kya
geet – week end main mil lena
prem – now I am really curious to meet him

mukti comes to meet them – we are going for a welfare camp to
help spread health awareness in the near by villages, 2 din a trip
hain, challo ghi
geet – nahi yaar, i really won’t be able to
prem – kaun kaun chal raha hain
mukti -lists out all girls name & 2 uncommon guys
prem – count me in
geet waked him, prem rubbed his arms
prem & mukti were planning for the camp
geet called maan – aap ne subha se phone nahi kiya
maan – meeting main tha.. his voice was low
geet – are u having fever?
maan – umm
geet – medicin liya
he kept quite
geet – when are u coming back
maan – kal
geet – but u said, u will be back today
maan – meeting got extended
geet – where are u
maan – hotel main
geet – address bolo
maan – why do u need that now
geet – it won’t take me long to figure that out
maan – ok…he gives the address
geet – thanxs, aacha ek min
she puts him on hold & makes some calls
she gets back on call – suno I missed ur wake up call
maan gave a weak smile
geet continued telling about her class & prems plan with mukti
with in 30mins, Dr had come to visit maan to his hotel room
maan – yeh sab kya hain geet
geet – chup chap check karva lo, I am waiting
dr checks his temperature, BP & takes a blood sample for testing
maan – I don’t think it is required
geet – let me decide that
dr called geet & gave her the report
geet – itna high fever hain, what ae u doing in mumbai, come back now.
maan – I am fine..he shoots a glare at the dr & tells him to say he is ok to her
geet – don’t even try that
maan – geet just relax before he could complete…delivery boy delivers flower bouquets
one after the other…his room was filled now
he reads the notes..
get well soon..geet
miss u …geet
take care …geet
come back soon …geet
don’t stress ur self…geet
when are u coming …geet
take ur medicin ..geet
dr ko ghoro mat ..geet
i like that smile …geet
maan – what is all this
geet – I was concerned
maan – main bikul teehk hoon
geet – nahi dr nai kaha hain ki u need rest
maan stared the dr
geet – us bichare ko kyun dara rahe ho
maan – tum chati kya ho
geet – come back now
maan – not possible dear, I have an important meeting lined up tomorrow
geet snapped – aap kya chate ho, main wanha aa kar aap ka kayal rakoon
maan – i would love that
geet – is haal main bhi aap ko masti sooj raha hain…bahut ho gaya, come back today
maan – please try to understand,  I promise I will be there in delhi tomorrow

geet was getting really concerned now
geet – aacha suno have ur medicine & sleep now
maan – umm
geet snaps – close ur laptop
maan – geet ek report check karna rehta hain
geet – u can do it latter
she takes a long breath & calms herself – if u rest for some time
then, u will feel better & u can start working in full swing
maan – teehk hain teehk hain, I am sleeping now, bye
geet – umm puts his call on mute
maan – cut nahi karoghi
geet – no I need to keep a watch on u
maan smiled & closed the laptop
geet – thats nice
maan pulled & spread & slept, she was happy listening to his normal
rythm of breathing. she calls the room service & orders some soup
she waits for him to wake up & the room service guy gets the soup inside
maan turned his head left & right knowing it was her order
geet – please finish it & have the medicine
maan – main teehk hoon
geet – nahi u are not
maan – how would u know
geet – u where turning in pain, every 30mins
maan – geet yah sab kya hain, tumhe nahi lag raha kuch zayada ho raha hain
geet – nahi, har baad haad se zayada kar na to aap ki khashiyat hain
maan – GEET
geet – pehle teehk ho jaavoo phir gussa karna, dehko to mujhe to dar bhi
nahi laga aap ki GEET pe
maan mumered kya karo main is pagli ka
geet – aap kuch kar bhi nahi sakte, aache aache haar manchuke hain
maan had his soup & took the medicine
dr came in again to check his temperature & called geet
maan gave up & sat with his legs crossed on the bed & his face burried in his palms
geet – deehka fever kam hogaya hain, aacha suno I have told dr to give u a
pain killer, body ache kam hojayega
maan – umm
geet – do u need any thing else
maan – nahi
geet – do u have to much of work with that report
maan wondered why she asked that – thoda kaam hain
geet – nahi medicine may be little sedative
maan – i will manage
geet – don’t stress ur self
Maan Singh khurana is so used being independent this was totally invading his
privacy..but he loved it totally.
geet – aacha aap kaam kar lo, I will call u latter
she kept calling him every 15mins & checking on him
geet went back home & walked restlessly in her room
rano – kya baat hain puttar
geet – mama woh mera dost hain na bachan
rano – umm
geet – use fever ho gaya hain
rano – dr ko dikaya?
geet – hain, lekin he is not taking enough rest, mujhe bahut tension ho rahi hain
rano hugs her – its ok, I think he will be fine
geet – nahi mama aap samjhe nahi rahe ho, he is alone in mumbai
rano – kyun uski family kanha hain
geet – sab idhar delhi main hain, he gone there for some bussiness work
rano – oh ho!!! aacha aapni mumbai wali maasi ko bholde, she can pay him a visit
geet – nahi mama woh shy shy type se hain, he may not like it
rano – when is he coming back
geet – kal
rano – teehk hain na, tum kal jaake use se milena
raji – kis se
geet again starts creebing about his fever to raji…
armaan & prem came home, they try to make her feel light & stay with her untill 10pm
they have dinner their togather, she remained worried & tensed
armaan – geet itna dil pe mat le yaar
prem – I am sure she is going to fall sick, look at her
geet – actually sab meri galti hain I should’nt have taken him into the water
armaan – geet calm down, it is just a normal fever, I crossed check with the doctor
prem – stop blamming ur self
they hugged her good night & left
maan called geet
geet in low voice – aap kaise ho
maan – I am perfectly fine
geet – did u finish ur work
maan – umm
geet – dinner khaya
maan – umm
geet – did u have ur medicine
maan – umm
geet – aacha sleep well
maan – good night
geet – good night
maan – phone nahi cut karoghi
geet noded no ,maan smiled & dossed off. geet quickly send a prayer to babaji for his well
being. every time maan turned in pain tears formed in her eyes
she probably did’nt sleep the whole night
next day in college geet was alone. prem had gone for the camp with mukti
after the classes geet desperately waited for maan’s flight to arrive
she went to recieve him in the airport. geet ran & hugged him & cried
maan teasingly – GF u missed me so much
geet fainted in his arms. he checked her forehead she was running high temperature
he rushed her to sanjeevani wondering what was wrong with her
armaan saw him lifting geet – Geet..geet..he patted her cheeks & checked her
armaan did the basic checking & came out
maan – Dr Armaan right
armaan – bachan right
maan noded
armaan – kal raat se bahut dari huwi thi aap ki fever ko leke, I guess thats why
nothing to worry, yeh bahut jaldi baaten dil main leti hain BTW how are u feeling
maan – I am fine, lekin geet
armaan – coffee
maan – no thanxs, I will be with her
armaan – she is unconcious, phir aapne aap hi aajayeghi tumhe doonte huwe
maan – I think I better stay next to her
he touched her forehead & wondered how sensitive she was towards him
rajveer calls armaan
armaan – hi raj
raj – what happened to geet
armaan – kuch nahi yaar halka sa fever hain, wohi tension wala
raj – kya tension
armaan – bachan ko fever tha na, nothing serious buddy, just relax
maan was feeling really guilty
raj – sure
armaan – sure
raj – can I talk to her
armaan – she is unconcious
raj – give me call when she is up
armaan – umm
maan – u guys are really close
armaan smiled – but seems she is close to u too
geet mumered woh aapna kahyal nahi rakte, maan moved close & held her hand
armaan checked her pulse – she is fine, all the best she is going to kill u now
maan smiled & just waited to see her eyes open
she opened her eyes, meeting his gaze. she jumped up
touched his forehead & caressed his cheeks – aap teehk ho
how is ur fever now, subha wali medicin le? abhi body pain to nahi hain?
maan held her from her shoulders shaking her slowly – geet geet main teehk hoon
tumne aapna yeh kya haal bana rahka hain
geet pulled her drips off – zaroor armaan ka kaam hoga
kanha hain woh, she felt weak & seem to lose balance
maan held her – yeh kya kar rahi ho, just lie down now
geet – aap to meri baat nahi mante, phir main aapki baat kyun mano
maan – tumhari har baat to manta hoon
geet – I asked to be here yesterday
maan – kaam tha na
geet turned her face away. armaan walked – geet drips kyun nikala?
ridz comes in helps puts the drips back. geet noticed armaan getting restless
she giggled winking at armaan. armaan was turning pink.
ridz bend to check geets BP, she tossed her dupatta & it fell on armaans face
& he was mesmerised. geet almost fell laughing looking armaan like that
maan wondered why was geet reacting strangly
geet wispered to maan ridz hain
maan wispered armaan ki ridz
geet noded
after ridz left, armaan sat next to geet holding her hand – kaise lagi
geet – bahut pyari hain, lekin
armaan – lekin kya
geet – tu use aapni dil ki baat kab batayega
armaan looked nervous
geet – jaldi bolde warna koi misunderstanding na hojaye
maan Interupted – how can he tell her without knowing her feelings
armaan – exactly my point
geet – jab tak bolega nahi to pata kaise chalega
maan – agar usne mana kar diya to
armaan made a baby face nodding to maan
geet – is dar se betah raha to hogaya, waise bhi aap ko insab ke bare main kam hi
mallom hain, to aap insab main aapna time mat waste karo
she now looks at armaan pehle tu use pareshan karna band kar & start droping sings
maan again Interupts – agar woh signals na samjhe to
armaan – han yaar seriously, she just does’nt understand
maine to karva chaut ka vrat raka tha
geet – u did’nt tell her it was for her
armaan – but I said that I wanted to break the fast with her
maan – that was great move
geet – what great move, woh to mujhe bhi kaha tha tumne ki we will have dinner togather
woh to main inke saat thi, nahi to tumhara karva chaut phir main break kar rahi thi
maan noded for a BIG NO…
geet – arrey yaar u love her right…then why are u so scared of her know
no boleghi to mana lena
maan – what if she stops talking to him
armaan – yes yes
geet rolls her eyes – kaha na mana lena
maan seeing her getting angry – agar woh tumhari tarah gussa wali huai to
& holds is breath expecting a scream, thrash may be some thing flying
armaan – na ..woh itna gussa nahi karti
geet waks armaan – kya matlab, main bahut gussa wali hoon
maan – iska matlab hain woh uttna gussa nahi karti
armaan winks at maan
geet gets really furious & throws the flower wase at maan
maan aah!!! geet – lagi maan – LAGI!!!
geet – tu aur mar kavo, waise bhi main to bahut gussa wali hoona
& waks him with the bottle that was lying on the side table
maan holds her hand – geet bus karo please
armaan continues to laugh & stops when geet shoots a glare at him
armaan – sweet heart raj ka phone aaya tha, he was worried
geet – I will call him

geet calls rajveer
raj – how are feeling now, aur yeh sab kya hain, bachan ke liya tension & getting fever
geet – nahi woh
raj – I want u to stop talking to bachan, I don’t like all this
geet – nahi raj, aisa nahi hain
raj – give to phone to armaan
geet – lekin meri baat to suno
raj – give it now
she quitely gives the phone to armaan
maan lifted her chin & lifted his eye brows kya huwa, she looked away
raj – have u met this guy
armaan – arrey he is hear only
raj – umm
armaan – do u want to talk to him
raj – nahi I am not getting nice wibes
armaan walks out  – nahi aise nahi hain, he seems to be just a cool friend
raj – are u sure
armaan – umm
armaan gives the phone to geet – umm
raj -I am just worried for u
geet – sab teehk hain na
raj – yah..just take care..miss u
geet – miss u a lot

armaan – u can go home now
geet – thanxs
armaan – i will pick u at 7am tomorrow
geet looks at maan if it is ok…maan nodes his head
armaan – how far is it from here
maan – 3hrs drive hain
armaan – perfect we will leave tomorrow & will be back on sunday evening
geet – yaar prem abhi taak nahi aaya
armaan – he called, he said he will join us directly there
geet – ok
maan – challo ghar drop kardeta hoon
armaan – please have ur medicin nahi to kal ka plan cancel karna padega
geet smiled

they drew back to handa hawali
geet – see u at 7 -7.30am tomorrow
maan – umm
geet – bye
maan – suno
geet – ji
maan – may sound wired but I liked that u were bothered about me
geet – GF hoon itna to pharz banta hain..caressed his hairs
waise ek baat kahoon
maan – umm
geet – mujhe aacha laga ki aap ko aacha laga, every one feels that I am
very chipku types, like no breathing space
maan – pagal hain wo log
geet – kyun
maan – tumhare bhina saans leena bhi koi saans leena huwa
geet – aaj ke liya jaada ho gaya, bye
maan smiled & left

geet dicussed her plan to the farm house to rano
rano helped her pack her bag & got her dress ready.

next day called maan at 5.30am
maan – itna jaldi kaise utt gaye
geet – jaldi kanha hain 5.30 hogaya hain
maan smiled at her change in sence of timing
geet – I got up to switch off ur watch
maan – how are u feeling now
geet – i am fine, aap gym main ho
maan – umm
geet – suno t-shirt pehena
maan – umm
geet – red wali with blue jeans
maan – aur kuch
geet – nahi
maan – get ready now, armaan aata hi hoga

at 7.15 geet reaches in her BMW to maans place & honks
maan comes out with a back bag – armaan kanha hain
geet – he is not coming koi emergency hain
maan – prem?
geet – I have given him the address, he will meet us directly there
maan puts his bag in the back seat & asks her to move from the driver seat
she slips to the passanger seat & puts on the seat belt
maan checks her forehead – abhi bhi fever hain
geet – nahi, I am fine thoda hi hain
maan – are u carrying ur medicin
geet looked disintrested.
maan drove to the nearest pharmcy & picked her medicin, gave her a water bottle & medicin
geet made a face & had her medicin. it was a 3 hr drive, geet yapped yapped
for few mins & dossed off. the farmhouse was spread across 1000 acres of land
geet woke with the road being bumpy – are we their yet
maan – umm we have just entered
she opened her eyes to see the whole place was so diiferent from the rest of the world
the air had freshness…as they reached closer she could get the distinct smell of the animal
maan – we are passing near the stable

geet peeps out – wow its so beautiful
they reach the farm house & geet runs out to see the horses
maan – geet suno..she was already gone too ahead close to the rim & leaning forward &
enjoying the view

maan instructed the caretaker to shift the luggage & arrange lunch for three
horse ride!!!!   
geet was lost looking at the horses, maan came & stood close to her.
the trainer was trying to tame one of the wild white horse
maan introduced her to the horses from a distance pointing at them
that brown wala he is toofan..kaun sa woh dark browm ..umm
that black one is really cool bhut aacha hain, german bread hain
geet – uska naam kya hain
maan – badsha she smiled
maan – this white one she is my fav…
geet – trainer jise pakad ko try kar raha hain
maan – umm…
geet – what is her name
maan – sunshine
geet – kitni wild hain
maan – wild hain, lekin use sirf main kaboo kar sakta hoon
waise bhi jungli mezaz mujhe bhut pasand hain geet smiled
maan rested his left hand on the rim & jumped into the field
he took the saddle & walked close to her..pats her face & kisses her
she snaps making a neigh. geet giggled
trainer – sahaab aaj iska mode kharab hain
maan – its ok.. u leave let me
he tries to put the saddle she refuses to abide. maan tries again
she pushes him off. maan gets up in anger & pulls the belt & manages to set the
saddle on her back. geet keeps watching resting her hand on the rim supporting her chin
he tries to get on & he falls on the ground & his shirt gets muddy
he removes his shirt & climbs on her in one quick jump..
geet hand drop off the rim seeing him topless. all his curves were perfectly tonned
and the cuvers were prominent. geet looked away feeling odd at her thoughts wandering
wrong directions. geet mumers what is wrong with u, yeh bachan hain
maan took a long ride around the field & came close to her & offered his hand

geet looked at him with her jaw droped open. the sunlight was making his sweaty skin glow in a muscline flavour,

she couldnot resist the offer. she rested her leg on the
saddle & joined him in front. maans sweaty arms slide beside her waist
to hold the belt. maan – try holding it he offers
geet could think straight with his bare chest rubbing her back and his
musculine scent envolping her, she was seeing stars with the cradle like motion
maan – pakdo tho
geet snapped out – kise
maan – hold this
geet – umm her finger were shivering to touch his , electrifying it was
maan explains – if u pull this one, she will turn left, & this one she will turn right
stop karne ke liya softly pull this…now his hand embraces her tight into him
she takes a deep breath & turns to see his face, his neck line & his straight jaw line
at her eyes level, sweat mixed in mud flows from his temple to her shoulder…she could feel all her senses rushing to that one droplet
maan – aage deehko
geet mumers yeh bachan ko bhi kapde uttar ne ka itna shock hain uff!!!
mera chritra par hi sawal utt raha hain…she looks in front & closes her eyes
did’nt really seem to help, she was getting drawn into his thoughts
his legs caresses hers…maan – u could lightly pat her with the leg
he increases the speed & says hold on tight & as sunshine jumps over the huddle one after the other, geet  falls on him & almost losing herself and regains her senses when they lean foward
his weight pressing her back, his cheeks rubbing hers & his chin resting on her shoulder
geet shouts – mera horse ridding hogaya mujhe neeche uttaro
maan pulled the belt & the horse stopped she tried getting off but was finding
it difficult. maan – ek min, he gets off & helps her get down
maan calls the trainer to take sunshine inside
geet did’nt wait for him, she kept walking restlessly
maan – what happened
geet snapped – nothing kept walking faster
maan ran behind her – abhi tak to sab teehk tha aab kya huwa
geet – kuch nahi leave me alone
maan puts his hand in front of her, she pushes it off
maan – kya baat hain, kyun naraz ho rahi ho, maine kuch galat kiya ka
geet looks away – woh main
maan comes infront of her really close lifts her chin
she looks up..her gaze passing over ever ripple from his waist to his adams apple
she closes her eyes babaji – aap pehle shirt peheniyan, phir mujhse baat kijiyen
maan smiled realizing her discomfart. he walked into his room
wore his t-shirt & came out. she sat in the couch in the hall trying to reach prem
prem – on my way dear
geet – when will u reach
prem – not sure lagta hain shaam hojayega
geet – arrey yaar tum log ne sachi main pura mera plan karab kar diya
prem – nahi sweety we are on our way back
geet – we
prem – mukti is with me
geet – she is also joining us
prem – nahi nahi..NO WAYS
geet – shut up…use bura lagega
prem – as if I care
geet – very bad
prem – woh to main hoon
geet – bye
maan comes down the steps, geet looks at him, her eyes fall on his v-shaped neck exposing
his chest & she looks away, geet jhali yeh bachan hain..tu use pe kyun drool kar rahi hain
meri galati nahi hain, unhone aise shirtless mera samne ghoome ge to, bichari kanwari
ladaki kya karegi. geet aab tu chup kar…u r behaving like a despo
she takes a long deep breat & smiles at him
maan – when is prem reaching
geet – he is runnung late, he going to drop mukti
maan – uski Gf hain kya
geet – no ways, bikul uske type ki nahi hain, seedhi sadhi types, aapki types
maan rolled his eyes
geet – seriously sati savitari types hain
maan – mujhe to lagta hain, they are perfect togather, like us
geet – LIKE US right.. u have’nt even met either of them..phir bhi
you have to give ur vishshast tipani
caretaker – saab lunch ready hain
maan – umm
they have lunch & settle to watch TV on the sofa
she gets lost in the movie, he kept checking his mails
after an hour or so geet lies on the couch. he moves away to make more space for her
she pulls him back & rests her head on his lap side ways, laughing & rolling over the movie
he finds it impossible to control himself. he tried to look into the mail…
he was reading the same subject line at least 20 times still it did’nt make sence to him
he puts the laptop aside & moves his hand close to her forehead lost in her
leaning forward, geet suddenly looks at him narrowing her eyebrows looking at his
hand  & him approaching her face  – yeh kya kar rahe ho?
maan cleares his throat & rests his hand on her forehead – u still seem to have fever
medicin kha loo, & gets up straighting himself to get her medicin & gets a spread to cover her
geet waits for him to sit back & gets back to her old position
she finishes the movie and dosses off. he slowly rests her head on the couch &
goes to his room & starts working lieing on his bed.

geet wakes up at around 6pm & streches herself
calls prem there was no respond…it was getting cloudy outside…
she tried calling prem again getting worried..she then called armaan & checked with him
armaan – sorry yaar kuch emergency hain
geet –  i understand dear
armaan – how is it there
geet – it is a huge place bahut maza aaraha hain, maine horse ridding bhi ki, lekin prem nahi aaya abhi tak
armaan – weather forecast kuch teehk nahi hain
geet – kyun kya huwa
armaan – expecting heavy rain & storm
geet walking out to the field – umm..sky is looking dense hear
armaan – how is ur fever now
geet – teehk hain, bachan ne medicin khila khila ke pura moo ka taste kharan kar diya
armaan – moo ka taste change ho gaya?
geet – its all bitter bitter
armaan – be careful, looks like u are still not feeing well, aur aapna temparature check kar.
geet – mujhe kuch karne ki zaroorat nahi hain, mera full time dr haina, he just
does’nt leave me
armaan – aacha hain, koi to hain tera pass
geet – nahi yaar he so particular bikul papa ki tarah, strict
armaan smiles – aacha need to rush, bye
geet – bye…aacha sun..prem ka kuch news mila to batana

geet looks at the trainer trying to get sunshine inside the stable
she slips her blackberry in her jeans pocket & jumps over the rim inside the field
she holds sunshine & pats her jaws, she responds noding her head
trainer – maam she is unpredictable
geet – umm
geet takes her for a walk, tu itni jungli lagti nahi hain
actually u look sexy, wild & sexy wow…she hops on sunhines back
she lifts her front legs & neigh loud..geet lands on sunshines neck holding tight
she pats her softly, yeh sexy itna kyun gussa ho rahi hain…
aapna attitude bachan ko dikhana mujhe nahi
geet pulls her belt & kicks her moving into the field further & further
geet – ur not that bad u know…increasing the speed enjoying the ride
trainer rushes to maans room – sir mam sunshine main 30mins se ride kar rahi hain
maan – sunshine pe, alone, WHY DID U LET HER
trainer stood scared
maan knew there was no point shouting at him & ran to the field
they looked around …rain had just started & the wind was blowing wild
maan perfect!!!! he soar under his throat –  where did she go
trainer pointig at right side – this direction
maan – get me badsha
trainer – umm
he puts the saddle on badsha & gets to him
mean while maan tries calling her, she did’nt pick the phone
maan – u go on toofan …this way , I will check this side
it was more than couple of hours maan is been searching for her madly around the
farmhouse, he kept caling her & the rain had become intense
he pushed his hair back & looked around…noticed geets blackberry on the ground
he panicked & tried to trace sunshines foot prints, which was washed away with the
heavy down pour. he ran around to & noticed sunshine lieing hurt
he got scared & saw around geet was lieing in on the wet slushy ground next to sunshine
her shirt was torn & drenched. maan lifted her to near by broken and baren hut
completly dark with night music of crickets and frogs in the background.
looked around to get some help, he tried calling the farmhouse for help but there
was no reception. she was cold, num & she was shivering
maan got worried checked her forehead. he looked at her..she was dripping wet
he tried opening her shirt, then turned to look away, wondered how can he change her
he went out & removed his shirt squeezed the water out of it & sprang it in the air
he glanced at her, she looked pale and shivering
he turned her around & opened her shirt & slipped her into his shirt

put his hand around her waist, he gasped & closed his eyes tight & undressed her jeans
he moved away immediately from her & avoided looking at her, he drained
out the water from her cloths & spread to let it dry
he stood near the door trying to reach some one for help
it was past midnight… the weather had worsened with temperature was droping
with the wind blowing throw the worn doors & windows.
maan was just trying to calm himself there was wild wind & heavy rain outside
almost depicting his plight inside. otherwise it was dark & silent the sound
of the frogs in the background made the darkness all the more intense. suddenly
he heard her shiver. cold temperatures and strong winds were causeing her body to
lose heat quickly. he rubbed her legs & hands. but she was really cold
she was still shivering, & all of a sudden she stopped shivering & curled up in the foetal
position to conserve heat. maan got tensed & checked her pulse it was slow, intermittent,
weak pulse. the least he expected was she slipping into hypothermia, they were no where in
high altitude niether the temperature was that low, what could have lead to her condition
probaly her exsisting fever. he slipped in next to her getting off his wet pair of jeans
and the wet shirt on her. he rubbed her legs with his & her arms. he could barely sleep.
she was still not responding it was 4am more than 3hrs, finaly geet turned into his embrace
hugging him, breathing normally, he checked her pulse on her neck it was better now

he shied in relief and burried his head in her neck, her whole body jolt in reaction as he
he deepened his touch. he was so happy to feel the life back in her, a tear roll down his eyes
feeling her cold & but now warmer body.
sky was clear & bright. sun rays lit up the room. the rain had stopped
setting the earth wet & soaked. the sunrays fell across the room
through the broken window & door, disturbing her eyes. she hid
her face in his chest to doj the rays. he chuckled with her moment
she fluttered opened her droping eyes to meet his bare chest..
she giggled…mumering ek bar uska bina shirt ke deehka to wohi
sapna main aa raha hain… she closed her eyes & hugged him slipping
her hand behind his neck moving her leg around him, what a dream!!
feeling shy about her own thoughts. maan pulled her closer in as she moved
she was shocked beyound words all her senses set on high alert feeling
his bare body pressing against each and every part of hers. she opened her
eyes at once in a shock found her in his hard strong hold. she could barely
move, she slowly tilted her head to see his face. quickly shooting a prayer to babaji
let be a dream, not reality. she saw his face sleeping peacefully
she probably just fell for him at that moment…so cute, then suddenly,pulled
her leg down, he moved still closer. she removed her hand from his neck
and fold cuddled up infront covering her front, babaji yeh kya hogaya, inho ne kya kiya hoga.
KYA kiya hoga kya, did I miss any thing, MISS!!! jhali u r in his arms naked ..
ummm crying face…he is…she bend to look down..nahi nahi woh teehk nahi hoga.
his hands moved her curls behind and moved from her arms to her bare waist
her eyes scared & tensed followed his momemt wondering wat they ever upto
geet – bachan
maan his hand slipped further around her – umm
geet tensed scared in low voice – did u rape me
maan smiled at her innocence – nahi
geet – phir hum dono nage – pange KYA KAR RAHE HAIN…
screaming mummy daddy ka game khel rahen hain,
she moves away pushing him. realizing she is giving a clearer view she hides in him again.
his hands immediately raised to touch her forehead, she snapped pushing it away
with tears welling down her eyes
maan – u were lost yesterday, we went searching, then I found u Unconscious
geet – so you decided to have some fun
maan – GEET
geet – chi chi babaji, I never expected you to do some thing like this
aaahhh…..starts screaming still clinging on to him
maan – u were slipping into hypothermia so..
geet – picture bana rahe ho…we are not in any high altitude
maan cups her face – u had fever yesterday remember!!!
geet looked confusingly convinced
maans gaze seem to lower..geet – ANKHEE BAND KARO
mumred waise bhi raat ho sab kuch to deehka hoga..ummm making a baby face
he closes at once..geet – aur kuch to nahi kiya
maan noded for a no
geet – kuch deehka
maan smiled wickedly
geet mumers phir bhi kuch nahi kiya…she looks at herself..teehk hi tu lagthi  hoon
geet – aapne sach much kuch nahi kiya
maan – itna hi doubt hain to hospital jake test karvalena
geet – aacha yeh sab bhi test karvate hain
maan rolls his eyes
geet – aap ko nahi lagta ki yeh sab kuch jada hogaya
her hands snaking into his back burring her face close to his neck
maan pressing his cheek to her head…she could feel him hardening
he could feel cuverd portions reacting harder & pointing his chest
geet mumers..control kar geet ….is he actually… i am feeling his..
nahi nahi..asie nahi..galat mat soch…is it..that am I feeling
GEET stop thinking…move away..kaise kaise, must move away now
and actually her hands snaked gradually & her cheeks rubbed sensually against his neck
maan – geet
geet feeing him – umm
maan – tum please change karlo, iske baad main aapne aap ko shayad
control na kar pavoon, phir mujhe kuch nat kahana
she shied & slowly moves away her hand caressing his back – u r eyes are closed right
then she quicky hides back in him..maan takes a deep breath holding back
geet – aap kyun nahi jake change karte
maan walks away – deehkana mat
geet – WHAT
maan – kyun tumhari izaat hain meri nahi
geet with closed eyes – u are a guy
maan – so… I can walk naked in front of u
she slowly looks with one eye at his perfectly muscline leg & moves her view up to his back
then shuts her eyes with what she saw…she was so tempted..then forced herself to close her face with her palm. maan throws her dress on her. they turn their back & get dressed
maan turns at her in anger – tumme koi akal hain bhi yah nahi, how could u just
take sunhine & venture out like this
geet – I was just taking a ride
maan – sunshine main..woh tumhari BMW nahi hain
geet – I liked her
maan holds her arms in anger – tumhe kuch ho jata to
main pagaloon ki tarah tumhe doond raha tha
geet – pagal ki TARAH ???..taunted
maan looking through her eyes – I am not in for ur silly jokes
geet was intimidated – aap ki galti hain
geet – u taught me every thing but u did’nt teach how to jump a hurdle
maan closed his eyes in disbelief that she could come up such an argument
geet – we were having so much of fun…phir woh bada sa gadha tha..I did’nt know
what to do…I tried turning away & we fell down, pata hain sunshine ko
choot bhi lag gaya, I tore my shirt & tied on her leg, even though I was feeling so dizzy
maan hugged her from head – tum sach main pagal ho aur mujhe bhi pagal kar do ghi
geet – aap ko pagal karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hain..she giggled
maan rolled his eyes and kissed her head
she waked him aahh kyun maar rahi ho mujhe rubbing his arms
he makes her sit on badsha & checks on sunshine…
he walks along holding on to badsha’s belt
geet kept looking at him & looked away  with mixed feeling

maan looked at her..caught her couple of time looking at him
still they were quite feeling odd about last night and the confused feeling prevaling in them

both could not say how they were feeling, uncomfartable still warm
so far yet so close. definitly some thing new what geet felt
she looked at him unsure of why she was looking at him like this,
what was it so different about him today, she shivered a bit was it
because of the cold air or her thoughts. maan removed his shirt &
asked her to wear it. she wore it above her top & tied a knot at the bottom
geet was now concious to look at his bare body, she tried to think different
they were walking into the house, prem dragged mukti  pushed her infront of geet
prem – geet ise kuch samjavoo
mukti hugged geet & started to cry out loud
geet looked confused & looked at maan & then prem
geet – what happened
mukti – isne …ummm!!! crying out loud
prem – meri galti nahi thi, I was just trying to help
geet – kya huwa koi batayegha bhi
mukti kept crying, they walked into the farm house
geet made her sit in the couch & maan got her some water to drink
geet shouted at prem – what happened
prem – we got stuck in rain last night
geet looked at maan, he was quite
geet – umm
prem – she was totally drenched & fainted
geet gasped & looked at maan, he looked away
prem – we stayed back in old garage type of place, she was shivering
so I changed her dress &…
mukti – & he raped me
prem – I did’nt force u, u were the one who hugged me first
geet was pink & looked down
mukti – main hosh main nahi thi tum to hosh main the na
she ran into the room upstairs
prem – geet main kya kar sakta hoon?
geet cleared her throat looking at maan, he was dumb stuck
geet – how could u she is not ur type and all right then what is all this
it a good gesture u were taking care of her, but how could u?
maan noded in concern with geet
prem – yaar how do u expect me to control myself, she was umm
& usne hi mujhe hug kiya & moved closer
geet – lekin phir bhi
prem looked at maan – tumhi batavoo, can u control ur self if a girl is advancing
in that condition. maan lookd confused & did’nt know what to say
geet narrowed her eyebrows looked at maan waiting for an answere
prem – nahi na
geet was shocked, maan noded a no looking at geet like maine kuch nahi kaha
she did’nt want to accept that
prem – agar kuch nahi kiya to bhi use bura lagta
geet in anger tone – woh kyun
maan cleared his throat – its ok, I think u should go & speak to her
geet – nahi wait tell me use bura kyun lagta
prem – simple she would have felt that she is not attractive enough, imagine
yaar ek ladka ek ladhki ko use haal main deehkta aur kuch na kare!!! thats defenit
an insult to that girl right. maan closed his eyes knowing geets reaction now
she got angry & walked into another room
prem looked at maan – ise kya huwa
maan – tum nahi samjho ge
prem – BTW hi I am Prem
maan – hi I am …before he could complete
prem – tumhe kaun nahi jantha
maan was glad some one in her aquantance would accept him as Maan Singh Khurana
but his thoughts were short lived
prem – bachan right
maan weak smile – right & hugged him, I still feel u should go & talk to mukti
prem rubbed his head & went to mukti’s room

maan ran behind geet, he sneaked into the room
geet – don’t even come inside
maan – meri baat to suno
geet she picked up what ever came on her way & started throwing at him
he tried catching few & then shouted GEET STOP IT
that added up to her anger. how could u do this to me
maan – what did I do now
geet – itne bole mat bano..continued throwing hair brush, flower wase
maan – geet deehko lag jayeghi
geet cried out louder..ummm….u insulted me…umm..she looked at her self
in the mirror & broke the mirror punching it & hurting her self
& still getting wild at the thought not sure what was it bothering her
maan – ENOUGH turned & locked the door and walked towards her in anger
geet took the cream bottle & threw at him, he bend down & before she could pick up
any thing else, he held her both hands, she put up a fight trying to kick him
he pinned her to the wall holding her hands above her shoulder
geet – chodo mujhe, what are u doing now struggling to let go his grip
maan –  this what u want me to do???
moved closer pressing himself on her, she was intimidated & tried moving away
he held her in place. his breath caressed her neck, jaw line & lips
geet mumered babji yeh kya kar rahen hain, mera matlab yeh to nahi tha
geet turned her face in disgust & tear rolled down her eyes in fear & anger
he eased his grip – daro mat main tumhare marzi ke khilaf tumhe kuch nahi karonga
she hugged him & weeped – sorry
maan patting her head holding her in his arms- jantha hoon tumhe, soch ne se pehle
bolthi ho phir sochthi rahti ho
geet – aap bahut bure ho
maan – kyun
geet – humesha mujhe shant kar lete ho
maan smiled
geet innocently curious – aap ko sach much kuch nahi feel huwa mujhe deehk kar
maan blushed and wondered what to reply
geet – tell me the truth
maan – actually I was more worried for u, tum respond hi nahi kar rahi thi,
main bahut dar gaya tha
geet – really
maan – umm !!she hugs him closer. they remained closer for few mins feeling the warmth

then realizing she was going over board, she wanted to pull out, he could read her discomfort
maan smiled & wickedly said – waise mujhe tumhare rape karne kya zaroorat hain
geet snapped back moving out of the hug to meet his eyes – kyun
maan – main tumhara BF… mera to haaq bantha hain
she starts to wak him.. he holds her hand, she looks at him confused because he
never does that usually – lag jayaghi tumhe
he makes her sit on the bed & cleans her wound – itna gussa kyun karti ho
she smiled wickedly.. he continues to put medicin on them
maan – agle bar gussa aayee to mujhe mar dena, khud ko nahi
and kissed her dressed hands
maan – agle bar gussa aayee to mujhe mar dena, khud ko nahi
and kissed her dressed hands
she looked at him lost in his words and the feel of his lips. he moved his gaze to see her
and their gaze where locked probably indefinitly
she pulled her hand back with the knock at the door
prem – geet bachan…geet please yaar mujhe mukti se bacha please
maan sat on the bed & she ran to open the door
prem – kya kar…he saw the rooms condition
maan looked away
prem – kya yaar geet tune mera gussa is bechare pe inkal diya
aap ko chot to nahi laghi, be careful karate black belt hain humari sherni
maan chocked & cuffed
prem comes next to him & puts his hand around – isse bachke rahena
deehkne main cute cute se innocent se lagti hain, hain nahi
geet trips him on the ground & pins him on the floor sitting on him
geet – kya bola tune
prem – geet please uttar ja, tu aaj kal pehle ki tarah light weight nahi rahi
she gets up & sits back in a jerk on his stomach better…
maan oounch….she shoots a stare at maan. he looks away shutting his mouth
she holds his hand under her legs – mukti se sorry kaha? did u talk to her?
prem – woh!!
geet – prem yaar thats not right, woh waise ladki nahi hain senti senti types hain
prem – teehk hain
geet – javoo sorry bolo
prem – umm
geet – kaya umm
maan – tum uske uppar se uttoghi to jayega na
geet looks at maan & then at prem, gets up & offers her hand to prem

prem goes to mukti’s room, she was crying continously
prem – oh man I hate tears
mukti wipes her tears & looks away
prem cleares his throat – actually woh..woh
mukti – woh wat
and their gaze locks prem blinks blankly couple of times – I am sorry
I will do any thing to make u feel better
mukti – then Marry Me
prem – ok
tears roll down her eyes
prem – NO..I am mean Ok..lekin..not ok, oh gosh what did I just accept
he walks out screeming for geet

mean while geet had a shower & changed into her another pair of jeans & t-shirt
came looking for maan, he was drinking some juice, she took it from his hand
geet – bachan I am very hungry & started drinking it
maan was shocked – geet woh mera jhota hain
geet – tum nage-pange mera saat so sakte ho aur main tumhara joda bhi nahi pee sakti
maan – GEET
geet – attitude baad main dihkana, abhi mujhe bahut bhook laghi hai
maan gives up saying anything to her – breakfast is ready, unhe bhi bulalo
geet rolled her eyes – kya huwa
prem painting really hard – she asked me to marry her
geet spat the juice on maan in shock…maan looked at her in anger
she was too shocked beyound words to respond to maans stirn look
she then looked at maan & realizied wat she did…she took the napkin
& started wiping him while looking at prem
prem – she said maary me
geet wipping maans cheeks(she had spilled on his shirt) – woh pagal hain kya
prem – uska pata nahi. main pagal ho gaya hoon, I said yes
geet now wipping around his lips – WHAT
maan stood mesmerised with her touch
prem looked at both of them – waise geet tune juice bachan ke shirt pe girayee thi
phir unka chehra kyun saaf kar rahi ho?
geet looked at maan & realizied her hand was resting on his lips & he looked lost
geet – I am sorry & started wipping his shirt
maan moved away & said its ok main change karlonga & goes inside
geet wondered if maan was angry, prem – GEET GEET yaar kya hogaya hain tujhe
geet snaps out – ek min I will be back
she ran behind maan to his room she looked for him & them barged into the wash room
maan was in his vest washing the juice on his chest
geet stood behind him looking at him in the mirror – aap naraz ho kya
she looked around – oh sorry & waited outside. she was getting restless & walked up & down
maan came out she offered the towel – aap naraz ho kya
maan – nahi
geet – phir wanha se aise kyun chale aayee
maan – I had to change
geet – then why are u looking so angry
maan rools his eyes – nahi I am not.
looking for a shirt in the cupboard
she picks up a t-shirt, he keeps that back & picks another one
geet – deehka ur angry with me
maan – dho mujhe I will wear that only give,
geet – koi zaroorat nahi & turns her face
maan – geet tum yanha yeh soch ki aayee thi ki main tumpe naraz hoon aur
aabhi tum mujhe pe naraz ho rahi ho
geet – thats because u r shouting at me & u walked out from there like that
and now ur not wearing what I selected making a face & crossing her hand over her chest
maan mumered aab ise kaise samjhavoo ki I was lost in her touch thats why had to leave
to control myself
maan turned her face him – I came here because my shirt was getting sticky sticky
tum washroom aise hi aagayee thats why reacted like that, agli bar nahi chilavonga
this  t-shirt is white & I am wearing a black vest thats why
geet looked at him almost convinced..- aap vest change bhi karsakte the
maan – ok & removed his vest..she turned her back – yeh kya kar rahe ho
he changed into the white t-shirt – geet I think u should talk to mukti
and get her to have break fast
geet – umm

geet goes to mukti’s room
geet mumeres aab main kya bolon – hi mukti
how stupid geet kuch aur bolne ko nahi milla. mukti hugged geet & cried
geet – sorry yaar
mukti still crying
geet – do u really want to marry him
mukti noded
geet – but
prem walks in & mukti was not facing her back to him
mukti – I know he his diffrent, but nice at heart
geet winked at prem
geet – I hope u know he is a wild horse impossible to tame
prem made a face at geet wild horse….
mukti wipped her tears & noded
geet leaves them alone in the room to sort out further

she come down to have breakfast table prem & mukti join them after a while
looking happy togather. maan comes with his newspaper & sits opposite to geet
cook serves them paratas & curd & pickles
geet – sorted?
prem – kind off
geet narrowed her eye brows
prem – we decided that we will spend some time togather & get to know each other
better & then probably
geet – I guess u will be great togather waise bhi kisine mujse kaha hain
u guys are perfect togather
prem – and u believed him?
maan looked at her folding the paper slightly
geet – I believe his believe
and she looked at him
maan covered his face behind the paper & smiled pagali hain
geet smsed maan – I love that smile of urs
he read the sms & moved the paper to see her, she was walking out of the door
maan shook his head softly & kept looking at her almost stepping out of view
then she peeps back & winks at him
maan smiles again..she moves her hand to her chest crossing & turns her neck…I am dead now

they spend rest of the day exploring the farmhouse on the horse
mukti & prem sat togather on badsha
geet was on sunhine maan could not stop her . maan was on toofan
prem was getting confartable with mukti
she seemed quite different from all those girls he had met
she always knew what she wanted and never complained about prem’s past
never did she even questioned.

back home geet was very happy for prem & mukti
she kept a party for them too.
she called armaan & told how there prem is cooked & booked
armaan laughed & laughed over it
maan called her
geet – hi thanxs a lot for the lovely weekend
maan smiled
geet – marjavan
maan – medicin lee
geet – umm
maan – sleep well, good night
geet – good night

love was definitly in air. her closest of friends were in love
and she felt tickled with the thought of love of her life
she closed her eyes & dreamt..that unknown face, she could see the eyes
feel him but did’nt who it was. it was a different world whole togather
she wanted to fall in love with that unknown some one made for her
she hugged the pillow tight close to her feeling around her
whole of sudden she could feel the warmth embracing her, it felt heavenly magical
she shied with her thought of being with him. their closeness, how it would be
will be understand me..actually toda muskil hain, lekin he better
will I be able to undersatnd him, I am sure I will be able to I am good at understanding
guys, but he should be different, ek daam alag, khaas, sirf mera aur main sirf uski
jiski har subha mujhese hoti ho aur har shaam mujhe pe khatam, uska har pal
har lamha sirf mera naam ho, thoda muskil hain, aise to woh koi job pe nahi ja sakta
she giggled to herself, na jayee bus mera saat rahen, kanha ho tum
kab milloge mujhe, how will I know it is you. I love u so much… she felt
so shy saying those words

her phone rang with her closed eyes – main kitna pyare sapna deehk rahi thi
maan – utto it is 7.30am
geet – I hate u
maan – tumne aaj subha bhi mujhe phone nahi kiya
geet – kyun
maan – kya karoon meri har subha tumse hoti hain aur har raat tumhe pe khatam
geet got up at once – yeh aapko kisne bataya? yeh to mere dream wale lines hain
she shut her mouth
maan – umm!! so were dreaming about me
geet – NAHI!!! actually I was dreaming about some one..she blushed
maan wondered what was wrong with her today she sounded so different
maan – someone???
geet – milloge to batvongi
maan – to kab milrahe ho?
geet – college ke baad
maan – 3.30pm
geet – umm

geet reached college & for her suprise prem was already in college
geet wispers to maan – can u believe prem is already in college
ek din main mukti ka itna asar, not bad na
maan mumers mujhse poocha tumhe ek bar deehk kar mera kya haal hova
kabhi na karar aaya kabhi na sukoon aaya jab se hain mujka tumpe pyar aaya
na din ka pata na raat ki khabar, Maan Singh Khurana poet bangaya???uff
geet – aap sun rahe ho na
maan snaps out – umm
prem came & hugged geet – I am in love
geet smiles – yah the nth time…hope this time it is for sure
maan still on the call – don’t worry mukti hain na uske kaan keenchne kaliya
armaan comes to visit them before the classes
he hugs them – Oh man I am so happy for you prem
prem – credit goes to geet
maan – what about me
geet wispers – aap aur main ek hi huwa na
maan was lost in those words, she really new to shut him
armaan – kab mila raha hain mukti se
prem – abhi chal
armaan – not now, I have to pick ridz & be in sanjeevani before 9
geet – then why did u come here
he hugged them all – how could I not wish prem on this special day
geet – so sweet
maan – umm

it was 3.35pm geet waiting restlesly for maan outside her college
she called up like 20 times already
geet – where are u
maan – on my way sweet heart
geet – main kab se wait kar rahi hoon
maan – geet it is 3.35pm
geet – mujhe time dehkna aata hain
maan – we were supposed to
geet snaps – we were supposed to meet at 3.30pm
maan tapped her shoulder uff catching for his breath – I am here
geet turned & waked him – kitna late karte ho
maan looked at his watch 3.35pm..5 mins…
prithvi looked at them & smiled & looked away
maan – don’t create scene here, car main betoh
geet – umm
maan – kanha jana hain tumhe
geet – I want to by a gift for mukti & prem, like wishing them all the best types
maan drives her to the mall as they enter geet screems
geet – mujhe picture deehkna hain
maan – geet u said we are buying a gift for prem & mukti
geet – nahi I want to see Golmaal 3, please please please
maan rolls his eyes – I have a meeting latter in the evening
geet lost looking at the poster – cancel kardo please
maan looks at for a while & calls pari & cancels the meeting…not knowing it was
papji’s most awaited meeting. thanxs to geet
geet – aapne sach main meeting cancel kardi
maan texting – umm
geet looked worried – aapko koi problem to nahi hogi
maan still busy texting – na
geet feeling really bad – are u sure
maan lifts her chin – I am sure
geet – aise to aapke business pe tala lagjayega
maan – aacha hain, then I can be with u all the time
geet looked at him mumering yeh bhi meri dream wali line hain
babaji aap koi ishara kar rahe ho…na na..yeh to bachan hain na…
maan shook her – rahogina pura samya mera saat
geet lost – ji?
maan – umm
geet looking into his eyes – umm
maan smiled & picked the tickets, she gets the popcorn & juice & coffee for him
they go inside the hall, it was empty
geet – I thought it was housefull
he did’nt say anything, he actually booked the whole show
it was just both of them in the whole hall, it was just a 36 seater gold lounge with
seats that recline 180 degrees.
The entire theatre was like the first class section
of an aircraft. there were twin seats on the top most row. she checked the seat number
and she hopped on to her side of the twin seat & pulled the blanket on & slipped the pillow
under her head
maan – are u planning to sleep
geet – these seats are fun, deehko na
she leaned over him & pushed the seat down making him inclined
She was close enough that he could see the smoothness of her skin and feel her sweet
breath on his face. Her smile made him want to pull her hard against him and hold her
in his strong arms. he cleared his thraot
maan – ok ok I got it ,  held her away. she settled in her part of the seat
movie started geet laughed & laughed & laughed
it was first time Maan Singh Khurana had ever gone for a movie, woh bhi out & out
comedy, actually he enjoyed. at one particular scene she laughed & almost fell
maan held her and she entangled her fingers into his
maan was concious but she did’nt let go lost in the movie.
interval  time the steward came for their order. they got refil of their drinks
geet still was holding on to his hand & kept talking about the movie
after the steward left, maan slowly moved his hand away
she held it back – dar gaye kya ?
maan mumered Maan Singh Khurana kabhi darta nahi
maan held her hand firmly – I believe in holding hands for ever
mujhe haat pakadke phir chodna aacha nahi lagta
she losens her grip seeing the intensity in his eyes
maan – himaat hain to hamesha ke liya pakado
geet hardens her grip & covers their grip with the other hand – lo pakad liya
and smiled
geet hardens her grip & covers their grip with the other hand – lo pakad liya
and smiled, he was moved by her gesture. it unknowingly pampered his temper
but thats what he always fell for. It was never difficult for Maan Singh Khurana
to find a girl who would pretend to oblige him just to be associated with him.
But she naturally had a inclination to pamper his attitde, accept him with his temper
even though he knew at times he goes over board
Geet Handa pampering Attitude..oops…he thought!!! and amiled inwardly

it was more than a month since they have met and they seemed to have really become
close. there was not a single morning without alarm clock call at 5.30am
and followed by his wakeup call at 7.30am, then the whole day on phone
untill they meet up for a coffee or lunch or a movie, then their endless call at night
of rocking each other into sweet dreams of eachother..oops geet still dreaming
undeehka unjaane koi!!!
mukti understanding prem better & prem realizing he actually started to like her
but destiny takes a turn here too, mukti pregnant with prems child &
their pace of understanding now forced to immidiate wedding plans. mukti was little scared and prem was majorly worried.
armaan still trying to express himself to ridz but like always lands up doing some thing
silly otherway round like today he wanted so desperatly ask her out to join her
for the naval ball but landed up fighting.

geet called maan
geet – I am in deep trouble please please meet me now
maan – what happened why are u sounding so tensed
geet – meet me now
maan – I can’t I am in a meeting, please try to understand, shall definitly meet u
latter in the day
geet – fine & hangs up
maan knew she was going to be upset. he half heartedly finished his meeting
and other work & called her in the afternoon. her phone was ringing..he was glad
it means she was not that angry, he shied in relief
geet – fursat milgayee aap ko
maan – sorry dear meeting main tha, bolo kanha milna hain
geet – mujhe nahi milna, waise bhi mera kaam hogaya
maan – kaam ke liya nahi waise to mili sakti ho
geet – umm
maan – ok will u pick u in 30mins
geet – late nahi hona
maan – ji huzur
geet smiled…

maan picks her up & they go to there fav taj tea shop
geet was busy texting, maan knew she won’t do that when they are togather
unless it was really important. they order their usual drinks & settle down
maan pulled her phone away – kya kar rahi ho?
geet – main rahul ko sms kar rahi hoon, kal ka plan ke bare main.
maan – rahul ?
he looked into her phone saw the message she was typing..thanxs for accepting
geet – mera phone do
maan getting curious – who is this rahul? & what did he accept?
geet – kuch nahi forget it
maan was getting restless – GEET
geet – gussa kyun ho rahe ho rest her hand on his on the table
maan pulls it away – phir yeh sab kya hain
she comes to his side of the couch & squeez next to him
he turns to look the other side – sweety it is nothing of ur interest
maan – anything related to u is of interest to me crosses his hand over his chest
geet walks back to her sofa – right!!!! thats why u did’nt meet me in the morning
maan – u know I was held up
she added sugar to his coffee & stirred it & gave it to him
geet – I know, thats why I called him
maan banged the cup down – how dare u
geet – don’t u dare, dare me!!!
maan – kya karlogi tum
geet – I will not talk to u
maan smiles
geet she looks at his smile almost melting down
maan – tum mujhse baat bina kiya nahi rah sakti
geet – haan nahi rah sakti
maan – aacha why did u call me in the morning
geet – nahi kuch nahi
maan – bolo to
geet – nahi kal naval ball hain & I don’t have a partner
so I did’nt know what to do. but it is sorted out now, so sweet of rahul he accepted
in such a short notice
that was too much for maan to handle he just got up threw few notes on the table to clear
the bill & walked out. he was really angry this time
geet wondered what did she say or do that he got so annoyed
she ran behind him – coffee aachi nahi thi kya, meri to drink teehk thi
aap itna gussa kyun ho rahe ho doosari drink order kar lethe hain
maan held her from shoulder & pinned her againt the car
prithvi steps in front objecting
maan slips his hand in the pocket & turns his back
geet to prithvi – its ok excuse us
prithvi moves back to her car
maan opens his car door, she closes it & comes in between
geet – aap naraz kyun ho
maan – I don’t want to talk to you
geet – aacha mat baat karna
maan shoots a glare
geet – pehle bata to do kyun nahi baat karna
maan – tum nahi jaanthi?
geet – nahi innocently
maan – then forget it
geet – aarey what is wrong with u,
maan – I said forget it
geet – bachan u are the one who did’nt meet me in the morning. I did’nt even get
angry at u… he held her arms – main tumse nahi mila iska matlab tum kisi aur ke saat
ball main jaavoghi looking into her eyes & spitting fire
geet was dumb stuck fluttered her eyes – i thought u don’t like ball and all
maan left her & turned his back to her – just leave me alone
he pushed her away & sat in the car
she opened the back door & hopped in – suno to
maan – I don’t want to talk to u just leave
geet – u don’t go partying
maan – just leave me alone
geet she slides into the front seat & holds his hand, he snaps & tunrs her hand
geet – mera haat mat thodo. he turns it tighter
geet – mujhe sach main nahi pata tha ki aap ko itna bura lage ga
he still does’nt let go. -pata hota to?
geet – i would have been happier to go with my BF rather than any tom dick & harry
maan pulls her closer – ek taraf mujhe aapna BF kahti ho, aur ek taraf kah thi
ho u don’t have a partner????
she gets a text message, maan looks at the phone & leaves her hand getting even more wild
she swtiches off her phone at once
geet – seriously I did’nt know, you will agree to come with me
maan – ismain agree karne wali kaunse baat hain
geet was lost wondering why would he come with her, he is not partying type
he may get maha bored & pissed of if she even asked him to dance, then
maan – tumhare liya kuch bhi karsakta hoon, I don’t think I need to keep reminding u
that. I thought we knew each other little more than that, there was definit pain
in his eyes, she could feel that. she actually hurt him
she held her ears sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
maan kept his figer on her lips – chup bilkul chup
she hugged him with tears in her eyes – i did’nt mean to hurt u
maan – why are u crying for that stupid
geet – i could’nt bare to see u in pain
maan – don’t u ever say that again
geet – kya?
maan wipping her tears – that ..u don’t have a partner!!! I am always there by you.
geet – will u be able to dance?
maan – lets see that with a sarcastic smile
she swtiches on her phone – oye teri
maan – umm
geet – main rahul ko kya kahoon ghi?
maan – woh tumhari problem hain
geet – how mean
maan rolled his eyes & looked at the road
geet – itna attitude mat dikavo, warna I will go with rahul
maan stops the car at once with a sudden break – tum sirf meri GF ho, aur sirf
mere saat javogi samjhi tum.
geet – possessive..ummm..lekin mujhe pasand hain
maan smiled, changed the gear & moved on

latter at night geet calls maan
maan – umm
geet – what are u wearing for the ball?
he picked a glass of water & drank – what are u wearing?
geet – thinking of picking a dress tomorrow
maan – umm
geet stop it stop it maan…stop licking me maan
maan dropped the glass down shocked
geet giggling – chodo mujhe maan..please stop it maan mujhe gudgudi ho rahi hain
maan panting restlessly
geet runing around –  maan out out of my room now
maan looked around checking where he was
geet shouted – raji aapne maan ko yanha se le ja abhi
maan nahi …raji ka maan…NO NO…geet ka maan
maan – tum yeh sab kya bol rahi ho
geet – ek min, love u maan ummanh & locks her door
maan dead…falls on his bed..thud
geet – haan bolo
maan trying to get out of those words
geet – HELLOW!!
maan softly – umm
geet – BACHAN
that came like a tight slap
maan snaps out – woh maan sab kya tha????
geet – raji ka pet doggy
maan – and u named him MAAN
he was angry but did’nt know what to say
geet – raji ka pet
maan – and u named him MAAN
he was angry but did’nt know what to say
geet – actually bro got maan last month & at that time
I was quite pissed off with that guy u remember..aur yeh bahut naughty bhi tha
humesha mera room main aakar kuch na kuch karab karta tha so I named in maan
maan gave up that she will ever like his name
geet – lekin now i love maan
maan cuffed
geet – sachi main maan bahut sweet hain, maan mujhe bahut pyar karta hain
maan – so to hain(naam ka asar hain shayad…maan geet se pyar to karegha hi)
geet – maan to kabhi kabhi mera saat he sota hain
maan mumered how I wish!!!
geet – mujhe nahi pata tha main maan se itna pyar karongi
maan – mujhe bhi kanha pata tha
geet – aap yeh sab kya bol rahe ho
maan cleared his throat
geet – I really love maan
maan – enough of that dogy now
geet – dare u say anything about my Maan & turned her face
maan – OK baba maan sirf tumhara hain bus (smiling iwardly)
geet – nahi actually woh raji ka hain, I wish mera hota
maan mumered jo hain, uski to kadar nahi hain mam ko
geet – BTW what are u wearing tomorrow
maan – not decided yet
geet – I am planning to pick a dress from the mall
maan – aacha mera liya matching shirt le lena
geet – umm, I will pick u in the evening shirt ke saat
maan – umm
geet – good night
maan – sweet dreams
maan mumered I really need to tell her my Name. Bahut hagaya kal ball main.

next day geet picked the dress & his shirt. she got ready & went to his place

Maan was getting ready
dev – bro aap kanhi ja rahe ho
maan – umm
dev – kanha?
maan – naval ball
dev he started laughing loud maan shot him a stirn look
dev – bro u realize u can’t go there alone right
geet barges in his room – woh akela thodi ja rahen hain, mera saat ja rahen hain
dev checks her out with his jaws drop open, bubbly sparkling with joy & the red dress
untill her knews made her look sizzling. maan wipsers moo band kar
dev clears his throat – bro yeh aapki date hain
geet opens a deep red shirt & holds it for maan – socho tho GEET HANDA inki date
maan slips his hand in the shirt. dev smiled at maan’s plight
maan moves on to wear his coat & combs his hair
geet – waise to mujhe nahi pata tha inka itna hot hot brother hain
dev totally flattered
geet checking on maans collar – pata hota to aap ko hi ball ki liya poch thi,
lekin kya karoon geet to phas gaye is bachan ke chakar main, maan smiled
she pulled his cheeks – isi smile ke chakar main pasi hoon
dev – bro smiles??? I need to see that
geet pulls out her phone yeh dehko inki smile aur yeh suno inki hasi
maan was embarrassed – challen
dev – ek min bro I really need to show this to daadi ma
maan – abhi nahi dev we are getting late
geet – bye
dev – BTW I am dev
geet smiled & slipped her hand around maan – nice meeting u
maan opened the door for geet.
geet – itna formal hone ki bhi koi zaroorat nahi hain
maan – aachi lag rahi ho
geet blushed – now u are making me concious
maan loved to see that feminine tinch in her, very rare to see like his smile
the red shade to her cheeks just merges with her red dress.
geet – waise aap bhi teehk teehk lag rahe ho
maan mumered Maan Singh Khurana teehk teehk…only she can make me feel like this
Naval Ball with the word Naval in its title made the notion of lighting the night the centerpiece of the event.  The first bit was the timely cooperation from nature-as dusk approached, the rainy skies cleared to reveal the full moon. setting in the sky in the deepest shades of blue, probably they planned the party on a full moon day. The benefactor tables surrounding the pool glowed with the soft light from hundreds of votive candles . set on their surfaces. The blue tablecloths, umbrellas, garden flowers,the elgant dresses of the ladies and water reflected light in every direction.  This kind of romance makes every one feel good. As they walked in togather the votive-lit lanterns skimming the surface of the pool were repeated ingound. and lighting in the path from the entrance to the event, to its center. the whole walk was creating an special feel in them. She slipped in her fingers into his as their visual gears shifted from their every day landscape to this specially made and momentary landscape.  This transition just began to build anticipation for the this special night, tickling their senses, evoking forbidden desires.
they meet up with mukti & prem.
prem – this place is so romantic
geet  holding maan tighter – yah
prem – how do u always manage to get the passes
geet smiles
armaan comes with ridz & introduces them
geet – fianally we get to meet u
ridz wondered
armaan rolled his eyes
geet – nahi actually we keep on hearing about u , atul, muskan, rahul
ridz smiled
armaan thanked her to have managed the situation & not spill the beans

they all move near the bar & have their drinks
mukti kept a watch on prems drink & armaan was being nice drinking coke
music began to play with every one hitting the dance floor
prem pulled mukti to the dance floor, ridz was sweet enough to oblige to armaans
request. geet mumered yehlo sab log dance kar rahen hain & looked at maan
he sat & silents sipped his drink & smiled at her. agar kisi ko pata challenga ki
GEET HANDA ka BF dance nahi karsakta to..chi chi babji yeh kya kar rahe ho mera saat
main kisi aur ke saat dance bhi nahi kar sakti, itna gussa karega ki pata nahi
kanha phasadiya mujhe, pata nahi mujhe bhi kya padi thi puri duniya main inhe hi
mera BF man na tha. music changes to a very tempting pumping number
she moves really close to him very tempted to dance. looks at him & gives a weak smile
maan very well knew what was bothering her, he just played along to see her reaction
geet – aacha music hain na
maan – it is too loud & noisy
geet mumered inko dance ke liya poch na to bhansa ke saamne been bajana, uff & turns to leave
music changes to a soft number, maan pulls her back & slips his hand around her waist
she was shocked beyound words & rested her hand on his and turned  her head side ways to meet his graze to read his intentions. he took her other hand into his right hand & moved a along the music. his touch was driving her into another world she rested her head tilting it backward on his shoulder, he turned her in a jerk to face him she fluttered her eyes & looked at him musmerized, he smiled & winked at her and turned around hold her by waist & one hand holding her palms in his she was totally floored when he lifted her & turned around, he let her down gracefuly  & swinged her away & pulled her closer – aise kya dehk rahi ho
she was speechless drooling over his moves & she was effortlessly moving with
his touch. she wondered how gracefully he turned her around & tamed her to move along
she loved this contradicting  feeling of both his strength & softness.
his dominance was evoking her desire to be more in his arms & she never felt this way
ever before. maan was so confident with his lady love in his arms. every move just
depicted his feeling for her. his unsaid, unasked, ownership on hers. he did’nt
even once took his eyes off her. he was so much in control of every move of theirs
he finally lifted her with the last line & turned. rising her into a world of dream totaly
magical & slowly sank her feet finally rest on the floor. she rested her head on his
chest feeling his strong, muscular chest. she could feel her envolped in his
warm scent seducing her every nerve. she hugged him involuteraly. music changed to
a still softer music. they remained in eachothers arm moving soft closer steps
geet – hope u are not proposing me…..OOPS

she hugged him involuteraly. music changed to a still softer music.
they remained in each others arms moving soft closer steps.
geet mumered jhali tu yeh kya kar rahi hain, u r drooling over bachan
she rubs her cheeck softly on his chest in self denial, nahi pagli he really dances well
so sweet na, lekin yeh to bachan hain na, to kya huwa. Geet tum log
sirf BF/GF ho woh bhi sirf time pass walen, wake up. lekin isne meri dream wale
sare lines bole the, to…woh to koi bhi bol sakta hain. enough is enough now
kanhi woh teri closeness ka koi galat matlab na inkal lein
she snaps out, maan was taken a back
maan – u don’t want to dance
geet – nahi makes a face fighting against herself & then wonders why is she making a face
maan – ok, main iske saat dance kar leta hoon
pulls another girl & asks her for dance, she was already drooling over him while sipping her drink
geet tries to ignore it at first & when she actually sees them heading to the dance floor
she gets furious & pulls his hand off her waist & slaps the girl, not many noticed it
thanxs to the loud music & dim lights
girl – wat is wrong with u, are u high & laugh on her
geet lifts her other hand to slap her maan slips his fingers into her hand
and pulls her closer & move to the dance floor. she turns her face avoiding to meet his gaze
maan – tumhe humara dance aacha nahi laga?
geet – aap mujhe se baat mat karo
maan – kya huwa
geet – jab aap dance nahi kar rahe tha, maine to aap ko ditch nahi kiya, then when
I am not dancing why did u …she looked away
maan slowly tilted her & then raised – sorry, main bus tumhe chad raha tha
geet moving slowly with the music – waise I am impressed some one can dance

they move along the music geet – aacha suno
maan – umm
geet – we have a prom night in college next month, aap mera saat aavogena
maan – poch kyun rahi ho
geet smiled & moved closer
maan mumered maam ka mood aacha hain use batadeta hoon main hi Maan Singh Khurana hoon lekin how do  I tell her, pata nahi kaise react karegi.
maan tujhe aapna naam hi to bolna hain kaun sa propose karna hain
aapna naam bolne main Maan Singh Khurana ko kabhi itni problem nahi hui hogi..uff
he moves her curls behind – mujhe tumse kuch kah na hain
geet – umm resting her head on his chest
maan – tum naraz mat hona please
geet – umm
maan – woh woh main
geet could hear his heart beat rising..she mumered kanhi yah humera dance aur closeness
ka koi galat matlab to nahi nikal rahe, she lifted her head to meet his eyes
geet – hope u are not proposing me
maan chocked – sorry
geet – ur definitly not my type.
maan mumered thats why u did’nt like me dancing with that girl
maan – thanxs, aab main kuch bolon
geet – kya bologe, I know u guys, saat dance kya kar liya to u start assuming things
maan – hogaya
geet – nahi
maan – will u let me speak for once
geet – teehk hain bolo
maan – kuch nahi just leave it
she rests her head back on his chest – teehk hain mat bolon
maan try again…thoda guma phira ke bol
maan slides his hand on her curls behind – waise tumhari dream kya thi us din
geet – kis din
maan – u said u were dreaming about some one
geet – woh…I dream of this guy…my dream guy
maan – umm
geet – my Mr.Perfect
maan – ME
geet waks him – nahi stupid my real dream man
maan – aaj bata hi do tumhari type kya hain
geet – toda mushkil hain unique jo hain
maan – so to hoon
geet – nahi bolna mujhe
no danceing more possesively & authoritatively
VM just feel the passion in their moves….

maan pulls her closer & turning with the music – aacha baba bolo tho
geet blushed
maan – is he so special, I wonder how come u never mentioned
geet – I have never met him
maan – how can that be, tumhare itna sare crush main koi nahi
geet – actually nun
maan – now u don’t have an option, ur stuck with me
geet smiled – untill u find urs
maan – I have mine in my arms
she pushes him away & he pulls her back – itna asni se tumhe aapne se dor nahi hone doongha
geet – u r no way close to him
maan – oh really
geet – umm
maan – so what is he like
geet – u know I am surrounded with handsome guys so my expectations are also high
maan smiled & thought..higher than Maan Singh Khurana muskhil hain
geet – in nut shell ..usme armaan ka romance ho, prem ki deewangi aur raj ki nazakat, charm
maan – nice dream
geet – umm..makes a baby face
maan – but sweet heart now u have me …Maan Singh Khurana
geet – tum teehk ho …yeh Maan Singh Khurana kaun hain
they move away & turn to face their back
maan rolled his eyes – thats what I wanted to tell
a guys drops a drink on her & tries to wipe it trying to touch her around..she holds his hand back, maan immidiately turns  before any one could react the guy was on the floor & geets heels pressing his hand maan just tried to recollect what happened…she held his hand back ..he tried turning her hand back…the way maan usually does to her …but here she did’nt just let him hold her, she turned his grip into hers & pushed him on the floor & a kick
maan held her back & took her away from the dance floor to their table
prem & armaan ran to her
prem – is every thing alright
geet – umm
armaan – tumhari nahi uski baat kar rahen hain
geet was furious – that was not funny & walks out from there
maan tells them to carry on & he will be with her,
prem – are u sure
maan noded
she walks out looking really frustrated maan just walks along
geet opens the driver seat door, he takes the car keys from her & opens the other door for
her, she quitely sits in, he sits in the driver seat & starts the car & drives
they keep driving for an hrs. geet was quite & still very angry
nothing could really calm her down. maan stopped the car parking it aside of the highway
there was perfect silence, moonlight glowing sounds of in-frequent vehiles passing by
when he finally thought she may not speak a word & he should say some thing
she just hugged him & started crying. it was so unlike her to break down like this
geet – i hate it, i really hate it
maan – shooo….its ok..patting his head
geet – no its not OK
maan – tum itna kyun upset ho rahi ho
geet – i don’t like the way some guys treat girls, like hum koi insan nahi sex objects hain
maan closed his eyes understanding her pain, he was quite
they remained like that untill she was feeling calmer & lighter

prem calls geet she cuts the call & steps out of the car wipping her tears
prem calls again, maan sees prems name & answeres the call
prem – geet yaar to phone kyun cut kar rahi hain
maan – prem actually main
prem – oh hi ..geet kanha hain, maha upset hain kya
maan – yah, I have never seen her so emotional before, gussa main dehka hain
emotional nahi
prem – emotional, ro rahi hain kya
maan – umm
prem – abhi bi
maan – umm
prem – ek min,  prem to armaan –  geet is crying yaar
armaan – rona to nahi chahiya itni si baat ke liya, date kya hain aaj
prem – 18th hain
armaan – no wonder…uska PMS kit kanha hain
prem – tumhare car main
armaan – uski car main bhi hain shayad, seat ke neechi
maan – what are u guys talking
prem – driver seat ke neechi check karo ek pink packet hoga
maan extends his hand & pulls the pink packet out
maan – what is this
prem – PMS(premenstrual syndrome) kit hain, don’t let her see it in ur hand she will kill you
maan dropped it at once
just then geet – kya kar rahe ho
maan cleared his throat – kuch nahi
prem quickly wispered – usme se use pink hot chocalte bar dedena,
armaan – dono
prem – dono chocolate dede do & cuts the call
maan mumers chocolate hain thats cool…& tries to lift the pack when geet
steps in & maan notices the item that spills out of the pink packet carefree pack
pink hot chocolate bars, cramp pills, teddy, he was embarrassed & realized
why prem said geet should not see the pack in his hand.
geet – kuch gir gaya kya
he gets up nervously & gives the phone to geet – nahi tumhara phone
trying to hide the things with his legs
geet – what is it there bending down to check
maan closes his eyes – kuch nahi
she gets the choclate in her hand. – oh!! wow this is perfect
she opens & eats the chocolate – thanxs, it would have fallen from my purse
maan gives a weak smile & looks away feeling concious
geet finishes the chocalte maan picks the other bar..yeh bhi hain
geet – so sweet & offeres him a bite
maan notices the sudden change & smile in her face. he wondered how
her friends cared and exactly knew what to do when to do, he remebered what
she said about her dream guy…he understood better now. it was deeper than just
romance, deewangi, nazakat or charm. it was their love & care which always
enbraced her all the time. it will be difficult for any one to make a mark
in her heart. he felt so proud he could. he smiled proudly that he could
that also with no Maan Singh Khurana tag.  she accepting that OOPS.. but he knew they were meant to be togather & he may never let her away from him, he felt blessed to have her so close.

geet finished the second bar licking her lips – aap kya kah rahe the maan ke bare main
maan – phir kabhi, abhi mujhe bahut bhook lagi hain dinner ke liya challen
geet – umm
maan give his hanky to her & points at her lips
she turns the rare view mirror & wipes her lips, maan rolls his eyes
& then latter sets the mirror back
at the naval ball mukti was getting wild at prem
mukti – I don’t believe it,  u actually keep track of her PMS
prem rolls his eyes & ignores it
mukti – I always thought u were just friends
prem – what do u mean just friends. she is my dearest friend. I can’t think
of my life without three of them

next day when geet reached college every one gave her sidy looks
geet wispered to maan – sab log mujhe ajeeb ajeeb tarah se dehk rahn hain
maan looking into his files in the office – tumhe aise lag raha hoga
geet – nahi especially girls
maan smiled – they might be feeling jealous of u
geet – lekin kyun
maan – tum itni pyari jo lag rahi ho
geet – aap to mujhe chada rahe ho
maan – I am serious
prem & armaan comes from front
geet – armaan what are u doing here aaj sanjeevani band hain kya
prem – ghar chal
geet – aaj important class hain
armaan – nahi woh sab baad main
maan could sense tension in their voice – geet do as they say
geet – lekin
prem drags her out & they drive to armaans house
geet – kya chal raha hain, koi batayega
armaan  – kuch nahi we just wanted to spend some time with you
prem – jab se tujhe bachan mila hain u don’t have time for us
maan smiled, geet made a baby face – aise nahi hain
they spend the day watching movie & ordered pizza partying & playing games
latter in the day maan called prem & checked if every thing was fine
prem – nahi meri aur mukti ki misunderstanding hogaye hain & every one is
blamming geet for that
maan – geet ko pata hain
prem – nahi, she may not be able to bare it
maan – umm

a week passed with this hide & seek game. geet was unware of the situation
between mukti & prem & what was the talk around the college
untill today when geet walked into the class & she had to face the brunt of it
she was busy on chatting with maan & noticed mukti & prem arguing
mukti – do u even care about me or the baby
prem – aise nahi hain
geet wispers kuch gadbad hain will call u latter & cuts the call
maan – lekin meri baa
he gets restless
friend of mukti – u don’t have time for her
prem – u stay out of this
mukti – how can ur friend interfear & not mine
prem – keep geet out of all this
friend – its all beacuse of her now that ur breaking ur engagement
geet was shocked (mera wajah se babaji) – mukti kya huwa
prem tells geet to leave at once
friend – wow finally she is hear
mukti was in tears, geet could not bear to see her like that, she holds
prems collar – mukti ro kyun rahi hain
friend – don’t pretend as if u don’t know
geet – shut the F… up & pulls mukti aside
ok I don’t know what is happening…if I am the problem, tell me, U & me can sort it out
friend – u are the problem
geet – can u just get lost
mukti – dare u speak to my friend like that
geet was taken a back
prem – mukti mind ur words with geet
geet – nahi its ok….she wants to say some thing
mukti – ur are the problem
geets eyes was filled up
mukti – tum hoti ho to ise kuch aur nahi sojtha, prem tries to hold mukti back
friend – tumhare zindagi main to koi nahi hain, ho bhi kaise sakta hain
u have so many of them, hoga to bhi prem aur tere bare main pata challen ga to
tuje chod dega
maan in attitude glancing at every one – thats enough about my GF. geet looks at him
with tears in her eyes shocked. kisne kaha ki iski zindagi main koi nahi hain he slips his hands
around geet, main hoon, looks at mukti mujhe koi problem nahi hain prem aur geet ke
dosti se,  infact I feel proud that even after they have each other she is mine. tum yah main
inki dosti ki gharahi nahi samjh sakte. kar sakte hain to bus just accept them the way
they are geet hugs him & hiding her tears.
maan walks her out holding her close infront of every one
friend – yeh Maan Singh Khurana hain na, yeh iska saat kya kar raha hain
mukti wiping her tears – they are always togather
friend – are u kidding me, THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA
other girls start wispering & chit chatting – Geet Handa ka BF MAAN SINGH KHURANA
is jhali ke saat woh kya kar raha hain & he does’nt have problem with
her friendship with other guys, so lucky yaar
prem comes running behind her.
geet – nahi prem don’t do that, she really needs you now. I will be fine.
prem – thanxs bachan
maan nodes
geet – nahi prem don’t do that, she really needs you now. I will be fine.
prem – thanxs bachan
maan nodes
as prem walks back quickly makes a call to armaan & tells him about what happened
armaan reached there in no time
as maan & geet walked towards she still had tears welling down her eyes
he could’nt bare to see her pain. he cups her face & rests his head on hers and teasingly say
maan – GF ab tum puri ki puri ki offical GF ho
geet smiled with moist eyes – aap bhi koi mauqa nahi chodthe na
maan wipes her tears – itna aacha mauqa kaise chod deta

geet pulling & rubbing her nose – yuk!!! ab sab ko lage ga ki mera BF can u believe GEET HANDA ka BF meri reputation ka kya hoga!!! she looks at him timidly. maan rolls his eyes. nothing else mattered but that smile that was magical. she turned & saw armaan. she ran & hugged armaan & started crying again
armaan pat her – its ok
geet weeping – I never thought of all the person mukti will
armaan with moist eyes refeclting her hurt – umm
raj called on geets phone
geet with teary eyes & heavy voice still restin in armaan’s arms- umm
raj – mera sweety cuty kyun ro raha hain
geet still weeping
raj – this is not fair
geet – why
raj – sab tumhare galti hain
geet – u r also blamming me & starts crying more
raj – tum itni hot & happening ho to hum theeno ki GFs tho insecured feel karengi na
geet smiled
raj – I just hope ab tumhare BF ko humse koye problem na ho
geet – kyun
raj – bekar hi pit jayega tumse
geet made a baby face – don’t worry use problem nahi hain(she bites her lips)
raj – am I missing some thing there
geet causiously – nahi mera matlab hain use koi problem kaise ho sakta hain
her eyes looking for maan, she smiled when she saw him, he was on the phone
raj – aacha take care
geet – umm
both of them cut the call & move towards each other
maan – ur ok
geet nodes
armaan – chal ghar chal the hain
geet looked at maan,their eyes met, he smiled that was the first time she did that
her look meant more than just a look. it was seeking his permission
& his smile meant more than just a smile it was more of answere to her
they did’nt realizse what they just gestured to each other unknowingly
maan went back to office & armaan & geet went to his house
armaan – he is really sweet na
geet – umm
armaan – u did’nt tell us that u were going around
geet – aise nahi hain, we are just friends
armaan – don’t tell me he never proposed
geet – nahi
armaan – I thought u were only the confused lot, woh bhi
geet – nahi yaar he is really cute friend bahut matured types
armaan – I can see that
he makes her fav milk shake & gives her
sipping her drink – tumhe aise kyun laga
armaan – tum dono ke ankhoo main saaf dihkta hain ur more than just friends
geet – he is not my type aur main bhi uski type ki nahi hoon
armaan – kise ollo bana rahi hain, use yah khud ko
geet – yaar to confuse mat kar
armaan – does’nt he care for u
geet – woh aap log bhi karte ho
armaan – geet we know u for more than 17-18yrs  & he knows u for 17-18days
look at u, u spend the whole day talking to him on the phone
geet – tho
armaan – u meet him almost every day
geet – hain, kabhi kabhi din main do bar
armaan shakes her – geet wake up!!! u r in love with this guys
geet – chi chi..for god sake woh bachan hain, how can I think of him like that
usko pata chalega to, he may just stop talking to me. he is too sedha for me
armaan – geet I have never seen u like this before, u have totally changed
geet – nahi yaar aise kuch nahi hain. waise bhi mujhe nahi kuch feel hota use dehk ke
armaan – kya matlab
geet – like u feel na ridz ko dehk ke, butterflies types.
I don’t feel anything like that
armaan – forget it tujhe se baat karna to bekar hain
in the college
mukti – i am sorry
prem – i don’t understand why did u have to do all this, i thought u accepted me for
wat I was, u knew all about my affairs & relations i have had, then
mukti – all ur relations were shallow, they were one night stand types
prem – yah so
mukti – but I know u really care for geet
prem – offcourse i do & will always
mukti – pms kit & all I thought u were probably more than
prem – u think what ever you want think about me but geet ke bare main aise sochna
bhi mat, woh jaise dihkthi hain waisi nahi hain if she commits to any one she will
give her life to keep that relation, woh us ek rishtey ke liya aapna sab kuch lutta degi
thats why we all are so protective about her
mukti – but now she has found her BF in him
prem was unsure, he kept quite, he knew it was not as simple as it seemed.

armaan’s house
after having their lunch they started watching a movie cuddled up in the couch
armaan – aacha this bachan is not very strong types na, I mean body shody type nahi hain na
geet promptly -nahi nahi he is quite strong. maine uski biceps dehki hain
aur us din he fought with those guys, he lifted him with one hand
armaan – uska dressing sense kuch khas nahi hain I feel
geet thinks – mujhe bhaut smart lagta hain, uske combinations dehkna chahiya tumhe
kya collection hain uske pas
armaan smiles inwardly..& she dose’nt love him, kya karoon main is pagli ka
armaan – uski stuble not happening
geet – I love him with stubble, kya bachan type looks deta hain, have u noticed
that straight jaw line, & firm looks uff
armaan kept looking at her
geet – u should see him when he rides horse, kya style, & aur OMG, car ..he really
has great control on it. us din mainne to marva dena tha, he controlled it
she probably went on & On…
she felt he was quite & looked at armaan, he lifted his eye brows questioning she felt she probably spoke too much – main ne jada bol diya na, main chalti hoon
she picked her bag & left then she just peeped back & said – he is nice but still I feel
we don’t have that magic
armaan hits head & lies down, what more magic she wants…GEET HANDA  going gaga about some one!!!

geet reaches home & anxiously waits for his call
& wonders why was she anxious, the phone rang she picked up in one ring
maan – looks like some one was waiting
she blushed
maan – wow I am blessed
she was quite unlike her..playing with her curls
maan – missed u
she lifted her eyebrows
maan – kyun miss nahi kar sakta
she smiled & shook her head for a no & then yes
maan – tum kabse itna chup rahena lagi?
geet – jabse aap itna bolne lage
maan – so GF
geet – ek min
maan rolled his eyes
geet – u realizse we are just traing wale GF/BF hain
maan – training wale???
geet – remember we decided that u will train my huby & I will train ur wife
maan – woo
geet – hain wohi
maan – hain to
geet – I was just reminding
maan – aacha tab taak to meri GF hona
geet – umm
then they were both quite for few mins, like she wanted to hear some thing from
like he was waiting for her to say some thing
he cleared his throat
maan – good night reluctantly
geet – i am not sleepy (closed her eyes & bit her lips )
why was she stopping him, she never does that.
maan – aacha bollon
geet – aap bollon
she had totally lost it..she probably just wanted to hear him wonder why
maan – kya bollon
geet was getting restless at maan not saying anything – waise to puri puri
din baat karte hoon, aaj main aapko suna chati hoon to kuch bolte nahi
maan was confused, he had never heard her say any thing like that before suna chati hoon!!
geet – jaavo main nahi bolthi bye
maan – aacha sorry please, gussa mat karo
she felt so nice loved it so much when he pampered her, she pulled the spread & cuddled up
geet – why did u say, u missed me
maan – because I actually did
geet – why suddenly today
maan – ur tears haunted me the whole day, I can’t see tears in ur eyes
geet smiled & closed her eyes softly slipping into sleep
he cares for me…more than a friend she wondered

maan – so rahi ho
she did’nt reply. he could hear her breath slowly in a normal rythm he knew she was sleeping
he did’nt cut the call, just slept with phone next to him

the watch beeps…
geet with her closed eyes hugs the watch & sleeps not bothered about the beep
maan wondered what happened to her today
maan – geet alarm band karo
geet in her sleep – mujhe usse problem nahi to aap ko kya hain
maan – GEET
she got up at once & fell off the bed, wondering what happened , she looked
around the watch was beeping she could hear in laughing in the earplugs
she smiled wow meri har subha aise nahi hosakti
maan – aise bed se ghirke & starts laughing again
geet – nahi aise…aapki hasi sunke she closed her mouth
& maan was moved with what she said they were quite for few minutes absorbing that
moment into their lifes.
maan cleared his throat – so javoo will wake u up at 7.30am
geet softly – aab neied kaise aayeghi
maan lifting his eye brows – mmm???
geet hiding her face in the spread – kuch nahi bye & cuts the call

muskan assumes that they… most of the time talk on bluetooth head phones
so the phone can be at near proximity or kept on charging when ever required
also they have like couple of bluetooth head phone, even they require charging na
monthly bill…UMMMM!!! simple ..they both are on unlimited talk plan
waise bhi Khunrana’s aur Handa’s don’t have to bother about such pitty matters

geet reaches college still on call with him.
geet – bachan sab lag mujhe kuch ajeeb tarah se dehk rahen hain
maan gets worried – prem hain wanha?
geet – nahi, merko lagta hain sab ko humare bare main pata chalgaya hoga
isse liya they are making fun of me
maan – why will they make fun ?
geet – meri koi reputation hai bhi yah nahi
maan rooled his eyes – tho
geet – tho kya, they main think GEET HANDA ka BF chi chi bla…aap ho
maan looked at himself – itna bhi bura nahi hoon
geet – nahi mera matlab woh nahi tha
maan rubbing it in – phir kya matlab tha
geet – do u even know who was my last crush???
maan – jisko tumne kiss ke chakar main bhaga diya tha
geet rolled her eyes – yah bolna zarorri nahi tha
maan smiled
geet proudly – Ishant
maan – kaun Ishant???
geet – u don’t know Ishant Sharma?
maan – geet i don’t know, tum aage peeche bolgi to I can understand
geet – aap news sports wagera deehkthe ho ya nahi?
maan right ..isse nahi mallom Maan Singh Khurana kaun hain & she is telling me uff
maan – tum news wagera ki baat na karo tho hi aacha hain
geet – Indian cricket team ka fast bowler
maan actually was impressed – not bad, aur tumne use baga diya, mera liya
geet – aap ke liya nahi
maan – off course mere liya huwa na
geet – kya matlab
maan – tum use nahi bhagathi to mujhse kaise milti
geet – aap baat mat badlo meri problem solve karo, yanha meri reputation ka kachda ho raha hain
maan wondered Maan Singh Khurana ke saat naam jod ke iski reputation ka kachda, yeh aapne
aap ko samjh thi kya hain, then smiled jo bhi hain ek pal main deewan kar dethi hain
muktis friend comes towards her
geet – yaar woh mukti ki friend hain na
maan – umm
geet – woh meri taraf aa rahi hain
maan – just don’t talk to her tum wabha se chale javo
geet – nahi pulling her sleeve up, agar usne kuch kaha na aaj main uska mo thod dongi
maan smiled
friend smiled at geet
geet was shocked – bachan she is smiling at me
maan – aacha
friend – hi
geet – bachan woh hai bolrahi hain
maan – tum pagal ho gayee ho …talk to her then
friend she hugs geet – hi geet
maan – main call cut kar raha hoon, talk to her
geet – nahi
maan cuts the call smiling sach main pagli hain
geet – cut kar diya
friend pulls back of the hug- kya huwa
geet looks at her dressed in jeans & lose top like her…
she had never seen her in anything but salwar
geet wondered what happened to her. geet gave a weak smile. any way geet
was not very good in talking with girl or understanding their POV. so she remained confused
friend lifted her hand & shouted gathering other girls attention
friend – tum log engaged ho
geet snapped her hand back – nahi
another girl – phir yah ring
friend – tumhare BF ne hi di na
geet could not react much
geet – woh to aise hi gift de thi karwa chaut ka vrat she was confused at evry ones reaction
& did’nt know why were they behind her today
friend – hai!! ek vrat ke liya 5 million ki ring, main to rooz vrat rakhu
geet suddenly felt her finger was heavier than usual. she looked at the ring & was shocked
she knew it was expensive but not this much
another girl – agar gift main ring diya hain to engagement main kaunse ring dega
friend – he is so HOT na, where did u meet him
geet kept looking at their weird questions & still wondering about how expensive the ring was
another girl – yaar woh to kisi bhi ladki ko gaas nahi detha phir tumhe kaise
geet definitly did’nt like that
friend – is he romatic, like kissing & all,
another girl – bata na did he kiss you, how was it?
geet was uncomfartable listening to all that. never had she spoken to girls & when
they talk they filled her more with unfelt emotions
friend – yaar tu to chupi rustam nikali
geet was getting so angry now
another girl – u always had the reputation of most happeneing BF…but trust me
he is the HOTEST & most happening
geet cribbed wat was so happening about him
she got a call from maan
all the girls – uska call hain
geet looked at them feeling odd
girls – please hume uski awaz suna na please
geet lifted her eye brows yak..what is wrong with them
but she was kind of liking it some where down the line, she answered the call in speaker
maan – thank God u picked the call, mujhe laga tum naraz ho
all the girls fell down…hai..how sweet
geet babaji issme itna sweet kya hain, she moved away from all of them
shouted at him – mujhe abhi aap se milna hain
maan – I am going for a meeting now will meet u in an hour
she cuts the call in anger & drives to his office

she barges into his cabin he was not there.
pinky comes running to geet – maam sir meeting main hain
aur kaha hainki agar aap yee to aap ko yanha wait karne ko kanhe
GEET HANDA & waiting… she pushed opened the conferenced room door
maan closed his eyes – hogayee meeting he soar under is throat
yeh ring 4 million rupees ki hain trying to pull it out of her finger
he requested the staff to leave
maan – nahi 4 million rupees ki nahi hain
she relaxed
he moved closer to her & pulled her curls behind lifting her hand & caressing it softly  – 4 million pounds ki hain
her eyes poped out.
geet fumingly – itna mehengi gift kyun di mujhe
maan – tumne bhi to mujhe itni mehengi gift di
geet – cuffling were few lakhs…few lakh rupees
maan – main cufflings ki baat nahi kar raha
geet narrowed her eyebrows
maan – GEET HANDA ne ek din pura mera liya vrat rakha kitni badi baat hain
geet – woh to hain lekin
maan cups her face – uske samne to yeh ring kuch bhi nahi
geet – college mein sab ledkiyan aap pe fida hain
maan knew what was bothering her – Jealous umm
geet – NO WAYS
maan was enjoying this went & sat in his chair – phir
geet – I was just wondering unhe aap kis angle se HOT & happening lage
aap bahut khus hona, itna attention paake
maan looking into his files – what is the point
geet – kyun humari college ki sari ladkiyan aap ko attention de rahi hain
mind it meri wajah se, aur aap phir bhi khus nahi ho..pokes him with her index finger
maan – jise HOt & happening lagna chahiya woh to kuch nahi bolti
geet innocently – kise
maan pulles her closer looking into her eyes – tumhe
geet looked at him feeling embarrassed – its not like that
maan moves still closer – so u agree I am HOt & happening
geet does’nt move pretending not to feel anything but probably, she just melted
with his closeness, her knees felt like they could hold her any further
she trembled back ward, he held her from waist
maan – umm..nodding looking into her eyes
geet – umm..lost in those eyes
she snaps NAHI mera matalb hain aap teehk taak ho, straightening herself & moving away
maan smiled wickedly walking to his seat- teehk hain mujhe apni college ki kisi laki se mila do
jisi main HOT & happening lagta hoon
geet mumere woh to aap ko kacha kha jayeghi
maan turned back to see her – kya?
geet – woh mukti ke friend se mila doon getting irritated
maan sat on his chair resting his head – not bad, waise bhi mujhe salwar suit wali ladkiyan zada pasand hain
geet looked at her self & then at his tauting comment
geet – phir meri peeche kyun pade ho, maine to aapko pehli hi kaha tha
main aapki type ki nahi hoon.. she was hurt & her eyes mosit
he walked quickly to her & hugged her main mazak kar raha tha
geet – mujhe aise mazak nahi pasand hain
geet – mujhe aise mazak nahi pasand hain
rubbing her cheek on his chest. feeling his warmth and scent sweeping into a different world,
she realized she was so close to him. she pushed him away. aap dor rahiya mujhse
hum sirf training wale BF/GF hain
maan smirked
she noticed through the blinds sahsa-tasha peeping in & watching him drooling over
geet – yeh kaise cabin hain aapka
maan looked around – kyun kya problem hain
geet – u don’t even have proper blinds
maan – I have made it specially like this, so that I can have a closer
watch on my staff.
geet mumered yeh thodi watch kar rahe hain woh innhe watch kar rahe hain
geet making a face – mujhe nahi aacha laga, koi privacy nahi hain
maan -yeh mera bed room nahi hain privacy ke liya
geet mumered inka bas chale to yanhi pe bed lagalen
geet – challo na idhar se
maan – geet it is just 10am, I can’t just leave office now, aur tum yanha kya
kar rahi ho, college bunk kar rahi ho
geet – GEET HANDA classes nahi bunk karti
maan – aaj to kiya
geet – woh to aapki wajah se, jab se aap meri zindagi main aaye ho pata nahi mera saat kya
kya ho raha hain
maan softly – sirf tumhare nahi mera saat bhi pata nahi kya kya ho raha hain
geet – ji, kuch kaha aapne
maan straightened himself -nahi
geet – challo mujhe college drop karo
maan – tum aapni car main aayee hona
geet – woh driver le aayega
maan rolled his eyes
geet – challo yah tuff looks car chalate chalate dena
she did’nt like sasha continously watching him & sipping her coffee
geet purposely bumped into her & dropped her coffee on her
geet – oh!! I am so sorry
sasha was wild but coul’nt say anything beacuse maan was next to her
maan – are u ok
sasha looking down – I am fine & when looked up noticed maan, he was wipping
geets hands and asking her, geet smiled wickedly
geet – nahi I am fine, unhe laghi loghi
maan then looked at sasha – yeh sab saaf karwado
sasha gave a weak smile
they walked towards the lift – dehk ke nahi chal sakti ho, kanha rahta hain tumhare dyan
geet mumered pehle ka pata nahi aaj kal to sirf aap pe..cleared her throat
while driving geet kept looking at maan
geet mumered pata bahi sab isko hi kyun dehkte rahe the hain, sabke chakar main bhi uff
then she couldnot stop her thoughts…itna bhi bura nahi hain, then looked at his arms,
dole shole bhi teehk taahk hain, then looked at his chest gasped reminded of resting
her cheeks on them then looked futher down & snapped out control kar geet control…
to bhool rahi hain usse yaad dila ki…training wale..ok ok..
maan – challo uttro, she still kept staring at him with her jaws droped open
maan – geet!!! he rolled his eyes & got out to opened the door from the other side
for her. the college girls noticed him & ran to meet him
geet was still sitting in the car when every one pushed him squeezed around him
& few requested for an interenship in his KC. few even managed kiss his cheeks
geet was inside the car fuming. maans gaurds had to rush to move them back.
maan opened the door for her. her eyes was red & turning deeper if it could
seeing the lipstick mark on his cheeks.
geet – issi liya aaye the mujhe drop karne ke liya, bahut maza aaraha hain
maan – main aana cha raha tha
geet – aur nahi to kya, wanha to bahut pativrata type ban rahe the, aur
yanha aate hi krish kannhiya.
maan – tum hi mujhe yanha lekar aayi ho phir
geet snapped – I hate you. hate u hate u hate u…
maan got angre – GEET..she turned & went to her class
maan sat in the car mumered – love u maneghi nahi lekin hate u zaroor kahdeghi
chalo maan beta abhi is hate u se he kaam chalvo..reversing his car
in the class geet sat in the last bench & kept writing hate u hate u hate u
prem came & sat next to her
geet – permission liya aapni GF se
prem – whats wrong with u, itni gussa main kyun hain
geet – kuch nahi
mukti came & sat next to her
mukti – I am sorry about yesterday
geet gave a weak smile
mukti – I did’nt know he was ur BF
geet mumered nahi hain woh mera BF kuch nahi woh mera..could’nt say that, because that seemed to have solved the differences between prem & mukti
mukti looked at the ring – umm nice na showing it to prem
prem – yaar tere bachan ko bhi itni mehenghi ring dene ki kya sooji
aab mujhe bhi aapni GF ko dena padega na, isse bhi aachi ring
mukti – isse aachi ring ho nahi sakti
geet & prem looked confused
mukti – u don’t know
prem & geet looked at each other & noddd NO
mukti – this is one of it kind & one of the most expensive ring in the world aur
iske bachan ne koi auction main le thi
prem – how do u know that
mukti – it was all in the paper about this ring, every one wondered why did he buy that ring
probably no one knew about his lady love then.
prem looked at geet dressed sably as ever…top to bottom..LADY LOVE!!!
geet narrowed her eye brows kyun nahi ho sakti
prem – mujhe uska eye test karwana hi padega
geet was herself confused unhone mujhe itna special gift kyun diya woh bhi
us din, hum to bus mila hi the na, kya woh sach main mujse, nahi nahi
aise kuch nahi hoga, to confuse mat ho. lekin unho ne kabhi kaha bhi to nai
ki kaha aur main samjh nahi payee. aise kais ho sakta hain
geet woh bachan hain just stop thinking about him

geet was restless all day, the more she thought about it the more she got confused
lekin unhe itni mehengi gift nahi deni chahiya thi. nahi deni chahiya thi nahi deni
chahiya ti kya bol rahi hain, itni problem hain to return kar de. kud hi ek bar bhi
aapne haat se usse nahi inkala, aur itna footage kha rahi hain. aisa nahi hain
I tried removing, inkla nahi, Geet Handa stop it!! u like his ring & like him..
nahi nahi..how can I, woh bikul mera type ke nahi hain. I can’t fall for him
uski tu koi girl friend bhi nahi rahi kabhi, kitna seda seda types hain, he won’t
be able to handle me & my pranks, agar hum saat rahen to I will be the person
taking ride on him, aise thodi hota hain, relation main to equal rahna hota hain na
bechar mujhe samjta hi rah jaeyga, nahi nahi its all not happening. main unhe seda seda
bol donghi ke aisa kuch nahi hain. waise bhi unhe to salwar suit wali pasand hogina
jo ghar main rah kar unka wait karen, chi chi…Geet Handa & waiting no ways
she imagines herself cooking wearing a sari & waiting for him.
geet blinking delightfully looking at him – aap aagye
maan – umm
geet – khana laga doon
maan – umm
TIME PLEASE….no ways I am going to do all that. tere demag main bhi kya kya
khana pak tha hain…oops, khayal pak tha hain
she calls him, he picked the call & did’nt say anything..he was angry at hate u part, least he knew what was she planning…
geet – mujhe woh
no response
geet – mujhe khana nahi banana, she bit her lips
maan – WHAT
geet mumered kya bol rahi hain
maan – don’t waste my time
geet – exactly don’t waste ur time on me
he wondered what happened to her, but was already quite pissed off with what she
said in the morning & this was just adding to him temper
geet – I am breaking up with u
maan yeh pagal hain kya but in MSK ka anger uff – GREAT
geet – great!!!!
maan was fuming & she did’nt know his temper yet.
geet felt bad great, great kya matlab hota hain, aise thodi hota hain
geet weak voice – bye
maan cut the call in anger.
geet call cut kar diya, woh tho kabhi call cut nahi karte.
she calls back. maan keeps cutting her call.
maan was really angry at her this time.
geet mumered teehk hain thoda bhut bura laga hoga, I guess he will understand it is
for his good. atleast future main koi missunderstanding to nahi hogi

she reached home & tried playing with raji & chinto. tried to spend
some time with family. watched TV. but still her mind was just lingering about
their last conversation. she kept turning the ring in her finger & kept
wondering. next day got up at 5.30am & thought of calling him. then thought may
be she should give him some space. it was 8.30am when rano shouted tumhe college
nahi jaana, she opened her sleepy eyes & looked at the clock
rano – tumhara friend ke saat fight huwa hain kya
geet – kyun
rano – he did’nt wake u up today
geet – nahi woh busy honge
rano – aacha jaldi ready ho ja
geet felt bad that he did’nt call. she started missing him already, terribly
she went to college & was realy quite & not intrested in any thing

rano meets savitri devi/daadi in a social ladies party.
rano’s friends introduced her to savitri devi as the chief guest
of the occasion. rano was simple & elgantly dressed. not very flashy like most
of the ladies around. no airs of being the Mrs Handa. daadi smiled at all the ladies
rano’s friend wispered – tum ne inke poton ke baren main to suna hi hoga
rano wondered whom they where talking about
friend – she has three grand sons, all of them are the eligible bachelors
rano aacha
another friend – I want her to meet my daughter, pata nahi kuch baat ban jayen
rano least intrested – umm
friend – inka sab se bada pota Maan Singh Khurana, naam to suna hoga
rano – woh kuch award mila tha na
friend – haan wohi he is the MD of Khurana Construction
rano tried to recollect she heard this Khurana Construction some where
daadi walks towards rano with a warm smile – geet kaisi hain
all the ladies around were jealous to the core.
rano was little shocked but her daughter could know the whole world – aap use mili hain
daadi wondered both mother & daughter where so ignorant about the Maan Singh Khurana
and smiled inwardly – haan mili hoon, bahut pyari bachi hain
ranos friends where totally shocked & taken a back
rano felt nice to hear good things about her otherwise jhali daughter
daadi & rano moved on to sit in the sofa with their coffees
daadi – aap mere pote se to mili honghi
rano looked confused
daadi mumered maan bhi kya kya karta hain
daadi – Maan Singh Khurana, MD of Khurana Construction
rano remembered – bachan, sata savitra types..closed her mouth
daadi’s eyes poped out,
rano – I mean, meri unse baat huwai hain, he is really sweet, aaj kal thoda busy hain
daadi wondered when did maan become sweet & when was he not busy.
rano – ji?
daadi cleared her throat – nahi hum kah rahen the, kal humare ghar main pooja hain
agar aap aur geet beti aati tho aacha hota
rano – ji
rano was kind of getting the hint about daadi’s idea on Maan & geet, she did’nt mind
but it all seemed too good to be true knowing her daughter.

in college geet was very upset & disturbed. tried calling him but he did’nt answere the call
she gave up & went to his office. she was not in the office too.
she came home & cried, sab teri wajah se, hum kitne aache dost the, kitni pyari pyari
baaten karte the..break up!!! how stupid u could be. woh to teri baat ko serious maan
gaya na. she did’nt have her dinner & slept off. tried calling him at 5.30am he kept
cutting it. she kept messaging. sorry sorry. he did’nt even bother reading.
geet was in her room & the whole day sulcking.
rano wondered what happened to her.
rano – kya baat hain
geet – kuch nahi, leave me alone
latter in the afternoon, rano tried waking up geet
geet – leave me aloneeeeeeeeeeeee
rano – we have to go for a pooja in the evening
geet – mujhe kanhi nahi jana
rano – bachan ghar bhi nahi
geet jumped up in a sec – kya
rano – uski daadi ne hume pooja ke liya bulaya hain
geet smiled
rano challo ready ho javoo
geet – mama main kya pehnoo
rano was suprised at geet asking that, she would otherwise
just slip into her jeans even for a puja, she could sense something cooking
she was happy for her daughter but worried for maan
she looked around pulled out all her dresses & still did’nt like any of them
she went to raji’s room & checked few of her dresses. finally she settled on
the red salwar kameez. she wondered how to do her hair, she tried platting
she was so confused, raji came & straightened her hair & told her to leave it open
she looked at her self 1 million times, checking her hair & dress & make up
rano could not believe this was her jhali daughter getting so concious.
they were just stepping out when raji came running
raji – didi duppata to pehen lo
geet pulled the duppata on
raji – aise nahi didi, she set it across her neck pulling it back.
geet – aise mat kar I am getting chocked
raji – pyari lag rahi ho
geet – are u sure
they went to a mall first to pick up some flowers for them
geet picks up one white rose for him. they reach the khurana mansion
it was beautifully decorated for the pooja. daadi welcomed them
daadi – glad u came
rano smiled
geet hugged daadi & said hi
daadi patted her cheeks – pyari lag rahi ho
she shied & her eyes looked restless, daadi knew whom she was looking for
daadi smiled – uppar hain
she went to his room. he was in the shower.
she noticed his suit on the stand, she caressed the suit with back of her fingers
& mumered kitna gussa hote ho, pata hain ek din hogaya mujh se baat kar ke
maan – nakul towel pass karna
she looked for the towel & passed it in.
maan saw her hand & pulled her in – tum
the whole bathroom was filled with steam, light yellow lights refelecting from the
mirror, she could see his bare back, she hid her face in her palms holding her
the end of her duppata in one hand & the rose in another.
he moved closer to her, he slowly moved her hand down, she closed her eyes still
tighter, maan was mesmerised looking at her. red suit, straight hair, face red blushing
turning deeper if it could. she looked nothing less than his angel.
he raised his hands to her face & moved moved her silky hair strands behind
she gasped & cluctched her duppata & fluttered opened her eyes feeling his fingers
caresing her cheeks then back of her ears. she looked at his wet hair & the
the water droplets falling from his temple to his cheeks down to his firm jaw line
both of them were swept to a different world lost looking at each other.
geet reluctantly – main woh
maan not registering what she saying, moved still closer
geet looking at him – I am sorry
maan was still quite & kept looking at her
geet – itna  gussa mat karo na, kalse aapne mujse baat nahi kiya
she slowly lifts her hand & holds her ears I am sorry, please
he snaps out & turns his back – tum bahar javoo
she moved closer – pehle kaho mujhe maaf kiya
maan moving away – mujhe tumhe maaf nahi karna
she comes in front of him – sorry kaha na baba please & gives the rose to him
break up cancel
maan snaps back holding her arms – tum kya break up kar rahi thi
geet – humara humara..woh
maan in stirn voice – woh kya geet
geet – woh woh
maan tauntingly – hum to sirf training wale BF/GF hain na !!
she made a baby face caught in her own trap
he leaves her hand, pushing her aside walks out.
geet mumered hain main bhi kitni stupid hoon, mainne break up kyun
kaha unse. humne to kabhi kuch commit nahi kiya. babaji yeh mujhse kya karwarahe ho
abhi main inhe kaise manavoon. when she went out he was not there in the room
she went down looking for him. he was standind with daadi for the arthi.
she went & stood next to him & wispered sorry. he moved away. she kept running
into him & kept saying sorry. he ignored her & went out to the garden…
she started to get restless & not able to bare his rudeness
she took the rangoli colours & wrote sorry on the floor. he just kicked it off with his leg
& turned his back to her. she got wild, she broke off her glass bangel & slit her
hand…& wrote sorry with her blood on the floor…kick this if u can
he turned to..& fell down to hold her hand, yeh kya kiya tumne
geet – main ne kya kiya, aap hi mujhse naraz ho.
maan – tum pagal ho kya
geet – aapne mujhe pagal kar diya hain, kal se mujhse baat nahi kiya, mera messages
ka bhi reply nahi kiya, mana ki meri galti hain, lekin koi aise karta
hain kya aapne GF ke saath, crying maan closed her mouth chup bikul chup
lifted her & took her to the car & drove her to the clinc.
dr tied a bandage & gave some pain killer.
dr – actually she has cut this nerve thats why so much of blood
other wise she is ok. she is a brave girl
geet gave a weak smile.
when they came back to the car…maan – tum kuch karne se pehle sochathi kyun nahi
geet made a face & looked away.
maan – agar tumhe kuch ho jata to
geet – as if you care
maan – what if I do
geet – phir mujhe maaf kar do
maan shook his head & smiled, she hugged him really tight
please mujhese kabhi aise gussa mat hona main mar hi javoon ghi
maan – aur jo tum mujhe gussa dilathi rah thi ho, uska main kya karoon
geet – aap dant lena, lekin mujhse bina baat kiya mat rahna

they reached back to the Mansion & she slipped sleeves down
maan – what are u doing, it will hurt u
geet – mama ne aise dehk liya to, gadbad ho jayeghi
maan – then why do u do such things
geet – mainne plan kar ki nahi kiya tha
maan – yeh dress to plan kar ke pehna tha na
geet looked away – hain
maan – bahut aachi lag rahi ho
geet – jaanti hoon
he rolls his eyes & she runs inside the mansion & bumps into dev who was carrying
a bowl full ho halwa
dev – hi
geet – oh sorry
dev lost looking at her – its ok then snaps out nai ITS NOT OK!!!
geet – why
dev – bro ka fav tha, unho ne taste bhi nahi kiya
geet – isse main kya hain, phir banwa lenghe
dev – nahi tum samjh nahi rahi ho
geet – dev tum samjavoo ge to samhjoon ghi na
dev – bro loves halwa, & he knows that aaj halwa bana tha
geet – umm, so
dev – now if he does’nt find it then, he may get mad, aur tumhe unka gussa patanahi hain
geet thinking deeply – aacha unhe halwa pasand hain
dev – bahut zayda
geet – teehk hain main bana dethi hoon
dev – tumhe aata hain na
geet cleares her throat no big deal
dev – challo, are u sure
geet googles down the halwa receipe in her blackberry
geet – kaun sa halwa, yanha to bahut sare hain
dev – aata ka
they go to the kitchen

maan looks for her in the hall, daadi introduces him to rano
daadi – yeh bachan ..sorry Maan, mera bada pota
maan looks confused
daadi to maan – beta she is Mrs. Handa..wispering in his ears tumhari saas
maan embarrassed looks away & smiles at rano
rano – namaste beta
she scans at him top to bottom, checking if he was actually OK, to fall for
her daughter, deep in she knew her daughter was really precious & could do
wonders with her relations but at the outset she was still very kiddish.
she liked maan & his maturity. much needed to handle her little pari
they spoke little longer while geet was busy making halwa with dev

geet -I need aata, ghee & sugar, yaar yeh to simple hain
dev – agar teehk nahi bana to tumhi bro ko handle karna
geet – teehk kaise nahi banega, GEET HANDA jo bana rahi hain
dev helps her with the ingridents & she makes the halwa
while dev sits on the slab talking to her & cracking jokes
dev – tum bro se kaise mili
geet – strange na
dev – yah, bro to kisi ladki se baat bhi nahi karte
ladki chodho kisi se baat nahi karte, bahut serious type ke hain
she smiled, they kept nibbling into the dryfruits while stirring the halwa
dev – sach sach batvoo, bro romantic type bilkul nahi hain na
geet feeling concious – nahi yaar aise kuch nahi hain, woh bahut sweet hain
she tries to change the topic, dehko halwa bangaya…
dev smells it…umm smells yummy
geet – hain na & pulls her invisible collar up
she spreads the halwa on the bowl & arranges the rosted dryfruits.
dev – I am sure bro to pyar bhi gussa main karte honge
geet burst out laughing & dev also giggles
maan passes by & notices her laughing, he stands near the door admiring her
they take a bit in the bowl & start tasting it
dev – geet yaar it is really yummy
she tastes it – umm…not bad na aacha bangaya
they take more & start feeding each other, maan wondered maam is busy flirting
with his brother while he was seraching her in the house.
dev – tum kal kya kar rahi ho
geet – kyun
maan mumered oye teri bhabhi hain, stop flirting
dev – kal bike race hain, I wanted u to be my lady luck
maan mumered what the hell & curious about her reply
geet – hard luck, main humesha armaan ke saat hi race main jaati hoon
maan mumered thats why he wins, before dev could say anything further
he came in clearing his throat – yeh kya ho raha hain
dev jumped off the slab – kuch nahi woh halwa
geet – aap halwa kayee na trying to feed him extending the spoon
he takes the bowl from her hand & eats it himself giving a stirn look
dev wispered romance bhi gussa main & went out, geet smiled inward
maan – meri hi bhai ke saat flirt kar rahi ho
geet – jealous haan
maan – hain na tumhare type ka
geet gets annoyed – right bilkul meri type ka, just opposite to u
maans ego hurt big time – baat challoon
geet turns away in anger – mujhe aapni baat khud karni aati hain, I don’t need u for that
maan still eating more halwa – phir meri pasand ki dress kyun pehni hain
geet – aap kyun mera bana halwa kha rahen ho, snatches the bowl from him
maan realizses she was actualy making halwa for him..& mumers Geet handa cooking woh bhi
mera liya..I am definitly dreaming…he snaps out. he sees she was angry & going out.
he came infront & stopped her closing the kitchen door. she tried going
from the other side. he kept the hand on the otherside. she made a baby angry face
maan – mera liya banya tha
she noded her head looking down
he very slowly says I..she looks at him LOVE..her heart almost stopped beating
fluttered her eyes & looked at him in anticipiation you ..r  halwa, she made a face
maan – what did u expect
geet – nothing
maan moving closer – what did u expect…she showed some halwa in his mouth
bahut baten banate hoon aap
maan mumered Maan Singh Khurna bahut baaten …!!

next day was sports meet in Delhi club,
she participates in most of the events. armaan & prem were more intrested in
racing so were busy with that but she usually participated in most of them.
she started with shooting she was never a winner but always manged 2 or 3rd position.
she saw the winner was bang on the dot. she became curious who it was… she checked
Maan Singh Khurana not bad umm…
she tried calling bachan he was to join them here…but his phone was
switched off…she moved on to the next event kick boxing. she offcourse was a
fighter in that & won in the laddies section. she noticed a big crowd gathering
for the finals of guys. she peeped in but could barely see the face of the
guy winning, she kept looking at his moves & the way he dojed & then sweeped
the opponents leg, she was floored. she shouted perfect short.
maan smiled hearing her voice facing her back. every one screamed
for him.. Maan !!! Maan!!!geet wondered yanha pe bhi Maan Singh Khurana not bad yaar
geet sees the score board checking out the winners so far. she sees Maan Singh Khurana
topping in all her fav sports
kick boxing
she just gets curious to see his previous records, it all seemed unmatched
she was impressed. she messaged him yaar yeh Maan Singh Khurana bahut
impressive hain

she went back to the auditorium to see Maan Singh Khurana..she saw he was covered with girls
and he did’nt seem to care about them he straight away walked to the wash room
geet umm kisi ko bhi bahav nahi diya
she over heard the girls cribbing – kitna attitude hain isse main
other girl – he does’nt talk to any girl
girl 1 – yaar I will kill to talk to him once
girl 2 – u won’t believe last time some tried kissing him
he held her back from her neck. what a gentleman. iski GF kitni lucky hogina
girl 1 – really HOT yaar, uppar se itna attitude..above all paka gentleman, killer combination
girl 3 – sare ladeke to mauka nahi chod the kiss karne ka, lekin yah to
hume mauka nahi deta
geet was getting curious about this guys now.
girl 1 – he is participating in the bike race too this time
girl 2 – he has never lost any game till now
geet – oops today he will…he can’t beat amy & me
sorry Maan Singh Khurana
girl 3 – steals his sweat shirt & hugs it
geet yuk & goes away from there
amraan calls geet
armaan – geet meri race start hone wali hain where are you
i will be there in a min. she was dressed in black jeans & tied hair in a
high pony. she wore the helmet & was about to sit behind armaan when
ridz came & sat behind him. geet was taken a back. but she was happy for
armaan. she turned to move away from the tracks. he pulled her in a jerk
she landed in the front portion of the bike. she wondered who it was
he raised the speed & wheeling the bike….making her fall on him
she hugged him tight.
maan – hold on
she could’nt recognize his heavy voice through the helmet
geet – I am not going any where with u, uttara mujhe
he made a steep turn, she settled in front crossing her legs around him
& her hands hugging him slipping from his waist behind up to his shoulder. she took in
his scent geet mumered bachan…maan smiled & rised the speed further
geet to jhali hogaye hain, yah bachan kaise hosakten hain
sach main unho ne mujhe pagal kar diya hain, har jagah woh hi nazar aate hain
she moved away at once from the comfart hug. now barely holding him for a grip
he pulled her closer..she snapped back
maan – gir javoghi
geet – thats my problem not urs
the bike took another steep right turn & she burried her head in his
left shoulder, he smirked, pravoking her further
she troubled him moving in that speed, he did’nt seem to get disturbed, rather enjoyed every
bit. she got even more irritated. she tried blocking his view.
maan – do u really think Maan Singh Khurana can lose with his lady luck with him
geet was dumb stuck…she was with the Maan Singh Khurana…& he called her
his lady luck…she felt flattered..but suddenly she realized she was not supposed
to be HIS lady luck…she belonged to some one else..that was strange..she never committed
still guilty…muskan smiling at her thought!!! it felt different hight speed, bikes crossing at such  high speed, one after the other, steep deadly turns, him holding her close in front, she probably never sat in the front portion of a bike. that to in a race with a stranger, who she realized was Maan Singh Khurana, the bussiness tycon, the winner of all events, the guys all girls just die to speak to, the most happening HOT guy, the way he held her in place…it was evoking a different feeling all togather..she could not understand what she felt…
they won the race & she stood mesmerised with the speed & flow & his attitude & the command over her. the ease with which he handled her.
maan – main change karke aata hoon
he walked few steps & removed his helmet & shook his head splashing the
sweat off his wet hair.. she saw glimse of his face before she could catch his
full view all the girls surrounded him for a hugs & kisses..he avoids them & walks
straight into the changing room. geet kept looking at him
armaan came from behind – woh kaun tha
geet – Maan Singh Khurana
armaan – i thought tera bachan tha
geet – nahi woh tho phone hi nahi utta rahen, she looked at him what happened why did u guys stop in between
armaan – nahi ridz was not comfartable with the race speeding & all
geet – u need heart of Geet Handa for that
armaan – Yes maam
ridz came from behind – challen we are getting late
armaan – challo
they left from there saying bye to geet
she kept looking for Maan Singh Khurana to come out
maan came & pat her back – challen
she jumped back excitedly then looked little dissappointed – aap
maan – tum kisi aur ko expect kar rahi thi..looking around
geet felt bad of her thought & hugged him tight –  where were u the whole day
maan – yanhi to tha
geet – aapne race dehka, we won
maan smiled
geet – did u see that last wala turn that was awesome na
maan – tumse nazar hut thi to turn dehkta na
geet waks him – stop flirting
maan – tum samne hoti ho tho…
geet rolling her eyes – I know…stop it…
maan smiles naughtly
geet – I could’nt believe … we won
maan – Maan Singh Khurana ki lady luck tum ho to woh kaise race har sakta hain
he said it proudly
geet did’nt like him calling her Maan Singh Khurana ki lady luck
she snapped away making a face
maan wondered what happened – kya huwa
she got angry & walked away
maan – bike main to bahut hug kar rahi thi
it was really making her feel irritated & odd & guilty somewhere – woh toh I was falling
off isse liya
maan – mujhe to aise nahi laga
geet – why ? u r feeling jealous of Maan Singh Khurana now
maan rubbed his temple realizing that she still does’nt know him as Maan Singh Khurana
& she did’nt know he was with her on the bike
she saw him thinking so deeply – woh to hain itne smart koi bhi unpe fida hojayen
maan shocked – tumbhi?
geet – frankly kahon
maan looked at her curiously
geet – main bhi…todha  todha…can u believe ..GEET HANDA..saying something like that…yaar he seems to be good with every thing!!! perfectionsit types..wonder if he lacks in anything
maan kept quite enjoying her praising him unknowingly
they were walking back to the car.
geet – pata hain he won the kick boxing tournument , shooting & swiming
maan – umm
geet – sari ladkiyan uspe fida hain
maan – umm
geet – I was floored by the way he sweeped the guy in the kick boxing ka final match
maan – I liked the way knocked out the girl in one punch
geet – u saw my match
maan – how could I miss it
she again went back prasing Maan Singh Khurana, he started to feel odd now
geet – he does’nt speak to any girl u know
maan – aisa nahi hain
geet with a tinch of pride – sirf mujhse baat kiya
maan – so to hain
geet – he called me his lady luck
maan looked away
geet – but I do’nt like it
maan narrowed his eye brow she slipped her hand around his
geet – I am not ‘HIS’…she paused..aur aap bhi aise hi bol rahe ho she had a complaining tone
maan smiled inwardly & wondered how she made him feel jealous of himself
and still accepted to be his…only she could this magic. sweeping him entirely into
a different world.
it was a week since the sports event & geet was very curious to find out more about
Maan Singh khurana. she gather few information here & there that he was the most
powerful business man in the country & what took her interest was his involvement
in ammunition deal which was in news off late. Khurana’s name was on the highest
level in market with the new deal with the Indian Army. 
but still geet maam would not take the pain to google it down or read a article in the news
paper..or atleast see the news channel. she was so involved with every thing else.
as of now her priorty was on getting that FIR withdrawn from her name.
daadi made a special request to home minister & got the FIR revoked…
it was on not really easy to get some thing like that done.
papaji could not thanxs savitri devi enough for that.
rano smiled inwardly knowing daadi’s interest in her daughter.

it was the usual day for her. 5.30am call with her bachan followed by his
wake up call at 7.30am & their non-stop call untill she reaches college.
she said bye to him & cut the call when few girls came to her & hugged her
& conveyed her their heart felt empathy. geet looked at them confused & lost
girl 1 – I don’t understand how can u be so cool about all this
geet mumered inha kya huwa
girl 2 – we heard about sameera
geet – kaun sameera
girl 3 – THE SAMEERA…business tycon
geet – woh jo IT industrialist hain aur jo shayad Miss India bhi thi na last year
girl 1 – han wohi
geet – use kya huwa
they pulled out the news paper & showed her the report
sameera was among the most in demand lady, looked really hot & happening
was really sucessful & the most eligible girl..deadly combination of
brain & beauty. she wore a saree which was transperent black, & she wrapped it
senciously low waist. she looked lavishing.
girl 2 – tere kya hoga geet
geet mumered inhe kaise mallom ki I met Maan Singh Khurana, lekin unsa mera
kya lena dena.
gril 1 – koi bhi ladka isse haan kar dega
geet – karen mujhe kya hain
girl 5 – mujhe lagta hain isse bahut bura shock laga hain, is liya itni cool hain
geet -tum logo ko kya hogaya hain?
girl 4 – GEET she is going to propose him infront of every one, he cannot say a no
geet – why can’t he say a NO
girl 3 – it will be bad on his character & media wale Maan singh Khurana ki band
bajadenge, he will be forced to say a yes.
geet – she is such a stupid girl, I am sure he will not like all that & will say a NO
girl 2 – how can u be so sure
geet – woh bhi teehk hain, tum log mujhe confuse kar rahen ho, waise mera insab
se kya lena dena, its their life, let them do what they want to.
TIME UP…leave me …main ja rahi hoon
girl 1 – yah jhali ki jhali rahe ghi, Sameera iske BF ko propose kar rahi hain
aur yah itni cool hain
maan called her getting really worried about her reaction about the hype on Sameera.
maan thanxs god her phone is ringing uff!!! – geet wo..before he could say anything
geet – thanx god u called I was getting so bored. BTW did u read that news
maan – mujhe wohi tumse kehna tha
geet – seriously this girl is mad
maan – geet I really did’nt know about all this
geet – aap bhi had karte ho, how can u say that, its all over the news
he gets worried with her raction – can we meet? I want to talk to u
maan knows she will blow her top floor with all this news going around

after her classes they meet up for lunch.
geet looked little disturbed
maan – geet trust me I really did’nt know any thing of this sort was cooking in
her mind when I met her last time.
geet – aap kis ki baat kar rahe ho?
maan – SAMEERA
she gave a angry look – aap usse milla ho?
maan – nahi it was just a bussiness deal
geet – i don’t like her & turned her face
maan came & sat next to her putting his hand around  – mujhe bhi nahi pasand
geet – waise bhi u don’t stand a chance now, she going to propose Maan Singh khurana
maan choked realizing she actually did’nt know that Sameera was going to propose
to him. thanking his starts that he did’nt spill the beans himself. probably the very first time he was very glad that she did’nt know he was the Maan singh khurana. he was so relevied. went & sat in his place.
maan naughtly – what if she proposed to me, to tum kya karoghi
geet – actually kuch zayada nahi
maan was shocked she was cooly sipping her soup
she continued – first I will pull out all her nails one by one with a cutting player,
then I will chop her fingers then uski chotey chotey dukede karke meri gali ke kutton
ko kila doonghi
maan droped the soup on the table & looked at her with his eyes almost falling out
geet – kya huwa
maan – tumhe aise idea aate kanha se hain
geet – I am not finished yet
maan – nahi its ok..trailer kafi tha
geet – is she mad, to do some thing like that
maan – kyun, ur jealous that she is proposing Maan Singh khurana
geet – actually no…I know he will say NO
maan was taken a back – how do u say that, she is supposed to be the most eligible girl in town
geet looked at him angryly
maan – thats what media says
geet mumered better be only media…not u
maan – u did’nt say why will Maan Singh khurana reject her, so you too feel he will
show his attitude rejecting her
geet – not attitude, but he may like all that to be more private than make a tamash of his love,
agar akele main baat karti to shayad he would have considered it also,
aise tho he may not even talk to her again.
maan looked at her & just fell for her all over again.
geet – waise bhi she not his types
maan narrowed his eyebrows – aur Maan Singh khurana ki type kya hain
geet – janha tak main unhe samjh payee hoon, he would like some one tadak miza types
maan smiled
geet – she may be brain with beauty…but that won’t be enough to handle the Maan Singh khurana
maan – some one like u
geet – bad luck …main to aapki..& she paused as their gaze met
he took her hand in his – tum to meri…kya geet
the world seemed to stop, nothing around them seemed to make sence. it was just their
eyes, & their heart speaking, bolo na geet… tum to meri
geet – woh main he held her hand closer & pulling her closer bolo na
she shied & hid her face in his hands that held hers

maan went back home felt nice that how well she knew him as her bachan
& the Maan Singh Khurana. he wanted to desperatly tell her he was Maan.
he did’nt like dragging all this so much. its been more that 1 1/2 month
since they have met & she does’nt even know he was the Maan Singh khurana
above all this sameera’s confusion. he wanted her by him. he did’nt like
this distancing, this bachan & Maan Singh Khurana..was eating him up now.
one end he felt happy that she knew Maan Singh Khurana will reject sameera
but he feared her reaction on the the other end she could’nt stand the fact
sameera would actually be proposing her bachan, he felt he was not being fair
with her. she definitly needed to know the truth. This hype in the media
about Sameera was irritating him a lot.

mid of all this was high security allert due to the high profile kidknapping
cases in Delhi. geets security was tightened & so was khurana’s
geet was almost under house arrest. prithvi stayed close to her & drove
her to the college.
geet had just finished her call with maan when
raj called geet
raj – what is happening with this new friend of yours.
geet – we are good friends
raj – are u sure
geet was little hesistant – umm
raj – I don’t want u to meet from now on
geet – lekin aise kyun
raj – kahana bus
geet – lekin
raj – don’t call him & don’t meet him from now on & I mean it
geet – but aise kaise
raj -woh teehk nahi hoga
geet – raj woh actually
raj – I need to go now, will call u latter & explain..
geet was really upset & feeling bad with what raj said

maan called geet latter in the afternoon
maan – kya kar rahi ho
geet was feeling bad about what raj said & that refelected in her tone – umm
maan – shall we meet for coffee
geet – umm
maan – will pick u then in 30mins
geet was confused & feeling really low with what raj said
they went to the coffee shop, she was quite totally unlike her.
maan placed the order observing her, & trying to understand.
he wondered was is PMS kit then thought then recollected it was only
2 weeks since the party so that was too early. then tried lighting
her mood but she remained silent. she answered in simple yes or no.
maan cleared the check. & she stood up to leave. maan pulled her back
maan – kya huwa tumhe
geet wondered inhe kaise batavoon, he will feel bad – kuch nahi I am fine.
maan – phir itna kyun pareshan lag rahi ho
geet smiled weakly & managed to lie – I am tired
they went back home. maan was still worried not able to bare her silence.
he went to his room & changed to his tracks & vest . he switched on the TV
& kept changing the channels & still her disturbed face bothered him
he couldnot see her so disturbed & indifferent. he failed to understand what
was bothering her so much. he never expected to get so bothered with her silence.
he did’nt realize what channel he was watching when dev walked in
dev – bro aap badal rahe ho
maan snapped out – aise kuch nahi hain
dev – nahi geet aap ko badal rahe hain
maan – kahana aise kuch nahi hain
dev – look at u, u r watching romantic movie
maan then noticed what was on the TV, DDLJ…
maan switched off the TV & threw the remote away
dev saw his temper rising & just left him alone.

next day while working out geet called
maan – umm
geet low voice – good morning
maan – umm
geet – bye
he knew there was some thing bothering her…he hated her being so indifferent to him suddenly maan – umm
he called her at 7.30am
maan – utto
geet in low voice again – umm
they were on the call & all the while she just kept saying umm
geet reached her college & was stepping out of her car
maan pulled her aside – what is happened to u since yesterday
geet suprised to see him there – aap
maan – why are u so upset? tum teehk se baat kyun nahi kar rahi
geet saw him getting worried – nahi aise kuch nahi hain, aap pareshan mat hoyee
maan got angry – GEET what is your problem damit?
geet tears rolled down her eyes
maan cupped her face – kya huwa
geet weeping innocently – woh raj ne kaha ki I should not talk to u or call u or meet u
maan got furious & snapped back – thats why ur not talking to me
geet – nahi
maan gets really pissed off & leaves from there
geet tries to call him, he does’nt pick the call.

maan goes back to office. every thing around him reminded of her.
he threw his phone away & got a new one. his meeting seemed incomplete with
out her in the phone. his thoughts were just filled with her.
he hated how she was part of his life, & she did’nt want to talk to
him beacuse her friend said so. this thought was just irritating him making
him mad, wild. he got furious at every one in the office & went back home.
he went to the gym & practised his stunts on braking the bricks with his bare
hands one after the other. he placed one brick, her thoughts lingered ..he smahed
it one shot, then placed another one, her smile..he just smashed that one,
he placed another one & kept another on top of it & smashed them togather
thinking how could she be indifferent with him just beacuse of her friend
dev was right she changing me. pura pura din phone main, I really need
to move away from her. she really does’nt bother about me. she does’nt even
want to know my name. I mean nothing to her. then why should I think about her.
geet keeps calling him, sends messages. sends flowers, sends sorry notes
she tries to meet him but he just does’nt let her come any where near him.
it was over a week they have not met or spoken. maan was already feeling miserable
& so was geet. she could’nt have stayed for that long without him. it was killing her
she barges into his cabin they were seeing each other after a week. their
heart ached & bleeded. he probably just wanted to take her in his arms
their pain was evident in their eyes. but he was still fuming with the thought
she could just stop talking to him because her friend said so. meri baat to suniya na
maan shouted – just leave
geet – aap pehle meri puri baat tho suniya na
he knew he won’t be able to say anything to her, he just leaves from there.
he hates how she makes him feel. he just melts seeing her. he decides to go away.
he knew he couldnot stop himself from loving her. she drived him crazy.
she could just make him do things beyound his wish. his love for her was out of his
control. Maan Singh khurana definitly did’nt want to give in though.

maan packs his bag & stuffs up his jeep
daadi – maan aap kanha ja rahe ho
maan in angry tone – daadi I am going camping
daadi – there is so much of tension going around about high profil
kidnapping, it is really not safe for you to go out alone like this
maan – daadi I will be fine
daadi – prithvi kanha hain, where have u send him, atleast use aapne saat
rakh lethe.
maan – nahi he is held up…
he closed his eyes & got more disturbed thinking about her & just left
from there. he did’nt want any thing that reminded him about her.
as if he needed some thing to remind!!!muskan smiling at his thought

geet wanted to meet Maan but due to high security she was not allowed to step out.
as such she was really upset & disturbed with maan not respnding & now all this she
was freaked out. not seeing Maan & not talking to him was killing her.
she calls maans landline
daadi – hellow
geet – hi daadi & starts crying
daadi – kya huwa beta
geet – bachan mujhe se baad nahi kar rahen
daadi – tabhi camping ke liya gayen hain shabzaden
geet – camping!!!
daadi – one of his ways to run away from things
geet weeping – kab aayenge?
daadi – it will atleast take 10-15days he has gone towards Rishikesh riverside he just left.
geet repeats – 10-15days  & cuts the call
she checks Rishikesh in the google. 250km thats cool, I can take a bus
lekin bus stand kanha milega, she googles that. uff yeh bachan bhi mujhse kay kay karvaten hain. she packs her bag & sneaks out leaving a note for rano saying she is going for college camp.  she reaches the nearest bus stand. few gundas start following her. she manages to get into the bus.  but realized the bus was heading in a wrong direction. she got off the bus mid way.
those guys seemed to notice that & followed her in the desserted road.
those guys come closer to her. shes tries to put up a fight. she manages to knock few of
them with her smart punches & kicks.
she did fight well but got hurt herself when they hit her on the head with a rod, it started to bleed,
she knew it was no point putting up a fight she ran fot her life. they snatched her belongings.
she managed to escape & hid in the only jeep that was parked there.
the gundas came near the jeep..she closd her eyes tight praying to babaji & the jeep just moved.
geet lowered her head to avoid being caught. after moving little further, she reluctantly
geet – mera peeche gunda the issliya
maan saw her in the rear view mirror – tum!!
geet – aap!!
she moved in to the front seat & looked at the jeep
geet – don’t tell me aap ka business sach main band hogaya
maan rolled his eyes
geet – aap ki car khana gaye
maan – just get out of my jeep he stopped the jeep at once
geet – mera peeche gunda pade hain
maan got worried & shouted – prithvi kanha hain
geet – main ghar se bahag ke aaye hoon
maan – kyun?
geet – mujhe aapse milna tha
maan noticed her forehead bleeding & immidiately moved his hand towards her face
maan – yah kaise huwa
she made a baby face – gunde ne mara rod se
maan getting worried & angry – tum problems ko dondh ke unke peche jati ho kya?
geet – hain aap kisi problem se kum thodi ho
he takes his hanky & wipes the blood softly & blows it.
tears rolls down her eyes in pain, he hugs her at once
maan – yeh kya hal bana ke raka hain
geet – as if u care, its been 1 week since u spoke to me
maan pushes her away rudly – u do’nt care about me
geet makes a baby face – aise nahi hain, I really care about u, dehko I came so far
looking for u, woh bhi bus main, can u imagine GEET HANDA bus main
maan – NO u just don’t care about me
she hugs him
maan pushing her hand down – I don’t mean any thing to u at all
geet – u mean the world to me, aap ki bina kuch bhi aacha nahi lagta
maan – well then u don’t even know the name of ur world.
she wondered what was he saying
maan – u don’t even know my name, tum jaan na bhi nahi chati
geet – aise nahi hain, main poch thi hoon to aap he kuch kuch bolte rahete ho
she mumered & ate her words when he shot another strin look & turns away from her
maan – maan lo main tumhare liya kuch bhi nahi, tumhare liya to tumhare friends hi sab kuch hain
she hugs him from behind – please missunderstand mat karona, I was upset
beacause raj said not to speak to u & I could not tell him the truth
maan turned to hold her chin his hands – phir maan kyun nahi lethi ki
kisiko training ki zarorat nahi
geet fluttered her eyes meeting his gaze wondering trianing aab yeh training kanha
se bech main aagya ..then she realized oye yeh to training BF/GF ki baat matlab kya
geet – propose kar rahe ho
he looked into her eyes deeply wondering ise ladhika ka main kya karon
geet again makes a complaining baby face – kitna unromantic tha
maan snaps back – so what do you want me to do, keep on waiting for a romatic
moment like armaan & create more missunderstandings, ki prem ki tarah
bache hone ka wait karoon, ke raj ki tarah phone main baat karta rahoon
geet – umm & hits his chest
he hugs her closer – phir maan kyun nahi lethi pagli

before they could slip into that momemt of their so called confession which muskan wondered was never required  they hear few bullet shots maan bends
their head down & starts the jeep. they get chased closely by car loaded with
few rough looking guys carrying guns & firing aimlessly at them. forcing
them to stop aside. maan pulls out gun & fires back at them.
geet – u carry a gun
maan – self defence
geet – do have the license for this
maan rolled his eyes & tried to drive & distract them by firing at them
geet – meri wajah se they are behind u now.
maan – just keep ur head low…pressing her down ..she finds more guns stacked up
near the foot rest. she takes the other gun & shoots gundas car’s wheels
the car falls of the road.
maan – not bad
geet pulled her collar up..& noticed another car was stocking them
they manage to get them off their tail by going off the main road. after going little
away from all that maan stops the jeep – tum teehk ho na
geet – umm nodes her head..I am really sorry
maan gave a confused look
geet – I think this is that high profile kidnapping wale, they were behind
me for quite some time. I should’nt have come out alone. this was dangerous
i did’nt know they had guns. mere wajah se aapko bhi pareshani
maan closed her lips with his fingers – chup bikul chup
she hugged him tight – i can never put u in danger
maan – I think we should not be staying here longer.
they start driving further & realize they lost there way in the
side roads, they try to look around & driving around but it all seemed the same.
maan pulled out his phone, it did’nt have any reception.
they tried making marks to avoid repeating their tracks
it was getting darker. they desperately wanted to get out of the jungle
before night sets in. it was quite misleading & trapping.
it was way past 10pm now
maan – I think we should wait untill morning, warna petrol katam hojayega & we may
just get stuck here
geet – umm
he parks the jeep in a safer place & pulls the tent out
maan pulled out the tent & set it up
geet – aap sach main 10-15days mujhse dor ja rahe the
he kept quite feeling the pain in her question & he did’nt want to
increase it futher with his answere. he continued to pull out the
sleeping bag & gathered some wood for fire.
geet – aap mujhse itna naraz the?
he contined to arrange the woods in a cirlce, sitting with one knee resting
on the ground, she sat opposite questioning him
geet – aap ko ek bar bhi mera khayal nahi aaya
he took the match box & tried to light it
geet – u did’nt think how will I stay with out talking to u, how will I
stay with out seeing u.
maan held her from her arms real tight pressing him self on to her
maan – why is it always about u? tumne kabhi socha hain main kaise rah paya tumhare bina
she never expected that coming, she blinked her eye lashes & kept looking
at him with her mouth open
maan held her tighter – tumne kabhi socha mujhe kaise laga hoga, when u just suddenly
start distancing from me, mere pe kya beti hogi jab ke meri har subha tumse hoti
thi aur har sham tumse. his eyes was mosit & spitting pain & anger. it was more of
the pain of separation of not seeing her, being without her for over a week now.
tears welled in her eyes – lekin main aapse kab dor thi, aap hi galat samjh rahe the
maan – how am I supposed to know what is in ur mind, tum kabhi aapni dil ki baat kisi
ko kanha bolti ho
geet – lekin aap ko bhi to samjhna chahiya na, mera dil main kya hain
he almost moved onto her – kya kya samjho main
geet wispered slowly innocently – sab kuch, aap hi to kahten hain main pagli hoon,
toh aap ko hi samjhna padega. he just melted into those words it was complete surrender that too whole heartedly ..he moved still closer she lost her balance & fell backward taking him along on her. he kept his hand around her head to avoid her from hurting making him rest his forehead on her shoulder and his breath falling on her right chest just above the curves sending shivers down her spine. he slowly tried to get up so did she bumping their heads they fell again.
maan – ek min
he raised his head slowly away from her to meet her gaze, he was just inch away from her
his eyes looked hers then moved down to her lips, then looked back into her eyes
he could resist noticing the cheeks which turned red with his eye moment. he smiled
and moved her curls behind. His finger touched her ear, tracing the sensitive edge,
the faint rasping sound so loud it made her shiver. She tried pressing back against but
it was his fingers that touched the nape of her neck. she jolted. he moved away feeling the heat
embracing them. His lips just brushed gently over hers while turning away. The aura,
however, the greater reality he seemed able to summon, fell over her like a heavy mist,
making her breath falter. she wondered how could he do this to her with just a light brush.
she sighed with her own thought & got up straighten her shirt. they were quite for a while
lost in the spell that cast on each other.
maan broke the silence – tumhare ghar main sab pareshan ho rahen honge
geet – nahi, I left a note saying I am gone out camping with college friends
maan – how did u know where I am?
geet – I spoke to daadi
maan – u spoke to daadi?
geet – main aur kya karti, aap to mujse baat hi nahi karte na
he went back trying to light the fire.
geet – mujhe boohk lagi hain
maan – got some bread, challega
geet – do I have an option
maan – u had options
she knew that he was taunting her – I usaually don’t settle on simple things
my choices are the rarest & the best…at times complicated
he smiled knowing she was indirectly pointing at him
geet – kabhi kabhi galtise rarest chaker main
he lifted his eyebrows
she was busy eating the bread – rarest pate pate anomalous aur unprecedented pa jati hoon
he kept looking at her innocense & determination in her tone.
she never expressed in words but her acts spoke more than his words could ever say.
she was never doubtful or uncertain about them, it was him always not understanding
the magical bond that kept them always togather and the way she never give up on him.
always holding on to the unseen thread & always running behind him. manaofying him
like she treasured him. like she never lived without him. he felt so silly about the
all missunderstanding he had. wondered how could he the Maan Singh khurana not understand
she was just down feeling low, & he took it as her distancing, he learned how much
she began to mean to him. how every thing else meant nothing when it came to her. she
won’t accept it though. he laughed at his own thoughts.
she finished the bread in her hand & wiped her lips, he could stop looking at her
lips. then looked away. he cleared his throat.
maan – tum sleeping bag main so javoo, I will sleep in the jeep
geet – woh kyun?
she looks at the sleeping bag, kafi bada hain I am sure we both can fit into it
maan looked at her in shock
she slides in & moves to the further end & asks him to come in patting at the
flatten side for him. he knew he won’t be able to control his wild thoughts
he looked away – main jeep main he teehk hoon
she pulls his hand back – itna bhi sata savitra ban ki zarorat nahi hain, it is really cold out there.
maan – geet woh teehk nahi hoga try to understand
she was so dam tempting he really had to control to resist that offer
but he knew she was way to innocent to understand his plight.
she pulls him in a jerk down & forcing him to lie down – waise bhi this not
the first time..then she bit her lips thinking what she said.
they lied facing their back
geet – don’t get ideas OK
maan smiled – what ideas?
geet – pehle I come looking for u & then ask u to sleep in the same sleeping bag
maan turns to face her back – so
geet – kisi bhi ladhke ko lage ki I am …
he turns her towards him pressing her shoulder downward
she looks at him turning to meet his eyes
maan – mujhe nahi pata, ki kisi aur ko kya lage ga, mujhe laga ki tum bahut pyari ho
she slips her hand around his neck – really
he noded & removed her hand from his neck & kissed them. she blushed.
he turned his back to her & so did she.

it was 5.30am. she got up could’nt help it she was used it by now
she realized she was cuddled up in his arms. she tried to move out of the bag
but his strong arms held her down from her waist. she kept looking at him for a while
she got carried away & caressed his checks & moved to his jawline, softly ..he smiled
she rised closer to almost kissing his chin. felt his breath
fanning her, he openned his one eye – yeh kya kar rahi ho
she fummbled & felt cornerd. she ran out of the sleeping bag & the tent & kept running
away. she felt so concious of she was about to do. she felt so shy
maan lied back mumered pagli hain
he got up & packed the tent & sleeping bag & all there belongings.
she ran little further than she should
she heard some noices & followed it. she peeped hiding behind the rock
there were few guys sitting around the fire & discussing
she got horrified listening to them & ran from there. she did’nt see where
she was heading & bumped on him. almost falling on him
he held her looking into her eyes..terrified like they learned something fearful.
geet – woh woh!! terrorist hain, kidnappers nahi
maan – kay bol rahi ho tum
geet she was catching for her breath
maan – have water first
geet – nahi lets leave from here first
maan – how many of them
geet – 5 may be more
maan – don’t worry mere pass rifle hain aur gun bhi hain
geet – unke pass AK-47 hain
maan – are out of ur mind
geet – woh aapke yah mere peeche nahi hain, woh Maan Singh Khurana ke peche hain
maan was little worried because she was around – how do u know?
geet – I over heard them, they want Maan Singh Khurana because of the that new
ammunition deal..before she could complete they were already reaching them
they hopped into the jeep & rushed
geet – yeh Maan Singh Khurana to bura phasa ek taraf Sameera aur ek taraf terrorist
maan – aur uppar se tum bhi nahi thi
geet – main insab main kanha fit hoti hoon
he preffered not saying much she was already quite shocked seeing terrorists
maan – don’t worry we will be fine
geet – aapke jeep main radio hain
maan – tumhe iss waqt gana sunna hain
geet rolled her eyes – just shut up
she tuned into some frequency & did some thing he could not understand
he just tried to keep them away from those guys. they kept firing at them, geet tried to
fire back. they were really close.
geet – hum unhe sorry kah dete hain
maan – WHAT
geet – woh humare peche thodi hain, if we say sorry, probably they may just
leave us alone.
maan – tum pagal ho
she looked behind there were only 3 of them in that jeep which followed
geet – seriously just stop the jeep, we will tell them sorry
maan rubs his temple kya samjhavon is ko main

before maan make her understand. the car came infront of the jeep
the guys quickly encircled them pointing the AK-47 at them
maan wispered – lo kah lo sorry
to his shock she actually went forward standing between the gun point & him & said
geet – koi badi missunderstand hogayee hain, we are really sorry
her hand was encircling him backward, like she won’t let anything happen to him
he just wondered she was nuts, she had the gun pointed at her & all she was
bothered was him. he just fell in love with her again probably. he knew she loved him
but to this extend he did’nt know ..he doubted if he could do some thing like this.
his love seemed so timid in front of her passion. the momemt was short lived one
of the terrorist hit geet on her head with the guns end. every thing suddenly became dark..
she couldnot see what happened & fell in the jeep. maan protested & tried to pull the gun away
the other guy put a black cloth on maans face & tied his hand from back
terrorist 1 pointing at geet – iska kya karna hain
maan turned his head violently – aap logo ko meri jaroorat hain na usse chod do
terrorist 2 – waise bhi she will be a liability..
terrorist 3 – kisi bureaucrat ki beti hain
terrorist 2 – bekar hi iska baap hala karega
dragged maan to the car …she could feel they were doing some thing to him
they left her their & zoomed away..she opened her eyes in pain & dizzy..
she saw them taking him away..she did’nt know what to do, she just rush of the thought
followed them keeping a safe distance.
they drew almost for 4hours she had no idea what was happening. but she wanted
him safe. she did’nt know what was she heading into.
finally after driving through series of curves & turns they devitated into
the jungle. she parked the jeep, tucked the guns behind under the shirt & took the knife
into her shoes & covered them with her pants. bilkul filmy she thought to her self
she slowly followed the marks of the car into the jungle. she carefully reached
where they kept him capitive. she managed to sneak inside the room where they kept him
tied on a chair. maans head & face was covered with a black cloth. his legs & hands
were tied to the chair. yeh kya hal kar diya mere bechan ka, I am definitly going to
kill them she mumered. geet tu yanha se zinda nikal payeghi..babaji mujhe darvoo mat
she quickly shot her prayer to babaji & waited there hiding. behind the door
there were only 3 guys fully loaded with ammunition. she watched them carefully waiting for
them to leave the room. they left him alone after 30mins. she sneaked in slowly
maan could feel her presence..he mumered yeh yanh kya kar rahi hain
khud bhi mar ghi mujhe bhi marvayeghi. yeh aapne aap ko koi james bond
samjh thi hain jo challi aaye yanha pe mere peche peche..uff kya karoon main iss ladki ka
geet wispered abhi kuch nahi karsakte let me just cut the thread then probabaly u can
maan wispered – are u mad
geet – I thought u already knew that..
she removed the black cloth from his head she was about to cut off the last thread from
the legs those guys came running in.
geet wispered – pretend ur tied up
maan immidiately kept his hand behind..
terrorist 2 – u actually thought u could take him from here
terrorist 3 – ladki bahut teez hain
terrorist 2 pointed the gun to drop the knife..she did’nt
terrorist 3 – is chitiya ki jaan to issme hain…pointed at maan
she droped at once
terrorist 1 dragged her away from maan & slapped her..her forehead was already bleeding
now her lips where bleeding to..they all tunred their back to maan..he quickly
untied his legs..terrorist 2 turned back to look at maan & kept the gun on his head
he sat their like he was tied down.
terrorist 3 – why don’t we have some fun since we have her here
maan clinched his fist…terrorist 2 hit him on his face with the guns end
he was getting mad, could’nt put her life in danger they had the gun pointed at her
geet jolted when she saw him getting hit
geet screemed  in anger – just leave him alone
terrorist 1 – wah meri sherni..touched her softly on her shoulder
she snapped back
terrorist 3 – aise nahi pyar se
maan was swear under his throat
terrorist 2 – why don’t  strip for us
geet spat – on my death bed
terrorist 2 hit maan again – no on his death bed
geet could not see him in pain – u will not do anything to him
terrorist 1 – ur shirt off  giving a lusty look to her cleevage
maan yelled – just leave her alone
terrorist 2 hit maan again & his forehead was bleeding..geet removed her shirt at once
maan looked away…she was just wearing a thin pink slip hugging her body & her
white bra lines were shown..the 3 guys had their jaws dropped open looking at her
quite clearly visible curve lines. maan remembered how much she hates guys with
lusty looks & she is putting up all this just for him…her eyes were diluted but she
was quite determined.
terrorist 1 touched her stomach with the guns tip & asked to remove the slip
maan – ur not doing any thing
terrorist 2 hits him again – usse koi problem nahi to tujhe kya problem hain
geet crossed her hand like trying to pull out the slip…
maan pulls the gun from the terrorist 2 & fires at him
other two turn to point at maan & he point at them
she pulls out the guns from her back & fires at them.
she keeps firing at them even after they where lieing dead on the floor
maan hugs her – calm down its ok….she drops the gun
she caress his face his hands, his head ..- aap teehk ho
maan – pagli main teehk hoon
before they could get out …there were more of them heading towards them
geet – yeh Maan Singh khurana ko to main maar hi dallonghi
maan smiled & mumered aab tumhe jo karna hain karlena ..yah zindaghi tumhari hi hain
geet – jeep maine road side main park ki hain, it is like 30mins run from here
they held their hands & ran , she knew the way out..she lead through the woods
and the slopes & reached the road. maan started the jeep & drove really fast
the road was really curvy & steep.. the terrorist  followed closely
& shot at the wheel. the jeep went out of control & was heading towards the cliff
it was a huge water fall…it was cold stream flowing down.
maan hold on ..jump away from the jeep…& the rocks..take a long breath
the moment u hit the water try to rise back up…umm she looks at him fearlessly umm
geet – aapko swimming aati hain na
maan mumered issko is waqt bhi meri padi hain hain shakes his head & nodes for a yes
she was relaxed, he wondered what was she made off…
just when the jeep falls of the cliff along the water fall. they hold their hands &
jump out of the it, away into the water…down the along the falls…
they hold their hands & jump out of the jeep, away into the water…down the along the falls…
he holds on to her so does she…they togather hit the cold water. it pricks their body
like thousand needles from all over. their eyes meet inside the water…they immidiately
try to rise..maan nodes his head tell her to move away..since jeep will just land behind them
they swim under water away as fast as they could ..loud splash follows pushing them further down with the impact, he pulls her up & they move towards the nearest rock which let them to the
jungle. she rised out of the water & cuffed, panting catching for the breath.
she turned looking for him, he rised out of the water like a greek god
pushing his hair behind & unbuttoning his shirt. she kept looking at him with
so much of desire in her eyes, was it the emotional outburst of all what they just
went they through or was it just her hidden desire, she could not take her eyes off him
he looked at her, her pink slip was no more a slip it was sticking to her finely
carved body erotically almost transperent, her bra with her curves was very promnent
he removed his shirt & walked towards her. she mumered babaji, inhe kya hogaya
she inched back sliding on the rocks, he squeezed the shirt & asked her to wear it
geet oh ..ok..sighed in relief. she went behind the trees & removed her slip & bra
without thinking wore his shirt. she came out with his blue shirt & her hair let lose
he looked at her, his gaze travelled from her skinny legs clinging to the pair
of wet jeans to her face, he could not fail to notice her curves losely hanging
now, probably she was not wearing her inners..he looked back to her face, he looked at
her face which was now washed away with the cold water, no make up, no lipstick
the blood was washed off from the lips & forehead, but new layer of blood was
ozzing out from her forehead, it was all turned blue near the lip were she got hurt.
he cups her face angryly – tumhe kya zaroorat thi wanha aane ki
geet innocently – how could I let anything happen to you
maan held her face in his hands – tumhe kuch hojata tho
geet – waise bhi main aapke bia nahi rah pati
he kisses her madly all over her face it was more of concern pats soothing her wounds
maan – u will not do any thing like this again, samjhi
geet – u promise not to go away from me, reluctantly slipping her hand around him
he traced a finger down a strand of wet hair. he slowly tucked the strands behind her ear.
geet – sab aapki wajah se huwa
maan pulled her from her hair to meet her gaze – WHAT
she rests her head back on his chest – na aap mujhe se naraz hote, na yeh sab hota
he knew he was wrong he kept quite & hugged her tighter – sorry
geet – nahi aap sorry mat kaho mujhe aacha nahi lagta
his hand slid close to her waist touching her bare skin where she tied a knot
with the ends of the shirts. his touch send shiver down her. she could feel her
body reacting differently to his touch now, she liked sorry loved the difference
he could feel her n***** all hard pressing against his chest, making him feel
want her more. she moved away feeling odd the way her n***** seemed through the
shirt, she turned her back, jhali bahut zarori tha bra utrna, kitna odd lag raha
hain, chi chi babaji kuch karo na, kya lage ga unhe.
she heard a splash in the water & turned back in shock
maan was swiming near the water fall
geet screemed – are u mad
maan smiled & went underwater, he did’nt come out for few mins. she panicked
& began to walk up & down briskly. then she just decided to jump in the water
to look for him lossing all hopes of him coming back, he rose up carrying some
thing in his hand. she ran towards him & helped him with the back bag.
they came to the rocks & she waked him – bolke nahi ja sakte the
maan – bolke jata to tum bhi saat chalne ka zid karti
geet – hain to
maan – I could manage it myself, I did’nt want to put u in any more trouble
because of me
geet – woh kyun
maan puts the bag down and holds her closer from her waist – kyunki tum main
meri jaan basti hain
geet snapps out – to meri jaan kya us chidiya main bus thi hain, meri jaan bhi
to aap main meeting his gaze she eats her words
he never wanted to hear anything from her now. he had enough & more evidence
of her love for this life & rest of the lifes. he just smiled at her naughtly.
she looked away & pulled out the bag
geet – waterproof hain
maan – not sure
they open the stuffs & lay them out. he pulls out his jeans & shirt, and hands over to her
change karlo, thand lag jayeeghi. geet took the cloths & went behind the trees mumering
zaroor unhone notice kiya hoga thats why he went to get this cloths for me
chi ..kitna odd lagraha hoga unhe, mana ki unki GF hoon lekin, koi decency honi chahia
tuj main. she changed & came out mumering & was shocked to see him in just a a pair
of black jeans, her mumering continued jhali use mat dehkna warna tere hormones pata
nahi kaise kaise reaction denge, she was already blushing & feeling uncomfartable.
he pulled out a axe from the bag & cut out some dry woods. it was treat to her eyes
to watch him but she felt so odd & ashamed with her thoughts getting out of control
maan set up the tent & arranged the woods to set the fire.
maan – fetch some water  in the kettle
geet lost in him got the water & poured it on the woods he had arranged for burning
maan – yeh kya kar rahi ho
geet looked down & dropped the kettle once and ran into the tent hid her face
in the sleeping bag & started to cry.
maan rushed behind her – kya huwa tumhe
geet snapped back in tears – aap nage pange mere samne mat gooma, mujhe ajeeb ajeeb
se kayal aate hain
he wore his vest & came back – aab teehk hain

geet reluctantly looked at him & nodded
maan – use ke liya roti kyun ho
geet – pehle kyun nahi pehni, mujhe tang karne keliya aise kar rahe the
maan – nahi baba, I was saving for u to wear it tomorrow, just in case if we are
stuck here longer.
she looked at him feeling guilty
maan – waise tum meri bare main kya soch rahi thi
she waks him – kuch nahi
maan tickles her batavoo na she laughs & falls back
he pinns her down – tell me
geet  embarressed – kuch nahi, let me go
maan – I won’t unless tell me
geet – kaha na kuch nahi
maan bends closer – batavoo na
geet – chodo mujhe pushing him away fighting with her hands & legs
he really pinns her harder this time – batvoo
geet turns her face he saw her cheeks it was red & tempting
he placed a soft kiss very senciously, she turned to look at him in shock, that small feel
of his lips made her head spin & her thoughts were rushing all towards
some thing she thought was forbidden. she felt guilty & her eyes were mosit
he left her at once to see reluctance in her. he knew she was not ready for a
kiss yet. he moved back & went out to set the fire with new set of logs
she felt odd the way he left. she burried her head in the sleeping bag & cursed herself
unhe kitna bura laga hoga. she was really not able to face him now & kept sulking
maan shouted GEET GEET
she came out feeling odd
maan – I thought we could have a moonlight dinner
geet blushed. he offered her black tea & bread. she took it & had it silently.
geet – i am sorry
maan – kis ke liya
she started to weep he came forward & took her in his arms. shhh…its ok…
geet – its not ok, u might be expecting.. but mujhe yeh sab samjh nahi aata
maan lifting her chin softly – I only have one expectation
she looked at him curiously with moist eyes
maan – I want to see u smiling always, nothing else matters
she was lost in his words..with a slight smile forming in that innocent face
she kept looking at him & fluttering her eye lashes
maan – tum mujhe aise dehkogi to tumhe hi mushkil hogi
she snaps back & looks away
he lies down resting his head on her lap. she moved her hand backward nervously
breathing harder. mumering babaji yeh kya kar rahen hain, main kuch kahoongi to unhe
bura lagega. lekin aise kaise.(maam forgetting she always lies on her frds lap &  vise versa
but here she is feeling it differently..ha ha muskan laughing at my jhali geet)
maan – ek baat kahoon
geet – umm
maan – aab tu main tumhara BF hoon
she shied
maan – so u can think about me how ever u want, its ok
geet without thinking blabbers – no its not OK..aapko pata nahi mujhe kaise kaise
kayal aarahe the..& closes her face with her hand closing her eyes tight behind that
maan crosses his hand on his chest & turns on her lap facing away from her
smiling at her. she slowly opened one eye parted her finger & watched him, he was not
seeing her, she was relieved. she felt comfartable & removed her hands slowly
from her face. he smiled inwardly
maan – GF
geet conciously – umm
maan – agar hum humaesha ke liya phas gaya to
geet – thats just not possible bro & raj puri army lekar aajayenge
prem aur armaan to khud hi doond lenge mujhe
maan mumered yeh kabhi romantic bhi hot hain uff – just think we are stuck here for ever what will u do
geet she looks around – mujhe problem nahi hain, aap hi meri baat sun sun ke bore hojavoge
maan holds her hand & cuddles up – I can never get bored listening to you
actually I can never have enough of it
she starts laughing loud – sab ladhke pehle aise bolte hain…then they say u talk too much
maan turns to face her wrapping his hand around her waist – main sab ladkonke bare main nahi
janta, but I live to hear your voice.
she feels tickled with his hand slipping around her waist, she blushed & smiled feels his warmth
geet stroking his hair softly – bahut baten banane lagen ho
maan – sab tumhare wajahse
she entangles her fingers in his hair in a grip & pulling him away to look at him
mere wajahse kyun
maan – pata nahi tumhare samne mujhe kya hojata hain, na chate huwa bhi
she intreupts – OH to na chate huwa sab karte ho
maan – puri baat to suno
geet – mujhe jo suna tha main ne sun liya..pushes him away from her lap
he pulls her closer from her waist. she roughly gets up hitting his head on the rock
he screems..aaahhh in pain..she immediately holds & caress his head
zor se lag gayee ?
maan makes a baby face
she holds her ears
he turns looking sad..she lifts & rests his head on her lap, he moves away
geet – sorry kaha ne maine
maan – mujhe kitne zorse lagi
geet – kidar
he points at back of his head – idhar
she leans down & kisses him softly
immidiately – idhar bhi pointing near his ears
she innocently kisses him again
maan naughtly points at his cheeks, she bend down inches away he could feel her breath
fanning his cheek he shrugged, aap chance mar rahe ho & goes inside the tent
geet mumering bahut zarory tha na kiss karna. woh hi kanhi kanhi point kar rahe the main
to sirf janha chot lagi wanha … he comes in & hugs her from behind
geet – aap chodo mujhe, aap bahut bure ho
maan – aab jo bhi hoon tumhara hoon
geet – mujhe yah sab nahi pasand
maan resting his chin on her shoulder softly tickling her – kya sab
geet moving her shoulder in a rotation backward – aap baaton mat uljavoo mujhe
maan holds her tighter – main to kuch nahi karta tumhi ulaj jati ho
she protests & rests her cheek on his which slightly rubs as she moves
she could feel it all over her, his chest completly covering her back
his strong arms tight around her slim slender waist, caressing the skin which
was burning her sensation she couldnot take it any more & turns to hug him
breathing hard resting her palm on his chest
geet – why are u making me feel like this
he smiles – this what u always do to me
she feels so shy that he feels like this beacuse of her. the thought makes her
feel the girlie self. he kisses her forehead & tucks her in the sleeping bag.
he slips next to her facing his back..she wraps her hand around him from back
very conciously. he closed his eyes & dossed off.
rano reads the note & calls armaan
rano – armaan, geet bina kuch bole college kisi camp main gayee hain
papaji ko pata challen to to bahut problem ho jayeeghi uska phone bhi nahi lag raha
armaan – aap phikar mat kariya aunty I will find out

armaan calls prem
armman – prem yaar college main kuch camp hain kya?
prem – kya bol raha hain?
armaan – Geet kanha hain?
prem – bachan se poch aaj kal uske saat hi rahti hain
armaan – nahi yaar they fought
prem – kya?
armaan – raj told her not to talk to him & she was confused & they had some missunderstanding
prem – lekin raj ne aise kyun bola?
armaan – pata nahi I could’nt speak to him after that
prem – raj ki baat to waise bhi use bahut effect kardeti hain
armaan – humari to friend, raj ki to woh pet hain
they both laughed
armaan – yaar lekin where did she go?
prem – kanhi sulk kar rahi hogi
armaan – there is something wrong, uska phone bhi nahi lag raha hain
prem – kya bol raha hain
armaan – aunty ka phone aaya tha, she has left a note saying she is gone for some
college camp
prem – ek min…prem to mukti – college main koi camp hain kya
mukti nodes for a No
prem gets up putting his shirt on – I will pick u from sanjeevni in 15mins
armaan – umm

geet kept looking at maan from behind
babaji ..I am with a total hunk who ownes a private jet, bilkul koi dreamy ho jaise
& seems so genuinely good guy, we are alone in this beautiful
jungle far away from every one, which means no one to disturb us
yeh sab kitna ajeeb hain..uff this geet still needed a neon arrow muskan wondered
yah sach hain yah sapna? kya aise ho sakta hain
maan – itna mat sochu facing his back
geet closed her eyes immediaty..yeh to meri dil baat bhi sunleten hain
geet – mainne hunk nahi socha tha & bit her lips..unhone suna nahi hoga tho bhi tone bol diya very good…
maan smiled & closed his eyes
maan got up early & kept looking at her, it was really cold outside, dec & up hills
offcourse it was… probably in negative
she cuddled up into him inside the bag.
her face looked so innocent with the sunrays falling slightly at that time..
it was 5.30am & she turned…wrapping her arms closer to him…
he smiled how much her life revolved around him. she slowly opened her
eyes to meet his gaze which could actually see through her.. their hearts pounded.
urges were urging. what could be more natural than a kiss …but this was geet
he had been in trouble since those pleeding innocent face first stood in front of him
he bent little closer gauging her..she looked at him still lost in those deep dark eyes
maan came still closer..she burried her head in his chest – mujhe sharm atti hain
maan mumered yah right…& lied resting on his back
she comes close to him & rests her head on his arms..her hand envoloping him
maan mumers ek to mera itna pass aayeeghi phir mujhse expect bhi kareghi ki main kuch
na karon, kya karoon main iss ladhki ka

they both dossed off again, there was nothing much to do that early in the morning
out there in that weather.at around 10am his hand inveriably snaked around her.
she shurgged in her sleep, her hands responded around him in equal desire. he
passionately moved on top of her burring his head in the left side of neck, she tilted her head
slightly to right making more room for him, their fingers laced, he ugerged to kiss her
his body was completly resting on hers,

he was hard &  probably almost lossing it with her closeness. maan snapped back & pulling away, pushing  his hair back. she shivered with sudden coldness around, she cuddled up in a baby position still in her sleep with one of her hand laced with with his. he closed his eyes, shutting his desires, he could not believe he could lose his control like this he felt odd & guilty, knew she may just regret it if she realized what they just did. he slowly untangles his fingers & rushed out.

he cut few logs to set the fire…which was just depicting his fire within
he set the fire & sat their, he could only feel her, her touch, her scent
he made some tea & scanned the place around to divert his mind
she came out streching her arms up unware of her little act of passion. her waist line
was teasingly visible as she lifted her arms. he could not miss glancing at the white skin, which seemed so smooth & perfectly carved inevitably tempting. she looked at him & put her
hand dowm immediatly – aise kyun dehk rahe ho she aked promotly
maan looking into her eyes – kyun mujhe haq nahi
geet – hain..nahi
he narrowed his eyebrows questioning
geet – nahi ..mere matlab hain ..nahi actually mujhe nahi pata
maan gets annoyed – have ur tea
he mumered aab main usse dehk bhi nahi sakta
she knew he was upset. all her ex-crushes hated her for being so indifferent
but she was already beyound her personal limits with him, way beyound actually
she had her tea looking at him, he ignored her.
geet mumered sab teri wajah se stupid..kya zarorat thi unhe kuch kahne ki, tere mooh
bahut chalne laga hain, dehk abhi naraz hogaye na
he packs the stuffs & closes the tent, she quitely helped him
he takes the gun & tucks in his pants & takes the axe & walks towards the jungle
holding the back bag. she lifts packed tent & rolled sleeping bag
she walks behind him. he walks in cutting the plants in front making way for them
to walk. they look around for any way out & food. they find some wild fruits
not sure if it was ediable. they still move on not venturing deeper in the forest
walking along side the stream hoping to lead toward any civilization
he stopped near a tall tree kept the belongings down
he climbed the tree, she stood down & kept looking at him, how easily he did that
she kept watching his thigh muscle bunched & released every time he stepped further
her eyes travelled little up behind & watched the curve of his hips..she cursed her self to
look away..abhi to unhe touk rahi thi..tu kya kar rahi hain. all that physical
perfection was distracting especially since it looked really muscline now with
all sweat & worked up toned curves & his stirn look. she could barely blink.
maan reached on top most brach & tried to see if there was any thing near by
that was visible. for there bad ..or should muskan say good luck. nothing was
seen. he climbed down & she kept looking at him with her mouth open..totally drooling ..
not realizing he was standing right infront of her & watching her
he ignored & continued to walk – yanha se kuch nahi dihkra we will have to go further
she did’nt respond. he lifted the back bag & continued to walk
she still stood mesmerizied
maan mumered ek to mujhe aise dehkte rahegi aur main dehkoon to uff
maan – moo band karo aur challo
she snaped out of her thoughts & followed him, making a baby face
geet – abhi bhi naraz ho
he kept quite . she tried manaofying him..he kept ignoring her
he was more angry at himself for not being able to control himself
she pulls him back holding his hand, he snaps & moves on

prem meet up with armaan
prem rubbing his temple – I tried to locate her phone koi signal nahi I guess it is off.
armaan – she never does anything like that, tu ne bachan ko phone kiya
prem – haan, uska phone bhi not reachable aaraha hain
armaan – nahi yaar they both are not talking
prem – phir woh uske saath hi hogi
armaan – kya matlab
prem – she can’t stay without talking to him, use manane uske peche gayee hogi
armaan – do u know bachan’s office
prem – thats not big deal we can find that out
armaan – raj ko inform karna hain kya?
prem – pata nahi woh kaise react karegha

armaan reluctantly tries to reach raj & leaves a message for him
mean while prem finds bachan’s office address
prem – OH FISH
armaan – kya huwa?
prem – bachan is the MAAN SINGH KHURANA
armaan – woh kaun hain
prem – THE KHURANA’s yaar
armaan – kya bol raha hain, u mean the bussiness tycon I think usse to koi award milla tha na
they have their mouth drop open & looked at Maan’s pic on some article
prem – he was so nice to us, no frils
armaan – nahi yaar kuch mistake hain, as far I know, even ministers wait
for an appointment to meet him
prem – after the ammunition deal to he is among the PM league
armaan – how come we never knew
prem – geet ne kabhi nahi bataya
armaan – yah geet ne bhi nahi bataya
prem – thats why he was able to give her that ring
armaan – kaunse the one she wears offlate
prem – yaar woh 5million pound ki hain
armaan cuffed – kuch jada nahi hogaya
prem – actually humari jhali ke samne to woh kuch bhi nahi
armaan – woh bhi to uspe jaan chitak thi hain
prem – are u serious
armaan – she definitly likes him
prem – i am sure kiss ke chakar main isse bhi reject kar deghi
armaan – nahi I don’t think she will be able to say no to him
they reach KC & meet pinky at the recption
prem – can we meet bachan
armaan rolls his eyes – he means Maan Singh Khurana
pinky – do u have an appointment
prem – it is little urgent
pinky – sorry sir, next aviable appt is..she checks the sheet aftr 2months
but before scheduling the appt u need to tell me what is it regarding & his secertary
will let u know if it is possible
prem losses it & starts shouting at pinky
adi comes out running
armaan holds prem back …raj calls then
armaan chup kar raj ka phone hain
armaan – hi raj
raj – how have u been?
armaan sounded little worried – woh
raj immeditaly – geet kidhar hain
armaan – actually
raj yells – where the hell is she
prem takes the phone from armaan
prem – yaar geet is missing since yesterday, she left home saying she is
going for some college camp, uska phone bhi nahi lagraha hain
adi wispers to pinky – maan sur bhi camp gaye hain
armaan head them
raj closed his eyes – tum log kaise dost ho
prem – yaar u know her
armaan takes the phone from prem & comes out
armaan – yaar these guys in bachan’s office are saying woh bhi kanhi
camp pe gaya hain
raj – but I told her to stay away from bachan right
armaan kept quite
raj – u guys stay out of this, I don’t what u to move
out of delhi, look for her in delhi, baki main dehkta hoon

prem comes out – kya huwa?
armaan – bahut gussa main hain & said he will deal with it
prem – why will he? I mean he never involves in all this isse achnak kya hogaya?
armman – pata nahi, he sounded worried

armaan calls rano
rano – kuch pata chala, woh to bahut gussa ho rahen hain
armaan – aunty raj is personally dealing with it
rano – raj aa raha hain
armaan – hain
rano – kuch serious hain kya
armaan – nahi nothing to worry
rano – lekin main unhe kya bollon
armaan – college camp bol dijiye
rano – teehk hain main sambalti hoon lekin only untill tonight
kal subha tak uska phone nahi aaya to I will have to tell him every thing
rano maintained that geet is gone to a college camp

geet kept her bag down & sat down.
maan – challo we don’t have time
geet – main taak gayee aap ko manathe manathe
maan – aise kuch nahi challo
geet pulls him closer, he snaps his hand & lifts the bags – aab challo
she nodes for a no
maan gives a strin look
she gets up, he turns to leave. he walks few steps & realizes she was not
following. he looked around
gajab kaa hain din socho jaraa, ye diwaanaapan dekho jaraa
maan traced the voice & saw up..she was sittig on trees branch & singing
with her legs dancing to & fro..he was wild, uttro..she continued
tum ho akele, hum bhee akele, majaa aa rahaa hain kasam se
he rolled his eyes with a smile but still gave a stirn look back to her
moving close ..now standing right below her…
she held on to the branch with her legs twisted & hand holding it & her
body hanging close to him below the branch…
dekh lo hum ko kareeb se, aaj hum mile hain naseeb se
maan dropped the luggage down worried looking at her position
she released her hand & legs & fell in his arms
ye pal fir kahaa aaur ye manjil fir kahaa
maan held her, she encirlced her hand around him
he smiled, she rested her head on his neck.
he turned around holding her in mid air
kyaa kahoo meraa jo haal hai, raat din tumhaaraa khayaal hai
she got down & kissed his cheeks, he held her from her hair & pulled her away
fir bhee jaana-ye-jaan, main kahaa aaur tum kahaa
she held her hair in slight pain with her hand – abhi bi gussa ho
maan lifted the bags & started to walk away
she came infront & blocked his way. he looked away & started to
walk on the other side. she held him from his head tiptoed & placed
a sudden kiss on his lips closing her eyes tight.
maan droped the luggage at once & held his hand away, not sure to hold her
to kiss her back ? her lips felt so soft & tender on his, it was so sudden he
could not do much. but she stood their not moving just holding her lips
on his & her fingers holding his head in place. his eyes was wide open
looking at her she looked so scared & turning pink tears rolled down her
closed eyes. he had a hidden smile on her innosence. he slowly stepped back
did’nt want to hurt her by sudden moment. she bend her down & but did’nt
let him go away held his hair firmly.
maan – let go geet
she noded for a NO looking down
he tried jerking out of her grip. she griped his hair harder hurting him. he

immediately held her hair & pulled it back. she looked at him lovingly without
reluctance he moved close to her, she put up a brave face, he knew that she was
shit scared of his intentions her knees felt weakened, he fanned the side of
her ear moving down to her neck line further to her shoulder, her grip on
his hair softened he turned her neck to the other side in a jerk & fanned it

very softly moving softly to the hollow of her neck she arched back feeling
the heat of his breath running all the way down..& she lost her balance
backward, they fell on the grass below which was wet but felt warm because
of their warmth. maan landed on top of her. she hurt her head, she narrowed
her eye brows in slight pain
maan checked her head & slowly rubbed it
he looked at her face which still had a the scars on the head & very slightly
still bleeding & sides of lips which had turned blue now. he caressed them in concern.
with his thumb. she moved one hand to caress his cheeks he pinned it down & she
laced it with his she brought the other hand infront to caress his other cheek
he pinned that down as well, she passionately laced that hand as well
feeling his dominance arosing her.
he teasingly showered kisses on her neck she felt tickled & moved her
legs & turned her head left to right & smiled – choda mujhe gud gudi ho rahi hain
aperture view followed her…with a plus sign in between..every time she moved
it moved with her. then the aperture view moved to back of maans head

he pressed her on the grass harder she arched back..
maan naughtly keeping her eyes capative – what if I rape u now
geet shied..turning pink that if she could further.. he was suprised that she shied
and wispered aap ko mujhe rape karne ki kya zarorat hain
he pressed her on the grass harder she arched back..
maan naughtly keeping her eyes capative – what if I rape u now
geet shied..turning pink that if she could further.. he was suprised that she shied
and wispered aap ko mujhe rape karne ki kya zarorat hain  very softly
he bend closer in a jerk & rested his head on her neck..his hand freed her hand
suddenly…she snaked his back..moving towards his shoulders..he had suddenly dropped his
complete body weight on her..geet mumered yeh rape ki baat seriously to nahi le
rahe hain..her hand reached his shoulder & she left wet and slushy, she lifted
her hand & looked at her fingers it was all red ..his blood, she was shocked, she lifted his
face that was burried in her neck, kya huwa aapko tears endlessly flowed, she shook his
cupping it in her hand his eyes were closed, she immeditaly slidded away from him
tried to turn him to know what happened, she could see him hurt on his shoulder
which was bleeding furiously and he fell unconcious
raj came dressed in full uniform like a commendo, had a gun in his hand &
pulled her with his right hand, dragging her away from maan. she was in so much
of shock she did’nt register it was raj she stood where she was.
raj shook her – GEET its me raj, challo yanha say
she looked at him & then at maan with tears in her eyes
raj dragging her forcefully away – he is fine goli useke shoulder ko choo ke nikali hain
she snapped her hand from raj & took maans head in her arms rubbing his hand
raj looked at her in suprise & confused at her protectiveness about maan
raj – GEET away from him now & pulled her away
geet – raj lekin woo
raj – he is fine..
raj pulls his sleevs end forward & wispers looking around – tango reporting..target secured
need ambulence airlift for target. geet looks at raj confused holding on to maans hand
raj – I repeat MAAN SINGH KHURANA secured need immediate medical attention
she leaves his hand in shock hearing Maan Singh Khurana
two helicopters lower towards them, few more soliders drop down from the helicopter
that had a plus sign & lifted maan on the strecher, secure the belt around him &
one off the person dressed similar to raj shows a thumb up signal to the
pilot of the helicopter…his strecher was lifted & securely attended to in the helicopter
by the Dr. Naina A singh.
raj checks her wound which was bleeding & wipes it with his hanky she pushes his hand away
raj makes her sit in the other helicopter.
raj – tumhe mana kiya tha na MAAN SINGH KHURANA se milne se
geet – lekin
raj – u know it is such a senitive area, woh to mujhe tumhara radio message mila thats why I could trace u guys.
geet – woh terrorist tho MAAN SINGH KHURANA she ate her words
raj – but what the hell are u doing with MAAN SINGH KHURANA
geet – tum unse mile ho
raj – are u kidding?
she looked at him confused
raj – he is the MAAN SINGH KHURANA, he is next to president as of now in the security listing, even if I want I can’t meet him
her eyes almost popped out
raj – I am incharge of his security from Indian army. he has the black cat trained Prithivi as his
personsal security, pata nahi how come he is with out prithvi here. bade logo ke bade shauk
geet – prithvi !! that was the next shock
raj – jab se these terrorist are behind him, we have been tapping his moments
can u believe while listening to a radio signal of terrorist it was revealed
that ur are in touch with MAAN SINGH KHURANA, they had complete record of u too
as his weekness. I wondered what was all that, aab kuch kuch baat samjh arahi hain
geet – aise kuch nahi, I don’t know MAAN SINGH KHURANA
raj smiled knowing her well now – right thats why ur on call with him the whole night
geet – woh to bachan she looked away
raj – why did’nt u tell me about both of u
geet changes the topic still quite angry & shocked – why are terrorist behind bachan nahi maan
raj – they want the Indian Army’s ammunition requirment detail which only he has.
the only civilian to know that the detail.
geet – woh to unke office main bhi koi bata sakta hoga
raj rolls his eyes – tu sach main jhali hain
geet makes a baby angry face
raj – thats the part of the deal, he & only he has the requirement details no one
else would know it.
they reach the army hosptial near the border.
Next day morning geet lieing on the bed,
Dr. naina checking her, raj walks in smiling at the ladies
dr naina – good morning capt
he smiles delightfully – goodmorning dr.singh
geet jumps up – aap naina ho
raj smiles inwardly
naina – geet right!!, raj ki gudiya soni ki pudiya and kissed her forhead
geet smiled weakly – raj aab to mama papa ko bata do naina ki bare main
you promised this time u will
raj – hain baba I will, aab tone bhi aapna mr.perfect dhond liya hain
geet ignored the last part
naina looking into geets reports – waise umm..ko hosh aagaya hain
& he was asking for u
geet was curious to know how maan was but did’nt want to show it
she looked at raj – mujhe ghar jana hain
raj – I thought u will say u want to meet Maan Singh Khurana
geet – i don’t know any Maan Singh Khurana
raj – teehk hain waise he is getting discharged in 1hr & will be flying back to delhi
geet pretended to ignore that
raj – mama se baat karloo bahut worried hain
geet – aur papa
raj – don’t ask, I just managed some crap, ki college camp se u got lost & all
geet hugged him & thanxed him
raj – waise I like this Maan singh Khurana
naina – kyun na ho aapki naukri jo bajgayi unki wajah se
geet looked at them confused

naina – raj ka court marshal order nikal gaya tha for shooting at Maan
geet why did u shoot at him
raj kept quite looking down
naina – he felt maan was trying to
geet promptly – nahi woh aise nahi kar rahen the..hum tho
naina & raj smiled inwardly
geet – u risked ur carrer for me
raj kissed her forehead
naina – lekin today the higher offical came to take Maan’s statement
& he said raj was firing at some terrorist & woh bech main aagayen
geet eyes felt a burning sensation, tears forming , she looked away sniffling
raj held geets hand – after they all left, he thanxed me for saving u both & said
I understand, agar main bhi tumhare situation main hota to shayad yahi karta
geet calls rano
rano – mera bacha kaise hain
geet started to cry sorry mama
rano – its ok …jaldi ghar aajvoo
geet umm
rano – take care, raj ko phone dena na
raj – ji aunty
rano – tumne papa ko sab samjha diya na
raj – ji
rano – bahut gussa ho rahe the
raj – abhi worry kar rahen honge
both of them smile & latter hang up the call
I will take u home latter in the evening
she huggs him & says buy to naina

geet sneaks out of her room & sees where maan was, she noticed few guards
gaurding a room, she knew it was him, she mumered Maan Singh Khurana & twisted her
lips, mujhe nahi bataya, aur main unhe hi unke bare main bol rahi thi.
he was just having fun listening to me blaber about Maan. mujhe nahi baat karne unse
she comes back to her room & restlessly ..lekin ek bar dehk leti ki teehk hain to tasali hojati
she walks into the room the guards stop her. sorry maam this VIP room u cannot enter
without permission from higher ups. geet mumers woh aab unse milne ki liya
mujhe permission leni pataghi, sab jaan buhje ke kar rahen hain. just trying to show
off. I am also Geet Handa dehkti hoon how can they stop me.
she goes into the nurse room & changes into a nurse attire & takes a tray with
medication & injections walks confidently into his room. he was working on his
laptop. he very well knew it was her. he just played along. she bend her head hiding her
face with the tray. there were few senior officers speaking to him & taking down some notes
maan thanxed then for all their help.
maan – i just send the mail as per ur requirement, is there any thing else
officer – no sir thanx a lot
geet pretended to keep the tray next to him on the table
she peeped to look at the bandage on his shoulder & felt bad. she wiped her tears &
turned to leave, he held her hand under the spread. she looked at him in shock. he was looking
at the officers & smiling them a good bye. she stuggled to let go softly as the officers
where just leaving. after they just walked out
maan – ho gaye tasali
she angryly snapped her hand
maan – naraz ho
geet – why will I be
he was taken a back
geet – I don’t have any thing do with Maan Singh Khuaran
maan held her hand again & pulled her to fall on his chest – aur aapne bachne ke saat

she melted into his embrace fanning his chest with her irregular breath & then suddenly
she had that jhota gussa on her face & sits up at next to him – u are not my bachan
u are some Maan Singh Khurana, I don’t know u & I don’t love u aur main aapki GF bhi nahi
maan smiled – so u love ur bachan
she was cornered – I hate u. she takes his phone & delets her number
don’t ever call me.
maan – XXX-XXX-9999 pointing at his heart yanha bhi lika hain isse kaise
delet karoghi.
geet looks at his chest & keeps looking at him. pulls his dress back closing his
buttons, pata hain work out karte ho, show off kyun kar rahen ho.
aap ko to bus bahan chahiye aapna numaish karne ka
BTW i am changing my number…to yah problem bhi solve ho jayega. she gets up to leave
maan – waise maine suna thi ki bachan loves u
geet turns to look him delightfully this was the first time he had said some thing
so direct, he looks away making a mocking face. geet puts a gussa & baby face

& walks towards the door..babaji bachan hi aache thena..yeh kya kardiya aapne, unhe maan
kyun banadiya..maan comes infront of her..she bumps into him..feels herself lost in
his closeness, all those cuddling up in the sleeping bag just flashes back in her
mind with butterflies her stomach.
maan – waise babaji ne kuch nahi kiya, tumne hi mujhe bachan banya tha
geet – aap mujhe bata sakte the
maan – I told u so many times
geet – nahi nahi nahi..u cheated me, I hate u I hate u & I hate u bus
maan hugs her I like u hating me also…
her hand invariable slips into his back snaking him
then suddenly she pulls out – I hate u.. & I am not ur GF..don’t hug me..
maan smiled at her
she tries to leave he holds her back..waise main kuch hi deer main delhi
jaa rahoon
geet – janti hoon
maan – so thats why u came to see me
geet – nahi bitting her tounge
maan – mera saat chaolghi nahi
geet – nahi..main Maan ke saat kanhi nahi jaavongi
he turns her hand further – aur aapne bachan ke saat
geet – chodo mujhe..main ne kaha na I hate u
he gets angry & leaves her at once. she runs to her room & cries

She goes to her room cries. Maan leaves to Delhi in anger.
Raj takes her home latter in the evening.
Papaji – yah sab kya ho raha hain, first u go for a camp without permission &
then u don’t take care of ur self. tum koi choti bachi nahi ho. u should be able
to take care of urself.
raj – nahi uncle she was fine, they left her behind when she went to make call
papaji – iske pass to mobile hain na
raj – yah she lost that, that’s why she called me
papaji – can’t even take care of a phone now.
geet holds her ears – sorry papa
Papaji – how can u be so irresponsible, what will she do after her wedding I wonder
maan sab kuch sambal legaraj whispers
geet makes an angry face & goes to her room

rano calls raj to the kitchen – yeh bachan..sorry maan aur geet kya hain
raj smiles naughtily
rano – sach main
raj looks down
rano – mujhe to woh bahut pasand hain
raj – aap unse mili ho
rano – usse bhi uski daadi se bhi
raj – seriously
rano – daadi is also kind of interested in our jhali
raj – aapko pata hain woh log kitne bade log hain
rano – usse bhi jada aache log hain
raj nibbling into the pakodes – oh aunty I am so happy for geet
rano – pata nahi baap-beti milke kya gul kilayen ge
raj – yah
geet comes in her shorts & t-shirt.
rano – kitne bar kaha hain wear a coat upper se, servants sab hain
geet takes a pakoda – mama please don’t start again
rano – pata nahi shaadi ke baad kya kareghi
raj & rano looks at each other & giggle
geet gets offended – aaj sabko meri shaadi ki kyun padi hain
mujhe nahi karni shaadi waadi. I am waiting for my defense ka result
ek bar mera SSB hojayen, main to phur hojavonghi
rano & raj – yah right

daadi – where were u? Is everything alright
maan – umm
daadi – phir yah chot
maan – kuch nahi, camping main lagyee thi
daadi – tumne geet se baat ki
maan – kyun
daadi – usne roh roh ke apne hal bura kar rakha tha
maan – aapki kab usse baat huwi?
daadi – the day u left for camping
maan – umm
daadi – aap please usspe itna gussa mat hoyia
maan shots a stern look to daadi
daadi – nahi bahut pyari bachi hain, roote huwia aachi nahi lagthi
he does’nt say thing & goes to his room
he changes & all he could think was of her.
everywhere he could only see her. he removed his vest & shorts & sat
in his bath tub & closed his eyes resting both his arms spread on to
the rim of the bath tub. All he could see was her face. He pushed his
hair behind heard his phone ring, he ran to pick his call without
even wiping himself. noticed it was adi from the office. he cut the call
& threw the phone on the bed. kyun itna mujhe pareshan karti ho..jhoda gussa hain uska, aur phir mujhe hi blame karegi, khud rooh rooh ke bura haal karliya hoga, kya karoon iska!!

geet cuddled under the bed & cried. raj, armaan & prem came in with
their Hot chocolate & carried one for her. she tucked the spread tight around
herself – geet yanha nahi hain
raj passes her hot chocolate under the spread slowly..first she sees his hand
coming & tucks in tight. then notices the drink & takes the drink & closes it again
prem – yaar bachan to bahut hi VVIIPP nikla, tune hume kyun nahi bataya?
geet mummers bachan…umm..Maan Singh Khurana, mujhe pata hota to na
armaan – seriously yaar he is been so nice to all of us
geet mumers nice..humesha to gussa karte hain
prem opens his mouth Maan..geet shouts – I don’t know any Maan Singh Khurana
aur mujhe uske baren main baat nahi karni
raj – chodo don’t bother my gudiya
she opens her spread & hugs raj sipping her drink – mujhe prem nahi pasand,
mujhe armaan nahi pasand aur mujhe woh ganda blah maan bhi nahi pasand
armaans phone rings
armaan – woyee maan ka phone hain
geet – cut the call
armaan – that will be rude
geet snatches the phone & cuts the call
now prems phone rings. she looks at the phone curiously
prem – nahi mukti ka phone hain
geet sighs in relief
prem goes to the balcony
prem whispered – umm
maan – geet kanha hain
prem – bahut gusse main hain
maan – uska phone number kya hain
prem – she has’nt picked a new number yet
maan – usko phone dena
prem – woh mera phone thod degi
maan – woh teehk hain na
prem – umm

maan cuts the call feeling low. he was terribly missing her & very well knew
she was just showing her jhota gussa. Next day maan was in his gym really could not work out
after 5.30am he kept on thinking about her, waited for her call, kept looking at the phone’s
screen every other minute.  Geet got up at 5.30am & looked at his watch babaji I don’t  like
this Maan Singh Khurana & was about to throw it getting annoyed then murmured  yah tho
teri bachan ka hain na. hain mera bachan ka hain & kisses the watch. She could not sleep further so she opened her laptop & goggled on Maan Singh Khurana, pahle yah kar leti to itni confusion nahi honi thi. Aab main kya karoon.  Yeh toh sach main mera bachan hain.
She spends the whole morning reading about him. Main tho unke bare main kuch janthi hi nahi. Woh  tho bahut hi bade businessman hain.  Now if I talk to him he will feel it’s because of his reputation.  Babaji u know na I like him because he is my bachan. Nahi but he will assume it is because he is Maan Singh Khurana.  She bangs her head on the rim on the study table in frustration.  At 7.30am she looks at the watch & wonders dehko phone bhi nahi kiya.  Maan mummers how do I call her, nahi kiya to sochghi main attitude dihka raha hoon.  He rubs his temple & gets ready to office. She gets ready & goes to the college. 
Media & other college friends were not aware of this entire incident; it was kept hush-hush by the
armed personals.  She looked really disturbed in the college.  Even mukti  was not aware of the incident.
Mukti winked ‘ how was your camp with ur bachan..I mean maan
Geet got pissed off & shouts – I am not with Maan samjhe tum
Mukti’s friend ‘ I guess finally it has hit to her that sameera is proposing to her BF or should say ex-BF. Geet snatched the paper from her hand & read it. The gossips column had another article on Sameera planning to propose maan today.
Girl 1 – great abhi tho maan can easily say yes to Sameera
Geet mummers aise kaise bhol sakte hain
Girl 2 – geet bhi na sach main jhali hain, Maan Singh Khurana ko chod diya
Girl 1 ‘ I am sure usne isse chod diya hoga
Mukti’s friend  to mukti ‘ u be careful about Prem now.
Geet feels horrible listening to all this nonsense. How can they even talk like this.
Girl 1 – so geet prom night main kiske saath aarahi hain?
Geet mummers babaji main tho unke saath jane wali thi na , aab who thodi aayenge mera saath. He might be busy with that Sameera, I don’t like her.
Girl 2 – Prem, Armaan yah koi theesra
Mukti  – prem promised to come with me.
Mukti’s friend  – why did he leave u? Geet kept quiet. U know Maan doesn’t speak to any girl.
U should feel lucky he even looked at u.
She cried & went to the car park. Maan hugged her from back slipping his hand around her slim waist.  She immediately turned into his arms & started to cry. He placed kisses all over her face.
She longingly kissed him back. She hears a loud horn & looks around maan was nowhere around her.  She cried & sat in the car & drove home. 
Latter in the evening armaan came to pick her for the prom night.
She refused to go. Raj came to her & convinces her. She goes to the loo & sulks in the corner.
Raj shouts ‘ u said u don’t have anything to do with Maan then why are u crying if he is moving ahead with Sameera?
Geet yells back ‘ he is not moving ahead with sameera starts throwing things in the wash room.
Raj – what is ur problem?
Geet – mujhe kanhi nahi jana
raj – I thought u don’t care about Maan anymore & wanted to enjoy with us.
Armaan – looks like she likes Maan Singh Khurana
Raj – no ways geet doesn’t like maan
Armaan – phir why is she sulking?
Raj –  geet do u like maan? She wipes her tears & washes her face & comes out
Geet – no I don’t like him. I hate him, mujhe woh nahi pasand ..

geet wondered what to ware & kept looking for dresses. She was not sure what to wear.
The theme for the prom was white. Armaan & raj waited out for her, she was really taking
longer than her usual self. When she finally came out all dressed they had their jaws drop open
and shocked. They preferred not to comment as she was already in a horrible mood. 
she walked in with armman & raj. Everyone was giving a definite second look to geet . She dressed to kill today. Girls where not comfortable see their guys drooling over her so evidently. Prem was with mukti the moment she saw them walk-in rushed to them to say hi, he hugged armaan, raj & geet. Mukti slowly walked towards them, prem almost forgot to introduce her to raj.
Raj promptly ‘ hi, u might be mukti, jitna suna tha subhi jada pyari ho, welcome to our little world Mukti smiled feeling special. Geet smiled at the thought, raj really knows how to charm ladies. Mukti scanned geet top to bottom why she was dressed so beautifully & off beat unlike herselfs. She really looked very beautiful. But the point was why she was dressed so beautifully when she was not with her BF.

geet was quiet & settled with raj & armaan in the corner. Music started to play. It started with nice fast pace tracks. Mukti ‘ prem hit the floor. Armaan asked geet to join him. She refused & continued to sip her  mango juice. Mukti’s friend asked armaan to dance with her. He did’nt know how to refuse, so just moved on. Raj ordered whisky on the rocks for himself.
 After couple of drinks raj ‘ gudiya tho maan se itne naraz kyun hain
Geet was already missing him a lot & this was just adding more to it.
Raj ‘ he is really a nice guy!! You know gentle man types. Bhilkul tera Mr.perfect.
Geet turned away her head, divided between tears and smiles.
The music changes to softer ones. Raj – why are you not dancing? Mera man nahi hain
She replied in a very low tone. He didn’t want to force into anything she really looked as if she
had lost her soul somewhere. Even the juice probably didn’t seem to interest her as much.
The next song played just made her cry..kurban huwa..the song just reminded her of their dance
together.  Yes she did miss him, miss him really badly, madly crazily. She closed her eyes & went to the loo & cried & screamed.  She came out after an hour or so. She noticed there was no music playing, it was all quite & everyone was looking at the 80”inch wall suspended TV. She followed their view & wondered what ever they watching. To her surprise or should I say for her misery it was the live coverage of Sameera’s proposal to Maan. She just wanted blow that screen. But could not do much in front of the whole college who already wonders maan dumped her & now her such action may just prove them all right. Raj suggested shall we go for a walk.
Mukti’s friend mocked at her ‘ yah she may not be able sit through this.
Geet was now more determined to watch it. They showed them waiting outside a restaurant where Maans car was expected to arrive in next few minutes. She snatched rajs phone & thought of calling Maan & warning him. She took the phone dialed the digits & hit her head. What am I doing he will think I am falling for the Maan Singh khurana, he will never understand my feelings & tears just rolls down.
Maans car just arrives the restaurant. Everyone in the hall  gave a pity look to geet & then continued to look at the screen on the wall. Geet was just holding her emotions back.  Maan stepped out of the car dressed in black paint & white coat, looking lavishing charming as ever. All the girls just let out a silent moan. Geet definitely hated that. She was seeing him after 24hours. It seemed as though she has not seen him for ages. Her eyes were filled.
As he walked out, the media crowded him. He looked at the guards to take care of them. But Sameera suddenly appeared in front of him.
Maan murmured geet ne isse dehk liya to isse mar hi dalighi. His fear was evident in his face.
Girls ‘ arrey yaar Maan Singh Khurana isse dar kyun raha hain
Geet curiously watched now. Maan was trying to move away from there but he was cornered.
Raj watched geet & shook his head.  Sameera was elegantly dressed in black dress, she probably knew black was his fav color.  The dress had a deep neck.  She was facing maan & her back was facing camera.
Girls kitni smart lagrahi hain. Geet twisted her lips in disagreement.  Sameera went down on her Knees & said ‘ maan will u marry me holding his hand very softly. Geet could not stand the sight of her hand touching his, she looked away her eyes was red in furry. There was a perfect silence waiting for Maans response. Everyone went how romantic, how can any guy say no to this.
Maans lips parted, geets eyes widen & she inched closer to the screen. He really looked
baffled, he almost wiped his sweat, looked at sameera’s nails ‘ real hain kya

everyone was shocked at what he just said. Geet smiled with tears welling down her eyes.
Sameera shocked, she prepared for all the options but not this ‘ what???
Maan still fumbling ‘ have u got ur manicure done recently?
maan could only think about what geet said first I will pull out all her nails one by one with a cutting player, then I will chop her fingers then uski chotey chotey dukede karke meri gali ke kutton ko kila doonghi
Geet wiped her tears & hugged raj hiding her emotions. Raj laughed & patted her.
Armaan gets a call from the hospital & requests raj to drop him.
Sameera pulled her hand away & was freaking out with his odd behaviour
Meanwhile maans guards came & moved the media & others away. He slipped back in his car
& drove away. The reported could not really say much & changed to some other recent news.
Girl 2 ‘ that was not expected
Girl 3 ‘ what is wrong with him?
Girls notices geet smiling & being cheerful self. They start troubling her & pulling her in an argument. geet was too happy to fight or argue.
Mukti’s friend ‘ yaar this Maan singh khurana is such a darpok
Geet just clutched her fist & punched her & started hitting her with her bare hands.
Girl 1 ‘ why are you being so possessive about him now?
Mukti  shouts at geet & tells her to leave her friend, geet continues to wak  her.
Prem comes & pulls her back. Mukti  shouts at geet & pushes her away ‘ u always need someone else’s BF to take care of u. aur khudke tho koi BF tik the bhi nahi hain.
Geet looks painfully at prem but he didn’t say anything to mukti this time. She was taken aback.
Mukti’s friend was bleeding from her mouth, she tried to put back herself.
Prem ‘ u should’nt have hit her.
That added to the confidence of other girls & mukti
Mukti ‘ when u cannot be satisfied with Maan Singh Khurana, then I guess no one can
Geet kept looking at prem & turned to run away from there. She turned into his arms
He held her in his arms patting her head. She slipped her hand around his neck tightly.
She didn’t have to see his face to know it was him. She knew it with her eyes closed it
was him. Always there for her.

Maan ‘ I am sorry, I shouldn’t have left u alone mid of these idiots gave a disgusted look
to each & every one.  He lifts & carries her out of the party hall to his car. She sits in quietly. They drive little away from the Venue. He stops the car & she starts crying. Prem just left me alone. He just blamed me in front of every one.  He hugged her ‘ shoo..shoo..don’t cry please.
She kept crying & crying & crying.
 suddenly she felt so lonely, it seemed like a looming shadow threatening to consume her.
Maan wrapped his arms around geet and she cuddled closer to him, taking all the warmth she could get from his slender body. It was so relaxing, having him holding her.  He just pressed her car seat down & made her lie down horizontally. He laid beside her sideways and put his arm under her neck and stared intently  at her. She started talking about what happened in the party but as she saw him couldn’t bear to look at him and her  voice started quivering.  As she told him the prems part he hugged her with a squeeze and  said I’m so sorry.  Maan  looked at her with sadness and wiped one gently from the hollow of her eye. 

Maan lowered his head and kissed her so tenderly on her cheek that she thought she imagined it.  Geet  felt awkward and froze then he dug his face in her hair as he hugged her. Maan lifted his head and look  at her  with admiration again and she smiled at him as best she could with moist eyes. Then he lowered  his head to her lips and pecked them so lightly and tenderly, and looked back at her  with a smile. Geet  was shocked, she didn’t know what had just happened. They looked at each other for a longer moment  and he came closer and kissed her again but he lingered on her  lips. Geet looked at him again and  smiled dazedly and he lowered his head again to kiss her and this time she opened her mouth for him.  He moved his mouth over hers and it felt thrilling yet subduing as she felt his full moist lips on hers. The  skin of his lips were soft like satin and they were irresistible. she wasn’t sure what she was doing but she calmed herself and enjoyed the kiss.  Both of them could not have enough of it. Soon one kiss melted into another and then another and so on until it became one long kiss that showed no sign of ending.  And they had no problems kissing each other until they both were senseless. Her arms
wound around his neck pulling him closer that if he could be any closer. 
Maan – missed u
Geet nodded with tears in her eyes.
Maan kissed her tears away & pulled her strands behind her ears – pyari lagrahi ho
Maan – mujhe se naraz ho fir bhi suit pehna she shied & buried her head in his chest
Itna miss kar rahi thi tu ek phone nahi kar sakti thi
Geet – aap bhi to kar sakte the
Maan rolls his eyes – kaunse number pe karta she makes a baby face.
Geet – I don’t know all that, u didn’t call me, u didn’t miss me; u just troubled me all this while pata hain maine kitna miss kiya aap ko
He just takes her lips again into his & slides his arms around her & passionately kisses her. She
kissed him back with same flavor breaking all her barriers of shyness accepting their feelings.
 He opened his eyes & looked at her she was lost in his arms & their kiss.
She slowly opened her eyes to meet his gaze. She shied & her breath almost froze. Maans
hand were all over her loving her, holding her closer, he had been longing for this moment since
the time he fell for her.  Those lips have been tempting him, lingering in his thoughts, driving him
insane,  he just couldn’t have enough of them. They just got carried away in that moment for such
a long time they really didn’t know how long they have been lost in each other.
They broke out of the hug when maans phone rang after 3-4hrs.
Raj –  hellow sir, raj here.
Maan –  umm still feeling her on his cheeks & breathing hard.
Raj –  aap dono ka rotna manana hogaye ho tho, madam ko ghar bhejdo, I am answerable, 1baj raha hain
Maan – nahi aise koi baat nahi hain, I will drop her home
Raj – nahi sir, that won’t be right, papaji ne dehk liya tho problem ho jayegi.
Meet me outside the house.
Maan – umm
Raj – she is fine na?
Maan kisses her forehead – umm
Maan cuts the call & looks at her lovingly. She was all red & her lips where pink & craving for his
She smiled looking at his alluring eyes.  He kissed her again for a long minute.
Maan – challo I will drop u raj is waiting for u
Geet – mujhe nahi jana
Maan kissed her forehead, cheeks, nose, everywhere.
Geet – aap prom main kaise?
Maan – tumne hi kaha tha saat chalne ke liya, bhulgaye
Geet – lekin hum tho
Maan – tum naraz thi main nahi
Geet – aap bhi naraz hogayen the
Maan – hum ek dosre se naraz the, lekin ek dosre se alag nahi
He sat up in upright position & pulled her back up. He opened the dash board & took out a gift for her.
Maan – this is for u
Geet – kya hain
Maan – open it
Geet excitedly opened the pack; it had a blackberry phone & with her own old number.
Geet – mera number kaise
He rolled his eyes & drew towards her house.
Geet looked little reluctant & confused. He stopped the car kya huwa?
She nodded for a NO. he turned to face her & lifted her chin kya baat hain
She had tears in her eyes.  Aapko aise lagta hain na ki main aapse
He kept his finger on her lips. Chup bilkul chup. Mujhe aise kuch nahi lagta.
Geet – nahi aapko jaaror aise lagta hoga ki ..he interrupts her janta hoon u never bothered to know what I was that’s what I actually admired even more. Unconditionally u stood by me.
Geet – lekin maine tho kabhi kuch..he kisses her lips softly, tum nahi kahti lekin tumhari har baat main sirf pyar hi jhalakta hain, she looked at him turning pinker… curiously what was he hinting at, tumahara abhi bhi yeh ring nahi uttarna, tumne usdin se aaj tak ek bar bhi isse apne se dor nahi kiya, she smiled, tumhara har baar mujhe manana aur tumhara he looked at her lips. She closed his mouth with her palm & said mujhe late ho raha hain.
Maan dropped her. Raj & maan spoke for few minutes & hugged goodbye.
Geet hugged maan & halfheartedly left & kissed him goodnight still blushing.
Raj cleared his throat & walked in.
Geet walked in & maan waited of her to close the door. She walks into the room & her phone rings. She smiled & answered the call & didn’t say anything
Maan – tum haste huwa bahut pyari lagthi ho
She picked her night suit to change feeling shy
Maan – sharmate huwa aur bhi pyari
She changes & looks herself in the mirror & touches her lips thinking about their kiss
Maan – how dare u?
Geet – umm??
Maan – that’s mine now!!
She looks around & covered her face
Maan – only I can feel them.
She pulls her spread & cuddles into the spread. Soo rahi ho meri neid utta ke
Geet – umm
Maan reaches the mansion & gives the keys to the driver to park the car &
walks in. daadi was waiting for him in the hall, he whispers to her ek min
maan – daadi aap soyen nahi abhi taak?
Daadi – what all this in the media? Who is this Sameera now. Geet ko pata chalega tho
geet giggles
maan – aise kuch nahi hain; daadi – then why are u holding her hands
geet – yah main baat puchna bhool hi gaye?  aapne use apna haat chune kaise diya?
maan closes his eyes..itni mushkil se use manya tha aab puri raat bhetkar manana padega
geet – yah main baat puchna bhool hi gaye?  aapne use apna haat chune kaise diya
maan closes his eyes..itni mushkil se use manya tha aab puri raat bhetkar manana padega
maan kissed daadi good night & went to his room
walk into his room – geet’geet suno tho
geet – mujhe aapse baat nahi karni. Bye
maan pleading – sweet heart ..sweet heart ‘please naraz mat howa na
she was quite
pulling out his clothes from the wardrobe – sweetheart please sachi main ne uska haat nahi pakda tha..
she was still quite
maan changes into his shorts & vest – usine hi mera haat pakda tha
geet – I saw that
maan shocked – u saw ? where?
she giggled – sare collegene dehka
pulling his spread – tho tum naraz kyun ho rahi ho
making a face – because I don’t like any one touching you.
maan – mujhe bhi nahi pasand
she was fuming – nobody wants ur opinion here. You are not even allowed to look at her.
Maan – mujhe dehkna bhi nahi hain, mujhe tho sirf tumhe dehkna hain
She blushed & still pretended to be angry – u will not talk to her, cancel all the businesses deals with her and all the other businesses that deals with her somehow.
Maan murmuring aise tho yah mera sare business band karva dehgi  – umm
Geet – mujhe sona hain
Maan – suno na..
Geet – umm
Maan – mujhe ek bar maan kaho na
She shied
Maan – please
She shook her head for a no under the spread.
Maan – please!!!
geet – good night
maan – teehk hain I will make u say that
she smiles & sleeps
geet turns around 5.26am in her sleep. he smiled & continued to work out.
Geet – good morning
He keeps quite
Geet – suno na
He continued to work out, waiting for her to say maan
Geet – main sona jaa rahi hoon, aap kuch bolte kyun nahi
He still keeps quite.
Geet babaji aab mujhe neid kaise aayegi
Geet shouts maan mujhe subha subha pareshan karna band karo
Maan smiled – finally u said it.. but his victorious happiness was short lived
Geet continued raji aapne DOGY ko yanha se lega, mujhe sona hain
Maan was fuming.. DOGY
Geet smiling – aap kuch kah rahen the
Maan – bye
Geet laughed loud .. doggy was not even in her room, he was fast a sleep with raji

Geet – main sone ja rahi hoon bye & cut the call.
He was really getting mad at her & continued to work out in his temper really violently.
He called her at 7.30am & didn’t say anything.  She picked the call ‘ ummah  sweety
His temper just vanished in thin air.
Maan – aab utto
Geet ‘ nahi pehle meri morning wali’
Maan smiled ‘ ummah
She went to the kitchen & had her milk & got ready.
She reached college & ignored every dam person there. She was already pretty upset
With what happened. Prem came to see her she ignored him
Maan – aise nahi karo, tumhara friend hai na
Geet – it will be better if we don’t talk about him, humare bech fight ho jayegi
Maan – lekin woh
Geet – bye
Maan – aacha teehk hain ..
Geet – I am really excited about today’s lunch party.
Maan – me too.
Geet – I have invited naina & ridz as a surprise for raj & armaan
Maan – tumhe humesha sab ka khalay rahata hain
Geet – can u pick up gifts on the way
Maan – won’t know what to buy
Geet – kuch jewels
Maan – sorry main sirf aapne sweet heart ke liya shop karata hoon, I will pick u
from college then we will go for shopping . tumhe jo lene hain le lena
she smiled.. there call just continued for the until maan had to go for his meeting.
Raj,  armaan & ridz came to their college
Geet came & hugged both of them. She looked really happy.
Geet – hai ridz, thanxs a lot for joining in.
Ridz – how could I refuse u, waise bhi how could I miss the opportunity of meeting Maan Singh Khurana
Geet looked at armaan he was definitely not liking the delight in ridzs eyes. Geet smiled teasingly.
Prem joined them with mukti. Geet just left from there.
Geet called maan & shouted – where are u? humesha ke tarah tumhare pechey softly kissed the nape of her neck on her hair taking in her scent. She snapped back into his arms. She looked really irritated.
Maan – mere sweet heart ka mood kyun kharab hain
Geet – challo yanha se
Maan – let me say hi to them atleast
Geet – teehk hain aap javo hellow hi karo I will go
Maan – GEET, whats wrong with you?
Geet – are you coming or not
He just rolls his eyes & opens the car door for her.
They reach the mall, she quietly shops for ridzs, naina & mukti. She goes to men section
maan just watches her she was really lost in her shopping. She picked few shirts & asked maan
to try it. maan – mere liya?
Geet ‘ umm, aab challo try karke batovo
She waited out, maan called for her ‘ pehli kaunse wali, she peeped in & kept gaping at him
It was a complete mirrored changing room had mirrors on all the 3 sides.
She could only see his bare chest & back & side view. Her jaw slackened. Her gaze
traced his toned skin of his back, the straight strong shoulder she ached to feel them
under her fingers.  Her heart pounded gazing at him like that. She watched, mesmerized, until
without warning he pulled her inside, grabbing her wrist & locked the door behind. He pushed her against the mirror & pressed his hard body against hers. He leaned in & softly fanned her earlobe.
He moved to her cheeks, her hand wanted to feel him, they slowly temptingly went around him he held them & pinned them against the wall just above her head. She moaned feeling his dominance. He softly traced his lips around her cheeks she shivered & laced her fingers into his. He moved his lips close to hers but didn’t kiss her. She closed her eyes in anticipation.  He softly licked the sides of her lips & fanned it with his breath. His heart beat was rising she could feel it on her chest through her cotton t-shirt. He moved away from her craving lips to the hollow of her neck she moaned maan.  He smiled naughtily & kissed her forehead. She pushed him away & ran out catching for her breath. She was felt so odd & embarrassed.
Maan came out trying the shirts – teehk hain
Geet – nahi, actually shirt looked better on the shelf..
Maan – gussa kyun ho rahi ho, I shall try the other one
Geet – mujhe bhook lag rahi hain, aap try karke aajana
He looks around & lifts her & takes her inside & kisses her passionately. She fights closing her eyes and waking him but she could barely resist his passion. Geets fingers slid into his hair.

Their mouths were  open and their tongues frantically explored and stroked. 
Any second some could come & notice them there. maan felt those thoughts in back of his mind.  Breathing deeply, he gently rested his forehead against the top of her head. Her lips & cheeks stung from scraping against his stubble.They were pink and anyone looking at her would know why.  She shied & ran out.
He changed into his shirt he came in with. She looked down and feeling shy. He came and slid his hand around her waist, she jumped in shock – challen she nodded looking down
She paid for the gifts & his shirt. Maan naughtily – I thought u didn’t like the shirt.
She pushed him with her right elbow & paid the bill.
Armaan & raj were continuously calling he, she had kept her phone in silence avoiding them
Maan – tumhara phone baj raha hain.. pointing at the glowing light on her white pants side pocket
Geet – aapki nazar bhi kanha kanha jati hain
Maan came close to her ears & whispered – maine to tumhe kabhi nahi pucha tumhari nazar kanha Kanha Jathi hain.. she felt tickled with his breath teasing her earlobes & his words just made her
Even more conscious.
she looked pushed him away & ran to sit in the car. He opened the car door for her looking
naughtily at her. She didn’t meet his teasing eyes. Meanwhile raj called maan.
Raj – sir who abhi bhi naraz hain kya?
Maan – khud hi baat karlo. He gives the phone to geet
Geet – umm
Raj – why are u not lifting the call? Tum prem se naraz ho lekin why are missing my party. BTW Thanxs for inviting naina. She is looking beautiful in saree
Geet smiled
Raj whispered I am not able to take my eyes off her.
Geet giggled
Raj – tumne saree pehne ko kaha kya
Geet nodded her head
Raj – I am officially dead
Geet – papa-mama se milvane ke baad
Raj – when are u guys reaching here
Geet – I don’t want to come there & create a scene. I don’t to see his face again in my life
Maan was shocked with her anger.
Geet – raj please doesn’t force me & hangs up the call
Maan carefully – why are so angry with him.
Geet – no its not him, its me. I need some time to understand
Maan – understand what?
Geet – things change when people are in relationship, priorities changes.
Aab mujhe hi dehklo, if ever I have to choose between u & my friends I am land up
Chossing u. he just fell again for those words. She always did this..to him
bina kahe sab kuch kah dena, he just kept looking at her lovingly. She continued
I am blessed u understand my relation with raj, armaan & prem. But I guess prem is unlucky.
Maan – tum itna samjthi ho tho probem kya hain
Geet – it still hurts na
He hugged her tightly & kissed her head.
Geet cried – woh mera phone call ke bina uttha tak nahi tha, but now’
He patted her head softly, pushing her strands behind her ears
She looked up to meet his gaze then gave a weak smile looking at him, she caresed his cheek softly

Maan – sab teehk ho jayega, its just a passing face
Umm she nodded. She puts up a brave face – waise bhi I don’t have time for him now
He narrowed his eyebrows curiously
Geet – I need to keep track of the Maan Singh Khurana now
He smiled delightfully
Geet – pata nahi meri naraz hati aur koi phir aa jayegi proposal leke, aur aap ka kya barosa
Kal tho haat pakadne de diya pata nahi kya kya  he bends forward & kisses her
She flutters her eyes & looks at him..& her cheek turns pink as she closes her eyes kissing him back in the same essence. it was always there soul that kissed..it was deep & passionate driving the into there own world of love & warmth. he slowly kisses her lips again & whispers
Maan – shall we just give the gifts & come back
Geet – ok only the gifts
They drive to the army club & meet up with everyone.
Geet hugs naina & says thanxs for coming. Gives her the gift. She gives the gift to ridz & then to mukti. Mukti opens her mouth to apologize geet stops her by showing her hand & turns to leave.
Prem comes in from & kneels down holding his ears & says sorry
She turns away. Maan holds her from going away from there. She hits his chest don’t do this to me. he whispers dehko he is truly sorry. Mujhe nahi dehkna.
Raj & armaan – geet for all time sake yaar
She turns & hugs prem starts crying – I hate you, you are not my friend.
Raj & armaan join in the hug. Maan , ridz, naina & mukti stand there watching them
They continue with party listening to music & snacking.
All of them danced with their respective partners.  They had their lunch.
Maan left early back to his office.  Armaan ‘ ridz left to sanjeevini. Geet dragged naina home
to meet mama & papa.  Raj nervously follows them.
Geet – mama yeh Dr. Naina hain
Rano – armaan ke saath kaam karthi hain kya?
Geet – nahi mama..Capt Dr. Naina
Rano looked confused
Raj came in looking down
Rano held his ears. raj – aunty please meri puri baat tho suniyan
Rano – mujhe kuch nahi sun na
Geet giggles with naina. Rano holds geets ears too.
Geet – aaah..mera kaan kyun? Snaps away & runs to her room
Rano shouts – tumhare koi letter hain, study table main rakha hain
Geet – ji
Raj introduces naina formally to rano
Raj – uncle se aap hi baat karna please
Rano – itni pyari nahi hoti tho mana kardethi
Naina bends down touches her feet & takes her blessings.
Rano hugs her & presents her a kangan, the one she wore
Geet ran to her study  & checked the letter & started screaming loud
She immediately called maan & started jumping. Maan was in a meeting
Geet – maan u won’t believe it
Maan – meeting main hoon jaldi bolo
Geet – aise nahi main bahut excited hoon, aise bolongi tho pura maza inkal jayega
Call me when u are free. She hung up & ran to the kitchen
Maan had never heard her sound so delighted. She was on top of the world.
She flashed the letter to raj & lifted her collar
Raj – SSB interview
She jumped & hugged him, rano & naina
Raj – interview kab hain?
Geet – next month
Naina – kanha hain
Geet – bangalore
She called armaan & told him. Then she called prem & told him. She called papaji & told him
She could not wait any longer & went to maan’s office. He was just stepping out of his conference
room. She ran & hugged him in front of the clients. Maan held her back softly said clients’ hain.
He walked with her to the cabin. She showed him the interview letter & sat on his lap
Maan – geet office hain, samne chair main betho
Geet – aapka hi office hain na
Maan gives a stern look she makes a baby face & snatches the letter & goes to the couch
Maan sighs & sits next to her on the couch – dihkavo na kya letter please
Geet – nahi
He snatches the letter & reads it in one go – WOW’ have u  prepared for all this. Maine suna hain there are special training programs for army selection procedures. I heard they are different from the usual interviews. He looked really excited kanha hain, then reads again Bangalore.. thats cool I will come with you. Wait when is it. she calls pari
maan – book 2 flight tickets to Bangalore on 22nd on next month for me & Geet
pari – return
maan – looks at the interview card keep it after 6 days
geet keeps looking at him, he looked more happy than she was.
geet hugs him – u will come with me
maan – umm, I am really excited
geet – u don’t mind
maan – that’s ur dream job, even though I feel u should work with me
geet – yanha no ways
maan – I feel u will not be happy joining services
she gets upset. He cups her face its just my view I am happy with whatever you do.
Geet – sure na.. you don’t mind.
Maan kisses her forehead no ways’

Geet – sure na.. you don’t mind.
Maan kisses her forehead no ways… she hugs him tight sideways. Mujhe laga ki aap naraz hojavoge. He smiled itna hi jaan payee ho mujhe she rubbed his nose with his, jaan hi kanha payee hoon. He looks at her eyes & then looks at her lips temptingly & moves closer. She pulls away & smiling wickedly office hain. He sighs in disappointment. She sits crossing her right leg over left and looking away. Maan clears his throat & goes to his chair. She giggles & says aacha main chalthi hoon he nodes umm looking into the laptop. She comes near his table & pretends to pick a pen & quickly places a kiss on his cheek & runs out. He looks at her & shakes his head & looks back in his laptop.
Geet gets back home & shows the SSB call letter to papaji
Papaji – all the best prepare well.
Brij – personally I feel you should look into the foreign student exchange program in your college I don’t think you should get into defense.
Geet – mujhe defense yah civil services hi karna hain
Brij – itna aacha offer sirf tumhe mila hain college se
Geet – papa please veerji ko bolo mujhe pareshan na Karen.
Papaji – let her do whatever she wants to. Kisses her. She hugs him my papa is the best. Love u
Papaji – tumne ticket book kar liyen.
Geet – hain papaji woh maan…nahi mera matlab hain main ne book karliya
Raj & rano look at each other giggle.
Geet stamps raj under the table. He screams aah!!!
Papaji – kya huwa?
Raj – ji kuch nahi & gives a stern look to geet she ignores & continues to eat.
Geet works really hard for her SSB (Services Selection Board (SSB) is the Personality and
Intelligence Interview spread over 5 days which scientifically analyses each candidate’s
potential and compatibility for commission into the Armed Forces of India.) interview.
She works on her stamina too.
Finally 22nd.. she was to report in the afternoon 3.00pm to the SSB center Bangalore.
Maan & geet boarded the morning flight fron delhi. Geet was all nervous & excited. She cuddled up holding his arms. She was really anxious about the whole interview. Maan tried to distract her but it was not working. More than the interview it was the thought of her dream job which was  bothering her. They reach Bangalore in couple of hours & drive to the hotel. He booked in a 5  star hotel close to SSB center. They cabbed to the hotel & checked in.  She had not had her break fast neither did she have anything in the flight. He kept watching her, she was looking lost. He slowly began to draw the curtains. She didn’t seem to react. He removed his waist coat.
She was still not bothered. She removed his tie & threw it away & unbuttons his shirt
She looked from corner of her eye – do really think u need to do all that to distract me.
He smirked  – still nothing seem to distract you.
Geet – ur smile is more than enough
Maan – really
She cuddles up & sits on the bed  – umm he sits next to her playing with her hair why are you
So tensed. She rests her head on his lap this is my dream job & my last chance I really don’t
want to lose it. he bends down & kisses her lips softly why do you ever think anything will go wrong. She hugs him pata nahi bechani se ho rahi hain. he takes in her lips softly lingering with her tongue. Sliding his fingers into her curly hair. He takes her along him & rolls over the bed. She rests on him. He buries his head in her neck inhaling deeply to absorb the exotic fragrance. She feels the heat embracing them all around. Her exotic scent drives him insane & he turns around slamming her on the bed & pinning her hands on either side. He holds her wrist firmly & his body pressing her & holding down. He places kisses all over her neck & moving slowly to her collar bones. His hand holds the t-shirt at the shoulder to slip it off the shoulder. She looks at him & holds him tight she was in no position to deny but still was not sure but still..just surrendered. He kissed her forehead knowing it was going too far & snaked her back crazily leaving the t-shirt in tact. She hugged him back in same zeal. They roll around & kiss each other with more & more passion until the room service knocks to get in their lunch. He straightens himself reluctantly & she goes into the washroom. She freshens up & comes out. He kisses her the moment she comes out & whispers u know I will miss u. I will miss u too. Kissing him back passionately. 
Maan – kuch khaa lo, subha se tumne kuch nahi khaaya
Geet – umm
They sit on the couch & have the lunch.
Maan – when will u meet me now
Geet – I think I am allowed to come out in the evening tomorrow after the initial screening.
Maan – so u would know the result
Geet – every day I will know if I get to the next level or not
Maan – so if u don’t clear tomorrow?
Geet – we will party here for rest of the 5days… lifting her eye brows what say?
He comes closer to her & takes in the bite of roti from her mouth – nahi we will party harder after u complete & clear the 5 days. She blushes & hugs him
after the lunch she takes her backbag & kit, maan – let me carry it for you.
Geet – nahi all these things matters
He didn’t understand
Geet – interview may they notice such things also like u carry ur luggage & how independent you are
Maan – what if your luggage is heavier & u are not able to carry
Geet – well then I am lose
Maan – kya matlab
Geet – I should have packed my luggage accordingly.
Maan – but !!! she kisses him. Sweetheart.. Indian Army hain
He sigh …all the best. U opted for it.
Geet – I never settled for simpler things & winks at him naughtily
He drops her at the gate of the SSB center.
Geet – my phone will be off. OK
Maan – thanxs for telling me, nahi mujhe lagta ki tum naraz ho.
She smiles – waise what will you do here, I mean kal taak
Maan – I have some client meetings lined up, don’t worry I have lots of things to do
Geet – I am not worried about that, I just hope you don’t stress yourself.
She says bye & goes in at 2.45pm. Reporting time was 3.00pm
Maan was really proud of her being so particular & sincere in whatever she did.
maan got back to the hotel room & his work doesn’t seem to end even at 2.00am
geet had a great day in the SSB center. She meet some nice girls who ever off those
bitchy habit, in fact were more like her. Off course there were those typical ones too.
But geet was really focused & wanted to do well in her interview nothing else really did matter.
Next day evening geet called him
Geet – where are you?
Maan – outside the SSB center
Geet – how do you know I will be free now’
He cut the call & hugged her. I guess that’s not a big deal for Maan Singh Khurana
She kissed his cheeks. I have just an hour. Yah I know that.
She saw a black merc parked & narrowed her eye brows questioning him
Aise mat dehko how could I take you around in cab. She sits in the car. You really pamper me
They drive to the ice-cream parlor. the famous corner house!!!! Muskan can’t help repeating herself. They try the new flavor their Carmel butterscotch  Crme De La Caramel(suggested by faby)
geet – u never asked my result
maan – I am more interested to know how it was, result tho mujhe pata hain.
she squeezed his hand that lay on the table it was really wonderful. I enjoyed every bit of it.
she didn’t even eat a bite of ice-cream she kept talking about her experience there.
geet – b**** types tho first round main he out hogaya can you believe it. The whole
interview is so full proof. First time in my whole life I have met girls whom I can talk to relate to
maan kept admiring her.
Geet – kitni aachi aur strong headed girls hain, mujhe lagta tha ki main hi hoon hatke
lekin there are so many of them out there.
He made her have few bites but she didn’t seem to be interested.
Finally it was her time to leave. He drove her back to the SSB center. He really
looked little low. She was about to leave she stopped & hugged him.
Mainne aapne dhun main pucha hi nahi how was your day? Nahi don’t worry
Every thing was fine. Mujhe lagta hain tum army join karogi tho mujhe bhool javogi
Aisa nahi hain. u did’nt even have a bite of the ice-cream he complained
That’s because I didn’t want to have it from there & just moved her hand around his neck &
She opened her mouth over his almost parting lips & sucked hard. His eyes glittered under that
slight light from the street lamp. It felt like a jolt. She never expressed herself like this.  He
leaned into the kiss, fitting her mouth to his and settled in creating serious sizzle. Geet
plunged her tongue immaturely inside licking & tasting him. She smiled & shied
carmel umm butterscotch ..I think I like my maan more & kiss him again. He was melting
into the kiss. They had never kissed like this before. It felt like she really missed him a lot &
she expressed it all in her one act. Being wrapped in her arms felt awakening a need & filling it
at the the same time. He held her closer & tighter.
Tracing her hair backward itna miss kar rahi
thi. Just a tear formed in her eye. Tum kabhi kuch kahti kyun nahi. She just held him in
her embrace. All the best he whispered in her ears. Thanks she kissed his nose.

5th day maan waited for her to come out. She came out crying.
Maan – congrats lifted her & swirled her around. I know u made it .. ur the best
Geet – how did you know?
Maan – aapne misti ki khushi ke aansoo bhi na pechano!!! Tumne Maan Singh Khurana
Ko samjh kya rakha hain.
Geet – APNA & hugged him can u believe I will be an army officer
Maan – I never doubted it from the begging & kissed her head.
Geet called everyone & shared her happiness.
Maan – so we can leave tomorrow?
Geet – nahi abhi medical rehta hain. it will last for another 2 more days
Maan looked into his appointment schedule.
Geet – aap busy ho to u can
He snaps back & HO TO????
They reach the hotel & maan was really pissed & start packing his bag
he slams the suitcase on the table & snap opens it. he opens the cupboard &
begins to throw his shirts one at a time. She picks each one of the & keeps them back
in the cupboard. Pacing behind him. Naraz mat hoyee hain na. I was just concerned about your
work he pulls out other clothes getting wild now & keeps them in, she takes them & puts them
back she turns & bumps on him. Her breath fell on his chest. he crossed his hand, holding
himself back & stood there tum yah kya kar rahi ho? Main aapke kapde wapas rak rahi hoon
promptly she replied & bit her lips. She makes a baby face & holds her ears
he turns away & continues to pack. Aap sach main mujhe chod kar ja rahe ho
she hugs him from behind. Maine sorry kaha na please. And places kisses on his back.
Her ever touch send electric shocks to his nerves how could he hold himself back. He turned
to meet her gaze, she stood looking down with her moist eyes. He slowly kisses away her tears.
Dare you ask to me to leave you!! She smiles. Mana tho rahi hoon na. umm.. let me think
looping his hand around her thin waist she rests her head on his chest waiting for her reply
u can try more to manaofy me little bit more. Geet – umm.
Maan – u may really need to work harder
They cuddle up in the couch kissing each other passionately. I can never have enough of you.
He moaned. Her cheeks were pink & hair all hassled-bussled . He softly moved her curly hair
behind her ear you look beautiful like this
He softly moved her curly hair behind her ear you look beautiful like this. She smiled
Maan – kal kab aavoghi
Geet – kal I will be free the whole evening
Maan naughtily hugs her really. Geet – umm medical is only in the morning then we are free
Maan – wow that will be cool. Do you want to go anywhere tomorrow?
Geet – we can go to the malls
Maan – ok
He dropped her back in the center & continued with his work.
Pari had lined up video conference & other meetings with the clients. Maan was really held
up the meeting went on until 3am. Latter in the evening he went to the caf to have some coffee.
Sameera just joined him there. He got up at once to leave from there. She pulled him back
holding his hand, he snapped at once.
Sameera – just a coffee
Maan just walked away. She barged into his room. Maan – have you lost it? Its 3.30am
Sameera – I really love you
Maan clutches his fist – get out of my room
Sameera – maybe I am not so good in expressing myself, but I really do love you
That was the first time maan noticed she was sincere.
I love someone else he said turning his back to her.
She ran away from there with tears in her eyes. 
Maan just locked the door behind. He missed geet so badly. He wanted to tell her about this.
He feared how she will react. He felt guilty; a girl in his room at 3.30am was totally unacceptable
No girl can bare it. Geet will definitely not.  She may just hunt her down. He couldn’t sleep
the whole night. Next day she met him at 3.00pm. They went out the malls. Maans body guard
followed them.
Geet – yanha pe bhi?
He looked worried & looked confused. Geet was also not herself she kept talking about
everything else but her SSB. He wondered why she didn’t even mention about her medical
they finally reached hotel.
Maan – how was your medical? You didn’t even talk about it
Geet looking away – teehk tha.
He held her, turning her hand back – kya baat hain?
Geet – kuch nahi
He turned harder – what are you hiding?
Tears began to form in her eyes
He was getting wild, he was already struggling to tell her about sameera & then geet being different was irritating him. She noticed him getting so wild – isse liya nahi bol rahi thi mujhe mallom tha naraz ho javoge. He left her hand at once. Turned his back & moved to the window looking out.
She drank some water put all her courage together  – medical was all fine.
He still kept his view out on the garden
Geet – it was little different. We had to undress’ she paused
Maan heart missed a beat listening to her unsaid words
He turned to look at her & reached her at once & said sternly NO WAYS you are doing all that.
She hugged him to calm him down – its all really professional. The doctors are really professional too. They don’t make us feel odd about it.
Maan snapped back – how dare you? Tum meri ho sirf meri. I cannot accept all this.
Geet – its just a simple protocol, they have to follow. Aap samjhne ki koshish kijayen na
Maan – ur not just another person there. You are Maan Singh Khurnans GF.
She hugs him – lekin
He pushes his hand down – will you be able to accept that Sameera was in this room at 3.30am last night. He closed his eyes thinking what that words could mean & knowing geet she will lose it. she just left from there without speaking a word. He rubbed his temple & ran behind her geet meri baat suno jaise tum soch rahi ho waise kuch nahi hain
she was fuming in anger & pressed the lift button. Geet please let me explain
I don’t want any excuses. Now I know why you wanted to stay back in Bangalore.
Maan – geet aise nahi hain, listen to me
Lift was taking little longer to reach their floor. She opted to run down the steps
She took the steps & rushed out.  He followed, he careful – gir javoghi
She hoped couple of steps together & reached out to the main gate.
took a cab & went back to the center.  Maan was rushing out when a waiter with a tray
full of things fall on his way blocking his speed. she switched off her phone too.
Maan paced restlessly in his room feeling really miserable about the way the things turned out.
He read about the medical stuff & realized it was just normal thing, but was not able to
accept it. It was his Geet!!! He could not imagine her going through all that, she didn’t have to
choose such a tough career.
Next day
Geet hugged good bye to new friends who made it with her.
She came out & maan offered to take her bag. She let him & sat in the car.
Maan drove to the hotel. Mujhe ghar jana hain
Maan – humari flight kal subha ki hain
Geet – main aapki saat hotel main nahi rahon ghi
He kept quiet. While entering, she went straight to the reception & booked a room for herself
She went into her room took her luggage & closed the room on his face he didn’t let her shut
it completely. He forcefully came in & locked the door.
She took her cloths & went to the wash room. She changed & came out in her tracks &
t-shirt. She sat in the couch looking outside the window.
He slowly sat next to her she pushed him away.  Still resting her chin on the rim of the sofa
Maan – geet meri puri baat tha suno
Geet – mujhe kuch nahi sunna
Maan – I wanted to tell you, lekin phir, itni confusion hogaye
Geet – confusion hogaye iska matlab yah nahi ki someone can come to your room an 3.30am
She barged into my room.And you just let her.
Maan – GEET
Geet – tomorrow she will force u to sleep with you & u will tell me she just forced me to
Maan – geet turned her to face him. Her eyes were red like she would have cried the whole
night. He could bare the sight. Yah kya hal bana rakha hain.
she snapped away & moved to the other end of the couch.
Maan pulled her back holding her waist; she struggled & fell on the couch taking him
along. She couldn’t stop fuming. Leave me alone. He pressed her down and forced a kiss on her lips tears rolled down her eyes, like she hated it. He was taken aback. Itna naraz ho
I hate you she screamed pushing him away & ran to the balcony.
He didn’t know how to pacify her. He thought of leaving her alone for few minutes & went to his room. She got even more wild & rushed into the room & started throwing things at him
& screaming – main naraz hoon tho mana nahi sakte ho, Mujhe wanha
akela chodke aagyen rohne ke liya. She took what ever came in her hand & threw at him
maan almost smiled but held back looking at her so wild & moved closer to her.
Mera pas mat aana she took the flowers from the vase & threw at him. Maan pushed a
Side & walked closer, next she lifted the vase itself, maan looked at the vase & then her

she just aimlessly threw at him, he turned away & hugged her into his strong arms. She hit him
madly on his back as hard she could with both her hands.

She bit him on his chest & stamped his legs everything she could to hurt him. He held on to her not saying a word. She went on for few minutes. I hate you I hate you I hate you, really hate mujhe aapki sakal nahi dehkni she cried.
Sorry he whispered kissing her forehead. NAHI sun na mujhe aapka sorry, she hit him again

I hate you I hate you I hate you, really hate you mujhe aapki sakal nahi dehkni she cried.
Sorry he whispered kissing her forehead. NAHI sun na mujhe aapka sorry, she hit him again
How dare she comes to our room, tumne kisi ko humare room main aane kaise diya.. I hate you geet it was nothing like that he said holding her hand which has aimlessly hitting his arms now mujhe aapki koi baat nahi sun ni, why why why did she come in here, she picked up thinks & threw it around. he sat on the bed hold his head. She broke everything in the room & sat cuddled up in the corner & cried. He slowly & carefully inched close to her; she kicked the broken glass vase towards him & screamed how could you let anyone come to our room. I will never talk to you I hate you for this. He takes her in his arms – you don’t trust me? Isme trust kanha se aagaya? She shouted pushing him away. Maan shouted – WHAT IS IT? why can’t you believe me? What do you want me to believe, that you didn’t sleep with her?
Maan – GEET!!
That even if you admit I won’t believe, how could you think I am suspecting u on that..chi chi off course I know you cannot do anything like that he was shocked happily phir kya baat hain jaan, itna naraz  kyun ho rahi ho he asked softly helplessly not understanding her anger now.
She turned away & went to the wash room sat inside the bath-tub & cried.
He came in & cuddled up in the corner opposite to her resting his knees on his legs waiting for her.She cried hiding her face in between her legs & bending down.  He removed everything that was in her vicinity to throw & slowly dub on her shoulder. She screamed in anger don’t touch me
looking down. He rested his head on her knees I give up please manjavoona
aise mat cry karo, I can’t see you cry like this. She hugged him I hate you, I hate you.
Mujhe nahi aacha lagta koi bhi humare kamre main aaye. I don’t like anyone coming close
to you. You are only mine & I can’t bear to see any one touching you, holding you, looking at you even coming close to you.  Lekin geet she just took his lips into hers longingly. You are mine only mine. A deep hot kiss that claimed, her arms came around him, but there was no need for her to pull him closer. He willingly wanted to melt into her, needing to touch everywhere.
He parted for her. She shuddered as he slipped into her mouth. Sparks jolted through them.
She clutched at his shoulders & then ran her hands up & down his back. Heat began to surround
them. She wanted to breathe in all of him. He gave in surrendering himself to her claim, wondering how possessive she was. She was nave, sensitive, beautiful, loved him beyond words, charming enterprising, smart.. smart enough to clear SSB, trusted him all she wanted was him & only him. He knew she was possessive today probably just got a glimpse of hit. He wondered how on earth she is going to put up with his social acquaintances’ with such intense possessiveness.
They cuddled up & slept in the bath tub. Latter in the evening she moved away slowly to the
room & binned all the broken things away & went to her room. Maan turned in the bath tub
& was surprised to find he was alone there.  he changed & went to her room. She lay in the bed
cuddled up, he slipped next to her. Kya huwa slipping his hand around her waist.
Sorry she whispered. I am being very possessive na.  you can be more. I am all yours. only yours. kissed the nap of her neck. She turned & buried her head into him. Mujhe nahi aacha lagta koi aur aapko dehke bhi tho. He smiled. Aap sirf mere ho. Hugging him tightly. Am I being over possessive? Not at all. Mujhe aacha lagta hain. tum aise hi raho. Tum naraz nahi hoti tho mujhe bura lagtahe kissed her softly on her cheeks. Really with a spark of joy in her eyes she asked.  He nodded & leaned towards her rose like lips & kissed them. She sat on his chest pressing his hands under her knees, holding his collar, woh yanha kyun aaye thi?
He was in a no position to argue with her cutely pinning him on the bed. His sight still lingered
over her lips, she grind her teeth in anger umm tightening her grip on his collar.
He loved her dominance which was arousing him more. He looked away feeling hard in his
private places. Her bending down to hold his collar was giving a very tempting view of her cleavage he couldn’t avoid his eyes catching view of her curves which just drove him insane.
He tried to maintain a calm & composed look but she didn’t seem to realize she was just
awakening the instinct in him. He snapped at once & pinned her down & sliding on top of
her. Tum mujhe samjthi kya ho?
She was taken back with the sudden demeanor, she protested
he held her down proving who was in command. Holding both her hands above her head
with his one hand & softly caressing her cheek with back of his hand she squirmed.
He admired her under him closely & traced his lips on her jaw line travelling down to her neck. He bit her neck in passion she moaned in pleasure & arched her back pushing her curved portions closer to his craving lips. She surprised herself by biting him in passion & pressing her nails into his shoulders which made him feel  even more out of control.

He removed his t-shirt in one jerk & fell
on top of her feeling her closer. Her hand wandered on his bare back. His hand slipped under her t-shirt to her bare back & opening her bras strap. She held him closer feeling sudden release of the straps. Maan moved away & sat down resting his back on the bed pushing his hair behind closing his eyes – sorry he said feeling really guilty going off limit.

She put on the hooks of her inners under her t-shirt and slowly sat next to him sliding her hand around his arms & placing a soft kiss on his biceps & rested her head on his arms. He calmed himself & embraced her warmly in  his arms & kissed her head.

Latter they ordered their dinner in the room itself. After the dinner maan went to his
room she told him stay back he smiled & said I won’t be able to control myself again
around you. She blushed
They checked out early morning from the hotel after paying a fortune for all the damages she
had caused to the hotel properties.  She smiled naughtily looking at the bill & maans reaction
to the embarrassment. He was least bothered about the bill but the staffs second look to the
broken things was really pissing him off. He was just getting to know his lady loves tantrums.
Very unlikely of Maan Singh Khurana to put up with all this but he did.
They boarded the flight. She sat cuddled up to him taking the spread on them.  She was bit
tired & dossed off. Maan looked into his laptop catching up with some work. after they reached delhi, he dropped her home & went to office.  She was thrilled about her selection in the army.
She threw a party in the disc at night. Maan was never into discs. He said he will join late.
Prem came along with mukti. Armaan joined with ridz. Raj & geet went from home.
They danced & danced & nibbled into the snacks. She was really happy on top of the world
She had whatever she wanted from her life, her love, her dream job, her best friends
Anybody who saw her today would envy her life. Probably truly magical it was.
Maan joined her really late. She sat holding his hand. While prem-mukti ; armaan-ridz danced
Raj was busy with his drinks.
Maan slowly kissed her head  –  khush ho na? she nodded & rested her head on his arms.
Prem  –  when is your training starting?
Geet – next month.
Mukti – so u guys will get engaged before that?
Geet & maan looked at each other in confusion
Geet – nahi , why should we?
Maan smiled at her confidence in him.
Geet  –  we never planned anything like that yet. Waise bhi woh sab mama, papa aur daadi
fix karenge hum thodi karenge
he held her closer to him sideways & kissed her hand.
Ridz – that’s so sweet, I really like this attitude of yours.
Armaan teasingly – agar papa ne mana kar diya tho?
Geet – woh inki problem hain, meri nahi
Mukti curiously – kya matlab?
Maan cleared his throat – iska matlab hain, ki papaji ko mujhe manana padega
She smiles
Raj – that should not difficult for Maan Singh Khurana
Mukti – atleast get engaged now.
Geet was not prepared for all that nor was maan.  Not like they didn’t want to, but
it was never in their agenda. They were more interested in each other. Their new realized love.
They probably have not even expressed it to each other yet.
Their silence was strange all of them looked at them wondering what they were planning.
Raj – just leave them alone. I guess they know what they.
They moved on to have dinner. Geet & maan were little confused.
Maan wondered if she wanted an engagement or any commitment from him. Was his silence
hurting her in any way.  She wondered if maan wanted any engagement. Off course he was settled probably wanted to marry soon with family & hear she is running behind a career  that would definitely delay their future plans by at least couple of years. She didn’t know anything
they never spoke or discussed anything of such sought. both of them had their dinner worried & confused about each others feelings.

She kissed goodbye to everyone.
Raj was still with his drink.
Maan came next to him looking lost.
Raj – talk to her. Maan hugged him.
Geet to raj – challen
Raj – tum logo ka bye bye hogaya?
They looked at each other feeling odd
Raj looked at maan – I will wait at the gate, after finishing my drink. Take your time & hurry up
Geet hugged him & went with maan.
They sat in the car & were not sure what to expect or what to say. She rarely expressed herself
to him in words.  He has always spoken his heart to her but they never discussed anything.
The silence was eating them further. Feeling probably the other person is hurt or feeling how could they fail each other or not understand each other.
Maan & geet together  – woh
Maan – tum kaho
Geet – nahi aap kahiye
Both of them where quiet again.
She really looked nervous like suddenly she feared losing him. He read her restlessness.
He slipped his hand over hers that was resting on her lap.
Maan – I never gave it a thought.
She looked at him shocked more questioning him thought what
Maan – I just saw you the other day & everything just happened bringing us closer & closer I am still not thinking actually I am never able to think or plan anything with you around. My life just seems revolving around you. Mujhe aur kuch sujtha hi nahi. Tum as pass rahthi ho tho mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiya.

He just hugged her. Tumhare saath ka yah ehsaas mujhe tumhara deewana kardetha hain.  She held him closer. Waise bhi shaadi aur engagement sab tho ghar wale decide karte hain na, how can we.. he leaned in & kissed her falling in love with her all over again.  I really want you to be happy with whatever you do.
Geet – I will be happy na..this is my dream job!!!
Maan – personally I still feel you should consider joining me
She hits his chest. aapko aise kyun lagta ki I should join you.
Maan – so that you can boss around me
She snaps away – acha so now you feel I boss around you?
Maan – aur kya karti ho!!! Meeting chal raha hoga bus aajavoghi gussmain,
bina kuch sune bina kuch dehke
she makes a face – woh tho aap phone nahi answere karte tho.. umm’ nahi aavoonghi aab se
he pulls her back into his arms – main tho chatha hoon tum humesha aise hi aavoo
she turns away. He pulls her closer again – main tho humesha tumhe pass bulata hoon
tum hi door jati rahti ho.
Raj calls on geets phone
Geet – I will be there in few minutes
Raj smiles & keeps the phone
Maan drops her at the hawali – good night
Geet – thanks
He narrows is eyebrows – kiske liya?
She kisses his nose – for being mine bachan
maan – I actually missed you calling me that
geet went back home & hugged rano & kissed her
she was really very & thrilled. the whole next week she spend shopping &
getting herself ready to move to OTA. college paper work, her documentation
clearance from all the places. she rarely attended any classes
she had applied for TC & certificates from college.
maan was getting cranky & stressed as the time of her going was nearing.

rano came to her room latter at night, she was talking to maan
geet whispers – mama hain ek min
rano kisses her head – tum khus ho na?
geet – ji mama
rano – are you really going go away in few weeks?
geet – mama aise kyun bol rahen ho. it is just a training for 6months
rano – do you realize what it means?
maan smiled at ranos concern
rano – bachan se baat huwai tumhari?
geet hid the phone – ji?
maan was curious
rano – nahi mera matlab hain does maan know about ur OTA?
geet – MAMA!! yeh kaise sawal hain actually feeling shy & nice
but not able to confess herself.
geet – sabko pata hain
rano – unhe koi problem nahi?
geet – mama, kisi ko koi problem nahi hain, bus abhi aap problem mat
create karo
rano – do you really want to do all this, I mean kya zarorat hain
maan shook his head in agreement with rano
rano – daadi ko pata hain?
maan smiled..haan baba sab ko pata hain
geet – yeh lejiye aap khud hi maan se poch le jiye
rano – nahi nahi .. good night kisses her head & goes out
maan almost skipped a beat.
geet giggles – mama chali gaye
maan – tum mama ko itna pareshan kyun karti ho
geet – aacha ji, aab aap ko yeh bhi problem hain.
he smiled teasingly
geet – don’t worry I won’t bother you, once I am in OTA.
maan was really hurt. he cut the call & went to his gym.
she kept calling him he didn’t answere.
it was a week since maan had not spoken to geet now. she tried to reach him
in his office, home every where. she barged into his office he didn’t
speak to her, he just walked away from there. geet completly broke down
her preparation, her packing everything came to a stand still.
maan was furious, more upset that she didn’t understand how difficult
it was for him to part from her. she kept calling he didn’t answer her calls
she messaged he didn’t reply to them. another 7 days had passed.

5.30am she sneaks into his gym. he was dressed in his tracks 
he had been working out angrily for an hr now
geet – main mazak kar rahi thi
he presses her againt the wall with all his anger
tumhe har baat mazak lagti hain, you never try to understand anyone elses feeling
geet – lekin
he pushes her harder on the wall hitting his hand on the wall she turns her face getting scared
lekin kya, your dream!! your job!! tumhari khushi!!, have you ever thought
how much I will miss you, uppar se tum mera feelings ka mazak utta rahi ho
I was so happy for us but you don’t seem to see anything beyound yourself
he breaks a wooden plank kept behind in anger
she slips her hand around him moving from his waist to his shoulders
aap kaho tho main nahi join karongi
he snaps & turns to hold her – will we be happy then?
she looks down we are not happy now also
maan – thats beacuse you don’t understand anyones feeling, har pal tumse dor rahena ka
gam mujhe satata rahta hain. I find it impossible to stay away from you
geet slowly inches towards him, not to buzz him again, her hands slip to his back
pressing him into her – I am sorry. mujhe maaf kardo
he tries to push her away. she holds him tighter pressing herself into him
maan – I can’t stay without you damit!!!
holdig her back tighter like never before. she felt her bones may just crush
she could barely breathe. he kisses her madly, I will miss you a lot jaan
he lifts her & takes her to his room. he make her lay on the bed. she closed her eyes
and hugged him. he slowly kissed her eyes one after the other and rested himself on her.
he wanted feel her. he just quitely rested on her hugging her close, burring
his face into her neck close to her curls, taking in her scent. they lay like that until their
breath were in same rythm. syncing into each other heart.
she slowly slipped her fingers into his hair and his bare back.
they just lay their for couple of hours still longing to feel eachother.
it was more than 2 weeks since they felt each other. geet was quiet so was he.
they never spoke. their heart & soul did all that.
maan – sorry mujhe itna over react nahi karna chahiya tha
she was quiet. he kissed her lips very softly.
he slid next to her playing with her curls, caresing her cheeks with back of his
fingers, his legs pulling her closer around him.she turned into him & cuddled
feeling him, she had missed him terribly all these days.
maan – tumhari packing ho gaye
geet – do you really think I should go?
maan – I said I am sorry
geet – woh mera sawal ka jawab nahi tha?
maan – its your dream.. you should fulfill it
geet – aur hum?
maan – hum tho humesha saath hain na
geet – mujhe kuch samjh nahi aa raha
maan – just listen to me, cups her face. go for it.
she closes her eyes & hugs him tightly. still not able to understand anything.
she just had a 4 days to finish all her packing & other work
maan worked very closely with her helping her pack & shopping.
she was happy with all the support from maan, that what kept her going
2 days to go.
maan & geet met for dinner. maan looked really busy working on few files
she looked into it was shocked.
geet screamed – aap london jaa rahen ho
maan – tumhare jaane ke baad sweetheart
geet – how can you not even tell me?
maan – it just came up now, I was going to tell you
geet – u r going because I am going away..so you are doing tit-for-tat
maan – sweety its nothing like that
tears welled her eyes – how could you do this to me
maan – samjhne ki koshish karo, tumhare bina mera man nahi lagega
jab taak tum aavogi I will be back
geet – so you are going away for 6 months
maan – tum bhi tho 6 months ke liya jaa rahi ho
she gets upset..main sirf chennai ja rahin hoon & you are going to london
I hate you..I hate you
and leaves from there. she doesn’t meet him before leaving to OTA.
he comes to drop her to the airport.
maan – geet u are going for 6 months atleast baat tho kar lo
she ignores him & leaves still very angry & upset
maan could not believe she left without saying a word to him

she ignores him & leaves still very angry & upset
maan could not believe she left without saying a word to him
she followed all security check, she switched off her phone
every parting minute it reminded her about the time they spend together
how they met, then again in the party, their fights, their calls, trip to mumbai
night at beach, their horse ride together, their bare night togather,
she boarded the flight

she kept thinking about their kharvachut, the ring she looked at it & turned it
restlessly, how maan stood by her infront the whole college, how he understands
every thing about her, her friends, her dream, her apprihension to any commitment
there stay in jungle, him being the Maan Singh Khurana… to her misery there was
magazine kept with his photo she kept looking at him caressed photo on the magazine.

maan kept trying to call, untill her flight was announced. it kept on
coming switched off. he sat there still not sure of anything. how could
their paths just separate like this. he messaged her & called her endlessly
he went to his office & looked into the tickets & hated the sight of it.
he called her & left a message –
-tum chahti ho tho main nahi javonga
-just have to go to sign my project will come back at the earliest
-promise will not stay their longer than it is required.
-please call karo, please don’t do this.
-jaan please call
-it is not tit-for-tat sweety
-i am sorry I have to be there for few important meeting, mujhe pata hota tum itni
naraz hojavoghi tho yah project kabhi nahi leta
-jaan please call
-meri flight is at 2.am

geet reached her dream land followed all the documentations
she looked around at the place, uniform every thing she facinated but she had tears in her eyes.
she hated the feeling, it was so safocating.
she put her luggage in her bed & burried her head under the pillow

maan sat in the fight. he hated the whole trip.
the whole day he had spend trying to reach her, message her call her.
her flight took off at 7.00am in the morning..it looks like ages already
he wondered how will he ever be able to stay without her
kisne kaha aapko mere bina rahne kho, panting & stuffing her back bag
on the top shelf she looked at him blowing her strands of hair
he just kept looking at her mesmerized like it was a dream not long enough
she waked him hard to realize it was not a dream & dropped herself on the seat next to him
maan – this is not a mumbai flight & I won’t be able to drop you back to chennai
geet – I guess main ne london ki ticket le hain tho yah london hi ja rahi hogi
maan – GEET
she gives a letter to him
he snaps it & reads it in one quick glance, it was her foreign student exchange program letter
to complete her next semister in london. every line he read his eyes filled with
joy and tear!! he turned to say
geet – ek min mama aap unse hi baat karlo
she closed the phone & whispered to maan – mama hain
maan was too emotional to say anything – ji
rano – uska khayal rakna, she has never stayed away from home
pagli hain..he smiled with tears just spilling from both their eyes
he looked away at the fight moving to the runway
rano – I am just letting her go because of you. agar tum nahi hote tho kabhi nahi jane
deti, I guess atleast now she knows what she really wants
maan – umm
geet takes the phone – hogaye meri chugali, bye, flight is taking off now
I guess 8 hrs ke fight hain will call you after landing.. love you bye
haan baba meri papa se aur brij veerji baat hogaye hain. papa abhi airport se nikalen hain, haan security check baad papa se baat huwai..teehk hain bye.
she cuts the call before she could keep the phone in her jeans he leaned over her &
kissed her passionately while the flight just taking off. he leaned further closer to
her with the slant. her mouth was soft and yielding. they realized how much they
missed each other as their breath sharted, her hands just slipped around his neck, her soft curls
brushing his face, her beautiful body enfolded in his arms. moaning a little, she tilted her
head, parting her lips. their tongues slid together in a soft exploration.her heart pounded
against his. his heart sped up its pace. the beats seemed to find one another
to come together in sync as one hard, demanding thud. his long fingers slipped
into her curls, pushing them behind. he cupped her face admiring her
tum sach main pagal ho tumhe pata hain na
but I still hate youhe kissed her again woh kyun
geet – how could you let me go away from you
maan – how could I stop you
jaise humesha chilate rahete ho waise
he rolled his eyes
you should have just made me understand ki I can’t be happy staying away from you
aapko tho pata hain mujhe yah sab baten samjne main time lagtha hain
maan – but it was your dream
what dream… you know 10am I was in OTA my dreamland with my uniform in my hand
it meant nothing to me at that momemt. i hated every minute of my life away from you.
no dream can ever mean more than you. I just realized its not just your life that
revolves around me, my life goes lifeless without you.
she cuddles up next to him pata hain main kitna thak gayeen hoon..
subha se udhar-idhar bhag rahi hoon, sare documents ready karne main
thank god had my student visa was valid for a year. agar yeh flight nahi pakad thi tho
meri tho jaan hi nikal jaati. she dossed off holding his hand and resting her head
on his arms. he kissed her head. he couldn’t have asked for anything more

she just left her dream, her friends, her family for him.. to be with him.
this was the nth time she has proved her love beyound limits
he didn’t know how on earth will he reciprocate her love, every thing for her
was extreme, gussa, pyar, possessiveness. he just held her close like a priced
possession. he feared any small thing could take her away from him.
he kept checking on her, feeling her making sure it was not a dream
he could’nt believe she was actually there with him. it all just
felt like a dream, too magical to be true..but it was always truly magical
with geet!!!! har pal har lamha was different nothing could be planned
but she would fix every thing in the end. he hugged her tight she smiled
in her sleep. she looked really tired. he dossed off holding her in his arms

maan got up just when the captian announced the decend. he immediatly
looked for her wanted to be sure she was there next to him, it all still
felt like a dream. she was still fast a sleep, holding his arms. her head
rested on his chest now, her one hand was now around him in a hug. he moved her
curls and kissed her forehead.
geet – are we there yet
maan – 30mins more
she sleeps again. don’t you want to freshen up. ummm mujhe sone do
waise bhi kal pura din aapne mujhe idhar udhar bhagaya.
he really couldn’t complain or disagree to anything to hers he felt so
overwhelmed with her presence.
they finished their immigration procedures & proceed towards the main exit
she tries to make a call it didn’t go through
geet – aapne mera phone ka international roaming nahi karaya?
maan looked at her feeling guilty
she takes his phone & makes a call to rano
geet – mama I have just finished immigration & all
rano – maan is with you na
geet – baat karvani hain
rano – nahi, I mean ur ok na
geet – umm, unhe ke phone se baat kar rahi hoon
rano – tumhare phone ko kya huwa?
geet – woh roaming activated nahi hain
rano – how will I call you now?
geet – I will get a new number & let you know
yeh number save karlena, emergency ke liya
rano – umm
geet – aacha bye
she gives the phone back to him. he makes a call to his office & tells
pari to get the international roaming activated for geets number ASAP.
maans driver was already waiting.
maan – challo
geet – where are you staying?
we are stayinghe insisted
geet – HELLOW honeymoon pe nahi aayen hain!! don’t get ideas now
maan – GEET
geet – ek tho main sab kuch chod ke aapke saath yanh aaye hoon
aur aap mujhe pe chilla rahen ho? now i will never stay with you.
waise bhi meri booking YAMCA student hostel main hogayen hain,
its in Fitzroy Square, london. mujhe wonhi drop karna
he was already feeling very guilty and she just rubbed it in
maan softly – meri hote huwe how can you stay in a hostel, we have a good guest house here.
geet – nahi I can’t stay like that with you before marriage
maan put the luggage in the car – geet u are my responsibilty
geet – shaadi se pehle nahi, don’t force me, nahi tho main abhi yanha se wapas
chali javonghi
he rubs his temple & tells the driver take them to the YMCA address.
he kept calling pari to get the roaming activated before they reached her hostel.
he shouted at the staff couple of time. he gave his london number to geet.
he checked her in the hostel & personally checked all the facility.
he was definitly not happy. he wanted much more for his geet. he helped her
settle her luggage in the room. it was really tiny room. he hated it.
maan – I still would want you to move in with me.
it is good one bed room appartment.
she rolled her eyes. he gave his address.
I will leave my car with the driver here
geet – nahi baba I don’t need all that. waise bhi cental london main bahut
traffic hoti hain, I can manage in the tubes.
maan holding her arms firmly – no ways will you travel in tubes. samjhi tum
geet – aap ko nahi laag raha kuch jada ho raha hain
rests his finger softly on her lips – chup bilkul chup, bahut hogaye tumhari man mani
sab kuch ulta pulta karti rahti ho phir mujhe hi kahogi
she made a baby face & looked at him & bit his finger naughtly.
he smiled & looked at her lips. her cheeks were turning pink already.
he moved closer & kissed her lips & softly bit her lower lips
she narrowed her eye brows questionening.. meri finger bite karne ke liya
she made a cute face again & he leaned into her & kissed her passionately
his fingers snaked her back & hers nails pressed into him. they could feel their
heart rate pacing higher & higher. untill the room was echoing ony with their
passion. they reluctantly broke out of their kiss
maan moving her curls behind – challo we will have some breakfast
geet – nahi seedha brunch karte hain
he waits while she freshens up & changes into fresh pair of jeans & t-shirt.
he arranges her stuffs. he really didn’t like the place. he looks into the college
where she was to do her next term. she comes & sits in his lap – I am ready
maan murmured aise mera godi main betha ghi tho mujhe bahar jane man thodi karega
he slips the laptop aside & slides his hand around her waist.
will you be fine here? I just hate the feel of it.
she rests her head on his shoulder – don’t worry about me, aap mera saat ho
I am really happy. I am so excited about this exchange programe actually
very excited that I am with you & places a soft kiss in his neck.
he kisses her back – thanks for being mine only mine.
his kiss deepens. meaning those words.
they walk down to the near by cafe & have traditional full English breakfast
bacon, eggs, grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, toast and sausages with a mug of coffee.
geet prefered her milkshake.
maan – do you have to go to college today?
geet biting her toast – umm
maan – will meet you at 6 pm latest by 6.30pm
geet nodded – don’t change your plans for me, finish your work
we can catch up whenever you are done, kanhi nahi jarahi I am all yours
I will finish my work & wait for you. waise bhi mujhe ghar jane ki jaldi nahi hogi
he couldn’t get enough of her she always knew how to make him fall for her
again & again.
he took her to the near by cell phone shop & picked a new number & i-phone for her
geet – why do I need this now?
maan – you will need a local number
geet – lekin
he paid for it & just checked if it was working fine.
he dialed his number & saved both his number in her phone.
call me if you need anything. please kuch bhi hojaye phone off mat karna, please
she smiled naughtily
maan halfheartedly left her at the hostel & went to his guest house.
he settled his luggage & hated the nice big appartment just for himself
when she was stuck in that tiny room. he switched on the kettle
& went for his shower. he came back in his towel & took his coffee.

he wondered what will geet do if she wanted to have a coffee.
he immediately called her wipping his head.
geet – missing me already
maan smiled – I wanted to know is there a kitchen like for coffee and all
geet – haan baba, there is a kitchen, I can cook & have what ever I want
maan – shall I get u a kettle, for making coffee
geet smiled – wow thats will be so sweet..
maan was delighted
geet – lekin
maan curiously – lekin kya?
geet – choti si problem hain!! main tho coffee nahi peethi na
he continues to get ready – yah right!!.
he sips his coffee while setting his tie looking at the mirror
geet – bachan aap aise hi pareshan ho rahen ho
maan – aacha what are you doing?
geet – on my way to college, car main hi jaa rahi hoon
he was relieved
geet – acha rakti hoon, just reached the college need to
find out the procedures
maan – umm
geet – ok bye
maan – bye sweety
maan got ready & went to meet his clients.
she reached the colleges office & completed the admission procedures.
she gets her student ID, class schedule, details of the classes she already
missed. she takes the papers & proceeds to her class.
it was really odd feeling, never had she entered a new class alone
either armaan, raj or atleast Prem was with her.
she missed them so badly she stepped in saw the huge class with so many
students, stepped back, made call to prem & sat outside the door
prem – stupied, idiot aise koi karta hain kya?
armman the snatched the phone from prem – how could you geet?
prem snatched it back – ek phone call tho karti
geet in weak voice – I am missing you.
prem – we are also missing you a lot.
armaan – kanha hain tho
geet – I was about to enter my class
prem with tears in his eyes – mere bina
tears welled down her eyes – I have never done it without you
he twisted his nose – tu class mat ja, I will come there phir hum-tum saath
main class attend karenge
she smiled – teri mukti mera gala daba degi
prem – dam with mukti man
geet – mukti as pas to nahi hain na
prem double checked – nahi
geet – teehk hain bye… love u ..miss u a lot
armaan & prem – love u tooo…..come back sooooonnnn
geet felt much better & went in with a new zeal. she looked around
she thought where prem would love to sit in this class & sat there
she called prem again & whispered – I am sitting in your fav back bench
prem – tu sach main jhali hain, yanha pe mujhse fight karti thi last bench
pe nahi betna, aur wanha ja ke ..uff …kya karon tera
a girls walks towards her. geet whispers – baad main baat karti hoon
& wipes her tears
girl – hi!! missing family & friends umm
geet nodes her head feeling reluctant talking to a girl
girl – hai I am Anvesha khurana
khurana word had that magical effect on geet, she really could help herself but blush
geet – hi I am GEET HANDA
anni – are you from India?
geet – umm..delhi
anni looks lost
geet – tum bhi delhi se ho?
anni – No I am from london, I mean born & brought up here but like parents were
from India, not sure from where in India, main kabhi India nahi gayee
geet – were??
anni – actually my parents are no more.
geet – sorry
anni – don’t be, I am not!! they really didn’t care for me
geet was taken a back.
anni – I am my parents illegal child so they prefered to keep it hush hush
anyway forget all that. why on earth am I telling you all that. we just met
geet just hugs her & whispers sorry
anni changed the topic – where do live
geet – YMCA hostel
anni – that really sucks man any thing u need just tell me
just then maan calls. she rushes out to pick the call
geet – hi class main hoon
maan – sab teehk hain na?
geet – umm
maan – are you liking it?
geet – umm
maan – do u need any stationary I can pick it for you
she knew he was just going over concerned about her
maan – aacha teehk hain , lunch kiya?
she kept quiet, they just had their brunch
maan – u sure u ok
she smiled – I am very sure sweet heart
ummah cuts the call & turns caressing her lips on arjuns cheeks
geet – sorry
arjun enjoying the feel – don’t be sweet heart
geet – excuse me
arjun – wow I like that squee..part
geet – yak!! made a face & went into the class
arjun followed her. she went back to her seat. arjun just droped himself next to her
geet moved one seat away keeping the bag between them
arjun lifted her bag & began to open it, she got up at one
sec & placed a tight slap on his face – how dare you
the whole class looked at them. arjun looked at her & the whole class.
anni came running to geet – are you alright
geet nodded & looked away
she had never faced any such trouble in her life. thanxs to prem, armaan & raj
they were always there. she went to the wash room & called prem
she narrated the whole thing to him. prem fell off his chair laughing
prem – u actually slapped him for fishing in your bag
armaan – yaar geet what is wrong with you
geet sitting cuddled up in the loo – main ne kuch galat kiya kya?
prem – you could have just pulled your bag away & moved away na
armaan – itna over react kyun kiya? what if he?
prem – don’t worry apna bachan hain na, uski band bajadega
geet – no ways I cannot tell him this, woh tho bahut gussa hojayenge
armaan – geet u better tell every thing to maan
prem – nahi tho hum bata denge
armaan – waise if that guy troubles you again just tell us, I think we will have to get our visas done soon
geet was lost & worried about maans reaction she just said umm
she hangs up the call & washes her face. Raj calls she closes her eyes &
picks the call.
raj – what the hell are you doing?
tum janha jati ho aapne saath problem le kar chalti ho, where is maan?
geet – main teehk hoon, koi problem nahi hain
raj – are you sure?
geet – 200 %
raj – call me ok
geet – umm
raj – take care
geet – bye miss u
raj – miss u too.
geet goes back to the class & attends all the lecture.
arjun keeps looking at her through out the class. she was really uncomfartable
arjun finds her strangly attractive. she was probably the most overly dressed
among her classmates. all of them wore quiet reveling attires. either a low
hip skinny jeans or top with real deep cut with clear view of their clevage
so she looked sati savitri types (in her own terms). after the class she was
about to leave when arjun blocked her way.
arjun – ok lets start it all over again
geet looked least interested
arjun – I am Arjun rathode
rathodes she had heard about the rathodes the royal family from rajasthan
but surely thought he cannot be that rathodes
arjun – you are right the rathodes
she was not sure whether to carry on the fight or just finish it
even the rathode tag didn’t seem to impress her. She kept quiet
he was taken a back with her attitude, it was hurting his ego now
just then anni comes in – challen geet
arjun holds geet hand she snaps it at once with an urge to slap him
again but holds back & gave a stern look
arjun – nahi actually I love anni & didn’t know
how to reach her, first time I have seen her talking to some one
so thought I will try to reach her through you.
anni blushed & felt really odd. geet didn’t look quiet conveinced with that.
but saw anni’s interest & just became little friendly with arjun.
they stepped out.
arjun – shall I drop you
geet – actually you can drop anni, I have my car
arjun & anni walked to his car.
but all the while arjuns eyes where looking
at geet. untill she boarded her car. his looks were not normal, she could feel
something odd about it. but really was not in a mood to think about it.
she was more intersted in meeting maan.
she called him, he answered in one ring – sab teehk hain na
geet – haan baba
he sighed in relief
geet – just finished my class,hostel ja rahi hoon
maan – client office main hoon
geet – bahut kaam hain
maan – umm
geet – sab meri wajahse na?
maan – aise kuch nahi hain sweet heart
geet – na main OTA jane ka plan banati na aap yeh project lete
maan – don’t ever blame yourself, woh sab chodo, where do you want to go tonight
geet – I just want to be with you, take me where ever u want to go
he just wanted to hold her in his arms right then. he sighed – will pick you at 6
geet – umm

she got ready & just laid on the bed.
maan came at 6pm she was fast a sleep. he knocked the door couple of times &
got worried. he opened the door with the spare key & walked in
she was all dressed & sleeping. he smiled looking at her.
he just sat next to her. she turned into his lap got up suddenly feeling him
around. aap kab aayen
he just smiled.
geet – sorry ..woh jet lag I guess
its ok jaan I understand
geet – lekin I wanted to be with you, I missed you so much today
uppar se that stupid arjun bit her lips
he narrowed his eye brows
geet – where are we going
she didn’t want to tell him about arjun, she was not sure about his anger
maan – tum kuch kah rahin thi arjun???
geet – nahi I made some new friends
maan – already?
geet – anni
maan was still stuck with arjun part
geet – anni ka interest hain
he was not sure if it was that simple
she kissed him – mujhe bhook lagi hain
maan naughtily took her lips in mujhe bhi & kissed her
there tongues played along, like they longed for eachother.
there heart ached to be one. his hands explored every part of her back
she pressed in closer exploring him. please shift to my place yah aacha nahi hain. she snapped in anger kaha na shaadi se pehle nahi

she kissed him – mujhe bhook lagi hain
maan naughtily took her lips in mujhe bhi & kissed her .there tongues played along, like they longed for eachother. there heart ached to be one. his hands explored every part of her back
she pressed in closer exploring him. please shift to my place yanha aacha nahi hain.
she snapped in anger kaha na shaadi se pehle nahi.
maan – geet please I am not able concentrate on anything, raat-din sirf tumhare khayal
rahta hain. I feel horrible that you are staying here. you definitly deserve better place
she turns away – mujhe aur iske bare main baat nahi karni
maan raises his voice – tum humesha itna zid kyun karti ho?
geet – kahana shaadi se pehle nahi tho nahi
maan gets angry & walks away. he gets even more pissed off looking at the guys & girls hanging around not so decently dressed. he sits in his car & makes few calls he rubs his temple & realizes she was hungry. he closes his eyes to have lost his temper he hits his forehead with his closed fist feeling misserable that he is not able to take care of her well enough. he gets food for her. he goes inside the room to see she was already sleeping with trail of tear in her cheek. he kissed them feeling sorry khana tho kha liya hota. how could I be so careless towards her. he arranges her scattered stuffs. he leaves the food packet on the table next to her bed & turns off the light & leaves.
it was a week since they landed in london. maan didn’t force her into anything they just got to know the place better. She hardly spend time in college. arjun was being mean to her. not letting anni also spend time with her. she just attended her lectuers & rushed back to the hostel. Maan hated her stay in the hostel but didn’t want to fight over it.

next Monday maan walks in at 9.00am sharp to her room. she was in her pink satin night short & spageti top brushing her teeth she jumped up & blabbers with form in her mouth – aise koi ladkhi ke kamre main gussatha hain kya
he ignored her even though his eyes could not stop glancing at her sexy
slim legs – I will give you 10mins get ready and closes the bathroom door
he opens her suitcase & picks out a suit. passes it to her, wear this
geet – I can’t wear a suit to college here
he packs all her stuffs. she comes out in the bath robe – I can’t wear this
maan looking at her wet looks naughtily – tum khud pehen thi ho yah main pehnavoon
she looked at him, he seemed to be in a bit of hurry meaning those words. she twisted her lips & hit her foot on the floor & changed into the suit. she was still setting her duppatta he barged in the washroom & picked all her belongings, including her night dress, she felt embarrassed – yeh kya kar rahen ho he dragged her out of the room with her luggage & made her sit in the car
geet – dehko I am not staying with you before marriage yeh sab teehk nahi hain, aapk samjhe te kyun nahi, mama ne kitne trust ke saath mujhe yanh beja hain , I cannot break her trust like this he kept looking at the watch & the traffic outside
the car stopped outside some office like building
maan pulled her out & guided he to an office
geet – maan please aap kanha leja rahen ho mujhe? aap yanha rahete ho
lekin yeh tho koi office ki building lag rahi hain
he smiled at the man sitting in front & his clients who was waiting for them
she kept looking confused & trying to conveice him
geet – maan dehko na, aap meri baat nahi sunrahen
maan signed some papers & told her – sign karo
she looked at him – lekin aap meri baat tho suno
maan pointed at the papers with his eyes – sign karo geet phir baat karenge
she signed the papers murmuring – maan aap kuch bhi karlo main shaadi se pehle aapke saath nahi rahonghi
maan leaned close to her & softly whispered – shaadi ke baad tho rahoghi na
she didn’t quiet understand what he meant. the man in front chair got up &
congratulated maan & geet extending his hand to maan. she looked at them with her jaw drop open realizing she just signed the wedding register meaning she is married
maan to the client – really thanxs for arranging every thing in such short notice
the registrar gave him a temperory slip & said will give you the orginals in couple of days
maan gave the slip to geet – aab ghar challo
she was dumb stuck – lekin mama & tears rolled down her eyes
maan got a call on his phone – ji aunty, hain bahut shock main hain, shayad thodi naraz bhi
hain, aap hi baat kar li jiyen
maan gave the phone to geet & whispered mama ka phone hain
geet started to cry – mama inho ne mujhse zabradasti shaadi kari hain
sach main mujhe nahi pata tha, he cheated me
rano – geet .beta ..meri baat suno
geet still crying loudly..maan walks her out to the car
rano – main ne hi kaha tha
geet – kya?
rano – main ne hi kaha tha maan ko tumse register marriage karne ko
geet looked at maan who was sitting on the other side of the car
rano – I was really worried about you & so was he,
geet – lekin papa?
rano – woh baad ki baat hain na
geet – lekin aise kaise
rano – beta kabhi na kabhi to tum dono ne shaadi karni hain tho abhi kyun nahi
geet – lekin shaadi aise thodi hoti hain
rano – haan baba jab tum wapis aavoghi we will have a proper wedding
I was really worried about you staying alone in that hostel
geet – I still can’t believe you both cheated me
rano smiled – BTW CONGRATS!!! now don’t be naughty ok
geet – bye & cut the call
she threw his phone at him. I hate you I hate you I hate you
the car stopped in front of his appartment – challo
she turned away sliding away from the door he bend in & picked her. lifted her & dropped her on his firm shoulder. she kept struggling with her legs & hands. he pressed the lift button

geet – chodo mujhe, main nahi rahoongi aapke saat, I hate you
lift opened to their floor. he held her back curves with one hand & took the keys out
with the other & kicked the door open. he dropped her in the couch in the living room
she picked the cushions & threw at him
he moved closer to her, she looked at him murmuring babaji yeh kya kar rahen hain
he bend down & held her hand which was picking the glass that was close to the couch
falling on her & pressing her further on the couch. naraz kyun ho rahi ho
geet – u cheated me, u didn’t tell me we are getting married
maan softly caressed her face moving her strands behind, she almost melted into
his arms, he kissed her very softly on the forehead – kahta tho, tum kabhi nahi maanti
geet snaps back – kabhi nahi maanti
maan – aab tum mano yah nahi mano we are married
she turns him down in one jerk & sits over him – main yeh shaadi nahi manti
shaadi aise thodi hoti hain.
he pins her down in oner jerk & kisses her on her cheeks – jaanta hoon
she had tears in her eyes – phir yeh sab kya hain
he cups her face lovingly – it just for you. tum mera saat raho uske liya
I didn’t want you to say there in that stupid place.
geet – i imagined everything so differently in life, aapne sab kuch ulat pulat kardiya I wanted every thing so magical in my life, pyar, shaadi.. but you have turned every thing  upside down kuch bhi magical nahi hain.. kuch bhi khas nahi I hate you ..i hate you…
I wanted every thing so magical in my life, pyar, shaadi.. but you have turned every thing
upside down kuch bhi magical nahi hain.. kuch bhi khas nahi I hate you ..i hate you…
maan – tum tho khas ho na
geet – mujhe nahi karni aisi shaadi, yeh koi shaadi nahi hoti
mujhe nahi rahna aapke saat
maan gets angry – GEET!!! you said you won’t stay with me untill we are married
aabhi tumhe kya problem hain.
geet – main yeh shaadi ko nahi maanthi
he presses her harder – tum rahogi tho yanhi, shaadi ko mano yah na mano
he leaves her at once & straightens himself. yehlo spare key.
she snaps it & throws it away. your driver & car nechi hi hain
she turns her face away.
maan – need to rush now, meeting hain
and leaves to office. she tucks her face under the pillow & cries
shaad din bhi koi meeting main jata hain kya? murmuring to herself
after crying for a while she gets even more wild & irritated. she breaks every thing in the room, kitchen & living room takes his clothes & throws it all around the place. maan tries calling her, she kept her phone off. he knew she was pissed off he tried finishing his work at the earliest & came back home at around 7pm he opened the door to see the whole appartment in a mess. he first was wild at her looking at the condition of the house. he quietly removed his tie & waist coat & threw it on the couch. he cleaned up the rooms one by one. binned every thing. she had broken every small and big thing in the house. he closed his eyes & just calmed himself. then went into the bedroom to see it in even bigger mess. she had thrown his cloths all over. she closed her eyes tight & pulled the spread over her head hearing the click  at the door. he picked up one by one & arranged it back. he took her suitcase & arranged her stuffs in the wardrobe. he cleared every thing & went to the wash room, changed & murmured wah aacha wedding day hain, pehle mar khavo, aab room clean karo pata nahi yah Maan Singh Khurana se kya kya karvayeghi
he freshens up & makes hot chocolate for her
he goes back into the room – geet yah peelo
geet – mujhe nahi peena
maan – tumne subha se kuch nahi khaya
geet – i hate you
maan – aacha hot chocolate pee ke hate kar lena
she slowly slips her hand from the spread & takes the drink the hot chocolate. he sighs in relief. she finishes her drink under the spread. maan slowly removes the spread from her to meet her gaze, her eyes were red & swollen, her hair was spread all over her face she looked in real mess
he took the mug from her hand & took her into his arms
abhi bhi naraz ho. she noded her head. he pushed her hair behind
and kissed her head. I don’t like you. you cheated me. main yah shaadi bhi nahi manti
maan – mat maano bus.
geet – aap bhi nahi manoghe
maan – teehk hain
geet – aur kisi ko nahi batana hain
maan – ok
geet – but I still hate you
maan – aacha change karlo, subha se issi dress main ho
she takes her night dress & goes to the wash room. she freshens up & comes out in her pink satin short & spageti top without realizing what  effect it can have on maan. she comes out wipping her face. maan was in the living room looking into his laptop. she walks pass him & drops herself next to him, he felt the thud down his spine. his eyes travel pass her ankel to her slender cuffs, passing her kneews untill her thighs. he didn’t dare to look further up. he crosses his legs feeling really  unconfartable & looks away into the laptop. his heart was rising higher & higher with her mere presence around him. her bare hands almost caresing his. he gasped feeling the heat arousing, was it the thought technically it was their wedding night today, or was geet in that dress which was having this effect on him he could think further he just moved
suddenly as if his patience had abruptly worn out. he kept the laptop aside. seizing her simultaneously & falling on the couch on her. she froze with his sudden touch. she felt aroused all around her. she trembled in his arms, her entire body quaking. before she could guess his intentions , his head dipped and his mouth, warm & hard touched the soft bare curve of her shoulder. the effect was madening she felt. her eyes drifted shut, suddenly she realized what they where doing, she put all her strength together to shut him. she was supposed to be angry not letting him make this a wedding night she thought, but she herself wanted it as much he did. but it was all not right, they were not married yet, but did that matter at this very moment, she couldn’t decide, all she could do was hold him tight feeling his breathe fanning her curves as he moved to deepen his claim over the hollow of her throat making her n***** now look prominent under her silky material. his legs guided hers to move on to lie straight on the couch. his hands moved to slip her straps of the silky spageti top mummy she creamed catching her breath main muma ko batvongi aap..he looked at her furiously like he was provked more by her innocent scream KYA KHAVOGHI his mouth closed over hers with hard fierce possession. he pulled her more fully onto him mingling his legs with hers. she pulled away & ran to the other sofa & looked at him making a baby face – yah sab teehk nahi hain
he just burried his head on the couch really furstrated.
after few mins of silence she came & poked him with a index finger
maan – WHAT he snapped
geet – mujhe bhook laghi hain
maan snapped in furstration – mujhe kyun nahi khaa ke leti
geet innocently – shaadi ki din non-veg nahi khaten
he just wanted to wak her that moment he just controled himself & went to the kitchen
she followed – kya bana rahen ho?
maan – tumne kuch choda hain jo main banvoon.. look what you have done
sab kuch thod diya, plate taak nahi hain khane ka liyan
geet – woh main gussa main thi
maan – this is our house, how could you? there was definitly pain in his voice
she felt guilty – why did you leave me & go
maan looked at her in shock wondering what bothered her more the wedding or him leaving
geet – shaadi ke din koi office jata hain kya?
maan – lekin tum tho yah shaadi nahi manti na
geet – haa…aan nahi manti ..lekin main upset thi tho aapko mujhe manana chahiya
agar aap mujhe chodke javoge tho main aise hi karongi
geet – haa…aan nahi manti ..lekin main upset thi tho aapko mujhe manana chahiya
agar aap mujhe chodke javoge tho main aise hi karongi
maan was convinced she was mad – tum sach main pagli ho
geet – phir aap kya ho?
he leaned forward lose to her & said in husky teasing voice – tumhara pati!!!
a slight blush formed in her cheeks & she looked down he kissed her cheeks pulling her closer with his strong arms around her waist his hands scraped her slight bare skin since the top was just long enough to reach the shorts. she shivered with his touch & fell into those arms. they rested their foreheads together, finding it impossible to breath. as their heart just paced higher & higher. geet – u always do this to me
maan hands slipping under her top – aur jo tum mera saat karti ho uska kya
his hands slided over her soft marble like bare back. his strong yet gentle touch
made her knees melt under her own weight. aise mat karo na mujhe kuch kuch hota hain
umm..kya hota hain..he places very softly kisses just below her earlobe. pata nahi..she moans
her hands explore his bare arms moving to his strong shoulders. she slips it around his neck & rests her face just below his chin. he hungs her tighter with his hands almost holding her bare under the top. maan rubbing her back softly – do you want to go out for dinner?
she nodes for a NO tightening her grip around his neck.
maan – bahar se order karlen?
she nodes for a Yes feeing very comfartable with his warmth & closeness. he removes his one hand reluctantly from her back & pulls the phone out of his pocket & places their order.
maan kisses her head – 30mins sweetheart
she closes her eyes & rests on him. he lifts her & takes her to the couch they sat cuddled up. she was so scared that he just married her, so that she would agree to stay in the house, she never wanted to force him into a relation. she wondered how selfless was his love for her, so pure & serne. no mattere what happens he was always there with her unknowingly he was casting a magical spell in her soul. geet timidly asked aap khush ho na? desperatey wanting to hear an yes. that was the first time she asked something so close to their relation he nodded yes kissing her aur tum. she blushed very evidently like a new bride. but he knew this was definitly not a yes to get closer to her, she may just lose it  all over again. but that really didn’t matter what mattered most was there togetherness. They had their dinner. she cleared the table. while maan went to the bed room. It was nice king side bed. he was not sure whether she would accept him to sleep
with her. he stood at the door wondering whether to take the pillow & move out. Even that could hurt her. He really didn’t know what her expectations were. she walked pass him & cuddled up in one corner & arranged the pillow next to her vertically in a line. he silently watched her.
geet – yeh meri jagah hain, aap pillow ke istaraf mat aana
maan was so delighted she just cleared all his confusion, he was glad she trusted
him enough. he switched off the light & came close to her, she chuckled ..
he placed a very soft kiss on her forhead and said goodnight
she very softly said – goodnight
he just walked along the breadth of the bed to his side of the bed pulled the spread
& slept. pass mid-night. geet came & cuddled upto his arms & kissed his chest in her sleep.
he smiled in his sleep & held her closer. she turned restlessly in at 5.30am she eased at his warmth & suddenly realized where she was. she looked at his legs entagled with hers his hands firmly holding her delicate waist. she screamed
aap ko kaha tha na pillow ke istaraf nahi aana
he lazily opened his yes to see meet hers everything was perfect about the morning
except her joota gussa. he looked at her still trying to register why she was angry
in his half sleep – kaun sa pillow jaan
geet – woh wala
he pulls the pillow & tucks in & sleeps again.
geet – aap meri taraf kyun aayen
maan pulling her in the spread – main tho humesha se tumhari taraf hoon
tumhi udhr idhar jaati ho
she just realized she was the one who has come on this side not him she bites her lips & straightens herself. she gos to the loo, she sits in the loo cursing herself
kya zarorat hain unhe kuch kahne ki, sab teri galti hain, khud raat ko unke paas
jaake sothi hain phir khud hi unhe uff..why did I have to go & cuddle up next to him
kuch bhi bolti rahti hain unhe. you are just taking advantage of his silence
kisi din jawala mukhi banke phat gaya tho!!! nahi baba!!
she washes her face & gets his juice – aap gym jaa rahen ho?
maan – umm
he sips the juice & kisses her cheeks & leaves
rano calls her
geet – hi mama
rano – hi mera bacha
geet – mama papa!!!
rano – don’t worry about anything, papa won’t mind, papa bhi tumari khushi chahaten hain
geet – lekin
rano – dehko now learn to behave yourself, tum koi choti bachi nahi ho
geet making a baby face – mama
rano – be more resposible & be happy
geet – mujhe aapke saat rahna hain
rano – u wanted to do that course
geet – woh tho maan…she bites her lips
rano – aab unke saat ho tho tumhe ghar aana hain
geet – lekin mama shaadi
rano – just relax & be a good girl, when you come back maan can come formally
with daadi & talk to papaji, waise main ne papa ji se thodi bahut baat ki hain
he doesn’t seem to have any problem.
geet not beliving her- kab baat ki aapne?
rano – before maan booked with the registrar, I think last Monday
geet – aap log one week se yah sab plan kar rahen ho
rano smiled
geet – mujhe bataya bhi nahi
rano – hume pata tha u won’t agree
geet – mama mujhe aabhi aapke paas ana hain
rano – mera bacha, miss u a lot!!
geet – miss u too mama

geet gets ready & makes his break fast cut fruits, toast, boiled egg
nothing much was there in the kitchen. maan comes back in from the gym & sees her washing the glasses. maan comes & hugs her from behind. slips his fingers around hers & washes her hand . geet – yah kya kar rahen ho
maan – tumhe yanha kaam karne ke kya zarorat hain
maid will come & do up the basic stuff
geet – u have a maid for this appartment
nibblig her neck – umm
she turns into his embrace feeling a quivering, spring-loaded tension began coiling in
her stomach. he gently squeezed her waist pulling her closer and said into her ears
tum bas mera saat raho mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiya. his voice was soft & deep in love
and again she felt that shiver rippled through her. his perfume with his sweat was
so muscline she was almost dazed.  she looked at the chest though the black vest
looked toned in shape after the work out. the sweat had formed a slight layer making it shine
& wanting. she so much wanted to kiss every bit of his bare chest.
maan whispered softly – you can if you want to, like he could read her mind now
she was so embarrassed she pulled away & tunred to look into the toaster
he kissed her head & went into the shower.
he got ready & came back after an 1hr to see she was still standing the exactly where
he left her. he knew how exactly she felt. maan pulled the chair sat on the dinning table she was still looking lost in his touch
maan – geet
she snapped out & served him & sat next to him. he fed her the toast she blushed, he wondered how she reacted to his every touch so delicately.  maan passed her few documents
geet – yah sab kya hain
maan – I have just opened joined account for us, yeh tumhara debit & credit card
yeh pin number hain, change karlena
geet – lekin
maan – shooo..aur kuch nahi
kisses her & softly on the lips. she yarningly parts her lips welcoming him he smiles delightfuly & his mouth closed on hers, geet melted almost instantaneously her lips & teeth parted to allow the intructions of his tongue, her hand slid up to lock around his neck & her fingers invading his hair & gripping them sudden heat embraced them. he kissed her passionately couple of times & halfheartedly kissed her a goodbye.
he reached the door – are you going to college today
geet nodded yes feeling flushed.
he reached the door – are you going to college today
geet nodded yes feeling flushed.
she looked into the cards & blushed seeing her name emprinted as GEET KHURANA
she kept them in her purse. she left to college after the maid helped her do up the house. geet was so confused to supervising the maid, she called rano 10 times to know what exactly she needed to be done. rano smiled at her daughter settling with her house.

she caught up with Anni almost after a week.
anni – why didn’t you come for classes, tumhara phone bhi unreachable tha
geet was not so close to her to tell that, she got marrid yesterday
geet – I was not well
arjun came from behind put his hand around geets shoulder – what happened sweetheart
geet snapped at once turning him down – don’t u dare call me that
arjun had lopsid smile ignoring her sternness in her tone.
geet stepped away from him & wondered why anni was not saying anything
anni looked fine with him opennly flirting with her. when the whole of last
week they were litereally going arround.
in the class anni sat next to geet & arjun came & sat on the other side
geet swapped the place with anni.
geet whispered to anni why is he doing this?
anni – he is just kidding, don’t take him so seriously
geet definitly didn’t find any of his intentions funny or causal
it all seemed intentionl & delibrate. She began to hate his mear presence around her.
After the classes geet wanted to pick up stuffs for the house.
anni showed her the places & arjun tagged along
while they where on the way maan called
maan – hi jaan
geet was so delighted to hear his voice – hi
arjun noyiced the change in her tone
maan – kya kar rahi ho?
geet – main anni aur arjun ke saat shopping ja rahin hoon
maan – lunch kiya?
geet – umm, aur aapne
maan – I am just stepping out with the clients
geet – itna late
maan – kaam tha sweet heart
arjun hated her giggling & chatting like that.
geet – jaldi aana
maan smiled – umm
geet – bye
maan – suno
geet – umm
maan – don’t forget to change the pin of the card
geet – ji
she was feeling so protected with him around, that could be one reason why she was
able to ignore Arjuns advances, somewhere she knew nothing could go wrong when
maan was there with her. 
Arjun was closely watching geet all the while. her gestures, her smile, her belongings
Anni didn’t seem to notice all this, she had become crazy in his love.
Geet picked up all the basic groceries; salt, peper, turmeric…, she kept calling rano
again & again checking what she needed to cook & how much quantity to buy.
she moved to get vegitables, breads, meat, offcourse cooking ware.
Arjun kept poking his nose while she was selecting things for her house, which she totaly
didn’t approve of. geet picked every thing in accordance with maans taste.
she exacty knew what he liked, his color choice, his fav fruits, his fav food
she had no idea how much she would have blown up…but well didn’t matter it was
like a drop when it came to Maan Singh Khurana’s account.
by the time she finished her shopping it was 6.00pm she quickly said bye to Anni & Arjun
and rushed home. the driver helped her carry the shopping bags.
she quickly took the recipe of pasta & spatchcock chicken. she put the chicken in the
oven for roasting first. she was in a total mess, she didn’t get time to arrange the stuffs. after making the pasta she just rushed to change.
maan walked-in to see the whole house in a mess again. he just lost it this time.
maan shouted – GEET !!! GEET!! yah kya haal bana rakha hain ghar ka?
she came out wrapping the saree wondering what happened
maan held her from arms – what is all this, aaj kis baat ka gussa nikala rahi hoo?
geet was still confused – mainne tho kuch nahi kiya
maan – RIGHT!!! u never do anything!!! humesha meri galati hoti hain
GEET HANDA can never be wrong he said it surcastically
tears welled down her eyes, she was not sure why was he getting so angry
she was anxiously waiting for him & his anger was total shock to her
maan again raised his tone – I am asking u…buzzzz..the ovens timer went off
she ran to switch it off. almost tripping her saree. maan held her from the waist
then he realized she was dressed in a white saree, he looked at the kitchen it was
not in a mess..looked like she was working & the aroma of the roasted chicken just filled
his senses, knocking sense into him what he has done.

she snapped out of his grip & turned off the knob. she lifted her saree & rushed to the room, maan ran behind her. she slammed the door on his face & pulled out the saree & crying…bahut soukha tha saree pehne ka, unhone notice bhi nahi kiya..
maan – geet sorry…please I did’nt know, woh …
geet screamed – just leave me alone
she changed into her jeans t-shirt & walked out to the kitchen
maan walked behind her sorry jaan I really didn’t realize..woh packets were all scattered around tho mujhe laga… kya laga aapko, jo bhi laga aapko , how dare you shout at me like this
maan – geet I am really sorry
still crying & pulling her hair up in a knot – damm with sorry
she pulled out the table cloth from the packet & spread it on the table
he tried to help, she yelled dare you touch my things
he came & pulled her from waist & kissed the nape of her neck which was exposed
now as she pulled her hair up. she snapped, he turned her from her waist in a jerk
sorry kha na sweety, please she hit him on his chest I hate you.
maan – umm..please don’t hate me na…he drew closer to her, she moved back
I hate..he trapped her words between his mouth & hers. Geet didn’t know what it was
about maan that she always felt like giving in to him. His hands roamed freely over her
soft & now hot body now to open the clip that held the hair in a knot, it filled
the air arround him with her scent which was driving him insane. The wall behind supported
her from behind as she plunged her fingers into his hair & kissed him back with the same’
passion that filled him. Suddenly the reality hit her full force, she gathered her wits
about her & forced him away…with tears in her eyes… how dare you shout at me like that
he looked every where else but her face jaan please suno tho…

she gathered her wits about her & forced him away…with tears in her eyes…
how dare you shout at me like that
he looked every where else but her face jaan please suno tho…
mujhe aapki koi baat nahi sunni, now I know why you wanted to marry me, so that
you can shout at me when ever you want, but get this thing right..na main aapki
bakwas sunogi!! nahi main yah shaadi ko maanoghi
maan – jaan aisi koi baat nahi hain
geet – aisi hi baat hain, yanha koi nahi hain na aap ko puchne wala, thats
why your being so rude with me
maan couldn’t see her crying like this he hugged her I am really sorry sweetheart
please mujhe maaf kardo. I promise I will never shout at u again
she moves away from him angrily & arranges the table for one, with only one plate & only
one glass. maan – tum nahi khavogi?
geet get pissed off – aap ki liya nahi hain.
she twists her lips & brings the food to the table
she pulls the chair & sits, she serves herself pasta & portion of spatchcock chicken
maan was suprised she had made all his fav italian dishes. he has totaly
ashamed of his act. the chicken looked mouthwatering too.
she cut a portion of chicken with the knife & ate it.
maan watched her for few bites. she ignored his presence & continued eating
relishing every bite. maan slowly moved his hand to take a bite from her plate
she waked his hand & gave a stern look. maan got up in frustration, went to his room & changed
into his tracks & black vest. she was still enjoying her dinner. he took another plate &
tried to serve himself, she stopped him instantaneously. yeh aapke liya nahi hain
& placed a bite in her mouth, he placed his mouth on hers & kissed her
& took the chicken from her mouth, her eyes was widened with his sudden act, her heart
just stopped. he pulled away his mouth enjoying the chicken
you are right woh chicken mera liya nahi hain, she was taken a back
he didn’t like what she made, that was definitly hurting she felt a burning sensation
filling up her eyes, before she could slip into that moment, he kissed her again
this chicken tastes far better than anything I have ever had. taking another bite from her mouth
sorry jaan please mujhe maaf kardo, her cheeks were already turning pink
he sat on her lap not pressing too hard, she fed him the pasta & chicken
he kept playing with her curls & kissing her cheeks.
maan – u made it
geet feeding him another bite – umm
maan – mera liya
geet – nahi padosi ke liya
he bit her ears..aaah she screamed
maan – bolo na mera liya hain
feeding him another bite & she nodded for a NO
he bit her harder nibbling the chicken.
she bent her neck closer & hugging him with one hand around his waist.
maan – yah packet main sab kya hain
she turned her face being reminded of his shouting
he kissed her nose sorry kha na !! I don’t want ur sorry
I will not talk to you. aapne mujhe bematlab dantha
he puller her closer, u know mujhe kitna gussa aata hain na
she nodded making a baby face. u only have to manage me…..umm
geet – utto my legs are hurting
maan – nahi mujhe aacha lagta hain, releasing his weight from her thighs
geet – utto na
maan – pehle promsie me
geet lifted her eyebrows in a question
maan – u will always feed me like this
she shied & hugged him.
he was in no mood to get up from her lap but had to, he went & sat in the couch
she cleared the table & kitchen. mean while he openned the shopping bags & put
the things aside. he kept asking her where she wanted to certain things to go
she answered from the kitchen. latter she joined him to clear up the stuffs.
latter at night she sat down with her assignments while maan was looking into his mails.
she sat up real late. he cuddled up next to her in the couch
itna kaam tha tho why did you have to cook for me.
she snapped I didn’t cook for you.
he was taken a back, she had just finished her work, she closed her laptop
moved it away & hugged him I made to see that delight in your face when u relish it
nothing seems more beautifull in this world. he looked into those eyes which always
spoke of love to him, how can she love him so much he wondered, & still never has
she voiced it.
geet – I am very selfish, I don’t do anything for anyone.
maan – then I am lucky
geet – woh kyun
maan – tum humesha mera liya itna karti ho
geet – thats beacuse you are me!!!
he remained silent watching her. just absorbing the truth in her words
he leaned in at the same time she did & they kissed. he slid his tongue against hers
desire mingling with their breath.
he lifted her & took her to the bed room & tucked her under the comfarter
she pilled the pillows again between them giving a naughtily stern look
he shook his head knowing she herself will make her way to him latter on
latter at night she came into his arms & cuddled up close to him.
he smiled envolping her in his hold. she got up & again found herself in his arms
she knew it this time she has moved into his arms, she kissed him knowing
how much he cares for her feelings & holds back himself.
before leaving to office maan kissed her passionately & whispered could you please
wear that saree for me again. she didn’t reply but the blush in her cheeks said  it all.
In college geet met anni. she looked really down
geet – kya huwa?
anni – I fought with arjun
geet – why ?
anni – pata nahi what was wrong with him yesterday, after you left
he was in a very bad mood the whole evening. he kept on getting annoyed & wild at every thing
geet knew arjun was upto something. arjun came walked in & he looked perfectly normal.
geet didn’t want to get in between them, she left them alone to sort it out
he came & sat next to her. she tried to move away but he held her hand
this time & pulled her to sit next to her, she was shocked. professor
had just walked in the class she couldnot creat a scene. she let her hand loose
& pretended to attend a call & went out. to her luck maan just called when she was standing outside pacing to figure out her next move with arjun
geet picked the call in one ring..she felt emotional – hi
maan – missing me!!
she almost cried with heavy voice – umm

maan – missing me!!
she almost cried with heavy voice – umm
maan in stern voice – geet kya huwa tumhe
geet immediately changed her tone – kuch bhi nahi
maan – is anything bothering you
geet – nahi baba I am fine, yeh pochne ke liya phone kiya aapne
maan – nahi nahi, I wanted your passport 
geet – ghar main hain
maan – umm
she was silent not typically her
maan – jaan class nahi hain tumhara?
Geet – ji class main thi
he definitely felt something was wrong -aacha tum class attend karo I will call you latter
geet – umm
she was about to step back into the class Arjun came out with her bag
she snapped her bag from his hand
Arjun – are you alright? I was worried for you.
Geet – just leave me alone
arjun – tum mujhe se itna naraz kyun hoti ho?
Geet – aise kuch nahi
arjun – why can’t we be friends
geet reluctantly – off course we are friends she tries to get back to the class
he blocks her way, yeh wali class almost khatam ho chuki hain, we will attend the next class
geet – nahi mujhe class main jana
he moves close to her, she turns to leave he holds her hand & pulls her in his embrace
she snaps out in one go & shouts sternly – aapne hudho main raho
he still moves closer – tumhi bata do mera haad kya hain
she takes a deep breath in – dehko we are friends, then why are behaving like this
he stops – like what?
Geet – please arjun don’t move into my personal space
arjun – kyun tumhe lagta hain ki you will lose yourself to me
geet gives a disgusted look – agar tumhe aise kuch lagata hain tho please take it out of your mind actually I don’ t know why am I even talking to you she just walks pass him.
He pins her on the wall in the corridor connecting to the class the main exit – mera pass aane se tumhe kuch nahi hota?
She stamps his leg & pushes him off – this is the last time I am telling you this! don’t you ever touch me again. Woh tumhare liya acha nahi hoga
he smiled holding his leg that really hurt, but the smile was mean & cunning like he was aware of his charm on girls. Least did he know he was playing with fire.
She ran out opening the double door that led to the main exit & bumping & falling into his arms
she hugged him tight. Mujhe ghar jana hain she cried
he held her really close & kissed her tears – kya huwa jaan
she just pressed into his strong chest feeling his warmth. She body seemed so relaxed.
Maan just patted her back trying to relax her further.
Arjun looked through the vertical glass portion of the exit double door. Geet lost in his arms. He hated the sight. His eyes filled up with blood, he wondered why he hated the sight so much, it was just an attraction he had on her may be because she was unlike the girls who immediately fall for his either charm or the Rathode tag itself. There was something about her, he didn’t know what it was but now it was getting out of control. He stared at them in fury.

Geet just realized she was in her college & maan!!! she lifted her head to meet his eyes
she pushed her curls behind softly kissing her forehead
geet – aap yanha? I mean we just spoke 
maan – you sounded so disturbed!!
she looked away. Maan held her arms & shook her – geet kya baat hain
for some reason arjun could not see maan holding her like that, he clutched his fist & looked away, still trying to understand their relation. He could make out they were close but how close. Ek taraf she doesn’t let him touch her & here she is hugging someone. Boyfriend!!! the thought it self sucked.
Geet – mujhe ghar jana hain
maan – are you sure cupping her face, I mean abhi tumhare ek aur class rehata hain na
geet snapped – are you taking me home or not
challo baba, waise bhi tumahre samne meri kanha chalti hain
he puts hand around her & walks to the car. They drive back home & she looked really upset about something. They reached home around lunch time. She walks straight into the kitchen puts on the apron ties up her air & starts preparing the lunch. Maan notices she looked happier. He carried on with his work on the laptop. didn’t want to talk about anything that will bother her.
Geet – shall I make parathas?
Maan – aloo ke please
geet – ji
she put the potatoes to boil. & took the flour on the bowl to kneed, she turned to pick the jug of water and dropped it by mistake. It fell down making a sharp noise splashing the water & spreading the glass pieces all around, maan heard the noise & jumped. He wondered if she was angry about something, he ran to the kitchen with a mixed feeling, anger & concern. He didn’t want to shout at her, he calmed himself & looked at her, she looked really scared, trying to clear it before maan came in. She darted a quick  agonized look to maan and her blood congealed in her veins when she saw him rushing into the kitchen and she wondered if he will get angry or misunderstand, she fumbled – woh galti se. He eased her in his arms realizing it was an accident. He slowly moved her away from the scattered glass pieces & cleared the mess. She looked really conscious trying to do every thing carefully. Maan passed her bottle of water, she added to the flour & pressed her fingers to knead them occasionally trying to push the hair strands that teased her cheeks. Maan stood behind her
maan – kya kar rahi ho? Whispering softly into her ears, she smiled & woh aata . His hands travel to her back upwards sending a electrifying sensation down her spine, he pulls open the clip & dips in his face in those curls taking in the scent. She presses the dough harder feeling his breath fanning her scalp through the thick hair, she bends her head making room for him, he slips his hand around her thin waist & kisses her neck moving to the nape of the neck. She leaves out a slight moan in pleasure. He loosens his tie & joins in her making the parathas. His hands crazily made his way around her while she rolls the dough into a circular shapes. He bite in her shoulders & kisses her earlobes. She gave in without protest to the increasing pressure of his arms as he gathered her even closer to the heated need of his body. The slow tangle of his tongue & penetration of teeth sent shudders of pure desire reverberating through her.
She turned into his arms & parted her mouth & teeth for a devastating kiss. He closed his eyes & took in her yawningly.  Her arms went around his neck pulling him closer. They broke out seeing the gas was left on, & she had to attend to it.

Next day geet was cuddled up in his arms. She looked at him with her droopy eyes & kept admiring him. She just wanted to be with him, in his arms it all seemed like a dream. Maan pulled the spread closer tucking around them. She quickly closed her eyes. Then slowly opened one eyelid after the other & smiled seeing him sleep comfortably holding her close in his arms. She couldn’t stop admiring him then smiled at her own-self drooling over him & made her way out to get his juice. He pulled her back in the spread. Aapko gym nahi jana. mmh he shook his head burring in her neck & taking in her scent.
She smiled & slept little longer with him. Maans hand slipped into her top & caressed her bare waist, she chuckled in her sleep. He pulled her closer & turned her to face him. She put her around his neck &  waist. He moved on top of her placing kisses on her neck & collar bone. She smiled & blushed in her sleep. He passionately placed his lips on hers, she soporifically parted hers. His hands moved into her hair pulling them giving a clear view of her sleepy eyes. She held him closer pressing her hand on his back. Their tongue lazily mingled, slowly exploring & arousing them. She could feel his hardness pressing close to her, passing currents of heat wave. She widened her eyes & looked at him realizing they were almost making love with their cloths on. Maan was lasciviously moving, kissing her, holding her,  he placed kisses all over her face & moving to her earlobe & to her neck down to her shoulder bones almost reach his climax he held her pressing a carnal bite in the hollow of her neck panting & feeling soporific. She could feel his heart rising higher & higher making her feel the concupiscent air blanketing them. He buried his head in her shoulder & lay on her relaxing. She shied feeling she could make him feel his climax, shying at her womanhood. He didn’t know how to express what he felt, he was not sure how she felt, he was feeling little odd to have lost himself but contented with his ultimate expression of feeling, how wild she could drive him. He slowly moved to the washroom & took his shower & got ready. They were both felt happy & odd, unsure how to spell it out. She made his breakfast still feeling the scent of him around her. She chuckled sipping the milk & smiled thinking about their closeness. She wanted to comfort him, tell him she felt happier from inside to have made him feel that way but she turned pink & cold when he walked to the breakfast table. He didn’t know what to tell her he was feeling little teased with her silence. She definitely didn’t  want him to feel that way. She served him the toast, omelet & coffee. She went back to the kitchen not able to hide her feelings. She closely watched him from the kitchen, she noticed he was restless. He finished his breakfast tacitly. He took his files, laptop & the keys, he played with key before opening the door.
Geet whispered – maan
rushing out of the kitchen. He stood at the door holding the knob. She inched towards him looking down. He watched her wondering what she wanted to say, was it about his lasciviousness, he took a deep breath & awaited her next move. Her cheeks were pink & eyes sacred to meets his. She took him by shock by slipping her arms around him & placing a soft kiss on his lips accepting his lasciviousness. He was delighted & his emotions felt sheltered. He smiled & took in her lips holding her closely. She smiled softly turning deep color of pink on her cheeks. He kissed her forehead & said bye. She just nodded. After he left she closed the door & hid her face in her hand feeling really shy.
She had a shower, thinking about maan. She really felt nice & hearty. She looked at herself in the mirror  & saw the bite mark on her neck & blushed. She got ready & went to college after the maid had  finished the work. Geet could stop thinking about maan & how she made him feel. Those moment just played back again & again in her mind. She kept smiling to herself. 
Maan felt pleasant & cheerful. He couldn’t take his mind off her. Her acceptance, her understanding for his discomfort was warm. She always knew to win him, sweep him off his feet with her unexpected demeanor.

Geet walked into the class lost in maans thoughts. She sat in her usual place & kept smiling to herself. Arjun walked in & sat next to her. She didn’t even notice. Arjun was fuming seeing her attitude. After few lectures geet still looked lost. She came to her senses when her phone rang. She took her phone & ran out excusing herself from the class. She panted & answered the call & didn’t say anything
maan smiled hearing her breath so furiously
maan – miss you jaan
her smile widened
maan – u look beautiful when you smile with those pink cheeks
she covered her face in her hands
maan – umm, aise karogi tho main tumhe dehkonga kaise
she immediately looked around
maan – I don’t have to be there to see you
she smiled again
maan – ok get back to your class, bye
he was about to cut she whispered maan
maan lovingly – umm
geet – miss u too. & quickly said  bye & cut the call. he hit the phone on his head blushing.
She smiled & turned to bump into arjun who stood crossing his hand in front of her.
She ignored him & walked other way to her class. He pulled & pressed her on the wall woh kaun hain?
Geet snapped out of his grip at once – it is nun of your business
he pushed back holding her arms – waise tho you behave sati savitri types, but what ever you doing in his arms yesterday. She almost raised her hand to hit him.
He kept her captive of his gaze & hold – kaun hain ? tumhara boyfriend, lover
she looked into his eyes which was spitting fire & his grip hurting, she pulled aside, away from him. Kyun your are feeling ashamed that your little serene imagine is ruined. Aise bhi kya rishta hain tumhara uske saat. Geet hated him questioning her relation with maan. She didn’t want to answer his any stupid questions. Why should I answer you. You are no one in my life. Woh tho … she almost blushed thinking about maan. Arjun held her woh tho kya? She fumbled feeling shy but her fumbling was confusing to arjun. She looked down &  moving out of his grip – he is my husband. This was first time she voiced it out almost accepting their relation. Husband word tickled her stomach
Arjun turned to face her – don’t lie, you are just cooking up some crap now.
Geet – just get lost I am not interested to answer any of your questioning.
Arjun – you will have to
geet – I will not
and walks back into the class pushing him out of her way.
arjun punches the wall – tum jhoot bolrahi ho!! I can see that in your eyes.
Geet – just get lost I am not interested to answer any of your questioning.
Arjun – you will have to
geet – I will not
and walks back into the class pushing him out of her way.
arjun punches the wall – tum jhoot bolrahi ho!! I can see that in your eyes.
Geet gets back to the class, not much disturbed by arjun. Anni started to feel little odd with arjun’s interest in geet. But she knew geet was not interested & geet knew very well anni’s interest in him, so she expected geet will not come between them.
It was a month since they got married. Maan wanted to make it special for geet. She always understood him & has kind of accepted their closeness to an extent.  He wanted to plan a surprise dinner for her. Geet was excited too, she wanted to do something special for their first month anniversary. She went home early that day from college. She decided to wear saree. She checked her hair & wondered what to do. She looked at herself in the mirror & thought she needed a facial. She got tensed & worried. Took the dress & rushed to the parlor. Maan called geet when she was in the parlor.
Maan – jaan kanha ho tum?
She fumbled & felt little shy in confessing she was getting dressed for him – ji who parlor aayee thi
maan – how long will you take?
Geet – an hour more
maan – great
geet lifted her eyebrows – great?
Maan – nahi mera matlab hain I will be late too
she didn’t like it. How can he forget their 1st month anniversary. In a low voice she said ji
maan picked up flowers, candles, balloons & rushed home, he wanted to be there before she made it. He decorated the house & cooked the dinner for her. He arranged the table & lit the candles. He changed into a more casual dress. He switched off the lights & just let the candles on. Geet checked her saree & got her hair straightened. The way raji had done it for pooja. She wanted to reach home before he did & opened the door she stood mesmerized seeing the room afloat in candle light & white roses. & white balloons. With the dinning table set for one. He slowly slipped his hand around her bare waist. His sudden touch send shiver ripple through her. He used his grip on her belly to pull her closer. She was almost dazed. He softly whispered  with a deeper voice increasing the intimacy happy anniversary sweetheart.
His low voice touched every nerve in her body. As he spoke, the arm about her waist tightened to turn her to face him. She turned into his embrace their eyes met. Staring into each others eyes  they were simply standing so close. Maan played a soft music & moved closer.

His glance surveyed, approved, asked, expected and knew every bit of her, she found herself quaking inside at a mere glance. He was spell bound looking at her dressed in the white saree & straightened hair.

Geet felt his hand on her lower back moved slowly as the fingers slowly spread & exerted a gentle pressure that was inexorable. She was really close to him now, her curves were pressed against his hard chest and she suddenly felt warmer, the heat from his body enclosing her. The simple graceful steps he was using in the dance were strangely difficult to follow. She had to concentrate hard not to step him. He squeezed her fingers warmly & pulling her close he said in her ear you looking beautiful. His voice again send those shiver ripple down her. She slowly lifted her head & found how close he had been, when a strand of hair from her temple rubbed his stubble. She almost startled when her gaze traveled directly to his lips. She was tempted by the raw hunger that always lingered in his mouth. Then to look back into those eyes was difficult, those deep eyes staring at her loving, enchanting and captivating. Her skin felt as if it was on fire when his mouth made a sleek descend from her shoulder to the sensitive hollow just before her ear. Her thought was going out of control wondering how his mouth would feel if it keep sliding down her body. She tried to jerk out of the wild thoughts & tilted her head to give in. her hand which rested on his shoulder now slid around his strong masculine waist, exploring, discovering and claiming. Her every touch made him harder & harder. Her gaze temptingly looked at his lips & then his eyes again. He bend closer as she rose kissing warmly first and then passionately, and into a long unbreakable kiss. They finally broke apart after a breathless moment. She shied & buried her head  in his neck. Happy anniversary she whispered. Her breath tickled his neck, he held her tighter. Aap ko yaad tha she asked curiously . He kissed her head how can I ever forget. They danced softly hugging each other. As the music changed maan carried her to the dinning table. Made her sit on his lap.

Geet opened the dishes, he made a complete continental spread. Aapne banaya? He nodded. She kissed his cheeks. He served the food on the plate while she fed him. She rested her head on his shoulder showering occasional kisses around his neck & shoulder driving him insane.
Maan – thanks for coming into my life
she fed him a bite from her mouth – thanks for making me realize our togetherness.
Maan – kaise na karta, I couldn’t think of life without you.
She kissed him again on his lips, nibbling into what he ate.
They spent rest of the evening discussing about how they planned & wanted to make this day special for each other. They cleared the table & he could not take his lips off her. He went behind her & kept hugging her & kissing her every part of her exposed skin. He naughtily glissade her shoulders & bit them lecherously she moaned in pleasure & pain. He lifted her in a jerk & took her to the bedroom. He snapped the  pallo & became corporeal. He couldn’t control himself around her. He was getting wilder taking his liberty. Her moan increased with his carnally pinning her & moving further down. She was vulnerable but still resistant he knew it. He had to hold himself back from opening her dori.
Maan lay panting & exhausted…kissing her..kyun itna rouhk thi ho khud ko aur mujhe
she buried her head in his chest feeling bad.   
She ran to the wash room in her skirt & blouse & changed into her night suit.
Maan changed into his tracks & vest. She piled up the pillows maan smiled still wondering what was the grand idea. She made a baby face – I wanted to be a virgin on our first night.
Maan mocked – filmy types umm
he turned away from her shaking his head in disbelieve. 
She cried getting emotional. Maan immediately turned to face her – ro kyun rahi ho?
She turned her back to him & hid her face in the pillow & cried.
Maan rolled over to her side & hugged her – I am sorry
geet – I always dreamed every thing differently, aap meri koi baat nahi samjh the
maan – aacha baba I will not say anything
she turned into his arms & slept
College was not easy for geet. Arjun was making advances towards her. Geet avoided him as much as she could. She was more busy with exploring her new married life. She spoke to prem, armaan & raj every day. But didn’t want to tell them about their wedding. She wanted a grand wedding &  romantic SR & equally grand honeymoon. But she wondered if she could hold herself back from him. She enjoyed every bit of their togetherness. Just sitting in the same room & doing their own respective work was becoming voluptuous.

But she wondered if she could hold herself back from maan. She enjoyed every bit of their togetherness. Just sitting in the same room & doing their own respective work was becoming voluptuous.

Arjun was really falling for her now, her care a dam attitude was pushing him into emotional traumas. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. He wondered what was it about geet that made him so crazy about her. She seemed so apt in all ways, uska gussa, uska dosti nibhana, her understanding people & respecting them, giving them space, every thing about her was making her love more and more.

Anni, Arjun & geet were to do a assignment together.   They went to arjun’s place to work after their classes. Anni seemed to know every corner of the house expect one room. He never let anyone get in there. Geet was not even curious to know what was behind those closed doors. She was least interested to be in his flat at the first place. They were working on the research part today. Geet did certain part & arjun was into some thing totally different. Anni did the compiling  part. After finishing his part he moved to help geet. He really seem to know the subject & his research was moving things faster. Anni noticed how well they connected. She kind of felt left out. Arjun was enjoying sitting so close to geet & working, & geet was too engrossed in her work to know his hidden intentions. She never expected him to go beyond certain level in front of anni. They worked for couple of hours. Anni suggested to have lunch. Geet smiled. Arjun ordered Indian food, all his fav dishes. They sat in the dinning table & started to have their lunch. Geet tasted the curry it was way too spicy for her. She immediately refused to have it. She said I will go home & have her lunch. Arjun snapped at her
arjun – you always seem to have problem with me?
Geet – I am done & snapped the napkin,  he held her wrist & pulled her to sit down. She looked at anni & then at arjun. Mera haat chodo arjun she spat. 
Arjun – tumhe mujhese aakhir itni kya problem hain. Increasing his pressure in her wrist. Hurting her now. She pulled her hand away, but the grip was too hard. Anni was dumb stuck, with arjuns act. Not sure what was happening. Anni tried to help geet – arjun just leave her hand
arjun shot a glare at anni – dare you come between me & geet
anni was hurt, she just took her belongings & left from there.
Geet turned him around with her sudden kick & brisk move. She released herself & picked her belongings. Arjun tried to hold her back, geet shouted don’t even dare touch me. He picked a knife & warned geet if you leave I will kill myself. Do what ever you want. Before she could walk out he was in a pool of blood cutting his veins. Geet called for anni & 911. they rushed him to the hospital in the ambulance. Geet was really tensed, she didn’t want anything to happen to him because of her. She cried to anni. – I didn’t know he will really do some thing like this. I am so sorry, I am really sorry.
Anni didn’t know how to react, it was her only love in her life, who actually seemed to love geet more than himself. Anni was trying to be composed, she was indeed a strong person.
Anni – geet if you are holding back your feelings for arjun because of me, please don’t do that. I want him to be happy. I can’t see him like this.
Geet hugged anni – nahi aise koi baat nahi hain. For me he is nothing more than your boyfriend. I don’t even see him as my friend.
Anni snaps – why don’t you tell him that
geet was shocked by anni’s sudden change in tone, but she knew it was that situation, her love almost dying because of her. Doctors came out & suggested he was critical & need declaration form to be signed. Geet filed it & asked anni to sign it. Anni was really getting tensed & signed the papers giving an accusing look to geet. Geet was guilty & her looks were not helping. It just made her feel worse.
It was more than an hour in the hospital.
Geet called maan – I miss you a lot. Aap mujhe aapne saat lejaavo na
maan – I miss you too jaan, kya huwa?
Geet – I am feeling really lonely, please mujhe yanha se aakar lejavoo
maan – I will be in the city in 3hrs. I have come to the client site. I leave immediately.
Geet – nahi u finish your work & them leave, its OK I understand.
Maan – I am leaving now sweetheart. Just tell me where you want me to come.
Geet – ji, ek min I will check the address
anni comes running they are getting him
geet – will call you back, need to rush now.
maan – sab teehk hain na
geet – umm

anni rushes in & hold arjuns hand, tears welling down her eyes
arjun – geet
anni looks behind – she is coming
geet walks feeling concerned about him. She stands near the door & gives a weak smile. He raises his hand asking her to come in. she reluctantly walks towards him & stands next to anni.
Geet – how are you feeling now?
Arjun – better after seeing you sweetheart
anni leaves them alone. Geet looks away. Feeling bad for anni.
Arjun – tum ho tho mujhe kuch nahi ho sakta, holds her fingers that rested near his. 
geet – take care. bye.
Arjun – mujhe aise chod ke!!!
geet – anni will be here for you
arjun – agar anni nahi hoti tho?
Geet – arjun please. I have a life of my own & you mean nothing in that.
He struggles to get up & holds her – if you don’t care for me, then why did you save me, chod diya hota mujhe marne ke liya.
Geet – it was a purely an act of humanitarian.
She pushes him to the bed & leaves, anni comes in shouting at geet – yeh kya kar rahi ho, uss ki stitches khul gaye tho.
Geet – actually I don’t care any more. 
She goes out & feeling horrible. Why is he so stubborn.
Anni comes out after arjun sleeps under the effect of medicines.
Geet tries to talk to anni, she was really pissed off with geet.
Geet – anni I really didn’t want to come in between you both
anni – now you are here, in between us. What are you going to do about it?
Geet – please try to make him understand. He doesn’t seem to listen to me at all.
Anni – woh tumhari baat nahi sunta, how do you expect him to listen to me. 
They hug each other. Crying & feeling miserable about the situation they are caught in.
they move on the cafeteria to get themselves something to drink.
Anni – why can’t you love him, he loves you so much
geet was speechless looking into her eyes, her pain, her serene love for him. She really loved him to an extent that she wanted only his happiness, even more than her own. She wondered such fool he is to not recognize annis true love. He  is running behind an illusion. Think about it, even the illusion cannot be his. Her every thing belonged only to maan, only maan. No one else had the right to even think about her. She couldn’t even imagine maans reaction if he comes to know about all this mess. Had she told him initially it would have made some sense but all of a sudden today!! she wanted to tell him desperately but didn’t know how explain all this.
she wanted to tell him desperately but didn’t know how explain all this. She was really scared, it was never in her to hide things. never to parents, her close friends and now maan. She was always true to them. But things have changed so drastically for her, she was hiding from papaji that she was married, raj, prem & armaan didn’t know about her wedding with maan, above all maan didn’t know about Arjun. She hated herself. This was not GEET HANDA!!! this is definitely not her. She came back home & sat in the couch throwing her belongings on the center table. There was a warmth she felt in the house was beautiful, all her thoughts just disappeared. She didn’t feel guilty any more about hiding things from papaji or friends. She knew it was for this togetherness, this house, for this warmth. Coming to home to be with maan in his arms was the best thing in this world. But arjun!!!!! that name still haunted her. How can she not tell maan about him. She fell a sleep there without changing.
Arjun woke up after few hours. Anni smiled – how are you feeling now
arjun restlessly -where is geet?
She sadly replied – she is gone home
arjun was angry – how could she leave me like this & go?
Anni was mute. he held her by arms really hard – kyun woh mujhe nahi samjh thi
anni eyes began to water. She was not able see him in this pain she hugged him & comforted him. He buried his head in her thorax & cried. She arched back with his touch. He pressed himself still closer filling her with his pain. She eased him to lay on the bed. He didn’t let her go. She sat the whole night cuddled up next him wondering what was she doing lying next to him, when he loves geet. But all that mattered to her was him, as of now..solace him.
Maan walked in & saw the light were all off. He looked for her in the bedroom. Them immediately walked to the living room, she was cuddled up facing away from him. he lifted her & walked out. She turned into his arms & held his neck with a smile on her face. Sleepily she whispred – kya kar rahe ho.. he naughtily smiled. Umm bolo na. She heard the door click & then the lifts sound she narrowed her eyebrows & held him tighter. She chuckled with the cold breeze & snow falling on her. She opened her eyes at once & looked at him & the sky above that was filling the space with soft cottons she spread her arms, he turned her around in his arms, she splashed the slight flakes in her hand on him. He slowly rested her foot on the ground. She ran to turn around & feel the snow with her arms drawn-out.  He made the snow balls to throw at her. She looked at him in shock when a sudden splash of white frozen cotton all over her face. She made a playfully vengeance face & ran behind him picking up the soft crystals forming them into spheres & throwing at him. He smiled & picked more & randomly began to splash at her. The snowfall grew heavier & heavier. Geet tried to look for him, he hid, dodged & came behind her, she kept moving forward with a snow sphere in one hand & the other hand pulling her curls behind looking for him.
He came behind her and wrap his arms around her, she leaned back into his embrace. they stood there gazing out over the beautiful scene wrapped in each other’s love. he slowly begin to kiss her neck. his hands naturally gravitate up to her waist and he begin to rub down softly and teasing her senses. she moans softly and accepted his touch feeling both loved and secured. She turned into his embrace facing him & placing her hand around his neck. He leaned forward to kiss her.

She quickly slipped the snow globe into his shirt & ran away , maan reacted in shiver, with the sudden touch of the chilled flakes instantly melting into his skin & sliding down to his waist to his back. He became wild & chased her, she ran for her life knowing how angry he could get. He caught her in a minute from her waist, she struggled  ..he simply swinged her around his back, tucking one hand under her knees & the other behind her neck. He began to walking towards the huge heap of snow with a determined stride, she tried to peep at his face. She quivered at the fierceness of his expression. Before she knew anything he slammed her on the heap & almost buried her into the cold white blanket. Pinning her against the soft surface that was slowly buckling and melting under their weight. She looked really cheesed. He throws his head backward & laughed.
Geet – ok if we fall sick it is your fault.
maans face accented with the moonlight and there are a few snowflakes on his eyelashes.
The look on his face is one of pure love as he reached out to her to stroke her cheek. His dark eyes reflected the snow, as it grew heavier and heavier, the snow falling more violently, but gracefully and beautifully all the same.
Maan  lifts her & carries her to the room. He helps her undress placing soft kisses making her cold and numb skin burning now with his touch. She drops dazed on the bed with his touch. He slips her out of her heavy jacket, shoes & socks. He removes the scarf & nibbles into the exposed neck, letting her cap snap out & let lose her hair around them. His sits on top of her removing his jacket & sweater snapping his shirt of in a second and back to her lips kissing, their tongue now dancing in a rhythm of their own.

She moaned with his legs extending & hands moving to her wrist. He pulls out to catch a breath & suddenly his expressions changed, his eyes filled in fury. She opened her eyes wondering why did he pulled out and his body stiffened, he sat on her holding her wrist in his hand, she saw his eyes turning red in anger. He stopped painting, a minute ago he was almost reaching his climax & now he was furious & least interested in making out rather something else was bothering him.  He examined her hand & shouted – yeh kaise huwa? kisi ne kiya?
She pulled her hand away. Her eyes were not able to face his. He cupped her face & lifting her to face him. I will kill that person. He spat. How dare anyone hurt you? He kissed her hand madly, just tell me who it is? He picks his phone to call the police & his lawyer instantaneously.
Geet – yeh kya kar rahen ho? snatching the phone away from him
maan pulling away & resting his foot on the ground, pushing his hair backward – I will not spare your college & that person. They will have to face Maan Singh Khurana.

Geet gets really scared. She takes a deep long breath & hugs him from behind – mujhe kuch nahi huwa
he turns at once  holding & pointing her wrist  – yeh kya hain?
Geet fumbles – woh tho
maan – woh tho kya geet? His eyes could kill
she slid her hand around his waist & rested her head on his chest, she could hear his heart beating furiously in anger now. Woh tho anni held my hand
maan – why will she hurt you?
Geet – woh dari huwai thi tho she held me
his heart was beginning to slow down. She softly slid her hand in his back stroking him & calming him
maan still was little restless. – tum sach bol rahi ho na? Kissing her head
she reluctantly nodded
maan – u just stop meeting anni, I don’t like any one doing this to you. Mujhe nafrat hain us insaan se jo tumhe hurt karta hain. Tum usse se nahi millogi samjhi
geet was quiet. Anni being her friend, he is reacting like this, how will he react if he knows about arjun. She couldn’t even imagine.
maan – u just stop meeting anni, I don’t like any one doing this to you. Mujhe nafrat hain us insaan se jo tumhe hurt karta hain. Tum usse se nahi millogi samjhi
geet was quiet. Anni being a girl, her friend, he is reacting like this, how will he react if he knows about arjun. She couldn’t even imagine.
Maan called for the doctor.
Geet – nahi maan, dr ki koi he kept his hand covering mouth & continued the call.
Dr came in 30mins while maan got dressed. dr. checked her hand. He didn’t have much to say or treat. He suggested a pain killer & an ointment. Maan was pacing restlessly making sure if every thing was fine.
Dr – Mr.khurana there is nothing to worry
maan spat – then why is her wrist turning blue
dr was taken a back. He rubbing his temple & suggested – did you wet your hand in water after getting hurt. Like cold water or something
maan – SNOW!!!
dr caught that part… possible..snow could be a good reason.
Maan closed his eyes in pain, how could he add to her misery. He hated himself. After dr left, maan looked for geet, she was in the kitchen.
Maan – tum kya kar rahi ho
geet – dinner bana rahi hoon
he lifted her & made her sit in the living room. You sit here, I shall make the dinner.
Geet – nahi baba, main bilkul teehk hoon
maan – could u please oblige for once
she made a baby face & cuddled up in the couch.
Maan – kya khana hain?
She smiled weakly, she was famished, she had missed her lunch thanxs to that stupid fellow. She didn’t know what maan will make, sje didn’t want to bother him he was already tensed. He made maggi & served in 2mins. Geet was pissed off. But really couldn’t express herself. She was so hungry & maggi!! she just polished it off. While maan had just gracefully eaten few bites. He noticed the way she ate & realized she was really hungry. He left his maggi half way & went into back into the kitchen & made chicken curry & rice. Geet wondered why did he leave the table half way. She eyed his part of maggi then opted to cut an apple for herself. Maan took the apple away from her.
Geet snapped more out of hunger – aab mera apple khane main bhi problem hain?
He kissed her forehead, she turned her face away. He cupped her face in anger – lunch kyun nahi khaya? She looked at him in shock & didn’t know what to say. She feared how he knew she didn’t have her lunch. She put her wit together to confess the whole arjun episode when he just spoke ever so softly – pehle bolna tha, main maggi nahi banata, I have kept the chicken curry in the cooker, rice bhi rice cooker main rahk diya hain, 10mins more. Apple khavoghi tho u won’t be able to have that. Tears just welled down her eyes feeling really guilty more for not able to tell him about arjun.
Maan – why are you crying jaan.
Geet – woh main
maan hugging her – Its ok I understand tumhe bhook laggi hain. Tum kabhi kuch kahti kyun nahi mujhe se. OK ..I know you told me this before
geet looked at him what was he suggesting
maan – I am supposed to understand. Tumhe aapni dil ki baat khana nahi aata
she cried & kissed him both tasted of maggi as their tongue indulged into each other. Maan pulled her closer & kissed her so thoroughly her knees nearly gave out from under her & she landed on his lap. Her heart now thudding on his chest and his hand slipped into her hair. Tears didn’t seem to stop flooding from her eyes. It was an emotionally charged passionate kiss. She put her legs on either side of him & hugged him tightly on the chair. She was so emotionally stressed she didn’t realized how she had placed her part so perfectly on his private part. It was just her jeans & his tracks that held him back. The more she moved in & kissed him he began to lose himself. His hands furiously moved under her shirt, to her bare back opening her strap.
She paused & her eyes widened. He pulled his hand out immediately & looked at her with guilty eyes & murmured ek tho aise aake tempt karti hain, phir kuch karo tho ..uff
he snaps out with the sound of the cooker. She gets up from his lap & goes to the bed room & changes into the night dress. Maan serves the food & looks at her changed into the night dress now, he murmured uppar betke tasali nahi huwi ki…yah shorts aur spaghetti main mera samne ghomheghi…Maan Singh Khurana you deserve this!!!! he cursed himself while geet innocently asked kya huwa?
He gave a weak smile & went to the bed room.
Geet – you are not hungry?
Maan murmured hungry…excuse me I am famished… but tum khaane do tab na
geet – aap nahi kha rahen?
Maan – I have some important calls from Indian office !!! attend karke atta hoon, tum khaalo
she smiled & continued eating

she finished her dinner & went to move the plates from the table, he shouted, kaha na tum kuc nahi karna hain. Just go & sleep. She smiled at his love & concern & waited for him have his dinner & clear the table .. she looked really tired.
Maan – why don’t u go & sleep
geet – main aapka wait kar rahi hoon
maan murmured right!!! pillow pile karke tease jo karna hain…
they went to the bedroom & she slipped into her side & again stock up the pillow. He gave up & switched off the light. She whispered good night. He smiled awaiting her to join him latter.
He turned restlessly until she joined him, he hugged her tightly & slept peacefully.

Next day. Maan went to the gym & came back & geet was still a sleep. It was totally unlike her, since the time they have moved to this flat. He checked her forehead. She skin temperature was fine. Before he could move away, she pulled him inside the spread. I am sweaty jaan. I love itshe smiled naughtily & hugged him. Tumhe college nahi jana. Nahi aaj mujhe kanhi nahi jana. He kissed her forehead. Kya huwa u r not feeling well? Nahi I want to be with you ..he immediately snapped na baba.. & murmured pura din shorts & spaghetti.. she is in mood to test my self control. She narrowed her eyes brows questioning you don’t want to be with me. He hugged her under the spread switching off their mobile phones.  
They spend the whole day lazying around & showering each other with passionate kisses & strokes.

Anni finished all the paper work in the hospital & took him home.
Arjun looked disturbed with his phone. Anni didn’t want to say anything. She just dropped him home & inquired  if he wanted anything else.
Arjun looked into her cold & emotionless eyes – I am really sorry
anni was holding back herself, she didn’t want to be second lady in his life, like her mother was in her fathers. Her mother loved him truly but what is the point he loved her too but couldn’t accept their wedding in front of his own family. the prize of her moms true love she still pays, being alone with no support & love from any where. She doesn’t want to get blind in love like her mom.
I am really sorry he pleaded.
Anni doesn’t want to get blind in love like her mom.
Arjun -I am really sorry he pleaded.
He held her from back – mujhe pata nahi main kya kar raha hoon aur kyun kar raha hoon. I just go crazy when I geet. Mujhe uski siva kuch sochja hi nahi. I know I am wrong, mujhe tumhare saat his heart sunk, he inhaled deeply I went insane the first time I saw her. She just refused to talk to me. & then I saw you with her, aur main ne tumse dosti kiya, being with you just realized that u are true from your heart. Trust me I didn’t know things will get so serious I was taking every thing way too lightly, especially my feelings for geet. I just lose myself. I even want to stop thinking about her after what happened yesterday, he fell down on his knees, I am just not able to stop thinking about her, subha se usse 1000 bar phone kar chuka hoon, switched off aa raha hain, tumhare phone se bhi try kiya. Mujhe uske baren main nahi sochna, I don’t want her to effect me like this..yah kya ho raha mujhe, I is she effecting me beyond my control he hits hand on the floor, I am just dieing to hear her voice once, I have been listening to her voice mail ka welcome note ‘ OH !!! anni please get this geet out of my head ‘ woh mujhe pagal kardeghi.. why why why is this happening to me… why does she really matter so much ..anni knew exactly what he felt..thats what she feels for him. How much ever she wants to stay away from him she is not able to, her feelings just get back to take care of him, worry for him… she lost out of her thoughts when he shook her kyun woh mujhe itna pareshan karthi hain? Kyun ki tum usse pyar karte ho arjun!!! you love geet!!!she cups his face…samjhe tum you love her damit..the way I love you. He hugged from the waist burring his face in her stomach I am really sorry I can understand your pain better now..as I feel the same way when geet doesn’t care about my feeling. She will, she will have to care for your feelings..there was sternness in Annies voice.Why are you losing so soon, actually you haven’t even tried, think about its been all wrong. Arjun didn’t quiet understand want she meant. He looked at her blankly. Dehko from the beginning you both have been meeting on bad notes she wiped her tears & straighten her self. Helping him rise. I feel you should try to impress her like…umm..like you are wooing some one. Arjun wiped his tears still trying to comprehend her points. Flowers and all.
She doesn’t even want to talk to mehe said dishearteningly. main hoon  na I will help you. I think we can together work it out. She said it confidently. He dropped his head in guilt why will you ever do something like that for me especially for what I have done to you is sin!!! her heart felt filled with emotions she turned away & wiped her eyes, because I want to see you happy. Atleast tumhara pyar tho tumhe mila. He hugged her tightly & thanked her from bottom of his heart. First we will have to convince her that you are not hitting on her. Try to spend some quality time with her in college & after college. Then slowly good friend & then show her what you are actually not the rough self.. the soft side ..the side I fell for she smiled, he was just realizing how much she loves him. But he was glad she was strong enough to take care of herself unlike him, who needed her to sail him through this. 

Maan & geet were to lost in each other the whole day. It was one of the most beautiful day they spend together, just feeling each other closer than ever before. They just seem to realize how much they longed to be in each others arms. They had been kissing & socking into a world of their own. After long time when they finally broke of from their indefinite kiss feeling tired & exhausted. He rsted on his elbow & watched lips which bore a rosy glow from his passionate manifestation. Swiftly glanced at her face as he reached out for another kiss to her hollow of the neck, his amusement deepened to see the way she was blushing. How could she still blush??? he wondered!!! for the hours they have been kissing still it just takes a glance to make her blush like their first time. He really couldn’t resist him self kissing her all over again like it was the very first time they kissed ever so passionately.
They ordered dinner & enjoyed there cozy time in their bedroom, the whole day.
in college anni met up with geet. To her surprise geet didn’t even ask about arjun. Frankly geet almost forgot about that incident after the incredible day with maan she could barely remember any thing else.
Anni – we tried calling you yesterday
the we word brought back the whole bad memories into her, geet turned away looking into some notes umm she nodded. Pucho ghi nahi how he is feeling anni offered. Geet ignored his topic & continued making the notes. Anni was agitated. How can you be so cold towards someone. She snapped her book shooting a stern look to anni well I am cold because I really don’t care about him. I understand your concern but please don’t drag me into all this. If you continue like this, I will have to forgo our relationship too. Anni was totally shocked with what geet just said. She tried to change the topic & wanted to calm geet. Ok I understand, but nothing wrong in being a friend right. Why can’t you just forget every thing. Geet looked into anni’s eyes which only spoke blunt truth but today seem to hide some thing. She knew it was getting deeper than it seemed. Geet smiled weakly & nodded understanding her unsaid intention.

A week latter when things seemed much smoother, arjun came back to college. He sat next to anni & anni next to geet. Arjun greeted geet, she nodded & looked away leaving them a private room. Later Anni & geet went to have their lunch to the cafe. Arjun joined them half way. Geet ignored his presence & continued to finish her lunch. Anni excused her self on the pretext of going to the washroom. Both arjun & geet were left alone on the table where the only sound was from munching. Geet finished her lunch & gracefully moved away. Anni came back to see arjun sitting alone in the table kuch baat huwai she asked. He shook is head feeling low. Its ok atleast she didn’t leave immediately after I did, she atleast sat with you for few minutes alone, that’s a great improvement she giggled. He smiled feebly.

Arjun shook is head feeling low. Its ok atleast she didn’t leave immediately after I did, she atleast sat with you for few minutes alone, that’s a great improvement she giggled. He smiled feebly.   

It was a month since that incident. Geet refrained herself from meeting anni alone. She knew arjun would some how drop in. she played really smart. Every time they plan to go out for anything, geet would modishly walk out of it.

It was a Thursday night geet was tired from her college assignments & sat in the couch sipping her Hot chocolate waiting for maan. He barged in & walked straight into the bedroom. She was shocked to see him in such hurry at this hour of the day. She kept her drink down & followed him to the bedroom. He removed the back bag which seemed heavy & he dragged her out of the house, checking for the lights & other appliances. He looked at her once again & quickly got her jacket & cap. She wore it while he was locking the door.
Geet – kya huwa? kanhi jaa rahen hain?
He maintained a stern look – I am kidnapping you    
she smiled & put her hand around him challo !!!
they sat in the car & the driver took them to the airport where maan had arranged for a private jet. Geet just followed him through the security check & other paper work. Geet realized maan was upto something, but what she wondered. They boarded the jet while the assistant helped him with the luggage. She cuddled up & sat next to him. No questions asked even though she was so curious. Captain called on the intercom & took maans permission to take off. Maan finished the formalities while the air hostess came to take their order. Geet quickly covered maan with the blanket & held him closer. He smiled resting his hand on hers. He remembered their flight back to delhi & wondered she hasn’t changed a bit. She dossed off after having her milkshake & woke up only after the flight had landed. She mistily opened her eyes & followed maan.
As they stepped out of the flight she cuddled closer to him feeling the icy & chilled breeze caressing her skin. She looked around the place it looked so quiet & beautiful. As they boarded the limo that waited for them – hum kanha hain?
He kept quiet. She looked out of the window trying to figure out. The place had some of the most impressive architectural designs ever imagined. It contained several of the most prolific architectural styles all in one location from Renaissance and the baroques. Her eyes widened with the view & a spark struck her eyes. She knew she was in the most beautiful part of the world like couple of hours away from London, she tried get her geography to answer her questions. But the awe of the place was spell bound she couldn’t think much just enjoyed the spectacular view crammed into a small area. When they drew down the ancient stone streets she noticed palaces and churches around every corner. She looked at maan in disbelieve..I know this place…umm!!! are we in ITLAY…OMG OMG OMG ‘.she screamed & kissed him. He smiled & kept looking at the spark that filled her eyes.
The limo stopped near a tall building. The back of the building definitely faced the canal. The driver opened the door for them & maan led the way into the building giving her a key to an apartment.
As they reached the door it was almost 11.55pm. She was about the open the door, maan just held her back & took her lips into his. She was surprised by his sudden kiss in the corridor of the apartment. But it was all so romantic & dreamy she didn’t think much, she just slipped into the moment & their tongue played along, wetting their desires. He madly tucked her closer & his hands passionately caressed her back and now her hair. She leaned in to him & burning into his touch. 12.00..happy birthday he whispered into her mouth. She opened her eyes in shock. & a blush spread across her cheek. She bend her head & hit his chest. Andar ja kar bhi kah sakte the. He didn’t reply. She opened the door
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! scream from all over…balloons, flowers, streamers candles…with a huge birth day cake …filled the room along with armaan, prem, raj, ridz, naina & mukti!!! she stood SHOCKED…maan whispered in her ears…I wanted to be the first one to wish u. she turned & looked into his eyes, the love the care, the desire to be only hers !!! she hugged him & kissed him again in front of every one..

.all of them ooowwwed!!!!! she blushed & hid herself behind maan. They all pounced at her, wished her hugged her. They got her presents, flowers & chocolates. They had so much to catch up, almost three months now!!
the cut & cake & shared it. She gave the first bite to maan & he fed her. Then she fed each one one of them & they hugged her.
geet sat midst of her best friends while maan sat comfortably checking the mails in the room.
Mukti & ridz went off to sleep while naina sat cuddled up with raj.
Armaan – he didn’t tell you at all?
Geet – no
prem laughed
geet was annoyed & made a baby face complaining to raj
raj – No one says anything to my gudiya aaj uska b-day hain
she went beside him & cuddled on the other side. Naina slipped her hand around her now.
Prem still trying to control his laughter – we have been planning all this over couple of months now
geet was shocked – couple of months???
raj – actually maan called us & requested if we could join u guys for your bday.
Armaan – he arranged for our VISA’s
prem – can u believe he arranged a private jet for us!!!
naina pressed her had softly – he really loves you a lot.
She blushed. She was still not able to comprehend they were here with her for her birthday.
They sat up chatting until 4am & slept cuddled up in the carpet. Maan got up latter & looked for geet, he went out wondering where she was. She looked so happy sleeping cuddled up with armaan, prem, raj & naina. Maan got a comforter & covered them all. Also got some pillows for them. Raj smiled with the droopy eyes & took the pillow. Prem & armaan were too fast a sleep. Maan slowly slipped the pillow under their head. He was so tempted to kiss her forehead but he couldn’t do it in front of them. He just gave a flying kiss to her, for his surprise she blushed in her sleep. He shook his head & went back to the room.

He was so tempted to kiss her forehead but he couldn’t do it in front of them. He just gave a flying kiss to her, for his surprise she blushed in her sleep. He shook his head & went back to the room.   

5.30am geet turned around trying to feel him. She closed her eyes & turned restlessly & tear fell off her eyes. Maan hadn’t slept a wink since last night, he got up at once when heard her sob. He immediately rush to the hall, every one was fast a sleep while she sat up like a small kid looking for her  mom, crying in her sleep & rubbing her eyes. He managed to reach her without stepping or waking any one up. He cupped her face shoo….kya huwa, kya chahiya tumhe?
She put her hand in air towards him, still with her eyes closed goodhi
he smiled & lifted her & took her to the room. She cuddled up into him & dossed off. He didn’t even realize when he fell asleep. It was 9am she rested her legs around him & held him closer. He kissed her forehead & whispered happy birthday jaan. She smiled & rested her head at the crock of his neck. Then suddenly she remembered the last night event..prem mukti, armaan ridz raj & naina. She got up at once & sat. aap mujhe room main kyun lekar aayen she shouted hitting him on his biceps. He looked at her wondering what happened. What will they think, hum room main kya kar rahen hain. Chi chi babaji sab kya soch rahen honge humare baren main. Maan was still registering what she was saying. He was half a sleep. She got really upset & went out & stood at the balcony that opened to the canal that flowed below & the sun welcomed her with a slight warmth in that cold December. He went & wrapped  his hand around her from back. resting his head on her shoulder. Kya huwa jaan kyun naraz ho rahi ho?
She was quiet & still annoyed.

He squeezed her in his arms. You are my wife jaan. Nahi she snapped, main ne kaha tha I will not accept the marriage aur aapne bhi kaha tha ki hum woh shaadi nahi manenge. He softly kisses her ears teehk hain nahi manenge. Phir aap yeh saab kya kar rahen ho snapping out of his arms, maan get really wild what is wrong with you? I can’t even touch you now?
She looks away confused with her own urge to be in his arms but feeling odd when her friends are just in the other room, all this was different & new for her. Maan hit the rim of the reeling tumhare problem kya hain? Why can’t you be normal for once. Kya pyar karne walen aapna pyar bhi nahi ishaar kar sakte? This is not the only way of expressing she barked with tears in her eyes. What if I want to express myself to you only you.
Geet – You always knew I am not into all this, then why are you forcing me?
He pinned her on the door behind her – when did I ever force you?
Geet struggling to get out of his grip – always
he left her at once & went to the wash room. He couldn’t believe what she just said.
She broke down crying in the balcony, she hated herself to have said all that to him. She didn’t even mean any of those words. She just said it in her embarrassment mood swing. She sat their crying until she heard someone walking towards the balcony. Ridz came & hugged her, its so romantic here na, 
mukti came & joined them, maan has really made a lovely arrangement for all of us, all the 4 bed rooms open to the canal. Geet was taken a back 4 rooms, she didn’t say anything.
Naina – geet you are not ready yet?
Mukti – aacha jaldi se ready ho javoo, every one is waiting for you to have their breakfast.
Geet went into the wash room to have her bath, she came out & opened the back bag wondering what to wear. She saw a beautiful gift wrapped in red color. She opened at once in excitement. Kissing the note that read to my jaan. It had a beautiful white laced top with light blue very delicate, subtle designs.
Maan came in & saw she was just tying the lace around the waist turning towards her right. He stood mesmerized. He had imagined her in that top n number of times, but now when she stood in front of him wearing it she looked beautiful. He unintentionally walked towards her lost in looking at her serene beauty which was now making the dress look the most beautiful cotton ever designed.  He walked towards her, she didn’t even turn to see him, she knew it was him, she struggled with the lace, he wrapped his hand around her & helped her to tie it. Her heart raced with his warmth & masculine scent  enfolding her senses. She looked at him with a guilt in her eyes, he looked away & tied the lace & coldly turned away. She embraced him from back resting her cheek on his dorsum, maan murmured khud hi mujhe aapne pas rohkegi phir khud hi naraz bhi ho jayegi, kya karon main is pagli ka. Kuch nahi bus aap naraz mat hona!!! aap naraz hote ho tho mujhe manana nahi aata. He turns & cups her face phir aise beruhki baten kyun karti ho?
Tears welled down her eyes filling his hands, he kissed them away. I didn’t plan all this to see tears in your eyes he said it in stern voice. She cried even more hugging him closer.
Maan – tum itna pass aavoghi tho he paused saying it teasingly
geet hit his chest & ran to the kitchen wiping her tears.
And bumped into naina she smiled at her.
Naina – very beautiful top
geet blushed
naina – I am sure maan ne gift ke hogi
she looked down & nodded
naina tickled her & made her blush more
little latter while laying the breakfast on the table, naina whispered into raj ears praise her top she will blush. All of them began to pull her leg one after the other. She looked at maan with complaining eyes, he was totally helpless. But he definitely couldn’t see her getting cornered. He immediately got every one attention talking about the gondola ride. He proposed it was a slow ride along the canals of the Venice & he has arranged for 4 boats for each one of them. Geet slowly walked towards him & stood next to him looking into the brochure he held in his hand she was shocked to see it was the menu card of a pizza shop, she giggled softly. All of them looked at her with a questioning eyes, maan cleared his throat catching their attention yet again the Gondola Company provides a blanket, ice bucket, and wine glasses. They also offer a choice of complimentary appetizer or dessert. we bring our own wine. He added.
Mukti – wow that so romantic
prem murmured wine peene tho deghi nahi phir kya romantic
ridz softly squeezed armaans hand while naina hugged raj from behind.
Mukti – wow that so romantic
prem murmured wine peene tho deghi nahi phir kya romantic
ridz softly squeezed armaans hand while naina hugged raj from behind.
They all have their breakfast with cereals, milk & fruits. The flats kitchen was equipped with basic groceries.  Geet seemed still hungry after cereal, she sneaked into the kitchen, to make an omelet for herself.
Prem – geet kuch banarahi hain tho meri liyan bhi banana
armaan – meri liyen bhi
raj – aur meri liyen bhi
geet smiled & made for all of them while ridz, mukti & naina were getting ready.
She slide a plate to maan under the paper he pretended to read. He smiled & ate it.
She looked at him, to see if he liked it. Maan wondered she made this for him every day & every single day she would wait to see if he liked it. His smile was all she expects. He smiled & she continued eating hers.
Prem – geet you have put less spice
geet looked at maan worriedly, he narrowed his eyebrows & softly shook his head.
Geet – paka na
he rested his hand on hers , softly blinked his eye.
She sighed in relief. 
mukti gets some chilli flakes & sprinkles it for prems omelet.
prem kisses her hand.
Mukti – aap spice kam khate ho kya? She asks maan
geet promptly replies – hain inha zayda spicy nahi pasand
raj – perfect couple hain!!! gudiya ko bhi zayda spice nahi pasand.
Armaan – yaad hain, jab bachpan main koi bhi sabzi khani hoti thi, tho yah usme sugar dal deti thi
all of them laughed & geet made a baby face
prem – galti se mirch dehk li tho bus
raj – cook ka court marshal !!!!
maan folded the paper & leaned close to geet, now I know and holds back his words.
she looks at him questioning, he smirks & goes to the room.
After all the couple went into their respective rooms to get ready, geet quickly goes to the room, she looks for maan, she notices he stood at the balcony resting his hand on the railing. She marched towards him & poked his shoulder with her finger, he smiled naughtily and turned umm
geet – aap dinning table pe kya kah rahen the?
Maan – kya kah raha tha?
Geet – bano mat
maan – nahi seriously I don’t know what are you saying
she tuns her face mat bolo.
Maan – ok
pretending to look at the beautiful view of the canal & the wooden bridge over the canal.
She made a face & came in front of his view  – batavoona
maan leaned closer & whispered caressing her earlobe – kya batana hain
his soft breath send shivers down her spine, she slipped her hand around his waist moving closer, she choked & fumbled – woh table pe.. almost forgetting what she wanted to ask
he still teased her cheeks & now moving to her lips, she closed her eyes & leaned forward, he looked at her smiling, how voluptuous  they drive each other, he could feel every touch of her on his shank, every finger, every craving touch of hers. He sealed the distance into a fervent moment. Even the sun rays couldn’t make through their bodies. One kiss passed into another & into an intangible one.
They pulled apart finally catching for their breath, he spoke into her mouth now I know why you taste so temptingly sweet. Biting & nibbling her lips. & his eyes naughtily looking at hers
She blushes & tightens her grip around him.

They all spend good part of the day shopping, sight seeing, relaxing in the benches facing the canal. Venice scenic beauty, with vistas over water inspiring , bringing out the romantic side of everyone. Armaan finally went on his knees & formally proposed to ridz, in front of every one. ridz blushed & kissed him. Geet really loved the sight & hugged maan, wow so magical!!!

They didn’t want to waste their day dinning in fancy restaurants, instead they opted to have pizzas from the cafes for lunch. After the lunch maan looked at geet & said I feel like having something sweet, loving to see her cheeks turning pink as she noticed his gaze moving to her lips while saying sweet. She didn’t look at him for few minutes.
Prem ordered sweet dessert for every one. Geet giggled still keeping her gaze down. Maan held her hand that rested on the table, she immediately looked at him & others feeling cognizant. To her surprise all of them sat cuddled up & holding hands, she still felt shy & softly struggled. Maan leaned closed to her, mujhe meeta khana hain abhi. She shook her head & pulled her hand away. He smiled & wiped his mouth with the napkin. She slowly pulled the napkin from his side & kissed it, pretending to wipe her lips. He could never stop falling for her simple gestures.

Arjun went crazy looking for geet. He knew it was her birthday today. He wanted to desperately wish her. He waited the whole day for her in the college. Anni could understand his carzyness. They both had planned to surprise her with cake, flowers & lunch party. They decided to go to her place to surprise her. They went to the college office & took her address.

They all headed for the gondola ride. A long, slender, black boat paddled with oars. Skillful gondoliers, paddled the boats for them through the canals. Gondolas is the most romantic way to see Venice with your loved one they felt as they cuddled closer. It offered them the chance to get away from the crowd and be lost in the splendor of Venice’s breathtaking sights.

After the golden glow of late afternoon, the sunset was marvel of pink-streaked skies.  Maan had planned the timing right, to catch the  beautiful sunsets visible from the lagoon shore. A hot pink sky behind making a lovely backdrop for a special moment geet unaware of his intentions was lost in capturing the  beauty & happiness around, while he drinking every bit of her beauty that glowed with the pink streaked sky. He pulled in the spread around them, she chuckled & consciously moved closer. He slowly slipped his hand around her waits & tied a waist chain in platinum studded with diamonds with delicately carved ends with tiny balls that could collide & make the moment more sensuous. She tucked in her stomach as a delicate cold string touched her bare waist under the blanket. Her whole body shivered with his touch & he teased it more by pulling her closer,  just by pulling the chain with in index finger, not even touching her. Her lip brushed his softly as she fell on him. He looked away feeling temptation to carnally bite into those lips. She leaned forward & placed a small peck on his lips  tantalizing him, he very well knows she would not like a lip lock in a gondola how ever romantic it may seem to the world. He cleared his throat & wrapped his hand around her waist. She rested her head on his shoulder and softly whispered I can’t stay without you. He kissed her head. This is the best birthday I ever had. He smiled, we still have the night jaan.
arjun & anni get the address from the office, it was the YMCA address. They went to the hostel to find she was not living there anymore. They were clueless of her wearabout. Her phone was not reachable, they didn’t have any idea where she lived, just making them realize how much less they actually knew about her. Anni couldn’t believe it herself that, she didn’t know geet well enough. Arjun was upset & heartbroken. All he wanted was to see her once, even that seemed so difficult.

after the romantic gondola ride they it was getting dark & quiet around the place setting the romance around. They went back to the apartment to get ready for the dinner. Maan slipped in another red gift pack with a note stuck on top for geet. He got dressed in formal black suit & left with the other men, while the ladies where still freshening up. Geet wiped her face with the towel & came out. She was thrilled to see the gift on the bed, she smiled & read the note “find me if u want to dance with me” she narrowed her eyebrows wondering what was it all about. She opened the gift box to find a beautiful stain, long deep blue dress with boat neck, fitting her perfectly slipping into her curves making them look even more perfect with soft gloves that came up to  her elbow curled up at the ends. She looked further & found a mask & invite to an carnival ball at the famous hotel in Venice. Babaji yeh tho cheating he knows what mask I have.!!!! she got dressed & went out to the living room to meet rest of them elegantly dressed with their respective masks. They smiled & exchanged the notes. They were galvanized with the game plan set by the men. They got into the car that awaited with a chauffeur at the exit of the apartment. As they entered the carnival ball they were received in a luxurious way by actors, acrobats, dancers and a classical orchestra. Their eyes scanned the masked men & women looking for their respective partners.  Geet looked for him desperately, she was getting anxious & restless. Soon she saw ridz, naina & mukti already taken. Still not sure if they were with armaan, raj & prem. Some one with a pirate mask offered to dance with her. She scanned the person & refused. Maan smiled standing near a table with an absolutely stunning full face mask in white and gold lace with sweeping black and red feathers. She looked at few other guys with different masks & was getting confused. He enjoyed watching her restlessly looking for him, her restlessness was clearly visible through the pair of eyes of the blue feathered mask she wore. She knew he was watching her, she smiled naughtily & removed her mask, maan wondered what was she up to, she took a red satin ribbon from the table that had different masks for the guests. She blind folded herself & then wore the mask. Maan was curious what she was upto.
She didn’t seem restless now. She walked few steps & took a deep breath. She concentrated on the music that was set romantic & soft. Then she clustered her sense to think about him, his smell his heart beat, his warmth..he knew what she was up to now. He crossed his arms on his chest & watched her closely. He took a wine glass in his hand to play with the smell. She slowly moved towards him, he stiffened a bit in shock & bit  in pleasure. She smiled that was not visible, she pulled her slender gloved hand towards him may I have the pleasure of dancing with you. He smiled still played hard to guess, changed his voice & said sure pleasure is all mine & mistake held her hand…touch more than enough a confirmation for her it was his. She immediately put her hand around his neck & pulling him to a closer dance rather than the usual formal dance. He teased her earlobes whispering in a different voice yet again, I like your scent. She blushed more because of the shiver that rippled through with his soft whisper. He simply held her, his strength moving her across the dance floor with such ease that her feet barely touched down. He squeezed her still closer unlike himself & said into her ears don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you. She smiled you can never hurt me she replied. Thats good for me. She hugged him still closer, already feeling him aroused, she slowly snaked his hair.
Maan – so what is your name
she proudly replied – geet khurana
he smiled delightfully.
Maan – you don’t want to know my name
geet – if I am in your arms, means it is engraved in my heart
maan – itna yekin hain khud pe
geet – nahi aap pe
he looked at her curiously
geet – you definitely won’t watch me dancing in some one else arms
he laughed loud
geet – isse pehle ki koi haat mujhe meshsoos kare usse aap se hokar guzarna padta
he lifted his mask off & placed a soft kiss on her shoulder, a fine madness seized her & she quivered. Oh god they were almost making love on the dance floor & everything in them was responding to each other, totally independent of their control. He slowly removed her mask & then the ribbon that was blind folding her. She looked into those alluring eyes & continued dancing comfortably. He hugged her till closer & dipped his head in her shoulder. U r looking beautiful. Aapne itna kuch kab arrange kiya? He smiled & softly danced losing into her.

After the dance they all moved on to have their dinner. The table was set for 8. They sat opposite to each other to enjoy the candle night dinner. The menu was set with all geets choice of dishes. Maan had not missed out on any thing. Everything she liked was there, it was left on her to choose on what she wanted to have for dinner. He got up & served her himself. She was feeling so pleased & touched. She took the first bite & fed him. He took the bite & fed her. Others softly clapped for the romantic couple and placed a  toss for the birthday girl. They decided to walk back to the apartment. It was beautifuly calm, quiet & romantic. They walked through the stoned lanes hand in hand kissing between the lonely corners. As they reached the apartment all of them were really ruttish & voluptuous. They said happy birthday to geet one last time & went into their rooms. Geet went into the kitchen to drink water while maan went to change. He saw the room & came out at once. He closed the door & rubbed his temple, scared & tensed knowing his wife will definitely not approve of this
He saw the room & came out at once. He closed the door & rubbed his temple, scared & tensed knowing his wife will definitely not approve of this.  All the room were beautifully decorated with flowers, chocolate & wine complimentary from the tour planner.

The room was romantically set with red roses & scented candles. The bedroom had a way of pleasing all the senses and washing away life’s stresses & sweeping into a different world of togetherness. The room was painted in red color & had a heart pattern stenciled on one wall to give it texture. The sheer panels over the bed & the door to the balcony add an airy & elegant look. The bed was the focal point with the flower petals spread on the satin sheet & scented candles lit around it. A bucket of ice with wine bottle dipped with 2 slender glasses.

Maan had no clue how was he going to explain all this to her. She had her water & went to the room, maan followed her nervously.
Maan – geet sachi main yeh mera plan nahi tha, woh tour organizer ne arrange kiya tha
geet was lost in the beauty & the romance the room filled her with. She didn’t realize what maan was pleading for. She turned & looked at maan who was still trying to explain it was not his idea its all wrong, a big confusion. She looked at him for a brief moment & passionately kissed his lips holding his face & standing on tiptoe. Nothing can be wrong with you around. The trust and happiness he had filled her with was way to far & deep.

She sat on the bed & opens the wine bottle.
Maan – yeh kya kar rahi ho?
Geet – I want to taste it, its my birthday present
maan – jaan, u don’t drink
geet – but I want to
he rolled his eyes pulling his shirt out & removing the black coat off his strong shoulder
she struggled with the cork, then smelled the wine which had a delicate Muscat flavor and aroma. She poured it in the glass & sipped it & made a face, he smiled at her continued to remove his shoes & socks.
Geet – kitna yuck hain, mera muh ka taste karab hogaya
she looks at him naughtily & pounces at him. She makes him lay on the bed with his legs still resting on the floor. She slides on top of him & nibbling & kissing his chest while her hand slide his shirt.
Maan – geet what are you doing?
She looks at him with her diluted eyes kyun mujhe haak nahi
maan – nahi !!! tum hosh main nahi, kitni wine pee tumne
he looks at the glass she had toppled 3/4th of it.
She starts crying nahi!!! mujhe haak nahi!!! aapne kaha mujhe haak nahi,
he tries to rise up, she pins him down & kisses him wildly on his lips & mujhe haak nahi tho kise hain you are mine only mine. Her words dissolved as her tongue invaded his mouth tasting of wine. She slipped her hand into his hair & driving him wild & sensuous.  Her hands moved slowly to his belt while her lips still kissing him. She snapped the belt open at once, his eyes popped out. She pulled his vest, showering kisses to his bare skin as it was getting exposed. He knew she has lost it. He tried to move away while her mouth explored every square inch of his bare skin. Biting, nibbling sucking making it luscious for him. She didn’t let him move or turn rather she carnally pinned him down, every time he tried to rise. He kissed her falling prey to her voluptuous touch. His hand unzipped her dress, she slipped off the sleeves & smiled hiding herself in his chest. He closed his eyes & snapped out. He tucked the spread around her & piled the pillow next to her. She took the pillow & threw at him. Maan shoo… sleep now. Nahi mujhe .looking at his lips..again bites his lips, little harder that it started to bleed. She licked it & kissed again softly this time. Her lacy satin deep blue strapless bra made her curves look more juicy with the contrast in the color of skin & the satin it was definitely tempting to explore beyond. He closed his eyes at once. You are dam hot maan singh khurana. He was shocked to hear her say that really irresistible. Mujhe yah nahi samjh aata ki koi ladki aapke saat kaam kaise kar sakti hain. He was 200% sure she was totally drunk, he just enjoyed her sexy claims over him. She sat on his stomach with her dress hanging on her waist showering frequent fleshly wet kisses all over his chest shoulder waist urging to move lower opening the pants when there was a knock at the door. He quickly slipped into his black shirt & tucked her under the spread. He just peeped his head out to see raj.
They had a small chat which geet curiously watched from the bed.
Maan removed a packed from his purse & gave to him.
She rushed out of the bed – mujhe dihkavo kya hain
& her dress slipped completely down in a puddle around her legs. She turned around crossing her self. Maan locked the door at once. He walked towards the sexy looking slim delicate marble textured geet standing in satin laced 2 piece facing her back. He removed his shirt & covered her. She turned & immediately hugged him. He button up the shirts for her kissed her forehead. She was still in no mood to stop exploring him. What did you give to raj?
Maan – u don’t want to know.
She bit him harder
aa ouch u r hurting me
she giggled – batvoo!
He ignored her & went to switch off the light. She turned on the light next to the bed
he rolled his eyes & took the spread to cover him self completely. She slipped in to his spread, moving fron his legs to his chest – batvo na
maan – condom
her face turned red, pink, yellow all the colors he could think of
she became really mad & sat on his stomach – why did he want?
Maan rolled his eyes – is that a question
geet – why did he you ask you? How does he knows u have it
He was getting confused
geet – why do you have one? What was in you mind? U cheapo I hate you!!
maan – jaan meri baat suno aise baat nahi
geet – main aapke baren main kya kya sochti thi aur aap
maan – jaan I always have it in my purse
that made her even more wild & started hitting him & scratching him – why!!! chi chi babaji
yeh kitne gandhe hain. I hate you
maan – jaan please its not now, pata nahi kab se I always had it in my purse, just as a safety measure.
umm crying even louder!!! I hate you ..I hate you
maan – aacha tumhe nahi pasand tho main nahi rakhunga
geet – paka promise
maan – hain paka promise
geet again started – why did you have it in the first place
he closed his eyes & she kept awake complaining for little longer & finally slept on him.
He wondered why did he even have to explain her anything kal subha anyway he will have to explain every thing to her now
geet again started – why did you have it in the first place
he closed his eyes & she kept awake complaining for little longer & finally slept on him.
He wondered why did he even have to explain her anything kal subha anyway he will have to explain every thing to her now.

raj – mil gaya
naina blushed & pulled the spread around her bare body.
He quickly changed & moved closer to her.
Naina – aap sachi main bahut besharam ho
raj passionately kissed her – tumne meri besharmi dehki kanha hain abhi
naina looked into his passionate eyes as he moved in – love u
he waited for her feel comfortable – love u too
they moved lovingly to their flood, her fingers pressed his shoulders while he kissed & bit her wildly leaving his claim. They were driven crazily with the beautifully decorated room & the few sips of the wine with chocolate.

this was the first ever time they ever together in a room at night. The feel in the room was making them feel so charged with emotions. They found it difficult to hold back. Ridz looked at armaan. They walked towards each other, ridz could see the desire in his eyes, he could read the concern in hers. Armaan took the basket with chocolates & sat down near the bed. Ridz sat next to him, feeling shy. Armaan offered her few chocolates. She  took a bite & kept twisting & turning the wrapper…there was complete silence the room echoed with the wrapper sound. Armaan offered another chocolate, she moved her hand to take it, when he said – yeh nahi yeh wali try ko. Pointing at the one he tried
She looked at him & kissed his lips. Her tongue invaded his mouth, which welcomed her with desire. Her tongue searched for the chocolate in his mouth & took it. She smiled & pulled out pushing her hair behind, blushing and chewing the chocolate softly.
Armaan – oyee oyee
she covered her face with her hand
he moved closer to her & hugged her. Her hands slipped around as he began to explore her shoulder with his lips. His lips moved passionately to the hollow of her neck & then back to her lips. They spend rest of the night cuddled up in each others arms promising to be together for ever.

prem was eying the bottle of wine for a while.
Mukti smiled naughtily knowing what he wants. Just one glass she said before she finished that sentence, he had opened the cork & smelled the wine…perfect he said
mukti – yeh peeki mera pas mat aana
prem – thats not fair, tumhare pas nahi aavonga tho main kanha javonga
mukti – thats ur problem
prem – are u sure thats my problem
mukti pulled him by his collar & kissed him wildly.
He dropped the bottle away & ripped her top & took her curves in his palm.
Mukti – no biting, pehle bahut soar hain
prem – just once
mukti – tum once bolte ho, but u never stop
prem – promise
mukti smiles looking at those pleading eyes. Suddenly those eyes darkens in desire biting, nibbling & sucking all over her curves again & again. She moans in pain & pleasure. He moves in carefully kissing her cute little bump which made her look sexier & him crazy. He couldn’t stop himself, neither did she want to. They had a ever lasting passionate night.

arjun couldn’t sleep the whole night. He cut his finger & made a happy birthday note for geet with his blood. The pain he felt with in was so intense that he could not feel anything with the cuts. He felt so helpless. He just wanted see her once, hear her voice once, he couldn’t understand how could he fall for some one like this. How can a person mean so much in his life. He was Arjun Rathode. The royal Rathode’s from Rajasthan. He always had girls falling for him head over heal.

Next Day Morning Maaneet Room
geet cuddled into his arms. His hands slid along her slender soft warm bare thigh to her waist as she put her leg around him. She felt goose bumps feeling his fingers slide her bare skin. She thought she is imagining it. His hands moved further up behind her back under the shirt & pulled her closer. She fluttered opened her eyes to see his bare chest. She immediately opened her eyes & then held her head feeling a sever pain. She tried to focus at his shoulder & then his face. & again at all the red & blue marks on him. She quickly checked herself looking into the shirt for any marks on her or her inners..every thing intact uff !!!. She shied in relief, we didn’t do anything, thank you babaji aapne meri laaj rak le. Then thought stuck !!! we didn’t do any think..then !!!! NAHIII !!! she waked him u cheat, dohke baaz, khote, paaji, how could u cheat on me. Maan got up at once. She was aimless swinging her hand on him. He held both her wrist – geet main ne kuch nahi kiya
geet – haan haan aap tho kabhi kuch nahi karte
maan – yeh kya kah rahi ho tum
she was really mad – how could you cheat on me
he was totally confused – cheat on u? Kya bol rahi ho tum
she turned & looked at the wine bottle
maan – nahi usse mat thod na
she lifted it
maan – geet .. jaan …please
she threw it at him dropping the wine over him & her, he caught it & kept it away
geet – u got me drunk, so that u can cheat on me
maan – when did I got u drunk
geet – u very well know mujhe chad jati hain
she holds her head & grrrr…mujhe kuch yaad kyun nahi, when did u go, where did u go?
Kaun hain woh?
Maan – tum yeh sab kya bol rahi ho mujhe kuch samjh nahi aa raha
she looked at his chest & shoulder & then lips
maan understood what she was thinking he smirked
his smirk got her even more wild – u r such a dokhe baaz.
Mana ki I was not letting u ..lekin iska matlab yeh tho nahi ki aap..chi chi babaji
kaun hain woh, mujhe batavoo..I will KILL she picked the knife from the fruits plate that lay next to the lamp. .
maan cupped her face – you will kill me?
Geet – nahi sirf usse
he narrowed his eyebrows – meri bhi tho galti hain na
her furious eyes was moist – aapki galti pata nahi…but how can I hurt u
he pulled her closer – but u feel I cheated on u
she snaps out – haan, leki main aapki bina nahi rah sakti
he could fall for every word of hers, he just played along – I can’t let u hurt her
her eyes turned red in pain & anger now.
Maan – she is my life
she dropped the knife at once – main ne she said it in disbelief & ran away from there & locked herself in the washroom
maan – geet geet geet I was just joking
she began to cry feeling odd & embarrassed, how could she do something like this. She cuddled up in a corner in the bath tub. He forced open the door & slowly came towards her still unsure of her reaction. She hugged him – main ne…
he patted his back softly – shoo…its ok.. its perfectly ok
geet – its not ok
maan – its ok jaan
geet – its not ok..main aap ko humesha mana …she could even say it..she started to cry
he holds her chin & pulls up to meet his gaze – meri baat suno, she fluttered her moist eyes & looked at him ITS PERFECTLY OK..samjhi tum
geet nodes – lekin
he kisses her lovingly pulling her closer – I am only urs. sirf tumhara hoon, tum mera saat kuch bhi kar sakti ho, mujhe koi aitraaz nahi. I loved every bit of it. She blushed a bit. Mujhe nahi pata tha meri sherni itne carnal bhi ho sakti hain. She tucked her face in chest. Looks like I could get few more of it. She shied & kissed him like a dream. The first one was soft and quick, probably with a little bit of guilt in it. Then another one was his initiation longer and deeper. Her body warmed as his strong arms slid around her so completely. He guided her back to rest at the slant of the tub.
His lips left hers to explore her neck. His hand drew the shirt slowly up, building her arousal with the expectation of more intimate touch. His fingers trailed across the lower edge of her abdomen then along the lacy sides of her panties. She held breath expecting the unexpected he smirked & teased her further trailing around. She felt herself so weak & wanting. She just wanted him to move on. But some part of her still holding back. His lips went back to hers & his fingers moved to wrap her fingers. She gripped them feeling him hard. They dipped his head in her hair inhaling her intoxicating scent & rested on her panting not able to hold back himself from the flood.
His lips went back to hers & his fingers moved to wrap her fingers. She gripped them feeling him hard. He dipped his head in her hair inhaling her intoxicating scent & rested on her panting not able to hold back himself from the flood. His hold deepens as he reaches his peak & pressing himself closer into her. She holds him feeling differently, very very high paced heart beat herself. They lay cuddled up hugging & kissing each other softly & lovingly. She places soft kisses all over his blue & red mark he lets a soft moan with the soft blow & then her lips barely caressing them in love, arousing him all over again. He holds her back from driving him into insanity. He kisses her forehead & carries her back the bedroom. She rests herself totally on him is it hurting
he pulls her closer kissing her head – na
she bites him on his chest he screams – aa ouch geet!! kya kar rahi ho? Kal ki abhi bhi uttari nahi kya? She makes a naughty face & kisses him. He smiles & locks her between his leg. They wake up later in the day & plan a lazy day.

Maan has the shower & feels a slight burning sensation over his body, he smiles looking at his plight in the mirror. After shaving he carefully splashes the after shave, still it burned at the love bites. He wore a black polo neck sweater with blue jeans. She got up & sat in the balcony cuddled up in the blanket. He came & hugged her from behind & kissed her cheeks.
Geet – its beautiful bright day
maan – umm
geet – what are we doing today
maan – nothing much, we can explore the place walking
geet – wow that will be so romantic
maan wondered she found romance in all odd things but not in actual romance
maan – get ready I will check on others.
Geet gets ready & comes out in her jeans & pink broad neck top, one side falling of her collar bone . She notices maan checking his mail & sipping coffee
geet – breakfast bana doon?
Maan still looking into the mail seriously – umm
she makes the breakfast & serves him. He still looked lost in the laptop. She came behind him & hugged him – busy ho?
Maan – kuch important mails hain
geet – kya huwa pareshan lag rahen ho
maan – reading wale client ka kuch issue hain
she kisses his head slipping her soft fingers in his hair – london main ek aur client
he smiled
geet – u said we are finishing this fast & going back home
maan – don’t worry we are getting back soon. You are not liking it here?
geet – actually I am loving it here
maan – phir itni jaldi kyun hain
geet – mujhe wapise jaaken jaldi se aapke saat shaad……..she bites her tongue and goes to the kitchen. he follows her & catches her wrist & pulls her closer – umm..to meri sherni ko shaadi ki jaldi hain
she turns all pink – nahi mujhe koi jaldi nahi
maan teasingly – good !!! mujhe bhi nahi
she feels bad & looks away
he pulls her closer – meri shaadi hogaien hain tum nahi manti to main kya karon
she looks at him in shock & feeling glad
he holds her from the waist & places soft kisses on her neck
naina clears her throat – kis ki shaadi hogaien?
Geets snaps out feeling odd – inke friend ki
maan shakes his head & leaves them alone in the kitchen
geet notices naina was dressed differently wearing a stole. She wanted to ask but wondered it would sound odd.

They all decided to explore Venice just walking around the bricked lanes. They reached near a cafe to grab some thing to eat.
Prem – its really sunny & removes his coat
armman – thats why I just wore a thin sweater
raj as just in his t-shirt
raj to maan – sir aapko garmi nahi lag rahi?
Maan – no I am perfectly fine
geet – dehko to kitna aacha din hain why are u wearing a full neck
maan rolled his eyes & murmured isko sach main kuch pata nahi hain ya jaan ke mujhe paresha kar rahe hain. I better don’t take a chance, agar sweater uttaronga to yahi odd feel karegi
geet – dehko u are sweating also
maan gives a stern look to geet  – nahi jaan I am fine.
He notices her eyes she innocently looked concerned & his sternness hurt her. He closes his eyes & rubs his temple. She looks down & sips her milk shake. It was an odd situation seeing them disturbed armman immediately changes the topic kills the silence that prevailed.

Naina tries to distract the ladies talking about a dress a lady wore who just crossed them
the girls started to talk among themselves
ridz setting her duppata – yah that dress was really nice
geet smiled weakly still feeling hurt why maan was being so stern
mukti – yaar mujhe to bahut garmi lag rahi hain, can’t even remove my sweater
naina & ridz understood & smiled naughtily
geet was confused so preferred to keep quiet
naina – geet ur tops neck line is really sexy
geet smiled – I have another top with a similar neck, u could wear that for dinner.
Naina – are you kidding
geet – nahi nahi seriously
naina slide her stole a little bit & exposed a blueish mark aise main how can I wear such tops.
Ridz – nun of us for next few days
geet just realized why maan wore that high neck..she cursed herself & ran away from there, feeling odd, unhe kya lag raha hoga, chi chi babaji yeh kya kiya main ne
mukti – isse kya huwa
raj gets up to see her
maan rests his hand on his shoulder softly – its ok main dehk ta hoon
geet walks into some lane & keeps walking crossing her hand tightly around her waist, kya lage ga unhe…..kuch nahi lagega mujhe she hugs him & cries I really didn’t realize, mujhe nahi pata ta sachi main she tucked her head deep into his chest & kept saying the same thing again & again.

Maan closed her mouth & with his. He had a logical mind, a cautious nature. There was so many reasons why he shouldn’t kiss her in the path way but he couldn’t see her cry NO WAYS because of him. But the moment her lips parted for him the logic vanished. Her moist eyes widen in shock first & then felt dazed as his tongue softly played on her lips & then locked with hers. Her hand slipped around his waist & he squeezed her slim waist & pulled her closer. She pushed herself even more into him. Her body almost wrapped him pleading to be his.
They finally broke out when they heard some foot step approaching them. He pushed her curls behind & set her top. She turned sideways & stood close to him. He wiped her tears & they spend rest of the day strolling through the streets holding hands & kissing every now & then. Rest of the couples also strolled alone to explore the romance in Venice. It was just them & their love that enclosed them.

Maan walked geet to see the sunset & she stood in arms watching the sky changing colors every second & finally dark. She rested her head backward resting on his shoulder.
Maan walked geet to see the sunset & she stood in arms watching the sky changing colors every second & finally dark. She rested her head backward resting on his shoulder. They never wanted to end this day to end…she turned to face him & kissed him like never before. They walked back to the apartment to meet up with the friends. They all had the dinner & spend some time seeing the pictures they had taken. Maan arranged for multiple copies for them to carry back as remembrance.
Geet – can they join us in london just for a day please
maan – they only have Schengen visa
Geet – can’t we stay for a day more?
Maan – we can jaan, but they can’t
geet made a baby face – kyun?
Raj – we have to report back on duty on Monday
naina – that is why we are leaving on Saturday, it will take a day in traveling & getting back to station.
Geet hugged maan to hide her tears.
she kissed & hugged them all & dropped them at the airport. Maan & geet boarded their flight back to London. She looked little upset. he tried to distract her showing the snaps  talking about the trip. It was way pass mid night by the time they reached home. She changed into her short & spaghetti top & piled up the pillow. He shook his head & looked away.
Geet – it all seems like a dream
maan – umm
geet – mujhe mera birthday surprise bahut aacha laga, mujhe wanhi rahne hain, it was so beautiful
maan – finally u liked something, warna tho main jo bhi karta hoon tumhe pasand nahi hain
she turned to face him – aise nahi hain
he smiled – u always complain that nothing is special about us
she didn’t know what to say, she was confused about her own definition of special, different, magical!!! he could read her eyes, he smiled & closed his eyes waiting for her to roll into his arms. They spend sunday more relaxing at home. Maan was held up with his work while she did the cleaning bit at home & catching up with her college assignement.
geet walked into the college, suddenly a hand closed her mouth & lifted her & took her off the feet. She felt dizzy & her eyes closed against her will. She opened her eyes to find her self surrounded with walls  of huge pictures of hers. She felt a slight pain in her head she shook her head & tried to look again at the walls. She scanned through the room & tried to figure out where she was. She looked at all the corners & then suddenly noticed arjun sitting cuddled up in a corner. She stood up in a minute & slapped him. Kya kar rahen ho tum mera saat, agar unhe pata challega tho!! he will kill you..OMG …she immediately checked the time it was afternoon 2pm.
Geet – do you eve realize what you are doing? Tum pagal ho gayen ho kya?
Arjun – HAAN MAIN PAGAL HOGAYA HOON, mujhe pata nahi mera saat kya ho raha hain
he throws the birthday card he made for her – look what I have gone & done. Kyun tum mera dilo dimag main aise chahi huwi ho. I hate you ..I hate you for doing this to me but I still I love u damit..I still love you damit..
Geet looks at the letter & the wall which had her huge huge pictures which she never knew existed. She tore up all the pictures & tore the letter & threw it on his face.
Geet – its just a attraction u have on me, get over it.
He turns her hand forcefully & brings her real close to him, his eyes spitted fire & pain, he could seal the distance between them. He didn’t !!!he looked at her in rage & hated to see the hatredness in her eyes.  Attraction..it all seems to be mere attraction to you!!! she frees herself & moves away from him feeling intimidated. agar mujhe kuch karna hota tho I could have done it when u where unconscious. She hated being so helpless. You don’t know where u are heading to, agar unhe pata challega tho, I can’t imagine…
He takes a deep breath – tum kanha thi, I so much wanted to wish you on your birthday. Tumhara phone nahi lag raha tha, I don’t eve know where u stay, aise koi karta hain kya
she wonders he doesn’t seem to register her words..bus aapne dhun main hain
arjun cups her face – main ne tumhe kanha kanha nahi dhonda
geet snaps out of his hands & punches his face making him bleed he still doesn’t seem to stop.
He still moving towards her with bleeding nose – u won’t believe how many times I have heard your welcome message in the voice mail.
Geet pushes him away & holds his collar – don’t u get it, main sirf unki hoon, u don’t even realize if he knows about all this..
he doesn’t let her complete – exactly !!! tum usse darti ho..pyar nahi karti, agar pyar karti tho u would have long told him about me!!!actually u love me..
geet just leaves his collar in disgusted feeling.
He moves closer to her again – mat daroo main usse sabal loonga,
she laughs at his thought & moves away from him. She looks around & finds a knife. She grabs the knife & points at him – don’t come near me.
He mocks her & walks close to her – tum mujhe nahi hurt kar sakti
she swings the knife carefully just to get a scratch on his arms. He was shocked looking at his arms bleed, it seemed she was doing it intentionally, he didn’t know she was sword fight champ & wat control she has on her weapons. He looked at her in pain, more pain was felt in his heart, he still couldn’t believe that she doesn’t love him. Tum meri pyar ko kyun nahi samjh thi.
She held the knife pointing to his neck -tum samjte ho kya ani ke pyar ko?
He looks away feeling guilty.
She threw the knife away – u just used her, played with her feelings, kabhi nahi socha usse becahri ke dil ke baren main, even now she tries to help you. Aur tum besharmo ki tarah uski help lethe ho hurting her further. Tum kya jano pyar kya hota hain.
She takes her bag & walks out checking her phone for any missed calls, there was more than 20 missed calls from maan. She immediately calls him
maan shouts – where the hell are you?
Geet – mujhe aap se milna hain abhi
maan – I am at clients place
she was irritated – why are u always busy
he yells back – u r the one busy,  subha se tumhe phone kar rahan hoon, do u even know how much I was worried. Driver ko phone kiya he also doesn’t know where u are? U r just taking me for granted.
She was already freaked out with wat happened with arjun & maans being so rude just pissed her further – I hate u & cuts the call.
He gets angry & just carries on with his work.
Geet gets back home & waits for him. She gets tired & sleeps off in the couch little bit the effect of the seditive arjun applied on her in the morning. Maan comes back really late. He sees her sleeping the couch. He changes & carries her to the bed.

She cuddles up & slept in his arms murmuring abhi bhi naraz ho. He closes his eyes thinking how can he ever be angry with her.  
Next day geet wakes up late with heavy head. Maan gets her milk & kisses her forehead.
Geet – mujhe aapse baat kari hain
maan – abhi nahi jaan I am really getting late
geet – mujhe kal ke baren main baat karni hain
maan – don’t worry I got it all sorted
she was confused
maan – I have called prithvi, he is waiting down for u. aab se he will be always there with like before. She was dead scared if he knew about arjun & how did he know.
Geet – I am really sorry maan main aapko AR..
he closes her lips with his. they get lost in each other like they are kissing each other for first ever time. he looks at her beautiful face, her eyes her curls, he holds her closer, I am sorry mujhe tumpe shout nahi karna tha, I was getting really worried for you. She hugs him lekin mujhe kuch kahna hain aap se
he pushes her hair back – abhi nahi sweetheart I am already late.

he closes her lips with his. I am sorry mujhe tumpe shout nahi karna tha, I was getting really worried for you. She hugs him lekin mujhe kuch kahna hain aap se
he pushes her hair back – abhi nahi sweetheart I am already late.
He rushes out leaving her disheartened. But she felt happy with prithvi around.
She gets ready & to go to college. She reaches the car park & meets up with prithvi.
Geet – hi
prithvi – hi
geet – how have u been?
Prithvi smiled
he sits in the passenger seat in front & geet sits in back seat.
They reach the college. Maan had already spoken to the college administration for letting prithvi to be with her in the campus. As they reach the class arjun approaches geet
arjun – hi sweetheart
geet moves behind prithvi
prithvi senses the restlessness in her & stretches his hand holds arjun back.
Arjun smirks – who is this???
prithvi – please step back.
Arjun – oh !! ur new boy friend???
prithvi to geet – do you know him?
Geet looked into arjuns eyes – NO
arjuns eyes burned in pain & disbelieve.
Prithvi guided geet safely to the class.
During the lecture arjun was annoyed & pissed off with the insult, he wondered how she could deny knowing him like that. His eyes was turning wild & furious.
Geet didn’t even look back to him. Anni came & spoke to geet.
Anni – belated happy birthday
geet – thanxs
anni – where were u? We had planned a surprise party for u
geet – I was out with my family.
Geet smiled with her own thought of calling maan her family, she shied fancying maan had come so close to her without even her realizing it. Without even her accepting the wedding, she already believed that they were a family, husband…she hit herself with the note book & excused herself rushed out to call him. She wanted to talk to him, she wanted just hear his voice. Suddenly she missed him so much. She was so excited that even punching a redial was seeming difficult.
Maan – jaan meeting main hoon will call back
geet – lekin
she was upset, she hated it, she so much wanted to hear him. Talk to him. She got angry & walked ahead when arjun blocked her way with his eyes in agony. Geet looked around for prithvi.
Prithvi immediately stepped in between & asked arjun to stay away.
Arjun – OH !!! your body guard???
geet ignored & walked towards her car.
Arjun – now ur husband is scared u will runaway
and laughed loud. Prithvi was little confused with all this.
Prithvi – sir please stay away from mam
& helps geet to safely board the car.
On their way back geet again calls maan to tell him about arjun.
Maan sms back – sorry jaan will call u after the meeting.
Geet gets really upset & turns off her phone & throws it.
Prithvi clears his throat – I know it is nun of my business, can I ask u? yeh ladka kaun hain?
geet – nothing serious ‘. actually some psycho
prithvi – don’t worry I will handle him
geet – thanxs I hate even his sight, pehle aise kuch nahi tha, pata nahi aaj-kal really crosses his limits. I am really glad you are here.
Prithvi smiles teasingly
geet shots a stern irritating look
prithvi trying to behave himself – I am sorry couldn’t stop laughing
geet – stop it!!!
prithvi – how much u hated body guards in delhi aur yanha pe ur glad
geet – yah !! she smiled herself I guess people do change
prithvi could see the change in her, totally changed to maans girl from top to bottom, probably that’s why maan is crazily in love with her, always thinks about her first. Her security, her safety, nothing seems to be more important than her.
Maan finishes his meeting & calls her back. Her phone was switched off. He knew she was pissed off. He immediately called prithvi
prithvi – yes sir
maan – geet teehk hain na?
Prithvi – yes sir
maan – give her the phone
prithvi – yes sir
prithvi gives the phone to geet
geet takes the phone & doesn’t say anything
maan – jaan meeting main tha
she was quiet looking out side the car window
maan – kya baat hain itni pareshan kyun ho?
Geet – because you don’t have time for me
maan – sorry
geet – I don’t want to talk to you
maan – please call mat cut karna, I am again going in for a meeting
she rolls her eyes
maan – will be late sweetheart
she gets even more angry now
maan – will miss u a lot
jaan kuch tho bolo, how will I work like this? Mera man hi nahi lagta agar tum aise rooto ghi tho. Jaan please say some thing
geet – I hate u
maan – but I still pauses u
her eyes glitters in joy – kya kaha phir se kaho.. I couldn’t hear
he smiled naughtily – what ?
She pleaded please kaho na
maan – need to rush..bye
she gets really upset – hate u hate u hate u
maan smiles & cuts the call.
Things were getting much better with prithvi around. Arjun couldn’t even come near geet. He did try few times but prithvi was pro active to to shoo him away. Geet almost forget about arjun character existed in her life thanxs to darling prithvi. Maan was really getting busy with office work. She was not liking him getting back so late. They were not getting enough time together, uppar se she piled the pillows between them. Maan was fed up with her tantrums. It was more than 5 months of their wedding & she was still behaving like this but he knew she couldn’t stay a night without crawling into his arms.

Friday night maan came back really late. Geet opened the door wearing her satin short & spaghetti pink top. Resting her hand on her waist & tapping her foot fuming in anger. She looked HOT… maan scanned her, just by looking at her he was feeling himself getting hard. He looked away. She stopped him at the door
geet – yeh koi time hota hain ghar aane ka
he came closer to hug her.
She pushed him away – NAHI!!!! main kuch kaheti nahi to aap roz late aate ho
he was really tired not in a mod to fight, uppar she looking so tempting maan can’t even think of getting angry. He was so lost in her.
Geet shouted – u r not even listening to me
he thought tum aise samne khadi rahogi to mujhe aur kuch kaise sunega, all my senses are just absorbing you & smirked on his own thought
she was getting really wild with him not responding to her & just smiling & staring at her naughtily. She walked in making a face. He went behind her – nahi jaan
she pushes his hand away – don’t touch me
he plays with her curls softly – jaan client parities u know
she lifts her brow suspiciously
maan – what???
she sniffs him
maan – nahi baba u know I don’t drink
she sniffs & comes closer, he finds it impossible with her breath touching his neck. His heart races wildly & he softly slips his hand around her. She inhales his scent & rests her face at the end of his neck. I miss u. he held her closer sorry. Kissing the end of her ear lobe. She bites him carnally at his neck I hate u. that was just enough to push him to the edge, he slipped her tops string down slightly on the right side & passionately showered kisses along her exposed collar bone. His hands cupped the soft globe over the satin top & kneading them & pressing them. She tried to move away but his touch was making her quiver, booting her senses. He moved to the hollow of her neck with wet kisses while his other hand moved over the other curve holding them driving her insane with his touch. She stepped back & shot a angry look. Not sure wat was she angry at. Stopping herself or at his act, definitely not his act both of them knew that. He shook his head losing his mind & went to the washroom to change. She piled the pillow cribbing & complaining to babaji. Ek to late aate hain aur aise sab karte hain. Mujh se baat bhi nahi karten. Inhae to bus!! uff.. kitne din hogayen hum saat main dinner karke, dinner chodo yeh tho break fast bhi nahi karten aaj kal mera saat. Maan came to the room in a foul mod. seeing the pillows just pissed him further, he piled up his pillows over hers & turned his back to her. She didn’t like him turning away. Tears rolled down her eyes main inse naraz thi aur yeh mujhe attitude dihka rahen hain. She twists her nose & turns her back to him. babaji yeh mujhe mante bhi nahi..nahi bolti main inse

He piled up his pillows over hers & turned his back to her. She didn’t like him turning away. Tears rolled down her eyes main inse naraz thi aur yeh mujhe attitude dihka rahen hain. She twists her nose & turns her back to him. Later at night she was in his arms. In the morning he kissed her passionately & she cuddled up willingly. His hand snaked under her top exploring her back. She wrapped her leg around him pressing herself still closer. He placed a soft peck on her forehead & left for his gym.
She realized she was again in his side on the bed & hid her face in the pillow. She made a grumpy face & served him the breakfast. He knew she was still angry about last night. He tried to make up
maan – jaan
geet – mujhe aap se baat nahi karni
maan – jaan meri baat to suno
she turns to say some thing & his phone rings. 
Maan – ek min
geet gets really annoyed babaji inke pass to baat karne ki liya bhi time nahi hain
after the call
maan – haan tum kya kah rahi thi
geet – kuch nahi bye
he hugs her mera sona mera sweetu sorry baba itna gussa mat karo
she naps out chodo mujhe, u don’t have time for me now a days
maan – darling it is this project eating up my time
geet – aap to delhi main kabhi itne busy nahi the..puri puri raat mujhe se baat karte the
maan – main abhi bhi tumse puri puri raat baat karloon tume hi pillow ki wall banati rahti ho
geet – OH ..so u have problem with that also
he rolls his eyes
geet – u don’t love me, u don’t have time for me, phir kyun shaadi ki mujhse?
he kissed her like never before, she just accepted their marriage without even realizing she actually just did. He was on cloud nine. She could feel the difference in his kiss today. She felt some thing different like he was not constrained anymore, like he was really happy. She still didn’t realize it was her those words that made the difference. He could do anything to please her. He couldn’t believe she subconsciously does accept their marriage. How much ever she denies it with her words & actions but heart & soul does acknowledge the relation. He cupped her face jaan, weekend we shall plan something. I will be all urs tomorrow.
Geet – Nahi I don’t need u to do anything for me. aap apne mails ke saat rahena. He kissed her forehead. She turned her head getting upset.
After he left she slugged around feeling the kiss again & again. Aise kyun karten hain …she touched her lips & felt it again she shied & wondered why was he so different today. She could imagine & feel the every touch of his. She knew he was too hot for her to handle. She always knew her sexy husband was charming. But she had never realized just how insidious that charm could be. She just wanted to spend the whole day in his arms feeling those lips all over her. ALL OVER HER…alarming thought.. she couldn’t believe she was really losing herself to him in her dream ..DREAM!!! oh god she was day dreaming. She blushed & spent the saturday finishing her assignments & course work. She was so wanting to call maan but she was supposed to be angry with him. Moreover why didn’t he call that thought was irritating her. She was just missing him she knew that. It was pass 11 at night & maan had still not returned she was getting restless.
Maan at clients party finished his formal-informal talks & was about to leave when the client insisted on having a drink. Maan just took a sip (he murmured ek sip main woh mera khoon peejaygi..maan aur mat peena warna waise bahut naraz hain pata nahi kitna naraz hojayegi )when another client just began a conversation on the Reading project. Maan got carried away in the discussion since it was really a trouble making project. He didn’t realize he just finished a whole glass of wine. He looked at the time it was 12…tu to gaya aaj…abhi abhi madam shaadi ko maan ne lagi hain…aaj hi divorce bhi hojayega. He could feel himself feeling little tipsy. He warned himself kuch mat bolna, chup chap jake so jaana. He held his breath & rang the bell. She stood there fuming in anger in her ever sexy night suit. He scanned her top to bottom. OH GOD!!! how am I to control myself he murmured. He dropped his head down & tried to walk in avoiding her. she shouted – yeh kya halat bana rakha hain
she noticed his black court was in his hand & his shirts first 3 buttons were open exposing his chest making him look irresistibly hot. She tried to remain angry not getting carried away with his seducing hot looks. She rested her hand on the waist & tapped her foot. Her waist oops….he definitely lost it. He moved carnally towards her throwing his jacket away & slamming the door behind with desire written all over his face. she stood there frozen, feeling just like a cornered rabbit eyeing the fox. Though she was sure no rabbit ever felt this way about its hunter. He pinned her to the wall & kissed her all over the exposed skin. Ek tho pura din mera samne itna sexy dress pehne ke ghoomthi ho & u expect me to control myself. She fluttered her lashes & looked at him & then her dress..babaji main to humesha se hi yehi dress pehni thi hoon. Do u even know what ur dress does to me.. she shook her head looking down. He ripped spaghetti top & carried her the bed. She hid herself hugging him babaji he is drunk. He throws her on the bed just in her shorts !! half naked. She pulls the spread & piles the pillow. He snaps off his shirt
she makes a scared baby face – maan aap yeh kya kar rahen ho
he gets on the bed & throws the pillow away, dare u pile this pillow ever again. She hides herself inside the spread yeh itna naraz kyun ho rahen hain. Before she could realize he pulled the sheet away & pinned her hands on either side. She resisted snapping & kicking & turning her head with her bare curves pressing against his chest. He looked at lovingly, his fingers slowly slipped through her hair releasing her hand & pulled her mouth to his, steering her to face him. She couldn’t miss the intensity in those eyes alluring & tipsy eyes. U know I really love u. how could she even protest hearing those words. She just melted into those words. His hand slipped around her bare curves, she moaned. It felt like the most delicious sensation in the world. Every nerve of her seemed to tingle as his touch drifted from one place to other. He cup her ***** softly teasing at her ******. sinking down further he traced a line of kisses from shoulder to her curves & his mouth found her buds, peaked from his caress. She moaned tipping her head back & rutting her fingers through his hairs. 
She arched into his touch, her breathing quick & shallow, her lips searching for his. When his fingers finally touched her between her legs sliding her satin shorts the gasp turned into a moan of such intensity that he thought she had reached her peak already. He stopped then began again this time his cares more gentle. He was so different from his wild self. He really was playing all around her softly seducing her. His gentle assault sent wild sensations coursing through her body. She surrendered, her mind completely focused on the feel of his fingers between her legs. The first spasm hit her real hard & by complete surprise. She cried out, grabbing his shoulder. When the tremors came she moved away unable to take it anymore but maan was there again drawing her flood out, making her give him every last bit of her shyness & soul.  She had never experienced anything like this before. She closed her eyes & tars welled up.
Maan whispered kissing her tears – tum teehk ho na
she nodded blushing pressing her cheek against his chest. This was the first ever time she had come!!! It was the ultimate feeling she ever felt. She felt so complete & contended. They cuddled up & slept together, she didn’t move to her side of the bed she fell a sleep in his arms for the very first time like it was the most natural thing.

It was the ultimate feeling she ever felt. She felt so complete & contended. They cuddled up & slept together, she didn’t move to her side of the bed she fell a sleep in his arms for the very first time like it was the most natural thing.
Next morning Maan turned around & feeling her bare lower back. He smiled thinking he was dreaming. He turned his head softly on her nude curves. He fluttered open his eyes feeling heavy, he couldn’t believe what his gaze met with beautiful curves & pink buds, he smiled droopingly, the temptation was to caress them. He moved his fingers softly on them, she moaned in her sleep & she turned into him placing the curves close to his lips. He involuntarily licked them & sucked them. He knew he was definitely dreaming. As he explored more around her curves her moan became louder & louder. He got up at once & sat on his knees & kept staring at her. She was moaning & craving for his touch, she looked so innocent & vulnerable. He couldn’t take his eyes off her bare beautifully carved marble like structure. He blinked couple of times still not able to distinguish the reality & dream. Reality hit hard with a piercing pain  in his head. He immediately pulled the spread over her & looked around the pillows & his shirt were thrown away & her torn top. He pushed his hair behind still starring at her. She woke up not feeling him around. Sudden chillness around her made her restless, she looked for him & got up exposing her bare upper body & she smiled looking at him with her hair all messed up. He smiled & his eyes automatically dropped to the curves. She stretched her arms up, his eyes widened in shock she followed his gaze & looked down she screamed in embarrassment, he immediately covered her mouth sach main main ne kuch nahi kiya avoiding to look at her tempting curves.
Realization stuck she pulled the spread to cover self without thinking  u raped me she cried feeling shy, embarrassment  & odd. He pulled his hand away & looked at himself still wearing his pants. He closed eyes & tried to recollect wat happened. He didn’t remember consummating. She made a baby face with cheeks all pink – agar main pregnant ho gayei tho, babaji aab main mama-papa ko kya kah hoon gi, main to kisi ko mooh dihkane ke layak nahi rahi
he held her from her arms in anger – chup ek dum chup. Whats wrong with u?
She cries louder holding the spread closer – main kisi ko muh dihkane ke layak nahi rahi she touches her stomach & looks at her stomach
he really losses it – u know we didn’t do anything last night then why are u behaving like this
geet – u tore my top & aapne mujhe yanha sab, phir woh sab kiya
maan – main ne kuch nahi kiya mujhe pata hain
geet – abhi tho aap aise hi kaho ge
maan – GEET stop it
geet – ek tho u raped me & then
he raises his hand to almost hit her, he stops close to her cheek hits the wall instead hurting himself. She immediately cups his bleeding hand leaving her spread – yeh kya kar rahen ho?
He snaps his hand giving a disgusting look to her – how could u say word like rape
he turned wild even if I was wat were u doing??? couldn’t u just walk away
geet – main ne to aap ko roka tha phir aap ne
maan – main ne kya????
she spoke under her throat aapne woh kaha tha
maan shouted – main ne jo bhi kaha tha, kiya tha..how could even think of saying something like that to me. Itna hi samjh payee ho mujhe.  Mana ki I was tipsy but I know for sure we never did any thing. I can never do any thing to hurt u.
geet realized he was really hurt she immediately calmed herself – mera matlab woh nahi tha
he turns his back not able to stand her – mujhe tumhare koi baat samjh nahi aati hain. First u say u won’t stay with me unless we get married, then when we eventually get married u don’t accept that marriage. For god sake dammit don’t make me feel like a rapist. I was just expressing myself to u. if u have a problem with that then I won’t& walks away slamming the door of the bedroom.  He goes inside the bathroom & screams..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
pushing his hair behind breaking the mirror.
She gets really scared & cuddles up in the spread. She had never seen him so angry & wild. She changes into t-shirt & pyjamas & waits for him to come out. He has his shower & gets ready. She watches him feeling scared to say anything. She follows him to kitchen trying to talk to him.
Geet – sorry
maan – just leave me alone
He grabs juice & picks his laptop bag & goes towards the door.
She whispers looking down – aapne kaha tha sunday is all urs
maan – that was before all this, now I can’t even bare to stand under one roof as u.
those word hit like thousand needles in her heart. He had never been so mean to her. She blankly looked at him in pain
maan – I hate you for doing this to me.
he didn’t even look at her. He was really infuriated, he couldn’t talk sense. He couldn’t believe she could think so low of him. The thought was getting on to his nerves. His ego was hurt. He walked out without giving her a second look.
Her heart just stopped. She cried sitting down next to the door. Mera matlab woh nahi tha, I was embarrassed..isse liya woh sab kah diya tha. She takes the phone & calls him. He cuts the call. Cut kar diya, woh mujhse baat bhi nahi karna chaten. Itna naraz kyun ho rahen hain mujhse. How will I stay without him. She sobs the whole day & then decides to make it up to him. She sms him couple of time but he didn’t reply. She cooks a special dinner for him & lights up candles & arranges some flowers on the table & waits for him. It was way passed mid night maan had still not come. She waited for him & slept resting on the chair.
It was way passed mid night maan had still not come. She waited for him & slept resting on the chair. He came in little later than 2am. He walked straight to the bedroom & changed. He didn’t even bother to check where she was. He pulled the spread & tried to sleep. How could he. He was so used to her. He restlessly turned, she came to the room & slipped next to him. He moved away from her & piled the pillows between them. She silently cried seeing him being so angry. It was 3am he still could not sleep. He ate a sleeping pill & forced himself to sleep. She also took the pill & tried to sleep.

It as first time since their wedding she was not in his arms in the morning. She hated the feeling. He came back from the gym & walked straight into the shower. She took out his cloths & waited for him. He came out & wrapped in towel, she gasped in some breath. Her throat went dry to see him in towel & that fury in his eyes. She had seen him many times in towel but now all she could think about was that night with him.  She was torn out of her thought when she noticed he changed into something totally different & he had actually thrown away the cloths she had laid on the bed. He was definitely mad at her. She put all her wit together – Maan
Maan – just SHUT UP
tears flooded down her eyes, she forcefully hugged him – I am sorry please mujhe aise ignore mat karo
he pushed her away & went to the kitchen
she served the bread & omelet. He binned it & took an apple instead
she was shocked to see he actually did something so rude. She had never seen this side of his. She knew he had a bad temper but never knew it could last so long.
Geet – jaan I am really sorry
he just left without even giving her second look.
She didn’t know how to make it up to him. Itna gussa kyun ho rahen hain. She called him. He didn’t bother answering her call. She was not able to take this, she was getting insecured, scared depressed. She hated herself. She sat in the bath tub & wondered how to make it up to him. Back home in Delhi they did fight it did last for couple of weeks but she was able to run behind him plead to him. But here staying in the same house & not taking it was killing her. She was going insane. She couldn’t think of a day , a min, a sec without him.
For her every thing was extreme. There she had every one to cry to. Last time she remembered crying to daadi when he didn’t answer her calls & went off to camp. She recalled every moment with him. She realized her life seemed nothing without him, without talking to him, without being in his arms. It made no sense 2 days one night without him she felt something inside her was sinking. She was getting wireds of thoughts like ending her life very that moment. She was in the kitchen cooking the dinner expecting atleast he may join her today. But the knife only reminded her to kill her self..stabbing  herself to end this pain of not seeing him not talking to him, he knew she took him for granted but never knew it would hurt so much. 11 at night Maan had still not come, the house seemed to consume her. Why was she going to crazy. She felt like he had some spell cast on her like a black magic, she couldn’t even breath normal. Her heart felt heavy & miserable. She shut her eyes & tried to sleep. She couldn’t bear it.
She rushed to the kitchen & looked at the knife. She hit head her head with the knife ..geet tu pagal hogayee hain kya, hain hogayee hoon. Kyun nahi baat karte mujhe se. chota mota fight to sab ghar main hota hain, iske liya koi life thodi end karta hain. Fight hota hain, lekin koi aise baat bina kaise rah sakta hain ? Main ne sorry kaha na., main sachi main sorry hoon. She fights with herself & forces herself to throw the knife away & walks back to the bedroom. Mujhe nahi pata tha humne jo kiya woh consummate nahi tha. Ek tho aise sab karte hain, aur bata the bhi nahi ki kya hota hain. As if, he would have said & u would have understood. Mujhe nahi pata. Mujhe unse baat karni hain, aabhi. She tries his number with tears running down her eyes. I can’t stay without seeing him, talking to him, I might as well die. She picks up the sleeping pills bottle. She keeps it away & tries to sleep.
She kept on trying his number continuously non stop going mad. He switched off his phone getting irritated. She has few pills & tries to sleep. She couldn’t. Mujhe aap se baat karni hain. Please mujhe maaf kardo please she felt heart would explode any minute without speaking to him. It was 12 pass. Her heart was sinking in a pain she had never felt before unbearable tortures, she gave in to the pain &  ate the whole of the bottle & still wandered about trying to sleep. She could not. She threw the bottle & finally fell a sleep at 1am crying.
Maan walked in at 2am . He changed & looked for the pillows to pile up. She had hidden them. He got pissed off & went to the  living room & tried to sleep in the couch. It was 3am he was still really restless & uncomfortable,  he had spend the whole day concentrating hard on new projects & over tiring himself but still he was not able to fall asleep with out her, he hated the dependency she had induced in him. He came back & looked for the sleeping pills. He knew she probably hid that as well. He was really mad at her probably just fell like shaking her & asking her wear it was. But didn’t want to talk to her, didn’t even want to see her face. The thought of addressing him as rapist still lingered in his mind when they didn’t even consummate.

He just went to the living room & tried to sleep without realizing every minute she was drifting into her endless sleep. It was 5.30 am he got ready to go the gym when he tripped on the empty bottle of the pills. He immediately rushed to her hoping he was wrong in thinking wat seemed quiet obvious. But he was not, she was cold, he checked her pulse it was sinking. She had blood stains from her nose & mouth. He rushed her to the hospital in minutes. He couldn’t believe she could do something so silly. He tried to make her have sugar as a first aid. 

Doctor did the initial check up. Maan was getting wild & his temper was rising with his concern for her. Maan Singh Khurana was dead scared of losing her, his life to his temper.
dr. – wat happened
Maan – not sure, I think she ate them all
dr – when
Maan – I am not sure
dr looked at him suspiciously – u r her?
Maan – husband he said in full authority
dr smirked & u don’t seem to know wat she is been up to
that was clearly rubbing Maan on the wrong side especially at that time.
Dr did the initial check up & came back panicking – I guess its been more than 6 hrs since she had them. It is a clear case of drug overdoses, and she already reached coma. We are just fearing any brain damage due to not getting enough oxygen. The airway to the lungs may have got blocked off by the her vomit, or by drug-induced slowdown in the part of the deep brain that controls the rate and depth of breathing. Or the heart may seize and fibrillate all the heart muscle fibers quiver, but none in rhythm with each other. The blood doesn’t move, so it doesn’t take oxygen to the brain or carry away waste. Did she vomit?
Maan was not sure he went blank. Nothing made sense.
dr. – as an  immediate remedy we have intubation, involving running an endotracheal tube through a her nose to her lungs to clear the airway. We have to flush her stomach with tube, it is really a painful process.
Nurses were concerned & spoke among themselves. OMG that will be tortures sticking a thumb size tube through your mouth down to her stomach to pump it out. She may feel she been choked to death.
Maan was shocked & pushed his hair behind. He was broken down completely. Nothing made sense. He rubbed his eyes trying to recall every incident. He knew her as a strong person not a weak girl who would resort to such measures. Prithvi reached the hospital little later. He saw Maan pacing restlessly in the corridor.
They could hear her vomiting & choking. He couldn’t bare the sight she was in. pale, vomiting black, red yellow fluid. She struggled with that thick tube in her mouth. She couldn’t even scream. He felt his heart shattering into million tiny pieces seeing her pain. He never intended to put her in pain not even in his wildest of his dreams. YES he was angry but he didn’t mean to give her pain . He hated himself to have let her into all this. He was responsible for her, god dammit she was his wife his every thing. His life revolved around her. How could he let something like this happen to her. Guilt ate him, she was alone, she didn’t have any one to share her feelings, how much pain she would have felt to resort to something like this. He punched the wall as hard as he could. Prithvi tried to control him, but was not sure about his limits.
How could he let something like this happen to her. Guilt ate him, she was alone, she didn’t have any one to share her feelings, how much pain she would have felt to resort to something like this. He punched the wall as hard as he could. Prithvi tried to control him, but was not sure about his limits.

dr. – she is out of danger now, but will be asleep for next few hours.
Maan was worried why will she be asleep
dr. – we have flushed her stomach but the medicine that has already dissolved in her blood will take some time to fade. We have given injections to reduse that but still she may have a sound sleep for atleast 10hrs now. Nothing to worry Mr. Khurana, ur wife is safe now
those words sounded so soothing to his worn & hurt heart. But still it hurt him. Killed him somewhere to cause this pain to her. He spend the every minute next to her waiting for her open her eyes. He didn’t have his lunch nothing. Prithvi tried getting him some coffee but he refused. He even turned off his phone. He didn’t want anything, he just wanted to see her alright. After 6 hours she turned in pain. He immediately called the doctor panicking. Dr checked her.

dr. nothing to worry it is just her throat. Because of the tube that was inserted she is feeling the pain.
Don’t worry she is going to sleep for another 5hrs. 
Maan waited restlessly for that few hours to pass & see her eyes open again.

It was 7pm more than 12hrs since they had come to the hospital. He held her hand & kissed her. She slowly opened her eyes blinking trying to get the image of him. She knew it was him holding her but she wanted to see him. How much she missed him, it seemed liked ages. She forced open her eyes & tried to reach him, she wanted to hold him in her arms close to her heart. She couldn’t, her head felt heavy & so many pipes running here & there & a sever pain in her throat. But nothing seemed to stop her, she managed to still get up with her second attempt & fell in his arms. Her tears wet his shirt & his her top. I hate u he sobbed.
I can’t live without u she cried her voice cracked in pain & it sounded hoarse because of her bad throat caused due to the tube insertion. He held her from arms & shouted on top of his voice – I can’t even get angry with you or wat?
She looked down feeling sorry
Maan – right kuch kahonga tho u will again do something like this how cool is that
she broke down – aap gussa karlo lekin don’t go away from him, don’t distance from me, I can’t live without u. aap mujhe se baat nahi karte to mujhe kuch samjh nahi aata
he hugged her tightly close to his heart in pain
Geet – mujhe khud se dor nahi karna main jee nahi pavongi
Maan – I hate u
she cuffed & spitted blood. He called the doctor immediately.
Maan – why is she cuffing blood?
dr. – it ok..the tube causes bruise in the throat may be because of that. Don’t worry she is perfectly fine. U can take her home.
Maan completed & the discharge formalities & carried to the car. She hugged & still feeling dizzy.
He laid her on the bed, she fell a sleep instantly. Maan sat next her caressing her hair. She cuddled up next to him. Next day morning she got up to see Maan was getting ready. He was still angry with her she knew it very well. She stood behind him – I am sorry
Maan – umm
she comes in front of him holding her ears – sorry baba
he ignores the sorry & checks her forehead – how r u feeling?
She made a baby face – I am not fine
he rolls is eyes
she  hugs him – mujhe maaf kardo na please
he looks away – its ok
she knew he was saying that just to make her feel better.
Maan – do u want to go to college today
Geet – umm
Maan – are u sure?
She nodded
Maan –  is ur throat still hurting?
She nodes
he closes his eyes in pain – why did u have to do some thing like this?
Tears well down her eyes – main ne jaan ke nahi kiya tha?
Maan – eating 60 tablets at one go?
She cries – mujhe aap ke bina niend nahi aa rahi thi
Maan – mujhe bhi tumahre bina niend nahi aati tho main bhi kaaoon 60 tablets
she shook her head
Maan – neind nahi aa rahi tho ek tablet ka lethi
she innocently – pehle main tho 3-4 khaya phir bhi neind nahi aayen
he punches the wall in anger
Geet – puri bottle khane ke baat bhi ek gande taak neind nahi aayen
Maan – tum kuch karne se pehle soch thi nahi ho?
Why was he even asking that question to her, he always knew this about her, she never thinks before saying or doing things. She just does it at the rush of blood. He should have been more careful with her. 

It was more than a week since Geet got discharged from hospital. He was getting mixed emotions feeling guilty, angry & upset. He was really disturbed, but he kind of controlled himself. He remained little withdrawn. He hated to see her in pain. She suffered with that throat ache for almost a week. She didn’t even complain. Instead she laughed it away saying it surely doesn’t hurt me as much as ur not talking does.

Geet couldn’t see him like this. She did every thing to talk to him.
Geet – promise main aise phir kabhi nahi karongi
he didn’t argue. He just spoke to her lovingly but she knew he was hurt deep within. Above all her silly act he is now scared to express his anger too. He didn’t sleep in the bedroom anymore. He really kept away from her.
She continued her college. Arjun noticed the difference in her. He tried talking to her but prithvi was always there.
Arjun to anni – usse pata nahi kya hogaya hain, tum pata karon na please
anni – umm
she came & spoke to Geet
anni – is every thing alright?
Geet – why wat happened?
Anni – u look stressed
Geet – yah I am bit stressed which college word, exams etc
anni – nahi u look worn out
Geet smiled weakly – aise kuch nahi hain she avoided talking her personal things with any one.

Geet was surely not the types to sulk. She made up her mind to win him all over again.
Friday morning she got up before him got his juice & stuck a note that read
Please let me know what I did to deserve you…I want to make sure I keep on doing it

he read it & didn’t say anything. She watched his reaction. He was cold & no reaction not even a smile. He came back from the gym & went into the shower.. she wrote on the mirror with her lipstickYou color my World

he read it & continued to get ready. He didn’t want her to do anything like this. It was not helping instead he was getting restless.
She tried to make things lighter at the breakfast table. She made a smiley with a ketch up & served. He gave a weak smile to her – jaan u don’t have to do all this.  Every thing is fine
she messaged him couple of time.
Every time she called he picked almost at one ring like he was scared something would happen to her. she knew he was answering the call in dear not in love. she hated it.
He came around 11.30 she served his fav dinner with a note
If I had the letters “HRT”
I can add “EA” to get a “HEART”
a “U”  and get “HURT”.
But I’d rather choose “U” and get “HURT” than have a
“HEART” without “U”.
She got really upset to see things turning so formal between them.

He came around 11.30 she served his dinner with a note
If I had the letters “HRT”
I can add “EA” to get a “HEART” or a “U”
and get “HURT”.
But I’d rather choose “U” and get “HURT” than have a
“HEART” without “U”.
She got really upset to see things turning so formal between them.
Maan felt really bad reading the note. But his ego, his temper was not letting him just forgive her & get things normal. He was not sure wat it was bothering him. It was too many things playing on him at the moment. He didn’t like Geet calling him a rapist ..not actually it was faded a bit ..because some where he knew she just said it without even thinking about it but yah it did hit is ego big time. A bit of irritation on her not accepting their relation some where was also bothering him. Moreover why was it always him understanding why can’t she for once, but again that was a silly argument when he loved her so much. She was always like this spontaneous & vulnerable to him & very nave at heart which he adored the most. Why was he being to inexorable, why was his ego, his anger, his temperament not letting him  let go. He pushed his hair behind not liking all this. Especially seeing her breaking down was killing was painful. He took the car keys & decided to leave at 1am.
She blocked his way standing between the door & him.
Maan – Geet just let me go, I don’t wat to hurt u jaan
she hugged him tightly & shook her head.
He closed his eyes & breath out sharply. His heart was beating furiously depicting his mind.
He softly undid her grip & walked into the room & sat on the bed feeling helpless.
She sat down on the floor next to where his foot rested, burring her head between her legs.
Geet – Maan please mujhe aise dor dor mat raho na
he raised his hand to pull her closer but his ego stopped him.
he pressed his eyes with his palm not understanding wat he wants to do.
Geet – I give up Maan .. I just can’t make it up to u. please maan javoo na
he sits there fighting hard with his own emotions, one side wants to hug her tight & one side was still holding the grudge..not actually grudge but something really unpleasing holding him destroying him totally within.
She cried out loud – u don’t love me any more…u feel all this as a burden.. u hate me so much that u can’t bare to stand under one roof with me..
he furiously cupped her face & looked into her eyes spitting fire
Maan – wat does my anger have to do with my feelings
how can me getting angry makes u feel that I don’t care for u anymore
how can u even think of some thing like this?
Geet – phir mujhe se dor kyun raheten ho? U make me feel I am forcing myself on u.
He broke down – tum chati kya ho Geet, main tumhe pyar na karoon, main tumhe naraz na hoon,
she shook her head that rested in his palms
Maan –  Kitni aasni se kah diya tumne I don’t love u. have u even thought how much it would hurt me. Ek bar bhi  tumne mera bare main socha? Bas kah diya !! humesha ki tarah…
those words really hit her hard, she kind of understood she has spoken lots of thinks without thinking that would have….no that have hurt him, it is not just that one word that one morning it was all wat she have been saying & doing ignorantly. She tried to understand
bas maan liya!! humesha ki tarah …he tried to get up & leave.
Geet rose on her knees & hugged his waist forcing him to sit back – Maan sorry mujhe nahi pata main kab kab kya kya kaha that has hurt u, but trust me I never mean to hurt u
he pulls her hair back to tilt her neck to face him – then why do u think I will say or do anything to hurt u? She blankly looked at him feeling a slight pain with the hair getting pulled. Some where understanding stuck he was just angry & majorly angry nothing more. Tears rolled down her eyes he fiercely kissed them away.
Her lips rested on his yearningly. He took them in exasperatingly into sapping claim. Her hand gripped him tightly.
He lifted her closer to himself. Just give me some time I will be fine.
She shook her head & not letting him go.
Maan – sweetheart main khud tumse dor nahi rah pavoonga, just give me few days, probably I will myself come behind u.
she smiled hearing those words. He lifted her & made her lay on the bed. He tucked the spread around her & kissed her forehead. She didn’t let go his hand. He sat next to her & waited for her to fall a sleep & invariably slept next to her
She didn’t let go his hand. He sat next to her & waited for her to fall a sleep & invariably slept next to her. They were sleeping as if they haven’t slept for ages.
Saturday morning…maan didn’t wake up for his gym. Instead he slept like a baby. She got up around 5.30 am saw him sleeping didn’t want to lose a minute of closeness she hugged him tighter & slept again. She got up again at around 9am to see Maan was gone. She immediately rushed to the living room looking for him. He was working on the laptop. She stood at corridor connecting living & bedroom & watched him silently. He had not noticed her, then suddenly he looked up & knotted his eyebrows. She cleared her throat – main aapke liya special brunch banavoon?
He looked back into his laptop – umm
she excitedly walked into the kitchen & started cooking. She planned on making full fledged  punjabi menu. She planned on paratas & chicken curry.
It way noon. Maan was really feeling hungry. His patience was giving way. He had some more glasses of water & waited. He didn’t wat to lose his temper. It was 1pm. When Geet finally came out rushing making a baby face just few more mins. How could he say anything looking at her innocent face.
He looked back into his laptop – umm..wondering she might be really working on some thing yummy.
she went back into the kitchen murmuring yeh kya kiya jhali pura chicken curry karab kardiya. Aab kya  karigi. Subha se unhe bhooka rakha huwa hain. Chi kitna ganda taste hain. She looked into the fridge & wondered wat to serve him.
She came out at 1.15 with a plate of sandwiches.
He rushed to the table hoping to get a full meal. He fumed looking at the sandwiches. She smiled weakly. He closed his eyes drinking his anger. Yeh mujhe pareshan karne keliya yeh sab kar rahi hain kya? He drank another glass of water & ate the sandwiches. She looked really concerned & truly sorry. He didn’t make a fuzz either. He just finished his sandwiches & went to keep his plate, when he noticed the mess in the kitchen & the spoiled chicken curry. He smiled at her innocence. He shook his head & murmured bol nahi sakti thi.. Sach main pagal hain.  Itni pareshan ho rahi hogi.
He got back to his work. Later in the evening
Geet – I was thinking we could go out for a coffee?
He didn’t want to refuse her especially after the torture she has gone through making that chicken curry. he maintained a straight look – umm
she dressed up in the top he presented her for the bday & her blue jeans. Jhali aab koi gadbad mat karna. Jaldi se unka gussa tanda kar. Tuesday ko unka birthday bhi hain. I have to make it special for him, the way he did it for me. Lekin kaise unka gussa khatam ho tab na.
He wore a t-shirt & jeans. Her eyes were just glued on to him. Drooling over his toned look, that was quite visible with his body hugging t-shirt. She probably just wanted to touch him, feel him, kiss every part of his bare body, just by looking at him she could feel herself turning mushy. He cleared his throat to distract her.   They walked down to the nearby coasta cafe. She ordered his coffee & a milk shake for her. He was busy with his blackberry phone. She looked at him impatiently. He didn’t seem to budge.
She cleared her throat couple a times & switched legs.
Finally pulled his phone away – mujhe se baath karo
Maan shot stair – that was important
she immediately gave the phone back & got restless.
He send the mail & kept the phone down.
Maan – so how is ur college
Geet – of all the things u want to talk about college now she spoke again without thinking.
babaji main romance ki baat kar rahi hoon aur yah kaise kaise boring baat kar rahen hain. Chalo baat tho kar rahen hain. He watched her closely reading the confusion in her eyes.
He spoke about his clients & new deal that he has signed in India. She was happy they were finally talking like friends. Like their usual coffee date in taj. Oh man !!! how much she missed those days. They could spend the whole evening chatting & still talk the whole night over the phone. They went back home & Maan was held up again with his work.

She noticed he had people waiting to have a web meeting in India. He put them on hold to take her out. She felt guilty. Unhe mana ne chali hain yah aur pareshan karne. Uff Geet sudhar ja. His calls went on till late mid night & he was not even having time to have his dinner.

She went to change. She didn’t dare to wear her spaghetti top & short ever since that night. She just wore her some pyjama & t-shirt. Maan hated her not being herself. He actually kind of missed her dressed cutely, innocently yet sexy.

She didn’t want to force him or disturb him for dinner. She served his dinner in a plate & fed him while he was still working sitting on the couch. He was having some fumed up conversation with his clients on phone in India. She was just realizing the volume of work he handles on the daily basis. It was 2am & his work didn’t seem to stop. She saw he was tired & almost dosing off. She sat next to him comforting him & occasional massaging his neck. He smiled weakly too engrossed in his work. Finally he fell a sleep still typing a mail. She took the laptop carefully & kept it on the side table. She made him lay on her lap & softly kissed his cheek.

Next day morning she turned at 5.30am feeling uncomfortable with the position. He turned to hug her waist & hid her face into her pulling her closer. She was feeling so ticklish. She tried to control herself. She didn’t want to disturb him at all.

Maan woke up at 10.am to find himself cuddled up in her lap in the couch. He lifted her & carried her to bedroom & made her lay her on the bed. She pulled his hand along & slept. He knew she probably sleep well because of him. He placed soft kiss on her forehead & walked away slowy withdrawing his hand.

She got up little later & carefully cooked their lunch. She definitely didn’t want to try anything fancy. She kept it simple Italian lunch. She so much wanted to take him for a coffee but was scared to ask him out seeing his volume of work.

Next day morning Maan had left to office & Geet was getting ready to go to college. She finished her bath & stood wearing the towel & spoke to herself in the mirror. Kal unka birthday hain. Aabhi bhi unka gussa thanda nahi huwa. Thu bhi na waste hain. Aab main kya kar salti hoon. Tune unhe gussa dilya aab tu hi unhe mana. Lekin kaise main ne unke liya unka fav kahana banaya, unke saat coffee date bhi gayee, unpe tho kisi baat ka asar nahi hota. She shook her head & came out wiping her hair to bump into him. She was first shocked to see him at home then embarrassed, then shy, then something wet as he looked at her with alluring eyes. His hand slid slowly around her waist, she gulped some air, he kept looking at her lost in her wet & sexy look. He took another step closer His hand slowly pushed the wet hair behind as they slide back of her ear to bury themselves in that silken curtain of wet hain while drinking the beauty purely with his eyes. His caress send tremors in her. He was instantly turning hard. She could feel him coming closer she held her breath.
She didn’t want to say anything or react in any way that could hurt. She fluttered her eyes couple of time & then looked at his lips. His mouth went dry seeing her eye moment. He parted his lips but then some reality stuck ..woh main file bhool gaya tha he said looking flushed. She stood rooted with her hands hanging on either side as he left.

She fluttered her eyes couple of time & then looked at his lips. His mouth went dry seeing her eye moment. He parted his lips but then some reality stuck ..woh main file bhool gaya tha he said looking flushed. She stood rooted with her hands hanging on either side as he left. Just realizing wat she needs to do to win her husbands heart. She hid her face in the towel feeling shy with her own thought.

She was in a freakingly awesome mood. She couldn’t wait for her classes to finish. Anni looked little disturbed, but Geet was in no mood to talk to any one.
Anni weakly asked – hi Geet, u look really happy
she blushed – actually I am in a hurry will talk to u later.
She rushed to the store & picked up stuffs to decorate the room. She picked the cake that she had ordered earlier for him. She reached home around 3pm. She decorated the bedroom with red ballons heart shaped ones. Arranged candles all around. She quickly went to the kitchen & started cooking the dinner as well. She was very careful not to spoil the dinner. She took special care in preparing again his fav dishes. Simultaneously she did the bed as well. She filled the bed with rose petals. She kept smiling  as she added the petals she couldn’t stop her thoughts going wild. It was 9pm. She had finished all her preparation. She knew he will be late.

She went in for a bath. Dried herself. She dressed up in a red dress. She checked herself in the mirror. She pushed her curves little up trying to get a seducing look. She perfumed herself. She let her hair lose. She almost fell a sleep waiting for him on the dinning table. When she heard a click at the door at around 11.30pm she immediately sat up straight.

She was really excited & nervous now. She didn’t know how to start it all. What will she tell him, how will she. Her heart raised faster & faster.
Maan walked straight into the dinning area – jaan I have had my dinner.
He didn’t notice her dress nor the dinner. Her nervousness increased, she faked a smile. Now she was scared wat will he say seeing the room decorated like that. She immediately stood up Maan she said in soft voice, he turned to actually notice her wearing something different. He tried hard to think wat she was up to. She looked devilishly hot. He took a deep long breath to control his emotions. He scratched back of his neck lifting his brows – umm
she seductively walked towards him. He curiously watched her almost losing himself to every step of hers. He tried to calm his rising heart beat, which was no where near slowing it was just reaching its peak.
She softly inched closer & closer to him. He gasped some air. Murmuring Maan yeh phir se iska koi innocent sa idea hoga tu control main rah phir subha uttah ke pata nahi kya kya kah degi. She still moved closer. He moved back not able to take her seducing looks & overwhelming scent. She came really close & softly touched her finger on his chest sending shudders in him. He looked at her finger held it & looked at her, trying to read those eyes. He was not sure if he was reading it correctly. He didn’t even want to think in those line – kya hain baba
Geet came closer – woh main woh main kahna chati thi
he just couldn’t stand so close to her. He felt he may just consume her. He snapped & went into the room. She closed her eyes feeling scared, embarrassed & followed him. It was dark, he tried switching on the light but she had removed the bulbs.
Maan – lagta hain bulb fuse hogaya hain
he pulled the sleeves & walked to the dresser. She closed the door behind & played the music taking in a sharp breath. He curiously turned back…see the room slowly lighting up with the candles she began to light. He had a smile touching his lips. 
Hey you,
Meri saans saans tere paas paas,
Yu hi baar baar, hui aag aag, kyu bata?
Now the whole room was glowing in a shades of red, with heart shaped balloons & red roses.
He shook his head & walked towards the door
Hey you,
Tere saath saath poori raat raat,
Karoon pyaar pyaar bhari baat baat tauba,
she stood stopping him & seducingly showering kisses on him..he wonderd does she even realize wat her touch does to him..uff uppar se yah sab
Bebo main bebo, dil mera le lo,
Dil dene aayi, le lo ji le lo
she was feeling very shy to be so aggressive, but she knew she had to be. She softly slipped her hand around his waist.
Maan – jaan
Sehmi sehmi se main, roko toko naa ji,
Geet looking deeply in his eyes meaning those lines shook her head kept her finger on his lips
Jaan tumse bandhi hai, durr jao naa ji,
she blushed & hugged him.
Durr bhi ek bahana, haule haule se jaana,
passionately kissing him. He was still trying to fight his building urges.
Hum ko bhi kya khabar thi, ishq hai apni tu tu main main,
as he tries to walk towards the bed she makes a baby face.
Bebo main bebo, dil mera le lo,
she takes in a deep breath & slowly slides her dress down. His eyes widen & he turns away
Dil dene aayi, le lo ji le lo
she changes into her spaghetti top & with a thong instead of short..
he tries to look at her from the corner of his eyes
Chupke chupke mujhe, mud ke dekhe kuy ji,
he smiled & looked away.
Saari saari hi main, teri teri hu ji,
she pushed him on the bed & sat on him
Dor daale zamanna, mera dil nahi maana,
she inched over him showering kisses from his torso to his chest, softly biting his neck
Teri ek hi nazar mein, dil ko hua hai yeh yeh wo wo,
he pulled her hair she looked into his eyes & took his lips into herself
Bebo main bebo, dil mera le lo,
Dil dene aayi, le lo ji le lo
her tongue invaded his mouth & shooting thousand sparks of delight in him.
He closed his eyes & his grip in her hair tighten to press her closer
Hey you,
Meri saans saans tere paas paas,
while her hand undid his shirt. & moved to his pants.
All his senses were alert. Feeling every move of her, every touch of her.
Yu hi baar baar, hui aag aag, kyu bata?
Hey you,
she released the snap & slid down the zipper. She carefully consciously moved her tender hands inside the opened garment to trace his hipbones then his navel.
Tere saath saath poori raat raat,
Karoon pyaar pyaar bhari baat baat tauba,
He held her hand not able to control the sexual assault any further.
Jaan he gasped slipping his hand under her top as he cupped her soft back curves, he realized she was just wearing a thong. His desires where totally uncontrollable. He desperately squeezed them. Burring his face in her chest between the curves. His breathing turned rapid & as she slipped his pants further down.
Maan – I thought u wanted to wait for our
she passionately kissed him I changed my mind. Hope u don’t mind. She removed her top & surrendered totally to him whispering happy birthday hubby bee. He passionately turned her over down, struggling out of his entangling pants & kicked it away. His mouth closed over hers with hard possession & he pushed himself more fully on her. She trembled under his body. U have a body made of lotus petals I wonder how can it bear me. Aapke pyar ke aaghosh main mujhe kuch aur meshsoos nahi hota.He kissed her harder & she kissed him back with equal intensity. He lost track of everything except the mingling of his breath with hers, the sweep of her tongue caressing his.
He outlined her lips with his tongue. She moaned in pleasure. He softly cupped the curves she arched her back offering herself to him. His breath was warm against the tops of her *****. Maan lowered his head to hover above her buds & she ached to feel him against her flesh. He teased his tongue against her tip intensifying the wetness between her thighs. He laved, nipped & suckled one ***** & then the other. Geet wrapped her leg around his hip over his boxer pulling him closer until his hardness touched her wet satin thong.

She gasped into his mouth as he slowly slid his hand inside her thong slipping them away. His long finger set up a slow, steady rhythm & with each thrust she climbed a little further closer. Finally reaching her flood. She cuddled into his arms feeling high. He softly caressed her arms then her cheek.

A minute later she was on top of him with a jerk & kissing him pleasing him & toying him. She showered him with kisses. & moved her soft fingers to pull his boxer down & he held her hand. She looked at him feeling confused I want to still go with ur dream. a tear drop slipped from her eyes as kissed it away. She passionately made him come with his boxers on. She was puerile in her act but she pleased him beyond his will & drove him to his peak. He carefully washed & changed into a new pair of shorts & laid cuddled up next to her.

She was puerile in her act but she pleased him beyond his will & drove him to his peak. He carefully washed & changed into a new pair of shorts & laid cuddled up next to her.  They kissed each other & explored each other. His hands already seem to know all over her. His one hand teased her peaked buds while his fingers played between her legs while his lips nibbled her earlobe. She moaned his name driving him wild.

They could play around the whole night, but she seemed tired. He kissed nose – tumne dinner nahi kiya? She shook her head. He got up instantly & offered her his hand. She shied & hid herself in the spread. He lifted her **** body she turned pink in embarrassment & hid herself in him. She didn’t let go the spread & he smiled seeing her still feeling so shy. He fed her the dinner while she passionately hugged him hiding their bare body under the spread. He occasionally kissed her curves feasting on them & kneading her back this his hand.

She finished the dinner & begin to sob hugging him in love & pain.
Maan – kya huwa jaan?
Geet – aap bahut gussa karte ho
he kissed her tears – sorry jaan. I don’t like it ..tho bus don’t like it..just need some time
Geet – aapke is thode se time main tho meri jaan hi nikal jaani hain.
Maan closes her mouth aise mat kaho jaan. U know I get angry.
Geet – uske liya koi itna gussa hota hain kya?
Maan – waise bhi mujhe kisi na kaha tha ki agar BF hoon tho haaq banta hain
she snorted her nose – lekin aap tho BF nahi ho
he knotted his eye brows loosening the grip on her & looked at her complaining eyes
she made a baby face moved closer – aap tho hubby ho na
he kissed her passionately hearing her accepting it so cutely.
she wrapped the spread around her & went to the kitchen to get the cake.
She lit the candles & got it finding it difficult to hold the cake & the spread. He didn’t help her just watched the spread slide along, revealing her partly & then completely. He stood rooted drinking her beauty with his eyes. He could feel himself getting hard already just seeing her.  She looked like an angel under the candle light, she kept the cake on the table & hugged him feeling really shy. His hand spontaneously snaked all over her & showering wet kisses all over. He blew the candle & carried her to the room along with the cake.
Geet – cake nahi khana
Maan – I rather eat u.
she teasingly – who is stopping u
he groaned under his throat getting teased with her words. It took every ounce of his will to resist. But she had given him an invitation. How could he refuse? Sinking down further he traced a line of kisses from her shoulder to her curves & then his mouth found her *****, peaked already.

Geet moaned pressing her nails in his shoulder. He pulled her legs up around his waist while his lips gently exploring the exposed flesh. But as he continued, Maan knew they were reaching a point of no return. He drew back & waited until she opened her eyes & looked at him.

It was so easy to get caught up in his desire, Maan mused. Though he tried to ignore his need to possess her. There were moments when he let himself imagine wat they might share, wat it would feel like to move inside her. The impulse to strip off rest of his cloths was too intense to ignore.
Geet – why are u holding back.
he kissed her passionately losing himself completely.
She playfully pushed the cream from the cake on his nose tip, leaving chocolate dripping onto his chin. But before he could put the dip on her, she caught the dripping chocolate with her tongue. She slowly licked the rest of the mess off his face.
Maan – phir se karo na he requested in a husky voice.
She put her legs on either side & sat on him. She touched the cake piece to his nose, then licked it off. She made dots all around him, his shoulder, his chest his biceps & lusciously licked him. Every touch of her tongue was making him feel harder & harder. When she thought she was through with her cake eating, she took a big piece & handed it to him. It is really yummy she said with a wicked grin. He understood wat she meant. He took the whole cake & smashed it on her. Every were, her curves, her *****, her belly, her *****, her thighs, her legs…then spend the whole night licking, nibbling, picking, biting it & relishing his birthday cake.

Next day they turned into each others arms feeling sticky. They smiled at each other.
Maan – u don’t want to wash ur self.
She naughtily – I would love to if ur tongue is willing to do me a favor.
He couldn’t have refused to such an humble & sexy order. They spend the good part of the morning showering wet kisses to each other.

Maan carried her to the shower & turned on the shower. She turned to face him & explored every bit of him slipping even the final barrier. He shuddered with her touch around his parts. She hugged him closely with her pressing his back curves & pushing him closer feeling his manhood teasing her belly under the shower.

He bit around her neck, collar bone moving close to back of her ears – u r making it impossible for me to hold back. She in a jerk wrapped her legs around his hips & her hands around his neck – because I don’t want u to any more. She spoke kissing his lips. He kissed her back carnally.

They dried themselves & changed. Maan was dressing up to go to office. She changed into her night dress & looked at him puzzled – aap kanha ja rahen ho?
Maan – sweet heart aaj Tuesday hain..working day
she removed his shirt – nahi aaj aapka birthday hain..matlab holiday
she slipped her hands under his vest & began to slide upward.
Maan smiled – jaan tumhare liya sab extreme kyun hota hain?
She throws the vest away & kisses his bare body while her hand don’t seem to have enough of his touch – extreme & grin touches the corner of her lip pushing him on the bed & repeating the whole night again this time without the cake though.

Finally Maan tries to put himself back to get ready at around 2pm. She makes a baby face & holds him back – ek tho mujhe aise tempt karte ho, phir chodke jate ho
he kisses her forehead – nahi jaa raha baba, ghar se kaam kar raha hoon.
Geet – nahi & pulls him back into the spread.
She hugs him & lay while he worked sitting on the bed.
Maan – jaan tumhe college nahi jana
she shook her head kissing his belly

Maan – jaan tumhe college nahi jana
she shook her head kissing his belly. As she dossed off Maan went to the living room & attended his calls & meetings. Geet god up around 7 pm while Maan was still working. She slips into his shirt & walks to the living room. She stands near the dinning table watching him for a while. He looked at her, she smiled & gave him a flying kiss. He smiled & kissed her back. She went into the the kitchen & made coffee for him. She took a pink paper & folded it like a card. On top she placed a kiss leaving her lipstick mark & inside she wrote dinner Invite. Time – 9.00pm. Venue – bedroom. Dress code – strictly birthday dress. She slips it inside an envelope & places it under the coffee cup. She serves him the coffee & quickly goes back to the kitchen to prepare the dinner.

Maan sips the coffee couple of time & then finally his eyes fall on the envelope. He looks at the kitchen door to get a view of her & pulls out the folded pink paper. He saw her lips mark & kissed it with a smile touching his lips. Then read the invite. He knew she was upto something. He smiled & continued to work.

Geet prepares fresh garlic bread, chicken pasta, salad with italian dressing & chocolate molten lava cake. Maan noticed her carrying every thing to the bed room.
Maan – jaan u need any help
she came to the hall & straddled on  his lap with her bare buttocks resting on his thighs. He hugged her closely nibbling & kissing through the shirt. She whispered be on time I will be waiting biting his ears.
He smiled delightfully.

She went into the shower & then went to the room. She tied up her hair with a clip & set the room.
Maan got ready & walked in at 9 pm sharp in towel. He was just opening the door, she screamed dress code is strictly birthday dress. He shook his head & removed the towel & walked in. He blushed & felt instantly ruttish seeing his dinner.  Her eyes could not stop glancing at his manhood which seemed to react  so passionately just looking at her turing her pink.

He looked at her – umm so this is my dinner.
She naughtily nodded.
Maan – kanha se suru karoon
Geet – there is a rule
Maan – I don’t have patience to follow the rules
She knotted her brows
Maan – ok wat are the rules
she smiled naughtily yet again – u cannot use your hands to eat
he smirked wickedly & shook his head looking at her idea of serving herself as the dinner. He bend down to take her lips in & kiss her turbulently. As they broke out of the kiss pantingly – there is another rule. He knotted his brow. U have to feed me too with out using ur hands. He laughed.
She giggled – well I am famished.
He leaned closer to her neck which was covered with salad & took in a bite. He smiled. She smiled too. He took another bite & fed her. The salad slipped from her lip. He tried to help her with his hand. Mr. Hubby u r cheating now. He was confused. I said no hands. He realized wat she meant. He used his tongue to push the salad from dripping. They finished the salad & he moved to her curves where she had 2 garlic breads covering them.  He took a bit  & sucked the ***** she arched slowly, they were so tempted to hold each other & with their hands..but off course the rules was no hands. The bread eating didn’t seem to finish. He sat on his knees leaned forward on to lick, suck & bite the *****. she could already feel herself wet & hungry. He quickly took a bite of pasta that was placed on her belly that send shivers down her spine. He fed her most of the pasta with his mouth while he chew on her exposed flesh. Maan – jaan I can’t wait to have the dessert he said hungrily.
she blushed & closed her face. Mrs. Wife u r cheating now. No hands. He took a bite of the cake that was placed just above her panty line the chocolate lava exploded & the molten chocolate began to flow, he impatiently removed her panties & licked the lava. She felt she would explode any moment she hugged him & pressed her fingers desperately not wanting him to stop. He teased her & rose up licking the chocolate around his lip, she groaned violently commanding him to be there, he enjoyed seeing her turning wild & enjoying his touch. He smirked & bend in & drowning himself completely in the lava making her drive to insanity. He placed soft kisses & moved towards her lips, shower wet kisses to her belly, valley & hollow of  the neck. She hugged him & panting  still blushing.

She carnally flipped over him – u didn’t feed me my dessert.
She took another chocolate explosion & placed it close to his ****. He pleaded not to provoke him. he closed his eyes as she did exactly wat he did & licked the chocolate sensuously teasing his senses & driving him  to his insanity. Her every touch was filled with passion & wildness he could never imagine filled in her. skin on skin, the ripple of muscles beneath her hands mesmerized him as she stroked & kneaded his ****. His heart pounded and his breath came in sharp, quick gasps. he reached up & pulled her mouth back down to him reaching his most senseous experience ever.
they went to wash themselves, she still didn’t seem to stop enjoying her dessert under the shower
Maan – jaan chodo mujhe. Its all sticky sticky now.
Geet – umm..nahi I am still hungry, u didn’t feed me properly. He pushed her into the bath tub & went on enjoying themselves endlessly.
Next day they found themselves cuddled up in the bathtub. He kissed her admired her. He felt like he was falling in love with her all over again. So many shades she has in her still to explore more about her. He wiped her & carried her to the bed, he removed the spread & put on another one, while she lay in the side. Then he slide her in center setting the spread properly & lovingly watched her. She droopingly looked at him – gym nahi jana
he shook his head as her eyes closed. He kept watching her & wondered how could he ever get angry at her.  It was so silly to even react to wat ever she says, especially when he knows very well she speaks without thinking.
They spend the whole next week exploring each other. Maan worked from home & Geet missed her college. They just couldn’t have enough of each other. So it was more of a extended birthday celebration ..spread over the entire week definitely it was his bestest of birthday celebration.
They spend the whole next week exploring each other. Maan worked from home & Geet missed her college. They just couldn’t have enough of each other. So it was more of a extended birthday celebration ..spread over the entire week.

She spend her whole time only thinking about him & making every moment special with him. She was totally different in love, deep in love. Maan was surprised to see this side of her. She looked really happy, delighted. She didn’t need reason to smile or giggle. Not even a minute she would stay away from him. Initially Maan thought she was just excited about their being expressive sexually but soon he realized she was madly crazily  falling in more love with him if that was possible, it was not the sexual bit it was her love which she had never expressed until now.

He was surely to be blown away. Every breakfast was special, every call seemed to be more intimate , nights didn’t seem to end. Maan could definitely see his wife in her now.  Even the coffee seemed to be special. He wondered how can that be. Now he realized how much she was holding back & wat was her meaning of being married. He couldn’t have expected much of a change but he is surprised to see her as a wife. Something way beyond wat he ever expected or dreamt off. He felt she was very close to him, closer than ever before, she could feel his reactions before he could feel it. She was 1000% filled with only his love. Her face was glowing with his love, her eye was filled with passion for him, which he failed to notice until now. Nothing else mattered for her. Her day started in his arms & ended in his arms. But to his surprise she never said those magical words to him yet. He laughed at his own thought, there was so much of love in every thing she did, he never felt the need for those words didn’t even long for it.

Her expression of love has been so uniquely distinctive towards him from the day one & every time it changed its form but the intensity that he felt only has increased. Let it be her being always different with him, or going extreme to manaofy him, or fighting with terrorists for him or leaving her dream for him, be it accepting the wedding subconsciously & fighting with herself to accept it consciously & now just being his wife, she always loved him. She never failed to sweep him into different world all together.

Geet didn’t want to go to college even after a week. She got up & looked for him. She wore his shirt, loosely without buttoning it. She lovingly stood behind him while he was shaving. She slipped her hands around his waist & rested her cheek on his back. He smiled & continued shaving.
Geet – mujhe college nahi jana
Maan – jaan I have to go to office, I have an important meeting
Geet – umm
he turned & cupped her face.
She cribbed – we are married for 6 months & u didn’t take me for honey moon.
U don’t have time for me.
Maan – jaan we have not even stepped out of the flat for last 1 week.
She blushed & hugged him pressing her ***** to his chest & kissing his neck..I don’t mind lifetime with in here with u. & she moved her fingers sensuously under his shirt, he kept the razor down & cupped her curves which were teasing him since the time she walked in. he took them in his mouth sucking & biting one at a time. She slipped her soft fingers in his pants & kneaded his back. He carried her to the bed in the next minute & passionately kissing & tantalizing each other to the flood.
He placed soft peck on her forehead & smiled looking at her covered with the form. She cuddled up & lazed around while he got ready.
Geet – mat javo na
Maan rolled his eyes – according to me you should also go to college.
Geet – mujhe kanhi nahi jana
Maan – aacha baba do wat ever u want to
Geet – are u sure? He pulls him closer removing his tie.
Maan kisses her sweetheart please
she makes a baby face while he leaves.

She cleaned up the house & prepared for the house for another romantic dinner. The whole day she spend in decorating the house with fresh flowers. She called him couple of time just to say hi. He smiled at her for behaving like this. He found it cute though. Later in the evening Maan called her & she jumped up – hi
Maan – jaan me held up in a clients party. Tum dinner kha lena
Geet made a baby face
Maan – sweety please
she didn’t say anything
he was really tired & uppar se this party uff he rubbed his temple
she asked in a low voice – had a busy day?
He made a sad face – really jaan bahut kaam tha, uppar se yah party I just hate it
she tried to cheer him up – well I have a surprise for u then
he was in no mood to stay awake the whole night, he just closed his eyes helplessly.

He tried to be cheerful, he definitely didn’t want to let her down. Before he rang the bell she opened the door enthusiastically. She was all dressed in her night suit. She took him to the room which was playing a soft music unlike her typical bebo!! she had placed few scented candles & orchids.
Maan – give me few minutes I will change & come
she kept her lips on his & softly began undressing him – u r not allowed to do anything, u r supposed to just relax. He wondered how could he relax if she so sensuously teased his senses. She got him off his tie & waist coat very softly placing soft kisses, he wondered why was her kisses soft..which actually began to relax him. She got off his shirt & showered him again with loving kisses.

She removed his belt & he held his breath but she moved to his shoes.
Maan – nahi jaan I will do that
she pushed him on the bed – I said relax
he struggled to get up meanwhile she got his shoes & socks off & placed kisses on his toes. He smiled & turned around facing down. She sat on his back. He felt some warm liquid touch his back, he stiffened a bit initially. Jaan kya kar rahi ho?shhh!!!!she said
her hands began to softly massage his shoulders & then moving down to his back. He almost dossed off with her feather lite soft hands working lovingly around him. Her hands moved to slip her fingers inside his hair & massaging his scalp then to his neck then to his extended hand. She went on massaging him for an hour. He slipped into deep sleep. She kissed his head & cuddled up next to him. He turned & pulled her closer while his hand slipped into her shorts caressing softly. She chuckled with his touch. 

He got up in the morning feeling really fresh & relaxed & off course feeling naughty. He ripped her top & poured the left over massage oil on her. Before she could open her eyes his hands were kneading & playing all over her. He kissed her, his lips soft against hers, his tongue tracing shape of her lower lip. As she lost herself in the tantalizing taste of his mouth, he reached down & pulled her leg up beside his hip. She knew that with just one shift of her hip, he could be inside of her. She sighed with her own eagerness. But she waited, allowing him to choose the moment. As his mouth drifted to her body, Geet closed her eyes & enjoyed the morning love.

Maan again & again brought her close with his fingers & his kisses, until she was moaning his name & pleading for relief. When she tried to move in to finish it herself he gently drew her away & began again. She held her breath the pleasure so intense every nerve in her body was on fire until finally she hugged him feeling her cum. He held her so closely not able to hold back himself from flowing in. both laid in besides kissing & nuzzling.

He placed a soft kiss on her head – aaj bhi college nahi jana
she nodded hugging hims
he got up & got ready for the office while she made his breakfast. She fed him the breakfast drooling over him & sitting on his lap. Before leaving she kissed him thoroughly.
Maan – try going to college.
She made a baby face & got ready.

Geet went back to college almost after a week. Prithvi was always with her. Arjun was happy to see her after so many days. He wanted to talk to her but couldn’t have prithvi closely watched him.
Geet was smiling &  giggling all the while, she could barely understand wat was happening in the class. She could see Maan taking her class instead of her lecturer. She hit her head & tried to concentrate least she could. Anni came & sat next to her & poured her sorrows that hit Geet back to reality.
She hit her head & tried to concentrate least she could. Anni came & sat next to her & poured her sorrows that hit Geet back to reality.
Geet was shocked – yeh kya bol rahi hain tu???
anni – I am really scared mujhe kuch samjh nahi aa raha
Geet – but how could u let this happen to ur self?
Anni – tumhare birthday ke time, those few days he was very upset & I was scared that he may hurt himself again
Geet – but that doesn’t mean u
anni eyes were filled up & she looked down in shame
Geet – did u check with the doctor
anni – no I am scared.
Geet closed her eyes in disbelieve – how could u anni? How could u?
She immediately rushed her to the hospital & got her checked. dr. confirmed her pregnancy.
Anni cried – mujhe maa nahi ban na, I won’t be able to take care of the kid. Please Geet kuch karo na, please Geet do something.
Geet spoke the dr & found out about the abortion procedures. Dr suggested to carry out few tests before the actual abortion.
Geet – don’t u think u should inform Arjun about it
anni – NO NO ways!!!
anni was shit scared & horrified. I don’t want Arjun to even know about all this. Waise bhi he can’t do much about all this.
Geet – but I think he is a nice person that way.
anni – I thought u hate him
Geet – I told u he means nothing to me. But as far as I understand him, he will not shy away from his responsibilities.
Anni – I don’t understand you.
Geet gave a puzzled look to her.
Anni – ek taraf u don’t respect his feelings aur ek taraf us ki taraf dari karti ho?
Geet – his feelings for me has no place in real life but he as an individual does exist.
Anni – how can u be so cold towards anyone’s feelings.
Geet – thats not the point now, I have spoken to the dr about the abortion. They are doing some tests. Tomorrow we will know the future course of action.
Anni was little taken a back with geets coldness. She wondered how some one can be so feelingless. Geet seemed so confusing to her. Ek taraf she is such a caring friend, a person how shows good understanding of human nature aur ek taraf she is so numb to arjun’s feelings. She was confused whether to like her for her understanding or hate her for numbness.

Maan calls her getting worried
Maan – wat happened why r u in the hospital?
Geet – kuch nahi anni ke liya aaye thi
Maan – u still talk to her.
She rolled her eyes
Maan – teehk hain, I am not saying anything.
She smiled
Maan – don’t do that
she knotted her brows
Maan – that smile of urs it kills me.
Geet – that is my dialogue
Maan – well u r mine now so everything of urs is mine
she sensuously – but u never claim me though
Maan – jaan
Geet – fir aap kuch karte kyun nahi?
He blushes
Geet – ummah is cheek ke liya…ummah yeh dusre cheek ke liya
Maan – miss u
Geet – miss u too.
She blushes & cuts the call. She comes back to anni. Challo I will drop u home.

After dropping her home. Geet goes back home. She felt guilty for anni’s condition. She felt some where she was responsible for it. She called anni
Geet – anni I am really sorry
anni – don’t be. Its all my mistake.
Geet – don’t worry kal sab teehk ho jayega.
She sighs & gets back to her flat.

The moment she gets back to her house, she was blown to another world. She loved every corner of her house. She just forgets every thing & prepares his dinners. She lights up some candles & changes the flowers. She has her shower & gets ready for him.

10pm before he knocks she opens the door delightfully. She placed a ravishing kiss on his lips. He dropped the bags & kicked the door closed & hugged her cravingly. Their kiss deepened one into the other & then into a long one. As they broke to catch some breath Geet – aap change karlo I will heat up the food. He smiled & went to change.

After their loving dinner. Maan decides to watch TV. She makes a baby face looking at the time & murmurers 11pm why does he want to watch TV, can’t we be in the bed already. She plans another naughty ideas of hers.
Maan – Jaan where is the TV remote.
She walks seducingly towards him, reading her intentions
Maan – jaan just want to catch up with the headlines
she twists her lips & gives the remote.
He takes the remote & switches on the tv while he reads the little sticky on the remote
”turn me on instead”
he looks at her with his alluring eyes & without warning he carries her to the room – do I really need to turn u on??
she shakes her head rounding her hand around his neck nuzzling & licking his cheek – but u need to be
he groaned – do u really think so?
She nodded naughtily evoking the daemon in him. Aacha he murmured furrowing his fingers through her hair & pulling her into a deeper kiss whirlwind of passion. They tumbled back onto the bed, pushing aside cloths so that they could touch bare skin. His hand cupped her curves & covered them completely with his mouth. He didn’t seem to stop today. She pleaded to stop but he was driving her to the edge & then holding back. She roared in desperation he didn’t seem to budge instead he made maon louder & louder. Maan please don’t hold back today she pleaded. He chuckled.

She pushed him hard, rolled him over, climbed on & started riding, pinning his wrists to the mattress with her feather light weight, her heavy curves swinging & her skin gradually flushing. Her looks on top of him made him almost not care, he freed his hands put them to her hips to help her along pushing them to the end. He gritted his teeth & pulled away feeling himself almost doming. She hugged him from behind catching for her breath. He turned around & hugged her with a tear threatening to fall. She kissed it away – trust me its not my dream any more.
His heart screamed in pain – I have ruined all ur dreams. I wish atleast make it up to this one.
She waks in lovingly on his cheeks, teasing his temper a short temper flashed in his eyes but didn’t last long enough knowing it was not meant to be a slap as such. She made a baby face seeing that temper & placed a soft kiss – I am living my dream. He hugged her tighter. I love every bit of my life with u. I am so happy we r together. This means the world to me. I don’t want anything more.

She made a baby face seeing that temper & placed a soft kiss – I am living my dream. He hugged her tighter. I love every bit of my life with u. I am so happy we r together. This means the world to me. I don’t want anything more. He kissed her deeply & they cuddled up together. They felt so complete in each other arms.
Next day Geet met with anni in the college. Arjun noticed the sudden closeness between them. He watched Geet restlessly,  pleading to talk to her. But she always ignored but today she had an angry look in her eyes towards him. He wondered wat it was. But off course he couldn’t have gone anywhere close to her. But the anger in her eyes made him very itchy. He tried stocking her maintaining a safe distance.
Geet took anni to hospital & checked with the dr for the reports. Dr said every thing was fine but they could not abort the child as it won’t be safe for anni. Geet & anni were totally shocked & taken back. They tried taking a second opinion but every thing turned out negative.
Anni broke down crying – Geet mujhe maa nahi ban na. I don’t want to repeat wat my mom did. Please Geet help me out of all this please Geet. She ran madly outside the hospital randomly trying to jump in front of a speeding car. Geet pulls her aside & turns to see a truck heading straight towards her, prithvi just pulls both of them aside missing the truck just by few inches.
Three of them lay panting, with their heart pounding to burst out of their chest in fear.
Prithvi immediately checks Geet – are u alright
she nodes & checks  anni. She hugged & cried – mujhe yeh bacha nahi chahiya. Please Geet help me out of this. Geet helplessly sits near the pavement & wonders wat she could do to make her feel better. They sat there for few minutes to get the heart beating to normal.
Geet dropped anni at her place & went back home wondering how she could be helped. Guilt was eating into her. She hated herself, how could she be the cause of anni rather anyone’s pain.
Prithvi cleared his throat to catch her attention. She was still lost resting her head on the cars window. Prithvi – mam
she was still lost
prithvi buzzs the horn when she suddenly snaps out
Geet – umm
prithvi – mam we have reached
she nodded & went to her flat. Her house was filled with only Maan & her love nothing else had place for it. She was feeling much better, finding herself enveloped in his air, feeling close to him. She engrossed herself in doing up the house & preparing dinner for him. The weather outside was becoming bad like a night mare. She didn’t realize much of it until when she got a call from Maan at 9pm.
Maan – jaan I am stuck at Reading. Will not be able to come back home.
Like her heart sunk she fell on the couch
Maan – roads are blocked sweetheart, I will have wait until things clear up. 
She beings sob painfully.
Maan – jaan I will be there tomorrow
she felt like her heart may just burst. She tried to put up a brave face. He understood she was low. He tried to cheer her up. She did feel better
Geet – I am really missing u
Maan – me too
Geet – phir kyun jate ho mujhe chodke
Maan – nahi jaan, I never thought I would get stuck like this
Geet – I hate u for doing this to me, I hate everything, kuch bhi aacha nahi hain. It all so lifeless without u. please aajavo na.
Maan – just one night sweet heart
she broke down in tears – how easy was that for u..just one night!!!!
Maan – I didn’t mean that baba
Geet – u don’t understand even a minute without u kills me 1000 times. I just can’t stay away rom u.
He didn’t know how to react or make her understand even he hated every passing minute without her.
She cried the whole night, Maan tried his best to make it up to her, but she didn’t seem to stop. She didn’t couldn’t sleep even for a second. Maan tried his best to put her to sleep but she didn’t seem to budge instead she paced madly in the house. He tried to talk different things,  distract her, but nothing seemed to work.
Maan – jaan I am sleepy
she cried out louder
he closed his eyes & shouted – don’t behave like a kid
she kept quiet. He knew he shouldn’t have but he didn’t know wat else to say.
Maan – sleep now
He didn’t cut the call & slept with the phone on. He got up at 7am .
Geet – good morning
Maan – u didn’t sleep.
She kept quiet.
He took sharp breath in & pushed his hair behind
Geet – I did sleep
he sighed in relief
Geet – I was bit restless, lekin aap ki aahat sunte hi I feel better.
Maan – aise kyun karti ho?
She makes a cute face – main ne jan ke kuch nahi kiya
Maan – tum jan ke thodi kabhi kuch karti ho!!! he taunted
Geet – main kya karon agar aapke bine mujhe neind nahi aathi tho? U don’t love me thats why u can stay with out me.
Maan – jaan u know its not that
Geet – Maan bhi lo aap mujhe se utna pyar nahi karte jitna main aapse karti hoon!!!
he was again left speechless knowing that her love never had boundaries actually she doesn’t know the meaning of boundary.. he smiled at himself
Geet – u r laughing at me
Maan – meri itni zuraat
Geet – umm
Maan – sorry holding my ears now
Geet – nahi nahi!! mera matlab woh nahi tha, aap sorry mat bolo please.
He was amused she never liked him saying sorry even if it was his mistake. He feared not to take her for granted.
Geet – jaldi aavo na
Maan – I will be there in the evening. Aacha suno don’t miss ur college today.
Geet – umm.
they finally cut the call missing each other.
She went on to get ready when Anni called
Geet panicked – sab teehk hain na?
Anni – haan baba
Geet – I was just worried
anni – don’t worry I won’t do anything silly.
Geet shied in relief
anni – I won’t be coming in today
Geet – why wat happened?
Anni – I need to start looking out for job. waise bhi afternoon session hain aaj
Geet – but u used to get support from ur papa na
anni was quiet
Geet – nahi mera matlab hain, he had made some arrangements na
anni weakly – last few months I have not received any thing.
Geet – did u try finding out
anni – nahi, kis se puchon aur kya puchon? Its a ll quiet wired.
Geet – aise main how will u manage?
Anni – don’t worry I am trying for some jobs now. I am pretty confident to get it.
Geet – all the best
anni – thanxs
Geet lazily got up & looked at maans & hers poster size snaps that filled the walls. She kept looking at them & began hugging them & kissing them.
Tere Beenaa Jiyaa Jaaye Naa
bin Tere, Tere Bin Saajanaa
saans Mein Saans Aaye Naa
she dances around & hugs his shirt holding it closer feeling him taking in his scent, she could feel him every where around her
jab Bhee Khayaalon Mein Too Aaye
mere Badan Se Khushaboo Aaye
mahake Badan Mein Rahaa Naa Jaaye, Rahaa Jaaye Naa
she turns around on the bed & kisses his photo frame
Tere Beenaa Jiyaa Jaaye Naa
bin Tere, Tere Bin Saajanaa
saans Mein Saans Aaye Naa
I am really miss u a lot. I don’t feel like myself without u..
I am really miss u a lot. I don’t feel like myself without u. she kissed his pic nth number of time..I love u bachan & she hid her face in his photo feeling so shy saying those words.

She got dressed & went to college. She was very depressed & kept calling Maan every 5 minute.
Maan – jaan yeh kya kar rahi ho?
Geet – mujhe aap se abhi milne hain
Maan – I am still in Reading sweetheart.
Geet – I want to see u, feel u, touch u aur mujhe she blushed
Maan smiled – aacha phone mut cut karna
her face glittered in joy. She softly placed a peck. He cleared his throat – class main behti ho!!! yaad hain na
Geet – nahi main tho aapke dil main rathi hoon
Maan – acha meeting main jaa raha hoon. I will put u on mute
Geet – umm
she was just lost in hearing him talk to his clients. Kitna attitude main baat karten uff!! am I falling for him all over again. She giggled to herself this was not the first time they were on call like this but she felt it all so differently nice. She could just sit there & listen to him.

Lecturer – Geet Geet!!
she snapped out of the call & stood up nervously
lecturer – so wat is the answer
she looked blank
Maan –  Geet he is asking the relationship between Community law and Member state law
Geet – umm..trying to concentrate on both & trying to make out wat was happening
lecturer passes the question to the next student seeing Geet looking so lost
Maan – Geet why are u not concentrating in class.
Geet – woh main woh
Maan – I am cutting the call
Geet – NAHI she screamed & bit her tongue when the lecturer turned towards her
lecturer – sorry
Maan – bye concentrate now
she made a sorry face – sorry sir
after the class she still looked lost. She decided to pick up few things for Maan while Arjun decided to follow her. He had so many things running in his mind he had to know why was she angry with him, why was she upset today, why she is not accepting her feelings!!!.

She was wanted to make it special for Maan tonight. She picked up cake in heart shape & wrote in that did u see my heart? She brought gifts for him. She was going crazy, she picked pen, cufflinks, chocolates, purse, perfumes, flowers, shirts, t-shirts, belt, golf set, every thing & anything she could thing of gifting him. Actually she didn’t want to go back home without him being there. After spending so much of time shopping it was still only 7pm!!! she made a sad face & went back some. She carried all the packets herself to the door & struggled to open it.

She put the key & turned she realized the door was open, she dropped the gifts & ran in like mad person without thinking she hugged him in darkness & cried I love u..I love u …he stood mesmerized with those words he couldn’t believe she actually said those words..his hands slowly moved to hold her close when she said I love u a lot Maan…his hand fell coldly on his either side. She cried aise koi apni biwi ko chodke jata hain kya? I know u will say ek raat ki hi tho baat thi & she snorts her nose to meet his gaze still in her madness & happiness to have him but some thing, her body stiffens. She placed a tight slap on his face pushing away at once – how dare u?

She rushes to switch on the light. He stood like a dead man seeing their love written all over wall, their  huge portraits hugging each other, playful, kissing, teasing, some in snow, some in rain, some in Italy, in london, in house, in bedroom, in kitchen, .. every thing just depicted love, their world, the reality. He turned around to see how wrong he was thinking about her, those words she said few secs earlier, her heart beat at that time, she definitely meant it from deep with-in. 
He dropped his head in shame said – Geet I am sorry
Geet – don’t tell me sorry!!! u owe a bigger apology to anni, u ruined her life.
Arjun – I know
Geet – wat do u know?
Arjun – I said sorry to her, I always thought u feel the same way as I feel for u
Geet –  I am sad to say but I don’t think u really can read any bodies feelings
he really felt low, cheap stocking some ones love. He definitely didn’t accept wat she said then, he believed only wat he wanted to believe. Wat he felt would be true. He hated himself. He closed his eyes in pain & disgust. he hated himself, how could he..he was Arjun Rathode!!! family values, love, compassion was supposed to be in his blood..how low he went..
Geet – I always thought u r nice guy, even after anni said she is pregnant with ur kid & I advised her to speak to u I thought u are man enough to accept ur mistake…but no, u fell so low even now u have the guts to walk into my house & pretend to understand feelings..chi

that was a final blow to his already shattered self. Anni is pregnant with his child!! how can that be!! & why won’t she tell him!! how could he not be man enough to accept her. He fell down pleading guilty. She moved away & stood near the door showing him the way out. He tried to put his wits together & say something but letters couldn’t form words & words couldn’t form sentences. He just walked out not able to meet stand her hatredness.
He tried to put his wits together & say something but letters couldn’t form words & words couldn’t form sentences. He just walked out not able to meet stand her hatredness. He couldn’t believe himself. How could he not read Maans love in her eyes before or may be just didn’t want to. Amidst  of all this he has gone & played with anni’s life. He just wanted to run away from Geet, yes he loved her madly, crazily but she never did, she was filled with Maan. Does he love her this much he wondered as he made his way down the steps.

Geet slammed the door behind in irritation. She would have killed him if he would have spoken a word more. ….. the door bell rang again, she lifted her chapal & opened the door.
Maan – jaan yeh pack…geet – how dare u?? they spoke together.
both of them froze for a moment. Maan was taken a back to see her with chapal & looked at her for & the hand that held the chapal. Her anger was washed away in a fraction, seeing then realizing it was Maan. She didn’t know how to continue with her reaction, she was so excited to see him but she looked  angry with raised chapal. She tried to maintain an angry look which was totally fake even he knew. He slipped his long fingers into the slippers as he inched closer, his touch..OMG..she was so aching, longing for this. It felt like ages especially the way her body shuddered with the slide of his fingers between hers. He could see her getting lost in his touch & still faking anguish. He lifted a hand to her burning cheek.

The air between them crackled with a sexual tension that hung heavy between them. He smirked, she read his intentions, she definitely didn’t want to fake anger any more she wanted to be with him..jhali us kutte kamini..****** ke chakar main inpe chapal utta diya..aab main kya karon? Before she could break out of her thoughts his tongue sunk between her sinfully provocative lips & his hands carried her to the room.    He continued to taste & tease the silky flesh non – stop until he grew cries of raw pleasure from her. She threw one long shapely thigh across his hip & he held in there, stroking the smooth curves with his tongue until she was shaking & craving for more. Her respond to his every touch made Maan struggle to rein in his hunger. She welcomed his sensual demands of his lips complainingly, every nerve ending in her body was missing him more than he could ever imagine. 

He wanted to wipe away every bit of longingness with in her. He kissed, toyed, suckled, rolled over, pressed himself close & closer. Tears didn’t seem to stop flowing her eyes as she reached her high. He kissed them away filling her with his love. He kissed her deeply as she worked him to his, drawing her  body up & into his, fitting her soft curves into his hard angles as he plundered the sweet inner softness of her mouth as she speared her fingers along his *****.

when his mouth lifted neither moved. They laid breathing hard, their lips close but not quiet touching. Missed u she cried ..missed u too he placed another loving kiss on her lips. Tears still threatened to fall from her eyes. Don’t u ever stay away from me. Mujhe se raha nahi jata
OH jaan I can’t stay with out u he hugged her. Planning to start their passion all over again.

Passed mid night both of them were hungry & tired. She slipped into his shirt & he into his boxers. She removed the frozen pizza & put it in the microwave while he slipped his hand under his shirt that was on her. He softly kneaded the curves & nibbled her ears. She leaned backward & rested on him. She turned to face him & feel his bare flesh under her fingers. They probably intended to start it all over again, when the microwave buzzer went on. They smiled at each other. She served the pizza & sat on his lap. Aap kal office nahi jaana. He smiled hearing her still complaining like a baby. He tried to divert the topic. Jaan wat are those packets?
She jumped & ran to pick them from where he had had dropped it as he walked in. she had got all of them gift wrapped for him. She placed all of them in the table & said – this is for u.
his eyes popped out – wat is all this for.
She loving kissed him & drew patterns on his chest – woh I wanted to make this night special for u, tho main ne gift liya. She fed him while he was opening the gifts & a smile touched his lips with every gift he opened. Kya karti rahti ho? Umm …let me think…she hugs him & kisses him mujhe pata nahi kya hoga ya hain, I just can’t stop thinking about u. mujhe har taraf sirf aap hi meshsoos hote hai ho. Mujhe lagta hain I can’t breath if u r not there…& funnily I forget to breath when u are around.
apko chuke bhi chune ko karta hai dil……
paake bhi paane ko karta hai dil…………..
aawargi aane lagi…………
saanson mein khushboo chaane lagi……….
dil pe deewangi chagayi iss kadr…………..
bandh aankhon se bhi mujhko aaye nazar…………..
kaise kahe hume kitani mohabbat hai………..

Maans eyes filled up seeing so much of love… she never failed to show the depth of her love, obsession, passion. He thanked his stars to have given her to him.

It was week left before their trip back to India. Geet was winding up her college work & getting the certificates. She looked for anni. After that incident in her flat, she had not met Anni or Arjun. She wanted to atleast meet up with anni & know hoa she & baby were doing. Wat about her financial situation, every thing was left lose. Geet really worried. She went couple of times to anni’s flat but she was not their. 

Wat about her financial situation, every thing was left lose. Geet really worried. She went couple of times to anni’s flat but she was not their.  She dropped her e-mails & left voice messages too.

Geet was on her usual call with Rano. Maan just walked in & noticed she was quiet cheesed off. She snapped couple of time while talking to Rano. She was really in an irritated mode. After the call she gave a weak smile to him, kissed him & hugged him, he could something was definitely bothering her. She went to the kitchen to make coffee for him. He watched her carefully. He changed & came back to  the kitchen, he stood there. She the milk was boiling & she stood there watching it. Maan ran to her to switch off the milk. He shouted Geet..milk…she immediately extended her hand to catch the spilling  boiling milk with her bare hand. She snapped her burnt red hand in pain shaking it & jumping in pain.

He rushed her immediately to the washbasin & kept her hand under the running water.
Maan – jaan tum yeh kya kar rahi thi
she still looked lost & the pain looked not much bothering her. The hand was not turning completely red now. Maan patted it dry & applied ointment. He shook her out of her thoughts – Geet wat happened to u? She immediately hugged him & cried mujhe India nahi jana. Mujhe kanhi nahi jana, I want to be with u hear. I love our house hear. Mujhe yanhi rahna hain aapke saat. She was shaking & crying. Every word she spoke had a depth he couldn’t have imagined. He hugged her, kissed her but she didn’t seem to stop.
Maan – jaan bus kuch dino ki baat hain, we will be together for ever
she cried louder. I can’t stay without u Maan, not even a day.
Maan – jaan we will get married in a month
Geet – but we are married na
Maan – ghar jake phir se sab ke samne shaadi tho karni ho gi na
Geet – kya zarorat hain, we tell them we got married here
he closed his eyes jaan
they both knew they couldn’t do something like that..it would cause unnecessary tensions in family & media..even though no one actually would mind their wedding. It was THE Khurana’s & THE Handa’s…most reputed in the society..

she cried & remained restless throughout their trip back to India.
Maan gifted her the keys of the London flat.
Geet – yeh kya hain
Maan – u like this place
she hugged him & cried, she hated this feeling..like something inside was breaking, sinking.
The moment they walked out of the airport, papaji & Brij delightfully waited for her. She hated to drift away from him. He gave a warm look & turned the other side  & the whole media pounced at him questioning about his trip & his next projects & ventures. She craved for another look of his, but he was to held up with all the reporters & body guards. 
Papaji – kya huwa puttar u look really sad?
Brij – course tho sab teehk tha na
she nodded weakly.
They went back home where Rano was eagerly waiting for her at the door. She hugged her & kissed her. Geet immediately broke down crying.
Papaji – kya huwa hain isse
Rano understood – home sick ..nothing to worry
papaji – shaadi ke baad pata nahi iska kya hoga?
Rano murmured ye llo isse apne ghar ke yaad aarahi hain aur iska papaji ko lagta hain..uff
she took Geet to her room. She just hugged Rano & kept crying. Her phone rang. She checked immediately it was prem. She didn’t answer the call.
Rano – beta yeh kya kar rahi ho tum
Geet – mujhe nahi baat karni kisi
her phone rang again
Rano looked at the number & gave to Geet – kaha na mujhe kisi se baat nahi karni
Rano – Maan se bhi nahi
Geet jumped up in joy do mujhe phone do…
Rano answered the call teasingly..
Maan – I am really missing u jaan
Rano giggled – she is also missing u
he got really conscious & a bit angry at Geet
Rano – beta ji please apni biwi ko jaldi se ghar le javo, uska tho yanha mayka main man hi nahi lagtha.
Maan – ji aunty, I will speak to Daadi.
Rano gives the phone to Geet & leaves her alone
Geet took the phone anxiously
Maan shouted – how could u just let someone answer my call.
Geet – thats was not someone ..it was mama she snapped
Maan – tum se tho baat karna bekar hain & cuts the call
she cries babaji aab inhe mujhse baat karna bhi bekar lagta hain

prem & armaan came barged into her room yelling – Geet tum phone kyun nahi utta rahi ho
she was already quiet emotional she just broke down & hugged them – I really missed u all
Prem – Yah we can see that
Armaan – seriously Geet London ja ke u just forgot us
Geet – nahi I was just held up with
Armaan -I know u were held up with ur studies
Prem – no ways studies is not something that can hold her back…it is definitely her bachan
she blushed
Prem – dehko she is blushing like a new bride.
Geet – aise kuch nahi hain.
Raji & chinto came back from school & ran straight to Geet..didi ..didi…wat have u got for us. They pulled her suitcase & tried to open it.
Geet immediately snapped – just wait
her suitcase was full of maans stuffs which nicked from him & their pics..so many things of their remembrance.
Geet – I am tired mujhe sona hain…
Rano – jet lag hoga let her sleep
Geet was restless couldn’t sleep even for a minute..she kept calling him & smsing him the whole night…she couldn’t believe he was so angry with her..but she knew probably he was reacting like this because he missed her too..

Next day
prem & armaan came to pick her in the morining.
prem – chup chap utt aur chal humare saat
they dragged her & took her to a mall.
Geet – kya hain?
Armaan – we here to shop for Jr. Prem
prem smiled & slightly blushed
she became really excited. They spend the whole day shopping. In the afternoon they picked  something to eat & walked down the steps to the parking. Geet continuously tried calling him. She turned to look back & missed a step tripped & fell in arms. Dehka nahi chal sakti ho?
She closed her eyes…it is definitely a dream…nahi it is definitely a dream…she just closed her eyes deeper. All of them panicked. Armaan immediately checked her pulse.
Maan carried her to the car. They splashed water.. she didn’t respond. Maan rubbed her hands – kya huwa isse?
Armaan – every thing seems normal
Maan shouts at the driver to drive to the hospital wondering wat dr. he was ..she is lieing unconscious & he says every thing seems normal..he was losing it big time now
armaan – I don’t think uski zarorat hain
Maan was worried & tensed.
As they reached the hospital ..they put her through different tests..
ridz – did she have a restless sleep last night?
Armaan – nahi, actually she went off to sleep early..main ne tho kaha tha na tumhe
ridz – reports indicate she is sleeping
Maan closes his eyes knowing how restless she gets without him.
Armaan – I guess jet lag & tiredness.
Maan gets call from the office. He didn’t want to leave but he had. He paced restlessly.
Armaan – don’t worry she is fine, tum javo
Maan – just call me when she wakes up
Armaan – umm
Maan places a soft peck on her forehead. She turns comfortably & sleeps.
Maan – just call me when she wakes up
Armaan – umm
Maan places a soft peck on her forehead. She turns comfortably & sleeps.
He halfheartedly leaves to his office. He felt like his soul was left behind. He hated every thing that kept him away from her. They hardly were getting any time with each other since they have come back. Maan has not yet spoken to Daadi. He took a sharp breath & decided to speak to Daadi about their wedding at the earliest. He did feel guilty about it !!!  but it was so much of work he couldn’t spare a minute for anything not even to breath uppar se media

KC Office
Maan attends the meeting & sits with Adi checking the accounts for last 6 months. He was pretty impressed that Dev did a great job with the business in his absence. Suddenly he noticed stop payment on one of the accounts. He pulled out the details & checked the details. He realized it was some Anvesha Khurana… he remembered it was an account his dad maintained & had instructed him to maintain.
Maan shouted at Adi – who stopped this payment?
Adi checked the records nervously – sir this one..woh..Dev sir ne mana kiya tha.
Maan got wild & barged into Dev’s cabin
Dev – ji bro
Maan – how dare u stop payment on my accounts
dev was bit confused
Maan threw the file at him. Dev curiously looked at it.
Dev – bro Anvesha Khurana ..I checked we don’t have any client in this name, neither do we deal with them in any regard. Isse liya main ne stop kiya.
Maan held him by collar do u even realize wat u have gone & done
dev – wat bro?
Maan closes his eyes in disgust, he himself was not sure wat this account was all about. All he knew was his dad maintained this account for more than 25yrs & probably some relative, whom he was supporting or something.
Dev – bro it is a dead account. Main ne check kiya tha.. we never dealt with this client, koi personal account hain
Maan clinches his fist gritting his teeth – every thing is not just business
Dev – bro aap isse itna personally kyun le rahen hain
Maans phone rings ..he cuts the call in anger without even realizing it was Geet calling.

Geet cries mera call cut kar diya!! kya hogaya hain inhe. Aise kyun kar rahen hain. Hospital taak aayen lekin .. zaroor busy honge. Lekin itna bhi koi kaise busy ho sakta hain
armaan – hi Geet.. how are u feeling now?
Prem – slept well?
She immediately wiped her tears & faked a smile.
Ridz – kal raat teehk se soyee nahi tha kya?
Geet – I guess jet lag hoga
armaan – u scared the hell out of us…most of all Maan
Prem mocked – uska chehra dehkna layak tha.
Geet definitely didn’t like that.
Armaan – u know his he just kidding
prem – aacha challo we will drop u home.
Armaan – hain.. aunty is really worried.
 On their way back raj called up
raj – welcome back dear
she smiled
raj – kya dhamke dar entry mari hain…seedha hospital main
she made a baby face
raj laughed – seriously tu nahi hoti tho humari life berang hojati hain
she smiled
raj – sach main life is so eventful with u around
Geet – tho main aapka entertainment channel hoon
raj smiled – nahi tu pura ka pura entertainment package ho
Geet – mujhe nahi baat karni aap se
raj – Oh mera gudiya plz..I was just kidding
naina snatches the phone from him – asse bundel marta hain..ek din nahi raha jata isse tumhare bina…
Geet – hai naina
naina – hi dear… seriously dear he misses u a lot, aur jab tum hoti ho tho tumhe hi pareshan karta hain.
Geet – raj humesha aise hi karta hain
naina – thats why we love him so much
raj slips his hand around naina’s waist & pulls her closer – so u do love me & naughtily kisses her
Geet giggles – aacha u continue main baad main baat karti hoon.
KC Office
Maan gets really disturbed & pulls out the account details.. he didn’t know much. He called Adi & told him to immediately transfer some money into that account. Then he realized it will take couple of days for the transfer. He called the London office & told them to put 10000 pounds directly into that account.
He gets really  tensed thinking that 5months & no money..wat if that family were living out of this money. He gets really worried & tensed. He restlessly waits for their respond.

Rano – kya baat hain?
Geet – kuch nahi mama just  jet lag
Rano drags her to the room & locks the door behind
Rano – tum pregnant tho nahi ho na?
Geet was taken a back & embarrassed
Rano – nahi its not wrong.. u both are legally married now lekin
Geet – stop it mama
Rano calms herself – dehko beta I will be happy if so, just that we will have to hurry other things
Geet – MAMA…stop it… aise kuch nahi hain..we never…she stops
Rano was shocked – u never!!!
Geet looked away
Rano – tum dono ke bech sab teehk hain na?
Geet – hain mama
Rano – phir kuch kyun nahi
Geet kept quiet wondering.. woh tho kuch karte hi nahi tho main kya karoon uff.
Rano didn’t want to ask further about their personal life.
Armaan & Prem came in – aunty ko kya huwa?
Geet straighten herself – nahi kuch nahi, she was just worried.
Armaan – I had told her every thing was fine phir kya huwa
Geet tried to change the topic – mukti ka due date kab hain
Prem – 15days more.
Armaan – yeh tho days, minutes, sec sab kuch count kar raha hain
Geet was so happy to see Prem changed so much, especially the way he is crazy about his child.
Later in the evening Geet removed the gifts that she had picked for every one. She gave the gifts to every one. She went back to the room & looked at maans pic ..she just kept looking at him. She hugged him, kissed him – Itna busy kyun ho? I am missing u so much!!! mujhe aapke bina neind nahi aathi.
She tried call him & messaging him. He was still in office with clients.
He picks the call at once & screams – Geet jaan I am busy yaar try to understand for once
she gets really hurt but still softly asks – can be on the call
he closes his eyes helplessly – umm
he rubs his temple.. continues be in the call & attends the meeting.

It was a week since they have come back & Maan was really held up. She was going insane. She could barely sleep for 1 or 2 hrs in a day. She reported back to college with her marks sheet from the London college. Every one was impressed with her performance & wanted her to share her experience with the peers. Mukti was due in a week. Every thing around her was bright & wonderful but she couldn’t be happy. She missed being with him. It felt like not being able to hold him .. got to be the hardest thing she had ever had to do but she looked forward to the next time he is her arms. Late at night when all the world is sleeping, she would stay up and think of him. And she wished on a star that somewhere, he would be thinking of her too…she knew he did..

She could close her eyes & see him smile only inches away from hers getting closer and closer until at last… their smiles meet. Something that beautiful… that’s what kept her going. When she missed him..ok muskan wonders…all the time actually!! , sometimes she listen to music or look at pictures of his, not to remind her of him but to make her feel as if she is with him. It makes her forget the distance and capture him

She could close her eyes & see him smile only inches away from hers getting closer and closer until at last… their smiles meet. Something that beautiful… that’s what kept her going. When she missed him..ok muskan wonders…all the time actually!! , sometimes she listen to music or look at pictures of his, not to remind her of him but to make her feel as if she is with him. It makes her forget the distance and capture him.

Maan found out from his London that Anvesha Khurana is some 21yr young girl. Maan was shocked beyond words. He dug the information further to see how long this account is been there. The details sounded very complicated. He told the London staff find every thing about this person.
Geet gave up & went to meet him in the office. She just walked into the office.
Sasha mocked at her – MK aaten nahi aur yeh aajati hain unki pechen pechen
she ignored it all, she was dieing to see him. She barged into his room when he was in call with London office. She ran & hugged him crying. He felt miserable to see her in that condition. He cut is phone at once & cupped her – kya huwa tumhe? Yeh kya haal bana rakha hain tumne? She looked pale, definitely lost few kilos. Her eyes were red & had dark circles. Kya huwa jaan.
Geet – mujhe aapke saat rahena hain. Please, main aapke bina rah nahi sakti..she kissed him madly.
Maan – jaan ..I am so sorry ..tumhe pata hain na
she knew he was busy….even in London the only time they had together was the time at night at home. Even then he had his calls, mails..
Geet – aap mera call bhi nahi leten
he closed his eyes & clinched her.
Geet – mujhe aapke saat rahena hain…she cried like a baby.
They could hardly talk for few minutes there was calls & clients waiting. He ignored them all went out with her. As they sat in the car kanha jana hain he asked
she hugged him & rested her head on his chest kanhi nahi jana, mujhe bus aapke saat rahena.
Maan – jaan humesha aise kyun karti ho, kyun itna pareshan ho jati ho?
As her gaze met his gorgeous deep eyes, she couldn’t remember how to breathe, let alone the words she had meant to speak. Her hand slips around his waist rising their heart recurrent higher & higher inching closer & looking at him deeply. His hand slips into her hair & under her top. She smiles as his fingers snakes knowing where exactly there have to be. Like their restlessness was suddenly ended in each others arms. Jaan u might not get to see me as often as u would like, u may not get to hold me in ur arms at night, but deep in ur heart u know that it’s true. No matter what happens… I will always be there for u. its just few days until we …she seals her lips on his still looking at him… not even blinking once..
Her tongue met his, spearing fire through his body. Geet’s mouth was a sweetly addicting nectar and after just one taste after such a long time…seemed eternity, he was hooked. Their lips slipped together like they were made for each other like always. A perfect fit Maan glided his tongue along the delicate seam of her lips, imagining other seams, other lips, other hot kisses as she gasped and opened to him. Their tongues tangled in a hot, frantic dance. Her fingers now raised from his waist & gripping his arms, nails digging into his biceps in a way that made him groan. He slipped his hands down to cup her butt, then, remembering they were in parking area, he quickly moved them back to her waist. After a few more incredible seconds, he gave in to the soft pressure of her hands on his shoulders and pulled back to stare at her. Her eyes were almond in color, fogged with desire and, he was pleased to see only him & only him. Oh jaan I am really sorry for all this. She kissed him back passionately & spoke into him…which he could barely hear but he knew she meant not to say sorry. They kissed endlessly until Maan’s phone rang again with a call from London. He got frustrated & answered the call. She rested her head on the passenger seat sideways & kept looking at him, capturing every minute of their togetherness.

Maan – umm
guy from London office – sir we found out the details of Ms. Anvesha Khurana
Maan – umm
guy – this account was first on her mothers name Preeti Khurana
Maan weakly smiled at Geet – anything else
guy was little reluctant – her fathers name is Mr. Yash Singh Khurana
Maan was shocked – WHAT? how can that be?
He felt his head may just explode, he couldn’t believe it Yash Singh Khurana…his father..No Ways there was just some confusion he thought.
Geet noticed his tension building, she looked at him with questioning eyes. He became restless seeing her, he didn’t know how will she react or she may misunderstand, it was totally undesirable moreover he was not sure about the information, he just avoided her & stepped out. Geet was taken a back why was he avoiding her, wat was he hiding but why should he!!. She did feel little hurt but thought may be something official but he never did anything like this before. She restlessly waited for him. He finished the call & rubbed his temple & immediately called Pari to arrange for his tickets to London. Geet excitedly jumped – hum London ja rahen hain?
Maan – hum nahi main ja raha hoon
Geet – I will also come
Maan – it is an official trip jaan
Geet – so wat ?
Maan – it is just for a week
she hugs him – Maan please take me with u na, I miss u a lot
he snaps – ur not the only one missing ok!!! There is more than just both of us in life.
Geet – aap aisi baaten kyun kar rahen ho?
Maan – I just can’t take u with me
he was really scared how she will react if she learned about his families past, which he himself is feeling ashamed about which he just hoped it was not true.
She was blank not able to understand his reasoning. She thought it was grt way to be together after such a long long long long time, at least they could spend the nights together. She missed it so much, just being in his arms night long. She was getting restless not wanting to miss this trip
Geet – main kyun nahi aa sakti?
He was losing his patience to make her understand – kaha na nahi tho nahi
Geet – jab se hum wapse ayen hain u r just avoiding me
Maan – well if u feel so let it be that way
she closes her eyes knowing he was getting angry – Maan sorry mera matlab woh nahi tha
Geet – jab se hum wapse aten hain u r just avoiding me
Maan – well if u feel so let it be that way
she closes her eyes knowing he was getting angry – Maan sorry mera matlab who nahi tha
Maan – tumhara matlab jo bhi tha Geet…I really don’t care
Geet – Maan plz gussa mat karon
Maan – I need to leave bye
Geet – Maan please mujhse ..before she could say anything he had walked back into the office. Inhe kya hogaya hain itne pareshan kyun hain.
She planned to surprise him by landing in the flight directly. She called Prem
Geet – bachan ke flight ka detail chahiya
Prem – phir se fight kiya kya?
She snapped – Nahi
Prem – acha baba itna badak kyun rahi hain
she smiled – I want to surprise him
prem giggled – u can never grow up !!
she snorted her nose – are u going to figure it out or not
prem – as if I have other options!!!  aacha give me the details..
she gave the details & rushed home to pack her bags. She was on top of the world no words to describe her excitement. She tried calling Maan couple of times to check where he was. He didn’t answer the calls. She didn’t mind she knew he can’t refuse her when he is with her only her …she was looking fwd to the 8 hr flight sitting next to him hand in hand. She blushed, she danced she couldn’t control herself. She told Rano she needs to go to london just for a week for some paper work.
Rano – kay matlab?
Geet – nahi mama kuch documentation work rahe gaya tha
Rano – u r going alone?
Geet smiled
Rano read between the line. She was very happy to see daughter finally happy after coming back from London. She kissed her forehead – papa se ek bar phone main baat karlena
Geet – umm
she rushed to the airport & waited for prems call to confirm Maans flight details. She kept calling Prem every 5 minutes
Prem – yaar Geet tu aise call karti rahegi tho how will I work on it
she cut the call & paced restlessly in the airport.
Finally prem called, she answered it in one ring
prem – sorry yaar koi bhi flight main tera bachan ka naam nahi hain
Geet – tu ne teehk se check kiya
prem – hain yaar, I am doing that for last 3hrs
Geet – I must say u have lost ur charm
prem – shut up Geet!!!
she snapped in frustration – u shut up
prem – ek min..I think he is going by his pvt jet
Geet – OH No!!!
Geet immediately cut his call & called Maan. His phone came unreachable. She realized he was already in the pvt jet. She hated it she threw her phone away & sat down next to her suitcase. Broken heart. She failed…Geet !! failed..she couldn’t believe this was happening to her.. she didn’t realize wat she was doing she just sat their for hours attracting unnecessary attention. Prithvi had to drag her from there. He dropped her home. Rano hugged her knowing how her hopes were raised & shattered even brutally. Rano didn’t know wat was going on between them. Geet didn’t say anything she just walked into her room & locked herself.
In the flight Maan was just thinking about his heated up conversation with Daadi & dev. Daadi had refused to accept Anvesha into their family so did Dev.
Daadi – I can’t believe Yash ca do anything so this sought
dev – I am sure this Anvesha is trying to take advantage of Khurana’s name
Maan – aise hota tho papa ki death ke baad she could have claimed her rights
Daadi – wat rights
Maan – Daadi I am not sure of anything lekin agar woh papa ki beti hain tho she has all the right that we have
dev shouted – she has no rights on anything, not on us, not our business
Daadi – have u thought one mistake & the whole family reputation will be ruined
Maan – nothing more than family daadi
dev – bro plz
Maan – I am leaving to London now…

Maan reached London & to Anvesha’s flat. He took in deep breath knocked the door.
Anni opened the door – yes
Maan didn’t know wat to say he stood their looking blank at slim, tall girl in her tights & rather lose blue t-shirt.. may turn out be his sister.
anni – hi..I think ur in the wrong flat
Maan – u r Anvesha Khurana
anni – she was taken a back.. u r?
Maan – Maan Singh Khurana
she hugged him instantly. Maan closed his eyes. He didn’t know wat more to say the warmth in her hug said it all. She was so happy he came looking for her. There was someone in this world whom she could call as her family. Tears just didn’t seem to stop. Maan’s eyes was also moist. Until he met her, he had so many questions running in his head, her intentions, wat kind of person she is, in wat condition she is living, her mother, her culture her habits, her acceptance towards Khurana’s but every thing seemed meaningless after seeing her. See fitted so perfectly as his sister.
Anni – bhai
he leaned back to meet her eyes
anni – aap papa ki tarah dikte ho
he smiled softly, he wiped his tears & spoke ever so gently unsure of how to address the other lady in his fathers life – mama?
She was shocked to hear him address her mom as mama.. she hugged him tighter – woh papa ke saat accident main & broke down crying
Maan – shhhhh…sorry..
he knew some lady passed away this is dad in the accident but was unaware of their relation. He felt really sorry for anni. She had been in alone ever since then. He felt so guilty. Anni straighten herself while Maan wiped her tears. She offered  him some coffee.
Anni – black coffee
Maan – umm
smiling at the thought that even though they were miles apart but shared similar taste.
Maan – so wat do u do Anvesha?
Anni – just finished my PG & looking for job
Maan – that’s cool
she wondered wat was so cool about that
Maan – pack ur bag we are leaving to Delhi today
she was shocked & moved back in apprehension
Maan – wat happened?
Anni – aapke ghar main kaun kaun hain?
Maan insisted humare ghar main
she liked the way he made her feel
Maan – humare ghar main Daadi hain dev hain ur another brother
she wondered if they will accept her the way he did
Maan – don’t worry about any one, sooner or later every one will accept. we r family
Anni – nahi bro, woh sab teehk nahi hoga
Maan – tum Maan Singh Khurana ki bahen ho
she smiled with that claim – thanxs bhai, lekin meri wanha aane se bekar hi pareshani hogi
Maan – kiase pareshani ho sakti hain
anni – I remember mama saying u r royal family types
Maan again insisted we r !!!
she rolled her eyes
Maan – we r a royal family Anvesha
anni – aise main log kya kahen ge, mere wajah se family ki batnami..I don’t want all that
Maan – Maan Singh Khurana never cares about any one.
Anni – wat about Daadi & dev bhai
Maan – tum mera saat chal rahi ho bus!! unless u have someone …he waited for her response
she wanted to tell him about Arjun & her pregnancy, but didn’t know if it was a good time especially now. He took her silence as no – when there is no one in ur life, even more the reason for me to take u with me to ur home. He immediately took his phone & made few calls to arrange for her visa while on a call he asked if she had a passport, she nodded. He told the driver to fetch his luggage from the hotel. By now Anni did realize he was really a big shot. Still not sure how big.
Anni – bhai why do u want to do all this
Maan – because ur my sister.
She looked at him with moist eyes –  bhai u really don’t have to do all that, u acknowledge the fact that we r a family, that’s more than enough for me.
Maan – that’s not enough for me. I am really sorry that dad kept u hear because he feared how will we accept all this. I understand for our sake he was mean to u. I want u to get all that u deserve.
Anni – I don’t want anything more than ur love
he hugged her & kissed her forehead – I am always there for u, but that’s not it. U r Anvesha Khurana
she smiled weakly worrying about the repercussions of all that on family name
Anni – I don’t want anything more than ur love
he hugged her & kissed her forehead – I am always there for u, but that’s not it. U r Anvesha Khurana
she smiled weakly worrying about the repercussions of all that on family name.
Maan got call from his London office regarding her visa, he was thrilled. He turned to anni
Maan – well all set Anvesha, I guess it will take couple of days for all that.
She smiled weakly
Maan – great u can start packing ur bags, just take wat u need, rest we can shop from delhi.
Next couple of days Maan didn’t even have time to breath, he was so held up with his office, clients, meetings, mails even at home he kept awake working.  Anni just watched & wondered how busy he was. Anni packed her bags & cleared all her bills & accounts, she was still very scared about Daadi & devs reaction.
When Maan finally seemed little free, she showed him her family snaps with dad-mom & baby anni. Maan smiled papa never had time.
Anni – just like u
Maan – why do u say that?
Anni – I am seeing u from last 3 days u r working 24/7..  I am sure u don’t have a GF
his heart skipped a beat
anni – agar hoti tho kab ki aapko chod deti
he was taken a back.. he missed her …so badly!!! . He excused himself & went to their flat. He realized he didn’t have the keys, she had them. He rested his head on the door & called her.
Maan – jaan
his voice was cracking he really did miss her, just didn’t have time to feel it or express it. She checked the time & knew it was 2-3am in London
Geet – ghar ke bhar kade ho

he closed his eyes, wondering how she knows every thing, every time.
Geet – missing u
he didn’t saying any thing, actually he never had to.. he just wanted to feel her.
Geet – close ur eyes…just imagine .. I opened the door..for u
he smiled – in ur spaghetti top & shorts
she giggled – pink walen
he sat down resting his back on the door – umm
tears formed in both their eyes teasing to fall. Still he didn’t say he missed her. How egoist that could be muskan wondered. But she probably didn’t expect, his call it self was every thing for her. It was the first time he called since the time they had come back from London.
Geet – kab aa rahe ho?
Maan – 2-3din lagen ga
Geet – woh ..woh…
Maan – umm
Geet – actually I am not sure..woh..
he felt so miserable, he didn’t even know wat was she struggling to express. He felt he failed himself yet again with her. Maan Singh Khurana failing !!! only she could make him feel so low & defeated. He knew she struggles to express her heart felt wishes to him. He wondered was it about their wedding, or him not taking her to London or was it something else. How could he ignore her to such an extend that he is not even able to relate to wat she wants!!!  may be wedding he thought

Maan – sorry jaan I have not been able to speak to Daadi
Geet – nahi woh nahi..woh main..
he was ashamed of himself. Even the simplest things she wished & he couldn’t fulfill. Forget about fulfilling here he is not even aware of it.
Geet – aap kab aa rahen ho?
His frustration of not being with her & knowing small small things about her took a stole on him & he yelled yet again – kaha na 2-3 din tumhe koi baat samjh nahi aati hain kya
she felt like her heart was butchered ruthlessly. Why was he being so feelingless, heartless, mean, rude,  she couldn’t get a reason to explain his action she was hurt & hurt deep within she snapped – just wanted to know if I could be with u when mukti & prem had their baby. Well I got my answer now she just cut the call & cried not able to take his rudeness.
Something in her was disturbed deep within. Maan closed his eyes hating himself to have lost his temper unnecessarily, he was hurting her, he knew!!!  he punched the wall &  sat there cramped up. How could he be so remorseless to her, why before he could slip into his guilt he had calls waiting already for him.
Adi called up all worried & tensed
Maan – wat the hell is wrong???
Adi – some reporter has a news that u had a register marriage in London
Maan ran his finger in his hair & shouted – pay them & shut their mouth.
Last thing he wanted in all this mess was Handa family’s reputation ruined because of him.
Maan – where do the get such news from he yelled.
Adi – some client I guess, luckily they didn’t mention any brides name.
Maan sighed in relief – keep it low, pay whom ever, wat ever required.
Maan checked with the office when was Anvesha’s visa getting ready. Delay in the process now didn’t seem to bother him, he didn’t want to face the media with questions on Geet & his marriage. It can create lot of misunderstandings for Geet with her family.

Adi managed to nip the news at the source & kept very thing under control. Maan & Anvesha reached Delhi. Media pounced at Maan questioning who was the girl with him. Anvesha was intimidated with so many questions & camera’s focusing at her. She just wished if some miracle happened & she just disappeared from the situation. She hide behind Maan & clinged on to him. 
Reporter1 – aap ko aur inka kya rishta hain?
Rep2 – are u guys already married???
rep1 – yes Mr. Khurana wat relation do u have with her.
He called the guards & walked away from there. He hated to humiliate his serene relation. As they reached the Khurana mansion.
Daadi – Maan yeh sab kya hain?
Maan – Daadi she is Anvesha khurana
anni bend to touch her feet, Daadi stepped away. Maan cliched his fist with daadi’s response.
Daadi – Maan yeh ladeki yanha nahi rah sakti
Maan – agar yeh yanha nahi rahegi tho main bhi yanha nahi rahonga, he just held her hand & took her to the outhouse.
Media even walks in Khurana Mansion questioning Daadi & dev. They didn’t know wat to say.
Rep1 – savitri devi yeh ladhki kaun hain
Daadi – no questions plz
rep2 – aapka inse kya rishta hain?
Daadi – kuch bhi nahi
Maan hated daadi’s response & he fumed. He was hating every one being so mean to anni . Anni was really worried & wanted to get back to London. she didn’t expect Khurana’s to be such a huge name in India. Media hype & all was way too much
Daadi – kuch bhi nahi
Maan hated daadi’s response & he fumed. He took anni to the outhouse & settled her there.

Geet had been keeping herself busy with college, friends & family just to stop thinking about him. She just couldn’t help it. She assumed Maan needed his space, so she just tried not to bother him, but that was killing her. She couldn’t pretend to be normal, she couldn’t be any girl studying in college running behind her dreams, she was not…that any more…she was Geet ..maan’s Geet, his wife, she wanted to lead a life of being his wife waking up with his kiss in his arms, seeing him go to his gym oops that kiss before & after his work out..making his breakfast waiting for him the whole day receiving him at night their romantic dinner going to sleep with him in his arms. This life of being a girl studying in college, friends, parents ..this didn’t seem to be right!!! this was not her life anymore. She hated every thing around her. She hated this life of hers without him. Why did she have to be so much in love with him babaji she cried. Every night she thought she wanted to be with him tonight, tomorrow, and today it can’t happen now but it will someday she hoped & spend the night thinking about him, crying.

She looked at his photo & spoke to him. if you were to say ‘come with me’, even now I might go. She cried yet again I wish that I could hold you now… I wish that I could touch you now… I wish that I could talk to you… be with you somehow. I really miss u.
Prem read the news about Maan & Anvesha in the paper & called geet immediately.
Prem – tu ne paper pada
she had just fallen a sleep after the long fight of his body & mind – why what happened
prem – bachan aur..before he could complete
she jumped up from her bed – he is back
prem – Geet meri puri baat tho suno
Geet – nahi nahi ..bye will call u later
she rushes & gets ready. She changes into salwar suit for him. She straightens her hair. She looks at herself & checks.. unhe aacha lagega na & giggles at her image. She took her keys & drove madly to his house.
As she drove in it was crowded with media, she was not sure whether to get in. she wondered babaji puri duniya ko pata hain main unki patni hoom mujhe hi nahi pata. Uff kya karten hain. Abhi puchthi hoon kyun nahi mujhe bataya. Aise hi gussa ho rahen the us din, dehka aagayen Mukti ke delivery se pehlen. Issliya tho itna pyar karti hoon. She didn’t want to get in the Mansion she thought of waiting in the outhouse until media leaves. She sneaks inside the outhouse. She hears his voice in the bed room.
Maan was having a hotted argument with Daadi
Daadi – I am not answering media questions
Maan was wild at every one & furious
She barges in shouting without realizing the situation – mujhe kyun nahi bataya
Daadi left at once
Maan – kya batana hain tumhe
she didn’t know why was he angry, at her or something else
he held her arms tightly – wat do u want to know?
Mera aur us ladki ka rishta hain..hain uska aur mera saat rishta
she looked at blankly, she didn’t know wat he was talking about.
Maan – and I am not going to leave her for anyone not even for u
she kept quiet, she knew there was something really troubling him, more than it all seemed.
Maan – aur kuch batana hain tumhe?
She meekly spoke – I just came to see u tears rolled down her eyes as she spoke those words, his hold was hurting now.

Maan – dehk liya just leave now

He did it again shouting, letting out all his frustration at her. She dipped her head & walked away. Probably he needed space, some family problem, something she was not aware off. She felt bad that she could be there to help him ease him. She cursed herself, kaise biwi hain tu..unki problems bhi nahi samjhti. Kitne pareshan hain. One part of her argued does he even miss her, does he even love her, every time he sees her he just shouts or yells at her. Another part tries to understand may be he is missing her as much that’s why he is over reacting uppar se all this family tension which he is not able to share with her. But why he is not sharing??? main tho unki biwi hoon na!!! shayad woh yeh mante nahi!!! hain ..shayad nahi mante..isse liya tho aaj taak kabhi unho ne … she took a sharp breath in.. didn’t want to think wrong about anything. Cursed herself proving to be an incapable wife. Mama kitn achen se papa ko support karti hain, even though she is not so educated, teri studies sab waste hain Geet!! u really are not proving to be a good wife, tabhi he is not able to share his worries with u.
Maan stood their watching her go, repenting wat he just spoke, those words can be so misleading he thought. Why didn’t she fight, why didn’t she get angry. Her silently accepting his stupid illogical statement  shattered him. Did she misunderstand him. Wat was happening he thought. Why was he not able to tell her about Anvesha, some where he feared her reaction. He was able to fight Daadi & dev but he definitely couldn’t have fought her. She was him, if she refused something, which she never did to him, but if she did he couldn’t have gone against her wish not even in his dream thats why he was still not able to consummate their marriage, some where he thought she wants it differently.
Her rejection will just break him. He may not be able to handle her refusal to Anvesha. He knew Geet was very conservative when it came to  relationships. It took 5 months for her accept their wedding which was very much legal. How will she react to illegal relation of his father & his step sister. Will she even accept it. He could stay away from Daadi others in the family but how will he stay away from her.
He knew Geet was very conservative when it came to  relationships. It took 5 months for her accept their wedding which was very much legal. How will she react to illegal relation of his father & his step sister. Will she even accept it. He could stay away from Daadi others in the family but how will he stay away from her.
Geet wanted to meet him & talk to him about wat was bothering him. Least she could do was sooth him at this time. She didn’t know whether it will be good to call him. Off late he was too much to handle on calls. He was in a foul mood all the time. She wondered maybe he is doing the same thing as her.. maybe he wants so bad to call her, but just won’t because she haven’t called him… then again, maybe she shouldn’t fill herself with false hope that he might just be missing her like she is missing him. Oh babaji  unki pareshani dor kardona please
Maan went to his gym & worked out breaking the fired logs hurting himself to kill the pain with in him. Her not calling him, Daadi not accepting anvesha, the media hype above all staying away from Geet. At some weak moment he just felt like barging into her house & just get her to his place after all she is his wife, hold her in his arms. He sat there and wondered if she will ever understand just how much of him belongs to her.
Next day Geet went to a mall to pick up some books. She noticed sudden media crowding some couple. She ignored & tried to get away when she saw Maan holding young woman protectively around her shoulder. First she didn’t bother who it was in his arms, but hearing the questions of the media ..aapka inse rishta kya hain? Why is savithri devi not accepting ur relation. Geets gaze was forced to meet anni’s  face. She froze that’s when Maan noticed Geet looking blankly at Anvesha. His grip around Anvesha’s shoulder almost lessened seeing her.
Geet was shocked to see Anni. Every thing just looked so obvious..Anni…Anvesha Khurana!!! OMG..she closed her eyes, Maan’s step sister. How on earth will he take the fact that his father cheated them. OMG.. Maan was struggling so much. Oh God how much he would be hurt with this cruel truth. Uppar se yeh media..inki tho main…ku***y…kamni**, ***** … can’t they just mind their own business why do they have to bother him. How sweet he is trying to take care of her, isse liya London gaya thein..thats why he didn’t want me to come with him, woh khud hi yah news nahi bare kar parehen hogen phir main kaise. Am I not falling all over for him. I really respect u for accepting her, giving her wat she deserves…she really needs a family especially now. Bechari kitna struggle kar rahi thi. Thank God u saved her she was proud of her husband, her eyes filled up with love & respect for Maan.
Maan couldn’t bare to see the tears in her eyes. He completely broke down. He wondered wat she assumed especially after his idiotic statement yesterday & now all this, she was defo to misunderstand every thing. Oh god how on earth I am going to explain her all this. How will I undo all this misunderstandings. Now she will never accept Anvesha. Maan kept looking at her gaze that was moist & stuck at Anvesha.
Geet wondered does he know about her pregnancy. Oh god how will he take that. She became restless. How will he react if he knows someone cheated his sister. How will he take that pain. Woh mere haath main ek choti si chot nahi dehk paten phir anni ke dil ka itna bada ghav kaise sah payen ge. That may just break him, awake the demon in him. She got really scared she looked away & then looked at Maan who was still trying to read her face. Geet got even more worried looking at his questioning eyes she just ran away from there not able to hide the cruel truth she knew about his sister. She immediately left the place.
Maan tried to chase her. She went near her car & banged roof top damit!!! yeh sab pehle nahi hosakta tha..mera bhi kya stupid dimag hain..when anni said Anvesha Khurana..why was day dreaming !!! couldn’t I just guess it was the Khurana. London main hi woh humare saat rah sakti thi.. aur yeh sab nahi hota. Bloody Arjun.. tho gaya!!! Maan will not spare u now. He may for once forgive u wat u have done to me…but never for wat u have done to Anni. She kicked the car tyre in frustration. Maan saw her getting violent & misunderstood that she was angry at him. He wanted to calm her down he was about to walk towards her when Anni held his hand getting scared of the media questioning her.
Maan didn’t know wat to do. He couldn’t have left Anvesha between the media to butcher her with unbearable questions. He couldn’t have left Geet in that state of confused mind. She would have felt so let down. He knows somewhere she will trust him but every thing else looks so misleading. He screamed madly at the media crowding him & called for the bodyguards. Before he could sort it out Geet drove away. Maan tried to show her hand signals to stop but she didn’t notice any.
Geet went home & got really concerned about Maan. She had to talk to him. Now every thing seemed clear to her. Even daadi’s point looked clearer. But she wondered why Daadi was not accepting Anni the way Maan did. After all Daadi was the Secretary of women association. What image she had about Daadi, she should be understanding anni’s position & accept her. Geet decided to speak to Daadi.
Next day Geet went to meet Daadi. Daadi was really ashamed of wat was happening to Khurana’s family name. She didn’t know how to face the media & her friend circle.
Geet – hi Daadi
Daadi smiled weakly
Geet – Daadi main Anni ko janti hoon
daadi didn’t want to say anything
Geet – Daadi she is been alone ever since her parents have passed away.
Daadi didn’t even want to hear anni or anvesha in her house
Geet – Daadi ek bar meri puti baat tho suiya na
Daadi took a deep breath & looked at her trying to be paitent.
Geet – yash uncle married her mom in London but never told any one.
Daadi was shocked
Geet – he was scared about all the media hype & family reaction. Because of his fear she had to be deprived off all the family love & affection she deserved. Woh chati tho uncle ke death ke baad yanha aa sakti thi, lekin she didn’t want to spoil Khurana’s reputation.
Daadi – phir abhi kyun aaye hain
Geet – I am sure Maan ne hi force kiya hoga
Daadi knew Maan very well. Daadi was realizing & feeling sad for anni somewhere
Geet – agar uncle himat nahi juta payen tho issme Anni ki kya galti hain? Kya aap bhi unki tarah himat nahi juta paa rahen?
Daadi broke down completely & hugged Geet – nahi beta nahi
Geet – agar uncle himat nahi juta payen tho issme aani ki kya galti hain? Kya aap bhi unki tarah himat nahi juta paa rahen?
Daadi broke down completely & hugged Geet – nahi beta nahi

Geet was happy that she could make some difference. She wanted to meet Maan desperately & speak to him be with him. She wiped her tears & walked into the outhouse. She looked for him. She asked nakul where he was & went to the gym when Nakul said he was there. Maan was really angry at himself & the situation he was surrounded with. She reluctantly walked in ..her heart skipped million beats seeing him hot toned sweaty bare back.
Her mouth went dry she couldn’t think of words to express her emotions & over that Maan looking so irresistibly tempting. She kept gaping at him for a while admiring his curves, his muscles flex as he thrust punches in air. Jhali mouh band kar, pata hain tera pati hain lekin koi aise drool karta hain kya? She clutched her duppata & wondered how to control herself. She just wanted to hug him feel him whole of him. She gasped, he immediately turned she got scared with his sudden moment & turned her back & closed her eyes tight.

Maans anger rose seeing her turn her back at him. Oh so she can’t even bare my sight now  he thought.
She fumbled with her words – main humare…she couldn’t say anything
he drew the towel at him & walked to her
she couldn’t even think straight with him walking towards her – Daadi se
Maan turned her at once – nahi karni mujhe Daadi se baat
she was tickled with his touch but soon it began to hurt & his words piercing through her heart.
Maan – nahi karni mujhe tumse shaadi
she didn’t know wat was he saying. Why is he talking about shaadi at all she thought
Geet – aap shaadi ki baat..before she could complete.
Maan – I don’t want to marry u ..samjhi tum
she blinked her eyes innocently – but we are married ??
Maan – nahi rakhna rishta aise insaan se jo mujh pe barosa nahi karta
she felt like lump hitting her heart, making it suffocating & difficult to breath. Humara rishta insab ke beech kanha se aagaya she wondered. Why is he talking like this.. she was confused she looked at him blankly yet again. Like he didn’t make sense to her. Barosa??? aab inhe kya huwa she thought. She couldn’t think of any reason why he was angry at her. Is he upset about something but wat, then why is he saying all this.
Maan really didn’t know why was he angry & wat was he angry at. He wanted to sort out things with her & here he was shouting at her for no reason. Talking all rubbish just because she turned her back & spoke about their marriage, actually making him realize he was at fault in delaying their wedding, Maan Singh Khurana was wrong…which was terminating him.

Rishta nahi rakna ?? why did he say that.. ? Lekin kyun ?? meri galti kya hain?? she just kept thinking why he wants to leave her all of a sudden. Every thing was fine between them. Her mind didn’t seem to understand anything her heart already stopped functioning. He shook her couple of time..samjhi tum..
She didn’t respond just turned & began to walk away. Rishta nahi rakna ?? why did he say that.. ? Lekin kyun ?? meri galti kya hain?? she just kept thinking .. did he get bored of me, like had enough of me types. Chi chi aise thodi hota hain. He said he loves me right. Kaha tha na usdin. We are married aise thodi koi rishta khatam hota hain, lekin aise kya baat hogayen ki he wants to leave me.  Meri galti kya hain, mana ki main ne kabhi kaha nahi lekin main tho unke bina rah hi nahi sakti. How will I live without him. Is it over..
Maan kept calling her ..GEET ..GEET meri baat suno
she couldn’t hear, she was lost.. her senses didn’t seem to work. Her tears stopped
Her yearning lips and a throbbing heart didn’t need ignition, she was burning within she had the urge to yell, go out side running cry out loud… her emotions were twisted, her stomach in knots, she wished there was something to erase her thoughts. She just hoped that it passes, maybe merely a phase

she was ready to be out of this daze right now, just then.. walked down the steps like a dead body when Anni just shook her ..geet Geet..kya huwa tumhe..Geet!!. Maan stood their frozen seeing anni calling out her name. Geet snapped out & hugged anni & cried.
Anni – kya huwa tumhe?
Geet – Maan
she couldn’t speak a word more than that
anni got her some water – tum Maan ko janthi ho
Geet just realized wat was happening, Maan was breaking up with her, she couldn’t stop her tears hearing his name. Anni looked at her Eyes uttering the words that her life is blinded to tell, a suppressed mind conceals what the spirit knew too well. Smiles on her lips disperse the glower of a heart’s desire but a  laughter on the lips spread the tears that eyes conspire.
Anni was failed to understand her emotional turmoil – tum Maan ko jaan thi ho she asked again
Geet snapped out of her torturous thought – hain Anni main tumhare bhai ko janti hoon she said… Maan closed his eyes crying his heart out. Anvesha is geets friend anni…oh god she knows..she accepted  Anvesha much before than he did. He is been so ridiculous with her. He grabbed his shirt & ran towards her. While Daadi just walked in. he held back his steps getting agitated, fearing wat Daadi has to say now.
He was taken by surprise when he saw Daadi smiling at Anni & hugging her. Anni touched her feet Daadi held her back – humare yanha betiyan pavan nahi chuti
Maans eyes filled so did geets reflecting his emotions.
Anni – Daadi woh….
Daadi – tumhe kuch kahne ki zarorat nahi, Geet ne mujhe tumhare baren main sab bata diya
Maan felt like killing himself. he didn’t like the feeling of not knowing how bad she felt, he didn’t like looking in her eyes and seeing all her fears, her pain that he filled in there.  He just wanted to fall at her feet & cry…I’m such a fool, to have ever hurt you please let me take back those words, I really didn’t mean any of them. How could I be so stupid? How could I be so blind? Oh god why is she looking so lost. Why is she not even looking at me. She knows I just lose it & talk rubbish. Please Geet meri taraf dehko

Please Geet meri taraf dehko. he pleaded in his mind dieing to get a once grace look as Daadi lead anni to the Mansion. Geet followed her with her head dipped down in pain. He held her hand & pulled her towards him. He closed her mouth with his other hand & pressing her wrapped with the other hand next to the door. She looked at him puzzled dazed with his action. Her eyes throwing 10000 million questions at him with tears non stop welling down. He instantly kissed them away.
He waited for Daadi & anni to reach safe distance away from them. By then she almost melted in his arms while his masculine scent just filling her senses something she has been longing to be with. She couldn’t understand wat he wanted & why is he doing this to her. One minute he talks about breaking their relation & other minute he is kissing away her tears. Nothing made sense to her. She struggled to free herself, his grip tightened & in one swift he lifted her & carried to his room. He slowly let her down & closed the door & rested his head backward on the door closing his eyes.
She stood there unable to move with her heart filled with pain & ache. He waited for her say something, burst out her anger, hit him, throw things at him, take out her anger but she did nothing she just stood there numb scarringly numb, like she was immune to her surroundings. When he thought she may not say anything then she spoke very innocently – meri galti kya hain? Why are u leaving me?

He couldn’t believe wat she spoke how could even she think of something like that. Does she even know wat she means to him. She was his soul. She was the one who completes him. He can’t breath without her. Jaan he cried & hugged her. Meri galti kya hain? She asked again. breaking down in his arms. Tumari koi galti nahi hain he wept. U are bored with me..like had enough of me types? He cupped her face dearly aise kyun bol rahi ho jaan?  Phir aap mujh se pyar kyun nahi karten? U don’t even talk to me properly now days? Aise nahi hain jaan.. then why don’t u accept our marriage? Why don’t u make love to me? Why do u always hold back?  Maan knew he has put the seed in her head. He no ways in hell was he walking away from her.
He straightaway brought a hand up to the nape of her neck tunneled his fingers through the soft hair at the base of it & brought his mouth down to meet hers. The minute his mouth lay claim to hers it was as though a fire let loose. He heard her moan against his mouth as he tugged her closer until their bodies were flush against each other the heat of hers pressing intimately against him. She cried out her complain in that kiss wrapping her arms more securely around his neck  tugging his head closer.
He tore off his tracks & unbuttoned shirt, pulling her kurti’s strings & unzipping & throwing them all on the floor next to the bed, he lifted her in his arms carrying her short distance. He lowered her on the bed, gently letting her down covering her body with his. He placed his hands on either side of her face lowered his mouth & kissed her. Her heart thudded erratically in her chest as he  looked at her lost in her pain, he was no where himself, his heart, soul & mind was lost in those complaining words of hers. How could he let her doubt his love. Wat has he gone & done, he would have done anything to see that trust in her eyes, he wanted to wash away that trail of any doubt in those eyes. His pain, her pain, their separation, their longing , she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He couldn’t image the pain she was in. He hated himself. He wanted her, she was his only his & he was hers only hers, how can she even think otherwise. Her breath came out in a long hiss when he began to enter her body in love, passion, pleasing her claiming her. He pushed into her covering her body & claiming her mouth pressing his tongue inside deep.
She squirmed beneath his body trying desperately to adjust to this new sensation of invasion. He cupped her back & lifted her tighter against his body. He swallowed her cry within the warmth of his mouth. Her eyes not even once complained instead it looked at him more lovingly & cravingly. Every thing in her belonged to him only him. There was no inhibition. There was only their love that cocoon them.  
When he broke the kiss, he trailed his mouth over her face until he reached her neck, licking the sensitive spots. As he moved inside her, he couldn’t get close enough. It seemed like an eternity that he had wanted to feel her to taste  her just her only her. As she grew comfortable to his grith her legs widened giving him easier access to her. Gliding her body trying to be sync with his rhythm, but he was far too passionate today. He was hard & hard hitting her into multi peeks & finally rocking into a final never felt explosion. He lay on her petite body, completely keeping her captivated. They silently laid until their heart beat was normal & in rhythm accepting their love making their love. He slowly pulled away & sat on the bed realizing wat he has gone & done. He closed his eyes & tears teased to fall.

She cried & buried her face in the pillow seeing him in pain. U don’t want me in ur life thats way ur upset now. He turned to her at once & pinned her hands tum pagal ho kya? Wat have u made me do to u? She didn’t understand wat he was saying.. all she knew was they made love they just completed themselves, their relation but he was not happy at the end. He is not happy with her off late. How can he be upset after such a beautiful moment she cried. There is nothing more left between us thats why u r hating me more now. Oh jaan ..I just ruined ur dream ..sweet heart I am so sorry. I am really sorry. She kissed him madly. Not letting him say those words do you even know wat is my dream off late she complained.
He hugged her closer & kissed her. His strong leg crossed her over & held her closer. U will not make me do anything like this again he groaned. Kyun she asked innocently
Maan – ek tho u don’t let me keep protection & uppar se u want me to do all this
Geet – woh kyun?
Maan – waise tho problem nahi hain, bas daadi se hi baat karna raheta hain
Geet – aap kya bol rahen ho, mujhe samjh nahi aa raha?
Maan – sach main pagal ho
umm…she made a baby face
Maan – agar tum pregnant ho gayee tho
she was shocked & embarrassed turning pinker..
he kissed her cheeks.. mujhe bikul tumhari tarah baby chahiyan
Geet – excuse me..baby ! NO WAYS
he was so lost in thinking about their family ..kitna cute hogi na
Geet suspiciously – kaun?
He rolled his eyes – humari nuni Pari
Geet – ek min..pehle tho na child uppar se girl baby bilkul bhi nahi
he squeezed her in his arms – woh kyun?
She made a serious face – abhi to muje 10-15 saal aapke saat romance karna hain, phir chahiyan tho baby woh bhi only boy
he kissed her warmly knowing how much they missed this, just being in each other arms
Geet – I can’t share u with any other girl
he laughed – pagli woh tumari tho beti hogi
Geet – nahi nahi nahi.. koi baby nahi for next 10 nahi 15yrs ..aur girl baby bilkul bhi nahi
he kissed her on her forehead ok baba jaise tumari marzi
she just realized the protection part now & briskly turned to see him – main ne kab mana kiya protection ke liyen?
He rolled his eyes
she was confused – ek min..when did u carry protection & why did u? She asked suspiciously.   She was wild now she sat on his stomach & pinned his hand – batav mujhe
he smiled naughtily while is eyes lustfully gazed her n**e body over him. She instantly blushed & hid herself in his arms.

he loved to see her turning pink & blushing thinking about their love making. She shied like a new bride. He continued to tease her pretending not to understand her woh..aapne…humane…

Geet drove back to her house. She was happy. She couldn’t express how happy she was. She felt complete. She smiled looking at self in the mirror couple of times. She was blushing .. I really love u she kissed rolled over his snaps.
Next day she tried calling Maan at 5.30am after switching off his watch… her usual thing.. Maan picked it in one ring.. jaan will talk to u later. She didn’t mind.. she knew he was held up but morning 5.30am. He had really taken up lots of new ventures which she wondered why. She messaged him saying she is taking anni out. He smiled & felt really wonderful & relieved.
Geet took appointment with doctor for Anni. She picked her & took her to the hospital. Geet took at most care to keep every thing hush hush. She definitely didn’t want any media attention on either of them. Geet was really tensed & concerned even more now for Anni. Initially she was her friend but now she was maan’s sister, they were family.
dr. – nothing to worry. Baby’s groW*H is normal.
Anni – when will it start showing
dr was taken a back
Geet – actually iska matlab hain why is it not showing yet?
& stamped anni to keep quiet. Anni rolled her eyes.
Dr –  4- 5 months main.. actually depends on ur constitution also
dr suggested some medicines basically vitamin & calcium supplement.
Geet took good care of anni’s health. She insisted on hurrying up the things with Arjun as well. Next day was valentine’s day, Geet was little over excited. This was the first ever valentine’s day she had her love, not that other valentine’s day she didn’t have BF’s. But Maan was not her BF…she shied.. she wondered wat to gift him. She wanted to make it special. She brought chocolates, flowers, balloons.. but all that she was not happy. She brought lots of gifts for him. Off course she couldn’t just stop herself when it came to express her emotions like this..but words….she could never. Probably that was the magic between them. In love for more than 9-10 months no formal proposal, no formal marriage, no formal SR… but they did propose, they are married & they did have SR. they couldn’t even think of staying away from each other.

Armaan had arranged for a valentine’s party at prem’s place. They didn’t want to exert Mukti, she was due any time. They all hoped, it would be dam cute if the baby was born on valentines day. Geet called Maan to inform him about the party.
Maan was really wild – I don’t have time for ur silly parties
she was taken a back. She wondered how will he react to her gifts now. Oh God phir gussa hojayen ge.
Maan didn’t have to lose himself, but off late he was. Probably his work was taking a stole over him he was never used to being a charmer. He did party but that too formal client parties. But after meeting Geet he did get carried away a bit, but now the work load was maddening, especially after coming back from london & his ammunition deal is turning into a gold mine.

Geet wanted to call back the gifts knowing he may get disturbed. She rushed to his office she told the delivery guy to give the things to her. There were so many things. Prithvi helped her, while Maan just came out listening to the murmuring out side his cabin. She immediately hid the gift behind. He shot a glance to the staff they all continued to work looking down now.
Sasha – aab tho gayen, issi thodi pata hain MK ke baren main
tasha – really sasha I don’t understand, how kiddish was all that ‘
sasha – imagine flowers for MK
he shot another stern look the 2 girls & then turned to look at Geet.
She tried to walk away. He grabbed her hand took her to the room. She fluttered her eyes & looked at him. Geet – Maan I am really sorry, woh valentine’s day tha na tho main excitement main.. actually humara first valentine’s day tha na.
He moved close to her looking into her eyes, she felt little scared & inched back. He grabbed her hand that was holding the gift behind closing her in his embrace. Yah kya hain he whispered in her ears little sternly. His breath touching her ears was tickling her sense. He softly caressed her earlobes with his lips. She let out a hiss. She could even say it was his gift. She couldn’t feel anything but him, his masculine scent was intoxicating. She gulped her saliva & closed her eyes. He took the small box from her hand, slipping his fingers in her hand & pulling her closer, kissing her neck fleshly. Happy valentine’s day he whispered.
Geet – aap naraz nahi ho
he shook his head
Geet – mujhe laga I am disturbing u
he squeezed her closer to his chest – u know tumari yanhi sab harkten mujhe bahut pasand hain, humesha meri berang se zindagi main rang bhur deti ho.
Geet – mujhe samjh nahi aata aapko kya pasand hain aur kya nahi
Maan – abhi bhi nahi pata
she shook her head resting on his chest. He brought a hand up to the nape of her neck & kissed her lovingly first & passionately claiming her next. Even with cloths on he felt her every lush curve against his body. Her sensual full lips pressed against his as he played with her mouth liking her tongue over their fullness. He tilted her further to get her whole mouth inside. She felt her self drowning in his arms. The broke out of the kiss hearing a knock at the door. He straighten himself still holding the gift in his hand.
Prithvi walked in with the gifts. Maan asked him to keep it on the table.
She shied & dipped her head
Maan – yeh sab mera liya hain
she nodded looking down
Maan – phir mujhe diya kyun nahi
Geet – I thought u may get angry
he rolled his eyes & tried opening the gift that was in his hand
Geet – abhi nahi
he knotted his eye brows.
Geet – yah wali hum jab saat main honge shaam ko tab kholna
he smiled knowing her cute naughty thoughts.. he knew some where more private that wat she meant.  she turned to leave he pulled her in one jerk in his arms. She looked at him puzzled.
Maan – jaan main gussa karton hain iska matlab yah nahi ki u stop urself. U be wat u r. tum mera saat kuch bhi kar sakti ho, u know that right.. sirf mera saat he added
she nodded hugging him
Maan – mana ki thoda gussa karta hoon
she twisted her lips on thoda!!!
he smiled – OK thoda jyada, but love every thing u do. Kabadar jo meri gift wapas le. She kissed his nose & left.
He couldn’t hold the curiosity to open the gift. He immediately opened as she left. He blushed & hit his head with his hand seeing a packet of protection.
Maan reached home & he was really excited. He was looking forward to be with her. He was already late by 4hours. They were to meet at 5 but he couldn’t wind up his meetings. He looked around for Geet in the outhouse, she was no where to  be seen. Anni noticed Maan getting restless about some thing.
Anni – kya baat hai bhai?
Maan reluctantly – Geet ayee thi kya?
Anni – hain, she was here in the evening
Maan – when did she leave
he thought why was he asking her, he immediately called her.
Before anni could reply .. Maan was on the call
Maan – kanha ho tum
Geet – sorry sorry I will be there, woh actually anni upset thi iss liyan
he was getting restless now, he couldn’t wait to be with her.
Geet – acha I will be there in few minutes
Maan – umm

anni just watched Maan, he seemed like totally passionate about her, restless like the way Arjun used to when he couldn’t find her. & Geet seemed to be cool like always.
Anni cleared her thought
Maan turned to look at her
anni – do u love her
that was a straight question he couldn’t answer even to Geet till now.
Anni – I know it is between u both
he tried to listen to her
anni – actually I feel she is not that emotional person
Maan Singh Khurana will not take a word against herhe shouted
anni was taken a back
he was irritated – I thought u were friends
anni – yes we are very good friend, actually she is only friend I have
Maan – then
he was curious why did she then say something like that
anni – actually we studied together in London
Maan – I know that
anni – Arjun loved her a lot.
He hated it. ..he did remember geet mentioning about Arjun..
Anni – Arjun is a nice guy, mana ki uska pyar dihkane ka tarika galat tha, lekin,
u know bhai he tried committing suicide for her.
She narrated the whole thing wat Arjun did for her.
Maan was wild, mad, his temper had no limit. He could kill anyone who came on his way.
Anni – Arjun is a nice guy, mana ki uska pyar dihkane ka tarika galat tha, lekin,
u know bhai he tried committing suicide for her.
She narrated the whole thing wat Arjun did for her.
Maan was wild, mad, his temper had no limit. He could kill anyone who came on his way.
Anni failed to explain anything about herself & Arjun , she only told about how much Arjun loved Geet truly didn’t even mention wat geets reaction was.

Geet just walked in with Arjun with balloons, cakes & flowers for Anni to celebrate Valentines day. Anni was delighted to see Arjun. Geet was happy to see the smile back in Anni’s face.
Anni – bhai yah Arjun hain
maans eyes turned blood red & he trusted a punch right on Arjun’s face. Anni was taken a back – bhai
Geet knew wat was in his head. She didn’t know how to stop. Maan was no where to stop, he punched him on another heavy thrust into his stomach making him spit out blood.
Arjun – wat is wrong with u
Maan – how dare u
punching & smashing his face to the wall
Arjun – Maan stop it, mera haat utt jayega
as if that could stop Maan Singh Khurana instead he turned his hand around twisting it backward, almost cracking a bone definite some torn ligament.
Geet to anni – kya kaha tum ne Maan ko Arjun ke baren main
before anni could reply, Geet could hear Maan shouting & kicking him – how dare u touch my Geet…isse haat ne chuwane mera Geet ko…. stamping & crushing his fingers under his boot.
Arjun fumbling & trumbling – I thought u knew about it
Maan punched another one on his face
Geet held maan’s hand – Anni’s loves him Maan…
Arjun smiled teasingly with a bleeding face – why did she hide it from u then??? with a tinge of victory
Geet didn’t expect that coming, she knew this will only provoke Maan further.
Maans anger shot to all time high & he lifted him by his color & dragged him out to the door – because she didn’t want me to kill u with my bare hands.
Geet’s was filled with tears, nothing could come between them, she knew, she always trusted him but he just proved how much he did.

Anni was mute spectator of all this she didn’t know they were together, neither did she know how much Maan & Geet loved each other, she thought she was a fool to have told about Arjun like this. She just ruined everything.
Arjun – without knowing u kept bodyguard to watch her.
Geet shouted her heart out – wat is wrong with u
Arjun fumbling on his feet.. bleeding from every where .. why did u have a bodyguard..see he didn’t trust u thats why .. Maan trusted another punch on his face. Geet placed a tight slap on his face.
Geet – that’s because he cared for me. The few hours when I was not reachable because u kidnapped me..hell broke open on him…
Maan – he kidnapped u ..he turned to kick him again..Oh man u r so dead
Arjun was shocked to see the bond they shared… the punches & kicks kept following, he didn’t know how can two people love each other so much, not that he want to marry Geet now or he thought about her that way, but the blind faith Maan had on her, the understanding she had about his reaction was commendable.
Maan – I don’t want him my sister’s life
Geet held his punch looking at Arjun almost dieing – Maan anni is pregnant

Maan froze. He didn’t know how to react. His sister was pregnant !!! that too with a guy who doesn’t love her. Anni rushed Arjun to the hospital. Geet & Maan followed. Maan was not reacting, he was angry, shattered. He was more worried for anni & her future. Her baby jis ki koi galti nahi.
Armaan attended to Arjun & came out
armaan – isse tu mera hospital kyun layee.. u know I may just kill him
Maan looked at Geet in pain & walked out.
armaan left them alone.

He silently dropped her to the Hawali it was already pass 11pm. He just kissed her forehead & drove away. He was in pain, how could he be so careless about her, someone just tortured her.. his wife..Maan Singh Khurana’s wife. He walked into the gym mad at himself. He continuously punched the pad angry at self to have failed yet again. She slipped her hand around his bare back. Showering kisses along the sweaty back. Her hand making up the abs to his chest. He turned to face her ..jaan I am sorry baby!!

she kissed his lips he was in pain, thinking about the abuse she had to face all alone. He was too busy with his work, that he didn’t even know wat she was going through. He hugged her & tightly .. oh jaan I know u did try telling me.. then all that..mess.. Oh God… how could I .. I was supposed to take care of u.. I was never there for u.. she didn’t let him finish..the kiss was the spark that led them down of carnal bliss. He instantly brought both hands to the back of her head, tugged her close & slid his fingers beneath her hair. Painfully tilting her head in a angel, he was harsh, he was carnal.. he was violent.. he was angry at himself which came out in his action, more pleasurable to her. He swept her & took her to his room. Locked the door behind & pulled away every cloth between them, he was too quick & impatient. She didn’t expect him to be so emotional, he slid down her body until his face was level with her b*****. he cupped them lushly, his tongue swiped out & bathe her n****. biting them leaving his claim, making them bleed, she wiggled & whimpered beneath him.
He turned fumbling to pick the protection & within seconds covered her body. A strangled cry erupted when his thickness slid into her. He was no where slow & tender self. He trusted himself over & over again. It took her a while to reach his rhythm, it was hard, it was rough, she was not used to his roughness. On & on he drove into her, his trusts becoming wilder with every stoke, she screamed exploding  in passion .. he was no where listening to her, her scream was making him be more violent he didn’t seem to stop.. no where..he wanted her, he cried into her, roaring more .. he didn’t know wat he was doing, how hard it would be on her. He pinned her wrist on either side, kissing her madly.. how dare some one hurt u.. how could I let it happen…he cried.. finally he groaned throwing his head backward tears trailing down his cheeks & hers.. he lay on her panting… kissed her … sorry .. jaan … he was guilty.. his heart ached with the pain…he checked the time it was 4am.. even then he didn’t release…her until the last cries had died down to whimpering moans.. she felt she would collapse any minute. Probably she did…she doesn’t even know wat was happening ..he was really into her… she was just discovering her husband now she thought… wondering how he didn’t do anything ..to keep her dream for so many months.

Probably she did…she doesn’t even know wat was happening ..he was really into her… she was just discovering her husband now she thought… wondering how he didn’t do anything ..to keep her dream for so many months.

It was 9 am.. Daadi knocked the door.. they both panicked. It was an odd situation to be caught in especially since Daadi didn’t know about their wedding. Geet quickly slipped into her dress & Maan into his tracks & opened the door.
Daadi – kitni dar.. she paused the moment she saw Geet & the way the bed was.
She shot a strict look to Maan & then Geet.
Daadi – Rano ko pata hain tum yanha ho?
Geet didn’t know wat to reply.. mama did know, but she could say it that would spoil Rano’s reputation. Geet just dipped her head in silence.
Daadi – hume aapse yeh umeed nahi thi. Go back to ur house now
Daadi kept the cup of coffee in maan’s side table – how could u Maan? I don’t like all this, ek bar to dono khandan ke reputation ke baren main socha hota
Geet had tears in her eyes & left from there. He tried to stop her..
Daadi shouted – where is Anni gone now?? both bro – sis are bent on ruining family’s name.
He didn’t know how to explain the whole thing above all Anni was still in hospital since last night.
Daadi – this is really embarrassing Maan.
Maan – Daadi it is not wat it seems.
Daadi – do u even know wat u both ..chi…she turned her face… I had thought of Geet differently
Maan reacted angrily – Daadi!!!!
he couldn’t have taken a word against her.
Daadi – I don’t want to delay things further.. why can’t u both just get married she said in anger & frustration. She hated wat she faced.. her grandson & Geet in closed room not sure since when Geet was here..geet looked totally worn ..not sure if she saw red marks around the neck & may be swollen lips clearly indicating wat they were up to… luckily she didn’t know Geet was there the whole night. Daadi definitely didn’t approve of it.. she was hurt.. the image she had of Geet was shaking..

Daadi expected her to be of high family values, she was looking her as the future face of Khurana’s but now it all seemed to be little unacceptable. She knew Geet was bubbly & fun loving very modern, especially the first time they met, when Geet was dressed in her worn jeans & pulled up hair in the lose t-shirt.. but some where she knew Handa’s where very cultured but now things seemed hazed. But she couldn’t blame her alone, even her grandson was also at fault.  she just left from there in anger.
Maan hated to see this dissatisfaction in Daadi’s eyes for his wife. He knew Geet can never be wrong she was perfect she was right, she would never do anything wrong to led down the family name. All this was because of him, because of his delaying in telling Daadi about their marriage, now it may all sound even worse. But he hardly got time to moan over it.. there was important meetings which he was already running late for.
Geet went back home feeling sad, wondering wat Daadi would have thought. But she never regretted anything.. after all they were married. She knew it was just a misunderstanding & every thing will be fine when she comes to know about their marriage. She just hoped Daadi doesn’t thing bad about her family.
Maan had a busy day in office.. he didn’t even get time to think about wat was happening in his personal life, forgot anni was in hospital taking care of Arjun.. where as she needed more attention.. Geet was in tears when Daadi shouted at her in the morning.. but his life ..his work didn’t seem to stop…pouring in draining him out totally. Mid of all this he did call Geet
they couldn’t even talk one line comfortably.. there was always a call or a client some one.. he had to put her on hold. They were on the call the whole day not without even talking a line fully. Finally when he could ..
Geet – don’t worry I understand
he sighed in relief.. all the pain he had just washed away. She was really magical he thought.
Geet – aapki anni se baat huwai?
He was getting angry now, he was in no mode to forgive Arjun. He could never. She could sense his restlessness & anger. She knew how protective he was about her from day one. He had prithvi to take care of her from the 3rd day they had met probably. She loved every bit of him. His over protectiveness, his passion, his wildness, his temper.. humm.. little difficult to handle but she loved it too… since she understood that it was only uppari gussa always..
just then anni & Arjun walked into his cabin. Arjun had few bandages & swollen cheek. He had a sling & was kind of limping. Maan got up at once from his seat to call the guards. Geet realized he was very angry at some one.
Geet – Maan.. gussa mat kariya, unki baat tho sunlijayen
he yelled – nahi sunni mujhe kisi ki baat
Geet – Maan anni really loves him a lot
he clinched his fist
anni & Arjun were little taken a back…not sure whom he was shouting at ..phone or them
anni – bhai
Arjun stepped in front – I am really sorry Maan
anni – bhai please
Maan – I don’t trust him a bit
Arjun – I want to marry Anni .. its our child she bearing.. I confess it’s all my mistake, I was wrong I should have been more careful. I can’t let this happen. I can’t let my child to be a B*****. I know how cruel the outside world. Its my child.
Maan – u don’t have to worry about it.. Maan Singh Khurana knows how to take care of his sister
Geet – Maan u can’t fill the place of father in the child’s life. Please think of the baby.
Maan was quiet.
She knew wat his silence meant.. ummah.. he softly smiled.. hai..issi smile se aap ne mujhe phasaya tha..bachan I am falling for u all over again.
He just blankly nodded to anni & Arjun. They hugged Maan thanking him & left.
Maan came back on the call – kya kaha tumne
she innocently – kya kaha mane???
Maan – main ne tumhe phasa ya??
Geet – aur nahi tho kya!!!
& giggled
he made a false angry face
Geet – bachan aise natak mat karo.. I know aap ko gussa kab aata hain
Maan – kab aata hain?
Geet – better question will be kab nahi aata hain
Maan – aacha kab nahi aata
she blushed – jab hum..she bit her lower lips
he knew wat was she thinking ..so he continued sensuously – jab hum kya jaan
she shook her head turning all pink & breathing heavy
Maan – tum aise karo gi tho main kaam kaise karon ga?
Geet – umm.. made a baby face.
Maan – tum aise karo gi tho main kaam kaise karon ga?
Geet – umm.. made a baby face.

Next day Geet got a call from prem that mukti was in labor.
Geet rushed to the hospital. She heard mukti cry in labor for few minutes & almost fainted. She couldn’t take her pain. Maan rushed to the hospital..hearing geet cry so helplessly
Geet ran to Maan panting & scared.
Maan – kya huwa?
He gave her some water
Geet – woh woh.. mukti is in labor
Maan – its ok…just relax
Geet – she is been crying for last couple hours… itna pain hota hain tho mujhe baby nahi chahiyen
he smiled & hugged her…waise bhi no baby for 10-15yrs right
Geet – hum adopt kar lenge
he smiled wondering how sensitive she was. She could bare all the pain for him that sucidal thing was a nightmare he thought…. but she is so sensitive & scared otherwise. Every time mukti screamed Geet hugged Maan tighter & hid herself in him.
Geet – mujhe yanha se le javoo
he was shocked she said that.. I really can’t bare all this. He took her to the car park & waited there with her. She was really shaken up. Maan was glad he was with her.
Geet – do u really think she is going to be ok
Maan – jaan relax..she is fine.. normal delivery hain aise hi hota hain, by gods grace koi complication bhi nahi hain
Geet – usse kuch hoga tho nahi na
he hugged her close to his heart – jaan childbirth is the most beautiful part of women life
she snapped – right.. I can see that..
he smiled cradling her head & looked into her eyes that looked so much in fear
Geet – 10-15 yrs plan cancel.. no babies mujhe se yeh sab nahi hoga
he cupped her face dearly – don’t worry every thing will be fine.. I will be always there with u
Geet – labor room main bhi
Maan – every where.. I will hold ur hand & be there every single minute..promise
tears fell from her eyes – hum bina babies ke nahi rah sakte kya
he smiled & shook his head, she tearfully made a baby face.

Prem was very tensed & paced restlessly outside the labor room he couldn’t dare to go inside. Armaan was with him calming & letting him know how she was.  Finally they heard the cry of the child.. prem had a tear in his eyes..when he heard that.. after initial dressing Prem rushed in & hugged Mukti. ..I love u a lot.. thanxs a lot ..thanxs a lot .. I am so sorry u had to go through all this.. he kissed her madly. Nurse got the baby. Prem was too scared to take the tiny thing in his hand.
Armaan called Geet – its a baby boy
Geet smiled & went up to see mother & the new born. Maan & Geet walked in..geet smiled weakly at mukti.. & didn’t even dare to look at the baby. She was really scared. She walked along side Maan holding his hand tightly walking away from the tiny life..she was fearing..even seeing it. Maan rested his hand on hers.. itna kyun dar rahi ho
she didn’t say anything, she was just scared. Mukti had the baby in her hand & prem was grinning like a fool now. Maan hugged him & congratulated him. Geet was a mute spectator of all this. She didn’t even go near the bed. She was really scared. Prem just caressed the baby ever so softly.. very scared that his touch main hurt the little life in his angels hands.
Mukti – u want to hold him
prem jumped back nahi
Maan promptly held the baby in his hand when she offered. He very lovingly & carefully took the little feather light rose..like pink cotton ball in his hand. His expressions had changed totally.. he looked so different.. from his usual bachan self. There was so much happiness, peace, love in his face geet couldn’t compose the emotions he expressed. Geet looked at him in awe..maan wanted to share this moment with Geet. He inched closer to her to show the beautiful jr prem to her. She inched backward. She was scared. .. Maan dehko na kitna pyara hain
Geet smiled very meekly – umm..like she may just run away from there any moment
the baby just then wet his shirts.. Geet jumped back .. oh..no.. he wet u…oh god aab kya hoga
Maan didn’t even move a bit.. he smiled like it didn’t mean anything.. rather he was enjoying it all.
Maan – aab kuch nahi hoga iska dress change hoga

mukti was too tired to do all that.. Maan offered to do it..
Geet & prem just watched not knowing wat to do… they stood there like small kids watching some thing unbelievable.
Maan made the baby lay on the bed very very softly… Geet was scared..almost forgot to breath..he slowly removed the spread from the baby.. baby turned a bit feeling slight chillness.. Maan immediately patted him softly easing him with his warmth & placed a another soft cotton spread on the baby..he told Geet to pass the change cloth to him.. she didn’t react ..she just stood their frozen looking at the tiny infant.. the legs where so small… petal like fragile hands.. every thing looked so delicate.. how can any one handle some thing so small & tiny she thought..she broke out of her shocked state when Maan again said jaldi karo..
Geet – umm
mukti – uss bag main hain
Geet brought the whole bag & wondered wat to give..mukti had neatly arranged all the things..still Geet was not sure wat Maan was asking for. Maan shook his head & pulled out the cotton triangle shaped cloth to tie it around the baby. Then slowly handed the infant to the mother..

Geet immediately went out & paced restessly outside.. prerna & mr bajaj just came from Mumbai & rushed in to see the baby.
Prerna kissed mukti & took the baby in her hand.
Mr babjaj blessed prem & mukti..
prerna – Geet ko kya huwa.. usse tension main dehk ke mujhe laga ki kuch problem hain
mukti smiled – she is scared seeing all this
Maan was taken a back.. he immediately rushed out to see wat happened to her
Maan – jaan
She hugged him – mujh se yeh sab nahi hoga
Maan – kya sab sweet heart
Geet – nappy change.. carrying the baby ..yeh sab..kitna tiny hain
Maan – tumhe karne ki kya zarorat hain, main hoon, Daadi hain, Rano aunty hain.. we all there with u.. tumhe kuch karne ki zarorat hi nahi
Geet – I can’t handle all this.. baby is too small

he tried to calm her down but she was no where listening.. he took her for a drive but all the while she sat there making a big face.. but finally giving in to his love filled passionate kiss… moving into another & to their love making session..
Geet – aap kanhi bhi shuru ho jaten ho
Maan – woh tumhari galti hain
she looked at him with questioning eyes
he pulled the protection box.. abb tum aise gifts dehk kar mujhe bigado gi tho main kya kar sakta hoon
her pulse kicked up in anticipation. He moved down to her curves kissing, kneading then the other one. While her hand made way to his zipper & traced the hardness. He groaned .. she loved to hear him react like this.. in minutes they exposed as much as required to for that instant spontaneous love making of theirs. He slowly slid in..stroked slow & long strokes getting longer, opening her wider & taking him closer to her pulsating center.
His mouth moved back to hers, harder he kissed the harder he stroked. They went deeper & deeper.. he was pulsing, throbbing driving into her ..finally collapsed against each other. For several long timeless minutes he wrapped his arms around her & she burrowed against his chest. Maan checked the time.. it was pass midnight. He quickly straighten himself & dropped her home placing a soft peck on her forehead.
A month had passed by maan was realy busy didn’t have much time to clear things. Geet was getting worried for Anni.. she might soon start showing. geet did try to tell maan to hurry up their wedding, but it was not in his hands. He was also getting little tensed now..she was little over 3 months. His bussiness ate up al his time & attention.

Daadi was still angry with Maan. She was not talking to him normally. He wanted her to cool down before they actually talk about Geet. He didn’t want her to misunderstand anything. Mean while Arjun came with his parents to talk to Daadi.

Daadi was more than happy with the alliance. Rathode’s were very keen on getting their daughter into Khurans’s as well. They made a suggestion & Daadi promptly agreed.
Maan just walked in hearing the conversation.. of Daadi agreeing to her grandson’s wedding with Naintara. Maan was taken a back.. he knew Daadi had a misunderstanding about Geet & him. But never expected it to go so far.
Maan got really wild & thought.. Arjun is up to something. He probably getting equal to him this way. He was mad.. he didn’t speak to anyone just left from there. He would have probably shouted at every one there & probably kicked them out.
Maan got really wild & thought.. Arjun is up to something. He probably getting equal to him this way. He was mad.. he didn’t speak to anyone just left from there. He would have probably shouted at every one there & probably kicked them out.
Maan was in a foul mood & above all the work pressure.. uppar se.. anni’s court marriage.
Khuarana’s & Rathode’s decided to get anni & Arjun married first since Anni was already over 3 months. The second marriage in the family could be followed in full preparation unlike this one. 15 Days notice & the registration date was fixed. Every one in the mansion was preparing for Anni’s wedding. Geet was all excited but Daadi still showed cold shoulder to Geet.
Geet was way too innocent to realize all this, she was happy & did every thing she could as a good friend to anni. Helped her with shopping, beauty parlor dress selection, every thing. Daadi was still angry & ignoring her. Maan walked in when he noticed Daadi rejecting Geets choice of jewels, then sarees.. even the flower arrangements. Maan walked straight to Geet held her hand & dragged her out in front of every one. The laddies were taken a back, Daadi was really embarrassed with maan’s behaviour.

Maan pushed her outside the house in front of every one – why do u come here when u r not accepted in here?? Geet didn’t know wat he was talking about. She was feeling little conscious too since all the ladies where just gaping at them with their mouth open.
He never did care really, he was not liking the treatment Geet was getting not realizing he was being worse.
Geet – main tho sirf anni ko help kar… she couldn’t even complete
he roared – tumhare bina yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti kya? I don’t want u to ever come here unless u have been invited.
She knew he was wild at something else, something else was bothering him. She didn’t know wat was it. They were hardly getting time to talk & now anni’s wedding just around the corner no time at all. She tried to follow him back trying to talk to him. Maan kya baat hain?
he turned with fury & pain in his eyes – just leave from my house
those words were rude.. heart wrenching…his house, but it was supposed be their house, why was he getting so angry. Daadi misunderstood their fight totally. It just got her more wild about their relation. Geet left from there with out creating much scene.
Geet hoped they will call her for the registration, no one actually called. She tried reaching Maan, but he was angry & busy. Geet was getting little upset & not liking the whole feel. She was never good with relations. She thought she failed again in her relation with Maan.
Prem was busy with the new comer in their life. He spend the whole day with the baby. Armaan took her out & suggested her to take every thing lightly knowing her intensity towards matters, they were actually scared for her. Geet got her results for the civil service ..mains exams result. She didn’t even bother to check it. She was least interested.
Raj called & congratulated her. She was not even knowing wat he was congratulating her for.
Raj – gudiya ..u rocked again..u topped mains too..
Geet – umm
raj – so wat are u planning now
Geet – umm
raj – kya huwa Geet?
Geet – umm
raj was worried now, she had never sounded so lost. Wat was wrong with her. She didn’t even say bye & cut the call. He guessed probably some tiff with Maan. He didn’t want to interfere.  He called armaan
raj – gudiya ko kya huwa?
Armaan – not sure
raj was furious now – wat do u mean u don’t know
armaan – tujhe pata hain na woh har baat ko dil main le leti hain
raj – teri Maan se baat huwai?
Armaan – actually that is the problem he is too busy.
Raj – lekin aise bhi kya busy, pehle the pura pura din gudiya ke saat phone main rahta tha
armaan – I don’t think he has even that time now
raj – but that’s like taking her for granted.
Armaan – yah..I know.. but that’s between them right
raj – umm
armaan – I guess she needs a break from all this
raj – I really think so.
At home papaji was really proud of Geet.
Papaji – that’s wonderful beta
Geet smiled weekly
Rano knew for matter of fact wat Geet wanted. She wanted to be in her house with her husband but she wondered why they were delaying it.
Papaji – now I know why u left SSB, u were really confident of making it in civil services
Rano murmured right.. kitna samjthe hain beti ko.. shaadi nahi karva sakten..uff..abhi isse civil service join ker ke kya karna hain.. isse jhali ke paas Maan ko sambalne ke liya hi time kam padega
papaji – very good mera bacha & kissed her forehead.

She had written all this exams before even leaving to London..before knowing wat Maan actually meant to her..he was her everything, she couldn’t think of a minute away from him
Geet was lost, totally lost.. it was a month since he asked her to leave his house (HIS word taunted her) but still she knew he was disturbed about something else, she was not even part of anni’s wedding. When ever she called, he didn’t talk much, except missing u ..I am busy sorry jaan…..what the hell she was tired about all this her patience was running away.. its been more than 2   months they have come back from London now & he doesn’t seem to have time for her at all. She also knows if they are together then, there was only love in air then, but off late not even getting to see him. Does he miss me at all she thought. Why was he taking her for granted..but then she knows only he could take her for granted.. some where she didn’t mind it.. but now it was hurting, hurting deep in.. waiting for him chasing him indefinitely, he love her, she loves him…but where is the magic..the spark..its all fancy to be the Maan Singh Khurana’s wife..but the reality seemed much cruel & painful.
Daadi at home started the preparation of the wedding.
Daadi – when are u planning to get married
Maan was offended, he knew daadi’s intentions – abhi nahi
Daadi – u have to really make up ur mind.. I cannot keep rathode’s waiting like this
Maan – I am not interested in her why don’t u get it.. don’t u know wat I want
Daadi was confused thought may be he needs some time to sort things.
Just then Geet called he smashed the phone on the floor & left to office. Geet felt something was wrong. She rushed immediately to meet Maan. She reluctantly went into the cabin, she didn’t want to disturb him or provoke him further. He spoke to her every so coldly… it hurt..it went through like a needle in her heart..they where seeing each other after a month & he was cold.. he didn’t seem to miss her at all, he didn’t seem to notice or care the pain ..the hell she was going through for last one month without seeing him without being with him. He was definitely taking her for granted. Still all she could only think was he was stressed about something – aap pareshan ho?
He snapped – all because of u..
her heart ached, tears just threaten to fall – main ne kya kiya?
He smashed the file which he was looking into – that stupid Arjun is trying to get equal with me
she didn’t understand..if Arjun did anything how was her mistake any way, she stiffened & wiped her tears, she was not liking it now..
Maan – his family wants me to marry his sister
Geet snapped – why will Arjun want something like that?
She wondered Arjun very well knows they are married
Maan barked – because he wants to break our relation

she didn’t like that line “break” she was wild her eyes turned red furious like never before – no one can break our relation…unless u want to..
he didn’t expect that coming.. he didn’t know it was her frustration that made her talk like this..frustration of being away from him, frustration of not getting his love, his care his time.
She held his collar – even if u want to I won’t let u.. so stop blaming others..
what did she just say..she thinks he wanted to break.. how could she.. – think wat ever u want to
jerking of his collar he turned his back to her.

Geet – dare u turn ur back at me.. just because I am always there waiting for u ..u r doing this to me..she cried…
Maan – if u think so don’t wait for me
Geet – I go away u won’t even be able to find me
Maan – don’t forget u r standing in front of Maan Singh Khurana
Geet – well then I will never call u.. will not come looking for u..
he smirked & ignored her.

Maan – don’t forget u r standing in front of Maan Singh Khurana
Geet – well then I will never call u.. will not come looking for u..
he smirked …
a month had passed. Geet didn’t call him, she went & spend some time with raj where he was posted. She thought new place, away from delhi  the torture of waiting for Maan’s call will be bearable, least did she knew how heart wrenching every passing day would be on her. She kept looking at her phone every second, every minute, as the time passed her expectation increased, she cried, she cried every single night, she hoped he will call at 5.30am..as the watch’s alarm went on..
She was alarmingly silent yet she maintained a very positive spirit… she believed distance between two hearts is not an obstacle… rather a beautiful reminder of just how strong true love can be…she smiled & kept waiting for that one call.. that one message, actually she didn’t need anything of that to get back to him.. she actually wanted to give him some space, knowing him, he needs time to get over things, thought this was killing something in her, deep something was still hurting like a wound deep in was coiling, like something inside was cracking.
Daadi gave up waiting for Maan & went ahead with the wedding plans.
Daadi – I can’t be waiting whole life for u, humne ladki di uss ghar main
he ignored & walked out
he missed her ..off course he did, but his ego was too strong to let go..but yah he very well knew the few minutes he spent with her were worth the thousand hours he spend without her. He couldn’t deny the fact he was incomplete without her.
Next month she went to a medical camp with armaan & ridz. She kept herself busy meeting all the new people in the camp. But it was all getting too much she thought. Something in her ripped she was feeling wired. After effect she barged into his office all worried  tensed.
Geet – Maan we need to talk you
he was angry & arrogant –  umm.. so u gave up finally
she didn’t care wat he said – aap meri baat tho suno
his arrogance was wrongly pampered – wat did u say…umm…he taunted
Geet – Maan please listen to me first
he smirked…umm..I go away u won’t even be able to find me…so why r u here with out even me calling u or finding u… or did u get fed up of ur stay at the medical camp like u got fed up with ur stay at raj’s place..
Geet went blank..he exactly knew where she was & wat she was going through ..still he didn’t care to come for her. Weakly she said – u knew where I was??
Maan – wat do u think those three clown friends of urs..
Geet didn’t let him complete – humari beech ki baat hain why are u getting them in between
she hated his attitude..his arrogance…wat was it with him.. she knew very well he missed her as much she did but this reaction was not acceptable.. why was he showing all this attitude that too to her. Didn’t he miss her ..then why did he find out where she was..hasn’t 2 months of separation, not talking to each other calmed him, does he still needs more time to sooth his false temper..

he was irritated her fighting with him for others..she never did that…he was forgetting he never stooped so low either.. he couldn’t make sense at this time… she turned to leave..knowing probably he needs time.. but was she in any state to give him the time he wanted.. she was not sure..
he held her arms pinned her to the wall – u can go & hide ur self anywhere u want Maan Singh Khurana can find u, when I want
she smiled sadly..on when I want!!!
he was irritated at her arrogance – u r nothing ..tumhare naam ke age se handa nikal do & minus ur three friends u r nothing..nothing but a loser
she smiled yet again at the word loser…yah she was a loser to have lost her heart to this guy who never thinks beyond himself.. still something in her didn’t want to let go.. umm.. so wat now she said coldly
her coldness was contradicting his temper setting the room in a strange weird feeling.

He knew he was going overboard..actually he just snapped the thread which she was holding on to…
he immediately calmed himself.. – just leave..just hide ur self where ever u want… I will come for u
she didn’t say a word after that…she just turned & left from there. .. hope u make it before it is too late she prayed. She couldn’t bare wat ever spoke, he couldn’t be so disturbed that he doesn’t realize wat he is saying.
Maan just stood there watching her leave.. not realizing wat he was doing.. not really knowing wat how much he has hurt her, he has pushed her to a level from where she probably could never return. He was angry mad..wild…he couldn’t bare the sight of her leaving …he was at fault yet again..he wanted to blame it on someone..situation.. scape goat…Arjun…
he went & barged into arjun’s office & started hitting him
Arjun tried to stop him, but he was too ferocious. All the problems between him & Geet was because of him he thought. He was angry & wild not in his senses. Arjun held is wild, aimless punch in mid air..
wat is it with u???
Maan – how dare u send an alliance of ur sister for me
Arjun spat – why will I??? when I know ur married already to geet
Maan was shocked.. Geet told him they are married.. she never denied their relation.. he did, he some where couldn’t yet tell anything to Daadi.. but she was always true to her every relation. He pushed his hair behind & dropped his head down fearing wat he has gone & done..in his vague mind set.. no one was at mistake… even if Arjun did try to spoil their relation..so wat.. nothing really mattered.. actually it was not his sending alliance or Daadi misunderstanding … it was them not together… he was too busy to even realize wat it was..wat was the point he had every thing but she was not there..she was not there to fill the colors in her life..he was too proud to accept his mistake.
He pulled out his phone & kept calling her.. he came back to his office just to realize she left her bag on his table..her phone kept ringing infront of him…as he stood rooted seeing wat he has gone & done.

I should have known all along,there was something wrong
I just never read between the lines
Then I woke up one day and found you on your way
Leaving nothing but my heart behind
What can I do to make it up to you
Promises don’t come easy
But tell me if there’s a way to bring you back home to stay
Well I’d promises anything to you
I’ve been walkin’ around with my head hanging down
Wondrin’ what I’m gonna do
‘Cause when you walked out that door,
I knew I needed you more
Than to take a chance on losing you
What can I do to make it up to you
Promises don’t come easy
You know I’ve made up my mind to make it work this time
That’s the promise that I give to you

You never thought I loved you
I guess you never thought I cared
I was just too proud to say it out loud
Now I know, to let my feelings go (so tell me)
What can I do to make it up to you
Promises don’t come easy
You know I’ve made up my mind to make it work this time
That’s the promise I can give to you
What can I do to make it up to you
I should have known all along,there was something wrong
I just never read between the lines
Then I woke up one day and found you on your way
Leaving nothing but my heart behind

What can I do to make it up to you
Promises don’t come easy
But tell me if there’s a way to bring you back home to stay
Well I’d promises anything to you

I’ve been walkin’ around with my head hanging down
Wondrin’ what I’m gonna do
‘Cause when you walked out that door,
I knew I needed you more
Than to take a chance on losing you

What can I do to make it up to you
Promises don’t come easy
You know I’ve made up my mind to make it work this time
That’s the promise that I give to you
You never thought I loved you
I guess you never thought I cared
I was just too proud to say it out loud
Now I know, to let my feelings go (so tell me)

What can I do to make it up to you
Promises don’t come easy
You know I’ve made up my mind to make it work this time
That’s the promise I can give to you
What can I do to make it up to you

he could cry this whole day, every day for last 7years.. but still didn’t know wat can he do to make it up to her..she was gone… gone where he didn’t know..wat a shame Maan Singh Khurana didn’t know where she was. Crashing down like a glass ki hawali in a storm.. all his arrogance, attitude with one act of hers ..just leaving everything that held her identity as Geet Handa on his table.. that day..she just walked away..never to return.. her passport, her driving license, her every thing was left behind in that bag. She didn’t go back to her house, not even to her friends.

Every one searched for her madly.. handa family gave up & lunched an missing report in police too. He did wat ever he could as Maan Singh Khurana. Raj came & threatened him..if any thing happens to gudiya I will kill u with my bare hands. 7Years…umm..police even declared her dead…his feet went cold with the thought…his heart felt like sinking….he reacted in shock when 6 year old Anjali came running to him..hugged him…Maan mama…dehko devansh mujhe mar raha hain 4yr of Devansh nahi Maan uncle its not me…pehle anjali di ne mara tha. He lifted them both & walked into the kitchen & gave them both ice-creams..no more fighting..friends umm
anjali & devansh – friends & hugged him
anni – bhai aap humesha aise karte ho
NT – veerji ..only u can handle them
devansh hugged Maan – my uncle is the best
anjali – my uncle …
Daadi walked in – tum dono ka uncle bus!!
he smiled. Kissed them both & left for another wild camp of his.
Daadi – Maan it is not safe now days.
As if he cared any more..his life felt like a burden to him.. he was lifeless..

5.30am Baramulla Police Head Quarters Out side Interrogation Room
Head – this is it.. he is the prime witness we have
jr cop Atif – lekin sir he is no where near giving us any information
head – well then u haven’t tried enough
jr. cop Khan – sir hum log kal raat se lagen huwen hain.. humne uss sale ki halat kharab kar di hain
head – call gk..then
constables – aab tho murda bhi bole ga…woh bhi 5.30 bhaje tho iska sar kiska huwa hota hain
when Gk walks in ..all the staff gets on their guards & greet feeling intimidated with mere presence
gk ignores them all in ruthless look
gk – good morning sir
head – good morning … this is a prime witness.. sala kuch moo nahi khol raha hain
gk – salen ki  maa bhi bolen ghi
head – don’t kill him
gk – umm
gk bend to walk inside the interrogation room
man sitting on the chair with his hand tied backward smiles at the person who stood infront of him. slipping in the gloves & adjusting the revolver. No warning, nothing blind fire just to tear slight his ligament on the right leg. He screamed in pain..the aim was so perfect ,…to induce pain to the maximum..the smile faded turning into a terror, horror, worsth nightmare he could ever even think of.
jr cop athif came running – sir ne marne ko nahi kaha hain
another point blank shot on the arm the left arm. Blood oozing out splashed on gk’s face & hand. Gk wiped the revolver ruthless on his wound & pulled the trigger placing the gun on his forehead..any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person  was cake walk for gk. Cold, brutal, ruthless..even the dead would speak out feeling the pain.
Man shivered & pissed on his pants.. – haan humne hi kidnap kiya hain
still shoot another bullet on his right hand just next to the shoulder…the constable took the statement.
Head – great job
there was no reaction on gk face ..it was probably the nth time head said that.
Head – u are handling case
gk – u know I don’t like all this high profile stuff..waise bhi yeh humare area ka case nahi hain
head – nahi they are hiding him in our region
gk – umm
head – army will provide full support
gk snapped – why can’t they handle it then
head – relax ..sachi subha 5.30 bheja tumhe kya hojata hain
just coldly wiped the blood stains from the face & walked away slamming the door behind

inspector khan & Athif where part of the mission with 10 commandos
Gk pushes off all the files & other papers on the table & spreads the map
Athif holds at one end 
Khan – information ke hisaab se they are hiding at the Rajpur forest at this region pointing at the top most corner.
Gk – DFO se baat huwaee?
Athif – district forsest officer ke paas koi moment registered nahi hain
gk – charse ke paas pasien khaane se phursat ho tho kaam karga …ba***..c*** sa***
athif – last month he brought a flat in Srinagar
gk – leave that..
pointing at the paper gk – we will move in from here..athif u go with 5 commandos
athif – umm
gk – khan tum baaki longo ke saat yanha se umm
khan – umm
they rushed out loading the guns & hiding few extra in the leg & back. They followed the path of the silent jungle..birds chirps, some strange noises… khan ..yah akela ..how can..uff??he couldn’t explain the risks gk always takes
athif – humesha..takes ultimate risk…like doesn’t fear death…really isse yanha nahi kargil field main hona tha..
athif & khan split opposite direction with their commandos
gk on the micro phone – I am going in now
walk-ins..straight where there were 5 kidnapper held captive the VVVIIP
cross firing…all the 4 kidnapper were too slow in reacting compared to gk’s speed & smartness
last one held the gun against the VVVIIP & hid behind him ..almost shielding himself
athif spoke on the micro phone – gk don’t shoot
they just handled the guys who where guarding outside.. all of them..situation was under control
khan – nahi shoot mat karna.. VIP ko lag gayee tho issue ho jayega…
athif – relax we have the situation in control
gk was looked straight .. nothing…nothing disturbed..even the continuous warning ..didn’t seem to reach the ears…

khan – nahi shoot mat karna.. VIP ko lag gayee tho issue ho jayega…
athif – relax we have the situation in control
gk  looked straight .. nothing…nothing disturbed..even the continuous warning ..didn’t seem to reach the ears… as if gk ever cared about the countless transfers that was imposed on several occasions for taking unnecessary risk..
khan -..no no …hold back
athif – gk we have every thing in control
their voice died when they heard the gun fire…they immediately rushed to the spot..breaking in the front door.. the kidnapper laid on the floor dead with a bullet shot straight on his forehead between the eyes..the VIP stood their shaking in terror.. still feeling the brush of the bullet pass through his hair..probably he just pissed on his pants.. GK was calm composed & relaxed like nothing happened. Athif & khan smiled & looked a away trying to hide their laughter on the VIP. Nothing could be read through those glassed eyes & masked face even the voice couldn’t be recognised with the voice modulator. Those eyes where sealed no emotions could be seen. nothing nothing was known about Gk’s identity in that look of walking emotionless body.
VIP after recovering from the shock – officer wat do u think of ur self…agar goli mujhe lag jathi tho
gk never responded just walked away. ..gk never answered anyone..never had to..even superiors had failed but all of then knew gk was the best officer they had ..best shooter, extra – ordinary intelligence. no wonder 2 double promotions & 5 awards in 7yrs of service. Youngest officer to be ranked as Deputy Commissioner of Police ..IPS officers posted in insurgency infested states such as J&K can wear this rank before 13 years of service to facilitate coordination and interaction with Commanding Officers of paramilitary and the Indian Army though technically it not right before required number of years but Gk earnned it.
Head the Commissioner of police – Gk.. that shot was not called for..but he knew the answer, by now he was used to it..tumhare chup rahena se kaam nahi hoga..I have to answer my seniors
tumhe pata hain woh kaun tha..
gk – hoga kisi political leader ka beta.. I am here to serve the country..inki talwa chaat ne ke liya nahi

high security & sudden movements.. the minister just walked in with his guards ..total unexpected visit
commissioners tone changes straightens himself – go ..goo good morning sir
minister turns to gk – thank u officer
gk stiffened & straight blank & emotionless face
commissioner pleaded gk to at least fake a smile.
Minister – I wanted to thank u personally for saving my son’s life, we have a party in ur honor at the taj to night.
Gk point blank – thanxs for the invite I don’t attend parties.
Minister was taken little back by the attitude, probably offended too – see u at 7..he inisited
& left from there.
Commissioner – can’t u for once smile..wats wrong with u, aise koi party ke liya mana karta hain kya..nahi jana tho mat javoo..lekin aise ..aab kya
gk smirked – send khan..let him represent us.. usse tho waise bhi parties ki nangi thitliyan pasand hain
commissioner laughed
Daadi – Maan aise kab taak chalega
he excatly knows wat Daadi was pointing to
Daadi – its been more than 7yrs now
he thought 7yrs 6months..3days
Daadi – aap shaadi kyun nahi karlete, I got some proposals for u
he just left ..hating to even hear the word shaadi.. he hated wat he has done to her, ruined her dream, didn’t even keep any of his promise.. he looked for her every where madly.. he regretted those words he spoke to her last..go hide ur self where ever u want… I will come looking for u…  & he is still looking for her…the Maan Singh Khurana Empire felt timid.
He hated to see happily married dev & Nt with a 4yr old devansh.. jealousy some where Arjun & Anni with 6yr old Anjali. So much he wanted a happy family with Geet. Then the thought..she didn’t want kids..a smiled teased his lips with a tear in his eyes.. he ruined his family, his love, his life..wat he hated most was he was not even sure ..where she was..is she alright..
a week later gk walks in without permission into commissioner office & throws an envelope on his table
gk – yeh kya hain?
Commissioner – uppar se orders hain
gk – I don’t care
commissioner – it was a lapse from our end
gk – not our end..delhi police
commissioner – it is very high profile kidnapping case
gk spat – u know wat that saala mantri ka beta said after we saved his life
commissioner – its a national security issue
gk – ask defense to handle it then
commissioner – they r already looking into it, lekin police ki taraf se lapse hain tho its better we sort it out. Warna khamakhan force ki batnami hogi
gk – why me
commissioner – u seem to have impressed that minister
gk – sala..B*****.cho**.uski tho main..
commissioner given up to the foul language by now…- every one knows u are the best
gk – yah right!!
commissioner – tumhe delhi wallon se itna kya allergy hain
wrong question ‘ he knew there won’t be answer like always.
Commissioner – ammunition deal waigra ka koi chakar hain
gk stiffened & some emotions seemed to flash…anger..fear some where – Maan Singh Khurana
commissioner nodded…dam this ammunititoin deal gk thought
 immediately gk – how long since??
has any one claimed the kidnapping? like ramson call or anything?
last time they took  him some where near delhi – haridwar highway..?
did it happen in the same location?
Commissioner – wait wait wait..just relax..all the details r on this file
gk – who is coordinating from defense.. Raj?? I mean Capt Rajveer
commissioner – Col Rajveer Singh Shikawat… thats cool already seem to know the case..
gk (how else would know his case better gk thought)- yah right
commissioner – delhi Deputy Commissioner of Police Ayur will be coordinating u..u will need to leave now
delhi airport
as ayur walks in ..gk doesn’t even wait for the intro
gk walking briskly with luggage & looking into the files – any further information
ayur – no nothing yet
gk – how sure r u of the location
ayur – thats wat Col Rajveer confirmed.
Took the map studied the area while in the car. Athif & khan joined in with more details of the location. They reached the location in 30minutes

all of them were dressed in black & black  with black cloth on head & a mask partly covering the face. Gk wore the glasses..completely sealing their identity…gk instructed holding the gun steady in one hand. ..pointing left to athif & right to Khan. Athif was in-charge of coordinating with raj..
raj – u should have waited
athif – gk told us to go head
raj – back off now..looks like high militant intervene in this whole thing. I don’t think u guys can handle it
athif – we r already in there
raj immediately arranged for the chopper to reach the location..

raj – back off now..looks like militant intervene in this whole thing. I don’t think u guys can handle it
athif – we r already in there sir
raj immediately arranged for the chopper to reach the location..
gk on microphone – I am going in now.. cover me…
khan – we are cleared here..there are only two guys inside & VIP ..
gk – VIP wat??
khan – I think he is unconscious… the guards are going out..
gk was furious – his hands are tied ??
khan – umm
gk sneaked inside & pulled the knife & cut the rope..he snapped ..
he scanned the person top to bottom..some one in black dress.. slim..but well toned body
masked face..eyes…the almond color may be not seen..
gk on spoke into the microphone in her hand – is it clear??
gk – I repeat ..is it clear..
heard some cross firing in the background…& sour under the throat
his eyes almost popped hearing the words
gk – pretend u r tied.. (reminded him..exactly wat she did 8yrs ago)
pulled out the other gun from the back & pointed at the door… 6 militants rushed in with AK -47 ..blindly firing…Gk immediately covered him & 6 bullets & 5 of them down…the way gk stood shielding him reminded him of her..they way she pressed her hands around him when those militant stopped their car. Every move reminded of her. ..6th one pretended to drop the gun & came around Maan & shied himself.. gk held the gun straight pointing… she looks into his eyes..she couldn’t take the shot..not a shot that might hurt him.. she froze…kept looking at his eyes…his eyes not sure if she was looking at him.. the glasses for shielding his view.
athif – its a clear shot gk
khan – max VIP ke shoulder main lage ga…
gk unwired ..
athif – dam…unwired..wat wrong with GK today
khan – iss case ko itna personal le rahi hain
they hear vague moment…gk bend down & kpet the gun ..
militant – haat uppar
still pointing the gun at Maan, inched closer to gk still holding Maan capitive..frisked the person who seemed like Geet to Maan, the militant checked if she had more weapons, by then Maan picked the gun & pointed at the militant. He immediately took Gk captive & slide behind her partly. Maan tried to trace his moment as his gun was at point blank range …his eyes where close enough to read those eyes through glasses now…it clearly said shoot with a slight node..after being able to read them.. he definitely couldn’t take the shoot..no no ..he cannot shoot her..these eyes belonged to his Geet..his long lost love.. his life.

he knew some where it was her…he expected to meet her at every possible situation may be a mall, in busy traffic signal, some airport, beach, hill station anywhere….not like this.. not holding a gun at her..on point blank range..he couldn’t think..without warning her gloved hand reached his & pulled the trigger on her right shoulder…ruthlessly pressed it, bullet pierced through her & then hitting through militant’s heart ‘ Maan was shocked..he shot Geet..before he could react..gk turned grabbing the gun from his hand & shooting coldly through the head of the militant how lay on the floor
athif & khan rushed to gk as she just fell down a seconds after the militant collapsed
raj ..came in & took Maan away ..he was in shock..he short..geet…how could he?? .
Gk was rushed to the hospital immediately.
Raj shook Maan – Maan…maan
Maan – I shot her..main ne usse mardiya
raj spat in anger – u did that 7 yrs ago
Maan – main ne usse mara…I shot her…
raj was getting irritated but his duty didn’t allow to smash his face ..sad he couldn’t do any thing. Still couldn’t bear the pain slapped him tight to get him back to senses.. Maan roared back.. & held his collar..raj ..woh..geet hain.. woh kanha hain.. woh Geet hain I am  sure
raj thought he has really lost it..anybody would after losing Geet ..even he has. Raj just walked away..tucking the seat belt around his waist in the chopper’s passenger seat & showed a thumbs up to the pilot. Raj couldn’t have bear to see his face any longer. He would have killed him, if he could.
Maan was restless he had to know who that person was. The moment the chopper reached his place, he immediately called the police head quarters & the inquired if there was any Geet Handa who was the officer incharge this operation. He couldn’t wait.. he immediately drove down to the head quarters with permissions from the higher ups & recommendation from the ministers.  He himself read the names…
Geet….there were few…geet arora, Geet biswas, Geet jain, Geet kapoor, ..he checked again between Geet b & Geet j…sad just the next one was Geet Khurana…he probably did see it ..but he didn’t read it.. still the coldness in the person was no where like Geet.. but the way she stood covering him was exactly her.. she couldn’t pull the trigger on him, those eyes..he was sure.. he can’t be wrong in reading them. Another attempt to reach her died. Still got the name of the officer in charge was Ayur. He was frustrated to the core at his helpless situation.
He came back to the house broken & desperate to know where his life was. Daadi came & hugged him.
Daadi – hum bahut dar gaya the
Maan – I am fine don’t worry.
Daadi – I have kept a party in honor of the officer how saved u
Maan – umm
Daadi – he really did  a grt job
Maan thought he!!!
Daadi – humari unse baat huwai hain..
he smiled weakly
Daadi – r u alright
Maan – yah I am alright.
Thats the sadest part..he is still alright, he is still ok.. how can that be!!! how can he be fine without her..so many years.. he dipped his head in grief & walked to the gym. He can’t be wrong in recognizing her eyes..it was her. He madly practiced brutally like every single day he has been punishing himself for last 7 years, every single day. The physical pain didn’t feel anything infront of the inner torture he was fighting. How could he let her drift away from him. He was to be blamed for all the difference in between them. It was him. Only him. He walked broke another 6inche glass slab & then punching hard on the burning punching pad. His hand bleeded & burned.. every single day..by now it had become numb to the cuts & burns he caused every single morning..

again a bandaged hand on his way to office. Black long sleek Mercedes-Benxz drivers in a white dress opens the door for Maan Singh Khurana, his body gaurds join him in the other car that followed. Maan opened his lap-top checked his mail answering some calls in his blachberry
suddenly his car stops with a jerk
Maan – what happened? (in stern voice irritated than ever before)
driver scared & nervous – some girl jumped in front of the car
sort it out & would have looked back in to his lap-top had been Maan Singh Khurana 9yrs ago.. but this incident was very special to him.. close to his heart.. he could never forget that day..how
geet ran & opened the side door of the car & hopped in
his body guards rushed to pull her out..before they could
her body guards stopped them..there was a certain tension between the body guards
maan turned left to meet her eyes..it was magical..
curly hair unkept & tied up with a clip..worn jeans, lose fitted top, dirty sneakers &
side bag ..she pleaded..please I am getting late for my exam
please please please please…
he was lovingly shook out of his thoughts by a delicate hand around his neck.. crying rubbing herself saying something near his neck which he couldn’t follow. That’s all she could reach standing on her knees on the cars’s back seat wearing a cute pink frock..curly hair neatly tied up with two pony’s which shook as she shook her face. He couldn’t resist the urge to put his hand around her & hug her. He kissed her head ..like a most natural thing at the moment as she cried…na na.. ..umm..nah nahi jaa ..ja..da  daa daa d a da  da yy. the word which he didn’t understand but still hit his heart like thousand needles..a lump formed his heart..he couldn’t believe wat he just heard or probabaly he felt he heard.  Tears just poured continuously.. though there was no logic. A lady dressed in cotton saree..Mk..Mk…challo sahab ko late h jayega…Mk..she hugged him tighter & tighter.. heavy traffic & the police had to tell them to move the car. Maan looked at the lady probably the nanny he assumed with questioning eyes. Nanny got really scared – sahab mam ne kal dinner ke liya jayenga kaha ..kal raat mam ghar nahi aayen tho baby naraz hain. Raat bhar soye bhi nahi aur abhi aap ko dehka ..
she couldn’t even complete fearing the anger that filled in his eyes. ..she had assumed she might just lose her job now.
He was irritated with the irresponsible parents letting their child run in the traffic road like this & leaving with some nanny who was so irresponsible. he spat. Tumhare mam ko kahao ki isse mera office se le jayegi
nanny – lekin sahab
he didn’t let her complete – driver challo
driver couldn’t move the car. The cops who were with girl, didn’t let them move. There was heavy traffic jam. One of the cop called & reported the incident to Gk.
Gk – let them go.
They just let them go pass. He tried to make her sit on the side, she didn’t. She hugged him & sat on his lap. He was so blank.. he didn’t know wat to think. She looked quite old may be 4-5yrs old may be older but her the way spoke she seemed like a baby..toodler. She looked so beautiful..baby Geet..same curly hair..same almond eyes..hugged him by his neck the way she always does. Why did he feel so much in love with this little girl. The nanny followed them to his office & called gk.
gk – yeh sab kya hain?
nanny – mam woh baby ne sahab ko dehka tho
gk closed her eyes.
Maan carried her to his cabin. Every one was shocked to see ruthless angry Maan walking in with a little girl angel may be. He looked to be in different world all together with that angel in his arms. He walked straight in to his cabin. The girl looked so happy & she probably kissed him a million times by now. Every time she kissed she made a complaining face looking at the stubble. Off course it actually did hurt her, her cheeks where all red rubbing against it.
Maan – aise traffic main nahi bhaag the
she made a cute face. he made her sit on the table she kept looking at him in awe. While he looked into the news paper. She pulled the paper away..since it was blocking her view. He smiled & put the paper away. 
Anjali & devansh came running in & hugged Maan. Mk’s expressions changed drastically. The anger Maan saw on her face he could relate to Geets anger when she would see anyone near him. He almost feared to hug them back. She jumped from the table & sat on the couch.
Anjali & Devansh – uncle yeh kaun hain
Maan – mk
devansh – mk..aap bhi tho mk ho
Maan smiled
anjali – uncle is Maan khurana..thats why MK
devansh – tho iska naam kya hain
mk looked at him from corner of her eyes
Maan – go ask her ur self
she turned & sat
anjali went to her & sat next to her – tumhara naam kya hain
she was quiet
devansh – tumari bhi chuti hain aaj
she still made a big face very angry
anjali & devansh tried again to talk to her but she was still quiet.
Maan came & sat with them on the couch
Anjali – do u want to play with us
She  looked at every one & then at Maan. She was very angry with him now. He wondered why she was. They pulled out the board game & started to play.
Maan – just one game
devansh – one game for di & one game for me uncle
as they began to play & laugh.. mk was not liking.. he noticed she was getting irritated.. she turned her face & sat still making a big face.. when they started the next game.. she got very angry & threw the board away. Anjali shouted – yeh kya kiya
devansh hit her – I was winning
she took the remaining coins & threw it.
Maan shouted – mk very bad girl
she cried & cried..not able to talk..choking… words ‘mama…mama ‘
Maan told anjali & devansh to leave & short a stern disapproving look to her. She got really scared & began to cry a lot more.. he hugged her .. she tried to go away.. he kissed her..kya huwa naraz kyun ho rahi ho
she hugged him tight – mee….meee..rrr……a………da..d…a….d.a……d…a..d..umm..umm..yyeee
he was not able to make out a word she spoke.
Maan – bhook lagi
she nodded.
He ordered some sandwiches & chocolate milk shake..he himself doesn’t know wat made him order that chocolate milk shake. He fed her & made her drink the whole shake. She began to rub her eyes. Being with anjali & devansh he knew that means kids are sleepy. He carried her & walked around, she just fell a sleep, like the most natural thing. He slowly put her on the couch. he was so instantly connected to this little nanhi pari. mk..he smiled at her..jr mk…a smiled touched his lips…

Being with anjali & devansh he knew that means kids are sleepy. He carried her & walked around, she just fell a sleep, like the most natural thing. He slowly put her on the couch. She slept peacefully.
Maan continues with his work. It was more than 5hrs, he wondered wat kind of parents where they. He took paper. He was wild when he read the news savithri devi announce her grandson Maan Singh Khurana’s engagement with Sammera. He picked the phone at once & called Daadi
Maan shouted on top of his voice – yeh sab kya hain
mk got up from her sleep at once & sat cramped up.. seeing him shout. She sighed in relief ..it was to some one on the phone not on her.
Maan – how can u make an announcement like this
Daadi – hume kuch nahi pata.. hume jo teehk laga humne kiya
Maan – at least u should have asked me once..how hurt she will get if she reads the paper
Daadi – I don’t know wat went wrong between u both..I thought she was really the best bahu for Khurana’s.. i had very high expectations from her
Maan –  right thats why u didn’t even invite her for anni’s wedding
Daadi – I was angry with her.. kya main uspe naraz bhi nahi ho sakti thi?
He didn’t know wat to say..  he was frustrated
Daadi – but past is past. now..I guess it is high time u move on.  I am sure by now she would have moved on.

Maan slams the phone in anger…geet walks in.. straight into his cabin. With 2 cops waiting holding his security guards outside.. he stood up at once from his seat…yelled – thats all it took to get u back… a stupid announcement in the media of my engagement.. 7 yrs….
she said it in mind..7 yrs, 6months & 10days & this is wat u have to tell me..well looks like ur shallow words don’t bother me any more.. ..there was no reaction on that cold straight face…he scanned her the toned look, hair pulled back, suckled cheeks, extended dark circles which could be seen even under the ..glasses that shielded those eyes. The sling in her right hand under the coat she wore. She didn’t reply she gave a cold look to him like he never existed.. she thought it seems like he need some more time ..just turned left.. the little girl ran to her crying mam…mama.. …umm..mama..jumped & climbed on to her.. da..da.. Geet nodded..
mk – gu..ss.. aa..
Geet – its ..ok…its ok.. office hain na
mk – choo..chho..t..laa..gi..
Geet – umm
mk kissed her hand..
Geet turned to leave ..bye da da….da da da ..da..da da …da…….da da da da………she tried so hard to get those word right…to an extent that tears formed in her eyes
Geet hugged her tighter..& tried to calm her..
mk – bachan & bit her tongue & hid her face into geets neck
a smiled teased geets lips after 7 yrs probably.. a smile..mk never seen on her face
mk –  mama…smile.. & kissed her all over her face as the made their way out of his cabin.
Maan was shocked that even after 7yrs all he had to tell her was..why she came?? wat was wrong with him..he really doesn’t realize wat he says?? ..does he? Then the reality hit him hard like rock. She didn’t come for us. She came for mk.. mk called her mama.. geet’s baby..
Maan came running behind them & stretched his hand in front to stop her. The guys dressed in khakhi pants & khakhi shirt with gun held him back. He gave a stern look to them. This time she didn’t stop them. She just walked straight into the car that awaited for her outside his office. She just walked in & closed the door behind didn’t even look back. She covered mk’s head all the while even though her arm kept bleeding & hurting continuously with the fresh bullet injury & the stiches sh had on them.  Guess she was numb to the pain now. She never felt anything now physical pain was the least.
He didn’t know wat to expect & understand. He fell on the ground on his knees. Geet ..baby..mk . he couldn’t even think of anything..nothing made sense. Wat is it with her. Why did she look so worn out. Why did she have a sling in her hand. Every thing seemed so confusing. He had to meet her, but will it be alright to interfere in her life like this.. I don’t seem to fit any where in her life. she really doesn’t seem to care any more.
Mk – da da da …da da da.. nice..yanha yanha..yanha…kissy ..yanha ..kissy  yanha sab kissy di
Geet kissed her all the places where she pointed as Maan kissed. 
Mk – da d a..da ..loves mk…
Geet -haan jaan daddy loves u a lot beta..he loves u a lot.. tum tho daddy ki jaan ho.her heart felt heavy when she those words
mk – da d ada  d  ad   da  ..sandwich khilaya
Geet – aur kya khaha daddy ne
mk -da da da d a ko maloom baby fav
Geet was little worried now
mk – da da da ..yyy ordered chocolate milk sake
she hugged & kissed her remembering each & every time she had chocolate shake with him.
Mk – ma mama.. da da da d. goodi..ki..nini ki ..my da daa  da d a dy..is the best
she smiled weakly – mk’s daddy is the best
mk – mama …da da dy..office big..really big.
Geet – I told u daddy is really a big business man tabhi daddy so busy.you know number one in India.
Mk said it roudly – bestest
Geet kissed – bestest.                
Mk – mama mama.. da da da ..dy..humare saat guest house kyun nahi aa rahen?
Geet – daddy ko office hain na. Office ke baat daddy aayen ge
mk – umm.. da da d a..y ..humesha mk ke sone ke baad aathen hain.
Geet – daddy busy hain na beta iss liya
mk – da da da dyyyy love me
Geet smiles
mk – loves mama too.
Geet – ummm..
Geet hid her face into her shoulder to hide the burning sensation..which probably she forget ever existed.

mk – da da da dy loves mama too.
Geet – ummm..
Geet hid her face into her shoulder to hide the burning sensation..which probably she forget ever existed.
The whole night Maan wondered wat was it he couldn’t read in those eyes. Why didn’t she even say a word to him. 7Yrs…6 months..10 days.. & she didn’t have anything to say. Not even a slightest of grief in her. There was nothing in her..no pain..no grief..no sorrow, no anger..no nothing..why was she so emotionless. How can she turn so stonehearted.
Geet put mk to sleep.
Mk – da da da dyyy…aa gaayen?
Geet – abhi nai beta
mk – aur kitni der hain
Geet – thodi der aur
she pulled some toys & kept close to her
Geet – yeh sab kya hain
mk – board games hain
Geet – why are u keeping it on the bed
mk – aap da da da ddddyyy ko jane mat dena..mujhe bhi board game khelna hain d a da da dddy ke saath
Geet – umm
mk – paka
Geet – paka..now close ur eyes & sleep now.
She held the board in her hand & fell asleep.
Geet didn’t know how long she could pull these lies with her. The lie that her daddy comes home late..that he is traveling most of the time.. she didn’t know wat else to tell her. In there house in kashmir it was easy to lie that he stays in delhi.. but staying in delhi how will she explain why her father not coming home.
Anyone who came to their house in kashmir would assume that 3 people lived there..maan, Geet & mk.. she had a separate wardrobe of Maan with his belongings. His toiletries in the washroom. His cups, plate, bowls in the kitchen. His shoes in the shoe rack..soil it at times. Like he just lived with them.  She would pretend Maan visited them now & then. She would gift her toys saying her daddy got it for her. Maan is been part of their life ..every single day. Geet wonderfully portrayed to her until now since she was young..but now as she is growing it is becoming tough & impossible.
Now after seeing him, feeling him her craving to be with Maan her daddy is immense. Wat else would Geet would have done.. the one person she could talk about her love was their daughter. All the emotions she had in her was poured to her. She spend hours together talking to mk how her daddy kissed while she was a sleep, how he cared for both of them, how much he loved both of them, how much he missed them every single day. She made herself & mk strong that.. atleast they had each other but daddy was all alone. No one to love him. No one to be with him. They hugged each other & kissed his photo. Geet had edited all her childhood photos. She filled the room with Maan, hers & mks photo together. Baby mk in maans hand.

Geet got ready in the morning.
Mk also got up early – da d a da da dddyyy challen gayen…
Geet – kuch meeting tha daddy ka
she made a big face & went to have her bath
she shouted from the shower – ma m a mama….
Geet – umm
mk – mera ko red frock phena na hain
Geet – aap kanha ja rahe ho subha subha
mk – da da da  ddaay.. office
Geet – daddy busy hogen na
she snapped – nahi
Geet kissed her on her cheeks & made her wear the red dress. – lekin aapne kud dehka na daddy busy hain.
She turned her face – da..da..dddyyyy.. unke saat kheltaen hain ..phir mk ke saath kyun nahi.
Geet – nahi beta daddy kisi ke saath nahi khelten
mk – khelten hain.. mk ne dehka hain..2….2….game khela
Geet – aacha I will call up & ask if daddy is free ok
mk – u…u…u… al……alll…….waaayyyyyysssss doooooooooo this
Geet pretended to call & came back – see I told u daddy ka koi meeting hain
mk was really upset.
Geet – acha challo I will take u to a mall.
Mk – mujhe mall wall nahi jana
Geet – mall has games & all
she turned her face.
Geet tickled her ..ice-creams…she laughed – chocolate wali
Geet – yummy with chocolate chips
Maan thought if she was in delhi ..then her parents should know. He thought she might be be paying them a visit after so many years. He surely wanted to talk to her & clear all the clouds. He put all his wits together & went to Handa Hawali.
As the servant made him sit in the living room & went to call papaji. His eyes restlessly scanned around to see if she was anywhere around. May be Mk. He was surprised why there was so much of silence.
Papaji – hello Mr. Khurana
he was taken a back with how normally they were treating him. He thought after Geet went missing he assumed they would blame him, but apparently they didn’t know anything. Once Rano called him  & asked him if there was something wrong between them, but he couldn’t answer her.
Papaji – is there anything urgent, we could have met in office
he didn’t know wat to tell him. He couldn’t have asked about Geet, because it seemed he didn’t know anything. He looked lost & his mouth went dry.. Maan Singh Khurana didn’t know wat was happeneing. He cleared his throat , stood up & turned to leave.

Rano came running – tumne Geet ko dehka kya??
she held his collar & cried – u saw her right??  tell me u saw her. Tell me she is alive.
She shook him – woh zinda hain na. Ek bar bolo who zinda hain..bus ek bar…
he couldn’t see the pain in the mothers eyes that he filled in there. He was reason for those tears. He was the one who asked Geet to go away. He was the reason.. he nodded his head lifelessly & left from there.

He was reason for those tears. He was the one who asked Geet to go away. He was the reason.. he nodded his head lifelessly & left from there. Rano fell on the ground crying madly. Papaji didn’t understand wat was happening. He tried to console Rano.
Rano hugged him & cried – meri bachi… ..sab meri galti hain. Mujhe unki shaadi ke liya haan nahi karna tha. I shouldn’t have told him get registered married
papaji snapped – WAT?
She couldn’t hold wat had been buried in her heart for past 8yrs. She didn’t want to tell him anything until now because she was not sure wat happened between them. But now it didn’t matter any more. She told the whole thing.
Papaji cried breaking down with Rano – yeh sab kya hogaya
Rano had never seen her husband breaking down.. but he did today..he broke down fearing the terrible pain his daughter might be going through that too alone.
Papaji – woh ek bar kahti mujhe se main Maan ke paavan tak pakade leten uskeliya
Rano was shocked her strong husband would do that for their daughter – shayad woh yeh jaanti thi.  they couldn’t stop the tears that fell down their eyes non stop.
Maan went to the outhouse & looked through all the incidents & tried to make sense. All he could understand was Geet doesn’t have her family, her friends near her. Its all because of him. He really needs to get them all back to her. He needs to give her all the happiness she deserves. But how could he, he was not part of her life anymore.  He didn’t even know where she was ..now since he knows she is in Delhi he was not going to lose track of her. He wanted to seek police help but it may cause trouble to her personal life. He hired some personal agency.
Devansh & Anjali came to Maan & hugged him.
Devansh – uncle challo
Maan was in no mode to go out
anjali – but u promised
he seemed to hate that word now. He couldn’t keep any of his promises to Geet. He halfheartedly got ready & accompanied them to the mall.
Geet took mk to the ice-cream shop & got her fav chocolate ice cream. After eating her third cone she was little better mode than wat she was in. All she was speaking was about her daddy. She still couldn’t believe she actually met him.

She kept giggling & laughing when she saw him walking in holding devansh & anjali on either sight. Geet sensed her restlessness & followed her view. Maan instantly looked at them. Mk threw the ice-cream away & began to cry & ran out.
Maan looked at Geet & mk. He made devansh & anjali sit with the guards & followed Geet who ran behind mk. Mk made a face & ran to the down the steps. Geet was furious at Maan now. She shouted controlling her voice biting her teeth – pura delhi shar main aapko yahi mall mila tha
he was not sure why she said that. All he knew that she was worried about something..that too again because of him. The more he wants to ease her pain, he is landing up deepening the scars.

They ran behind mk ..she was crying & not liking her father with some one else. She rushed out in the traffic.. Geet instantly picked mk who stood in the middle of the traffic crying not knowing where to go further. Maan immediately hugged them & pushed them away from the car that just zoomed passed them. He held them like it was his life. His heart raced like it may just explode any time. His hand held them like a cocoon. It felt so earthy to have them close to his heart. Like it was just yesterday when Geet was in his arms in the hospital scared of prem’s baby.  His hold was like the blanket to all the pain & sorrows she has been facing all alone. It felt like home, this was she wanted , longing, craving, yearning, desiring.. just to be in his arms, just to be with him she probably may would have just melted .
He slowly let them out of his hug as three of them began to breath normally.
Geet – aise koi traffic main bhag tha hain kya
Maan was immediately reminded of her standing over the ambulance & firing. He snapped out of his thought seeing mk scared. – usse kyun dant rahi ho
mk immediately jumped to his lap from hers. Geet gave a glare to her.
Mk – da…da….d…..a…..ma.mmmma…guuu….s…..a…..he couldn’t follow. He just kissed.
he turned to cross the road carrying mk.. Geet kept looking at their instant bond they seem to form. She thought he may envy it..actually she was loving, like it was so perfect. Before she realized his hand held her wrist & helped them cross the road, his grip around her wrist, like he cared, like it was his, like it belonged there, it send sensation she thought she may not feel again, or thought she has over grown such feelings it felt wired craving for his touch yet again. She snapped her hand -bachi nahi hoon main..she said it coldly. He knew she was angry. Though he could feel the effect of her closeness on him, also knew how uncomfortable she was.
When they walked back to the ice-cream parlor Mk was still angry about Maan coming in with anjali & devansh. She couldn’t stand their sight. Her face turned red & annoyed.
Geet looked at him & nodded – u came to meet mk right
Maan just played along – umm
Geet – u got them to make frds with mk
Maan – umm
mk was no where listening. She was still fuming. Maan lifted her kissing her again. She immediately showed the other cheek. Her nose where all red & eyes filled with tears. He placed few more kisses on her eyes & nose. Geet turned away not able to bear the happiness & emotions. Her eyes did feel burned but guess tears had dried up, long ago.
Mk – ka…l. me..ra  sa….ath  bo…a,,,rd   ga..m..e.  k…yy…..uu..nn.   n..a…h..i  kh…el…a. MK  k..i..th..n..aa  w..a…i..tttt k..ii..y..a…
Maan couldn’t follow a word. He looked at Geet while his long fingers wiping mk’s tears & kissing her eyes. Geet didn’t know how to explain.
Mk didn’t even once get off his lap. She had so much to talk to him, play with him.
He fed her the ice-cream.
mk – muje..wo….wali ch..aa..hi..ya
he got her another one. She giggled looking at Geet.
Geet – u have already had
Maan – its ok, just one more
Geet – aap isse begad rahen ho
Maan – tum hona isse sudharne ka liya
their eyes locked, it was all so perfect. He looked at her eyes which had so many emotions locked up.   No tears no complains, no fear, just cold emotion which he couldn’t relate. She looked away & wore her glasses hiding anything that coud ever be seen.
He looked at her eyes which had so many emotions locked up.   No tears no complains, no fear, just cold emotion which he couldn’t relate. She looked away & wore her glasses.
Anjali – uncle mujhe games khalena jana hain
devansh – mujhe bhi
his didn’t know how to deny them. Mk was still licking her cone & once in a while feeding him sitting his lap.
Geet – mk aap mama paas aajavo, they are going to gaming place now
mk snapped Geet hands & hugged Maan….nahi
geet looked helplessly at Maan.
Maan – why don’t u join us.
Geet looked ay him reluctantly & then looked at the pleading face of mk.
She took a sharp breath & nodded.
As they entered the gaming zone, devash & anjali ran to play. Maan tried to put mk down she didn’t get down.
Maan – aap ko nahi khelna
she shook her head
Maan – dehko kitne saren games hain
she hugged him & kiss him all over, she didn’t even look at any of the games.
He tried showing her some games, but she didn’t want to get off from his lap not even for a sec. Eventually he had to leave the game.
Maan looked behind for Geet to ask her wat mk likes but she was no where around.
Geet just stepped out to answer a call from office.
Ayur – u r not coming to office today
Geet – nahi medical pe hoon
ayur – we have some leads on Maan Singh Khurana’s kidnapping
Geet – umm..
still looking at Maan who was looking for her.
Ayur – it looks quite misleading
Geet – why
ayur – it seems like second kidnapping may not be connected with militants
Geet – how can u say that?
She was still watching Maan & mk.
By then she notices some wired moment, some guy walking towards Maan ..may be 6ft well built. She scanned him, he had a gun tucked in his back which bulging under his shirt.. she instantly cut the call & reached behind the person while Maan was still looking away from them. She pulled her mousegun & pressed it at the back just above his belt while his hand was just about to take the gun.. She whispered softly don’t move. He instantly tried to lift his hand, hands down, walk out without creating any scene. ..as they walked out, she maintained a smile & walked closely  not to create a panic.. smile nicely ..as they reached  more lonely place with no CC TV watching them.. stair way… he briskly turned to snap her, she was fast enough to pull the trigger just to rip his ribs. He fell on the floor holding his waist. She showed the pistol..in his mouth.. why are u here

Guy smirked she kicked on his bleeding rib washing off the smile on his face & fainted instantly. She wiped the gun on his shirt & her shoes too. She immediately called ayur to arrange to seal this mall & capture the CC TV footage & take him to hospital. She lifted this guy..couldn’t, she tried to drag him to a safer place..she really couldn’t with one hand, since she had bandaged in the other one. She held him from his collar & settled him on the steps that lead to the closed terrace. By then ayur had arranged for emergency alarm to buzz in the mall to evacuate the place. Few cops along with khan reached the spot. She handed over guy to them. Get him ready for interrogation.
Khan – aap tho medical
he couldn’t complete she left from there.
Maan turned back, she was right behind him.
Maan – where were u?
Geet she was still panting & wiping the stain on her shoes – like always behind u
Maan – she didn’t play any game
Geet – aap ho to she won’t
he smiled ..but didn’t understand that bit.
Geet – where are ur body guards?
Maan – neeche parking main hain
she rolled her eyes in frustration – aren’t they paid to be with u
he quiet didn’t get why she spoke about them may be because of this sudden panic in the mall  he thought – mainne hi unhe
she didn’t bother to listen to that & turned to leave. He held her hand – ghar nahi chalo ghi
her heart just skipped a beat. She was waiting for this for so many years. There was time when she expected, dreamed , longed cried , craved, every single minute, second for him to say this.. but when she stopped waiting craving, she herself didn’t know, she didn’t know when she stopped waiting because..she didn’t know wat was she waiting for any more. Because waiting had become her life. She just kept walking along with him, tears wanted to fall, but there was no tear left. She didn’t know when she sat in the car & when the car stopped infront of the handa hawali. He came around & opened the door for her. She was still not able to believe he actually wanted to take her home. He pointed at the door.. she just followed his gaze. Her dreams shattered ..came down like glass house shatters…again..like all her dreams… not her house..he meant papa – mama.. the smile which was forming expecting Khurana Mansion just died, she turned her face & walked away. He ran behind her, still carrying Mk.
Maan – ek bar mil tho lo
she couldn’t refuse him, she could never. Not even if it killed her.
She just walked till the door. Mk jumped to her lap – mama ..kanha ja rahen
as they reached the door, Maan just stepped back, away he couldn’t bare to see the tears, may be of happiness, but filled with grief & sorrow of 7yrs, pain of 7yrs. All because of him.
Before Geet could knock the door Rano opened it.. she instantly hugged her & cried
servants called papaji, raji & chinto. Geet looked behind for him, he was no where, again, left her. Left her alone to face every thing like always. She was used it by now probably very strong too, but wat mattered was he gave her, her happiness, her family.. her families happiness.
Rano – kanha tha beta?
Before she could say anything
papaji – koi kuch nahi puche ga meri bachi se
mk peeped from behind & looked at every one
Rano’s heart missed a beat & tears just fell looking at the baby Geet as she reached to her. She looked just like Geet ..when Geet was a baby. Rano hugged her instantly – na..naaa..ni…
Rano nodded – naani
she carried her & took her to papaji & said – nanu
she smiled & kissed his cheek. – na…nann.uu
Rano nodded – naani
she carried her & took her to papaji & said – nanu
she smiled & kissed his cheek. – na…nann.uu
mk turned & looked at the door – mama..da..da…da…da……da…d..dy
Rano kind of understood wat mk meant
geet – office gayen hain
Rano asked in shock  – Maan ?
Geet nodded painfully.
Chintu & raji took mk to their room. Rano took Geet to geet’s room.
Nothing in her room was changed. Every thing was maintained the way she liked it.
Papaji came from behind – tumari mama ne kisi ko room nahi aane dena hain. She cleaned it every day.

Geet hugged papaji & hid her face in his chest. She felt so guilty to have just left like that. But at that time she didn’t know wat else to do. She was 4 months pregnant. Maan was no where listening to her. She couldn’t have gone back home & told every one she was pregnant. Some where she knew,  no one will disapprove but one finger against the little angel whom Maan desired so much, she couldn’t accept it.
Wat if they would have asked her to abort the baby just to for the sake of family name. She was not even mentally prepared to bear the child. But when it was left to her ..only her to choose wat she has to do with the tiny life in her, she chose to do wat Maan would have wanted, even though she had no clue how she was going to manage all that. But the happiness in Maan’s eyes carrying mukti’s baby lingered in her thoughts. She had never seen Maan so happy & contended before. She couldn’t kill his soul in her. She couldn’t kill their love. It was theirs..he was angry not breaking off. He just wanted some time to calm down. Couldn’t she give him even that.. he waited 5 months for her to accept the wedding itself, he always understood her then why can’t she for once.
She was not sure whether she could stay in handa hawali any more like this. It will be too much of pressure on both the families. It could even create humiliation. No ways.. they were married legally. Then humiliation..was insulting their relation, insulting their love, insulting the faith Rano had on their love. She checked her pants she had few thousand rupees notes, her key set & some envelopes. She didn’t know where to go, whom to seek help from. She was just threw away the envelopes..some passing by kid handed over it back to her.
Kid – didi aapka gir gaya tha shayad
she checked it was the envelope which she discarded. Just out of nothing to do..she read it..it was her appointment letter for civil services. But is was of no use to her. The joining date was after 6months. She smiled. 6 Months .. she laughed… she will be with Maan & their baby. Maan would not let them a minute away from him. He will be so happy, she couldn’t wait to see that delight in his eyes. she could do anything to see him happy & the feel that she was able to give him that happiness was beyond happiness.
She didn’t know anyone other than her 3friends, she was not sure if it was good to seek anyone’s help, because that would put their relation in question. No body will understand him the way she did. They would only see maan’s anger not the love that lay down there. No one knows how much he loves her. He looks tough from outside but deep in he loves her unconditionally the way she loves him. She can express herself in all different ways because that is her, but he is the Maan Singh Khurana..he couldn’t be running around trees & singing songs for her. Then she better not fall for him. Even when she had those tablets almost dieing, he still yelled at her. She smiled… gussa tho naak pe rahta hain uff.
She knew it …she is in love with the Maan Singh Khurana,  she is his wife now. She had to do every thing to keep the relation respectful. He had an image to carry & so does she now being his wife. They had difference.. actually not even differences he just needs some time. He said he will come for me. I know he will.

She wanted to cry, cry out loud to her parents, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t cry..it would look as if she is complaining, she couldn’t say anything against Maan. There was nothing she had against him. He had given her the most beautiful thing in the world love..their daughter. She didn’t say anything just hugged papaji. No tears no anguish, no pain.. just a feel of sorry for not understanding them at that time. Being a mother of 7yr old she understands there pain better now. Actually she can’t even imagine their pain..  now she knew it is unbearable.
She put all her wits together – sorry
that’s all she could say. & she knew they don’t even expect that. They didn’t they just hugged her & consoled her instead. Probably that’s the power parents have.
While having dinner Geet’s phone rings. She excuses her self.
Khan – hosh main aagya gk
gk – umm… tum log basic information pucho. I will be there in  an 1hr.
She abruptly goes to her room & tucks in the mousegun from the purse into her back. Rano jumps up in fear.
Rano – yeh sab kya hain?
Geet – relax mama. I have the license for this
Rano – lekin gun kyun…suniyen…suniyen woh Geet …geet ke paas gun hain.
Geet holds her head & looks at mk.. mk shakes her head. She goes to Rano & pulls her kurti
mk – naani..mama is a cop
the whole family was shocked.
Geet – wat?
Papaji – so u did join civil services.
She nodded.
Papaji – how dumb, why didn’t I even once thing about it.
Geet’s phone rings again. She puts the call on mute…- I need to rush
Geet to mk – nana-naani ko tang nahi karna
mk kisses Geet – umm.
Geet – mama, nanny knows wat mk would need.
Rano lifts mk in her arms – meri nathi hain, I would know her better..hain beta
mk kisses Rano – mk loves naani
she answers the call while getting in her car.
Khan – mo nahi khol raha
Geet – background check kiya?
Khan – sab clean hain
Geet – kya matlab.. he was held in possession of a gun, uska kya
khan – gun ke details track nahi ho parhen hain
Geet – tum s**** se kuch kam teehk se nahi hota
she reaches the police station. She walks in straight to her cabin & pulls out the report
she yells – reports kanha hain?
Constable – ek min mam
gk – pechle 5 hrs se kya c****  saf kar rahen the?
khan walked in wiping his sweat & tucking in his shirt – gk bahut dho diya use, mo hi nahi khol raha.. abhi bhi ice pe letaya hain
ayur walks in – do u want to try sleep deprivation
Geet – we don’t have that much time.
Khan – haan , ek attack 2din pehle aur dosare ki tayari agle din.
Ayur – yah ..that was quick
Geet – ayur wat information do u have
ayur – see this was not militants that’s wat I feel
Geet – why?
Ayur – I think it was more for ransom kidnapping
khan – aur s**** ke paa..he couldn’t not complete
geets left hand went around his head & smashed it against the table real hard. He was totally caught off guard. He didn’t expect that, he had seen gk angry & this was furious. He was bleeding & trembling struggling to stand back.
Ayur – gk stop it
her eyes sparked fire. She could kill him for disrespecting Maan. She would just simply do it. Two constables took him out before gk could reach him again.
She straighten herself – wat more details u have.. like nothing happened
ayur was a senior person even though they held similar designation but she was no where close to the officers he had ever met in his 13yrs of service. Almost double her experience. She was ruthless he had heard but was shocked to encounter it. His was little shaken
he cleared his throat – I need some more time to put the facts together
she was restless now – how long? She spat
Ayur snapped & threw the files infront of her – god dam.. why don’t u get it. We cannot conclude anything unless we have solid evidence. See these people are far from our reach.
She was no were to get intimidated. She flipped the papers while he continued.
Ayur snapped & threw the files infront of her – god dam.. why don’t u get it. We cannot conclude anything unless we have solid evidence. See these people are far from our reach.
She was no were to get intimidated. She flipped the papers while he continued.
Ayur – they didn’t call for ransom
Geet – umm
ayur – actually they couldn’t we where too fast
not no twitch on her face
ayur – there are few high profile gangs who have grt connections, so we can’t even touch them. We know it is them but we cannot openly point at then because they don’t leave any loopholes
she roared – you are not seeing well enough then
she marched into the interrogation room & scanned the guy with a bandage around his waist & blood oozing out of it & his pale body in just short was shivering on the ice he laid on. She gave a threatening look to the constable.
Constable was scared – kuch nahi bol raha main, 2 bar bhehosh ho chuka hain
ayur followed her unsure wat she might just do to the prisoner. For his surprise she was calm & she told the constable to dry him & change him into a warm cloths.
She went back to her cabin & she looked at her phone there was three missed calls from nanny. She immediately called back. It was 12.
Nanny – mk nahi so rahi sab ko pareshan kiya huwa hain
Geet – usse phone do
mk – mama da…da…dy nahi aayen
Geet was expecting that & with so many people to play with she may not sleep that easily. She had think about new excuse now.
Geet – sweety u have to sleep now, otherwise how will u play in the morning
mk – daddy
Geet – daddy busy hain na jaan
mk – sab busy hain…mk..se koi pyar nahi karta
Geet – karten hain daddy – mummy ki tu jaan hain
mk – nnnn……aaaa…hhhh…iii cried & went to raji’s room.
Raji was fast a sleep. She didn’t want to disturb any one so she went to her room. She looked at the table it had geets belongings. Rano & nanny came behind her. Mk was busy digging into the drawer. She found geets old phone book. She flipped the pages & found maans number in that. She took the land line & called him.
Maan saw the number & picked it almost in one ring
he didn’t know wat to expect she was calling him after 7yrs ..he relived every bit of her love in that moment…how much he missed her..he hated himself to have missed her calls… when she was there he took her for granted but now he can’t make this mistake ..how much she loved him…literaly to madness hieght..least did he know wat he still meant to her

maan – hello
mk was thrilled to hear him answer the call, she giggled & looked at Rano.
Rano – itna raat kisse phone kar rahe ho beta
mk told her to be quiet showing her finger on the lips.
He heard her giggle & knew it was mk. He smiled, relaxed  closed his files – aap soyen nahi aabhi taak
she shook her head
Maan – dinner kiya
she nodded
Maan – kya khaya
mk – chicken
Maan – wow that is my fav
mk – aap office main ho?
Maan – umm
mk – mk hate office
he smiled thinking even geet hated his office – aapko neeind nahi aarahi
mk – story sun na hain, mama bhi nahi hain
he wondered where Geet was at this hour.
Mk – da da da da da…………….
Maan – haan sweet heart
by now he understood she addressed him like that..da..
she loved it, he called her sweetheart, she had only heard mama tell her that she was her daddy’s sweetheart – sto   sto sto sto sto …ry
Maan – story sunni hain
mk – umm


It was 1am the prisoner was not in physical condition to bear any pain. She told them strap him to an inclined board, with his feet raised and his head lowered & bind his arms and legs so he can’t move at all, and also cover his face. She then repeatedly poured water onto the his face. The setup was such the water won’t enter his mouth or nose, but the physical experience of being underneath a wave of water seems to be secondary to the psychological experience. his mind was forced to believes he is drowning, and his gag reflex kicked in as if he were choking on all that water falling on his face. He got scared petrified & accepted his intentions.
She didn’t stop it still.
Guy – we wanted to kidnap him for ransom.
Geet -WE??
guy – I can’t say his name
she splashed another wave of water on him
guy – Davis

she left him & walked back to her cabin to study in detail this guy Davis.
Ayur – koi phayda nahi hain
she looked at him puzzled
ayur – no one can touch him & threw few paper cutting on the table.
She scanned the paper he was very highly distinguished business man in Mumbai. Basically underworld links types.
Geet – why is he behind Maan? she cried furstration
Ayur – thats his business specialty.
Geet – ransom?
Ayur nodded sadly.
Undoubtedly she knows the wealth Maan holds under his name
Handa Hawali
mk – umm
Maan – kaun se story sunni hain
mk – pa…pa…..pa….pa…rii……wa….l..i
Maan almost said Geet ki, he gulped his saliva & sad Pari !!
mk – umm
he smiled – aacha suno
she comfortably laid on the bed keeping the receiver between her ear & the pillow. Rano tucked the spread around her & laid next to her.
Maan – ek raja tha
she smiled
Maan – bahut kadus sa
mk- umm
Maan – gussa wala
mk – gu..sa aa  wala
Maan now he understood..gu…sa..aaa meant gussa – bahut bura tha
mk – kyun?
He didn’t know how to explain his anger was so evil – gussa tho bura hota hain na
mk – mama..kahti hain…..jise py..ar karten hain usse pe gu ..gu …saa
he closed his eyes & not able to bear the thought of geets humbleness which he always took for granted. He was promptly remembered Geet telling him..phir tho haaq banta hain na
mk – raja bura nahi
he hit his head back on the chair
mk – phi phi phir ?
Maan – ek Pari thi, sundar se pyari se, thodi gussa wali..he smiled thinking about geets cute anger
mk – mama jaisi
he smiled ..he was indeed talking about Geet – umm
mk – phi phi phir ?
Maan – they both met..it was so beautiful.
mk – umm
Maan – Pari ki aatyen hi raja ki sab problems dor hojati..sab kuh nice nice hojata
mk – magical wand
he smiled yet again – umm
mk – phi phi phir ?
Maan – ek din gussa main raja ne Pari ko go away kah diya
mk was sad now she could not say ..umm
Maan – aur Pari ne raja ko akela chodiya, aur kabhi nahi wapas aayen
mk – raja bhi stu…stu…stu…pid hain
he smiled sadly on himself – bahut bada stupid hain
mk – agar woh..jaa…….ja…..ke….. pa….ri… ko aapne paas le aata tho sab teehk ho jata na…
Maan – usne Pari ko seach kiya tha. Bahut search kiya
he didn’t know why he felt like talking about geet to her.. he had not spoken to anyone about wat happened between them 7 yrs ago. No one knew anything.. but why did he fel like confessing it to her he didn’t know..but he just did..it probably made him feel better..or worse..not sure but he just still did it..
Mk snapped – well he didn’t search well enough then
Maan was surprised with the flow of her speech now. He was getting scared with the thoughts that played in his mind about assuming her age. Something tore apart within him. The floor under him suddenly seemed to freeze. It can’t be… he couldn’t have let Geet alone all this years to suffer alone..was she alone he was not sure now.. he had to know. He felt he was missing something here. Did he miss anything, wat he was supposed to know’
mk – yeh sto sto sto sto…
he was distracted from his thoughts – story
mk – aachi nahi
he knew it was bad – ok I will tell u nice one
mk – umm

Geet – ransom?
Ayur nodded sadly.
Undoubtedly she knows the wealth Maan holds under his name
ayur – we can’t do much but to increase his security.
Geet – the whole family’s actually
ayur – actually there are 2kids in the family
Geet didn’t want to mention the third one there
ayur – they are more prone to the kidnappers. I spoke to Col Rajveer in general, he was suggesting some guy Prithvi
Geet – he is good..off course who knows him better than her
ayur – ok Col. Doesn’t know about this ransom stuffs, they still assume it was a militant activities.
Geet kept looking at the davis file.
Ayur – abhi yeh tumahra case hain
Geet would have not refused after all it was Maan’s security but her being in delhi will only effect mk emotionally. She was already very emotional kid. She missed Maan a lot. Actually it was her mistake. She shouldn’t have spoken so much about Maan when he was never around them, but she couldn’t control pouring her heart out, because mk had the right to know about her father, he loves his family more anything else. Maan  is everything to them & they are everything to Maan & she wanted mk to know that, trust that..the trust she lived with. Lived…lifelessly…with it..
ayur – tumhara ghar 2din main allot ho jaye ga.
She smiled weakly
ayur – maintain a low profile on this case we don’t want any media hype on this
Geet – could u please keep me away from the media otherwise too
that was one of the reason why Geet had to leave delhi 7yrs ago. Geet handa couldn’t been seen around in delhi without proper shelter, she was among the page 3 personalities then. Every thing about her was on paper even now just with a difference they knew GK but didn’t have her picture. In fact no one even knew GK was a female. That’s why after spending the whole night in the platform wondering where to go, she randomly took a ticket to the next train which was delhi dehradun shatabdi at 6.50am reaching  dehradun at 12.40pm.
Ayur – but they need to know who is Delhi’s new deputy commissioner
Geet – NO.. I hate media please.
Ayur – but they need to know who is Delhi’s new deputy commissioner
Geet – NO.. I hate media please.
Ayur – wat about the party at khurana’s
she laughed..  a cold laugh. She was reminded of Maan telling her, don’t come here unless u r invited. & the irony they are hosting a party in her honor.
Ayur – that will be rude gk
Geet – khan hain na, he will handle it.
Ayur – u don’t understand, Savitri devi has personally spoken to me. The countries eminent  people will be there, it will be an embarrassing situation for me.
Geet – I don’t like to socialize.
He closed his eyes – this is not about ur liking or disliking
Geet – well wat can u do, another transfer right. I will be waiting.
She picked Davis file & began to research on him.
Ayur – it is 3am, u can work on it tomorrow.
Geet – tomorrow…she smirked.. I won’t be here tomorrow
ayur – where r u going?
Geet – I need to get back to Baramulla kal subha ki flight hain
ayur – narcotics case ke liyen
Geet – umm
ayur – when r u back?
Geet – guess 2 days
ayur – so u won’t be here for the party
she had a devilish smirk on her face
ayur – wat about Prithvi
Geet – u will have to depute him.
Ayur – umm
while getting into the details of Davis in file she paused – uske against itna bada case hain, phir kuch action kyun nahi leten?
He sighed in disappointment – politics
she was getting frustrated & wild the more she read researched about him.

mk had fallen a sleep hearing to the third story half way through. He enjoyed it thoroughly. She was so cute with her doubts & umm..umm… finally steady breathing rhythm he new she was a sleep now. It was 3am & he wondered where Geet was. His heart missed at 4am when he heard some foot steps. Then followed by some soft whispers.
Rano – kya kar rahi ho?
Geet – packing
Rano – kanha ja rahi ho?
Geet – Baramulla
Maan wondered why on earth will she go there.. that too so disturbed area.
Rano almost cried
Geet – just for couple days, kuch kham hain
he sighed in relief.
Geet packs mk’s dresses as well
Rano – Mk ke kapde kyun pack kar rahi ho?
Geet rolled her eyes.
Rano – let her be here
Geet – nahi mama she never stays without me
Rano – nahi we will manage.
Maan was worried why was she taking mk to such disturbing part of the world.
Geet – woh bhi nahi hain, aur phir main bhi aise chali gayi tho woh bahut feel karegi
maans heart sunk. all his hopes, tiny ray of hope seemed an illusion now. He mistook her woh!!  he couldn’t hate himself enough to let her go away. He cursed himself.. his heart felt descending, like the setting sun. thinking of things he had said, and things he had done. He felt like dark clouds surrounded him. He sat there with his heart filled with tears thinking of only yesterdays years. He could only hope that she found kindness and forgiveness within her heart. For the worst pain he had ever felt, was them being apart. Now only one message, that he wanted to let her know no matter what her heart felt, his will always love her.. but wondered if it really mattered any more.
Rano – umm.. kissed her forehead .. good night
She kept the bags aside & slipped next to mk. She noticed the receiver tucked near her ear. She knotted her brows her heart beat became irregular, why did she feel it was him. Her hand shook before she could reach the set. She tried to calm herself, but she was getting excited like a teenager, she just hoped it was him. She slowly held the phone near her ears, she forgot to breath hearing him, his breathing, which was irregular as well. Her eyes were twinkling in joy.
His mouth went dry.. the sound of his gulping the saliva, she let a soft moan that could hardly be heard. He wanted to ask her, say sorry to her, plead sorry.. If he could take back everything he said, he would do it in a heart beat retracting every single thread.. If he could erase the words , his eraser would then dissipate, as he feverishly erase the wrong, he wanted to give a single pleading cry, he wanted to tell her how much he regrets every single word he said, I am sorry jaan.. that’s all he could think of but words couldn’t be formed. He trembled & feared her reaction, her snap saying, his plead didn’t matter any more. He couldn’t think, even the thought felt like clinging his heart, he just felt like taking a gun & shooting his heart since the pain was so suffocating. .
When the silence was prevailing, both had so much to pour & cry out. She like always had to step in
Geet – bahut pareshan tho nahi kiya
Maan – nahi, bilkul nahi
Geet – aap soyen nahi
Maan – tum bhi tho nahi soyen
Geet – mujhe aab aadat si hogayen hain.. felt as though tears were ripping her eyes.. but ut was long dried
he closed his eyes.. he knew she couldn’t fall sleep without him. He didn’t want to hurt her, he didn’t want to remind her of anything that ached, he tried to divert.. he knew how much it hurt.
Maan – mk aapni mama ki tarah hain
Geet – nahi woh tho aapne daddy hi beti hain
Maan – mujhe tho mama ki tarah lagi
Geet – aur mujhe daddy ki tarah
mk rolled in her sleep – dono ki
they both smiled
(had it been 7 years ago this discussion would have led her to wonder wat to expect from him, everything seemed so fine.. but  as nothing hurts more than waiting since she didn’t even know what she was waiting for anymore.)
Maan – tum usse baramulla kyun le ja rahi ho, I mean is it safe there?
She so much loved it when he cared for their baby. She knew he cared ..but to hearing from him was different, it felt so beautiful & warm
Geet – its ok, she will be fine.
He didn’t know if he could tell them not to go. He probably just lost all the right on her, her life.
Maan – flight kab ki hain
Geet – 7.15am
Maan – kuch der so javoo
Geet – umm
Maan – good night
she smiled & slept without cutting the call.
He smiled bilkul nahi badli
she cried – kuch bhi tho nahi badla..
he was still no where to let go his ego & anger. He was still not there for her. They were still apart ..sadly.. nights are still dark & lonely..he is never there to hear her, he is never there to hear her cries, he is never there to hear her heart.
Geet – na aap na halat..her voice trailed off in the most disappointed tone. He had never heard her so hopeless, helpless. The tone wretched and etched in pain.
as if she is left confused almost numb inside.
5.30 am she was up & walked to the open terrace of the hawali.. he heard her walk away  .. leaving the phone unhooked. She couldn’t disconnect his call. But this time of the day is been very painful for her. She worked out madly at the is hour to kill the pain within. She could relive every single moment, when she was the most unforgettable person, when he kissed her forehead and hold her hand whispered in her ear not to let go, when he promised her nothing yet she still was holding on when he kissed her lips and unusually describes the sweetness of it..wondering how memories never faded rather got deeper & intense with time. Hurting more & tearing already wrecked heart.
When Geet got back at 6.30am Mk was giggling & talking on the phone. Geet assumed that was Maan. She went into the shower & got dressed.
Geet – get ready beta we are getting late
mk – main main …da da da….da……y se baat kar rahi hoon
Geet – we will talk to him on the way.
Mk – nahi..
mk was so scared to lose him..she didn’t want to cut the call
Geet hugged her & said in the phone – aap baat main baat karoge na
he spoke to mk – u get ready I am waiting
mk – paka
Maan – paka
she quickly got ready in between ran, picked the phone – d….a……d….a…..d…a….d…..a…………
Maan – I am hear beta
he didn’t know why he was ready to do anything for her. something he couldn’t refuse..he himself couldn’t reason it. She got ready completely & sat next to the phone listening to him. Interestingly he did all the talking & she laughed & smiled & giggled. When they were about to leave. Mk began to cry. Geet consoled aacha yeh lo call from ur cell. Geet took her cell from nanny & gave to her.
Mk – da da da …
Maan – haan beta
mk – aaaaaaa……………………….ppppppppppppppppppp          mera call pi pi.pi…pi pi.pi…….kk…
Maan – sweet heart give me ur number I will call u
mk -. nahi…..aaaa…aaaaaaa……………………….pppppppppppppppppp nahi karogen
he didn’t understand
mk cried when he didn’t reply
Geet – pick karenge.. jaldi karo we are getting late dear
mk cried & cut the call.. she was so sure Maan won’t pick up her call. She called him with broken heart, with least hope…he picked in half a ring
mk tears didn’t stop, she couldn’t believe he actually picked her call. She started jumping pi pi pi pi pi  ck ck ck ck    ki ki ki ki ki ya kiya…….she was so happy that she didn’t even bother saying a bye to nana – naani. Geet hugged them bye & sat in the car. They reached airport. Mk was still happily talking to Maan.
They whole day she was in phone with Maan while Geet went to office. Ha made sure mk had her food, milk & nap. She won’t unless he insisted.
Party at Khurana Mansion
the whole party ‘s attention was diverted to Gk. They were eagerly waiting.
Daadi thanked Ayur for all his effort.
Daadi – where is gk
ayur didn’t know wat to say
khan – gk never socializes
Daadi was little disappointed, she so much wanted to thank gk personally
Ayur – gk prefers to maintains a very low profile.

Maan was still in the call.
Mk – party hain?
Maan – umm
mk – da da da da da da da da da da da da  busy
Maan -boring party
mk smiled – mama hates parties
since when was that he wondered. She so much partied, infact the second time they met was in a party he couldn’t stop thinking about the night …how she was trying to run out of his party…. that too with him… 
Maan – pata hain I met mama in a party like this
mk – tha  tha tha t was the second time u met in the party
he wondered she knew – umm..she looked beautiful in that white saree
mk laughed
Maan – wat happened
mk – mama never wears saree
Maan – not even for parties
mk – mama never attends parties
Maan was confused about this Geet ..he thought she never changed..but the more he heard from Mk… it seemed they were talking about 2 different person
mk – mama never attends parties
Maan was confused about this Geet ..he thought she never changed..but the more he heard from Mk… it seemed they were talking about 2 different person.
Daadi calls Maan to speak to the guests, at least thank them.
Maan reluctantly ended the call with his sweetheart promising that he will call back later at night to tell her story. She was very upset now. He didn’t know why he was so attached to her. May be because he so much wanted her in his life. She was his dream, the dream of daughter who looked exactly like Geet, his geet..his love..his wife..  the dream he ruined with his own bare hands, now he feels he didn’t only ruin it; he just killed himself, his life.. & mk was only his savior. His reason to live… he couldn’t think of any other reason why on earth he should be still breathing when his heart was not his any more.
He began to live only for her, only to hear her, only to feel that his dream did exist ‘ atleast it was a reality..not just a dream.. he couldn’t thank Geet enough to let him talk to her. If she wanted, she could just deprive him away from his only happiness for wat he has done to her. He doesn’t deserve anything.. not even this life. But I guess this his punishment to be alive & repent, regret , cry bleed ..die every second of rest of his life without his heart, without his soul. But still Geet didn’t fail to be his angel..with a magical wand to give him Mk.. she was so beautiful, innocent & loved him divinely. Exactly like Geet did..DID… sadly still does…but he doesn’t seem to see it.
Maan met up with Ayur.  They shook hands & had a brief introduction
Maan – thanks for all the timely help
ayur – we were just doing our duty sir.
Maan – call me Maan
ayur smiled
Maan – must say ur officers are really smart
ayur – actually it was nothing about me. It was Gk
Maan re-lived the whole rescue operation… gk ‘.umm
ayur – our new DCP
Maan – where is gk.. he looked around in the party skimming the crowd
ayur – gk very aloof person. Doesn’t like to mingle with people. Actually just hates crowd, media hype
Maan was wanting to thank gk personally – can I gift something to gk
ayur – I don’t think gk would appreciate it.
Khan just joined them with a bandage on right side of his forehead
ayur – he is khan, he was part of ur rescue team
Maan immediately extended his right hand – thanks a lot Mr. Khan
khan so much in fear .. because he knew there was something about Maan Singh Khurana that unleashed the unseen side of his boss gk.
Khan – its our duty sir
wondered if it was just duty for gk.  Maan Singh Khurana seemed way too personal by all means. He instantly asked  – are u married?
Maan was caught off guard he almost paused the drink he was sipping, but he didn’t he just held the glass ever so steadily & gulped the drink hard.
Ayur was also taken a back with such blunt & offending question
but khan was not, he tried to read Maan directly into his eyes, almost intimidating him.
Ayur tried to lighten the situation – I am sorry he is new to delhi. Other wise who doesn’t know about  Maan Singh Khurana.
Ayur eyed khan to leave. Khan excused himself to get another drink.
Maan excused himself as well & went to get some drink for himself. He was disturbed. He wanted to tell the world that Geet was his wife, his life.. but now it was too late. If he did tell anyone, it would cause trouble to her peaceful life. How time is played on him, cheated on him, how it has punished him for his deeds, then he could have said but he was too busy in every thing else..but his life…now even if he wanted  he can’t. He drank couple of more drinks & the pain was hurting.
He charge in the presence of the guests, pressing to each occasion with a stiff smile forced upon his somber face. Eventually he shut down in his room alone-as he used to it. With a tear formed in the crevice of his eye making its way down his cheek. Knowing he don’t belong here..he needed her to love him, he needed her to breath, he needed her as he needed air to live, But alone he was left..alone will be forever, afraid of regret.
Geet finished with the narcotics case & began to research more on Davis.
Davis was in his 40’s. Davis has survived several assassination attempts both from his enemies who are no more & the police force. Special investigation team had reported his link in so many of the high profile kidnapping, drug trafficking most of the illegal activities. His organization was huge & ever expanding. Mumbai police had lost lots of their excellent personals in attempts to bringing him down. He had not even tried to hide the fact that he had them killed. He had used the deed to drill in the fear..the lesson that crossing him was not good idea. He was not afraid of police, with his connections he was untouchable on that front. Davis owned so many people in high positions, not just in Mumbai but all across India & middle eastern countries, that he could & did act exactly as he pleased.
He was ruthless & cold blooded. She felt like shooting in all the 6 bullets on his head. But her research revealed that even a sharpshooter couldn’t get a clear shot at him. Killing Davis meant using massive weapon that would also kill any others nearby. Police wouldn’t have minded killing him & his organization people but Davis was smart enough to always ensure that there were innocents nearby. They couldn’t kill so causally & indiscriminately. Basically there was no way they could reach him. The only way was to protect the victim from him. But yet again he was such a smooth, cruel, mean operator, he could get to an extent of killing his prey if he felt his time was wasted on them.